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Applied Ballistics App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Applied Ballistics app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Applied Ballistics? Can you share your negative thoughts about applied ballistics?

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Applied Ballistics for Negative User Reviews

Save your money, don’t bother!Awful, outdated app. Total waste of money. I paid the expensive £28 to gain access to the custom drag profiles, however they are an additional in app purchase. Total rip off. Keep with StrelokPro. Shame on you Bryan Litz.Version: 2.0.3

ReticleBought the app and noticed it didn’t have the reticle I currently have is there anyway to get the EBR-2C FFP reticle on the list?.Version: 2.0.3

IPad failBallistics table doesn’t format correctly on iPad..Version: 2.0.3

Skip this and get a kestrelI've tried using this app and sorta got by but not even close to the kestrel custom curves and truing abilities. Buy the 5700 as its new and just available. iPhone should soon be able to apply custom drag curves. It is easy to use for the beginner but ballistics AE is more refined sure not as user friendly. U can true both if you know your muzzle velocity but not if you are just guessing and want to calc mv.Version: 1.1

Good potential, improvement needed!This app has several bugs that need to be addressed. Fortunately, the producers respond rapidly to the critics. Something really missing is a tutor section that may help in using the different options. The price is really ridiculous and embarrassing!.Version: 1.0.1

No stars. Horrible.I have shooter. Ballistic. Bullet flight etc. they all work as advertised. I wanted ab to look how crosswind jump affects impacts at longer ranges. I've never rated an app or left a review but this app is terrible So it needed one. I triple checked my inputs into ab, and still couldn't find why it's outputs were so far off. It doesn't even come close to matching my other programs which have been confirmed by shooting in he field. It has a few bugs where it would freeze and need to be restarted, but mostly it's just a faulty app. Unfortunate because the ab kestrels are widely respected..Version: 1.2.2

Good App and a few tweaks would make it betterBought this after owning Shooter and studying Bryan's books. My only suggestion for change concerns the moving target feature. Target motion is not accounted for in windage displays on the reticle view. Changing target speed changes 'wind' windage but not target windage. So... a few tweaks are needed. Looking forward to field use with a new 6.5mm rifle..Version: 1.48

Not working with latest updatesCan not enter the fields on iPhone XR since last update. Please fix and make it a 5 star app again..Version: 2.1.2

JamesNo more support to fix bugs . Do not buy.Version: 2.0.3

Used to be a great tool!Sorry, but I loved the oringinal version. I have to rate this new version a 2 as it doesn't have a way to backup and restore dope. I saw notes posted 7/18 that is was not ready for public, and there is no way to manually export and store data. I lost all my dope when my phone was damaged. If you provide a way to backup and restore data again... I would rate this 5 stars..Version: 2.0.3

Needs some work...Several issues with the second release: Hi, I recently purchased AB for iPhone and can't get several things to work compared to friends who have the same on Droids. 1. I do not see a way to purchase custom drag curves even making sure advance mode is on. In drag selection I only have G1 and G7. 2. In Ballistic Calculation, Range 1 is 1566 to 2116 yds, Range 2 is 3055 to 3867 yds and Range 3, at least 300 yds longer than Range 3. That's not gonna happen. Even after adjusting target range and turning on/off zero data, those huge numbers stay the same. 3. I am definitely getting different solutions that using G7 data or experimental G1 data in AB than I do with Shooter and Shooter is closer to actual out to 2000 yards..Version: 1.0.1

Needs to be fixed!!!!Wind speed input is buggy. No matter what you do the number exponentially increases thus rendering a $30 dollar app useless. Please fix!!!.Version: 1.0.0

Problems since 2019 updateThe HUD displays when a person changes the distance/wind do not adjust in the respective display panels, however the data for adjustments is displaying. An example, you will see the distance display as 950 yards, when adjusting the distance the yardage display does not change but the solutions change. The problem this causes is one may think they have a solution for XX yardage, but in fact the displayed distance is incorrect. Tried calling the customer service number as well as emailed costumer support.....crickets. Maybe they will fix these issues with the next update. Otherwise, great info and data. Easy to use and was extremely pleased before the software update. Now I’m patiently waiting on the fix to this issue..Version: 2.0.3

Reasonable Program but has major bugsI purchased this program to use to calculate ballistics out to ranges of 1500yds. I live in Australia and no matter what I do, after I set my unit preferences then enable atmosphere and sync to station it changes my units from imperial to metric. I use imperial units while shooting and I find this to be that much of a hassle I now don't use the program. Applied Ballistics needs to fix this problem.Version: 1.2.0

Doesn’t work anymoreUsed to work but must not be updated. Just kicks you out. No mas. No star here. I got the books and the app. Deserve better..Version: 2.0.2

Used to be good, not it doesn't work.When I bought this app a couple years ago it worked well but needed some features added. Since then most updates have broken base features while attempting to add things like local weather auto populate. Currently Manually added Bullets don't calculate any info, bullet BC editing has multiple issues and updates and customer service are nearly non-existent. I once highly recommended this app but now it is pretty much worthless. Skip it and try another..Version: 1.2.2

