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Medium: Read & Write Stories app received 151 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about medium: read & write stories?

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Refreshing and actually excited to read everydayI’m absolutely loving this tailored experience using Medium. I love checking everyday to see news and articles that are relevant to me. I was only an occasional reader of the news before medium. The articles are so refreshing and I feel like there is finally a source that suits me and my lifestyle. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially my fellow gen x. The UI of this app is great too. Only thing I would add would be having an option for having our own country’s news too. I’m Australian and would love to see some Aussie articles..Version: 3.123

Inspiration For The SoulThe sharings/teachings here are nutrients for a hungry soul! Partake in the enlightening spiritual buffet that this wonderful site has to offer!.Version: 4.159

Medium appIt to be amazing!.Version: 3.67

Incredible, quick reads that feed you for lifeSo many amazing reads in one place. I only wish I knew about how many stories You can read in your free monthly preview. However, I have to hand it to these guys because clearly I’ll be buying a membership! 👊🏽🙏🏾👌🏽.Version: 3.107

Great Sources.Intelligent Articles..Version: 3.75

Lovely appThis is exactly what writing should be. People get to express themselves and their ideas freely, and theres hardly a hierarchy involved. If your stuff is good, people will notice it and give it claps. That’s it. And thats how it should be. There are so many talented people on here. I do wish there were less “top 10 ways to sit on a couch” type of articles, and more posts focused on creative writing. Maybe I just haven’t stumbled upon the right accounts yet? There are also quite a few glitches I’ve been having while using the app. For one thing, it crashes nearly every time I use it. I don’t know if this is just a problem with my phone, but no other apps on my phone crash nearly as frequently as this one does. It could also use some design updates but it’s nothing major. There is a “poetry” section, but not much freedom when it comes to the ways in which we can format our poetry. Anyway, I’m just picking on some of the negatives. This is a great community and I can’t wait to really become a part of it!.Version: 4.41

Best update description!Ever.Version: 1.11.726

Great for readability, lackluster for publishingI love the convenience of the app for all my reading. However, I’ve noticed 1 bug while writing and 1 while publishing. While writing in an existing document (adding to it or editing), any text I add is typed in uppercase or sentence case by default. It’d a huge pain because I have to manually adjust the case by every single letter as I type. This makes it very tricky to get ideas out. When publishing, I cannot see any publications I’ve been added to, other than the one I own. This means I can’t submit or publish from mobile. I travel all the time, and publishing without a laptop is a need for me to maintain my writing schedule. Please fix these issues. Otherwise the app is fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work..Version: 4.125

Helping me maintain a more regular writing practiceI’ve only been using Medium for a short time, but I’m finding that its design and interface make good writing habits easier to create and sustain. It’s also quite good at curating and giving me the content I’m interested in, so that I don’t feel as ‘flooded’ as I do on other platforms and I don’t have to work as hard to separate the wheat from the chaff..Version: 3.67

JourneyingIs it a word? Maybe, maybe not, however it’s what it’s what I’m doing, I’m journeying through medium finding gems to get involved in, I’m loving it!! I urge you to as well, get involved, see where it takes you. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain. Give it a go..Version: 4.115

Food for the soul and mindA month in poking around Medium and still happy. Thoughtful articles, sensible suggestions. Well done..Version: 3.67

Superb appMedium is a great app on iPhone. Love it..Version: 2.5.2899

Awesome appSmooth working app. Nice way to read through articles published on medium platform. And nice release notes!!.Version: 2.46

My personal daily coachI wake up every morning to a notification from Medium about a wonderful insightful short essay about things that are important to me and help me in my life. It doesn’t take long to read them and now they put the gadget in there where you can actually listen instead of having to read which is great because I’m tired of reading things on my phone. What could be better? I love the authors I love this topics I love the advice and the wisdom. Most importantly I love hearing from these people because I can relate to them. And the voice that reads the articles is pleasant and calm and has the perfect tempo. Medium is one of the apps that has been very beneficial to my daily life..Version: 4.80

Medium DELIVERS the MessageIf we are to stay in our lanes and pay homage to McLuhan’s witty “The medium is the message” meta criticism, we could dismiss the Medium platform as just another channel for the Internet’s amateur-izaton of media. But the proof is in the pudding. Spend twenty minutes scrolling Facebook or Twitter, then spend twenty minutes reading articles on Medium. There it is: content matters. And Medium delivers. And as far as UI and UX, we are dealing with next-level design with Medium. Sleek, intuitive and up to the task of allowing users to create the kind of quality online articles that make sharing nuanced thought possible in a world of distracted social media apps. You’ll open Medium to engage by reading, but you’ll find yourself starting and saving a draft for your own ideas. This is a writer’s app, disguised as a reader’s online magazine..Version: 3.48

Issue with dark modeHeya great app just wanted to let you know that when in dark mode you can’t see where the menu is because the icon is still in black, just wanted you to know! Cheers!.Version: 4.41

Best part of my dayEvery morning I check my email and have a quick squiz at what Medium has tempted me with today. I read one or two then mentally earmark others for later consumption. I don’t always get through my choices that day so I regularly go back in following days and check up. Some pieces I read more than once. I chew over them. I slurp them up. My best source of contemporary info, critical thinking, and helpful advice. I love it and wouldn’t dream of being without it. Along with my weekly philosophy class this is a staple of this thinking person’s diet..Version: 3.57

Great reading experienceGreat design balanced by great user content.Version: 1.9.260

Opening new worldsI’m 75years young or old depending on the day of the week. I have been on site for approximately 8 months. I’m glad I subscribed as I have found many useful articles and new resources that continue to educate my mind. I delve into all the topics and scroll through them and I find a new title that titillates my palate for me to explore. Reading vast new subjects also increases my thirst for more interesting and obscure and original topics. I recently finished an article about “The Last Bookstore” it was well written and the writer placed it like the TV series “The Twilight Zone.” Then I meandered to a music area and again I traipsed through until a header interested me. I now look forward to taking a musical artist and learning what motivated them into the style that they developed, albeit jazz, country, r&b or any genre. Learning new approaches to a subject is exciting and rewarding. Explore, learn and enjoy everyday..Version: 4.179

A wealth of knowledge lying in wait to be accessed.Love it!.Version: 2.40

Cant sign inSigned up in the browser. Tried many, many times to log in on app. Clicked link on email but it just keeps taking me to the browser. Now it has an error message! 7400. Update: Apologies, it was a problem using my Brave browser. Once I made safari my default browser. I could tap the link that opened the app. I will change my star rating from 1..Version: 4.92

