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Best Language Learning Tool Out ThereI’ve been wanting to learn Italian all my life, because it just seemed like such a fascinating language. I tried some other apps, but they just weren’t really good enough. Babbel is definitely the best option you’ve got if you want to learn. The only issue you might run into would be that Babbel doesn’t have the language you want to learn, but apart from that it’s pretty close to perfect..Version: 20.36.0

The print!I cannot make the print larger so therefore I make mistakes because I cannot read it on my iPad! I don’t have a computer please try to fix this otherwise I shall have to stop the lessons as it’s too strenuous for my low vision .Sorry Maryann Buelow It’s still a problem for me with the print when I must write an answer and reading sadly Maryann . I still have a problem with the print it’s too small! I do have a problem with the text due to my eyesight . But I can hear and repeat better than reading Would that be possible ? I’m only interested in speaking French that would be my wish! Thank you best regards Maryann Buelow.Version: 21.2.0

This is a very good app.I love Babbel, the only critical point is that the review manager is driving me crazy. In the past you could practice review words by typing over grey letters (or the first letter was given) now there is nothing. You know it or not, no practise possibility. So now I have to type words into tiny cards from duolingo. I would love the opportunity to practise in the babbel app. (edit June '19: THIS IS NOW POSSIBLE AGAIN ON THE WEBSITE, THANK YOU BABBEL!) Can you please restore the practise possibiliy? Not everyone has a photographic memory! I would like it also if after you have done a lesson you see how many mistakes, so that there is a score to look at later (I know you see it direct after the lesson, but than every done lesson is green (one or 15 mistakes) it would be easier to know which lessons to revieuw, if for example lessons turn green if nearly perfect, orange in between and red if too many mistakes are made. Babbel gives clear explanations when it comes to grammar and the lessons are fun to do..Version: 20.22.0

Fantastic and worthwhile investment!This app is absolutely fantastic! I’ve always had an ear for languages but struggled to apply myself in school and retain/memorise, but Babbel has transformed my learning experience. Very user friendly, and the modules are concise; the content is all relevant from a conversational perspective! I’ve been learning Norwegian, and have tested what I have learnt with people who speak the native tongue and they have commended the pronunciation! This has been such a worthwhile investment, can’t recommend enough for whichever language you need to learn.Version: 20.61.0

Ups and downsGreat app unfortunately it keeps crashing on my phone.Version: 4.4.2

Nice app!I’ve updated my review to five stars. I had an issue getting the store and the app to talk to each other. Took a bit of chatting with customer support to get full access, but it got sorted. Now that I have full access to the app I am very pleased with how the lessons are structured. I am enjoying the images, the script, but what I like the most are the focus points on how to sound out certain letters and sounds. Other apps don’t have that feature. This app is built like and actual learning course. I tried Duolingo and there was really no structure or explanation of how things worked or why in the other language. I felt like I was just blindly going along. I had lots of questions all the time. In this app they’ve planned ahead and have information points which help greatly. Which really help with not getting frustrated. I’m really happy going along and learning Dutch. I like that there are no “leagues” or races to see who can do the best each week. I can go at my own pace and not feel pressured because I didn’t get enough points a certain week. I would recommend taking screenshots and then making notes to reference later..Version: 20.54.0

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻I signed up on Monday. Today is Friday. I am still going round and round wasting my time. My initial problem was that the course I was given to start was ridiculously simple. I entered I am a moderate level Spanish speaker. My course started me with simple pronouns and greetings for various times of the day. Wrote to customer service which further wasted my time. I was told to go to the My Profile and switch to Spain Spanish since the Latin American Spanish only has level 1. I wrote back to Babbel saying I only see achievements and activity as options. I finally went to settings and it showed I HAD SIGNED UP FOR SPAIN SPANISH. So my problem was never addressed. The app itself is not friendly enough for someone who doesn't use apps regularly. It appears simple but there is so much hunting around on the site to find simple answers. I still don't know how to get other information I asked about when I wrote to customer service which was never answered. Between the app and the customer service, my take away is the company is not respectful of their customers..Version: 20.69.0

This is amazingThis app is really good I have learnt sooooo much already thanks to babble . I am working on my Dutch even though I go to Dutch school it still works on me . Because my family lives in the Netherlands I have to speak Dutch to talk to my family that where babble comes in handy I simply take out my phone and start working and the best part is it is totally FREE isn’t that great !.Version: 20.48.0

Well thought outWell thought out app. Lots of reinforcement of learnt concepts as you go..Version: 5.4.1

The amended version is OKIt’s a great app but a few glitches which spoil it. Whenever I start a session, rather than recommence where I stopped, it always goes to the end of the set of lessons I was studying. Also the marking seems wrong, often I only get one wrong and the result is something like 52 out of 76 rather than 52 out of 53. In general the content is interesting and does test my knowledge, I like the fact that i can record my own voice and then listen to the playback, great for improving my accent and pronunciation. One of the speakers says his V’s like B’s so it’s a bit hard to understand, otherwise good..Version: 20.22.0

Would change a few thingsI really do like this app a lot. However, I would change a few things about it. I am using it for Spanish I wish that you could test out of them early lessons so that the app could figure out where your fluency level really is and the lessons could be cured more specifically toward your learning. It feels like torture going through the early lessons when I have had some Spanish. I also really wish that I could choose Latin Spanish versus Spain Spanish. I don’t want to include the VOSOTROS but it makes me! A couple of other things, sometimes it wants you to include the pronouns and sometimes it doesn’t but it’s not always clear. So I get some wrong because those instructions arent specific. What I really wish is that it included more activities that forced you to translate what you hear. I feel like this is the hardest part of learning a language. Is making sure that what you hear from a Foreign language speaker is what you think you hear. So I’m still on the hunt for the best app that will give me that!.Version: 20.6.0

Started of great but... :(As a 15 year old student, I have been learning Spanish at school for four years, and barely know anything useful. I’ve tried many apps but Babbel stood out. I tried it out and I was actually learning something, I also started a German course! I was so so happy because it was “FREE” and that I would be able to learn a language. But it turns out that wasn’t true. After completing the first courses of both Spanish and German the app said i had to PAY MORE THAN £79 a year!!!! I get that babble is a great app but students my age who want to learn a language and don’t have that kind of pocket money, it is a bit upsetting for them :( If there us a student discount then please let me know..Version: 20.15.0

The Best Language-Learning AppI have been using this app to learn Italian for just over a year and I can’t recommend it enough! I have tried a few methods to learn Italian over the years, including Duolingo and self-guided workbooks, but neither of those worked for me. The major benefit of Babbel is that you learn by completing lessons, which are structured as if you were doing exercises from a class. This was the biggest help for me because I felt like I was taking a class. Along the way, each lesson offers grammar tips and small snippets on culture, so you’re learning much more than just the language. There many ways to review the vocabulary you’ve learned as well, which is great to test your comprehension in a variety of ways (e.g., writing and listening). Babbel also offers live classes where you can actually sign up for a lesson with an instructor. I have yet to try it, but there are a ton of lessons to choose from depending on your skill level. Overall, Babbel is a standout app that helps you speak and understand a new language very quickly!.Version: 20.85.0

Good but could be betterI‘ve found this a useful resource for practicing German but there are two things I’d like to see improved. Firstly, I find the in-app keyboard annoying. Why can‘t I just use the iPhone keyboard where I won‘t make as many typos? The only other thing that gets me is on the review questions at the end of each lesson, often it adds a random please or whatever thrown into the phrase just to spice things up and as a result I end up getting the question wrong because I didn’t put it in the “right” place in the sentence even though where I put it was perfectly reasonable. Fair enough to do this but then at least make the question accept all valid responses..Version: 20.47.0

Great!! except one small thing..I love this app. I’ve tried others before and still have a few, but Babbel is by far my overall favorite. I also have appreciated the regular and effective updates. The reason for not having 5 stars is because due to my daily schedule, my free time is later in the evening. I’d much appreciate a dark mode. The white screen is difficult to look at even with brightness on the lowest setting. I searched the settings in hopes of finding that option but sadly, it’s not there. I’m sure others would appreciate a black screen to make it easier on the eyes for a last minute lesson before bed! My second suggestion would perhaps be some type of leaderboard? Maybe something to add a little friendly competition with each language community? One can only hope. Everything else I enjoy and look forward to the future of Babbel! Update: Absolutely amazing app for vocabulary, listening, and some speaking. However, some lessons being fully dedicated to grammar, word order, etc.. with some reading material, exercises, quizzes would be nice. I am noticing that even with a decent vocabulary and decent pronunciation, the lack of grammar knowledge in my learning language makes it difficult to actually create my own phrases. Rather than just repeat phrases from the course, it’s nice to better understand how to structure and put things together on your own! I never remember the little grammar notes buried within the normal lessons..Version: 21.18.0

My experienceI would like to start this by saying that in no way am I a language professional or someone with experience in language. Learning another language has just been something I have wanted for a long time as a self betterment exercise. I work very long hours to support a family and would not have the money or time for proper lessons. This app has been great, I can do it in my Lunch breaks and on my commutes. I have noticed, and native Russian speakers (I am doing the Russian course), have commented that I have learned a lot for such a short period of time. While this will not make you conversationally fluent and it should be complimented with as much human interaction as possible, it seems to be a great foundation for people willing to put the time in..Version: 20.2.0

