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TV Cast for LG webOS App User Positive Comments 2023

TV Cast for LG webOS app received 81 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tv cast for lg webos?

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TV Cast for LG webOS for Positive User Reviews

Good!It’s difficult to find a way to cast content to LG TV’s, but I can honestly say this app works great! Although, it was not able to play local content when playing videos clips recorded on my iPhone above 30 seconds. The app looks OK, but could do with a graphics designer to take it to the next level. I think the app is slightly over priced, I’d much rather watch an advert here and there to avoid buying the full edition. If the features were enabled by default and the app looked more professional, I would consider buying..Version: 1.12

AwesomeTakes a few tries but it’s cool to use and I can even play on my phone while the movie plays which is also great because you can watch movies from websites.Version: 3.1

AmazingThis app is amazing I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and most of you are too stupid to understand that even if you are on the same Wi-Fi network you still have to change your TV IP through the TV Cast (LG) app to match your smart phone.Version: 1.10

Amazing! Works perfectlyWas hesitant before downloading this, but after months of trying to find a casting service, this works perfectly!! Thank you.Version: 1.10

Connection errors since last update.Constantly getting connection errors when playing anything, new update is a little broken..Version: 3.2

Great!This is the only app I have found that works the way it should with my LG TV, my wifi is nothing special and this works seamlessly, no lag whatsoever. Great app, one of the few I have paid for the premium version and its been worth it..Version: 1.10

Works PerfectlyI love the app so much that I use it as a browser instead of safari since it’s able to block pop-ups so effectively. TV Casting is also easy to function and really quick..Version: 3.2

Impressed- it works!!Using this to stream web content (videos) to my LG TV. It works (these kinda apps never work, right?)!! Only tried once but it was perfect. Full price is 6.99 but you can watch an add to keep it free. If it continues to work this well then I’ll definitely be buying the premium edition..Version: 1.12

Good for the priceI'm sure the paid version of this app is even better than the free. It may be something I do decide to purchase in the near future. I would say 5 stars would require an update as a new user so that I may gain more experience in the app and the possible paid version as well before offering up a 5 star review. But as of now there is not much to complain about and so 4 stars and a possible update for 5 after I purchase the full app and test its perks. Thanks!.Version: 2.0

Cheapest way to streamI had some online fitness tutorials that I wanted on the tv for easier viewing whilst working out. Tried loads of different options and considered Apple TV which would have set me back at least £50. This thing worked perfect straight away, for free! Awesome. Only minor negative to mention is the browser does run quite slowly but apart from that no problems at all..Version: 1.9

Contary OpinionI took a chance on this after reading the previous comments but to my surprise it works perfectly fine. It’s a little clunky in operation agreed but it does the job well when you have the app on the TV and follow the instructions re entering IP address on the TV screen..Version: 1.10

NopeDoesn’t work..Version: 3.3

Very cool & fun to useI’ve installed the app about a month ago and I use it almost daily ever since, watch online tv shows or movies. You can fast forward & backward, play on full screen, pause. You have control over it all. Recommended if you don’t have an alternative..Version: 1.10

Not BadWorks alright if u watch videos from Google. Other than that YouTube and everything else is slow..Version: 3.0

Getting lots of bad gateway errors?Why and what is that?.Version: 3.2

Awesome app with a few imperfectionsNear flawless app, connection is instant and stable but there are a few shortcomings. One is the inability to broadcast livestreams, not a huge issue but it would be a great improvement if possible. The more easily fixable issue would be the skippable time increments, instead of a usual 5 minute-ish skippable time period a 2 minute period would be easier to navigate..Version: 3.2

BrilliantBrilliant app. All the haters on here just wont spare some change for the extra features that actually make a big difference. Even without them its decent!.Version: 1.10

Works fine for meI read a great deal of the reviews and almost didn’t give this a chance based on what they said. So far it has worked great for me! I am watching 30-45 minute yoga videos and I have experienced zero problems as it stands. The picture quality is great, the ads don’t seem to be a huge bother and it’s a pretty easy to navigate app. I’m not sure what is happening to all the other users but I haven’t experienced any of the problems they have listed. I would at least give it a chance, worst case scenario it doesn’t work and you move on. Best case, it works fine:).Version: 1.11

