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JailBase Arrests and Mugshots App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

JailBase Arrests and Mugshots app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using JailBase Arrests and Mugshots? Can you share your negative thoughts about jailbase arrests and mugshots?

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JailBase Arrests and Mugshots for Negative User Reviews

Not bad; Still needs lots of work!Last names are totally wrong on the majority of people. You can add notifications on individuals. But it doesn’t work and then there’s no way to delete the notifications..Version: 2.0.20

Wrong person listed on your website my cost me my career.Your website has me listed as being arrested, totally false. I’ve gone on to your website several times to opt out and that feature does not work and there’s no way to contact your company. I’ve emailed your company twice through your app with no response. Guess I’ll just contact apple because I don’t think they want an app that lists false information on individuals..Version: 2.0.20

Incorrect namesWhat’s the point of giving this much information when the names aren’t accurate. I looked up a family member ,I seen the picture but name was incorrect..Version: 2.0.19

What happened???I’ve used this for years and then sometime last year the app isn’t getting updated! It was great when it worked. What’s the deal?! Are y’all done with the app?.Version: 2.0.20

Wrong and spottyWell, I have to say the data is looking like its wrong .. huge gaps in incarceration info too. looks like they are accumlating data off of websites or something. I hope the law enforcement community is consulted. People are inocent, until proven guilty— in court. Really exploitative. Just pay $$ to clean your reputation right?.Version: 2.0.16

Incorrect infoEveryone I knew had an incorrect last name. Not every one shows what their charges are, or when they were released either..Version: 2.0.20

Not been updatedI use to love this app but it hasn't updated any new mugshots In the last 2-3 months. At first I thought it was just my phone but I've spoken to other people having the same complaint. Before this issue I would have given it at least 7-8 stars but with no updates & no information on what is going on I'd give it 1 star..Version: 2.0.20

Needs updateAt first I gave this app a 5 star however many times I've had to re pay for the services I already paid for as well as the application doesn't send notifications like it used to when someone is incarcerated that's on your list . Needs to keep up with its updates I'll probably delete this app.Version: 2.0.16

Wrong NameI love that the app shows the inmates and the reasons they’ve been arrested , but the last names are always wrong ! I have to switch between Jail Base and Mobile Patrol to see the real last names. Very frustrating..Version: 2.0.20

Horrible!!!I downloaded this app this afternoon and saw several people who I know from our community. Not a single persons last names were right. Totally inaccurate information!.Version: 2.0.20

Glad this is free, would not but this.This is a very useful app. My only complaint is that it always seems to crash no matter which phone I use!!.Version: 2.0.14

Old & outdated infoI checked the top 5 most popular counties in Indiana & their data was more than a year old, so clearly this app doesn’t get up to date data & information..Version: 2.0.20

TrashEverything on the app as far as the state or county hasn’t been updated in at least a year in some states and about 4 years and hasn’t been updated in others.. the app isn’t the same as when it first came out don’t bother downloading in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 2.0.20

Used to keep me up to dateUsed to always keep me updated, but my county hasn't been updating for the past 3 months so im not sure if 1 star or 3 stars.. since it's useless now..Version: 2.0.14

Wrong infoI find it funny how most of the stuff on here are just not even arrest but overnight stays in a holding cell to see a judge which doesn’t mean your charge with anything in fact most of these mugshots I’ve seen are of people that we’re not charge with anything I would suggest putting in your system if the person was charge of anything or not because it will confuse the wrong people.Version: 2.0.20

That’s the wrong name!I use to love this app I could look up almost anyone. However in the last 8 months or so it’s almost impossible to look up or find anyone because there last names are all misspelled? A person could be listed twice with the same mug shot but 2 different last names. I first realized this when I had found someone I knew on the page, and knew that the last name listed was not there last name. Also here recently they have not been listing people’s charges..Version: 2.0.20

Let's keep it realWhy is the joker and other people who we know should be on the list this should be take seriously this app show people that broke the law it's not Hollywood.Version: 2.0.17

UpdateThis app needs an update! The people I look for are from years back and not any updated profiles!.Version: 2.0.20

Jail trackerNeeds updated. Shows people from a year ago. Nothing recent.Version: 2.0.20

Incorrect namesI am well familiar with the offenders in my county and the names listed by Jail Base are incorrect. I am not sure if it is a confidential issue or not but another app I use does not have this issue..Version: 2.0.18

DeeI did really like this app but it has not updated our county for over 30 days!!! Upsetting!!.Version: 2.0.14

UpdateNeed to up date there system at least once a week.Version: 2.0.20

FakeThis app is fake and should not charge for use. It seems that the criminals are allowed to make up their last names because they are awkwardly spelled incorrectly. Also, some mugshots are cartoon characters and home camera or phone photos. This should not be an allowed app..Version: 2.0.19

Hong namWhy don’t have NSW.Version: 2.0.20

Last names all wrongIt’s a semi-useful tool but I’m still scratching my head over the last names always being wrong it wasn’t like that on Mobile Patrol which doesn’t want to work now. I doubt it’s for confidentiality of the arrested seems like a glitch in the system some names are close and some not even near right..Version: 2.0.19

Y’all got me F up 🤣🤣I wanted to give it a try and decide to look up my records 🤦🏽‍♀️ why where it says “GENDER” y’all put male 🙄 like I’m a whole female, I was pregnant at that time when I got locked up. Seriously, y’all need to do better with this app😒 That was a good laugh thou 😂😂😂😂.Version: 2.0.20

Paid content does not workAnother update is here and it still did not fix the issue of pictures not loading on content that I have paid for. What's the point in paying for access to full records and pics if you can't even load the pics?.Version: 2.0.14

Wrong Names Everywhere!I see people I know from my home town and all of their last names are wrong. 5 of them at least..Version: 2.0.20

False infoI love thinking employers use this app and find info that’s not true, or even worse finding dirt on employees trying to do better. How can you make sure men and women stay in the cycle of incarceration, plaster their name and picture on your app or website fore years to come. Great idea.Version: 2.0.20

Fix The ProblemsI really enjoy this app, but sometimes they don’t add everyone. My biggest problem is that the names are all messed up. The first names are fine, but then all of the last names are jumbled as if there was some sort of a glitch. I deleted it for that reason..Version: 2.0.19

Waste of time. Don't botherTotal bull app! Won't tell you anything at all unless you spend at least $22. Just wanted to see a mugshot of a case that I already knew everything about. Spent 10 minutes jumping through hoops and couldn't even see a simple mugshot. Don't waste your time on this app. Zero stars if that was an option!.Version: 2.0.20

I don't think it's realI tryed looking up some people I KNOW are in jail and the charges behind them and out of the 12 I looked up none appeared and when I look at the people in the jail near me witch is misspelled on the app it showed people's name but only two mugshots out of the apparently 22 people in jail yet it is a big jail that holds almost 1000 people I highly doubt that there is only 22 people and I could not see what there charges were..Version: 2.0.14

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