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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live Positive Reviews

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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live App User Positive Comments 2022

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live app received 116 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about clime: noaa weather radar live?

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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live for Positive User Reviews

Weather infoImportant to know your weather And this app keeps you updated.Version: 3.25

Very reliableHave not been disappointed with this app and much prefer it to the pre-installed weather app on iPhone..Version: 4.9.2

For free. It's not bad I had it before on another I phone. Found it quite good. ButThis is an iPad Should be the same. The old saying you get what you pay fore. I will buy once I pads got credit. On..Version: 3.19

AmazingVery good and usefull.Version: 3.20

Excellent weather siteGreat while I am on holiday over your way.Version: 3.15

Add music for different types of weather?Excellent. Always room or Rome, hehe, for magic. ;). Hehe. P.S. Add music. Mm. People love music in winter weather, & non-winter weather, a lot, lot. Hehehehe. ;) P.P.S. Respect, all of, “Mother Nature”. ;).Version: 4.20.0

YumYummy.Version: 3.44.0

Radar Weather MapAs someone who loves road trips, I use this map to see where the best or worst of the weather is going to be and when. This often will determinate where I head for the day and avoid the rain!.Version: 4.6.2

Helpful for Concrete pour!This radar has been fantastic today to attempt to map the storms that are trying to destroy my concrete work! You can prepare as best as you can with this radar data! Really very useful ; ).Version: 3.36

WeatherTelling a true reading of weather every time.Version: 3.46.0

Weather RadarVery user friendly and therefore useful to get an overview of weather, especially rainfall and how it’s moving. Accuracy is dependable a great add to your phone..Version: 3.38

Decent App!Very useful for seeing what is coming your way weatherwise. Only minor improvement that could be made would be hourly predictions rather than the current large gaps!.Version: 3.19

Pretty good appTakes a while to recognise changes when made in settings.Version: 3.19

Best I've seenJust got it and really impressed Up to date and accurate Great!.Version: 3.16

How to cancel trialHi how can I cancel the trial before the 7 days are up.. had tried looking in settings on iPhone no avail.. thanks :) 3 days remaining.Version: 3.27

Great App…Needs Customizable NotificationsAirline Tower Manager here. Bottom line: I love the app. I even upgraded to the pro version. My wish is that there were options to choose which notifications I receive and which I don’t. As it stands right now, the only choice I have is to either receive all notifications or none of them. I’m receiving so many Clime notifications that I’m desensitized to them. Critical notifications are lost in a sea of non-critical information. I’d like to be able to customize this so that when I receive a Clime notification, I know that it’s something important based on settings specific to my operational needs. We do have an airline-specific app contracted through one of the major meteorological organizations, but the Clime app is easier to access and navigate quickly. So again, great app…please let me customize my notifications..Version: 4.15.1

Really like but needs 1 improvement.This app works well. To bad most people can’t read well enough to see that the trial and pricing issue are ‘user’ based and have nothing to do with bad or misleading practices, sheesh, slow down and read, actually read. My one suggested change is to go with a different map service. I like Mapbox myself. I want more detail when I zoom out and Mapbox provides this. If I compare this app to the map service in my current weather app Storm from TWC, they use Mapbox, much greater detail when zoomed out on the same regions. Other than this issue, which hopefully you’ll consider, I’m looking forward to making this my full time weather app! Plus, the yearly fee of $9.99 which can be chosen during the trial, feels great. Reading AND understanding will carry you far ;).Version: 3.25

Very detailed weather reportRainfall Thunder storm User friendly.Version: 3.25

Awesome!!!!Let me start out by saying this weather app is awesomely GREAT! I live in Florida where the weather can be crazy unpredictable… i work outside on a golf course where weather patterns are important…this app does it all and is accurate!!! I just recently came across this app and I’m so glad I downloaded it to try it to compare it to the app I recently was using(my radar) and prior to that I was using weather bug… I def already like this app better than both of those and I’ve only had it a little over a week now! I love the whole interface of the whole app… the widget is even cool!!! it’s easy to use and to get the hang of with finding everything…. The radar is nice smooth and cool …full of cool features and little added stuff like rain falling where applicable on the radar… the whole app is just great,cool and easy to use! So happy I came across this app and it has taken over and become my number one and ONLY weather app!.Version: 4.19.1

