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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer App User Positive Comments 2023

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer app received 173 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about goodreader pdf editor & viewer?

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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer for Positive User Reviews

Great AppI looked at GoodReader when it first came out and didn't end up using it a great deal. Attracted by the new version I went back to it and haven't stopped using it since. I manage all of my Board and committee papers from a number of companies using GoodReader and have found the sync and annotation tools second to none. A great product, highly recommended..Version: 4.12.1

AwesomeI have been using this and the previous versions since about 1.x version. It's the only app I use as often as the core apple apps. It's just indispensable. It works it's easy to use and if you device is old the engine steps down to prevent crashes. Just buy it. It's a great tool. FYI. I use it for hundreds of old word files excel, PDFs shop drawings, pictures, music files, I think it does movies too. Just added signatures. I asked for this and I guess it was a popular idea. Well done too..Version: 4.12.1

Great appEasily my most used app..Version: 5.8.1135

I love itThis app is exactly what it says it is - a good reader. In fact very good. Easy to use to add files, images docs via iTunes and easy to find and open everything when needed. Uncomplicated and reliable..Version: 4.12.1

Excellent except the manualsI don't think there can be a better app for iPad for reading many kinds of documents, especially .pdf. Good Reader is packed with features which would take some time to fully absorb. You can, however, just get into it at the basic level and learn as you go. My only issue is the arrangement of manuals. They state at the outset that it is a complex app. Fine, but they seem to go out of their way to prove to you how complex it is. Actually, navigating the manuals is more complex than the app itself. Do we need to have to go from one link to the other and thrown into the intricacies before we are introduced to the basic functions? I get it. I will need to graduate from the GR PolyU before I can use all features of the GR. I just wish the lectures were a little more user friendly..Version: 4.12.1

Great PDF ToolI have been using GoodReader for many years to both read and annotate PDF documents. The annotation tools are extensive, and the app is very stable when it comes to large PDF documents consisting of hundreds of pages of text and graphics. If you're after a robust PDF reader and annotator, I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.12.1

Love this AppAs an ipad only user, this App is brilliant for reading and annotating pdf documents. I feel I have hardly touched the surface of its capabilities, but already I greatly appreciate the compatibility with the Apple pencil for annotations. Also I love the ability to switch to a high quality audio reading of your document when your eyes need a break..Version: 5.0.3

Must have appI've been using Goodreader for years now and wouldn't be without it. Great place to store all your pdf files and ebooks..Version: 5.8.1135

Good readerGood, but access to password would be better.Version: 5.14.1184

Great App. I use it dailyI bought the first version when it came out. I was glad to buy the update. The file system provides functionality that I need. I keep pdfs, jpgs, and even docx documents in it. I keep forms I regularly use. I keep a lot of graphics on my iPads and GoodReader is the best tool for organizing them. The ability to annotate pdfs is crucial since I can keep the original and the annotated version. I can see things I could do with it but just haven't put them in my work flow yet. So far it works the way I want it to work on my iPad Pro including using the Apple Pencil. I purchased the Pro version and it works well. I thought the iOS Files app would reduce my need for GoodReader but it has not. There are quirks to Files that make it less useful for me. For one thing I want my primary storage to always be on my iPads. I often work in locations with no wifi access so local storage is essential. Backup to iCloud works the way I want it to..Version: 5.0.3

Love the new Good Reader!I have used GoodReader since 2010. I downloaded the new update a week ago. I was very nervous about it, because I don’t like major changes in the products I use. But the new (basic) GoodReader is great! I only use a tiny fraction of its capabilities, but am very happy with what I’ve seen so far. Specifically, it used to be that if I was reading a large text file (say, an 800-page book), and needed to mark a problem, if I didn’t put in a bookmark first, I was unable to return to the same point in the document once I had saved my editorial comment. This is no longer the case—hurray! I edit the text, click “Save and close,” and am immediately taken right back to where I made the note. Another feature that I love is being able to email the files, without having to use The Cloud or Dropbox. What a wonderful addition to the app—it makes my job so much easier! I can only imagine the additional capabilities that exist within the professional package. I don’t need those, so am thrilled that users are given the option of purchasing the package or not..Version: 5.0.3

AmazingThis app is packed with useful features. It's designed to make reading all kinds of documents from all kinds of sources easy. Accessing anything stored in iCloud for example, is effortless. PDFs and text documents in bailouts formats can be read, annotated, forwarded in pieces and exported to other apps. My only criticism is the cumbersome access from some screens back to main menu. Yes, no I didn't read the manual, but tried every logical tap and movement I could in order to get back to where I wanted. I would use this app for all my reading and annotation ... if this was fixed. The architecture and function and reading functions within screens are awesome..Version: 4.12.1

King DariushI love GoodReader🌺.Version: 5.8.1139

Undeniably The Best ios File Manager AvailableGood Reader was one of the first apps I owned back when we got our first iPad. Their developers continue to innovate, allowing Good Reader to retain its status as 'the best file manager' even after all these years! Good Reader is always one of a few must have apps I put on each and every ios device I or any family member uses. We don't use it a lot as some do, because you can use it for virtually everything, but we have it available to use for when we need too. Our primary usage is as a iCloud Drive repository for all of our important documents. We have perhaps 20 folders with a couple hundred files ranging from images, PDF's, Pages & Word document. But you can also keep other types of documents such as rich text too. Rarely do I encounter a data type that doesn't work in Good Reader..Version: 4.12.1

Saved me from a disasterI had an older version on my iPad and had not bought this most recent version. I bought it today because I wanted to support an awesome app that saved me yesterday from what could have been a disaster. Needed to do a presentation in front of about 100 people yesterday and the person who brought the laptop didn't have any video out at all. I started looking through my apps on my iPad and pulled up an older version of Goodreader. It had the WiFi Transfer option and I was able to transfer her PowerPoint (too big to email in a timely fashion) presentation to my iPad and throw it to the Apple TV that was available on the projector. Yeah this is an important app to have in your toolbag. Even though I owned an older version that did the job - I just wanted to show my support and pick up any new features. Thanks for a great product!.Version: 4.12.1

Always very usefulI have GoodReader on my iPad and it has been useful. Not the easiest to instinctively sync between devices but once discovered it becomes easy. Had been useful and I expect I hardly use it to its true potential. Versatile indeed and keeps adding new features..Version: 5.8.1135

Amazing appI just love the fact that you can have folders and manage documents so easily.Version: 4.3.0

New version 5I was beginning to lose faith that the long-awaited v5 would ever happen, but it’s finally here. Congrats to the developers. My first impressions are very positive, especially since the recent issue with connection to OneDrive is fixed. For me, this has always been one of the most essential apps on the AppStore, since it lets me carry a whole library of documents around with me..Version: 5.0.0

App works great, but bewareThis app is excellent for managing and marking up PDF documents, and I have not noticed any problems since downloading iOS 12 on my iPad air 2. However, I’d be wary about purchasing this app over others because I think they stopped supporting it. Not only has the developer not responded to my last question (I asked them if they had noticed any problems with the iOS 12 update) – and this is unusual because are used to get an automated receive confirmation when I would email the company and then they would usually respond within two days – but if you also look at their website, it’s still contains a warning concerning iOS 11 and the copyright date at the bottom of the webpage is 2015. So, the way the app is working right now probably deserves five stars, but I’m deducting a star just because of the uncertainty regarding future performance..Version: 4.13.0

WOW WOW newest update!!!! Love GoodReader - so many features, especially for PDFsGoodReader has become my go-to app on the iPad Pro 12.9 - I ditched my desktop Mac (yes, I got sucked into the Apple commercials about tossing your laptop/desktop for a iPad Pro 12.9) - now I do things a little differently, so GoodReader is my key tool to manipulate files. Mac had ‘Preview’ - not sure what Apple had in mind as an equivalent for the iPad, so I use GoodReader to fill that gap. Works to manipulate, crop, edit, amend, split, etc., etc.,.... So how can I back up my entire GoodRead data ‘blob’ to iCloud? I guess my normal cloud backup gets it all, but I’m wondering if GoodReader has it’s own cloud backup to iCloud. I know there is an iCloud folder on GoodReader - should I move everything in there as my ‘root’ folder and work from that?.Version: 5.0.0

Very well designedVery handy program for reading and editing files..Version: 5.8.1135

Long awaited update - still the best doc and file manager for iOSGoodReader has caught up and no longer looks dated - although the shade of green it sports may not be to everyone’s taste. It feels faster, more versatile and, as a bit of a techead, it has all the back office tweaks and settings that make it so useful. As a document reader it is excellent; as a file manager it is without equal. I don’t need the military grade encryption but for those who need it - it’s available for a premium..Version: 5.0.0

