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Microsoft 365 Admin App User Positive Comments 2023

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Microsoft 365 Admin for Positive User Reviews

Easy to useEasy to use.Version: 3.90.4

Admin on the go!Continues to improve with each iteration and release. Overall great portal and great for on the fly access whilst mobile and on the move.Version: 4.4.1

Admin on mobileGreat app. Lots of features.Version: 3.91.4

Gets the job doneVery useful when on the road. Saves opening the laptop. Would be great if the app suited the iPhone X / 11 pro screen size..Version: 3.54.0

Excellent AppYou can finally edited, reset the password and you can do many more tasks Well done Microsoft.Version: 4.4.1

Easier than the browser based optionI use this to managed several clients and its way quicker and more intuitive than the full browser experience. A+.Version: 4.0.1

PolyisoNice.Version: 3.90.1

Great for keeping an eye on our Microsoft worldI use the admin tool mainly for monitoring our tenant and for simpler admin tasks. It’s really easy to use, with a simplified set of options which allow me to sort issues and respond to alerts even when I’m not at my desk..Version: 3.90.5

FeedbackReally easy and accessible with voiceover, makes enabling things fantastically simple.Version: 3.90.5

Great AppNow I'm able to administer remotely from my mobile device..Version: 3.83

Pratique et utileApplication très pratique pour dépanner à distance..Version: 3.90.1

Life SaverThis app has saved me literally hundreds of man hours in just allowing me access to review, update settings without taking the time to unpack a laptop when something comes up. It is one of only 8 apps that sit on my Home Screen - and one of only 3 work related apps on my device..Version: 3.89.7

25 years and runningI have used Microsoft personally and professionally for over 25 years. There is a bit of a learning curve to be a power user, but even the basic software is very good. When it comes to secure, robust business focussed software it’s impossible to not have Microsoft as part of your top five team. I use all of the mainstream email solutions but when it comes to secure business dealings (I work primarily in financial services) it is difficult to imagine not having Microsoft office as part of my plan. As of right now I can still pull up most of my MS office produced undergrad and graduate school papers and assignments…as well as many of my very first emails I sent and received in my first real professional job over twenty years ago. With more than 40 years left to work - I just can’t imagine a world where I can’t google the answer and then save it to read:edit:use for writing in an Office App. If my iPhone, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Amazon, Banker, Lawyer and Medical Doctor could only set up a shared secure data share and install me with a digital chip that also had my passport information then I would be happy to sign up. The digital world today is more advanced than even Star Trek and recent James Bond movies envisioned … except we can’t get beamed up yet which means I have to endure rush hour traffic like most of us do. The more years I live the more of a tech nerd I want to be when I grow up..Version: 3.89.2

App not working IPadApp stop working on the IPad OS 13.2.3. The stay blank after login to the account. Thanks.Version: 3.91.4

Easy to useConvenient and full of options at my fingertips..Version: 4.1.2

Flexibility On-The-GoThe 365 Admin App for iOS iPhone provides a convenient and flexible tool for updates & changes + additions while on the run. Anything that provides ease of access to all the corporate accounts and apps, users and info without requiring bulky tagalong equipment gets a big plus in my book. Microsoft 365 Admin App for iOS iPhone checks all the boxes when away from the office..Version: 3.81

It’s a breezeBeing the admin of multiple domains, this app is great at ensuring everything is where I need it and when..Version: 3.89.2

MS Admin AppThis app lets me do almost everything I need to all in the palm of your hand. Great work uncle Bill, lol..Version: 4.3.4

Great for Small BusinessMS365 Admin is a great tool for my freelance project - I couldn’t imagine using anything else..Version: 4.5.1

Love itI am on the road a lot.. this make administration easy for my team and my clients.Version: 3.45

Outstanding Issue/Outage reportingIt's more of a process thing than an attribute of the app, but being able to look and see the status of know issues is tremendous. Rather than telling users we will look into a problem they are having, quite often we are able to respond with both a status and initial reporting time..Version: 3.79

