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Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots app received 112 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about heart of vegas — casino slots?

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Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots for Positive User Reviews

VegasVery good.Version: 4.28.1

Best games!Just love the games on this site!!.Version: 4.1.0

Luke HarveyAmazing gaming love the slots and bonuses love it.Version: 3.11.0

Heart of VegasLove the games, lots of fun. One problem has not been resolved as yet. Has anyone else had a problem when purchasing coins, and spinning the bonus wheel and getting 2x, but never receiving the extra coins. I believe they are working on this, but has not been resolved yet! I hope they will add the 110,000,000 to my balance soon! Thanks Like the games on Heart of Vegas! Have purchased coins many times, but do not care if I can play a while on these coins, which I have been recently! Had a problem while on vacation and the hotel had a lousy Internet which went down. I had received (and it came up on my winnings) and then disappeared from my total! Otherwise, these are my favorite games. Love them Still one of my favorite games!.Version: 4.3.0

Has its good pieces- better enhancements to their games! Like what I see so far!I have been slightly disappointed with bonus opportunities and payouts. Generally I wasn't catching a break or even playing to even. Jackpot buy ins are high. However this past few days, I have seen improvement. If they could sustain, that would make a great game! You shouldn't have to have Facebook to play Addendum. The max bet button is right by the spin button. Good for them, bad for player. You can wipe out your bank in a spin or two. Poor. Sent email 4 help when I hit a big win and the game froze and did not give me credit. I won't waste my money on buying any more chips here. Overall there are better games out there. And since I don't use Facebook, apparently I am not worth the fix..Version: 4.3.0

Good but don’t win oftenIt’s fun to play but I find big wins are few and far between.Version: 4.48.0

100% Authentic Aristocrat PokiesFinally, a game that doesn't involve ridiculous pay tables, poorly designed icons, midi sounds and constant crashing. Heart of Vegas provides you with the exact same games at your local club / pub. The sounds and icons are so realistic that it's easy to 'loose time in the zone' spending my free credits and chasing my pretend losses. You'd have to be an idiot to put real money into this game unless you are presented with a 99c offer. There is one major difference between the games on this app and those at your local venue - there is no legal payout ratio. You will of course loose your credits eventually and either wait to be gifted them or purchase them. That will likely fall at the same time when the novelty of playing for fake coins has worn off and you can take a trip to your local for real money. Seriously though, thanks Aristocrat for making this app for free - but where is lucky 88?.Version: 2.26

AwesomeExcellent games , lots of fun, with big wins.Version: 2.26

Vegas SlotsGreat game and very good payouts..Version: 4.45.0

Gotcha56Do you listen to the people playing your games that are giving you a bad reputation maybe you should. I Just put 100,000,00 thought you games with out the free spin features is this the best you can do not happy!!!! And before you tell me that your disappointed I didn’t have a good time save me the b/s and sort out your games as this is a joke!!! Are you people going broke or something I used to enjoy the game but not now..Version: 4.38.0

GamesGreatstuff.Version: 3.6.0

Heart of VegasGreat game very fun.Version: 3.11.0

GameGreat.Version: 3.7.0

Awesome 👏🏾I quit love Product madness, who joined up with a few billion dollar company's eg' iTunes, Google Play, and the listing goes on. I really appreciate playing on these game app? Because wifey & I can't afford the cost of even going on our own honey moon, let alone affording living expenses. That's why I love playing heart of Vegas when I find the time from family and work 💪🏾🤞🏾👌🏾🙏🏾✊🏾👍🏾🤴🏾👼🏼👸🏻💯%.Version: 4.20.1

ProblemI bought bundle, started playing nice and easy then won about 9 mil but couldnt get it loaded to the balance, so wrote down the problem to guys in HoV with attached screen shot and they came back with automated mail. Its been about a week now I think and no change in the situation..Version: 4.11.0

GreatGreat games.Version: 4.37.0

Great gameGreat game win all time if only was real.Version: 4.10.0

Heart of VegasIt seems okay at the moment.Version: 4.45.0

JayVGreat addictive game.Version: 3.2.0

ReviewGreat games, realistic (sadly!!) winnings. I especially like the lightening bolt games. Just wish some of them had an initial lower bet option...there's only two games you can bet $2k minimum bet..Version: 4.1.0

CashorsGood games.Version: 4.45.0

AlrightGood game.Version: 4.6.0

New messageI seriously do love hearts of Vegas because it has got my favourite games on there and when I was playing at the pokies to use own money but heart of Vegas seriously do save peoples money and they seriously do shows money deals to buy and when I seriously do buy better deals the money seriously last and more time to play my favourite games on my iPad and my 2 iPhone’s at home and when I do go out ok. heart of Vegas seriously are better then real pokie machine’s at the every hotels and motels and it seriously will waste people’s time to go out that’s why I seriously give heart of Vegas five stars.Version: 3.11.0

