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Where do I start with child nudity...I’ve reported and had videos removed which show teens dancing sexually, or have nipples exposed etc. If the videos don’t have many views they’re usually removed. When they have a lot of views they magically don’t violate any guidelines (although whether they violate laws is questionable). And comment sections full of men saying they’ll be going to jail for watching the videos which just goes to show how much these videos are pushing the boundaries. I can no longer support an app which supports what could easily be considered child pornography..Version: 16.1.0

Cool but 2 facedI love using tiktok (you can say it’s a bit of an addiction) but it’s really 2faced on what’s reported and what it takes down, for example I had a pair of blow up breast PG down and it gets taken down for being violating community guidelines for showing female nipples and harassment, I kinda understand why) but then a male post a video with real life breast and even a relative posted himself with them (without being censored) and it doesn’t get taken down and has been up for nearly a week, I don’t get it. But not only that I went to appeal my video and now I’m banned from it, what I’m trying to say really if your going to have rules make it the same for all.Version: 18.2.1

The way this app treats its creators is disgustingI have never once written a review in my life but now i feel i have to. tiktok suppresses any content from minority creators; black people, disabled people, queer people. if you speak on oppression, your videos will be shadowbanned (aka; not get seen by many people) from then on. if you use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, or have the name of a disability in your captions or even have a pride flag? your videos will not be seen. they also refuse to take down horrific content, such as animal abuse, and blatant hate speech. i reported a video that blatantly stated that if you are transgender you deserve to die, and they didn't even look at it for more than an hour. they've deleted hashtags on george floyd and other black lives matter issues, but pretend they are in full support. THIS NEEDS TO STOP..Version: 16.5.0

Best app ever but...Ok... I’ve been in this app since it was still musically. Before it was very plain and now they made it much more better. The only thing is that the app is starting to get quite frustrating as sometimes it lags and crashes the app and my phone. Also the way how they keeps on removing other peoples videos is quite annoying as sometimes they couldn’t recover the video and sometimes its not even inappropriate. However the app has been great and I’m still enjoy it even though we were allowed to go live using lively but now we have to apparently get 1000 followers to go live which is quite unfair, even though some accounts on the app have been on it since 4 years ago. Also the hate people are giving to the celebs are really rude as like they say that they are really rude and like cringe however they are just being themselves and they should Justin’s there own business. Also they have been posting inappropriate things that TikTok doesn’t even remove for some such reasons. Even though there are bad things about this app, it’s still entertaining and also they should fix how little kids are in this app who are not even 12+.Version: 11.2.0

Horrible Update And Bugs Got WorseI have had musically since the app launched and i can honestly say, it was great at first but slowly got really horrible and a toxic community. I cannot use my wifi while on tiktok, i have to use my LTE data. I have tried everything but it simply will not work. Instead of taking down cosplayers sfx make up videos !that have trigger warnings! Down, take down the bullying accounts and sexual pages that have been up for years. I get that the app is meant for 14+ but there are still underage kids on the app that report videos for no reason, or simply because they got offended by the video that had a warning on it. Instead of taking down the video, actually veiw it, then take it down if it doesn't follow community guide lines. Don't take down a video just because a 6-9 yr. old reported it because their parents said not to watch it. They clearly got angry because their parents got on to them. I'm a cosplayer and am personally sick and tired of the youth on the app that report the lgbtq+, cosplay, gamer, etc. videos just because they did not like it. I hope that tiktok actually takes the time to read the reveiws and try to improve the app. I am very dissapointed in how this community has grown. It went from a fun friend making place to a toxic, full of hatred, unfair community in the matter of seconds. I would comment all my complaints but i do not want to tire out the people that read the reviews on apps..Version: 9.2.1

BadThis is racist towards creators combating racism. Stop shadowbanning them! BLM!.Version: 16.5.0

Please change musically!So, I used to love musically, the older version and the newer version too, I was on musically everyday, creating fun videos, liking videos, and checking out my friends profiles. But this is when it all fell apart. Musically fell apart when it joined with Tik Tok, because now, on your home screen, it doesn’t even say ‘musically’ anymore just... ‘Tik Tok’ 😡 if that isn’t annoying enough, even on the actual app everything that used to say musically on it now says Tik Tok, but guys do you think Tik Tok has only joined musically for more viewers and plays and downloads? Just please don’t join up with Tik Tok, they have taken over musically completely and I might end up uninstalling this app, and I’m going to be very upset to do it because musically is one of my favourite apps. This joint with Tik Tok thing isn’t right, your not joint communities to make a bigger one, it’s Tik Tok’s community taking over Musically’s!!! Please give us our olds update back, because I’m stuck with this horrible ‘Tik Tok’ update, which I regret sooooo much for downloading! 😩😩 So if you could pleaseeee give us our old musically back, where your not joined with any other video-making app that wants to take over musically, I’d appreciate that so much. 😋Evie❤️🦄.Version: 8.0.1

Sucks nowThis app used to be awesome then it started getting worse. I completely quit the app after you guys changed the name. Change the name back or I'll never use this app again..Version: 8.1.0

Fix itEvery time I do one it just turns off FIX IT to the original version please.Version: 9.8.0

Toxic appAllows people to be racist,homophobic etc, it’s very toxic and should get deleted because less delete TikTok it’s very bad and rude and racist.Version: 16.3.0

Good but has room for improvement.The basis of the app is good, the functionally and capability is amazing and it’s free! This is something that is pretty good in my honest opinion. There are plenty of clips around the world to watch, with there being billions in total. When you open up the app, you are given the opportunity to select different types of categories of videos that you would like to watch, which is cool. And you can obviously record videos that would earn you fans, and this would overall increase your popularity as a user if people love your content. Everyone has the desire to be inspired and become really famous due to this app, having thousands and millions of followers as a dream. But...this is where it starts to get flakey. There is an abysmal aspect of this app which only degrades it. People with an account and want to become really well known are shattered due to the fact that you can end up with your account getting banned for literally no reason whatsoever! It seems as if you are violating the laws of the app when in reality, no one ever did anything wrong. My weird but somewhat sensical theory as to why this happens is bots. They also watch the clips posted on this app since the developers have no way to check on all of the videos. Somehow, what seems to be totally acceptable and not breaking any laws, is seen differently by the bots. I highly suggest that the developers look into this. Overall, this app has a good feeling to it but needs fixing!.Version: 18.7.0

Bigotry and bullyingIt is disgusting that you take down videos made by minorities, black creators, disabled creators, gay creators. This app is filled with misogyny, harassment, pedophiles, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. I can't stand to watch you take down these creators. Everyone rate this app one star. #juneteenth.Version: 16.5.0