QuestionI’ve used this in the past, and it works fine. But I have a question: There’s a website that I’d like to stream (crunchyroll), but on a tablet, it requires you to get the app. Is there a way to force the desktop website? I also don’t really want to buy the screen mirroring right now..Version: 3.0

AdsIt’s great and all but when I press screen cast I have to wait for an add and then it sometimes buffers or sometimes connects to the tv.Version: 1.12

Easy to use and it actually works 😘Thank you.Version: 1.11

Works almost perfectlyThis works well. Once in a while it doesn’t work but I use it A LOT. We don’t have Netflix but we have a streaming service with Netflix originals. We cast the website using the web browser tool. 👍👍.Version: 2.1

Simple and worksDownloaded few free app . This is the one working ....Version: 1.10

Works great!Works perfectly on my lg tv!.Version: 3.2

Lg cast ultimateNot worth the money. Will not cast images from other apps such as crave. They do not tell you this . You have to buy another app screen imaging to do this..Version: 3.0

Works great!Can’t fault it so far... been using it for about a week to cast movies and sports it’s worked perfectly with my LG smart TV, great that i can still use my phone without interrupting viewing.Version: 1.9

So glad I found this!!!It’s so simple to use, NO ADS during the show (there may be only 1 or two before an episode starts) and great picture quality with a full screen option! And you can still use other apps on your phone while it still plays on screen! I’ll definitely be using this app as my sole screen mirroring app! 😁.Version: 1.10

HiteshIt is great ... it is getting better and better by each upgrade. Makes life easy. Please allow 30 Sec fast forward or backwork..Version: 1.8

AwesomeI would only recommend changing the color of the “Tap here to cast video” at the bottom whenever a new video link is discovered. I keep replaying the same video thinking it was a new video that was casted. Just a simple feature to make it a little more simple to use. Still awesome!.Version: 1.12

AWESOME!!Works like a charm! Just bought a new LG TV and had no problem connecting and casting between this app and the TV. All it takes is installing this app on my iPhone and the TV Cast app on my TV, and snap, I’m casting like a pro! Wish all apps worked as easily as this one and did everything they claimed they could do, like this one!.Version: 1.6

Minor problemWhen you save a link to your reading list how do you access the reading list after?.Version: 1.12

ExcellentNeeded a way to stream BT Sport to LG tv. After exploring every option I stumbled upon this - yes it does require the 99p initial ad block purchase to get going (and I did need the desktop as well) but eventually it all worked perfectly and I can watch football on the big screen. I was so happy I went back and brought the top tier purchase just to show my support....Version: 1.6

AmazingNo complaints apart from some links don’t open because of ads but more so the links fault rather than the app.Version: 1.11

SuggestionsSo, this app is the best amongst the other ones that need money to work or don’t work at all. Everything is great but could you make it run more smoother and faster connection speed. That would make this app the very best. Thanks,.Version: 1.12

GoodI was desperate as I bought 2 HDMI cables and didnt work. Right until i found this app. There is no cable. There is no fuss. Thank you so much for creating this amazing app. Everyone who has LG smart TV must download this app. It is a little bit confusing at first, however at the end it is not so hard to use the app.Version: 1.10

When it’s good...When it’s good, it’s good! But boy has it been troublesome lately. It starts, buffers, plays, rinse and repeat and a 22 minute episode becomes 30-40’minutes - not efficient. Also too it stops playing suddenly around the same mark no matter what for certain episodes. Not sure why channel apps in this day and age do not yet have tv cast [TBS does] capability —- sad and frustrating. Note to developers: make the ads pop up elsewhere on screen instead of on the video..Version: 2.1

Great once you figure it outThis app works really smoothly once you figure out the setup and all the steps needed to cast. I bought the premium version because I know this will be my go-to casting app. Worth the price to avoid the ads and set your browser homepage..Version: 1.12

GreatGreat app! I can connect my phone to my TV and do my workouts at home. I have no t me to go gym with a newborn..Version: 1.8

Can't use my mobile while streaming !I like this app but the problem is that doesn't work in the background you have to keep the app always open and once you go out the streaming disconnected automatically !.Version: 1.5

