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Login glitchI haven’t been able to login for the past 2 months because of this login glitch, once I enter my password it brings me inside the app then the login screen slides right back up. Happens to my girlfriend too. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling too..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Reporting Two BugsI’ve been trying to use this app for the three months but it’s a serious problem. The app has a bug where it won’t launch and you’ll be stuck with an infinite loading circle on your screen. After restarting the app well over fifty times it has refused to work so I tried reinstalling it and that didn’t work either. My second problem is that the party chat continuously cuts in and out making it incredibly difficult to communicate with people because I have ask them repeatedly what they said. I have a brand new IPhone XR so it’s not my iPhone. My internet is fine and I’ve even tried it with my mobile data and it still won’t work. I even had my friend try it too and he says it cuts in and out. Even when I unplug my head phones from my phone it still won’t make a sound until a few minutes later. Please fix this bug, it was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. You try to add new updates and try to make do more things but it shouldn’t need too. Your console is perfectly fine and your app was fine until you screwed it up. I love your console but there’s no need to try and battle with PS4 anymore. At this point its based on personal preference of the consumer and not whether the console runs faster or not. If they want a faster console then they can get the S or the X or the New one when it comes out. Stop trying to make change it. This app doesn’t deserve a 4.7 rating because it has so many huge bugs.Version: 2001.123.1027

BoffLe système de messagerie fonctionne tres mal.Version: 1708.0829.1041

I have one thing to sayThere’s a ton of problems with the app in the new update but theres lots of other people writing reviews so I won’t take twenty minutes of my day to go on a rant about the app because honestly it’s not worth it. However there is one thing that I absolutely hate about the update and have no idea why they got rid of it. You Literally Cannot Customize Your Game Picture Anymore. Nor can you send pictures to people in messages. Normally I wouldn’t care about this since I don’t want to change my gamer picture, however one of my friends in order to spite me used this update to change my gamer picture and now I can’t change it back, I have to use a default picture. Which in fact is a real bummer. I like to have the freedom to customize my profile in any kind of social media. And no matter what you say Xbox is undoubtedly a social media, you can text, send game clips,(used to be able to send pictures), you can talk, and some other things but people don’t usually use these because Xbox is a console and is generally used for gaming. I can mind the glitches with the new update but I cannot overlook the fact that they have completely done away with a key feature in the profile customization. All in all I believe they should scrap this new update and revert it to the previous one..Version: 2009.1009.1918

The new update:I used to be able to navigate the app before the new update. I didn’t know there was one until I checked the app after a while and it looked garbage. The categories are all messed up, I can’t even find the game I play in the search bar for games, because it’s another version of the game but this app used to show it in the search. I don’t even know where any of the old gamer point comparison sections went or are located, and everything is watered down in a way that somehow makes it more confusing. My library says that I have one game in it, though I’ve never bought the game it listed, and the library doesn’t list the actual game I’m playing, even though the game is listed as something I’ve played recently on my profile. I can’t even see who my followers are, because I don’t know how to get tothat section. All in all, this update was utter garbage. The older interface could be a little confusing at some points, but this interface is even more confusing and terrible than the older one. I also had a glitchy sign in, where even though I put the right password, and the enter password screen went down, it would jump up again after less than a second of actually seeing the app. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix that problem. I wasn’t putting in the wrong password, it didn’t say what I was putting in was incorrect..Version: 2012.1207.2321

ReasonableIt got a 2 star from me, as the app often needs to be uninstalled completely and reinstalled, because many features don’t work, or can’t connect. The app is useful when going away to allow the kids to log in and claim various daily rewards in games, a little laggy for multiplayer games, but is ok. However, when the app has the bug that stops it connecting, the app requires to be reinstalled, and the only way to connect the app to the Xbox again is… you guessed it! Sign into the Xbox using that account. Hard to do when you are a thousand kilometres away. As a secondary access point, it is usable, barely. It is so inconsistent and unreliable, however, it becomes frustrating to the point of throwing your dinner across the room. Microsoft, fix those bugs!!.Version: 2022.10.2

Go back to old updateThis app was amazing 5 stars before but this new update is terrible you can’t check your achievements, can’t redeem codes anymore, countless of other things, don’t fix what ain’t broken!.Version: 2009.1009.1918

My experienceMy nan came in to me wanking on the big screen and I couldn’t turn my Xbox off fast enough so I punch it and now it dose not work..Version: 2110.1026.2232

CAPTURES ARE HORRIBLE NOWRewatching captures from the phone used to be a really good experience, they would take a second to load but the quality was great, you could like and comment on captures that you or your friends made, and you could easily share or download captures if you wanted to send them outside the app. Now captures are either super zoomed in so you can’t see anything, or only in zoomed out landscape mode which you can’t rotate the phone for. You can’t like or comment on your friends captures anymore, and when you view your own captures they are not formatted to fit the screen at all so you have this huge gray border that is glitchy and changes every second to try and adjust to the screen. The little bar for pausing and seeing how much time is left at the bottom doesn't go away for like 6 seconds so for a 15 second clip half of it is unwatchable if there are subtitles at the bottom or you can’t get the picture to fit the screen. I don’t know how they could’ve screwed up captures so bad when they switched to the new format but they’re unusable in their current state..Version: 2009.1009.1918

This app update is trashThis app is useless now. Can’t check achievements, don’t get any notifications. No store to redeem games with gold. PS app is way better then this garbage app. Why fix what’s not broken..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Worst update revert!Remove option to add custom profile pictures through your phone gallery, a slower download process in video formats and not being able to see and manage game clips in the xbox one itself. whoever made these changes needs a demotion.Version: 2009.1009.1918

HelpWhy does it say I have the wrong password when I try to log in I’ve tried it so many times already.Version: 2103.317.2023

Good but needs improvementThe app is helpful especially when it comes to getting photos and videos off Xbox and on to social media. But there is a fair amount of gank and bugs especially when it comes to the UI and party chat..Version: 2022.06.2

App has become HORRIBLE recently (nov 2022)November 2023 – still terrible app, you still can't properly view, videos or images from your friends feed, at full screen, nor can you save or download them to your phone, like we used to be able to do. Pretty sad -- this app used to be pretty good and useful, I actually started using it frequently. However, as of around October/November 2022, the app has become almost useless. I'm mainly referring to the profile/vid user feed. You can no longer download the videos, the app does not work at all in landscape mode on an iPhone 13 Pro (it tries to switch to landscape, but 70% of the screen is cut off and it's all squeezed into a tiny corner) But most importantly, the activity feed/profile section is just terrible. Now, they sacrificed everything just to have the video autoplay function as you scroll (not necessary, this is NOT tiktok!!) . You can no longer full screen, view a video, nor can you download the video to your phone to send to a friend, nor can you comment or like posts from users. It's only become a scroll of auto playing videos that aren't even properly viewable!! pls revert back or fix this mess!! tks.Version: 2023.10.1

I preferred the old versionThe old version was fine other than the fact that it was slow to load, but now the new version is completely different and confusing. I can’t even change my gamer pic or customise my profile. It’s very limited and I prefer the old version..Version: 2009.1009.1918

Broken partiesI’ve used this app for a long time, as it’s an efficient alternative to texting other Xbox players, and the parties come in handy if you don’t have a headset available. But recently those parties have been everything but convenient. Every time I join one, it starts to overheat my phone, and that’s the part I can live with. The part that irks me beyond comprehension is the fact that the parties are disconnected for up to 80% of the time you’re in one. Your friends can hear you and you can see from the ring around their pfp that they’re talking, but you can’t hear a word they say. It’s as if they’re mute when they’re not. This makes competitive and even casual games difficult to play with friends. Imagine playing a PVP game such as Apex or R6 and your teammates makes a callout that could save you. But the party was disconnected so you miss the callout and you die. It’s a frustrating experience, and it is more common than not. I don’t know what causes this, and I know it’s not connection issues because those come with alerts, and I have relatively decent connection to begin with. Whatever this issue is, it needs to be addressed if the app is going to continue to function properly..Version: 2103.317.2023

