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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about clime: noaa weather radar live?

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Not happyThe app has been taking money out of my account and I don’t even have or use the app, I downloaded once and continuously taking payments out. I am not sure how to make it stop..Version: 3.26

What worse can be saidThe hybrid map feature was neat, showing us Disney World real land layouts and weather. Any app with full screen ads just aren't worth it, unless it's once per day, this is showing ads for its own upgrade (which is a SUBSCRIPTION?! really, just charge once, I know weather data can be pricey but let's stop this loop of paying media companies for jacked up rates. Also cover the costs over time like every dev used to do instead of subscriptions.) In the end we used it for FL radar which can't be predicted, rain is guaranteed every day around 3-5pm, like the central regions of USA so it was only good for showing 5min delayed radar that it might be raining over top of you. Also customizable alerts are needed in all weather apps. Something like "Flood Warning" is worthless here, can't turn off just one category so disabled all notifications..Version: 3.37

Full of dark patternsThis app is not actually developed by, for, or associated with NOAA. When you first open it, it asks you to either start a 7-day trial or purchase a $20 subscription, and has a disclaimer that the trial will autorenew-- there's no obvious way to exit, and it won't let you into the app! If you try and go back to it later, it will work, but you will constantly be interrupted by fullscreen ads to upgrade, or dialogs to download their other apps. It wasn't like this before; I used this app to help plan my way through storms when I drove across the country. I don't what changed for them. All of this being said, this app is actually useful but very annoying and from the responses to other reviews the developer seems 100% fine with that..Version: 4.0.2

Always trying to sell you something!This app is so annoying because you have to be careful where you click every five seconds or you will either subscribe so their paid membership or click on an advertisement. They don’t even let you see the Doppler radar past your current time without paying. And every time you open it up it tries to trick you in to clicking an area where they will subscribe you for 20$ a month. The Weather Channel has the option to pay also for more features but they are not constantly trying to get you to click on the “right spot” to trap you. This is one of the most annoying weather apps I’ve ever encountered. So much that I wrote a review and I hardly EVER waste time writing reviews, especially bad ones, however, this one was very much called for..Version: 4.13.1

UnreliableOn may 30th 2020... no meteo radar at all. The application starts but not data and it’s like that since 24 hours at least. I have the premium license and no data. My verdict: a nice app but unreliable..Version: 4.5.0

UnsubscribeHi Could you please unsubscribe please I don’t want please do it for me.Version: 3.26

AvisPas aussi informatif que je prévoyais ..Version: 4.7.1

Used to be betterThis app used to be great but as with everything they have tried to monitize it and have ruined the app. On the look for a new weather app now..Version: 4.8.3

Meh!Could be better for Australia. Seeing conflicting reports with other reliable information online. 8 degrees Celsius is a huge variation between predictions..Version: 3.27

To much to pay for a free appI don’t feel comfortable having to pay for a week month or a year and not being given the option to do so otherwise..Version: 4.5.0

Just want to use itWhy nag me with subscription offers? Be honest and straightforward, don’t hide the just use it x. Make it obvious Developer says Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience! You can reject the free trial offer which is followed by a premium plan, and continue using the limited app version. For this simply tap the corresponding button on the offer screen But I say that’s missing my point. To reject you need to find a hidden x. Just add an option ‘continue with free’! Downgrade review to 2 stars due to this support response..Version: 4.6.4

Remove subscription.I loaded this app but then it showed it was a 7 day free trial with a subscription automatically after that period if not unsubscribed. I cannot find how to unsubscribe from your app on iTunes or my device. Can you assist please..Version: 3.21

This app has become a big mess.So, apparently this app now has a subscription you can subscribe to when they have an already one time pay premium app. Why? Why would you do this? Are you getting rid of the premium app? If so, why? There was nothing wrong with that app. This just makes the whole NOAA Weather Radar apps a whole mess. Also, this app claims to be the only app to show all NWS service alerts and warnings on the radar. I'm pretty sure MyRadar, Storm, and many other apps show alerts like this, and show more alerts than what this app shows. I was really debating weather to shell out and buy the premium app, but these reasons make me not want to. Updates come in every 3-6 months and the developers apparently don't really care about the consumer. You guys really have made a bad first impression with me. This app doesn't deserve the stars it already has..Version: 3.18

The ads make it impossible to useI do really like the app, the layout, and the weather. It’s absolutely lovely. But since you can’t do anything without an ad popping up, it’s extremely frustrating to use. An ad to open it, an ad to switch to forecast, and an ad every time you want to go back to the forecast from a different page… And they are not just pop-ups, but are the ones where you have to watch a video for a certain time before you can close it. It’s a beautiful app. But I’m not watching ad after ad to get to the weather. I have a few other weather apps, and I almost never click this one because I know it will be annoying. And $10/month is too much for weather. There are too many other options out there..Version: 4.14.2

