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Awesome AppThis app is your number one source for Formula 1. Everything you want to find out about upcoming races, race stats, race circuit maps, drivers standings, breaking news, you name it it is all there. I enjoy using this app for everything Formula 1 (I even use ESPN for extra F1 news since they show races from a feed through Sky Sports) I hope every F1 fan adds this app to their phones for all things Formula 1! 🏎🏁.Version: 11.15.0

Absolutely spoiled the experienceThis update really made the Singapore Grand Prix one to forget. I don’t know who did what to the app but the user experience was absolutely terrible. The new app continually asks for me to log in and purchases had to to be restored every time I opened up the app. When I finally got to hear the commentary it cut out during most of the race and only got to hear the team radios. I would like to hear some sort of acknowledgment of the problem and I would think some sort of credit is in order. Please contact me if you need any information about my setup but it has not changed since before the upgrade and I had no issues then. This app needs to be fixed before the next race..Version: 11.0.0

Bad update in version 11.0.0Hate this update. You’ve taken an app that gave great live race information and turned it into a cartoon, that isn’t optimised for iPad’s. I used to be able to view all race stats and have a full track map with driver tracking, but now I have to switch between 5 different pages to view everything. The map has less detail and is tiny, unless I want to ‘track’ a single driver which means I can’t see the rest of the track and driver positions. Please, at least give us option to view race stats in a single screen and have the map without the driver throttle/braking/gear graphic, in an iPad version. Update again or back date your app. You’ve made it worst and not worth paying £20 a year for. Which should tell you something about how much I hate this update..Version: 11.0.0

Official f1 appThis has to be the worst app ever. Just downloads updates and gives you no info at all..Version: 6.002

MoiBien.Version: 11.21.4

Great app with loads of infoGood user interface and packed with good features. It just needs one thing to make it 5 stars - there needs to be an option to turn off Spoiler notifications. At the moment I have to turn notifications off so that race results etc aren’t given to me before I see it. I’m happy to receive alerts to say Qualifying or Racing is starting, but I don’t want the alert to say who qualified first or who won, because I usually haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. Could the developer think about adding this feature? Otherwise, excellent app..Version: 11.7.0

Great app but missing A major featureFirst I’d like to say that This app has many good features, all the way from interviews and highlights to Live tracking when races and practice sessions are going. The major issue I find in this, is the fact that you have to be on a computer or a AppleTV to watch. Personally I’ve had a lot of moments where I wanted to pick up my phone and watch the practice sessions, Qualifying and even the race. Sometimes live and other times as a replay because I missed it. But I was never able to because they do not show the actual race on the app or on the phone browser. I don’t know if this was a decision is based on the phones performance to play live or even the replays but I’d love to hear back from the developers, because this is a big feature that I’d argue would be greatly positive to the app. To the point where I’d go back to this and give it a 5 star review..Version: 11.21.0

What an appThis app is amazing for any Formula 1 fan new or old. It give you access to all the info you could possibly need. BUT Unfortunately it dose have one problem. If you want to watch a video that is to do with a report or a post race interview there is no sound to the video so this part of the app is a bit pointless. I hope that is the app developer see this review that they will try to act upon this being brought to there attention and try to amend the issue So overall a great app for any F1 fan apart from the video sound issue..Version: 11.21.3

New version is slow, limited info and amateurWho thought this new version was better? Poor fonts, limited readability, can only see a small number of drivers’ times at once and, worse, delayed timing so to match up with nowtv doesn’t work (randomly speeds up and slows down meaning this is now a distraction rather than a viewing aid). Almost unreadable fonts and graphics. Prominent irrelevant info (why do I need humidity all the time?!?) while useful info is missing (sector times of more than 4 drivers at once). The old version was brilliant - clear graphics, fast, lots of drivers visible at once, clear info that was readable in the background while watching the tv etc. How anyone thought this new version is better I don’t know! I paid for this for the year and now want a refund. Terrible. Really let down. Amateur programming, software engineering and UI design. Please restore the old version, fire your current developers and then hire programmers who actually care about F1 and *really use* this app if you want to write a new version. Such an amateur app should not have been released by the most high tech sport in the world..Version: 11.0.0