Purple lightningI have noticed changes already, for thee better...nothing like a bit of play money, and a favourable spin your way now and then. Not to mention response time, and feeling heard, thanks guys ☝️🔥🙂!.Version: 4.49.0

I WAS having fun..........untilAt first I really enjoyed the game. Several times it took all my chips. I reported the problem with no response from the company. After the loss of your winnings (which always happens no matter the device) if you continue to try to play eventually you can longer win anything. Ever. This is because they want you to buy their coins. Which I stupidly did. Never again. Because even if you make a purchase they make it impossible to win. It’s really a shame because I enjoyed the games and it would have given me incentive to spend real money on the actual casino version of the game. Instead it has turned me off completely. Just go to the casino and don’t play any of the games in this app as protest..Version: 4.28.1

Jackpot annoyanceWould be the best if only I didnt have to put up with the people winning jackpots popping up and ruining my game! I dont play the jackpots, I dont know any of these people and I dont care to see what they win - just ruins my enjoyment as it covers some of my screen. Lets just notify those who choose to play jackpots and leave the rest of us to play our games! 2nd time reviewed: Really improved my gaming now the jackpot issue is how I wanted it so thank you! Third time have reviewed and is perfect now so will gladly give you 5 stars - thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my views and then to fix the issues. 4th review Still love this game but not playing it as often as I would like to. Dont ever take it off . Gladly give 5 stars.Version: 4.2.0

ComplaintI’m frustrated with Heart of Vegas. I have been unable to contact someone to see if they’re having system problems. I have not been able to access all day and even lost all my free coins trying to log in. It is not a problem on my end as everything else on my phone is working fine. Further more I used to get 3000 to 4000 free coins and I was taken down to 300 for a couple weeks and am now up to a whopping 1500. This has always been my favorite but I’m definitely losing interest at this point! Help!! It gets even better I’ve put in 15 nicknames and they’re all taken and some have been really odd s sad o I can’t send anything negative!?!?!?.Version: 4.26

Just fabGreat online games.Version: 3.4.0

HorsesGreat game. A load of fun.Version: 4.48.0

New to game and didn’t get purchase.So far not so bad. I enjoyed it until I spent 6.99 once conversion kicked in and never received my purchase. I won’t be buying nothing else here that’s for sure..Version: 4.20.1

Heart of Vegas slotsLove these slots, have had them since they became available. Great variety, am always playing them. Fabulous. This part is NOT a review, today October 2nd there was a Glitch in the game when I first logged, I then logged in thru Face Book app. When I then got the game my coins had been reduced, 200 coins, I had over 2 million, I also lost my log in bonus back to nothing. I have tried to contact you throughout today with no joy, I can’t play the games which I love because I don’t have enough coins!! Please fix for me. Thanks..Version: 3.11.0

Hearts of VegasGood all round Features more often would be a huge positive! Very much like the casinos and real time game playing. As always bonus allocation could be better but overall the best of them all !!.Version: 3.5.0

Good gameGood game.Version: 3.2.0

Fun gameFun game.Version: 4.12.0

Tournament Doesn’t PaySo the tournament in roll the dice said I won over 400 thousand and yet I didn’t get anything Slow to load likes to take money but pay outs are few and far between Good for killing two minutes Cross fingers you don’t win when your task is almost complete as chances are you won’t get whatever the task is playing.Version: 4.33.0

BrilliantGreat game.Version: 3.4.0

Latest updateAfter your latest update I can’t even get my app to load. I wish you would quit “fixing” things that are working just fine!.Version: 4.38.0

ExcellentVery good. All casino games are here in one place.Version: 3.22.0

Dreadful musicI have been playing this game for many years. Recently, the very irritating music that comes on when you open the app and always used to stop when you started playing the games, now goes on forever! Why is this so? It causes me to stop playing. Ps. I don’t think the developers quite grasp the concept that this is a game, where unlike REAL poker machines , it does not pay any REAL money! Therefore there should be more features and free games to keep one interested..Version: 4.16.0

Heart of VegasGreat game, just like the real casino..Version: 4.44.0

PandasLove the payoffs❣️.Version: 4.34.0

FantasticGreat walking dead slots 1 and 2, bloody brilliant..Version: 3.2.0

Vagas slotsGood game I love it .........Version: 3.7.0

PlayGreat game..Version: 3.5.0

SlotsNot bad at all.Version: 3.1.5

Game ratingSuper fun game ! Amazing graphics!.Version: 4.28

Early winI had a big win within 10 mins, but its early days-great start though.Version: 4.3.0

