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Cadrage Director's Viewfinder app received 94 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cadrage director's viewfinder?

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Cadrage Director's Viewfinder for Positive User Reviews

Expertly designedExpertly designed and easy to use. Extensive up to date database of cameras and lenses. A pleasure to use in studio or on location..Version: 4.0

Super easy, works every time!I love to use this app to frame out shots before hand. It’s intuitive and has all the features I need..Version: 4.0.4

Almost perfectAs soon as you can add camera and lens information manually after importing a photo this app will be perfect. Don’t know if this is possible but it seems like an easy feature to add. This is my go to for communicating Shotlists and relevant information to the crew. The reason for requesting that you can manually add camera information is because when outputting a Shotlist with imported images, the PDF reports prints out “unknown camera”. This causes everyone in the crew to bombard the DP saying “I thought we selected the camera?” To which the DP has to explain that this is a limitation of Cadrage. Help! If this gets added this app is a game changer and would be the Tesla of viewfinders..Version: 4.2

Lock Screen widget!!Thank you so much for adding this feature. I use a focus mode while filming projects and I consolidate all the apps I need for productions within that mode. I even have a customized lock screen and with this new widget I can be way more productive!.Version: 5.4.1

Love this app!I’ve matched this to my BM6k Pro setup with my Sigma 18-35mm. I’ve even added my Luts to be able to get a good idea of what the image will look color wise. Big Fan. So easy to use when scouting and figuring out lenses needed for coverage..Version: 5.4.4

Directors viewfinder in my pocketI love this app. It's been so useful on set and I use it all the time. I've even used it to storyboard, recce locations and setup scenes for the dop. 5 stars all the way.Version: 1.5

Love this appVery impressive selection of lenses, including some of the less common ones. Really simple to use, very easy to engage directors with it - without any intimidating things on screen..Version: 5.2

One of the most useful toolsGreat app!! I am a cinematographer and have shot two feature films, I always use Cadrage to plan the camera positions with my directors, one of my top tools! Thank you!.Version: 3.1.1

Love itMiles better than Artemis.Version: 4.5

Excellent app.A fully featured and brilliantly designed app. Essential on set tool and the document creation and export makes it invaluable in pre-production..Version: 5.2.2

A must haveGreat value. Good UI. If you're in the biz then essential..Version: 1.3

Wish I knew about this app soonerVery useful for my pre production work, love it!.Version: 5.4.5

Changed my viewThis is such a great app. To know what camera, format, lense, etc. that is being used for filming and adapt it to rehearsals and pre-vis is a game changer. Turning in ideas knowing they will fit the scene ahead of time saves countless hours of production time. Love it and thanks Noon Orsatti DGA/SAG.Version: 5.4.3

Great appEasy to use and handy on set!.Version: 5.2.3

Great Value. Easy to use and good tool!Bought this for Tech Scouting and to Help visualize what a frame might be. Really comes through. I haven’t used all the features but will update..Version: 5.1.1

Great app, now even better with iPhone 11 supportUsing this with an iPhone 11 and love that it can support the 13mm FOV (on full frame). Also, I love the new ‘looks’ option where you can actually color grade a style and save it as a preset for preview and adding to saved shots. Very nice!.Version: 4.0.2

Invaluable tool!As a camera operator, this is my new best thing on set!.Version: 5.5

Very nice app wish it had more overlaysI wish there were more composition overlays such as golden triangle. Otherwise great app it had my camera and lens setup more than I anticipated..Version: 5.5

Love thisBeing able to preview what a shot is going to look like before having to configure my video rig is a real time saver. Also allows me to scout locations without having to bring out the rig..Version: 4.5

Great scouting toolUse this app on every scout. Well designed and includes every lens I can think of..Version: 5.2.3

Great JobFills The Void.Version: 5.2.2

Amazing valueThe value this app brings to the preproduction process is priceless.Version: 5.5.1

Works as AdvertisedCadrage has become an invaluable tool for me. Works as advertised and is absolutely worth the cost of admission..Version: 3.1.1

One Of My Favorite ToolsEvery camera and lens combo you would ever need, the ability to grab scout stills or video with baked in camera and lens info? The best. Pricey, but ultimately worth it..Version: 5.4.2

Great app. (Ultra wide support)Currently using this app on the iPhone 11. Was hoping the app is able to enable the ultra wide cameras for wider focal length. Thank you! Hopefully the update can come soon..Version: 3.3

So much better than ArtemisArtemis was always slow and problematic. This one’s so much better, easy to use..Version: 5.2.1

SolidA very useful tool.Version: 5.4.2

Quick viewfinder to capture setups for production!Love the details I get when shooting setups for projects. Clients can quickly see what we’re going to capture. Awesome having different cameras and lens kits to access quickly!.Version: 4.1.1

