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Actually quite incredibleOne of the problems I have with my iPhone6s camera is that whilst the photos in low light look nice, I can never ever get the videos to look right. This app totally fixes that and the results are INCREDIBLE. You have some really good settings to tweak it but by default it produces AMAZING results, I'm just so shocked. The interface is a little bit to be desired but the actual output of this is enough to fix it. Buy it now!.Version: 8.1

#1 App on my iPhoneI have to honestly say, this is by far the best app I have ever downloaded for my iPhone. It has completely changed my life. I cannot express how thankful I am for this app for helping me follow my dream of being an aspiring Astrophotographer. With this app I didn’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for camera equipment to photograph the stars. Now I can do it with my iPhone 5s and NightCapPro. Best 2$ I spent my whole life. Thank you, thank you, thank you..Version: 9.3

OMG GREAT APP!Perfect for what I need! Love it ❤️.Version: 9.6

Faultless lowlight imagesA gem of an app that not only does what it says but exceeds all expectations, I have captured the ISS fly over , constellations and have loads of fun experimenting with the pushing the limitations of the iPhone . I think it uses a type of clever, on the fly stacking process so it works much more effectively than other apps offering long exposure, meaning the image remains vivid with minimal noise whilst you can see areas of light like stars etc ‘ develop’ onto the image as it exposes. Other apps I have tried have been laggy , unresponsive and produce ugly , noise riddled images. 10 out of 10 and highly recommend it!.Version: 9.6

Great appTakes really clear photos in dark situations, make sure to keep it still on something and it'll work really well.Version: 5.3.2

Amazing PhotosHands down the best night photo app out there! Night sky photos are incredible.Version: 7.0.2

Good overallI really like this app and tried photographing using a few different settings. I'm looking forward to trying to capture pictures of the stars at night. My only complaint is that it dropped my battery about 20% in 10 minutes. Any way this can be improved?.Version: 9.1

Great appLove this app does what it says and have taken some great night shots. Thank you for a good night time photo app 😄.Version: 9.6

FantasticLots of people with massive expensive SLR’s And me with my iphone and nightcap - guess who got the only decent northern lights shots ! Simple easy to use and great memories.Version: 9.5

Very impressedThere are so many functions to this app it’s quite amazing. It truly delivers the SLR experience into your iPhone, even if you don’t have any experience with an SLR camera. Very easy to use and intuitive. The supportive website also guide you through the functions. A must buy if you are curious about photography and are just starting out..Version: 9.4

High-Quality App For Budding AstrophotographersNightCap is a very impressive—and high-quality—app that is essential for beginning astrophotographers. NightCap provides easy, intuitive access to settings that Apple's stock camera app lacks, such as ISO and long-exposure settings. It also features thoughtful preset modes for star trails, meteors, and other celestial objects. The support has been excellent. The developers have posted terrific tutorials on their website and they have helpful email support as well. NightCap offers a great way to learn photography basics and get off to a strong start in astrophotography. Highly recommended!.Version: 9.7

Best dark photography appI absolutely love this app - it is incredibly powerful for night photography, star trails, etc. Absolutely worth the money if you like astronomy or want a more powerful way to take low light photos.Version: 9.8.1

International Space StationFinally managed to capture the photo I wanted of the ISS with my iPhone thanks to this app! Worth every penny after weeks of trying to capture it with the normal iPhone camera.Version: 9.7

Love Night Cap for AstronomyI love using this app for my love of the night sky. Easily takes wide field starry photos showing constellations from my suburban yard. Even got a bit of the Milky Way which I never see here. The ISS feature is great! Even caught the Dragon crew module tagging behind. Meteor feature seems to work well - haven’t been too many showers but did catch a couple of them. Even attached my phone to my guided telescope to catch a couple of galaxies.Version: 9.7

Awesome!I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! And for 4 bucks... wow! I had no idea that my iPhone 8 camera could do things like this. Light trails are great, I can take less grainy night photos, it’s awesome! I totally recommend this app..Version: 9.7

This is the best iPhone night camera of all of time.I think this is incredible I get better results when doing night lapses with nightcap than my SLR built in time-lapse. I have one suggestion to update. There is a crop when doing time lapses and I think that most people use this app for time lapse. This is app already is 2.99 so there should be no crop when shooting time lapses. This app is great but would be the best purchase I have made on the app store if you took away the crop..Version: 9.7