The New UpdateThe Update Is Generally Ok But There’s Way Less Features Then The Old One. For instance; You Can’t Change your profile Pic, can’t see achievements, can’t customize your account which is the main reason people use the app. Microsoft plz update it with those features please..Version: 2009.1009.1918

LoginThe login is messed up, keeps asking for my password because of sensitive information, the entire app is messed up & sends 5 messages most times...Version: 2012.1207.2321

Buying etcHi good app I reckon it would be great app if you can buy games, look at the catalogue of games pass games especially what’s new/leaving soon and recently added. Also check what free games are with gold for the month. See what discounts you can get. Especially those gold membership discounts..Version: 2023.07.1

Really badMy experience on Xbox app has been really bad. A couple weeks ago my headset broke so I thought it’s fine I won’t get a new one I’ll save some money and talk to my friends through Xbox app. Annoyingly though I found that Xbox app is really unreliable and all round pretty poorly made for example often while I was talking to my friends they would complain that sometimes my mic would suddenly go very quiet and sometimes while they were speaking the app would suddenly cut so that I couldn’t here them and they couldn’t here me. Not only is the party chat poor I have found that sometimes my app won’t let me send messages to my friends and will crash when I try to and also if I clip something on my Xbox it takes sometimes an hour until I can watch it through Xbox app and just now I went onto the Xbox app and went into captures to find it said I had none and that I should take some so I restarted it signed out and in deleted and reinstalled the app but it didn’t work and then I signed out again and now whenever I press sign in and go onto the other site that it sends you to and press continue it sends me back to the homepage that says sign in or link a console. I really hope that Microsoft try to fix the app as it is very handy when it’s fully functional..Version: 2001.123.1027

New update is terribleWhat was the point of the update. You can no longer buy things via the app. You can no longer view achievements. The only thing you can do it remotely download games to your Xbox, a feature that was present in the previous iteration. Terrible. Why did you bother with this. Please revert to the old app this current one has zero utility..Version: 2009.1009.1918

It’s an okay app.I understand that it’s not going to be exactly like the Xbox, because it’s a free app that goes with it, but I only really use the app to download captures I take, so I’m not going to be reviewing the entire app, as I haven’t experienced every feature. On the Xbox you can sort the captures you take by game and other filters, but you can’t do that on the app which is frustrating. I take a lot of captures with the intent of downloading them and sharing them with my friends, but in the app they drown in captures from other games I’ve taken, and I have to scroll quite far down, and even then it doesn’t store all my captures (which I suppose is fair, reiterating the fact that this app is free and the Xbox is not). Even if I can’t access all my captures on the app, it would be nice if I could at least sort through the ones I have got. I won’t even mention to time it takes to download a 5 minute capture, as I suppose it varies per person and their phone. All in all, at least I can download my most recent captures, and maybe that’s a good thing, as my storage would take quite the toll if I downloaded every single thing I wanted to (especially since I can access it on my console). It’s a good app..Version: 2106.611.205

You get one star for being annoyingThe app is great. I use it all the time. But I hate being asked all the time if I want to rate it. So you get one star..Version: 1912.1213.1700

Absolutely terribleI’ve been using the app for a while now and before it was working ok but there was a few bugs their and there but recently I got logged out of the app randomly so I tried to sign myself back in, then it randomly keeps crashing over and over again randomly. I deleted the app over and over again until it stopped... but there’s more. Then when I put in all my information, it said that my account was locked out, so I checked my account and my email account and nothing was locked. But I went through the whole procedure of unlocking my already unlocked account to be told that my Xbox account (that I owned for about 7 years now) doesn’t exist, so I had to go through the procedure of providing that my account is real. Then after all of that, it still pushed myself to starting a new account so I made one to think that I could just sign in with the new account to my old account but the app just crashed, so about 30mins of trying to sign in to be told to do it over again. It’s almost that the app doesn’t want me to use it. I wouldn’t bother downloading this.Version: 2006.624.124

Worst app everI’ve had the Xbox app for a long time but ever since the new update, they’ve removed key features like watching captures, checking achievements, joining parties and more. Definitely considering uninstalling the app until they decide to add those features back. The only way you can use some of the features that aren’t included in the app is to go to xbox.com and check your Xbox profile..Version: 2102.209.2113

Connection ProblemsI have had this app for around 2-3 months and tried to play about 5 days in that time. In those 5 days I have only been able to play twice. I try maybe 50 times in a day, coming back every now and then, trying 5 - 7 times , being told that “We cannot connect to you Xbox. Try again later”, so I leave and try again later, an hour later, only to be told the exact same thing! I have full internet connection majority of the time and my Xbox is always on before I try...This app would be great if I didn’t have these problems..Version: 2102.209.2113

Potential, but also problems.Being able to stream xBox to iOS is great, well sort of stream...mirror being more accurate, but when the phone size of the XS, 11 screen isn’t accounted for, it’s a horrible experience. Think of looking at an iPhone 8 screen size when you play😂 Latency (even with the official xBox controller”, is very noticeable. Then, there’s the removal of subscriptions at is extremely important, especially with everything as it is to keep on top of. Then, there’s the removal of store, and other features. But, for me. The most important issue is at there is no way to see your achievements, edit profile or track your progress in games using the app anymore, and that has really ruined using the app for me as I loved using it to help track what achievements I was needing, and that to me, is more important. The new UI looks amazing, and it’s a seamless experience using, and looks really modernisased, but at the cost of been a true gamer trying to hunt achievements? There is a huge potential for this app, but not if it’s at the cost it’s currently at, especially not with removing subscriptions from settings & store. A new UI isn’t worth any of them.Version: 2009.1009.1918

Remote Play does not workI downloaded the Xbox App specifically for the remote play feature, but every time I fix one of the problems, a new one came up. (Bluetooth Controller connected to the (CONSOLE???) required then Bluetooth Controller needs to be updated then internet is “too slow” for streaming (which there’s no way to fix)) It said that I could do the streaming thing at home or something like that, but nowhere else. But my phone requires me to click ‘enable’ on the Xbox. But it won’t show up on the screen again. So I had to go to settings to try and test the connection again and now it doesn’t let me enable. And the first time, it said it could be enabled, but it never enabled. So then I try it again, then it doesn’t even show up on the screen. So I go to settings to try and manually do it. That’s when I come across all these different errors, forcing me to be unable to do it. I could get a 3rd party app for streaming and it would work better than this. By the way, I understand that I have over 600 ping when I play games, but if I wanted to download the Xbox App for no reason (since all the useful features are gone), then I would give this app a 5-star rating. But I downloaded it specifically for remote play..Version: 2009.1009.1918

Top Quality app but after the last update, I can no longer get into itThis app was incredible, all its features were perfect- the ability to download game captures quickly and easily on your mobile device, replace the keyboard to type on your console and all sorts, but after the update that changed the logo on the homepage to have a white background with the green X and supposed “Reliability and Consistency Improvements”, the app crashes instantly whenever I click on it, it doesn’t even manage to begin loading. I have tried reinstalling, restarting my IPhone5S and searching online but I can’t get into the app no matter what I do. I loved this app but I just can’t get into it anymore- the App’s compatibility is apparently compatible with my IPhone and my IOS version but it’s clearly not working. I’d appreciate if this matter was looked in to..Version: 2110.1005.112

Tons and TONS of issues..Firstly, please PLEASE add support for lfg posts. I hate having to type out peoples name to invite them to a party. If i’m in a party and invite someone with a game clip on their main page is literally bugs out my mic and forces me to rejoin. Also when I try to join a party via notifications in xbox app. It takes me to their profile page instead of joining the party. This has happened on multiple devices which is infuriating. As someone who raids everyday in D2 and constantly needs LFGS. Please, fix the app..Version: 2022.12.1

Uhh it’s okay?The app itself I would say is good, gives you similar or even the same content and freedom the Xbox itself would although it does have a few bugs like mine always tends to crash when I get out of the app and try to get back in while in a party. Like just a simple tap of the home button, my iPad is band new and I barely filled up any storage so I don’t really understand the issue. But I’d probably give 4 stars if it didn’t always crash on me and oh I don’t know if I just can’t find it but when you receive a party request and don’t press it in time there’s no going back into it no nothing. But something is wrong with my app I have the most resent update, at least I think? I updated it 6 days ago, yet it’s still telling me to “update for latest version of parties” and isn’t allowing me to update but that’s all.. this app is a little all over the place Toodles! ^^.Version: 2003.326.129