Buy it!This is a great little tool, super easy to use has most cameras and lenses. You can even add custom lens options too. I use it on every shoot..Version: 5.2.3

AMAZINGBetter and nicer to use than Artemis!.Version: 5.4.4

Great utility every film maker or photographer must haveCadrage will save you a lot of guessing, time and money. If you are a cinematographer, photographer, location sound mixer, set designer or location scout, or anyone that needs to have critical technical information, with lens info and geo-tagging, to make your life easier and equip you to excel in your job, then this needs to be in your kit. Buy it. You won’t regret it. Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s very affordable..Version: 5.4.2

Brilliant app!This app really helps in setting up and planning out shots. Very well done..Version: 5.5.1

Essential tool for filmmakersReally great tool. Lots of customization options, including aspect ratio, custom lens adapters, video & photo stills, etc..Version: 4.5

Brilliant & Very HandyVery easy to use, absolutely brilliant and well priced compared to the "professional". Would like to see a record button instead of taking a picture, but still very good Thanks.Version: 2.1

Best scouting companionIt has been a big help to be on the go and scouting locations and have all of your lens choices in the palm of your hands at any moment.Version: 5.0.4

Must have toolMust have tool for every filmmaker! Worth every penny.Version: 4.5

Dusk/DawnThe app is awesome. Has every sensor you can think of and let's you add any lens you want. The one thing missing is sunset/sunrise information, which similar apps like Panascout have. This is quite essential when location scouting. Even without it, I truly recommend the entire Cadrage bundle. Geminos is also quite helpful, I find..Version: 1.5.1

Superb improvement on ArtemisOnly just switched to this from Artemis and already can see it leaves it standing. Iris & focus control is great and finger tip easy. But it's the vast array of pre-set and CUSTOMISABLE camera packages and aspect ratios that sets it apart. You can also generate PDF storyboards direct to Dropbox which is a massive help. Love this App..Version: 2.0.6

EnjoyReally enjoy using the app!! Use it on a daily basis when I am on set. Thank you.Version: 5.1.7

Essential!Genuinely my go to app for scouting and pre production brainstorming. Takes out so much guess work.Version: 5.4.3

Using it since day oneLove the layout. It’s sober. All the formats in it. Frame lines overlay. Clarify misconceptions about sensor crops etc. Love the ability to generate a shot list..Version: 5.2.2

Missing Micro four thirds lensesOverall amazing app but missing popular lenses.Version: 4.3.2

Love this app!Makes shooting super straightforward..Version: 5.5

Nothing else comparesDon’t bother downloading or buying any other app. This is the best one, by far..Version: 5.1.7

Great app. Be aware though….The app is great but be aware that you have to have a newer model phone with the newer cameras so that you can actually see the wider angle lens field of view. Other than that great app..Version: 5.2.1

Great appLove this app. A must have!!.Version: 5.2

BrilliantI’ve been using Cadrage for quite a few years now on many different projects and many different cameras as well. I can confidently say that this is the best viewfinder app I’ve ever used..Version: 5.4.2

Better than ArtemisI was a long time Artemis user, but switched to Cadrage for it’s simplicity and less cluttered interface..Version: 5.0.5

Great App! FR: simultaneous adapter overlaysFeature request: Simultaneous display of available adapter mags (including no adapter) to show which magnifications fill in the gaps. Cadrage is front and center on my Home Screen. Using it every day..Version: 5.2.2

THE ONE to get.Having worked and futzed with them all... I can confidently tell you Cadrage flat out slays and renders the others dead. This is not only my fave viewfinder app, but, honestly it’s one of my all time fave apps. A joy to use - let’s you focus on doing what you need to do and makes your shortlists and storyboard creation become effortless. Today I created an entire storyboard for a complex video in a 25m Lyft ride from my phone. In the past, this would have taken an hour or more on desktop. This app is so well designed and made to make our work frictionless, easy and enjoyable. Well done. Developer response to my feature request has been quick and phenomenal as well. That is sayin a lot these days. Highly recommended..Version: 4.5

Amazing appI had used Artemis for years and got frustrated with how buggy it was. Constantly losing my settings. Converted to Cadrage and haven’t looked back. Easy interface, reliable and I love being able to save my settings between shows. Thanks for making my life on set easier! Legends!.Version: 5.2.3

DRussell88Great app all the camera’s all the lenses.Version: 5.2.3

EssentialAbsolute time saver. This app taught me so much about my lenses in just minutes. Can’t wait to go shoot..Version: 5.2.1

Outstanding!I love the Cadrage Directors Viewfinder. Look nor further..Version: 5.1.6

