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TikTok App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TikTok app received 124 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TikTok? Can you share your negative thoughts about tiktok?

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TikTok for Negative User Reviews

GreatStop with all the pop ups! I don’t want to select “keep notifications off” or “everyone can contact you” or “profile views off” or any of the other pop ups every time I open the app! I also keep getting the same ads over and over again even after clicking “not interested”, it’s almost like they’re showing up more often after reporting I don’t want to see them, very repetitive. Please remove system notifications they’re annoying to clear. Either lump them in with all notifications or remove. Also I don’t want two separate notifications for followers and comments etc - too many things to click into! Put it all in one place and stop making life hard.Version: 30.9.0

Where do I even begin?I’m convinced that people who use this app are living in The Matrix. It’s so toxic and addicting. The developers of this app really need to do something about age restrictions on this app because the amount of little kids on this app. My younger siblings who are 10 and 7 are pretty much addicted to this app. They’re on it 24/7. Everyone I know use it and are addicted to it. My friends, family, SCHOOL TEACHERS all have it. It’s actually really scary. Keep in mind I am 15 which means I’m apart of gen Z, and most, if not all, of my generation are on TikTok. So many teenagers are loosing their personality thanks to this abomination of an app. TikTok should be 18+ and I don’t care what any of the brainwashed teenagers say. People will get offended over ANYTHING and the littlest thing you could say can ruin your life. Because of an opinion. This app ruins so many people’s mental health and I think that the next generations won’t be able to do things like watch a 2 hour movie or watch a documentary because they’re so used to watching 15 second videos that are dumb and unfunny. As I said, this app brainwashes you. I used to be so addicted to this app. I would speak in “TikTok language” if that’s what you even call it and it ruined me and turned me into something I’m not which is why I’m writing this review. If you have this app please delete it. I’m begging you. It’s for your own good..Version: 25.0.0

Fix your system reportsRight now don’t get me wrong i love this app, it puts me out of my boredness and i use this app many hours a day but recently I just haven’t been happy with it. The report system is terrible and I keep getting banned for literally no reason? My videos keep getting taken down because of ‘grooming behaviour’ when none of that is involved in my videos? None of my videos are against the community guidelines yet they still get removed and then lead to account warnings and then to getting banned. i’m getting very frustrated as 3 accounts in the last 2 or 3 months has been banned for absolutely no reason at all, my first account had no account warnings or any videos taken down, the second i never even posted on (no account warnings) and the last one i got banned on which was a few days ago yes i had an account warning but that’s because my videos keep getting taken down for no reason. I put in hard work trying to blow up and make enjoyable videos but i just keep getting banned. and now on my current account i’ve already got a video taken down for ‘grooming behaviour’ when it’s nothing to do with that at all, it’s literally just myself. Please look into this because i am getting so frustrated to the point i might just give up on this app. Edit- even more accounts have been banned and that’s why you have the 1 star warning and now i’ve deleted it. fix ur app.Version: 26.7.0

WHERES MY PHOTO MODE.Please give me back the slideshow photo mode. i miss the memories we had together. i created beautiful slideshows sharing my thoughts. i produced videos that caught the attention of the average person who continued to scroll thinking it was just a normal day but every like meant i had a stronger bond with photo mode. tiktok was overjoyed at this update and it was taken from us. i request it back as soon as possible, this is heartbreaking and i’ve been recovering slowly but i still miss my photo mode ever so much and would do anything to have it back. another thing i would like to request is the original font returned to me. i made memories with that font and every day that has passed without it feels awful. this is wrong, this is bad, and the image of the font is slowly fading from my mind. it hurts and i cannot understand why such an important part of my life would be taken like that. thank you. 🙏 I CANT BELIEVE THIS. 🤬 WHY DOES THE VIDEO SHRINK WHEN YOU OPEN THE CONMEBTS. WHAT IS WROBG WITH YOU. and now you remove my “status.” what’s wrong with you. how can i stalk my lovers if i can’t see when they’re online. how will i know when he’s been online. how will i knkw his patterns. fix this. and also give me story mode for fun. and keep photo mode..Version: 30.2.0

MYour shadow baning blm vids and black creators but when I report accounts for having racial slurs as their name or in their videos you don’t do anything.Version: 16.5.0

DisgustingTiktok Is disgusting they are allowing children to be exploited by their family. They are allowing a child to be groomed by the internet. And though they have nothing to do with it. They need to ban the accounts with children in them period. These children have no idea what their families are truly doing to them. As in the wren Eleanor situation, she has no idea what her mother is putting online. Shes just 3 years old and is having fun being filmed. She has no idea there are creeps on the internet saving her videos and doing who knows what with them. Just as the other kids on tiktok and instagram and really any kind of social media app, have no idea what the comments mean. There are ppl saying they are gonna kidnap a child. They are literally grooming children, and tiktok is allowing it. They love to ban just dancing videos (ones of adults), but when it comes to a child getting groomed by predators on the internet they are no where to be found?! It’s honestly disgusting these accounts are still up. And for any mother or father who runs across this, please i am begging you take your children off social media. Their lives need to be private until they are old enough to even understand what the concept of internet means, meaning a 6 year old is NOT old enough for the internet, any kid under 13 just shouldn't be on the internet. And even 13 year olds don't need to post themselves, there are predators please protect your children..Version: 26.2.0

Tik Tok is horrible and you should not have itI made a video of me saying I’m Canadian and drank syrup and my video got taken down while people are saying kill all men but there videos are fine and spreading false information like saying why vaccines are bad for you but they are fine.Version: 20.2.0

So uh...Why they removed the old text-to-speech voice tiktok removed the old text to speech voice because the woman who’s voice they used didn’t like them using her voice, and she sued them for it. she also wanted to get paid for it if they used it but she didn’t like it anyways so yeah. i would also sue them if i was her tbf. my concerns so i read some other reviews that i quite agree with, like how when one person didn’t like someone wearing what they want to wear, tiktok took it down straight away. but when someone does illegal things or abandons their animals, or that one kid (@fiidgeit) was playing with caca above the toilet (i advise you not to watch it, the comments all say they regret clicking the @) and there was just a warning. i think tiktok should’ve taken those videos down. the ads why do you have ads if people can just scroll past them? 😐 that makes them useless. another one of my concerns one of the other reviews was like, why does tiktok take down videos because of one report that they thought was offensive for no reason or something, and when someone fakes having tics, cancer or covid for clout and hundreds of people report them, yet you don’t take them down. i think that’s a bit misleading... and another review... HATEPAGES and FANPAGES nothing is wrong with fanpages but that review about hatepages said things like they’re useless and how it could hurt anyone’s feelings. and i agree, the hatepages should get banned. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 stars -Linnea.Version: 19.5.1

TikTokWriting this review I feel bad giving only 3 stars, considering I’m literally obsessed with this app, but there are some major problems (in my opinion) with it. First of all, the app is addicting. I’ve lost so many hours watching TikTok that I could’ve been studying, sleeping, etcetera. I know it’s partially my fault, but I still think more can be done to prevent users from staying on the app for long periods of time. The second thing is about updates. I have multiple TikTok accounts. Every account has a different version of updates. I am also always behind on new updates because of this. When I go on the app store most of the time it reads “open” instead of “update”. I’m very frustrated when I can’t participate in trends because I’m still stuck with a version that is 2 months behind all of my friends. I understand the app isn’t perfect but if there’s an update it should be available to all users at the same time. I know that my phone isn’t the problem, as other users have experienced the same thing as me. Other than this and the fact that I can’t stay off of it, TikTok is a great app and sometimes can be very uplifting and kind. The app allows you to express your creativity and learn to do things you would’ve never thought you would need to know. I believe if these two things could be improved, then TikTok will be the perfect app for people to use as a way to get involved and be their true selves..Version: 24.9.0

UnimpressedTikTok use to be a place to express yourself but now TikTok is shadow banning/ taking down videos of anyone they find ugly, fat, LBGTQ+, cosplayer, apart of the BLM movement, different. It’s taken down so many wonderful videos because they “violate community guidelines” when that isn’t true at all. They also refuse to respond to emails about it. I find this behaviour horrible from an app company, please stop this. You are hurting people.Version: 16.4.0

MalwareThey track everything.Version: 16.6.1

Biased, UprofessionalJoined back when it began to blow up and found a lot of engaging content, but over the last year or so its become a battlefield between the far left and the mildly conservative to realistic. The company loves to preach about communitity standards but when it truly comes down to it,whoever deals with the reports end of things is either not doing their job to a proffessional standard and possesses political bias in their decisions, the definition of bullying, racism and hateful ideologiescetc does not pick sides, they clearly favour subjectives over raw facts, the way in which they handle reports etc enables radicalisation, hateful mindsets and a preferential narrative on what is morrally right and wrong, promotes double standards and enables bullying via video replies.. two examples - generalisations about a group based on skin colour or culture- definition of racism.. tiktoks interpretation- not if its anti-white. Therefore anti-white content is a ‘no violation’. Another.. videos that promote and imply that sexuality is a personality trait typically coinciding with old snd offensive stereotypes.. ie. gay= effeminate and toxic, obsessed with make up and vogueing - this is stereotyping - hateful ideology. By tiktok standards its perfectly harmless.. ‘no violation’.. these blatant double standards are not dealt with proffessionally, but the minute some troll reports a live under a violation thats not present, the creator gets banned- wheres the logic.Version: 20.7.0

UhhhhhSo TikTok is an amazing app and all but I have had an account for less than a week and didn’t post anything rude or offensive I was just having fun sharing my videos. But someone reported me for no reason and TikTok doesn’t bother to even look at what they are reporting so anyone could report anything which is really sad because I took time and effort into making my videos and TikTok really needs to check what they are reporting before banning an account. I know I can’t recover my old account but just please check what u are banning. (And now because of account issues I’ll never be able to make another one :( ).Version: 22.0.0

A problem to do with a false banI have been on TikTok for about 3 years and the way TikTok deals with crossing the “community guidelines” is unfair and stupid. I have had an account and have gained nearly 50,000 followers and it is on the verge of disappearing like that 🤌🏻. Back in 2022 I had posted a video regarding a fight I had been in over Snapchat censoring the names to share awareness for cyber bullying. The next day I had gotten the video taken down from TikTok, saying around the words of “Sexual and over 18 content banned” or something on those lines. (And I have over checked the message fight and there was NOTHING over 18 or sexual in that fight) I had a warning and the next day I had appealed the video ban. It was appealed saying there was no problem regarding my video and that TikTok had made a mistake. I then reposted the same video and once again it was taken down! Then after that I was given an account warning stating I had broken the TikTok community guidelines TWICE! When the previous ban was lifted a day before. Now for nearly an entire year I have had the ACOUNT WARNING ⚠️ on my profile. Which is so irritating and is scary because in the future if I make a mistake I will be banned because TikTok hadn’t fixed its previous mistake. If you have reached the end of this I would like to thank you but anyone who works for the app Tiktok I would like to inform you that there is a problem and this needs to be fixed A.S.A.P thank you for your time.Version: 27.7.1