I’m confusedSo I wanted to go on and see if my friends were online and it continually asked for my password and once I put my password down it would disappear for a bit then reappear can you please help me I’m very confused right now..Version: 2011.1117.2218

Really glitchyMy mic broke a while back and so I installed the app hoping to still talk with my mates and play as normal. Only I can’t because the app is so glitchy. It will crash regularly without warning and when you’re playing a game you will be sat their talking to your mates unaware your not even in the party anymore. Sometimes you are in the party but it just doesn’t register you as speaking and you have to reboot the app for it to work again. All most every time I ask my mate a question I do not hear the response or when someone is speaking it just cuts out because the app is so glitchy and although you can see the circle indicator telling you they are speaking you can’t hear them. It is really a massive pain because I’ll be playing warzone or a game that requires your attention but just having to hide in a corner trying to get the app to work again after glitching out..Version: 2005.512.2137

By mistakeI have already filed a report on the online verification process and I unknowingly didn’t enter my recovery email correctly when I initially input my recovery account and since then to my knowledge I haven’t even got a response to confirm weather or not that I could switch my recovery account to the actual account I have also I don’t understand how the account I incidentally entered could even work for the fact that the account doesn’t even exist to my knowledge at least so please get back to me this time so I can use this wonderful app. One other thing that doesn’t make much since is that when I do enter my Microsoft email and password it asked for my account to be verified due to it supposedly having suspicions activity but won’t tell me what that specific action was nor does it give me any information at all about my activity or action that caused my account to me removed from the mobile app when I’ve had my Xbox account for over a decade since the Xbox 360 was my only console at the time. If anyone who isn’t from the Microsoft staff that has incite or knows of a way to fix this issue because I’ve tried everything including going to the Xbox support website that didn’t even help only because I don’t remember much of what I entered when I first upgraded to Xbox one since that was roughly 8 years ago I have a Xbox year one addition with 1TB of storage that I got for my birthday. So please let me know how I can resolve this issue..Version: 2111.1122.1929

Remote play is a mythI downloaded this app and bought a Backbone so I can remote play while on business trips. In the five months that I’ve been trying to do it only once have I been able to remote play, and that was when I was sitting in the same room with my Xbox on the same network. That is not remote play. Other than that the screen either just goes black and does nothing, or I get a message that says it found my console, but that it cannot connect. And then it tells me to try a different Wi-Fi or cellular net work to connect. However, no matter how many times I try different networks I still get the same result. I contacted Microsoft. And they walked me through, making sure the Xbox was set up correctly., So not just doing the remote play test but actually walking me through to make sure nothing was wrong. They say the consul is fine. So if it’s not the consul and it’s not working with attempts literally from tens of different networks, that it must be the app that’s the problem..Version: 2023.11.1

AnnoyingIt’s useful to an extent as I can’t use my earphones in my controller, so the app is a great concept, but it is frustrating. You can’t reply to messages and if you receive a phone call when you’re in a party it kicks you out of it unnecessarily. Also if your network buffers, you get unknowingly kicked from the party, and by that I mean your little avatar’s bubble moves signifying speech however the party members can’t hear what you’re saying. Most of the time I have to close down and reopen the app several times before you can rejoin the party, it just keeps saying ‘you are no longer a member of this party’ which is annoying because I try to rejoin but the app requires being shut down before you can actually join again. The app is also quite confusing to navigate, and calibration isn’t great..Version: 1808.1003.1929

Update killed itLiterally can’t even open app.Version: 1905.0516.1805

Xbox app log in bugSo when I launch the app it brings me to the sign in screen but when I click on it, it brings me to a website log in where it is stuck on one account that I can’t log on to and it doesn’t give me the option to change accounts plz help.Version: 2011.1117.2218

HorribleThis app is just awful. It crashes way too much, when you join a party it will not works for about 1 minute then it crashes, and on top of all that, there are these painfully slow transitions between the horribly designed interface.Version: 1808.1003.1929

Good concept, but incredibly broken.The Xbox app is amazing the first time you see it. You can access you account on the go and do so many things. However, the app’s downfalls become apparent very soon. First of all, you need a wifi connection to access the app, it will not work with cellular data. So, the whole aspect of xbox on the go is completely thrown out of the window. Secondly, you’ll be very luck if you can actually use the app. For at least one week out of the month the app just doesn’t work. You try to launch it, but you are met with either a blank green screen or a n infinite loading wheel. I’ve tried restarting, redownloading, and even costumer support, but nothing can fix it. Over time it will just fix itself and one day you’ll try to launch the app and it will just work for no reason just as suddenly as it stopped working. My final issue it the built in keyboard. Xbox has a wonderful system that detects the keyboard on your xbox and allows you to type on your phone. This is great for multiplayer games with a chat system. However, like the app itself this feature is very spotty. Sometimes the keyboard on the app will just stop popping up and it won’t ever pop up for the next week to month. Then it will just magically fix itself again. There are also tons of little bugs that litter that app that at sometimes, makes the app completely unusable. The Xbox app definitely doesn’t deserver the 4.7 out of 5 that it currently has..Version: 1906.625.1605

TrashThe sound never matches up with the clip and it’s so annoying..Version: 2022.11.1

Why it got to do datWell first of all most things run quite smoothly (when I last went into the app | about 3 weeks ago) but when I made a new account today everything went alright except the fact that when i tried to put in my gamertag, it never worked even if I used a gamertag like : bckeowisnx or even the one I wanted: reoWeeb.Version: 2005.512.2137

Great, but the Parties are a No right now.It’s been great, I’ve had it for about 3 years. But just now, it’s having a problem with joining or creating Parties. When I first open the Xbox App on my iPhone SE 2nd Generation, you can hardly make out what it says (it’s the menu that says joining party), and then goes to saying, “You are not in a Party.” This is something that they need to Fix quickly because I use the Xbox App everyday for my parties. It just now started having this problem. I have my phone on iOS 17.0.3 (the latest fully public iOS available) and the Xbox App is definitely updated to current version. I even restarted my iPhone and left it off for over 15 minutes and still had the problem. I can’t create my own parties or join off of someone else’s invites, and I get ALL Notifications for everything, but it’s just the Parties now. I swear, it’s always something with Microsoft, whether it’s an public issue or someone false reporting me because of how good I am at the game compared to them. PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!.Version: 2023.10.1

Needs wireless keyboard functionalityHaving the ability to use your phone as an xbox remote is useful but it would be so much better if you allowed users to use their phone keyboards when typing.Version: 2006.624.124

Roll it back, or fix it please.The newly updated Xbox app, while sporting a neat new paint job, is devoid of many of the features which made it an app worth actually using. The removal of many loved features such as achievement tracking, profile name and picture editing, the ability to view and join LFG posts and many more has left much to be desired. Purposely omitting useful features is no way to introduce a new UI update. On top of that, one of the most useful features, the ability to use your phone as an Xbox remote, is now hindered by an almost 5 second delay between input on the app and output on the console. This issue was non-existent before the update. Please, guys, while UI updates are nice, as is the ability to remote play on your mobile device, please avoid releasing seemingly incomplete updates which remove much loved features and introduce worse ones. It seems as though the only thing this update achieved was actively making the user experience much worse and undermining the potential of such a useful and loved application. TLDR: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it....Version: 2009.1009.1918

Doesn’t connectTry connecting to my Xbox and it just says something went wrong, try again later. It doesn’t work later either. It used to work fine. Don’t know what they’ve done here with the update but they ruined it.Version: 2023.03.1

External StorageApp overall is okay, worst thing is, when trying to remote install an app or game to my Xbox at home over the app, it doesn’t recognise the (official) external SSD and only lets me install directly to the main storage. When viewing the Xbox as a whole it picks up the external storage, but when trying to download something to it, it does not see it. Wish there could be a fix for this.Version: 2023.05.1

BugI can’t log into my account i stay stuck a the logging screen. I tried to delete and reinstall, wipe all memories and it still doesn’t work..Version: 2103.317.2023

