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Pocket Expense Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pocket Expense Pro app received 104 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket Expense Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket expense pro?

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Pocket Expense Pro for Negative User Reviews

Sync Ipad to IphoneIve used this App for years. Absolutely loved it until the recent updates. Now i cant get my iphone to sync with my IPad. Its infuriating. To make matters worse - they’ve now gone and removed the back up and restore functions. I paid good money for this App and it’s going backwards..Version: 6.1.3

Doesn’t sync transactions with iCloud!I love Pocket Expense Pro and have used it successfully for years. It allows me to track my account balances, add transactions, transfer money between accounts, and schedule recurring transactions. The only thing it didn't do that I needed was to schedule a recurring transaction on the second Wednesday of the month, which is when I get paid. I have to enter that monthly, but otherwise, it has been a perfect app for years. That is, until I had to reinstall my phone's software and reload from my iCloud backup. This app has a slider to turn on automatic syncing, which I had on. When I restored it from the backup, it restored my accounts and their names and balances, but none of the transactions. Years of transaction history is just gone. I verified that synching was turned on, and no other options were missed. It is very deceptive when it shows that it's backed up, and I am very frustrated with the app. I am now searching for a replacement app that will actually sync with iCloud, and suggest you do the same. If you don't want or need to be backed up to the cloud, this is a 5-star app..Version: 6.1.4

Sync BrokenI’ve been using this app for a long time, there have been sync issues in the past but this weekend has been the worst, my account values are completely off now and the support site seems to be down as well. I loved the clean interface and it helped balance accounts really easy as I don’t like linking my bank accounts etc to things like Mint or Personal Capital do budgeting and personal accounting has worked well with this app. Would give more if I didn’t have to deal with sync issues as often as have..Version: 6.1.3

Can’t sign in.Like many users here, can’t sign in after switching to a new phone. How come no one respond?.Version: 6.1.4

SyncingI like the app but only bought the Plus version because I thought I could sync it with my phone. Now I find I can only sync it through drop box and guess what, as an average civilian I don't have drop box! And I don't want to pay for it. Need the bring out another way to sync it guys. Also can't seem to find a way to do bar graphs which would be good. The pie graph is a bit hard to read on the expenses cause it's just lots of shades of red..Version: 5.2.1

ProblemIt's not been updated since last iOS..Version: 5.7.1

Was great, now not so goodI bought the pro version so I could use the backup function. It worked perfectly for ages, then just suddenly stopped. I typed in the http:// address it gave me to back up, but sadly now it doesnt work..Version: 5.5.2

No customer service, yet much neededI had no problem transferring all my data across from the old Expense app. Now, any new transactions I add on this app don't save at all. I've emailed them multiple times for help and have never heard back from them. Don't bother buying this upgrade..Version: 5.7.1

Lost a year's worth of data...Had rated it 5 stars... now 1 star. Since the update the syncing has been terrible- can't update from a backup on my laptop. It's just crashing the app - won't even open. Now I have an app I paid for that I can't open, expenses mounting up, and no way to view my history online. Gutted..Version: 5.5.2

Please helpI need to sign in and I can’t.Version: 6.1.4

Impossible d’accéder au logicielJ’ai tout essayé pour accéder au logiciel et rien ne fonctionne. J’ai demandé un remboursement..Version: 6.1.4

Does the job but clunkyBasic features are ok. Never rely on sync, graphs are meaninless, bills entry got bugs. Data backup is good for nothing, no portal to entertain web based reports or entries.Version: 6.1.4

Why not answering?I used the app. and it was working perfect, but after I changed my phone, I was surprised that I can’t not log in, and also I can’t create a new account and all my records and expenses disappeared, I tried to contact customer service to inquire, but they don’t respond to me as if they are ignoring me.Version: 6.1.4

Backup and restoreI have loved this app for a very long time! It has easily been the most helpful app I've ever used. My only problem: I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6s+ (from iPhone 6s), and attempted to use the backup and restore functionality; it didn't work, and now I have to manually import half a years transactions ....Version: 5.6.2