Only needs more languagesIt is wonderful but it would be awesome if you could add Korean, learning Korean is my top priority and I was so excited to get the app based on your reviews but sadly there were not many languages. It would be sooo helpful if you could add Korean because many people including me are learning languages such as Korean and Japanese. I am aspiring to be a kpop idol (Korean pop) but I don’t know Korean so it would be mean so much to me and others if you added Korean. I understand it is probably really hard and I’m grateful that we have the privilege to use such a helpful app but it very much needs more languages to get more people’s attention. Thank you for listening!.Version: 20.51.1

Great so far! Would be great for homeschoolers!I’ve only completed two lessons, but I absolutely love the essential information along the way. I also use another language learning app which does not give such information along the way. This is more straightforward and less game-like, so I feel that I understand more and am learning faster. Yet, don’t think it’s boring or too difficult because of the format. Absolutely the contrary! I am able to respond without having to think about it so much; I just know it better this way. It definitely is intuitive, natural learning! Thanks for such a great app! If this stays available, maybe I can learn another language after Spanish! This is definitely worth the small monthly fee for anyone serious about learning a different language. I wish this had been available when my daughter was learning Spanish as a homeschool course. She didn’t retain anything really from the expensive curriculum with many bulky books, but I really think she would love this and actually learn the language! Thanks for all your hard work put into this app! Or rather...Gracias por todo su arduo trabajo!.Version: 20.43.0

Awesome next step in language learningI downloaded/purchased Babbel after using Duolingo for quite some time and feeling like I had kinda hit a plateau in learning the language. The Babbel app is really nice to use and I find the pacing of lessons to be quite good, though they are definitely longer and more structured than Duolingo. You do get a nice variety of exercises in each lesson and I especially appreciate the realistic conversations and the use of conversational French terms/slang. I do occasionally have issues with the app registering where I click (i.e. I have to tap words in the right order to make a sentence but one of my taps on the screen won’t register so I’ll get it “wrong” and have to redo), so I do wish the app was more… responsive I guess? But honestly it’s not that big of a deal, just a minor annoyance when it happens. I also LOVE the little podcasts they offer! I really wish they had more episodes because there’s only five in my favorite one..Version: 21.26.0

Suggestions d'améliorationsApplication sympathique pour apprendre une langue mais quelques aspects pourraient être améliorés : - reconnaissance vocale : si je mâche mes mots de façon incompréhensible mais respecte la bonne intonation, l'application me le valide quand même comme une bonne prononciation - cohérence d'une leçon à l'autre et plus grande souplesse dans la validité des réponses. exemple parmi d'autres : une leçon va m'apprendre à ajouter "years old" pour donner l'âge de quelqu'un. Pourtant, la leçon suivante va considérer faux l'ajout de "years old" après le chiffre et ne pas valider ma réponse tant que je ne l'ai pas effacé. Même chose lorsqu'il s'agit de traduire des verbes, l'utilisation de synonymes est impossible et c'est dommage. L'application nous apprend à penser que c'est la mauvaise traduction alors que la réponse est bonne malgré tout..Version: 20.48.0

Great course, minor improvements neededI’ve been studying the German course for almost two weeks now. The course itself is very intuitive. Unlike other apps and courses, you learn vocabulary that you’ll actually use and you’ll learn modern conversational skills rather than outdated textbook terminology. The app however could use a few minor improvements. Firstly, questions get marked as wrong even if it’s a genuine mistake. For example: if I were meant to write ‘arbeiten’ (to work) as ‘arbeitef’ the app doesn’t recognize the one letter mistake and still marks the question as wrong which is really annoying. Secondly, it would be useful if the native keyboards were included. Currently it uses the standard querty layout which means you have to long press every time you want an accent or special character. Apart from these, the app runs pretty smoothly and I find it quite organized..Version: 20.45.0

Fun way to learnI am enjoying this app. I think it's great that there is an element of speaking and listening, plus writing and reading. The writing/reading part gives much more in depth knowledge about plural and singular forms.Version: 5.3.1

Engaging and challengingGreat well made app with a nice degree of challenge to each class. It uses multiple methods to teach you the same thing so you are not simply pressing buttons using muscle memory. I do three classes a day, two in the morning and a revision in the afternoon. I find this is perfect and has just the right amount of new information. I would like to see the ability to go back a page during a class, as I have accidentally skipped a few helpful tips, or even a summery of tips at the end. I also agree with another review about adding some passive learning tools like podcasts, etc. i think this would add a bit more diversity and help when walking or driving to maintain practice..Version: 20.1.6

Be careful with subscription costsUpdate: the customer service were actually surprisingly nice and refunded my last subscription. So only 33 pounds lost. Still it would be great to explicitly notify 1 week in advance about renewal. On a different note: the app is generally good. More serious than Duo. (It has more of a class feel.) But perhaps not as fun/easy as Rosetta (though I think it covers more ground). Very tricky subscription terms meant that I ended up paying for this app while not using it over 1.5 years (that’s 100 pounds!!) They don’t send an invoice and don’t notify you. I cannot find anywhere to disable subscription in the app. Quite unfriendly from a language app..Version: 20.95.0

Great service, decent appUPDATE: They’ve just addressed my biggest complaint from below—no more custom keyboard. It switches to the stock keyboard of the language you’re learning, and my frustrating typos are gone. Love it! Updated the design too, and it’s look cleaner and more legible. Nearly perfect now! Five stars for Babbel the service, three stars for the app. I’ve been using Duolingo for a couple years and started Babbel a couple months ago. The lessons feel both more natural and in-depth compared to Duo. They dig deep into the mechanics of the grammar in a super helpful—and approachable—way. And I can’t overstate how much more useful the audio is here, with actual human, natural-sounding voices, in contrast to Duo’s robo voices. The app could use a little love though. My biggest gripe is the custom keyboard. Please just let us use the system keyboard. I’m prone to so many more errors with the custom board, and it leads to incorrect answers due to typos. Less urgently, the design just feels a little dated overall. A dark mode feels overdue as well. But overall, highly, highly recommend Babbel!.Version: 20.75.0

Love this AppI have been using this for a couple of weeks now to learn Spanish. I know some of the basic language but I really need to dive deeper because my in-laws don’t speak English. So far I love this app, because it focuses on both written and spoken language. The reviews are great, since they focus on your problem areas with repetition at different times. My only issue with it is that there is one person on there who speaks Spanish with very bad American accent, so when I have to repeat his phrases with correct pronunciation, the voice recognition won’t recognize me. Something as simple as “Como estás” will not recognize my repetition to save my life, and I’ve been speaking those phrases for over 20 years. It’s frustrating that it recognizes my pronunciation by any other native speaker on there except his. I don’t want to have to speak with a terrible accent when trying to learn Spanish properly. Other than that one thing, I love this app for learning the language, because it’s pretty comprehensive and easy to follow. I can’t wait to surprise my family with my new skills I’m learning!.Version: 20.61.0

OkayI’ve used Babbel for a year or so and do think it has helped me pick up new words and I like that it teaches you about the grammar which other apps don’t However my main big peeves with the app which would up the stars is the way it throws so much grammar at you with no way to revisit it without searching back through lessons. - it would be really good if there was some sort of log of all your grammar lessons (like a virtual textbook) with questions to revise . the user interface is also kind of boring, really gives you little motivation to complete lessons - the way you have to select individual letters multiple times is maddening but I guess it helps you learn? Anyway decent app I got the subscription on half priceoffer twice and would say it’s defs worth that price.Version: 21.19.0

Good, but voice recognition is poorHave been using this app to improve my Italian for a few months now, supplementing lessons I’m taking elsewhere. Overall, it’s a really useful app for teaching grammar and structure around verbs. It also covers a lot of useful nouns for everyday uses. However, there is one major issue with the app. Once you get to 5 or 6 courses in, the voice recognition completely falls apart. You can have 10+ attempts at saying words and phrases and it just doesn’t work, often indicating an error before the second word. Initially, I thought it was just my pronunciation, but this seems unlikely, being as it wasn’t an issue for the first 80ish lessons I got through. Fortunately, the speech repetition only forms about 25% of each lesson. Hence, It’s worth persevering for now, but if it doesn’t improve on the intermediate course, then it might be time to cancel the subscription..Version: 5.7.1

Pretty good!This app does a pretty good job of building up the difficulty of learning a language. I grew up in a Spanish speaking household, so already had a pretty good basic understanding of the language. What I was hoping to work on with this app were my speaking and grammar skills so that I could speak properly with people at work. Growing up, we would often respond in English or Spanglish so my communication never really advanced. I started on the intermediate section just to ensure I had the grammar basics down correctly. Babble starts off pretty simple and I was concerned it may be too easy, but as you progress the lessons really start to build on themselves. What I find useful is repeating the phrases, words, etc... even if not asked to do so. You should definitely try to practice outside of the app to really get the hang of speaking, but overall this app is pretty good! One thing I wish it offered was to choose the type of Spanish you're learning or at least show the variations throughout the lessons. Sayings are quite different and some I would never use when speaking to family or people at work (at least where I live and the population I work/interact with)..Version: 20.15.0

Not enough levelsI’m very disappointed to see you have to pay a lot to learn the rest of the levels.Version: 20.37.0

