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I love this appOne of the big limitations of iOS is the inability to load fonts for presentations, corporate stationery and design work. It's a disaster for someone who talks about the importance of brand consistency to give a presentation in a generic font because the one I really need is available. Anyfont smashes that problem with an easy reliable solution. I love this app..Version: 2.2

Awesome app and support!Everyone with an iphone or ipad should download this app. I use my ipad for grading student's paper. Anyfont allows me to install custom handwriting font so that I can write feedback to my students with a personal touch. Originally, I had some problem installing font, but the tech support (Florian) was awesome. He solved the problem very quickly and I was able to install my font with no problem..Version: 2.10

Deux mots en rapport à Pixelmator et mon iPad mini 2Ça fonctionne :).Version: 2.10

Works awesome Must Have AppI really Love how this app works... I can find my fonts that I truly want whether through the app or on sites from a browser and have no problem getting them installed to work on my IPad Pro this is an excellent app. Thank you for keeping it up well as well as how well it works with other app programs needed for the Fonts.Version: 2.12

Great app!It’s amazing how many fonts are in this app for such a low price (including the$1.49 in app purchase), I’m also happy that this developer hasn’t gone down the “subscription” route. Just one request: with the 1000 fonts bundle an ability to “select all” would be appreciated. Thank you..Version: 3.1.4

It absolutely does the jobI have been trying to see if I can use an iPad Pro as a travel computer, and one of the key missing pieces was being able to use company fonts in Keynote and Powerpoint. AnyFont did the job. The house fonts are all from Adobe and Google, and they worked perfectly. The mechanism for doing this is a bit weird, but it is well explained in the app. If you keep your fonts in Dropbox or similar, the process will be easier if you use the Files app on iPhone or iPad. One thing: If you put all your fonts in a .zip file, you can add them all in one shot, and only add one security profile. Once I figured this out I set up all the fonts in a matter of minutes..Version: 2.13

Other AppsWill this app or in future updates, work with Microsoft office for ipad?.Version: 1.1

Great appThis solved the issue of having limited font selection. Fairly easy to use and trustworthy..Version: 2.10

I was unfair to this app.I’m sorry for taking out my anger about iOS14’s treatment of fonts here. It’s my fault for mostly using older apps that are no longer being updated. Fonts may not work with that many apps anymore thanks to Apple, but for what they do work with, this is still the best installer there is..Version: 3.1.5

It just works!The way you install is a bit confusing, it goes back and forth a bit and asks for the passcode to install the font (which I found weird) But other than that the font I needed was available on Keynote after the process. Thanks for the app!.Version: 2.10

Still the best and value for moneyThere are people selling a fraction of fonts for ridiculous amount of cash. This is amazing and the fonts appears in various apps to use. Great job well done..Version: 2.13

Couldn’t do with outGreat app does what it says definitely worth the buy.Version: 2.13

This wonderful app has treated me very well, but something has happened...As I said before, I love this app, as I download fonts all the time for my stories. It has never failed to download anything that I desired. However, just after the second AnyFont update I noticed that I cannot download any fonts anymore. I tried clearing the apps from my history, restarting my iPad, and even deleting some of my old fonts just to see if that would help. To my dismay, it didn’t. Can anyone help me with this? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?.Version: 2.14

PhenomenalHave always love this app ❤️!.Version: 2.1

EssentialIf you want to use your iOS device for any type of design or document creation AnyFont is not just useful, it's essential. It allows you to work with AnyFont in almost any app. Especially for cross platform apps such as iWork and apps like iDraw, no need to worry about using fonts that aren't natively on iOS. Highly, Highly recommended..Version: 1.10

Absolutely brilliant for any business brand fontI’m now able to use my businesses brand fonts in my iPhone PowerPoint work for one and it’s worth the money just for that. You have a very minor hoop to jump through to use it but it’s not the app’s fault and they explain it clearly up front. Many thanks to the app author!.Version: 3.1.8

