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NightCap Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments

NightCap Camera app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about nightcap camera?

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Does not save picturesThe app does not save pics to my phone and there is no way to access them.Version: 9.7

App Doesn’t WorkI bought this app and whenever I try to access the app it just shuts down. Really disappointing for a $2.99 app and a big waste of money.Version: 9.4

DisappointingI brought this app hoping to get good photos as some of the review said but it was absolutely rubbish and didn’t do anything. I’m quite disappointed I spent £2.99 on this..Version: 9.7

Good picture qualityGood picture quality but app not uploading pics to what apps.Version: 9.8

Absolutely uselessWow! The most useless app. I was in a dark sky area with a clear sky and when taking the pics it literally looked completely black no stars were on the pic..Version: 9.7

Buggy maddenly slowJust a slow buggy mess on my iPad Pro. Waste about 10 mins setup only to wake up to an unresponsive black screen and no data for a night. Will just have to wait another week for the opportunity to record what I need to record. No concept of the ux for what you might be trying to do..Version: 9.7

Rubbish app!Couldn’t get good low light photo at all. Don’t waste your money on this app - stick with normal camera or DSLR for better night photo. Waste of money! Rubbish tutorials too - too limited to explain features properly. Very poor..Version: 9.7

Looks promising but can't get it to workAt a minimum it could be user error but the interface is not very intuitive to guide newbies in the right direction. I had a simple goal. Take a picture of the full moon 🌕 as it looked to my naked eye: large, bright and with some shadow detail on it's surface. Tried several modes and constant fiddling and could not get an acceptable picture. It was bright but not in focus and it never showed enough detail of the surface. I don't expect an app to make me into a NatGeo/Nature photographer with large full moons, rising over the distant horizon, but I at least expected something better than the stock camera. Would be willing to give it another shot after a major update.....Version: 9.5

TerribleWorst night camera I’ve ever used. The directions/tutorial how to use the camera are not clear. The Camera doesn’t take quality pictures, It takes a picture and then when you move It recreates a moving photo, not a still picture (ex. Taking a picture of stars, i move after the picture is “done” and It makes lines from the stars). Not a fan of this app at all. Wish i could refund.Version: 9.7

No night mode in Iphone 6s PlusNo night mode in Iphone 6s Plus !.Version: 7.0.2

Not good on iPhone 12 Pro maxUnfortunately fairly useless on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Does not zoom to the 12x the pro Mac can and using your tutorial to photo graph the super moon tonight produced a fuzz image..Version: 9.8.1

The app is good but it has one problemI recently got this app for astrophotography and before actually using it, I tried testing out if it could show light pictures when in the dark like how it showed on one of the app picture slides. I tried raising the exposure to maximum and then the frame rate dropped to 1 frame per second. Is this normal or a glitch?.Version: 9.7

UIThe UI is confusing..Version: 9.7

Misleading and terribleLogo of app includes moon and stars yet terrible if intending photographs of night sky. The app is little more than an image stacker..Version: 9.7

If I could give it 0 Stars I wouldThis app does not do what it is advertised to do. Night photos just come out what you would think- Dark. I looked at their tutorials but they still did not work. I can think of better ways to throw away $3. Do yourself a favour and find a different app..Version: 9.4

Video recording not working(1fps) not saving:(.Version: 9.4

Like stevie wonderBlack screen it’s the the kings new clothes in Sardinia darkest places in the world looks like I took a picture of the side of a black pudding #bobbins.Version: 9.1

EvaluationJe suis très déçu, c’est compliqué. Je l’ai enlevé de ma tablettes. Je ne recommande pas de l’acheter..Version: 9.7

Waste of time for night sky shotsNo matter what I tried I just couldn’t get a shot when I was standing on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere and the stars were spectacular. My phone was on a mount so it was rock steady and absolutely pitch black shots was all I got My cousin using a Experia z2 premium got some decent shots with her stock software. I tried it in a dim room and it does boost the light but it needs a small light source in the first place. Should have a trial for everyone to test this app before spending their money to be sure it works for their phone. iPhone XS Max.Version: 9.6

Unable to reach developerI’ve been able to finally reach the developer and they are working on a major update to be released soon. Can’t wait..Version: 9.7

Doesn’t workI can’t focus on anything. I try and take pictures it records instead, I try and alter the exposure and iso and the screen whites out then goes black and freezes my phone..Version: 9.7

Horrible!! Nothing as promised!!I spent money on this app hoping to take some great pictures of the pink super moon but was very disappointed. After many hours and trying to follow steps from the app and other websites I couldn’t get ONE single good picture of the moon. Any combo of settings just wasn’t working and just had my high hopes torn down. I’m very dissatisfied with this app and wish I could get my money back because this app WAS NOT worth it. DO NOT waste your money there’s probably a much better app somewhere else out there..Version: 9.7

DO NOT BUY!!!One of the crappiest apps.Version: 7.0.2

Got nothingTried the best options for northern lights, but got no results with my iphone 7plus. It doesnt work at all. Asked for refund.Version: 9.5

