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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV App User Positive Comments 2024

Google TV: Watch Movies & TV app received 38 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google tv: watch movies & tv?

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV for Positive User Reviews

Getting betterWith the latest update, both my iphone 5 and iPad Air both play content fine and no problems streaming either device to the Chromecast if I want to watch stuff on the TV. And YAY! - now we can download our purchases (there's a small download icon on the thumbnail) which seems to download and play just fine. Let's face it, if we buy something, we don't want to have to use up our data allowance every time we view it - now you can take it with you and watch it away from a wifi connection. I will be much more tempted to use google play now. (and make a lot more use out of the Chromecast too)..Version: 1.2.0

Google PlayI don’t know if they made a new update or what but this app isn’t that useful. All it has is the movies that you have rented or bought, you can’t select the movies or scroll to see them but instead you have to go onto the google play website and buy it there, but even when I did that it still wouldn’t show me any movies for me to rent/buy. I wouldn’t recommend this app, it’s not useful at all..Version: 2.18.36

Where’s my stuff!!’nnI have on both Apple devices(phone and iPad) nothing . where my Google Movie Library’s should be is a blank page. This is not a functioning app. I can’t even talk to anyone…..Google or Apple….I hope the come up with a better operating system than you both!!!!!.Version: 3.13.00003

VERY GOOD PRODUCTThis is such a cool app wish I had this a long time ago also massive fan of the remote feature since my tv remote doesn’t work best part is that is free I don’t have to have a subscription to use the remote 10/10 keep up the good work.Version: 3.1.00006

Good AppThe app runs smooth, and they have made several changes that have made the experience better in my opinion. Although there are still some titles in my library that do not show cover art. And I would suggest that when showing titles in alphabetical form, don’t group all titles that have the word “The” in the beginning of the title together..Version: 3.8.00012

You oLo o Yea loool like olo.Version: 3.6.00006

Excellent AppWorks well and as expected. Streaming is smooth and you can download video for offline viewing. The chromecast support is also working well. The only drawback is that you cannot buy/rent movie directly from the app; probably because of apple rules..Version: 2.9.0102

Glenn PykeGoogle is the best for content marketing just good for everything what more can I say.Version: 3.7.00002

GetMay cost money but still good don’t listen to all the other comments it’s just other movie stores.Version: 2.18.36

Hmmm I wonder?A really great app. I wonder if the people who are having issues with it are trying to use the device on an iPhone? It's very difficult to use on an iPad or iPhone. That's not the apps fault that's the infamous Google V apple spat which means customers are worse off. Personally I find it a lot less 'glitchy' than apple's music app or their videos or iTunes. Also the layout is more refreshing than apples rather staid offering..Version: 2.7.0104

Free shows and moviesI wanted to find this show I have been looking for years but it won’t let me watch it because it’s locked I want it to be free to watch anytime of the day I think that’s what would make the app a lot better for me and other people..Version: 3.7.00002

EhhhhThere are many glitches I don’t know if it’s just me but it glitches sometimes and the remote dose not work and yeah.Version: 3.8.00012

AwesomeThis app is really awesome because it’s really easy to get movies.Version: 2.13.0004

GOODDDDPls im begging add Sanjivani to this😭😭😭😭 I love this app coz ive searched everywhere for this show nd i've finally found itttt.Version: 3.12.00002

Great app with reasonable pricesThis app is amazing! I can watch all my titles I have bought on google play in hd also on my iPad. It is possible to stream the titles on a huge choice of devices and prices are almost always lower than in iTunes and with the same quality....Version: 2.0.7910

Perfect!I don't understand why this app has such bad reviews. I use it a lot and have many movies that I stream from the app. It works great and the picture quality is excellent. It works how I want and need it to. I love that movies can be downloaded onto my iPad from the app so I can watch movies anywhere, and then un-download them to save space on my iPad when I get home to Wi-Fi. It took me a while to understand how the app works, but its super easy to use once you know how. Great app!.Version: 1.6.4666

Great appI really love this app, you can find almost any movie or tv show you want! although there’s quite a few things which I haven’t been able to purchase. You’re also able to screen share which really comes in handy!!.Version: 2.17.0034

All my favoritesSo many great different shows to watch!Makes me want to watch tv all day!.Version: 3.12.00002

Good but could be betterHonestly if it remembered the show’s and movies I have already watched it would be awesome however I keep getting suggestions repeatedly of things I have already viewed but it is nice having most everything in one place to look through..Version: 3.9.00003