Almost Always InaccurateI’ve had this app for awhile & the forecast is so inaccurate 90% of the time so I don’t see any reason to pay for the upgrade. Right now the forecast says “Clear” but the sky is covered entirely w/ storm clouds- it’s thundering & I’ve seen lightning twice. The most common current condition it pulls up for my town says “Patchy Fog” which never makes any sense. The only reason I’ve kept it on my phone is because I can see the radar which is beneficial since the app obviously isn’t using that to gather it’s info. I didn’t want to even bother complaining but this is about the 10th time this summer when a storm was expected & I’ve gone to the app for details/helpful ANYthing & today has just put it over the top. How can you expect people to pay when the free version doesn’t even deliver....Version: 4.7.1

Not a good startI just downloaded this app because my old weather app just changed drastically for the worse. Reading these reviews makes me think the root data provider for all these types of apps just changed how it does business. That being said, I signed up for the one week free trial that will automatically renew after the free trial is over. When signing up, the price was stated as nine dollars and change a year. What they don’t tell you is that is only one of three options. Nine something a year, four something per quarter and three dollars a week. Guess which “plan” you are automatically renewed to? The three dollars a week. If you aren’t paying attention, you will have spent the price of a year subscription in under a month. This information was hidden in the entire sign up process. I wouldn’t have bothered to look if Apple hadn’t sent me an eMail spelling out the terms. I think there must be quite a few complaints for Apple to do that..Version: 3.24

If You Pay Taxes, You’ve Already Paid For ThisNOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is an agency within the United States Department of Commerce, and is funded in the annual budget. Services which are being offered at a premium used to be offered completely free, as they should be, since NOA is already funded by the U.S. taxpayers. The United States Government should offer this service as part of its multi-billion dollar budget and not play poor by requiring more money from us in order to get what we’ve already paid for. I guess this is a way to pass off expenses to citizens so we can continue to pay for corporate welfare programs. Wouldn’t want them to pay their own way. We certainly know how hard it would be if coronations had to pay their taxes, too. We have the yearly experience of doing so..Version: 4.9.2

Do not waste your timeThe app should be good BUT everywhere you click they want to tease you into outrageously expensive subscription upgrades! In fact EVERY time you open the app you have to get by a screen for one of these baitware clicks where it says “continue” and you are signed up. If these popped up only the first time you use it, then maybe OK but these people are super greedy and unrealistic. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! My advice to anyone looking at apps, sort the reviews by the “most recent” as Apps change over time. In this case the NOAA app is an explosion of constant “in your face” subscription deal requests. One would expect professionalism with the “NOAA” name but it is far worse than all other competing weather apps. I strongly recommend NOAA fires the people behind this greed app and earn back your name. If you want to charge more for a “pro version”, go ahead but be clear about it and do not constantly ad-nag your non pro users.Version: 4.7.1

Good and accurate but......This weather app is very accurate but it make u pay to get the exact time which is important That’s something I think they NEED to improve on.Version: 4.6.0

Good but needs bigger time spanIt covers accurately but with only a couple of hours window (some of which already past), it doesn’t tell you much that you can’t already see in the sky..Version: 3.20

TerribleYou can’t even use it without agreeing to enter into the trial period, which everyone forgets and then boom, your paying with 2 weeks. Absolute garbage, I hope this comment deters everyone..Version: 4.6.2

Cancelling “subscription”Not sure how I “signed up” for paying a fee for this app. Never gotten roped into something like that before and am not even sure where it gave me the option. I only found out because Apple sent me an email notifying me that I suddenly “subscribed”? Have no desire to pay a fee to look at a radar..Version: 4.10.4

Don’t but paid but ads all over the screenHate it.Version: 4.6.2

VoleurIls m’ont facturé tandis que je n’avais plus l’application depuis un moment déjà. Faites attention!.Version: 4.6.2

Nothing free about this appNothing free about this app, just a SCaM.Version: 4.6.4

ALL about the up-sellGoing to be honest, I deleted this before I really got into it. I have MyRadar which I paid for and love but its info is sometimes delayed so I thought hey, why not get the info straight from the source! Before I could even use the NOAA app though, I was accosted by pop-up modal advertisements (can’t continue until you feign excitement and click something,) one of which was an option to pay to stop the advertisements. No, you can’t sell me mafia style “protection” from your ads because I have options. No, I don’t want to upgrade, you haven’t even shown me you can do anything yet. I paid to upgrade MyRadar long ago because they first proved themselves and then offered me more features with an upgrade. I may pay to upgrade it further because there are things they’re adding that look interesting but this app is a completely different model. Not ‘buying’ it..Version: 3.26

Charge after deletionI downloaded this application for one day. It’s an ok weather application. I subsequently decided to delete it as I felt I didn’t need it for a subscription of 3 dollars a week. However, even after deletion I was charged 7 times. It took me a while to realize this was the case since I live abroad and don’t use my home country’s bank account that often. So a warning that this application automatically signs you up for subscription during your free trial. It does warn you of this. However, even though you may delete the app and never look at it again, they will charge you unless you log into iTunes and look at your subscription list. This seems unreasonable if you aren’t using the application. TL;DR application will still charge you if you delete it before free trial is over. You need to go on your computer to cancel the automatic subscription even during the free trial period..Version: 3.25