Works perfectly when you learn how to use itThis app is great but it’s not self explanatory. The negative reviews are from users that likely did not get it to work to its full potential (the casting is not just limited to the web browser within the app, you can cast any sort of streaming app to the TV). I wanted to provide advice for how I was able to use it. To cast an app (ie HBO, Netflix, etc.): - connect phone to TV using the IP address instructions - exit this app and go to the app you want to watch a show on - launch video within that app - click on the casting symbol (usually in the top right corner when the video is launched) - click view Airplay devices, and select your TV from the list The video should launch on your TV, and you should be free to use your phone for other things. Hopefully this is helpful, don’t give up on the app too early! As long as you don’t mind an ad or two before your video connects, the free version works just fine..Version: 2.1

DisappointedI’m not happy since I have updated the app recently it has stopped working 😔.Version: 3.2

Works wellWorks well. Many available upgrades to buy if you choose to..Version: 1.8

KowirekFantastic app. Make my life easy. I was wasting my time with other similar apps. Quality is fantastic even for HD movies. Never lost connection or had to wait to watch stupid adverts. Nothing to complain Many thanks.Version: 1.6

Tv castCan sometimes be a bit frustrating with buffering and slow but overall works well.Version: 1.8

Not connect to tvThis app not allowed videos to play on tv . It keeps buffering . Not happy at all .Also too many virus and ad keep playing ..Version: 2.1

Really worksThis works great. The free trial gives you enough to work with and get confidence it does what you need, and the full cost version is worth it. Worked flawlessly on my LG 2016 model tv..Version: 1.12

Works great with MotoGPOnly gripe I have is the directional pad on the remote changes the IP address fields both during video playback and setup for the LG TV WebOS app. This causes you to reconfigure after video playback. A minor annoyance. It would be great if the dpad would rewind and fast forward during playback. So this isn’t the correct forum to complain, but the LG App Store doesn’t allow reviews. And the app developer didn’t ask for reviews to improve the app..Version: 1.9

Very goodEasy to use and efficient. Better than Chromecast or other sticks. Cheap and efficient. The only negative feature is that I can not fast forward or rewind my videos. If that improves, it would be number one app ever..Version: 2.2

Best appI don’t know why this only has star rating of 3.3?! Y’all have to give this guys some excellent credit for connecting wirelessly. I love this app and I use it 24/7 cuz my kids love watching movie so it makes it super easy for me. And on top of that, I can play her movie and still watch my own movie or just simply using other apps. This app is certainly a life saver, and if I could rate this a 10 I would do so. Thank you for making an awesome app that does what it’s supposed to do..Version: 1.10

Works great on a tv to old to accept updatesMy tv was top of the line 5 years ago. Has features that are still not in some TVs now. All the apps started to fail due to no more updates. This app makes it work better than it has in years. I bought the premium which is well worth it..Version: 1.10

Works fineSeems to work really well delivers a hd picture to my LG tv from my iPhone and iPad really happy with it so far and the web browser stops pop ups.Version: 1.10

Great app but a little expensive for meThis works very well but in reality it has limited application for a smart TV with a good interface. For me this would app will be used very intermittent and probably as a novelty more than anything. The cost to use it (and you will have to pay to access the proper functionality of this app) is a little steep..Version: 2.0

Just wish I found this app 3 months agoVery easy to install and the upgrade for popup blocker is worth it! Some things stream better on my iPhone than my laptop but was having trouble streaming with iPhone 6+. It was later I learned that iPhones only stream to appletv products easily. This app closes that gap and now can stream anything on my LGTV!.Version: 1.6

Works almost straight awaySimple setup, almost works straight out of the box. You need to install the TV cast on the TV for it to work. Will consider buying the full app if I don’t find any issues..Version: 1.11

GreatGreat app use it often with problems on any of the Apple products I own. Recommend this product to anyone looking for a app that is easy to setup and be using without all the bs you get with some product similar to this..Version: 3.0

Biggsey 10Love this App I’m not able to get to the cinema a lot so this enables me to watch movies that I probably would not see I know they may not be the best quality but I’m ok with that THANK-YOU.Version: 1.10

It works but no subtitlesSeemingly works after opening and closing both apps a couple times after first install but the main issue is that it doesn't support subtitles casting. A real shame..Version: 1.10

Great App / Easy to useApp works seamlessly when connecting my LG Smart tv with my IPhone; very easy to set up, highly recommend. Ads on free version are annoying but planning to upgrade to premium version as the the full package features look to be great value for money.Version: 2.1

Works perfectly fineI’m using this to stream all my favorite anime shows straight from the Funimation website and works perfectly fine.I’ve quickly learned that you don’t have to pause from the casting app, you can do it from the remote! I just wish I was able to cast a playlist w/o having to re cast/re connect to play another episode..Version: 1.6