Not bad except....It's pretty good but the sync feature doesn't work properly. It seems to have a problem with transactions that repeat every month like standing orders. When syncing they tend to duplicate..Version: 5.5.2

Scammer!Don't download the app. These guys are scammers. They're after your money. When something happens, they're nowhere to be found. They will just flat out ignore you when you raise an issue. I've been talking with Apple to put them on suspension or something. There are other good finance apps. Choose wisely..Version: 5.4.2

Great app but..I’ve been using this app for 5 years, all my transactions, budgets, every financial plan is recorded. I never had any issue with this app before but recently I moved to new iPhone and this app asked me to sign in which I did, I’m not able to login to the app, saying that the server is not found, don’t have an option to reset the password or don’t have contact details for app. Common seriously the developers don’t respond, BHI technology don’t respond, should I lose my years worth of data!! That’s annoying atleast I’d be happy to retrieve the data. Moving to better app!!.Version: 6.1.4

Very disappointedI downloaded the free version and then decided to buy the upgrade which I paid but it didn't load/synchronise so I bought the Expense 5 version but got charged for both even thought it said that it wouldn't be the case. Then I noticed that my recurring expenses don't appear ahead of time so I can't plan for the upcoming month. I contacted the support to let them know I was experiencing problems and got a scripted answer telling me how the app should work...no help at all. So in the end I spent 5.79 twice for an app that doesn't do anything for me!.Version: 6.1.3

Biweekly Budget?Would be sweet if they made an option for biweekly budget rather than just having weekly or monthly..Version: 5.7.1

Upgrading was bad. They charge me twiceThe App it ser es its puro ose however still urgent features are needed like better graphic, add a new expense with one click icons instead of writing the name of the concept which make it slow. They also charge me twice when I upgraded and it was a pain to even buy the upgrade. Just a good average app..Version: 5.5.2

What happened to my account?Like others I too cannot login and access my crucial data. Can't contact developer either to explain and get this fixed. This is horrible service. Please fix asap as I've lost important tracking data..Version: 5.5.2

Doesn’t syncI love the iPhone version of this app but I have tried several ways to get my iPad to sync with it and it just won’t work. Paid for the Pro version and still won’t sync. Disappointed to say the least.Version: 6.1.4

Can’t even useBrought this app because I loved the free version but wanted to add more accounts. Can’t even login or create a new account. Keeps coming up with server not identified. What a waste of money!.Version: 6.1.4

App Crashing unexpectedly⭐️Nice app with crispy graphics but missing some key features like backup and restore. After upgrading to v6.0 there were some problems with the data but some how I fixed it as I used to keep all the account in excel (Laptop). Also chart view was much more understandable in previous version than this. If you have not updated it’s good stick to the old version as in functionality older version is much better than this v6.0 Suggestions to developers: 1. Add backup and restore option. 2. Understandable Char views. *After updating to v6.0.1 Finally backup & restore option added but still useless as app crashes out immediately as soon as you restore the data. I have a backup file but can’t restore as I said it crashes out immediately. **Waiting for update to fix a CrAsH!!!**.Version: 6.0.1

What a shame it has changedI preferred the old format where you could see your spending for the monthly easily, and you could track your overall progress for each month...where it showed your balance for the month alongside the cumulative balance etc. This new version is like a dumbed down version. Not really impressed at all..Version: 6.1.4

Totally disappointedI have been using this app for 4+ years today i log out my account and try logging back in and I am not getting through. Could someone tell me how to tell with this? I just don’t believe i lost all my data.Version: 6.1.4

Missing featuresI find this to be a potentially useful app however I regret purchasing as I need a weekly budget app, and this app only gives you the option of starting your week from Sunday or Monday. Not everyone gets paid at the beginning of the week, I for example get paid on Thursdays, so I need my weekly budget and spendings to start from there. It is an oversight that makes this otherwise useful app useless to me.Version: 5.4.3

