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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas app received 71 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Can you share your negative thoughts about grand theft auto: san andreas?

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Negative User Reviews

I love this game on mobile...But HORRIBLE on MAC!!!This game is gret on mobile and iPad, don't get me wrong.. But this game should not be on the Mac Appstore. This is horrendous that they atleast didn't give me a warning before buying it, this is because you can't play it with normal keyboard binds...YOU NEED A CONTROLLER!!! Why didn't they tell me this before playing! By the way if you do further keep this game on the MAC Appstore, kindly add support for keyboard binds so I can play it. Again, no offence, but I just didn't like the fact that I felt ripped of from this legendary masterpiece that will always stay in my heart. And Rockstar, if you care about your players like me from 2000, please respond and fix the issues.. I would love this. Please get in contact with apple if possible to add the keyboard binds. Kind Regards, You Dear GTA player from 2000.Version: 2.2

Needs less bugsLooks great and all that but the controller mapping and general functionality need to be fixed to be 5 stars -Doing a burglar mission could get you trapped trying to pick up an item- +I’m stuck carrying the item now+ §the sounds won’t work out of my tablet speakers ever since I’ve enabled a Bluetooth headset, despite having the headset off and Bluetooth off.§.Version: 2.2

BrokenUnresponsive controls makes this game near unplayable, knew I should’ve spent my money on a game that actually works.Version: 2.2

Latest update crashes at load screenSince the latest update, the application crashes every time at the load screen. Seeing as how I paid for this app, This bug really should have been fixed by now, the bug has been active for about 2 weeks..Version: 2.1

Fun game but it crashesEverytime I get far in the game the game bugs out and won’t let me go back on because It will crash when the game tries to load, I’m kinda far in the game and I just completed a hard mission and I didn’t save and now it won’t let me play because it crashes pls fix it thnks.Version: 2.2

Keeps quittingHad the game a while and is actually just like it was on ps2 etc but it doesn’t open anymore and there’s no updates for it. Can’t find support either. $10 wasted until fixed.Version: 2.02

Audio is not workingAudio not working on any rockstar games.Version: 2.2

FrustratingThe game crashes during loading, if your lucky that it does load it crashes during a mission. The burglar mission is the worst. You get into a house and your character gets stuck there. It’s also really frustrating when you have just finished a mission and it crashes and all the time you’ve spent on it is wasted..Version: 2.02

BAD!! Poor iOS11/iPhoneX compatibilityAfter just upgrading my iPhone from 7+ to iPhone X 64Gb, I thought I would add this classic GTA game. This worked fine on my previous iPhone and iPad. However, I tried signing into the ROCKSTAR SOCIAL CLUB with my known user details to no avail. I even reset my password twice via email link yet ‘Sign In Fail’. It also crashes if I choose to SKIP login. Since the iPhone X launch there appears to have been a couple of updates to this game. Yet, they obviously haven’t checked to see if the iCloud saving facility is working and that it properly works. If you’ve bought this game already then wait for an update. If you haven’t I would avoid it until these bugs have been sorted..Version: 2.01

New iPad resolution issuesThe game does not render properly for the new iPad Pro 11 inch. It will display black bars top, bottom, left and right. Other than that it runs fine..Version: 2.02

Cars and A new UpdateWould be awesome to see new cars and being able to custom all. Also the fix for Michelle the girlfriend when the special date happens.Version: 2.2

Rockstar fix your game!!!My game has been crashing for weeks and nothing I do seems to help. I’m so disappointed in this app and would love a refund. The makers of this app do nothing to help make it better. Updates don’t happen for months and if not years (last update was 6 months ago). If you read through the reviews multiple people can’t even play because of a problem with the game crashing or constant glitches and to make it worse nobody even acknowledges the issue or seems to want to fix it. Waste of money for an app I can’t even use. I’m so upset because I actually liked the game at first but now I’m just frustrated and want my money back. If I would have read the reviews first I never would have downloaded it in the first place. Way too much money for an app that doesn’t even work!.Version: 2.01