Best app everI couldn’t live without this app. I love it cos I can watch mama Mia like on WiFi at any time but I would like it to be allowed not on WiFi I’m a kid so I won’t have data so next time on a upgrade I expect it to be like that . No pressure by allot of pressure ok now do it or else! Anyway I love this app it’s really cool and cute.Version: 2.17.0034

Nice companion appI love the remote directly in the app, great pairing with your Google TV. Overall brings a lot of value to an already good product..Version: 3.6.00006

Sometimes it works…I have found that some movies and tv shows play. I have found that some movies and tv shows will not play and I end up with a message saying there is an error. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!.Version: 3.8.00012

Solid, High Quality StreamingJust tried renting a Google movie and even over our slow wifi the movie played without stopping once. Appreciate the ability to download for offline watching. Chrome cast is also an amazing feature. Just needs an in-app play store for renting and buying the movies, at the moment you have to leave the app to rent them..Version: 2.5.0100

Delete & Reinstall after new update!!I couldn’t watch any of my movies after the latest update. I tried loads of things but eventually had to delete the app and reinstall again on the iPad. Everything seems to be working fine now. Hope this helps others..Version: 3.0.00021

Store problemsI have bought stuff before this new update and it hasn’t fully carried over to the new version please can you state as I like using this system with my chrome cast. I bought the first seasons of Batman and Superman animated versions for quite a lot of money and now these programs are coming up on the website to say they are purchased. On the app they are saying these shows are unavailable if unavailable I want a refund please as I bought these in good faith?.Version: 3.0.00021

Very nice experienceA TV series isn't that outrageously expensive. Very nice feature that when you pause during play, you get the character's real name. Kinda cool - wish other streaming services would have that. Like I said, very nice experience!.Version: 2.12.0008

Now working absolutely fine.After downloading the new version of Google TV I was a rather flummoxed and disappointed to discover that all my previously purchased content was no longer being made available to me. The team at Google swiftly addressed this bug and now all of my content is once again ready to steam and download directly onto my devices. Thank you Google, I really appreciated your swift response to fixing this issue. Top marks!.Version: 3.0.00012

Good app/ bad appI like this app and I don't because I rented a movie a week ago and it expired but when I Actually bought the film it said that the movie had expired but I actually had bought it but don't worry. Just delete the app and download it again Then it should go back to normal and you will Have the movie..Version: 1.0.2

Down the pan but resurrected and in full use againSo I used the previous version to watch several digital versions of films stored on my iPad. But this upgrade has disappeared them all with no warning. No use to me now. Thanks guys, honestly didn’t expect a response never mind such a quick one with more importantly a total fix to the problem. You’ve restored my faith, thanks again..Version: 3.0.00021

Happy with appApp runs smoothly and has a few nice features (such as the ability to "pin" a movie to the screen), but the library that is available for purchase is somewhat more limited than expected..Version: 2.12.0008

Apple TVI want an Apple TV app of this app it would be so much better than the current Apple TV app to manage your shows. Make it happen!.Version: 3.10.00001

Not happyGo to use the control since the update and now it does not acknowledge the TV..Version: 3.8.00012

Inconsistent and FrustratingIt’s good when it works and that’s the rub. Ultimately it doesn’t deliver. It can’t find televisions and sporadically cuts in a program requiring a code to be entered for pairing. Too bad. Update - that earlier 2 star review was from September 5. The inconsistency has now gone - it just doesn’t work at all. New update - now it’s working..Version: 3.9.00003

App is Working fineWorks just like a TV Remote with lots of My stuff to watch. Downloaded the app on My devices so it’s faster to Stream, download and play..Version: 3.7.00002

Needed until iTunes wakes upGot this app, because iTunes is run by mentally challenged monkeys. Almost a week and TV shows still not listed for download? That equals a total fail. So google play it will have to be..Version: 2.12.0008

YY did you remove the option to watch in full screen when people have expensive phones that can show this resolution etc.Version: 3.10.00001

Netflix and Google tvI realized after a while that while using the Google tv app you can’t open Netflix. You can open every other app but Netflix which is really frustrating leading me to use the Netflix app, which is fine but I just wish there was a direct way to Netflix instead of using different apps that work for all streaming platforms. Other than that the app is okay it just takes a really long time for it to load up and sync to the tv properly..Version: 3.11.00003

Really good app.Highly recommended this app better than Apples Tv app/ iTunes thing..Version: 2.13.0004

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