The BEST at adding fonts to iOS devicesI’ve used this app for a number of years now and honestly, I couldn’t use any of my iOS devices without it. The developer is great at keeping the revisions current as companies release their software updates. I’ve only contacted9 customer support once, about two years ago, and it was for a question versus an issue. I received a very friendly, helpful reply a few hours later. I’m such a frequent user of this app, I love the ability to install or delete a number of fonts at once, the process is fast and easy and has never caused a system crash. I’ve also recommended, and will continue recommending, this app to others searching for a stable, uncomplicated and efficient font installer/viewer for their iOS devices. The one thing I’d love having, is the ability to have the app sync across multiple iOS devices, and let me then choose which fonts to install on that particular device, though they’d all be listed. As it is now, when I’m designing a project and I discover the font is missing, I either have to locate that iOS device with the font and switch over to it, or try to remember where I’d purchased the font from, to download onto said iOS device (bottom line, I’m lazy, takes too long to back up my apps, you’d think I would have learned by now... but NO....) 🙄.Version: 3.0.2

Quelle qualité de service ... bravo !L’installation de polices est un charme, j’envisage de vous faire parvenir des $$ pour vous remercier..Version: 3.1.8

Awesome!!!Works great!!! I just downloaded and added a lot of fonts on my iPad, much better than buying individual fonts!.Version: 2.13

Phenomenal and very convenient appSeriously one of the best apps I’ve ever used, very useful for sorting out smartphone font issues in a snap - you can also download fonts direct from the app!.Version: 3.1.4

PLEASE DONT CHANGEI love this app so much! I use it for my business, to make stickers, to add missing fonts to Word, Pages, Presentations, etc., I use it in almost every app. I really love how easy it is to use and best of all, all the fonts work great. I’ve had this app for a year now and I’ve never had any problems with it. Thanks again!.Version: 2.12

Font applicationHave downloaded the AnyFont app but how do I apply a font style to my messages MarkRoberts.Version: 3.1.2

Works Great especially with iOS 11 files appAwesome simple app. It adds fonts by putting then into an iOS profile, that installs into settings -> general Easiest method for me to get font files into the app, is through iCloud files app. You can also install font files from an email or message attachment. I had a couple questions and the developer responded in less than a day. Great service. The developer gave me this tip in response to one of my questions... You can also install several fonts in one profile. To do so, just hit the checkmark button in the middle of the top bar and select the fonts you want to install. Please be aware that iOS has some issues if the profile grows too big. Therefore, please limit the number of fonts per profile to a maximum of five to ten, depending on their file size..Version: 2.11

Love this appI really like this app because the default apple fonts on my iPad are so boring and now I can just download any fonts that I want (hence the name AnyFont haha) on to my device. I haven’t found any glitches or problems with the app just yet. Great job!.Version: 2.11

Great Functionality, Decent UXI built an interactive iOS prototype app in Keynote, and was super disappointed when I discovered that the iOS system San Francisco fonts wouldn’t render. I stuffed the fonts into Dropbox, exported them to this app, and installed them in just a few minutes. I was skeptical this was going to work, but it did! My only gripe is that I wish it was easier to discover that you could install multiple fonts at once. I had installed almost a dozen individual fonts before I found this feature..Version: 2.12

Great app,But how do I delete if I’m not using some I have downloaded ? Settings: Fonts: but Edit is greyed out. Thanks.Version: 3.1.4

Great App, couple things missing...So I love the app, but first it would be great to be able to select all bundled fonts to install instead of having to individually selecting each one, and second when I do try to install all the bundled fonts at once it takes forever and then only installs the first two fonts in the list instead of them all..Version: 2.12

This app works fine you just have to follow the instructionsFor all of you who don’t know how to work this app please learn it before you burn it. It is so simple. You download the app go through the process and then part 2 you must install the app. Kinda basic 101. All you do is open the settings menu and viola you don’t even have to open General cause the font to be installed has been pulled out and is right at the top of settings menu asking you to install. Again follow the instructions and tada! The font is there. No need to buy anything more. Use dafont or Graffwriter or any of the thousands of fonts out there. Been using it for years and it works fine..Version: 3.0.2

Handy utility, great devCouldn't install any fonts on a new device. Florian wrote back very quickly suggesting some possible reasons. Unknowingly I had JavaScript turned off in Safari! Worked perfectly. I've been using this for years and it's indispensable..Version: 2.12

