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LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes app received 133 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes? Can you share your negative thoughts about lego® marvel super heroes?

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LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes for Negative User Reviews

A Complete Waste of Money....BEWAREThis app only shows a black screen and if I could leave a rating less than one star, I would. Spend your money elsewhere..Version: 1.5

Erased all of my dataThis game is fun. Really fun. But when I got up to asgard it erased all of my data, for no reason. I didn’t press any buttons or do it myself, but it just reset me. Is there any way to get my data back? If not I’ll be deleting the game 😕.Version: 2.1.0

Won’t playBrought this today for my son and doesn’t even get past the title screen, crashes back to home screen when clicking on the play button. Have tried all the usual restart iPad/re downloaded, Refund required..Version: 1.5

Stuck On A LevelCan't move onto next level. Stuck on Times Square level but have completed it. Won't allow me to move onto next level.Version: 1.4

Loved this game but even the recent update still glitchyLove the game and paid for it... had to stop playing when it got glitchy and needed updating. Just go the update and great for one night...even with continued flickering screen...but alas full black out today :(.Version: 2.0.0

A very upset little 6 year old!! 😩😩I purchased and downloaded this game for my son to play, but I am extremely disappointed that it won’t work. The game opens up fine, but when prompted to press ‘play’ the screen looks like it’s going to load, but within a second, the app closes and returns to my phone home screen. This is quite frustrating, having paid £4.99. I have submitted two help requests, following the app guidance, but have not received a reply. My son asks every five minutes, whether I have received a response.......! 😩.Version: 1.5

CrashesPurchased this game for my son for IPad and IPhone. We went to play it and the game just crashes after you hit the play button. I deleted the game and downloaded it again and my IOS on both devices is up to date. I contacted the “app support” and it’s been weeks since I have heard back. What a waste of money! I will not be purchasing games from the developer. Fix the bugs or whatever it is..Version: 1.5

Needs updatingThis game is good but it needs to be updated. When updated please make sure that when you. Die you do respawn on Said level where you died or if you fell of a platform on that platform. Once updated into the game I'll leave a full 5 stars till then though I'll leave 3 stars but I do recommend it to challenge seekers..Version: 1.4

I want a refundIt’s a good game but it’s a bad price and is not that great I want a refund now.Version: 2.1.0

Should be zero starsWe can’t even open this app. Keeps loading for 2 minutes and then kicks us out. My son is very disappointed. How do we get a refund?.Version: 1.5

Not as good as lego starwarsJust saw this game and had to buy it. Quite disappointed so far. Was thinking it should be as good if not better than lego Star Wars or lego batman and it's not, I wouldn't recommend buying this.Version: 1.0

FixFix the bug that kicks you out.Version: 1.5

Can’t even startThe game crashes the moment I press play. I’ve deleted it and reloaded it over and over. It says it’s compatible but haven’t been able to play a single second of the game..Version: 1.5

DisappointedThe touch screen is not responding when I play its fine at the touch screen but not when I start playing.Version: 1.1

Crashes on island m level - so can’t finish - don’t buy till you see a 1.6 versionGood game, but riddled with bugs, worse being on reaching island m level, the game will crash back to iPad desktop, so impossible to complete this game. Crashes every time you try to load the level..Version: 1.5

What a rip offI shouldn't even give this 1 star because it won't even download. I have all the requirements but still nothing. It starts over and over again. As for app support.....what a joke. Do they make it deliberately difficult so you'll just give up?? Don't waste your money..Version: 1.4

Free modePLEASE ADD THE FREE MODE. I want to just play around and have fun with all the characters. I’d rate it 5 star but there’s no free mode..Version: 2.0.0

Sorry this is short ( I’m lazy )Plz add better graphics like the Xbox/PlayStation Graphics. Instead of constantly having to do more and more missions... how about more opportunities for free play mode? Sorry if I’m doing this for nothing and it’s already happened. Bye P.S I think u need to update * cough cough * infinity war * cough cough * 😂 lol. Plz make dis happen ( if ur working on it good job 👍, if not, get a move on ) and plz add in da marvel movies/the movie story line..Version: 1.5

CrashesI downloaded this game for 4.99 and loaded the game and i could see the play button for a split second then it kicked me straight to the homepage.☹️ I really hope they fix this bug soon because that’s 5 pound in the bin..Version: 1.5