Looking goodI have just downloaded the app and become to use it. As a school, our use is way more limited than one might find with a commercial account. However, I find working with office 365 very intuitive..Version: 3.87

Dead handyReally useful to be able to quickly do simple 365 admin tasks from my iPhone while ‘out and about’.Version: 4.9.2

AwesomeThank-you for this time-saving utility.Version: 4.0.1

Very very usefulVerry.Version: 3.81

Client list empty and cannot get supportHi The feedback email address on support does not allow external senders so I could not contact you. Office 365 support say it’s an app issue so they cannot help. My client list is empty so I cannot help clients on the move. I am logged in as admin and have tried reinstalling. Thanks Fixed.Version: 3.71

FantasticGreat product.Version: 4.8.1

A must haveRequests for ADMIN support is always an “urgent” issue…. While that’s not true for the majority of issues, having the ability to complete these tasks when you’re away from your desk is a godsend!.Version: 4.6.2

Transparency that supports you doing your joReliable app, good transparency over any service issues and great prioritized view of upcoming features and changes.Version: 3.83

HiIt is a very nice app..Version: 3.90.1

Everything’s right at your fingertipsMicrosoft has come a long way. I love the apps for business admins. Chafes can be made with a click without launching a browser and talking to support. I like to read the updates and favorite the ones I’m Looking forward to..Version: 3.90.1

Fantastic AppNow we can handle support off a smartphone rather than tied to a desk - what a fantastic app - just keeps getting better.Version: 2.25

Great tool for when you’re on the goThis little handy mobile feature is great for simple tasks when you’re moving and on the go and to check in on things while traveling if there is no Wi-Fi or time to take out your laptop.Version: 3.91.5

Tons better!!The most recent update greatly improves the 365 Admin app! Face ID is faster and I only have to go through it once. The screen formatting for the larger iPhone has been greatly improved. The app seems faster and more moving through the app feels smooth..Version: 3.66.0

Easy to usePerforms the basic tasks right.Version: 3.69.0

Useful appThe app is useful for several different actions such as 1) accounts verification 2) group access and verification 3) password resets 4) checking licensing 5) system status notices and 6) updating organisational information..Version: 4.7.1

Admin in your pocketExcellent functionality.Version: 3.28

Great for simplified ManagementSimplified what I do day to day. I can reset a password without having to go to a computer. It works very easily!.Version: 3.4

Useful Mobile ManagementVery helpful to have access to your admin console in ad-hoc settings such as car parks! Easy to navigate but does seem to not like blocking or unblocking users..Version: 4.5.1

Sometimes faster than browser GUIThe mobile app is actually pretty functionally robust and often faster than using the typical web interface through a browser..Version: 3.85

Very less options then o365 admin portalVery less options then o365 admin portal.Version: 3.90.5

Ms guy for 30 yearsIt’s a beautiful thing to have live alerts in my pockets …… before I even see a help desk ticket, issues are delivered right to my pocket….. Allows me to prioritize things when required !!.Version: 4.9.1

Simple & fastSimple and fast password resets… Excellent.Version: 4.3.5

Admin AppIt is great to have the Admin Appp on my phone, because I can do most things on the go..Version: 4.5.1

Very handyI have many customers using Microsoft 365. This is very handy for me to go in and administer their account. Change someone's password, add an email account and all on the fly from my cell phone. If they gave a 10 star rating I would give it 10 stars!.Version: 4.3.4

ExcellentFantastic product for admins!.Version: 4.4.1

Works wellGreat for on the go changes to your tenant. I use this app a lot!.Version: 3.81

Good for some basic stuffsEasy to use.Version: 3.89.2

Feed backInformative. Thanks.Version: 3.90.4

Perfect solution.For us at NatQuest, we enjoy 365 everyday and we truly see and feel the difference in our business daily. Well done.Version: 4.7.1

Getting betterThe last update has significantly contributed to the stability of the app. It was simply unusable before with constant crashing each time I would log in. Functionality is getting much better, keep up the good work..Version: 3.65.0

