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Stop banning people for no absolute reasonDon’t get me wrong i absolutely love tiktok, but there is one thing that annoys me a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I have made several accounts on tiktok just for them to get banned, meaning all my followers, my favourited sounds and my favourited videos, all gone. All my hard work gets put into the bin and I have to start all over again. Once I reported a girl for being rude to my sister and guess what, I got banned instead and I had over 900+ followers. I like my old tiktoks since I go though them sometimes to catch up on some memories but once tiktok bans me, they’re all gone. Just a couple weeks ago I made another account in replace of the account that got banned at 900+, I gained about 300+ followers in the first couple weeks but then I got banned. I did not violate any rules, I wasn’t even posting for the past few days before I got banned. Tiktok please stop banning people for no reason, imagine your whole business being sued and all your hard work being gone, that’s exactly how it feels to get an account banned. If you guys keep banning my accounts I don’t even know what to say anymore..Version: 21.1.0

Thi my s to make the app betterSo I absolutely LOOOOOVE the app but I think a few improvements could be made, like say changing the coil out/ theme of stuff like the comments could be blue or purple or something for fun and even the like button and share button(other) this isn’t anything that must happen but just letting u know! I am ALWAYS liking bew videos but there seems to be a limit and I can’t like anymore vids😭 I also think that ANYONE over 1 million followers should be verified, like me😵(jk I have 13 followers when u wrote this) I also think that small businesses should be on their own seperate page(so at the top we have fyp and following page) but their could be other options for ppl to put their own videos catagorised like “small businesses” or “POVs” or even “loops” just anything like that! I think it would be ideal that anyone can make a series (like on their page you can press the button to see a series they have made) like Bailey spinn for eg, she has her POV series like the marks and a few others! I have more to say but my phones on 1 percent so bye.Version: 29.2.0

Thank youI’m a U.S. citizen. Your app has lead us to having real time news not restricted by guidelines of a network. We also are able to learn so much from simple cooking or something as intense as cultural issues in different areas of the US. My country is using your platform as a test similar to the over turning of roe vs wade to gain momentum on silencing the country and keep us from gathering and fighting back. I think that’s why most horrible laws have been passed statewide because it would rarely hit news in other areas of the country. My feeling with the history of how extremist tend to try to win is to eliminate communication within our country from one citizen to the other from state to state. That’s why they are going after you guys literally biggest and best communication app for speed of process but if they win they’ll be able to go after all. In that they will shut down total communication everywhere for Americans other than that our government will be able to crumble what’s left of our country. We are basically being stripped of our freedoms left and right. Hopefully you can get a word in edgewise but uneducated children always are always the loudest. Keep up the good work and don’t give up there’s a majority of a country sitting with our fingers crossed. With great respect, Charity Lee.Version: 28.4.1

Good appTiktok was brilliant during the lockdown but unfortunately people are loosing interest in the app, with lockdown easing you would think the developers of this app would do more to keep creators interested in the app. You would have got a 5 star rating if when people get reported but the video goes back up that the ban is lifted or when you report someone for harassing me and trolling me you would take action. More needs to be done because tiktok isn’t even following its own guidelines, I have had my address leaked all over that app putting myself and my children at risk, I have been racially abused and so have my children. Why can’t tiktok have people looking more in depth into the videos being made because of you did then you would clearly see what is happening in the video. It has got to a point where I am scared to even go on the fyp thinking what video has made on me, having a video made to attack me ruins my day so most of the time I stay away from the app hence loosing interest, even your top creators who earn you money get attacked, they earn you money and how do you repay them it’s disgusting for an app to allow this. If people had to verify themselves before making an account then the bullies would be caught because that’s the frustrating part.Version: 19.7.0

Fun but could use improvementsI enjoy this app on my free time, I don’t like how it gets switched in the live and then it’s on a continuing cycle of watching live videos. I can’t stand that if I wanted to watch live, I can click on live and watch live but I don’t enjoy watching the live, so I don’t appreciate it jumping to live in getting stuck on it. Also, I don’t like how when I click I’m not interested on a video it keeps showing the same content, Creator, or the same content. I don’t appreciate how many ads have been popping up lately. I understand the ads here and there to keep the Apple live. I totally get that I’m for that but there has been so many. More than there ever was. And when I click, I’m not interested yet they still show up. I find that frustrating. I dislike how many children are on this app yet they’re strippers basically half naked, showing their dance routines.. there’s still so much inappropriate content for a child to watch and when you report a video where it contact creator, I wish they would look into it more and see what is best for the people viewing it not there guidelines because I feel the guidelines are quite as accurate as a contact that’s being put out there so if it’s inappropriate it’s inappropriate and I wish they would take that into consideration, instead of finding no violation in it..Version: 29.1.1

It's such a great amazing app!It's such a great amazing app! There's so much to offer! So many different videos you can watch like gaming, cars, cooking, skits and dancing videos. It's so good for meeting new people and making new friends! There are a few things wrong with the app. People getting banned for no reason of lives like they'd do nothing and they would get banned but people are doing worse and aren't getting banned It's unfair. Also, the next problem is people can't say “chins” in chat on a stream if they do they are banned from chatting on the stream can you please fix this. These are 2 major problems I've found that need fixing. A cool update would be adding gifts for free and the way it could work is by watching the stream for a certain amount of minutes and the more you're watching for more gifts you'd get for free. The next thing that would be cool is when the streamer is on live and they're doing a battle against someone else and when you like the “battle likes” will go up by 3 but I think instead of going up by 3 it should just keep going up until you stop liking..Version: 25.1.1

Signing in problemI would like to Address the fact that for no reason I was signed out and unable to sign back in no matter what Gmail I use I would like this to be fixed for now on my FYP is trashy and I can’t even try on filters. I am 13 and still can not access the app. My parents finally let me download it with their permission and I can’t even enjoy it. Until this issue is fixed you’re going to get rid of the one star. I would also like to address the fact that one of my cousins videos were taken down for no reason it was just that like mean thing where you were covered in powder and they would pretend to cut you open or I can orange and then orange juice will come out of your mouth. I had a very innocent account that had nothing wrong with it and it was just one date band. I can no longer access signing. No matter what Gmail are use the matter what age. At one point I set my age to 21 but still didn’t work. My account had no problems. No I don’t get how inappropriate videos don’t get banned but I do. There’s a problem that really needs to get fixed I want my account back. My sister also has this problem it didn’t have a face on it and it was a private account. And for some reason she got banned to please fix this problem. It is ruining the entire app experience for some people..Version: 25.0.0

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Social media experienceIt’s like having a book except 100 times more exiting. Where else can you read an article and fact check it at the same time. It’s like having a tv, a book, a news paper, a studio, an audience, and a library all in one. Too bad this wasn’t around 50 years ago. It’s not that Tic Tok is more exiting than books, it’s that Tic Tok works as fast as my mind does….keeps me interested and never boring. We laugh we get sad, angry and even mad but never a dull moment. I look forward to a cup of coffee and Tic Tok every morning. Usually and typically find the breaking stories several hours before the mainstream media and often times the news that they don’t or simply won’t report. I can’t think of any drawbacks to the contrary only that before posting a comment I learned that I have to chose my words strategically and methodically first, that there are consequences. The wording and phrasing of a post is just as important symbolic of reality because it as if you are in front of a live audience and in fact are. Opinions and reactions to a post, a video, or a picture does warrant a reaction either way so it’s best to be honest and not hurtful, considerate and thoughtful and not mean and disrespectful. The good thing is if one is not happy simply keep scrolling. What’s more American than that..Version: 31.4.0

Things I believe must be fixed😁TikTok is amazing but a couple of things I’d like to address is the number of followers demanding to go live I do think this is unfair considering how hard it is to gain followers and for the years I have spent on this app I have been dreaming to finally have enough followers and when I finally get close I GET BANNED! I understand you guys can be a bit judgmental but getting banned after all of our hard work is extremely harsh and it makes many of us TikTok users feel useless! Another thing is like to state is the age limit! It is very unfair to many people who aren’t of age. We can’t control when we are born! Plus you can either allow it or children will do it behind your back, when kids have to do this it makes them think that kind of stuff is ok because they have done it before but u can prevent that by making your app open to everyone! That’s most of the things my friends, family members and I have a big problem with. If these imperfections are treated, your app would be improved and impeccable! Please reach out whenever you can because I spent a long time writing this review🙏..Version: 30.6.0

Amen to the tic tocThis screen media has helped me stay in touch be aware of the state of the world and enable me to watch the season of Christs return, yes the prophecy s are being poured out and wisdom is available to those who ask in the name of Jesus Repent the kingdom of heaven is at hand, God said in the beginning, let there be light this is a duality and means that Jesus submits he is that light of the world spoken in the beginning to be the office of Savior. Amen. See the gospel has the truth’s available to anyone who calls on the name of Jesus. Don’t wait till it is too late seek the lord ask and see. Salvation is a free gift ask Christ to wash your sin away and you get eternal life it’s that simple. Let’s not war let’s not fight, there is no need , let’s sell trade vacation enjoy life there is cameras everywhere watching no need to commit crime let’s eat the foods of other countries tolerate others and understand their cultures and the difficulty’s that accompany each continent, it’s a state of mind pride comes before a fall , extortion stealing murder….. has a high price of punishment let’s live together sell buy trade and enjoy rejoice Jesus is the Christ and he’s coming back not as a lamb but the lion king of kings for his second coming - second miracle illustration of second coming first miracle illustrates first coming for salvation. The wine the blood.Version: 30.2.0

I love it<3Tiktok is literally one of the best+most used apps. I love the way you can make tiktoks and get many likes on them but there are just some problems that need to be fixed. First, people being inappropriate. They need to fix these inappropriate videos just because everyone wants to scroll through tiktoks seeing normal videos and then coming up to one like these. Second, shadowbanning. I have been shadow banned ever since I posted a day after one of my most liked videos. I’m getting only likes from my followers and I’m on the fyp but only getting views. Third, tiktok glitches. My friend made a video and almost the whole video kept on having these grey things that made the video have no potential. She got likes but the video was full of the tiktok glitch. I just want you to fix these things not trying to be rude but just want to have a better experience without having these problems. I also have a good side about tiktok that is just amazing. Tiktok is so amazing and literally you can record ANYTHING without having trouble. You can search up anything you want even stuff you don’t know and it will pop up. I love the music people make and I love how you can favorite videos, songs, etc. Thank you tiktok for being a great app. Just the problems are kind of irritating but not the songs and videos that I see. Thank you<3.Version: 28.4.0

SupOk so I love this app so much and is the app I always use on my phone I can post vids, watch entertaining vids, and talk to my friends but for some reason I posted this vid of a screenshot that TikTok didn’t like and took it down and banned my acc and I could understand that I was fine so then I made another acc and had it for a bout 5 days then that got banned but I didn’t do anything I just was posting dances, and vids of my face so then I made another acc and it got banned I would like to know why and if u could pls unban atleast 1 of them but then I got to make another acc and it says “u don’t look eligible for TikTok but thanks for checking us out” so can u pls just let me make an acc that’s all I ask for Anyways thank you for your time byee.Version: 22.1.0

The for you pageEvery time I spend so long on making a tiktok it never goes on the for you page and is barley seen by anyone not even my followers. I have 1.8k and none seem to see my videos. I understand if people don’t want to like then obviously they don’t but my point is my views, I created 2 videos about 3/4 hours ago and they both have 4 views each no one has seen them other than myself and about 2 followers of mine. It took me forever to edit my recent tiktok I had made and about 10/20 minutes to edit another. I think it would only be fair if every user was to put straight onto the for you page, all I really see is the main viral Tiktoks and ones with already over 1 million likes, some people get down about it thinking they’re not good enough to be on the for you page or to get so many people to see their video. I get 40 views each time I post even with 1800 followers. They are never seen. Do you think you could fix this? Overall the app is amazing! It’s just this little thing that makes me stop wanting to make videos, I’ll wait over 3 weeks to make a video again and hope I get more views, likes or followers and it doesn’t..Version: 15.1.0

Great app but I have a suggestion/issueI enjoy using TikTok I’m already at 4K and it is fun to use but the issue is and Ik it may be a need sometimes but I want unfollowing to not be a thing anymore it takes away a lot of confidence for me to be able to make videos and I’m being unfollowed for no reason even if I post or if I say I’m taking a break and when I say I’m taking a break bc somethings going on I’m being serious and people unfollowing me for it makes me feel like they don’t care that something’s going on.I am really tired of it and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough anymore and if I lose enough confidence I’ll end up not being able to make videos for other people anymore. I don’t even make offensive videos or anything I hate it when I reload my page my followers went down once or twice and there isn’t even a reason why I need to be unfollowed and it does honestly make me upset I really hope it’ll stop being a thing I like entertaining people but if they keep unfollowing it’ll take away confidence and there won’t be anything new on my page. :/ but otherwise fun to use I would recommend getting if you are bored but beware time flies by really fast when using so if you have somewhere to go I would be careful lol 😅..Version: 19.8.1