The best low Light camera appThis is without doubt the best low light camera app on the App Store. The ability to collect light in low level light conditions is incredible. The app can gather light on conditions other camera apps will either give a very dark fuzzy blur or no discernible detail. The app offers a multitude of different shooting styles such as light trails, long exposure amongst others. It also includes some very clever like collection algorithms to further enhance Photos in lowlight level conditions. There is a huge number of options to choose from making this ideal for Astro photography or shooting in extreme low level conditions..Version: 9.1

Wow! Low light imaging now possibleI was a bit skeptical about how well this app would work but after a few days I am really impressed. I have yet to try the night sky due to weather and the full moon but I have used it to take portraits by candle light. Something the native camera app cannot do. I only gave it four stars because you MUST either prop the phone up or use a tripod of some kind to hold it still. I would like to see an image alignment function to reposition each frame taken with the first one so one can hand hold in some of these modes. This is how we use our phones mostly and that would be a big plus for every day use..Version: 9.4

The best night/long exposure appI’ve tried several other slow shutter apps but keep coming back to NightCap Camera. It’s the best..Version: 9.2.1

Good stuffOnly other camera app I HAVE to have (& use often) among the others. Works well, good results, easy to use. Great value for that..Version: 5.0.1

By far and away best app for night skyThat’s not intended to deprecate any of the other excellent long exposure apps out there, but if you are looking to take night sky shots NightCap produces visibly better results. A clear interface with a good layout, which let’s face it is important when you’re scrabbling around in the dark, NightCap makes a tricky process straightforward but offers enough control to let the user make informed choices. Apart from anything else, this is a fun app to use..Version: 9.7

Brilliant appBut would it be possible to get RAW support? Also would it be possible to add a feature that follows stars artificially? ie, crop the image to a specific section of the screen and rotate and follow the stars (can be custom settings to get the speed right) this way it’s a fake motorised mount but would allow for multiple exposures if the sky. Other than the above two requests it works great..Version: 9.7

Fantastic - aurora borealis iphone seThis app is giving me some beautiful northern lights pictures from my iphone. Please dont change the stars feature. It is perfect..Version: 9.4

NightcapLove this app and great support too!.Version: 9.7

Best camera app not just for astropicsWorks well by day and night. Can produce much better quality results in dim light than the Apple app🙂.Version: 9.3

Does what it says...ExcellentEasy to use app that does exactly what it says. Takes some great pictures. Excellent for night shots..Version: 9.4

Superb appThis is one of the best photography apps on the market bar none..Version: 9.7

Amazing AppThis is certainly the best app on my iPhone. It’s extremely versatile and I am still finding out all the many things it can do. Very impressed..Version: 9.4

Northern LightsI purchased this app shortly before taking a 12-day cruise to see the Northern Lights in Norway, and I have to say, it worked like a charm. It’s really easy to use (I’m not particularly tech savvy), and I got some excellent pictures of the Northern Lights with my iPhone. I was very happy with it..Version: 9.7

Great appGreat app, easy to use and amazing photographs..Version: 9.3

Very CoolIt takes a bit to get the hang of, but once you've got the basics down this little app is amazingly powerful and takes unique photos. I set it on light trails mode tonight and got some unbelievable shots of the fireflies in my back yard!.Version: 9.0

The best low light camera out there!I’ve tried quite a few low light camera apps and not only does NightCap take the best photos and videos in low light, it is the easiest to use also. The interface is clean, simple, and efficient, making this app a pleasure to use!.Version: 9.4

This app is amazing!This is the best imaging application I have seen. It is easy to use and works! What more can I say? It works! Star trails, long exposure star field images, amazing time lapse videos of the night sky, fine control of ISO, exposure, focus and zoom. I just wish a $3000 DSLR had these type of features and was as easy to use. Thanks for creating this jewel!.Version: 9.0

Great appGreat app for the price, but please add a square shot choice.Version: 9.4

JCannot stress how good this app is, runs a little slowly on an iPhone but for what it's capable of doing that's a small price to pay. Best App Store purchase I think I've ever made, would recommend this to anyone with an interest in photography, it is an ideal place for a beginner with no understanding of ISO, aperture or shutter speed to start off on - and far cheaper than any digital camera. Being able to play around freely with this should give even the most uninformed photographer a better understanding of what the different functions of a manually controlled camera can achieve..Version: 8.1