Amazing IT Solutions!This suite of professional grade software and cloud IT products; as office applications and personal computer solutions continue to exceed my expectations while preserving brand quality! I’m consistently blown away in professional amazement at such sophisticated advancements, that do not leave me in a maze of discontent matching any lapses of my needs currently to be updated and brought up to speed in regard to capabilities and capacities- affordably. To the fulfillment of all product deliveries and continuity of legacy with the brand I’ve trusted the most and continue to with such a longstanding, trusted, iconic brand, as my personal computing source provider for office and personal business products and software- I tip my hat and applaud all the Teams ;), professionals and developers! Great Job Microsoft!! Keep up the excellent and amazing work!!!.Version: 3.66.0

So much easier than the old Small business server daysBeing able to change a password that our employees forget and not having to log into a desktop, priceless!.Version: 3.87

Informatic AppThis app provides lots of information like functionality added or remove and retirements etc..Version: 4.6.2

Makes my life easierAs president of a small business, I also am responsible for the IT functions of the nation. Having this app allows me to administer almost all T functions directly from my phone..Version: 4.6.1

Fast and easy to useThe phone app works so much better than the website that I am stunned. Even when sitting in front of my computer I still reach for my phone to do 365 changes..Version: 3.91.4

Thank you 5 star I give you please remember to link my credit✌🏾💕😂.Version: 3.91.5

Everything admin in one place.Great to have a simple app with everything in one place..Version: 4.9.1

Cool startBasic feature set but very handy when on the the run. Will hopefully get a lot more features as it develops..Version: 4.7.1

FlexibleCette application me permet d'effectuer des interventions à distance facilement et ainsi répondre aux demandes des usagers, de n'importe où, n'importe quand et à partir de n'importe quel appareil..Version: 4.6.2

USMarine - Download This and Save Time & Hate AppleIf you don’t want to sit at a desk all day and manage your business from an office then this is the app for you. I have been with Microsoft Exchange since the beginning and it continues to get better. Unlike Apple’s Technology which is moving backwards in time; MicroSoft progresses. I can only wish that Bill Gates would’ve put Steve Jobs out of business in 1996. I have honestly prayed that Tim Cook loses everything for ruining Apple. I wish that MicroSoft would purchase Apple and either close the company or destroy the products iOS and OSX..Version: 4.3.4

Handy thing to haveBasic admin changes can be done easily..Version: 3.81

Useful and continuously improvingThis app is useful and over time has continually improved in terms of coverage of core administrative tasks. It supports the flow of information about service health that I have found balanced - enough alerts and notifications, but with controls that mean not so many that it becomes overwhelming..Version: 3.90.4

Great way to perform quick admin tasks on the goWould love to see a list of recent logins here by device and user, but I can get that through the non-mobile-view browser.Version: 3.83

5 starsEasy to use.Version: 3.90.1

Purchase of a licenseTo purchase a license, you still need to go to the Administrative Center using an Internet browser. it would be great if there was such a possibility through this wonderful application. if I'm not mistaken this function worked before. Igor..Version: 3.90.5

Ease of useUse it all the team to check status and open tickets with Microsoft..Version: 4.7.1

Intuitive admin appEasy to use, intuitive admin app to manage your Office 365 and EAC on the go when away from the desk!.Version: 4.9.2

Just about thereJust need to be able to access teams and exchange admin and it’d be perfect. For office 365 admins this app is 5/5.Version: 4.5.1

GreatFull functionality for work and team management..Version: 3.91.5

Easier than onlineIt’s now much easier to manage multiple businesses setting up and deleting email accounts.Version: 4.6.2

The EaseIt’s soooooo nice to know you can unlock locked out accounts on the move. Time saver. Thank you Guys..Version: 4.8.2

It’s a great app.I use it all the time to save me logging on to an active directory on a server..Version: 4.5.1

Lifesaver app when you are on the goThe best thing since slice bread.Version: 3.90.1

Simple and usefulSurprisingly does the job if you only need to utilise the basics of 365 Admin.Version: 4.6.2

Microsoft’s 365 Admin app is a big helpIt can be hard to keep up with so many cloud based this’s or that’s. This app helps me stay on top of all things O365. It’s especially helpful to have reminders and notifications that lets you know about upcoming changes etc...Version: 3.90.4