So buggy and it won’t let me use the appI only play Minecraft here and there with my friends but i had stopped for a while so i need to go redownload Minecraft as well as xbox. i expected i would need to sign in and so i did and i thought it was working but the pop up to sign into your microsoft account kept showing up. i would enter my password so many times and i would think it would work and it wouldn’t. i tried resetting my password and nothing happened. i gave up, but the other day i wanted to get on the app to friend request one of my friends so we could play minecraft. i opened up xbox and it asked me to sign in again but i had forgotten the password i had changed it to a few weeks prior so i changed it again and made sure to remember it. i said i would try again tomorrow. it’s the next day and i signed in with my new password and the pop up came up repeatedly. i don’t know what to do at this point. this isn’t the only thing too. the one tile i did get it working it was super laggy and it even glitches me out of the app at one point. the app is also hard to navigate, it used to be so much better. i don’t know what you guys changed but stop changing things like sending pictures in chats and making the app look prettier. just make is isabel and fix the glitches. it’s super frustrating and i just wanna play games with my friends. thanks..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Tragically disappointingThis app is one of the most poorly written apps I have used. Microsoft is a fantastic company. The Xbox live functionality on their console system is superb. However, this app doesn’t function at all like its console counterpart. The “Active Friends” status is rarely accurate, even when you “pull down” to refresh status. My friends and I love to play Forza using a racing wheel. Since the wheel doesn’t have a headset jack, we use this app to talk. On console, we can join each other’s game or party without an invite. It just works. In the app, it will not. We usually have to text each other to send an invite. If you join the party on console first, the app will not allow voice communication despite being in the party. If you try and send an invite, it won’t allow it because they are already a party member. So you have to leave the party, text your friend to send an invite, then you can finally talk. If you accept the invite, and the app errors out (message saying “something went wrong” which is often does), you are forced to kill the app, reopen it and if you click on the invite, it will not work because the invite is no longer valid. So a party member has to resend the invite. 90% of out conversations begin with the phrase “Did I mention that I HATE this app?”! What’s even worse is this app used to work really well. It’s been horrible for over a year. This app makes Microsoft look bad..Version: 2202.210.2340

BuggyI have used this app for so long but it has frankly been on a downward spiral, the looks are great and I love how it is all set up. Everything is in a good place and very easy to manage But, there are many bugs. Sometimes I will be kicked from parties randomly or the entire app will crash sometimes notifications are very delayed and may not even show. But my main problem is that recently I logged out of my account because I needed to do something on my other Xbox account but when I tried to log in it just simply won’t work. I click log in and nothing happens or it will take me ti the log in page and I can log in but then it takes me back to the same screen I have tried everything to fix this but I just can’t get back in. Fix this.Version: 2022.07.2

AnnoyedI’ve had to delete this app like 8 times now just to use it. It keeps telling me something went wrong, it will crash all of a sudden and when I get a message, the message will not load at all. After the message doesn’t load it will disable me from viewing anything and say something about my privacy’s settings will not let me. Every time I view my settings, they are fine and there isn’t anything wrong with them, especially to the point where I can’t message people or view anything. My phone is up to date and this app is good when it is working..Version: 1902.0226.1354

Bug need fixing!!Hi I use this app a lot and recently from the last two updates. The app well not allow me to upload my own gamer pic anymore. I keep getting a error message saying try again later. Keeps saying that every time I re-try over and over. Could you look into this please! Thanks! :) I use iPhone 11 if that helps for software..Version: 2003.326.129

Absolute garbageThe app has lost every feature that the majority of people used the app for, instead you now get 5 pages of pictures of the 4 games you own and when you click on those pictures it shows you more pictures of the game you own. If I wanted to see useless pictures and advertisements I would have looked at my xbox home page.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Password issuesConstantly asking for a password, even after I have changed it..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Remote Play Needs ImprovementI’ve used OneCast and PS Remote Play for game streaming and while this is definitely better than PS Remote Play, it is nowhere near as stable as OneCast. One thing I really appreciate about the Xbox app and OneCast is that you can just directly connect your controller to the console if you’re in range rather than have to pair it with the mobile device. Sometimes I just need to use my mobile device as a second screen. I have a solid AC1900 router and I’m connecting with an iOS device on 5Ghz and there are often connectivity issues for no apparent reason. While the PS Remote Play app connection seems to stutter during heavy game activity, the Xbox app seems to just randomly get weak signal and connection. I could be playing something not very demanding like Minecraft and this app will go in and out of strong connectivity when nothing else is happening on the home network. Additionally, it’s disappointing remote play is not an option for Xbox 360 games, even if I’m connecting a controller directly to the console..Version: 2104.415.637

Used to be good now is buggyBefore the most recent overhaul of the app, all my captures from my Xbox would go to my Xbox app instantly. Now, when I get a notification on my Xbox AND my phone saying it has been uploaded to Xbox live - I click the notification on my phone and it sends me to the “looks like your stranded” page and the capture is not in my ‘captures’ section. I share some captures onto my highlights page and they only stay there for a few days until they disappear - unless that’s supposed to happen. Nothing works as good as it used to. It’s very frustrating when none of my captures come up and my edited clips don’t upload edited but as the original clip. Maybe it’s just an issue for me tho lol. Guidance would be appreciated. If you want the old Xbox app layout and the ability to change your profile picture to a custom one, go onto the Microsoft website, log in with your Xbox outlook account, click your profile pic and click ‘Xbox account’. Also on the website you can see your recent activity - achievements, captures etc basically like the old Xbox app before this update made it trash lol :) hope it helps a little lol..Version: 2012.1207.2321

New update sucksThe new update is cancer where can I change my gamer pic ? Also where is achievements the list goes on you fixed something that didn’t need fixing.Version: 2009.1009.1918

DifficultIts a good app however i have been trying to claim rewards yet i cannot even after deleting the app and signing out. there is also no help in the app or outside on what to do with this issue nor is there a way to ask about the problem in app..Version: 2023.11.1

Won’t connectApp was great until the last update always giving error connecting to my series x.Version: 2023.10.1

NotificationsWould give a 5 - Star but there is a bug in your notification. When I’m messaging someone on the app, and receive a notification that he has replied. I clear then it comes back again and when I clear that it does the same thing over for like 5 times. You guys gotta patch this bug asap.Version: 1710.1012.0348

I rated three stars because of the new layoutThe app was great before and I really liked it but it’s just gotten worse( below is why) So before the new layout update came out I was happy and it felt easier to get around and it wasn’t glitchy as hell but since the new update things have gotten so much worse: 1. The screen will randomly go white and I have to close the app 2. You can’t change your gamer pic anymore which I don’t get why you got rid of that 3.sometimes when I message my friend it’ll randomly go to either my profile or my Xbox storage so I have to re-type it all again. 4.the layout looks nice but is extremely buggy and looks exactly like the gamepass app *praise for the app* 1. Love how you can choose to be offline and online 2. Shows you what game you was last on is cool 3.usefull app when I’m not on Xbox and I want to join a party 4. The new party layout is cool *things I would like to see* 1.being able to change your gamer pic 2. Have an option between old layout and new layout in settings or something like that 3. Not to be glitchy as it is now. Overall its a great app and I know it means well but I’m just not a big fan of the update. -Thank you.Version: 2009.1009.1918

Sending and Receiving MessagesThe app has stopped working, Messages I send are disappearing immediately, Friends messages are not coming through or notifying me, Messages from friends disappear leaving only my messages on the chat, Same happens to them??? Is there an update that can fix this issue??.Version: 2003.326.129

Little bit slow but works well on iPhone five 2022Nothing more to say than the title. A few features don't work but when I purchased my iPhone 14 I'm sure it will be great along with the game pass app o.Version: 1803.0308.0312

I don’t see a pinWell I don’t see a pin code on my tv where my Xbox is connected 👎.Version: 2110.1026.2232

Works smooth but unreliable.Sometimes remote play works flawless other times it just doesn’t want to work at all. Need to fix local connection to always display and play games.Version: 2111.1122.1929