This app is amazing! But I have one thing...Since I i’ve bought this app I haven’t stopped using it since. It works very well for taking astrophotography and it’s awesome at taking good quality photos and videos but..... Please update the ui so it looks newer and more presentable! Thx..Version: 9.4

Great App for ISS photosI wanted something to take some long exposure photos of the International Space Station moving across the sky. This works great for that - super clear photo of the ISS moving across the sky (and some planes that also fly by). Also want to try it for some lightning shots and star trails - have not done so yet. Definitely worth the money for this app. I’d like to see it use all the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro if that is possible (or maybe it does and I don’t know how to do it). Would be nice to use the wider angle lens..Version: 9.8.1

Nightcap appWell worth the money great app for iPhone.Version: 9.2.1

Great results!This app seems to really shine when lighting is just marginal. I had no idea what my iPhone 5 hardware was actually capable of capturing in low light..Version: 7.0.2

Please check focus for iPhone 7+This is one of my favorite camera apps! It makes night cityscapes 10x better. Thanks for updating to have support for the 7+!!! I still use it off my 5s and the focus and sharpness is perfect. Please update focus for the 7 plus! Focus is still a bit off on the 7+ wide angle at 100 focus. Tele lens seems to work perfectly..Version: 9.0

My favourite photography app on iOSI had been waiting for the update to provide full support for the iPhone 7 Plus and not only has it arrived in style, the developer also added new functionality at no extra cost. The app works so well too. I have created amazing light trails, silky water shots. Shots of the stairs and for a laugh even duck trails which looked cool. In my mind if you're serious about photography you really need this app. I have tried and own many many others but this one works the best. Really pleased with the latest update 👍.Version: 9.0

Amazing, highly recommendThis app is a game changer. I got this app to take pictures of the night sky and I got amazing results. Once you get the hang of it you can take pictures like never before! Get this app!.Version: 9.0

Works greatI trien it in the special night mode and the picture is as clear as in daytime !! Crazy that the default ios app wont allow this sensivity by default ! I wonder how its going to work on iphone 6 witch have a lot better camera than my oldy 5 but newerless great.Version: 5.3.2

Fantastic for star photographyThis app is so much better than the default Camera app for night photos. I love taking pictures of the stars out in the desert. Thank you so much for this app!.Version: 9.4

ExcellentBrought this app solely to use with my telescope, can’t fault anything about it it! Great controls, easy to use, A++++.Version: 9.7

The best time lapse app for iOS hands downTime lapse photography is my hobby, and I use a variety of hardware and software to do it, from a GoPro to a mirrorless camera to a retired iPhone... and I wish all of that hardware had the software that is Nightcap. Easily the best thing about this app is its ability to combine its virtual slow shutter function with its timelapse function. This is amazing if you want to capture wind, blur moving people out of public spaces, or just make motion look smooth. The latest version appears to have resolved one of my two major complaints about the app: it used to have problems with smooth exposure ramping in slow shutter mode, causing big exposure jumps when shooting a sunrise for example... it appears that has been resolved in my last few shoots, and I imagine (although I haven’t tried it yet) that I could do a beautiful night-to-day timelapse with it and have it come out seamless. (The other complaint was how if the phone runs out of battery during a timelapse the whole video is lost, I haven’t looked into that yet.) Thank you so much to the developer for making this, it has turned an old iPhone I no longer use into my favorite timelapse camera. Cheers!.Version: 9.5

MagicThis app is pure magic. I can’t believe that I’m now able to take such fantastic low light photos on my phone. The UI could be improved, but it’s a very minor point compared to the jaw-dropping effectiveness of this app. Very well done..Version: 9.4

Excellent AppNightcap provides granular control over low-light photographic processes and produces an excellent result. I use it, especially, for time-lapse shots, and am especially impressed by its auto-exposure feature, which produces smooth transitions from starlight to sunrise. There are many options and it takes some time to learn their strengths, but this is one of the most helpful and powerful photography apps I’ve found..Version: 9.7

Surprisingly good.I was doubtful but it takes quite acceptable pictures in a very low-light situation. Most app of the same kind has horrible results..Version: 9.4