Very User FriendlyEasy to use, all important user management functions are just 1-2 clicks away. Latest version is a significant improvement over previous versions with the ability to create new user accounts.Version: 4.6.2

Dark Mode FixedEDIT: Dark mode functionality has been fixed. It is usable once again, and works as expected. Thank you..Version: 3.56.0

Easy to usePuts health information at my fingertips. Allows to easy updates to user accounts. Still finding where it gives me ways to make admin of users and licenses easy to do remotely. Only issue I have found is that when I add a user to Dynamics 365, I cannot get to the settings within dynamics 365 customer engagement to update a new user’s security roles..Version: 3.50

End of basic authenticationThe Announcements worked great & references to our settings were easy to find & confirm. Safe communication is very important these days & moving to current security protocols is timely.Version: 4.6.2

It’s okayIt does a lot of things well. A bit touchy and glitchy at times. Still find it handy..Version: 3.91.4

Excellent appWe find this really useful for our business accounts.Version: 3.66.0

Good app for IT admins on the goYou can’t do everything on this app, but that’s fine. Being able to do simple tasks whilst out and about like resetting passwords is invaluable..Version: 3.81

Useful toolGood reliable app, that makes various admin jobs quick and easy..Version: 3.85

Updated - Does Work - Pretty Good!I use it most days and, while obviously limited compared to web access, it’s handy to have :) Doesn’t work! Was generally OK with limitations. Since update to IpadOS now just goes to a white screen... MS has some great stuff but for such a wealthy company they don’t half carry on producing some very poor software!.Version: 4.5.1

Great help. Thank youThis app makes it easy to manage our stuff.Version: 4.9.2

Improving QuicklyWhilst the original iteration of the application felt clunky; the latest rendition is faster and easier on the eyes..Version: 3.88.2

FantasticWorks well gets the job done.Version: 3.88.2

Clean and easy to useThis is an easy to use app, but I wish some of its scope would improve to close the disparity between the web console and the mobile console.Version: 3.71

Enhancement requestI manage multiple Office365 accounts,but the app only allows me to save four accounts at any one time. This appears to be a dynamic list because if I close the app the list changes to include the account I last used even if it wasn’t in the list when I previously logged on. This obviously drops one of the other accounts off the list. Can it be updated (the app) to allow the memorising of more accounts? Otherwise a very helpful tool for mobile support. Steve.Version: 3.56.0

Keeps me up to date, but is laggy...The app is great and gives me a decent amount of control, but I can’t do what I can from a browser. It is also often slow and sometimes doesn’t work well, just like the web interface... but worse. If the reliability and abilities were better, it would be a five..Version: 3.85

Makes for fast setupHelps when on the go to create new users and reset passwords.Version: 3.90.4

Rarely have to use the website anymoreReally useful app - I can assign permissions, reset passwords, create new users and all sorts without needing to pull the laptop out. I can even manage multiple estates for different customers with no problems. Essential download if you look after any Office365 deployments..Version: 3.28

Good but always room for improvementWorks well when you’re on the move it needs to follow the same development path as the full blown app so we get more functionality. But it’s good enough for now..Version: 3.81

Excellent. What more would you risk?Without being a worry wart, what more could you ask for without trading risk for comfort? Microsoft, if I may be ALLOWED to have a free MIND, is on our side (2018), while the oTHER is feeding the bEAST. It’s good to know that righteousness still exists in the world. I would have given it a 5 but there’s always room for improvement. You know what?....I changed my mind. 5🌟🌎.Version: 3.45

Very handy appMicrosoft admin app on my phone is very handy and I find myself using it quite often..Version: 3.89.7

Ok but needs more featuresPlease bring domain management this is really needed on the go if you use office 365 name servers, also would be good to have access to the compliance and security centre.Version: 3.45

375 administrative appIt is mostly very good but sometimes not capable to do what is needed..Version: 4.6.2

AdministratorSimplified controls I cannot believe that Microsoft figured this out! Great job!.Version: 4.3.5