Favourite website!I just love the articles. Well written and bring such joy through these personal development stories..Version: 4.178

Why I Love MediumI enjoy Medium for so many reasons - excellent articles - multiple view points. I love that many writers embrace delicate subject matter in a fearless way. AND there’s no stupid clickbate cluttering up the feeds!.Version: 3.68

AmazingOne of the best apps for knowledge seekers and people who want to not only be in the know but self improve themselves in various topics - would highly recommend.Version: 3.63

Loving itIt’s easy to use. I prefer using Medium on my laptop when writing my stories however I like reading articles on the app. It’s convenient and a great way to share your knowledge to the world.Version: 3.119

I'm learningI love that I am learning from every article I read. It's positive, uplifting and helpful information provided in a really digestible way. Love love love it!.Version: 2.51

Great appReally like all the features.Version: 3.68

Best contentLove love love... hands down the most interesting, informative and enjoyable content all in one place! There’s something for everyone or if you’re like me for every mood! Five stars!.Version: 3.90

Amazing platform but bring back draft and edit featureMy favourite app to write on but it could be 5 stars if they bring back two features. The edit and draft features had me engaging more and was great for writing on the fly..Version: 4.77

I would like mediumI would love this app. However I have subscribed for the unlimited version. And when I make a selection to read I get two paragraphs and a message that I need to change my subscription to the $50 a year. I then go to try that and get the message I am already subscribed. I do not know how to contact and notify anyone about the problem. So I am trying a negative review to see if that works. I feel that a large credit is due and I either want to discontinue this app or I want to know how to fix the problem. It seems that under profile there should be some way to do that. When I go to my profile I do not see any way to find out what email address my subscription is under or any other helpful information . There is no contact information either. Why not..Version: 3.105

A handy helper to keep up with the progressThe app is well designed and a pleasure to use. I like how it is built into my workflow of getting notified and retrieving the articles postponed for later reading..Version: 2.50

Short reads - big thinkingI believe that we all need written inspiration at times. Alas, in our modern day world, time is often tight. Enter: “Medium”. So many inspiring reads, many illuminating, others re-affirming.....and, of course, even a few not to our taste. I love the broad choices therein and find “Medium” offers articles which, while brief, are brimming with insight. A brilliant, and enlightening, concept to nourish our busy lives..Version: 3.75

Truly inspiring, and practically usefulI use Medium every day. Usually I just click on my personal suggestion notifications! And I go from there. Sometimes I have a specific topic in mind, and search & browse until I inevitably find something useful and thoughtful(quick experience!). There are so many dedicated and bright minds writing on medium about what they know best, and I couldn't be happier or more pleased to have found a place they like to congregate for the benefit of anyone who wants to be a part of it. Topics upon topics, minds upon minds, growth upon growth. If you want to use it to your best, personalize your experience as much as you can, learn as quickly as you can(easily done!), and be open to the luck of your life experience to find what you need. Thank you Medium! Edit: I do feel I need to also mention that while I do admire the platform, I do have an issue with app restarting after being held in the background for a short time. I've missed out on several articles because of this, and it's sucky. Stars down from 5 to 4. Still pretty cool.Version: 3.17

I love Medium - app has flawsMedium is a rare site that’s enjoyable for readers *and* writers. There’s so much good content, and it’s easy to subscribe to topics of interest so the recommended articles are actually relevant. And for writers, the interface is so minimalist, it’s a joy to use. There are no distractions, the formatting is intuitive and straightforward. And the payment model is inspired - you’re not reliant on ad clicks, nor on generating your own subscribers ala Patreon. Rather, whenever a paying subscriber likes your work, you get paid. In less than a week and with a handful of articles I’ve earned over $20 - not huge sums, but from merely dipping my toe into the water it’s indicative of the potential. The app, though, doesn’t deliver the full experience. There don’t seem to be the same formatting options (can i italicise text? If so, it’s not easy to find). It doesn’t seem possible to submit articles to publications through the app. Private notes don’t appear. So, Medium is wonderful. The app is great for readers but incomplete for writers. I’d suggest it’s a good place to write drafts, but it’s not a complete enough offering to replace the website..Version: 4.9

I enjoy the articles, but the app itself...Today, for the second time in as many days, my Medium app refuses to connect to the Medium server. I finally got frustrated enough to delete the app and discovered that my phone will reach the Medium website just fine using the browser; it’s just the app that won’t connect. I reinstall the app. It’s still won’t connect. and when I have the app installed, it is very hard to force my phone to open an article in the web browser. It tries to do it in the app, which isn’t working, so I just can’t read the article. Please note that I am a Medium member who pays for a subscription. I’m going to delete the Medium app so that I can continue to read articles, and I hope they have this problem fixed very quickly. Why do they even have an app if it’s not going to work? update: it was a problem with my phone, not the app. Rating updated..Version: 3.136

Pros and ConsA massive Pro compared to Flipboard ( my fave reading app) is the absence of advertising. The articles are well written, cleanly displayed.. and I love how it gives you an idea of approx reading time. Cons are... well nobody wants to pay for the content surely. Tbf it’s cheap enough, but so far there’s nothing convincing me to pay, and I’m just scrolling to the free articles. I wish I could get rid of articles I’ve already read or scrolled past.. The UI is not great. Subjects are really broad. ‘Health’ for example is a very broad subject that I would like to define further..Version: 3.66

Merveilleux!All the subjects are useful!.Version: 4.158

Like learning? Enjoy great writing? Lack free time or impatient?You'll love Medium. Medium collects and consolidates top news articles covering every conceivable subject from breaking headline news to myriad categorically specific topics, e.g, latest news in behavioral psychology, tech, science, astronomy, computer coding, etc. Choose whatever topics you're interested in and Medium will list every related article for you. Short on time? No sweat, Medium lets you know how long it takes to read each article. Create reading lists, follow your favorite authors, and upvote articles you like. The app's platform is super user friendly too. Stop reading this review and download Medium, you won't regret it!! (NOTE: Medium had 22k five star ratings when I downloaded it three years ago — why only 500 reviews in Dec 2017?!).Version: 3.17

Organize bookmarksPlease allow for the ability or organize our bookmarked articles into categories. I like to keep hold of really impactful ones and also to big run throughs to bookmark a bunch of articles on a certain subject to then binge read, but my bookmarks area is one big mess and it would be nice if it could be organized..Version: 3.32