Needs serious improvementsGreat social media platform, however, let me ask one question. WHY DOES AUSTRALIA NOT HAVE THE LATEST FEATURES? I know that rolling out features to all countries at once can be a problem but god, it has been about 5 months and I still don’t have the playlists feature, we got the new text to speech voice about 2 months after its release. I’m a creator with over 20 thousand followers and the lack of features other creators have, my page becomes less noticeable, playlists would usually make it easier for people to look at my videos but since I don’t have them I cant actually sort out my content for those that want to watch different things on my page. And playlists is just one thing. Pinning the video would also be good. Also the auto reply feature, where is it? I changed to a business account and I don’t have it? Is Australia a joke to you? And don’t even get me started on the creator fund trouble I had to go through only to find that it’s not available in Australia, are you kidding me? Atleast respect people who make you relevant?!.Version: 21.0.0

Banning for random reasonsI joined tiktok at the beginning of 2019. At first things would go really well and I had my account for almost a year. I started to grow a large following and get more views. I was never posting anything inappropriate or harmful to myself or others… until one day I posted a video wearing a swim top and track pants, may I just mention neither of which were revealing but for some reason I got banned, meanwhile women are out here shaking there buts in tiny bikinis and they don’t get banned. The most hateful things can be said and they won’t get banned. Since then I’ve made several accounts ON PRIVATE that are still getting banned even though I didn’t do anything. I personally am begging to not want to be on tiktok anymore due to random banning and hate. You need to change this tiktok because it’s not fair. The hate needs to be stopped. I see so much body shaming on this app it’s ridiculous. Not only is this rude it can also trigger people and make them feel extremely bad about themselves. STOP THE HATE. being on this app used to bring joy to people but now it can be detrimental for one’s health and self confidence..Version: 22.1.0

Amazing (buttttt)I would give this 5 because I love tiktok I love being able to talk to my friends to share videos to post & see my views and likes to know that I’m doing just okay to see my feed back to know that what I’m doing is right and I’m not alone but there’s are some bad parts about being a tiktoker or well me a gachatoker so let’s get into the bad parts there’s a lot of hate that comes with posting a lot of stuff you have to do and then you over think what are you doing wrong to get so much hate what are you doing right to have so much support & if your like me you don’t think you deserve so much you think your videos are cringe when a lot of people says you aren’t when you wanna do a face reveal but tiktok makes you so insecure there are videos with the sound “this you, this you?” And people exposing there haters like what and now you got a lot of people like me addicted, sleep deprived, and just feeling horrible & you also let women twerk, be naked, be in a bikini, breastfeed, there boobs out and apparently this is a children’s app yes nothing is wrong with breastfeeding if this was an adult app cause it’s just showing a mothers Journey but there are 10-15 year olds seeing this that is very inappropriate if you ask me and you ban people for no reason if anything ban those people also TOO MANY UPDATES like just no they are so bad like please stop updating the app thank you<3.Version: 24.5.0

Social Work student here!For all of the hype that surrounds TikTok, it is an incredibly interesting app that plays a major role in the life of most adolescents today. It can create unique spaces of community on the app, and provide content for people to talk about, share, and bond over outside the app itself. However, from my own experience, I would rate the app a 3 out of 5. The fact that the For You page provides a constant stream of new content is a brilliant design choice to get people to spend longer on the app, it can often feel like the user does not have agency over what they are seeing. Additionally, fears about being on a different ‘side’ of TikTok than peers could be a source of stress or concern for some adolescents, adding to potential mental health effects social media can have. Most of the design of the app is intuitive once the user has been on it for a little bit, and while the privacy settings are not front-and-center, they are available so that adolescents can have the content that they view tailored somewhat to not include inappropriate content and to promote healthy app usage, but allowing a parent to have potential control over being able to extend time using the app must feel like an invasion of their privacy. However, without an external source of monitoring, it can be very easy for adolescents, as well as adults, to become compulsive TikTok users who only find sporadic joy from the content they watch..Version: 19.9.0

Review Erased?I did submit a review and I never did see it pop up on here and then I looked again and saw it was gone. I have been waiting a couple days now since my life was banned. The reason they banned me was far from the truth as I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not have any artillery. It seems that you were guilty until proven innocent and they really don’t respond to you whenever you submit anything to support and asked to know why or what happened so you know what it was. People can have a vendetta against you or they can feel threatened and then just report you and then you’re just shut down. This happened to me two Sundays ago and then it was removed and seeing that nothing was done on my part and then sure enough another week rolls around and on another Sunday the same thing happened and now it has taken days on the appeal. There needs to be a better process and I don’t think that it’s fair. I do think that TikTok is an excellent platform but they really need to work on customer service and personal interaction. I do agree with one review that I saw on here, where they said that they believe that if they don’t like you for whatever reason whether it is personal parents or whether you’re able to entertain the executives; or whether you’re able to bring in money, then this happens quite often until you are completely banned forever. What is society. What a horrible society..Version: 23.1.0

Waste of time .Its an addiction waste of time.. same contact repeating..Version: 16.0.0

Essentially malwareApp takes far too much information.Version: 16.6.1

Tik Tok went down hill.I’ve used this app for 3 years now, and I can tell you that the algorithm has gradually became so stagnant. But that’s the way the developers want it, and I’ll explain. You post a video, you will get a couple hundred views, and about a guaranteed 10% likes. The algorithm is pushing your content to people that don’t care to see what you post. They want us to use hashtags, and many have millions of views, but we only get a couple hundred at best? They’re purposely hold you back unless you pay yo promote your videos. I would if I was promoting product, for marketing reasons. It’s turning into a shopping app, rather than what it started out as. The algorithm based off your likes and content you want to see also gets stagnant. You will see the same things over and over, like one video, they shove a creator in your face a few more times within 10 videos.. it’s just odd. You can’t quite discover new or be discovered like you use to. I also love the hypocrisy of their “community guidelines”.. if you tell someone to go F themselves, because they’re bullying you and saying mean things. Hurtful things. It doesn’t matter. If they report you first their provocation leading up to them crying and reporting me, is justified, allowed, and protected. This has happened a few times. Bullying is allowed on this app. Don’t be fooled. My time on this app is most likely going to end soon. It’s becoming like the rest. A boring, growth stunting, cesspool..Version: 32.6.0

Good app, bad after some timeDon’t get me wrong, the app is great in how easy it is to learn things ( like recipes, things for school or tutorials or the new trends ) and to make fun videos with friends, but the cons are bad. Firstly, it’s addicting. Not in a good way tho, because unless you have great self control you won’t be leaving the couch till your phone runs out. Also, it’s going to have you stay up all night (maybe an extra half an hour in bed or more) and even longer in the morning. Another thing I have definitely noticed which co I’ll d be the worst part is that my attention span is MUCH shorter now. All the mindless scrolling will give you some type of adhd, because I’m sure most people won’t remember the last 5 videos they just watched. In summary good app not worth it if you have no self control.Version: 28.4.1

The way this app treats its creators is disgustingI have never once written a review in my life but now i feel i have to. tiktok suppresses any content from minority creators; black people, disabled people, queer people. if you speak on oppression, your videos will be shadowbanned (aka; not get seen by many people) from then on. if you use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, or have the name of a disability in your captions or even have a pride flag? your videos will not be seen. they also refuse to take down horrific content, such as animal abuse, and blatant hate speech. i reported a video that blatantly stated that if you are transgender you deserve to die, and they didn't even look at it for more than an hour. they've deleted hashtags on george floyd and other black lives matter issues, but pretend they are in full support. THIS NEEDS TO STOP..Version: 16.5.0

Worst app everWorst app ever.Version: 16.0.0

Banning people for random reasonsI love tiktok it’s an amazing app don’t get me wrong but there is one thing wrong with it. BEING BANNED FOR NO REASON. I had an amazing tiktok account and I had 500+ followers and 56k likes on only one video but then I got banned for “age” bro one I’m 14 so that’s the age and two I didn’t even show my face so how would you know. The same thing happened with my main account. They got banned on the same day for the same thing. I am the right age but apparently I’m too young wth tiktok. All my drafts, favourited videos, my actual videos, all my favourited sounds, my friends. And now I have to start all over again I can’t find the same sounds I had too many and same with the favourite videos. I now have to gain followers again and follow all my friends when they probably won’t know who I am. And I tried to post a video saying who wants to join a Snapchat group chat and it got taken down for “minor safety” when I see people doing the nasty on tiktok and you approve it. I’m sick of it! If I get banned one more time I swear I will deleted tiktok forever when I have been a loyal tiktoker from musically all the way to tiktok to now! Oh and it’s not just me it’s many other people getting banned for no reason 😒.Version: 25.0.0

StopPlease make it so you are not able to react to a comment and annoy literally everyone who liked the comment.Version: 15.5.6

Saw lots of urineSo, if you’ve been searching for a place to watch people urinate their pants in attempts at a comedic response, this app may be perfect for you. How ever if you are normal, like I, this app is horrific..Version: 16.0.0

Terible serviceI have sent tik tok an email and haveade svers complaints about one of my tik tok account that has been suspended i am always very kind on there do not swear dont post anything inappropriate and i got suspended its disgusting that they cannot do there job properly and we have to pay for it you really need to oen up and fix this terrible problem because i can be very upsetting loosing something you have worked really hard for , for no real reason if i do not get my account back THIS week i will be sending another email and coming back here with another complaint TIK TOK own ul to your bad and give me my account back that i have worked hard on. Disgusting , and terible service so many other people have this hsppen and it makes me very upset that you do not do anything about it. OWN UP..Version: 24.8.0

Glitches.I used this app for idk how many years on my iPad and it was working absolutely great. I loved it, everything was great and it was so amazing. Until, I went on the app. It was works fine for a few minutes and then once I scroll down there's this fornite tiktok. What could go wrong? That's right, a glitch. But nit just any glitch, a glitch that almost broke my iPad. It was just a zombie girl skin and it it kept repeating what she was doing(rowing back and forth while standing) and I tried to scroll down or leave the app but I couldn't. So, I turned it off but once I turned it back on again nothing changed. I almost cried bc that iPad was what made me happy. I showed my sister and she turned it off (the way when u press the shut off button for like a few seconds and then it says swipe to turn off.) and when we pressed the home button to turn it back on again, it showed the apple logo. (That's what's it does) but it takes about 39 seconds to turn back on again. But this took around 15-20 minutes. 15-20 MINUTES. I want to use this app again but I can't bc it needs some "update" and it's not even on my iPad. ( not downloaded) so I click update and after it finishes it says "dOeSnt wOrK" or something. That's for wasting my time looking at a circles surround a little square which is blue. Now, I have to watch tiktok compilations which my sisters say is sad. Wow. Thanks a lot tiktok:).Version: 22.5.0