Nice and easySimple to use.Version: 3.78

Microsoft 365 adminEasy to control, monitor your business accounts.Version: 4.3.5

SuperJ’appréci l’application il est conviviale.Version: 3.91.5

Office 365 Admin tools at your fingertips!The Office 365 admin app makes it effortless to make changes to your O365 system on the go. Extremely intuitive and easy to use. I will even use this when sitting in front of my computer. A must have app!.Version: 4.6.2

Quick, easy, intuitiveI added a new staff member, deleted the person who had left, and reassigned the 0365 license, all in under 90 seconds. That’s the way you want an app to work..Version: 3.91.5

Great appThis app is great to see users and change licenses. However, there’s a small issue that when you open the app it sometimes freezes and shows a blank dashboard and won’t let you do anything. But a good easy to use app.Version: 3.79

Great app needs little tweaksOne tweak that would be great is adding and removing users from groups and being able to multi select. It a tease now shows a check box but only one can be selected..Version: 3.90.4

Great app if....Is a very useful app to manage accounts with one major drawback (which I appreciate may not affect everyone); you can only store four account credentials at a time. If this could be increased it would warrant the extra star.Version: 3.81

Love this simple app to control thingsLove it.Version: 3.91.4

Functional, productive mobilityThe app works really well and provides the ability to do many tasks on the go!.Version: 4.3.5

Hyper facileSuperbe apps.Version: 4.8.1

Solid basicsHas limited functionality you cannot for example edit a lot of Exchange settings on the run but for basics regarding accounts and licensing its a solid tool and beats the web interface on mobile but still need to fall back to the web version for many functions.Version: 3.45

Answers Questions BEFORE You Ask Them!Information is timely, accurate, comprehensive, and understandable. The information provided allows me to intelligently answer questions from the users I administer. This lets me work on other issues and post alerts when needed. If you’re a Microsoft 365 Administrator you need this app in your toolbox..Version: 4.7.1

We are small 365 is bigWe are a small care company but adopted 365 about 6 years ago. It moved us away from paper records and a office server to a cloud based system that as added flexibility and control we never fully had before. If there is a criticism it’s the complexity of the Sharepoint user security settings, it’s secure but from an administration point of view it’s designed for large companies that have dedicated IT people to administer, we don’t have a IT function. However, to compensate Microsoft’s Office 365 support team are brilliant and quick to get in touch if you have a problem. Apart from email the document managements system with version control is brilliant and we build our own Sharepoint Library to store, review and edit our P&P’s I can’t think of anything better just wish we had the skills to develop it further.Version: 3.87

Great for MobilityThis is a great app for remote management and checks most of the boxes I need on the fly. There are some small items I wished it could also do but those are more towards the individual admin centers, more monitoring, etc. But I do most of those at the desk in front of monitors. This is more than enough to respond and be informed away from the desk..Version: 3.80

Working wellUpdate Jan 2021: App is working well again. The previous issues are no longer present. Doesn't work...login error Hasn't worked for months...and the button to send an email to support doesn't include an email address. ...Thanks for sending the contact email. Awaiting response.Version: 3.90.1

Easy AdministrationMost of the key controls are readily accessible and simple to use. This app makes it possible to provide critical remote support for your organization so you can get away without lugging a computer around..Version: 3.87

All the sins of the O365 portal are forgiven hereThis app is so nice to use. It works, and is laid out, the way the portal should be. I find the portal is often clunky and painful to use. This app solves all of those issues. I love it.Version: 3.79