Finally updated!Still your old Goodreader reskinned and with new features. The best features is the ability to seetwo PDF's side by side and saving directly to my RAV device. The only major con is no Drag & Drop. Still have to invoke 'share' to transfer documents into the App..Version: 5.0.3

Great app, must have for viewing PDFs and more on the goI had the original GoodReader almost since day 1 and loved it. Migration into this new version is super easy and changed over 1GB worth of various files in less than 3 minutes from the old GoodReader on the iPad Air. Great work!.Version: 4.0.1

Versatile app for document reviewsI have used GoodReader for years and I am very happy with it for noting documents I need to review. The ability to categorise the documents into various folders works well. The annotating seems to have improved or I am now used to it. Overall I am happy with the decision to used GoodReader..Version: 4.13.0

Love thisI have been using this app for years and it is fantastic. v5 is just amazing! Well done devs!! Upgrading to pro version was a no brainer, even if for no other reason but to support this and future dev as i don’t think i will need the pro features (but you never know) . i love this app. Don’t hesitate to buy this, you will not be disappointed..Version: 5.0.0

Très completJ'adore. Très complet.Version: 5.13.1177

Webp support for images pleaseFirst off, let me say I have used this app for many years and it is by far one of my favorites. This app is so useful and it adds a lot of value to my iOS devices. I would just like to request Webp support to be added. Since this image format is used much more frequently due to compression and being made by Google, it is slightly frustrating that images in this format do not creat a thumbnail view in the app and they will also not let you export or save to images. It does let you click on a file and say open as a picture and it will show, but being fully supported to allow thumbnail view and exporting/saving to images on iOS would be very beneficial. Or allowing us to convert to PNG in the app would be another cool feature. Either one or both would be great. But again I do love this app and would be lost without it so thank you for all you do and I hope this app lasts another 20 years because it is so great..Version: 5.8.1135

Excellent App, One ShortcomingI've used this since I got one of the first iPads. I play board games that have lengthy rules, almost always available via PDF, and being able to access them easily was the killer app at the time. My biggest issue is that you can't carry bookmarks from device to device easily. Some of these rule sets are 40+ pages and bookmarks are essential. Having to completely renter them is a huge pain. I haven't noticed the problem when updating a device, but it is definitely there using AirDrop or whatever the file sharing tech is called on iOS. Because the bookmarks aren't annotations, they are lost. A very minor nit, but for one game that has eight files with over 200 pages total, it was a couple of hours I'll never get back..Version: 4.12.1

The swiss army knife for ipad in your work lifeI bought GoodReader at the begnning of my personal ipad history back in 2010 and I have used it almost everyday of my life since. I use GoodReader for quick offline access for all my key company documents. The file system is intuitive. I use it for all my weekly public speaking and it has never let me down. I “save to” or “export to” GoodReader from all kinds of other apps (notably Pages) and this is also intuitive. It handles large file types and I use it to store files for later reading. I regularly use the pdf editing feature for modifying documents that I am getting ready for presentations and this is again simple and intuitive. If I had to delete most of the apps off my Ipad, GoodReader would be one that stays..Version: 4.12.1

PDF to speech has become unreliableGoodReader used to be a fantastic way to listen to PDF files. While there are better sounding alternatives, they use custom voices that really drain phone batteries quickly. GoodReader uses the built in phone voice which is much more power efficient at a still acceptable level of quality. Sadly, it will now only read one page at a time. After each page the speech stops and the remaining pages of the PDF document all appear blank. The only way I know to recover is to close and reopen the document. One can then restart speech on any page but it will stop again at the end of that page. GoodReader is no longer a practical way to listen to PDF documents as one would listen to an audiobook. The issue might have something to do with the app entering a semi-idle state after the screen goes dark and the phone locks. I think the developer is missing out on a really big opportunity because of the popularity of audiobooks. I hope the text to speech feature is restored in the future. GoodReader would then be a five star app one more..Version: 5.14.1184

GoodReader is like what Apple Files should beI have been a big user of GoodReader for years. Great app to store and manage files while keeping downloads etc inside the apps. It allows syncs to multiple cloud services and passing documents into other app. It also has unzip feature and method to view some docs. It has not received much update however. It sometimes has the UI overlapping on iPhone X and also crashing when saving MP4 into Photos. It can be improved further..Version: 4.13.0

Wonderful App, but a little fix needed...Its been part of my everyday reading and studying since my first iPad back in 2011. The new version (5) is outstanding specially since finally we are able to sync multiple iOS devices via iCloud. Well done!!! Yet there is a minor issue, that affects regular use of the app, specially in the annotation process. If you are working on a document on the iCloud File, and you are using any of the annotation tools, you will find that you can’t change tools by simply clicking the Tool Menu Bar on the top of the screen. This still can be done in documents not in the iCloud File, but for some reason, with these documents it kind of crashes, and it make you go to the main menu in search of the Annotation Tool’s menu bar on the right side of the screen. Currently Im using two iPad pros (not the last generation, the one before), with apple pencil first generation. It does not ruin the app, but it definitely make it less efficient. Hope to see an upgrade soon addressing this matter. Other than that, great work people, you have produced an outstanding APP !!!.Version: 5.1.5

Fantastic appI love this app. Mainly use it on iPad but I also have it on my iPhone. Very handy being able to annotate PDFs, remove pages etc, as well as organise PDFs and other documents in folders. It works particularly well at downloading files from slow websites that time out in your browser..Version: 5.1.5

Serious professional editing toolI can’t believe I haven’t reviewed GoodReader before. I’ve been using it since it came out on the recommendation of my editor and I can’t imagine handling PDF proofs without it now. It’s stable, richly featured, it does everything you need without endless in-app purchases, it’s intuitive, and it can cope with huge files. The documentation is thorough and the support, on the rare occasions you need it, is first-class. Pop-up annotations aren’t suitable for some jobs and GR gives you a good choice of alternatives including the excellent freehand tool. I’ve seen too many apps that promise all that but none of them do the job. And this is one of only a handful of apps where I’ve been happy to subscribe to an extra pack of features because they’re exactly that — extras, not unlocking basics. A real bargain, too. I can’t fault it..Version: 5.9.1145

Updated Review and RatingThis app used to be five stars now it’s horrible. It actually works in regards to reading PDFs however I can no longer sync my icloud files though it has a folder. The settings point me to the main settings. There is nothing in the main setting. Customer service never returned my email. I even tried using Dropbox. But Dropbox doesn’t actually sync to where there’s a copy in Dropbox and GoodReader simultaneously. It downloads a copy to the hard drive. User manual for icloud support is useless. Money talks and I’ve lost trust in this company. I will share my experience with my subordinates at work. ——————————————————————- UPDATE: My boggle was actually with Apple and not GoodReader. After conducting more research, I’ve discovered that Apple has either made it more difficult or impossible to actually sync with GoodReader. A rep finally returned my email with some instructions however I was still unable to SYNC my files with iCloud. I want to have a folder on my computer that also keeps a copy of my files in the GoodReader app and automatically synchronizes with each other. I ultimately figured out how to do this with Dropbox but not with iCloud. By the way, I’ve reduced my iCloud storage plan and increased my Dropbox plan. I show companies where I stand by either putting less or money money into their pockets. Shame on Apple for taking away this functionality..Version: 5.1.5

Good Job, but...Solid product. No major complaints. Very stable and well organized. Lots of good capability to connect to various file server types (SMB, IMAP, Google Drive, etc.). And it can do a lot of cool stuff with PDF — I use it to overlay all kind of notes, insertions, drawings, ... on PDF files. I would (and do!) recommend as a good general purpose tool. I use it daily and have for a couple years. One nitpick — it’s attempt to render PPT is very often flawed, but I have to believe that PPT is probably horribly complex, and completely (publicly) undocumented so I don’t really hold that much against the app. I generally save my PPT as PDF and then transfer them to GoodReader, thus avoiding this problem. I would like to suggest one addition - if I could write text files in Markdown format and have them rendered as such it would greatly increase my ability to use this for other types of documents, especially notes..Version: 4.13.0

Great AppApp works great (that is what I've used). Enables you to use the programme pretty much as what you can do with a full version. Still yet to gain benefit of all capabilities of this app. Looking forward to explore more.Version: 4.11.0

GoodReaderAbsolutely brilliant app; can't be without it. The features it includes make it way superior to iBooks..Version: 4.1.0