Medium has changed my life for the betterI can honestly say that Medium and its writers have positively changed my life. I’ve become more financially literate, have become a writer myself and every day I discover beautiful new aspects about human life. Thanks Medium!.Version: 4.77

General CommentWhat I read, consume and fill my life with in Medium pieces, snippets, poem and poetry is all to do with the rhythm of life. The details, inclinations and metaphors may be different but their same result is calming intrigue and endless satisfaction. I’m happy I found Medium. Or perhaps, Medium found me. Whatever! Thank you..Version: 4.96

New obsessionI have been obsessed with this platform and can’t stop. Great reads and info. Such a raw experience in our present day and age full of filters. Real people. Real writers. Real good reading..Version: 3.60

Medium has changed everything for meI love the medium that is Medium. I used to write in notebooks, scraps of paper, even emails to myself before blogging was a thing. Then, years ago, I started a blog to exorcise the things inside me that I needed to write out. But through that time I was never ready for an audience; I wrote simply because I had to write to stay sane. Now we have Medium where I feel as though I am able and ready to write for an audience; someone out there who might just need to hear the words I have placed in that order on that day. A niche audience to be sure but a perfect one if they respond with a nod or a sigh or a clap. Medium has given me the excuse and the push and an excitement to write and craft and edit every single day and that is something most, if not all, writers need in order to feel they are not alone and not whispering into the void. And Medium is beautiful. Its aesthetic and simplicity is just what I need right now. I can honestly say Medium has changed everything for me..Version: 3.43

Awsome 👏🏻Medium is the best.Version: 3.71

Amazing but…I’ll be clear crystal with this review: the app is amazing, improved my access to information BUT I’d really like to have the option to listen to the articles just like in their website..Version: 4.67

I haven’t tried the app, just the webHi! I’m Natalia and I always start writing like this, to me. I just download first and then read a comment of this app. I’ve just used this app on web. And now that I want to read what I post a few minutes ago on my phone I read that there is an app, for my phone. I really like to write in Medium web because is to something personal that I want to share but, I don’t know what happen between me and Wordpress, but I feel is too much for a “blog”. So, hope to enjoy the app. Cheers.Version: 3.101

Forum with Expansive Repertoire of Easy to Read Articles, good fodder for writers and readers!This forum provides an avenue for writers to hone their skills, writing short, clear, articles on varied topics of interest to the reader. Writers benefit by gaining experience, developing their style, gaining some name recognition, etc. Readers benefit from learning new information on a wide range of topics or perhaps delving into a specific area of interest. You can tailor your feed to cater to preferred subjects or to branch out randomly, which is what I have done. I enjoy reading about concerns I might never take much time to consider otherwise. One problem I have had after reading one article on a topic, is my article feed becoming inundated with multiple similar articles on the same topic. They recently added a feature to help reduce this problem. It’s too soon for me to say whether it is a successful fix..Version: 3.117

Clean app!I recently discovered Medium. I started reading very interesting posts on this website and I decided to download this app and give it an opportunity, which is something that I almost never do. Result: I like this app but one thing. I discovered that the option to play audio wasn’t incorporated on the app (I try to find it but I couldn’t), which is something that on the website it is available. There is the reason of why I give 4 out of 5 stars. I hope the developers read this review and incorporate the audio feature because I actually enjoy it especially when I am on the move, and I want to listen to something productive. Then I would change the review to 5 stars. By the way, I’m glad that it doesn’t have adds, otherwise I’d have to uninstall it like I’ve done it with with many other apps..Version: 3.59

Rich in stuffI re-subscribed because I kept finding that articles here were of high value.Version: 4.131

Taking Time for MediumI’ve only been reading Medium for a short time, and the horrific news about our current President has become a drug-like lure. Gotta rush through it, get all the opinions, force myself to actually listen and try to relate to Fox Infotainment. It all takes time. When I get off that spinning, nauseating ride to read more widely and think about what I believe truly matters, which is connection with others and the quest to learn to cooperate rather than tear apart, Medium is a good resource. I don’t always agree with opinions, and some of the writing offends my elderly lit major ears, but immersing myself in someone else’s worldview can be enlightening and fun. I find new ideas, a treat for one who reads a lot, and news first steps into other countries of the mind. Medium is definitely a First World Pleasure, but, as I live in the developed world and have time, it’s like exercising my body: an essential enhancement. Highly recommended to people who are not afraid to wonder and think..Version: 3.70

An inspiring appWhether you’re an aspiring writer or an avid reader, medium has topics and articles for everyone. It’s extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Choose topics and writers to follow and save your favourites to your reading lists. Love using medium for my daily reading fix and my creative space for writing..Version: 4.43

Fantastic appLove the access to meaty articles and great thinkers this app brings. Whilst it may sound like a cliche, it truly is easy to pick up and hard to put down. But unlike many websites and apps, I rarely feel Medium content to have wasted my time..Version: 3.64

Great InterfaceEasy to use, clean interface puts content first..Version: 2.0.2508

Great ideaGreat idea for an app, creates a unique forum to share and follow like minded writers ✌🏽.Version: 3.57

Google News replacementThe new dumbed down Google News doesn't deliver the richness of content that the old one did. It's ok for news, but fails dismally if you want updates on specific subjects. Medium does the job beautifully, my only criticism is that it knows me so well I miss the serendipitous tangential stuff that keeps you expanding your horizons....Version: 3.66

An excellent app for professionalsI occasionally read software engineering articles on this app. I realised the material shared on the app is highly professional and useful for my software development job. And every article is so beautifully written that you cannot finish once you started reading. Absolutely amazing..Version: 4.166

Best Knowledge Platform everBest platform ever. The contents are short and sweet!!.Version: 4.81

More than just a writerShanka says he is not this special but his insights are very focused and i hope accurate. We live in a very fragmented world and we need to open eyes and minds to the reality of the path we are on Cheers.Version: 4.92

The app asked for a review so here it is:First off I love what Medium is doing here. From a consumer of interesting writing, this is exactly what I want; no ads and very often articles that are interesting to me. The articles surfaced are improving as I use the service which is a good sign that what these people are doing with my usage is working. The app on the other hand has some nagging issues for those who use an iPad in landscape or simply prefer landscape mode regardless of device. This app is clearly designed to be used in portrait mode... yes it works in landscape but the layout doesn't really fit the screen most of the time, and has huge white margins on both sides. It's as if the designers decided rather than reflow the text, we'll just keep the same text width and add huge margins on the sides. Large pictures that are embedded within articles tend to be cut off when in landscape, but are sized nicely to fit within the screen in portrait. Even worse, as of the last update the app shows a blank white screen when switching from portrait to landscape. I know that this may come off as a bit of a quibble, and it is, but a large iPad Pro just isn't very comfortable in portrait, and anything with videos really should be in landscape anyway. Besides, the app did pester me for a review, so here you go... All in all, a great service and an app that is more than usable, just not 5 starts great... yet..Version: 3.24