A must haveI don’t really write reviews but I feel this developer deserves one. This app was developed 6 years ago, here we are 6 years later and it’s still amazing!! This app has given me amazing photo opportunities that I did not have before with my IPhone. I will tell everyone I know and don’t know to get this app, it is a must have! Spend the couple bucks it’s totally worth every cent!.Version: 9.7

AmazingThe application is really nice, there is a huge difference between the camera app and using this app..Version: 9.4

Northern lightsBought this purely on the off chance we saw the Northern lights and we were lucky enough to see them. Got the most amazing pictures and the best money I spent all holiday. Every single person on our tour was jealous of my pics and think lots of them downloaded it too!.Version: 9.3

Outstsnding Astro-Photo AppThis app allows spotting scoped on a tripod to take HD Lunar images. There is also a device that clips the phone to any eyepiece. Sadly, I lost the link to this but it is out there!.Version: 5.2

...Version: 9.4

AmazingI read the tutorial on the bus on the way from reykjavík to see the northern lights. everything i got came out great. took 2 minutes of tooling around with it to have it mastered. friends/family thought i used a professional camera when in fact i used this cheap app, a $10 little tripod, and a $15 clip on wide angle lens. wish i could post the pictures here to prove it. idk how anyone can give this a bad review, but it’s clearly user error..Version: 9.5

Good photo appI have used Nightcap on a few occasions and find it a useful addition to the phones camera for taking photos outside during the dark hours..Version: 9.6

Latest updateA long awaited addition to an already great app, the time lapse feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities! First time was an approaching storm and I was more than happy with my first attempt. Onwards and upwards!.Version: 9.0

Great appA really good app for iPhones. Great if you want to get similar quality pictures of that of a regular camera. With customizable settings for ISO, aperture, etc. it is a great all around product. And app developer is really good in engaging with his audience, as he has helped me a lot and helped to get me noticed. 😀.Version: 9.0

Absolutely SuperbThis app gives you absolute control over the iPhone’s camera. With the right conditions you will able to take amazing pictures of star trails, DSO’s, planets, clusters etc. Pics I have taken on iPhone XS Max through my telescope rival DSLR shots. I love this app!.Version: 9.6

Best low light app availableHighly recommended app for low light photography, it can capture images with very low noise and impressive sensitivity. The native camera just doesn't compare and other low light apps output more noise than nightcap pro..Version: 5.0

Amazing for the northern lights!My family was alerted when a KP index of 5 started at 1:30am we started out to find a great place to take pictures I tried to find the best way to capture the aurora I found this app, bought it, and it worked great super simple and easy to use plus the pictures came out great!.Version: 9.5

Nice!!I don’t know why some bad reviews. I’ve had this app now for over a year and it works great. I have the iPhone XS Max. Takes a little messing around with, but overall I’m very happy with this. Definitely worth the money.Version: 9.7

Very slow app, helpEvery time I tap my screen the app takes about 10 seconds to process that I tapped on an icon, or the cap button. I assume this isn’t normal, I have an iPhone 11 Pro, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Sometimes the app is smooth then it slows down again and crashes sometimes. Any advice on trouble shooting? Thanks!.Version: 9.7

ExcellentNot just a superb low light photo app, great features like light trails and long exposure let you get really creative with your photography day or night. Easy to learn and use, and can use on an iPad as well as an iPhone. Don't hesitate - just get it!.Version: 9.0

Very UsefulThis is a great app to get far more from the iPhone camera then the Apple camera app provides. One feature I would like to have is a volume button snapshot shutter option so that I could use my Bluetooth remote camera shutter with this app. Hopefully in a future update..Version: 9.5

Pretty impressiveThis app impressed me. There are some good camera apps out there, but this one specializes in low-light pix and does it very well. It allows for very long exposures and high ISOs, and seems to use pixel averaging to minimize graininess. I can actually capture things in photos that are too faint to see with the naked eye, which is a little freaky (I could see Orion's shield in the photo but not when I looked at Orion directly). It does help to go over the manual—in particular, it helps to use it in bright light for a bit so that its AI can "learn," but that didn't take long. An app that found its niche and owns it..Version: 9.2.1