Stable for many yearsPretty much does what it says and is very stable . I have been using it for years on an old first gen iPad mini and it still runs perfectly. I recently upgraded the iPad and to IOS 11- I was a little concerned about the fact the older version no longer worked, but I could still do a simple transfer on itunes from the old app and drop it straight into the new - no problem..Version: 4.12.1

Nothing like itGoodReader does all you can throw at it, and no other app even comes close to its range of features and capabilities. Because it is so rich, you have to learn it, of course: it's worth doing that. Support for particular uses, tweaks and problems is also excellent, fast and personal..Version: 4.12.1

Great appThis is one of my most used apps. It works for everything I ever want to read. Version 5 is even better. Keep up the good work. Never came across any bugs..Version: 5.0.3

ExcellentHave been using GoodReader for a long time now and absolutely recommend anyone that uses pdf files this is a must. Over the years it has improved tremendously and although I don’t use it to anywhere near its capacity I keep finding out new things to do with it and can’t find anything that can’t be done. Cannot endorse GoodReader enough as a brilliant app and thank the developers for such a good product..Version: 5.1.6

GOODREADER REVIEWI highly recommend this application. I am able to save my documents in an orderly way in a way that suits how I work. I can email documents to students. I can also zip up my documents and transfer them to other devices. I can upload key documents from my PC. I can transfer my pictures to Goodreader and organise them again to my way of thinking. And I can view videos in Goodreader. And there is more to explore. By far the best application on the market. A no fuss easy to use application..Version: 5.3.1102

One of my Top AppsGoodreader has capabilities far beyond what I use it for, such as splitting and merging PDFs. Where I find it most useful is as a library where I can keep my documents that I want to read in a folder structure. That might be interesting documents downloaded from the Web or my magazine subscriptions, or user manuals for devices that I own, or PDF books. The list goes on. The recent implementation of split view has added massively to the app, allowing me to read passages from one document whilst writing a review in a different app. The app has a nice tidy interface and I can't recommend it enough. There is also a Mac app, GoodReaderUSB that allows you to drop documents into GoodReader on the iPad from your Mac. Very useful..Version: 4.12.1

Stupendous PDF, Use it as my ebook readerI've been using GoodReader for 9 years on iPhone 3GS. NOW ON IPAD MINI, iPadOS, it is brilliant. I'm sure it does heaps more than I realise. It's super clean layout. My top 4 enhancements: 1- have ability to 1 tap, help popups, 1 tap off -- I can only digest a few at a time, and after the 5th one I've over it. 2- have ability to use the superior text to speech voice that vBookz uses. GR as ereader is much better than vBookz, as yiu have more control, split screen, annotate etc.. but human voice is much lower quality 3-have ability to set a specific, folder view as gallery. Picture icon. Then to move around, I want to drag. 4-ability to add notes and tag annotations. I often want a print out of subset of my annotations, with my notes. And visually in my gallery see the file has been noted, and annotated Still brilliant without these. Finally moved me off using vBookz, app. Originally I also used "PDF expert" app but stopped using test several years back. Plus the price of PDF expert is outrageous..Version: 5.6.1117

GR for musicI have found GR an excellent tool for handling all my Songsheets from the various groups whit whom I play my ukulele. Separate Folders for each group and the simple ability to fing various versions of the same song in different groups is really handy. An excellent piece of software on my iPad..Version: 5.9.1145

Now indispensable......It’s been a while coming but boy, is this update worth it. All of my previous gripes have been resolved in a new, fresh UI. If you handle documents on an iPad then this is the only app you need. If I was forced to criticise...... the learning curve for newbies could be a little steep and it would be nice to have some control over a theme for those with an aversion to green. Hardly criticisms at all.....Version: 5.0.0

Great AppUsed a few but this is by far the best very solid and although I’ve found not intuitive they are excellent at replying to emails.Version: 5.1.3

My default PDF readerOpportunities to annotate etc make this a very useful tool.Version: 4.12.1

Used daily for a few yearsAll my reading is done in Goodreader. I use annotations extensively and I like it a lot. I recommand..Version: 5.8.1135

More than a pdf readerGreat app which does so much more than elegantly allow you to read PDFs. Handles a whole range of files brilliantly - including mp3s. I have it set up to sync some of my Dropbox folders and it does that superbly too. The developers continue to add new features all the time..Version: 4.12.1

Great appThe last build was horribly slow when jumping in and out of the app especially when using iCloud feature..... not any longer the app has been improved dramatically love it, a must have!.Version: 5.0.3

GoodReaderUSB Required Functionality: Backup booksDear GoodReader, First of all I must say that your application was a revolution in a way we can store and manage our library. Currently I have stored more than 5000 books and articles to support my writing research. However there is something important missing: is the ability of your GoodReaderUSB PC application (Windows 10) to allows the user to create a full backup preserving the file structure via PC. I am using GoodReaderUSB version 2.5, and I hope you can answer my prayers... Regards Carlos Australia.Version: 4.13.0

Still greatI was worried by the long gap between updates but the recent update is fine. I use it for reading and marking up PDFs and it's really fine for that. Tiny notes in case the developer reads this: - it would be nice to have options around colour scheme, although it's not a big deal; - if it changed to subscription I would be fine with that only if stopping paying the subscription still left viewing features in place and you could always get data out of the app (so syncing should still work)..Version: 5.1.0

ExcellentSuch a reliable, easy to use tool. I’ve used it for some time now. And I do mean years. Encouraged my brother & sis n law to use as well. It’s excellent..Version: 5.1.5

Super helpful tool for academic learningI’ve been using GoodReader since my master studies and it’s been absolutely invaluable in keeping my notes and documents organized. I like the fact I can edit pdf using many helpful functions. I even used it for my apartment’s condition report.Version: 5.13.1177

Works greatI’ve used this since 2011.Version: 5.1.3

Superb File Manager and PDF ReaderExcellent software and easy to use. Versatile folder structure can be set up just as required to make for easy navigation when hundreds of documents are involved. Seamless integration with Dropbox and fast transfer of files and folders. Can be used to view Office documents as well as pdf documents, but the experience of reading pdf documents in GoodReader is probably better than with any other software. One of my must-have apps on the iPad..Version: 5.1.5

One of my favorite appsThis is an outstanding application. It has one main task: reading and annotating PDF files, and it performs that task flawlessly. It helps you organize your PDFs and works seamlessly with iCloud. The annotation tools (such as highlighting, adding notes, etc.) are intuitive and useful. It has wonderful character recognition capabilities, enabling you to search for words within your document. Bookmarking is available and very useful. I have recently been downloading a number of Google Books PDFs, such as digitized versions of 18th Century English magazines, and I’m amazed at how well GoodReader can interpret the sometimes distorted digitized letters. This app has saved me dozens of hours of work and it is well worth whatever the price is. I’m looking forward to seeing what they add for Version 5..Version: 4.13.0

Essential multi-use app!!I have used both the old version and the current version of GoodReader over several years now! I find it really fast to transfer text files such as PDFs and also audio files. I’ve found that I can transfer anything to GoodReader, when other apps fail to respond e.g. podcast apps in the case of audio. I would have given 5 stars, actually, except for the fact that I have a problem with the colour contrast of the interface, it is so “charcoal” and I find it hard to see inside the house let alone if I’m in the outdoors wanting to listen to audio etc. A few days ago I decided to use the support icon at the bottom of the GoodReader screen to contact the team to recommend a change to the colour contrast of the interface to make it more accessible for all. Within a couple of days I had a good comprehensive reply from the team. And it was good news that the next version/upgrade will have a different look that will take accessibility options into account in the interface. I’m a happy customer! Helen from Wollongong, Australia..Version: 4.12.1

Love It!Work provides me with a never-ending stream of documents to read. These are usually lengthy PDFs, which are impractical to print out and carry around, but don't scale right in iBooks or on the Kindle/iPad either, due to margins and page-formatting etc. With this, I can finally read them easily, while on the go, even on an iPhone 6! There's a brilliant crop feature, which can be applied to all pages in a few seconds, and the zoom settings stick where you like them (unlike iBooks) and allow you to scroll easily through the whole document. And there's a perfect night-time mode. There's loads more features which I look forward to getting to grips with, but for now, the features above have made it well worth the price, and I can look forward to travelling much lighter in the future..Version: 4.12.1