Love this toolWhen you don’t have or want to carry around a camera it’s a great way to visualize your shot , and all the info you need is tagged on the file ..Version: 5.4.4

Great app for filmmakersI never thought I would rely so much on my iPhone to take care of so many of my production needs. As much as I like the old traditional ways of filmmaking, going this route is both faster and my cost effective..Version: 5.2.2

Not perfect but quite usefulIt is amazing but the only thing I would like is a more refined project libraries.Version: 5.2.3

Almost there!It feels like such a missed opportunity to not have portrait mode blur option. I find myself opening the camera app to producers examples to show clients because most people intuitively don’t imagine the depth of Field and it helps a lot to compose with the option to see a portrait mode back blur even if it’s not perfect..Version: 5.2

Useful Storyboarding ResourceThis app is an excellent resource for storyboarding, with access to premiere motion picture lenses, some costing 5 figures. An Arri Alexa Classic 20mm spherical has a readable distortion distinct from a Panavision anamorphic, and being able to capture that helps with scene compositions; you can maintain a consistent look through the perspective guides. If you’re a director on set, you should use a director’s viewfinder, but this app is 1/5 the cost and excellent for off-set pre-pro..Version: 5.4.2

Solid camera appIt seems a few other reviewers don’t understand what this app is for and have given it a one star. If you work in the film & television industry or need to have a way to frame up shots, this is a solid app. If you think this is a viewfinder app to allow you to see through your camera then this is not it. This is a director’s viewfinder and allows you to see what a frame would look like using various lenses on various camera bodies..Version: 3.1.2

Nice AppThis seems to work well and there’s every camera and lens you could think of. Being able to take a photo and name is is also very useful..Version: 1.0

Love itUnbelievably useful. I use it for all my projects ranging from TV shows to commercials..Version: 5.4.3

It does the jobUsing it on an iPhone 11 Pro, there’s no issue with wide angles; I don’t think I would use it on a phone that doesn’t have the wide angle however..Version: 4.3.3

Best digital director’s viewer availableThis is an excellent app does so much and developers are open to improvement suggestions..Version: 5.4.5

WorksIt works. Can be custom calibrated which is amazing. Buying the combo is worth it..Version: 1.3

Great work _ Must have in the digital tool box for a DOPI think Cadrage stormed the opposition (Artemis) when this update occurred in IOS 13. Leaving the others for DEAD. The UI is cleaner with a brilliant, more pro appearance overall. They added more lenses & cameras. GREAT to see it all function so neatly & efficiently without tiresome menus. For an onsite DP’s reference well equiped tool - for other HOD’s in a production to communicate ideas & concepts on location it’s definitely the tool you want in your device as any film maker. This gets my vote..Version: 4.0.2

Buy this app.If you’ve ever wanted to scout shooting locations without having to drag along your entire kit, stop reading this review and just buy this app already. It is the single most useful app in my professional arsenal: wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I can grab my phone and instantly frame up a shot for any camera, lens, or aspect ratio. Better yet, Cadrage captures an incredibly useful amount of metadata so there’s no second-guessing how you got that shot. From time to GPS location to even the direction and orientation you were shooting, there’s so much data available that you can easily return to the location and set up without excessive re-scouting..Version: 4.3.1

Brilliant AppGreat useful app, would love to be able to make the viewfinder window fill the entire screen on my XR instead of the 4:3 view I have on my screen. Everything else is great, also if can control the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO that would be great as well to simulate shots from camera! 5 Star rating, a must have app for Cinematographers! Only looking forward to my requests above being implemented..Version: 4.2

Amazing ToolGreatest directors viewfinder period..Version: 5.2.1

Best ViewfinderBeen using it for years and they have great updates and support. 10/10.Version: 4.3.1

Very powerful and well used tool in my production work flow!I love the design and ease of use with powerful and expansive toolset. A must have in my pre-production..Version: 4.0.2

Best I’ve used.So far so good. Just embarking on using it but have done several location scouts w it, great features..Version: 5.2.2

Quick and easyGives me everything I have been looking for in a camera / story board app. The PDF export is a game changer to my production. Quick simple and it works..Version: 5.4.3

Great app for location scouting!Very useful and easy to use. Before changing lenses you can test it out with your phone. Bit most importantly, you can taie picture and email the file with the lenses info, perfect to prepare a shooting..Version: 5.0.5

Very helpful!Easy user interface, more options than I know what to do with 😅.Version: 5.4.5

Worthy alternative to ArtemisCadrage has great support from the devs, and is a really good deal with the Lens Matcher companion app. Does mostly everything I can think to ask of it, and it's bug free so far, which is a bonus.Version: 4.0.3

SpeedyCadrage is very fast. Great for onset use.Version: 5.0.4

Good quality but still need more supportsA very useful app. I always use this when scouting location for my films. Not only me, my DOP and production designer are also love it..Version: 4.0.4