Its funAnd smooth.Version: 5.3.1

Very goodReally good app, it could maybe start with greetings and key words and have more structure than just learning random nouns. Otherwise great app. Also not much free access and subscriptions are quite expensive..Version: 4.3.3

Great content, app could be betterHave tried Duolingo for many months but after a few days using Babbel, i know it suits me better. Primarily because it actually explains things such as grammar and why certain things are the way they are. The lesson structure works well too. Cant fault the content yet. The app however feels 5 years old and limited. Dated and bland design and odd quirks like not being able to correct or delete answers you put in or type incorrectly. Also no ability to go back a step if you want to check something. The app could be a nicer experience all round. One bug i have is poor syncing between iPhone and iPad apps. Have to logout and back in to sync my progress..Version: 20.6.0

Really good experience except…Babbel is a much better experience than a lot of other language apps out there. It provides conversational application to the new words and phrases, rather than just learning by wrote with no context like other apps. However, I have a gripe with the live lessons. I think they are a great idea and classes are small so proper attention can be given to participants. BUT, I tried joining an A1 (beginner) French lesson and the instructor only spoke French! How is a beginner going to learn anything if you only understand every 10th word?!.Version: 20.97.0

Great app, shame about voice recognitionBabbel is a great way to start learning a new language. It uses the combination of pictures, ‘fill in the blanks, to complete the sentences, mini games such as matching the correct verbs/ pronouns, etc and has helpful hints scattered throughout. The lessons are structured well which allows for gradual learning so you don’t ever feel like you’re thrown in the deep end. My only complaints are the that the voice recognition needs improvement, even when using the app in a quiet room there are times when it just doesn’t work, no matter how slow or carefully I pronounce the word, so I end up having to skip. I also wish it let you review the mistakes that you make at the end of each lesson, instead of having to go through the whole lesson again to correct yourself. Otherwise, very happy with this app..Version: 5.7.1

Great app But not for conversation in SpanishRHi everyone at Babbel. I think that this is really a great app to help people learn Spanish. But the one issue that I have is that I am a black African American woman and I am a native English speaker. I have spoken English for most of my life, no other languages. But now I have just met a guy that I am seeing and he speaks Spanish, he knows English but he does not know a lot of English. So I have to learn his language so that he and I can be able to talk to each other and get to know each other. But it’s alittle difficult with this app because they teach you basic phrases but not enough to have a full everyday conversation and form sentences. Also some of the phrases that they teach are Stuff that you wouldn’t use in regular conversation. Like people being from Germany or France. I understand they are trying to make sure we get a well rounded education and that’s good. But I don’t want to be a pro at Spanish, I want to be fluent enough so that I can talk to my guy. I know i just started a few days ago and I know I am not gonna be fluent fast. But I am just saying teach me how to form sentences with the phrases I am learning. Other than this, I think Babbel is a great app for people who already know the language and just need to brush up on their skills, not really for a beginner..Version: 20.68.0

Unhappy with Duolingo, Memrise or Rosetta Stone? Try this appI’ve tried a number of language-learning apps, and I can honestly say that Babbel is the best one. It teaches you language that you can expect to use in different everyday situations, and each lesson is neither too short not too long. It also has a feature that allows you to constantly practice and review the new language. Perfect for people who are visiting a new country, moving to a new country or who just want to talk to people in another language..Version: 20.81.0

Great software, not that deep and not much explanation though.Russian is a rather difficult language, and one that is presumably not nearly as sought after as French, Spanish, or Portuguese. However, the price for the Russian version of Babbel is the same as the the other versions but doesn’t offer nearly as much instruction as said courses. Furthermore Babbel doesn’t always fully explain why things are the way they are. For example, they don’t explain why the name for Germany in Russian is «Германия» (Pronounced “Germania”) but the term for someone who is German is «Немец» (pronounced “Nemetz”). I suppose this isn’t too big of a deal, but language is all about context, and understanding the context and history as to why some words are the way they are is important to understanding the language itself, as well as just interesting. Babbel does a great job of marrying what works from other language softwares, but it doesn’t offer a particularly large amount of content, or grammatical understanding. Nonetheless, in my opinion it is the best language learning software out there for Russian, and I am satisfied with my purchase..Version: 20.22.0

I just wish there was more languagesI understand that multiple people have most likely learned languages like English or Spanish or Italian or Portuguese or Dutch and multiple more on this app. But I’m learning Japanese right now and I downloaded this app so it could help only to realize, there’s no Japanese. There’s no Korean, no Japanese, no Chinese of any kind, no Thai, no Greek or hindi or anything like that. It’s mostly focused on European languages + Indonesian. If there could be more variety, I’m sure it would be more useful..Version: 20.75.0

Fun, but buggy at timesI enjoy using Babbel, but the listen and repeat feature is buggy in the latest version. On both my iPad and iPhone, the first question freezes. Tapping mute, then unmute unlocks it, but the next two or three attempts are guaranteed to fail. I hope this feature can be fixed. I also like the the new listen feature in the review section..Version: 20.33.0

Great learning tool with room for improvement+ very easy to start using. I started from 0 and can now recognise and speak almost 2000 words. + delayed repetition system is pretty perfect, allows me to learn for just a few minutes each day and retain what I’ve learned. - some variation in the teaching method would be nice, as the standard pattern of ‘what’s this word, spell this word, what’s this word’ gets a bit repetitive. - more grammar please! The grammar sections were useful in the earlier modules and it would be great if they were all in one place so I could easily find them and review them. - example sentences for new words would also be great, as although I’ve accumulated quite a collection of words, it does feel sometimes like I’m becoming a dictionary and lack the ability to communicate. - When’s Babbel Live for Russian coming out? - Once I’ve got to the end of the vocab modules you offer, what’s the incentive to stay with the app? It would be cool if you could add more words to existing modules so I can go back and unlock more to get through..Version: 21.22.0

Just a thoughtI really like this so far but the only annoying thing and I believe it’s just a me thing but I have my keyboard on my iPad set to English ofc and I’m learning Russian so every time it tells me write down the word I have to copy and paste on safari and it’s kinda annoying. I feel like there should be like a built in keyboard if the alphabet your leaning isn’t anywhere close to yours. Just a thought.Version: 21.25.0

💙💙💙AMAZING + a suggestion :))So I absolutely love this app and although you have to pay it’s definitely worth it (and as I paid for it I feel more motivated so I’m not wasting my money). I love the way that lessons are structured and how they slowly build up in difficulty and allow you to repeat words until they really sink in. The only thing I can think of to improve the app would be if I could easily find the ‘explanations’, as in all the little tips as well as when it explains why certain words are used at certain times (like how sometimes you fill in a word to say this is used before/after and adjective etc.), or how sentences are structured etc., so that I can look over them again when I am unsure without having to go through the whole lesson again to find it! Overall very happy and I definitely feel I am learning and understanding the languages I am learning better! :).Version: 20.14.0

Much, much better than Duolingo.I cannot understand that Duolingo is the App Store Editor’s choice for language learning and yet Babbel isn’t. Honestly, I’ve learned more in three days with Babbel than I have in 6 months on Duolingo. (I’m really not joking! All I know from Duolingo is “you aren’t a sandwich” - really handy! Use it every day in my mother tongue!) The app is intuitive, and asks after each lesson whether it’s pitched right for your learning level. Along the way it also gives grammar and spelling tips, handy information and what is covered later in your course, and most importantly feeds you ACTUALLY USEFUL phrases! It reminds me of learning languages at school (I mean that with the highest praise) in that it’s well thought out and has a healthy balance of everything. The only downside is that you need to subscribe to use the app, but you get what you pay for! A yearly subscription currently is £84 compared to Duolingo’s eye watering £120 - and it’s worth every penny! (Thankfully I didn’t sign up for Duolingo and have deleted their useless app!).Version: 21.13.0

Blown away!This app is everything i’ve ever wanted. I’m currently using a free trial and I’m definitely going to invest in the full version once it’s over! It explains grammatical terms and teaches you them properly. It gives you the opportunity to review everything and go over your mistakes. It has appropriate courses for your level. I also love how in the translations it gives the literal meaning alongside the translated meaning, it makes it so much easier for me to understand it and learn it that way, I wish all language apps did that. I also like that there are extra courses on culture and tongue twisters, for example. This is the language learning app of my dreams and I’m sure I will see improvements over time! My only desire is that Irish gets added on here. Online resources for Irish are limited and the one language app that does offer Irish language learning (the green owl app) is extremely limited and a bit well...rubbish. So it would be brilliant if Babbel could put some resources into teaching those endangered languages such as Irish because if it were to be at the same standard as the Portuguese course for instance, a lot more people would be inclined to learn these endangered languages! I know it would make it easier for me to learn Irish if it were available on Babbel. Thanks for this life changing app!.Version: 20.67.0

Worth itGreat way to diversify your learning. I especially like being able to download lessons to use offline when traveling..Version: 5.4.1

Keep at it with this one.I use this on the bus or taxi to and from work. My wife is French, but only speaks to me in English!!! So I speak to her in French like a Spanish cow. But I am getting better and better every day, just by persevering ... DL this and do this instead of rotting your brain with social media. This app makes it fun, and if I get stuck or bored, I move to a different stream of learning. Keep at it with this one. It really works, as long as you keep it fun. Five to ten minutes a day all adds up, and after not too long, your speaking will improve immensely. Match that with watching French films and tv and bobs yer uncle..Version: 20.50.0