I love this App and NOAAI have used NOAA’s data to forecast storms for many years. I have a photographic memory and when I see certain data occurring I can predict with great accuracy the outcome. This app I only obtained today and boy am I going to have fun. I predicted Katrina I also predicted the three blizzards that hit the Washington area in 2010. I was in the hospital in Annapolis and told my wife she would not be able to come see me the next day that w e were going to get at least 21inches of snowfall, we got 21 inches of drifting snow. I had to wait until Friday to be transferred to Jons Hopkins. Thank you for all you do NOAA!.Version: 4.6.1

Nice app combining radar and rain forecast for 24 hoursA really handy app for viewing radar for coming storms without having to change the radar view distances, it just displays the entire area viewed on screen dynamically, be it a small or large area. Add to the radar a visual display of forecast rain for the coming 24 hours (intensity overlayed on a map), a 7 day weather forecast and weather warnings sent to the iPad for your address... makes this app a must have..Version: 3.20

HelpfulIt actually works and right now it’s raining at my house and it said that it is I give this a five star rating.Version: 3.21

QuestionWhy won’t the weather show in real time on map.Version: 4.10.0

Lovely weather we’re having.Great app informative and easy to translate..Version: 3.24

Useful appUseful to know what is heading your way. Also if traveling away from home & need a quick prediction for your destination..Version: 3.20

Great weather mapsVery valuable and accurate for knowing when showers are coming through to affect the day. Brilliant.Version: 3.18

Except predictive weatherIt’s an excellent system for identifying the coming weather. I find their system very accurate in predicting the coming weather A F W.Version: 4.3.0

DefaultsThe reason that most people who down load the app are not happy is the default map to the local setting is set to a location too close to see the radar in action. It should bet set further out so the radar will be visible, as a default because most people are not smart enough to zoom out, you have to do It for them..Version: 3.9

Pretty good appI like the app in general very much. My suggest is to include a LEGEND page or pop up, that at a glance shows the different icons and what they mean. Without having to go into the side bar for setting parameters. Sometimes you just want to be reminded what an icon or feature does and is used for, and at a glance. Also, there should be some instruction on what some of the actions of the icons signify. Like when an icon is touched and it disappears. Otherwise some of the features are fantastic. My suggestion is to have a home page for each user, that will always load with a set of preset parameters. It kind of does this now I think, but not consistently. So to recap, it just needs more user friendly controls..Version: 4.7.1

Weather APLooks great, i am impressed. Thanks..Version: 3.4

Why does my location show the wrong city now?This is my favorite weather app. I have a few because my little town is kind of a microcosm by itself so I take the best 3 out of 5. This app used to be super accurate, even showing my house temp at pinpoint location when it was different than town. However, within the last month or so it started showing Aurora instead of Bennett for the house location. I don’t care about Aurora’s weather. Tried to reinstall but still Aurora at my house and Bennett as the town location. Had to delete it finally and get a different app. Maybe I did something to make that happen but can’t figure out what. I already miss it 😞..Version: 3.26

Great app but needs rainfall amounts in summary screenI am an outdoor enthusiast and professional ecologist, and check weather regularly. Just switched from weather underground. Dark Sky is intuitive and accurate. My only real complaint/ suggestion is to incorporate predicted rainfall amount into the daily summary view. This information is available for each day, but hard to see multiple days at once since you need to click on each day and open the expanded view. There is a huge difference in 2 days both with 100% chance of rain, but one with 0.01” and one 1” predicted rainfall amount. Incorporate this info into a more accessible place and jump from an A to A+.Version: 4.2.1

Great app for OZ and NZThank you for make one for us downunderners... I check it everyday and it is very often right, keep up the good work. M.Version: 3.2