DisgustedI am absolutely disgusted with this. I down loaded app which I wasn’t overly impressed with so deleted after an hour. Now I have been charged $4.99 for a months use.trying to work out how to cancel subscription I didn’t even realise is was in for..Version: 3.39

Cluttered UI too expensiveThe UI is cluttered with obvious icons making map nearly unreadable They want to display too much, Not smart as many info already available elsewhere like temps and forecast. Subscription is outrageously too expensive for the service.Version: 4.6.2

Disappointed!!!Iv been using this app about 18 months now and for the first 6 months it had been very accurate but after that it's just been one huge disappointment after an other! very frustrating when the radar predicts thunderstorms/ heavy rain in your area and the weathers turned out to be been bone try after all! And it's happened on many occasions now! This app is meant to be a rain radar at the end of the day! But it's not doing what it's meant to so big thumbs down from me. Bet you'll not show this review!.Version: 3.23

This App Used to be AmazingBeing able to watch the wind currents and stuff like that but now it’s all be hind a subscription based pay wall and there’s no justification for paying for a glorified weather app.Version: 4.10.2

ManagerConfusing.Version: 3.6

Gd but could be improvedI like the app but I'd like it to be more like the weather that you watch in the news hopefully that this could be like that don't know if there are other apps that do it better.Version: 3.20

Looking good but you’ll get wetFor a second time in two weeks I am getting wet while the radar is showing clear sky.Version: 4.6.2

Doesn’t work in CanadaAs the title mentioned, something is wrong with the app or it doesn’t work for Canada..Version: 4.9.1

Like it, but accuracy is good for a laugh.For the most part, I really like this app. It usually does what it's supposed to, but sometimes it doesn't. Occasionally a temperature prediction will be way off. Like tonight it says it will be 39 at 7 pm, 32 at 9 pm and 39 at 11 pm. Possible? Sure. Likely to drop 7 degrees then go back up in the middle of the night? No. So far the off predictions have been so off it looks like an obvious glitch and I throw them out. But it makes me grateful that there are other free weather apps out there so I can get a more accurate forecast somewhere else and ignore (our laugh at) these ones. Update: I got a response from the support team and have shared more detailed info with them. Hopefully this will be resolved soon🙂 very impressed at their speedy response!.Version: 4.0.2

Rip offFirst you buy this app at $12.99 and then you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription which they don’t tell you about when you buy the app. After you buy the app and discover it is relatively useless without the subscription, then you discover the cost of the subscription. Avoid this one like the plague!.Version: 4.6.3

DisappointingHad enjoyed being able to access weather map but now can only see what the weather has been (which I don’t need an app to tell me, I can just stick my head out the window). Now have to pay for forecast. The radar map is useful but but worth paying for when there’s a lot out there for free. Awful adds too, makes the interface on the free version so busy as to be almost unusable..Version: 4.7.1

It’s okay, but there are better apps that are freeI got this and decided to try it out in comparison to another weather app (weather 9). I didn’t see much of a difference until today. I open NOAA app to check out a potential hurricane brewing in the Caribbean. On the radar it didn’t show it. It did show it when I had to switch over to cloud coverage. The Hurricane tracking feature costs extra, as well as other features. I switched over to Weather 9 app and it showed the hurricane tracking for free without me having to turn the feature on. And that is what sealed the deal for me. I am now deleting NOAA’s app and will use Weather 9 for my primary storm tracking from my phone..Version: 3.41

No way in without subscriptionI used to get lightning strike alerts and it was great to keep my kids safe inside when I’d get them. I noticed lately that wasn’t working, shrugged it off. There’s a big storm rolling through and I went to check the app, also thinking maybe I needed to update a setting for the lighting notifications but couldn’t get into the app. Upon opening the app was prompted to subscribe or do a free trial. When I tapped the button to not do the trail I saw the “continue” button and tapped it thinking I’d then be taken into the free site. Nope. I was redirected to the App Store to subscribe for $2.99 a week. There’s no button or bypass to get into the actual app without subscribing. I’ve seen customer service responding to others complaining of the same thing saying we can bypass it but there is no, single place that allows me to do so. I’m so disappointed in this underhanded practice to gain subscribers. If I had been alerted “hey, we’re going to make this a subscription-based app after this month to cover costs” I would have subscribed. But with this attempt at tricking people? No way..Version: 4.11.2

Inaccurate description of AppIf an app is sold as a radar. It probably should have a radar and not have to pay extra for it. Either that, or don't mislead the buyer and change the name.Version: 3.9

WHY!You said it was free so I should be not just a seven day free thing! And this says 4+! What if some four year old downloads this and clicks the premium. Not like you can stop them if the have their own tablet and are in there room without a parent/Guardian watching them! Also last time I checked, safety is more important than money!.Version: 4.10.4

Should not charge $4/week. That’s ridiculousShould not charge $4 week for an important item such as weather warnings etc.Version: 4.6.2

Aucune version gratuiteL’app qui semble gratuite ne l’est pas. Il n’y a pas de façon de la faire fonctionner sans s’abonner à un forfait. Il n’y a même pas de bouton pour sortir du chemin qui vous amene a l’abonnement payant.Version: 4.6.4

