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Xfinity My Account app received 7 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about xfinity my account?

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Can’t get service at all!I’ve been paying for service for a week and can not connect to the internet. In a new house with medical problems related to significant moving injuries, multiple problems in multiple systems, banking needs, multiple requirements for research into local vendors and repair people and NO INTERNET!!! Have been through all the ridiculous “auto-assistant“ options multiple times with absolutely no improvement at all, finally “There seems to be a problem. Would you like a service appointment?” Why yes I would. Wait five minutes, followed by “There seems to be a problem. Would you like a service appointment?” Why yes I would. Wait five minutes, followed by “There seems to be a problem. Would you like a service appointment?” Why yes I would. Wait five minutes, followed by, “There seems to be a problem. Would you like a service appointment?” Why yes I would. Wait five minutes, followed by…. Yeah. You guessed it. I HATE XFINITY!!!!!.Version: 1.58.3

ServiceI do not know about all of these One star rates I have been with Comcast for years in fact when they first came here and it was only COMCAST I moved once and had ATT and they service was Bad and I could not wait to go back toComcast and have been here every since. A lady said it was better when you go into the Office. I never go in as I use a walker but I have always done ok On the phone I have the bundle and one thing when ever I get bad service I write a letter to whoever I need to if I cannot get The service I also ask for a supervisor someone who can do something because the people who answer the phones cannot Do a thing until they ask their supervisor. I say be a good consumer and go to the top if you have to do that and report them do not just complain and do nothing there are bad apples Everywhere but if you do not say something to the right people They want know what their people are doing if they never get any complaints give the people above these workers a chance. I go there if I have to and I go right away. These are the people Who can get something done. My hat is off to all of them. I will Be here forever as long as they are in business..Version: 1.58.2

Used to despise Comcast. My view has changedI utterly despised Comcast years ago. I always received horrible service on the phone or in store, and back then there was no online assistance that could get you beyond the basics “no duh” stuff. But since I’ve been back with them, started back in April of this year, it has been smooth sailing all the way around. Their customer service, online assistance and the one time I requested they call me, has been top notch for the first time in history! I love the control over your service that I now have. Such as: being able to easily see who is on my WiFi and all information regarding the device. The ability to pause any device for as long as I need. Schedule when and how long any device can be connected. And just so much more! Sorry for typing up a book but I truly am impressed and what they have been upgrading over the years. Keep up the good work.Version: 1.56.1

Comcast ReviewI would like to say that the customer service is excellent. I got behind in my payment by one month. Now. I only get internet. Because of the high cost in cable I can not afford all the amenities Comcast has to offer it’s just not in my budget. But small story short. I got shut off. I called them explained my situation to customer service. They turned my internet back on and said when you get paid please pay this amount and your service will continue. I was in shock. See I’m on a bye-weekly pay period. And I told them this they still turned it back on that day. I had my internet back on with in ten minutes. We need more company’s like this that have a heart and know that times are tough. And to give us hard working people a chance. I thank you very much. God Bless each and every one of you that work at Xfinity (Comcast)..Version: 1.34.0

Great app, request update for TV TroubleshootingMy remote is somewhere. Where? I have no idea. But someday I’ll find it. Until then, I had an old remote I wanted to reprogram, and was surprised that there’s no option for this in the My Acct App under the TV Support section. I used Xfinity Assistant, chose TV Troubleshooting, and there’s no remote troubleshooting option there either. So, I manually typed in Reprogram Remote, and the help I needed came right up. The link it brought me to, it’s a great link! It lists all the remotes, all the codes for my TV, and in a few minutes, I was controlling both power and volume to my silver remote with red OK button. The remote link/page is awesome and really easy to use and understand. I especially like that you show a picture of each remote so it was easy to find the old remote I had. It also has a link to the remotes manual, if you needed it. I would ask to please add a Reprogram Remote option to both the TV Troubleshooting tab, as well as in the Assistant for TV troubleshooting. I also really like that I can change what day my bill is due. Moving my due date to the beginning of the month really helped me out. Especially with the Holidays coming up..Version: 1.58.5

Their customer service is wonderfulI spoke to a person named Megha, i specifically asked if that was a typo for Meghan and it’s not. they were kind, patient, helpful and as quick as they could be. the problem is not the agents, it’s the customers’ entitlement. treat them with the respect you demand. and you will have a good experience. now, if you are complaining because you can’t pay your bill, that’s on you. don’t give customer service bad ratings because you’re behind on your bills. we all are. i’m sure the agents are as well. the company itself is not anywhere near as devoted and loyal to its customers as its customer service agents are, any day of the week. the app itself always works, has lots of ways to deal with issues without requiring a call in(or worse, a technician, but the app schedules those too). i rated this 5 starts because of the customer service agents. they dont write the policies and have no control over them, nor do their supervisors. comcast as a whole company i would rate 2 out of 5 stars..Version: 1.58.8

, Customer ServiceI see a lot of complaints regarding customer service, so thought I’d leave this little tip. I don’t know how much of their CS is outsourced, but regardless, the support by phone is indeed horrible. I always go to one of their stores with changes to my account, and any problems. I’m pretty much stuck with them, as I live in a ‘dead zone’, and Xfinity (Comcast) is the ONLY signal that reaches us. They know they have me over the barrel. But when I go in, they ALWAYS help me whittle mybill down, remove any late fees, and find special bargains for me. The last time in, without even asking, they gave me a month at 1/2 price, and gave me an extra month to catch up on payments. I might be the only one...but Im EXTREMELY happy with them. There’s rarely more than a 10-15 minute wait, and the in person customer service is stellar. On the extremely rare occasions where I’ve had to use the phone, it’s been quite frustrating. Going in person makes ALL the difference. Hope that’s helpful to someone out there!.Version: 1.56.0

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