A M A Z I N GAwesome app! Saved my life :).Version: 2.10

Need help-love app but not working with iOS 13.3All the prompts are the same but it never reaches the point I can copy to AnyFont. I don’t know where the download is going. On 2 devices same issue. Works fine with older iOS. Please help. Love the app. Just need it fixed at the moment. Thank you..Version: 3.1.2

LIFE SAVERI was really nervous to spend the money and it not be worth it. Totally worth it. I was so frustrated and went through so many apps to figure out how to download and use fonts in Design Space. It was like going in circles. Someone suggested this app and I am so glad I gave it a shot. It’s very easy to use, explained everything in a FAQ section and provided a tutorial, organized and simplified, I could go on. After seeing how well it worked I decided to buy the font bundle for a dollar, pretty good. Thanks a bunch AnyFont!.Version: 2.12

Does what it says - one feature requestDoes what it says - my only request would be for a way to install a set of fonts in one go (e.g: the bold, italic, and normal of one type of font).Version: 2.12

Sooooooooooo good.Easier than using iTunes and so fast. Love it..Version: 2.12

No other FONT app like itI downloaded this app a few years ago - it cost 79p that's all and transformed my iPhone and iPad into more user friendly and functional kit. Because I can use a whole variety of fonts in all my apps I can create file that I would normally have to access my PC for. I think APPLE should showcase this app! Spread the word .....Version: 2.10

Just what I was looking forI use my iPad a lot and was looking for additional fonts. It works with Pages. Great app!!.Version: 2.13

Works as advertisedI use this app to install free fonts found on the web to use with the Cricut Design Studio app. I have had no issues using the newly installed fonts to upload into the Cricut app. As long as Apple does not include an integrated way to install fonts, this is a good workaround app. The fonts install quickly and easily and I have had no issues using them in Pages or Cricut. Sometimes, I need to exit the Cricut app and restart it to get the fonts to appear..Version: 2.16

AnyFont may actually be useless in iOS 14AnyFont has been awesome for years, but it looks like Apple has broken it permanently. Got this note from my favorite app today. “As noted, in recent iOS updates Apple has changed how iOS handles user-loaded fonts. Now, apps can add their own fonts to the system, and other apps can use these third-party added fonts only if they use the new iOS system font picker. [this app] has always had our own font picker that provides access to all the default system fonts plus the ones our app provides. Because we’ve had to blacklist some fonts in the past due to display issues, at this point we plan to continue using our own font system in order to maintain some control over available fonts. My sincerest apologies for this inconvenience. I do hope this information is helpful in understanding the decision made by our development team.” Doesn’t work in Microsoft Office apps, either..Version: 3.1.7

GreatDoes exactly what it should, how it should..Version: 2.12

Really improves PagesThis app lets one load and use fonts which are not supplied by Apple. It is simple to use and effective..Version: 2.10

Easy to use app!I just heard about this app...bought it, installed it....downloaded my first 5 new fonts in seconds for use in Design Space by Cricut...so easy!.Version: 2.16

This is a great app... BUTBut it’s been crashing and I can’t download fonts for my Cricut app. Please fix ASAP. Thanks!!.Version: 3.1.4

AnyFont isn’t for Anyone, it’s for Everyone!AnyFont is a must/essential for all iOS users who wish to add a little creative flair to their iPhone interfaces. Whether it be through Apple’s stock standard ‘Reminders’ and ‘Notes’ applications, corporate, or independently made creative writing apps, AnyFont allows you to expand your pallet of fonts by allowing you to unpackage and read font files as if you were on your computer or laptop (Windows/OSX). This app opens up your Typography options so much! AnyFont offers a library of nationally-recognized stock standard fonts to select individually, or as entire sets - both free and paid options are available. By the way, in case you’re wondering, there’s SO many free packages available!!! You can also select your own independently created or downloaded fonts via linking your cloud storage account (iCloud, DropBox, Google, OneDrive, etc.), or putting your font files directly onto your iPhone via the ‘Files’ storage app. In short: A delight for Typography-Lovers! AnyFont holds the key to a cyber-mecca of Typography that can be used throughout the iOS interface and appropriate applications..Version: 2.17

Essential AppAn essential app for anyone that does document editing etc on iOS..Version: 2.9.1