Fantastic- By far the best weather app I’ve hadI tried the pro trial out and was very impressed. I new it went to a subscription service so I stopped that in my account settings and purchased the pro yearly subscription. This app has been amazing, well deserving of 5 stars. I always get a rain alert 30min prior and dead set it has always rained, no matter where I’m located. The different map overlays are great and the advanced precipitation forecast map and even the basic have just about always been spot on. Now it’s got the widget for your iPhone Home Screen which saves time as I only need to open the app to get more detailed information. All in all this app is a great weather app and it doesn’t deserve the one star ratings that it’s been given by people not reading the information correctly and have no clue how subscriptions work with apple. Well done guys and I do appreciate the regular updates on the app keeping it working with IOS and bringing new features. Cheers..Version: 4.10.6

FlowCould have a better flow of data for the radar, I.e. more times for the radar to swap through instead of 30min, 3 hours, 10 hours and 24 hours.Version: 3.20

Nice app but what about isobarsI like this app but cant find in settings how to view isobars?.Version: 4.9.2

Great appEasy interface with useful features.Version: 4.9.1

Snow depth makes it perfect!I thought the app was decent before but now that they’ve just added snow depth it’s pretty perfect! I originally downloaded the app so I could get push weather alerts for thunderstorms (the area I lived in had crazy summer storms). I really like that feature however it NEVER seems to actually ding or make a noise when I get a notification. But now I’ve moved to a new province and we get crazy winter storms , and my kids daycare get cancelled if there is a certain amount of snowfall in the forecast. So I hated that this app never showed HOW MUCH snow was predicted. But I wasn’t about to delete it as I’m otherwise happy. But they just updated that feature so I am super happy!.Version: 4.21.0

Yearly SubscriptionI’ve paid £18 or so for a subscription on my iPhone but my iPad is asking me to pay again? Surely that can’t be correct? How do I enable family sharing on a different device. Otherwise a very useful App..Version: 4.4.1

I'm so happy to see the weather issueMimishwemi.Version: 3.4

ASince I ride motorcycles, this is a very handy app to have for getting a heads up on conditions along the way....Version: 3.2

GoodGood.Version: 3.1

Live weatherHi just wondering my bar at the top of the screen that shows up the time of when the weather will be there dose not refresh some times the closest to the time now can be 3 hours ago. Is there anything I can do I want it to be live weather. Thanks enjoying your app:).Version: 4.4.1

I got this while still getting used the app (1min after download) so…This review is saying ignore the rating, will prob change later Edit: hi, no questions, pretty good overall though! It’s easy to understand, although would recommend putting the premium features in a separate location so you know what you have acces to and don’t accidentally buy things but I’m not sure if that’s happened before, anyway, have a great day!.Version: 4.20.0

Love This AppLove it b/c it let’s me look at the weather in other cities before I finalize my travel plans so I will know what the weather will be where I’m going and the outlook for several days which makes it easy to make decisions to still go or postpone due to possible bad weather forecasted. For example I was planning a trip to the Mountain here in Asheville, North Carolina and found that the weather was not going to be in my favor due to snow. First, I’m disabled and can’t take chances on being stuck somewhere I’m not able to get back home cause they shut down the highway when bad weather comes. Second, where I currently reside in North Carolina we get plenty of bad weather from snow, sleet, freezing rain and blizzard (due to nor Easters). I don’t take chances at home so why would I want to take chances somewhere else. I can’t take a risk of falling b/c of several medical issues that restrict my ability to get around (both knees been replaced and currently waiting on date for lower spine surgery) along with several other medical issues that restrict my ability to just go and take unnecessary chances. This app helps me make smart decisions that will best help me protect my health. Love it. It’s a 5 Star App. Highly Recommend you get it if you don’t already have it..Version: 3.20

See it comingYou see the overall picture. It's just seems unreal the way you can now see satellite images of weather formations.Version: 3.19

My reviewThis has helped me to know what the weather is like in all locations around the world. Thank you for an amazingly great experience. Apparently,I want to protect my family for free. Can you give me the full version for free?.Version: 4.8.3