WorstWorst app.Version: 16.0.0

App won’t installI’ve tried for 2 days to find the cause to this it says that it’s to do with the App Store and my phones system but I can’t do much about it so I’m writing a review to the developer if they can help me , recently tik tok wouldn’t download it says it’s installed on my phone but it’s literally not I open the App Store and it says “open “ tik tok meaning it’s installed but there is no tik tok on my phone so I open the app and it shuts and closes down I deleted it a while ago to clear my head and wanted to reinstalled I’ve done research and it has said that installing and uninstalling the app could cause damage to my phones memory thing , which cause my phone to store memory or data that the app is installed but literally it’s not I don’t know what to do it won’t let me re install the app ! Because it permanently says it’s installed but there is no tik tok on my phone help please !!! I haven’t been on tik tok for 2 days now and it’s starting to drive me nuts!.Version: 18.2.1

Stop being blind to racist and stop shadow banning cosplayersWhile this app has a lot of good qualities the biggest problem it has which is the massive reason a lot of us are wanting to leave the app, is how the block cosplayers and anyone who identifies as a part of the lgbtq+ community from having their video seen but gladly shows other people’s videos that do violate guidelines, I have encountered racist, child predators and even people admitting to being at the capital attack & have done everything I was told to do by tik tok themselves to report them but every time I get told they don’t violate guidelines. While myself as a cosplayer who is apart of the lgbtq community I so much as even mention slightly mature words my videos get shut down, I show a tiny slither of cleavage I get shut down for nudity, I tell off someone who is being racist or making a child uncomfortable I get shut down for being a “bully” back in 2019 this app loved us cosplayers we were even used in their commercials promoting the app. The “hit or miss” trend that was started by a cosplayer! But now in 2020 and 2021 now that the app is really popular, the cosplay community feels like we are being treated extremely unfairly by the app that we once loved and we are ready to leave the app and let it go broke cause why love and help out an app that clearly shows that they do not love its creators.Version: 18.5.0

Not so good.I don’t think this is super good it’s only because I see stuff that make me wanna vomit. And I see violent stuff on here. And there’s people sending messages saying ‘cut you’re ####’. I can’t say it for sure. And there’s people sending disturbing messages and other stuff. Another one is ‘send me #####’. Please fix this, this is not safe for teenagers to anymore. They wanna see teenagers ##### and just no. I’m not letting this app pass without it checked and reviewing. This app is unsafe. I’m sure this app if for 45+. I’m deleting this app forever. I’ll come back in 26 years. This app is just to unsafe. I cannot keep up with a safe app, it became to unsafe and just isn’t for kids & teens. Please fix this app it’s just to unsafe for my age as well. Teens don’t belong in this app to. It’s way to fun, I’m addictive to it. But it is a bad app so I deleted it and now I’m reviewing it. Thanks for this wonderful app though. I mean this app is amazing. The app of truth. Just don’t downland it right now because I don’t like the disrespectful disruptive messages they sent you. Please don’t downland right now until it’s fixed. This app is becoming way way to unsafe and only for 34 year olds or older. So I’m coming back 26 years later. I’m gonna see if this app is fixed and back to normal how to was in the old days. Bye and just reviewing..Version: 17.7.1

SucksTiktok sucks nothing works.Version: 16.0.0

GarbageMy friend got banned for no reason at all because apparently she violated community guide lines and its not like they even gave a notice before hand 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 14.2.0

ImprovementsI love tiktok but I also hate it here are some thing you need to fix immediately 1. STOP TAKING PEOPLES VIDEOS DOWN FOR NO REASON I did this tiktok and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it no skin showing no bad words and the dance was renagade or however you spell it 2. Whenever I make an original sound it gets removed for “copywrite purposes” or say the owner of the song hasn’t made this sound available in your country although literally every original sound is some form of copywrite 3. If you put your date of birth under 12 twice it will never let you create a new account again even if you restart or reinstall the app 3. Y’all made it so we can’t put our usernames in fancy fonts anymore at the start of the year you could but now apparently you can’t thank you for reading I still love tiktok but I just think it could do with a few fix ups 4. You take away our views for no reason like I make an account and one or two videos go viral then I try make more and get no views like tf tiktok.Version: 17.7.0

Honest OpinionTo be fair I think that Charli and all of them should be banned from TikTok. Also Zoe Laverne because she’s a bad influence for her following and she’s done so much that I’m surprised she’s not banned yet also Charlie Damelio doesn’t deserve her fans. the fact that you gave it to her by letting her have a platform is kind of ridiculous and the child does like a five second dance and gets millions of followers you might want to check that out. Because to be to be fair that doesn’t make sense but Avani Greg and people like who take time for their videos do deserve it because she does make up and is really good at it. I guess but it’s just the creators with talent need some more recognition. Also the homophobia and sexism is not ok..Version: 18.6.0

StopPlease make it so you are not able to react to a comment and annoy literally everyone who liked the comment.Version: 15.5.6

Tiktok badTIktok bad.Version: 16.6.1

Worst app everEveryone looks like just copying the trend(trends are also crap), nothing new. And more importantly no credits for original creators..Version: 16.1.0

:cSo I’m only a 9 year old and what pops on my screen is not good I saw some people clickbait of roblox users deaths and some times I see also stuff that says the n word witch is racist >:c I also saw a video of talking about a roblox game called work at a pizza place and it said there were no updates and they clickbaited that the creator Deud1 past away also they made a Halloween and Christmas update also I hear to much swear words also the dances are cringe so how would I ever use this app with swearing videos and racist videos and I got kicked out for no reason if I was a fan of tik tok I would die of the most cringe dances my 12 year old sister has the app and when ever I go to sleep I hear that app and n words so BLM.Version: 18.3.0

Waste of time .Its an addiction waste of time.. same contact repeating..Version: 16.0.0

Tik tok is badLets get tiktok to 1 star.(Unless you want china knowing your whole life).Version: 16.0.0

BLMTons of black people are being shadow banned and this is proving that tiktok is lying about standing by the movement and that is disgusting and racist, RATE THIS 1 STAR BECAUSE ITS A RACIST APP!!!!.Version: 16.6.1

My ReviewI loved Musically. Why on earth did u change the name to Tik Tok?! We used to be musers.. But now we’re CLOCKS!? Anyway, that’s not my only concern for this app.. I enjoy making Tik Toks/Musicallys but sometimes I just like to save them as private’s. It gets so confusing when I look through my account cause all my public Musicallys/Tik Toks are mixed with my private Musicallys/Tik Toks. Please make two separate spaces for private and public Musicallys/Tik Toks. It would be highly appreciated, not only by me but thousands of others on this’s app. I believe just doing little bit changes like that will improve this app a lot.. Everyone on Musically /Tik Tok is complaining about this app, so why don’t u do something about it? This app is getting worse everyday, if ur gonna change it, u need to change it FAST. This app is meant to be a supportive app where everyone can come and have fun. Well guess what??... It’s... NOT!! I can not get over how much bullying is on this app!? It’s disgusting. I’m extremely disappointed with this app. Please make it better soon?.Version: 8.9.1