RefundI want a refund. Kicks me out even before I get into it....Version: 1.5


DOES NOT LOAD - DO NOT BUYPaid for this game and it doesn’t load. Tried it on multiple devices, please refund!.Version: 1.5

As a big LEGO game fan it’s hard for me to say I wouldn’t recommend this app...I started with such high hopes for this app. It responded well, there was a good variety of starting characters, and the levels were creative. After a few levels though, it started glitching and would turn off on its own. It was happening consistently so I tried to completely delete the app and download it again but now it won’t even open. It’s unfortunate that a good game should go to waste because of a few glitches. I would not recommend spending money on this app..Version: 1.5

Extremely annoyed 8 year old🤬🤬🤬I am 8 and I lost my poo when I saw this game and when I started I could play BUT now every🤬ing time I try to play I cross my legs armhands and toes that it would workbut every time it didnt work I have tried EVERYTHING but yet I am unsucsessful every time. Now my brother plays it and im worried sick one day hes gonna say "Jamesie my lego superhero games no working!" Very fun game but 🤬update it and I will give a five star👿👿👿.Version: 1.5

Half way and it......CRASHES! I'm currently at the Doom's Castle/Throne room stage and once I kill Goblin, it crashes and closes the app! It won't let me progress on! I even deleted the app and restarted it! Still no avail. I even tried contacting the app support and they even tell you that you won't get a response from these app devs! What kind of support is that? Don't waste your money on this app! BE WARNED! I don't usually write reviews, but this deserves to be warned about! Read all the bad reviews and it shows it just crashes! If only I listened to the bad reviews and not bothered with this app!.Version: 1.4

Love the game but...I love the game but you need to get golden bricks to get the the next level by doing missions and that’s to hard for me will you remove the please?.Version: 2.1.0

My ideasGreat game but could have better graphics also better game levels also when you die don’t make it so you restart the level make it so you lose money also add a world that you can walk around and do missions and unlock characters make the levels like the Xbox version..Version: 2.2.0

Needs controller supportOverall game isn’t too bad would be even better with controller support for mobile gamers.Version: 2.0.0

Doesn’t workAs soon as I press play the whole game crashes I can’t even try the game. I deleted then downloaded again and it still does the same thing. I’ll take my money back I deleted the game since it doesn’t work.Version: 1.5

Add 360 view and free roamI was so sad when I realised that there wasn't free roaming or 360 view, I saw the game and saved up my money for it, but when I began playing, I loved the cutscenes but I didn't like when I played because it wasn't a 360 view, maybe for a update add 360 view like the Lego Batman game on the App Store.Version: 2.0.0

Didn’t even get to playI’m a little disappointed because I downloaded the game and went to start it and it just crashed. This game seemed like so much fun😕😕😕.Version: 1.5

AwfulGame fails to load. We tried it on multiple devices and it doesn’t work. Logged a ticket and they closed it without resolution but I can raise another if I want to! These are tricks awful developers use to hide the number of failures. Now the fun of getting a refund begins!.Version: 1.5

Sorry way to sleep (short comment )I used to have a PlayStation 4 I had this game on there and on mobile it didn’t have free play I completed all the levels but no free play..Version: 2.1.0

Sound failedDespite multiple reboots of the iPad and deleting and downloading the App, it no longer as any sound. This is a shame, because the music and effects are excellent. The App freezes or fails to load, despite this being a new iPad. Please debug your (expensive) app..Version: 2.0.0

FIX FOR iOS 8 PLZTouch screen unresponsive, have restarted app and iPhone. Keen for playing this game, but currently unable to.Version: 1.1

Crashes after opening App - Haven’t been able to play it yetI haven’t been able to use this game at all, it closes itself after opening every time!!.Version: 1.5

Crashes when you get in😡😡😡😡DO NOT GET THE GAME!!! It crashes all the time it’s a waste of 7 dollars.Version: 1.5

Anybody out there? Can anybody hear me?🤷‍♂️😂My daughter somehow managed to pay and download this app. Toying on wether to try and get a refund until I opened the app and now for sure WANT a refund!Game loads to first cut scene then freezes, does a kinda cute wiggle then closes. Shame... Although I do have one small problem and that is I can’t seem to find anyway to contact customer service? If anyone can advise me on how to get in touch then il give you half’s 😂😏 thanks.Version: 2.0.0