Won’t loadI’ve had the game for a while now and haven’t had any issues with it but now when I try and load the game it goes to the loading screen then drops out and goes back to my home screen if it keeps going I would like a refund because how can you play a game that won’t work.Version: 2.02

Worth the nostalgia tripI remember fondly playing this game and it definitely brings back memories, just liked I remembered it. If you played this game when it first came out then I definitely recommend a purchase of this game to play it! No micro transactions too which is a boon. I do have to criticise it on the fact that the controller controls haven’t really been updated to adapt to the way we use controllers today. There still remains the clunky drive by shooting method which requires you to look left and right rather than using one of the analog sticks to actually control where to aim when shooting from a vehicle. Other small irks include not having a button to go directly straight to the map, and even a GPS route showing would be nice. Not entirely realistic given the 90s but I’m willing to forego that for convenience, mirroring the GTA V and really any open world game these days. Worth the buy!.Version: 2.2

Fun, but the console version is better.Loved the game when playing in PS2! Basically the reason I decided to purchase on iOS. But, unfortunately, the iOS version is slightly different from the console versions. The issues I find with this game are the controls and the lack of cheats. The fact that you can’t free aim or cycle through targets makes gameplay difficult at times. The auto-aim selects the person (mainly civilians when your free roaming) closes to you instead of the rival gang members shooting at you from down the block. The second issue is the lack of cheats! The whole purpose and appeal of GTA is the be able to use the cheats to reek havoc in between missions. Not having them make the game a little basic. The option to free aim and cycle target should definitely be a software upgrade, along with enabling cheat codes..Version: 2.2

No cheatsNo cheat! Takes 99.9% of all the fun away. The only cheats ai mostly wanted also were the weapons cheat, the no star cheat so I could roam all round the map without a stupid 4 stars, and actually all the ones that my ps2 had. Also the reason I want this is I don’t care to play story I just like exploring areas...but nope! ...Also they put 666 on some vehicles license plates which were NEVER in the older version...really offends me!🤬 Also you can’t even run over pedestrians with bikes anymore because they all jump out of the way. The original game wasn’t like that. There is still no grass and weeds in the fields. Boy...if only they just kept the original version instead of graphics and updates..uptade...I really would prefer the older graphics to I really hate these updates to make these graphics better. There is so much detail they try to add these older iphones and androids can’t take it All. In other words we are loosing important detail such as brake lights amd streetlights. I really just want the original graphics. Also This is a problem be ause of all this detail they try to add there isn’t enough space in the older systems to add parked cars and motorcycles that were in the original. To be honest I believe the original game had much more added in it. Im sticking with the playstation 2 game.Version: 2.2

Please help meI’ve been plying this game for months and it crashes all the time and sometimes I’d lose a couple thousand dollars because it wasn’t a checkpoint save but it was fine. I’ve been trying to play all day and it won’t load my game. I am logged in and I press resume and it keeps crashing Before it loads So I go to new game because you can switch between slots but I can’t get back to my game so now I’ve lost my house my cars and my money I need answers to why I can’t get my game back please help me.Version: 2.02

Crashing when open the appOverall it's a really great game, however I completed it and a couple of weeks later it won't even let me open the app anymore. I click on the app and the loading screen comes on after tapping "resume" and then the loading bar fills, but crashes back to my home screen. Please try help fix this issue as I read someone else is having the same problem further down in the reviews..Version: 2.01

GTA: CRASH CITYGot pretty far into the game, had to play extremely cautiously due to the game crashing every time I completed a mission so I’d have to RUN to a save location every time I completed something. Alas, the bugs eventually caught up and now I can barely get through a mission without it crashing - now at the point where I can’t even load the game because it just crashes during the loading screen. Using an iPhone X so it should be capable of running but the game itself is too riddled with bugs to work..Version: 2.02