Great, with a little room for improvementLoving the quality and diversity of the stories. Really enjoying the range of choice in subjects that actually really interest me! The app is user friendly and well structured but I’m having difficulty working out which stories are free and which you need membership for once you’ve used your ‘quota’ of three free stories a month. It would be useful to have section of free stories that users can browse. Also, it would be useful to have an option to apply more stories which are geographically relevant (UK) - there’s a lot of U.S. articles. Having said that, loving the concept and the app..Version: 3.50

Awesome appEasy to find a great read. So many different topics!.Version: 3.71

Updated review!A few weeks ago I left an unfavorable review highlighting a number of bugs and design issues with the Medium app. However, with a recent update it seems that many of the issues have been resolved! Just wanted to say thank you to the developers and everyone involved in listening to and applying my feedback. These changes really have made my experience better and the quick turnaround was also impressive. Thank you so much 🙏🏻 If I could make one last suggestion, there doesn’t seem to be any direct way to give feedback or bug reports for this app outside of leaving a review on the App Store. I would’ve happily sent an email with my feedback and given the devs a chance to fix them before leaving a poor review. It’s also just easier and more efficient to communicate that way if you need more info or screenshots or anything like that. Setting up such a feedback channel can help protect your illustrious App Store rating and keep the business folks happy. Cheers again for building a great app and a great community and for valuing your user’s feedback 👍🏻.Version: 4.98

Featured or not in notification pleaseI love Medium. It's awesome! But please maybe make it clear in notifications whether or not the article mentioned in the notification is a featured article or not. I am not a premium user, and for now I'd rather not accidentally click on featured articles because I didnt know it was one. But really I love the app, great job guys 🙌.Version: 3.65

A brilliant MediumThere isn’t many other ways to say that medium is a great medium to find both very informative pieces of literature as well as some great life experience stories to the fiction and tales and exotic stories all round a great reading medium. Thank you for providing a great place to read or write anything you may desire..Version: 3.17

5 star for the CURRENT contentI held off paying (in fact it was really annoying me prompted) but I eventually conceded due to amount of times they has best instructions I needed and I haven’t put phone down!.Version: 4.151

VarietyPlenty of good articles, lots of varied topics and themes to select from too. I like that the articles vary in length so you can always find something quick to read if you’re pressed for time.Version: 3.119

Amazing blogging site/appThroughly enjoy reading medium blogs. One thing I really like is the pop up notifications which is tailored to my interest “the algorithm” and this is great because it gets me to read a lot more than usual - I’m not a big reader but I’m trying to get into it. There is a whole cluster of topics to choose from and some are amazing and some boring. But nonetheless medium is a great platform for writers and readers alike to engage and network. :).Version: 4.8

I Really Enjoy It!Medium is a beautiful app and I enjoy reading the work of independent and new writers so it's a fantastic past time..Version: 3.11

I love this app!I came across this app after I googled a question and it led me to the Medium website. After reading the article I quickly downloaded the app and have been on it for hours across the span of the day. Time not wasted! This app is filled with amazing articles and food for thought. Just today I feel like my life understanding has expanded significantly. It’s rare to find a platform that contains so much valuable information and key lessons, all compromised into one small app. Love it!!.Version: 3.65

My favourite appUse it every day, nice ux and great content..Version: 3.1

Good to goClean simple to use and easy to get to what I want:).Version: 4.20

Great app - found a potential bugLove the app but I think I’ve stumbled across a bug where the app is constantly relaunching after opening article through safari link. Device: iPhone 11 Pro iOS: 13.3.1 Steps to reproduce: 1. Tap a Medium Article link on the Twitter app, which will open a web view. 2. Tap the little button that opens the link into Safari. 3. When is Safari, tap the option at the top of the web page to open the article in the Medium app. 4. Medium will open but article won’t. 5. Swipe on navigation bar to bring up the recently opened apps -> at this point my phone freaked out and kept launching Medium. I couldn’t quit the app at all. It might be an iOS thing handling URLs to apps but just wanted to throw it out there!.Version: 3.114

It was my survival guide to my Rebirth!I appreciate everyone who participates on the website and shares their expertise in every aspect of human life. It keeps me fighting for my health, my life, and recovering my self-worth and self-love; I lost helping others and almost lost my life The best website helped me by providing tools to take control of my health and my life. I stopped listening to the hurtful verbal abuse by a narcissistic personality disorder, got me corner between my terminal illness and the controlling my movement, financially powerless to free myself, and dared to accuse me of his ungodly conduct. I had been fighting for my health and stopping him from keeping me trapped inside my body and four walls for more years; the outstanding success in corporate America, I hid darkness beyond the darkness. One hundred percent Isolation, No one ever asked or came to see me, I ask, for people and people ask for me, but he was the Middle Man for ten years, and everyone believed everything he has have been saying It took me 13 years to get out of the Wolf den..Version: 4.79

Good right about the racismYeah, I always thought I was Caucasian 3133 313 13 E 3E.Version: 4.166

Incredible community, inspiring ideasMedium is a place to get inspired and educated by some wonderful writers who pour their hearts and minds into their words. The app is easy to use and makes finding and reading stories simple..Version: 3.51

Love itMy new absolute favourite platform. Feels like I am having access to so many great minds and quality conversations, opportunities to learn, uplift, get support, challenge common notions. Hope the quality and authenticity stays as the audience continues to grow..Version: 3.43

Paula HeelanAs a photojournalist, I really enjoy Medium. I find reading a few articles every morning inspires ideas for new stories, news ways to make income through writing or taking images and the writers are honest, clever and fun. It’s a platform that often speaks directly to me. Perhaps I’ll attempt writing for Medium! Thanks for the great content..Version: 4.112

News & essays in a convenient appThere are two things I like about Medium. The first is that it's clear how much thought has gone into making the app intuitive and user friendly. The second is the roster of writers. Whether I agree with them or not, they always give me something to think about..Version: 2.45

