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I hate itMusically you guys are so dumb with this update, first u make lively really horrible and take away most of the features that people love about it, then you turn privately into drafts, then the leader board is gone, and u blocked out kids,and now I have to post something to be able to save it on my photo,I am so close to deleting this app,and I think the death of musically is coming very soon if u don’t fix this 🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽.Version: 7.7

TiktokTiktok is fun there are lots of things you can do on it like comedy,dancing, singing,lip syncing and a lot more like cooking and more so I recommend it especially for kids to learn dances and you can make your account private or you can just put the videos you make in draft and then When you want to post them just click drafts the video you want to post and hit the post butto and it will post.Version: 17.7.0

ADDICTED!!I love this app so much I think it’s amazing and I have made many good friends on there I have seen fanpages, dance accounts, aesthetic accounts, roblox accounts, cosplayers, celebrities accounts and I have watched some of the bigger tiktokers (like charli damelio and Addison Rae) grow into amazing famous people. The only bad thing I would say is that the community guidelines are VERY strict. Now that’s a good thing because there is a lot of harmful things on there BUT three of my accounts have got banned for no reason. I was positive on those accounts never showed anything inappropriate but it did get banned. Ik tiktok is just tryna protect people but I think the community guidelines are a bit harsh but other than that get this app!! Also there was an update where you could get 8 accounts instead of three and then I updated my tiktok again and it was gone? I could only have three? And it’s really annoying bc I wanna make more accounts but I can’t because there’s a 3 account limit. So if tiktok is seeing this please let us have unlimited accounts? Just in case we do get banned or want to have more!! Other than that I’m so addicted to it!! 💕.Version: 18.4.5

A lot more characters….I have said it before and I have asked so we can have a lot a lot more characters to write in our messages I am sick and tired of not having enough characters to write the messages that I would like to write as it stops me from continuing writing messages because we are stopped . Please allow us to have a lot more characters to write our messages thank you … is anyone going to listen to my feedback I have spoken to you people before about my concern about not having enough characters to write messages to people as it stops me from writing the messages that I like we need to have more characters so we can write the great messages that we want to compliment to people on the videos and posts that they put on tick-tock Why doesn’t anyone read my messages we need to have more characters when we write back messages you people aren’t reading my messages this is really getting me really angry as no one is reading my messages !!!!!! WHY SHOULD I BOTHER SENDING MY THOUGHTS NO ONE READS MY MESSAGES NO ONE !!!!!!.Version: 23.7.0

Amazing appThis app changed my life before Tik tok I had nothing to do and no friends at all then I saw an advert on the app and I got it to try out. And even thought I didn’t have a lot of followers I still made lots of friends and when I changed schools all my Tik tok friends were there and now I have made lots of friends and my life is perfect I always have something to do. And my parents don’t mind either. There is a bit of everything like comedy, anime, acting, dancing, singing, role play and much more. Even thought it is an app for 12 and over I personally think that it can be for much younger and if there is something bad (which never happens)it is likely for someone to report it and for the video to get deleted. Tik tok also has really good private setting where you can put your account on private and people can’t see any of your videos unless you accept there request and none of your videos get put onto the for you page (a series of videos from different accounts that everyone can see) As I have already said this app changed my life. It is amazing PLEASE DOWNLOAD❤️❤️.Version: 14.2.0

Good app, but somethings could changeOverall Tiktok is a really good app in general, however there are just some minor bugs that are pretty annoying. For example sometimes the audio just starts glitching and sounding staticky if you’re recording a video. Another thing is that recently my videos have been delayed after i post them. So i would assume it’s airpods delay however all my videos are delayed now and that’s including ones i posted months ago. Also there are a few things that could make the app better like, when you stitch a video instead of the audio not carrying over, you can have a choice on whether you want to continue it or not. I feel that it would be more efficient and a lot easier if you want to finish an old transition you posted or anything else you might need. I also personally liked the old drafts layout, but it’s fine as is. Another problem is when you’re watching a video and a text or something may be covered by a profile or the caption or anything else on the side, it’s hard to see or read anything so I feel there should be a feature where you can swipe to the left and all those buttons would go away sort of like how it is on a live stream. That’s all I have for now, but Tiktok is a really fun and enjoyable app..Version: 22.8.0

TikTok OfficialThis app has been created by the Chinese department of entertainment, I would love to mention that if you are using this app enjoy it whilst you can since it might be getting taken down is what people have been saying in other countries. Especially in India as TikTok has already been banned in there. I want to mention that this app is amazing and that I definitely recommend using it. Seems fun and using not much of your battery, in fact it helps with my battery percentage and longer life. I am not lying since I have been using this app for 2 years and my CPU on my phone has only gotten stronger. This could be because I am not using any other apps much, other things I want to say is that it makes you very entertained. If you want to use this app and don’t know what to look for it has an option at the start of what you are most entertained about, you can choose anything. If you like comedy you may click comedy. Thank you for reading I was joking at the start I am not the official TikTok but this app is amazing and it’s FREEEEE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??????? Good luck my friends ;).Version: 19.5.1