Garbage gameA Garbage game for garbage people..Version: 2.2

CrashI love this game, but it crashes at a certain time after you play the game and I signed up for the rockstar social club so that way once it happens I can just delete the game re-install it put in the account and be back to normal. It crashed on me once and I didn't save so I tried again. So I tried a secend time and go way further in the game. It started crashing so I deleted-reinstalled-singed in and it didn't work, since this game doesn't sign in to Game Center of ICloud I completely lost my progress. I should have just kept the game. PLEASE update the game so it doesn't do it so maybe I can try a third time and for the future players of the game. If your not gonna do a fix like this anytime soon. You ruined a good game (Rockstar games).Version: 2.2

Love it!!! But...Absolutely great game, I’m so glad this is on here as I have no xbox or tv to play this on. Great graphics, super smooth. One major thing though is that very often I’ll get halfway through the game and then it’ll crash, and then will not reopen for anything and I end up having to delete it, resetting ALL progress and starting again which is REALLY REALLY annoying. This has happened on several different phones 6,6s and 7 all in great condition..Version: 2.2

Update this app or fix bugsGame was good until it will only load until the very end and it would go back to my home screen please fix this it’s very annoying.Version: 2.2

I play on 30FPSThis is very good game and worth it for it’s price, but i i used to play it on iphone 11 and now i’m playing it on 13 Pro and it has issues on 120hz screen. I think it doesn’t even run on 30 FPS and you need to fix it….Version: 2.2

Crashes and can’t resume my gameplay!(July 7, 2018) The game started to be really fun until this Cesar mission at Whetstone. I played it until I started crashing. When I constantly kept on pressing resume for the past 10 minutes, it started like crashing when it ALMOST loaded my data. I assume I needed to update to the latest version on the iOS right now. I saw other reviews, and people are having the SAME situation like me. It would be a relief if you updated your game for me to resume my gameplay. I hope you reply and I’m looking forward for you guys to made another update. I hope you understand. Thanks. (October 5, 2018) I moved the rating to one star now. I mean, it has been a couple months and you STILL haven’t updated or fixed the bug. I really needed your help. UPDATE THE GAME RIGHT NOW Rockstar! (October 12, 2018) Honestly, I’m done with this game.. it has been 4 months since I posted that review.. I’m officially done.. goodbye.Version: 2.02

Great but...controls failGreat game but the controls are a bit whack on my iPhone 7. Sometimes movements are difficult on foot it will randomly crouch or shoot at the worst moment. In a vehicle it’ll stop steering and move the camera instead really bad for trying to catch someone, racing, or getaways. Makes completing missions really difficult..Version: 2.2

GTA san crashesHalfway through the game and when I close the app then go back on after couple hours I go back on and resume then it loads then crashes.Version: 2.2

Lost all my progress againI specifically signed into the social club to save my progress and a deleted the game and redone loaded it to try to fix the game from crashing and it deleted all my progress because I thought that the save game slot was how to save your game and it wasn’t and than I looked under and it said “cloud save game” YAll DIDN’T MAKE THAT VERY CLEAR AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! I lost all my progress because of that and this is the second time making me lose all my progress why would y’all make it like this I lost so much time because of y’all and y’all really wasted all my time and I hated it, I lost all my progress because there is a regular save and there’s a cloud save which I didn’t see why can’t you just make all of them cloud save that way it automatically saves your progress and stuff like this doesn’t happen get me back my progress now!! Like honestly what is wrong with y’all, y’all are retarded for making it like that.Version: 2.2

Good game but also a waste of timeIt is an incredibly good game but don’t waste your time buying it if you’re on mobile because eventually it will never let you in and you have to delete all your progress to play again which is so dumb rockstar games you better update it right now and it is also hard.Version: 2.2

Sprint faultyGame is amazing except one thing for me. I started of got up to Doberman mission then start taking over hoods and after about 10 or so hoods captured my sprint stops working completely. So I uninstalled game reinstalled then restarted game from beginning where sprint worked got up to Doberman mission for 2nd time took over about 10 hoods and again sprint stopped working. Very disappointed will not try for 4rd time lucky. I was really enjoying the nostalgia of playing as a young teenager on ps2 but this glitch ruined it for me please fix this.Version: 2.01