Well designedClean and crisp.Version: 2.3.2748

I’ve been a member since launchFor me Medium started as a platform to test out, as a data analyst, it’s what we do. At first I was skeptical and wondered why we needed yet another form or medium when so many were available. What I discovered is that as a writer in practice and in passion- Medium made it easy for me to write and ‘want’ to write, the more I used it. I found the tool easy with features that allowed me to write drafts and ponder on them until I was ready to publish them. It also began growing as a source with valuable insights and learnings, as well as a way for me to connect with other strong minded working women who are dedicated in one form or another to the values of good communication and the evolution of learning. Medium is an outlet to express a thought but also a medium in which to continue my search for higher learning. #alwaysbelearning Ginny Keegan LinkedIn/In/GinnyKeegan.Version: 3.119

An amazing resourceMedium is my everyday go to. I am already a passionate reader finishing at least a kindle book a month. Since I discovered medium, I have hard finishing my monthly book because am gonna be spending time reading about so much topics I could relate to. Whoever you are there’s necessarily a subject or an article that will get your attention..Version: 3.77

Accessible as Facebook, but not as stupidThere is a lot of time fragmentation in the modern world. Prior to downloading the medium app, I would often fill this time by reading Facebook. There is one major difference between Medium and Facebook, however. Reading medium makes me smarter. Reading Facebook makes me want to fight all my friends, family, and co-workers over often esoteric, ideological differences that truly have no bearing on reality or the ways that I interact with these people. In the end, I rather learn something I can use than learn that my favorite college math professor believes in trickle down economics. Download the medium app. Read it on the toilet or the train; read it at breakfast or lunch or whenever you feel the need to take a 5-7 minute break from the crushing weight of your day. Try it; you'll like it..Version: 3.28

Great contentI rely on Medium for high quality reading about product design, AI, climate change, history, and much more. It’s easy to follow reliably high quality authors, and weed out the weaker ones. In terms of issues, well, I’ll put them here because I can no longer find the way to submit feedback in the app. I’ve had challenges managing my subscription, vis-à-vis app store vs website. And I’m always annoyed by the in-story ‘clap’ and comment buttons; I nearly always miss and wind up on the author’s article page. These buttons are really poorly designed and prevent me from engaging as much as I’d like. Another thing that I’d like to see improved is the voice on the read-aloud feature. It’s too robotic and rather unpleasant. The highlight feature, which is used for…something… is hard to deselect and it’s purpose is as not intuitive as I think they believe. That said, Medium is a key source of writing for me and I strongly recommend it for people that want to enjoy a torrent of solid articles, without ads, to engage with every day..Version: 4.114

Great app with a dissapointmentI downloaded your app yesterday as I’ve been struggling to find a good application that gives me random articles within a category of my choosing. Your application does this perfectly and I applaud this it reminds me of a more sophisticated stumbleupon. The downside being that I read around 4 articles and then was told I would need to upgrade to view more, I fully understand the need for making money but I really had only read around at maximum 5 articles. Being a student I don’t want to be pushing out more monthly expenses for an application I barely had a chance to try out before being shown a paywall. So maybe allowing a 1 week trial or at least 3 days to use the fully extent of the application, would make me want to upgrade and keep using your application..Version: 3.71

Worth your timeGreat app - but even more important, Medium have somehow fostered a community of high quality writers and commenters..Version: 2.24.3749

Great app for writers and readersI’d like to see a button to quickly access new stories from people I follow. It’s a great app, easy to use for writers but could be more intuitive for readers..Version: 3.78

I Really Appreciate Medium!!!As an aspiring writer I have to say that medium is the best place I have found to be able to get my thoughts on paper (so to speak). I love the ability to write something and forward it to my friends and family who my little stories come from for the most part. For many reasons it means a lot to me to be able to put thoughts down and medium is an excellent place for that in my experience. If you want to be a world renowned author or just need somewhere to write what’s on your mind I have found medium to be that place. I highly suggest you check out medium! From every angle possible I couldn’t suggest a better place to start writing. So sign up and/or start writing! Medium is the place to be!!.Version: 4.112

I love it.. mostlyI really love this app. It has some of the best content I’ve seen online. I am definitely going to pull the trigger on a subscription. My only real gripe is that if I exit the app it clears the story I’m reading out of ram and then I have to try to find it again.. which takes forever, I would love a feature where it would save the current story you are reading and when you go back into the app it would just go to that last story by default. Also if you could add a history feature that would show your reading history.. that would also be awesome. But those are small nitpicks. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some awesome and intelligent reading content!.Version: 3.41

The best writing platformSo well thought and Medium..Version: 3.6

One of my top 5 favorite apps!This app has so much info on anything and I mean ANYTHING you could want to know or need to know! Subjects and stories aa out all ages, walks of life and ways of life. I started using this app to get more info on work from home jobs and making free money online! I was so excited when I litterly found out need articles and info! They have writers for any and every subject you can dream up and it’s very business minded too if you want to go that direction! After using this app for many many years I now write MY OWN money making Blog called Come earn FREE MONEY With MEEEEE 100% guarantee If u follow simple list and info…free sites and get paid to jobs and sites (plus much much more) You will have CHRISTMAS COVERED! or I will personal pay u $150 I’ve use these messages for years and no they work ! What’s to lose…. A free $150 from me YES I SAID IT AGAIN:) or learn so MANY legit wayS to make free money from home every single day or night :) #ComeEarnTheReal$WithHaley MY FB IS HALEY RANAE CURRIE FEEL FREE TO PM ME OR FIND MY WORK PAGE UNDER SAME NAME GOD BLESS AND THANK U MEDIUM!.Version: 4.146

End of the year insightI love this app so much, I am a paid subscriber. It would be nice to have a year end insight just like Spotify, Reddit does. Pls make it as part of your top project next year..Version: 4.166

OutstandingThank you all for that amazing space I hope you guys will reach the sky’s for a better future and opportunity to allow us all to aplausos. I am a constant reader and I keep following not all but ones that really comes directly to my best interests. So keep up with the best way. And hopefully you guys will have a amazing update from all followed. Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 3.76

I’m slow to adoptI’m pathetically slow to adopt to new “mediums” in writing and art…. Still, this app is the best I have seen. Bestestest….Version: 4.114

Medium anything but mediocre it’s fantastic!It so great being able to read and contribute one’s own opinions based on content tailor made to one’s interests.Version: 4.20

AmazingThis app is great, the best for reading short stories and funny content..Version: 2.5.2899

Reading - made easyMy preferred app for reading on iPad. Easy to use, intuitive interface with exactly the right feature set I want when reading on the go..Version: 2.20.3584