Great author; program in iphone/ipad pretty sorryIt is very easy to lose your data. Ridiculous. Does not update from iPhone to iPad. Strike two. There are issues on the iPad display regarding the drop charts (which sometimes present as a garbled mess, with numbers appearing on top of other numbers). The column headers are not even placed over the appropriate columns at times, making it slmost impossible to use them. Sorry developers I guess. I wish I knew and appreciated all these issues with the AB App before I got it. There really is no excuse for any of these things. It does work, though. YMMV of course..Version: 2.0.3

Over priced and buggyThis app is way over priced plus it don't work properly , I contacted the litz team and asked for a refund and they sent me an email giving me a temporary fix and told me to wait for an update after paying 42$ Canadian . I been getting wrong ballistic solution for both my 308 and 243 by about a 10 MOA error . Kind of disappointed thinking I'd get something more form applied ballistics app , I have shooter and isnipe and they work fine , I should have saved my 42 $ and stuck with isnipe . This app cannot be trusted in the field , I'm sure they will fix the issue with an update but again after paying 42$ it should be working right now ..Version: 1.2.2

Repeatedly drops dataNew versions drops all data in re-opening and all my ballistics observations, including my rifle specifics lost. Absolutely dreadful App Earlier versions were really helpful, but now.... avoid at all costs. Even when avoiding upgrading App, it still drops all previous records.....Version: 2.1.4

Wasted $30App is poorly designed and library has just a fraction of bullets compared to other ballistic apps. There was a “timer” button that I hit any my phone would not stop vibrating. Absolutely horrible. I had to delete the app to stop the vibrating. Can I get a refund?.Version: 2.0.2

Do not get for iPad at this timeI love the app, this is my go to ballistic solver. It is a bit more unfriendly than some easier to use apps. I use it on my iPhone with no problem however when I try and use it on my IPad (which would be preferred) the screens do not format properly. For an app of this price, from an outfit as prestigious as AB, it should at least be coded correctly.Version: 2.0.3

No backupNot having your data backed up when you get a different phone, is a huge bummer..Version: 2.0.3

Unusable chart for iPadVery comprehensive. Has everything you need for competitive shooting. The solution chart is unusable because it cuts off the distances in the display..Version: 2.0.3

DisappointingReally disappointed with this app. Have been using it for a couple of years. Doesn’t have the same menu as the user guide. I can’t pair my weatherflow, there’s not even the option in the menu. I asked the developer before purchasing if my phones barometer would work in the app. I was told it would. It doesn’t. There’s not even an option to select it. There are better apps out there for less money..Version: 2.0.3

No supportVery disappointed with app support. I have been unable to input any data. Emailed twice asking for help with no response. Even a reply with something like we’re working on it would be nice. I guess I expect to much from a $30 app..Version: 2.1.2

DistanceWhen you go to a metric system it does not show the break down in in didstance.Version: 2.0.3

Very poor appGood concept but to many bugs. Since the last update there is more bugs making the app useless. Waitin since3 week for an new update to fix these bugs.Version: 1.2.0

Not optimised, feels outdatedTotally unintuitive, graphics look like they’re meant for iPhone 4, should have preset rifle data for £28.99! Wish I hadn’t bought this. It’s ugly, lacks direction, lacks presets for rifles, costs a lot for very little..Version: 2.0.2

Out of date for modern iPhonesWould expect for the price tag that the app would be up to date for modern iPhone designs..Version: 2.1.4

A User menu!Would be intuitive with a user menu page! “Tidbits” of useful information would make it more beneficial! “Old grey”..Version: 2.3.9

Has become useless to me...Using this app from iPhone x.. I cannot even use this app, because after putting all my info into the App, i get impossible firing solutions. If i could get my money back i would...only way to get it to work is to delete and re install, then it works for a while. I don't have this prob with my other ballistics app..Version: 2.1.4

Very Good — With a Serious IssueFirst off Brian Litz who is behind this is one of the world’s top balisticians. His books are the top reference books on the subject. I love the app. It is second to none. However it has a serious issue. First off, it asks a crapload of questions about your firearm and ammo. This is good. That’s what makes it accurate. However I recently upgraded my iPhone and then went to a match. While at rue match I wanted to use the app to work out my drops at the various stages. I opened up the app and all the firearm and load data I entered was gone. I use iCloud for my data backup but this app does not. Then it wanted me to “Restore my Purchases” (for the custom bullet BC profiles I paid for). How was I supposed to do that while at the match with zero cell reception? So this is a great app if you don’t mind rebuilding your firearm and bullet profiles every time you upgrade your phone. I believe I could have done significantly better at the match had my ballistics app actually been able to be used at the match. Grrrrrrr........Version: 2.1.4

Latest upgrade data doesn't match existing dataUpdated and uninstalled like recommended. Before the update the results were in tune with my coldbore program and my real world data. Since the upgrade the applied solution for my load at 1000m is out by 10moa. I've checked all the parameters and then double checked but can't get the program to match my real world data or coldbore anymore. Wish I never updated it as I used this program a lot..Version: 1.48