Astrophotography appHaving not taken my camera Mount Teide, Tenerife, one of the best stargazing spots in the world I put all my hope in this app to be able to capture the stars for me, as I'd bought and downloaded I'd seen a star mode/light trail mode and star trail mode. NONE worked in the slightest. Had a completely pitch black area, no light pollution what so ever, and my photos still turned out a solid black colour, no stars not nothing, useless. I'm aware of the limitations of iPhones camera for night time photography, but to claim this as a Star Mode app is just scandalous. I've never been one to want 2 quid back, but this is the most ripped off I've ever felt, and I go to QPR matches.. EDIT - I have received a response from the developing team, sending me to a gallery of images taken with the app. There are some good images on there. I'm not quite sure why I did not get the same results, I can only guess to put it down to an issue with my phone. I won't use the app again, as I will bring my dslr all other places, but I will raise my review to 3 stars assuming these results in the gallery are legitimate..Version: 9.0

Worst App Please dont waste your moneyApples Camera Night Mode is far better than this app. Please dont waste your money.Version: 9.7

IPhone camera better resultThe app doesn’t want to focus properly. Getting better results from the native iPhone camera..Version: 9.6

Maybe good for older phonesBut the default night mode built in to the phone works better on newer iphones.Version: 9.8.1

Save Your MoneyI was really looking forward to capturing the full moon in better quality with the help of this app. Unfortunately I was really disappointed as the images weren’t clear as advertised. I visited the website, followed the help guide within the app and still found no improvement. I’m disappointed because I was really hoping this would level up my mediocre moon pictures..Version: 9.8.1

Total rip offDisappointed that Apple would allow apps like this to exist...sure £2.99 isn’t worth worrying about but it literally does nothing...couldn't even capture more than a few stars in Kielder Observatory (the darkest place in the UK) on a perfect clear night with the sky littered with stars....using what’s supposed to be the star setting..Version: 9.7

Night CapRubbish.Version: 9.7

Very DisappointingI used an earlier version of this app and it did a very good job but this one is so poor that I now refuse to take night photos with it as they only come out pixelated. The standard iPhone camera app takes a better night time photo than this app..Version: 9.5

JOKE!Do not waste your money on this app! It’s absolutely horrible! I don’t even understand how ppl are saying it’s a good app!!!!! Pictures come out blurred can’t focus at all! I don’t even see the point of this app!!! My actual iPhone 8 takes way better clearer pictures! This app is a joke!.Version: 9.8.1

Super lagging on iphone 12As a paid app, can you fix it please?.Version: 9.8.1

Great for moon photosNeeds clearer instructions,very hard to use binoculars on iPhone so need to use extra lens(which are very cheap). Great app to have so will experiment with it.Version: 9.4

FailureI brought this to capture the northern lights, followed the instructions exactly as nightcap says for capturing them. Struggled to even make out the lights never mind capturing no stars on the “star mode” massively disappointed with the results from this app compared to what it promises. Don’t waste your money Sisters Samsung phone captured them easily with no paid for apps!.Version: 9.5

Where are the stars?Where are the stars in the picture...doesn’t pick up more than one star at a time..Version: 9.7

ReviewAbsolutely awful would never recommend this app waste of money.Version: 9.8

Are these paid for reviews???I don’t know if these reviews are paid for or not, but it feels like we are not using the same app!? This was a complete waste of money. I was on holiday in Iceland and tried the many different settings and capture modes and none of them produced a decent quality photograph of the northern lights... A woman on the tour with us got a crystal clear photograph with WhatsApp’s “night mode” camera which was 100 times better than mine. Very disappointed and not happy at all with my purchase. I am removing the app today and won’t be using it again. Will try to figure out how to have the purchase refunded. In summary the pictures were not clear and WhatsApp’s camera does a better job..Version: 9.3

11Pro? Don’t botherIf you own the iPhone 11 Pro then the stock camera app performs better than this. I’ve really tried to give it a good chance. But without exception, every shot is worse than can be achieved using the standard camera app. The iPhone 11 Pro has great low-light imaging and this app clearly cannot so anything to enhance it. If anything it’s way worse than the stock app. Disappointed, but also chuffed to know just how good the stock app really is!.Version: 9.7

RefundRefund ASAP..Version: 9.7

Northern lightsI bought this app purposefully to get photos of northern lights on my recent trip to Iceland. I read the reviews and this app had the most good reviews so thought I’d pay also liked how could do time lapse. But was VERY disappointed, I read the instructions and followed them plus watching tutorials, when I went out it wouldn’t even take photos of the stars. The night northern lights came and the app didn’t capture it once. I re-read the instructions and tried again and got nothing..Version: 9.7

Not what I hoped forI’ve been using this app for over a year, and I am disappointed in its ability to capture enough light to make out what I’m trying to photograph. I like that the photos do not turn out as grainy as some other apps, but I can barely make out any nebulae. I had better results with the Slow Shutter app than I did with this one..Version: 9.7

Doesn’t Work on iPhone 11Contrary to claims it does not work on an iPhone 11 Pro. As soon as the app launches it starts firing photos and you can’t stop it. You have to force quit the app. Worked fine on the old iPhone 8 and with the same iOS version 13.6. Doesn’t work on the new phone..Version: 9.7

Don’t bother.No tutorials can be found .. no help there..Version: 9.4

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a NightCap Camera customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using NightCap Camera.

Is NightCap Camera not working?

NightCap Camera works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact NightCap Camera.

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