Not happyFor starters you’s just take the money out of my bank was just doing free trial and didn’t realy want your app because I don’t think it is worth the money you want a week for it I want to unscribe from but can’t seem to find the button so no I’m not happy with your app.Version: 4.10.5

Beware!!!!I bought this for an annual premium of £18 (UK) after first trying out the free trial. I was swayed by the promise of family sharing .. we are keen campers!! Alas I have now been told it is not available for family sharing .. even though it claims it is “ as in app purchases “ are not included. I tried the free version for a week then thought I like this app but now I am told I cannot family share unless I pay another £ 36 for my wife and son. Despite saying they are sorry it’s still unclear in the app description it’s still remains ... unclear ... :-(.Version: 3.45.0

No way inI tried using this app but like lots of others, I got swept up in the tsunami of prompts trying to lite me into a trial. With all the confusing moving parts, multiple press-here buttons, obscured fine print and no way that I could see to get to the “free” ad-supported app I thought I was getting, I’m giving up. When apps resort to tactics that are clearly designed to snag a certain percentage of users into paying for a subscription, at least for a few billing cycles, it goes all over me as a marketer myself. If you have to use carnival-barker methods it tells me that you don’t have a product that would sustain itself on its own merits. Uninstalling as soon as I hit the ‘send’ button on this review - probably the 3rd or 4th I have ever written since my first smartphone. I owned the first model iPhone Apple made to tell you how rarely I bother with these rants..Version: 4.11.2

CancellationI signed up for Premium (first month free) and would like cancel. I am four days into having this app and I already know I will not use it. Can someone please direct me towards how I cancel my subscription?.Version: 3.43.1

Your taxes already paid for thisDo people realize that NOAA stands for National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, aka the U.S. government? Whenever reviewers point this out the developer responds that they are not affiliated with NOAA, just using its data. As if that’s somehow better. Please understand: this developer has taken a publicly funded resource that serves a critical public safety purpose, tacked on a bunch of pointless features and ads to create a product functionally identical to any number of other janky rent-seeking weather apps, and now demands subscription fees for access to something that’s supposed to be free for everyone. I get that subs are the business model now, and truthfully I don’t even mind ads or one-time purchases as compensation for value added. But it takes a special kind of arrogance to repackage a public asset you didn’t create and then charge the public a recurring fee to use it. If you can’t figure out how to turn a profit selling a product someone else paid for, your business should fail..Version: 4.10.3

Not very niceThis apps not great but seems to be super at charging the user right away. The app needs to be extremely clear on what is free and when billing starts. Over all very poor.Version: 3.24

Very good, but slow to update and dodgy on tempsThis app does everything it says it will do. However I’ve had a couple of occasions where the app’s temperature readings both current and predicted don’t agree with other sources for the same location or my own thermometer. These disagreements are wide in scope and long in duration — 7 - 10 degrees high or low, and they can last several days or more. So I can’t trust it for vacation planning, for example, without a double-check — something I learned by experience. It’s off by 7 degrees right now for my home location. For alerts, it will leave old expired alerts in place on the map even as it talks about new alerts elsewhere. So while it works very well and I’m a monthly subscriber I cannot recommend this app wholeheartedly until NOAA fixes these issues..Version: 3.38.2

New appI have only just put this app on my iPhone and have already been inundated with adds and add ons I thought the BOM was a government facility. All I want to do is check the weather please get rid of the rubbish..Version: 4.0.2

DumbPay before you play.Version: 4.8.3

This is not a free appI downloaded this and when I opened it the first time, it asked me to turn on location services. I said no. The next thing that pops up is asking me to turn on location services. I again say no. The next pop-up tells me this is a 7 day trial and you the have to buy the app. Mind you, I still haven’t gotten into the app. That’s when I deleted it. Developers: you should just charge for the app up front, since it’s not really free. Get rid of the ads. You also need to drop the push to turn on location services. If I have them off, it’s because I know what they do, and if you think by asking a second time in a different way that you will get a different answer, you’re just wasting my time and making me extremely skeptical about what you use that data for and what else is hidden in the app. At best, this is deceptive advertising. At worst.... That could go too many ways, and all are nefarious..Version: 3.24

I can’t imagine it’s worth itApparently I signed up for a weekly subscription to this app without knowing it, which is already shady, and when I checked my credit card statement I saw that I had been charged $2.99 plus tax over 8 weeks. I didn’t even have the app on my phone! It took me a while to figure out what “Pro Features Weekly” is, which is how it shows up on your credit card, but once I did, I downloaded the app to see what it was and it it even had banner adds! $2.99 a week ($3.17 with tax) doesn’t even remove the banner adds? Whatever “pro features” are costs $164 a year with tax. I can’t imagine that there aren’t better options out there for a weather app that aren’t trying to pull an opt out scam. Fool me once, shame on them, fool me 8 times, shame on me I guess. Be careful before you click around on this app people..Version: 4.8.3

Too much radar delayThere is too much delay in radar. It’s raining when the app says its still 30 min away. Too many Ads and too expensive to remove ads.Version: 4.6.2