Please help solve this issueHi, before I start with what happened on a live I would love to say that this app is great I have seen tons of stuff that makes me feel happy and I have gotten so much love and support but there are some haters out there and that is what this complain is about. I was on a live watching this girl do some nails on a other girl but then I said the nails were thick and that my dog has nails long but I was exaggerating and I did tell them that. Now I didn’t know what I was saying was harmful but then this girl said get out of here and called me young and the creator of the live said or did nothing. Then everyone in the live I mean EVERYONE was attacking me and saying I was young and saying to leave and get out and still the creator did nothing but do the same as them I got blocked and I wasn’t able comment sorry. No I’m not proud of the way I acted but what im extremely mad about is that I got blocked but people were saying mean stuff that violated the community guidelines and they didn’t get blocked or nothing but I did I find this completely wrong I reported them on TikTok and now I’m sending a review of my experience that came from TikTok. Please if you can do something make the creators apologize including me and I will do better if you would like account names I will for sure do that I don’t have evidence I’m hoping you guys could see what happened on that live. If you need any more information I can for sure do that. Thank you so much!.Version: 30.0.0

WasteTiktok is trash, a waste of time and energy, inefficient and creates to many social problems. Tgg f ey even have an algorithm to slow growth of of “ugly” or “poor” users. I would not suggest getting, they snapped all of the 1 star ratings other wise it would be rated 2 stars, not cool at all..Version: 16.1.0

MediocreTbh I like the app for ideas and entertainment but the amount of ads I get is unbearable. Something that TikTok could most definitely improve on is bots! I understand that in the logging in/ signing up process you have to verify that you are human, but I believe there is some sort of way to get through this. I frequently get followed by suspicious accounts with the bio ‘click the link in my bio’ or ‘click to have *** with me’ Luckily, I block all of these account and report some but attention to them seems to be very little and they very rarely get banned. honestly I would fill the word ‘***’ in but it’s pretty obvious and I don’t really want to get banned of any sort. Speaking of getting banned, I have got a vast amount of 13 accounts banned and the reason is most likely ‘too young for TikTok’ but I very much am not too young for TikTok (over the age of 13) I also keep my videos featuring any part of myself on friends only- the most being shown my face. This frustrates me as I don’t believe that real people check your profile before TikTok assumes that you are too young and immediately bans you. Honestly, I find it ridiculous that TikTok can assume this type of thing and ban you with no hesitation. Overall I like the app for content purposes and watching the videos, but tbh the actual software of it (idk if that’s the right wording) is not great..Version: 26.6.1

What’s up with this report system??I swear every time I go to report someone for bullying someone or harassing someone, it always comes up with no violations, when there definitely is violations! And what’s up with not actually reading into the context of someone’s comment? Do you guys actually watch the video for context and then see if their comment is violating your rules? Because I’ve seen so many comments talking bad about the creator or whatever the topic is but they do it in a way where it won’t violate your rules if read it without context, but when you actually understand the meaning of their comment by watching the video then you can actually see that their bullying someone?.Version: 33.8.0

Really weird glitches within the last few weeksUsed to be fine, downloaded on iPhone and iPad but a few weeks ago my fyp would glitch on both devices and then just change the videos to Indian tiktok/trump supporting stuff, one girl who I’ve had blocked for a years videos started showing up every time it glitched but when I click her profile it still shows as no content and blocked then in the last week on both the iPhone and iPad the notification screen started messing up and now I get the notification bubble but they’re all likes/comments from weeks ago and don’t show any of the new ones but the new ones still show up under my videos. Uninstalled and redownloaded the app and nothing changed..Version: 17.6.1

Reporting system is garbageChildren run around this app Half naked, making inappropriate videos despite the age limit. Not only that they attack their creators, ban them for absolutely no reason. My live was suspended permanently while I was fully clothed making a stuff toy. A STUFFED TOY. Yet it was reported for “serious pornography”. They don’t look at what they ban they just remove it and have no way to even attempt an appeal. It’s garbage.Version: 14.7.0

Continuously getting bannedLast year I reached 870 or so followers. Words couldn’t describe how grateful I was. I saw a funny tiktok of a man using the time warp filter so I stitched it. The next day I woke up and saw that my account was permanently banned! I didn’t know why. It didn’t have an explanation on why my account was banned or anything! I made another account, got to 500 followers and boom, I was banned... again. So I made another account and posted a TikTok about my back walkover progression and it was banned. My account wasn’t banned, the video was. And it said it was for child abuse. I wasn’t getting abused and no one in the background was either. So they took the TikTok down and then yesterday I posted my back handspring because I had just gotten it on my trampoline and my account was banned when I woke up this morning. My friends accounts have also been banned recently. I won’t go into too much detail about my friends accounts because I don’t know if they were good reasons or not. But my point is that TikTok keeps randomly banning accounts and not even telling us why..Version: 22.1.0

Updating ProblemI've been using tiktok for a couple years and yet every time there's a new update, my either doesn't show up or comes a lot later than others. Even sometimes the updates would go away and go back to the previous version. I've always been making sure to update the app and i've even tried deleting and reinstalling yet nothing works. I still don't have the tiktok story feature or the photo feature. I cant view anyone's stories either. And when recording, I still have the blue line at the top rather than the record line circling around the record button. For some reason, the update comes back out of nowhere and i can see stories and post them but then a couple hours later, it would go back to the previous version and i can no longer even view my own story posts. I've complained about this many times and have sent reports yet i've never ever gotten a response. I've even sent emails and still nothing. Everything else on the app is fine but it's just this update problem. I don't get to access a lot of features and sometimes when people tag me in their stories, i can't even see them. It would say that someone tagged me in their story but when i click on it, it says that it's unavailable. Please fix this issue..Version: 31.9.0

GuidelinesThis is honestly getting on my nerves. i have seen many people do the trend where they show via a drawing and you draw on where you have SH and haven’t gotten them taken down and they are PUBLIC. mine was in private videos where i can only see and it still got taken down when no one can see it. now tiktok, please make this make sense to me real quick. i do a trend that is currently trending on tiktok and i put it in private but when people have so many likes on a video that is revolving around THIS trend it doesn't get taken down? please make these guidelines actually realistic as it is not fair for the videos i have seen been done around fighting, showing their body off (naked/half naked, in revealing clothes, SHOWING THEIR CHEST NAKED WHILE BREST FEEDING), nude pictures of a animated character and etc. i get taken down for being in a SPORTS BRA, a fight video to make awareness off me getting assaulted, harassed and stalked and a photo trend revolving around drawing on where you have SH, how much you love a family member/friend, where you would like to be touched via a random stranger, family member, best friend and S/O, which parts of your body are you insecure about and etc. if you do not like other people doing these trends it is not fair that people with no likes or very little likes have them taken down but people with such a huge following and likes don’t get taken down. please make these “guidelines” actually realistic to the public..Version: 26.8.0

Font racists nude and cyberbullingI HATE YOU ALL RACISTS DONT GET REPORTED CAUSE IT DOESNT VIOLATE OUR *GUIDELINES OR SOMETHING* THE FONT IS SO UGLY GET RID OF IT +you get banned for no reason and people mocking chinese people is normalized there and they dont get banned and there and people almost naked and you dont ban them but you ban people that literally didnt do anything also the people there are mostly disguting and there are too many bots and when i reports them it says no violation i reported someone saying ching chong and people slanting there eyes saying chinese people be like if you want to download for your child please dont if she posts art maybe people will say art lore and that is bullying people drawings saying OMG I FOUND THE ORIGINAL and people say in the comments your arts looks horrible i hate everyone i hope they all learn a lesson people location gets leaked alot of scammers and some jumpscares when your trying to watch a cute video not good for kids keep it away from it also the “sigmas” men are better when they see a news artical A CHILD LITERALLY GET R..*ped and says skill issue and alot of people says to childeren kys search it up what it means the people are disguting there are pedos but the app itself is good if you arent at the wrong side of tiktok and most people are also nice and i dont mean all people are like this cause alot of people are just gross just check what your child is watching and then its good.Version: 30.3.0

TiktokTiktok is great. I love that you can just scroll and take your mind off stuff. And it stays up to date. And one of my favorite parts is that you can scroll past ads. It’s not just some trap for money. However, I have some complaints. Firstly, I did not allow access to my contacts and it still very clearly uses them. It may be in the terms and conditions, but I find that very violating. Secondly, reports. The TikTok moderators never take into account the context of a comment when you report it. And often times, I will report something for very clearly violating something, and nothing happens. I have also had comments removed before, yet brought right back because they were wrong to remove it. The TikTok moderators do not do their job properly. Too many people get stuff removed for no reason, and too many people don’t get stuff removed when it should be. There needs to be an option to actually type a message when you appeal to plead your case. And there also needs to be a way to appeal a report when it doesn’t go through, because clearly someone doesn’t know what they are doing. I have seen someone get banned simply for existing, and yet I report a video for literally having M-rated content with blood and guts, and yet it has “no violations”. Same thing with harming animals. Or just harmful content that is meant to bring others down. This app either needs to remove reporting, or do their job. I am really getting upset with the reporting feature..Version: 31.8.0

Good but in severe need of changeIn general i would say its a good app, fun to watch, easily accessible (especially with the new live captions) and a good way to spread information, well not really good at all. all over tiktok there are many h0mophobic, rac1st, 1slamophobic, d1scriminative, ped0phillia, s3xual h4rrasment etc. videos that stay up on the platform, and when any LGBTQ+ members or POCs or other minorities bring up and issue or even make a video it gets taken down, even when said in a far nicer way than the previously mentioned videos, which shows that the filtering system is terrible and needs change. and with the new update of paying for views, that’s even worse because it’s putting down creators that put a lot more effort into their videos but aren’t financially well because tiktok’s creator fund is also wack, and its supporting average creators who just happen to be financially better. this will recommend people less of what they want on their for you page causing people to leave the app, leave bad reviews, and that would be the downfall of the app. my suggestion is to scrap this new update and improve your filtering system. (censored some words so this review gets seen by a real human and the review doesnt get filtered).Version: 19.5.1

Kinda racistTikTok is shadowbanning black creators, people who are talking about black lives matter, the lgbtq community, and people who are “ugly”. TikTok is also deleting videos about protests..Version: 16.5.0

Sue latorreI'm unsure as to why some videos that are awful and boring have over a million views but when a good video is posted it has something stupid like 120views and only 12 likes, it makes me wonder what is set up. I have been watching closely, all my friends including myself have posted very funny videos but get nothing over a hundred likes really, but strangers posting worse have over a million. Do I need to be on here constantly in order for a video to stay on the reel? I'm don't mean to sound like I'm complying, I'm just asking as I don't know. I want My grandson picked up for modelling and my daughter is being ignored on here when she posts videos, but we get stopped in the street all the time to say how stunning he is. I don't know, if u can give me feed back on how to get more likes on videos, I will post what u ask 🤣 to a certain point 🤣. I have bought some great items from TikTok, should I repost when I'm happy with them? Consider me a blank canvas that u can create into a master piece, u help me, I help u, and u get five stars, what do u think?? I'm probably talking to a robot so I'm gonna shut up now. Just know that I'm here if u want the love and rating. Ur girl.... oozie 😘.Version: 30.8.0