Flip a coin! Will it work?The Xbox App is a good concept but is far from being usable from day to day. This App is in Beta and is definitely not ready to be released on the App Store as a final product. I am currently on the most up to date IOS update on my iPhone XR so it’s not a hardware issue it’s Microsofts software issue which is kind of embarrassing on a competitors platform. The party’s don’t work very well you have to keep conversation going every second otherwise the app forgets that it was connecting you too and you can’t hear people for about 2 minutes until it stabilises the connection again despite me and my friends hitting around 50-60Mbps. When captures are uploaded some days it will let you download them to you camera roll or yet even watch them and on other days I just get some smug little sad face and have to try again another day. The platform needs some level of continuity, I would rather it be consistently bad than having a 50/50 chance of if it will work or not.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Good but needs settings to be clearerOkay so I love this app I like texting hang out with friends ect but I found somethings annoying first off I get a notification when I get a text great it’s useful but….I all so get it when I’m in the app and it’s kinda annoying not that big of an issue but the one think I think is annoying is this: Okay so using this app you can send pics cool right? But it can be annoying too first off the settings need to be clearer I have one friend who can’t get pics because of his safety settings….but we can’t find how to turn it off….another thing is anyone can text you now I don’t like friending people I don’t know in real life I have never done it but anyone can text you so I get over 30 messages a day from random people (I don’t know why they texted me) and when I block them there’s this glich that adds them to my friends list!? It’s annoying because a blocked player joined my world because of this glich and it’s not appropriate for kids who use this app to play with friends some random person could add them and just talk with them please fix this I will be vary grateful.Version: 2110.1026.2232

Microsoft Solitaire Collection IOSHi, I have had this game on both my laptops Windows 10 and my new iPad for 2 months, no problems. I also upgraded to premium on both devises, no problems. This week I can no longer play the game on my Ipad. When I open it up it tells me to connect to the internet which is always on. It then tells me to try on XBox which I downloaded but again it tells me I have no internet connection which I have checked and rechecked. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks David.Version: 1901.0129.1616

CrapApp doesn’t stay open for more than 2 seconds.Version: 2109.917.1754

Does some things reliably; some things rarely.You can always see who’s online from your friends list, and what they’re playing. Messaging works well too. However; the ONE THING the app is absolutely advantageous over a controller for accessing your console with - does not work consistently. The on screen keyboard, lets you type quickly on your phone - much faster than using a controller. When it works, this feature is extremely convenient, letting you input text to your Xbox or games in time spans you never could without the app. But good freakn’ luck getting the keyboard on the app to come up when you have an on-screen keyboard on your console. It’ll work sometimes, and other times you can pull up the keyboard on your Xbox again and again and again - to have the app do nothing. Which, needless to say - is very frustrating. To have such a convenient feature work intermittently and be completely unusable at other times is maddening. If that singular function worked reliably, I would say this is a magnificent app. But right now; it just doesn’t..Version: 1804.0504.1724

It’s stupidI’m an Xbox user and I can’t even get in because it’s a glitch it says I’m sending the code but it doesn’t work.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Um?Why were so many features removed? its so much more confusing now :(.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Recent changes garbageThey updated it recently and removed a lot of the functionality with several features removed as well as how you can view recent in game footage captures and I just think it’s trash and use it way less than I did before. Sort it out?!.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Fix ur appEvery single time i click the app i keep getting kicked out in 1 second i tested it on both of my devices and i keep getting kicked.Version: 2110.1026.2232

App won’t let me sign inFeel like whole MS eco system is so annoying and hard to use. App just keep saying “App want to use live.com for sign in” . You renter credential and same cycle starts again :( Then you finally try to go the XBOX website and now it’s says something went wrong. Why it has to be this difficult..Version: 2111.1122.1929

I need help...I want to change my gamer tag but I can’t find the “Xbox button” on my phone, so I’m stuck with a gamer tag I don’t like. Please can you make it easier to change my gamer tag on phones and iPads. Thank you..Version: 2006.624.124

Wont sign inKeeps asking me if I want to sign in but just asks me the question over and over and never actually signs me in.👎.Version: 2023.07.1

I use it but....Dear Microsoft.... I like the Xbox app however there are a few problems that occur pretty much everyday. So the first problem is, when someone invites me to a party and I join through my phone this notification pops up saying I have to update the app even though it’s in its latest version. There is no way for me to fix this unless I delete the app and download it again. The second problem is that notifications take too long to pop up on my phone. Every time someone messages me I get the notification on my phone at the same time as my Xbox, however when someone invites me to a party, the notification takes up to 2 minutes to pop up on my phone which is then followed up by the first problem I talked about —— I wait 1-3 minutes for the notification to pop up and then the app tells me to update so I can use the latest version of the app when it has no updates. Thanks for reading this Regards, EEZIE HD.Version: 1912.1213.1700

Not achievement support!?The app was updated along with the release of the series X and amongst other things they axed achievement support? That was the main reason I used the app was to check achievements..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Used to be good now it’s brokenI used to always use this app for taking screenshots and downloading them but recently I’m not sure what happened it either takes ages to upload my captures, doesn’t show me when my captures are uploaded or shows me the captures but doesn’t let me download. I am aware that I do have some internet problems at my house but currently as I am writing this I the internet is working fine and the captures are still broken. Sometimes it even shows me captures that I deleted a while ago or just shows me the videos and not the screenshots..Version: 2006.624.124

Needs workMakes life easier when gaming but it needs serious work to make it more usable. It's very slow to load content and if you close it for even a few seconds it will take 20 seconds to log you back in and seems to dump its memory as soon as you hit the home button. Once that's fixed it will be much better..Version: 1708.0829.1041

REPORTING A BUG!!!!There is a bug with the Xbox Phone App after the most recent update that was rolled out. While talking in party chat on the Xbox Phone App the sound will randomly cut out on one or more people in the party with you. You can still see that those people are talking, you just can’t hear them, and I have also confirmed that those people can hear you even though you can not hear them. It is not an internet issue as it happens to me whether I am on the wifi or (disconnecting from wifi and) using my phone data. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still did not fix my problem. Own a brand new iphone 11 I got for christmas and using the headphones that came with, so it isn’t that my phone/headphones are super old or anything. This was not a problem until the most recent update for the app a few weeks ago. This is as inconvenient as it gets for someone who relies on the xbox phone app to talk with friends in party chat while we play, and is so frustrating that i have almost had to stop playing xbox entirelt. To add to my frustrations i am running out of time to play EA access and Gamepass free trials with my friends because of this, and i know xbox is going to give me zero compensation for this. Strongly considering selling my xbox because of this situation if it doesnt get fixed SOON..Version: 1912.1213.1700

Great app… When it worksIt’s ridiculous that you have to have the device you use to stream on the most up to date OS (Verified by MS technician and personal experience) I don’t like to update immediately as there are often bugs. This app never works when my Xbox is in standby and the power settings set so it doesn’t fully shut down, so I constantly have to leave my Xbox on. Don’t try to stream if you are using anything less than 60mbps download as the picture quality is awful. It worked well when I was at a mates who had 200mbps down so I could play on iPad and him on his Xbox (small screen). Also please allow us to use the store remotely..Version: 2022.12.1

Don’t bother downloadingIt’s a waste of time now as Microsoft decided they wanted to take away they only useful features on the app me and my friends would sometimes compare hours or trophy’s and just overall achievements on a game through our phone now they’ve taken this away the Xbox app doesn’t have any function whatsoever for me anymore anything you can do on the app u can do on the Xbox.Version: 2102.209.2113

Can’t join other mobile friends partyThis problem doesn’t happen when there is just me and someone on console but when I try to join my mobile friend party chats they just can’t….Version: 2022.08.2

Pretty bad app if you ask meI’ve had this app for over 2 years, everything was good until the new update came out and changed the apps lay out. You maybe thinking it’s not that bad, especially if you don’t use the app a lot, but as someone who uses it often it’s a pretty bad app. The first big problem is that you cannot edit your name, bio and location on the app anymore, which can cause problems for younger people who have their account linked with their partners or care takers Email. The name that you have put up their (example Cake) will be up their when you send emails to people it will have the name cake up there on top of it. So it can mislead people and throw people off that way. I don’t believe you can change the name at all now so whatever it is now is what has to stay and almost the same with the location and bio but you can change it throw your Xbox but it takes away creativity from those two things. There’s a few other issues like glitches with notifications and chat features. I understand that apps are not perfect at all but they really messed it up and caused users some harm. They also need to fix the chat ban stuff. :l.Version: 2109.917.1754