Very annoyingDownloaded the app as I like looking at weather and thought that I would try the free version before progressing, constantly bombarded with subscription messages every time you click anything. Free version only shows past weather and not forecast just get a subs message when you click forecast Sorry but I’m deleting and go back to looking out the window or checking the weather on the net.Version: 4.15.0

Trapped into subscriptionThought I was having a 7 day free trial only. But it then turned into a subscription with no warning. NOT HAPPY. To change to a paid subscription without some form of prior notification to the user is totally wrong.Version: 3.40

BUYER BEWARE Terrible - Bait and Switch - Not Free - DeceptiveIt says it’s free in the App Store, but then you can’t even open the App until you sign up for a paid subscription. Really shady considering I think many people come to the app looking to track hurricanes that may threaten their lives and the makers of this app are trying to take advantage of them. Just do the right thing and list that it has a cost up front. It does have a ONE WEEK free trial option but that is linked to auto renew in 1 WEEK at $2.99 PER WEEK and I think the free trial doesn’t even include SHOWING the hurricanes anywhere, you would need to purchase the PREMIUM subscription for that, but you don’t find out any of that until after you sign up for auto renew. Also BUYER BEWARE, if you decide not to get the free trial and you leave the app, but then go back later thinking fine, I’ll just do the one week trial and remember to cancel in one week if the app is not good, the RATE HAS CHANGED to a 3 DAY TRIAL that auto renews in 3 DAYS and NOW AT $3.99 A WEEK! Super shady and sneaky. Most deceptive app I’ve ever come across. Seems like these people are trying to take advantage of people afraid of an impending potentially tragic hurricane and seems exactly like a form of price gouging, and just low low low business tactics. It’s incredibly shameful..Version: 3.42

GHaven’t used that much yet.Version: 3.27

Pop upsToo many pop ups Every single time.Version: 3.18

Advertising much?I don't often use free versions of apps as like to support developers, but this is verging on abuse of the system. Ads pop up as alerts, ads at the bottom of screen and mixed in with app itself. A horrid experience whose purpose is to make you pay for the "full" version. This is not how devs encourage people to pay, give them something worthwhile and people will pay. Don't make them so annoyed by ads they just dump the app..Version: 3.20

It’s alrightThe radar element is pretty decent and you can track events such as storms fairly accurately. All round, pretty handy. The weather reports for your location on the other hand are an absolute joke. It’s either “Yep, this is precisely the data”, or “You claim that it’s raining, but I assure you without doubt that it’s clear skies, and a balmy 36C in the dead of winter”. All the while you sit at the nearest window wishing that you could be out fishing..Version: 3.38

The Free App is poorI was looking forward to using this app but it is only possible to get a 2/3 second radar map of what has already happened. You can only get a forecast if you pay. Also, every time you use it, the app directs you to the subscription. So over all very disappointing..Version: 4.10.0

Cluttered & irritating, but good stuff tooI am writing this partly because i think this app has great potential. It is a great idea, and as an amateur meteorologist it has frustrated me that we see less weather imagery these days than back when Michael Fish was doing the Beeb weather. Anyway, this app has bajillions of ads that youre constantly in danger of clicking on in part thanks to the eye-wateringly complicated interfaces crammed into the edges so you can see the map. If the developer focussed more on making the app great and less on ads, like making it so you could actually subscribe on an iPad Air 2 (yes, I want to subscribe and still do). ;).Version: 3.46.0

Good Design But Not the NWS ForecastI chose this app and paid for the year subscription because I thought it would give me the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast, in addition to the radar, since it has NOAA in the name. The app is well-designed and has a lot of nice features. However, when I compare the NWS forecast for my location to the forecast in the app, they aren’t the same which is disappointing to me. I got rid of my old weather app because I felt that the weather predications it gave me weren’t as good as NWS forecasts. So now to see that this app is also not providing the NWS forecast is a big disappointment, especially after I paid for the year subscription. I guess I should have looked into it more before purchasing..Version: 4.5.0

Not badBetter than some app on here.Version: 3.6

TrashPay to use garbage.Version: 4.6.2

RubbishDon't like. Won't use it. Expensive..Version: 4.7.1

Awesome NOT!!!Ads used to run at the screen bottom in a narrow banner. Now it throws full-screen ads that often force your click! I took this app off my phone!!!!!!!!! IN RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Thank you for stating what is obvious -you just wasted "ink" and time for no good reason. I was not unaware that there is a"premium subscription" that gets rid of the ads. The problem lies in how the ads are now run with COMPLETE OBNOXIOUSNESS! I don't oppose ads in general when they are run as they used to be run on your app. The problem is that now they blow up full screen, instead of running discreetly on a banner at the bottom of the screen- which left me free to either continue checking my weather uninterrupted or clicking on an ad that truly caught my attention. It's a cheap way to force the clicks and you just lost a consumer who was loyal in the past. And after reading other current reviews that offer comparisons between what you offer and what other apps offer(Storm, for example), I see I'm making an appropriate choice. You must be getting paid per click. Why else would you ruin a perfectly good app with this style of ads display. You've gotten greedy. Tsk tsk tsk. Too bad. I believe you'll lose more customers than you'll gain..Version: 3.19