Thoughtful and HelpfulAll articles are uplifting as well as thoughtful and helpful. Stating something very clearly is always helpful, no matter how many times you have thought it yourself I feel I have gained both peacefulness and insight in reading these articles Thanks.Version: 4.7

Love the content. Awkward to log in...When Medium email you their 'magic link' - if like me you don't log in with Google, Facebook or the other identity thieves - don’t expect it to work from the app. It took me about 20 tries to lay that simple expectation to rest. No, open the website in safari, click sign in with email, click the button in the email which Medium send. Then iOS picks up that you have the app and asks if you want to open it... My word! Once that fandango is performed it works just fine. The writing is worth the screaming frustration of getting logged in!.Version: 3.102

Needs workApp is generally ok, however, issues changing from portrait to landscape and visa versa. Issues with some menu items in story creation where share items do not render correctly on screen, etc etc etc. Some QC please ?.Version: 4.40

This app is changing my lifeA chemical has changed in my Brain and finding this app is going to increase my IQ levels over the past few days I can see just how much it's improved already! Mind blowing!.Version: 3.134

Best writing out thereMedium is now the best place for readers. There are a bunch of self-promoters 'telling the story of their app' and writing 3 page ads. But the great humour, journalism and personal journals there more than make up for it..Version: 2.39

Nourishment for the mindNew to the app, I’ve been impressed with its variety and ease of use. Bite sized chunks of brain food - three to five times a day - provide valuable energy and clarity. Well done..Version: 3.66

A read for every feeling.Just browse and something will demand a read. There are some clever, wise and articulate people out there.Version: 2.10.3222

ReviewI love Medium. It has opened up my audience and given me a chance to share my paranormal experiences through my articles. I recommend Medium for anyone wanting to share their writing..Version: 3.133

Good designGood design.Version: 2.47

Short and sweetRather than stale out platitudes, find it refreshing that these get challenged and informed with research, and interesting aspects of social science, neurobiology. Short articles can be digested a nd played with right away. Good to start Dr Stefan Neszpor Neuropsychotherapist.Version: 3.66

Looking for a better way to avoid boredom?To people who tend to read more there's always a challenge to avoid media contents, which are simple forms of wasting time. Medium seems to provide a wide variety of topics and articles that suit the information hungry and particular audiences. Well done, and thank you..Version: 3.138

Articles & Authors Alike Publishing In MEDIUM are “Worth In Gold & Diamonds”A General Comment about all the articles published by MEDIUM, that I will present here: 1: The articles are written under the concept of “Short & Sweet” and requiring only less than 10 Minutes to read & still be able to understand the main goal & objective of the article. 2: The wide diversity of the “subject material” and within which there are varieties of articles or author selections to choose from and thus making “Medium Published Articles Being abundantly & broad spectrum rich, with the latter no one will be disappointed by not able to find their area of interest reading material”. 3: For many years I have surfed around in search of finding and reading interesting articles and in the past they all have been few and are many pages written articles. Being in a very busy profession it is difficult to find time and alertness to read long articles. 4: And now “Medium Published” short & sweet articles which deliver the very precise information that the title of the article reads. The latter style was the first time ever that I had/have come across and I am very lucky person indeed. Thank you for taking the time to read my general comment. My sincere gratitude held well wishes to all the authors and the Medium publisher. Sincerely Shashidhar Shettar.Version: 3.81

Doesn’t do what it says?I followed a group on the website and then downloaded the App, when you click from the group to ‘ click to open on App’ it just goes to the App not the group I have followed. When I search for the group on the App apparently they don’t exist. Couldn’t waste any more time on such a poor App..Version: 4.188

William T Johnson, JD, MA, LL.M, and CEO, Telemedicine Centers USAThis is an awesome array of knowledge and scholarly information and often forgotten history with respect to the struggles of oppressed black and POC peoples, and the inspirational saga of the overcoming of such horrific violence and unequal treatment demonstrating God is watching and chooses His vindication in time and involving chosen individuals, including even Einstein to act and speak out. It’s incredible and outright ignorance that the US white supremacy crowd still haven’t by now generationally learned that Black Lives Matter in every stage of our civilization and survival. White increasing fears of both POC power and population dominance in the US is well founded—only it’s already occurring in over 60 percent of US cities and states. The POC Majority-Minority primary grade classes are starting middle school and will be voting at graduation from high school!.Version: 4.22

Lucky WomanOh, how wonderful to love your job! And yes, her mother was right when she said that her daughter “would know when it was time to retire”. Working with children and young adults is so rewarding! I know this as I volunteered for years as a reading tutor for 6-9 year olds who were from non-English speaking families. It was a learning experience for me! Probably the sweetest of all my little ones was a beautiful 7 year old Samoan boy who was a terrific artist! When I saw how hard he was trying to read and how difficult reading was for him I asked him if he would like “to draw the words” instead. Yes! And so, next to the word HORSE he would draw a horse and soon he made that connection and would then recognize the word. It was a slow process but we both felt some measure of success! There are so many ways of learning..Version: 4.122

Medium - best value for $Medium is a home for exceptional writers writing thought-provoking prose. I have learned so much about myself and my potential from contributors like Benjamin Hardy and Brianna West. And I feel like I’m only scratching the surface. A subscription to Medium is one of the best values for money one can find. Not only that, your subscription helps fuel an ever more diverse community of writers and readers generating content that matters. Highly recommended..Version: 3.65

Worth exploringI really enjoy medium . I find it easy to navigate. I really enjoy the content and I often find myself reading articles which I would rarely consider searching for. I also find the email list of suggested reads is really good at picking articles that I would be interested in..Version: 3.121

BrilliantThank you for the chance to relay this message to you all is a very special education for me involved and Partisapating with academics and clinically thinking important peice of knowledge wisdom we all generate in logical thinking answers questions clues directions seeds to lay in the minds of spectators with a need for a future real avenue to need of the logical thinking that we lay seeds for the world who struggle with identity? Realities realms and dimensions as individuals who can need a word or two in occasionally way’s Gods work in mysterious ways in a path of righteous harmony of clarity and physiologically performing at peek level as we all should and will.Version: 4.179

Where is the search functionality?Hi team! I couldn't find search functionality in iOS app of medium, which making it difficult to find particular stories or authors..Version: 2.38

Public transport iPad companionMedium App on my iPad is possibly my most frequently used app. Plus kindle app. Convenient reading at solitary convenience meals. Compensation for longer travel time on public transport instead of driving..Version: 4.77