A+Not sure how the world will survive without this amazing app. All of us is on stressful time of our lives but this app made easier for everyone to just get on with everyday lives♥️♥️♥️best app ever! I was suffering from anxiety and depression before, I’ve got no energy to do things at all, TikTok made my life better & better I met a lot of amazing friends and I am so so much happier now as I can show everyone who I really am through dancing. Although things are getting back to normal where I am and I’m getting busier now, I will still find time to participate in this.❤️❤️❤️ who ever created this app, u’ve changed my life for the better!! Thank you! Getting busier at work, haven’t got much time to make videos but I’m not ready to say goodbye yet as this changed my life big time, I became happier in life, so I’ll post something when I can, loved this app! LOVED THIS AMAZING APP!!!!!! Enjoying too much despite of another lockdown!!! TIKTOK!!!! U’r everyone’s LIFE SAVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️HAPPY 2022 TIKTOK!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️just want to Thank this app for giving me confidence & encouragement to show people who I really am. LOVE U TIKTOK!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you Tiktok, u made my life happier💯👍🏿.Version: 31.4.0

Colin grant ukI love Tiktok so much because it not scammer and no dating and no profile because it save this from all millions people is save to Tiktok this it so perfect and so brilliant is because I love most is to see of music and video show brilliant and millions girls who fantastic dancing and singing and have fun and enjoy it and I love to see all about cats and dogs have great fun on video Tiktok thank you so much of my life and my life most is music forever and I always love Tiktok everytime and everyday and night it so beautiful and brilliant let me tell you this about Facebook is scammer and stealing profile pictures and Facebook is doing hookup I don’t like this and Instagram as well so I hate Facebook and Instagram and BIGO just remember Facebook been warnings by USA court this so number one Facebook is scammer and hacking this so I hate Facebook staff who work and spying and thief’s profile got this so I love Tiktok and Tiktok is best one forever please don’t trust Facebook and don’t join Facebook this get rid off name is Facebook forever and lose business this and no longer to Facebook forever this.Version: 28.4.1

RecommendI highly recommend this app for those parents wondering if this is a safe app if you don’t feel that your kids are safe on this app you can definitely switch your kids account to private so only the people that you look at. Can Only see it will come up in the thing that says recommended followers you can go on the account and look at their account and think this is an abrasive account so you can decline it or if you feel that feel safe here kids then you can definitely accept any and more followers and more likes so yes this is a very highly recommended app you can express your kids on it and your kids can watch on people on it. Now kids this is an amazing app and to teenagers and to adults you can express how you feel on this app you can dance and cook 👩‍🍳 you can do anything you want on it except for inappropriate stuff every time I’m on tiktok I can see varieties of videos and much more it is so much fun and you guys will like it too if you’re having ups and downs with a TikTok maybe you need to update it which isn’t hard at all or contact the person Who runs a TikTok or contact your friend I know you guys will like it so have fun at tik tok stay safe.Version: 18.3.0

AmazingI love TikTok, I find people that I can relate to and it has helped a lot with my mental health. I feel like I belong when I am on tik tok!.Version: 16.6.2

I amOk with itI wish tiktok wouldn’t suppress my videos so mcun. Ppl report me and most are all restored I’m am trying to word my replies better but those restored violations are still counted and because of that I can’t get certain features and other things. I’m viewed as a mean or bad person when I’m not. So if they stopped counting restored content as a violation that would be better for so many. Also stop taking videos of ppl defending themselves against bullies down and then calling them the bully because that’s mean. Maybe if you let me get views and actually let me a creator I could make better content but you push my videos to people who hate me rather than my own followers or ppl who would be more interested in my content and then bo one likes anything I post because they send my stuff to old white racist men who don’t like me and that’s not fair either. We also need to stop putting automatic sounds on the filters that’s annoying! We need to be able to have harrassing commenters get punished rather than punishing the creators video! Punish the abuser ! The commenter the reporter! I’d really like this app if it weren’t so biased and allows so much hate but the second we do anything to defend that hate we get called the bully and our video is taken down. Soemthing needs to be done.Version: 27.2.0

Love Tik TokI love watching Tik Tok and not knowing what or who is going to pop up on my screen next is one of the many reasons I enjoy scrolling. I love the honesty, positivity, humour, surprises and unpredictability of it all ❤️ Only thing is I’ve not had the courage to post a video yet........maybe one day??? Still not had the courage to post a video / not sure why cos I have a lot to say .......maybe soon???😃 Still not had the courage to post a video - not sure why? I actually can’t imagine my life before Tik Tok - I love the way it is so informative, keeps me up to date with what’s happening around the world, hearing about peoples lives, their opinions and especially the humour - So many times when I have had a long stressful day and I put Tik Tok on and I am litterally laughing out loud with some of the sketches and funny happenings😂 Still not had the courage to post a video yet……maybe one day? I hardly ever go on FB (Meta) anymore cos as far as I’m concerned TiK TOK is far superior and much more enjoyable to engage with 💕 Finally…….had the courage to post a video with me and my bestie dancing to Love Shack. It was very impulsive and spur of the moment and the lighting was low but loved every minute of it and was pleasantly surprised by all the likes😀 Might post another one soon - who knows?.Version: 28.4.0

I only have 1 HUGE problemThe thing I HATE and I think you NEED to change, is that you should be able to change your tik tok user whenever you want, not every 30 days! I have made so many mistakes when making my and setting it and seeing the mistake as soon as I exit then I hate it and I have to live with a user I hate for 30 days just to change it again. I think you shouldn’t need to wait 30 days just to change it so when you make a mistake when changing your user you can fix it straight away. If this is fixed it will literally be soooooo much better..Version: 17.7.0

TikTok OfficialThis app has been created by the Chinese department of entertainment, I would love to mention that if you are using this app enjoy it whilst you can since it might be getting taken down is what people have been saying in other countries. Especially in India as TikTok has already been banned in there. I want to mention that this app is amazing and that I definitely recommend using it. Seems fun and using not much of your battery, in fact it helps with my battery percentage and longer life. I am not lying since I have been using this app for 2 years and my CPU on my phone has only gotten stronger. This could be because I am not using any other apps much, other things I want to say is that it makes you very entertained. If you want to use this app and don’t know what to look for it has an option at the start of what you are most entertained about, you can choose anything. If you like comedy you may click comedy. Thank you for reading I was joking at the start I am not the official TikTok but this app is amazing and it’s FREEEEE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??????? Good luck my friends ;).Version: 19.5.1

So entertainingI love TikTok so much!!!!! so many things I like on here including make up tutorials how to create little things and make up and skin care halls another fun thing about TikTok is that there’s a stem section so if you’re in the mood to learn something you could go on the stand and watch videos about how the meteorites collide of the world and ancient Egypt. what I also love about TikTok that I could stay connected to my friends a lot of my friends have Tik Tok so what I do is, I could see their videos and comment and share. I love it so much.!!!!! another cool thing is that TikTok has texting. You can only text with your friends, but I don’t have some of my friends text so I just text them on TikTok. i’ve had Tik Tok since it first was created and I’ve seen it grow into so many cool and interesting and educational things. overall rating is that I think it’s probably either 10 and older or 12 and older. I also see things about how to travel and cool tips and things I could buy and there’s another thing called the TikTok shop, and in the TikTok shop we can buy products that famous TikTokers have created, such as prime and MrBeast bars, if you’re interested in those things, I know a lot of my friends who don’t use TikTok to watch videos, but use TikTok to go onto the TikTok shop overall I love TikTok so much and I’m so happy I have it💕💕💕.Version: 31.5.0

It’s good, but please fix this.First of all, if I worked for TikTok, I would actually take down videos that need to be taken down because you know how that one dog got ripped up by a pitbull and that took over a month to get taken down, yetMy cousin made a video with my brother doing a dance and on my cousins birthday a.k.a. March 9 the video got taken down after like eight months for grooming which she never did, my cousin was just doing a dance with my brother because they both like what the sound was and yet it was weird how almost every account got banned on March 9 that was not verified like my account with almost 1000 followers got banned for no reason, I was at like 960 followers, please fix this, also, whenever I updated my TikTok today, I thought it would give me like a tag people option but it didn’t. They changed my inbox, removed the favorites button and moved it with the other things like private vids, and liked vids. But they also switched the liked videos and private videos, and I honestly liked the stories and they got rid of it. In one of my captions, I said “TikTok can you please remove the inbox update but keep the stories because I like that?” But they did the complete opposite for me, please just fix this..Version: 23.9.0

OMG I LOVE ITSo when I downloaded it I at first didn’t have a account later I did get a account and it changed my life and now I am famous on tick-tock and my user is Gacha with ace and I think that it’s really cool and everyone in the world should download it because it’s really entertaining entertains people has a lot of drama romance a lot of fun stuff comedy all sorts of stuff and i think it’s Wonderfull but, there’s one thing...There’s. been this green dot in the corner that means someone is watching you, and it creeps me out.Version: 27.4.0

Fix thisDear tik tok I was really excited about creating a tik tok account but when I went to sign up it asked for my birthday I put in my birthday but I forgot to fill in what year I was born in so it was just set to 2021 I think any way it said I was not old enough for tik tok I tried it again remembering to put in the actual year I was born in it still said I want old enough I tried it about 13 times refreshing and deleting and reinstalling the app nothing worked now I can’t make a tiktok account I don’t know if this is just happening to me but please fix it.Version: 18.5.0

Great for content creators but….Great platform to grow on. Their algorithm works well to reach audiences that want to follow and like your content but… their review process is very annoying. I do motorcycle content (@_OtherAdam_) safety content and funny skits but they seem to hate motorcycles and always flag my videos. My last video didn’t even have a reason, it just said community guidelines. I have tested their review process and I guess it depends on the person that gets to see judge your video and their views. For example it’s as if my videos often fall on the desk of a reviewer that hates motorcycles so they are just inclined to deamplify my video. So when I upload the same video twice. One will get removed because someone who reviewed it thought it was dangerous and the other one will go viral because someone reviewed it and didn’t feel it was dangerous. I’ve been dealing with this for 2 years on TikTok and have 230k followers so I’ve had time to come up with these conclusions. It has to be the only explanation since their customer service is non existent and you’re completely unable to get a hold of anyone regarding a issue. Other then that, it’s a great platform for going viral and most likely the best place to start if you want to be a content creator. TikTok please fix your review process. It’s terrible..Version: 28.4.1

To my dearest friend,If you went school in New Zealand during the ‘80s and ‘90s, there’s one book you’ll remember. The deep blue cover will be etched into your memory, the hand sketched drawings seared onto your emotional core. It was ‘the lettering book’, a wondrous volume of letters and numbers printed in different styles and fonts, and the only thing you needed to make your school work sing. It was a kid’s best friend in a world where Comic Sans was but a glint in Microsoft’s eye, and ‘cut and paste’ was something you did with scissors and glue. Tiktok has now replaced this book in my life. True Story..Version: 22.1.0

Surprisingly good craicOk so I’m an old man at 45. I don’t normally write reviews as I’m sure you already know. I’m not up in all this new stuff and assumed this app was really just for the younger crowd. My bro kept sending me TikToks that were meant to be funny and for me. So I got it to watch his vids. Sure enough the vids were hilarious. Then I started watching and getting stuff that was perfect for me. Now I’ve even made my own wee humble funny vids. I’ve made some friends, I catch up on what’s going on in the world. And have seen some of the most amazing things ever. Also It’s great because we can skip the ads if they don’t appeal. Don’t have to wait 5 secs lol. I love sharing some of the more amazing stuff with friends and family. They have some great effects to play with when making vids, and believe me when I say if I can work this app then a drunk baby goldfish dropped on its head can do it. I’m that good! Lol Now for what I don’t like (look if I don’t type it out my head hurts), lol. For one…., ok I’m thinking…. Ammmm. Some vids aren’t that good. There’s some vids u may disagree with? Although I actually like the free speech part. Honestly I don’t know enough about this stuff to criticise. I found it entertaining, engaging and fun. Thank you for reading and enjoy TikTok.Version: 26.5.0

It’s the futureLove the Algorithm, it’s very fair and the hashtags do work, my followers are 3 times my insta in just a month already! The kea is to post 4 times a day and make sure the lighting is good and the beginning of the video is less busy, then there is a chance of it going viral, love it and people are also very passionate, never thought my woodworking projects will get 20k in a month, recommend this platform for business to all my friends. As it’s very interactive and user friendly just think that the analytics need to improve as it doesn’t give much info to improve on and learn from, it’s easy to see by the number of views which post has done better, wish there was a way I can see which post has been shared the most on watsap, wish there were suggestions on improving my account on the country that I’m in, such as what times people are more active in the U.K. and best cross over times with other countries if for example: I want to make a post that hit China and U.K. in the same time I’m posting, the number of the watsap shares shows from other people’s account but I can’t see how many times it has been shared on my own posts, you are doing w great job guys, keep on Rocking.Version: 18.2.1

Unfair enforcement of rules and notification suggestionI’ve had tik tok for over a year now and have racked up a good amount of accounts I follow. I hardly ever get notifications for the accounts I want to stay in touch with. I suggest making push notifications more customizable as in being able to get all new video notifications from certain accounts. This would also help content creators as well because it would allow their content to be seen more. We are all struggling in this pandemic and I feel this would be a great help for smaller creators in the creator fund. Another problem is how you enforce your rules. I’ve seen countless high follower count, young, fit women showing off more than what should be shown, as there are children on this app, while smaller creators are having their videos taken down with showing less than what the more popular creators are showing off. It is completely unfair and unjust. On one of the pages I follow, one of their videos was taken down for nudity, with showing an appropriate one-piece swimsuit, while there are other videos with much more shown off are still up. If you are going to be strict about the rules at least apply them to ALL creators and not just the smaller creators please..Version: 18.3.0