All my data is gone!I was really enjoying this app but today I logged in and all my data is gone! Months and months of data isn't there anymore. Everything is reset to 0! I previously would've given this app a 4 or 5 but losing all my data changes that especially since I paid for this pro version of app. Very frustrating..Version: 5.7

Went from Best Finance App to the WorstI used this program daily accross two devices and it worked flawlessy it also had a wonderful interface with nice features. Since the latest update syncing has stopped working and also not happy about data just being sold out without any warnings. NOT IMPRESSED!!.Version: 5.5.2

Is this App still supported?I have been using this app very happily for over 4 years but since changing phones it does not recognise me so will not let me open the app. Have I lost everything?.Version: 6.1.4

Won’t sync anymoreI used to love this app until it stopped syncing between devices. I bought few more devices and it doesn’t sync at all. Tried to write to support few times- nothing, no reply whatsoever. Seems like they don’t even bother to support the app anymore. Very disappointed considering I paid for this app and like it. Now I need to look elsewhere....Version: 6.1.3

AVOID UPDATES LIKE THE PLAGUE!After the recent app update months of transactions just disappeared. No response from support. There is apparently a backup function but it's neither easy, quick nor intuitive. If it was, I would use it. Rebuilding my cashflow for the rest of the year..Version: 5.7.1

Lacking customer supportI upgraded my iPad and transferred this app only to find out that my expenses weren’t sync’d properly and didn’t transfer accordingly. I emailed customer support twice, they responded a week later. They provided a couple of possible solutions which didn’t work. They’re last remark on the email stated if none of their answers work, there’s nothing else they can do. I would not recommend this app..Version: 6.1.3

Don’t waste your moneyI just lost 7 months of accounts because the file opened up in iPad in a corrupted stated, then synced with app on iPhone and corrupted it too. Fuming..Version: 6.1.3

Best Budget App, But...Current edit - No syncing and password reset does not work - so good luck when upgrading devices. Seems the developers aren’t interested in longevity or customer support. Searching for a new app. Extremely disappointed after using it for a long time. PREVIOUS - I have used Pocket Expense Pro for over 6 years. It’s intuitive, has everything for budget tracking you need, and has a good interface, without all the extra nonsense. I tried some of the other apps before the developer fixed the syncing issues, and could not find another app that was satisfactory in creating a budget, able to manage multiple accounts, and was customizable to fit a common sense approach to budgeting. You can set a budget, track all your accounts, transfer money between budget areas and accounts as needed. This app was essential for me in getting my finances straight, and staying on track for over 6 years. The developer seems to have fixed any outstanding issues that arose in the spring of 2018. I have no trouble syncing with multiple devices. Get it, use it, get your house in order!.Version: 6.1.4

New Update Messed Up My Data when SyncedData on my main device is now garbage. Sync between app on other iOS device caused transactions to duplicate among other things. Definitely not tested before released..Version: 5.6

No Longer Great!I’ve been using this for over 7 years. Everything works great and I was able to sync and transfer data across all my phone upgrades. I just restored my phone yesterday and when I tried to login, it says there’s no account associated with my email! Tried using Twitter and FB Messenger to contact them since their site doesn’t have their contact info. No help at all! Years of data ALL LOST!.Version: 6.1.4

Nice but...It's a great app to keep track of my expenses. I don't mind that I can't sync because I only use it on one device (I might be a little paranoid). The new update shows off the total amount of my account when I put in my password though. It also deletes some entries throwing off all my accounts. I checked and double checked my bank account before I realized what happened. It was not the first time either..Version: 6.1.1

Does not support Dropbox sync and requires sign in to use itNo other means of back up or sync other than within the app. So you are out of luck if you lose data from app or if the company goes out which often happens. And especially this app updates is another sign that they may will go down..Version: 5.5.2