Worked on my iPad but now it doesn'tI installed the app on my iPhone and iPad. It worked on both, including websynch, as of yesterday. I used my iPhone at the range today and modified the velocity of the bullet in one of my rifles so I synched it to the web. When I got home I discovered that the iPad version synchs but when I select the bullet it crashes. It does this on every bullet for every rifle. I have yet to figure out how to get the app to pull weather. The selector in the preferences is turned on but nothing ever changes It seems accurate but I've only tested at 100, 200, & 300.Version: 1.0.1

Needs a lot of workAn update caused the app to crash whenever I would try display any of my previously saved load data. If I recreate the load it will work fine but all of my previously saved data was useless. Also recently had to backup and restore my phone and now all of my saved data is gone. This app used to have a cloud sync feature but it’s nowhere to be found now. Guess I get to start over..Version: 2.0.2

Not for IPadWorks ok on iphone..Version: 2.0.3

Will not read kestrel 5500Love the app but I have to manually enter the weather from my kestrel 5500. StrelokPro pro loads it very fast. Pretty disappointing for 30 bucks. Absolutely no info in the web to solve this issue. All you get is info about the 5700. Save your money and get StrelokPro or even ballisticsarc..Version: 2.0.3

Buggy and metric is problematicThis won't perform a calculation unless I refresh my settings from the server when I start it up. Metric mode forces you to use wind speeds of metres per second - would be nice to be able to use Km/h or Knots. Currently an expensive mistake, using a different calculator and hoping that this gets a much needed update - no updates since April 2016!.Version: 1.2.2

Updated needed...Well after a long wait, it's finally here. Or is it? I'm sure the app will eventually be great but right now there are tons of bugs. The atmospherics won't auto-populate being the most glaring. The "come ups" are drastically different than competitor programs. I haven't had a chance to shoot and test this but will this week. So we'll see about that. Again, I have hope for this becoming my go to app, but as it stands, it needs some work..Version: 1.0.0

Good but not a well polished app.Has the foundation needed by a good solid app. But needs far more work. E.g. When entering data, don't make any mistakes, as there's no obvious way of deleting or changing the created entries. Settings are to generalised so don't have much control about mixing/matching say imperial/metric. When creating an entry, you don't get much by way of help to understanding what a given setting does. Will keep my eyes open for upgrades, but for the time being iSnipe is my app of choice. It also supporting Litz's good work. But without the hefty price tag..Version: 1.0.1

Good data in bad data outI just downloaded the app and found a problem. Built my rifle profile. They didn’t have an MOA scope only specific models. Build my bullet data. For some reason when I look at the ballistics and graph my bullet MV starts 1000fps faster than it actually is. That’s going to make for some horrible data. I already had the Hornady BC but I liked the graphs and charts in this one. We will see..Version: 2.1.4

I’m sorry I have to give a one star reviewI love all things long range shooting, I want to say that first. I was looking for a ballistic calculator that would show a separate column for Coriolis, the description made it sound like this iPad that. The ballistic drop down columns don’t lineup on the iPad format. And Coriolis is Selectable, but the offset is not displayed separately so you can’t distinguish what’s Coriolis vs Spindrift vs Wind. So the apps not really give me what I’m looking for. The interface is kind of awkward also. Some of the free calculators are better. I wanted this to be great. I can’t help but feel that this is just trying to get people to buy the $200 analytics package which I’m not going to do..Version: 2.0.3

Supposed to be the best and I disagreeNot that great and requires in app purchases just to get the custom drag curves. Which is the whole point of the app really. Most expensive app for ballistics and then on top of it requires you to buy every single custom drag curve for the bullets you want. What a joke. No thanks I’ll stick with g7 curves on other apps or a kestrel with its ballistics..Version: 2.0.3

Great promise but no bug fixes for a long timeNew version seems to have removed ability to adjust ballistic coefficient. Not sure what bugs were fixed, but apart from the vanishing BCs, I don't seem much difference. App is good, but still disappointed that Litz' signature application is not being maintained and enhanced to fulfill the original promise. Old review: This a good app. I bought it as an upgrade to Shooter which is allegedly written by the same person. In reality there is presently no major advance over its predecessor. The ballistics modeling is a little more refined but the promised custom drag curves have still not materialized. Many of the features could need a little refinement and there are still quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. Considering this app is branded Applied Ballistics, I was expecting that it would be continuously refined to reflect positively on Mr Litz and his endeavors. I am giving it three stars, since there has been no substantial update for a long time. I am wondering if Mr Litz has given up supporting the iPhone?.Version: 1.2.0

Not working properlyI setup all the required information but when I try to calculate, it has no drops Also another issue when I setup ammo at 3138fps the app while showing the ammo At the correct speed calculated at 3838 Needs some serious work please, not worth the cost and would love a refund.Version: 1.0.1

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