AmazingI can’t actually work our why some people are saying the app is no good. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve just done a time lapse of the stars and caught a satellite cruising across the sky. Footage is on Facebook and everyone loves it. I think this is a great app and one I’m taking with me wild camping to the summit of Scafell Pike next week..Version: 9.5

BrilliantI saw a picture of ISS posted on Twitter and couldn't believe it wasn't taken with expensive kit and was in fact an iPhone. Needless to say I headed here to check out the reviews, and they were overwhelming positive and they aren't wrong, this is a fantastic app. Had a little trouble connecting it to my Apple Watch but once it connected it was fantastic, although it would be great to have zoom mapped to the Digital Crown on the watch as the slider on the app is a little finicky, hopefully this is something they will add. Overall though great app and the results speak for themselves. Edit: I'm deducting 2 stars for the Apple Watch app as despite being great when it works it just doesn't work very often, it's ridiculously slow at connecting on a good day, but most days it just won't connect at all..Version: 7.0.2

Actually worksWhen I first downloaded this I was a bit skeptical since I've tried to use a lot of self-touted "low light" iPhone apps. I downloaded this anyway thinking it was only $1.29. To my amazement the app works really well and I tested it taking a star trail and left it on for about 90minutes. The picture looks absolutely stunning and turned out better than I thought.The lite version is rubbish and doesn't really showcase the full functions of the Pro version. I used the lite version a long time ago and decided it was rubbish and never downloded the full version and waited for a discount. Perhaps giving users full access to full functions and limited the resolution of the saved images?.Version: 5.3.2

Incredible for any low light photos.This is my go-to for any photos when the light isn’t pristine. Its ability to take pictures of stars in the night sky is incredible for a cellphone app..Version: 9.4

Best astronomy app ever!I enjoy observing artificial Earth satellites but until now haven’t found an easy-to-use app to capture them with a camera. All the others need lots of tinkering and experimenting to get just so-so results but NiteCap worked immediately with just a cursory peek at the instructions...I captured the trail of an old USSR rocket body on the first try. The tutorials explain the more complex features clearly for even better results. I’ve also learned to photograph the constellations, meteors and see things I can’t identify. I can’t criticize NightCap in any way..Version: 9.4

Best low light camera app!Well worth the price, I’ve managed to take some great photos I didn’t think would be possible with my phone and all with minimal technical effort leaving me to focus on being more creative. I’m loving the star trails mode at the moment, I do use a tripod but there are some great tutorials on their website on how to get decent shots without one. Great work!.Version: 9.7

Great camera appWorks flawlessly and produces some way out effects if used "artistically". Two improvements would be nice. 1. Always open in shooting mode. If the app is put in the background when image viewing was in use it returns to image view mode when re-activated and time is wasted getting back to shooting mode. 2. How about the option to save images in raw to make editing even better. Otherwise 5 stars..Version: 9.4

Outstsnding Astro-Photo AppThis app allows spotting scoped on a tripod to take HD Lunar images. There is also a device that clips the phone to any eyepiece. Sadly, I lost the link to this but it is out there!.Version: 5.2

Nightcap proGreat app, good features, used for astrophotography, highly recommend.Version: 5.1

Good for fish photographyI bought this awhile ago for nighttime photography, but I never ended up using it and it’s been sitting on my phone for maybe a year now. I also love to take pictures of my fish, but the iphone’s autofocus tends to focus on the background rather than the fish. Understandable, but frustrating. Just today I realized I could use this app to take fish photos, and it’s incredible! not the most user friendly, but it works really well and once you figure it out you’re good. I wish i could attach a photo to this review, but it does really well with variable lighting, and the manual focus is great..Version: 9.8.1

Low light phone photography made possible!I have been using NightCap Camera app for more than a year, primarily in long exposure mode. I use it mostly for imaging nebula with my telescope and a night vision device, but I have also captured galaxies and many open and globular clusters. I can positively say that without NightCap and my night vision device, my efforts would be fruitless. I especially appreciate that NightCap will average photos for a period of time which is user set; this eliminates almost all noise that would otherwise be present in the image. You can see one or more of my images in the NightCap gallery... astrophotography with a phone! I give NightCap my highest recommendation..Version: 9.5

Fantastic!On my iPhone 11 Pro Max I was semi-impressed with the campers upgrades within the stock app with night mode etc - but this application has transformed my idea of what is possible with an iPhone... amazing app, amazing photos & results..Version: 9.7