Tiktok badTIktok bad.Version: 16.6.1

Too many hate speechesPeople are misusing this app.Version: 16.0.0

Not cool😡😡😡I hate this update. I mean it is stupid because you don’t get to remake any of your privates and that stupid little thing when you like something and that big heart comes up I don’t like that. And how the search up thing is different is confusing, and our profile, how it shows you all of you videos and likes and that. The only thing that I like is that when you save something to private it doesn’t go back to the main page. Please change the update again so that I can actually remake my privates and so that they aren’t like a playlist of them. Please please change the update. Thanks😡😡😡😡😡. (Hope you if you read this and you HAVEN’T downloaded this app then I would consider taking a second thought change).Version: 7.1.0

Animal abusePromotes animal abuse and claims that it doesn’t violate their rules. Ridiculous. Watching videos of rabbits being bred by the hundreds, thrown around, abused, dropped from heights, and then later slaughtered, should not happen and certainly has no place being shown on the internet under the guise of “cute bunny videos”. Won’t ever use this app again after trying to report this behaviour multiple times with no changes..Version: 16.0.0

Shadow Banned Mass Troll ReportingAt first it was fun, then I got on to the side of sharing information to try and educate the Covidiots who were sharing misinformation from memes they found on FB. That’s when the mass reporting of my videos began, of course they’d all get restored. Only downside to that fun is, when your videos are restored, there is a mark that is still on your account which means although your video is classed to have no violations, your account could be removed without notice and no way to appeal their poor decision. This app is 100% all about reporting decent users and videos. And 0% ways of messaging a human who can clearly see you are being falsely reported. If I’m wrong, I’d like a human from TikTok’s team to explain where I’m wrong and not a generic link that points you to every single guideline. Also to add as I was waiting to hear back from my being ejected from a live, with the host for Bullying and Harassment. Funny thing was, it was only us 2 (Two) in the live talking and laughing together. I have just been informed that my ban is upheld and can no longer go live. So this is were I will be deactivating my account and deleting the app. Everything is scrutinised and if you say one bad word, or breath the wrong way, you will be deemed breaking one of their thousands of tiny guidelines. The fun has been sucked from my being and I’m announcing my departure from the app. #TikTok toodle pip..Version: 27.9.0

SusIf you value your privacy, don’t install..Version: 16.6.1

LIFE CHANGING APP NO SCAM 💯💯💯I gave this one star because it is the number one app i have ever owned in my entire life I’ve recently been sufferening from hiv and the loss of my entire family to 9/11 and bélieve me when i tell you this app CHANGED MY LYFe i found a new family through this app a family off TikTokers (no thanks to 9/11 🙄) M’y Life (67f) initially started going down hill when my husband Darren (24m) murdered the family child 👶 (Stephanie 32f) so naturally i resorted to excessive knitting i have now fully covered my entire house in yarn even the windows and doors no light can get through as it’s several layers thick it’s starting to get damp under it all and a new eco system is forming with yarn animals a river now runs through my house and i live off moss (not terrible you should try it) i found fun and exciting ways to cook 👨‍🍳 it thanks to tiktok thé range of chefs you have to chose from is remarkable ive tried all of them and i can defenitley say chef Gordon Ramsey needs work my favourite off course being karen(aka my vegan teacher). Finally i would just like to thank uncle Grahame for introducing me to the inter webs were i discovered this app Sincerely Demetrius demarcus Barthélémy the 3rd XX 😘.Version: 21.7.0

We want originalI can’t figure out what is what now and It glitches way to much and now it’s everything’s different we want original backkk pleaseeeee.Version: 9.9.0

Censorship to the maxThey will not let us speak for human rights in Palestine and censor everything and deleted Palestinian accounts. Since when was going against colonialism terrorism? Oh that’s right. Nelson Mandela and so many more. You silencers are on the wrong side of history. Do not silence the truth. Remember your silence and your input in stopping us in fighting for human rights. Also TikTok is hella racist and need to be pressured down for enabling racist Zionists..Version: 19.5.1

This app turns people into sheepThis app turns people into sheep.Version: 19.0.0

I got banned for being underage but i’m over the age of the requirement?Hey tiktok! I really love this social platform and it helps me to reduce stress after days. It is my habit to check on my account everyday and it is a very fun thing to do after a stressful day but now it gives me more heart attack and stress when I suddenly got banned without any warning before that. My stomach drops and I was and still so panicked of what just happened. The reason was that they assume I am 12 years old so they just ban me right away. I’ve sent many emails and feedbacks proving that I’m eligible for owning my own account but I apparently don’t even know when I will get the reply back. I only have 4 months to do something before everything will be deleted forever permanently! Even tho I don't have that much followers but that is my hard work and passion on it and it means a lot for me. Losing everything in a sec is so unfair! I did nothing wrong and I meet the age requirement! Please check through the feedback and emails and help return everything back to me before everything being deleted over of nothing! Thank you!.Version: 25.7.0

TerribleI quit, I’ve tried my best so many times to have an account but no TikTok has to ban my account 4 times and it’s in organised TikTok hasn’t done anything and the only thing that makes it great is the people, I didn’t deserve to get banned 3 times because i had an argument which was a misunderstanding by TikTok and yet there are actual fights meanwhile I am the one that should get banned because I was ‘arguing’ TikTok improved the guidelines and I though it would make them more fresh but no, people do more dangerous stuff and I have to get banned just like anyone is entitled to getting banned for somthing you do, TikTok is so unprepared that if you report somthing I don’t think they do view it and instead just ban it or leave it. Once I reported a video with a lot of nudity and yet that didn’t get banned, this needs to be resolved before I fully quit as I’ve given up trying to get my fast growing first account back by trying to get that much followers and TikTok pushed it away, the only thing TikTok is without people on it is posting videos going live gifting and doing things to your profile so I feel like TikTok could make more effort too as some of my friends get the ‘argument’ ban.Version: 23.1.0

Worse App EverI love this app but the guidelines are so stupid. It’s one rule for someone and a different rule for others. I posted a repost of a TikTok and mine gets taken down and the original is up and many other reposts are still up. They ban you without reason, one person reports you and all of a sudden all your videos get taken down and you get banned. It’s unfair. And when you try to appeal it won’t let you give a reasoning as to why you’re appealing. And they never review your video. It’s just a bot that looks over it. Instagram is 10x better and guidelines are consistent. TikTok is just a soft app and no matter what you post they’ll always be someone who gets offended or is a hater and they’ll falsely report because they don’t like you and all of a sudden you’re banned. No wonder this app is banned in so many countries such as India. People know that this app is just ridiculous. From the guidelines to the service when you’ve got a problem. They don’t reply to your issues and if they do it’s a copy and paste message they send to all. I’m done with this app. Honestly if they wanna improve it and have more people enjoy it and not play with peoples mental health, they should be consistent with guidelines and be less strict with everything. Be like Twitter. Why do you think those social media’s aren’t banned in certain countries. Food for thought!.Version: 20.2.0

WhyGood reputation. Came out horrible. Just ban it.Version: 18.5.0

Strange biasTikTok is very good at keeping you watching I’ll give them that it’s quite addictive, I can end up in loops scrolling for hours. For some people it will be good to share their content. And you can find fandoms if you’re into that. But the app often seems to take down my videos for violating content and when I read the guidelines it has NOTHING. My video as removed for “adult nudity” when it was a edit of the character The Spot, THERES NO NUDITY. This is especially strange considering the very weird things you can find on the app, there is a lot of suggestive content and people half naked that TikTok allows the video up. Which I do not think these videos are safe for 13 year olds. A video I saw about other people helping out other people in crutches was age restricted. Also my videos have been removed from the for you page because it was “low quality” when I have seen so many videos almost exactly the same to mine. I’ve seen a trend of not just me a lot of peoples comments get removed yet peoples comments with slurs and hate are kept up. I have reported myself and they have came back with “no violation.” Another problem I’ve seen a lot of people have is their photo/slideshow mode was taken away. It’s only a certain feature for specific users. The whole thing feels strangely biased. It’s quite disheartening being shadow banned when you put so much effort into you edits..Version: 32.4.0

Honest opinionHello, not that my name matters but my name is Keeley and this is my first ever time reviewing something but I just thought maybe it will catch someone’s eye and maybe help them. When joining this app, you will experience creative, honest, funny, and tons of different videos. You like the videos you like lost and it creates a for you page for you. But, it will never create a comment section for you. So, there will never ever be a comment section where everyone is nice to each other. You will experience hatred, hate speech, online cyber bullying, and more. I ask whoever is reading this because they’re scrolling for fun or they want to actually know what it is like to have the app. There is hatred, and it is social media. Every social media is full of it and might effect you in a way you won’t even realize. Tiktok is an amazing app, because it requires age restrictions to keep children safe, it requires a lot of safety so kids don’t get hurt. But, if you’re a mother looking at reviews to see if it’s safe for you child, then do not let them get it. Because you shouldn’t have to look through a review to see if a SOCIAL MEDIA app is good for them, because it is not. There are also videos on here that don’t belong on here. It is not kid or even adult friendly sometimes. I’m going to end the review here because I just kind of thought it would help, if anyone sees this. I’ll add onto it later, good bye and good luck! - 2022.Version: 26.9.0

Nah manBring Vines back.Version: 16.0.0

Playlist featureI love TikTok but they are very slack when it comes to updates. Some people will have a new filter or new profile feature and people from other countries get the same thing 5 months later. The playlist feature was made to categorise videos into different sections and I can see playlists on other accounts and can view the videos in them yet, I am not able to use this feature myself! The playlist feature has been out since about August 2021, it’s now mid January 2022 and I still don’t have it! I’ve made sure I have a business account and still nothing! I have reported this multiple times in app and haven’t gotten any response. Some people are saying you have to have at least 1k followers to get this playlist feature but I have seen accounts with about 300 followers have playlists on their account! Regardless, I have 4k followers on one of my accounts and still nothing! I understand it can take a while for updates to be out for everyone but it has been months. I can view other people’s playlists yet, I cannot make my own! To be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve missed the opportunity to try and grow my accounts because of viral filters and trends that haven’t been available in my region until months after the trend is over. TikTok needs to keep up with its updates, if you’re going to release a feature in some countries, why not all?.Version: 22.8.2