The results speak for themselvesI have tried many language learning apps (Rosetta stone, Duolingo, Memrise, etc). Babbel is the only app that adequately prepared me to begin conversational practice in a completely new language. It is my firm belief that language apps cannot teach you another language to proficiency. The only way to do this is to actually speak with native speakers. Thus, a language app’s primary goal should be to prepare beginners to start having conversations. Babbel does exactly that! Babbel teaches important vocabulary and basic grammar without expecting you to memorize huge amounts of information at once. It taught me grammar, the alphabet, and culture gradually as I learned conversational phrases. When I began conversing with native speakers, I was frequently complimented on my good pronunciation. This is because Babbel incorporates pronunciation practice as a feature and provides helpful pronunciation guides. This is the only language app that has demonstrably improved my progression in a foreign language. I would recommend it above all others, especially considering the relatively low price and the wide variety of languages offered..Version: 21.3.0

Very good but..The content is fantastic and diverse, and the price I think is fair. However, the only thing holding me back is that it’s not easy to interchange languages. Perhaps Babbel has decided that it’s not efficient to learn more than one language and so they’ve second guessed what people should do, however I do not like that. I know you can change the language, but you have to then pay a separate subscription for that language which is quite outrageous and the only thing holding me back from paying. Take a leaf from the book of other apps that allow you to seamlessly go between other languages and then resume others as and when you wish..Version: 20.67.0

Less than perfect eyesight as an older person.I note that another person has written about this topic and it was relevant to me also. I have been using my iPhone with the large screen and after some time I found that my eyes were becoming very fatigued and blurry while doing my lessons. Therefore I have also downloaded Babel onto my iPad and this has made a huge difference as the words are much larger and clearer. I am very pleased with your format now that i have discovered al the features you have provided. Thank you so much..Version: 20.39.0

ExcellentExcellent program! It’s very well done, it motivates you to continue learning with this amazing interactive app. Great job!.Version: 20.68.0

Not much to complain aboutI was reading bad reviews while I was downloading the app so I could specifically look for what they said was wrong but everything seemed right too me, I couldn’t find anything that the bad reviews which means the developers actually pay attention to the reviews. The user interface is nice, it lets you have a starter session before you have to sign up and the translators have pretty clear voices (for polish anyways) also they read the word out too you a lot and if you didn’t get it you can go through and do the lesson again!.Version: 20.14.0

Love it!!!I started using Babbel (French) after my friend recommended it and I just love it! The lessons are the perfect length and I love the way they are set out into 3 parts - introduction, exercises and revision/renforcement. The grammar notes throughout the lessons are also a wonderful way to make things clearer. Personally, I find it easy to learn something if there is a ‘rule’, you know, things like, “ i before e, except after c” (I still recite it when I write the word, ‘receive’) and Babbel’s Little grammar notes during the lesson at the appropriate times are like those little ‘lightbulb moments’ where you just think, “oh, now I get it!” The images help reinforce what you are learning too and the accents are clear. Wish I’d started it earlier! Thanks for an amazing App, Babbel! :).Version: 5.7.0

Dit is GOED....I’ve been studying the Dutch/Flemish language for years, and after using almost useless books, tapes & CDs that evidently don’t teach the way I learn best, I bit the bullet & went with some serious interactive programs. Learning a language by yourself that is not spoken within several thousands of miles of you is challenge enough, but you can do it with the right type of help. I just started using Babble last night, and I’m learning things I did not learn on my expensive Rosetta Stone computer programs. One advantage is that I’m using Babble on my iPad... another is that Babble seems to be a more conversational style of Dutch than Rosetta Stone, and probably closer to what I’ll need the next time I’m in Amsterdam, Bruxelles (they speak Flemish), or CapeTown (Afrikaans is one of the official languages in SA), where different dialects of Nederlands are spoken. While Rosetta Stone provided me with a strong foundation in the language and is making Babbel easier for me, I honestly believe Babbel’s program is making me a better Dutch speaker..Version: 20.96.0

Babbel is awesome! Almost 5 starsI have been usng Babbel for language learning and i really find it awesome. Tried couple of other methods / software / apps and this is the one that really works (for me)! Having said that gving it four stars because the app really needs some improvement. Dont get me wrong, it works fine, doesnt crash and rarely freezes. Also at least for german the voice recognition works like a charm. But missing some basic features: - no back / forward buttons ( you have to go through all 25 questions if you are trying to remember a word you saw in previous lesson) - you cant resume a lesson ( if you close, you lose) - practice feature is a bit weird. There is a practice session for each lesson but once you complete the practice, it disappears. Eg you completed 6 lessons, then 6 practices become available. Then you complete those and you got no option to practice those lessons again. There really should be a ‚begnner course 1’, ‚beginner course 2’… type of infinite practice option. - there are very useful notes, reminders throughout the lessons but the issue is you cant access them after completing the lessons. There should really be an option to see them after completing lessons. Like a lesson notes section.Version: 20.98.0

French lessonsExcellent practice lessons much better than books and tapes. Sorry discs. And relatively cheap. I spent about £300 for a complete course with Rosetta Stone, I told them the details of my computer was assured it would work. After five attempts to download also with their assistance I failed to get a single lesson on my computer. I wrote and asked for money back and I received a reply slip with a telephone no on it which I tried and got the brush off with dead line when I explained my problem. Typical call centre marketing and support. They even used an Indian strong accent who tried to transfer me but failed. Keep up the good work Babbel Does our system detect where my weaknesses are and give me more practice in that area?.Version: 20.32.0

I love this app! But I have some opinionsI seriously love this app! I am currently in high school and have taken Spanish for 3 years, I started to fail my Spanish class with a 66 and I was not happy. I didn’t understand conjugating, or pretty much any Spanish. I just didn’t get it, but then I started to use this app. Babbel teaches me Spanish in a completely different style, it makes learning seem super easy and fun. My current Spanish teacher makes everything memory based, remember conjugations, vocabulary, and more. But babbel makes conjugations seem super simple. It only teaches me the conjugations when I get to them. I just have one opinion, when I am supposed to write an answer down and I get it wrong, babbel immediately tells me the answer and corrects me. In my opinion, I feel like babbel should give you at least 2 more chances to write down your answer. If you still don’t get it then it can tell you. Thanks for reading! for future babbel downloaders, I HIGHLY recommend. Take this from the person who has learned more with 2 days of this app than they have almost 3 years..Version: 20.33.0

Great app but,My only thing so far is I feel like you should be able to purchase a longer subscription but be able to make monthly payments towards it. For example: someone may want to commit to a year or even two, but it’s much more doable to spend a few dollars monthly, than to pay hundreds at once. I get that you can pay for a monthly subscription that re-ups each month, but that comes a higher rate as well, which in the end really adds up and may make it feel less worth it, especially since you may not know what you’re really getting for that money in the first place. I just feel like this really cuts out a lot of potential customers and is borderline discrimination, financially. I completely understand needing to make a profit, but I think it could be done in a more fair way- and if anything you’d likely be making more money as opposed to losing money over it. But, I just personally believe educational tools should be accessible to everyone. Anyhow, it is a great app from what I’ve seen so far, and seems like it really guides you in how to have real conversation, rather than just being able to pick up on some random vocabulary, which is the case with some of the other tools/apps out there..Version: 20.64.0

SubscriptionI am only rating this 4 for ppl to see more often tbh I really rate it a 1 stars. My reasons 1. They do let you start the first lesson In each course and you can relearn them but… they do not let you do the other lessons without subscription. Recommend apps Duolingo it may be a green bird teaching you but it is must better then this and they let you do many languages and once..Version: 21.18.0

GreatJust wish I had checked out the courses available rather than starting at the very first one on the list..Version: 5.4

PunjabiPlease please please add Punjabi 😢.Version: 21.25.0

Deutsch ist gut (German is good)I am doing the German language and the thing that bothers me is the grammar of the Germans! I also can’t do “ß” on the app so even when everything is right I can’t do ß which annoys me (I have found out how to do it!!) but everything else is very good and I do recommend. I also have a suggestion: there should be reviews for everything you have done so far, it would help me a lot to go back and do everything in a way that helps me; I also would like to choose learning styles, I learn better when saying and typing the answer (the chats) but everything else either doesn’t help or is hard to understand for me. Danke! Auf Wiedersehen! (Thank you! Goodbye!) Edit: I am doing a speaking review right? Okay and I was doing the speaking I had to say: “Das macht 5 Euro”, right? Right, okay, I was saying it. Though, it counted to wrong and apparently I said: “Das macht fünf Euro”. And you know what? IT’S THE SAME THING! Fünf and 5 are the exact same thing just fünf is word form. This has happened multiple times, it’s really aggravating, honestly..Version: 20.36.0