StellarThis app is not only fun , inspirational and educational it allows any and everyone to express yourself in so many unique and artistic ways; plus is spreads all kinds of life changing , helping and healing post I have so much fun watching the videosand also making your own. To be honest this app may change peoples lives because you know you are not alone when it comes to almost ANYTHING. Heck! What this app brings to the world may even save a life or many. I think tik tik took the time to see how we as human beings who are all different try getting certain things out online secretly or wide open bc it is easy when we are behind a screen and as expected responses piled in and this became a true safe haven for anyone and it helped me see that I am not alone and we can no matter how hard things may get someone has shared success so a lot of emptiness fear and don’t became HOPE and now and this is a feeling but also my own knowledge that I have a perfect strangers attention support and guidance as to how they do things. I think whomever created tik tik had an amazing soul and is fighting for peace and equality but instead is giving us a safe place to be whoever we want to be and that changed social media forever. 🫶🫶🫶 Put jeopardy on repeat bc it is gonna be pretty impossible to surpass. This is just my review . Let me see yours z🫶🫶🫶.Version: 30.0.0

The only things I wish to change in future updatesI love tiktok I just wish that small creators could be on the foryoupage because I know some small accounts that deserve to be on the foryoupage. Also videos could have dislike buttons or dislike for comments, even though it would be bad like say if someone made a video and then got a lot of hate then the creator can be hurt. Change the like colour. There should be a setting were you can change the colour of the like button to have it more suitable for you. Anyone should be able to message anyone on dms and you shouldn’t have to use a phone number for it to work. I think you should be able to use the same email over and over yet make a new account because a few times I haven’t been able to get on my account or wanted a new one and I had to make a new email. In the saved videos you can make different folders so say if you saved something sad, you could put it in a folder labeled “sad” or “happy”. There should be unlimited likes, I always like my friends videos and videos I just like, but I always get a notification saying I can’t like anymore which makes me pretty sad. Edit- I also think creators over 2 million or at least 1.5 million followers should be verified. I should be verified(don’t take that seriously that is a joke about me being verified I don’t even have 300 followers :/ Thank you for reading this. - a tiktok user.Version: 15.7.0

Why I love ttTikTok is a unique social media platform that allows me to express myself creatively and connect with others in a fun and engaging way. I love the variety of content on the app, from funny skits to dance challenges to informative videos. It's also a great way to discover new music and trends. I appreciate how easy it is to use TikTok, and the app's algorithm does a great job of showing me videos that I'm likely to enjoy. Overall, I like TikTok because it's a fun and lighthearted way to spend my free time. TikTok is a platform that I enjoy using because it provides a sense of community and belonging. I love the way that users can easily connect with each other through videos and comments. It's also a great way to stay up-to-date on current trends and popular content. TikTok provides a space where I can express myself freely and share my interests with others. I appreciate how the app encourages creativity and originality, and I always feel inspired by the content that I see on the platform. Overall, I like TikTok because it's a fun and inclusive way to engage with others online..Version: 29.7.0

Tiktok draftsHi tiktok! The app is great i just have a slight problem with the drafts. For someone having a new phone or phone storage is full, delating drafts is what you have to do. But it is hard doing it because of the way its layout. You have to click on every video and then the video goes to the top of the page, but for someone who has over 500+ drafts its very time-consuming and hard to use. I reckon for the next update, tiktok should make the drafts layout more efficient and easier for users. My idea is having a similar layout to our phone photos so its easier to access and use. Or maybe having a swipe feature, for example, you click on a video and if you want to go the next video you simply just swipe (like the photos layout). Anyways just an idea for a quick and a easier way to go through drafts because some peoples drafts have special significance. most people give up and delete all of their drafts, i know i have done it! But i love the app, keep up the good work tiktok!!.Version: 26.2.0

Fix itEvery time I do one it just turns off FIX IT to the original version please.Version: 9.8.0

Why I don’t want to accounts to get bannedNumber one because it makes everyone frustrated and that’s why most people don’t like it an out fake body in there comments I don’t like getting banned and you should stop banning accounts and bann them for actual reasons like inappropriate content a and don’t bann us for wearing a crop top in a video some of my acc I was so happy with and had so much followers you guys just banned me and everyday I go I on tick-tock to see if you banned my and making us wait two days before making a new acc isn’t nice ether I love this app but I want you guys to stop banning people for no reason and stop banning on tick-tock because it’s getting frustrating for me plz stop banning me and everyone else.Version: 22.8.2

You changed my life Tik Tok Family’s ❤️I only just joined .. simply started watching because of a break up..I walked away from a toxic relationship I’m an idiot I should of left when the mental and psychological abuse started happening so I thought I’d see what the Tik Tok fuss was all about I rate you guys five stars because I found something here I can’t explain ..but I somehow found myself again through people all over this planet posting things random things .. all I know is God cut my wings for a reason and it was to stay here on earth and help people from the heart .. so with that my heart was in pieces and you guys out there are the glue that helped mend ME back together...I am important.. I am beautiful..I am mee.. Thank you Tik Tok family’s.. big hugs from New Zealand 🇳🇿🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿.Version: 26.3.0

SUGGESTIONS !! PLEASE READOkay like can you please make an option where you can select followers and remove them? i have recently gone private because i now want to lay low and keep everything to myself. i have over 1000, i want to keep about 20 and it’s hard to go one by one and tap each one and remove them. another suggestion that goes along with this one is for when you want to go private, there should be a feature/question that’s like “do you want to keep all your followers? yes / no” and if someone picks no, there would be a list of all the followers and the person can select the ones they want to keep or remove. this would be a LOT easier. also i want to unlink my number to an account, so i could use it for another. it’s so dumb, you know that feature you recently added where you can hop on to another account without having to logout, kind of the instagram one, why cant i connect my phone number there? please please !! let there be an option to delete all your videos at once. i don’t understand, like two years ago tiktok deleted all of my old videos and now they’re back? i don’t want to have to delete them manually!! please make an option to delete all your videos at once or a select multiple option as well..Version: 19.1.0

This app is getting worseNowadays this app is getting worse due to 1. Less views 2. U r allowed to like only few videos daily 3. U r not allow to follow more than 25 profiles daily. If ur videos not getting enough views which means u won’t get many likes and this is one of the worst thing about this app. I don’t know how they set their algorithm for views, if u r not getting enough views for ur videos eventually people switch on to other apps. That’s y people start using similar apps like “like”, vigo, sharechat, vmat etc. so please try to rectify these things to make this app wonderful. Thanks.Version: 11.2.0

Feature recommendationFirst of all I have to say that I love the app. It is a great way to get away from the world and enjoy videos made by creative people. However, I have found one thing slightly frustrating about the app, the fact it can be difficult to find second parts to videos when looking at a creators page. All creators are limited by the 1 minute video length when posting on the app which can make it hard if you want to post something that would require longer. To get around this many creators will make multiple parts and post them separately. However due to whatever reason sometime this second part may be posted hours or even days apart with others posted between. This can make finding a serious of parts somewhat difficult. Therefore I suggest having a way to link videos on the creators end as parts of a series. On top of this there could be some sort of button in the corner of the video saying “like this part here is the second one” which when pressed would take you to said part. This would make navigation of a creators work much easier in my opinion. Thank for such a great app, hope this helps. ❤️❤️.Version: 16.6.1

For you pageI’ve noticed that unless you’re American it’s actually quite difficult even impossible to get onto the for you page and have people around the world see your content like it’s mostly Americans that are on the for you page and also there aren’t many of other races either it’s mostly Caucasian Americans on the for you page like there are a few asians a few latinos but mainly they’re Caucasian and American, so it would be nice if you let people of other countries and race to get the recognition they deserve..Version: 15.5.0

Why do I love TickTock SO much?I love TickTock as it allows me to send whatever I want to on it and I can text lots of new people. Thanks to TickTock, I was able to meet a new friend who is a bit older than me but is so kind towards me and we even text on Whatsapp now. It’s a shame I can’t see her in person because I live in a different part of the world to her but we still talk to each other and tell jokes and even our problems to each other which makes me feel loved and safe. I love TickTock and I always will. I may not spend SO much time on it and sometimes just barley be on it but I still love it and it’s just because I am busy but I want to spend more time on it and start making online SAFE friends. This is a lovely app and is a way of ppl who don’t want to socialise in person, can socialise with someone safe and online. You can send videos that you made, want to share, want ppl to see to TickTock and you can get lots of ppl to like or follow you but in my opinion TickTock has helped me SO much and even made me so happy that I wouldn’t stop laughing at jokes, couldn’t stop smiling at things that would make me smile, etc. if you are ever having a bad day then just watch some lovely TickTock videos and your day will be better in no time!!!✨♥️😁.Version: 29.2.0

Body positivityAt first, I thought tiktok was a great app. Until I realized that ever since I got tik tok, I started to feel more depressed and self conscious cause every one on my fyp was pretty and perfect and it made me discover new insecurities about my self that I never had when I didn’t have tiktok..Version: 18.2.1

I like tiktok a lot better than FbI can say what I feel about what I don’t like about what the president is doing to our country without being band from my account. I can say how I feel about my love for Jesus and not get band. I can say how I feel about my fears of the Covid and without getting band from my account. I can say how I feel about my fear of getting the vaccine shot without getting band from my account. At first I was completely against getting the shot, but after I was aloud to hear all sides . I decided to get them. I was completely against them to start with simply because Biden ,dr foulice ,( I know I didn’t spell his name right but I don’t care) and Harris are soo dishonest , with us , and flat out lied to the American people so much that we couldn’t and can’t trust a word they say! Then he starts to demand us to get it while letting everyone at the border walk in with nothing. He has shown the American people that he doesn’t care about us at all, if we live or die while he gives everything to anyone coming in at the borders. So thank you for letting me be able to make videos expressing how I feel! I am a Born again Christian, and I love my God given Freedom of speech! I’m 70 years old so I’m ready to go to Heaven, it’s a shame Biden isn’t! Thank you so much tiktok.Version: 24.8.0

TikTok five starsFive starz alway something new and addicting - send : ) And you can make “knew” stuff every day - send :) And oh Hello USA Congress - do not ban TiK Tok - send : ) And now if you make a tik tok and cross post it on one of those other unnamed apps it will get limited views but that’s okay - send : ) And aye still like the tik tok video engine better then that other won over that away - send : ) And “hears” another five stars for the tik tok hope every won everywhere has a beautiful day - send : ) And here eye bee with another five stars cuz you guys scent me another survey - send : ) And look key here is another rate tik tok questionnaire and aye will affirm five more stars at this time too - send : ) And it is another weak daze and sow 5 stares - send : ) And here is my five stairs two times over again - send : ) and then okay eye have reached sum threshold of like 248 views average and that is okay cuz my content is only interesting to about 20 or 38 of the folks who may be following me and well that is to be expected heard in the social media sphere and see here are another 5 stars - send :) And ok ok ok four stars cuz I got my 275 to 285 views and then well after that eye am in the no see um gone gone gone unless sum one checking out my profile goes beyond that first video and checks down 3 or 5 rows maybe a few more views and a like or two - send : ).Version: 30.7.0

Absolutely love itI love this app extremely mostly because you can waste your time watching videos without a problem and it’s just an amazing app in general. Thank you for making this app for all of us. I would rate this a 9/10 just because some stuff are a little inappropriate but I would recommend this to older people but of their wasn’t any inappropriate videos definitely would recommend for over 8. 😁.Version: 24.8.0

My reviewHi there. So it came to me that I feel like TikTok should take down inappropriate videos more often because as you know there are kids on this app now. I have had an account since musically and what’s really bugging me is my own videos. I wish that it wasn’t all cluttered and like tried having it updated and doesn’t take long to you know try and make a video private. There are also fan pages and hate pages. My concern are the comments that people send. I think you should make it a inappropriate free kind of thingy you know. Like they can’t send rude or mean kind of comments. But yeah that’s all of my troubles out of the way. I just wanted to say that TikTok is such a great app to download. There are interesting content and videos like that. I would definitely recommend TikTok. That’s all and thanks for reading my review. Byee.Version: 21.1.0

My opinion on Roblox..My opinion on Roblox is is that it’s alright. Just needs to be fixed a bit, I really like Roblox because you can make a ton of new friends and it’s great, but some people can leak your address and find out where you live. That’s the dangerous thing about it. Something I don’t appreciate is that you can say “hi” or “hey” and still get banned, I don’t appreciate that. I once have said “ hello “ to a friend I have met online and got banned for 3 days. Roblox is a pretty good game but can also damage your vision. I’m not trying to act like a pick me but I assume you should wear glasses. I give Roblox 4 stars because of all of the issues. Another issue that probably all the robloxians hate is when Roblox will randomly have an issue, unexpectedly. You can be playing something and it will kick u out and u have to sign back into your account. This needs to be fixed. The good thing about Roblox is that it is very fun , and u can have a blast on this app. I really like Roblox but not the issues. Roblox is a very nice app and me and my friends will be on it a couple hours of the day, whenever we are bored. I also like that there are a ton of mini games to choose from. Games like royale high , adopt me , Bloxburg , put a finger down , the mimic , and ALOT more. I think you should download the app if you shouldn’t , but please.. be careful..Version: 26.4.1

Great app, bad bugs.It’s a good platform and really great way to make friends and connect with old ones etc.. but recently my account hasn’t been working properly. It won’t let me make any, nor would it load the sound. Whenever it does let me make one, it won’t record nor play the actual sound. Yes my app is up to date on updates. Yes I’ve logged out and logged in. Yes I’ve turned my phone on and off. And even went far to the point were I reset my phone. Still no luck:( Help please?.Version: 11.5.0