Awesome butTik tok is an amazing app but there are some very bad risks that need to be seen, you see the app is amazing I love it developer and well done for creating such an amazing app that you can post and see videos with your friends and people to follow ,like and comment on your videos. You have tons of sounds to lip sync to or make your own and share stories . Including a bunch of filters , you can do anything for up to a minute or longer depending on the video length if you ahve 1000 fans you are able to go live and receive gifts and it’s an app everyone can enjoy. Well should enjoy , the one thing about this app is. There is nothing stopping creators from posting any type of content about something or someone either kindly and giving a shoutout or hating and cyber bullying, it’s like any other online app , there can be loads of bad language and sometimes no one does much about it when you report or block and any young child with a mindset can make an account,post loads of content and not knowing how to make a private account and have anyone look at it from over the age recommendation and can sexually harass someone and make them self conscious I think tik tok should monitor the actual reports and see what’s going on and look at some content to keep everyone safe and have a lorvely warm welcoming app but sadly it’s like every other social media , children under 13 BE WARNED.Version: 12.5.0

Live screen sharing shouldn’t require 18,000 followersI have given TikTok a 5 star review as it is a great app, but I have an issue with the live screen sharing conditions. The reason I have an issue with this is because you’re required to have 18,000 followers to screen share which is an issue because not everyone can achieve that goal (like me) A. Because not everyone’s videos get on the fyp and B. Not everyone is gonna like your content. Another reason I have an issue with this is because how are people dreaming of being a big streamer gonna get noticed if they cannot start what they want to do on an app with trillions of people where they can have a chance to get noticed when you require a huge amount of follower’s just to screen share on live. This is my issue with TikTok and thank you for reading, TikTok please lower the required follower count for live screen sharing to the live-streaming follower requirement instead of keeping it at 18,000..Version: 23.5.0

ReviewFirst of all, Tik tok is amazing!! It’s helped me gain some confidence and find people who go through what I go through. Sometimes things that i see do change my opinion on things but i think that without tik tok i wouldn’t know anything. I’ve learned so much and i think if i scrolled through tik tok for about one whole day i probably don’t have to go to school. Using tik tok i’ve saved a few lives. Like people from suicide and stuff like that. I use it to support people and it’s an amazing creation. Some of these videos will make my day and i love that! I will go from crying to laughing in like a second. Tik tok makes sure that young kids are safe and that all inappropriate things are banned. Which is perfect. I’ve grown so much on tik tok i'm at 1948 followers...More then 1k!! and i love everyone that follows me. even thought they might do it for no reason. It’s nice. Recently my friend hasn’t been able to text me on our normal chatting place and we just tag each other and hilarious and relatable tik toks and have fun that way. Doing tik toks with friends when they come over is so much funnnn. I have so much i can say about tik tok but unfortunately it’s 4 in the morning and i kinda wanna watch tik toks so byeee YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT!!.Version: 18.5.0

TiktokTiktok is an amazing app where you can show your interest and talents but there are som defaults on the app like in inappropriate videos being shared around it can be toxic as well and I think by adding a dislike button people won’t have to hate in others they can just click the dislike button I also think that Tiktok keeps a better eye on what others are posting like inappropriate videos are not getting deleted. I also spent hours on a video that got taken down cause I was showing my midriff but that’s only because I was reviewing clothes and tiktok there are many many videos of people body shamming others so pls keep a better eye on what others post thank you. And lastly I think that smaller creators should be able to get on the fyp and I also think that you should allow people with at least over 100 followers can go live cause thankfully lives get on the fyp which could really help out small businesses increase that’s all..Version: 17.6.1

Some suggestionsTikTok is very addictive as this world knows, and I’m sure there isn’t a thing wrong but I have a few suggestions that would make TikTok a better community. I recommend giving more people hype, because most Americans are more likely to blow up, not sure why I think it’s a little unfair on the other small creators because some people can make a video that took no effort at all, 24 hours later it has thousands of likes,shares,views etc but for other places they can put hours into videos and only revive maybe a couple hundreds. I’m not sure why or if this can be fixed in any way but I think small creators are much talented then some other creators out there. Not specifically aiming towards certain people, just any small creators need more hype. Other than that I think TikTok is an amazing community and there are certainly some amazing superstars that are life changing and I respect all TikToks authorities thank you for putting time into your day and actually accepting peoples request I love this app and it certainly has changed my lifestyle thank you again TikTok, true legend x.Version: 17.6.1