It was a good app until now!!It worked fine until 3 days ago, when I began to notice that the app won’t sync between my devices, so I logged out then tried to login again, but I can’t logged in to my account. As the result, all of my data was lost. I have contacted the support to feedback the issued including the app keeps crashing every time I paste the number. But they seem to not care about the bugs and issues that come with the update and don’t even bother to reply back..Version: 6.1.4

Great app.....but...I use this app ever day and find it invaluable. However, the back up has never worked. I would also recommend that there is a 'never' choice when repeating budgets..Version: 5.6.3

Upgrade phone and now cannot get data or supportI recently upgraded my phone. When I opened the app on the new phone I am presented a login screen. My old phone did not come up with a login screen. The login screen has no selection for forgot email or password. I figured I would contact support via email to get some assistance. The support email bounced as the email address appears to no longer be valid. I have a few years of entered data that I currently cannot access. Cannot log in, cannot get support, cannot get to my data. Ugh! Hopefully they contact me and help me get my data at which time I would update my recurve. Ideally they also fix their support email address..Version: 6.1.4

New version continues to crashBeen using this product for over a year without problem. Latest update is buggy and crashes..Version: 5.7

Sold out data to third partyI used this app for quite a while and was very happy with it. Then in the last update they required you to sign up to Parse which sells you data to third parties to market directly to you. Not happy about being forced to sign up and give away my data. I am deleting this app from my phone and will not be purchasing any more apps from this developer. Very disappointed..Version: 5.5.2

Apps no longer workingThis apps should be removed from iTunes.Version: 6.1.4

Was good, now isn'tAfter trialling a few different expense tracking apps, I decided on this one. I paid for the pro version, and I was happy with it. Until the latest upgrade. What's with forcing me to sign up to "Parse"? What if I don't want to? No thanks. I no longer use this app, and so it is a complete waste of the $$ I paid for it..Version: 5.6.3

Great app but data sync didn’t work and I lost everythingEmailed support over a week ago and still no reply. Had “auto-sync” enabled before I transferred to a new phone. Signed in on the new device and all my data is lost! Refund please..Version: 6.1.4

Doesn’t sync & it’s buggyExactly what the title says: this app didn’t sync my expense history. Just upgraded my phone in December 2019 and found out that the files backed up was only up to September 2017! That’s over 2 years worth of data is gone!! I always had the “Auto Sync” feature On, but somehow it still didn’t do a complete backup. Very disappointing especially when you have paid the full price of this app! And don’t let me get started with the developer... their customer service is no where to be found! So if you need a budgeting app to take care your finances and you don’t need syncing option nor customer service, then this is the app. If you need the last two mentioned, then you may need to look somewhere else because when these “glitches” happen, you’re the one at loss. Also there are bugs on the app too! Even after selected a “Default account” and “Default category” the app would still selected something else on its own; and it would change from time to time. Very odd!.Version: 6.1.4

Does not sync via DropboxThe details page suggests this app syncs via Dropbox! However, in the app this says: "Service has been deprecated by Dropbox". This is false advertising and the Details page should be updated! This app now syncs with a service called Parse, the syncing is extermely unreliable, and your data goes missing in thr sync process. Not very happy with this app anymore..Version: 5.7

Only cosmetic changesThe recent cosmetic update is not making the app better... I still prefer the older version. These recent changes are really not necessary, i am still not used to it and am sad that some useful functions and reporting are gone! I think the developers should make the data more transparent and include easy to use and clear back up function.Version: 6.1.4

Great but then they do an update and ruin itI’ve had this app for more than 3 years. Over that time they’ve done updates to the design. I’m all for updates and improvements but every time that happens SOMETHING in my numbers goes awry and I have start all over again! It so frustrating...other than that I like being able to make my own categories and have the ability to budget out stuff in certain accounts..Version: 6.1.2

Log on👎Does not support restore zip files👎Not impressed👎 signing in by email, really! This is a personal file. Also i could not restore from 4.5.1zip file from my older app to the new app. Wasted money👎.Version: 5.7.1