🤍💕🧋Alright, you have to admit, we are all addicted!! It’s so amazing and hooking! I personally love the preppy style and am one myself. Not to mention my charli fanpage got 90 follows in 3 days! The possibility’s is actually crazy. Just a little of a problem about my fyp, I search up: preppy, routines…you get the idea. My fyp is just FULL of conspiracy theories though. I know this might be just to keep me scrolling to find something I like and usually I get to a video genre I like or just don’t mind. Other than that I love it!! Me and my friend have multiple account together!! (Not advertising). I will list a few you don’t need to follow them tho. So we have capricorns4life_ we have a random stuff tips acc and a gymnastics acc and a dance hypehouse! It’s safe to say we loveeeeee making videos and accounts and putting it out there to hopefull entertain others 🥰 I also have to let you know, I have multiple accounts just run by myself including my main! So, sure I’m adicted, but also I set a screen limit. I love TikTok so much. It’s my go to social media! So sorry for this long review that took time from your day. If you want to read the rest 👇 So it’s super fun! I loveeeee it. Also, the sped up audios are deffo my fav! I know this was kinda long but again thanks for reading. And most of all, thank you to the creators of TikTok!.Version: 27.7.1

And getting bannedI keep getting banned for no reason on this app and I’m getting sick of tired of it I want just a regular account that gets abuse I don’t want no banding processes in my account I hate how my account gets banned every single time I make a new account and now I can’t even make a new account what should I do I ran out of resources and I just don’t know what to do I wish the banding thing was never there so I can just have a normal TickTock account I know it’s there for safety reasons that TickTock has a band button or a record button but people are using it for a vantage to make people get banned for no reason it’s a good app that I read it a 4 i’m just saying like the band in the report button thing is not good just don’t report people for no reason report people if they’re doing bad things or abusing or something like that i’m not trying to do anything to TikTok I would just like them to do something with the band and important but and help me get my account back this band button got me banned four times and I’m getting sick of tired of people banding people for no reason it’s just not fair I feel like they’re just jealous of our followers and it’s getting on my nerves how people just keep banding us we shouldn’t be banned for this I know I’m 12 but like I would just like to not have my account banned by people that think it’s funny.Version: 24.7.0

I spend 13 hours a day on this appI never do reviews for apps, but I must for this one because I’ve never been more entertained and worse more time on a single individual app like I have TikTok!! It’s jus so fun and entertaining, so many dif kinda people on there si everything is hand made for every single person to find similar interest to their own and each account holder/tik tok user has their for you page, which are page(s) curated to each individuals interest etc; I must say the curation and accuracy of the algorithm of this app is right up their with Twitter; but I’d say even better/high than Twitter. Twitter gets pretty repetitive, that’s why I love tik tok; TikTok is always showing brand-new stuff all the time and doesn’t repeat interests!! Such as for; it doesn’t repeat anything you’ve liked or interacted with, even the ads are new every time but you will have your occasional “oh I’ve seen this one before” ad! AD; not video!! Video is always brand new never seen before, content is always updated and curated to you personally daily!! I love this app I could on & on; Long sorry short; this app never misses; you’ve got your favorite personal interest; updated daily with a humongous variety; top tier comedy on this platform too; it’s the main social platform these days. 10/10.Version: 24.2.0

MmmmTikTok is a wonderful app very productive and always a good learning tool, for example- Charli damelio makes amazing content that children can easily understand, small children can also practise reading, when they read TikTok captions. Sometimes children need to practise school skills while having a bit of fun. Abby Lee Miller would agree with me when I say that this app, will make you a better dancer IF you already have a bit of dance skills. I know this because I see some people’s first dance video and it’s 😐but they still have a bit of dance skill so a bit later it becomes 😁. When you have no dance skill your first dance video will be 😳 but later on it will become 😏 the reason it is not 😁 is because they didn’t have dance skill to start with. And that is why I think TikTok is a great learning app..Version: 15.9.1

TiktokI honestly like the app itself, but I’m pretty disgusted at the people on there. I think you should make a seperate app for younger kids to keep their innocence, also I don’t like the ‘drafts’ option, it is way too confusing. Now, for the last inquiry, I have hated this for quite a while now and it’s the caption option, I always make typos in my caption and in order to change it I have to repost the video which is a hassle plus reposting means the video will have a tiktok watermark on it which is not efficient in any shape or form, I really hope you take my points to consideration and change something..Version: 10.3.0

TikTok ❤️I got this app because it replaced musically, and I used to have musically and I really missed it. I thought the app would be the same but just a different logo and name, however I was mistaken. I know this is an app designed for people over the age of 13, however that was the same with Musically, but that wasn’t problematic and toxic, TikTok however is the opposite. Little kids are on this app are watching content that they shouldn’t be seeing. Now I love TikTok with all my heart, but I know some changes need to be made. ❤️ Like: When signing up for TikTok you can choose the kid friendly side of TikTok for younger people to view certain content. And creators can do this to choose who their content is aimed at, like younger audiences. There could also be an option to watch and create content for the more adult side of TikTok. Creators and watchers could easily switch what type of side of TikTok they are on, like the more adult side or the kid friendly side. This is only an idea on how to make TikTok a better place for children and adults. However if this is too hard, maybe you could make it back kid friendly app. I would 100% appreciate it if you would reply and make some changes, even if it’s not my suggestion/s it would still make TikTok better, however I still love TikTok and you have still done an amazing job! ❤️❤️.Version: 16.6.0

Private musically’sI’m not a very big fan of the new update and stuff. It’s not terrible as I like the comment section and liking buttons and stuff, but I just want to say... I am a person who doesn’t like to post too much... or at all. I really just like posting private and then enjoy watching over all my privates. Except now it’s pretty hard to watch all my private musically’s. Would you please please PLEASE be able to take this into consideration? Or even do it! I really would like it if the private musically’s were like how they used to be. I would appreciate it so much!! Thank you so much if you do this!!!!!!.Version: 7.2.1

ReviewTiktok is an amazing app but I have a few things I want to address. Firstly most people post multiple videos with none making any views or likes. They can put all their hard work into making it then no one even sees it. So if you could make it that more people get on the fyp that would be great. Secondly, you can’t go live unless you have 1000 followers. This is crazy since some people don’t even get views and that means they get no followers, it is way too high and I think it should be lowered. Thirdly, you can’t use the same phone number more than once. This is absolutely ridiculous since some people might have more friends an another acc and can’t message them or lost there old acc with their phone number and now can’t message on their new account. You should be able to do it with verification because it is not fair on most people. Fourthly, there are way too many hate comments and posts and yet none of them get taken down even with reports. And there’s just too much hate in general. If you get a report please just ban it because it can lead to people doing bad things, delete the video or even deleting the app. If all of these things could get fixed tiktok would be a much better app even tho it is still great..Version: 17.5.1

This is for you if you are considering downloading tt⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1st off, you can learn so many new things. Also, you can search up any questions and the answer will pop up. (Most of the time) 1 tip for if you are going to get the app is ONLY LIKE THINGS YOU WANT TO SEE AGAIN. If you like a video about a “lucky sound” or a “please like to help my dog out with his cancer” if you end up liking multiple videos like that, it’s going to be your whole fyp. (For you page) and soon, your going to get sick of that and you won’t be able to watch any exiting videos and stuff like that. Just make sure you only like videos that you want to see again. If your stuck in the situation where your whole fyp is “do this lucky sound or get bad luck. Do it. My dog d!3d” just go in the search bar and search something that you want to see. Anyway, TikTok is an amazing app. If you are underage for it, I am not sure you should download it. It can ruin your entire inoccent childhood. You can come across things that could possibly scar you for life, or give you ideas that could scar you for life.❤️🥳⭐️⭐️🤩😻😔😻😔🧸😡😔🧸⭐️😡😻🙏🥳⭐️🪼💤🐥😭🥪🥪⭐️⭐️🤑🪼😅 Also if you are underage, you might not want to post your face. Tt might take down ur acc. Tt is fun to watch and if you are the perfect age, it’s perfect! Have a fun time on tik tok, enjoy! 😊😁🤪.Version: 30.3.0

Love it❤️❤️❤️TikTok, is a amazing app for young and old you don’t have to be 12 because if you don’t look for it there is not must bad stuff and if you see it you can scroll in a second and I love it because you can share a video with some one and follow people on it and you can look at peoples videos and if you want it just for the videos you don’t have to post and you can post pitchers and stuff and if you only want yourself see you videos you can put your acc on private and no one can see your videos if you don’t let them it is such a good app and there is nothing better the only bad thing about This app is that if you go in it you can’t come off because I always go on it and I just get addicted to it but it is so good pls get this app for you or your kid and you can share a acc with someone so if your kid dose want it then you can get it too and then you can have the same acc as your kid so you can see what they are doing but if you are think what if someone eles logs in they can’t if you don’t give them your password and when you put your password TikTok will say if it is sucrose thank you you probably did not read it all but if you did thank you so much download it now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Version: 27.1.0

YESIt’s perfect ✨ there are some people who DJ cosplay, people who do history, people who do science things! There’s lots of fun stuff, my mom is on the burlesque side of tiktok, she doesn’t go on it a lot but I think some things make her happy which makes me happy! So, there is one disappointing thing, that is live’s. You can’t go live unless your sixteen and have 1000 followers. And sometimes if you see someone’s profile which is live and you click on it, it has already ended. Also there are adds but you can scroll away from them so I don’t think they’re a big deal. There are people from all over the world and make lots of different types of content, it’s so easy to watch a lot of tiktok but you can’t sit at on your phone forever lol. It used to be a struggle to get off of tiktok because I was addicted but I’ve gotten over that struggle. Oh, there’s another thing I find annoying, every once in a while there will be a video made by tiktok and it’s things like “hold up, you’ve been scrolling for way to long” etc. and they can get annoying. That’s pretty much it. There’s emo tiktok there’s slime tiktok there’s gacha tiktok there’s plant tiktok there’s animal tiktok etc. HAVE FUN WATCHING IF YOU DECIDE TO GET TIKTOK!!! Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning!! BYEEE.Version: 21.7.0

REPORTING NEEDS TO BE REVIEWEDI would give this review 5 stars. If it wasn’t for the absolute shambles when it comes to reporting hate/bullying. Tiktok is a haven for trolls. Even though I LOVE tiktok it can actually be very toxic. From what I can gather when you report a video or comment it flags you to tiktok and they scan it for any keywords - I think this is all done automatically and not by humans. A lot of the time things are flagged incorrectly. When you appeal a violation I think that’s when humans then review what’s been reported. The main issue I have is people/trolls leaving hate comments on my page, I will do a video reply defending myself then the troll will report me and I will be the one to get a violation NOT them even though they are the ones leaving hate comments. When you try and report the hate comment if it has no insults or bad words in it won’t flag up. Which isn’t fair because hate/bulling is more than a few bad words. Humans need to be monitoring the reports so more in depth checks can be made. If someone doesn’t like you they can also very easily have your account completely removed just by reporting you multiple times. It’s really unfair. Apart from this issue I absolutely love tiktok..Version: 28.9.1

A few improvementsSo I just want to address a few things so like today when I deleted my acc then got a new and I put down April the 13th 2008 but it said sorry your not eligible for TikTok but I am bc I’m like 13 years old and it’s saying I’m younger and the other thing is that some people have different filters and I was just hoping that you could change that like some people have brew and sunset and things like I would like that too. Also 2 more things can you actually look at the videos because sometimes on my other accs I get banned community guidelines And stuff but i know I obayed ALL of those rules so can you actually look at the videos because I know I didn’t disobey any of those rules. And one last thing can you please get rid of shadow ban it’s just really annoying and I like videos going viral and stuff and I wish I could have 1000 followers or something because it’s my dream and well … I can’t get 1000 followers because of shadow ban so can you please fix that and yes I know you don’t want some accs doing all that because it’s a lot of pressure but can you please make that happen, because it’s kind of making me mad and annoyed… Thank you.Version: 21.1.0

TikTok is awesome ,I love Tiktok,, but TikTok customer service is very poor and never respond may be the person I was dealing he or she are really mean, if you check my previous complaint and report history , other good customer service person will understand, after I ask questions, probably that person did something , I am not getting anymore likes and people can’t view my videos, otherwise my videos and followers were increasing like super awesome all sudden that person from tiktok customers service did something and never response my messages, anyway i never give up , keep posting videos, may be one day someone will remove the restrictions from my Tiktok account,.Version: 21.7.0

My review personally.I love tiktok bro, I spent everyday scrolling. But what annoys me sm. Is when i try to make a tiktok and it says access to camera and microphone, but when I go to settings I don’t have the camera or microphone to access it. So I can’t make videos/save videos. And as well is when I report something that has a girl actually breastfeeding with her shirt halfway down and you can see. They don’t take it down. They take down videos that are not against the community guidelines like harassment/nudity/etc. they don’t take that down they take down fun/no problem/not against anything/ etc. they need to get better community guidelines and more let’s say stricter, on videos. I got banned on my account for being underage. Although I know that’s against community guidelines your really worrying about kids underage more than videos that have nudity/harassment/gore/etc. I don’t think I’m your problem, plus I’m pretty sure you should change the age to at least 10+ What is great ———————- Is that tiktok never gets boring for me and I think the best decision was to make a “repost” button. I’ve reposted sm videos that I relate to. There’s not a lot that’s great, I just like watching videos like (GRWM’s) aka (get ready with me) videos, and story’s that people post, and many things. The videos are the main point of the app. And it’s great..Version: 27.4.0