AmazingAmazing app for so many things. But beyond the obvious entertainment aspect of it, it gives the user a sense of community support. Feeling connected. supporting each other. Making friends. And also it gives the user tools to be able to create and design , as well as star in their own content that is seen by up to millions of people potentially. This app is also getting families a chance to be involved in something together. Especially in a time like 2020 (to current day) and quarantine happened, people moved 6 ft apart but because of TikTok we remained connected. And in the case of the family at home during quarantine, TikTok made a way for families to grow closer, engage in fun challenges and videos together. To learn more about each other, grow deeper connections and have fun together. Also, this app has helped people feeling down, alone, and possibly having self harm ideation, to find comfort in other on the platform. To find others who have felt or feel the same way. TikTok gives opportunities to those to find support or comfort or laughter in what it is they are seeking. I believe TikTok is amazing. I just began using a few weeks ago and I am amazed. I am also not being paid to say this..Version: 23.5.0

Best social media app on earthTikTok is the best social media app for all humans on earth and it’s appropriate for any age too. On TikTok you get to know new people get to see so funny awsome cool videos for other people. You get to have your own account too to make your own videos get to have followers likes and views and get to chat with different new people... There are even no words to describe how TikTok is so amazing so all people should download it and join the fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 10.3.0

Loving it! But a few problemsIn my opinion, I think Tik Tok is a fantastic app! You can watch other people’s videos or create your own videos! I only started making videos for 2 weeks and I already have 500 followers! Although tik tok is great…there is a few problems I want to discuss…First, There are a lot of common Hate comments, for example ‘How’s my form 🤡🤳🖥’ or ‘Imagine playing ……’ It really gives negativity and hurts other people…because of these comments, people are giving up on their tik tok videos because they can’t handle the negativity…Secondly, There are too many Online Daters, It is absolutely Disgusting to see people in the comments trying hit or flirt with the creator and I personally think that you should ban those who online date…lastly, There are too many clickbaits…people send fake videos repeatedly, they post the same video over and over again and these are major click baiters so if you could fix these 3 problems, I am sure that more people would download this app and that tik Tok will be a much safer app…I really want a bright future happening with this app so please make it happen….Version: 16.2.0

Tiktok is the best app everTiktok is a great app we’re you can go famous literally overnight there is no other apps we’re you can do that and it turns small creators into creators that are more well known than most YouTubers and insta stars and it’s such a hate free kind app we’re you can post whatever you want and people will like it and show love to you in the comments and you can create you’re own dance and make it the most viral dance on TikTok and everyone will tag you if you haven’t already download TikTok now.Version: 16.6.2

TiktokI honestly like the app itself, but I’m pretty disgusted at the people on there. I think you should make a seperate app for younger kids to keep their innocence, also I don’t like the ‘drafts’ option, it is way too confusing. Now, for the last inquiry, I have hated this for quite a while now and it’s the caption option, I always make typos in my caption and in order to change it I have to repost the video which is a hassle plus reposting means the video will have a tiktok watermark on it which is not efficient in any shape or form, I really hope you take my points to consideration and change something..Version: 10.3.0

Good I supposeBring musically back I'm pretty sure everybody I know that had musically want it back not tiktok I'm sorry but it's true I do not like the update and the rename well joining with another app also whenever I try to use emojis it sometimes glitches and won't let me use emojis and I tried on more than two devices and it glitched not just on my acc either but overall I love musically I would love it better if it wasn't tiktok and to me now it would feel like bringing childhood back lol Please respond nobody likes tiktok apart from new users the app is awesome and super fun but the only tiktoks I would call awesome are the old ones it just doesn't feel the same we miss our old orange screen and all of the iconic tiktok songs I don't enjoy the aesthetics because they make the app newer and newer but the old lip sync was better I'm sorry I seem mean but when it comes to tiktok or musically I would choose musically any day please respond to my review and bring back the iconic logo and orange colour please idec if it's still called tiktok pleaseeee me and my sister don't even call it tiktok we just call it musically it's better.Version: 10.0.0

It’s frozenWhen I go on Tim Tom there’s a big problem. I can’t seem to watch the ticktocks because I either have to pause and play it or it’s just gets frozen. I’ve had this problem before and the other time it just needed time to recover but this has been going for a week now and, I would like for you to fix it , because it is irritating and I just want to watch tiktoks with out pausing and playing it. The other thing I realize is that it won’t let me tap on the buttons on Tim Tom I don’t know why I think it might be a glitch or something. I actually had to delete my account and make a new one but it didn’t help. The other thing is that I’m not really getting on the for you page and I get that you have to be famous to be on the for you page. But my old account I was loosing followers really quickly, I also have a question for you. How do you go on live? And why do you have to get 1000 followers to go live?.Version: 11.7.0