Developers have you gone?I have been using this app for around 4 years now. Prior to 20th Dec 2017 I have really enjoyed and trusted the app, however after months mid-Dec ‘17 the app has stopped backing up on the Expense servers and this presents a risk to me that the developers have stopped and gone... Recording my information is important for me so I have for Jan 2018 considered a different expense app. Shame as the developers did good on this app, but if I can not back up the data then it is at some point not sustainable to keep using this program. Goodbye after 4 years....Version: 5.7.1

Mixed emotionsI have been using the previous version (4.5) of this app for the past three year, it was a key component of our daily family financial management but I was having some problems recently and the support team informed me that they are no longer supporting ver 4.5 so I have to pay another $4.99 for the new version (5). Although the I was very upset about this I went ahead and did as they requested. I followed their instructions to restore the ver 4.5 data (3 years worth of my financial data) to the new ver 5 app but it didn't work. I'm waiting to hear back from their support team, I hope we can figure this out because I'm panicking right now , I need this to work. I'm very upset about this whole process so far (being forced to pay another $4.99 for the new version, not having support for the previous version,not knowing if I have to start all over again with this new version and wondering what's going to happen to the last three years of financial data that we use regularly). Also, unlike version 4.5, I am no longer able to setup my budget at the sub category level, this is absolutely stupid why they would take this capability away, I can't use this new version until this problem is fixed..Version: 5.5.2

There goes nearly 2 years of dataWell, it used to be good. I had the free app, and then it lost all my data. So I figured I would upgrade to the pro version in the hope that this wouldn't happen again. Silly me because after using the pro version for a year, and then upgrading the app... bam went all my data again..Version: 5.7

Sync, or easier back up needed. iPad update?I love the new update, I like how it is so much more user friendly. The feel of the app is better. But I is there any possibility in the near future for a cloud base app, where you can sign in and sign out, from one device to another without losing data? Also, I tried updating the app on my iPad but it doesn’t work..Version: 6.1.1

Still missing features from 4!While they just updated to allow for monthly and weekly budgets, yearly budgets (present in the older version - 4) are still missing..Version: 5.4.3

Syncing is not workingI have always loved this app, so I purchased the pro version. But you will need to fix syncing function. I chose auto syncing and it does sync all the transactions correctly but the total amount for one of the accounts is always wrong. Also, for paying bills, when I changed the transaction to accounts transferring after paid, the transactions keep going back to original account payment..Version: 5.6.1

AngryHave used app for years and now all data not visible. Hope it's still there and that previous version can be reloaded. Some very serious legal implications here..Version: 5.7

Stop pestering me for a reviewLiterally have only been using it for 5 minutes.Version: 6.0.1

Would not recommendI have been using this app for 5 years. I loved it until recently when I upgraded my phone and realized that there is no way to transfer my 5 years of financial data to my new device. I have emailed customer service multiple times with no response. I’m very disappointed and would not recommend starting out with this app..Version: 6.1.4

Buggy app crashes a lot!!!The app worked fine for a bit. Crashes when your try to generate a report. App stopped working when I enabled sync to Dropbox, now the app won't stay open for more than a few seconds before crashing.Version: 5.2.1

New version not workingI have used this app flawlessly for 3 years on both phone and iPad but the latest update logged me out and when I logged in, all my categories were gone. Thousands of transactions with no labels or account info. Export from iPad to phone crashes the app immediately. DO NOT upgrade to this version. I hope they fix soon. Before this update I would have given 5 stars. :(.Version: 5.7

Don't update! Or you lose all dataThis is a very doggy move to modify the app that makes you have to sign up for the account (which effectively brings all your data to their server). And stops you using the app if you don't sign up! I enjoy using the app as the offline service but changing the terms without any notice or agreement of user is arguably a breach of consumer rights..Version: 5.6

Don't likeDon't like this new version at all. I have monthly direct debits like everyone else. It's hard to keep track of what goes out and when I select repeat for the next Month it doesn't. It use to but since update it doesn't.Version: 5.3.2