So Frustrating/RiggedI Love this App for many reasons, one of them being my ability to creat art! But I have been on the app since it was Musically (over 4 years now). I’m Almost Positive that the app is rigged to only push sexually explicit content, already famous people’s content, or people who have money to pay for their content to be pushed. The app is high school popularity in virtual form. There are so many deserving creators that go unseen on the app including me. I have practically worked two full time jobs trying to create original content that actually means something & constantly go unseen on the FYP, & cannot build my account! No matter how many tips & tricks you follow on this app you won’t go anywhere unless you can meet TikTok’s popularity standards! At this point it makes me wanna rid of the app all together & bring all my friends & family that joined because of my referral with me! Big accounts get bigger for doing nothing while small creators work their back sides off to wow people just to find out Tiktok is never gonna let any of your content go viral. Doesn’t matter how inspirational, kind, or creative it is! If you are drop dead beautiful, have money, or post half naked stuff. Tiktok will not push your content. I have wasted three years & I highly suggest no one else starts if your time and energy matter to you! Luck of the draw my a$$$.Version: 25.0.0

Shouldn’t downloadWouldn’t recommend downloading it as it is very addictive and you will spend ur whole day on it and this app is very invasive of ur data it takes all of it ur search history ur biometric data all ur files basically everything and they could delete it if they wanted and tik tok as I’m sure all of u are aware is just short videos after short video and watching it more than 90 minutes a day can shorten ur attention span and tik tok has made gen z attention span down to that of a goldfish which is only a couple seconds so I just deleted it after finding out and I recommend everyone does also wanted to note that they keep giving bad people a platform such as Andrew tate who has very misogynistic views and his fans boys will only say it’s a character when it doesn’t matter because he is influencing a lot of boys into believing this stuff is fine and the stuff he says concludes “woman are property’s of men they need to obey men a man can cheat and have multiple wives and a woman can’t even talk to a another man because that it cheating “ and also want to note a video has been going around twitter of him beating a woman for not “listening” and he is also under investigation for human trafficking by the Romanian police so tik tok I ask you stop giving him a platform.Version: 25.4.0

Most racist app I’ve ever seen.No matter how many times I reset my for you pages feed it still always pushes woke anti white people propaganda onto my feed. As white person I’m deeply shocked and offended about how blatantly people can be vile just because of your skin. I’ve tried everything to not see this stuff like holding not interested, reporting said accounts and obviously refreshing my feed. As they’re the only solutions I had. Now I’ve completely deleted this app and won’t return and advise anyone who’s white not install this app as I’m not the only victim to the massive racist anti white regime on there. Ps I’ve had tiktok for over a year or two so I’m not new to the platform this is something that needs to be addressed as it’s becoming a rapidly growing community to hate on races, a few days ago I seen one pop up I selected (not interested) because if I’m being racially objectified it can be quite upsetting and I’d rather not see it, only for over the next few days all I’m seeing is people who hate your skin, your identity and even threatening your life and how you live but the moment you try to defend your name tiktok tell you that it’s against their guidelines while I have someone telling me they will hurt me for being white. Worlds a joke. This needs fixing Tiktok surely you can reed this and refigure what’s against your community guidelines..Version: 34.0.0

It’s okay.I’ve just downloaded tiktok again because it wouldn’t let me log in even though all my information was correct. i researched online to see what the problem with logging in was, and the top statement was to delete it, so i did. i tried doing that about 3 times in a row and it still kept saying “unable to authorize”. at this point, i just restart my phone and after that it logs me in my account. the problem now is that when i want to search, watch videos, create tiktoks, the app always says “no internet connection” or “no network connection” and i’m super annoyed by this because i’ve tried turning my phone on and off, i tried turning my WiFi on and off, i tried having my cellular WiFi on, and yet, no luck. i research about it more, and it says to delete the app or update it. i cant update it because it already is, so i delete the app. i tried over 3 times to log in, and i finally do. the super big problem is that i cant watch or do anything because of my “internet” causing this problem. although, my ipad has tiktok and is connected to the same account information, WiFi, and everything and it works great. i can search for this on tiktok fine, i can choose sounds fine, i can make tiktok’s fine, but on my iphone i cannot. anyone let me know if you have any tips or tricks i can do to solve this problem without me having to delete the app. :).Version: 28.4.0

Collecting personal information from children?Why are you collecting information about children, including their location? That is alarming behaviour and I question the intentions behind this predatory behaviour. Is tik tok run by child molesters? Because that’s who collects this kind of information from children..Version: 15.7.0

SucksTiktok sucks nothing works.Version: 16.0.0

PROTEST!!!Stop Shadowbanning LGBTQ+, Black and Cosplay Creators. Join the protest by rating one star and telling them to stop shadowbanning If you want to do even more temporarily delete the app.Version: 16.5.0

BLACK LIVES MATTERTiktok is racist. Fix it..Version: 16.5.0

This app sucks the content sucksThere should be a way to block this app, now I have to let it on my iPad that I share with my son and block via screentime..Version: 16.0.0

BruhThis app brainwashed a whole generation 💀💀.Version: 22.5.0

Fab but...I have been on the app for a while (when it was musically) and it has changed a lot of changes throughout my time on the app. I really enjoy the app and how you can react and duet with/to people and also like how you can add emojis and effects. However, I think it is basically becoming an app exactly like funimate and like. A problem that I don’t like is that on your settings you can change it to if you want people to be able to react, duet and save your videos and with private if you select it than it’s still only you that can do it. The only way to be able to duet someone private is if they tag you and if someone has made like a this or that video and they’d like people to use it you can’t. Another problem is that for 2 of my friends private accounts it will not let me request them. I go onto their account and request it but when I go back to the account it unrequests it and I’m not able to see my friends videos. I understand that this isn’t a problem that everyone gets so that’s why I’m confused. Yet another negative comment is that you cannot duet videos with sounds more than 15 seconds and when I try to make my own comedy sound or something it only lets me do 15 seconds which is really annoying. I am also one of the people that really misses the app musically and do not understand how tik tok relates to it. I am sorry to say but I’ll have to give it a rating of 3. Other then these problems fun and awesome app!.Version: 9.6.1

Ok listen.This app changed my friend. She isn’t famous on tik tok and decides to pull off her anger on the whole class. I feel bad for the poor class. And thanks to this you ruined every single song if I play one song at school they do a cringy tik tok dance. What else? Musia.ly was my favourite app before now it changed to this app where people make up rumours to scare kids and they also bully people and people are also racist and inappropriate on this app! You should delete this app and bring back musica.ly..Version: 19.1.0

Love it but some things need working onI’m literally obsessed with this app iv had it since it was called musically and it’s the only thing I do every day is just sit on tiktok laying down and all. but I make accounts and follow my friends and have fun but they literally get banned for no reason and it’s so sad becasue I work so hard for all of them I’m over the age limit but once I hit 10k of just something they ban me. it’s so so annoying. or sometimes your videos don’t post you get shadowbanned and then it just says your account has been permanently banned due to multiple vialations of community guidelines. when none of the videos have been taken down. I post a vid with my stomach showing and my whole acc gets deleted there’s literally people on that app half naked with just g strings and stuff and you ban people for having fun. like come on it’s not getting fun when u get banned and have to start all over again and do all of your sounds and follow all of your friends and earn for you likes and that it’s really disappointing I hope you can do something about it bc I love tiktok and I always get my accounts banned.Version: 21.5.0

Reposts and filterNeeds to not show reposts/recommendations from ppl we don’t know even if they’re mutuals with our own mutuals. AND NEEDS TO STOP REMOVING THE GOOD FILTERS AKA THE REAL FRECKLES FILTER THAT MADE ME/EVERYONE ELSE LOOK GOOD ASL FILTERS: pls tiktok i beg u to not remove the filter you know everyone uses such as the real freckles filter. everyone is devastated and speaking on behalf of those who are devastated, why? why take away such good filters but allow ppl to create filters that no one will ever use? pls take this review into consideration and bring back the real freckles filter. it doesn’t have to be to the whole world. it could be just new zealand. please tiktok. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOUR MONEY! #riptherealfrecklesfilter💔 #foreverinourhearts❤️ #gonebutmostcertainlynotforgotten😔.Version: 23.4.0

Tick tockI do love tick tock it’s good for when your bored but I always have a issue with it because it sometimes logs you out for no reason possible lol if you try and access again sometimes you can log back in but mostly you can’t.I didn’t get banned it will say you got banned but I didn't sometimes there’s things on there that you have to watch out on btw (by the way) this app is not well for children lower than 10 like it showed 12+ ONLY you can swear you can’t control what you see on there which is not children free so don’t make an account for your children unless it’s managed by adults make sure you check your Child’s tick tock daily and before you download it for your child check the reviews like I said some things are dirty on there so watch out for what you see and hear especially for your child everything else from that is very well and good for if your bored and some things you can buy stuff there and say if your ordering something it’s sometimes give you good and bad information mostly good info thank you for listening to my opinion you might not agree with me but trust the process but watch for children bc (because) it learns a lot of bad stuff like stuff you don’t want your children to know yet. You can interact interact with people.Version: 23.4.0

Make it better!Sick and tired of seeing people ‘live’ either using a photo from google (multiple people using the same photo on different accounts) or sitting there pretending to be asleep while a game is shown being played - the trick? Getting people to send gifts to ‘control’ the game! Absolutely ridiculous. I also saw a man pleasure himself on a live stream on this app. There are open racists running their mouths constantly. Constant selling of useless products stating incorrect prices and this is almost every single day! I have reported numerous comments that include clear slurs that are deemed as having ‘no violation’, there are numerous inappropriate videos being posted - again ‘no violation’. There are some notoriously unsafe and inappropriate ‘creators’ that are being rewarded regularly! You claim to be a ‘safe’ app but TikTok tell me how any of the above is allowed on your app and how you deem the behaviour of the every day trouble makers to be safe! You ask users of the app to report things that shouldn’t be on there yet there’s always no violation and no action taken against these people. Do you have any actual humans working to check these reports or is it just automatic answers from machines? I’ve tried to be patient, I’ve tried to understand that things ‘slip through the cracks’ now and again but this is becoming a regular occurrence. 13 year olds should NOT be able to access the app in the state that it is currently in!!.Version: 33.1.0

Hate thisTiktok wont be getting much money anymore because now they’re banning more and more people and now they have already been the most successful app for a length of time, they are now allowing the ability to ban people. Tiktok is a great app and can be useful at times but regardless of the dates, you should be banning random people if they didn’t get reported by another user. Also, we all get why safety is important; especially online due to cyber bullying and that, but this can be upsetting because we can be losing al of our memories and favourite videos because this app is very entertaining and is fun to use for making videos to fun sounds but a lot of us start to complain and feel upset because we’re losing our memories and videos with others. I don’t really know how I feel about this, I get that you’re banning them for a reason but its just upsetting now. Additionally, my date of my account being permanently deleted is after my birthday so I would’ve been 13 by then but Tiktok has the ability to block my from using my account until that date. This annoys me because obviously the date is after my birthday so I will be allowed to use Tiktok. Thank you for using your time to read this, I’m not necessarily blaming anyone..Version: 24.5.0