Doesn’t workThis app used to be pretty good. Used to work fine. Recently (since the update), it won’t let me join parties, it won’t let me see my friendslist (it just says I have 0 friends when I have nearly 200), and if on a rare occasion where I actually manage to get into a party it cuts half of what the other person is saying off completely and makes like a static click even though everybody else can hear each other perfectly. Not happy at all since I can’t join parties on my Xbox due to something on the Xbox side. They told me I needed to repair my Xbox so I just bought and new one and I STILL couldn’t talk on Xbox parties. They then said I needed to replace my Xbox controller and my headset, which I did and I STILL couldn’t talk on parties. I’m NOT AT ALL impressed with Xbox. This has cost me a fortune to try and replace and I still can’t use Xbox like I should be able too. If I could give less than 1 star, I would..Version: 2003.326.129

Updates are supposed to improve not degradeFirst off the most recent update which apparently went along with the format change in the xbox UI layout getting rid of the multiple left/right home tabs for the different categories such as community or store is a very poorly executed concept on the mobile version especially when trying to find features that were once relatively simple to find but now seem to not exist at all and worst of all the messaging setup with the new format both in the app and on the console is absolutely horrendous!!! Also my xbox elite series 2 controller is perfectly capable of connecting to my iPhone to use when playing things like CoD mobile or a racing sim but you neglect to allow for the mobile app to permit me to change or customize which 3 control setups I have stored on my controller so if I forget to have the perfect ones loaded before leaving for a trip or even daily commute I can’t correct that and fully enjoy playing on the tube or cab ride! That seems like poor planning and I keep thinking it used to be possible but can’t remember for certain..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Now a glorified messaging app...So it’s obviously been some time since this overhaul of the app was released, and I’ve never left a review before, but having observed the ‘new’ state of this app for a reasonable-enough length of time, I can’t sit quietly and not say anything about it whilst very few others do. I never understood the rationale behind removing so many features from the original version; viewing and comparing achievements and other stats. Let’s not forget that the feature to change your gamerpic was only recently reimplemented, and only after complaints and criticism that surely should have been expected. There are so few features in this current version that it’s now nothing more than a glorified messaging app, as sending messages on mobile is faster and more convenient than using the console (especially in the middle of a game). I see this problem with a lot of services- new updates subtly removing established features, often waiting long enough for people to forget about it, to then be praised for adding them at a later point. It is frustrating to see this tactic, but even more frustrating to see it working, and people content to accept this objectively inferior version of an app that I used to find brilliant. The point of updates are to improve upon what’s already there. At what point did this stop being the case and why?.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Don’t UpdateThe new update is really bad. I used this app for tracking my achievements... either looking at all my games or alternatively whilst playing a specific game to see my progress... This new app lacks the ability to do that. From my profile screen I tapped quantum break, which I’ve been playing on my Xbox... and instead of telling me the achievements ect, it tells me minimum requirements to play it on PC... not helpful It also now seems to be all about telling me what games I can get with game pass... or what games are popular with my Xbox friends... I don’t really care about what others play, or games I can get through game pass like minecraft... if I want to play a game with friends I’ll talk to them and work out what would be good to play together... I don’t assume that because they have played red dead that it means the are keen on the multiplayer aspect. Streaming is a cool feature to get... but not worth the removal of all the other features when my Xbox is in the next room. It appears this ‘update’ is actually replacing the old Xbox app with the Gamepass app. Which is not great for those without gamepass... Of course mileage may vary, and if you have gamepass and care more about the ‘social’ aspect of your Xbox then this will be fine for you. If however your like me and don’t want gamepass and care more about what you play, and tracking your game progress ect then don’t update the app..Version: 2009.1009.1918

It was great, until.....The Xbox app was great. For chatting and sharing and I was super easy to get around. But recently it got updated and changed almost everything. A lot of people including me are not very happy with this as it’s very confusing and difficult to navigate. It also limits a lot of things such as photos and joining clubs. It’s a frustrating to use now and I don’t think I am the only one who finds this..Version: 2009.1009.1918

A disappointed customerI really enjoyed using the app for messaging and checking achievements but since up to about a month ago the app is not usable at all. I ran into a problem with not being able to use nearly any features such as messaging ect. I looked on forums to try and fix it which only worked once and hasn’t worked since. I logged out of the app and can no longer log back into the app at all. Even have deleted the app multiple times to see if that fixed the problem but still doesn’t. All my the features work on other devices but this since the last month. Very disappointed.Version: 1810.1205.1548

UnreliableMy experience overall has been pretty poor. I have been using the app as a substitute as the pc version would either not let me hear and speak in parties properly or friends would complain of a ringing noise, thought it was my headset however it works perfectly fine on other apps so clearly there was an issue between pc and Xbox app. I downloaded the app on an iPhone 11 and it has been pretty poor from the get go. Sometimes the parties run smoothly however the majority of the time, it lets me join a party however mid sentence the other people in the party chat just go silent, I can tell they are trying to talk as it tells you when you look at the app and you can often hear this slight crackling click when they try to talk, I have heard that during this time they can still hear me perfectly fine however it can take several minutes before I can hear them and often it cuts out again almost instantly. When the app works as it should it is a handy app and it more than does the job however the bugs make it very frustrating to use. I am unsure where the issue lies as the party is to people using their Xbox however something needs to be fixed. I found several other people online who have the same issues but nothing has been done yet..Version: 2104.415.637

Great but needs improving- things may be a scamThe app is very helpful and easier to use (texting and using a chat room) but the problem I have at the minute is that it is not letting me use the app, out of the blue I went on it today and it said I have to log in with my Microsoft account so I proceeded to put my password in so I did and it came up again. I put it in right because I put a completely wrong password on purpose to see whether I was doing it correct or not. I don’t know whether it’s an issue because I’ve linked my Xbox App to my Laptop but I’m not sure that the signing in is very safe. I did have an issue like this before with my last Xbox. I don’t know if this is a scam but is it is then I will proceed with further discussion to stop this ThankYou for taking your time to read this if you do see it. I really hope this gets fixed!.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Used to be goodI made an account on here in 2019 I think and things were working well for me because the only thing I use it for is to connect with my friends on Minecraft. Thing is that a couple months ago it made me sign in again, but the password was incorrect, so I made a new one. Then, when I signed in with the new password, the white box went down and it looked like it was about to finish loading then the white box came up again. I put in the password again, then it went down for a bit, then it came up AGAIN. I was doing this for a minute or so then just gave up cause it was completely pointless. I sort of forgot what happened but I think I just went on the Minecraft app itself then logged in cause my account was already registered. The only problem I have now is that I can’t even load my screen on this app without having to sign in, wait, sign in again, wait, sign in again, and so on. (By the way, I did all of this months ago but here I am again experiencing the same situation) this is getting pointless and it needs to be fixed this is getting ridiculous I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this but it’s really annoying..Version: 2012.1207.2321

The app looks like a potato on iPadThere app looks like a potato on iPad. This app looks like a potato on iPad. Hello would you like a potato try the xbox app on iPad thats what it looks like. If the developers have never used the app on a post 2017 iPad I would be happy to lend them mine. I’ve left about 10 reviews in the past couple of years and they still haven’t fixed it. We are now less than a year away from xbox series x and Microsoft is still pushing cringe worthy app that doesn’t fill the screen on iPad. Currently a 3 star review. After next month it will be 1 star until it is fixed. If no one can fix it at Microsoft and they want to pay me I’ll do it! It takes about 3 minutes to solve. My price tag would be £1 Million. Sure it’s something anyone could do but hey I’m guessing your developers are pre schoolers or they just don’t read the feedback. Every time the app updates I think ooh they must of finally fixed it but nope lol. They can build the worlds best console but there app looks like a potato on iPad..Version: 1912.1213.1700

Slow to loadA lot of glitches and loading times when trying to look at recorded clips and photos.Version: 2022.11.1