Can’t access live videoWaste of time.Version: 11.5.0

What have you done to this app??Having been a user for some years now I’ve been very happy with the data up til now. I’m using an iPhone X and iPad Pro 12” both do not render the data well at all, holding the devices in landscape whilst watching live timing I now only see 7 cars on the iPad and literally 0 on the iPhone !!!! In the old version the data was displayed in a much rawer form more or less as the teams see it, and I could see all cars on both devices. Driver tracker is no longer smooth and updates every second making it very annoying I will not renew until this is sorted, sometimes making things look more pretty is a step backwards!! Frustrated to say the least!!!!!.Version: 11.0.0

High Octane FuelShow us a video of how many jumbo jets F1 fills with cars, stages, uniforms, speakers, Perrelli tires, merchandise, travel accessories and drivers and their teams; tally up the Olympic sized pools of jet fuel and racing fuel that is burnt in 25 countries around the world and then call yourself green-washed and environmentally sensitive. Until you do, you're the Best!.Version: 11.21.3

Better viewing access to racesIt’s a very good app indeed but I feel like something needs to be added like full races I know you can do that on the Foxtel app but we don’t have Foxtel and I feel a sport like this should have that, the formula e app has this and I feel it would complete this app so we can can watch our favourite races over the year..Version: 11.1.0

Oh no another change for the worseThank you for reinstating the original app I can now see all drivers and all info on a single screen again. Took a bit of searching to find as both versions seem to have same icon in store Why did you have to fiddle with a perfect app. I felt I had a good copy of what the teams could see and now I have a bland app that gives a fraction of the detail or perhaps buries it somewhere. Disaster and very unlikely to renew. Wind it back please..Version: 11.2.0

Sketchy trackingCross site tracking page uses “Next” as a way to force you into “consenting” to their bull tracking. Super disingenuous. Disappointing..Version: 11.20.3

STILL needs improvementWhy can’t we tap on an image and see it full screen on our phones rather than only postage stamp size? You show technical drawings that we need a microscope to see. This isn’t 1990 anymore. How about images larger than 640x480? Let’s also not forget having to constantly manage cookies on the website, and how it doesn’t work if you don’t accept all the tracking. Poor user experience overall from an organization that has boatloads of money..Version: 11.21.3

An exceptional appThe F1 app is one of the best apps I have ever used. With exciting videos of the Races, and news articles on teams it is a app you can’t say no to. However there is one downside to the app. Sometimes links will be in between the articles, if you attempt to tap on the link it doesn’t open. No message saying can’t open no moving to the article just nothing. I love F1 it is my favorite sport of all time it’s just a shame that such a good app doesn’t have links working. I would give this 4.5 stars if I could..Version: 11.15.0

Great way to get all the information on the race actioNeat information on tyre wear, intervals, times from leader to last place that do not always show on TV..Version: 11.21.3

NewsThere are two many hyperlinks in the news articles. As I scroll up I always hit them and it takes me away from the story..Version: 11.10.1

Worst EVER!What have you done?!?! The revised app is appalling. The old Leaderboard used to have the whole field on the screen, now you can only fit the top 7 on the screen. It doesn’t even work for Q3, you can’t even see the 10 cars on the track on the one screen. Tyre data is gone. Leaderboard now doesn’t have sector times. You had a GREAT app where everything was on a screen, now you have to swipe between different screens all the time. You should all sack yourselves..Version: 11.0.0

The most annoying best game out thereBasically I love F1 & this game is great, but man does it have things to fix. The duel system has so much potential if it wasn’t for the opponent hitting you and YOURE the one that gets the contact penalty. This basically means duel is over you lost. Also, in some of the duels you’ll also race against the CPU and man do they sure completely destroy the experience. The CPU will sometimes crash into you, block you, again pretty much duel is over. The event and single race systems are fun I guess..Version: 11.5.0

Great!I look at this app almost every day. Fantastic! AND it doesn’t send spoilers!.Version: 11.21.0