Cool but 2 facedI love using tiktok (you can say it’s a bit of an addiction) but it’s really 2faced on what’s reported and what it takes down, for example I had a pair of blow up breast PG down and it gets taken down for being violating community guidelines for showing female nipples and harassment, I kinda understand why) but then a male post a video with real life breast and even a relative posted himself with them (without being censored) and it doesn’t get taken down and has been up for nearly a week, I don’t get it. But not only that I went to appeal my video and now I’m banned from it, what I’m trying to say really if your going to have rules make it the same for all.Version: 18.2.1

Fix thisI like this app but a bit less now since when I try to report someone for animal abusing like abandoning their animal or taking their pet into a non pet friendly place or someone stealing art work and posting it as their own or faking disability’s and sticking a straw up their nose for clout tiktok does nothing but as soon as a person that gets offended by someone’s option that video gets taken down in minutes or when a person doesn’t like that a woman is wearing a low cut shirt it gets taken down but when hundreds of people try to report someone for stealing, animal abandonment, animal abusing, faking service animals, making fun of a disability/disability’s or faking one tiktok does nothing and simply says we will do something about it when it violates our community Guide lines when it is violating your community guide lines I would like tiktok a LOT better and I think a lot of people would too if you actually take down and ban peoples accounts that do that!.Version: 13.2.2

I’m not underage but I keep getting bannedI have had two accounts today get banned because TikTok believes I am underage, even though you have to be 13 to have an account, and I am over 13. The first account was itz_froggy_time, and it was my cosplay account which I did nothing on, only had a few followers and no-one complained about it. Today, me and my friend were posting on it when it said the account was banned and going to be deleted because we were underage?? Then, I made a new account called froggy_stuffies, which I re-uploaded my cosplays onto, only to have it also banned hours later for no reason. I hate this so much and I’m scared for my other account, which has 1000+ followers that I would be miserable to lose. Please get my accounts back, I’ve tried to do the request thing that it says on the link when you are banned, but it didn’t work. Can I please get my accounts back, I did nothing wrong I just look slightly younger than I am..Version: 26.9.0

My Sincere ReviewTik Tok has definitely been my outlet for dealing with my depression & anxiety. It’s definitely made me feel happy & that I’m able to show my passion for learning dances. However, I feel like the app could definitely use some improvement. For starters the live streams. I know of many people who have been permanently banned for age restriction when they’re well over their 20s.This is really unfair because it’s the children on the app that are reporting us older folks because they’re jealous they can’t go live themselves. I’m 25 and I’m able to go live but I get anxiety on my live because I feel like someone will ban me when that shouldn’t be the case. This is something that definitely needs to be taken more seriously! Another issue are my views. Since 2021 started my views have gone significantly down. I feel like my ex boyfriend has something to do with this too because he keeps reporting my videos trying to get my tik tok account “banned”. This isn’t even fair at all for me. Also the tik tok gifts ! I feel like tik tok is taking more money than they should. I know tik tok takes atleast 66% from the gifts we earn, but i feel like they are taking more than that, when it should be the other way around. I know no one will probably read this but whoever does thanks for your time and I hope you take what I said into consideration. Have a blessed day😀.Version: 18.6.6

Good and disgustingTikTok is an amazing entertainment app. It has a clean user interface, navigating around it is seamless and most importantly, it is undeniably a great way to kill free time. However, there is one issue with this app that eliminates all of my complements: inappropriate content is happily lurking around that often appears intermittently. I installed the app on my iPhone to see what all the hype was about. Only a few days later, I began to see many inappropriate videos and recommendations pop up. I always keep my heart clean so I will not describe what it was, but trust me when I say it was disgusting. I am aware that you can customise your for you page, but that is absolutely no excuse for the dirty videos that are freely uploaded onto TikTok daily. It’s behaviour like this that makes me concerned where the modern generation is heading, despite the fact that I am a young teenager myself. Such content is incredibly alarming and it should receive much more attention. In order to fix this, I would kindly like to suggest that TikTok goes back to the drawing board and rewrites their algorithm from the ground-up to become fundamentally more intelligent. In doing so, it would significantly reduce the amount of inappropriate videos being uploaded, resulting in the app being profoundly better for all of us. Furthermore, it would entice more people to install it, which at the end of the day is TikTok’s main goal..Version: 21.1.0

Beware - tiktok isn’t all goodTiktok might be really fun to watch and something I use everyday to watch videos but there is one huge thing I noticed which I find horrible about it. My 13-year-old friend has had 3 accounts banned because of violations of the community guidelines. Most of them are because she is wearing crop tops or shirts that show a tiny amount of skin. She looks young for her age so when our other friends post videos in bikinis and tiny crop tops they don’t get banned or their videos aren’t reported. I’ve had two accounts myself banned because of community violations. I haven’t worn crop tops or bikinis or done anything sexual or self-harming or any videos against the community-guidelines which I have read multiple times and they get taken down for the craziest reasons like “adult nudity and sexual activity” yet there are people doing the WAP in bikinis that suit that sentence much more than me doing a completely innocent dance in shorts and a shirt. Tiktok should stop this and not take down videos for random reasons that don’t relate to the video at all or just because we long younger. This is one thing I completely hate about tiktok and that I think should be fixed. Also, why I was writing this review, my friends account has just been banned. I am going to delete tiktok now and if you have it I advise you do the same..Version: 17.8.1

So annoyingMy account keeps getting banned even though I’m getting of enough I haven’t done anything yet ring my accounts on private and I only post for my friends . Ok my follow list it says I’m following people that I haven’t ever seen . I have tried to make. New account but it is saying my age is not eligible for Ben though I am 13 just with growth problems . I have had to make a new count yesterday and today but today it said my age was not eligible and like I said my age is eligible because the age requirement is 13+ . But if you are going there for intertainment then that is the place to go for a tiny bit until your account gets banned TikTok used to be an amazing app but now it is banning people for no reason suspending people from lives for no reason and taking down videos for no reason . The point is is that if you want something like tiktok just go to instagram or Snapchat because unless tiktok are going to make this better then I will be looking elsewhere and making sure people know about this . But I also think other people know what I’m talking about so I know it is not just me . TikTok need to get this straight so because this type of review will keep coming from me as long as this problem is still a problem!!!!!.Version: 24.5.0

Very awesome app but...Hello TikTok! I would appreciate it if you read through this whole review to help me. So basically, I have had TikTok for years now, and I love the app so much! It's just that there has been a new feature for many people called "photo mode", where you can swipe the pictures and it doesn't do it automatically. I had the feature for a while but didn't do anything with it. I then had a TikTok idea for the photo mode feature and it was gone? And I later on watched tutorials, and it said to update the app, but I tried that and it didn't work still. I also think that tiktok should look through videos to see if they should be taken down or not, because I had a normal video about a video game on my old account (that later got banned) because of violence? It was a video of me winning victory Royale on Fortnite and got 1000+ likes. I was really disappointed. Also I keep seeing these VERY inappropriate videos on my fyp when you zoom in you see corn, and sometimes you just simply go to CapCut and turn the brightness up and it's corn. I have reported all of the videos I saw, but I don't think they got taken down yet. Anyways, love this, but I would love for you to fix these "bugs". xx.Version: 29.3.0

B l a c k l i v e s m a t t e rAlways.Version: 16.5.0

Good but has room for improvement.The basis of the app is good, the functionally and capability is amazing and it’s free! This is something that is pretty good in my honest opinion. There are plenty of clips around the world to watch, with there being billions in total. When you open up the app, you are given the opportunity to select different types of categories of videos that you would like to watch, which is cool. And you can obviously record videos that would earn you fans, and this would overall increase your popularity as a user if people love your content. Everyone has the desire to be inspired and become really famous due to this app, having thousands and millions of followers as a dream. But...this is where it starts to get flakey. There is an abysmal aspect of this app which only degrades it. People with an account and want to become really well known are shattered due to the fact that you can end up with your account getting banned for literally no reason whatsoever! It seems as if you are violating the laws of the app when in reality, no one ever did anything wrong. My weird but somewhat sensical theory as to why this happens is bots. They also watch the clips posted on this app since the developers have no way to check on all of the videos. Somehow, what seems to be totally acceptable and not breaking any laws, is seen differently by the bots. I highly suggest that the developers look into this. Overall, this app has a good feeling to it but needs fixing!.Version: 18.7.0

Community GuidelinesI love this app, it’s fun and allows me to escape reality for a little bit every day. but your guidelines are a load of absolute bs. my videos on my PRIVATE account where i have just under 30 followers who are my close friends, keep getting taken down for violating the guidelines. some have been for nudity (i was wearing a sports bra and track pants??) some for bullying and harassment (i was making jokes about my trauma as it’s how i cope with it and MILLIONS of other tiktok creators do it as well) and now, the sounds i’m using keep getting muted because of a little ‘language’. this, i find absolutely absurd considering half the things i see on this app, there are people who genuinely are breaking these guidelines who you need to be keeping an eye out for. not my private account and many other private accounts that aren’t causing any harm to anyone. fix your appeal system as well! if one of mine gets denied appeal one more time, i want the email of the person or group of people that made that decision and i’d like to have conversation with them. cause at this point, it feels like the bigger, more famous accounts can get away with murder on this app. people like me with a private account with under 50 followers keep getting the short end of the stick and i’m sick of it. Get your priorities in order..Version: 24.5.0

BLACK LIVES MATTERDon’t shadow ban black creators.Version: 16.5.0

Chinese spywareCaught copying contents of clipboard on iPhone..Version: 16.6.1

Well..I love TikTok as much as everyone else does, but I’m getting concerned with the shorts people are posting on this app. I have seen lives of very inappropriate things, disgusting videos, and worst of all, hate. This isn’t my only concern, I don’t want to come off as I don’t like this app, since this isn’t a complaint. I have had to take multiple breaks off this app which drove me to making this review, I believe the developer should fix these problems. If I hadn’t downloaded this app none of these memories wouldn’t have been made. Even with the disturbing, and funny videos on this platform, I want to wish the developers or developer— a happy life, along with all the creators with their funny and relatable videos!! Also, now that I have been on this app long enough to realize the requirements of this judgmental society. It is clear that I think this app is terrific, but I don’t think the age rating should be 12+ , I would recommend for the app to be 17+ since adults can accept or fulfill the expectations of viewers, but minors may become more affected to the type of “fans” on this platform. I wouldn’t want to be a regular person who complains but I have to say, people should be more careful with what they post, instagram and Snapchat along with twitter are probably completely safer. I’m just giving an opinion to rise the rating, so parents could be more strict and not allow their child to be watching vulgarity or inappropriate content..Version: 31.5.0