My FAVOURITE app.I don’t leave reviews often but I absolutely had to this time. I’ve had this app for a long time and I’ve always appreciated its capabilities so much. But with the new update..... I can’t even express how much more I love it now. I was literally jawdropped when I saw all of the new features. Almost all of them (ESPECIALLY the checkmark next to the fonts already installed!!!) are things I had been hoping you guys would add. Thank you so so so so much for this app from the bottom of my heart. I can use my fonts with almost every app (my favourite being the “Pages” app) and I just can’t thank you all enough. ♡ -Effy.Version: 3.0.2

AnyFontRecently downloaded this app. for my iPad: most impressed with it's features & back-up support provided by the developer/owner..Version: 2.5

Perfect!Not only does the app work, the customer support is incredible. Florian, himself, e-mailed me within hours when I had a question about iOS 11 compatibility with Office apps, including Word. All 800 fonts I’ve downloaded through AnyFont are working perfectly, the install was easy, worked just as described, and IS updated to run with iOS 11, even though Apple doesn’t have their software together to accept third party fonts yet! AnyFont makes Apple’s problem obsolete! Kudos, Florian!.Version: 2.12

It WorksI was getting frustrated that documents I created on my computer and tried to update on my iPhone or iPad did not have the font I used. This app allows me to install the necessary fonts from my computer on my iPhone and iPad and now everything looks the same across all devices. It is not the easiest to use because there are multiple steps you need to go through to get the fonts installed on the mobile devices but it is worth the time to do this. I used iCloud to store the font files. I installed one at a time, opened a Pages document that previously gave me an error message the font was missing. No error and the correct font is in the document. I am not concerned about the no signature warning because I am using fonts I know are safe. I would not do this with a custom designed font unless I was the designer..Version: 2.17

Not big on writing reviews...but......this app has totally helped me use my iPad Pro as a full on design workstation, by being able to quickly and easily add font profiles, increasing the aesthetics of my work...something previous versions of iPad didn’t really have the capability of doing, and this font app is one of many pieces of the puzzle that take the iPad Pro up a notch or two. thanks..Version: 3.1.4

A-ma-zing!I wanted to install a few fonts from my macbook onto my iPad. All the other apps on the app store I looked at would only let me download fonts from their lists. This app does exactly what I want and allows me to install fonts from my mac or anywhere else for use on the iPad/iPhone apps. The process is a bit involved especially if you want to import lots of fonts but I think I read you can do lots at once as a zip file, and so far doing them one at a time works perfectly. big thumbs up, worth the small fee for me 😛.Version: 3.1.4

It works!It takes a tiny bit of playing around at first to figure out the steps, but it’s not that hard, and once you get it it works perfectly. I can use so many different fonts for my Cricut now, it’s opened up a whole new world!.Version: 2.13

Ios 13I have used this app for years and always loved it. So useful! But after the ios 13 update I could no longer figure out how to install fonts because “profiles” disappeared from my settings. After careful searching I found you now have to click under “VPN and device management” to install the fonts after the update. I was worried, but now I’m so happy..Version: 3.1.12

Please update!!!I’m sure you’re already aware but the fonts no longer work with the iOS update. Keep up the good work I’m looking forward to use this app to get my fonts back thank youuuuuu.Version: 3.1.5

This is ace!I never write reviews but it's been driving me nuts not having the right fonts in pages. This app was great and so easy to use. Thank you!.Version: 1.1

I need Tutorials!!!I downloaded AnyFont and purchased its in-app purchase to use its fonts on every App including Twitter, Facebook, etc. But I just cannot find any instructions within the app, even if I have tried installing every profile it asks me to install. Now I feel like I am cheated by the merchant. Who could tell me how to fix this? I am using my old iPhone 6 plus to comment on the issue..Version: 3.1.7

BUGGY SINCE THE iOS UPDATE!I have used this app, very happily and successfully, for quite some time. Since the recent iOS update, however, I have had to delete all of the profiles and the app. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this, AnyFont!!! When you do, I can easily give you five stars. Currently I cannot send any attachments from my phone email because of the profiles from AnyFont. 😩 This is vey frustrating..Version: 3.0.2