4 stars for fun, but…There’s no denying how entertaining this app is. And if you’re just watching TikToks, not posting, this is probably going to be a 5-star experience for you. As a content creator, it’s been a bit different. I’m enjoying the success I’ve had in the short amount of time since I created my account, but I gotta say the auto-moderation is just awful. Nobody should ever have a ban enacted on them or a video automatically removed just because the mod AI picked up a no-no word without context, or because people who simply don’t like the content reported it instead of scrolling. And there’s no real way to talk to a human being if you’d like to discuss issues like this. I’d love to have actual humans deciding what happens to my content and my account. And I’d love the option to speak to an actual human when I need to hash out account-related issues. I mean, I like being here so I bend over backwards to try and meet community standards while still retaining the humor that brought followers to my account in the first place. But these auto-disciplinary things still happen, often for no really good reason, and that is super frustrating. Otherwise, it’s a really fun app and I like it. Obviously I’m still around. Just wish we could get this one aspect actually fixed..Version: 21.7.0

FeedbackI love the app to be able to create epic content and also meet people all over the world. I’ve made some incredible friends that I’ll be forever grateful for. However, the guidelines I must admit are very double standards which affect so many people. Some of us getting reported or weekly bans when others are getting away with the same thing which is really frustrating. If people are getting warnings do it for ALL accounts not just some. A lot of us are on here for fun and for mental health and the guidelines on here are probably more frustrating on here than any other app. Fair enough if someone was actually nude or severely bullying and it is really hurting people. I also know people with kids who are harmlessly posting pics and vids Getting removed. This app has allowed me to help people and also help my mental health through a really rough year. I’d like to see some improvements in guidelines and less bans/warnings for people. The app will continue to get used more if it becomes fair for everyone 🥰 Happy new year tiktok xx.Version: 22.8.3

Hey tik tokHey guys All I want to say is I love the app but want to change a few things. I would love for u to make it so we can see who has viewed our videos. Also I don’t like that we get banned and lose all the stuff we have worked for so like videos and followers and likes cause it really does he annoying. I wish that instead of getting banned we get like shadow banned and we have to be shadow banned for a week so we no that we are in the wrong and also tell us why we got shadow banned. Also I would love to no who has reported us so we no. Also I would like for it to be like when we start a new account we can use the same email I also would like for u to make it so we can see who has shared our video also that I no I can’t just ask but I have gone through so many accounts cause they got banned for some reason that I don’t no and I have been working hard for followers and like and on my old scoping which I was working hard on it got banned and I was really sad cause I lost everything and also I really wish I could have it back now I no u don’t have to but can u please unban my account it is offical_lucy also yes official is spelt wrong someone hacked my account and put it wrong lol also please respond tik tok lots of love Lucy 😀.Version: 22.5.0

Great app, bad bugs.It’s a good platform and really great way to make friends and connect with old ones etc.. but recently my account hasn’t been working properly. It won’t let me make any, nor would it load the sound. Whenever it does let me make one, it won’t record nor play the actual sound. Yes my app is up to date on updates. Yes I’ve logged out and logged in. Yes I’ve turned my phone on and off. And even went far to the point were I reset my phone. Still no luck:( Help please?.Version: 11.5.0

It’s awsome BUTWhen I first downloaded this app I was ok with everything and even started to gain a few followers. However the new update has its toll on this app. For the record I enjoy making high edited vids and I like to upload them with my own original sound. Now when I upload something, this app instantly mutes them and says the sound isn’t allowed in Australia?? Even though it’s just music. Plus I understand the age restrictions however it is nice to NOT have a account that’s private if your under 16 because there’s a lot of underrated tiktokers who put lots of effort in their videos only to have them put under PRIVATE CONDITIONS. I would recommend to lower the age restrictions to under 10 years of age. Because therefore it makes a lot more sense. Also might want to remove the following limit because it’s always nice to follow someone back even if there are too many followers to download i still highly recommend to remove the 10k following limit to unlimited, Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand my level of concern about the new updates and such..Version: 20.0.0

Like the App!I really love this app so much!! You get to be yourself on this app by making videos of yourself! You could meet new friends and people as well! Overall i really like this app theres is one problem that just bothers me a lot.. Its that sometimes people can be toxic to other people and bring that much hate to people up to the point where the person being hated on would delete their account, but it is what it is. But I really like this app so I would rate it 4 stars!.Version: 18.2.1

TiktokAbout tiktok is posting videos this app is my fav i cant stop posting tik tok vids i use a phone to record my videos i dont live stream as you know casue im not a popular tik tok Person i rated this app 5 stars if you dont have tik tok try it its a cool app where you can record videos and post them and maybe some people would like your vids and comment and i been posting a lot of vids like you can post lots of vids and thats all i can say casue i ran out of ideas so bye!😊.Version: 12.8.0

To Tik tokI think actually I know tik tok is a great app for everyone around the world to use because there are always great updates and audios and videos all people actually having fun on this app so if your ever going to think about shutting this app down please do not because this app is not just great it is astonishing it is amazing I could always talk about how great this is but I’m really busy because I need to make another tik tok video...😊😊😊.Version: 9.9.6