Didn’t really get the chance.It’s not Babel’s fault that I didn’t get a chance to use the app properly. My experience on the trial was good. In fact so good I wanted to do a full course and duly went ahead with looking for a suitable subscription. Here is where the issues starts. I opted for a year subscription plan in 12 monthly instalments. Unfortunately Apple took the full year, in one big hit. Now did I press the wrong option or was there an error in their process? I can’t be 100% sure but within minutes I was on the phone asking to cancel the order so I could reorder the subscription. Did I have joy? No. I was told it was going to take up to TWO months for any cancellation refund to reach me. After a lengthy discussion I managed to get it down to one month. Now I won’t know if this was successful or not for 30 days or so, we’ll see. All in all it means that Babel have lost a customer (potentially more as all my family are moving abroad with me and will need courses too), because at the end of the day the ‘front of house’ is how the service is initially how most services are reviewed. I know it’s not Babel’s fault, but unfortunately it’s them they gets judged in this instance. Perhaps they should talk to the greedy corporations they use as middlemen, I don’t know. So for me I’ll get down the car boot find a cassette language course I want I learn the old school way. Hey tapes are back in any way. Aren’t they?.Version: 20.33.1

So thorough and well thought outI have been using Babbel for two years now to learn Italian. The lessons are carefully planned in a logical order. The review options are well thought out and are really useful. They review speaking, writing, spelling and listening, all of which are covered in the lessons. The app covers grammar, vocabulary and useful everyday situations. It’s not a tool to give you instant phrases but instead to really teach you the language. There is also a vocabulary review which builds as you learn. I would love it if there was a shuffle option here but it is also very useful. I have learnt 4 other languages previously through school type learning but this lets you learn at your own space, any time, any where. Highly recommended..Version: 20.48.0

Hablo español 🙃I have wanted to learn Spanish for as long as I can remember, unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity in school. I have dabbled in different studies; tutors, textbooks but nothing stuck until I stumbled across Babbel. I received an email which contained an offer - pay for 6months and get 6months free, which I could not ignore. I have been using the app for around a month, I can genuinely feel myself picking up and piecing together the language. The structure is great as it goes over the grammar learnt in different contexts and dialogs. Ideally, i’d like the app to recognise my weaknesses and perhaps automatically recap or offer additional lessons tailored to me. Instead after finishing the first beginners course I went back through every lesson to find the bits I struggled on..Version: 20.2.0

Some unwelcome changesI’ve been using the app very happily for over a year, but recently it has started doing something I don’t like: in the past if I got part way through a lesson but then closed the app, when I reopened it it would give me the option of starting the lesson from the beginning or from where I’d left off, which was convenient. Now I don’t get that option, the lesson always restarts from the beginning, which is inconvenient. The content is fantastic, but I don’t want to be forced to go through the entire lesson from scratch each time I reopen the app. I hope the developers will reinstate the option to continue a lesson from where I left off, please. Otherwise, great job..Version: 20.47.0

ReviewI enjoy learning Turkish with Babbel, but I had several days when I was unable to do the reviews, so I am very much behind. I am very competitive , and fear i will get too many of the exercises wrong. I am very elderly and short term memory is one of the likely problems I will experience. I also wonder why I only got 29/38 when all my answers were correct for my last exercise. I wondered if I appeared to be too slow. I had several interruptions and I write all the lesson out including the answers to the questions before I reply. I usually get full or nearly full marks for the exercises..Version: 20.34.0

Grammar + Vocabulary ExcellenceI am using Babbel for Russian (from French). I also already speak German, Italian and have studied Latin as well. I found the grammar points to be excellent. The acquisition of vocabulary is effective and realistic. My focus is on correct spelling and I am achieving this easily with Babbel. The parallels during the course with the French language are also very relevant. Right now I am reaching the end of the beginners lessons and will continue to use it until I run out of special lessons or vocabulary lessons. I wish there was an "advanced beginner" module available for Russian but understand that the market probably is not there for it..Version: 20.1.5

Best learning experience for me so farI’ve been trying to learn Swedish for almost 2 years. I live with a native speaker and have picked up a few phrases here and there but was far from fluent. I used Duolingo for about a year off and on but their sentence construction was absolute garbage. Duolingo had me saying things like “Sköldpaddan älskar fålgarna” (the turtle loves the birds). I understand learning basic vocabulary and everything but these sentences got really ridiculous at times; not to mention boring and redundant. Babbel on the other hand provides real examples of phrases one might encounter in Sweden. And I love how they make me work for it. In later lessons, when teaching new words, it will bury the new word in a sentence full of words I’ve never heard or seen. This was confusing at first but really introduces the context of the language as a whole and after a month of this I started picking up whole sentences that my partner would say on the phone to her parents. Well done Babbel, would highly recommend to someone who is actually trying to learn a new language. But just remember you have to be willing to try and fail along the way. My partner makes fun of me all the time😘.Version: 20.26.2

My favorite way to learn a new language!I absolutely love the Babbel app! I have tried a few different apps and programs to learn a new language, most of which didn’t work for me. I always grew bored or irritated pretty quickly and stopped. The Babbel app breaks the language down in an easy to absorb way and then reiterates each lesson multiple times and in many different fun ways. The app also tracks all the words you’ve learned and organizes them in your Review module for you. Then it will remind you to review your vocabulary regularly, offer at least four different fun ways to review it, and once you have correctly defined a word so many times, it takes it out of rotation for a while. Also, the different formats they use to reiterate the lesson ensures you can not only Understand the Spoken language but also Speak it well and Read and Write it too! It’s actually Fun learning with Babbel and feels like I’m playing a game! If you learn with Babbel for 15 minutes a day every day, you will be speaking a new language in 6 months! I’m going to try to learn Spanish and French this year. I should be trilingual by the end of 2023!!!.Version: 21.14.0

Complementary language appsI tried the free version of Babbel as a new learner of Spanish. Honestly, it didn’t suit me at that stage. I swapped to a different language app and made great progress over a number of months, though I wasn’t appreciating why sentences were structured the way they were. I took another look at Babbel and this time around I find it is helping me get to grips with the structure better. So my feedback is that both language apps I’ve used have pros and cons and for my self I needed to start at infant level, flash cards and vibrant colours and progress to the senior level. The apps compliment each other, neither is better and I utilise both depending on how I want to learn at the time..Version: 20.48.0

Much better than the rest!I am studying for A-level Spanish in the U.K. and it is essential that I use only mainland Spanish. Babbel does this. The level suits a (very) mature student, as does the content. I have just completed a course on the subjunctive, and I found it was too much to learn present and imperfect in that course. I’m still a little confused, but I’ll get there. The lessons are of different length, and sometimes I don’t start a lesson because I fear that I may not have enough time to complete it. Maybe there is an indication as to how many questions there are in each lesson, but I haven’t found anything - yet! I’m a relatively new user so maybe I just haven’t seen the indication of length. Annoyingly, as the dialogues become longer, you have to keep moving the screen up in order to complete the sentence, or indeed see it. Something for the coders to sort out? Mostly, though, an excellent app, I’m throughly enjoying the courses and have been recommending Babbel to classmates. I’m sure small problems will be smoothed out and new innovations will appear...Version: 20.62.0

OkI don’t like that you only get one level free and you have to pay a whole lot of money other than the AWESOME 👏.Version: 20.33.0

DisappointedI subscribed to this app for the 12 month subscription thinking they would direct debit from my account every month, when I saw they had taken the full amount for the 12 months I was horrified and canceled my subscription straight away, I will be expecting a refund, I’m honestly horrified.Version: 20.41.0

LeahLove this app. Can’t wait to speak fluent Norwegian.Version: 21.24.0

Much better than Rosetta Stone!I have been learning Italian for a few years now and pretty much tried them all - got to the end in Duolingo but still use it most days, use italki now and then, and was a Babbel user. I enjoyed it before but tempted by a cheap deal I jumped ship to the supposedly ‘market leader’ Rosetta Stone. To be honest it was frustrating because learning is all through images and half the time you are trying to guess what the image means, plus it seemed to lack features in comparison to Babbel. Having returned as soon as I could I am happy to be back. Babbel’s interface is so much more user friendly, you can practise all the four key skills easily, you can review in different ways plus it explicitly teaches you the grammar rules that frankly you need to know and other apps don’t tell you! Well worth the money. I do have a glitch to raise though, whenever I have to input a word with an apostrophe it won’t take it. The help says to put your keyboard on Italian, but I did this and it didn’t help. Hence the 4 stars. Fix that and it’s 5 stars all day long!.Version: 20.50.0

Great programI have been wanting to learn Spanish for a very long time but programs were all so expensive and there were limited programs as it was. Well, when I got my iPhone I discovered several great programs at a really great and reasonable price. I tried several of them through their trial periods and decided on this one and Duolingo. Combined I feel like I am learning faster than if I had gone with the one program that’s so popular, I think everyone knows which I’m talking about. I believe I have come a long way in just two weeks. I also paired these programs with a distance education course which make me accountable to actually follow through because I am paying for all of it and do not want my money to go to waste. Aside from all that, this is a great running program. I haven’t encountered any sort of glitch or hang ups yet. It’s pretty close to a perfect app that one could hope for. So here’s to learning, staying committed, and actually having fun while doing all the work! I would most definitely recommend this app 100%!!.Version: 5.7.1

Great!This app so far has been very good. It is very interactive..Version: 5.4.3

Great little appI was a bit apprehensive about this app as I had used other language apps (which failed to really teach anything..) Babble however is a highly informative, clean (in design) and engaging app :) I have used it for Swedish and purchased the 12 month plan, so far I have greatly enjoyed the app and use it for at least 10 minutes everyday. I highly recommend this app to anyone wishing to learn a language..Version: 5.7.0