Good app just with it had one more featureI use my phone almost exclusively for my cricut projects as my husband had broken my laptop. This app can in so handy so I wasn't limited in the design space. I'd pick my fonts download them and viola! My one problem is this. I recently got a laptop again and now all the fonts that I've downloaded and stored on the app aren't recognized on the new laptop. Fonts I've purchased would would have to be repurchased as I don't know how to transfer font files from the phone to my PC. Wish this app offered that capability..Version: 2.17

Easy to useThis app has made installing fonts on my iPad super easy..Version: 2.12

Not the app's fault—blame iOS 14I've searched the app store and it looks like other font download apps aren't meshing with iOS 14, either. I definitely think the problem is on Apple's end. Give it some time, and a patch will come out. This app is wonderful and normally works great!.Version: 3.1.5

If you do a lot of word processing this is a necessity!Anyone who does a lot of word processing or even adding text to graphics etc requires ability to add custom fonts. This app makes that easy on iOS and to me is a game hanger in what I use my iPad Pro 12.9 for now. Before I thought it was still primitive for the main reason I couldn't seem to have the fonts I wanted easily to use it as a main device for content creation. The ability to easily add custom fonts now changes that as I have access to any new ttf font in seconds!.Version: 2.7

I love this app!This app allows me to add my fonts to the iPad in a couple of seconds and I can easily see which fonts are already installed in my iPad. I wish apple would have an option to bulk import several profiles at once. If you are looking for an app to add fonts to your iPad get this one!.Version: 3.1.4

IMessageThe fonts in this app are super great but it’s missing the most important part, you should make it capable with iMessage. The reason why I bought this app is to be able to use the fonts to text friends and family but once it didn’t allow me to do so, I was so disappointed. PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE ALLOW US TO USE IT IN TEXTING (iMessage, Whatsapp, and social media)..Version: 3.0.2

IFont does this but FREEProbably would not have purchased this app had I have known it works the same as the FREE iFont app which I already have. You can import fonts but as profiles to use within other apps but they will not show up in your iPhone fonts under settings/general/fonts..Version: 3.1.13

Fantastic app 😍This is a fantastic app! It works like a font manager where you can import true type fonts. I found an easy way to do this was to send the fonts to myself via email (you can search your PC for the fonts folder and just drag the TTF font you want to the email as an attachment) then on receipt of email just tap each font individually and choose to “share” then “open in” the AnyFont app. I found this easier than going through iTunes. (I note you can also use Dropbox). The next stage to install can be a little long winded. You have to open the app, click on the font and install. You then go to your phone/iPad settings and install the profile in the fonts section. You will need to do this for each new font. I chose to pay the 99p for the extra 1,000 fonts. They are brilliant, so much to choose from! Just click on the 1,000 folder to view the fonts, choose the font and install as per above. The fonts can be used in several apps. Hopefully Apple will update iMessage at some point so can use fonts. Similarly, would be great to be able to use in FB messenger and WhatsApp. I think paying just under £3 is really good value for money for what you are getting. It is also refreshing to have to pay an upfront cost and not a ridiculously high monthly/annual subscription..Version: 3.1.3

My favorite appI use it all the time. Getting better and better. I like to use new fonts and it is my app to do it....Version: 3.1.2

Love it!Installing your favorite fonts could not be easier with this app!! I did have a little trouble installing a zipped file, but Florian at AnyFont helped me straight away (I had the wrong type of zipped file)! #1 customer service in my book! Now I can be as creative as I want using all of my favorite fonts!! Thanks again for the help, Florian! 5 star app AND customer service!.Version: 2.12

GreatSeptember 2020 update: Simple, easy to use, works a treat. Install your own fonts as iOS system fonts; they are then available to any iOS app that uses the system fonts..Version: 3.1.6

Support went above and beyondIt’s an app that just does what it says on the tin. As an added bonus, their customer support is excellent; I had an issue they could have just blamed on Microsoft for the weird way Office on iOS handles fonts, but instead they did some troubleshooting that I couldn’t have done myself and solved my issue..Version: 2.13

GoodThis is a descent app. It works just as it is described. Love it!.Version: 1.2