Best appKaren’s are lying to get you to not download this app, but this app has taught me more then school will ever teach me. Plus Charli Damelio is a good roll model for kids and talks about important matters. People that are saying they see bad videos are over exaggerating because I’ve never seen a bad video in the 3 years I’ve been here and if I did there’s a “not interested” button that people can lush to no longer see similar videos. Racism and Homophobia is not accepted on this app aswell as bullying people with disabilities..Version: 16.6.5

Awesome, but some complaints.Tiktok is a fun and creative platform that I’ve grown to love. I like that when I’m bored I can hop on my phone and watch a 15 second video instead of watching an entire movie. But I’ve tried to report for multiple reasons. Do I get listened to? No. Tiktok doesn’t even read the reports. I spend my time writing reports to keep the environment on tiktok safe. They will not listen to any of them so I will be posting on here my complaints instead. I have a few complaints regarding blocked accounts and adding new accounts. My account, 17._.Brook._.17 was blocked a few months ago. On that account I had countless memories and would’ve liked to keep some videos. Instead all of the videos were taken away and I couldn’t save any! I have made a new account but would still like to have the videos from my old one. Also I have been trying to add another account under the same phone number or email as mine but it will not let me make more than two accounts. I would like to be as creative as I can and I can’t do this without being able to create more accounts. I love tiktok, but I want to share my ideas and creativity and right now I can’t. It would be very helpful if you looked into these and fixed some of them. Thank you! <3.Version: 22.0.0

Eye opening ❤️Alright. Straight to the point. Tiktok popped up mid app to review and I pressed 4 stars to be realistic I guess. I love this app. I became a content creator and gained a massive family in the time of 9 months. I’ve never felt more loved, appreciated, and accepted for what I do. I found a place. I love inspiring kids, I love being looked at as a role model. The only reason it’s not a 5, is because of some safety issues. In the most respectful way, there’s been graphic content uploaded as videos, profile pics, or some even use this platform as a second option to a really bad mannered behavior. It’s scary for younger kids, or any one really but mainly for the kids. TikTok though has done ways to help prevent these things by making their guidelines more stricter and undergoing huge movements like the profile picture incident. Which is good of them. Tiktok is quick to react, let’s make this app safe! They are being more safer! This app should be kid friendly as well or friendly to anyone really! This new upcoming generation could be at risk if a huge used platform is letting these things out there. Yes I know it’s a worldwide use and not every little thing would be fix! That’s why it’s a 4 star rating with a good job to TikTok for being listeners and giving a space I can work with and be myself!.Version: 18.3.0

It’s the futureLove the Algorithm, it’s very fair and the hashtags do work, my followers are 3 times my insta in just a month already! The kea is to post 4 times a day and make sure the lighting is good and the beginning of the video is less busy, then there is a chance of it going viral, love it and people are also very passionate, never thought my woodworking projects will get 20k in a month, recommend this platform for business to all my friends. As it’s very interactive and user friendly just think that the analytics need to improve as it doesn’t give much info to improve on and learn from, it’s easy to see by the number of views which post has done better, wish there was a way I can see which post has been shared the most on watsap, wish there were suggestions on improving my account on the country that I’m in, such as what times people are more active in the U.K. and best cross over times with other countries if for example: I want to make a post that hit China and U.K. in the same time I’m posting, the number of the watsap shares shows from other people’s account but I can’t see how many times it has been shared on my own posts, you are doing w great job guys, keep on Rocking.Version: 18.2.1

Things that shouldn’t be aloud on TikTokHi I think TikTok is a great up but there is a thew things that I think shouldn’t be accepted like for example people are faking having Tourette’s and faking getting the COVID-19 vaccination and just things like that another thing is hate pages like I know it’s your opinion of what you think about other TikTokers because if there famous people as well you know that your probably most likely going to get hate and some people do just do it for addition that’s what I think makes it wrong and also you don’t need to post about and just simple things like that and faking depression because people with those things can see those videos and can make them feel bad about themselves when that shouldn’t have to.Version: 18.3.0

RecommendI highly recommend this app for those parents wondering if this is a safe app if you don’t feel that your kids are safe on this app you can definitely switch your kids account to private so only the people that you look at. Can Only see it will come up in the thing that says recommended followers you can go on the account and look at their account and think this is an abrasive account so you can decline it or if you feel that feel safe here kids then you can definitely accept any and more followers and more likes so yes this is a very highly recommended app you can express your kids on it and your kids can watch on people on it. Now kids this is an amazing app and to teenagers and to adults you can express how you feel on this app you can dance and cook 👩‍🍳 you can do anything you want on it except for inappropriate stuff every time I’m on tiktok I can see varieties of videos and much more it is so much fun and you guys will like it too if you’re having ups and downs with a TikTok maybe you need to update it which isn’t hard at all or contact the person Who runs a TikTok or contact your friend I know you guys will like it so have fun at tik tok stay safe.Version: 18.3.0