Very goodDon’t normal use this app but one of the tv show was online despite the ads on the site worked really well and I’ve just finished the season would recommend especially for an iPhones.Version: 2.1

Apple TV now redundantThis app is amazing!!! My smart TV has limited built in apps so this app has saved my life and saved me having to buy another apple TV to play videos from my phone. Keep up the good work!!!.Version: 1.5

Stable appPaid for Premium, more stable than expected, thanks to developers. It’s not clear what the forward rewind button is for, is it just for videos from phone or also from browser? Dont understand how to use it??? Anyhow, not end of the world..Version: 1.12

UsefulVery good.Version: 1.6

5- Star SoonA little more testing, I will buy the full version to make it a 5. Better than pay cable, as you can watch any and around the world. Update: very much improved! From 4 to 5 stars! Because of continuous updates of my own smart tv and this app, they became friends and gave me a great source of entertainment! Now how do I get its premium?.Version: 1.10

Works like a charm!Love this app. It allows me to watch my favourite show without having to buy a dongle to plug on my smart TV that doesn’t have Roku. Recommend 100%! Stream is crystal clear, no hiccups..Version: 3.2

Takes a bit to learn but operates wellSo there’s some learning to be done when you start this process especially with tuning the IP and searching for your website but nothing overall crazy to be honest and once everything is set up, it runs well, overall pretty good..Version: 1.9

TV cast LGGood Job! Casting works well and easily once you get used to that. Unfortunately, subtitles are very necessary for full enjoyment and you haven't allowed for the loading of subtitles when available..Version: 1.5

Very happy ChappyVery nice app. Easy to use and with a good internet connection it is pretty quick..Version: 1.6

Best Cast app out there!Could not be better. Buy premium, so worth it. Seamless.Version: 1.10

Recently Constantly buffering. No way to cast.We were successfully using this app for last 6 months. Last few days we started not to cast. But saying buffering constantly. Any solution for this?.Version: 1.10

Two thumbs upGreat app, works perfectly & definitely recommend to cast for LG smart TV’s..Version: 3.2

Wonderful!No bugs or buffering and fantastic resolution. I was starting to lose hope as I could not find anything that worked with my iPhone and my lg tv. Streamsmart is a low res, laggy mess. This is amazing! Thank you!!!.Version: 2.1

LG TV CastThis product is brilliant. I have Apple TV and screen mirroring is as far as I’m concerned so unstable it is not fit for purpose. This app is awesome, straight to the tv every time from every site, can’t ask for more. One of few that does exactly what it says and definitely adds value all round..Version: 1.11

Requires 3rd party purchasesDon’t recommend this app for streaming or casting for Netflix etc. Works fine for videos from phone or u-tube..Version: 3.2

App works fineThe app works well and the ads you have to watch are short if you don’t get premium. I’m still trying to figure out why I need an app to cast from my iPad and iPhone. Vizio links up without one - this is something for LG to consider!.Version: 1.11

Started out wellWas really pleased to start with as I’d heard a lot of good reports about this app and was excited to try it with my daughters wedding video. It started to play nicely for the first 5-10 mins and then it buffers every 2 minutes for the rest of it 🙁 which is really disappointing. Don’t know if there’s anything I can do to sort it out. The video is just over 20 mins long. Regards Lindsay.Version: 1.12

Does the Job!This app works well. Nothing to fear in downloading it and using. The user interface is cumbersome, particularly on the TV. But once you figure it out, it's super simple. I'm writing this review to make two suggestions: 1) add a history cache so you can easily find old links 2) the TV portion should be able to display timecode for videos..Version: 1.10

Works!Never leave reviews but this is the only thing that worked to connect my phone to my Tv! Thankyouuuuu.Version: 3.2

Almost Perfect App!This app does a five star job casting videos to your compatible smart TV. I am downgrading it to four stars because of two deficiencies. It requires you to manually enter your iPhone or iPad IP address every time you use a different device. It's a small but annoying deficiency. The TV app needs to be updated to remember several device IP's, and scan for the active device on launch. It also doesn't display stills from the device photo library, a major omission..Version: 1.5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Amazed at how easy and simple it is to install and sync.Version: 1.11

Very good Very GoodThe quality is very good and really nice 👍.Version: 3.1

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