A great toolA very good tool for visualising shots. A very comprehensive array of lenses and cameras make this app excel. However, when using the video mode, the manual focusing slider hides some of the camera’s view of the shot, making e.g a focus pull and pan a little bit of a guessing game as to whether you got everything in shot! The operator should ALWAYS have an unobstructed view through the viewfinder..Version: 5.4.4

Good app, has some flawsLove: Video recording option Reporting tools Dropbox integration Things to improve: 1) Be able to move the PDF report to Files app or any other PDF app that doesn’t require email or internet access!!! 2) It would be great to be able to load a ‘standard’ lens package, like a set of Master Primes. I am annoyed that I can’t save a frequently used lens kit and save/load/export/import it (ie via a .csv file). The fact they just say generic focal lenses instead of a specific camera package is not exactly user-friendly. Perhaps that distinction is not relevant from the point of view of optics and geometry, but it would be useful to be able to save a lens kit and “assign” names to them, so that in the metadata reports I could see which camera, sensor and lens type (super speeds, ultra primes, etc) the photo was captured with. 3) another annoyance is poor photo managements & project organization. It’s unnecessarily cumbersome and convoluted, yet not powerful enough for batch processing. Needing to select a “default” project and then also have titles for images as well. And I always start capturing new photos into an old project and then have to move it over. Plus the fact that old titles persist as well is.... it’s both - understandable and at the same time that’s just bad design choice. Cause I eventually notice that the titles are all from the previous project and proceed to change them - only to stumble upon the fact that I can’t change titles of multiple items in one swoop. That feels like a huge oversight. 4) this one oversight is the one I HATE the most - pressing the < arrow in the top left corner while going thru captured photos bumps me out to record mode INSTEAD OF bringing me back to the gallery view I came from. This is just asinine! Back button means “return one step back”, NOT switch modes to Record..Version: 3.2.2

So much!!There are so many options for lenses and cameras- many different functions- great app!.Version: 5.2

Game changer to have on set!Location scouting just got even easier to find our frame. Saves us time and hassle of moving the cinema camera until we know we have our shots. Amazing price for such a great and easy to use tool..Version: 5.2.1

Easy to useI enjoy all the metadata that is captured during a location scout in order to duplicate the shots during production day..Version: 4.3

The perfect director’s viewfinder appBeautifully designed, all the key camera sensors profiled including some smaller and important DSLRs, any focal length can be added manually or pre-existing well known sets can be chosen, and works seamlessly with the wide iPhone lens too so no more crops simulating wide frames! Hats off to the team..Version: 4.1.1

Better than Artemis proI used Artemis for a long time and was frustrated by how buggy it is. I find this to be a better design and just does what it’s supposed to do..Version: 5.2.3

😌👌🏼👌🏼This app’s pretty dope, if you ask me… It’s so convenient to just carry and have, even just for comparing framing things in random settings..Version: 5.2.2

One of the most director viewfinder app on the marketIt is simple to use and you can add a look to your shots... One word: WOW.Version: 4.1.3

Massively useful.Literally use it every day on every shoot. I was just gaffer on a project where we were moving from setup to setup so fast that I was setting up one scene ahead of the crew and using Cadrage to communicate with the dp while they’d shoot the room I’d just lit. Couldn’t love this more..Version: 5.0.4

Great appGreat app! The only thing I would change is how the camera and lens kits are organized. I shoot video on an R5c and use a mix of zoom R lens and primes in my physical kit. So I’d like to be able to switch between all my lenses in the app quickly. When your kit only has prime lenses it’s great because you select the ones you own in app and use the arrows to switch between them quickly. -we need to be able to add zoom lenses into this organization and switch between them with the arrows the same way. -and then just have an extra UI button to zoom in and out with that lens..Version: 5.4.2

Great AppThis app is great for scouting. I’ve also developed a workflow where I download the photo from Cadrage and use it as a background in my storyboard. I’ve found the lenses and cameras are pretty accurate. Keep up the great work!.Version: 4.1.1

Good appVery useful.Version: 4.1.2

For professional directors and DPsI’ve been using Cadrage for about 3 months now. It’s exceeded every expectation for a viewfinder app for location scouts. The team behind the app also seems to very consistently support the app users with updates based on feedback. Zero regrets from me in buying Cadrage. Keep up the great work!.Version: 4.5

Dead usefulReally usable app. Try out different lens, looks before you shoot..Version: 5.4.3

Excellent. All the cameras and lenses and adaptersHas aspect ratios presets for every camera I’ve ever used with every lens I’ve used with every adapter I’ve ever used. Very solid..Version: 5.4.4

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