DardarFun games😊.Version: 4.41.0

Sun and moonVery good game to play and it is fun to..Version: 3.4.0

Heart of VegasGreat slots wish we could get more credits then it would be great..Version: 3.10.0

Fun slotsLove this site.Version: 4.31.0

Fun Game but needs more payoutsI love the machines they have. The double your purchase is a waste of money. Have never spinned more than 2x. I realize they want to make money with coin purchases but paying out wins more often would sure be nice. I buy coins and even with minimum bet I'm lucky if I get to play 1/2 hour. It's fun but expensive if you like to play lots. I really cut down on my purchases because you never really win anything to keep playing for a while..Version: 2.26

So far so goodI like slots and this one is good so far.Version: 2.26

I got blocked!!!I was blocked for telling them how bad the amounts they give you are and for never being able to play unless you spend an ungodly amount of money for a few thousand credits. Then they also had me blocked from CASHMAN Casino too! I guess I hurt their feelings. If you complain they’ll block you totally. I got an email today, August 18, 2020, and at the end it told me I can contact the developer. I clicked and guess what? I can’t contact the developer because I’M BLOCKED!!!! They won’t even let me contact them! I used to love their site but they won’t let me back because I told them that the way you can’t play, and how much it costs to buy to play, (because it’s almost the only way you can play), they blocked me. I’m playing other sites that I can play all day because they give you more to play with. I see videos of Heart Casino and CASHMAN and they say “We’ve missed you!” Not enough to unblock me! MAY 18, 2021—CAN I PLEASE COME BACK??????.Version: 4.33.0

PerfectSes jeux c’est les meilleurs..Version: 4.38.0

Like itI like playing this alot but for some reason the “friend bonus” doesnt work n e more which sukxballs tbh hahaha.Version: 3.11.0

Marilyn.I love this game,alway's look forward to playing it..Version: 4.29.1

Love itGreat games and lots of choice.Version: 3.11.0

Been playing the game for years nowAs per the title I have been playing this game for years now and currently my account is sitting at 281 billion starting to lose interest as there is really no risk playing. Can you put a higher betting amount for people sitting in the billions just to bring the risk back . At least get it up 500 million per bet or something along those lines as now I am playing to game to lose money not win money ..Version: 4.5.0

Hearts of Vegas, PJVery good range of pokies, continuously bring in new machines, can I suggest that you install the slot Indian dreaming the Australian version, it would be very popular, and considering I emailed you guys a few years ago and suggested the most popular one on here where’s the gold be put in I’m sure I won’t be wrong with this one, if you and your team could please program it in I would appreciate it, and one more suggestion, can you bring in a cheap chips special every once in a while for 5 million chips for $2.00 au it would be purchased a lot, thanks PJ love this app.Version: 3.5.0

Heart of VegasEnjoy being able to play the game on both my phone and desk top with most of the same features available..Version: 3.4.0

AllThanks.Version: 4.1.0

Great games!!Very good games on here. Very hard to get passed level 24. Been on it for a couple of years now..Version: 3.14.0

GreatA great app if you love Aristocrat slots or even if just a fan of slot games..Version: 3.11.0

Great funGood games casino style..Version: 3.10.0

SlotsLove the games just won a big bonus on kitty Don't give me a big win before I have to rate you,it would be nice to win a big game in between I have to go out completely ,because the spin light does not go on ,and I don’get mi extra play money any more Please fix the game ,I will try again to go back in I have a problem I changed my name,now I have no status lost my money ,it all went to my husbands account,not very happy did not happen to any of my other games?l Like the games ,but every 3hours only 30th doesn’t get you anywhere. Games okay but they hook when you don’t want to pay, also after giving a review it stops paying.Version: 4.46.0

Heart of VegasEnjoy playing..Version: 4.26.1

MexicanLots of fun & funny with the pictures been playing these a lot having fun..Version: 3.2.0

Love itSo fun.Version: 2.26

Give this app a chance!I used to get super frustrated with this game because they hardly ever gave more than 30k coins and each spin costs (at least) 10k coins. The daily wheel got an upgrade... No more 1k and 250k is no longer the highest. Now you can actually play for free without losing your all your coins in only 3 spins. They also added advertising so you can earn free coins by watching ads. Their carnival games are still 100% rigged so you will never get any of the big prizes — I just ignore that whole sub-game. It’s not worth it. I docked one star for that reason. The reason I stuck with this app even though it was frustrating (with low payouts) is because they have the real games from the casinos. Now it’s definitely my favorite casino app! As a side note: I don’t understand why anyone spends more than a few bucks of real money, because you can never cash out your (fake) winnings. All of those people complaining they spent hundreds/thousands of real money. What do you expect? The house always wins. Don’t shell out money if you don’t want to lose it..Version: 4.19.0