Pretty good, happy with it overallFirst - frustrating glitches. When you’re in a lesson (ipad app) the “close” button doesn’t work. So there’s no way to leave the lesson without exiting the app. Then, you’re progress doesn’t save, and you have to start the lesson again. Also, why is the speaking and listening so slow?? When you listen to the phrase, and then speak it back, the button doesn’t depress, it starts recording very very slowly, and often comes back incorrect. It makes the verbal practice very annoying. Otherwise, I have mostly enjoyed this app. I have previously taken Spanish classes but haven’t used it much for years, and wanted to brush up. This app is great for that. I’m not sure how I might feel if I had no experience. It doesn’t always feel like the amount of practice is enough. Rather than slowly teach and reinforce a concept, and expose you do different vocabulary, each unit focuses mostly on a handful of key phrases. Sometimes it leaves me feeling like I’m just memorizing the repetitive questions and phrases without really learning to converse. So I’d suggest more varied types of practice, as well as spending more time in each unit..Version: 20.47.0

***** Highly Recommend *****Easy user interface Easy to navigate Engaging & fun.Version: 21.24.0

Starts off well than it gets too hard fastI know learning a language is hard but with the Russian you went straight into spelling words when I’ve hardly learnt the alphabet. The first course was good but course 2 you aren’t incorporating what was learnt in course 1 so it’s not repetitive enough. Also need more daily reviews to practice what I’ve been learning. I feel like the newbie level went straight to advanced..Version: 20.75.0

Babel Content is amazing, but I end up forgetting stuff in reviewI have been using Babbel on and off for a couple of years now. I’m currently using it to learn Danish. What I like is content feels well done and it really sounds like native speakers (much better than Duolingo’s Danish offering with text-to-speech robot that’s just awful). I particularly like how it makes an effort to explain pronunciation. The only gripe I have is the review part. I want to be challenged in all matter of ways, that is listening, speaking and writing. Not just one section. Listening helps to know what is being said. Speaking is to confirm pronunciation. Writing is understand spelling and translating sounds into letters. Doing one thing in a review doesn’t challenge the memory muscles in all areas. Which helps making as many connections as possible. Ideally I would like review/exercise section that covers all areas..Version: 21.21.0

Great learning tool on the goGetting off Facebook and insta for at least 30 minutes a day and actually being productive on my phone..Version: 20.34.0

Easy to useAs above.Version: 20.46.1

Excellent app for learning new languages, but needs some improvementsThis is an excellent app, needless to say, as testified by many other users. I just want to ask some new features, some biggish and some smallish: 1) a new setting to have a “Continue” button instead of just move to the next lesson. Sometimes I’d like to study it more and take some notes for each question. 2) the space repetition system seems underdeveloped. Would like to have more reviews. Also, it would be great to choose a range of words and phrases to review instead of waiting for them to show up. Furthermore , would like it to track listening, speaking and reading separately, instead of allowing learners to choose review methods. 3) It would be great to have some optional drill lessons to drill on grammars, like verb conjugation. 4) It would also be great to have some supplementary vocabulary to let learners build up their vocabulary. Needless to say, the words learned should be tracked by space repetition system..Version: 20.65.0

Good-but could be better. Here is how.I’ve been using the Babble app for almost a year now, so my thoughts come with some validity. My thoughts are that generally it is pretty good. There are a few minor improvements that could be made here and there with the user interface but no two designers would agree. Here is my biggest peeve. Babble asks that you listen to the dialogue between two speakers, and then asks you questions regarding the conversation. Fine. But here is the problem. First, Babble introduces new vocabulary in the conversation-not helpful. Second, the speakers are speaking at full speed street level Italian. My brain does not translate Italian that fast Babble! Slow it down. Finally, there is no way that you are able to see the English translation of the conversation. I get it, Babble is testing your comprehension. However, AFTER you answer the questions about the conversation we should be able to display the conversation in English. Some of the Babble exercises do allow the display of English, but not the conversation exercise. I find Babble very frustrating at times and am thinking about ending my subscription to Babble and finding another app that is more to my liking and learning style..Version: 20.87.0

Good but reference section neededI’ve been using the app to learn French for about 6 weeks now and have definitely made progress, and been telling friends about the app and it’s advantages; how it keeps reinforcing your learning through reviews for example. One comment I would make is the apparent lack of any reference area for support except for an unfiltered list of words / phrases covered so far. Perhaps I’m missing something but after learning to conjugate various verbs this information can never be found again. Likewise there are various lessons along the way on the intricacies of grammar but once covered once these too disappear and can’t be retrieved. Have purchased a 3 month subscription and will persist but these shortcomings mean that the app isn’t a truly standalone way of learning..Version: 21.8.0

Aucun accès et aucun supportJe n’ai toujours pas accès à mon cours d’Espagnol que j’ai payé il y a 2 jours. Aucun support du service à la clientèle après plusieurs tentatives de contact depuis plusieurs moyens d’accès différents. L’application est bien, seulement lorsqu’on a accès à ce pourquoi nous avons payé..Version: 20.68.0

Some recommendationsIs a great idea but needs some improvements. After completing a number of lessons my main criticism is that they speak way too fast. They also introduce words without pronouncing them or explaining the meaning so you have to look them up in other apps to find out their meaning. There also needs to be a back button so you can go back to a previous step and practise it. Finally, there needs to be a way of learning how to pronounce words without having to leave the page. Perhaps if there was an icon that if you click will pronounce the word slowly. But apart from that it is pretty good. Be good to get a discount for my consulting advise too..Version: 20.4.0

Brilliant anytime, anywhereI studied GCSE German back in school (10 years ago!) and I’m keen to pick it back up and hopefully speak fluently by the end of the year. My mum and friends recommended this self taught course which I’m finding extremely user friendly with a vast range of learning techniques/levels. I enjoy it so much that I look forward to learning each time (not something I thought would happen!) it’s also great as I have it on my laptop at home and on an app in my phone so I can pick it up whenever I want, with or without headphones. My only criticism would be that I can’t type the fancy B (ss) in German, other than that - excellent! I highly recommend..Version: 20.13.0

Very useful for beginnersThank you very much for Babbel team. You developed an amazing app. I recommend all my friends..Version: 5.6.2

Excellent app and well worth the investment.I am trying to learn Polish as I go there a few times a year and like to try to speak a little of the local language when I am abroad. I started by myself learning numbers and other simple things but this app really takes things to another level - it’s really like having a teacher in my opinion. I could not have learned so much without something like this or formal lessons which would cost more and not allow such intensive study. The variety of ways of teaching in each lesson really work for me - listening, speaking, selecting and ordering words in sentences and then the dreaded writing. Reviews and access to vocabulary learned so far are excellent. I am excited to find out how much I can learn before I go to Poland again in June!.Version: 5.7.1

Parles vous Francais? Oui!Learning French for an upcoming holiday, my wife is learning Italian. Love that instead of just learning phonetically by ear that the app pushes me to recognise the written language and spell it back also (which was a major problem in China - being able to speak the language but not able to read store names and signs!).Version: 20.38.0

ItalianOh my goodness this is my first time to log onto Babel let me tell you there’s no instructions no introduction it’s just go when they ask you questions you don’t know how to log down because the answers are at the bottom of the page if you don’t know how to spell they don’t tell you to click the button to see how it’s pronounced if you want to go back and review your lesson and you’re not allowed to go back and review but it’s OK it’s not history as you go along you start to make sense of their questions like hint I didn’t know that the words were all scrambled like a game and you have to try to make use of the scrambled words to pronounce the right word anyway it’s a learning curve right like learning a new language it’s learning a whole new app I’m just hoping I can repeat it because it goes so fast that I won’t remember it in the three hours that I’ve spent on it already so hopefully I can go back and start the class all over before my trip in six months.Version: 20.86.0

Best app for LEARNINGSimply an amazing language app for learning European languages. It’s structured by lessons and teaches grammar step by step starting from the very basics. I use this to learn the grammar and then use other apps to apply the learning. Also love the tips in the lessons. It’s a simply no fuss learning style app that’ll fill any learning gaps you have. Got the yearly premium for 50% off and it’s worth it. Highly recommend and would’ve been happy with paying full price..Version: 20.51.0

Beginner improving!Well, we have actually moved to Spain from U.K. and my Spanish is very basic (or worse). So, I need to learn some basic Spanish at my own pace and when I have a slack 15 minutes. This is what Babbel gives me. The 15 minute lesson is just the right length. I like the way Babbel repeats the lesson in a different format (e.g. tap the pairs) and then reviews the same things again. This is my only hope to remember what I have just 'learned'. The big plus over Duolingo Spanish is that there are formal grammar reviews (e.g. Tenses of the verb 'Ser') as well as the pictorial lessons. I can't learn any other way. Another plus over Duolingo which I have tried to like as it is free; there are no silly phrases or time wasting vocabulary; how useful is 'where is my elephant'! It's £20 for 3 months: I'm ok with that as it is well structured. However, one dislike; Apple Apps states it comes with family sharing. This is NOT true. (Apple problem I think!). BUT I would like to be offered a multiuser discount!.Version: 5.6.2