Good ReaderOne of my favourite and most frequently used apps.Version: 4.1.0

GoodreaderTellement pratique.Version: 5.14.1184

I have been a user since 2009Thank you, i love this pdf reader, i love the commitments to privacy. bought it several times and truly appreciate the option of being able to buy the app outright and not have to do the annual subscription. which is required unfortunately :( i would love it if there was an option to buy the premium features outright but understand its not currently possible..Version: 5.12.1171

SyncingVery good but am unable to get it to sync from my iPad to my iPhone.Version: 5.8.1139

Great appI’ve been using this app for nearly 10 years. It is excellent. I’ve tried a few others including expensive board paper tools and nothing comes close for ease of use and range of features..Version: 5.8.1135

A reputation earned by years of deliveringGoodReader was one of my first serious apps from many years ago (iPad 2 era). I stuck with it because it delivers consistently and reliably to me as a consumer. It keeps up to date, it doesn’t lose the plot with fluffy new features and it maintains a consistent user experience. Easily one of my most trusted apps..Version: 4.13.0

One of the few...Of the many hundreds if not thousands of iOS apps I have paid for, in terms of time, money, and typically both, that I actually use on a regular basis. The main reasons for this are stability, existence and adequacy of documentation, the absence of a requirement to create a superfluous online account with the vendor, infrequency of paid updates and online purchases, and most importantly, simple usefulness. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of mobile applications available from Apple’s store satisfy mostly the opposite of these criteria: they are unstable, undocumented or poorly so or in a foreign language, require the user to create a “cloud” or other type of account with the vendor, simply to work with desktop documents, often as a way of extracting additional passive income while undermining user’s privacy, proliferate paid updates and online purchases, and in many cases are designed as toys for children. I applaud the producers of GoodReader for such a statistically improbable achievement!.Version: 4.12.1

Essential app for the iPad ProLove this app to open all sort of documents esp PDFs. I would love it even more if you could please add some external keyboard navigation commands such as page up and page down etc. Many people with the iPads these days will be using external keyboards. It would be greatly appreciated by many.Version: 4.12.1

Document reader and organiserWas tempted to refer to GoodReader as a document equivalent to the Swiss Army knife, but that is to cliche, it stands on its own as good all round document reader and organiser. Add to that the ability to annotate and make notes, what more do you need when taking documents into a meeting, or a lesson. Can it be improved yes it can, I think the note taking is one area that adding notes though good, can be great, by making the entry to adding notes quicker and simpler, also Apple Pencil freehand writing, with double tap to text conversion, would be good..Version: 5.1.5

Great app using it for 5 yrsGreat all around, feature-rich. 4-stars b/c the download and upload to iCloud is very slow; the larger the file the worse it gets. Even a 200kb file takes 20-30 sec. It’s not so much the download but the “thinking” that apparently is taking place before the download begins.. seems to always have a delayed start to download. Once download begins, it is not nearly as fast, at all, as my other downloads in other apps or just simple video streaming. It’s been a real problem when you’re lecturing and you want a file in a pinch. It can take up to a minute for a small file to download — kinda twilight zone-like - you’re doing great and the app is awesome and then you need a file, your on a very well-connected network and yet…. Otherwise, the app is all you need..Version: 5.11.1162

Thanks Good Reader team!!Perfect app for managing big PDFs and also zipping & unzipping multiple files. Thanks a lot Good Reader team for making such a good app..Version: 4.11.0

If you need a decent reader buy this app!GoodReader is a fully featured reader app for .pdf and a whole host of other common document formats. I've been a user for half a decade and the continuous improvement and updates makes this a solid, long term investment. With a host of annotation tools and flawless cloud integration (I use Dropbox), I don't need any other app..Version: 4.12.1

ExcellentAll my PDFs go in this app. It can be a pain to read PDFs on an iPhone screen but the covert to text reader is brilliant. Annotations are simple and really helpful. My only wish is that you could see the annotations inside the reader..Version: 4.3.0

Amazing but...App is honestly amazing, at least for my needs, although i am really wishing there was a feature so that i could handwrite on the post-its/notes as i don’t want to switch from keyboard to screen regularly.. aswell as move where the note floats as i write it because it often covers the text which i need to see... The “google” feature does bother a bit as it doesn’t have a “go back to file” button so i’m having to go back to the folder and then to the file again...Version: 4.13.0

Good appIt’s the best one. That’s the only one I use..Version: 5.8.1135

Still the bestGoodReader is still the app I rely on most to use the iPad as a professional tool. Without GoodReader, I am not sure I could still consider the iPad as a very portable, almost full-strength computer. There are other very good apps which have become available since I found GoodReader many years ago, and more and more of them now perform one or another GoodReader function as well as or almost as well as GoodReader. But there is still nothing like GoodReader itself. Even if GoodReader never upgrades again, please do not become discontinued altogether. For one thing, I would not know how to organize and keep track of the tens of thousands of documents I now have on the iPad. I rely on GR for so much more as well. Thank you to the developers..Version: 5.11.1162

GoodReader is my no.1 appConsidering the basic structure of GoodReader is that it simply stores my files why do I love it so much? It was one of the first apps I loaded onto my my iPad (that is five iPads ago) and I still use it every day. It never breaks and all the important material of my life and work is stored in it. I find things easily and regularly use the other features, adding pages, annotating etc. I have no idea who designed it or who does the fixes and updates, but thank you whoever and wherever you are!.Version: 5.1.3

Just Wow!Goodness, but this app is utterly fantastic. I simply cannot think of a single feature that it's missing. I've deleted every other PDF reader from my iPad, and use this all the time. It's powerful, it's swift, it's perfect for scribbling over documents, inserting digital text, arrows, boxes, pictures, anything! The sharing options are fantastic too. Quite honestly, I don't know how I ever managed to use an iPad prior to downloading GoodReader — it's been that useful to me. Paying for an app these days can feel risky given the excess of shoddy stuff out there, but I'd happily have paid twice over for this one. If you need to read, markup, and work with PDFs, then don't hesitate. GoodReader is sublime..Version: 4.12.1

Paper and time saverGreat App - does everything paper and a pen would, with ease, and files and saves. It could make it easier to send the saved document by email, and make it easier to bring up the main menu - perhaps there should always be a visible menu button on the screen? But these are niggles - great and very practical business and personal app..Version: 4.12.1

#_1_GoTo App for "Everything"I've been a user of the GoodReader App for over 6 years. It's the greatest toolkit for anything you want to do: create your portable Library of Professional &/or Personal Books, documents of ALL formats - I have 100's of books, journals, articles, for professional reference, as well as, personal favorites, such as, the Best Poetry Collection, NanoMedicine, etc. This App will handle huge PDF files like No Other App out there. I'm talking about a single PDF greater than 1_G. It handles pictures, audio, video, anything else you can think of. Best of all, GoodReader makes a USB applet for your big Computer (multiple OS versions) so you can manage your GoodReader content directly, avoiding the massive headache that is called iTunes. Best App I ever bought, & they keep making it better! -----Updated: 19 June 2018------ Still unparalleled in its Robust handling of huge documents/PDFs, plus Now -- pretty much any, visual, etc. Just doesn't get better than this. 10-Stars!.Version: 4.12.1

Perfect app for documentsIt's the only app you'll need when working on documents. Have been using it for more than 5 years. The app has evolved into what it is now and all upgrade for free. Couldn't recommend it more..Version: 4.12.1

Good for work and playI’ve used GoodReader for 7 or 8 years and find it excellent for becoming a personal document management system. Minutes, board papers, specifications are all able to be reviewed and marked up with highlights and comments. Personal life organiser for travel documents , bill management and anything else! Easily searchable, organise your own folders. A great product without crashes. 👍😄.Version: 4.13.0

GoodReaderAwesome app Easy and efficient for my concert playbacks Shari tallon.Version: 5.11.1165

Good. Could be better in sreenshot and smooth functionThis is an excellent app. Still noticeable lagging on Ipad pro 12.9 inch. Could be better: Screenshot: the crop mode is very time consuming and not user friendly. Please support screenshot with finger or apple pencil (like Foxit) Lagging when turning page: noticeable lagging when turning page. I'm sure it is not the issue with my ipad pro 12inch's capability of smoothing the pages. The engine or coding could potentially be improved. Document (by reddle) did a good job in this. Although they don't support two page views..Version: 4.12.1

The bestIt's the best way to annotate a pdf with the Apple Pencil. No need to click 5 things before highlighting. Super!.Version: 5.8.1139

EssentialPossibly the most important iOS app ever made. Offers more functionality in one place than anything else. This app provides you with a fully fledged file manager and a web browser with a download manager. Almost everything restricted by Apple is offered by GoodReader. Totally essential!.Version: 4.12.1