Very good source from insidersThe subscription is worth every penny. The only reason I’ve not scored the app a 5/5 is because I can’t sort stories in anyway. So the top story for a subject to appear in my feed might be something from 5 years ago then the next story might be something from yesterday and the next story from 2 years and so on in that fashion. I want the ability to sort articles from the latest to the earliest..Version: 4.130

Well thought and well written7 million read this in 24 hours ... so I had a close look! The graphs and numbers are convincing and the text is well argued and thought and written! Nothing more than adding: Act now once digested! This is really serious and everybody who can think and read will forward this article! It is not about panic or angst, it is about FACTS ....Version: 3.114

A space for thoughtful writingI love Medium both for the quality of the writing that is surfaced to me and for the space it provides me to improve on the quality of my own writing..Version: 3.89

Founder and Chief Scarf LoverYou always pull me out of a rut and get me going. Entrepreneurship and working on my own needs a lot of clear headed thinking and you provide that. Thanks.Version: 3.76

Medium is the message machineMedium is a serious media hub. Don’t bother with old school social media platforms or blogger or similar. Direct your efforts towards Medium and actually progress. You’ll encounter other serious writers and an environment you’ll truly be able to improve within. Plus you can actually get paid for your work. Check out Medium and you probably won’t look back..Version: 4.34

Really goodIf you like reading.Version: 4.166

Extremely informativeMedium provides topics & information on a broad variety of subjects. I signed up because I wanted to learn more about crypto currency, trends & technology and I’m happy to say the articles written have been a great source of information. Medium’s articles are well written, informative & have opened my mind to new ideas and opportunities. At $8 a month (in Australia) it’s fantastic value, I urge you to give it a try..Version: 4.79

Used every dayMedium is one of the very few apps I use every single day, and the one I spend the most time on..Version: 2.49

Thoroughly Enjoyed!I rarely write reviews but I really enjoy reading articles on this app which has scientific backgrounds to it as well, its a rich source of information.Version: 3.106

The content is great but the app is freezingWhen i try to open an article either from notification or directly in the app, it loads it, but then i am unable to scroll and to go back to the previous screen. Its like the user interaction gets disabled. I am running it on iPhone 12 Pro Max, ios 14.5. I am an iOS developer myself, if the medium team wants my help in fixing that i will be more than happy to help. After all, i just paid my subscription but can't read, so looking forward to see that fixed..Version: 4.19

What’s so good about Medium?Although I written privately, on and off, throughout my life, it is only recently that I have been sharing my words. I was daunted by the idea of submitting work to publications, so I started my own blog, then heard about Medium. I self published at first, then harnessed some bravery and submitted to publications. Medium is a wonderful place to reach an existing audience, to network with a community of writers, and gain confidence in your craft. I don’t earn much money (yet), I don’t think I write enough, but at the moment, the positive reactions to my writing are spurring me on, motivating me to keep going, and providing valuable feedback. Also, Medium is one huge magazine with more interesting articles than you have time to read, but no adverts! Not bad for the small subscription price. My one criticism would be that comments and highlights are all listed with your articles. That is a bit annoying and cumbersome. It discourages me to interact with others because it messes up my list of stories..Version: 4.5

Different strokes for Different folks (keyed literature)As I began reading and comprehending your piece. I was asking myself a couple questions. One being, I wonder why the author didn’t feel like an accomplished author, earlier on. Which also had me wishing I had a piece of his early work, so I could compare the two & see if I could see an improvement, & which era I preferred. Secondly, I was curious & hopeful that as I continued on, I might pick up on something that he disclosed, that I possibly could apply to myself & my writing style. I believe he was more than likely above average to begin with, but may have had his creativity & spark burn out as time went on. When humans do something over and over it becomes natural, predictable and to me, something natural or ordinary, becomes boring. An example would be; if you commute everyday on the same road at the same time, you know how torturous a task that can be. However add the less common element of snow or ice and that same road becomes exciting & adventurous. What changed? It was the “norm.” in turn requiring the brain to react differently, therefore making it more enjoyable, or possibly nerve racking, depending on, how as an individual, you naturally react to danger & excitement..Version: 4.88

Need device orientation supportPlease add support for landscape mode.Version: 4.166

Great App for reading enthusiastsFulfills all my reading needs. The mobile app is great. Filled with features and user friendly. I like the save and read later feature a lot..Version: 3.80

Decent AppI from time to time have Blocked some time aside, to mostly read. Until recently. Hobbies I have, well one, anyway that I enjoy, is to gather knowledge, experiences, hardships, victories downfalls, anything really. Gathering, just the word alone, Say it outloud if you reading this text. It just Makes me want to gather more. In all ways gathering is possible, Most of what I have gathered, I can’t touch, it’s digital, & worthless, known secrets lies can’t mask, irrelevant. Blocked time alarms set to etch my Invisible ink too, I just think longer and harder than one who’s quick to the keyboard. So I do like this app, But would love it, if it wasn’t so complicated, requiring way to much guess work, time, effort & energy, to be as proficient as it needs to be, not the apps fault, though. User errors, “movie quote. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate. And communication has never been faster or easier in history of mankind. Get the App, I did..Version: 4.104

Absolutely FantasticDownloaded this app a few month ago and I absolutely adore it. It’s filled me with so much knowledge and has helped me so much. I have never read books or just time to read so this is fantastic if you want to read but don’t know what to read and where to start. The bloggers are raw and talented!.Version: 3.95

Mediumly awesomeIt's gooooood.Version: 1.20.1723

I love it so far and still need to learn moreI love the format, I love that writers can have their space and love that others can follow writers they appreciate. I just finished reading one and I commented and then discovered a friend of mine wrote a piece and commented and saved, etc.... it am having a challenge of now where is it that I go to start writing another piece... and HOW can I paste an article that ought to be here... can’t figure that one out and even did a google search and nada... oh and did I add that writers can earn money and that’s a good thing and did I say that I love the typeface and the overall beauty of Medium.... Now I’m determined to find out how to start writing another piece... hahha you would think it would be easy but perhaps it’s because I may be an early dementia phase.....Version: 3.108

Informative general authentic writingSome spam. Mostly well thought out, well written articles..Version: 3.63