Weather appPretty average product with a lot of pop ups which are annoying, try something else.Version: 3.23

ScammersThe app forces you to sign up for a trial with automatic payments starting after one week BEFORE you can check the app to see if you like it. After finding it is quite a simplistic and unsophisticated weather app I decided I do not want to pay for it. BUT there is no way to cancel the subscription immediately in the app. I assume I have to wait 7 days before I can cancel? I in which time the developers are hoping I will forget and get at least one automatic payment. Totally unethical. Should be reported to administrators at Apple..Version: 3.26

Difficult starting pointI think this app is helpful but the intro screen tries very hard to get you to subscribe with or without a free trial period. The option to use it without pro features is a delayed and almost invisible X in the top left of the pro trial screen. I suspect many people saying you can’t use it without the trial are missing seeing the X. I certainly did first time round and deleted the app without using it. It was only the author’s responses to negative reviews that got me to hunt around for it..Version: 4.11.2

Hate-worthy appThis app isn’t active yet it just asked if I want to change my location services to “always” rather than “while using app”. So why is it running in background in the first place? The company making this app are CLEARLY scamming. Read the negative reviews people..Version: 4.10.0

Simply wrong.I work away from home working on a mine site working fifo. I think it’s nothing but a scam how after the trial ends instead of doing the right thing and reverting to the free app you get signed up for the paid version. As I work out of town this went on for months with out my knowledge. Sure it’s probably written in the fine print this takes affect but that doesn’t make it any difference from being a rip off. I would have recommended this app and possibly would have upgraded once I returned home from site but not in your life now. There are no doubt many others tricked in the same way as us older people have this little thing called morales and trust that makes us easy victims to scammers.Version: 3.28

Poor Quality and ridiculous price.Of this app was a bit lore accurate, didn’t cover the screen with crappy ads and gave an even reasonable prediction I would be interested. But the price is ridiculous for what it tells you and it’s lack of accuracy. No thanks..Version: 4.10.2

Rubbish appJust deleted this app. I’m completely baffled by what its purpose is.. It tells you the weather for the previous 3 hours with the most recent “update” helpfully informing you of what weather you experienced 16 minutes prior, just in case you’d forgotten and needed to know, and the supreme irony is that it even manages to get that wrong. It was raining at 14:30 this afternoon but according to this weather history app my area was bathed in sunshine. Utter waste of memory..Version: 3.42

You have to payDon’t use this because you can’t do anything without paying a ridiculous amount of money to see WEATHER. this is unnecessary. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 4.8.3

Didn’t see any use for the appAnnoying with the ads and who is going to pay subscription for things that are freely available everywhere.Version: 4.6.3

How do you cancel this app?Did not want to pay for a subscription and in fact was not aware that this was for a free trial period. Would not have downloaded it if I had realised..Version: 3.27

Too annoying to be usefulI'm sure this app offers a lot. But in the first few minutes of use it froze twice, necessitating shutdown and restart. It constantly bombards me with ads and popups—unacceptable when trying to access urgent weather information. The developers responded to a similar criticism by saying one can eliminate the ads by getting the paid version. My question to them is, why would I consider giving them money when the trial version is so buggy? I made the decision to delete it when one popup opened a browser window displaying a virus alert. I don't know whether a virus is even possible on an iPhone, but the idea that an app in the Apple Store could be susceptible to malware is my limit. I advise you not to waste your time..Version: 3.18

Very niceSimplistic and beautiful app I really like it, I need rain warnings for business unfortunately it’s not very detailed no projected mm of rain or graphs to work from I think that if you add this to the forecast days click to expand or something. Sorry but Willy weather offers 10x more information at a free cost unless you don’t want ads I’ve paid for their app just for their work, I can’t justify the cost of this app if it really offers no more than other free apps other than cosmetics. Thanks..Version: 3.27

WeatherTo expensive.Version: 4.6.2

Don’t botherAsk for cash right away.Version: 4.8.3

Annoying alarmOnce the alarm goes off it’s impossible to stop it. Even deleting the app won’t stop the alarm. What an annoyance..Version: 4.10.2

Nice features, forecast is way off and unreliableThis app is pretty good for live radar and the lightning alerts are great to have. I paid for 1 year of pro and will not renew. We are literally getting hit with the remnants of Hurricane Elsa tomorrow and the app says .25” of rain, light drizzle. My area is in a flash flood watch area (reported correctly by app) and is expected to receive 2-3” of heavy rain tomorrow. Relying on this app has caused me to cancel plans due to bad weather when there wasn’t (within 24 hours of plans) and proceed with plans and get drenched (app only saying partly cloudy 0% chance of rain the morning of). All this time I’ve been thinking that NC weather is just crazy and unpredictable and just watched the radar and made a guess for myself. In reality it was the poor management of the forecasts in the app giving me incorrect information. The app is great, if it truly worked and gave reliable information. I’ve used the app for 11 months now. I hope the developers read this and get things updated for the forecasts, I would totally renew my subscription if they would fix the forecast bug..Version: 4.14.2