More editing functionsThis program has the potential to be the best on the market. The file transfer interface is the best I have used as it's easy to transfer from work network to IPad. The down side is the limiting editing functions. With the building industry editing is important, we don't just edit text documents.Version: 4.12.1

Excellent tool for PDFs etcI have used GoodReader for about 3 years. It is my go-to program for saving PDF files off line. I have found it to be stable with excellent file management capabilities. The one extra thing I wish it could do would be to open and manage ePub files. If GoodReader could do that, it would be worth 6 stars!.Version: 4.12.1

Great App[Update] Love the new version. What was already a great app has been improved in ways that weren’t expected. The interface is just as easy to navigate and is better looking. Side by side view is a great new feature, especially for researching. The free version is a complete reader app in itself and worth getting to try out all its features. [Original] Have been using this app for a while now for all my magazine storage. I know it does much more than I need it for but it also works well for my needs. Very good for accessing files online and transferring them into your library..Version: 5.0.3

A real Swiss Army Knife for your filesThis thing does it all. I just wish you could change the background color though from teal to some other color. 🌈.Version: 5.9.1145

Love this appVery useful app. LOVE the features. Keep up the good work!.Version: 5.10.1150

Multiple tabs -- finally :)As someone who has long been asking for the option of opening a document in multiple place at once, I'm supremely delighted about the new multiple tabs feature. Awesome, guys. With regard to functionality, Goodreader has moved closer to perfection once again. This is by far the best app for reading pdf files, and it is the most used app on my ipad. If you're a student or academic staff, you absolutely need this app..Version: 4.9.1

Excellent file manager and viewer for iOSI’ve been using GoodReader for years. I paid for it initially, but haven’t had to pay anything for it since. I couldn’t live without it on my iPhone now. I have so many files on it, mostly PDFs and pictures, but also word type documents too. It’s just great to have access to all the files on the go, and Apple don’t offer anything even close to this. It is so much easier to use than Apple’s ‘Files’ app. It is also integrated into iCloud, so I can easily transfer files between phone and PC, although you can use the file sharing option on iTunes too, linked to your PC with a USB cable. You can even zip files and folders on GoodReader, which helps transferring large files and folders and it keeps the folder structure too..Version: 5.13.1177

ExcellentHighly recommended.Version: 4.11.0

GoodReader back on topI use my iPad and phone to manage a lot of files and PDFs and also create a lot of documents so a good PDF management app is key. I have had both goodreader and PDF expert for several years and have flipped to and fro between as they have gone through their iterative update. The latest round of updates puts good reader firmly back on top. The access of tools and functions is more intuitive, I can find the things I need to do and do almost anything I can think of with a document. PDF expert has taken a hit recently for needless frustrations like forcing printing through its partner app vice AirPrint. No such hassle with the new version of good reader, much faster opening than previously, use to find and use crop, and fault free air print. Signing and annotation all good and the new emphasis on security is welcome even if I won’t trust it with the Death Star plans just yet..Version: 5.0.3

Excellent appExcellent app. Makes up for some of the file system issues with iOS. The inbuilt browser could be better and allow direct download into the app as opposed to what appears to be URL links to the images/documents. And also a print to PDF feature would be useful..Version: 4.12.1

Must haveCan’t believe all the pdf editors and readers I’ve tried before getting this. iAnnotate 4, GoodNotes, Readdle etc have nothing on this. best feature as a musician is that it plays MP3’s embedded in the pdf - superb A decade of using numerous apps for annotating and reading pdf’s this is the best all round app..Version: 5.1.4

PDF ReaderThis is exactly what I want. I love it and it is very helpful..Version: 4.11.0

Good old-style file and folder system makes organizing easyPlus annotation, exporting and a raft of other good things..Version: 4.12.1

Brilliant AppOne of the first apps I downloaded for iOS. Tried many others for handling files but always come back to Goodreader. I use it to sign documents, annotate and store receipts, store reference manuals, set up vacation folders with maps, bookings etc. As an Engineer I set up project folders with all necessary docs. when out in the field. Goodreader is also great for combining and adding pages to a pdf file. Highly recommended..Version: 4.11.0

Excellent and Vital Document Manager for iPadI am so so glad I found this app. Using the iPad for documents is a great idea, but there is little intrinsic document management and finding and managing documents is a nightmare. GoodReader not only grabs documents from your network connected storage, but enables you to store them in folders for easy retrieval. I have found all the common office document formats can be grabbed, stored, found, opened and viewed. I couldn’t use the iPad for documents without GoodReader..Version: 5.10.1148

Great app but could use some improvementsI downloaded the app today and have been reading my PDFs for several hours now. I don't usually write reviews, but I felt compelled to do so here for two reasons: This app is much better than most other PDF readers in the Appstore. The features are great and well thought out, and the UI is intuitive and easy to use (although it can initially be a bit overwhelming for some new users). I spent several days looking for good PDF readers (for my new iPad), and I finally found the one that has everything I needed. It could use some improvements: The lack of ability to read PDFs in dark mode is pretty disappointing. For those who read our books for hours on end, it would really help us with eye fatigue. And yes, I see there's a dark mode in Reflow mode, but that isn't too helpful. I will change my review to 5 stars once I get my dark mode..Version: 5.13.1177

The Essential Document AppI’ve used GoodReader since I first started with iPads in 2012 and have found it to be one of my essential tools. For reading and annotating PDF documents it has been consistently the best App I have ever used. Through many updates, the developer has included useful new features but has never compromised the fundamental purpose of the App - it just keeps working! Access to remote file systems and to a huge range of data types has made it still more useful. Problems with the change to 64bit necessitated by IOS 11 were more due to the OS and iTunes sync than the new version of GoodReader. I keep a large number of manuals and other technical documents for systems I support, maps and diagrams, and even a hymn book in the App, accessible on both my phone and tablet all the time. GoodReader was great value as a paid-for App and I wouldn’t be without it!.Version: 4.13.0

Great app, amazing support!!GREAT app. I love it & use it daily. They just wrote back within 24h on a weekend (!) to teach me how to use the iPad's Classic/SmartInvert function to easily switch to a black background, to save my sore eyes. How above & beyond is that!?! Thank you, thank you, thank you....Version: 5.12.1168

Absolutely favorite iOS appBeen using this forever. I don’t typically user it every day, so I can’t really say why it is my fav, it just always has been. Typically, I have folders full of MP3 files which I share between desktop and various iOS devices. I use them for language study. None of the other cloud storage apps have a decent MP3 player interface. Dropbox: no. ICloud: no, etcetera. The GoodReader support for MP3’s in folders has always been just what one would expect. For years, I got free updates after purchasing the initial version. Recently, I purchased the Pro Pack, not because I necessarily want to use the Pro Features. Mainly because I like to vote with my $$ for excellent s/w..Version: 5.7.1128

Happy but confused…I like the way you can use the iCloud to sync on all devices, however, for some reason and quite randomly GoodReader seems to dump all of the downloaded content making the files inaccessible again until reconnected to the internet. Since I review a lot of files while I fly, this is not convenient. That’s the only issue I have with it. It would also be nicer if you were able to select multiple files/folders to share at once rather than one at a time..Version: 5.11.1162

IncredibleI rarely pay money for apps, but iBooks has terrible performance on my iPad. So slow, and poorly laid out for storing lots of PDFs in a logical manner. So I bought GoodReader. A couple months in, I have to say I’m impressed. PDFs load instantly. It has tabs, so PDFs stay open. I made folders to throw PDFs into. I can AirDrop documents (and folders) straight to the app. I am impressed! Worth the cash, and this is coming from a guy who avoids paid apps. Two thumbs up!.Version: 5.13.1177

Removed "Fit to Width"?!The most useful set of features of GoodReader 4.x to me was cropping and using "Fit to Width" in both portrait and landscape. However, this (to me) critical feature has been removed (from what I can tell) and you have to manually pinch to zoom. This makes it a real pain to position after cropping. Fortunately, I still have GoodReader 4.x and will rollback to that working version (with iTunes 12.6.5). Update v5.1: "Fit to" is back for all page changing options (Vertical, Horizontal and Scrolling). I also read their privacy policy link, which made me feel a lot better. I am still not crazy about the UI changes or the poorer performance (particularly in Scrolling mode). But bumping up to 4 stars (-1 due to these issues and the previous version being much better). I still have the latest version 4.x and can rollback to that if needed..Version: 5.1.0