DisappointedAs with the other reviews, we can’t open as it crashes. I have a very disappointed daughter- refund please.Version: 1.5

Won’t workIt keeps kicking me out I paid $6.99 it downloaded but as soon as I pick a challenge it starts to load and kicks me out.Version: 1.5

Crashes before it startsWe haven’t even had the chance to play yet because we can’t get further than the opening screen to hit play before it crashes. We’ve tried to remove and re upload it several times, but can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried to navigate the website to get support, but can’t seem to find any support after navigating the website. I just get taken to more games. I wouldn’t even give this game a 1 if I had a choice. Fix these problems so we can play and I’ll reconsider. Otherwise it was just wasted money that I’m going to look to get a refund..Version: 1.5

Crashes, unplayable!This game is unplayable, wish I read the reviews from others with the same issue even though they are from 3-4 years ago. Why hasn't this issue been resolved since then? £4.99 wasted currently but now going to have to see about getting a refund. Thanks a bunch warner bros!.Version: 1.5

CoolGreat love it.Version: 1.1

Read before purchase of appThe game opens to the main screen when I tap it. Then when I tap the red play button it takes me to a loading screen that has lots of quests with a loading sign at the bottom right. The loading sign becomes a play button then my screen goes black for 2 seconds then sends me to my home screen. I am very disappointed with this app. Not only that but then you show your good reviews from years ago. Update is needed Warner Bros. Now..Version: 1.5

Keeps crashingEvery time we go into a level the game shuts down. Very frustrating. Tried to delete then downloaded it again, but it didn’t change anything. Please fix..Version: 1.5

Can’t get in to appI press play button and it takes me to challenges but then it turns black and kicks me out back to the home screen on my iPad.Version: 1.5

So BoringYou should be able to go to the next level straight away when you finish one but this like you have to have the right amount of gold bricks you should just be able to go through the whole world free play not by levels..Version: 1.5

CrashesWe have tried loading this app and it continues to crash and close down after we hit the play button. Any suggestions as to what my next step is in getting this to work for my son please?.Version: 1.5

Won’t workShame on me for not looking at the reviews first. As others have said we paid £4.99 for this app for my son (who was so anxious to play and has been so disappointed) but after the app opens when you click play, it closes. I’ve tried reinstalling several times with no luck and can’t find where to email anyone. So frustrating!.Version: 1.5

???I just paid for this game and app won’t open/start !!!.Version: 1.5

Won’t loadWe cannot get this game to open. It is downloaded but when you tap to open the screen goes black. We have restarted the IPad twice. This is very frustrating. Suggestions.?.Version: 2.0.0

Would Like Money BackWARNING TO ALL PARENTS! My son received an iTunes card for his birthday and purchased this app, only to watch the opening credits and then it crashing. Why would Warner Bro’s. put it’s name to such a faulty product and still collect revenue from children?.Version: 1.5

Does not workThis is the 2nd official Lego game I have purchased (ninjago is the other one) neither of them will start. I have a iPhone 8plus running the latest update. I have contacted them 3 times for a refund and have not had a response. Angry beyond words..Version: 1.5

Crashing on iPhone XSThe game doesn’t work on my iPhone XS because every time I try to do a level it goes back to the home-screen..Version: 1.5

Get more livesThis game is aight but I hate that you only get one try at a mission and you have to restart.Version: 1.5

Wasted money! ExtortionDo not purchase! We made the mistake of not reading reviews before purchasing. The app will take your money, allow you to download but then crash when attempting to start the app. The fact this has been happening for over a year and has not been rectified is just deplorable. Sort it out Apple!.Version: 2.1.0

Je veux un remboursementLe jeux ce ferme automatiquement quand jessaye de jouer ! Dont buy!! It crashes at the beginning of the game it doesn’t start. 6.99$ in the waste.Version: 1.5

DisappointedMy son spent his money on this app and it crashes before he even gets to play. I have tried it on several devices and updated software etc with no success. Give my so his money back please!!!!!.Version: 1.5