Shall I go or shall I stay nowMy app is now forecasting rather than showing current and recent. I want now and next few minutes so recent history and movement was useful. Twenty hours time I have other apps for that. Previously I had said: A very good use of available data enabling the user the opportunity to pictorially access very recent and current rain events for any geographic area covered by the radar data, to inform their decision to venture forth or delay or cancel; and, if going on, what to expect. I’ve not used any other features..Version: 3.38

Tad sadFree but full of ad's. Nothing's free so should show the cost up front..Version: 3.4

Bit of a con.This seems to work fairly well. However, after getting the app I see that after the one week free trial, it is charged weekly at $4.99. Seriously? That is about $260 a year. I know you can change the settings and pay about $30 a year but this is your default setting and I think it is in the hope that some people won’t notice until they have made payments. I am all for paying for apps but not when providers try to fool us. Most people are loyal to a good honest provider. Change the default settings..Version: 3.45.0

Try before you BuySorry - no matter how good you think you’re App is; I ain’t paying before I have a look at it. If it’s free for a week I ain’t giving you access to my account - and perhaps forgetting to cancel the temporary subscription - then me having the hassle of stopping future transactions. If you truly believe that your App has legs then translate that into a truly free look how it works.Version: 4.8.3

Not Free as DescribedI was very careful before installing, and the very first time I opened it was where the payment disclosure appeared. I don’t mind paying for useful apps, however it should be disclosed BEFORE you install. Shady business this company. Here is the reply: H ello! Thank you for your comment and please accept our apologies for the possible inconvenience! Purchasing a subscription is completely optional and you can always dismiss the subscription offer and continue using the basic app version that comes with all of the essential options needed to check weather conditions. For this, please look for the "X" button at the top corners of the subscription offer screen or the free trial offer screen. Hope it helps! Best regards, Support Team" So basically, you need to find that Hidden X or your credit card is dinged- I just went through the steps again, and the mysterious X doesn’t exist!.Version: 4.14.2

Weather channel 5* beats this apps Full-screen pop-ads,This would be a 5 star app if it werent for full screen ads that come up in seconds after opening. And weather details that slide open/closed/open/closed so cant read the forecast! Weather Channel app opens to beautiful scene, gives forecast and if scroll we can see radar, week ahead, etc. Sorry developers, you still after all these months cant get this NOAA app to function well. Instead of creatively having ads within the app page the pop-up ads cover full screen, often X to close ad is hidden, cant get ad to close. After getting to page the weather report that pops out of the right side goes away before you can read it, weather is gone and wont come back until you keep clicking, dragging etc. or close app and open again, but then you get another page covering ad again. Shame the app developers dont know how to build an app that has ads creatively in them like so many other apps. Deleted this again, I love the Weather channel app SO much better!.Version: 3.21

MyRadar app is above and beyond thisWe wanted an application that would warn us of severe storms in our area and we thought this was the application for us, particularly based on the sheer quantity of reviews shown, we were wrong. The application is trying very hard to be software as a service with a subscription-based system. It is certainly not worth the money as you cannot even customize some of the most basic features in the program. We live in a landlocked state here in the US, and we cannot even turn off the hurricane tracking alerts. While some people in those states may find those alerts very useful, since the hurricanes never reach us as far as Missouri the alerts are irrelevant and unnecessary. There should be an option to simply turn off the hurricane alert since that is one of the big selling point of this software as a service. It feels like they are just throwing features at the wall to see what sticks so they can justify their price of $10 a year. Have had this for three months until we got tired of the hurricane alerts waking us up in the morning. Finally decided to look for another app and found one in my radar. So we are eating the $10 for this app and moving on and not looking back..Version: 3.24

Payment for WeatherWhy would I need to pay 10 dollars a week to see where it’s raining? All I wanted was a decent radar to see where in the city it’s raining. Fairly inconvenient..Version: 4.7.1

No longer accurateThis app went through a major update a short time ago, it used to track right along with my Davis weather station and now it is way off of not just the weather station but local weather sources also, when all other apps and sources are saying one thing this app is 8 degrees higher . Also the high and low range for the day does not align with the hourly forecast for that same day. And on top of that it is saying lows in the coming days are in the negative temps and I am certain this will not be the case as every other app and source is reporting lows of 30 degrees. Something got crossed with data sources on this last major update. And yes I have ensured that my settings and location are correct, this is a huge app issue and right now I am sorry I paid for it..Version: 4.0.0

App tricks you into paying upfrontDownloaded the app, authorized the download with my fingerprint, then opened the app and was immediately prompted by another screen asking for my fingerprint, right after I said that I didn’t want to pay, that I just wanted the free version, they don’t clarify that the free version is 7 days free, and after that is paid. When it prompted me the second time for my fingerprint, I never thought I’d be paying a week later, since I selected the free version. I know they’re going to say “but it says on the screen that it’s not free” thing is, they use smaller fonts and on the bottom, making it deceiving and impossible to see at first glance. Also, NOAA is a government agency, pretty much the “Weather Bureau” (as you used to be called) you’re funded by taxes, literally “for the people by the people”, why do you charge people for an app, that only mirrors something that it’s already paid for with tax dollars, I know there’s app developers and support and everything, but the department doesn’t live off these payments through the AppStore, your department has an anual budget, so why, WHY, why charge people for something that’s already paid for, AND SUCH AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT!?.Version: 3.25