CrashingIt won’t let me sign in anymore I go to put in the info and the app crashes.Version: 1904.0411.1204

One of the worst updates to an appThe newest iOS update may have added remote play functionality, but it has stripped out pretty much every other feature, making this one of the most basic apps going - one that would barely pass as a third party option. The new Xbox app has been completely stripped back to being almost entirely irrelevant and no longer useful outside of “remote play”. Taking away the usability and personality you gained from having the Xbox app. It’s no longer an extension of your account; and now just an extension of your Xbox store. It’s hard to see that this is the result of the UX designers behind the app, but screams more so a desire to force the Xbox store, and in turn, game pass on every user. Disappointment is an understatement and this needs serious revision. It’s hard to believe that a full UX process has turned up this result, more likely a half arsed, rushed outcome forced upon others from above..Version: 2009.1009.1918

Not worth it since new updateThe new update ruined this app. The only reason most people use the Xbox app is to check achievements, change profile picture, buy games or put in codes. None of that can be done now, I don’t even actually know the point of the app at this point. Don’t waste your time on it now, it’s nearly useless..Version: 2012.1207.2321

It all went wrongAfter the newest update for the app, it introduced a lot of changes and most of them are bad. For example before the update you could look at the different game clubs, you could see different posts form your friends and other people, it was an easy layout and system and worked just fine no need for change, but after the update IT ALL WENT WRONG, now you can’t do any of those things and worst of all ITS COMPLETELY broken. Why? Please fix, I can’t even look at my friends list or the Xbox store. Please fix it!!!.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Can’t save clips onto my phoneI all ways use this app to save my clips onto my phone to post online but but whenever I seem to do it there’s always an error. And then can’t watch Friends clips and it’s not just one Game it’s other Games as well and other Friends..Version: 2005.512.2137

App keeps bugging outI have previously used this app and it was great, everything worked very well. However recently I have started to use it again and every other day the app stops allowing me to use the party feature. It keeps telling me that it has to do with my privacy settings but I have checked them multiple times and there is no reason why the app should be working one day but not working the next. I have to keep deleting and redone loading the app to get it to work... is very frustrating. Until this is fixed, the review will stay at 2 stars..Version: 1901.0129.1616

Was a great app, but new update is a BIG downgradePros: New look and feel of app is smooth and easy to navigate. Party chat is still available through the app. You can connect to your console through the app now (but this feature doesn’t work for me since I have multiple Xbox’s on my network). Cons: New update took away the activity feed, so community/sharing elements of Xbox are pretty much gone. In the old format my friends would watch each other’s clips via activity feed and comment/like each other’s posts. This is now totally gone. The notification system is also partially broken. I used to get notified when my favorite’s were online, but now no matter how I set it up the app does not set me push notifications for status’. This use to be a great app with some mild glitches, but now it’s become a pretty “milk toast” app. Unless you were wanting an app solely to purchase games before turning on your Xbox, this app’s update has taken away its most useful & engaging features. I hope Microsoft eventually adds back in the activity feed, or a similar way to stay engaged with the online community..Version: 2009.1009.1918

Why u so trash ?!!!!Ok so first of all why tf do u do a past due date In the first place like no one asked you to do that for us. And now we have to struggle just because you guys did something so stupid and so unnecessary!.Version: 2102.209.2113

This app is terrible for party chat, but is okay for everything else.The app has massive problems with crashing out of the app if you’re in a party chat, and is even worse if you’re using other apps on your phone. It also has a huge problem with audio cutting out for long periods of time. This problem is non existent on the Xbox console. It’s super frustrating and extremely tedious. If someone joins your party you might not even know they’re there because the app doesn’t update, unless you close the app, quit the party, reopen the app, and rejoin the party... and that doesn’t even fix the problems that were mentioned above!!! I like the fact that you’re able to save your Xbox clips to your phone though. Messaging people is a little annoying at times because it’s not good at showing you what’s there all the time. Until this party chat problem is fixed, I’m keeping my rating as it is. It’s not at 1* due to the other features that the app provides..Version: 2001.123.1027

The best games console app for iPad/iPhoneI’ve seen the negative reviews, but they don’t reflect my experience. This app is far better than the equivalents from Nintendo and Sony. It’s a proper iOS/iPadOS app for a start, rather than a WebApp masquerading as an app (*cough* Sony *cough). It allows some remote management features of your Xbox consoles, plus the best remote play I’ve seen for a games console. Remote play works surprisingly well (compared to Sony’s equivalent), maintaining a solid and relatively lag free connection. I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (with a DualShock4 - lol!) in this mode on several occasions on my Series X without any problems. Before I got the Series X, I had managed to play the same game 350 miles away from my Xbox Series S from a variable 20-30Mbps WiFi connection. My only minor complaint about Remote Play is that it doesn’t seem to go proper full screen - the top menu and task switch bar are always visible while connected. I suspect the problems many people are having are with slow or poor quality home networks (e.g. cheap router supplied by your ISP)..Version: 2107.716.2237

New Update...This app USED to be good. Key words being "used to." Before the latest update, the xbox app was really good and I had very few issues with it. Ever since the new update, I have absolutely HATED using this app. Obviously this is my opinion right now, but I hate almost every single thing that has changed (and a bunch of my friends agree.) First off, the app takes longer to load in than it used to. Second off, the whole messaging / chatting with others is awful. Sending messages can be delayed a lot and sometimes not even send. You can't send pictures anymore. And also, if you have notifications on, it'll glitch over and over and over again whenever someone messages you (meaning even if you are on a chat with someone currently texting each other, whenever they text you, a notification will buzz at the top of ur screen.) This glitch is only fixed if u reload the app, and even then, after a few minutes of texting, the notification buzzing will still show up again. Another thing I hate is the online / offline thing. I don't like how when you are on a chat with someone, it says they are offline, even if they are actually online. It only says they are online on the home screen, which is very annoying. Honestly, the only thing I do like about this update is our captures all in one area. Obviously this probably won't happen, but I feel like this app would be way better if the update was just taken off, and the app was reverted back to its old state..Version: 2009.1009.1918

Ran into many problemsI love this app, but it doesn’t deserve its rating that it currently has. One is that you need internet to just connect to the app. Which even then just makes the app glitchy. Another reason is that you can’t customize your own profile picture anymore. I read articles that explain that there is a bug that you guys can’t really fix and that you are working on it. I get that, but it’s been 6 weeks...? I just find that annoying. And when you don’t have internet with the Xbox app and you watch clips it gets all glitchy, it freezes on one point of the screen. Another problem I ran into while using this app is when you delete to many clips it just says you don’t have any. Then you need to exit the app and go back in, you should just be able to delete the clips you want without any problems. But if you are planning on fixing the app for once please fix these things, I think it would make the Xbox community really happy if you just fixed what we asked for, you want the 5 star rating right?.Version: 2003.326.129

So many bugsTo start off I have tried to figure out how to contact Xbox about this by using the app support button next to download, it does not bring you somewhere to report an actual bug and is very difficult to navigate. 1. The biggest issue that is occurring right now is that party’s and Voice chats WILL NOT WORK they won’t even let you open them and just say “Something went wrong” this is highly annoying and I’ve signed in and out and uninstalled and reinstalled, Xbox app is what I use as an alternative to using a mic since the mic on your headsets decide to stop working in the early months of purchasing. The app is also connected to my console and disconnecting and reconnecting did not work 2. Second biggest bug which everyone has been having issues with for months yet you have not fixed it is where in the party people can still hear you but you are unable to hear them. Most of the time if it’s a party of let’s say four. You can hear one person at a time and every couple of minutes it allows audio of the next person to come through but shuts the other person off. The other half of the time you can’t hear a single person. Please fix this as you’ve been made aware of this for months and is ridiculous..Version: 2003.326.129

StupidWhat idiot in your development team thought removing the remote feature and the ability to change the pfp was a good idea? Give me a name so I can tell them personally how stupid that was..Version: 2009.1009.1918