This app is ridiculousUse TikTok if u have <60iq.Version: 18.0.0

DONT DOWNLOAD TIKTOKPlease don’t download tiktok. The Company DOES NOT protect their users. Why tiktok got clout was because there was child predators on the platform. And now there are even more children on this app. TikTok has absurd challenges like the nutmeg challenge, bright eye challenge, seizure challenge, FOREIGNER CHALLENGE, and more. please take your children off the app at ONCE. A girl KILLED HERSELF on a tiktok and this company called PR instead of the police, then proceeded to hid this incident from everyone. Also does even censor anything on tiktok comments because this app has became so toxic Madison Beer has to take a break off it. Girls who want make tiktok in a bikini for fun suddenly they are body shamed like “did she get fat of a sudden” “she’s too skinny” and famous women are getting body shamed because they’re “too fat” and “too skinny.” Please DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN COME ON THIS APP!!!!.Version: 15.9.1

WorstWorst app.Version: 16.0.0

TikTok keeps on logging me out my accountI gave it three stars because whenever I coming back onto TikTok it will be on my account I have to sign back in again and it’s really annoying because I just wanna try watch videos on the app but I can’t because I have to be stuck logging in every single day and I have multiple accounts but whenever I come into TikTok as I need it back into my account I should have all my account still on there do you know they all connect together because they all I own all the accounts but then I found out my main account was deleted and I had forgot my password so I’m now really annoyed because I have so many followers and I’ve gained a lot like so I’ve improvedOn that account I made a ton of videos on it and do you know the game is a lot of likes and followers for what I’veBeen doing and I am now really sad that I forgot my password Naomi think it is my fault really as I forget my password TikTok you’re not be logging me out of my account if I come back onto TikTok every single time but also it’s my fault you never forget in my login and trying to log back into my account and I’m stressed trying to remember what my password is and try again back my account does this ever happened to you guys? Because it doesn’t mean I’m really annoyed and fed up of it.😠.Version: 29.7.0

A Couple ImprovementsFirst off tiktok is AMAZING but there could be a few changes to benefit the community! One of the big things is I love how now we can be logged into 3 accounts at once and switch between but it would be nice if there were a couple more spaces like 5 or so because I have 4 and a couple shared one but find it hard to log out and log back in every time. Second I think with the bio’s you could make them less limited so instead of 80 characters make it maybe 150 characters and maybe 7 row limits so people can fit more I hate having to choose who/what I put in my bio and having to leave stuff out. I know a few people have said this but can we please use the same email/phone number for different accounts because I have had to use my mums and dads phone numbers for extra accounts I want to make. The only other thing I can say is that I get notifications when someone views my account and when I repost a video with a tiktok sound on it just change the sound from mine to the normal tiktok version instead of copyrighting the video. Other than these tiktok is great! I hope this makes sense, thanks x..Version: 16.6.5

Worst app ever I usedWorst.Version: 16.0.0

TIKTOKS CONSTANT LIVESThis app used to be fun before they started peddling constant LIVES or someone trying to sell me something all over my FYP. It never stops. The app will constantly show me LIVES of someone selling blankets, hairbrushes, terrible wigs etc. and sometimes it’s just a person staring in to the camera without saying anything about what they are selling. TikTok does have a feature for you to say you are uninterested in the LIVES however that only last 10 minutes before the same exact LIVE is again being shown to me. Every time minutes I’m being bombarded with useless items trying to be sold to me. TikTok is so consumed with suppressing real world events and silencing creators from rightfully using their platform and voices to create change and spread knowledge to those who don’t know and could help that they’ve let this once great platform full of useful information, life changing/saving hacks and a good time in to an app that wants to do nothing but silence the youth of today and “keep us in our places” so that the status quo may be upheld while we the people of the world continue to to suffer. So no TikTok, I don’t want to buy a fake toy from a fake manufacturer on your platform. I want to continue to share life changing information with my peers and spread awareness for things that really matter and continue building relations with people I never would have encountered otherwise..Version: 32.0.0

DependsSo personally I think it’s a really great and functional app, but there are some downsides which is why it’s a 3 star review. My friends repost video that they relate to or that are funny, but some are really serious. They repost BAD mental health videos and just knowing your friends are going through something similar, putting on a smile when they’re really not okay. And getting exposed to that kind of content ruins your own mental health. Also seeing depressing videos make others people relate and get sucked into this whole other world where they thing their ugly, everyone hates them, their not good enough, basically no self love whatsoever. I personally have learned about new things that have harmed myself. For example eating disorders, I have a eating disorder now because of tiktok/social media because they make you belive you have to be skinny, have an hourglass body, have clear skin, smooth skin, pretty hair, EVERYTHING. I also would like to say I learned about sh which is self harm and now I have it because once you get exposed to it you tend to get sucked into wanting to do it, then a few seconds later boom I have a bunch of red marks in my arms, would buy clothes to fit in even when I hated wearing them. Tiktok made me hate the way I look. So yes it is toxic if you get pulled into this type of situation. But other then that it’s good!! You can learn life hacks, cooking and much more!!.Version: 27.7.1

Bad communication and set upI did really enjoy TikTok but have recently found it’s not user friendly (no customer support). After my account was suspended for being 13 (i am 18) i tried to appeal and sent back my photo id, this was then i found their customer communication is lacking as there is no way to ask them about it apart from the ‘feedback’ section on their website. This means there is no way to ask if i can get my account back or if it is only a temp suspension. They never emailed or txt about the suspension apart from saying by appeal was denied, this means i am unable to look over the receipts of what happened. Their website also says u are able to download ur content before it is completely removed tho i cannot login. I am left unknowing and a little worried i gave them a photos of my id given their recent transgressions in the American court. Over all I would this level of communication means tiktok is inaccessible to the older generation or anyone who has trouble with technology..Version: 29.2.0

Its good but the banning videos that aren’t even breaking the community guidelinesI’ve had tiktok since it was called musically, it’s amazing and I love posting videos on it. The people on it are amazing but the thing about it is that i’ve posten my kitten on it with a little happy song, and it gotten taken down for “child safety” it’s literally a kitten? i don’t understand it. I’ve seen literal naked women on this app and my videos get taken down because of a kitten?! seriously? i’ve also posted a tiktok here recently of me and my sister doing a transition video of us getting ready for the day and it has gotten taken down. Now my account is on a risk of getting permanently banned. This is so stupid, i really do not understand it. Other than that it’s an amazing app, but still fix that. I’ve sent an appeal but they said they couldn’t do anything about it and that i did break the community guidelines. Please stop banning my accounts because of this, i've seen so many worse things that or against minor safety but apparently a kitten is worse than a literal human organ? i do not understand it! please fix this. It just happened again, it was a roblox story with my friends, it was taken down for minor safety and harassment and bullying. It was about how many words you have, seriously? fix this. I already have an account warning for stupid stuff like this. My tiktok account is Jxd3nz, if this happens again i’m deleting this app..Version: 25.3.0

Sucks nowThis app used to be awesome then it started getting worse. I completely quit the app after you guys changed the name. Change the name back or I'll never use this app again..Version: 8.1.0

Stop being blind to racist and stop shadow banning cosplayersWhile this app has a lot of good qualities the biggest problem it has which is the massive reason a lot of us are wanting to leave the app, is how the block cosplayers and anyone who identifies as a part of the lgbtq+ community from having their video seen but gladly shows other people’s videos that do violate guidelines, I have encountered racist, child predators and even people admitting to being at the capital attack & have done everything I was told to do by tik tok themselves to report them but every time I get told they don’t violate guidelines. While myself as a cosplayer who is apart of the lgbtq community I so much as even mention slightly mature words my videos get shut down, I show a tiny slither of cleavage I get shut down for nudity, I tell off someone who is being racist or making a child uncomfortable I get shut down for being a “bully” back in 2019 this app loved us cosplayers we were even used in their commercials promoting the app. The “hit or miss” trend that was started by a cosplayer! But now in 2020 and 2021 now that the app is really popular, the cosplay community feels like we are being treated extremely unfairly by the app that we once loved and we are ready to leave the app and let it go broke cause why love and help out an app that clearly shows that they do not love its creators.Version: 18.5.0

Honest OpinionTo be fair I think that Charli and all of them should be banned from TikTok. Also Zoe Laverne because she’s a bad influence for her following and she’s done so much that I’m surprised she’s not banned yet also Charlie Damelio doesn’t deserve her fans. the fact that you gave it to her by letting her have a platform is kind of ridiculous and the child does like a five second dance and gets millions of followers you might want to check that out. Because to be to be fair that doesn’t make sense but Avani Greg and people like who take time for their videos do deserve it because she does make up and is really good at it. I guess but it’s just the creators with talent need some more recognition. Also the homophobia and sexism is not ok..Version: 18.6.0

TikTok banned me permanently for people calling me gayI didn’t say anything to them, except there is no need to hate speech to wards lgbtq, then I was banned permo for hate speech, This is constant, if you earn any gift money, they also ban you and take that, so they get 100% of your gift money. TikTok allows hate speech even if reported, people can tell me to kill myself, dox me, anything, if it’s reported, TikTok says no violation found. They screen good comments from good people and allow heinous speech through. TikTok knows what it’s doing. I have tolerated 1 year straight of cyber bullying caused by TikTok’s reluctance to do anything. I believe TikTok is discriminating against me, I have conducted myself appropriately for over a year, streaming 6 to 12 hrs a day, the only traffic I get is hate speech that can’t be reported. Furthermore they control traffic, if I go live for 1 hour I get 5 viewers, and hey are my already friends from Facebook etc. I have now lost access to all my friends I’ve made over a year, I have a hardship based situation from an acquired brain injury, I suffer depression daily and TikTok allowed me to connect to my friends. Now I have nothing, and I’m feeling suicidal..Version: 31.7.0

Fix your appThis app was great until I updated it and now it just buffers and tells me “my network is unstable”. However comments still load fine even when buffering and no other apps have this problem. I have tried everything to fix it including cleaning cache, restarting app and phone, restarting wifi router, uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. I have tested my wifi and that’s perfectly fine so not the issue. I’ve submitted two bug reports the first one was closed after they suggested I do all the typical fixes and I said it had and it didn’t work and the second one has been ignored entirely. Fix your app and fix your customer service..Version: 28.9.1

Oh no. The moderation system. It’s broken!I’ve been on TikTok since 2019 and it has its ups and downs. I had a some videos go viral which is pretty cool, but the algorithm is so unpredictable sometimes that most of my content is barely seen even with the use of trends and huge amounts of effort. My biggest complaint though is how broken the moderation system is. It’s unusually strict and even unpredictable. Even when I follow guidelines I still get content taken down, which is confusing and frustrating. On other platforms such as Twitter, Insta, etc., I have never gotten any of my content taken down or flagged ever. I’ve had several TikToks taken down for unknown reasons and the reasons listed are usually vague or wildly incorrect. For example, I used a fake animal prop and it was taken down for “violence” even though I made a disclaimer in the video stating it was a prop and no actual animals were harmed. Despite this, my appeal got rejected so I emailed customer service, which itself is a whole other headache to deal with. It took them WEEKS to respond and all they did was give me a generic response to click the appeal link, which I already told them that I did. It’s as if they didn’t read the actual email at all. Overall, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells now when I post content. It takes the joy out of it. TikTok, if you’re actually reading this, PLEASE fix this. You are literally hurting the community’s content creators..Version: 22.8.2