A Real LetdownI will give it due praise for the clarity of and accuracy of the maps. Apart from that a real letdown. You only get meaningful weather data if you pay subscriptions. Fair enough, BUT why not state this up front; i.e before going through the whole download and set-up routine and then discover all you have is a good road map. Needless to say this App has been deleted..Version: 4.6.2

Disgruntled customerUsed the app for a couple days to try it out, decided to delete it and i am still getting charged a subscription fee.Version: 3.25

A string would be better!There’s a massive thunder storm happening right now, torrential rain and string winds. According to this app there’s nothing happening in my area?!?! Not showing anything in the radar for my area. So if you’re not in North America don’t bother- a piece of string will tell you more. If it’s moving it’s windy, wet it’s raining and dry it’s sunny!.Version: 4.5.0

Wonderful!Your app is just about as useless as the rest of em. Don’t understand why you even show radar, forecast, OR even current status. They’re NEVER even close. I know you don’t have the ability for real time but you can’t even correctly tell what it did 10 minutes or an hour or 25 hours ago. My 9 year old niece can draw it with a crayon more accurately. Anyone can do better with a wild guess or just “spin that wheel” or throw a dart while blind folded or any which way I want. The only thing I like about your app is the bright colored icon. Oh boy! Just give up and close the doors if you can’t do any better. I wouldn’t trust it now for the time, let alone weather. AND it can’t get within 100 yards of my location. I’d hate it if someone was counting on this app for a rescue. They’d have a long wait or die. Sheeesh! You blew it....Version: 3.42

Subscription problems.The app is very difficult to navigate especially when trying to unsubscribe. Emails are not replied to and the payments keep being taken. This is clearly a very dodgy app..Version: 4.2.1

Not free scamScam not free.Version: 4.6.4

Severe Weather App ReviewBeing in Puerto Rico, it is necessary to have a severe weather app for the voracious Atlantic hurricane season. With the recent hurricanes Irma and Maria, this app had to be in handy. However, this app is full of ads that pop up. Usually I close them, but this time around when hurricane Maria was closing in on the island, I left the app running continuously, while watching the dark clouds and squally weather coming off of the Caribbean. Little did I know, an advertisement popped up while I was gone. I came back a few hours later to find that the phone was acting up. I got the notice that a virus had been encrypted into the phone. The awful advertisement opened by itself and virused my phone. Little did I know that the eyewall was an hour away and my pet bird was outside. I had no way of knowing because of the viral malware, and the winds picked up to 130 before I knew it and my bird was gone. Please find a way to filter these malicious ads out of your application, because this situation was completely unwarrented..Version: 3.18

Fonctionnalités restreintesIncapable de voir les prévisions sans payer un prix de fou!!.Version: 4.6.0

DéshabonnementJe desire me faire désabonné a cette application.Version: 4.5.0

Consistently InaccurateI don’t know why people say it isn’t free. Minus a few features I have yet to pay for general rain information. Although it gives a general idea of the weather with some accuracy, it consistently is off by several hundred miles. What I mean is that it will predict my town as being in the middle of a storm with heavy rain fall when in reality the system passes several hours south of us and we may see some overcast but no rain at all. On occasion it will be almost right with its forecast but for the most part it is what I call “3 star iffy.” But definitely free minus a few features and ads aren’t so frustrating. Just close them and then view the weather....the slightly inna irate but generally ok prediction of the weather..Version: 3.25

Stopped working againWent to check the app this morning and it has just gone to a black screen! Deleted and reloaded but still does not work. What gives? This has now happened again. This app is useless if it can’t be relied on..Version: 4.0.2

Not for me!The Radar and Rain overlays only show 24 hours, so not long enough to enable good weather planning. Wind speed can be displayed in mph, kph or mps. But not in Knotts. That is a real disappointment for any boaters wanting to use the app. There are far too many adverts popping up to make the free version useful without subscribing. I’ve deleted the app. Sorry, not for me..Version: 3.27

Quality degraded. Not going to pay for advertisers’ content.I used to rely on this app to provide the most accurate current and predicted weather conditions for free. This app used to be helpful for personal safety during hazardous conditions and sporadically for travel/activity planning. Now, I am bombarded with pop-ups requiring subscription payment for previously free features. Your numerous current sponsorships should be compensating you amply enough to allow you to continue offering this public service product for free. Unless you restore previous quality, I shall delete this app and seek weather information elsewhere. You lose, and your advertisers lose as I will no longer even occasionally see marketing content. I am so disappointed to see these changes to your once-trusted and valued app..Version: 4.14.2

OverchargingAlthough you get the basic version, you will be charged $4,99 every time you check the radar. Moreover, you will be able to see just 30 min forecasting weather. 😤.Version: 4.10.8

Terrible new designI’ve used this app a lot over the years. The summer 2020 redesign is awful. I’ll be going to Storm Radar..Version: 4.6.3

Why should I report an issue with Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live.

Is Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live not working?

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live.

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