Crashes constantlyTrying to play this in my iPhone X. Crashes every time I press the play button. Have tried restarting my phone but the issue continues. Would love to play this but the stability really needs to be looked at..Version: 1.5

SrslyThis game dont want to even load up thats a huge problem fix it guys seriosly!.Version: 1.5

Needs updateKeeps crashing at start of game, want a refund..Version: 1.5

AnnoyingIt's a kids games yet an adult will struggle on some levels, good game but it's also gonna give kids anger issues.Version: 2.0.0

Can’t even open!I downloaded this and as previous reviews have stated they can’t even get it to open! Is there any support? I have all the requirements and tried everything so far....Version: 1.5

Game doesn’t workWe paid to download this game to find it didn’t even work. My son is very disappointed so don’t buy it as it doesn’t allow you to play or do anything. Very disappointed..Version: 1.5

Why you shouldn't buy Lego marvelThis game looks really good on the App Store.The xbox and ps3 version is great but the iPod/iPhone version is not what it looks to be.The controls are hard to use,the game all round is horrible and is a waste of $6.50 so do not by this game it isn't what it seams.Version: 1.1

ArghI can’t even open the app on my iPad Pro. I expected more. I’ve been wanting this game for ages. I paid the $8 and now I feel like I wasted that money..Version: 2.0.0

Doesn’t OpenAvoid. Paid £4.99 and had the “correct” software update, apparently compatible with my iPad. Yet does nothing when opened. Just black screen. Have tried removing and reloading and also hard reset etc. No joy. Save your money and get a different game..Version: 2.1.0

Game doesn’t workDownloaded this game for $7.50 and it doesn’t even go. What a total waste of money. Now I need to try and figure out how to get my money back..Version: 1.5

Update pleaseIt is so bad compared to the non mobile version and does not have enough characters there is no free play meaning no character customisation it also crashes whenever I try to enter a level.Version: 1.5

Terrible! Crashes before it even opensWe are big fans of LEGO apps.... usually. I spent $7.99 on this app (when we can get others for free) as it was the “editors choice”. Forget about it! It crashes as soon as you press the play button. I’ve completed software updates and even deleted the app and reloaded multiple times. Nothing corrects it. Unfortunately it’s only resulted in a waste of money and disappointed children. Don’t waste your money, choose something else..Version: 1.5

A huge scamWhen I first saw this game on the App Store I remembered playing at someone else's house on the X box. What I expected from this was a puzzling game with maybe 30-45 stages. Instead I wasted 5 Bucks on a rip off of the actual game. All it is a bunch of pointless stages where you probably stand there tap the screen. I know that other Lego games on the App Store are what I expected from this piece of garbage. There is also nothing in the game trailer or description that gives a hint that the game is like it is. PLEASE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

Super Moves are a problemGood game, only two small issues. The way you activate the super moves, by sliding the hero icon to the right, is a disaster. A vast majority of the time, it does not work. Because of this, I am never able to complete the challenges. Couldn’t you just have another button, like the tag move button, to make things easier. The second issue is how you have no time to recover from getting hurt. If you are on the ground, enemies can still hurt you. This makes the challenges where you can’t get hurt almost impossible to beat..Version: 1.5

RubbishDo not waste your money, game never works after download Game cost $7.99 but after many times downloading & deleting it does not work just continually crashes every time Very disappointing for the kids and a total waste of money Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time or money.Version: 1.5

Game doesn’t workThis game doesn’t allow me to do the missions. It keeps shutting down..Version: 1.5

It is a good game, just crashesI used to have this game on my old phone and it worked fine. I downloaded it onto my new phone and it crashes every time a new level loads! Please fix this because it was a really fun game!.Version: 1.5

I would like a refund.Been playing for a couple minutes, and it's already a lot worse than the console edition. 1. Graphics are worse. 2. In app purchases?!? NEVER put those in a payed game. 3. No free play or custom characters. So, in general, I want a refund..Version: 1.4

TerribleWe bought this game for our son tonight, but it crashes during the loading screen. How do we go about getting a refund?.Version: 1.5

Terrible. Please refund immediately!Please refund! This game does not load! It shuts down immediately. Doesn’t even open at all to play..Version: 1.5

