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Bubble Witch 2 Saga App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Bubble Witch 2 Saga app received 114 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bubble Witch 2 Saga? Can you share your negative thoughts about bubble witch 2 saga?

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Bubble Witch 2 Saga for Negative User Reviews

Game freezesI’m having problem with the game app, every time I try to open the envelope in the game, it freezes the screen and I have to wait for 3minutes to work again. Please see to this problem..Version:

Why can’t I continue where I wasI have enjoyed playing this game up until the recent update. This meant that I lost the 481 gold bar which I had accumulated and paid for and I was well over from game 500. There is no one to complain to for this to be sorted. Now I gone back to the very start with only 50 gold bars..Version:

I have to payI love this game but the only bad thing about it is you have to pay to get stuff.Version:

What the need to score performance?* Update* The features I described below are gone out of the game. Thank you for that. But now I am unable to send lives to the person I select out of the list of persons. I can select 1 person, but the game picks some one else out of the list. Don’t know how to change that, and it is very annoying. I like this game. I’ve been playing for a long time. And I like a good challange of a difficult level sometimes. What I don’t like is the need to score performance. First the game kept track of the number of attempts you needed to clear a level. I didn’t understand the need for that, because other than make me feel dumb for needing 35 attempts to clear a level, it did nothing. Nothing to gain or lose by keeping track. That feature is removed from the game now, but now they show accuracy, aiming and rows cleared. But again, nothing to gain or lose. Other than gaining a sense of incompetence again. Then why add it to the game? Why not add a feature to win gold? Because other than spending real money in the game, which I refuse to do, there is no way of getting gold in the game..Version: 1.105.0

Lost friends and livesI’ve been playing for years and was so disappointed to lose all my saved lives and all of my friends. I only have one now. Hope you fix this soon..Version:

Loved this game but .........I’ve been playing this game on my tablet for a few years now and had reached high levels where I had several rewards as well being able to use the bubbles I’d earned to buy other rewards. I was disappointed a while ago that I’d earned gold coins but would have had to buy them to use them. A bit weird but I’m not buying anything. Now, without warning my game has reverted to Level 1 and I can’t find a way to get back to where I was. I’m not starting again and I’m not downloading BubbleWitch3 as I have this on my phone. You’re probably not bothered as you don’t get any money from me but you’ve lost a previously happy player..Version: 1.86.0

Back to the beginning!The latest update took everything back to the beginning losing everything, all 1100 levels already completed!.Version: 1.111

BuggedI thought it was only happening to me game flips over to Facebook as soon as I open it. Does it all the time during the game. So I tried to log into Facebook hoping it will fix it,wouldn't except my password. Weird. I have now decided to delete it..Version: 1.19.2

Love it, but...Love the game, but it’s too hard to earn any of the power ups. You earn gold bars which you would think allow you to exchange for the power ups (aids), but you can’t redeem your stash of gold bars without actually sending them money and buying what you’ve supposedly earned. Nope. Stick to Candy Crush where the power ups are given much more freely. BBW2 Saga would be much more fun if you didn’t end up staying on each level for weeks at a time. It’s pretty obvious about half way through each game if you have shot to clear the board or not. I find myself pressing the quit button more often than not. And then they only give you a few lives each round so I don’t spend very much time with this game..Version: 1.113

Can’t access free livesEvery time I select the free lives, the game freezes so I can only play five lives and then close and wait for it it reload. This has been going on for months!.Version:

RUBBISHWhere are my previous reviews? Don’t try and hide them because I’ll just go onto social media and tell everyone what a rubbish app this is. Get some new staff and fix your bugs!.Version:

DisappointedI have been playing this game for quite a time now and have enjoyed it until recently. You introduced the part where teams compete for rewards. I have noticed that even though I have competed with the team I have been told when the rewards are issued that I didn’t get any because I didn’t compete. This is not true, especially this last time, I had competed to the extent that I was unable to help win rewards at the end because I had finished my selection and had to wait a certain time, decided by the way the game is set up, before I could get back in to assist the other team members. Then all of a sudden I was unable to get the rewards. Please re-evaluate these requirements or make sure that we get what we worked hard to win. I am getting to the point of deleting this app from my tablet..Version:

Good but one thing.I love this game so much it is probably one of my favourites there is however one thing I noticed.... on certain levels that are super hard what keeps happening is I keep get in the same bubbles and they are always the wrong colour also the moves you get don’t match the difficulty of the level. So I am still stuck on the same level because I only have 15 moves and all the bubbles are the same so I can’t complete that level. To me it’s almost like you don’t want me to win and go onto the next level. I think if you fix this problem then I will have lots more pleasure and enjoyment in playing the game. At the moment I think this game is rather boring coz I can’t pass that one level.😡😞😒🙁.Version:

Requesting livesI have been trying to request some lives for several weeks now and nothing seems to happen. I used to get lives upon request, but no more..Version:

Every time they update they screw something upI played this game for a while and was able to look past some of the obvious, if obnoxious, ploys to get money. But when the updates screw up my progress—take away all of the extra lives I’ve collected as well as the friends I traded with, I’m done. What’s the point in continuing to play if your efforts will be erased without warning? I’m also done with mandatory chats and the updates that don’t allow you to navigate well. Seems with all of the updating, you could have found a way to fix level 26 so people don’t waste time trying to master the level with three stars when you admit there’s a problem with the level. Deleting the app..Version:

Bubble Witch 2Didn’t like that after the first 10’levels collecting gold in your piggy bank you could not clear it unless you paid $4.49. Has taken the fun out of it for me because I won’t pay..Version: 1.111

No send and receive livesBeen a month now and still we can’t send or receive extra lives. It looks like you want people to purchase items to get extra lives especially when you are on a hard level. Fix the game.Version:

Bubble witch twoThis is my favorite game I’ve played it for years every night. However it hasMajor issues. Currently the team game that we can play daily has disappeared. It has been gone for about a week and a half. I am sure the only way I can get it back is to delete the whole game and start over. I am on world 672 or about and I’m damned if I’m going to start over again I have done this two other times. it seems whenever I get into the 600s the game starts glitching out. in addition every time I’ve tried to get help I’ve gotten zero replies or a computer reply. so there’s your one star it’s very aggravating..Version:

Can not move onI am stuck on level 3377. When I try to play I either get shunted to level 999 or nothing happens at all. This has been happening for several levels off and on. I’ve tried scrolling back to earlier levels and sometimes it works but mostly it doesn’t. Please fix this. I won’t be playing until this is fixed. (Of course,I’ll have to check in now and then to see if you have corrected this.).Version:

AbsoluteThis game is absolutely frustrating it’s pure luck in the level your given whether it is defeatable or not, never the less I’ve played this game since it was released. The last year and half I’ve not opened it do to the fact they made it undefeatable! They’ve made a bunch more levels since the last I played! Where I was waiting on the next levels to be released now there are lots of levels to be played. But they still want money for bonuses and some levels are undefeatable without help! So ya, it’s an intriguing game that is fun to play, it’s absolutely frustrating when they won’t allow you to advance! I understand that the reason is they want you to spend money on bonuses!! So download play enjoy once frustrated delete or come back in a year or so! Once a bunch of people have paid to advance they will allow you to advance!! Not dishonest just business!.Version: 1.108.1

What happened?I used to play this game a lot but then switched to some different games. But I always come back to this one. I’m not sure if anything has changed but it’s a lot harder to aim the bubbles in the right places. It’s actually getting very frustrating as I keep losing levels and I am considering just deleting it. I’m sure it wasn’t this hard last time..Version:

Nero symbol blocksThe Nero symbol blocks the level at the top of screen not able to select the level.Version:

After last update, some levels now unplayableSince the last update, levels with the little creature that comes out of the “egg” now longer fly away and stay stuck on screen making it impossible for the level to advance, please fix..Version:

New update is rubbishHave lost my 50+ lives and some gold bars with new update. Went onto King website and they said it was a FB interface problem. But I’m not logged in via FB?!?! King support said to sign up to King. Did so and still not getting any lives or asked to send lives to others. So not buying anymore gold bars till the extra lives bit is fixed. Getting quite boring now as only can play for a few minutes a couple of times a day. Instead of the hour or so I did before - I’m at level 3463 so am not installing it and reinstalling. Please sort it out King, you have a lot of unhappy customers. If I uninstall, I will not be reinstalling the game..Version:

GlitchHi guys, there seems to be a glitch in the game which doesn’t appear to have been addressed by recent updates. When selecting a potion to help in a level, the potion doesn’t appear when playing. After the level is completed, the potion no longer appears in the panel. Please help!.Version: 1.85.0

Update bug!I updated the app today and since then I've not been able to play without the app freezing and crashing! Please fix immediately because I love this game!.Version: 1.6.2

The opposite of funThe one constant with this game is that you always get the bubbles in colors that are not on the board, thus having to waste moves. There is no strategy and there are no intelligent levels. You have to buy tools to help you beat the levels and you need gold to buy these tools. Gold is kept in a piggy bank that is too small, so the developers suggest you spend $20 just to upgrade this. Doing that would be a major mistake, since later levels cannot be beaten without continuously buying more. You would end up spending thousands of dollars and still just making it by. It’s a pay to play game and a disgrace. Last but not least, you cannot even start playing the game without agreeing to their privacy policy. The word privacy is a joke at our expense, since reading through the document will show that they can track you anyway they want and sell your information to whoever they want. My recommendation is to not download this game at all. There are plenty other options in the App Store and many are fair to the player..Version:

What’s happened to messages?You certainly made some improvements NOT!!! Ever since the last update all of my messages with lives have been erased AGAIN!!! Please give them back to me!!!.Version:

UpdateWell you have updated it but haven't fixed it..Version: 1.76.0

Loved this game when first playedI loved this game when first started playing, but after 5 years odd I have reached level 995 and I have to play the same level for weeks on end to level up, am bored and fed up so am deleting.Version:

Frustrated!😠 awesome update. I no longer have any friends to get lives from. Also it is nearly impossible to beat any levels without using multiple special moves, or random luck of bubbles colour being what you need coming up. No strategy makes a difference..Version:

FRUSTRATINGFor the past week I haven't been able to link in to Facebook with Bubble Witch 2 on my iPad. Checked out access through my iPhone and there is no problem there. What is happening? Otherwise I actually love the game. The average rating is because of this issue otherwise it would be a five star game!.Version: 1.5.2

Repeated levelsI have reached level 1592 and it isn't the first time I have noticed you are just repeating previous levels!! If you can't create new levels please just have an ending to the game..Version: 1.74.0

Gets worse every update!This game was really good originally. At some point they started making changes, latest being removing the Witch, changing the graphics of the level start, forcing user to respond to unwanted messages, etc. The developers and artists are good, but whoever is in charge of the business logic of this game is a total idiot, total mismanagement. Instead of destroying a good game fix bugs..Version:

Can’t open game anymore on my iPhoneCan’t open the game since the last update.Version:

Game won’t loadWon’t load since last update.Version:

Not able to play due advert on sides of the screenIt been annoying that I m not able to play because I have the “bingo” icon on top of my level so straight away when I touch just open the “bingo” if a pull change the page of levels so I m on level 1284 and not able to play 😡.Version: 1.95.0

RewardsReached level 987 and for some time my rewards have not been credited contacted customer services who have not helped been playing this game for a few years but thinking of deleting it now seem to be after your money all the time! But have enjoyed playing for a few years.Version: 1.88.0

Glitches aplenty.lStuck at a level, the dragons glitch and won’t go away, so the level won’t scroll. Deleted..Version:

Extra lives lostHave lost all my extra lives again after the latest software update. This has been going on for sometime now. It happens after new software update. Not happy as this is my favourite game. 😔😔😔.Version:

RubbishNot as good as the original bubble which this not seems to keep you on the same level in the hope that you will spend money to get through, I know that the colours are random but how random, one level I needed purple and for the last 10 bubbles all I got was blue, don't spend any money on in app purchases not worth it.Version: 1.3.1

My thoughtsLove the game but hate when I have to wait to open the next level.Version: 1.86.0

No to in app purchasesI love this game but hate the in app purchases. I would rather pay outright for the game and be able to keep playing whenever I wanted instead of having to wait until I can play a level..Version: 1.49.2

Getting CHEATED!Two days ago I paid $2.99 to empty my 38 bars on my piggy, mind that I had a balance of I believe it was four bars already, which was better offer than $5.99 for 32 bars. When I clicked on it and payed I not only didn’t received the bars, I ended negative 22 (-22). What kind of crap is that? If you look at my account I’ve been paying lots of money to play this game to now start getting charges, which Apple has refunded, not this one because the last time they said I have to contact you guys. Really I’m very disappointed after so many years you guys start doing this. I want a refund and you guys need to look into this, I don’t know is a glitch or what but I don’t think is fair! Extremely disappointed, Edna..Version: 1.101

Download troublesHave updated now lost all my lives and extras they just disappeared have tried deleting and reinstalling still not working won’t send lives or give lives not a happy chappie if it does not fix itself I will delete app.Version:

Great game but broken advertsI love the game and have been playing it for years. Big issue with the adverts on the game because the developers have disabled the back (X) button to close the advert, so the only way you can continue playing your game is to either force close the app or clicking on the adverts download button which takes you to the App Store.Version: 1.108.1

HELP!!!I’ve been trying to go on App Support but it says URL not found! All my lives have disappeared, on mobile and iPad, since the last update I’m only playing with 5 lives, can someone get back to me, this is my favourite game, but this situation is very frustrating, I’ve deleted app and reinstalled it, signed in on email, Facebook and Apple, but none work, I’m on level 1411 it’s took me years to get this far, and now my mobile has gone back to level 1, please help me 😢😢😢.Version:

ExpensiveThis is a great and addictive game but there’s way too much strategy involved in getting around paying too much money. The levels are costly and you can’t really get past the hard ones without extra bubbles. The spells are fun too but you can only use one a game which is a waste. You can find yourself dropping $10-$20 on one level which is outrageous. I’d prefer to buy the game outright and give me super tricky rounds that I don’t have to spend money to win on. The graphics are great and you get to play with other people but I can’t put that much money into a game..Version:

Lagging/freezingSo much lagging going on I’m ready to uninstall . Played this game for many years and it’s the same every time uninstall then reinstall loss everything..Version:

Glitches and freezesIt takes over 90 seconds to open the envelope with my additional lives in it, then when I hit “accept”, it freezes for another 40 seconds, and then I won’t even get any extra lives from the other players. Please fix it. There are also some levels, mostly free the ghost levels, where I’ll shoot a bubble, and it will hit the other collection of bubbles on the ghost, and then just fall. It won’t attach to the other bubbles or pop bubbles of the same color. It just falls back down into the cauldrons. Please fix this as well..Version:

You have to pay to playI love this game, it's fun and challenging and a great time waster when you have 10 minutes or an hour (lol) to kill BUT it is so annoying because you can't unlock certain levels unless you pay cash for gold. It's either that or they make you wait an entire day (24 hours) before unlocking the next levels. You earn gold as you complete levels but when your piggy bank is full you can't collect our use any of your gold until you pay $3 to open the piggy bank for your 50 gold pieces. AND THATS A PER PIGGY BANK PURCHASE. Every 50 pieces is $3. You also can't buy booster bubbles without your gold that yes you have to pay cash for even though you earn it through playing. I wouldnt be worrying this review if I wasn't locked out of the next levels and didn't want to pay to unlock them..Version: 1.87.0