Bullying and HarassmentI have countless times seen creators be homophobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynistic, and many more horrible things and every time I have reported it, it comes to nothing, TikTok says it does not violate community guild lines, even thought these creators have admitted to rape and told people they should not exist!! TikTok is a very horrible plate form that allows bulling and harassment..Version: 16.1.0

The problems with Tik TokTik Tok obviously is not a platform for children to be browsing on, so I don't understand what the problem is with a little bit of adult humor. There are way too many people who get offended by little things. For example, I made a video simply following a trend of doing a certain dance aggressively. Out of nowhere, a ton of people started hating in the comments for "being rude to the creator of the dance" by doing it aggressively. Then in a week or two, the video was "under review" and still has been under review for 4 weeks now. Tik Tok rarely ever responds to reports and also shadowbans way too many good content creators. These content creators are probably the reason a lot of people still use the app, so why shadowban them? They're just helping you expand your platform to multiple types of audiences. Also, the views system must be addressed. I have over 20,000 followers and a lot of my videos maintain a very high like-to-view ratio, yet they don't receive nearly as many views as one would expect that it should get. For smaller accounts, this continues to be an issue. Less views means less exposure, which thus means less followers. Tik Tok also seems to tend to give my less successful videos way too many likes, which have a horrible like:view percentage. These views should instead go to the content that people like more..Version: 10.7.0

Tiktok.. whyTiktok is arguably one of the worst social media’s if not the, the company itself gathers info about kids illegally and gives it to the Chinese government. On the other hand is the community which is even worse, before I got stopped in the halls being asked to do the “renegade” which was just innocent attempts at fame on the internet and now I’m hearing news stories over challenges such as the “pee your pants” challenge and a new dance solely against people with autism or the ”skull breaker” challenge, all of this is very, very stupid. No matter which way you slice it, TikTok is one of the worst communities on the internet..Version: 16.0.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!This app is sexualizing under age teens! It needs to be deleted.Version: 16.0.0

SusIf you value your privacy, don’t install..Version: 16.6.1

TikTok is great, but...So, I’m a cosplayer and we’re a fairly big community on TikTok. The problem is, TikTok shadowbans us. Our content is not shown to the world, causing our hard work and efforts to go down the drain. I have to constantly keep making new accounts so people can see my content. You shouldn’t shadowban people for using the same tags over again multiple times. It makes it clear what its from, what character, what the video’s about, etc. I’ve had to take down videos and reupload because you shadowban my account and nothing is shown to anyone. Even after reuploading, it never seems to get anywhere either. I spend SO much money for this and you trash it like it’s nothing. Its cruel how you do this. As much as I may hate the app for this, I still remain on it because of how happy it can make me sometimes. It gets hard to enjoy it when all you do is shadowban and delete my content. It’s unfair and disgusting. At least let us KNOW before you go ahead and block all of our content. Like, give us cosplayers a warning, and then we’ll start using different tags, or calming down on our posts a little. We aren’t spamming the hashtag or making inappropriate tiktoks, we’re making our cosplays known. It’s insanely difficult to do that because of this, and it angers me, as well as many others, a lot. Fix your app, it’s horrible..Version: 16.5.0

A Couple ImprovementsFirst off tiktok is AMAZING but there could be a few changes to benefit the community! One of the big things is I love how now we can be logged into 3 accounts at once and switch between but it would be nice if there were a couple more spaces like 5 or so because I have 4 and a couple shared one but find it hard to log out and log back in every time. Second I think with the bio’s you could make them less limited so instead of 80 characters make it maybe 150 characters and maybe 7 row limits so people can fit more I hate having to choose who/what I put in my bio and having to leave stuff out. I know a few people have said this but can we please use the same email/phone number for different accounts because I have had to use my mums and dads phone numbers for extra accounts I want to make. The only other thing I can say is that I get notifications when someone views my account and when I repost a video with a tiktok sound on it just change the sound from mine to the normal tiktok version instead of copyrighting the video. Other than these tiktok is great! I hope this makes sense, thanks x..Version: 16.6.5

Recent update reviewTo be honest not to be mean but I really hate the new update some things I like but the rest is just confusing like the private/draft you have to click on the folder for a video and when you exit that video you have to go through all the editing and then your back to the videos like why did you have to change that I really liked how you could scroll through the private/draft videos and then press the sound to make another one but now you can’t do that and I really hate it. I have talked to a lot of other people and they really hate the new update as well and they would really like the old one back I mean it just annoys me and I’m considering deleting the app on all my device and so are other people my friends have already started to delete the app because it annoys them I know that you won’t care about all of this and you won’t change it back but that’s just going to make people delete it and I know you won’t want that so please change it back to the old update and do everyone a favour and make people actually enjoy musically again thank you..Version: 7.5.1

Tiktok is problematicTiktok is a platform that many incredible people are a part of. And many of these wonderful creators are building meaningful communities and connections and using this app as a means to educate people on relevant social issues and spread awareness and positivity. However, Tiktok is continuously shadow-banning and censoring creators for posting BLM, feminist, body positive and lgbtq+ content for “violating community guidelines”. But they are not disciplining racist, sexist or transphobic comments and posts or comments and posts that glorify body shaming, eating disorders, or the objectification and sexualisation of women and girls. Tiktok blocked all queer related tags, using the argument that they wanted to protect queer creators from homophobia and transphobia. News flash: silencing and already oppressed group, during #pride month no less, and refusing to let them share their thoughts, feelings and experiences IS discrimination. Perhaps try removing the hate comments and posts instead of censoring the people they’re targeting. This is unacceptable. This affects big creators and small ones. We are sick of this. Do better, Tiktok. Stop being part of the problem..Version: 16.5.0

Please Read.So i got my first phone around may of this year and of course i downloaded tiktok right away. my wifi was really good and tiktok was fine. couple months later i was scrolling and it started to take a really really long time to watch tiktoks and my wifi was still fine. i had to wait ten seconds to watch a whole tiktok and wait another ten to watch another. i don’t have mobile data, updated tiktok and cleared out storage and nothing seemed to fix it. i reported this problem and tiktok didn’t reply back. i thought maybe this was the internets problem so i downloaded tiktok on my roomates phone (with her permission) as we are under the same network. hers didn’t take ten seconds, it worked in an instant. why is this happening? PLEASE PLSASE PLEASE! fix this. note: my phone is a iphone se 2020 and my roommates had an iphone X..Version: 17.4.0

99% malware, 1% knockoff of VineInstalling this app is no different than voluntarily installing spyware on to your phone..Version: 16.6.1

This app sucks the content sucksThere should be a way to block this app, now I have to let it on my iPad that I share with my son and block via screentime..Version: 16.0.0

BEWAREThe creators are buying fake 5 star reviews to flood out the people exposing them for their invasion of privacy. The US government banned the app from any government issued phones. What other apps have been banned from government phones??? NONE. Nobody reads the terms of service or privacy policy, yet continues to use the app after people warn them of the issues. So many people are so simple minded and never question anything. Delete this app. Don’t believe the invasion of privacy? Do your own research. The Chinese government is nothing like the one we know. They literally control any media coming in or out of their country. Don’t blame their people, blame their government. I wouldn’t be surprised if this review gets taken down, if not, it’ll just be flooded by fake low effort 5 star reviews. You’ve been warned..Version: 15.5.6