MEHI like this game a lot and have been playing for awhile now but now it’s starting to show me graphical glitches where everything is blue and I can only see a doors and weapons but everything else around me is just blue. My quick solution is to go back and load my most recent game I saved and it takes me back to a normal screen. But then after a while, it glitches out again and it’s just a big pain. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 2.01

DisappointingI don't know whether it's the quality of the game or the fact I'm using an iPhone 5 but I often find the overall responsiveness of the game poor, and simple, basic settings like graphics quality, visual and audio preferences are missing, which is a shame because the actual storyline is really good, hopefully in the future rockstar will try to improve the compatibility with older versions of iOS and newer PC versions which apparently have similar problems..Version: 2.2

Crashes on story resume.I’ve never had this issue before, but whenever I try to resume from the start menu, the progress bar fill 3/4s of the way, and then crashes..Version: 2.2

It’s great! But there is a glitchOn the mission where you go through Big Poppa’s mansion the game does not recognise that you killed big Poppa if you kill him in the mansion. Please fix this..Version: 2.2

The controls are terrible. 100% completion of this game will be a nightmareI've played GTA San Andreas on PC and the controls are so horrendous in this version compared to it. For cycling, you can't accelerate on your own by double tapping a button, instead they make it so that you only accelerate by moving in one direction for a given time. This is heavily limiting especially on the Mt Chiliad challenge where your competitors will zoom past you on every turn there is. Zero's 2nd mission is daunting as well because you can't modify any of the flight controls. The awkward positioning of the firing button to the accelerate button makes the mission incredibly frustrating especially when the AI will always have aimbot aim on your plane while in the air. Other than the awful controls and a few glitches, this game is great..Version: 2.2

Data lossSome glitch happened when I entered a burger shot and then I lost progress..Version: 2.2

CrashyLove playing this again after a few years, and got back into it recently. But as soon as I get to the racing for pink slips/car it crashes. Sooooo maybe fix it?.Version: 2.2

Broken MessI started playing San Andrea’s on an iPhone XR using the Microsoft Backbone One. The controller worked great and reminded me of my days playing on Xbox. The game however is fundamentally broken in numerous ways. Most significantly, the map cursor is trapped in the leftmost half of the map, unable to place waypoints or even view much of the right side of the map, which is where Los Santos is located. Cutscenes load broken actors, with many NPCs loaded in T-Pose in the background before their role, or they freeze in place once their lines are over. I saved my progress to one of the empty cloud slots which I assumed is on Rockstar Games (I am signed into Rockstar Games Social Club) verified that it’d saved, then deleted the app and reinstalled, hoping to fix the aforementioned glitches. Once re-downloaded I signed back into RGSC, and went to load my cloud save only to discover that the save didn’t exist. I have now lost my progress of roughly a week. I can’t remedy this situation myself as there is no built in features for managing save data, even through Files or from a Mac. If i’d bought this app recently then I’d almost certainly be asking for a refund. I’d rather a functional game, however..Version: 2.2

Waste of money plz respondAfter downloading the game and paying 12 dollars I didn’t have the storage and when I want it back it says “already have the game.Version: 2.2

Awesome but bugs need fixingI have this game on my iPhone X on the latest iOS. I have taken over territories but the game all of a sudden crashes and I have to take over territories again. It gets frustrating and not acceptable for a paid game. Apart from that I thought the controls were a bit crappy but they can be adjusted and don’t forget we are limited to our device’s functionality. I could play for hours if it weren’t for the morale drop and loss of momentum having to continuously redo everything then drive miles to manual save. Amazing experience other than that..Version: 2.02

App crashes all the timeRecently bought this everything went good then the app started to crash after a few missions it consistently does this. Controlling vehicles is extremely hard leading to missions not being able to be completed until many times trying and no skip mission option for them overall I would suggest getting it on your PlayStation if you don’t have one this is good if you have the patience..Version: 2.2