Well worth it!**First important point: purchase your subscription through the Babble website - its quite a bit cheaper than buying through the App Store!** I had a 180 day streak on Duolingo when I decided to take the next step and use a paid service to further my learning and after looking into both Babble and Rosetta Stone I decided Babble was more suited to my learning style. What Babble does differently (to Duolingo, I can’t really comment on comparisons to RS) is it teaches you proper grammar, with very useful pointers contained in each lesson teaching you how to use the words you’re learning. You also get the benefit of natural sounding speech and a vocabulary review section so you can always look back at what you’ve already studied at any time. I’m two weeks into Babble German (casual learning, 2 lessons a day) and I have already noticed a marked improvement in my German comprehension skill. I still love Duolingo and am still maintaining my (now near 200 day) streak but Babble is definitely the next step once you decide that you’re enjoying learning a new language..Version: 20.13.0

Quite GoodI went to France last winter & enjoyed listening to the language and getting a feel for the local culture in Paris. So I decided to get this app and committed to 6 months of full access (probably paid ~$30) After 3 months I have been able to converse and understand fluent/native speakers for the most part. Of course there are many more words and verbs to learn and understand, but it comes with time. I am on beginner course 4 and feel that I have made great practice, the recorded speakers allow you to hear the accents used and are much better than an automated version (computer voice). It is nice to be able to learn a new language on my own time, and even better when I can see the results pay off. I have received compliments on my accent and the amount of vocabulary I have learned in only 3 months. Would recommend for anyone trying to pick up a little French or other languages before a vacation, or just to try something you have never done. It can be frustrating learning very basic phrases at first, but if you practice them and look up words/phrases on your own you may be surprised how much you may learn. Peut-être devriez-vous l’essayer!.Version: 20.22.0

Excellent app but a word of advice.At first I thought this app is great and learning the language would be easy. Then it seemed that the difficulty level jumped and I hated the app but after reviewing my approach to learning with the app I came to the conclusion and my advice for anyone new to using the app is to get a pen and a note book and write down everything the app shows you! The whole way through it give great hints and tips to assist you in learning your choice of language and you’ll need those notes later when it revisits grammar from previous lessons..Version: 21.1.0

Love itAddicted. Fun. Learning heaps. So worth the subscription.Version: 5.4

Better than any other language app, but it can do betterThis app teaches languages better than any other, the lessons are logical and actually teach you meaningful stuff (grammar, slang) in a structured manner, rather than just having you memorise random sentences (looking at you Duolingo) Unfortunately the actual app is a little slow (animations are slow/clunky, and you have to use their keyboard which is pretty bad), but this is not a deal breaker..Version: 20.32.0

Enjoyable!Not very far into the app, but Babbel has made it pretty easy to go through lessons learning French! At its earliest level, it assumes you’ll know a few words, and hopes you have a common understanding of how words work in French (or at least it hasn’t educated me yet, not that I particularly have an issue, but if I wasn’t exposed to French before, I might find it confusing why some ‘s’ are silent and such). Good platform, good informing me on everything in the process to get to the point I’m at, will enjoy continuing to learn with Babbel!.Version: 21.23.0

Quick but comprehensive learning experience!I have studied French throughout my life but never really retained the knowledge due to limited opportunity to regularly speak it. Babble has given me opportunity to learn and review daily what I have learned and I am feeling more confident to speak to others as a result..Version: 21.21.0

Actually amazingI got this app when there was a sale last June. Literally cannot recommend enough. What it took six years in French immersion I can speak in German in 9~ months. 10/10 wonderful app to learn language.Version: 21.23.0

Detailed and re-enforced learningGreat app with well-structured lessons. Sentence structures are explained much better than in Duolingo and there’s plenty of opportunities to review what you’ve learned in previous lessons. I would recommend paying for a subscription though, when you first sign up you should receive an offer to pay for 6 months for $78 with 6 additional months free, well worth it I think..Version: 21.5.0

Bon pour apprendre et pratiquer une langue .Très bon outil ..Version: 21.25.0

The best learning game ever!This game was very good at teaching me the simple Vocab In French..Version: 20.45.0

EnjoyableI'm not great at picking up languages myself finding this helpful. But difficult to stick with it.Version: 5.4.3

Cours live avec ElizabettaJ’ai apprécié Ma première leçon sur Babbel Live avec Elisabetta! Bravo! Louise Sicuro.Version: 21.22.0

Easily accessibleThis app takes the difficulty of trying to learn through paper textbooks away, as it's very to-the-point with what each course is teaching and doesn't increase in difficulty when thin absurd amounts of time. Also in regards to another review, it clearly says in the fine print that it does continually charge past the monthly plan you've selected until cancelled..Version: 5.6.2

Classroom style learning at homeBabbel offers first and second semester college level language learning. I am trying to become conversational in Spanish after being married to a native speaker for 11 years and taking several college courses in the language. I would give 5 stars, but there is no way to test out of the beginning lessons and focus on what you need to improve on as there is in an app like Duolingo. I find myself using Duolingo more because it is more fun and brings a game like aspect to learning, but when I want to focus on technical details of the language I turn to babbel. As with any language learning regimen, this app must only be part of your learning plan if you wish to be fluent. You must speak with people in the language and immerse yourself In it by reading and listening to it. I get my news from CNN español now, and I listen to Spanish radio and tv whenever I can. Having a native speaker in the house doesn't hurt either! Overall, I am satisfied with babbel, I just wish it wasn't so similar to the structure I was used to from the classroom, it doesn't feel very useful!.Version: 5.6.2

Best language app for rounded learningI have tried a number of language learning apps (Duolingo, Pimsleur, Mondly, Drops) and find this is the best of them. The courses are well-rounded, with grammar, pronunciation and conversation built in. After a week, I feel like I actually could travel to Italy and engage in regular conversation. I especially like the extra courses on particular topics. In comparison, Duolingo doesn’t give you enough grammar or real-life conversation, Pimsleur focuses quite a lot on conversation and is a bit difficult to do on the go while you are in transit, Mondly doesn’t really give you confidence that you are learning practical information in the right sequence, and Drops is fun but too focused on vocab. If you want a good all-rounder, this is the best choice..Version: 20.38.0

Getting easierI find the learning in getting better each time with all the online practices.Version: 21.23.0

Speech recognitionMy speech recognition isn’t allowing me to say the word. It gives me the example and immediately indicates it was said correctly without me having a chance to say words. Please fix this bug.Version: 20.11.0

Good appIt’s weird to say it’s a good app, then put three starts. It’s the facts that I must pay to learn a language that is a turn off. I felt it’s worth paying to learn but there’s YouTube and another app that I had called Duolingo where you can learn a language for free. Why did I come here then if I had Duolingo? To make it short I felt Duolingo wasn’t enough to learn. It was often the same basics. (It’s important to repeat but I also took a Spanish class, so I was more advanced on the language) I was recommended Babbel and I saw there is some potential where you can learn any language it’s just I can’t pay. If anyone wants to spend money to learn a language or multiple languages it’s really worth to put your money on Babbel..Version: 20.76.0

Trying to Learn FrenchNot really beginner friendly. I’m learning French, with no prior knowledge and I believe It’s best for those already with some knowledge, I found it to be difficult and due to that difficulty, I started lacking the motivation to learn. Unlike Duolingo, where I used the app consistently for an entire month and I couldn’t make it a week with Babbel. Key differences between the two: Duolingo introduces new words and how to pronounce them throughout the lesson, gives you the chance to master those words, how to pronounce the words, what it similar to more accurately, you can individually click on a word for the speaker to repeat. Whereas with Babbel, it starts of with you learning sentences and speaking it with no background which can be frustrating, the speaker repeats the entire sentence, in the middle of the lesson there’s an “school vibe” telling you the different conjugates forms, love the memory page aesthetic and give you different options, there’s no order to learn. It’s just personal preference, I paid for both apps. For some reason, Babbel audio started giving me problems when my phone volume was turned down, Babbel audio was loud and I even reset my phone thrice. Hopefully they fix it because it’s annoying..Version: 20.84.0

The only app my Spanish friends approveI just love it, I just wish I am more consistent, I cannot wait until I can speak to my friends in Spanish..Version: 20.56.0

Finally!Finally an excellent language app at a fair price. Thumbs up! Love it!.Version: 5.6.2

Great app but needs some small tweaksI love the conversational approach to learning a language and think you’ve done this really well. There are a few awkward things from a UX perspective. The first and most annoying is the way the users voice is recorded - it’s too sensitive on the pauses and the interaction of speaking straight after listening without first taking an action to record wasn’t intuitive and was a friction point when learning how to use the app. I find the letter scramble questions are helpful for remembering spelling but would honestly prefer to use a normal QWERTY keyboard. Finally, there’s no recognition of typos, which is not a big deal, but slightly annoying as a user - I miss the moment of recognition/delight and get the question wrong because I accidentally typed hablas has halbas. 5 stars if you fix these little things ;).Version: 20.33.1

ImpressedI started to learn Italian during COVID with Duolingo. Upon finishing the course there, I didn’t know what else to do, how to continue learning. I needed something well structured, planned and guide me throughout the learning process. So I researched a bit and decided to give Babbel a go. And that was a great choice. For Italian learners, there course is well thought, there are multiple levels of where you start. I started from the bottom, A1 which then quite quickly moved on to A2. I learnt a lot of vocabulary, situations, there are dialogues, grammar well explained, constant reminders and refreshers to help stick what you’ve learnt. There are a lot of podcasts, situations, travel phrases etc. A really well built course. I’m not yet even in half but I’m enjoying it a lot. I have the chance to speak a bit with my Italian partner or friends and they say the vocabulary I learnt from this app is not a banal one (comparing to Duolingo). I know the app offers also classes to help you speak, you get 2 free of charge but I haven’t used it yet..Version: 21.21.0