IT’s A Good Conversation StarterAnd like everything else at cert point in time if things be realizing themselves in the Tangible meaning the touchable… then iT has to be taken “off line”… this Admin Portal App is good place to get the ball rolling and is comparibly the Rooster inside the Chicken Coop. The Rooster is the Master in the Domain and technically is the transmission that decides if the hens are going to go forward today or if the hens have to tobe it down a notch because things can get heated up in the chicken coop; those hens … then only thing those hens do all day is clickety cluck cluck cluck laying two does une eggs and the Rooster is the one they fear because the Rooster can change things around… while certain hens welcome change other hens might have performance anxiety if hen has to switch suites in the coop. 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I wonder what person could have defined such philosophy in Farming Credit & Farm Credit because you know … in 2002 when Michel Maillet was developing Farm Credit … Social Media didn’t exist and ME Michel Maillet actually had to think and reason each concept in the concept me was developing at that time and that is perhaps the smartest thing the Michel Maillet did because exists certain elements inside those developments that if people wanna steal from me Michel Maillet … they almost have to change themselves into barn animals and unless they live in city with only Vegans they always gonna be on someones list to be the steak on the plate … iT’s true … “some” things are better left alone … it’s the indebted Nests in some that try to make the things left alone into the things that get left loans … meanwhile me Michel Maillet une personne that has things … does not want ME things to be the bearer in YOU loans because that mean YOU using ME things in paying the things that YOU purchased ON Credit and meanwhile ME things are meant in bringing income to MiCHEL MAiLLET … in what means is ME things supposed bring income to Michel Maillet if YOU turn around and throw YOU Loans at ME things demanding ME things pay the things YOU impulsively got that YOU couldn’t permit YOU self in getting in the first place such what YOU ask is that the ME suffer because YOU went shopping and above all ~ YOU not even giving to ME the things YOU ask That ME pay for … is it starting to clue in that the ONLY plans the YOU’s in life seem to be able in putting together always seem to include one person suffering to sustain the bad habits of others and ME is always the one that seems as though is the chosen one to pay the price thus YOU ways is that YOU enjoy the fruits in the labor in ME Michel Maillet HARD Work meanwhile YOU make me miserable with me owns money hoping one day i’ll give it up and less pressure be on you … that’s never going to happen and i’ll write why … it’s because to ME Michel J Maillet … “iT” is NOT MONEY meaning the ME Michel J Maillet didn’t define me “iT” as being “money” that doesn’t mean iT can’t make me money to Michel Maillet … that means that to ME … “iT” is not money. 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It’s likre saying here kitty kitty … viens manger du bon nam nam du bon miss mew CA Ty Pri Par Ray … viens mine mine mine mine mine viens ssi mine mine … and that comes easy to ME Michel Maillet. I don’t have to make large efforts to write like that … but you see that those are in the roots in SHA Develops & that’s within me Michel Maillet developed cela!.Version: 3.90.5

In the cloudsExcellent admin app for on the go and remote Managment of work group. The power of the cloud in your hands. Great real time service updates keep you informed with issues, resolutions and upgrades. Essential app for IT administrators for any organisation.Version: 3.79

Awesome for busy adminsWould recommend to anyone who need basic access..Version: 3.89.2

Easy and practicalEasy to find the options and get it done quickly.Version: 3.91.4

Useful appUseful app for quickly making changes, and seeing service status..Version: 3.83

Love itIt simple and easy to use.Version: 4.5.1

Useful and easy to use.Gives me convenient access to many routine functions. Would like to see more advanced features added over time. Otherwise, pretty happy with app as is..Version: 3.81

Great Admin ToolThis app lets me know what is happening to my online presence and users from anywhere. It also lets Microsoft communicate with me so I do not chase things beyond my control, or at least let’s me know when to expect problems. I find the product to be transparent between my business unit and Microsoft, my business partner..Version: 3.90.1

Great Up-to-date information and reportingGreat notifications and navigation to keep clients and customers updated and engaged for both upcoming changes and issue items. More features getting added for a more powerful tool is great..Version: 3.88.2

MineMicrosoft belongs to me. Iannessa maria Cleo Ariam Morningstar.Version: 4.6.1

Simple, Easy and UsefulI find this MS360 app to be very Simple to understand, Easy to navigate and Useful for desired outcomes…..Version: 4.5.1

Great for actioning stuff away from your deskGreat app, saved me heaps of time and speeds things up. Great app.Version: 4.3.5

Microsoft has done one thing rightThe app to manage your Microsoft 365 account is pleasantly polished, functional and useful..Version: 4.9.2