Great app, one problemI love this app! It’s great for looking into all the stats. The one problem that I have is replaying live timing with the subscription, which almost isn’t worth it. Since I live in Australia, the races and the practice is often late, so I listen in with the replay the following day. The problem I have is that the “live” stats aren’t in sync with the commentary. For example, the stats will be on lap 15, but the commentary will be on lap 20. This is very frustrating as I like to watch the stats and listen at the same time. Overall I love this app, but replaying live timing is a serious failure..Version: 11.5.1

I Do Not Want To Know The ResultsI live on the west coast of the USA. I record the race and watch it when I get up - otherwise I have to get up at 300am. As soon as I open the app to do the live timing replay - there are the results. INSTEAD, I would like to open an app that is, “blind”, and gives no results. Remember years ago you had the red, “Press/News” app and the black, “Timing”, app. Why don’t you bring back the Black app? If not for this problem.....five stars..Version: 11.15.0

Lots of issues with this app.Not an easy app to use, lots of bugs, news posts keep reloading every few seconds plus membership details not accessible. For the price it should be better. Just hope no issues with live race feed. For some unknown reason the above narrative appeared when I went to write a review. But must admit I agree with them! And symptomatic of the issues. Like a lot of apps they never know when to stop fiddling with them and improve them to death. The previous app had All I needed to know on 1 screen, now I only get first 7 cars on the iPad screen at any one time and have to shift between several screen to access all details re tyres, laps, sector times etc. Progress?.Version: 11.0.0

Crash-maniaIt’s not just the cars that crash...so does this app. Watch none of the exciting racing with F1! Open the app..and see the excitement build as the app crashes right before your eyes letting you experience all of the imagination of what you could have seen! Simply the most awesome self experience you will witness. Now come on F1...really?? The previous timing apps were already quite good...it’s what got me hooked and showing off the cool features at track side. This year decided to go all in for the season but now cancelling because your stupid app is not working on the new iPad Pro. Seriously...do you guys test this before you release? Not to mention that navigating this app is a cobbled bit of several apps, TV, Timings, and News. Just put the whole thing in one app...seriously...you are making it way harder than it needs to be to find content...that is IF the app is working..Version: 11.5.0

Changed app for the worst!!!!!I’ve tuned in to watch the beautiful data screens I’ve loved for a long time and they are gone!! They have updated the app and made massive changes. Taken away the track view showing a beautiful overall look at driver locations and substituted this amateurish screen with dots!! Took away a very detailed screen giving the viewer (us) all the data for all drivers on same screen. I could look at this view and know gaps, sector times and more all on one screen along with the track view. I was fully informed with increasing or closing gaps of all driver with a single screen, not to mention 4 other screens showing any other support information you wanted.....all gone!! They now have these simple screens. Nothing is combined...if you’re looking for anything combined like sector times and gaps....forget it...not there....you have no single way of telling who’s gaining on who! My ability to see what I want to see data wise has been taken away. I have to swap back and forth between several screens to get the same combined data you use to have last week!! You’re new version of the app is foe beginners..Version: 11.0.0

How do I request a refund?UPDATE: A new F1 Live Timing app has been released which looks to be the same information and layout as was previously made available through this app. If my assessment is correct then I feel that Liberty Media have listened and responded well to the feedback they received after the last update. Of course we’ll only know for certain once this weekends race event starts but I’m willing to be optimistic and think that, at this point in time, my concerns have been addressed. Thanks guys. Have used and thoroughly enjoyed the previous versions of this app since it was introduced years ago. The timing screen section of this version is so poor that if it stays I’d like a refund. Comments from other users are absolutely spot on. Rather than enhance and add to the experience of following F1 over a race event this version completely destroys it. If Liberty Media are listening: You claim that you want to engage with fans more and get them more involved. Well this version has done more to alienate me as a follower of F1 than anything else. Please restore the level of information and detail of the previous timing screen version ASAP..Version: 11.0.1

GarbagePathetic service with live streaming. The earlier version had a lot more information on one screen for live streaming. In fact, I used to mute the TV audio commentary and have the app’s audio commentary on. Not anymore! Also, simple things like calendar sync is gone. Not worth the price anymore. I will not renew my subscription next season if all these changes to live streaming and other missing features from the previous version are not addressed. If the App Developer’s plan is to add an “Advanced” version with all the missing information from the previous version with a higher price, I’m NOT buying! You can see from the other reviews that a lot of subscribers of this app are very unhappy with the updated version and have similar complaints..Version: 11.5.0