Fighting for our freedomAt the moment we can still have a say on here. We are trying to fight back for our freedom and rights as human beings. We all need to go and study the laws of our rights as human beings and our rights on how to remove a corrupt government. Australia is a country that can run its self with out any kind of importing products, fuels, ex. Australia is one of the eseyest countries to defend. There are only two ways to get here. Fly or boat. And we can defend both. So if we have the right to remove all the standing government and appoint a (I can’t think of the legal term i will just say person for now) until all investigations are over, them we can vote for a new government. We all need to know our real rights and the real laws. Because we are being lied to and pushed over. And they don’t want us to know what is going on. And they don’t want us to know the truth. And I would stand up for the people of Australia and remove the corruption greed and the new world order..Version: 21.1.0

Tik tokIt’s just a really fun app to watch and for all those parents out there who say that their child shouldn’t have TickTock well guess what if you set your child’s birthday as the real birthday if they’re under 12 years old so put a child lock on and you just have to put in your email so you can watch your child’s activity on their account and if they are 12 years old and you still don’t want them to have it then put in a younger birthday so you can still watch their account tick-tock is a really fun app you can see videos follow friends and if you’re bored TickTock will not upset like it’s honestly really fun just to lay down and watch it even you can download TickTock so you can have fun there’s this thing called the for you page and then following whatever you follow someone it goes to the following page whenever you don’t follow someone so it’s just random people will be on your for you page whatever you like so basically if you double tap a video you like it and the for you page customize his videos you like to put more time on your for you page basically the customizesSo what you like so everyone’s for you page will look different from another persons for you page.Version: 21.0.0

AlgI’m 11 years old and Musically has been my fav app for ages I enjoy the creativity and it is just really fun. The new update has its ups and downs I like the effects and the setups pretty cool but I can’t go live through the live app anymore and I can’t direct message cause you hv to connect it to your phone number and I hv an iPod, also the age of the kids on the app gets down to about 5 they do inappropriate stuff and it’s just makes me cringe . I do recommend the app cause I really enjoy it and I can show off my “Litty” dance moves😂.Version: 8.4.0

It was Amazing! Until....TikTok has been literally the most entertaining app I have ever used and I have been using it for a long time now. Everything was going so well until TikTok was updated. The new update puts many restrictions on users under the age of 16. I am aware that the TikTok community cares about young teens’ safety, but in my opinion this update is very unnecessary. Only my followers can view my videos, only followers can interact with it, I can’t DM any of my TikTok friends, etc. can this be fixed? For example you could maybe ask for permission from young teens’ parents or guardians and make sure they are aware of what their children are doing online and see if they’re okay with it, then, IF the parents don’t allow that, you could restrict things on teens’ accounts. Even though, TikTok overall is a pretty safe environment and if anything sketchy happens, the TikTok community takes care of it immediately. Thank you for reading and hopefully this will be fixed as many TikTok users are complaining about it too..Version: 19.3.0

Its amazingSo I been on musically for a while and I have loved it so much I have been on this app since 2015 that why it’s so fun and it’s got really amazing songs that you can look at also amazing people that make audios you can get famous off musically like really famous like Baby Ariel she’s amazing to but musically is just magical it’s like you can be anyone you won’t on there and you don’t need to worry about any kind of people that be mean or just put you down You can be you ❤️😭💜.Version: 7.6

GreatI love this app, as a cosplayer that has nothing to do and mental health issues, it’s helped me come out of my shell a bit more. I dress up and make videos a few days a week whereas before I started using it I was just sitting around all day. I’ve gotten back into something I had lost my passion for before. One issue however is videos being removed without telling the creator what the issue with the video is. And another is a video being removed but the creator has no idea, otherwise known as “shadowbanning”. The creator can still see the video on their page but followers/friends cannot, and when the creator shares the video, it tells the viewer the video has been removed. I understand that tiktok is trying to keep the content safe for younger users, but I would suggest that instead of removing the videos, you give the creator an option to mark it as “mature” or something similar, and if someone reports it, the creator could instead of potentially loosing their hard work, change the rating to mature so that viewers that would rather not see that content don’t have to..Version: 12.6.1

Amazing...I’m got TikTok in Easter and I find it really cool you can do cool effects with really cool sounds I at least go on tiktok 6 hrs a day (yes at least) but I do have a phew ideas. Searching up sounds is quite annoying and you can’t find the sound that you are thinking of. So I have an idea where you can search up the sound by the lyrics in the song. Because coming up with the title of the song is quite annoying and hard. I don’t know if this is possible but if it is and you have time plz can u put it into consideration. Also paying for no adverts is quite annoying but there isn’t actually that much adverts on the app. I know that is a free app so I mean i guess you have to add in adverts. I do recommend TikTok all the way because it’s such an amazing app and it helps you with your creativity. You get to show off your hidden talents and make it into a video. If u are uncomfortable showing your videos to the rest of the world you can change your account or your video to private or for friends. So if u are wondering if u want TikTok or not I hoped this helped you..Version: 16.0.0