Easy and accurateMost accurate app I've found and easy to use..Version: 3.8

WeathermanVery good.Version: 3.1

Live Weather RadarIf your a golfer I have found this to be a great tool, especially if you’re travelling to golf. This app has to be a must have for anybody planning a day out doors. It’s become a backbone to my daily golf..Version: 4.9.0

Better than the full website for fast informationI have used the ‘full’ NOAA website for three decades to track hurricanes and watch for local bad weather. I have not used the app for hurricanes, yet, but the local maps for the radar loop are problematic, even with internet service, on the iPhone. They are almost useless for accurate local data on tornadoes (still great for tracking larger storms and rapidly moving fronts) due to data limits, particularly heavy local cell system usage during tornadoes. This app trims links to the massive database at NOAA for the power of a shorter ‘history’ (4 passed tracks to 7 on the full website, or 35-40 minutes instead of 70 minutes), but the ‘loss’ of tracking information is minor and FAST current data is more useful during sudden weather and for driving. It was invaluable during a recent trip to New Orleans to time leave times and plan stops to avoid pop up thunderstorms. Nothing but good things found with app over NOAA main website and local news weather apps (lots of adds with the ‘locals’ and websites are problematic to find using iPhone when traveling)..Version: 3.40

I have had this app for three years now.I got this app because I thought just like the scanner I wouldn’t need anything else. I pay for the subscription and barely use this app. One reason being is because their is no iOS widget support. Yea their is a widget but it never works. Pay for a subscription just to have part of it flawed. Second reason is more of a effort could be made to provide information for local roads and highway’s. Local school closers and day care centers sports could all be made available for the price we pay not not some real time radar that we can get with any weather app. Third I am paying for something that doesn’t play along with my Truck, and agin the widget being always broken is lousy I also don’t think it’s half as reliable as the free scanner version I grew up appreciating..Version: 4.20.0

A good Weather AppI have to keep track of the weather as part of my job, and I use this App, among others, to stay in front of weather developments. That's testimony enough!.Version: 3.10

Amazing customer serviceJust a breeze to deal with and helped me out when I had some questions..Version: 4.19.1

WeatherI like this app because I wanna know about the weather so I can tell my parents and this app is the best because I could see where the rain is..Version: 3.26

Italy Rainfall MapProblem with map. Won’t show rain where I am and it is raining heavily.Version: 3.46.0

WonderfullI love this app it is always correct.Version: 4.10.6

Just what I was looking forUpdate: Another option I’d like to have is the ability to turn on alerts but turn on/off alert overlays on the map. This app presents all the information I’m looking for in a simple layout. With other apps radar is secondary, this app makes it primary but very easy to then get detailed weather info. Here are two improvements I’d recommend. Add selectable zoom levels for the radar at launch. The current setting is too focused and I have to zoom out to see the bigger picture. Maybe 50, 100, 300 miles out from location. Second I’d like the sunrise/sunset to be “smart”. After sunset display the sunrise time. After sunrise display the sunset time. No need for separate icons. Thanks for a great weather app!.Version: 3.27

AmazingThis app is one of a kind unbelievable. Thank you guys so much hi five.Version: 3.23

Seems goodSeems good and quite accurate even in far-flung NZ.Version: 3.8

RateNice.Version: 3.10

Best app everIt works really really well with tracking your location. Just get the pro version because it has a lighting, tornado, flood and hurricane tracker. Please download it..Version: 3.35

Works every whereWorks every where.Version: 3.20

Great app with a 20 minute lagIt would make a nice feature - perhaps even a premium feature - to have near real time data. In my experience, the radar data is about 20 minutes behind. Also, a lightening overlay would be most welcomed..Version: 3.18

Weather radarGreat app but want to be able to slow it down..Version: 4.4.0

Great app!Awesome handy to see what's expected before travelling out of town!.Version: 3.9

SeriosdudeI have three weather apps working in our house - and this app seems to be the most consistent. Not always totally correct - but far more consistent than the other two by miles!! We live on the road - so consistency in weather forecasting is vital! The BOM and rain parrot are all over the place - even in 'actual temperature reporting'.Version: 4.9.0