FunI’m really having fun on these slots.Version: 3.15.0

NackleHave just downloaded this app and have only spun a few times and have already had a win without knowing as I am still learning it. For me its great so far..Version: 3.18.0

AmazingThis is probably one of the worst games on the App Store, please save yourself time and avoid this game, you have better odds playing the real game at the casino where you can win cash. In this game you win nothing and they have programmed is a way you can’t win, I have played it for 3 months and won nothing, I purchased credits at one stage and won only to have it sucked straight back, 300 spins in a row and no feature and no win. I don’t understand the level of greed!.Version: 4.8.0

Great gameGreat game recommend that all should play it.Version: 3.5.0

FunGood bonuses.Version: 4.26.1

Great game - frustrating to playI really enjoy playing, but for some time now I have to delete the game as it just stops loading to play. I think there are too many games and the tablet can’t sustain them and it simply freezes. I have to delete the app and reload it almost every day. And this is the latest iPad. I blamed my old iPad, but the new one is actually worse. Perhaps if there was a way to close off some of the games ....Version: 3.10.0

Just like VegasLove this app gives me my slots fix and games just love me Vegas 😍👍👍👍👍😍.Version: 3.2.0

AwesomeProduct Madness are the main slot games I enjoy playing, look forward to more lightning link games :).Version: 3.13.0

You won’t be disappointed with these gamesI have played Heart of Vegas for several years & it’s my first choice of slot games. Hate when I run out of coins though..Version: 4.31.0

Great gamesLove all their games very addictive..Version: 4.31.0

Don’t win if you don’t payMost of the reviews hit the nail in the head. They say there payouts are completely random. However I always hit bonuses when I have made a purchase recently. For a while when I would click on he collect button for chips for returning it would give me 90k that mysteriously dropped to 30k when I stopped purchasing coins. The daily prize wheel is a joke. Minimum bets are stupidly high. There are a lot of other slot apps out there that don’t make you pay to win. Enjoy the games they have hear. But seems to be poorly operated and is not set on a chance algorithm. They claim payouts are “same as the games would be in a casino”. Not any casino that wants people to come back!.Version: 3.6.5

Heart of VegasThese slots will give you hours of fun believe me you won’t want to put them down get on this game & start enjoying it.Version: 3.10.0

FunI love this game.Version: 4.28

My reviewGreat game, love to play it. Only problem is when I get a good collect it freezes and I don't get the collect.Version: 4.6.0

Fun fun fun!!!You’ll have so much fun playing heart of Vegas!!!!.Version: 4.28.1

Lots of funLots of fun for when you have a quite night at home.Version: 3.5.0

Gamble button STILL MISSING omgSame as the pokies we play in Australia, all made by Aristocrat, pretty much what at least 60% of all slot machine Apps on the App Store are copied from imo !! Actually not imo it’s fact !! Biggest issue I have & have addressed this issue through every Product Madness game as I have them all. ISSUE: PLEASE PUT THE GAME/DOUBLE UP FEATURE ON ALL OF THE GAMES - E.G BLACK or RED or SUIT !!! LIKE ALL THE ONES WE PLAY IN THE PUBS & CLUBS IN AUSTRALIA, why it isn’t on there is still an unanswered question I’ve asked numerous times ! Thanks for the games, but NO thanks given for automatic replies & still no gamble feature..Version: 3.11.0

Can’t stop playing this game!!! I love it!!!!!This game is so much fun. I can’t literally stop playing it. I catch myself going on it all day long to collect the bonus every so often just so I can build up my coins. I’ve even got my mother and sisters and plenty of other people hooked onto playing this game and they can’t stop playing it either. So many different slots to play for all different types of amounts. But the only thing I would recommend is (they do give bonus coins) but should give a little more for other reasons and for in the allotted time span for free coins. Keep up the GREAT work with updates and everything else. Doing a terrific job!!!!! Thanks for all the time I can kill playing this..Version: 3.4.0

All gamesNot a bad website! Would like to make it a bit easier to win a bit more frequently..Version: 3.11.0

Very goodNice game.Version: 3.1.5

Awesomeness purely and simplyGreatest Slots iv ever played graphics and interaction are second to none thanks Heart Of Vegas you have my heart....!!.Version: 3.11.0