The for you pageEvery time I spend so long on making a tiktok it never goes on the for you page and is barley seen by anyone not even my followers. I have 1.8k and none seem to see my videos. I understand if people don’t want to like then obviously they don’t but my point is my views, I created 2 videos about 3/4 hours ago and they both have 4 views each no one has seen them other than myself and about 2 followers of mine. It took me forever to edit my recent tiktok I had made and about 10/20 minutes to edit another. I think it would only be fair if every user was to put straight onto the for you page, all I really see is the main viral Tiktoks and ones with already over 1 million likes, some people get down about it thinking they’re not good enough to be on the for you page or to get so many people to see their video. I get 40 views each time I post even with 1800 followers. They are never seen. Do you think you could fix this? Overall the app is amazing! It’s just this little thing that makes me stop wanting to make videos, I’ll wait over 3 weeks to make a video again and hope I get more views, likes or followers and it doesn’t..Version: 15.1.0

Terrible appIt’s a Chinese spyware app. Also really toxic platform..Version: 16.6.1

Please read.Tiktok is so good, it is a part of me and i love the environment and the vibes from it. i spend a lot of my time on tiktok and honestly, it’s my favourite app. how ever there is something wrong because i got my account permanently banned today for violating community guidelines. problem is that i haven’t posted in a month. so i made a new account not even an hour ago but as i was scrolling a thing popped up saying that my account was permanently banned AGAIN. i don’t mind about the second account but the first account i have had for three years and has those three years documented on it. all my friends, 426 drafts, posted videos, favourite videos and sounds are all gone. and i cant get my fyp back to how it was before. it’s really disappointing. my family friend was diagnosed with cancer last year and i have some videos on my account of her but now they are all gone. she literally 7 and all the videos are gone. it’s not just happening to me but it also happened to my best friends too. so if you download tiktok be careful..Version: 21.0.0

Racism, sexism, homophobia...There are so many racist, sexist, and homophobic vids on TikTok that goes viral. People are reporting them but yet they are still up there and the users who make this type of vids are getting famous from being racist, sexist, homophobic etc... It is absolutely disgusting to see such things happening on this app. I really hope it gets fixed and that I don’t see or heard no more vids of hate speech that goes viral. Please do your thing!!!.Version: 17.7.1

It’s great but it’s getting toxic a lotTiktok is a funny app and it’s amazing and bad in my opinion, but the app gets more toxic everyday because of the hate people are getting for their mistakes they’ve made in the past, like Zoe laverne, and other popular people like her. All I see on my fyp is just negative things instead of positive things, I’ve honestly only saw about 2 positive videos this week on my fyp. It’s always people duetting big creators like Charli D’Amelio saying that she’s too skinny and that she should eat more. And all the hate pages I keep seeing are just saying mean stuff about people like they’re objects. 😔 tiktok has changed a lot, musically was a place where there was no hate at all to anyone, I rlly miss those days. overall I would probably give tiktok a 3/5 or a 4/5, we should make tiktok a place where there’s no hate (hatepages) or anything like that, I think all the positive people have had enough of that. I’m not saying don’t tiktok, because that’s your choice but tiktok is also really nice sometimes and there are positive people on there like Charli and Addison, and much more. ❤️ I feel like we need to make the world a better place. 💕🥺.Version: 16.1.0

Reporting and for you pageI’ve been seeing a lot of people bullying or making fun of things that shouldn’t be made fun of on the for you page, which is weird because you can get your videos taken down if you have fake guns in it but you will get rewarded if your making fun of someone’s weight I honestly hate the reporting system and think they should take off everyone bullying and everyone that 12 and under that constantly reporting thing for no reason ❤️❤️.Version: 8.7.1

DONT DELETE TIKTOK!!!Ok the reason why the title is called ‘DONT DELETE TIKTOK’ cause people on there is so creative. I love them with my whole heart. I just want tiktok to stay cause I want to meet them one day and make a tiktok and so I can get a follow from my tiktok idol who is Avani Gregg, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae I wish I could meet them one day. Whenever I’m angry or upset I go to tiktok to watch some funny videos and I start to laugh and forget about what happened but, if it’s getting deleted I won’t be happy cause, there is nothing to make me happy. So DONT DELETE TIKTOK!! It’s something to do and make my day when I’m down or angry so don’t. And another reason i like tiktok cause, I do dancing and I love dancing I like showing people how good I’m at dance. Pls don’t delete it people out there won’t have anything to do if they are bored they will go on tiktok. Please don’t✨D E L E T E✨ tiktok!!! Love you guys for making tiktok but if you are going to delete tiktok people will hate you so don’t!! Thank you💕for reading this and don’t take it seriously for what I said.✨💕.Version: 16.6.2