Clever Strategy: but a glitch with setting it upIt seems very logical and incremental in its approach - clearly aimed at a slow but sure build up of knowledge. The lessons are well presented and look to have been very professionally made. One minor and temporary negative though: I signed up via the Babbel website (and seemed to get a better deal than via the Apple App Store) for Spanish. However, on downloading the app on the phone and signing in it seemed determined to show me French (and, despite some attempts to navigate to Spanish, only French!!). I confirmed with my bank that the payment had indeed gone through. There was though a happy ending: with 2 attempts of going back to the website and re-signing in on that and then the app it seemed to sort itself out - Spanish was now set. This experience did not give a very good initial impression: but the product, value and ease of use once it was running on the phone really could not be faulted!!.Version: 20.53.0

Coming from Pimsluer RussianI studied Pimsluer Russian but the duration of time it took along with the lack of writing and visuals made it easy to speak but difficult to ensure I was saying the right thing, either pronunciation or the right version of the word within the sentence, such as “a” and “и.” I did make it through Stage 1 (of 3) with them and it made the beginning of this app very simple as I knew a good amount right off the bat, but this app ties in visual, auditory, muscle and speach in a way that’s much quicker and easier to understand what you are saying. I also found it really helpful the way they group the language together, and how they explain how and why certain parts of the language are the way they are. These concepts are essential to understanding the language but I was completely missing out with Pimsluer. It’s fast, fun and can be done in my free time. If I take a week off I can be confident to pick it all back up again rather than be faced with the choice to listen to a 45 minute seminar that I’ve already heard or go to the next one and not remember everything from last week. Try the app out! It’s fun and refreshing!.Version: 5.7.1

RiviewSo I got this app the other day and I enjoy it and came through to check what the reviews say and everyone says it doesn't teach you it just tests your previous knowledge but what it does is slowly start introducing new things to you then questions you on those new things and then moves onto something else new maybe even continuing on from what you previously learned but it is all through fill in the blanks and small questions and verbal phrases that you can practice and you hear someone else speak the phrases as well, I got this because I want to Learn Spanish and this app is actually making it very easy and convenient should have a wider selection of languages though but does have most of the easy to learn popular languages..Version: 5.6.2

Could you add Japanese?Hi there, I found this app from the YouTuber Ravon. I do Japanese at high school at the moment and thought this would be a helpful app. I downloaded it bit it doesnt have Japanese. I was devastated but tried the Italian because I did that is primary school. It was a great first lesson I got 18/18. Ill keep doing Italian and other languages but I would be glad ti see Japanese up there for me to use. Recommend this app for anyone needing to learn a new language!.Version: 21.0.0

Babble with BabbelI have really enjoyed learning French using Babbel and it has been a most welcome and productive form of distraction during lockdown and these uncertain times. I try to apply myself to learning most days, but don’t always succeed! I love the varied interactive and incremental approaches to learning provided by the App, and whilst it was difficult at first I now feel more confident remembering vocabulary and language structures; the grammar is always the most difficult thing to get right. Some other family members and friends are learning too and it really helps to test one’s language skills together, choosing a theme such as eating out or getting to know someone..Version: 20.48.0

Great!As a modern languages graduate, linguist who has studied 8 languages and language teacher, I can honestly say that this is really making the most of up to date technology as well as methodology. Highly recommended to all!.Version: 4.4.5

Very easy to useJust signed up for the French course, very catchy! It makes very easy to learn, and fun!.Version: 20.2.0

Second Course review.I think the course gives me a “feel” of the language. Starting out (in my case, starting out again) is quite daunting but the non-judgemental repetition keeps me on track..Version: 20.64.0

Useful but frustrating at timesOverall I like the app. It has taught me things I didn’t know before and I continue to learn from it. I’ve been learning German every day for two years now and started this a few months ago. I like the speaking part, though I’m not sure why I have to hold my finger on the screen the whole time I’m talking. The word and phrase reviews are helpful. I’m not sure I’m a fan but the word scramble is OK. I love the stories. What frustrates me the most is that I am expected to remember perfect spelling of words I just learned and there is no room for any sort of mistake. Imagine visiting the home of someone that speaks a foreign language and you missed the slightest thing and get slapped with a ruler. Wrong. Any wonder why you might want to stop talking? I mean I spelled Waschmaschine as Waschmachine. Wrong? Yes. And the app is happy to tell you that. Pretty discouraging. I also don’t know that I agree with them using a non-Apple keyboard input because many mistakes I find are due to that keyboard versus Apple’s. I like the app and continue to use it. I just disagree with the beat down and I am frustrated enough to write about it. Babel tells me I’m supposed to go to Babbel wish board for any suggestions yet clicking on go to wish board does nothing. Makes sense..Version: 20.82.0

A great app to learn a new language! BUTThere’s a bug within the app that needs fixing, please. I’m trying to do the writing review exercise and it keeps freezing at a certain point. I have closed the app and tried again and it’s still doing it. This is the only issue I’ve had so far and I love the app! Thanks!.Version: 20.95.0

THXTHX so much😁.Version: 5.6.2

My reviewI’ve always wanted to learn French and now I finally can, I love everything about it except that you can’t do much a day and I don’t want to have to pay to unlock all the courses,(I mean I guess you will make more money though) other than that this is the best language learning app I’ve tried! And trust me I’ve tried A LOT. Anyway thanks for making such an amazing, incredible app! One other thing is I wish I could learn multiple languages. Like you could go into your profile once your done the language your on and go onto another language. Thanks for making such an awesome app.Version: 21.0.0

Great - but - Lack of backup to new phoneReally enjoy using this app, but when I’ve transferred my data to a new phone, everything (account info and subscription, review words etc) transfers across. But what didn’t go across, is what lessons I’ve already done. It follows that the lessons wouldn’t be downloaded automatically, because when restoring from backup on a new phone, downloads don’t occur. But it’d be great to have a function in the app that at least can display what lessons have already been completed or half way through etc..Version: 5.7.0

Good butIt's not free one level just is free.Version: 5.4.3

Sehr Gut!Very impressed by the immersive format and diverse avenues of learning. Having to verbalise, write and construct phrases from the very start was challenging but very effective! Enjoying learning basic German, in an effort to make a pending work trip to Stuttgart less foreign and offer local curtesy. Have already recommended the app to several friends. Only constructive comment would be the addition of some passive learning ‘podcast’ type programs that you could listen to while driving/walking/sleeping to help further familiarity with the language. Chinese is next!.Version: 5.7.1

Seems, great but I don't really knowI finished the first lesson and learned a few words! I am doing french just to pass the time, its not like i am going to france or anything and need to learn it. Since there is no true NEED for me to learn french and i was just doing it for fun, my mom would not let me pay for lessons. In ads or commercials i have seen, it says it is free. I did the first lesson, didn't have any problem with anything, and I really love the way it teaches you! The only thing is I wont be able to learn anything beside, hello, goodbye, and how are you? Since im not aloud to buy anything. At first i thought it was an add, but then i clicked away from it and tried to re enter the lesson, and it still didnt work! It really is a great app, but maybe you could give like the first tenn lessons free or something, and then you can give the option to buy the next ten lessons with money, and every time you get a question right you could get like stars or something and buy a lesson with stars. Im just saying this for people like me who dont want to spend their money on this app if they are not using it for anything, they should still have the option to learn! Also, you should add a few more languages. I was signing up and noticed thst there was only like six. The real reason I downloaded it was so i could learn greek. Definetly would be the best app ive ever tried to learn a language with if not for the price! God bless!.Version: 20.68.0

So far so good…. But missing basic featuresNot a bad language app. Some basic features are somehow missing though: - You can’t even search through the words/phrases you’ve learned. Cmon. This is very simple to implement and should have been incorporated a long time ago - I want to be quizzed on phrases without hearing them first - No back button functionality in the courses. Which is pretty crazy in my opinion Please take this feedback seriously because I can’t be the only one who thinks these are very basic features that should be included which would improve the experience of the app.Version: 21.24.0

Good, but hoping for AI and UX improvementsThrough 16 lessons at this point, and overall enjoying Babbel. I formerly used Duolingo, which seemed too vocabulary based. I'm happy I switched to Babbel for building conversational experience. I appreciate the tooltips differentiating European/Spain Spanish and Latin American words. Those are helpful distinctions I didn't get in three years of in-person classes. Also, I appreciate the variation of native speaking voices. It's helpful to hear varying genders, vocal tone/pitch, correct emphasis and pronunciations. My criticisms regarding the app and the experience follow: 1) There's zero forgiveness for slight misspellings/typos. A flag /warning before counting it against the user would be nice. We're learning here. 2) The matching games/exercises have a confusing UX. It's unclear where to drag and drop and the color selections are all gray, which is not helpful in guiding users through the exercise. 3) While I realise Babbel isn't aiming to gamify language learning, it could benefit from incentivizing users somehow. This could be as simple as congratulating or tracking your progress or improvements. It's very boring to see the simple fact I've completed x/100 lessons. Make it a little fun, and I will be more likely to renew my subscription. Without these improvements, I'm likely to head back to Duolingo..Version: 20.24.0

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