StreamingAbout time F1 was streamed live globally pity this side of things not as advanced as the cars lol.Version: 11.0.1

FantasyMake an app.Version: 11.20.2

Missing an Apple TV appProblems when I use Screen mirror in my iPhone. The phone screen tills.Version: 11.20.2

Thumbs up!Keeps you abreast of what’s happening in the F1 world!.Version: 11.10.1

Good; but notifications spoil the action!I can’t always watch practices or qualifyings live and when the push notification comes at the end of the session they tend to spoil the action and removes the anticipation ☹️😩. I like the notifications because they help make sure I’m “on time” to watch the events during race weekend but I’d love to have an option for either a no-spoilers mode or to no receive results notifications and instead only get starting notifications..Version: 11.7.0

AmazingEver since I first watched my first Grand Prix (2017 Singapore Grand Prix) I was trying to find a good Formula 1 app to keep me up to date and on the 2019 Bahrain qualifying (during the break between Q1 and Q2) whilst I was browsing My I pad for more Formula 1 apps I then found this app and ever since this and Sky Go I have used to read or at home the Formula 1 (Disclaimer I’m not sponsored by Sky Go) But no matter if you’re 5 or 105 you will be able to work and understand this app so that’s I give it a big 10/10.Version: 11.8.1

I miss the old appWith live coverage only on expensive pay TV and no Pro version of this app in Australia we the user, rely on the F1 app to fill the gap. The new version has reduced the usability and drastically curtailed the live stats to a joke. I still have the old version on my iPad fortunately and despite the annoying message that I’m not using the “latest and greatest” and should update, (fat chance), it’s obvious how backward the new app is. DO SOMETHING.Version: 11.0.1

Timing info is great! Two developer requests below.The live (or delayed) timing, tire, etc info is awesome. I usually run this app on my iPad while watching the race. Great interface, great data, great extra radio audio that you don’t get on the broadcast. Two requests to the developers: 1. The extra audio commentary is really cool. It would be more helpful if it showed the team and driver’s name longer when starting a transmission. By the time I look down the display usually has already cycled to the temperature. Just show that driver’s name until the clip is over. 2. Add some method to synchronize timing to a broadcast. The live stream is about a minute behind so I have to pause and estimate when to start manually. Not ideal. Not sure how to do this from a programming point of view, but maybe some audio recognition like Shazam? There has to be a simpler method though....Version: 11.17.0

Love this AppI’m giving it a 5, because this app is a must have for any F1 fan, and specifically for subscribing to the live timing data when watching a race live or replaying the live timing data when watching the broadcast later. That being said, I really would prefer to give it 4.5 stars because I wish there were an option to hide race results (results are hidden on the F1TV app). Living on the West Coast of America, I don’t get to watch most races live since they’re on very early. A few times I’ve accidentally seen podium results in this app when trying to load the replay of the live timing data to watch along with the DVRd broadcast. If your an F1 fan it is 100% worth it to pay the yearly or monthly fee to be able to catch all the practices, qualifying sessions, and races, especially if your a cord cutter..Version: 11.10.1

Poor effort F1Live timing goes backwards again. Nothing to tell me where to find it, just pops up during a session. Then no ability to review the data or results of prior sessions to assess improvements by teams. Even took that off the web site. So much for the mantra ‘fans are at the centre of everything’.Version: 11.5.0

BugPlease fix when other players can go out of the turn line into the stand and still can keep up the speed not fair or completely remove it so we can use the entire track thanks please also fix when opponents hit the wall compared to when I hit the wall the slow down for me is more dramatic and also please let us use up the entire track without slowing us down if we go over the markers.Version: 11.21.8

Stil not fixedI can’t believe they didn’t fix the problems before the Russian Grand Prix weekend. Live feed needs to start at least 10 mins before a session and need to be able to see written commentary at same time as listening to audio commentary Go back to old version of driver tracker Please fix soon.Version: 11.0.1