Awful upgradeMy main criticism of this upgrade is that there is now a distinct lag in loading a new page when reading through a document. First I see a chequered design, then an out of focus page, then a an in focus one. Please sort this or make GoodReader 4 available on the App Store so I can downgrade. As for the rest of the changes, I see only a confusing new interface I have to learn to navigate—but I suppose the real point of this was for your company to be able to flog the Pro Pack. Not impressed. Update: the page lag has disappeared and I’ve got used to the new interface..Version: 5.1.5

Super cool appI love this app. It is very helpful with schoolwork. Big big 5 star rating..Version: 4.12.1

What would make GoodReader 5 Be rated a 5Filing system excellent. Annotating, to many steps for different colors but still great. Read PDF’s very good. This is a well managed App and it has served me well for many years. My only suggestion to help make my experience better is for stability issues. I have two. When I am translating languages l am often switching Apps. I would like to lock the font size on an article so when I switch Apps the font does not return to the default size, until I return it to default size when I am done with my project. This could just be a lock icon at the bottom of the page with the other icons. The second subject is this. When a page is bigger then the iPad screen, as I scroll up or down the page it often jumps to the next page. Is there any way to decrease the sensitivity of the gesture so it stays on the page as you scroll up and down?. These matters are admittedly minor things to mention but that’s because you product is so excellent. Looking forward to what’s in store, thank you.Version: 4.13.0

If you need more from your iPad buy thisThis is a must have app, let you do more from your iPad.Version: 5.8.1139

Back bone of my reading experienceGreat app. Has got me through both university studies and work. Mark up feature is very useful. User interface and file management took a bit to get used to, but it is intuitive, just with many useful functions and options..Version: 4.13.0

Tap zonesI’ve always wished to see the app to include the toggle button to turn on and off the tap zones. I’m not a fan of tap zones and never found it to be useful. All it does to me is accidentally being tapped and pages flying to and fro without me actually intending. Otherwise, it has been a great app..Version: 5.7.1125

Game changerAs a PhD student with ADHD, this app has been an absolute godsend. And what’s more, I honestly think I’ve only just begun to tap its potential…as there loads of buttons I’ve never pressed! I mainly use the text-to-speech function along with highlights and annotations. Then have it synced to my citation manager through cloud storage…where I can extract the annotations and create a research database. I need to reconnect it every now and then as sometimes an error comes up, but that’s probably because of something I’m doing wrong and it only takes a few seconds to do so I’m not worried about that. Genuinely, a very good piece of software if you have a lot of heavy reading to do. (Edit) I’d also just like to add appreciation that the colour of the read-along highlighter is a visually comfortable lavender rather than the usual garish yellow. This tiny detail makes a big difference to accessibility for me..Version: 5.13.1177

Easy to use and keeps me organisedI download all my pdfs to GoodReader and organise them according to my different courses. I can easily annotate the documents and write notes on specific topics ..Version: 5.13.1177

Simply outstandingI have been a Goodreader user for a few years now, and it is as close to being a 'killer app' as any app can be - that is an app worth buying an iPad for. I use it personally and professionally and have thousands of docs stored, all of the important ones synced on the Cloud. Key features of importance to me: 1. My choice of file structure. 2. Configurable connections to the Cloud and remote disks. 3. Syncing. 4. Fabulous annotation capability. 5. Multi-file formats within my file structure. 6. PDF editing - I prefer to transfer PDFs from PC to Goodreader, add and delete pages and re-save to PC than to edit them on PC, even with dedicated tools! 7. Excellent support. Well done, lads and lasses; please keep the updates coming. You are an example to others..Version: 4.12.1

Label equals contentsMeets all my textbook and reference reading needs..Version: 5.8.1135

A must haveIf I could only have one app on my iPhone and iPad this would be it! It is way more than just a PDF viewer/annotator. It is also the best file manager out there (that is what I mainly use it for). It has great organization capabilities, can be connected to for file transfer/syncing in many ways, and has great support for a lot of file types. I use it a lot to listen to audio and lectures. I can have the PDF of the lecture is about open with the lecture playing. I love the skip forward and back 30 seconds option too. It also remembers where I left off on the lecture and which ones I have already listened to/read. The only thing I wish it had was support for ePub. I believe it is by far the most essential app for iOS devices..Version: 4.12.1

Great PDF reader - my favouriteLove this PDF reader. I have yet make use of everything it can do. Highly recommended..Version: 4.11.0

Needs a more streamlined highlighting experienceTwo main suggestions: 1. Highlighting. I commonly use different highlighter colors to signify different things, thus am switching colors frequently. The way it works with the current version, changing colors causes everything I just highlighted prior to saving to change to that new color. Thus my options are to save, reopen highlighter tool, change color, highlight, then save again. The alternative is to save and then go back and click on which sections I want to be a different color, which can be hard to keep track of when highlighting a lot. Basically I'm asking that when highlighting we can change the color without having to close the tool or change all the previous highlights. 2. Syncing. Please have the app sync smallest files first. I have a few large documents that don't need to be synced as frequently but get in the way of adding new small documents that I need more immediately. Great app overall though!.Version: 4.12.1

Love it!I loved the previous version and was willing to pay for the latest version so as to keep up to date with the upgrades. Very user friendly. Love the new features. The migration tool from the previous version to this latest one made migration effortless. A wonderful tool for study and document filing. Thank you..Version: 4.12.1

Improvements in GR5Compared to version 4, more intuitive, looks cleaner, easier to get to different areas. The use of more touch gestures makes like easier e.g. like when switching between documents and closing them. Apple Pencil support is great. Split view to have 2 files worked on at the same time, or having the same file side by side is so good. The different view options can really help in GR5 usefulness at any time. The media player is easily accessible. The extra security is always welcome and appreciated. As always, Good Reader is fast and rock solid. Has not crashed once in my experiences so far. Well done!.Version: 5.0.3

Thanks - everything I needGoodReader is an excellent reader ! Easy to use ; easy to oraganize and file my stuff - thanks !.Version: 5.7.1128

No sub needed if you previously purchased one-time Pro PackThe release notes could have been clearer about this, but it seems that if you previously purchased the one-time Pro Pack IAP you don't need additionally to move to a sub to get the dark mode (or to keep split screen). I presume the same is true if you bought the all-in GoodReader Pro. It does seem as though the dev has done everything he can to introduce the sub model without detriment to existing customers; if there's anyone who for some reason didn't want split screen but does now want dark mode as an extra feature, there are still both subscription and non-sub options at pretty decent prices for what this incredible app delivers..Version: 5.3.1102

My go to pdf reader!I’ve been using GoodReader for 10+ years and it has been my go to app for PDF reading. I love that I can organize everything and I can annotate with fantastic tools very easily. I’m a teacher and I’ve got a ton of texts that I use in the planning of my classes. I have them all on my iPad thanks to Goodreader! I can put in all of my class plans as well and make changes easily. Having it all here on the iPad means I can connect to the board or the projector and share them easily with my classes. I can also send them via the app. I know there’s a lot more I can do when I have this app. I save all of my project materials for my personal interests as well so that anywhere I go… I’m all set!.Version: 5.14.1184

Really good for study. Treat pdf like physical book.Ability to swipe with 3 fingers to go back and forward between views is really good e.g. back to Table of Contents or Index. Split mode (pro pack) is very useful when you are trying to study something. The only pdf reader I know that offers two-up side-by-side page view. I have not come across any other pdf reader this good..Version: 5.0.3

Great App - needs a better search functionGreat App but would like a better search function. I use this for cross stitch & highlight symbols in the page as I stitch. Unfortunately when I search a symbol on the page of a document it searches one at a time instead of highlighting the symbol where it appears on the whole page. Otherwise a perfect app for PDF editing..Version: 4.12.1

Best Ever App!I have been using GoodReader for several years now. It just keeps getting better. It is very easy to transfer my files (I mainly use PDFs and MP4s) from my iPhone to this app. I then create and manage folders from within this app to file my data into specific folders. The help desk is Awesome! I had a recent problem where , when my iPhone locked the screen, my videos would stop playing. This was not a fault of the app, but a security feature of the iPhone. I was given precise instructions on how to solve this problem within 24 hours of asking. Bottom Line: A great app made even better by a responsive help desk..Version: 5.1.2

GreatThis is a wonderful tool.Version: 5.8.1135

Great appI’ve been using this app taking notes since my first year in university. Saved my life from organic chemistry, biology, and so many other courses. Love that zooming-in writing pad..Version: 5.14.1184