ReviewTik tok is one of my most used apps on my phone, however this new update about now being able to text people has made me dislike the app. Considering that I enjoy sending videos to my friends and I can’t do that anymore. I know you may have a good reason for this, but a lot of people who have this app disagree with this update. I know synergy bullying is a big thing at the moment, but they can block them or call the police. So can you please consider changing it so it can make people happy, and enjoy the app again..Version: 15.9.1

DisappointedYour algorithm is disgusting. I loved tiktok when it was genuinely funny content and before you started shoving the rich accounts down everyone’s throats. At this point I’m not even surprised that a big company such as this did it and I hope you get backlash for it..Version: 15.5.6

Literally only two complaint from meOkay so i have only two major problems with this app and that first being that when i have to log out, to keep people from snooping in my phone and getting into my stuff, all my drafts get deleted. Like some im saving for a day when i can’t do anything but i still want to give my content to my fans but i log back in and its all gone. So then i have to get back into those cosplays and redo them. While yes, this gives me a chance to fix any mistakes in the previous cosplays i had, i still want to be able to go back later and see the progress i have made. So can you keep the drafts there just maybe put them under a security thing? So that if you have to lock them in case you get hacked or my situation happens nothing will happen to the drafts? My other problem is that you guys have a set up for notifications from what users we want to see. So i enable the notifications on a few of them but i never get notifications despite seeing their content later. I set up notifs on my gf so i can support her and gets others to support her to but anytime she uploads, i never get a notif. Its usually us chatting later that she asks if ive seen her new tik toks and i am just like shook. So basically please fix the drafts situation and the notifications please?.Version: 11.2.0

4 year old videos DELETED.I have had Tik Tok for around 4 years and held A LOT of memories behind them; they showed how i grew as an artist on Tik Tok and also shows how i became friends with someone i still have contact with today. About a week ago i logged into my account after about a year of not being on there (keep in mind i had looked at all of my videos on that account before i logged in, meaning that Tik Tok didn’t delete my account because its been inactive for a while). When i logged in Tik Tok asked for age verification and since i’m 13, i thought i’d be able to surpass the age verification without problems, the app says that people 12+ can join. I logged back into my account and began searching through any fake accounts i could delete from my followers list and when i came out of the followers list i noticed that all of my Tik Toks were gone. I was pretty upset and wrote a complaint to Tik Tok, they still haven’t got back to me and i don’t think they will do anytime soon...if your’re coming back to log into your old accounts and are around the age of 13 or 14 then i suggest you don’t. Especially if your account means a lot to you and you think you can finally be honest about your age. Don’t..Version: 17.8.0

Pinpointing and harassmentTo whom it may concern,I have a TickTock account under the name Lydia booboo Over the last couple of months I have been banned and videos removed for pornography and sexual content. None of my deleted videos have had sexual content or pornography there is no nudity no sexual content. I have been harassed by you Tiktok for the last four months. I take this issue very seriously as I have a business surrounding my Tiktok platform. Essentially when you were banning me for two weeks at a time I am losing business and I am losing money. I have just been banned again today after just coming off of a band for 14 days. Have thought very carefully of my plans of what to do next since I am constantly being pinpointed on my account and being removed for false reasons. I have contacted my lawyer and I have put on other social media’s and talk to multiple creators who have never had this happen before. I will go through with a lawsuit if this continues to happen. I would like for my Tik Tok account to be unbanned at this moment. I would also like for the harassment and the pinpointing to stop. My business is taking a huge hit and a huge reduction and income because of said harassment. I will definitely be waiting for your response and I hope to have my account Unbanned as soon as possible or you will be hearing from my lawyer thank you so very much..Version: 17.7.1

The bad side is what makes it horrible.The people on here are so toxic! Every time I comment my opinion I get attacked and it RUINS my day! Not even gonna MENTION the creeps on here! I’m not an angry mom or karen, but I think if something is innapropriate on there, it should be taken down IMMEDIATLY. I’ve made A LOT of reports, and only ONE of them got accepted. I’ve reported someone who told another to KILL THEIRSELVES and the victim that got told to almost DID! If something looks fishy, then I suggest to take down that account and ban them temporarily. Also, PEREZ HILTON SHOULD BE BANNED!! IDK WHY HES NOT! He litterally wants teens off this app, but the app was MADE FOR TEENS, adults and five year olds just snuck on there. I get like 10+, because that’s the time they start learning, and have health class, but 9- SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT BE ON TIKTOK WITHOUT A PRIVATE ACCOUNT. My sister is seven years old, and she’s on private, no trouble, but there’s some FIVE YEAR OLDS on here, that don’t have restriction to any nudity or innapropriate stuff, then they think it’s okay to make. The parents find out and blame you, that could get you POSSIBLY SUED! This isn’t a safe app for kids 9-. On the bright side, if there’s a vid that says, “Opinions are available here, no fighting,” I love it. Healthy and strong opinions with no arguments within it. This app is very fun and addicting, but there’s some things to change!.Version: 16.6.1

NO ACCOUNTABILITY ???You make it too easy for youth of today to spiral down wrong paths that will effect them for the rest of their lives, thinking that it’s all innocent fun, but TRUTH BE TOLD, they’re setting themselves up in a predators dream of an app. There’s a NEED for tighter restrictions on content, verbally and visual. Kids are doing what they think is not going to have any repercussions for the future, and damning their reputation cheaply, in these so called fun and harmless videos. Their brains are not fully developed until at least 25 years of age, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT, hindsight is not a good thing in this case, and the HARM IS DONE. Don’t place your own popularity above the damages being done on this platform. Don’t be part of the problem, destroying our youth of today, causing suicides and feeding mental illnesses. Come on tic toc, be a good leader, not devils advocate. No stars at this point, but forced to do at least one..Version: 16.6.5

We want originalI can’t figure out what is what now and It glitches way to much and now it’s everything’s different we want original backkk pleaseeeee.Version: 9.9.0

RacistThis app is so racist.Version: 16.5.0

Used to be betterMy situation: so i recurved an alert saying i was tapping too fast, so i didn’t use the app for 5 hours. i’ve cleared the cache and restarted my phone in the hopes i could use the app normally. it has been updated to the newest update and i can not delete the app because i want to keep the drafts which is inconvenient. this has increased my frustration towards the app, and i am now considering not using tik tok altogether my thoughts: the app used be more pleasurable to use, but changes in tik tok trends and culture and the abundance of wrongly shadowbanned creators has made keeping up with them through the app boring. my suggestions: enable dms for everyone again get rid of the you are tapping too fast alert as it is annoying and currently restricting me from having the full tik tok experience be able to edit comments and captions a function where you can search for effects (like green screen or face zoom) instead of having to guess by the icon or searching it outside of a tik tok which is being made turn drafts into private tik toks you have not uploaded and you can still edit, but ones that also save to your account so you can re-download the app and still be able to keep your drafts create a video and comment upvote and downvote feature playlists for video series - especially if they’re a 20 part series - i don’t want to see everything they’ve posted just to see one series amongst a creators others last but not least PROMOTING BLACK CREATORS.Version: 16.6.2