Constantly CrashesThe fact I payed £5.99 for this game has me shocked. It was so good and really enjoyed it and I got really far with the missions etc and saved my game multiple times, then my game kept crashing and wouldn’t load on my iPhone. I then made an executive decision to delete the app and try and reinstall it to see if it would work and it did but all my game data had deleted and it’s put me all the way back to the beginning and I want a refund or for this issue to be resolved. I’ve only had the app a few days.Version: 2.2

Crashing needs updateRandomly Crashing on iOS 11 during missions, with iPhone X, please update it also social club login doesn’t work. Needs update paid good money for this Rockstar!!.Version: 2.01

All food shops buggedWhenever you take CJ to Cluckin Bell or Burger shot the screen goes black with with the title of the venue at the bottom right screen, I cannot play no more because I can hear CJ’s feet moving when you control him but it is still a dark screen with the venue title. The only way to go back to playing is to reload my save. How can I play if all the food shops are not patched? And also when it’s stuck on the loading screen I swipe my phone down to pause it but when I unpaused the game I was stuck in the same way as if Desmond would be if he was loading running around in complete nothingness. Please find a way to stop this inconvenience please, this is supposed to be a legendary game..Version: 2.2

Pretty good game.I loved the old version and this brings back soo many memories. My only problem is I'm running on an iPhone 6 and it has lots of lag. I read up on it and it's supposed to have a advanced display settings for low graphics,frame rate,effects,etc. If anyone could tell me how to fix the lag, it would be very much appreciated..Version: 2.2

Worthy to pay but crashing every timeAutomatically close while playing on iPhone X which is very annoying, graphics are good game looks same like you are palying on PC but need some improvements..Version: 2.02

Crashes so I can’t play anymoreI’ve tried to play this game twice now. The first time I was dumb enough to not save in the cloud(because I didn’t want to make an account) and I got very far along in it then the app started completely crashing when I opened it. Every time I’d open the app, it would crash. Rockstar themselves recommended to re download the app so I did and lost my whole progress 🤡 so I started again because I wanted to finish it and got pretty far but then it started crashing again! (This time I saved it under the cloud so I hope my progress is there)There are also bugs that get you stuck walking into walls/other things. I LOVE the game.. but the bugs have been SO FRUSTRATING Update: the cloud saved my progress this time so if you play this game make sure to sign into their social club and save under the cloud slots. Update again(the next day) app has started crashing again just from opening it. I am extremely disappointed as I wanted to finish the game and don’t think I’ll be able to if this keeps up Final update: I’m now not even able to sign into their social club to get my progress so I finally just have to give up on this game sadly.(ik I wrote like a novel in my review I’m just very disappointed as this game is amazing when it works).Version: 2.2

Some bugsGames good, the controls buttons are to cluttered and the camera view goes all over the place which gets annoying..Version: 2.2

Can’t complete the game!I loved this game on PlayStation, finding it on the App Store I thought this would be my chance to finally complete the game! I was so wrong... I had a few days where I wasn’t able to save the game as the floppy discs had disappeared from everywhere where they were meant to be but they finally reappeared and I was able to save my progress. However, I have just sat down to finally complete the game and upon loading the game it’s now back at the start... I gave up and deleted the app! Unless you want to waste many days on missions for it to just restart near completion DO NOT BOTHER!.Version: 2.2

Something is wrongLast week I did a indestructible car glitch with that place where you can customise your car I did it a lot of times and it wouldn’t let me customise my car please fix it.Version: 2.01

What happened?Worked fine 6 months ago now it is laggy as I can not even drive up main road it just bugs out...Version: 2.2