A Must-Have AppThis was recommended to me by an engineer back in 2012 when I first started using an iPad for work. I use this every day for Work (construction documents, specifications, etc) one way it's very handy is when I am e-mailed documents, I will save them here temporarily do I can reference the documents whether or not I have a Wi-fi connection. I also use it for my personal work stuff (Resume and portfolio), reference material (codes and technical bulletins)- but I also use it for keeping track of my daughters college recruiting process, teams that I coach, subjects that I teach, I could go on... Also where I have it synced to Dropbox I'm always sure that everything is getting backed up! Whenever anyone asks me what is the most important App to have, I always tell them Goodreader!.Version: 4.12.1

Transforms iPad to libraryWho would have thought a PDF reader could be this powerful & comprehensive? Fantastic app for accessing PDF collections..Version: 4.12.1

Great AppIt's the best reader I've used. Great for viewing, annotation, printing, and browsing PDF files... Just awesome....Version: 4.12.1

Not to shabbyDoes what it needs to do, minimum fuss.Version: 4.11.0

My favorite PDF readerGood Reader is packed with features, I have been a long time user. My favorite are the custom document cropping and, after so kany years finally, continuous vertical scrolling. This makes reading of even dense articles a breezee on an iPad mini. My only problem with this app is the quite very ugly user interface. Please, please fix it, I’m happy to pay for a redesign..Version: 5.1.5

Best PDF reader (and SO much more!!!)Best PDF reader!!, also great as a secure photo/video viewer, music player, browser, and file downloader. Useful for file sharing, has integrated iCloud folder and sub folders which you can export to from others apps. Integrates Touch ID/Face ID to unlock, selectable for the entire app, the browser, or individual folders (or any combination). So many great features!!! I’m not even going to go into detail on the fantastic pdf viewing/editing/annotating features, and they are stellar. *Feature request: please make it possible to loop videos (overall, and A-B repeat), auto play the next video, and shuffle a playlist of videos. I’d pay for the app again if a new version had these features. **Also: the app is really slow to initially open on the iPhone XS Max. It is way slower than my previous iPhone was (but this may be due to iOS 12?)..Version: 4.13.0

Consistently usefulThis is of my go too apps on my iPad. I do a lot of pen and paper RPGs which makes it extremely convenient the be able to store and access a library of PDF file and swap between them quickly. The ability to read other file formats is just icing on the cake. The synch feature allows me to set up directory hierarchy on my computer and mirror it to my iPad, allowing for edits bin both places. Two things I’d love to see in future versions are the ability to crop an image from the PDF and copy it to clipboard and the ability to auto sync at a particular time-rather than interval. Both of these are just nitpicking as the core functionality is solid.Version: 5.1.5

Getting clunkyHow long till an upgrade????...The app developers have been saying that Version 5 is coming “soon”. You have to understand that their definition of “soon” is not the same as a user’s definition. I have been using PDF EXPERT for the last year because GoodReader has not upgraded “soon”. My first email regarding when would there be an upgrade was over a year ago and nothing apart from some minor internal surgery was made. This app needs to upgrade quickly if it wants to retain users and get recommendation. It needs to have apps that operate in both iOS12 and Mohave which PDF Expert by Readdle have. If GoodReader has that kind of functionality it will be fantastic. In the meantime I have now been directing my emails to Readdle asking them to make their product more Goodreaderish. They respond better and sooner..Version: 4.13.0

Top FavouritesOne of my top favourite apps and the only one I haven’t swapped out for a more useful version because there hasn’t been on and I’ve been using this for years..Version: 5.8.1139

Most useful app on iPhoneThis app is so well done and so incredibly useful! I use this all the time! It is very stable and I have never lost any files as opposed to other apps. I save all my email attachments in it so that I can look at them later on. This way there is no need to scroll through hundreds of emails to search an attachment. I can annotate my PDFs, add highlights, etc. Well done!.Version: 5.8.1139

Exceptional AppI’ve been using GoodReader for years, it is probably the most useful and professional app I’ve ever seen. I use it to organise all of my documents, mostly PDFs, can easily edit them or send between apps or via email or wifi to other devices. The team have always kept adding small improvements, the latest was split screen added with the new pro pack. This is fantastic and one of the few abilities I’d felt to be lacking. Could not recommend higher..Version: 5.0.3

Excellent , well rounded reader, although the low-light options could be much improved.Goodreader has been my go-to PDF reader for years now. It does nearly everything at least as well as the competition, and does many things better. There is, however, one missing feature that drops my review from 5 to 4 stars: a lack of standard night reading or color inversion options for the PDFs themselves. The dim feature by itself is inadequate, because it reduces the contrast of the text too much at lower brightness settings. For this reason alone, I far prefer PDFExpert for low light reading, with the accessible sepia and night (i.e. Black background, white text option). Were a similar function implemented into Goodreader, it would certainly become my all-purpose PDF app..Version: 4.12.1

Invaluable. Great updateUse this app all the time for studying. Absolutely brilliant. You can download zip files of exam papers and open in GoodReader and unzip in app (no scuttling off to main computer!). If you wanted to look at two files before the update you had to copy the file and keep switching between the files tabs. Now you can split screen and use the same file at different places, i.e., questions in screen 1, answers in screen 2 (really handy if these are separated by 100 pages say, imagine having to do this manually!). Didn't think I'd need the update but really glad I did. The app has lots of great functionality, syncing with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc and lots of file organisation stuff, great. Thanks developers, a must buy for anyone with an iPad..Version: 5.1.4

A True Essential Must Have App.I have been a user of this App for a few years now. I not only use it for things like storing, annoting and creating/modifying .pdf files. But, for example, I transferred (using iTunes and 'folder' transfer) a whole ($4,000) training and coaching program to my iPad; including video, manuals, seminar tapings, etc,etc. and I was able to have access to this whilst travelling, working away, etc, etc. Look, that's just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. It is incredibly functional and continues to grow and develop/evolve. Like I said, this is a true essential, must have app and the more you use it, the more you discover what it can do for you..Version: 5.8.1135

Good ReaderGreat application exactly what I needed..Version: 4.11.0

Bad Annotator, Excellent Sync FunctionalitySpeaking specifically about making annotations, this is not a good app. It doesn’t have a setting to recognize only the Apple Pencil for annotations (so it picks up stray marks from my wrist and finger). It is configured to jump one page forward and backward when you touch pretty much anywhere within the top and bottom 30% of the page (so you’re really only allowed to touch 40% of the page without jumping around accidentally). When you start making an annotation, it automatically scrolls to put the page you’re working on in the middle of the screen, making annotating the top and bottom of any page difficult. These and other things make it a clunky annotator. However, it has the single most robust syncing functionality of any app I’ve used in the past 5 years. Nothing else compares, and I’ve tried everything, without exaggeration. This is why I keep using it. Eliminating the headache of lost work because of syncing problems makes up for the pain of making the actual annotations. Therefore, I give it 4 stars instead of 2..Version: 5.8.1135

GoodreaderThe best for classify all document.Version: 5.8.1135

Wonderful!I have many pdf files - especially for technical and software subjects. I have never liked reading them on computers. However, reading them on my iPad, iPhone or Kindle Fire with Goodreader is an absolute pleasure. Easy to see text and images, bookmarking and the ability to organize all the books into categorized directories so I can quickly and easily find them has made Goodreader more efficient at maintaining and using large (and growing) libraries of books. There's a lot in the interface and I'm learning more about it all the time. I no longer purchase paper tech manuals. Digital books are cheaper, I don't have to go anywhere or wait for books to arrive in the mail. When I no longer need the books I don't worry over their fate..Version: 4.13.0

Can't wait for version 5 of my favourite appIn terms of productivity there is no app that has saved me more time and brainache than GoodReader. Just the amazing file management including ZIP and RAR extraction has just made so many things I do on my iOS devices that much easier. I honestly would buy this at 3x the price. Just let that sink in. haha..Version: 4.13.0