TiktokAll of my friends have tiktok and I decided to give it a try. I made my first account and it seemed all fun watching other people’s tiktok videos, and even creating my own. LITERALLY after a couple of minutes it said I was ‘permanently banned due to multiple violations of our community guidelines’ like what the heck? How is that possible?! I was only on tiktok for a couple of minutes scrolling through some videos. Although I was on a call with a friend so I thought it was a glitch. I had to make another account but I ain’t got like 100 emails so I had to create a NEW EMAIL. After I created the account, I didn’t follow anyone or watch any videos I just set up my name, profile picture and bio, and quickly made a video to post. I went of the app to reply to a quick text message and the app refreshed. Immediately after,there was the EXCACT same notification I gotten from my last account. I was banned for some random reason once again. Ps. I’m sorry for the angry review but that was what happened. But overall tiktok is a really fun app to watch videos, make friends and make your own videos. If this is a glitch please fix it..Version: 18.5.0

BlocksIt’s a great app. But I feel like so many of the videos on the for you page are just weight loss and/or videos of people eating nothing. Like there is so many videos of what I eat in a day weight loss and they have one meal and some videos they eat nothing. Or videos of people saying how fat they are and complaining about their bodies etc. And there are heaps of videos of people saying they will date someone under a certain weight. I get that it can be helpful for a certain audience but most people don’t want to watch these types of videos and it will just make people more self conscious of their weight..Version: 14.4.0

For you pageI’ve noticed that unless you’re American it’s actually quite difficult even impossible to get onto the for you page and have people around the world see your content like it’s mostly Americans that are on the for you page and also there aren’t many of other races either it’s mostly Caucasian Americans on the for you page like there are a few asians a few latinos but mainly they’re Caucasian and American, so it would be nice if you let people of other countries and race to get the recognition they deserve..Version: 15.5.0

A BIG problem.I’m only giving this one star, and this is only for the content- NOT the app. I love the content posted on Tiktok-as some is really funny, and some is wholesome etc. But the app in itself? Racist? They take down content on the BLM movement, and even though this hashtag is trending, videos are being taken down. It also has a very kind of “capitalist” preference (sounds weird, but bear with) the popular creators can get away with anything-such as “showing too much skin”, but TikTok takes down smaller creators videos if they, say, are in a bikini. Finally some of the trends/content allowed on this app can be greatly triggering for young people. Some content could encourage eating disorders such as anorexia, and the “perfect” lives of some of the teens (THE HYPE HOUSE) could result in other teens feeling self-conscious or unworthy. Also The hype house seems to have made a brand out of their “talent”-which is literally skinny privileged white teenagers dancing to 15 seconds of a song. The smaller creators deserve more recognition, especially the AMAZINGLY TALENTED people I see on this app. Overall there seems to be a very clear “monarchy” on this app. Why can’t Tik Tok go back to the way it was before-teenagers and preteens having fun and Sharing their creativity, instead of young people being exploited for their looks?.Version: 16.2.0

Chinese spywareCaught copying contents of clipboard on iPhone..Version: 16.6.1

Worst app ever I usedWorst.Version: 16.0.0

I can’t like anythingOmg I was scrolling through Tiktok when it told me that I couldn’t like anymore videos because I was ‘liking too fast and I need to take a break’ and that’s happened before so I just got off Tiktok for a while. I went back on about an hour later and it still wasn’t letting me like anything. So I went to bed and woke up the next day but once again it’s still not letting me like anything. I’ve tried closing the app, turning off my phone and logging out and back in but it’s not working. Please fix this ASAP!!!!.Version: 14.7.0

TikTok*****PLEASE READ***** The Indian government has justifiably banned TikTok from over 1 billion of its citizens. This app was created and originated in China by the technology company ByteDance, founded by the billionaire Zhang Yiming. The Chinese Communist government can use this app as a tool to gather data of its users. India has put a stop to transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner. Other countries may follow. This is one of the tools the “Peoples Republic” can use to control the narrative and release propaganda to the 10’s of millions of followers. There is also major concern of its content and its claim that its appropriate for anyone of at least 13 years of age. Parents have no way of filtering any inappropriate content either. Please, please educate yourselves. The world at large is already dealing with a world pandemic which arose from China. The Chinese government is flagrantly using this opportunity of our home restrictions due to COVID to monopolize the markets and accelerate their agendas. Simply delete the app..Version: 16.6.2

GarbageThis app exposes children to inappropriate content. PARENTS DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FOR YOUR KIDS. If you have or your kids have DELETE IT. Protect them from this garbage.Version: 16.1.0

TerribleThis app promotes sexualizing underaged girls and boys, allows challenges to be posted that threaten lives of the users, and are all around stupid, steals music and more. I used this app for a total of one week out of curiosity after watching a lot of videos on it. I was not impressed, I will never use this app again and I recommend you never do either..Version: 16.5.0

Too many hate speechesPeople are misusing this app.Version: 16.0.0

Continuously getting bannedLast year I reached 870 or so followers. Words couldn’t describe how grateful I was. I saw a funny tiktok of a man using the time warp filter so I stitched it. The next day I woke up and saw that my account was permanently banned! I didn’t know why. It didn’t have an explanation on why my account was banned or anything! I made another account, got to 500 followers and boom, I was banned... again. So I made another account and posted a TikTok about my back walkover progression and it was banned. My account wasn’t banned, the video was. And it said it was for child abuse. I wasn’t getting abused and no one in the background was either. So they took the TikTok down and then yesterday I posted my back handspring because I had just gotten it on my trampoline and my account was banned when I woke up this morning. My friends accounts have also been banned recently. I won’t go into too much detail about my friends accounts because I don’t know if they were good reasons or not. But my point is that TikTok keeps randomly banning accounts and not even telling us why..Version: 19.0.0

Accounts Getting Banned For No ReasonHello! First of all, I really like this musical app! Despite the many users that use their platforms to bring others down, I really am a fan of this media where you can use audios and share your talents! My issue is, is that an account that one of my best friends and I shared was banned and we didn’t do anything that was violating the guidelines. We were upset at first but we were through with it. Then, one of my friends told me that their account was banned and she was over a thousand followers. She was very upset and told me that this wasn’t the first time that something liked that happened: a lot of her friends had their accounts banned when they were doing nothing wrong and suspects that it could be some boys trolling from her year. Luckily she had a backup account...only to be banned from today. When she informed me, I had enough. Seeing my friends down and the fact their account was banned even when they weren’t violating, appals me. I hope you update the app’s system better where you are 100% sure that an account is violating the rules of TikTok before banning it, because there are so many people that don’t even know if they should make a new account when it’d just get banned anyway. In other words, they’re thinking about quitting. I’m speaking from my view and my friends’ view and I really want them to be happy whilst using this app. Thanks for taking the time to read this!.Version: 17.5.1