Terrible - DO NOT BUY, DEMAND BETTER!Do not waste your money. What was a useful app has been turned into garbage. They have split up all the content so you have to go look for it in several places (meaning they charge you more than once) site navigation is a disgrace to any professional web developer. In trying to appeal to the masses they are turning away the real fans of Formula 1. This is one of the worst digital experiences I have come across - way to go Liberty!.Version: 11.0.0

Great!This app is amazing! I don’t want to give you any ideas but I’m really liking the free version of the app. This app provides me with all the latest F1 news and information that I need to know! It allows me to follow each event live with updated information about session progress, team radio, on-track events and off-track events as well as the weather forecast for the session and more!.Version: 11.15.0

Update has ruined a good thingHave to say the new live timing is so disappointing. I used to love being able to tilt and zoom on the racetrack as well as easily identify all the racers around the track as that happened. Have used this F1 app for 3 years and found it so useful trackside using 3G if not near a big screen, a great alternative to the day’s when we hired kangaroo tv at the circuit. So disappointed with this now, changes aren’t always for the good :(.Version: 11.0.0

EpicThis app is amazing.Version: 6.062

Great app !! Great qualityFor me this app is great my region gets no F1Fun4u coverage on tv. However there is one thing that really bothers me which is there is no skip/rewind buttons which most every other app has that option to skip 10 seconds or rewind 10 seconds. If it wasn’t for that I’d give 5 stars.Version: 11.21.0

F1 TV ProWebsite development over time has been encouraging. The only issue I and many others have is the discrimination for those Countries that are unable to subscribe to F1 TV Pro. Not sure what the issue is, but this needs to be resolved. If F1 really is about providing access to all, then let us subscribe to F1 TV Pro regardless of where we are geographically living..Version: 11.21.3

Spoiler setting and calendar sync!I love the app and the content the put in despite having a paid F1 TV app (which I subscribe to). I love the fact that it has spoiler settings to make sure if you miss a quali or race it asks me if I’m ready to see the results. I also love having the calendar sync feature so I just open my calendar app and plan out my weekend. If there was a F2 version of this app or an option to sync F2/F3 calendars that would be icing on the cake..Version: 11.20.3

Too British!Good app but unfortunately the commentary is very British oriented - quite annoying when you want to know more about the other drivers..Version: 11.21.4

AmazingThe app is really good and fluent.Version: 11.8.0

Full of links , that trigger so sensitivelyI love checking the app daily for news updates , but lately I can’t read a single article without triggering at least 10 links by barely having my finger over the link or even just in the vicinity. Whoever is responsible for these links in the articles must make some adjustments either to have less links or make them a lot less sensitive. It got to the point that I had to write this review, that’s how much it bothered me. Otherwise I love the app.Version: 11.9.0

Better than Others Say.I’ve seen a bunch of the reviews about the revised app and while i don’t know what the app was like before the revised layout and can say that the new layout i am really enjoying. Especially with the new Spoiler mode it will be great to have the love timing with no spoilers without having to wake up at many late hours. I think that the new layout is slick and easy to use and with steady improvements being made every update it really will have everything you will need for F1 in a single app..Version: 11.15.0

2018 update is a woeful downgradeTelemetry interface with the new corporate design is so big you can’t see all info on the page making it hard to use during the race. You have to scroll up and down. Gone is the overview page that had driver/lap/interval/tyre and fit the top 14 drivers to a page. Map scroll up is gone too. Disappointing..Version: 11.0.0

You blew it with this updateCan’t scale to fit iPad I can only see the top ten, used to be able to see all. There is a scale button on my iPhone in the settings at the top of the live timing page. But not on my iPad. We’re paying for this and it has continually gotten worse not better. I’ve subscribed to this app for as long as it’s been available and unless you do a better job it may be the last time I renew. F1 fan for 55 years. You can do better than this.Version: 11.5.0

AwesomeNice news.Version: 11.16.1

An attemptIf you want news and notifications on f1 the app is for you. With a countdown for every upcoming session it’s quite helpful. It’s sad that they make you pay for a membership that doesn’t even let you get the televised broadcast. Don’t buy the membership. It’s a waste..Version: 11.0.0