Lost a lot of functionalityThe new GUI looks great. Pity you have to pay for an upgrade with no way to import historical data from Pocket Expense 4. I had over 2 years worth of data I wish I could import to PE5. PE4 crashed quite a bit and it's the same with PE5. Obviously there will be bugs with any major upgrades, but was not expecting to lose so many different functionality PE4 had. The main issue I see is the developers wanting to provide a cleaner GUI, but the problem is they've sacrificed removing information and data from the screen. The buggiest is the 'Bills' section with recurring entries. Lost the ability to add a Income Bill , but I got in touch with support and they said they would try to add that back in for future updates. I will be sending a more comprehensive list to the support team in a hope they will restore functionality that has been removed or missed with the upgrade. This is a 6 star App once these bugs are fixed. Sync with Dropbox is fantastic. Saw some sync bugs though, but worked out how to fix them. Let's be honest for $6.50 AUD, this software is awesome..Version: 5.3.1

AwfulAll the hard work I put into this app, and everything is gone. For two years I used the free iPad version and had no issues. I wrongly assumed that this would be that much better. After one month, all the hard work and effort I put into switching over to the new, paid for app, has been lost. I am beyond disappointed and frustrated with the time of wasted in this..Version: 5.5.2

I do not like the redesign!The new redesign is pretty, but I personally do not find it clear and easy to understand and see the information I am looking for in the display. The core program is still there, it has almost 2 years worth of my data, and I was a huge fan of the previous version. I personally feel the latest incarnation looses function for aesthetics, and I do not like that at all..Version: 6.1.2

Loved the app until it wouldn’t syncI got a new phone and realized my old app hadn’t been syncing since January 2018. Now all my old data is stuck on my old phone and I can’t transfer it to my new phone because the data won’t sync and there is no import function..Version: 6.1.3

Works well on one device onlySyncing between devices is a horrible experience! I had to reinstall the app on an iPad and when I resync'd it reshowed all transactions for the past year and created two of each account! The syncing needs to be improved!!.Version: 5.5.2

Great app but not working on iOS 14.xThis app for served me for many years! Recently since I updated my phone to iOS 14.x, the app gives me “the network connection was lost” error when trying to login. I tried sending email to their support team but no response. Please try fixing this, I’ve very important transaction data I lost access to....Version: 6.1.4

Money managerI find this app very easy to use and have been using it for awhile the only problem with it is you cannot back up your data at all you can email yourself reports but I haven’t been able to work out how to get those reports into a form that I can use it’s very disappointing I would’ve given five stars otherwise.Version: 6.1.3

Using this for years. Give us capability to have previous layoBeen using expense pro for years. Do not like this update. If you update and make things look different, at least give us the capability to have the old style look and feel still rather then change the infrastructure so much that there will be learning curves. Is there a way to install the older versions ? If so then I’ll give a higher rating. Was perfect before. Now just annoying.Version: 6.1.1

Going Down HillI’ve been using this app to track my expenses for years and it’s been good. I’ve even paid for the pro version. All I want is a simple ledger. The last major update brought a new design that was welcomed. I was hoping this update would have brought iPhone X support but it basically broke the app in my eyes. This new design is annoying, confusing and useless. I’ll be looking for a new ledger app. Why do you have to mess up a good thing..Version: 6.1.2

Sync failureI have used this app for 3 years and each time they roll out a major update I end up having to pay for it again and despite contacting support never received responses. Despite this it's a really useful app and showed a lot of promise with the latest update showing a new layout and features including being able to sync between devices. Unfortunately the sync feature has failed and support don't appear to know what the problem is. By default i've always used the iPad version of the app and recently downloaded the iPhone version. After syncing, my iPhone is showing completely random numbers! I am logging in using the same credentials on each device, it appears the app is just bugged. I'm now getting tired of this app being unreliable and support being non existent so will be looking for an alternative..Version: 5.6.1