CrashesCan’t make it passed title screen. Terrible quality control from apple. Will I get a refund, nope.Version: 1.5

Very disappointedI downloaded this also after upgrading to iOS 8.0 and when I start the game the touchscreen is non responsive. It's fine at the main menu but as soon as it gets to the point of moving a character nothing happens. FIX THIS! And I'm sure the game will be great.Version: 1.1

Disappointed parent & childI would give this app zero stars if I could! I paid £4.99 for this game and it will not work, it keeps on crashing at the starter screens. I tried deleted it and reinstalling the game but that didn’t work either! 😤 I would like a refund!!.Version: 1.5

You pay for it and does not workI have been charged from my iTunes account and the game does not even work!!!!! I need my money back !!!!.Version: 1.5

I hated the controlsI had to tap some where to go instead of a walking thing just like in Minecraft, also I hated you had to tap on enemy to kill I was expecting there to be a punch button it is better on ps4 I am to download it and never again will download a lego game on iPad!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😩😩😩😩what a waste of 5 dollars for this trash.Version: 2.1.0

I want my money back!!I had got this game as a reward for doing well in school for my 8 year old son and he was excited about it. Proud even, well, as we download the game to both our devices we find that as it opens it crashes before you get to any actual playing. We tried deleting it and reinstalling a few times to no avail. These reviews are the only way it seems to communicate with y’all. I would like something done to make this right. Now......Version: 1.5

Keeps resettingI got so far through the game then when I turned it off and went back on the next day it made me start from scratch.Version: 2.0.0

The problems 😅I buy a lots of superheroes and sees a action and l buy it we can’t see a action and my weakness is timer because 150seconds or 90seconds. I never go 10 gold blocks it was so hard to me😭and why we fly flip up two fingers? I thought this game will be really awesome and swing or fly is one fingers and one fingers is didn’t wish come true but awesome is wish come true so this game is not awesome l am really sad but my wish come true so l am so happy and when l get all of my stickers is did pretty well l buy a Spider-Man packs because there is sandman so l am really excited about that so l working about that..Version: 2.0.0

Keeps CrashingI thought this game was fun. Everything was going fine until I got to that level where you had to fight the green goblin then it started crashing and I also bought a character pack as well. So I restarted my iPad and it still kept on crashing so I then deleted the game and got the game again and basically I lost my character pack and the game kept on crashing. Don’t buy this game. It’s an absolute rip off. PATHETIC.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workEvery time I try and play this it’s comes up with the loading screen and then exits the app, I wouldn’t be bothered if it was a free app but I’ve paid for this and expect it to work properly, please sort this or at least give me my money back?.Version: 1.5

App doesn’t work 😤Paid for and downloaded this app, tried everything and it won’t work!! Absolutely ridiculous!! No idea why Apple let clowns like this on the App Store!! 😡😡 hopefully once reported my money will be refunded!! Certainly won’t be downloading anymore of their games 😤😤.Version: 1.5

Won’t loadWe are trying to play but the game won’t load. Keeps kicking us out before we can even try it. Is there a fix for this?.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t even work!Bought this game for £4.99 and it doesn’t even work on my phone, goes to loading screen and switches itself off and straight back to home screen! Not happy at all and I would like my money back!.Version: 1.5

Can't get it to downloadDon't by.Version: 1.1

Good but will need improvementsThe game itself is good however in the game you aren't allowed to jump so therefore it will need improvement.Version: 1.4

SucksI am terribly disappointed with this game because it’s not at all like the console edition. There is no shield and no different cities ..Version: 1.5

Can’t even play!The game crashes immediately after pressing play. I just payed $7.99 for something that doesn’t work at all. So disappointed in this. Needs an update or remove it from the App Store to prevent people from wasting their money..Version: 1.5

$6 to crashAt this point it’s basically a con. Crashes as soon as opened. It’s too bad this game wasn’t made by a company with money..🙄.Version: 1.5

CrashingI have had this app for a week now and haven’t even played it! I love this game on Xbox so I thought to download it to my iPhone paying £4.99. At the start when it is loading to begin the game it crashes and return to my phone home screen. Now I have tried deleting iPhone memory and storage. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded. And updated my IOS settings and updated the game. Nothing seems to be working. I have also emailed the developers to the game TWICE and not even had a response. I feel like this is a waste of time and money buying it from here although as I’ve said on other consoles it is a great game..Version: 1.5