Love the app....butI really love Medium and the great content it provides! Being able to read so many different points of view on different topics is great! It would get a 5-star rating except that it is annoying that you can't quickly see new posts by people you follow. I wish there were some way that you could just see content from everyone you follow. I like that they don't clog your immediate experience with only those you follow. If I'm missing a way to quickly see content from the writers I follow, please let me know. Otherwise, could you possibly add that feature in with the sidebar menu? Thanks for providing a great forum for writers like myself to publish our material, but also to discover new voices in the literary world! 👍.Version: 3.75

Writers Write, right? That's write.How I humbly stumbled into Medium and this writing community was a typo. I did a 4 week workshop last month guided by Minton Sparks who I just have loved her writing and admired for years. I typed Open Gate method instead of The Gateless Method Open Gate kicked open the bloody door to the beautiful fertile fields of Medium. I spend the morning with Medium and Open Gate and the evening with The Gateless Method of writing. Terri Trespicio give the writer a prompt and we write. I wrote all day with some of Medium's authors and all night with Trespicio I finally threw my pencil, grabbed my water and crashed for 10 hours. I whacked sone writing out of the park since. I official became a Meduim member yesterday with on purpose, deliberate devotion to this journey. Corny yet true, I feel in my bones I belong here among these crafty creators of plot twists and hot tips on refining the mazol ball. Thank you for punching me in the sweet spot Sincerely Shari Sweet.Version: 4.181

Changed my habitsIn the short time, I’ve changed from endlessly scrolling reddit, Instagram and finding solace and attention in messaging people, I’ve reaffirmed my direction on design, I’m productive and interested. The content. The way it’s written. The design is beautiful and I would say a must have for my daily breakfast read or while waiting for a late friend. I’m back, in no small part because of this app/website/content..Version: 3.100

Excellent reading experienceMedium is the first app that I actually enjoy reading, not only because of the informative content, numerous insights, but also the simple and elegant design of the interface. Just one small problem that bothering me, when I keep reading from one article to another, it became harder for me to go back to the home screen by pressing the back button, I need to go back though all the previous articles to reach the initial homepage..Version: 2.55

Arnold Schwarzenegger articleI got a lot out of it. Maybe it’s because I was born in the 70’s before we had mobile phones etc. As a child the only thing I wanted to do was to be a pro soccer player. My dream was to play in front of thousands of fans. Now in 2023 we are not only trying to succeed in life. But we also want everyone to love us. But with love also comes the truth. Without the truth. We will never be able to be happy and free. So you could say, we are in a time where we need everyone to love us with amazing comments. In our society today. We have done well to limit the amount of stress we had in the past. By giving us everything that we need. However when having everything. We have nothing. As part of being alive is to be grateful with what we have got. Then once we have peace with that. We will become happier. 😊😊.Version: 4.129

Longtime Admirer, Keeps Getting BetterI started using Medium when it itself started. Since then, I have read great content in an uncluttered and soothing way. I love how Medium evolves continuously, sometimes not as flamboyantly nor rapidly as other networks; but always very consistently and with substance. Congratulations and thank you for the great service..Version: 3.2

Great platform for emerging writersAbsolutely love Medium and the possibilities it brings to writers all over the world. Highly recommended - and you can earn money too!.Version: 4.169

AwesomeI find the medium has so much rich and useful contents that I don’t find anywhere else with such a ease. I enjoy and enrich my knowledge..Version: 4.152

History is necessary for accidental page close outs.I must admit having been a medium member for the past few years I can tell you I’m never let down by quality. Writers on this app have their own unique way of connecting their audience. I can only hope that this corporation continues it’s journey of innovation for future of us writers. One area in particular I would like Medium to consider looking into is allowing users to be able to have a history log of what they just read. I was reading a story this morning and accidentally backed out the article. I spent a good 25 minutes looking for it. Luckily I enjoyed the article so much I was able to remember the writer of the article and search him that way. Yes! I booked marked him. *So for those of you enjoying a read...”STOP” and bookmark it. I just recently purchased an iPad so still adjusting. Thank you again for the quality of reading material you allow the world to enjoy and here is too many more decades of advancement. Not only have you impacted my life personally, it’s allowed me to grow through others experiences. You can learn a lot of valuable life lessons on Medium..Version: 3.39

Best place to readNo clutter just great curated content. Elegant interface that gets out of the way. The community aspect just works, easy to follow, respond and build a network. Nice job!.Version: 2.27.3874

An effective MediumWhen FileMaker started using Medium for publishing articles of interest by contributors I volunteered to write a series of pieces, which I did over a period of 3 or 4 months. Since then I have found that Medium really does provide a truly amazing source of well written interesting articles on just about anything, so well worth a good look!.Version: 3.66

A nice change of environment - a fresh mediumAfter years of feeling lost between old news publications, various new ones online, and the influence of news feed social platforms, this new Medium and its app seem to be a refreshing change of style - it seems to be meeting my desire for a few items of reading each day or so, but I’m still a new user/member.. but I appreciate the approach and ethos that’s built into the site and service. Give it a go :).Version: 3.95

Medium is great!Medium is a great platform to share ideas and this app makes it very easy to enjoy the content..Version: 1.20.1723

Quality brain stimulationFascinating articles with depth and insight on any and every topic. Medium improves your knowledge and your life with truly interesting, quality stories and perspectives..Version: 2.51

Here for MediumI absolutely love using Medium! As an avid reader and writer, it's the perfect platform for discovering new and exciting content. The app's clean interface and intuitive navigation make it easy to find articles on a wide range of topics, from tech and science to lifestyle and entertainment. The personalized recommendations feature has also introduced me to some amazing writers and publications that I may not have discovered otherwise. One of my favorite aspects of Medium is the community aspect - I can easily connect with like-minded readers and writers, leave comments on articles, and join discussions on various topics. It's a great way to engage with others who share my interests and learn from their perspectives. Overall, I highly recommend the Medium app to anyone who loves to read, write, or engage with a vibrant online community. It's definitely one of my go-to apps for staying informed and entertained!.Version: 4.121

Quality of articles seems to be droppingMedium seems to be inundated with “10 reasons to .. “ or “10 productive tools to..” kind of articles these days. When the platform was launched the quality of articles used to be much better, but sadly it seems to be deteriorating quite quickly. Just to be clear, I still do love the clean interface and App’s overall layout and design. It’s just the quality of articles that’s the issue. I feel Medium needs to do a better job of ensuring that quality content gets surfaced. I feel that writers are incentivized to churn out click baity articles since more views = more money. There doesn’t seem to be a sufficient incentive for writers to focus on quality of their content. I have seen many articles with plagiarized content as well published without giving any credit to the original author..Version: 3.134

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