Got a nice picture of neowise comet with this!Im so impressed!.Version: 9.7

Vastly More Powerful Than The iOS CameraI’ve used this app routinely for years. It allows me to choose iso, shutter speed, color balance, and manual focus, as I shoot allowing me to shoot pictures in situations and low light the iOS built in app doesn’t come close to allowing. It also has built in intervalvometer shooting, tools astronomy photographers love, and full exposure controls while shooting video, too. Unhesitatingly recommend this app..Version: 9.4

It’s all I useAbsolutely great, worth 100x it’s modest cost. I use NightCap for astrophotography with my Iphone5s and no other app will allow me to take great photos at night OR day. If you want an app that works in low light, this is the best!.Version: 9.4

Nice job by the developersNot is this app comprehensive and amazing, but the app’s website has great tutorial video to enable the use to master the components. I’ve been using this app along with my lenses. The combination has resulted in some beautiful night time photography..Version: 9.7

Great app, wonderful customer support!This is a wonderful app - lots of great features - I particularly love the meteor shower mode! Customer service was impressive - I got an answer to a question I asked back within hours of sending..Version: 9.8

Some good results. App a little slow?Just got an iPhone 12 Pro and was blown away by native app and night mode. Decide to buy NightCap to see how it compared. I’ve got some great night time/Star pics from both native and NightCap, images do have diff qualities between them. Still trying out NightCap to it’s full potential, but I do find it quite slow at times, even though it’s on an iPhone 12 Pro? There are long delays between changing exposure for example and then the live view updating and also when switching between modes. Dev, any reasons why it would be slow at times? Looking forward to fully testing diff modes..Version: 9.7

Amazing app with DSLR controls!For the longest time, I have been unable to pursue one of my favorite hobbies, due in large part to the cost of DSLR cameras. I'm of course talking about astrophotography. However, with this app, I have finally been able to take amazing images through my Meade ETX-125 with unparalleled detail. M45 looks absolutely stunning, the nebulosity in the Orion Nebula is amazing, and I have even caught the dark area of the Black Eye Galaxy! The controls on the app are a breeze to use, and anyone from the newest photographer to the professional can use this in minutes. And with the help of the built in AI, those new to photography need only tap a few things and they'll achieve amazing photographs. There are so many things that I could say about the app and how I could praise it. But I will just say that this is worth every cent!.Version: 9.2

Making the impossible possibleThe single best app I have used for taking long exposure night time images. Highly recommend..Version: 6.0

Best night camera app availableI have tried lots of camera apps and this one is the best. The various modes are great for astrophotography and for low light scenes. I have used it a lot to capture the ISS and various meteor showers and star trails..Version: 9.7

So cool!!I didn't know an iPhone 7 could take such great night photos. We got amazing pics of northern lights last night so I had to write a review to tell you to get this app! I can't wait to watch the tutorials and get even better photos next time the sky is clear. No ragrets here!.Version: 9.0

Amazing appI'd like a nice clean app but so Far this is the best camera app for star gazers.Version: 7.0.2

Superb app. Love it to bits!This app is so good for capturing spectacular firework photographs, or the International Space Station streaking across the sky! I’ve had the app for a good few years, and the developer keeps it supported and updated. If you’re thinking about getting this app - just get it! It’s that good!.Version: 9.8

Great appI don’t normally leave reviews for apps but I was so impressed with this app that I thought it was worth it. I’ve tried various low light photography apps over the years and haven’t been that impressed with the results. This app changed all that. It’s very easy to navigate around, clear instructions, cheap (£2.99 in the UK) and really great results. I couldn’t ask for any more than that. Definitely one of my favourites!.Version: 9.7

Excellent Night Photography AppThank you, Chris, for your kind and patient explanation regarding my misunderstanding. I have now rated the app back up where it rightfully belongs. I was unsure how to get a response, but now I see I simply needed to ask, not mess with the rating. Thank you again. 💖👍🏻.Version: 9.0

Good appThis is a good little app for all your night time work. It would have been 5 stars if it wasn't slow to react when you are using the interface. Using an iPhone 11 max pro I should get a faster relation time..Version: 9.7