It’s fun but..You still pay over the odds for all the good stuff. Most of the levels are too hard and you run out of bubbles and there are limited lives and to empty the gold bars you have to pay again and again. Nothing but a moneymaker for the company, yes it’s a fun game but it’s very frustrating..Version:

Team Play Rewards lostI had just won 3 great prizes and when I went to claim them, I got a message that the game couldn’t connect to my browser. Every OTHER game that I play could get to my browser! Had to save my game to Facebook so I could save my progress, delete from my iPad and reinstall it. Wouldn’t you know, once I saved it to Facebook, I had a full piggy bank and couldn’t go any further until I bought my gold bricks. Seriously?!? And of course I lost my team play AND my 3 prizes. This WAS one of my daily favorites, but I am not a happy customer at this point..Version: 1.109.0

Flawed!Fantastic game but I'm sick of it freezing all the time! Was up to level 62 and it crapped out! For 3 days it kicked me out 5sec after opening the app. Had to remove app. So download but be prepared for disappointment and being annoyed when it crashes.Version: 1.2.3

Hard levelsAt the start of some levels, Morgan’s offers to give you a reward if she can make level harder, rewards haven’t been forthcoming and have stripped me of saved tricks.Version: 1.80.1

Not as much funI don’t know why you got rid of the team quest. This game just isn’t as much fun anymore. Looking for something knew, I guess..Version:

NonieHm it is now September and I still can't access the game on either of my devices, have deleted reinstalled, turned the devices on and off still can't play they load then shut down, to be honest the game was a lot better before all the up grades, I would really like to continue to play but it is nit working for me looks like Hayday is it 😩😩.Version:

Glitchy, slows down and can’t fill lives.Play this game all the time but this last couple of weeks this game has been playing up. Freezes when your about to take a shot, won’t let you fill your lives back up from the gifts. Super annoying. I absolutely despise the challenges with friends. I’d like to be able to write my own reply like…. Ive completed two tasks so I can’t help for 24hrs it stead of the “ let’s finish this” and the other annoying comments. When this game is running correctly it’s an awesome time waster..Version:

Bubble bufferI love BubbleWitch2 but my game is continually slowing down every few seconds while I play on my iPad. It’s frustrating to play when this happens. I don’t play anymore for that reason only. Every few months I go to check if the update has fixed it but it hasn’t. Is there something that can be done about this?.Version: 1.112

App won't openHaven't been able to open the App for the last few weeks even with the new update. Wats going on ☹️.Version: 1.78.0

Keeps freezingGot another bug ... the critters from the eggs hangout in mid space, not attached to bubbles, preventing game from scrolling and making it impossible to play.Version:

None of the links are working to purchase lives etcNone of the support buttons are working either 😤.Version: 1.111

Not loadingCan't get past level 4, it will not load, please fix!.Version:

AnnoyedI love playing this game but for some reason it is now saying it can't connect to Facebook which is annoying. I also have gold bars to be able to go to the next levels but it saying can't connect I have wifi I just want to be able to play the game please fix the problem!!!.Version: 1.5.2

Good game but don’t Turn on notificationsOverall a good game quite enjoyable fun and addictive but here is the issue I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but when I turned on notifications it gives me 3 of the same notification one after the other it really annoys me because it makes me lead towards deleting the app I’ve never had any problems with it before and when people send my lives and hearts it won’t let me collect them anymore I click accept with all of them selected it won’t accept I’ve tried turning my phone off for a night then turning it back on again I’ve updated it no changes! I don’t know what to do!.Version: 1.82.2

App has frozenBeen playing BW2 for ages, I’m up to L2447. Now the app launches like normal but when I go to play game 2447 it just takes me to a frozen screen for game 999 with Stella and the swipey finger. I’ve tried updating the app a couple of times but it’s been like this for a month or more now..Version:

No new games or gold barsThe game is fun and all but the mobile app has the same side games. Bingo games same prizes .Collect blue, red, bubbles play with other players, mountain game. same thing every week. It’s never anything new to play to win new prizes, like gold bars. Nothing to really keep you attracted to the game . I only play out of boredom most of the time , I get on the game and like oh nothing new extra games .If it’s the same sponsor as per rescue saga they should have more ways to keep you playing and add more games inside bubble witch 2 like pet rescue has special games to play to win more gold bars/prizes & coins .doesn’t update like pet rescue.Version:

FrustratingNormally I love this game but.... I can’t access my lives. Please fix this..Version:

Cat1Finally after the latest update I can now play this game again. Have not been able to play for 6 months since one of the updates. Very disappointed to find that the world tournament has disappeared and what is the point of the piggy bank. Am not paying money to use that. Still enjoying the game now I can connect again but it's not as good as it used to be..Version: 1.83.0

Game crashesGame crashes or gets stuck all the time, I cannot receive any lives even thou they are being sent. This upgrade broke everything for me..Version:

Bubbleitch3Don’t want to rate!.Version:

SupportYour App Support link is dead and I am trying to contact for help. My internet connection is working with every other App but this one. This has been going on for over 3 weeks. Please advise.Version:

FailDevs are just vultures. This game was designed to frustrate and be hard to complete on purpose and that purpose is to get us to pay real money and heaps of it. Score does not matter as progress through levels you gain nothing and obviously the game has no end. You could easily spend thousands on this. Shame on you devs and shame on Apple who facilitates these dodgy practices known as "in app purchases". Peace.Version: 1.19.2

Bad’Game’I’ve had enough ! 1. The bubbles don’t go where you aim them ! 2. I don’t regard ‘fun’ as being stuck on the same game for a week !! 3. No skill factor required at all ! You only win if that particular game has been programmed to be won in x number of tries ! Etc. Etc. It goes on and on ! No more !!!!,.Version:

GlitchSince the latest update I am unable to receive my quest prizes because the game is telling me that I don't have an internet connection when I do have one..Version: 1.109.0

Send messages…annoying!!!Please fix the send messages so you can leave screen without having to send a ridiculous message..Version:

Addictive But...An addictive game but it’s hard to progress through the game without having to buy power ups. I’d like to see more rewards for completing harder levels instead of having to buy you’re way through..Version:

Peeved offI would have given this a higher rating but since the upgrade I can now no longer purchase any gold bars through my iPhone. My iPad is all good and can purchase but if I buy anything through that I don't get it on the iPhone. Please fix this issue..Version: 1.23.3

I think this is a betaI think this is a beta that could have used more testing. Many times, when I’ve been trying to exchange the color to shoot, the one I don’t want to use, fires. When the next shot is very similar to the previous shot, so I’ve got it lined up with my eye, the graphics interfere and I can’t grab and shoot the next bubble. I agree with Turkeylady that many times the possibility of succeeding on a level is rigged against us. If I only have blue bubbles on the screen, I see no reason to provide only yellow and red bubbles for me to shoot..Version: 1.84.0

Is no longer working on my iPhone 7.Is no longer working on my iPhone 7..Version: 1.76.1

Where are my bonus tools...They disappeared...whatever I purchased or won!!!!.Version:

Stop itEvery time I make a purchase of gold bars I always get charged twice. I have complained and still it happens which is a shame because I love the game - I may have to delete it.Version:

BubbleWitch2Good game but lose the pig - it is really annoying when you have no intention of buying🙀.Version: 1.93.0

Good to startThis game is good to start off with. However, as you progress, like all games I’ve found, as the levels get more difficult, sometimes impossible without purchase. This is frustrating and boring. I delete the game on occasion. Bubble Witch 1 was the same. However, it would be nice to have another simpler version..Version:

It’s the only game I play!!I love this game it’s one of two games I’ve played, I love playing it so much I do not have interest in playing any other! My only complaint is I can’t get/use some of my rewards! Suggestions??? Otherwise I rate it @ 5 stars! M RE: TurkeyLady Review, Thanks so much for your review! I’ve experienced the same problems & then some, thought it was all my phone’s fault as well as my eyes, ...! I was charged for gold bars (not intending to order them, not even touching the button to order them but couldn’t get it reversed! So beware ! Also had bubbles shoot without my touching my phone screen! And shots go wrong direction or the bubble I shoot is jerky & slow, etc, etc!!! My initial rating was a 3 now it’s a 1 BEWARE!.Version: 1.78.0