McLaren FanExcellent app. Live commentary works well and info is kept uptodate. General F1 news is great to read. Highly recommended..Version: 7.122

Latest 2019 version is terrible.The live driver screen is disappointing compared to 2018 version. It’s not easy to identify individual drivers. Having. 2 coloured dots for each team is confusing when trying to follow cars on the track. I preferred the 3D display that allow you to zoom into particular corners. I doubt that I renew subscription..Version: 11.5.0

Update the calendarCan you guys please update the calendar sync to the 2021 season! Loved the option last year but needs to be updated..Version: 11.20.1

Update: orig app split into several apps?I was unaware of the new app segregation where the wonderful live timing has moved to a separate app. Not sure why and why they kept a strpped down timing in this app at the same time. Having now been guided to the new apps I am happy again :-) strange though why the app needed the splitting and confusing with overlapping functionality but once you are aware on the updated concept I guess you can find your own workflow for the diff apps. I still think one main app would be best with clear ref to sub app if you need that spawned off due to performance reasons or such..Version: 11.2.0

Good job overallFor those you love Formula 1.Version: 11.23.2

Can I ask I write you a review?The answer is , YES I CAN ! wow, amazing app. I love the user friendly interface, the articles, the videos..some much variety! I’m always up to date with my F1 news . So, from me to you..thank you ..Version: 11.21.4

No soundI just updated to the 11.21.0 version and now the sound on all videos does not play..Version: 11.21.0

UselessI’ve had the F1 app since 2010, and have used it almost exclusively for the live timing/track positioning. They’ve completely changed the layout to try and make it more accessible, and in doing so, have made the live timing/track positioning function useless. The “live telemetry” is gimmicky, and the new track map/track positioning feature is useless, as all you can see are color coded dots. This is perhaps the worst app update I’ve ever experienced, and it completely alienates the loyal fan base who love to watch the race unfold by drowning themselves in data. Please change it back. Please..Version: 11.0.0

Doesn’t work wellFor an expensive app it clunky. Used to be one of the best apps around but since the new management got it, it’s really not easy to use. Nobody even thought to tell you where to look for the results! Unfortunately if you love F1, you don’t have much choice..Version: 11.7.0

Must have for any F1 fanGreat app - love the statistics and analysis. Real time updates are fantastic!.Version: 11.21.2

Hugely disappointed with this new versionWhoever designed and whoever signed off on this new interface ...both/all should be sacked. It’s changed from what was an efficient, information laden great technical interface to something graphically “prettier” but with absolutely no added value... reduced value in fact. It is effectively unwatchable in a phone due loss of useful UI realestate and is also a much poorer user experience even on a tablet. - the “red header” is far too large (why oh why waste so much space???) - font size too large ...means too few rows shown. - the driver tracker, while the metrics are good, ...not having the driver indicator bubble is a real backward step. - the “interval” between drivers is no longer shown... this is a key piece of information that was available in the prior version. - Commentary audio dropping out more frequently and for longer than before. - where is the Commentary tab?? It’s totally gone!! - audio seems more out of synch with the leaderboard. ... and this is only after using it for 10 minutes... PLEASE, PLEASE get back to a sensible and usable interface ...and for heavens sake get that audio in synch and working consistently..Version: 11.0.0

Good but could be betterFirst, unless something has changed in the past month or so, it is crazy there is not an apple TV app. That aside, the iPad version of the app could use some work, first it buffers more than any other streaming app, I am not a tech expert so I am not sure why but it does more with this app than any other, and the image quality for an entire race could feel like I am watching the race in the 90’s on the TV. Second, I cannot do a split screen on my iPad with this app, I often want to reference some of the rudimentary items that come with the F1 app that are not in F1 TV app. I cannot do a split screen with the current F1TV app so I am left to use my phone, it seems there could be a better way. Third, Often - the audio and video do not line up and I have to restart the app a few times to get it to sync. I realize most of my issues can be summed up with connection issues, but I am able to stream any of my other services with 0 issues. I point this out so you understand I am comparing apples with apples. The good, I love watching F1 and the app is the best way for me to do it..Version: 11.21.3