Beware!This (plus Font Bundles) equals great value – often enough to turn you into a font junkie..Version: 2.12

Finally an app that WORKS!!!I’ve been searching the internet for a long time now to find out how to install my favorite font into my ipad pro for school. The font I like on my Mac isn’t compatible with my ipad but this app made it work! omg I’m so happy! now I can use it with one note and I love how my notes look on my ipad now!! ahhh thank you anyfont :)!!.Version: 2.12

So much easier to download fontsI have an iPhone and iPad and always had problems downloading fonts which meant I had to keep using a laptop for any ‘special fonts’ but this app makes it such a simple process..Version: 3.1.7

I Could Kiss You!Does wot it says on the tin: pain-free font installs on iPads and iPhones. This is the real deal. I was so tired of grainy videos, out of date techniques and multiple apps for something that should be simple and quick. (Admittedly, Apple doesnt make it easy.). Nobody has time for that! Any Font is well designed and resourced. Install is fast plus the dev provides great links to other cloud storage and font-heavy (free/inexpensive ones - really) websites. I love having my key fonts available across all my devices. Never thought font installs could be so easy and pain free. Thanks, dev..Version: 3.1.4

Not working with iOS 14.1Hi this app works great but I cannot access any fonts now due to the new software update. Is this going to be fixed?.Version: 3.1.6

Good app…cannot delete fontsI like the app. Unfortunately I cannot delete font files. I have fonts that I installed profiles for and have since removed the profiles. The fonts have been removed from the AnyFont app. I cannot delete the fonts from the Apple Files app. They are in the Recently Deleted folder. I select “delete all” only to have them reappear in the Recently Deleted folder in a day or so. These are the only files this happens with..Version: 3.1.8

Works wellYou should know what fonts are, e.g. that they’re files, that you have to get those files “into” the app, but other than that works great.Version: 2.15

Used for years and love it!I use to expand my library of fonts for use with my Cricut machine, so easy to use...couldn’t do without it! My wish for someday is to be able to somehow use glyphs etc from one app....I work on an IPad mostly so it’s a little more challenging. I love the new additions of files etc! Would highly recommended.Version: 3.0.2

ExcellentBit complicated but once the app is understood it works really well..Version: 2.12

Fantastic Font application softwareWhy are comments on here saying it's useless, some people really did need read how to use this App It works fantastic looking at reviews of how to use it by installing the app landing the font and using websites like Dafont to download it then installing into your settings, General & profile I was allowed to use ANY FONT! I wanted my Key Notes, Word app or any other designer software Brill app worth the 1.99.Version: 3.1.6

A Game ChangerI just invested in an iPad Air, and working in AI and Design Space was frustrating because of missing fonts that I had installed only on my laptop. I downloaded this app 10 minutes ago, and I could not wait to leave a 5-star review. The integration with Dafont and like websites is AMAZING. It will take me 30 minutes or so to get all my fonts installed, but the fact that this app makes that even an option makes me so happy 😊😊😊😊 Buy it! Don’t be a dummy...follow the directions in the Help section..Version: 3.1.8

Better Font Family ManagementHaving the ability to batch install fonts based on Font family rather than individual by weight, italic, etc. would be a lot more convenient.Version: 3.0.2

Great appNow all you need to do, is add a section which tells us which apps it works with..Version: 2.13

Works in iannotate :)I bought this to add my handwriting ttf font (created long ago) into iannotate. It was very easy to do and works perfectly..Version: 2.5

Amazingly easy to use!I’m not sure what the other written reviews are going on about? This app is super easy to use (just watch the 7 minute video on developers website, or go through step by step guide in the app). I purchased the Unlock font bundle (NZ$1.69) just to quickly have a go at installing some fonts. This doesn’t have really any common fonts I really wanted, but installed some fonts and test the app. Works great, looking forward to no more replace font messages in Pages or Word conversions!.Version: 2.17

Great app with great supportI finally found the perfect app to use with any font I choose. The only restriction are the limitations Apple imposed on its use by not permitting it to have global access to either apples apps or other third party app. I would like to use with office, Notes, what’s app to name a few..Version: 3.1.7

Works as describedWorks well if you're adding a couple of fonts (more seem to slow Pages) Doesn't have annoying popups asking for a review Wish it would let me use the font in office though.Version: 1.3