The data I need when I need itI really count on the service alerts I receive from this app. The quality of this app is top notch and looks like a very expensive app. It's well designed and provides me with exactly the data I need about my cloud infrastructure..Version: 4.6.2

Most successful appThis app make job more efficient while there are great features and facilities has been added to keep business growth up Thanks Microsoft.Version: 3.83

Good and getting betterThis is a handy app and improving all the time. However it would be good to do some other things like buying extra licenses etc, and every so often it forgets what my login is..Version: 2.20

Super convenient way to tinker with the basic featuresReally like that I can add or delete a user on the go, or edit their groups as needed… especially useful in the education setting which is far more flexibly run on the day to day basis….Version: 3.90.1

Latest updateGreat enhancements on things! Especially now there is the ability to edit and remove accounts which didn’t exist before so they just kept adding up on the switching accounts screen..Version: 3.87

Useful on the runSo handy when you're out of the office.Version: 3.28

Does what it says on the box simpleIt works well even when mobile.Version: 3.90.1

Great way to manage Office 365Easy to use to manage users and accounts. Especially good to reset passwords for users as the client apps don't remind them when a change is due..Version: 3.28

Thanks for the transparencyI would like to say that I truly love all Microsoft applications and products. When I first started using them it was for the wrong purpose and cause. As I gained more insight as to what is/was happening, I was shocked and felt violated because of the intrusiveness. When I sat back and reflected I could actually see what was transpiring. It’s a must that one learns ethics, moral conduct, and integrity. It’s a must that one gains the knowledge to utilize these platforms in accordance to the principles and conduct of them across the board. Of course I’m not perfect and no one is. I’m gonna get better. For some it takes a long time to comprehend the lesson that’s being dispensed and they may have to put their hand on the stove a few more times than others to feel the burn. I just like to say thank you Microsoft and all the subsidies that work together to strive for excellent performance. I’m growing and I aspire to be great. If there’s anything beneficial that you have for me to be successful I would definitely would like to speak with someone from the team. Success is in my future! Sincerely, Saleem Watson.Version: 3.90.1

ConvenienceI find my iPad mini is so easy to take with me. Apps like this make it so much more useful as a network admin. This does nearly all the day-to-day jobs I do related Active Directory. I can do them while I’m with the user and don’t have to write it down either paper or electronically, then run back to my office. Great time saver!.Version: 3.90.1

Handy but slowI’ve used this to fix little issues on the go and it’s saved me time. It’s handy. It would be much better if it’s loading times were quicker. It’s so slow to login and doesn’t show you what’s going on while it loads. Even a progress animation would be good..Version: 3.36

Makes admin a breeze on iOSHas a few kinks but I can’t imagine life without it on iOS..Version: 3.89.2

Lifesaver when you don’t have access to a windows device….Got me out of a hole many times 😀.Version: 3.90.4

Good on the goSure makes it easy to do minor admin work when I’m in the field..Version: 4.5.1

Works wellThe application works well but I would like to see more features added to it that you can use online or from a PC added to Mobile therefore making it more usable on the MobilePhone.Version: 3.91.4

Useful and well laid outHas come a long way since the first versions. Now pretty well featured and useful to admins. Does not let you do all that you need to, but ideal for common tasks..Version: 3.79

A.S.The app is confirms that the activity has been saved but a few days later it shows no activities at all. For example I keep adding our logo then after few days or weeks it returns to the previous logo..Version: 3.87

Great app!I love using it, as to save having to go through the process on desktop.Version: 4.8.2

Admin on the goUseful for administering M365 on the go. The app have come a long way in the last year and looks a little cleaner too..Version: 4.6.2

Works greatAlways works as needed. No surprises..Version: 3.91.5

I’m not IT …… but, have been forced into the job since I own the firm and no one else wants the additional duty. The MS 365 Admin app makes my job a lot easier and much less painful. I get a new employee I can easily give them an email address and whatever level of Office apps I think they’ll need to do the job. When an employee goes on holiday, I simply put their account on hold. The email gets automatically forwarded to another employee and the apps are locked along with their One Drive account. I can do this from the convenience of my mobile phone..Version: 4.6.2