Frenzy ObsessionI absolutely love this app, rate it a 9/10 entertaining, time wasting but enjoyable time wasting and fun. I can make videos with my friends and its a great time. Can create cute videos, and I love seeing other people videos because sometimes others are good at saying the things I can’t say. And it’s good so see other people going through similar hardships. I also get great inspo for fun things I can do with my friends. The o yk downside is more of a one sided thing. This app is so fun that I just get stuck watching it. If your looking for a fun every now and then app then this isn’t the one for you. Getting addicted to this app is unstoppable as as soon as you get it you get the tik tok fever and can’t put it down. This leads to becoming anti social and just sitting around watching it. I’ve lost interest in hobbies as this is all I do know. But none the less that is my problem nothing against the app. Would recommend, generally for 13+ but all around most ages should be fine. Good range of content. A good time!.Version: 21.7.0

My reviewHi! My name is Emma and I have been on tiktok for long enough to know how it all works. As it has just been Christmas, I got a new phone. This means all my apps got deleted. Including tiktok, on that phone I was able to have 8 accounts online at the same time. It was an update where you could have up to 8 accounts online at a time. I downloaded tiktok again to see if the update was there and still, no update. Please make it so I can have 8 accounts online at a same again. At the moment I can only have 3 online. It’s annoying that I can’t update that but overall, AMAZING app! I love this app so so so much and I can’t stay off the app. It’s absolutely fantastic. There is so much positivity! But.. where’s there’s positivity, there’s negativity. Now, there are a lot of things wrong with the comments section. There is a lot of swearing, racism, homophobic language in the comments. I think you should make it so you can’t say certain words. It would make tiktok a much more fun and positive app for kids. Another thing.. oh wait there isn’t another thing I COULD COMPLAIN ABOUT BC THIS APP IS JUST TOO AMAZING AND PERFECT! ❤️❤️keep up the good work tiktok! I am super satisfied with your app!.Version: 18.3.0

I love this app butttt……This app is truly amazing! I’ve met a lot of cool people and i even have a account (brookiynnewebb). The thing I just hate the haters and the hackers, when someone’s doing nothing wrong they get hate- and they don’t even get banned. There always gotta be someone who’s hating on someone bc there supporting a person or doing something they like. Also I hate the hackers bc they always got to hack lots of account for no reason. I had a account and it got banned ( 2 years of hard work ) and I was absolutely devastated. I got banned for no reason and there other people out there who are extremely rude and haven’t been banned. I’ve emailed tiktok to get my account (michellecutrie) or (mxchellecutrie) back! They never reply and it’s really annoying. I spend effort on my videos they only get 3-10 likes, like why can’t we stop shadow bann? Other people put no effort and they get loads of likes! Other than else this is app cool and great, u can make ur own videos, trends and make new friends!.Version: 20.7.0

Creator of tiktok, pls read thisTiktok is an amazing app to take up time and to enjoy what you love the most. for me, i enjoy looking at kpop and kdrama videos. one thing i think i do the most on tiktok is adding videos to my favourites and i’ve seen lots of people on tiktok say that they have the ability to add their favourited videos into a folder so it’s very tidy and easy to find things. i think its very smart because then it would be so easy to find the hundreds of tiktok’s i save. if you could make that update for the app for everyone in every country that would be great. and also, a way you can lock your folder so no one open it without a password, finger print or face id. that would be very helpful. but overall, tiktok is such a great app and i’m very addicted to it. it’s great to pass time and great for your parents to hit you with a slipper but i think it’s very nice. thank you.Version: 22.9.0

Great appTiktok is a very famous app and has entertaining content that you can find on your fyp. There are some videos that aren’t appropriate for kids under the age of 11, but in order to fix this, you can restrict time limits and what videos they can see. If your kid is super addicted to tiktok, or is on the app 24/7, deleting the app or account is not the solution. This has happened to me once, on accident. I thought tiktok was deleted and I was really sad because tiktok was my favorite app and I watched it a lot and made many videos on my account. Parents, don’t delete their accounts or apps. Don’t go farther then that. If you go on tiktok settings, you can set time limits and restrictions and you can set it to where your kid can see videos appropriate for THEIR age. Don’t scroll through your kids phone, even I they look worried or guilty that your scrolling on it, they are not always doing something bad in it or inappropriate things. Sometimes they are just nervous you’ll delete the app or account, or lose their online friendships. You can also download tiktok so you can see what your kid posts, and gain them a new follower ! Anyway, the tiktok app is amazing and you can make many friends on this app and express your feelings and post about your life, or maybe gaming! Overall, I love tiktok and this app is amazing!.Version: 25.3.0

Don’t get TiktokIt is addicting, a scam, and it takes all your information. It’s a bad app that made me get mental health issues..Version: 16.6.2

TiktokHad to put as a 5 star so you guys can see this review so I’ve had tiktok since musically exactly 6 years I’ve had it for now and I’ve worked so so hard on my accounts and I don’t violated the guidelines but people who don’t like me report my account for nothing. So I’ve worked so hard on my account it had 55k followers and 500k likes I really liked my account and others did too I had lots of memories on that account that I can never get back which is very upsetting as I’ve had for a long time and tiktok decided to banned me for no reason at all and I lost all lose memories and all my followers and everything I don’t find it very funny at all then I made a new account and had 5k followers and then people who didn’t like me was reporting me again and now my account is banned again after making a new one within a week is banned I don’t even know how that is possible but tiktok please sort it out I’ve never done anything wrong and now getting banned when I had tiktok shop and everything aswell people sent me free stuff and I had to review it and I couldn’t because you banned me. So guys don’t get addicted to the app because they will just banned you for no reason!.Version: 26.8.0

I’m having many problemsI’ve had tik tok for about a year now, and it’s one of my favorite apps. It’s got some major issues though. First of all, I don’t have a post button. Where it says drafts, there is just one button, and that’s to add the video to your drafts. I have looked up videos on where it is, because I guess I just don’t have one. I have put a lot of work into making tik toks, but I can’t even post them. Please at least tell me why this is happening, or if I’m just being dumb, tell me. Second of all, whenever I try to search ANYTHING, literally anything, it says “sorry this feature is currently unavailable” and I can’t search up anything AT ALL! It’s just super anoying, again just tell me if I’m being dumb, but I don’t think I am. Also it’s the same thing for writing comments :/ Third of all, I DONT HAVE A “FOR YOU” PAGE!!! I enjoy watching tik toks that are related to the ones that I already enjoy. But I still, have looked through the entire app, but I don’t have a for you page. Please try and fix these issues, because I think that they ruin almost the entire experience for me. (Also I have an iPhone 6s so if that’s something that effects the way that the app works, sorry about that, but I mean idk).Version: 16.0.0

Why TikTok can be Good and Bad for the car community purposes!!TikTok is a popular social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos. It has become a popular platform for car enthusiasts to showcase their cars and share their passion for all things automotive. However, TikTok can be both great and bad for the car community for several reasons. On the positive side, TikTok provides a platform for car enthusiasts to connect and share their love for cars. It allows them to showcase their cars, share tips and tricks, and learn from other enthusiasts. It also allows them to connect with a larger audience and gain exposure for their content. On the negative side, TikTok can also be a breeding ground for misinformation, dangerous stunts, and reckless driving. Some users may post videos of themselves driving recklessly or performing dangerous stunts, which can give the car community a bad reputation. Additionally, some users may spread false information about cars or car maintenance, which can be harmful to both cars and their owners. Overall, TikTok can be a great tool for connecting with other car enthusiasts and sharing your love for cars. However, it's important to use the platform responsibly and avoid dangerous stunts or spreading false information..Version: 31.1.0

Some things i would wish to be included moreThere is only really one main thing and it is to get all small creators videos on others for you pages, because people have amazing content ideas, but once posted, they only get a small amount of views to none, and i feel bad for them. Even, me myself, have tried making accounts and i don't really get views. I would just like for you guys to make it so everyones accounts get views, so they can feel proud of their hard work, because they deserve it. I have seen many small accounts and their videos are absolutely AMAZING, but they only get a few views and I feel extremely bad. All i’m asking is for anyones videos to get views, so people you have that sort of taste in videos, can find the perfect account to binge on well feeling down or something, because every small i account i meet, they are always extremely kind, and make amazing content. But sometimes they get hate and thats what makes me feel even more bad. They make such good content, and don’t get the love they deserve. I know it may be a big one thing to ask, but i’m doing it for my fellow small accounts. THANK YOU SO SO SOOO much for taking in my review, and i hope you can try all you can. Thank you - fellow tik tok-er.Version: 18.2.1

Old accSo I’ve had a tiktok acc since musically basically and I’ve always enjoyed the app however I wish u could hav a feature where u could select videos easily to make them private or delete or change the privacy settings in general and just go through the videos rlly quickly by clicking them to make them private bcuz as I said I’ve had my acc for a long time and I feel it’s really cluttered and I wanna just make lots of the videos private so only I can see them but that’s more than 3000 videos and I don’t hav that time. I think a select all function would be really good please. I could just make a new acc but I want to hav my phone number on it but I’ve already put my phone number to one acc and it won’t let me delete it also I want to keep all of my favourite sounds, videos and creators. Thanks..Version: 18.7.0

ADDICTED!!I love this app so much I think it’s amazing and I have made many good friends on there I have seen fanpages, dance accounts, aesthetic accounts, roblox accounts, cosplayers, celebrities accounts and I have watched some of the bigger tiktokers (like charli damelio and Addison Rae) grow into amazing famous people. The only bad thing I would say is that the community guidelines are VERY strict. Now that’s a good thing because there is a lot of harmful things on there BUT three of my accounts have got banned for no reason. I was positive on those accounts never showed anything inappropriate but it did get banned. Ik tiktok is just tryna protect people but I think the community guidelines are a bit harsh but other than that get this app!! Also there was an update where you could get 8 accounts instead of three and then I updated my tiktok again and it was gone? I could only have three? And it’s really annoying bc I wanna make more accounts but I can’t because there’s a 3 account limit. So if tiktok is seeing this please let us have unlimited accounts? Just in case we do get banned or want to have more!! Other than that I’m so addicted to it!! 💕.Version: 18.4.5

The new worldI am loving the TikTok platform I think it is great, there are many people from all age groups and it’s very raw and real, there’s no hiding behind a photoshop image! This could be a place that changes the world! There is some negative comments and bullying but also there is a special place for sharing and caring and support for people struggling in life. Some of the strongest engagement is when people have the courage to open up and share the problems with the world through posting on this app, seeing the love and support that comes to people when they have the courage to share is incredible. Thanks tictok, I wish you the best for the decade ahead..Version: 14.7.0

AmazingThis app is amazing I absolutely love it and you can have a private account so people have to request to follow you and then only friends and people you know will be able to see your videos, that’s what I like about TikTok. But although this app is so amazing there are obviously going to be some malfunctions about it so first a problem that can occur which some parents may not like if they don’t want random strangers following them is that it is easy to switch your account off of private to viral this means that EVERYONE can see your TikTok a when you post them and can also mean that people can message you. Also sometimes if you have a private account it is sometimes very hard to get a follow request to come through and can be annoying, this happens to me a lot the follow request only comes through to me rarely. To fix this what I recommend doing is very quickly switching your account off of private (very quickly),then as soon as you have your request enabled switch it back to private, this always works for me. Overall I really recommend you to get this app it is so much fun AND ITS FREE!!!!!!! An app such as amazing as this one is free, so that’s an upside so go buy this app now!!.Version: 9.7.0

Love TikTok!Oh, I absolutely love this app. I don’t think I have ever had an app that has made me cry, bust out laughing. Be aware of things going on around the world being so connected to so many people and I’m not afraid of anything personal that I haven’t chose to share getting breached or stolen from me I feel tick-tock is a secure app. I’ve seen so much good things come out of the TikTok app just the camaraderie the coming together of everyone if I’m having a very busy or stressful day this is my way to download I can get on here. Scroll through my search algorithm shows me the things I want to see I have the option for not saying something by saying not interested and it doesn’t show up on my feed which I love, unlike Facebook or meta-anytime somebody that I am connected to like somethings are showing up in my feed. It’s so annoying it’s nothing but ads anymore. TikTok is not TikTok is a happy place. It’s a place that you can just be yourself you can share what you’re feeling share the things you like the things you love and just be connected. It’s just a way to get away from the day today stresses when you want to download just have a laugh or maybe even cry I hope this upstairs up I hope there’s no censorship with it. I think that TikTok has done a wonderful job..Version: 28.4.1

Great app!Ok so I love this app soooo much, but it’s way too addictive. Like if u go on this app just to check ur notifications u know that, that’s not what’s gonna happen, u know ur gonna end up being on there for 3 hours and when u r on there time flies by, like it could be 5:00 in the afternoon and then I loose track of time and it’s already 1:00, and this app has turned very toxic, mainly towards white ppl, skinny ppl, fat, ppl and James Charles 😐 and the trends can become very toxic, like the hour glass challenge, that is such a toxic challenge and can bring ppls confidence down like 📉📉📉📉📉📉 and it seems like bc of all this “body positivity” stuff everyone is supporting bigger ppl but when it comes to skinny ppl they r not supporting and saying stuff like “anorexic” or “eat a burger” and for some ppl that r on the bigger side that do muck bangs there are ppl duetting saying “ur gonna get diabetes” but that can’t help it bc they have a ed! But over all a good app, very toxic but we can learn that not everyone is gonna be nice and bring a smile to ur face and instead might bring tears to your eyes but y’know that’s fine too ❤️❤️❤️ I ALWAYS GET BANNED FOR NO REASON.Version: 20.6.0