Excellent AppReliable, informative and has all the stats you need. An excellent substitute when you can’t watch the race but also enhances the live experience by giving you the facts you need when you want them rather than wait for the TV or radio updates. Easy to use package The only improvements would be to beef up the news updates between races and some more technical guides but there are other sites for that which don’t give you the live experience..Version: 11.15.0

Great appIt is a great app with a nice design and easy to watch highlights. The only thing I have a problem with is that it says I can’t register. Go Mercedes.Version: 11.21.2

Good to bad.Whoever the lollipop programmer was that upgraded the F1 app needs to understand that F1ers need lots of stats on the one page without the need to scroll up or down to see the whole situation. No happy that they changed the app halfway through the season..Version: 11.0.0

F1 AppThe Formula 1 App has been a great “free” investment for my phone. The Formula 1 App has afforded me the best access to the most current news and information within the Formula 1 world. In the past, I would use different sources to gather what I wanted to know. The F1 App gives me access to all aspects of Formula 1 that is unparalleled (tech talk, news articles, driver and team information, and so on). Formula 1 TV (which I became a member of) from the F1 App has been an even better investment! I would strongly recommend any true F1 fan to become a member for the additional access alone. There’s just too many positives to mention. Make the leap in faith with F1 App and F1 TV for one season, you won’t be disappointed. Respectfully, Mike.Version: 11.20.3

Annual problemI love the app, especially during qualifying and races. Every year, when they upgrade the app, I can not log in. It knows I have an account, knows I have a subscription, but won’t let me in. This time “services unavailable, check your connection” is the response; my connection is perfect. This snafu has happened every September for the past 3 years. Used the app for every race in 2018 up to Singapore, which I couldn’t log in. Same issue for the Sochi event. Sigh..Version: 11.0.1

DisappointedOn Friday night I cannot find the results of FP1 & FP2. Too many video clips & not enough written material..Version: 11.5.0

If it ain’t broke don’t fix itI’ve subscribed to this app for years and have enjoyed the live timing screen as an aid to watching the race. After this last update, not anymore. What happened to being able to see lap time, gap, interval and sectors on the same screen? Why remove the capability to isolate a driver and see how that driver compares to the field? And the font is just stupid. Is there an option to unwind the update? If I can’t then this will be my last season as a subscriber..Version: 11.0.0

Incredibly Poor Subscription AppUnbelievable how poor this app has become. This is a subscription app and it only gets worse with every update. From what was a brilliant app a couple of years ago, driver and constructor information to good live timing. This has sadly all gone or is so hard to find. I’ll give it 4 races and if it hasn’t improved I’ll end my subscription sadly. It is not worth paying for this..Version: 11.5.0

My thoughtsHonestly the game is absolutely fun, amazing graphics but it does get a little boring, I was hoping maybe in the future you guys could add actual realistic laps and pits stops, cuase that would be game changing.Version: 11.24.0

A mobile app you actually want to haveGreat design on this. Gets you all your articles, info, racing in one spot. I was an F1 newcomer and this app made it super easy to keep track of drivers/teams. There’s a lot of thought into how it’s laid out and it’s really a tier above any other sports apps I’ve used for ease of use and fast loading. Highly recommend..Version: 11.21.4

What has happened to a previously great AppThe new app now focuses on style and form over the excellent statistics and information of previous versions. Please give us back the gps track map, and return the timings tables..Version: 11.0.0

Please sort out the in-text linksThe in text links are so annoying! If you as much as simply brush one of the in text links it will immediately swoop you off the page you’re reading onto a completely new page! So annoying when you’re just trying to scroll and read the article, ruins reading experience, constantly have to think about where you place your finger when scrolling. Other than that the app is amazing.Version: 11.11.0

Feeling cheated...I’ve really enjoyed the app for the past couple of years... To foist this major downgrade (in my opinion) mid season seems a bit off. At least give me the opportunity decide if I want these changes when its time for me to resubscribe between seasons. Let me use what I paid for until the end. Universally panned. One of the only 5* reviews “Improved” is from an employee of Digitas.... the owners of this monstrous update. Go figure..Version: 11.0.0

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