Fix thisI like this app but a bit less now since when I try to report someone for animal abusing like abandoning their animal or taking their pet into a non pet friendly place or someone stealing art work and posting it as their own or faking disability’s and sticking a straw up their nose for clout tiktok does nothing but as soon as a person that gets offended by someone’s option that video gets taken down in minutes or when a person doesn’t like that a woman is wearing a low cut shirt it gets taken down but when hundreds of people try to report someone for stealing, animal abandonment, animal abusing, faking service animals, making fun of a disability/disability’s or faking one tiktok does nothing and simply says we will do something about it when it violates our community Guide lines when it is violating your community guide lines I would like tiktok a LOT better and I think a lot of people would too if you actually take down and ban peoples accounts that do that!.Version: 13.2.2

Ooooh I’ve been waiting for this day.They ban and delete the accounts of activists and educators while nothing is done about pedophiles and sexual predators. People are getting shadow banned for speaking up, they don’t look into any of the legitimate complaints creators and users have while making frivolous big fixes and hashtags. They never give creators any concrete reason why their accounts have been banned even after months of asking and live-streams are being taken down for no other reason than one report from a trolling child. They’re schizophrenic parents when it comes to nudity, allowing mainstream creators to flags their genitalia on camera and not taking it down or giving any type of warning while a trans-male maybe banned completely for showing his scars or binder. If you have experienced anything similar please speak up! They may let 12 year olds take down live streams but trust me when I say one bad review won’t have a single eye batten at it..Version: 15.5.0

There spying on youSo it turns out that TikTok is spying on you. if you are reading this delete your account and delete the app..Version: 16.6.1

Love the app but I want the old Version backI love musically lots but the new update just makes me hate the app. When you try to type in your bio you have a maximum of 20 letters. It is horrible. Sometimes with my bio I tried to change it and it won’t let me I even counted my letters and numbers and it wasn’t even 20 sooo..Another thing is when your scrolling through your feed it goes “Your typing to fast slow down and take a break”. What is that supposed to mean. Transitions are hard to do with the new one and I’m confused with a lot of it. If you do update the app all of your privates go into Drafts. Which you can’t use the audio you saved to your privates anymore. There is an option where you can save your videos private but they fill up your whole feed like on the old musically you could just click on your privates and they would all be together under one thing. One thing that is really making me mad tho is I can’t see how many people have seen my musically when I click on it. It only shows the number of likes but who knows if those are the exact number of likes. The only way you can see how many views is on your main profile page. There is only one good thing about this new update the new filters but other than that that’s it. So for those of you thinking about getting the new update don’t get it. I love musically just want the old version back..Version: 7.3

Stop shadow banningThe reason I gave tik tok a 1 star is because I am noticing that they are hiding awareness posts and especially BLM CONTENT that needs to be seen by people around the world exposing truth. Give people the right to shine light on what’s actually happening in this world....Version: 16.5.0

Don’t download TikTokVery high chance this app is spying on you..Version: 16.6.2

Invasion to privacyStores all your data and tracks you.Version: 16.6.1

Best app but...TikTok is a really great app but accounts get banned for no reason. Last year I made a tiktok account and in 2020 in July, I got banned for no reason so accounts getting banned with no reason is the one problem. Also, people who had like over 5M or something, got banned with no reason at all. People work hard to get followers with their talents like: dancing, singing, sports and all that. To be fair, I think people who are either: racist, hacker and an abuser on tiktok should be banned because that behaviour is assaulting, but others get banned for no absolute reason. If you want to ban someone, you need real evidence to ban them. Also, on tiktok there are hackers. A famous tiktoker who is Dixie Damelio, has gotten her account removed from tiktok, then she got it back, BUT you think that all happened? Well, no unfortunately. The hacker, CHANGED her password and hacked her. But this is the good part. Someone reported her but you think it’s because him/her meant to ban Dixie, well no they meant to ban the hacker. Sadly, Dixie’s account had got banned BUT she got her account back but the hacker was gone. I personally think that a tiktok rule should be that if you report someone with no reason, they shouldn’t get banned EVEN if it’s a private account..Version: 18.2.0

Fab but...I have been on the app for a while (when it was musically) and it has changed a lot of changes throughout my time on the app. I really enjoy the app and how you can react and duet with/to people and also like how you can add emojis and effects. However, I think it is basically becoming an app exactly like funimate and like. A problem that I don’t like is that on your settings you can change it to if you want people to be able to react, duet and save your videos and with private if you select it than it’s still only you that can do it. The only way to be able to duet someone private is if they tag you and if someone has made like a this or that video and they’d like people to use it you can’t. Another problem is that for 2 of my friends private accounts it will not let me request them. I go onto their account and request it but when I go back to the account it unrequests it and I’m not able to see my friends videos. I understand that this isn’t a problem that everyone gets so that’s why I’m confused. Yet another negative comment is that you cannot duet videos with sounds more than 15 seconds and when I try to make my own comedy sound or something it only lets me do 15 seconds which is really annoying. I am also one of the people that really misses the app musically and do not understand how tik tok relates to it. I am sorry to say but I’ll have to give it a rating of 3. Other then these problems fun and awesome app!.Version: 9.6.1

ProblematicSo I’ve had TikTok for a bit and the app is really interesting and fun to be on, however if you’re creating content it’s very hard to be come visible to others especially with the term of being “shadow banned”. In addition when you report a problem, like mine being I get no views whatsoever since starting this week, the customer service doesn’t reply or help, which is fairly disappointing. It takes away the enjoyment of the app and makes it no use of producing any content if it won’t be seen by anyone even your followers. In addition it looks like I’m not the only one with this issue but a lot of people in the tiktok community. If there is a problem with our videos then please in detail say what and why, instead of leaving us confused. I even deleted my account and made a new one but it’s still the same, and it seems you can’t make a new account on the same IP address as you’ll still have the same issue which is absolutely rubbish. I’ve given this app many chances but it’s soo frustrating when your hard work and creativity is not even shown or visible to anyone. I wasn’t expecting likes or follows but just how there’s not even one view, just one on all the 5 videos I’ve made, makes no senses when others create and they at the very least get like 5-10. I don’t recommend at all..Version: 14.2.0