Good game but glitches a bitWhen the game glitches, your character stays completely still but all the enemies around you are still trying to kill you also, there is not a lot of difference in the characters, like iceman, the human torch, and iron man have the exact same abilities except iceman can put out fires, but the thing, hulk buster, hulk, and juggernaut have the exact same abilities also. I’d just like to see more unique characters..Version: 1.5

Absolutely terribleThis game is completely awful. The controls are finicky at best, you die way too easily, and unlike the real Lego games, when you die, you don't lose coins and wait a few seconds before getting back up again, you go back to the start of the level, and without a jump button, it makes it incredibly difficult to get past obstacles especially when timed or you have an oncoming threat you're trying to get away from, as your frantic taps can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, and simply trying to move around can trigger the dodge mechanic, which can easily send you toppling off the building. The enemies hurt you way too easily, especially if you're dealing with more than two, and hearts drop way too little. The only characters worth anything are those who can fly or regenerate health, as they can get over obstacles easily or get through the level easier if you can find a quiet corner to heal so you don't restart at the beginning. This game is not worth it. Go buy the real game on the PlayStation or Xbox, mobile games are supposed to be simple time-wasters with a little bit of challenge, this game will simply make you frustrated and angry. I managed to get through the first four main areas, all the way to Stark tower, and I didn't have one bit of fun..Version: 1.4

Don't get the game on iPod 4th genIf you have a iPod 4th generation then don't get this I was waiting and didn't get a thing I'm so upset so for warning.Version: 1.0

I am very disappointed! Very upset child 🤬🤬🤬Really not happy, I bought this for my son and he was so happy, until he tried to play the game. Please fix and listen to your reviews! I wish I would of read these before buying 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.5

Aweful!Bought this game for my son and it didn’t even play. Tried to contact to get my money back and I had to give them my router brand, what type of WiFi I’m on and much more info and they didn’t even respond to me. I guess I learned my lesson not to purchase from them anymore! Horrible customer service, not even a response.... wth... Don’t purchase this app. I have a brand new completely updated iPhone and It didn’t work....Version: 1.5

Very disappointingI’ve been reading the review from a year ago about this app not working. I downloaded it for my son thinking the problems would be fixed by now but they haven’t!!! As soon as the game loads it kicks you off back to the home screen! I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, deleted other games to make more space and I’ve restated the iPad numerous times. Nothing works! Avoid this game.Version: 1.5

Crashes all the timeWhy does this crash all the time all of a sudden? It never used to. Crashes when loading a level and then on the odd occasion it actually loads it crashes at the end. Please help as I used to love this game..Version: 1.5

WowCan I have my money back, unless this gets fixed soon I want my 6 dollars WOW.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t work on iPhone6, iPad Air or iPad ProMy son saved and bought this with pocket money. He was very disappointed that he can’t even get it to run on his iPad Air. It quits working before it even gets to a game screen. Just to check it wasn’t the iPad I have tried running it on my iPhone, and my iPad Pro and it’s exactly the same (all devices running iOS 11.3). I have tried restarting the devices and making sure there are no background apps but it makes no difference. I would suggest everyone steers well clear of this app..Version: 1.5

Ios8 👎👎👎Bought it after downloading iOS 8 and it won't play. Touch screen is unresponsive. Have tried quitting out, restarting the app and then the device (iPad mini w/ retina) and still nothing. Waiting til an update comes :///.Version: 1.1

Good but...So I got this game I had Game Center to save my data because I bought deadpool but when I got this game again after deleting it I didn’t have deadpool anymore.Version: 1.5

No free runI want refund.Version: 1.5

Can't even get it to loadWon't load on iPad so my son can't even play it. No issues with Lego Batman or other games so not a problem with our device, obviously an issue with this game specifically. Finding assistance is not straightforward or helpful. Please refund..Version: 2.0.0

Open worldHi I am a fan of all games Lego and when I saw this on mobile I thought it was heaven on earth but alas I discovered that it was just levels and no exploring and isn’t like the actual game all that much I love the levels but please make it more like the game on console as i would love to see that pls.Version: 2.2.0