Two MAJOR issues…I love this game and I want to play this on my iPad which is why I bought the trilogy but there is two things standing in the way of me really enjoying this game and it’s such a stupid problem because there’s no reason it can’t be fixed.. my issue is that there is literally no way to free aim when you’re using a controller. The only aiming you can do is by locking on to targets. This ruins a lot of the gameplay for me. I can’t shoot at cars or anywhere I want, only at people close enough that I can lock onto them and that’s it. Not only that but locking on will also mess with my camera where if I could just free aim, I wouldn’t have this issue. I even went into the settings to ensure free aim was enabled but it still does not work for controller. I don’t understand this. If they fixed this issue, I would give all three games 5 stars easily but for now, I can’t do that bc of how much it effects my ability to enjoy these classic titles. The SECOND issue is that there is no way to input cheats into these ports. Like.. what. Why. How can you tell me I can play this classic GTA trilogy and not use the iconic cheats for these games? Unbelievable..Version: 2.2

Love the game but no support for MACOSPlease update the game to support mac... thank you in advance.Version: 2.2

Horrible ControlsI’ve been playing this on my iPad. It’s a fun game but the controls are cumbersome and too sensitive, even with sensitivity turned all the way down. There is no rhyme or reason to the camera angles when turning while walking or running. The camera pans all over the place and I sometimes end up staring at my own face. During gun fights, I’m getting shot while I try to reorient myself. It would be nice if the view would stay first person so I can see where I am going. When driving some vehicles, especially at high speeds, the slightest touch of a direction control sends me into a spin or into obstacles. It would also be nice if the route to a target was highlighted on the heads-up map instead of having to guess which way to go. This would be especially helpful in the countryside portions of the map. On long routes, I need to pause the game multiple times to check my position on the overall map so I can continue on. The further I progressed in the game, the less I actually wanted to play it and I ended up deleting the game. Dealing with the game interface and controls took the enjoyment out of it..Version: 2.2

So many glitches but so funI’ve had to restart my game 4 times already and by that I mean the whole entire game from the start. It’s so fun that I keep doing it but it’s just happening more and more constantly. I get so far only to be brought back to the tutorial in the beginning. This game is so fun but I just can’t keep restarting bc I keep repeating missions I’ve already completed and it’s getting to the point where it’s not fun anymore. I’ve spent a lot of money on these games only to be disappointed in the quality of the app. I’ve seen many reviews regarding this problem so I presume it’s not just my device with this issue. I’ve also got lagging in some parts of the game that make it very hard to play. I strongly recommend a new update fixing bugs and hope you are currently trying to fix this so the gameplay won’t be as frustrating not to just me but to everyone with this problem.Version: 2.2

Won’t load the gameIt’s was a nice throwback to my high school days till one day I go to play and it won’t load the game. I press resume and it starts loading really fast and when it gets about 75_80% the app crashes and I end up at my Home Screen. I’ve tried closing the app, restarting my phone, even to the point where I’ve tried deleting the app completely and downloading it again many times now. nothing seems to work the only thing I haven’t tried yet was starting a new game but I was hoping there’s a way I can fix my issue without loosing my saved game.Version: 2.2

Game is not openingI was on a mission racing car and suddenly game stopped and it's not opening again. did I paid 10$ for this thing??.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t port wellThe driving is just awful. The analog stick is totally unresponsive, missions like the driving school were hard enough on PS4 with a proper controller on this it is impossible. Made it to San Francisco now stuck with 4 different mission routes. I am stuck simply because the touch screen controls make it so I cannot do any 4 of the missions I need to advance. On one I am expected to drive behind 4 bikes and “grab” packages off them - except the touch screen is so unresponsive this is impossible - for some reason the package grab button is above the analog stick so you can either direct the bike or perform the task but you can’t do both at the same time. Drive bys are also basically impossible too for this reason as you either accelerate or drive, I don’t have three hands so I can’t accelerate, drive and shoot at the same time. The targeting system for shooting with a touch screen makes this game worse than the Vice City port, it hinders rather than helps. The racing missions take hours because the driving controls are awful. Because the analog stick only appears when you touch the screen it can take forever to activate it. This used to be one of my favourite games of all time but they have managed to ruin it for me..Version: 2.02