The worst designed companion app for any system, game, console, anything.If u want to search for an account if it has a space in the name, it wont find it, ever. Party system doesn't work, chat system doesn't work, crashes constantly, the companion remote for the xbox console is borderline pointless and doesn't bring up the keyboard 95% of the time which is the only reason any logical person would use it, the app is slow loading, things will work one day then not the next. The xbox app is a perfect microcosmic summation of xbox as a whole since the release of the Xbox One: unrefined, unwieldy, disappointing, and above all, Lazy. If there is a single exec at microsoft wondering why xbox is being outsold on every single front in every way 3fold to playstation then they are clearly blind to the laziness found in every facet of the console from moderation, to OS, to exclusives to the companion app, pathetic, embarrassing, laziness. Dont waste your time unless you need it. 90% of the time you will not achieve what u set out to do on this app..Version: 2003.326.129

Security and new updateNormally I wouldn’t write reviews but this app was ok until this morning. I was trying to go on the app and it had me put my password, not so bad right? I was ok with it but after I put in the password it made me do it again and again so I decided to reset my phone. So, after I did that I went back on to the app and it’s was super slow and it still made me keep doing my password, so I went to go log out but, after I push any button it makes me do my password AGAIN oh and I did try to push the cancel button but the Microsoft sign in thing popped up AGAIN. Now on to the update. I HATE it the only thing good about it is where the captures are but you can’t change your photo, bio, or location anymore, I mean you might be able to but I have looked over the map. I guess the online offline thing is kinda good but like it’s hard to remember if u have it online or offline without checking which is fine I guess but still. But also, the app takes way to long to load now it was fine back before the update happened actually it was WAY better before it happened, so even if you guys wouldn’t change it back please do and patch the bug that isn’t letting me put my password in..Version: 2011.1117.2218

Poor party chatIt keeps cutting out.Version: 2006.624.124

Unacceptable and terribleI am surprised that Xbox thought for a second that this was acceptable. It is the most glitchy app I have ever crossed. For example I have tried to join looking for group parties and it crashes as a whole. Also, when I am talking I sometimes go really quiet or I can’t hear anyone in the party, and mostly the app says to update the app to go in parties so you have to delete the app and then download it again because there was no update in the first place. I’m trying to get custom gamer pics when all of a sudden it doesn’t let me and I can’t change anything in the app. When you are in the party it has a habit to just crash, making you have to join the party again, speaking of parties, when you get invited to a party you have to wait 2 minutes to actually get the invite making the party inviter thinking you don’t want to join and resulting to a spam. If you have some money just buy a mic and forget about it..Version: 2002.302.1532

It’s great and worth it BUTIt’s great and everything you’d expect from an app like this. I’ve had it installed for around a year now, and from then till now, the party system doesn’t work right, an I’ll randomly get kicked quite often. The store pages could be more detailed, along with a few other menus. A way to look at all captures that you have on live would be cool too so I can interact with clubs more often, and the ability to save my captures to my phone. the whole app will crash randomly. Party invites and stuff don’t show up. And notifications in general will appear late, some won’t appear until I open the app and others won’t until I unlock the phone and that notification could be from 20 minutes ago!! Apart from these bugs, it would be perfect..Version: 2006.624.124

So many features are goneI used to use the app for purchasing games and checking my achievements. Please bring these features back!.Version: 2012.1207.2321

Signed me out and I can’t sign back inI got signed out for some reason, when I tried to log back in it kinda worked? I got my account but then it just kept asking and when I clicked that account it just did the same thing over and over again. ITS REALLY ANNOYING.Version: 2023.12.1

It’s very good but...So I have had the Xbox app for I don’t know 1 and a half year and it was all well until a couple of weeks I wanted to change my profile pic because I didn’t something different to the thing on it so i was like “oh let’s change my pic cause it’s old” so I went to change it and it said sorry we can’t upload this right now try again later so I did but it didn’t work so I tried the next day but it didn’t work so I tried a couple of hours later and still not working so I thought oh let me Turn my iPad on and of but know and I’ve been trying this for I don’t know a month but it won’t work so now I’ve just gone to ones Xbox gave to us but I still want my own so this needs to be fixed Cause it’s really bugging but other than that it’s great it helps when you can’t see things and it help when you don’t have a headset.Version: 2003.326.129

Fix commentingThe comments in the feed or activity aren’t working I’m not sure if it’s a bug but it keeps saying when you scroll too comments “Something went wrong”fix it please.Version: 1808.1003.1929

Make the App Useful AgainSo many pointless features, very little to help you use your Xbox. I’d love to see more interactive features in this app that actually complement the console a lot more. For example, I should have better control of movies and content. It’d be awesome if I could scroll through a list of titles (or even search) on my phone app, select what to watch, then have it play on the Xbox. While it’s playing, I should have the ability to view information about what I’m watching on the app, maybe even share what I’m watching with others. While something is playing, there needs to be contextual controls for media playback, not just the standard controller buttons. I need play, pause, rewind, skip etc. In games I’d love to see more functionality too, let me see menus or hud features, chat console, game stats or whatever. As the app is right now, it just doesn’t add much value..Version: 2005.512.2137

Some ideasI like the app but things need to be made slicker . What I would like to see is to find things easier , change settings easier with some enhancements . For example , it would be nice to receive a notification or a quick summary if my Xbox has been updated and what this will bring feature wise or a quick summary of what games have been updated (similar to how game pass operates or how you get achievement notifications) . Also deeper integration within the ecosystem would be good ie automatic game clips uploaded to activity page or other social networks to highlight a game to your friends - what achievements you can get . So much more could be done to make the experience better !!!.Version: 1909.1002.1459

Hot pile of garbageBy far the worst app on the App Store. 99% of the time i can’t do anything because it fails to load anything. Can’t join or invite to parties, can’t download clips and can’t message anyone. You’d think with updates literally every week, they’d be able to make this app run properly but that’s sadly not the case. Can’t think of a more pathetic attempt at a mobile app.Version: 2022.04.1

LagThis is so laggy that my friend with no legs can walk faster then the loading.Version: 2105.506.2320

TrashWho thought it was a good idea to remove all these features? Are you an idiot? The only reason i had this app was to view my achievements but you removed that. And for what? Nothing. The app was perfectly fine before but you ruined it. Thanks a lot..Version: 2012.1207.2321

Seriously lacking after the redesignI have been using the Xbox app for years. I used to really like it. Now? Not so much. My main gripe is that so much functionality was lost with the most recent changes. I suspect that XCloud has a lot to do with it. To avoid paying Apple 30% of revenue, Microsoft have turned the app into what is essentially a browser, and it shows. The store is one of the casualties. You now have to make purchases on your Xbox. Also, not only has the interface taken a visual nosedive, it has also become strangely unintuitive. And don’t get me started on party chat. Horrible. As it stands, what was once a great app has become highly mediocre. It’s a real shame..Version: 2104.415.637

App keeps crashingIt won’t let me sign in and when I do it crashes the app.Version: 1904.0411.1204

UpdateSince the latest update the remote control via the app is at least 2 seconds slow, it’s terrible. I’ve checked network and everything looks good my end. The app was running almost instantaneously previously, now is running slow. Very frustrating and annoying! I expect better from MS.Version: 2009.1009.1918

Most unreliable app i’ve had to deal withThis app has terrible reliability when connecting to the xbox and has so many issues that haven’t been fixed its not funny. Streaming videos fails half the time, tv guide information doesn’t show up. Even the tv and AV control doesnt work if the Xbox is in the TV App. Lastly, there is still no option to turn on the xbox only without turning on my AV and TV. Why is there not already an option to turn on the xbox only without turning on the TV? This is pointless if i have to turn the TV off after i remotely turn it on. This is typical Microsoft having the functionality but being too lazy/ to implement it in a meaningful way.Version: 1804.0504.1724

Gamer Xbox One.Horrible app with no club access or sharing anything to a club. No way of sending custom made videos to Xbox Live anymore i give up on Xbox they have taken away the enjoyment for players! When an app or companion app works well there’s no need to change it but Xbox always finds a way to ruin it for the players! To only be able to share clips via console only is ridiculous & a shame to say the least! Bring back the ability to make custom videos to share to Xbox Live and many players will be happy again! I hope changes are made as i don’t bother with the Xbox app as much as i used to. Sort it out Microsoft as players aren’t happy like they should be.,.Version: 2102.209.2113

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