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What is What Implant Is That?? Description of What Implant Is That?

Have you ever found yourself staring at a new patient’s radiograph puzzled, asking yourself the question, “What implant is that?”

whatimplantisthat.com is a free reference that is working to collect a comprehensive database of implant radiographs world wide to assist dental practitioners in answering this question.

We are now proud to offer a mobile app to help with this ever growing problem! Here you will find a database of implant radiographs categorized by common characteristics. Is your implant threaded or non-threaded? Are there any holes in the apex? Through answering some of these simple questions, you can quickly filter out the radiographs you know are not what you’re looking for, leaving you with similar radiographs to compare yours against. This is designed to make implant radiographic identification easy, practical, and mobile!

By purchasing this mobile app, you will receive automatic updates to the database as implants are added to the website.

This app is the first of its kind and will change implant dentistry forever! Please join us and share with all your friends!

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App was awesome.... until....In a world where we needed an app to help identify all the implant chaos in the world.... this app was a life saver until they offered the “buy” option taking you to a third party manufacture. Thanks for ruining a great resource by further confusing the implant community. Shame on you..JheeeekVersion: 2.0.1

What Implant is thatI got this app thinking I could find out what Implant is it I am looking at when I see an X- Ray. Apparently I was mistaken. Waste of $9..Sash9876Version: 2.0.1

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What Implant Is That?
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What Implant Is That? 2.0.5 Update Note
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- Added company name in the implant search list..