I love this game but brokenI love this game but every couple of minutes it closes the app for no reason and I lose all the process of a mission making it unenjoyable, one of the missions I keep getting to the end and it will close and start it again making things extremely frustrating, this saddens me greatly that I can’t enjoy such s great game..Version: 2.02

CrashingChildhood game now at my finger tips, I was so happy playing this when it was working. However it seems to keep crashing during the loading screen ?.Version: 2.01

It crashed in the missionIt’s a very good game but once I got to the races with Caesar’s cousin the game crashed and now I can’t get back into it..Version: 2.2

Great but...GTA SA is great for me, everything is just right. It's just my game kept crashing after the loading screen. After a few times this repeated, i unistalled the game. I was sad to realise that the whole game had been restarted as i have just done the mission where you kill Toreno in the helicopter.Version: 2.2

SadI have had this game for a week and a bit now and when ever I try load into the game it just exits out of the game, I don’t want to delete the game cause I don’t want to loose progress. Please help.Version: 2.02

So many glitches I can’t even count them.First off, I’d like to say that I love this game so much and I play it pretty much everyday. Aside from that, I wanted to point out the problems I’ve been having which also get in the way of me completing missions. The cars go so fast on the streets that they submerge into each other and explode. If I’m driving my car or bike is likely to get caught up into another car and blow up. Cars even go so fast that they fly in the sky. I deleted my app, and reinstalled it, restarted/rebooted my phone, and followed everything everyone advised online and nothing helps. I’m on the mission where I have to drive the DAs car to the garage spotless but I always fail the mission because cars always submerged into me. Sometimes my car will even get stuck into the ground where half of my car is in the ground and half of it is out but every time this happens, my car explodes. Please fix this and the game will get a 5 star rating from me. Thank you..Version: 2.01

Car upgradesI really like to play GTA but there’s a glitch that when you close the game and go back on to it when your in an upgraded car, sometimes use just lose all of the upgrades and it just goes back to the normal car, this is very annoying so please get this fixed ASAP.Version: 2.2

BrokenHas a bug where there is no sounds.Version: 2.2

REFUNDMy game has frozen twice now causing me to delete the app and reinstalling it which causes me to start all over again. Either fix the bugs or refund me the amount I payed to play the actual game..Version: 2.01

AnnoyedI have had the app for a reasonable amount of time and hadn’t experienced any issues up until now. Each time I try to open the app it will go through the first black loading screen with rockstar and when i go to the screen that says resume, after I press resume it goes to the next loading screen loads all the way quite fast, and then just completely shuts itself down. I’m really disappointed and cant find any reason whatsoever why it should be doing this. Please help..Version: 2.01

Awesome game for ipad!Glad i got this, so much fun but would be nice to be able to activate cheats just as you can on other platforms and a 360 degree camera for flying aircraft.Version: 2.2

GoodGreat app, but there are bugs that need fixing. When the radio plays it repeats the same song sometimes. Sometimes a song will stop midway out of nowhere and just change. Sometimes when the Dj is talking, a song will start playing over the Dj. Sometimes two songs will play over each other. Sometimes the music will still be playing when you get out of the car. If you exit a vehicle while listening to the mixtape radio station; when you get back in the vehicle the song that was playing will start again from the beginning.Version: 2.2

Massive traffic glitches and freezes after the latest update !Although the instructions on how to proceed with the game progress after the latest progress have been strictly followed, I experience massive traffic glitches - no matter what the traffic settings are (light/classic/heavy), all the surround cars drive at supersonic speed, appear spontaneously right into your vehicle, collide with each other massively, going backwards, which makes gaming nearly impossible! The game seems to be much heavier for the my iPhone 5 operative memory as there are occasional freezes during the game too (there is plenty of free space on my device, other heavy games play well). Neither traffic glitches, nor freezes were experienced before the latest update!!! Please release a fix to the said bugs asap, or please let me know how to revert back to the previous version which worked perfectly well. Thank you..Version: 2.2

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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