TikTok on the clockActually I didn’t realise what I was missing until I downloaded TikTok. So much to be learn from glimpsing into another person’s life. You can get tips on almost anything and you see amazing people and there life stories whether is good or sad. I can go from happy to crying in less than 30secs but I always make sure when the tears flow I watch something to make me smile again. Everyone should give this a try whether you are into funny pets, music, hobbies, life stories and extraordinary people who make a difference in this world. You won’t be disappointed. There something for everyone. Anything you don’t like just Scroll on. It’s a new way of watching ‘TV’ for me. Also the news is varied. I find television woke and very celebrity focused and that’s kind of boring. They just like to blow sunshine up one another’s rear end. The negatives is gifting where people use there money and send virtual gifts some creators beg a lot on live streams one guy was even saying if you gift me I will help your business. There are trolls and you will come across downright nasty individuals -ignore ignore ignore..Version: 28.2.0

Tiktok ReviewTiktok has good content, But out of no where it started lagging again which is really annoying, I deleted the app so I could make it non-laggy and when I tried to log back into my recent account it wouldn’t let me, i tried multiple times, and multiple ways and it still won’t let me log in, I am of age for this app and every time I put in my DOB it says, *invalid parameters* tiktok if you could please change that, it would be good please I just want my old acc back and stuff so please…I worked really hard on that account and it disappoints me that ur system is the reason I can’t get back on it , Sincerely - Anon.Version: 21.7.0

Please read.Tiktok is so good, it is a part of me and i love the environment and the vibes from it. i spend a lot of my time on tiktok and honestly, it’s my favourite app. how ever there is something wrong because i got my account permanently banned today for violating community guidelines. problem is that i haven’t posted in a month. so i made a new account not even an hour ago but as i was scrolling a thing popped up saying that my account was permanently banned AGAIN. i don’t mind about the second account but the first account i have had for three years and has those three years documented on it. all my friends, 426 drafts, posted videos, favourite videos and sounds are all gone. and i cant get my fyp back to how it was before. it’s really disappointing. my family friend was diagnosed with cancer last year and i have some videos on my account of her but now they are all gone. she literally 7 and all the videos are gone. it’s not just happening to me but it also happened to my best friends too. so if you download tiktok be careful..Version: 21.0.0

Dunno what’s going on... 🤔I tried to make a new account on tiktok when my old one got banned. I didn’t use the same phone number,or password... I set my birthday and I’m over thirteen,and they wouldn’t let me create an account. It says: “Sorry it looks like you’re not eligible for tiktok...but thanks for checking us out!” It’s so weird right? I really wanna know what’s going on right now.. 😭 🤔 And one more thing: Why the heck does it say 12+ then if it’s 13+??? It’s confusing the other people which also includes me. Can you please fix this?????????????????? Tiktok thinks that I’m underage but I’m not.I just don’t have a height of a 13 year old. The account name was called: “Melissa_is_a_booknerd 📚” but I didn’t do anything inappropriate. All I did was vlogs,trending filters and stuff about my dog Lad. I really want my accounts back. Can you please i mean,pretty please fix this???.Version: 27.7.1

DONT DELETE TIKTOK!!!Ok the reason why the title is called ‘DONT DELETE TIKTOK’ cause people on there is so creative. I love them with my whole heart. I just want tiktok to stay cause I want to meet them one day and make a tiktok and so I can get a follow from my tiktok idol who is Avani Gregg, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae I wish I could meet them one day. Whenever I’m angry or upset I go to tiktok to watch some funny videos and I start to laugh and forget about what happened but, if it’s getting deleted I won’t be happy cause, there is nothing to make me happy. So DONT DELETE TIKTOK!! It’s something to do and make my day when I’m down or angry so don’t. And another reason i like tiktok cause, I do dancing and I love dancing I like showing people how good I’m at dance. Pls don’t delete it people out there won’t have anything to do if they are bored they will go on tiktok. Please don’t✨D E L E T E✨ tiktok!!! Love you guys for making tiktok but if you are going to delete tiktok people will hate you so don’t!! Thank you💕for reading this and don’t take it seriously for what I said.✨💕.Version: 16.6.2

I love tiktokHi my name on tiktok is mosthated_vee34 and I am so in love with this app only thing I have a big problem with is the fact we get banned for things we really didn’t do and blocked and I really feel it’s not fair the community guidelines are kinda destroying people pages because it’s people like me who work hard to build they page and keep being blocked and banned for no reason the kids and the adults who act like kids and the fake pages are taking over and it’s hurting and affecting a lot of great creators like myself I feel like banning people pages should not be a option especially when we over 10k followers we work hard to build our pages and we don’t intentionally try to hurt or harm anyone but then people really say a lot of mean things to us when we are live I had people wish death on my kids and me call me trans sexual and I’m a girl and we not suppose to defend our peace or ourselves but they can come on our live and say rude and mean things to us I have been blocked for someone calling me the N word and it really hurts cause I wanna turn this into a career and I’m being held back by fake pages and crazy rude people please help us creators who are there for what it is have some type of peace other than that I love it thumbs up.Version: 23.9.0

Request.Hey tiktok! just a request to add a dislike button to be used on videos underneath the like button, this request is due to much racism and homophobia on tiktok for selfish people. and yes i’m aware you can just skip the video or click ‘this is not for me’ but I just thought to request it anyway, because i know others have also possibly requested this specific thing but that’s all! and i know you’re busy and all but another request is that could you possibly make younger and small creators on the foryoupage more, just a request because I know they also deserve to be on the fyp. and I also know that they try and spend their own time on creating them and get half of the likes they were wishing for. well, that’s all and I hope you have a good life!!, and thank you for taking your time on reading this, and what you do is amazing!!, :D and just after remembering I was also wondering if you could add group chats and allow to add pictures on tiktok messages, thank you!,.Version: 21.1.0

TikTok is golden!💛TikTok is an addicting app where you can scroll for as long as you want! You can search up things your interested in and also like -favourite stuff on your for you page (fyp) to see more like it-if you search something up and you don’t like it you can simply go on the video hold on it and press on not interested same with on your for you page, you can follow people and it also recommends accounts for you to follow to do with what your interested in! You can find people off your contacts and honestly the best! I personally feel like 7 year old could use the app because you can share it with them and set up a screen time for them to use TikTok you can also see what they like and favourite but it won’t be that bad if it swears just put do not recommend but I feel like 7 year old could possibly use the app with super vision or not plus TikTok can be super funny and used to be known as musically honestly I’m addicted and can’t stop watching you can find such relatable stuff on there and can repost I say download the app! There could be some improvements but honestly it’s 5 stars out of 5 stars! The only bad thing is it could be a little time consuming other then that amazing app I literally can’t spend a day without it people with it all know we get addicted.Version: 29.0.0

Ok Social Media App for sharing videoThe app could definitely use better customer support. If you own the right to audio material and it is flagged as copy written by mistake the audio will be removed and appealing the decision usually does not result in the mistake being corrected. Terms of service are often violated due to inexplicable mistakes on behalf of whatever algorithm TikTok uses to filter content. The app has a problem with illegal content that is harmful to minors surfacing and being widely shared before it is reported and taken down. There is a problem with the algorithm favoring White content creators over Black content creators. When you report racist material that targets African Americans it is usually not removed or addressed but if you make a video addressing aforementioned racist content as an African American content creator your response is often taken down due to violating the exact terms of service you are trying to bring attention to. Overall the app has potential but the racism on the platform and content that is dangerous to minors means that users need to be monitored by parents or guardians if they are not adults. Hopefully there will be a similar app with a much better algorithm that will surface in the near future and replace this one making TikTok obsolete..Version: 27.6.0

Reporting and for you pageI’ve been seeing a lot of people bullying or making fun of things that shouldn’t be made fun of on the for you page, which is weird because you can get your videos taken down if you have fake guns in it but you will get rewarded if your making fun of someone’s weight I honestly hate the reporting system and think they should take off everyone bullying and everyone that 12 and under that constantly reporting thing for no reason ❤️❤️.Version: 8.7.1

Ups and downs (HIGH RATING SO IT CAN BE NOTICED)TikTok is amazing and very addictive however this app also come with up and sadly many down. ups: you can watch your favourite you tubers and create new friends chat with friends and share tiktok's with many people. tiktok influencers are everywhere on this app most famous are Charli Damelio, Addison Rae my favourite is (Talulah Mechalfe ) but most importantly you could become a TikTok influencer downs: to be famous you “have to have looks body” its keep on banning people for stupid reasons when you have made too many accounts because you keep on getting banned it will pop up saying “sorry you are not eligible for TikTok…thanks for checking us out though” you can get banned for stupid reasons i mainly get banned for being “under 13” when i'm 14 and putting in my real age the most common one is being under age or “grooming” my 15 yr old friend who doesn't post anything got banned for “grooming” and wouldn't leg her make another account as you can see the main reason is that TikTok should stop banning people for stupid reasons. But this app is very addictive and makes your battery go very fast -Dawn x.Version: 28.9.1

I love TikTok but..I love TikTok it’s a really fun app bc so many people are nice but some aren’t, also this new trend saying “interact 4x or else you pet will die.” Or other thing and it’s annoying bc some people get hurt after they skip it and it freaks me out to the point where I might take a break from TikTok. It really annoys me and I take a lot of breaks just because of this new trend it’s not really good. I know you can’t control what people post but at draw it to the point, because imagine getting a new puppy then you scroll on TikTok and it says “Use this sound or your dog will die” and then your puppy dies. That’s going to far and it needs to stop or else I might be taking a very long break. Tysm for reading this TikTok I know this isn’t your fault but please put a stop to it. Ty!! Byeeee I’m adding on to that 👆👆the same thing is happening it stopped for a year and it’s happening again but what people are saying is getting worse I just saw and someone said “my mom died” and it’s not ok to joke so if you guys could stop this I would appreciate it because I getting tired of it and I love TT but I have had to take so many breaks because of people saying your pet will die are your mom will die or whatever, so please just try to do something because I like using this app but some of the things are saying are just getting out of hand so that’s all for now bye thank you!!.Version: 30.6.0

The things that should changeI like TikTok a lot but it was way better before all the new updates. For example: adding stories and ten minute videos completely ruined what TikTok is all about. It’s supposed to be an app where you can watch short videos and follow creators that you like and support small businesses. Almost every social media app has stories now and I just don’t see why TikTok added that feature because it just makes it more like the other apps and not many people even use them. TikTok was an app strictly for watching videos that are a few minutes long, so why change that and add ten minute videos? No one wants to sit through that. I also don’t like how you ban, remove peoples’ videos and shadow ban creators when there wasn’t anything wrong with them or their videos. You also leave videos up that actually have a problem with them, but just ignore it and let the person continue doing Terrible things. It’s just so much worse now..Version: 23.9.1

Tiktok ReviewI’m really liking Tiktok and I think it’s a great app to spread inspiration, positivity and kindness. Some accounts share inappropriate and negative things but besides that tiktok has truly had an impact to a lot people. So many users have come out with their sexuality, scary, happy and some odd experiences in their life and a lot of accounts have used the platform for good and to positively spread things like self love, finding worth and more. The app has all round humour for any. I’m not saying there is absolutely no negativity or mean comments but most people on the app are posting content that relates and helps others :).Version: 17.4.0

We got addicted even though we said we wouldn’tIte everyone, let’s all just say now that we’re addicted to TikTok every since it’s released am I right. And don’t say you’re not as you’re addicted to it and there’s no turning back now. Back when TikTok released we were all like ‘oh I’m never gonna get addicted to TikTok cause it’s just full of visco-girls and furries’ we. all. said. this. at. the. start. So do not even think about typing or saying ‘oh no I didn’t’ because think back to it, if you’d never pressed that install button you would be where you are today with ‘TikTok life hacks’ and all the videos like ‘5-min crafts’ in a 1 minute video before they updated it. Now before I’m not able to fit anything else in this review tell me how many of you have gotten a burnt screen which is the homepage of TikTok (For You Page) burnt onto your actual phone screen and you can see it every so often to the point you start to think that you might be addicted to TikTok but you already knew this because your friends tell you to stop spamming them with videos in there inbox and stuff. Anyways, to finish this off I have to say one more thing. WE’RE ALL ADDICTED TO TIKTOK AND WE LIKE IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY TO ANYBODY ELSE AND IT’S ALL THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT FOR MAKING US GO INTO LOCKDOWN BECAUSE THE CORONAVIRUS..Version: 28.4.0

Terrible appIt’s a Chinese spyware app. Also really toxic platform..Version: 16.6.1

Add some featuresHey tiktok love the app but was wondering if you could add a feature where you could unfollow a big amount of people at one whole time instead of going through the following section and pressing name after name especially if iv had my acc since musically days if you add this it’ll be a great help because most of the people i follow dont even have it anymore but if you add this feature to you app it would help alot of people and people would appreciate it all in all love the app keep up the good work..Version: 22.9.0