Toxic communityLots of harassment and hate.Version: 16.6.5

Tiktok aids Sh suicide and mental health romanticismTiktok pushes and enables sh suicide and Ed behaviour and mentality onto youth. I have seen my 13 year old cousin repost countless videos which encompass these themes. I report them constantly yet tiktok always keeps them up. The fact that she reposts so many means tiktok has seen what videos she likes to watch and therefor they feed her videos once again with the same themes. Tiktok is teaching and enabling mental health culture which is dangerous to youth and teens. I have experienced the effects of suicide on a close community and I believe in some essence tiktok along with other social media platforms can be held partially accountable. Tiktok needs to remove videos that glamorise this culture, they don’t raise awareness or acceptance they fuel a bandwagon on mental health and suicide that arrives at the worst possible destination. Tiktok also needs to adapt its algorithm so that sh and suicidal tiktoks are not reintroduced into the for you pages of everyone let alone children. It hurts me so much to see a large company aid and give a platform to the romanticisation of such a harmful issue. I highly suggest to keep urself and ur children away from this platform in a attempt to hold them back from a rabbit hole that teaches them that they should feel depressed and suicidal and does nothing to prevent this void of reinforcement..Version: 26.9.0

TikTok’s whack view of ‘community guidelines’This is a great app. I spend many hours on it. BUT. There are some disguising, sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, paedophilic videos created by some awful people. Somehow, those videos are allowed to stay up, but when people respond in their own videos, calmly explaining why this is wrong, THOSE are the videos get taken down. And the horrible ones remain up. Somehow the people that stand for black lives matter and feminism and the LBTQ+ community consistently get their videos removed for ‘breaking the continuity guidelines’. But the disgusting videos I mentioned before somehow never ‘break the community guidelines’ and remain up for young people to be influenced by. I once reported a video of a person who was duetting a video of a girl dancing, who’s reflection got caught in a revealing way. This person who was duetting her was doing so purely to ‘expose’ this poor girl. The girl has deleted that video - so obviously she doesn’t it up. I reported the video that was ‘exposing’ her and apparently it didn’t break any community guidelines. What?? Someone was ‘exposing’ an area that that girl did not want seen. She was also potentially a minor (this is unconfirmed to my knowledge). I am hugely disappointed in tiktok about this. It leads me to question that, if tiktok supports racist and homophobic and sexist content, maybe tiktok is in fact all of the above..Version: 17.3.0

I hate the new versionGo back to the old version because now when I scroll on my for you page I can’t see the videos because they all go black but still play the sound. This sucks switch it backs.Version: 9.8.0

If i could give 0 stars i wouldDon’t get this app, it ruined my mental and physical health, tiktok let’s people post things that encourage eating disorders, self harm and suicide. They also love to silence poc/lgbtq+ creators by banning their accounts and putting videos under review for no reason, tiktok rarely takes down accounts encouraging eating disorders, drugs, suicide, self harm and racism though. There is many other things wrong with this app but i cannot make them all..Version: 18.5.0

The app is astounding, but...I love TikTok; it is one of my favorite apps. However, TikTok randomly asked me to confirm my age, for some reason (which wouldn’t normally bother me because I had already confirmed it before), so I confirmed my age. I put in my real date of birth (I’m 13 years old) and TikTok made my account private, made it to where people are unable to duet, stitch, or download my videos, and I can neither send nor receive messages. I completely understand that TikTok doesn’t want young children to get access to the app and post videos with their face or make unintelligent choices, but I have not done anything against TikTok’s policies or spread any negative energy. I am unable to send videos and messages to my friends or receive videos and messages from my friends. This has also happened to one of my old friends; someone reported him for being under the age limit (he is 13 years old) and TikTok private’s his account. I completely understand if you want people who are 13 years of age or younger to have privacy and not share personal information, but it doesn’t make sense that there are only some people (around 13 years old) that are being forced to have their accounts private’s when others do not also have to go through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this (I will change my star-rating to a 5/5 stars if this issue is fixed)..Version: 22.1.0

CensorshipTik Tok has gone soft. I comment a lot and half of my comments get taken down for “Violating community guidelines”. Nothing I say is that bad. I think one comment got taken down for using the word “stupid”. I’ve watched Tik Toks where the us an expletive every 5th word and talk about some really sensitive topics/themes. Video doesn’t get taken down. But I can’t say “stupid”?? What are we 4? If you want less engagement then you’re nailing it. I’ve made comments That directly relate to, and only use key words from, the video I’m watching and my comment gets taken down. If my comment is down why is the video still up. Are you discriminating against me? Because the only difference is that I’m saying it. Sounds like discrimination to me. 8/11. They’re still taking my comments down for no reason. No violations. I’ve read the community guidelines. When I appeal it gets rejected with 0 explanation. I’m being silenced. Makes sense coming from a Chinese app..Version: 32.0.0

TikTok = The Worst Thing Humanity Has CreatedTikTok shadowbans BLM supporters, people dancing get more likes than actual good content, people are very disrespectful and rude with such things like “Autism Challenge”, there is a lot of inappropriate content, and TikTok can spy on you. These are just a few things to name. Do not download TikTok/uninstall TikTok and if you don’t mind, please write a review talking about these things to help this cause. I learnt this by others’ reviews and I hope you can learn something from mine. Thank you for reading..Version: 18.8.0

Girls dancing get more likes than real contentLiterally something funny will get 20 likes and something stupid will get 2 mil.Version: 16.6.1

ProblematicSo I’ve had TikTok for a bit and the app is really interesting and fun to be on, however if you’re creating content it’s very hard to be come visible to others especially with the term of being “shadow banned”. In addition when you report a problem, like mine being I get no views whatsoever since starting this week, the customer service doesn’t reply or help, which is fairly disappointing. It takes away the enjoyment of the app and makes it no use of producing any content if it won’t be seen by anyone even your followers. In addition it looks like I’m not the only one with this issue but a lot of people in the tiktok community. If there is a problem with our videos then please in detail say what and why, instead of leaving us confused. I even deleted my account and made a new one but it’s still the same, and it seems you can’t make a new account on the same IP address as you’ll still have the same issue which is absolutely rubbish. I’ve given this app many chances but it’s soo frustrating when your hard work and creativity is not even shown or visible to anyone. I wasn’t expecting likes or follows but just how there’s not even one view, just one on all the 5 videos I’ve made, makes no senses when others create and they at the very least get like 5-10. I don’t recommend at all..Version: 14.2.0

PatheticTiktok‘s algorithm has a LANDSLIDE favor over white creators, despite promoting black creators on the explore page, it does absolutely NOTHING to silence white supremacists, racists and homophobes. your performative activism, or should i say blatant discrimination, is showing. we all know whose side you stand with. tiktok is becoming the new 4chan, good luck..Version: 16.5.0

My view of: TiktokTiktok is a wonderful app exploring things like educational videos to edgy relatable humour. There are endless amounts of videos just for you, so you never run out! What’s also good is that it can group certain videos based on what you search and tend to post. For instance, if you follow somebody specific, Tiktok will enhance the frequency of putting them on your for you page. It is incredibly diverse, and there are such different videos but what’s best about it is that there’s content for everybody. For this, Tiktok’s infinite range of content has certainly boosted its popularity. In doing so, Celebrities joined the app. However, there is a lot of offensive and inappropriate content on Tiktok, and it doesn’t always get noticed. As a matter of fact, Tiktok doesn’t necessarily take down the right things. It can remove certain videos for no reason when there are predators & other dangers that remain unnoticed etc. Which is why I strongly feel this issue should be discussed more often instead of mainly being blindsided. Beyond that, there are a lot of flaws of Tiktok. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, Tiktok is an amazing app containing something for everyone, but may not always be beneficial. If said reader were to use Tiktok beware, it may not always be what you’d like. But furthermore enjoy the app, I can guarantee there’s something there you’d like..Version: 19.6.0

App won’t installI’ve tried for 2 days to find the cause to this it says that it’s to do with the App Store and my phones system but I can’t do much about it so I’m writing a review to the developer if they can help me , recently tik tok wouldn’t download it says it’s installed on my phone but it’s literally not I open the App Store and it says “open “ tik tok meaning it’s installed but there is no tik tok on my phone so I open the app and it shuts and closes down I deleted it a while ago to clear my head and wanted to reinstalled I’ve done research and it has said that installing and uninstalling the app could cause damage to my phones memory thing , which cause my phone to store memory or data that the app is installed but literally it’s not I don’t know what to do it won’t let me re install the app ! Because it permanently says it’s installed but there is no tik tok on my phone help please !!! I haven’t been on tik tok for 2 days now and it’s starting to drive me nuts!.Version: 18.2.1

TikTok is the worst thing in the whole wide big worldTic Tok is the worst thing in the whole world and you know why cause it puts bad influence into young peoples mind. You might have seen the dumb adds about Ticktok and see all the Teddy’s and jumping gym girls but really it’s non of that. All you TicTok fans you need to understand that TicTok is inappropriate, bad and it has lots of swearing like LOTS. young people that are like 8 are using TicTok and are like posting the most ridiculous things. TicTok is not like instagram or Facebook it’s much more than that TicTok is the worlds most stupid social media platform ever!!! So you see TicTok may seem nice well really if you think that than you are definitely weird. Please please please DELETE YOUR TICTOK AND THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE CHANGED IN YOUR ATTITUDE AND MIND! oh and plus those dances does tictokers do please they are horrible. Life would be more peaceful without TicTok like literally! Hey you have seen the age rating on TicTok yup you know who you are if you are younger than the standards yes you do! Terrible inappropriate crazy troublesome outrageous killing app here and when I say killing I mean like killing your brain. TicTok you have a lot going on you know please think about it😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 25.0.0

Please Read.So i got my first phone around may of this year and of course i downloaded tiktok right away. my wifi was really good and tiktok was fine. couple months later i was scrolling and it started to take a really really long time to watch tiktoks and my wifi was still fine. i had to wait ten seconds to watch a whole tiktok and wait another ten to watch another. i don’t have mobile data, updated tiktok and cleared out storage and nothing seemed to fix it. i reported this problem and tiktok didn’t reply back. i thought maybe this was the internets problem so i downloaded tiktok on my roomates phone (with her permission) as we are under the same network. hers didn’t take ten seconds, it worked in an instant. why is this happening? PLEASE PLSASE PLEASE! fix this. note: my phone is a iphone se 2020 and my roommates had an iphone X..Version: 17.4.0

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