Annoyed iPhone 6Finally a game I love and know. But unfortunately I'm stuck on the loading page, then a black blank page with music theme playing. Uninstalled and reinstalled four times. Thinking it was my phone wasted heaps of data doing this. Please fix the problem, my friends have Samsung Galaxy s3 and s4 and partner has S6 and they have no problems at all. Come on IPhone..Version: 4.14.0

Casino.Imperious,thank you..Version: 4.1.0

Great game but...,This is s great game just like the casino , almost perfect , but , they need to move the max bet button , it’s too easy to hit on accident. I have this game on the computer for my 70 year old mother to keep her busy. Had it at 150,000,000 , but has she’s playing , she it the max button and all gone in 2 minutes. Had her in tears. I would buy her more , but I’m afraid she’ll hit it again and all gone. She loves the game , but she’ll have to play with Paul try bonus and button moved or something else is done. I’ve seen other people complain about this also....missing out on a lot of money since you won’t make minor tweak !!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.2.0

Great gameGood game great payouts..Version: 3.2.0

So much fun!!I’ve been playing this slot for a couple of years now and is by far my favourite. I give the other slot games a go every now and then but they don’t compare. I end up bored with them very quickly. Not sure what the whingers are going on about! I do buy coins occasionally and I feel I get great value. Perhaps they are playing too many credits per game?? There are so many games to choose from, keep up the good work and dont listen to the grizzly grumps! 🤣🤣.Version: 3.15.0

Best slot gameAwesome game absolutely love it. Need to add more machines like let’s go fishing and money bags but still the best slot game by far..Version: 3.11.0

5 starI enjoy this sight because you do not have adds that interrupt the games.Version: 4.3.0

The best of the bestThese games are the real ones at the casino. Amazing sounds, great colours and simply the BEST app for slots!.Version: 4.17.0

The best app everAbsolutely fab, LOVE it!!!.Version: 4.8.0

Excellent gamesGreat fun and functionality.Version: 3.15.0

My favorite!!!I have played Heart of Vegas for almost 2 years now. I don’t play through Facebook, which I will never do, so the bummer is I can’t move up in status. I love this Casino, it has given me so much JOY!!! The last few weeks it seems like the games have been loser. I highly recommend this app and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!❤️🤑❤️ Update... February 22,2021 Still my favorite, something happened today that has never happened before. Bought some coins that I did not receive. Wrote support, nothing. Bought it yesterday and have been charged. So disappointed and frustrated. Still my favorite,But definitely have some frustrations. Can play all day and noticed that I hardly have any balls For bingo. Do not understand, do some games not give you more balls?.Version: 4.48.0

Heart of VegasGreat games less interruptions..Version: 4.43.0

Thank youFirst thanks for such an amazing app it is exactly the same as I would find in any club The bonus coins every 3 hours is not much but if you collect over a period of time I have found that you can have a good play love the games and have a great time with the mini games when I can get them so many thanks for a great app to play. Heart of Vegas is extremely generous with free coins so I would recommend it to anyone..Version: 3.20.0

Need a lot of money to play this gameThe game is great and I enjoy playing it, but once you have run out of money it becomes boring and the only way to get some money back is to collect your coins from waiting for 3 hours for it to be collected and you only get $30,000 which for 1 spin is $10,000 so you pretty much only get 3 spins after every 3 hours. Hopefully you guys can fix this or at least add a money wheel for us to try a win something..Version: 4.8.0

Love love love it!Exciting and thrilling. The reels can get real tight sometimes, but mix it up with different games and it's a blast!! Add more 4 reel games and sticky wilds game. I've paid plenty to this game and would like the opportunity to play more when I don't have to pay and can actually win daily bonuses that actually give you a chance to hit some bonuses. If I don't pay, I have to play for weeks for only like a couple minutes at a time cause it's so hard to even make enough coins to enjoy the game for a while. Bigger daily bonus please. But I love this game even though some of the games are ALWAYS losers. Mix it up get rid of some like Shaman and Nutcracker and add more like More Chili, More Hearts and Miss Kitty. I'm done paying for chips for now. But I'll keep playing with the little daily bonuses hoping to win..Version: 4.2.0

WickedA great little program many fun days playing this while I am at work and waiting for a customer to come to my bar for a drink Cheers Nigel.Version: 4.2.0

GameGreat.Version: 4.1.0

Heart of bonusesThis is my number one app, have been playing it for years and can’t stop. Awesome variety of games with generous payouts..Version: 4.10.0

MrVery interesting game . Fast and occupying.Version: 3.11.0

All the fun you can imagine.Have been playing for years. Great fun..Version: 3.4.0

BullsGood thank you.Version: 3.11.0

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