TikTok’s whack view of ‘community guidelines’This is a great app. I spend many hours on it. BUT. There are some disguising, sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, paedophilic videos created by some awful people. Somehow, those videos are allowed to stay up, but when people respond in their own videos, calmly explaining why this is wrong, THOSE are the videos get taken down. And the horrible ones remain up. Somehow the people that stand for black lives matter and feminism and the LBTQ+ community consistently get their videos removed for ‘breaking the continuity guidelines’. But the disgusting videos I mentioned before somehow never ‘break the community guidelines’ and remain up for young people to be influenced by. I once reported a video of a person who was duetting a video of a girl dancing, who’s reflection got caught in a revealing way. This person who was duetting her was doing so purely to ‘expose’ this poor girl. The girl has deleted that video - so obviously she doesn’t it up. I reported the video that was ‘exposing’ her and apparently it didn’t break any community guidelines. What?? Someone was ‘exposing’ an area that that girl did not want seen. She was also potentially a minor (this is unconfirmed to my knowledge). I am hugely disappointed in tiktok about this. It leads me to question that, if tiktok supports racist and homophobic and sexist content, maybe tiktok is in fact all of the above..Version: 17.3.0

Real Stupid.Worst app ever..Version: 16.0.0

Actual bruh momentNot good don’t get it unless your a 13/18 year old girl that is a e thot.Version: 16.0.0

I hate the new versionGo back to the old version because now when I scroll on my for you page I can’t see the videos because they all go black but still play the sound. This sucks switch it backs.Version: 9.8.0

WasteTiktok is trash, a waste of time and energy, inefficient and creates to many social problems. Tgg f ey even have an algorithm to slow growth of of “ugly” or “poor” users. I would not suggest getting, they snapped all of the 1 star ratings other wise it would be rated 2 stars, not cool at all..Version: 16.1.0

Couple issues...Me personally, I think tiktok is so fun! However as a young person myself these “community guidelines” don’t EVER get used. I see trends that are racist or body shaming and they stay up, but then I see a 16 year old girl swear once and BOOM she has been banned. I just think tiktok needs to pull their crap together. Again I say it is fun when u stay on the right parts but that’s not all that easy. Keep in mind this is 12+ yet there are these 7 year olds are watching 17 year old boys body roll with out a shirt or grabbing their no-no parts. I’ve been here since musically and all I’m saying is I remember when musically was so innocent and just lip-syncing or just transitions but then tiktok took over and now I see people trying to get my 11 year old cousin to “throw it back” or wear a hoodie with no pants. Don’t get me wrong I can enjoy tiktok however I just think u need to focus on what’s important and try and improve it. Honestly I would love it if musically came back😂and not to mention some people are telling everyone to delete it because of it taking their data when they didn’t give it permission, so I’ve had to delete tiktok but many of my friends have it. I just think tiktok don’t stand by their “community guide lines” like they say they do..Version: 17.5.1

Beware - tiktok isn’t all goodTiktok might be really fun to watch and something I use everyday to watch videos but there is one huge thing I noticed which I find horrible about it. My 13-year-old friend has had 3 accounts banned because of violations of the community guidelines. Most of them are because she is wearing crop tops or shirts that show a tiny amount of skin. She looks young for her age so when our other friends post videos in bikinis and tiny crop tops they don’t get banned or their videos aren’t reported. I’ve had two accounts myself banned because of community violations. I haven’t worn crop tops or bikinis or done anything sexual or self-harming or any videos against the community-guidelines which I have read multiple times and they get taken down for the craziest reasons like “adult nudity and sexual activity” yet there are people doing the WAP in bikinis that suit that sentence much more than me doing a completely innocent dance in shorts and a shirt. Tiktok should stop this and not take down videos for random reasons that don’t relate to the video at all or just because we long younger. This is one thing I completely hate about tiktok and that I think should be fixed. Also, why I was writing this review, my friends account has just been banned. I am going to delete tiktok now and if you have it I advise you do the same..Version: 17.8.1

Worst app everWorst app ever.Version: 16.0.0

Fix thisDear tik tok I was really excited about creating a tik tok account but when I went to sign up it asked for my birthday I put in my birthday but I forgot to fill in what year I was born in so it was just set to 2021 I think any way it said I was not old enough for tik tok I tried it again remembering to put in the actual year I was born in it still said I want old enough I tried it about 13 times refreshing and deleting and reinstalling the app nothing worked now I can’t make a tiktok account I don’t know if this is just happening to me but please fix it.Version: 18.5.0

Please read!Tiktok is a wonderful app. It’s takes up most of my day. It’s also probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever been on. Although it does have some down falls. Like videos can be taken down for no reason, videos that clearly do have a reason to be taken down stay up. For example, I made a video doing a dance and my grandma came in and hugged me. Guess what it got taken down?! I was wearing pajamas and she was wearing a baggy shirt with joggers, so it wasn’t clothing related. Here’s where it’s weird bc that got taken down but videos showing inappropriate content gets to stay up. Another thing is that people get told to kill them selfs on a daily basis but they don’t get in trouble. People get body shamed and bullied on this app but nothing gets done about it. Randomly tiktoks get deleted for absolutely no reason. It’s like tiktok is picking and choosing. It’s not fair to the ones to follow the rules in this app and still get deleted. Also live shouldn’t be debated on how much followers you have. Tiktok is an app that everyone has grown to love but it’s not always a place for everyone bc of all the hate and picking and choosing. I love tiktok and thousands of others do too. So please take what I had to say into thought to make tiktok a place for everyone! Thank you. 🙂.Version: 16.6.5

Not cool😡😡😡I hate this update. I mean it is stupid because you don’t get to remake any of your privates and that stupid little thing when you like something and that big heart comes up I don’t like that. And how the search up thing is different is confusing, and our profile, how it shows you all of you videos and likes and that. The only thing that I like is that when you save something to private it doesn’t go back to the main page. Please change the update again so that I can actually remake my privates and so that they aren’t like a playlist of them. Please please change the update. Thanks😡😡😡😡😡. (Hope you if you read this and you HAVEN’T downloaded this app then I would consider taking a second thought change).Version: 7.1.0

Don’t get TiktokIt is addicting, a scam, and it takes all your information. It’s a bad app that made me get mental health issues..Version: 16.6.2

I hate the new update on iOSHi musically I wanted to write a review about the new update. Myself and many many others hate the new musically update its like you’ve just handed it to tik tok and everything is bad. For example: you have to click so much times just to watch a “draft”, you took away the old filters and also for us iOS users the emoji which I absolutely loved before you took it away, you took the leaderboard away and also the quality has gone so bad. The only thing I actually think is pretty cool is how you can save favourite sounds! Please musically take the update back for iOS users otherwise you will loose many many loyal fans and users!~ Kind regards musically user xoxo it’s so bad that i don’t even want to rate it !.Version: 7.2.1

MYour shadow baning blm vids and black creators but when I report accounts for having racial slurs as their name or in their videos you don’t do anything.Version: 16.5.0

TikTok vs YouTubeTikTok is tatti TikTok walo tomhari banh ka .....Version: 16.0.0