Refund pleaseInstalled and it doesn’t work, it just crashes when I try to start the game. Deleted and reinstalled twice, no change. Restarted device, no change. deleted cloud data, no change. App says it is supported by my device, and I have most recent updates. I know it’s only 8 bucks but I want something for my money. Kids disappointed, as am I..Version: 1.5

Crashes before you can get to the play button.Crashed before you even get to the play button. Waste of money and a terribly disappointed kid with autism..Version: 1.5

👎The movement is terrible and the attack button.Version: 1.5

Great game butCrashes on the green goblin one I’ve noticed this in the other comments to it would be great if you could fix this👋.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workI just bought this game for my son and it doesn’t even work. Press play and the game just shuts off and returns to the home screen. Waste of my money..Version: 1.5

The lag is realIt keeps on kicking me out before I even start.Version: 1.5

CRASHESI literally haven’t played it in a week because I can’t. It keeps crashing before it even loads in. I have an iPhone XS so that’s not the problem. It looks like it would be fun but I can’t even play it🤬😡.Version: 1.5

Total failureThis app is simply not working. I’ve reinstalled it several times and it just shuts down before we even begin. I’ve tried to contact app support and my request has been ignored. I would be grateful if someone could get in touch..Version: 1.5

DisappointmentGame loads then crashes. I would liken my money refunded please..Version: 1.5

Crashes at StartupI purchased this game a few weeks ago and was really looking forward to playing it. I ensured that my iPad Pro updated to the latest IOS version, restarted and then downloaded the game. To my utter disappointment the game crashed once the page after the play symbol finished loading. I deleted the game and went through the process again only to get the same result. Wondering if the issues was device specific, I followed the same steps only this time using my daughter’s iPad 4 but, again, got the same result. I have yet to be able to play this game at all, wasting $5.00 in the process. Until I can get some answers, I will be avoiding any games by this developer from here on out..Version: 1.5

Black screenI can’t even get in the app. It just shows a black screen for like a hundred hours or somethin.Version: 1.5

DisappointedI paid for this game and non responsive when loading the game after main menu. Waste of money!.Version: 1.5

Don’t pay for itGuys don’t pay for this stupid game i just paid for my son and it’s not working screen gone blank nothing come up we want our money back or fix it up will complain so disappointed.Version: 1.5

Not as advertised!I just paid 13.99 to get 39 characters and it only gave me 1 new one!! This is very disappointing for my 2 boys that were looking forward to playing! Please fix this or refund! Not cool.Version: 1.5

NEEDS FREE PlAY MODEPlease add free play mode the game is ok but it would be so great if it had free play.Version: 2.0.0

Crashes when it starts...When i open the game and press play, it starts the introduction scene then crashes... I’ve tried opening it about 10 times and the same thing happens. Please fix.Version: 1.5

No useCould get in but.Version: 1.5

Ripped off, doesn’t workGame crashes on start up, tried on various iOS devices with no success, would not recommend anyone pay for this game as my child was unable to play even one time....feeling ripped off..Version: 1.5

StarsOverall it is a good game but I don’t get why you need stars to get in different story’s, I don’t know why you guys can’t just give us the same things to do on play station please update the game so we can play like play station.Version: 2.1.0

Very disappointing 😡😡😡I’ve purchased this game for £4.99 but after downloading it the game not even loading to start. I’ve deleted it and downloaded again but the same issue again, NOT STARTING! Do not waste your money.Version: 1.5

Good But....I really like the game but on the Xbox 360 you can’t die, and also on the Xbox 360 the levels are different/longer so if you can please make it more like the Xbox where you will come back to life if you die and you will also have levels that are closer to the same, and if you can please make it where if I pass a level that I can go to the other, where I unlock the next level by beating this one, in the game now you have to unlock them with gold block, so if you please change these things then I will probably come back and rate it 5 stars, thanks, otherwise I really like the game it fun and you can take it with you and play it offline! :-).Version: 1.5

Crashes on StarDon’t bother wasting your money. Game crashes as soon as you hit the play button on an up to date iOS device. I don’t mind the odd bug in free apps. But this app wasn’t free so essentially I paid $8 for access to a startup menu for a game..Version: 1.5

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Is LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes not working?

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes.

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