Weather helpIt’s always good to know if rain or sunshine is imminent and this app. is excellent in providing this information. Thank you. DC.Version: 4.5.0

The Varieties of Weather around the World!Interesting but where do I find out what Each COLOUR Represents?1purple? 2 Pink? 3 Blue? Please Are they to do with the 1 wind 2 Rain 3 storms 4 floods 5 Tempetures 6 snow 7 sunshine heat?.Version: 4.0.2

Weather radar freeIt is great I get all info I need it needs to be feed for longer so see where rain is.Version: 3.20

Great for rain but not for windI really like this app. It has just the right forecast for the following 24 hours, BUT, living on the south coast of England, I need a good wind forecast. This app shows just 3 values - 0mph, 1mph and 2mph. The wind speeds are wrong as it can be up to 60mph here. Please correct this flaw in the app..Version: 3.19

Good weather prediction appI have being using this app for several months now. I find it very useful to see where and when it is likely to rain in the next 24 hours. As I am an outdoor person it is a great help in my planning to avoid any potential rainfall. I estimate it is accurate about 90% of the time. Very good app..Version: 3.20

Not badRadar pretty clear and screen movement easily increases viewing area..Version: 3.19

WeatherThis is a great app because it tells me exactly what I need to know..Version: 3.27

Great appHelps me see when the rain is coming over next few hours or when it may clear. Weather sites can say no rain but this app shows actual weather systems so you can make your own mind up..Version: 3.18

Knowing what is going on right now!It's great to be able to see what is going on right now, my go to weather app. Always!.Version: 4.14.0

WORLD WEATHERI like this app a lot because I can learn the weather around the world..Version: 4.8.3

AeberonVery good and informative!.Version: 3.17

WxGreat App.Version: 3.1

Next levelStarted using WU for about 10 years ago to track weather conditions and historical data for major construction sites. When the App went mainstream it was by far the best ad based weather app. The recent updates to the function was difficult to navigate because they do give a lot of information. Almost to much, but the recent update to the radar are next level details. We rely on this app when we make plans to drive over the mountain pass in Colorado and it has always preformed well. Give it a chance and you will be amazed at how much information you can get from a ad based free app that can do circles around the closest competition..Version: 4.0.0

Ads are annoyingAds are annoying.Version: 3.19

FantasticFantastic. So easy to use..Version: 4.5.0

Cloud appUseful to see where the rain etc is coming from and how long till it will arrive and go past..Version: 3.21

Great clarity, clever designUseful app.Version: 3.8

Weather radarAccurate weather.Version: 3.23

Good customer supportI mistakenly thought this app was not truly free because I failed to see the "x" in the corner of the subscription splash that opens with the app. The devs wrote a really polite response explaining this even though I called them "scummy" in my original review. Upon further inspection, this app is pretty good and the devs are clearly even better..Version: 4.14.2

AWESOME!!Wow!! What great graphics and info!! I already feel safer. We’ve endured 2 major floods, here in Robeson County NC, just in the past 5 years. Here in rural America, the weather is a major factor in what goes on , what gets accomplished on a day to day basis. Thanks people for a job well done! PS. We Natives Never worshipped the sun(son), the created,...We worship the Father YAH, the Creator. But, when colonialism took place, another belief was instituted, instilled,,FORCED upon the Natives. Our spiritual roots go all the way back to the Old Hebrewic way referred to in the Old Testament. For some reference; ‘The History of the American Indians’ James Adair, first published in 1775. On the other hand, see Alexander Hislop’s ‘The Two Babylons’ for some very interesting details of how the practices in Catholicism and Christianity are traced all the way back to Ancient Babylon..Version: 4.0.2

Amazing app!Downloaded this app because my bf recommended it. And I absolutely love it. It’s so detailed and goes into depth and it actually tells the truth compared to others. Highly recommend!.Version: 4.19.4