BadHas ruined every song I like.Version: 16.6.2

Love the aspects of Tiktok but unhappy with loadsI have been, like many, using the Tiktok app since lockdown started. I love to create content and new material as it makes me feel good and I like to inspire others. I am finding that none of my videos ever get pushed to FYP. Not only that but when I go live that app crashes, this happens on every live. I have updated the app, I have tried reconnecting to my lives to then have the app completely crashed again. This is obviously annoying and shouldn’t happen, none of my TikTok friends have had any issues like I have. Also probably the most important thing of all!I am utterly sick of the cyber bullying that goes on on this app! I have received so much homophobic abuse, reported so many times to TikTok but I feel my worries and concerns are never heard. The platform should not allow people to create alias accounts, as these people use it for malicious intent. I have considered deleting tick-tock because of this and all the hate I get just for being me. Tiktok please do something and also please have better regulations and rules regarding age restrictions and ability to create multiple accounts. It’s hurting many creators like me who want to enjoy the app without fear of being bullied..Version: 17.9.1

Umm...yeaSo I was on this when it was musically and loved it then it changed to TikTok and I was kinda surprised it has been TikTok for a while now and I really do miss musically it no offence to anyone but it was better just in my opinion and if anyone wants to say otherwise I am not complaining if you like TikTok more go ahead but all I wanna say is this is a great app for some people but there is a lot of people saying I want musically back and I have to say I agree with them I do really want musically and I have commented on so many videos and never really got noticed so I really wanted someone to see this and listen to me because I don’t have that many followers doesn’t mean I am not a person and if you have made it this far in my review hi but this may go on for a while anyway on musically people did not fight as much and got along but on TikTok I see so many people hating and it is just very sad for people who go through so much work on a video with translations and stuff so ya but anyway if you see this I just want you to know I do really want musically back. P.S:I do like TikTok but I like musically more or here’s an idea bring back the app musically but call it TikTok anyway for realls bye..Version: 11.2.0

I used to love until this happened....Ok so I’ve been on tik tok since 2016 ( musically then ) and I’ve always loved it. A few months ago, probably around February time, I went to log on and it said my user doesn’t exists ? I tried and tried, I sent repeated codes to my phone number to change the password ( thinking that was the problem ) and eventually left it for 1 hour. I thought it may have been glitching by that point. After an hour I tried it again and angina but still nothing. I then made a brand new account and searched for myself. My name was now ‘muser’ and I had no content! All my fans were still there ( 1.3k ) all my likes still there and all my followers! So I made a new account and addressed the situation. My friend then told me they might have deleted my account ! I was so sad I had lost every thing I had done on the account and it went back to when I was younger and all my memories were on that account. I did write a review but never had a response. Now the same thing has literally just happened to me again ! Please help me get my account back. I’ve lost all my video. Videos of my baby cousin who has now moved half way across the world. I don’t mean to be dramatic but I had upset me 😔.Version: 11.6.0

Read this befor getting itTik tok is an incredible app,it’s truly amazing and recommended,I know u have put a age restriction on the app but then I don’t think the app should be used for women or men just using it for the sake of watching kids, and as kids we shouldn’t be on thier but some profiles even say that their doing that. When I got the app I was so happy, I thought if I diddnt have this app I would be the odd one out,but now I’m oftern telling my close friends to put thier account on private,as thier comment section is getting to inappropriate. I thought this app was about showing your talent and passion and it is, but u can get people that are way to revealing from to the way they dress and thier personal information and own problems, now were on to the subject we’re not only can this be used for bullying it’s used for mostly hate, when I look on a video and on the comment section theirs few nice comments, apart from that in my point of view it’s a good app but if your fairly young I would be carefull of what u type on the comment section as you will get hate and private account recommend, other than that get the app and explore it !!!!!!!?.Version: 14.7.0

“Under Review”I love Tik Tok, and I’ve only had it for a few months. It is a great place for me to cosplay, the community is friendly and supportive, and I can do more than take photos now when I’m in cosplay. However, the past month and a half every time I try to post my videos go immediately “under review” and some stay that way. My videos don’t go against any guidelines. I even had videos taken down, and I would message asking why it was taken down, but no response. I would rewatch my taken down videos confused how it goes against community guidelines. Especially because I see similar content on my For You Page. I recommend not harping people like this. Because it’s frustrating to me that I put hours into making TikToks only for them to never be seen because they are kept “under review”. I recommend not putting peoples videos “under review” until someone reports the video for going against guidelines. And send a reason why, that way it will be clearer on why the video was taken down and what the creator can avoid doing in their next TikTok video. I love TikTok and I want to keep using it, but if the server is still going to keep me from posting then I might leave. I’ll try and contact TikTok if the issue isn’t resolved because I know I’m not the only one to have videos constantly under review..Version: 13.2.2

Reporting does NOTHING!!!I have seen the most outrageously racist and simply condescending posts on tiktok and my brain does not allow me to process how racist slurs and objectifying and targeting minority groups and faiths cannot be part of tiktok’s “Hate Speech” report section. It’s so stupid to see how people have accounts DEDICATED to spread HATE. Tiktok is meant to be a platform to showcase talent and USEFUL INFORMATION not a narrow minded, brain washed, thick headed and deluded person’s irrelevant thought process. And if some idiots are deciding to devote their existence to spreading hate well tiktok needs to get them away from the app to provide a SAFEGUARDED social environment. You wouldn’t like someone saying racist slurs to your face so why is it fine when it’s behind a screen? It’s not. And tiktok needs to fix up their safeguarding and actually do something about the reports sent instead of just sending a message 2 minutes later saying this doesn’t violate our guidelines and that rubbish. Your responsibility is to make the platform safe and make its users feel safe so you might feel like your guidelines are not violated but if someone feels like they are getting hate or their religion/faith/sector is getting hate from an angle that is NOT A JOKE then you need to do something about it..Version: 17.7.1

Really weird glitches within the last few weeksUsed to be fine, downloaded on iPhone and iPad but a few weeks ago my fyp would glitch on both devices and then just change the videos to Indian tiktok/trump supporting stuff, one girl who I’ve had blocked for a years videos started showing up every time it glitched but when I click her profile it still shows as no content and blocked then in the last week on both the iPhone and iPad the notification screen started messing up and now I get the notification bubble but they’re all likes/comments from weeks ago and don’t show any of the new ones but the new ones still show up under my videos. Uninstalled and redownloaded the app and nothing changed..Version: 17.6.1

Replying to comment with videoSTOP THIS ! I will never like another comment because of this stupid new feature!!! Take it back..Version: 15.5.6

Racism, sexism, homophobia...There are so many racist, sexist, and homophobic vids on TikTok that goes viral. People are reporting them but yet they are still up there and the users who make this type of vids are getting famous from being racist, sexist, homophobic etc... It is absolutely disgusting to see such things happening on this app. I really hope it gets fixed and that I don’t see or heard no more vids of hate speech that goes viral. Please do your thing!!!.Version: 17.7.1

TrashJust doing my part reddit.Version: 16.1.0

Why should I report an issue with TikTok?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of TikTok to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a TikTok customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TikTok.

Is TikTok not working?

TikTok works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TikTok.

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