Works on iPad Pro 3rd genWorks like a charm. You install fonts via AnyFont via your Profile. (system / general / settings / profile)..Version: 2.17

I've been looking for something like this for years. Perfect.This app is easy to use, integrates perfectly with the entire iWork suite, and can be used with fonts stored in iCloud Drive without hassle. It's a must-buy if you're tired of creating Helvetica Neue documents!.Version: 2.7

Great app for fontsI rarely leave reviews for any app, but I really love this for installing custom fonts for using in keynote, Procreate, and GoodNotes. It works well. The only thing I wish it would do but doesn’t is the ability to sort not installed fonts. I downloaded a BUNCH of free fonts and wanted to use the bulk install option but I can’t tell which ones are already installed. A not installed filter would greatly improve this app!.Version: 2.17

So easy to use!I'm addicted to fonts and this makes life so much easier! Very simple to use. Only complaint is that right now is the 3rd time that the app just won't work ☹️. It crashes every time I scroll down and I can't fix it. It lasts for a day or two at a time where I can't use it which is beyond frustrating!!!! But most of the time it's great.Version: 2.10

Great app!This app is great, no doubt, however Instagram compatibility would be a great update or even listing fonts that are Instagram compatible, as this feature is available on a lot of free apps! No one wants two apps to do one job.Version: 2.15

Excellent!Essential if you use pages as you can add all your favourite fonts..Version: 2.5

Must Have AppI got sick of wishing there was a way to get virtually any other fonts installed into pages other than the meager few it had. Boring. I then got sick enough to start checking through the App Store and low and behold this app was just what I needed, the real plus side being the reviews! After using it I can honestly say it's most likely in my top 5 most used/favorite apps I've ever installed. I haven't had any glitches with it to date and once you get the hang of the process (which is easy BTW) you can install fonts 'till your hearts contents. Excellent app and HIGHLY recommended if you do any word processing with Pages at all. I just hope the author keeps up with updates and assuring all of us that it will continue to evolve through the many OS changes yet to come..Version: 2.10

Easy to useI use this app to get fonts into design space. It is so easy to use and works every time. Definitely recommend.Version: 3.1.4

App works great.You do need to follow the directions. It doesn't provide any fonts for free. Evidently there is an in-app purchase to get some. Otherwise, you can provide your own font files. Dropbox, accessed them the Dropbox app on iPad, and shared/exported them one at a time to this app. Then AnyFont sent them to iPad Settings to install them in the iOS system. Now they're installed as additional system fonts. I don't understand all the one-star reviews from people who clearly installed the app without bothering to read and understand the app description. It is a tool to install fonts. It is not itself a collection of fonts..Version: 2.16

Suggestion...Wouldn’t it be great to flip a switch and have the Fonts on your Mac sync’d with your iPhone and/or iPad? Continuously? I can see this as the logical state of things ten years from now. The developer who figures out how to accomplish this first will probably be bought by Apple. And frankly, Apple should have offered this solution long ago! Until then, AnyFont is the best solution available. It’s a huge and complex workaround, and it doesn’t live up to its name (because you can’t install any font), but it does work within limits. It needs a new name and an much easier way to install and maintain MacOS fonts in iOS..Version: 2.13

Love it! Two super simple tweaks would make a huge dif!Super simple and easy to use! Thank you so much! When we click on the + to source fonts, could you make the window that pops up bigger or stretchable? I work on iPad and always ends up dragging and pinching the website inside etc to see the font’s properly. That would be SO helpful. Could we add/edit the websites we link to in the + menu? Lastly, I paid the $0.99 or $1 for the 1000 font bundle and got nothing... is there anything you can do about this? What’s supposed to happen? It’s the best app off it’s kind I’ve used. Took me a minute to find where to click on the font install when it appears in the settings on my device. A little picture with the instructions you already have would be great. I hope you and yours are all safe and well. Stay safe! xxx.Version: 3.1.8

🙈How do you use this 😭.Version: 2.13

AnyFont. Good appGreat app. Allows me to customise the content of my work and make the documents look great. Should have more windows type fonts though. The only quibble..Version: 2.13

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