Easy & accurateEasy & accurate information.Version: 3.27

Très informatif et justeÀ recommander à tous.Version: 3.18

Why I like thisI like to know what is going on in the world but I think you should make hurricane detectors and all of that stuff free but other than that I really like this app there is also a negative part of the game when it is so hard to think of a nickname because all of them are taken.Version: 4.8.3

Great app! But not too goodThis app is amazing and I love it but all I can say is that NSW is not having good weather there are storms and rain everyday and it is just annoying sometimes but in the storms they are very bad for example we have a severe weather warning today I hope it’s not too bad THIS WEEK WEATHER Wed ⛈ Thu ⛈ Fri 🌧 Sat ⛈ Sun 🌧.Version: 3.25

Good but basic.Why are no synoptic charts available in the app. For all local weather I use the Synoptics rather than listen to the forcast I do my own forcast. I watch Phillipine weather but haven’t been able to get Synoptics?.Version: 4.19.4

Super app!!I live in Eastern Canada, and love this app, it connects and uses same satellites as environment Canada, so find that we get a day or more notice. Love this app..Version: 4.10.6

WeatherIt has never led me down the wrong path. Very nice to have this app..Version: 4.20.0

MrGreat easy to read.Version: 3.16

Helps me Plan my Journeys and my activities outdoor.I'm no app specialist - this App helps me plan my journey each day from a weather prospective and my daily outdoor task. I like the visual display of the weather patterns and its progression and forecast. I like it's multi visual representation giving you a multi- graphics display of your weather day..Version: 3.20

All one really needs to know about their local weatherAn excellent app to plan your day and long term activities..Version: 4.13.1

Paul WijlensGreat tool to have Yet to utilise it fully.Version: 3.8

I like the screen more accurate and up to dateLike these sort of apps gives a good picture of the weather as it happens.Version: 3.20

Rain radarAwesome app. Most precise of all my weather apps. 👍👍👍.Version: 3.8

Travel weather.This is a very necessary app for us. Giving us all the travel info we need when going around the country seeing clients in need, very grateful to have this available..Version: 3.19

NiceNice.Version: 3.26

My weatherOffers a good read ahead of what's coming your way, all in real time, good for local up to date weather and great for those who wish to travel the world and view any nasty storms on the horizon.Version: 3.27

Excellent siteHave download others but this as been the best.Version: 3.15

Great weather appIt’s a great weather app, ads are a bit annoying though.Version: 3.20

Excellent free AppExcellent free App, does everything that I need. Reccommended to all..Version: 3.4

〽️🙏🏻🕊 Weather-chasers Galore ‼️🍁‼️2/2/'22The most elementary is often the Best ! Le plus simple rendre les prédictions élémentaires ! (En plus de service de Carte Mondiale en détaille...!) ( In addition to serving as a World Globe blow-up !).Version: 4.21.0

Good appIs amazing, you can see how the storm move and the timing that it gonna come..Version: 3.30

BrianGreat for seeing if and when I can garden, go for a walk, garden, etc and if not make other plans. Normal weather coverage is much less reliable in predicting when latest rain band will pass..Version: 3.21

Love/HateMy trusty weather app when it works. I don’t know if mine updated and now it’s weird though.. so we’re on Tornado Watch, my husband’s phone got the notification but I didn’t. I checked the app, we’re in a high risk area but mine showed no warnings besides lightning danger where my husband’s showed all the warnings. Mine finally kicked in and showed them but I’m a stay at home parent with no storm shelter so I need to know right away. When it’s working for me I love it, when traveling I get local notifications, can see storm movements, and report better accuracies in local weather- like no it’s not drizzling there’s heavy rain. Including Local pollen count would make this better..Version: 4.0.0

MsVery good.Version: 3.1

Awesome appSo simple and informative. Great graphics. My goto weather app!.Version: 3.17

Still contradicting weather programmesRadar still shows different forecasts to what the give on tv, apps etc. Are you reading into weather to much?.Version: 3.25

MétéoTrès bien ,mais rédigé en français serait apprécié!.Version: 3.18

I have paid for the premium but still get the advertsI paid for the premium upgrade but the annoying adverts are still showing. How do I get rid of them?.Version: 3.25

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