MessagesNot sure what is going on with BW2 but it just seems to be one issue after another. Finally got the problem sending and receiving lives sorted, and now I keep getting the same message saying there’s no internet connection - so can’t play team games, log into my king account or save my progress. Is really frustrating. I have no problem with my internet, it’s the game..Version:

This game used to be really good. But it has gone downhill with each update.I refuse to do the stupid messages therefore I am not playing as much as previously. It is a VERY annoying update. Please remove it! Well you haven’t removed the messaging. And now the ‘Tower’ gameplay has been shortened. You guys really need to smarten up. This game is not worth playing anymore.Version:

Keeps freezing despite the third lot of updatesI like the game but over the last few months it freezes constantly. Very disappointing.Version:

RewardMy reward stopped since one week please return it.Version:

BubbleWitch2Somehow I lost all my history, and I was over level 1000. Not so much fun now 😬.Version: 1.109.0

RUN DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APPOn level 2669 Which takes the cake for rigged levels I guess they think their players are so stupid as to not see how this whole app is rigged I’ve played this app long enough to see those one especially labeled hard are SOOOOOOOO blatantly rigged u can see it they don’t try to hide it I guess they think oh gee these players won’t notice that every time they play a booster we make it double hard Or these players won’t notice how they need one certain color bubble to win but I’ll give them 10 in a row of everything but that color Omg They repeat their cheating methods over and over again throughout the game u can see it it only takes a short time into playing a level Yeah here’s one of their rigged levels Which 80 % or more are DO YOURSELF A FAVOR SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION OF BEATING YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL ...... DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 1.112

The game cheatsI used to love this game, it was my favorite. I understand the levels getting harder, but this is ridiculous! Lately it has been refusing to give me the color of bubbles that I need. I finally got to the top Morgana Shield, I had a big opening and only needed 1 red bubble! I had 15 bubbles left and not one of them was red!😡 I am constantly shooting off 7, 10, 14 bubbles and not getting the one I need. I will even change the color of the shield and then that color stops showing up. I’m about ready to delete this app!.Version:

Bubble witch 2Great game but now I can't get help. Says internet connection not available every time. No trouble with connection to any other game. Is it a fault. If so it's been like that for ages. Had to stop playing as I couldn't get to next level.😟.Version: 1.36.2

Bubble witch 2My game has locked up. Saying to connect to internet. It locked up,after completing a bingo game. It’s trying to give me the two prizes but every time I try to claim them, it says no connection. I also couldn’t get on to your support, it doesn’t want to connect to that either. So,am using this review instead..Version: 1.109.0

Slow startBubble response is slow.Version:

FrustratedI love this game but when you get to a certain level...it’s crashes and it doesn’t upload to play. Now feeling very frustrated 😡😡😡😡.Version:

🙄I used to LOVE this game when I was 5-8 now I’m 12 and I decided to download it again l... TRASH I try to aim by where to bibles come out they aim a totally different direction and make me lose they try to make you lose when it’s a lot or reds in your face they will put blue bubbles and the second choice will still be blue and then you lose and the tower keeps getting bigger and bigger and I don’t like how when the piggy bank full you have to pay to open it like don’t try to get our hopes up about coins and then when it’s full we have to pay overall I give this game 0 stars but out of generosity I gave it 1.Version:

Piggy bankI feel like I’ve earned my gold bars & shouldn’t have to pay to use them. It’s cheating your users on your end. It’s very unfair & you’re lucky I gave you a 3star because of your actions. This game has always been a free game & when you started trying to make us pay for what we’ve earned it & not releasing it so we can use them, it’s a sour taste & I’ve encouraged people to not pay or to quit playing. Then maybe I’d purchase some. Until you change you’re cheating your game players. No one likes being cheated if anything..Version:

Fine strategy game with annoying quirksThe strategy required is just enough to offer a challenge but not so much that I lose interest in the game. Certain extras are only available if purchased with real money, but I don’t waste my cash on such things and play the game successfully. What is really annoying are the pop up “celebrations” after I do something the game thinks I should be excited about. It slows down play because the pop up covers the game for a second or two. I don’t care about my aim percentage or hit streak; I care only about passing a level..Version: 1.100.0

Will not loadSince the update the program will not load at all.Version: 1.75.0

What happened ????I used to love playing this game. Over the last 6 months or so it has just become more and more frustrating with the constant glitches. It takes forever to load, it constantly freezes mid play, and once again it will not allow me to play my “extra” turns sent by friends. I even went so far as to delete and reinstall and then I had to start from the beginning again. Please fix this mess so I can go back to enjoying this once fun game..Version:

It updated and sent me back to level 1!I was on like level 340 and I opened the app this morning and it had updated and it restarted the entire thing. I lost all my progress! Normally I’d rate this app a full five stars but this has happened twice now..Version:

Freezes when I want to collect livesThe entire app freezes when I select the envelope to retrieve my additional lives provided by friends. Please fix this bug ASAP.Version:

BubbleWitch2It's been nearly a week and I can't play it it automatically closes then won't let me open it again you need to fix the game.Version: 1.76.0

Waste of timeSo stupid can’t even play it on my iPhone or my Samsung Galaxy J 2 won't even work whatsoever how pathetic.Version: 1.76.0

Like but can't purchaseLike this game but whenever I try to purchase it either exits completely or says I have no internet connection when I do? 😑.Version: 1.12.3

Bubble witchI have changed my iPad so why do I have to start from 1. This happened once before when I had almost reached 800 games. This time I was over 300. No happy.Version: 1.109.0

Very buggy on iPadI love bubble witch2 but have deleted from my iPad because it will not play without connecting to Facebook.... And will try and jump to Facebook mid game at random inopportune moments which generally also throws you out of the level. Reloading after deletion has not stopped this issue - all it has done is deleted my 330 levels of data! Grrrrrr The iPhone version still works fine and doesn't seem to have the "auto-Facebook" bug. I have the same version of bubblewitch2 and iOS on both.Version: 1.19.2

FrustratedI have played all 3 versions of this game, going back to when the first one came out. King has finally built ways to earn boosts without buying them into the games. However, I now I only play on my iPad because none of the rewards sync across devices, only your progress syncs. Recently, however, when I earn a reward I can only access it on my phone. My rewards never show up on my iPad. WHAT IS GOING ON??? King has always been a frustrating app developer because they don’t seem to give a crap about customer service but now, when I’m playing only on one device but can only collect rewards on a different device, I’m about ready to say I’m done with anything King does. It’s sad really, because Bubble Witch is one of my absolute favorite games. If this gets fixed, I may consider giving more stars but for now I wish I could give you zero..Version: 1.106.0

App keeps closing unexpectedlyBubble witch saga 2 was working perfectly until today. The app will quit unexpectedly (which is now to be expected every time the home page loads or I press "play"). This is a real shame as its a good game and I have really been enjoying it. Hopefully it is fixed soon. I would rate it 5 stars if I could actually play it still..Version: 1.0.2

My favourite gameBut please add more levels. I’ve been playing for a few years and keep catching up to the final level..Version: 1.78.0

Bubble witchIt’s used to be fun… but now it freezes up and you can’t use the lives any more.😠😠😠.Version:

Piggy bankYou want me to pay 3.99 for the gold bars YOU CAN FORGET IT AND SHOVE. IT WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE.Version:

Won’t openMy game has been like this for months now, I open it and the king screen comes up and it loads until halfway then exits to my home screen. Please fix this as I was very far in the game.Version: 1.81.0

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Is Bubble Witch 2 Saga not working?

Bubble Witch 2 Saga works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

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