Good app for basic day to day administrationHelps to manage the user accounts, activate, deactivate, reset passwords, manage licenses etc. I still prefer the web app for advanced management..Version: 3.90.1

NiceAmazing functionality.Version: 3.90.1

Works great…!This app makes administering our company email accounts and users really quick, easy and would highly recommend…!.Version: 3.87

Al-In-One program makes iPad Pro the Administrators DreamMicrosoft 365 ia on my iPad and allows one to accomplish everything a computer can do. I like it because it works everywhere one goes - work home, business meetings or just in the park. From business letters and invoices to texting to flyers and broochures it is the Small Business Owner and/or Consultants dream..Version: 4.3.5

Useful toolEasy to manage on the mobile when you’re on the go.Version: 4.7.1

So easy to useGreat little app to manage Office 365 users while on the move..Version: 4.3.1

Microsoft 365 OfficeI give this application a five star rating because of its ability to work in a way that I can no longer make bad business judgement calls, and because of its predetermination to let me know when the company policies will be enabled, which is at the time when I see them get installed in the app..Version: 3.89.7

Great appThe ability to do basic management tasks mobile while on the phone is fantastic. I’ve had the app for years and have arm continual improvements with added functionality. Excited to see what the future holds..Version: 4.3.1

Very usefulIt's a great app and compliment to the office 365 software..Version: 4.6.1

Great tool, if limited compared to web accessHaving the ability to update basic details on the move is useful: devs also listen to and act on feedback here which is greatly appreciated.Version: 3.56.0

Remote Admin Made EASY!Love this app, it saves me a ton of time..Version: 3.89.7

GreatLove it..Version: 4.4.1

Ease of access for quick detail changing on the flyIt’s nice to be able to update a password or block a user during off hours when you get a frantic phone call from a Client. It is a mobile app, and there is a lot to M365 Admin. It doesn’t have it all but it has the primary things you would expect from an app to perform quick actions..Version: 3.85

Makes SenseI love the features! Most admin mobile apps only basic user management functionality. Far from providing the “on the go” admin experience which means always carrying two devices. Well not any more! Seriously, well done Microsoft. This app gives me the flexibility I was looking for and I can’t wait to start developing my new mobile strategy around it. Please DO NOT change it..Version: 3.66.0

PerfectPerfect for emergencies.Version: 4.6.2

An excellent Admin App for Microsoft 365This as an excellent Admin app for Microsoft 365..Version: 3.81

It Does What I Need it While on the RoadIs it perfect? No, but it makes my life a lot easier! I manage several M365 tenants for multiple customers. Sometimes, I need to make a change while on the road. This allows me to do this easily. It does not have everything I need, but it is good at what it does. I’m not making massive changes, but if I need to remove a license, block a sign in, or create a user, BAM! Done. If you’re a M365 admin, and you don’t want to be tied to a laptop everywhere you go, this will help ease the burden of using a mobile hotspot and booting up your laptop..Version: 3.87

Easier than web adminIt’s really useful. So much quicker to use than the web console. I’ve been able to active Teams easily during the Coronavirus isolation..Version: 4.8.1

AwesomeMakes my life so much easier. There's a ton of tasks available. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at all the capabilities this app has. I think it's easier to manage distribution groups than the full web browser..Version: 4.1.2

Mobile friendlyThis admin much better and mobile friendly! Dashboard at a glance is a great idea!.Version: 4.6.2

Keeps me in the loop when I’m away from the officeGreat to get notification on 365 outages and able to execute basic user management is really handy and means I can leave my laptop at home when I’m away for the day.Version: 4.1.2

AmazingI use this app everyday. It is great!.Version: 3.81

Great highly recommendedGreat highly recommended.Version: 3.65.0

Easy to useStability and user experience have been greatly improved..Version: 4.6.2

Super handy app!Superb!.Version: 4.1.2

Quick for simple tasksThe app is handy for doing simple admin tasks from anywhere. It saves having to switch the laptop on. I can do basic admin tasks first thing in the morning without having to get out of bed, meaning my users get a quicker response..Version: 3.65.0

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