Love this appFive stars from me, a great app, really opens up the night sky for the iphone. You cannot possibly find a better investment for a few bucks. A couple suggestions to improve in the future versions: - Fully programmable shutter in the long exposure mode. Right now, there is a timer to start shooting, that allows to dampen all the vibrations, but to stop the exposure you still need to tap the screen - I couldn’t find any way to save settings. Any time I restart the app, the settings such as use/do not use timer, reset. Some other settings seem to persist, and this really seems inconsistent - I was not able to set the same long exposure sensitivity in the time lapse mode as in the normal mode. Is there a reason for it? Maybe a little extra documentation would be useful. Other than the above, I enjoy using the app. Keep working guys, and if there is a next version that allows to squeeze a little more from the phone sensor I’ll gladly buy it..Version: 9.4

Great but fiddlyAmazing improvement in quality of (especially night) pics but interface needs a redesign. Look at there Lumia camera app for a intuitive manual mode!.Version: 8.1

I🧡AstronomyThis app is incredible! With its exposure settings and the ability to change your ISO number I can actually photograph the night sky with a phone! This app does all that you need it to (as far as night sky photography goes). 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 9.4

Best low light camera AppI own a lot of camera apps, been buying them for years. However this App has been my mainstay App for low light photography for years! Now however, thanks to the incredible power of the iPhone 11 Pro the potential for this App will be unbelievable for a smartphone. I am sure they will take full advantage of it soon. In the meantime it’s been updated to take advantage of the extra. camera in the Pro and I can’t wait to try it out. iPhone apps come and go when developers lose interest in updating them but I have received one free update after another from this developer, well done!.Version: 9.7

Brilliant app!Totally recommend you download it if you are interested in photography!.Version: 9.0

As clear as dayEasy to use layout, plus remote shutter control, a bunch of great presets plus fantastic range of manual controls get the photo you want every time. Highly recommended.Version: 9.8.1

Pretty amazing app for the price!I normally do planetary imaging with my telescopes. Which is great but you can’t get wide shots of constellations. Normally that’s done with expensive digital cameras and a star tracker. I honestly didn’t expect much but wow. Save your images as tiff and use an image processor like registax afterwards. I got some great shots of the northern crown constellation including background stars tonight. Research your camera settings like exposure and gain. Image processing tutorials are also a must..Version: 9.7

This is the BESTThis app demonstrates what good developers are. You don't need to worry this app will stop update and kinda disappear after you purchase it like some other apps. However, (iPhone 5s heats up really really fast while using this app, like 10sec, but my iPod touch doesn't, so it's probably a bug).Version: 9.0

Awesome appWhat can I say but absolutely awesome. Best camera app I have had for astronomy imaging, the detail and light it pulls in is unbelievable, night time imaging is stunning too. A good user interface, a website with good tutorials and great support if needed. A must have app for any iphoneographer Things are going to get even better soon after beta testing the new version. The new and even better update is now out, so much more to explore with this amazing app, iPhone imaging is going to make a massive leap.Version: 9.0

Needs to support saving as DNG fileThis app is great for low light photography but unfortunately it doesn’t support saving images in the DNG format. This is the cell phone equivalent to a DSLR’s RAW format. Saving in this format would allow users to have far greater freedom to enhance and pull out more details than a TIFF file allows, as a TIFF file has to undergo a permanently damaging conversion of the RAW file before saving..Version: 9.8.1

Pleasantly surprised!I can’t believe the power my camera had all along. I just wasn’t using the right tools to access it. This app allows you to see things, at night, that you can’t even see with your own eyes. Truly blew me away. I downloaded many apps looking for a “night vision” option on my 6s Plus and by far I am more than pleased with NightCap! Won’t ever need another night anything app after you install this one! Under priced but it over delivers which as you know can be hard to find in the App Store at times. I would definitely recommend!.Version: 9.4

Very good for Astro-photosI like this app because it has all the settings you need for the intervalometer to make photo shoots very smooth (how long between pictures, how long of an exposure, and how many pictures to take) which is hard to find in a lot of camera apps, The only bad thing Is you don’t have the ability to shoot the photos in Raw, if that got added, it definitely would be the best astrophotography camera app. but it’s still Worth the money..Version: 9.8.1

Great appGreat app easy, to use, one of the best if not the best around. Is it possible to include a picture stacking option for when you’re taking a series of pictures ? Regards Simon.Version: 9.7

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