Excellent depuis des annéesMerci pour ce GoodReader.Version: 5.8.1135

Good update, still evaluatingGoodreader was one of the first apps I ever purchased for my first gen iPad. For a long time, it was my go-to app for PDFs and document management. Then it fell behind the development curve and I switched to PDF Expert. When Goodreader 5 came out, I decided to give it another chance and paid for the pro features. Based on a few days’ usage, it compares favorably to PDF Expert. I’m not sure yet whether I will switch back to Goodreader as my primary PDF app, but for now I will continue to use it. I have one suggestion for the developers. I am an attorney. I use PDF Expert to redact documents for production. Being able to use the Apple Pencil to highlight areas for redaction is so much easier than using a desktop app. My only complaint with PDF Expert is that redaction areas had to be rectangular. That is fine for text that is in straight lines, but not for skewed documents or some handwriting or pictures. Goodreader overcomes that limitation by allowing the freehand drawing tool to be used for redactions. I just set the line width to 5 or 9 pt and use it like a marker. However, there are times - a lot of them - when I want to redact a rectangular re is the highlight tool, but that only works if there is text (and not just an image of text). So my request - please add a fill option to the rectangle tool. Goodreader allows you to draw rectangles, but as far as I can tell they can’t be filled..Version: 5.0.3

Very HappyI have been looking for a program like this and did not know it exists. I am so happy that I came across this. I am very satisfied with it. It certainly solved many problems that I was having..Version: 5.14.1184

Good update, GUI woes on ipad1st, It’s a great update and very welcomed! All previously used features (protected folders, file management, video downloads, etc) are here and working. No data was lost on the update. Bravo! A few issues on ipad: The most used file management icons are now bottom left. If you hold your device in the left hand and use your right hand for tapping, you have to stretch across the screen to hit buttons. The bottom menu feels cluttered with redundant icons that I wish we could customize or remove (I’m really missing the fantastic collapsible side menu we previously had.) Thumbnail view is crowded due to the 3 circles on the side of every icon and the black arrows on long filenames. A 1 time tutorial could show users the hotkey spot and the circles removed (or an option given to hide them). Vertical spacing of thumbnails is also tight, just enough to feel cramped. In landscape mode long filenames run into each other like one long word. Long filenames need reduced by more characters, and those black arrows replaced/removed when not scrolling to give better space between elements. Animated gif’s need a repeat option. Lastly, I love me some encryption, srsly! The pro-options for encrypted/password protected zips for xferring and sharing files are an awesome addition :) Overall, a very good update with just a few minor interface issues that I’m sure will get worked out..Version: 5.1.0

Long-time user very happy with v5I've had GoodReader since version 3, and it's my favorite productivity app on the iPad. It's fantastic for annotating docs. I just installed v5. It's great, seems better organized and easier to work with than v4. Lots of new features that I haven't tried yet. Only complaint so far is that I wish I could change the color scheme. Some happiness for me so far: 1. Synching (“Connect” window) is MUCH improved, much cleaner. 2. The OneDrive synching problem has been fixed. 3. The new split-screen option is great - it allows you to view two docs (or two separate sections of the same doc) side-by-side. That option's iPad-only, I think, and part of the pro pack, which was a pretty good deal for me ($4.99 covered pro pack on all three mobile devices I have). 4. I like the thumbnail page images for navigation within a doc. 5. Apple pencil double-click toggles eraser (as it should). All in all, nicely done. Also, tech support has been super helpful, very responsive when I’ve had Qs..Version: 5.0.0

Resizing BugI was a big fan of GoodReader till version 4.12.1, released in February March, when a bug I find most inconvenient was introduced. I routinely resize PDFs to read them without horizontal borders, thus making the text as big as possible in landscape orientation. The bug is that the resizing is lost when I: switch from GoodReader to another app and back; or put the iPad to sleep and then wake the iPad and reopen GoodReader. At time of writing, it still has not been fixed, even though I and others quickly reported it and received acknowledgement that it was a known problem. Given that GoodReader has subsequently still had enthusiastic reviews, perhaps not everyone experiences the bug or uses the affected feature. But for me it is major. Finally, I have switched to a different app, PDF Expert. That suffers from no such problem. It also has some other features that I have found improve my reading experience compared with GoodReader..Version: 4.12.1

Absolutely excellent App. Can't believe it's freeAfter a ridiculous amount of time and frustration, I researched how to send multiple PDF's in an email and all answers directed me to GoodReader. Very easy to use. Integrates with the phones software perfectly and does exactly what I needed it for and more. I would have happily paid for this App and can't believe there are no IAP's (that I've seen so far) Definitely download this App. I feel like I'm creating more PDF's just so I can use them in GoodReader. Well done developers. A refreshing change.Version: 4.12.1

Excellent appWorks exactly as it should and as specified. Great value..Version: 4.1.0

Must have app!GoodReader is such a great way of organising documents, files etc. It’s intuitive to use, never crashes and is no fuss whatsoever. I’d never be without it now..Version: 5.1.3

ReliableI use it regularly and rely on it. It can render very large graphic files without trouble and supports annotations to PDFs that are then compatible with Acrobat. Direct access to Dropbox is useful. The file management interface seems over-complicated, and the choice of highlight colours seems limited, but these are details compared with the fact that it simply works very well. Update 2019: I have now been using this app for eight years and still rely on it. My recent bug report for the latest version was responded to within a day, and the bug fixed soon after - so good customer too..Version: 5.1.0

Amazing!Full of features!.Version: 5.8.1137

GreatA fantastic and full-featured PDF reader/annotater.Version: 4.12.1

Quick for browsing jump readingI like GoodReader very much. There are a lot of pdf readers in the app store. They’re good in different aspects. GoodReader is very good for reading very long pdf books, in the case you need to jump back and force. The preview bar on the lower part of the screen will helps to scroll to the any page you want with thumbnails It’s not only previous page or next page, but also it will give you the sense that where the page is, you get the feedback. it’s like reading a real book. You can quickly browse the book from a very high level very quickly and also get visual thumbnails. And you can also change the view of books. So I use GR to read very serious math or other research books or papers. These books are different from novels, you’re not reading linearly, you need jump between references and links and citation of previous chapters. And GR can use FTP / wifi / dropbox / google drive to import / share files, which makes it seamlessly. I don’t use GR to read “linear” books. I use other apps to read novels, other app to take hand write notes. It’s easy for me to find alternatives for those books. But for academic and serious books, I use GR! Thank the developers..Version: 5.9.1145

Sneaky TacticsI wanted to convert a word document to a PDF, so GoodReader prompted me to buy the professional version of an extra $10. Once I had purchased it, I got a message saying that goodreader’s algorithms don’t convert this document type, and gave me instructions on how to use the Apple software to achieve the conversion. Very crooked and sneaky tactics. I expected a little more..Version: 5.0.3

Like the continuous page modeThanks for the new version - very nicely done. I particularly like the continuous page mode. The PDF page rendering also seems more efficient. Split page also works great on my new iPad Pro. Haven’t tried the security features / encryption yet. Overall very satisfied..Version: 5.0.1

I use this all the timeI find this app as good as those on a desktop and it is compatible, with markups etc. syncing is a little quirky, but with that sorted, I find it great.Version: 4.7.0

Where would I be without GoodReaderI LOVE GoodReader, I use it for everything. I download tickets to events, brochures that I need on hand, readings for my studies. I also keep large documents that I need for work in GoodReader. You name it, I’ve got it in my GoodReader. It’s safe, reliable and so easy to use. Thank you GoodReader. You are by far one of my most used and cherished Apps. Happy Reading!!!.Version: 5.1.6

The perfect aid to page turningI find GoodReader perfect for reading music, in conjunction with a Bluetooth foot pedal. Reliable and easy to use..Version: 5.15.1188

Great appEasy to use, all files can be saved in folders, like it.Version: 4.11.0

Best File Manager with SyncMy requirements for a file manager to sync with cloud storage include: 1. Selective sync for offline use; 2. Expose synced files and folders in the Files app; 3. Support other apps to pick synced directories via Files. I have tried most if not all apps that could sync local files with Dropbox. These include Dropbox, Documents, PDF Expert 6/7, FE File Explorer Pro, FileBrowser. GoodReader is the only app that could meet these three requirements! (Dropbox fails 3 and requires subscription for 1; PDF Expert 7 fails 2, 3, and has terrible performance with greedy subscriptions; FE Explorer fails 3, FB can fail all three depending on the version.) In conclusion, GoodReader is the best file manager with the best cloud sync engine. It might not have a pleasant interface nor support dark mode and etc. But it does what it does the best. The app is fast and smooth and the sync is super reliable..Version: 5.1.6

Still room to improveThis app would be greatly improved if it utilised keyboard shortcuts for Bluetooth keyboard with iPad. Eg navigation with arrow keys while still in annotation mode, find text dialog, go to page number, change annotation type, etc. I feel like productivity apps really benefit a lot from keyboard shortcuts PS. I love this app and use it every day. Not sure if it's the best because I haven't tried them all, but it's the best out of the ones I've tried.Version: 4.12.1

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