LiveTiktok I love how it was made but i want to say a few things i wish there wasn't an amount of people you can follow for that moment because i followed everyone back on my account after and it kept saying you are following too fast, going live with going live i wish that you could go live even if you had 1 follower i would like that because i want it to be fair, fyp on your fyp i would like tiktok to add a fyp symbol e.g if your video got on the fyp it would have a symbol somewhere saying fyp, and also i want to say that every place/country should get the updates at the same time because for me personally we get the new updates like 3 min videos and the add to text speach last and it just doesnt seem fair because i see 3 min videos all over my fyp and i just want to do a 3 min video, you should also get a notification if your video got on the fyp so like you get a notification saying your ‘video got on the fyp goodjob do you want to see how much people viewed it?’ from tiktok like that. Thank you so much for reading my suggestions hope you can create some more cool updates tiktok..Version: 19.7.0

Load of BsDon’t get me wrong I love tiktok and all, I spend most of my day on it but stuff like this gets me mad. For instance in the past month I have probably gone through close to 20 accounts on tiktok because I keep getting banned for going against the guidelines. I turned 13 at the start of this year and decided I would like to get an account. But I can’t even post a video in a normal t-shirt without getting banned, I have to change into a massive tshirt and jumper before I make a tiktok which is wasting time and clothes. I don’t even get a warning I just start scrolling and 10 minutes later I get a message saying “your account has been permanently banned”. Like that’s ridiculous this needs to change cause I’m so sick of it. These guidelines are a load of bs. It needs to change quickly or I’m not gonna continue, and I’m glad I’m finally making this review because, all of my friends and family are experiencing the same and I’m sure a lot of other people are too. Step up your game tiktok seriously, or your gonna start losing people like me downloading your app..Version: 25.0.0

Catered education, entertainment, and activismTikTok for myself is first and foremost an entertainment app. What’s amazing about it is how it’s algorithm will personally cater your feed to your interests and inevitably lead you to educational content that you are genuinely interested in and want to know more about. With plenty of opportunities to go down any rabbit hole you receive well paced breaks from related content and even have moments when the app, get this, suggests you take a break and come back later. What started as an app teaching an entire generation how to express themselves in dance has turned into self help, political activism, crowd funding, mental health care, and an amazing fluid way to transfer ideas and of course the most amazing pet and animal videos that will take you on a well regulated entertainment journey. Thank you for your contributions to supporting the LGBTQIA and minority communities via your app and for promoting a more worldly perspective. We are all on this one planet together and I hope Tik-Tok can help us all band together to protect it, educate ourselves, and share ourselves and our ideas with each other! Truly this is my favorite app on my phone and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing algorithm! Find your people and follow your curiosities!.Version: 28.4.1

Great app but alot has changed..I LOVE TikTok! It made me have better relationships with my friends and it genuinely helped me become a more confident person. But over the past few months things have started to change, and not in a good way. TikTok has stopped put Lgbtq+ and comedy videos on the FYP. (People call this “shadow banning”) Instead of funny videos and videos that make me smile, I find myself feeling trapped on TikTok. I use TikTok to express myself and have a laugh once in a while, but now all I see is politics and inappropriate dancing. There are only a few good videos and everyone hates on them. I miss old TikTok, where if I was sad I could feel happy. If I was insecure, I would learn that I wasn't alone. And I know its great to spread awareness and share the news, but I’m always getting in arguments over who’s political views are correct. This app is mean’t for children and teens. It’s supposed teach you how to spread positivity. Most if the time I learn about dangers in the world faster than my parents. Most if the people on this app are too young to be into politics, including me. (I am 13) And yes, we should know whats going in the world, but not nearly half of the things shown on the FYP (For you page). I loved this app, but I’m starting to drift away because of its new content..Version: 16.2.0

Rant-ishI feel giving 4 stars is right because of all the mistakes on this app , stuff like the reporting system , the fan base ,exc, I have been hacked and threatened on TikTok and I just feel that TikTok let’s there fan base get away with too much , I just wanna complain about the reporting system and how it works because my cousin got her 70k account deleted because she was “underage” somehow and just recently she has gotten her 20k account deleted after just re gaining her followers and doing good , and before they even deleted her account they gave her no time to send an appeal or do anything to get her account back ?? And once you send an appeal it is already to late and nobody has responded to your appeal and ur account that u have worked hard for is gone , I just feel that TikTok only worries about the more popular side of there app more than the normal people who get there accounts deleted for doing nothing but just being themselves and doing what they like and then getting there accounts felted because some child decided to ruin what that person has built for themselves by just writing a small sentence and saying that they are underaged I just think that someone should monitor the account before making the decision of deleting it , There is also Aton of other issues like filters not being open to some people in certain places and TikTok being weird with updates and more..Version: 28.4.0

Please Improve Moderating SystemsI love tiktok very much but there’s a couple things that would make it more enjoyable and less stressful to use. 1. The automatic refresh happens to me all the time where the fyp will refresh without me swiping down and I also just think this feature is annoying altogether. I don’t understand the point of it. It would be nice if they just had a refresh button that you press rather then having it be a swipe thing because I can’t tell you how many times it’s refreshed by itself or on accident when I didn’t want it to and I’m never able to find the video I was watching ever again. 2. There’s so many hate comments on every single video just about and I know tiktok can’t really do a whole lot about this and it’s not their fault. However, if you guys had a better moderating system where you monitor the comments on people’s videos and delete awful comments I feel like that would be useful. Because not everyone wants to go through their comments deleting all the nasty ones and they still have to read them and it’s just very frustrating to deal with. Other then that, tiktok is an amazing platform and I wish it wasn’t so toxic from all the horrible hate comments and people who are trolling as well as those bot accounts that are always trying to scam you. Ultimately, tiktok needs to do a better job of moderating their app..Version: 31.1.0

Why TikTok is a great app but what you should be aware ofTikTok is a fun way to entertain your day no matter what mood you are in. Happy sad confused you say it. If your wondering TikTok let’s you duet follow people and post videos of your own. You could even become famous if you do good enough. I am not that good at TikTok so I only have around 300 followers but the most famous tiktoker has 113m followers. Don’t be like I’m going to download it now without reading the rest. Because these are the things you could be aware of and could even save your life! If you go to a school don’t put your school logo in the videos because people could figure out where you live by looking at the logo. I have had to delete a lot of my TikToks because I had my school logo in it, you better be more safe then sorry. You should also be aware of that people could talk to you in it and say things like what’s your name where do you live and stuff like that. If that does happen block them immediately before they find out more about you. I hope this review told you that TikTok is fun but could also be a bit dangerous if you are not aware about what your posting. Have a great day but stay safe.Version: 19.0.0

FeedbackI love the app to be able to create epic content and also meet people all over the world. I’ve made some incredible friends that I’ll be forever grateful for. However, the guidelines I must admit are very double standards which affect so many people. Some of us getting reported or weekly bans when others are getting away with the same thing which is really frustrating. If people are getting warnings do it for ALL accounts not just some. A lot of us are on here for fun and for mental health and the guidelines on here are probably more frustrating on here than any other app. Fair enough if someone was actually nude or severely bullying and it is really hurting people. I also know people with kids who are harmlessly posting pics and vids Getting removed. This app has allowed me to help people and also help my mental health through a really rough year. I’d like to see some improvements in guidelines and less bans/warnings for people. The app will continue to get used more if it becomes fair for everyone 🥰 Happy new year tiktok xx.Version: 22.8.3

It’s great but...Tiktok is my favourite app- its amazing! There is one issue though. I’m not 100% sure whether this is the issue or not, but my account/accounts have both been hacked. My first account logged me out by saying that my cache was full. It then logged me out. So I created a new account, and because I didn’t like my account still being around tiktok, I reported it and got it banned so that people wouldn’t worry that something happened. I thought everything was fine, but then the same thing happened to my other account. I got really upset. Also, every time this happened, I had to delete the app, then download it again. I kept on getting them back, but as soon as the app went to the start when it fully opens, it kicks me off the app and to my Home Screen. I don’t know if tiktok can resolve this issue, and I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but if you can’t resolve it, it might be an issue with my phone. Also, it might not be anyone hacking me, but when I pressed the question mark icon on the logging in page, it said that if your account logs you out, it usually means that someone is hacking you. Many thanks, ☽𝙢𝙚☾.Version: 21.7.0

My experienceFirst, I’d like to say I’ve only been on TikTok for about maybe two years though. I still find it tricky to do all the editing and all of the clever hooks in terms of videos. I still find it a fun app to use. It’s definitely helped my self-confidence, and it’s definitely helped in terms of promoting myself as a fitness trainer getting more clients and then also getting more modelling work. It’s also been great connecting with people that like and do the same things I like to do including learning more knowledge in skills and techniques, which I can apply to my data. However, I do find it a bit hard to get more viewings now and to get more followers I’ve been stuck I cannot seem to pass the 6000 mark. I’ve tried different techniques bit like I said I’m still learning And I do hope this app does not get banned in America. I think if you believe in the American constitution, and you believe in democracy and freedom of speech should be allowed to be applied to technology, freedom of speech, freedom of thought freedom to express oneself. This is what TikTok represent so fingers crossed it will stay.Version: 28.4.1

It would be five stars if the reports workedHi TikTok! Your a pretty good app to scroll have fun much more even! I just request you read reports and inspect the videos well! So if you could please read the reports people send out for actually bad reasons it would be helpful, I saw a A N A L vore video on this app on my fyp and it was weird! I tried reporting but it declined . If you could please understand that people on this app are very supportive of it and even grow an addiction like me, please read and check / inspect videos Also. People on this app are stealing others videos and I just don’t think it’s fair. People steal famous creators videos and put slime next to it and get famous, not to mention the hard work people put in videos just for others to steal theirs and another persons video of slime and a pov / hard worked on video, it’s just unfair how cruel people can be, TikTok please fix this, I love the app and all but the people on it are just so rude to others, someone once even make fun of me that my cat died and it just was NOT cool Overall an ok app but some videos entertain me so thanks! Also please don’t ban innocent people. Love-eliana(or for nicknames) Meliana the melon.Version: 30.3.0

Toxic AFOK, everyone knows about TickTock. They say it’s so fun and so amazing. But that’s not the case, it is the most toxic social media app out there. Please don’t get it. Toxic. Toxic. Toxic..Version: 18.5.0

Please can Australia have speak textHi TikTok so recently there’s been a lot of filters that are only available in certain countries and usually not Australia or most of it and when we’re finally givin the filter it’s no longer a thing and turns into something that’s no use to us, I think I can speak for Australia when I say we’d really appreciate it if we got the filters close to first but not last . I’d also like to talk about the likes, after just a few videos we loose the opportunity to actually like said video which can get a bit fustraighting. One last thing. I’m so sorry but I find it so incredibly annoying how people’s accounts have been taken down for “child nudity” like one of my friends accounts for example they’ve made several accounts and they’ve all been taken Down for child nudity when there’s no actual child nudity and how people’s videos get taken down for premoting body positivity and also videos of guys and girls with scars videos get taken down even if they put a TW anyways thank you for reading this - TikTok user - _azrasivakmays_.Version: 18.3.0

Live screen sharing shouldn’t require 18,000 followersI have given TikTok a 5 star review as it is a great app, but I have an issue with the live screen sharing conditions. The reason I have an issue with this is because you’re required to have 18,000 followers to screen share which is an issue because not everyone can achieve that goal (like me) A. Because not everyone’s videos get on the fyp and B. Not everyone is gonna like your content. Another reason I have an issue with this is because how are people dreaming of being a big streamer gonna get noticed if they cannot start what they want to do on an app with trillions of people where they can have a chance to get noticed when you require a huge amount of follower’s just to screen share on live. This is my issue with TikTok and thank you for reading, TikTok please lower the required follower count for live screen sharing to the live-streaming follower requirement instead of keeping it at 18,000..Version: 23.5.0

It was Amazing! Until....TikTok has been literally the most entertaining app I have ever used and I have been using it for a long time now. Everything was going so well until TikTok was updated. The new update puts many restrictions on users under the age of 16. I am aware that the TikTok community cares about young teens’ safety, but in my opinion this update is very unnecessary. Only my followers can view my videos, only followers can interact with it, I can’t DM any of my TikTok friends, etc. can this be fixed? For example you could maybe ask for permission from young teens’ parents or guardians and make sure they are aware of what their children are doing online and see if they’re okay with it, then, IF the parents don’t allow that, you could restrict things on teens’ accounts. Even though, TikTok overall is a pretty safe environment and if anything sketchy happens, the TikTok community takes care of it immediately. Thank you for reading and hopefully this will be fixed as many TikTok users are complaining about it too..Version: 19.3.0

Good!For any parents who are scared for their kids to get tiktok, don’t be. While it may not always be the nicest place ever, it’s great exposure to the world for children. I let my kids get tiktok in year 6 (age 10/11) and everything has been fine. If your worried about the types of videos that were circling around a few years ago (if you know the incident I’m talking about) those videos are very hard to get uploaded now as community guidelines take any inappropriate videos down before uploading, videos can also be reported if they make it past the previous review and you can easily block accounts. For you pages are custom to your liking based off of your viewer engagement so that you get the content you enjoy! Tiktok is honestly amazing for all ages and I think it would be fine to go as young as 9 to get tiktok aswell. The only thing I would say is that it’s very easy to get addicted so it’s down to the parents to still keep them interested in other hobbies and activities in the “real world”. Other than that it’s such a good way to connect with friends, and when your kids say that people who don’t have tiktok can get picked on, they aren’t lying. If they feel that they’re ready for tiktok you should give them that responsibility and privacy and if you’ve done your job right, you should be able to trust them to use this app well. 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 28.4.1