No device sync or supportCan't sync data between my devices and am getting no response from support. Looking at older reviews this seems to be a big issue with their support. Considering I paid £5 for this app you would think they could respond to your issues..Version: 5.7.1

Round II......I used the app religiously years ago then suddenly all my data disappeared never to return. In May I gave it another chance and was happy, then two weeks later the complete overhaul of the look and function made me glad we made up. UPDATE: they stopped supporting this app and once again can’t even sign in and lost everything. I’m done with this app and won’t give Pocket Expense 6 a try either..Version: 6.1.4

Avoid at all costsAfter using this app for a couple of years ALL my data has suddenly disappeared and I can't get it back. The Appxy support team just said 'Sorry about that' and they'd 'try and fix this in a future release'. So that was helpful. Avoid this app at all costs unless you're happy to take the risk that all your records may disappear without warning. Useless.Version: 5.7

App developers, are you there???We have used this app for 5 years with, you guessed it, 5 years of financial data stored in your app. Now it all of the sudden doesn’t recognize my account and says server not found. I looked at your new app, but it does not recognize me either. So I’m just supposed to LOSE 5 years worth of data? I backed it up to a PDF (I did so periodically because I’m not a moron) and obviously have access to it in the original accounts, but why did I pay for this app if you simply abandon your customers??? No response with email and I have no idea how/who else to contact. I want to continue using this app, but I especially want to regain access to my 5 years of financial data!.Version: 6.1.4

No Update and No supportI have been using this app close to 5 years. It was good in early stages with dropbox sync and better data sync features without any loss. But few years back the developer removed dropbox sync and stopped providing regular updates. Its more than 1.5years since the last update rolled out. The developer stopped supporting this app ,no email response as well. It looks like he is supporting another similar freemium app only. Even no dark mode for this app..Version: 6.1.4

Update - beautiful but less usefulI have been using this app for years. I was waiting for the iPhone x support. The update looks really beautiful (awesome work guys!) But it has made the app less useful. I typically have spending categories nested. I have few sub-categories with same names nested under different main categories. This update doesn't show me which main category I'm choosing any longer. It's always a guessing game as to which main category I get. If this is fixed somehow, it will be again a 5 star app..Version: 6.1

Odd unreconciled centsAfter the update, my previously reconciled accounts were showing unreconciled balances less than $1. As a long time user of this app, I'm disappointed at this uninspired update..Version: 5.6.1

Disappointed!!I’ve been using the app for 2 years and even purchased the pro plan but when the last update came out for some reason all of my data was deleted. I’ve tried to contact someone but was not successful in getting a solid answer or support from anyone. DO NOT depend on this app. I made the mistake and now just two months before the year end I’m without ALL my data for taxes. Extremely disappointed!!!!.Version: 6.1.4

Was a great appI’ve been using this app for years and have always felt this was the best app to track and budget my expenses with. Ever since the last few updates there have been numerous glitches and today it just completely freezes. I hope the developers are working on a fix as I’d hate to have to stop using it..Version: 6.1.2

No supportBeen using the app for years then had to do a factory reset on phone. Now can’t get back into app. Have requested support but no response. Poor.Version: 6.1.4

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”I’m very displeased with the new update. I’ve been using this app for years and since me and my husband got married we heavily rely on the syncing feature. We’ve had a few bugs and glitches over the past couple years but this update is so frustrating. It used to be so simple and easy just a few glitches and bugs here and there but now the whole thing in just not practical anymore. Very disappointed..Version: 6.0.1

Unable to sign inAfter getting a new phone I am not able to sign in or even sign up to a new account. I contacted the support email will no response. Good app, only if you are able to sign in.....Version: 6.1.4

Frustrated with Expense Pro’s DeficienciesI’ve been using this app for a little over a year, and EVERYDAY, at that. Aside from some of the smaller shortcomings, the greatest frustration is how a week of records/entries just disappear. It throws everything off. Who want to go back and manually re-enter expenses? I really want my money back. Very disappointed. No support either. Look at their website..Version: 6.1.3