Good but..The new update isn’t very good all the filter and that is good but with drafts you can’t just scroll through them and you can’t watch them while uploading on I understood when your uploading you can’t do a video but you can’t even look at another one I think it should go back to being able to scroll through them instead of pressing on one then actually going on the video then pressing to save it again all the filter are good but just that used to love it so much but that is annoying makes me not want to use the app as much also there is always a glitch whenever you do a transition fast to slo mo and it ruins it . Such a good app but apparently the new update is tomorrow and your restarting everything and that will mean we all loose everything we have worked hard for the past years as I started in this app when it first came out but if it does restart then I will not longer be using it and I have seen that many other quite famous people have said that too. THERE IS LITERALLY 5 FILTERS NOT EVEN A BLACK AND WHITE ONE AND THE NORMAL FILTER ISNT NORMAL IT LOOKS REALLY PIXELATED AND DIFFERENT COLOUR I love this app but it’s turning out to be not very good..Version: 8.1.0

Some suggestionsTikTok is very addictive as this world knows, and I’m sure there isn’t a thing wrong but I have a few suggestions that would make TikTok a better community. I recommend giving more people hype, because most Americans are more likely to blow up, not sure why I think it’s a little unfair on the other small creators because some people can make a video that took no effort at all, 24 hours later it has thousands of likes,shares,views etc but for other places they can put hours into videos and only revive maybe a couple hundreds. I’m not sure why or if this can be fixed in any way but I think small creators are much talented then some other creators out there. Not specifically aiming towards certain people, just any small creators need more hype. Other than that I think TikTok is an amazing community and there are certainly some amazing superstars that are life changing and I respect all TikToks authorities thank you for putting time into your day and actually accepting peoples request I love this app and it certainly has changed my lifestyle thank you again TikTok, true legend x.Version: 17.6.1

TikTok fanI love keeping up to date with TikTok I follow world politics and anything that keeps it real many people have no idea what goes on in the rest of the world they listen to MSM and believe me when I say it is not your source of truth being a critical thinker I question research and study we live in a world that is corrupt and controlled by the narrative of 1% who feel money gives them the upmost power to control the thinking and lives of others never mind the free thinkers will uncover the truth and get the message out KARMA is a wonderful thing depending on what side you are on.Version: 28.2.0

You are my TikTok Family 🥰🥰🥰TikTok is the biggest platform to make Friendships and new Family members. A place to show you care for someone who needs the love. Support is what we all need and love dearly. A place where we can have a laugh, cry, and learn from others. A place where we can say something wrong and learn from it, to be positive instead of negative. And once we have the guts to post ourselves, we also get to teach what we know. Whoop whoop. And when we can, sometimes gift a person for their content. Doesn’t even have to be great, just gift because I want to 💋💋💋♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁 And I’m still learning how to navigate and push myself forward with no idea what I’m doing and loving it 😂😂😂A place I am conquering my fears of what people think of me and just going for it. Happy to be here 👍👍♥️.Version: 27.9.0

Good I guessI like Tik Tok, it’s really fun and interesting. But there are some things that need improvements. Many people post inappropriate content on there, and it features animal abuse, cyber bullying, and more. And sometimes they will even post videos about which gender has it worse or which gender is better, and then in the comments there will be a war about the genders, and people often end up getting hurt and angry. If you’re a parent and your kid under 12 wants Tik Tok, I would advise you to put parental controls on there so they aren’t watching inappropriate content. Otherwise it is really good!.Version: 16.6.5

Loving it! But a few problemsIn my opinion, I think Tik Tok is a fantastic app! You can watch other people’s videos or create your own videos! I only started making videos for 2 weeks and I already have 500 followers! Although tik tok is great…there is a few problems I want to discuss…First, There are a lot of common Hate comments, for example ‘How’s my form 🤡🤳🖥’ or ‘Imagine playing ……’ It really gives negativity and hurts other people…because of these comments, people are giving up on their tik tok videos because they can’t handle the negativity…Secondly, There are too many Online Daters, It is absolutely Disgusting to see people in the comments trying hit or flirt with the creator and I personally think that you should ban those who online date…lastly, There are too many clickbaits…people send fake videos repeatedly, they post the same video over and over again and these are major click baiters so if you could fix these 3 problems, I am sure that more people would download this app and that tik Tok will be a much safer app…I really want a bright future happening with this app so please make it happen….Version: 16.2.0

Could be better!There are a few problems with tiktok. Firstly, you can’t make group chats with other people on it and i find that really boring. secondly, whenever i’m messaging someone on tiktok and i go off the app, i never get the notification that they messaged back even when they did. My notifications show that it’s on but no notifications are showing. Lastly, I wish you could make it easier by having the ability to select all your tiktok’s to put on private instead of having to private every video one by one..Version: 24.6.0

Fighting for our freedomAt the moment we can still have a say on here. We are trying to fight back for our freedom and rights as human beings. We all need to go and study the laws of our rights as human beings and our rights on how to remove a corrupt government. Australia is a country that can run its self with out any kind of importing products, fuels, ex. Australia is one of the eseyest countries to defend. There are only two ways to get here. Fly or boat. And we can defend both. So if we have the right to remove all the standing government and appoint a (I can’t think of the legal term i will just say person for now) until all investigations are over, them we can vote for a new government. We all need to know our real rights and the real laws. Because we are being lied to and pushed over. And they don’t want us to know what is going on. And they don’t want us to know the truth. And I would stand up for the people of Australia and remove the corruption greed and the new world order..Version: 21.1.0

TikTok is fine BUT MY FYPTikTok is a great app for me but it’s just the people on it that ruin the app. My fyp is full of “baddies” trying to get likes and followers, people show videos of their pets and are like “will you like for this sad doggy” and people are faking being depressed and having no friends just for a couple of likes. Another 2 problems that I see ALL THE TIME are people saying that joining their live and doing all that stuff that gets them famous will “make the viewer look at their acc the next day and see that they’re verified” or they have a “million followers” and all that stuff. Also people keep sending me nude websites and send accounts of people wearing inappropriate clothes for TikTok I need this fixed.Version: 21.7.0

AppallingFirst of all. Just face it. The community guidelines are awful. Influencers on TikTok post inappropriate videos, and they bully/harass people and they seem to not get banned. However, when it’s people actually trying to have fun on the app, they are the ones that get banned. I am not ashamed to say this, in fact I am proud. I hate TikTok. Next thing I want tell you about: how many people have died from these stupid TikTok challenges like the blackout challenge, benadryl challenge, etc. How do you not allow people under 13 on the app, yet you accept challenges that kill people?! People are supposed to live their life, not end it. It was and is your responsibility to stop these challenges before things could get any worse. But hey! You let it carry on. No offence but it is your fault that these challenges have caused the death of many young people that do not deserve what has happened to them. I wish them a happy time in heaven, always and forever. I am not ashamed to say that I am happy I have heard about people suing you because of these challenges and people dying. Hey look, I’m just telling you the truth. You need to sort yourself out. ONLY USE THIS APP FOR WATCHING FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING THINGS AND OTHERWISE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. I suggest you don’t post videos for the time being until you decide what will/should be best for you..Version: 25.7.1

Tiktok is the best app everTiktok is a great app we’re you can go famous literally overnight there is no other apps we’re you can do that and it turns small creators into creators that are more well known than most YouTubers and insta stars and it’s such a hate free kind app we’re you can post whatever you want and people will like it and show love to you in the comments and you can create you’re own dance and make it the most viral dance on TikTok and everyone will tag you if you haven’t already download TikTok now.Version: 16.6.2

Do betterTiktok is pretty good. I have found a good community and it's a good way to interact with people and to get content out to others. There are a few issues though. Creators, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators are getting banned for no reason and you're also taking down videos for reasons that have nothing to do with the content of the video. Not only that, but creators that are actually problematic and who have caused harm are still allowed a platform while people who speak out on issues get shadowbanned. On a less severe note, I think that limiting comment sections and making duets or stitches unavailable to minors is annoying. Maybe make it so that there has to be a parent contact who can set up rules for that sor of thing if you want it to be safer. A lot of creators on the app are minors but lie about their age instead just to be able to access these functions. My final point is about captioning. I think it's good that you added captions because it makes tiktok more available to those who are deaf or HOH. But if you want to make the app more accessible, give everyone access to that feature. Let everyone be able to see it on the for you page and let everyone have access to it when making videos. If you do, then the app will be able to have a greater audience reach..Version: 19.2.0

So much more to this than I realisedI had wrongly thought this app was just about watching amusing and entertaining clips and I never had the need for it. But it was explained to me that although there is lots of that kind of thing on it actually there are lots of other incredible postings. I’m so pleased I signed up. It’s been a door into the world of other people. It can be funny, powerful, moving or sad. Inspirational or informative. Amazing and interesting. A great app. Thanks.Version: 19.0.0

ANGER IS RIGHT HERE⬇️I used to love musically and then one update changed my whole perspective of it. You basically couldn’t use hashtags and it unfollowed some people you were following. I tried to get in to my account today for the first time in about a month and I couldn’t my videos were deleted on both of my accounts, my profile pic/vids were gone EVERYTHING GONE. I had some really amazing memories on there and being honest the only reason I went on there was to save them to my camera roll before deleting this horrible app but now they are all gone every single one of them floating in cyber space. For example there WAS some of my dog that passed away not that long ago (that was the only videos I had of her), I had great times with my friends that I know I recorded but can’t remember them and I was looking forward to seeing them but no I can’t. For musically/tik tok I hope you can find a way to make the app more enjoyable before you lose everyone on there..Version: 8.6.0

I just don’t get itLook there is an account on tik tok that is FULL of ANIMAL CRUELTY over 100k people have seen that video of a dog ripping another dog apart like it’s a chew toy! THIS STUFF ISNT RIGHT!! And your taking small creators accounts down for doing NOTHING WRONG! I HAVENT POSTED A SINGLE VIDEO and most of my accounts have been PERMANENTLY BANNED! I have not done ANYTHING WRONG! THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED THE ACCOUNT! Almost 3 WEEKS from the worst one came up and tik tok, you STILL haven’t done anything!?!? Look the app is pretty good and educative, kinda, but also people go there as their safe place, to watch funny videos, to check up on their friends see how they’re doing, to post stuff on their page, they don’t want to go on their FYP and see a dog RIPPING ANOTHER DOG APART, I just opened he app and all I see is a dog ripping the skin off another dog that’s on a leash waiting for it’s owner to come back! I don’t intend on tik tok being taken down, it’s just Tik tok needs to look closely on the accounts that have been reported MULTIPLE TIMES and just ban them like from the first second CHILDREN on this app would be TRAUMATISED from seeing that, you need to take the account down IMMEDIATELY you’ve already lost a lot of downloads, and you will lose more.Version: 22.8.2

YuhPretty Top notch innit very much so yeyahhh ma queen pop off I hate my life tho five star bruv I just really wanna get onto that for you page yeah be famous like the queen I am… but fantastic stuff I d say sir I’m absolutely overwhelmed by it and will like to be on the for you page Do do do do do I’m lovin it I’m a little lad who loves berries and creammmmm it would be handy if the immortal snail could team up with TikTok to make me famous of just get my video to get really popular and dude it’s working I’ve got more and more famous lolllllll lovin my life run it would be very handy to get my most recent TikTok to go viral I would really appreciate that clock app… bing bong f- ya life if you see these dogs in your front yard just know upstairs I’m going hard bing bong… AYO JOE BYRON TAKE ME OUT FOR DINNER BABY! xoxo gossip girl k bye x am I famous yet? Broooo I’m basically TikTok famous Sooo basically TikTok didn’t make on Eid my videos viral and I’m livid :( Bhuuuyhjjijnh Sooo i might be slightly famous but not as much as I would like to be but oh well Johnny depp is totally going to win the court case over amber heard butttt I’m so close… ubserdity of wealth aye tiktok been slacking okay yeah it’s gone down hill I ain’t getting likes :(((.Version: 28.4.0

Good I supposeBring musically back I'm pretty sure everybody I know that had musically want it back not tiktok I'm sorry but it's true I do not like the update and the rename well joining with another app also whenever I try to use emojis it sometimes glitches and won't let me use emojis and I tried on more than two devices and it glitched not just on my acc either but overall I love musically I would love it better if it wasn't tiktok and to me now it would feel like bringing childhood back lol Please respond nobody likes tiktok apart from new users the app is awesome and super fun but the only tiktoks I would call awesome are the old ones it just doesn't feel the same we miss our old orange screen and all of the iconic tiktok songs I don't enjoy the aesthetics because they make the app newer and newer but the old lip sync was better I'm sorry I seem mean but when it comes to tiktok or musically I would choose musically any day please respond to my review and bring back the iconic logo and orange colour please idec if it's still called tiktok pleaseeee me and my sister don't even call it tiktok we just call it musically it's better.Version: 10.0.0

Racism, sexism, homophobia...There are so many racist, sexist, and homophobic vids on TikTok that goes viral. People are reporting them but yet they are still up there and the users who make this type of vids are getting famous from being racist, sexist, homophobic etc... It is absolutely disgusting to see such things happening on this app. I really hope it gets fixed and that I don’t see or heard no more vids of hate speech that goes viral. Please do your thing!!!.Version: 17.7.1

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