Useless if you get a new phone!This app is great….great that is, until you want to upgrade your phone, then it’s pants! Doesn’t seem to recognise any of my email addresses I’ve ever used and no forgotten password tab to help login. Seems like a problem others are experiencing too, but no support being offered. Shame..Version: 6.1.4

ShortcomingsAfter the update there are some shortcomings. After adding transaction they do not appear. Also when adding note to transaction & creating same name transaction the note is same from old transaction so need to be change or delete..Version: 5.3.2

Requires sign in which I never signed up forRestored my phone and all data was wiped as it all of sudden requires ID and PW..Version: 6.1.4

GarbageYou are garbage. Your app is garbage. You lost all my data. I have ADHD. You have made my life a nightmare. I used this fine before. You broke my app. No one should download or use this garbage app. Apple should ban you from their store with this garbage you have created..Version: 5.7.1

AverageDoes some things well, for example tracking different accounts and passing money between them. Needs more functionality around forward planning expenses such as recurring bills without auto clearing if I'm going to use this regularly..Version: 5.4.3

Lost everythingI’ve been using this app for almost a decade. I got a new phone and it wiped all my data. It says my username doesn’t exist. I had the paid version of this app. I’m so sad to have lost all my data. I used this app daily for years..Version: 6.1.4

TerribleWhy I need to sign up with email. Why you access my email. No mention this before I purchased..Version: 5.6.3

No syncI needed to switch to a new phone and love this app and was hoping it would all be moved over. However when I signed on in the new device, the dollar amounts for my accounts were all wrong and my transactions were not even visible. So now I have to start over and manually input some transactions.Version: 6.1.3

Paid. Cannot even sign up.Horrible app. Emailed them to ask for support as I cannot even sign up after paying $10.99. How crazy is that?.Version: 6.1.4

Syncing doesn’t workIf you don’t have to update to a new phone or back up and restore the app is fine. Otherwise you loose everything or extremely slow updating -.Version: 6.1.4

Bugs need fixingI've been using this app for quite a long time. I like the old version and also like the new style. However, since the update, I notice some bugs within the app - e.g. wrong entry added when copying another entry, odd amount of money appearing on various accounts after deleting one of the accounts. It took me quite a bit of time to manually fix them. Overall, it's a nice little personal finance app. Just need to get the bugs fixed before I can say that I'd recommend this app..Version: 5.6.1

Please bring back the payees drop down suggestionsLove the app, use it daily to keep a track of my expenses but this new version messed one of the best features of the app, the payees ‘history’. I have literally hundreds of Payees in my history and now I need to type the full name and select the category manually when adding an expense/income. Before, the moment I started typing the name of, let’s say, Burger King (like Bu...) it would suggest me full name based on the history and automatically adjust the category. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK.Version: 6.0

Unreliable and bad customer serviceI just bought a new phone and am not able to transfer my data because they’re sync feature doesn’t work. I’ve used this app for years and now I have to abandon all my data. The same thing happened to my friend. I’ve emailed them several times with no response. They also have random bugs and issues with their categorizing, which again they have not responded to. If you’re looking for something long term and reliable I would not recommend this app..Version: 6.1.4

Locks you out of your old dataWhen you start to use the next version, all the data in the old version becomes unavailable to you. This is not what I need in a Bookkeeping App..Version: 6.1.4

Impressive to totally unimpressedSo installed lite version added info for 3 Months liked it so purchased Pro version.. I've been billed twice... now tried to migrate info to pro from lite couldn't....told to on Web site to... In current version, please make sure those both latest free and paid versions are installed on your device. Go to the free version and go to “Settings”-> “Support” ->“Migrate Data to Full Version”... Unless I'm blind there's no support tag in settings so stalemate unable to use ...not happy unless I can be advised otherwise...Version: 6.1.3

Slower speed and crashThe overall speed of the app is slower since the last update especially when you open the app. that makes you think the app is frozen. It crashed several times, less stable than the previous version..Version: 6.1.4

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