Tiktok ReviewI’m really liking Tiktok and I think it’s a great app to spread inspiration, positivity and kindness. Some accounts share inappropriate and negative things but besides that tiktok has truly had an impact to a lot people. So many users have come out with their sexuality, scary, happy and some odd experiences in their life and a lot of accounts have used the platform for good and to positively spread things like self love, finding worth and more. The app has all round humour for any. I’m not saying there is absolutely no negativity or mean comments but most people on the app are posting content that relates and helps others :).Version: 17.4.0

MmmmTikTok is a wonderful app very productive and always a good learning tool, for example- Charli damelio makes amazing content that children can easily understand, small children can also practise reading, when they read TikTok captions. Sometimes children need to practise school skills while having a bit of fun. Abby Lee Miller would agree with me when I say that this app, will make you a better dancer IF you already have a bit of dance skills. I know this because I see some people’s first dance video and it’s 😐but they still have a bit of dance skill so a bit later it becomes 😁. When you have no dance skill your first dance video will be 😳 but later on it will become 😏 the reason it is not 😁 is because they didn’t have dance skill to start with. And that is why I think TikTok is a great learning app..Version: 15.9.1

Great App but...I think TikTok is a great app to be honest! It has help me grow in all kinds of different ways and is kind of addicting in a good way. However, I feel like there is more that TikTok could do to improve the app. For example, you should be able to see who duets a video. I feel like it would be easier if we want to see other people’s reactions and want to share that as well. I also feel like we should be able to have a story that is up for 24 hours so we don’t have to make videos about something we want to share that is really not that important. In addition to that, we should be able to repost videos on our story as well. I saw a really REALLY good danganronpa edit and it was SUPER underrated but I couldn’t share it with anyone because when I duetted it, it only got 2 views in a day. Also, I think we should be able to go live (like a FaceTime on live) with other people. It would be super fun! We used to have a feature where we could pin comments, but we can’t do that anymore? Which is kind of disappointing, but if you can do that again, it would be great! We should also be able to pin videos incase someone is new to an account and people want to introduce themselves. Anyway, I think that’s about all I wanted to share to help TikTok grow as a community and app..Version: 17.7.1

SUGGESTIONS !! PLEASE READOkay like can you please make an option where you can select followers and remove them? i have recently gone private because i now want to lay low and keep everything to myself. i have over 1000, i want to keep about 20 and it’s hard to go one by one and tap each one and remove them. another suggestion that goes along with this one is for when you want to go private, there should be a feature/question that’s like “do you want to keep all your followers? yes / no” and if someone picks no, there would be a list of all the followers and the person can select the ones they want to keep or remove. this would be a LOT easier. also i want to unlink my number to an account, so i could use it for another. it’s so dumb, you know that feature you recently added where you can hop on to another account without having to logout, kind of the instagram one, why cant i connect my phone number there? please please !! let there be an option to delete all your videos at once. i don’t understand, like two years ago tiktok deleted all of my old videos and now they’re back? i don’t want to have to delete them manually!! please make an option to delete all your videos at once or a select multiple option as well..Version: 19.1.0

AmazingThis app is amazing for children and adults so they can share there love with music but the 1 thing is I think they should make it 8+ bc everyone loves it and most people r under the age but other than that it’s the best app ever u should get it if u don’t already and u can make yourself private or unprivate so if your unprivate if u say #foryoupage then u could go on the for you page were everyone can see your vids and will get more followers quicker and if your private people can send u requests so if u press the tick then they can see your vids and if u press the x then they can’t see you vids it’s a really good app but there is 1 more problem I have updated tiktok and I’m on a iPad and I want to do the thing we’re when u do the photo. Videos so u do a sound and then some photos and then it does these stuff that makes it spin and then show the picture by the 60 and 15 second thing but it doesn’t say the thing so plz could u make it work on iPads as well thankyou.Version: 12.8.0

Private musically’sI’m not a very big fan of the new update and stuff. It’s not terrible as I like the comment section and liking buttons and stuff, but I just want to say... I am a person who doesn’t like to post too much... or at all. I really just like posting private and then enjoy watching over all my privates. Except now it’s pretty hard to watch all my private musically’s. Would you please please PLEASE be able to take this into consideration? Or even do it! I really would like it if the private musically’s were like how they used to be. I would appreciate it so much!! Thank you so much if you do this!!!!!!.Version: 7.2.1

AmazingThis app is amazing I absolutely love it and you can have a private account so people have to request to follow you and then only friends and people you know will be able to see your videos, that’s what I like about TikTok. But although this app is so amazing there are obviously going to be some malfunctions about it so first a problem that can occur which some parents may not like if they don’t want random strangers following them is that it is easy to switch your account off of private to viral this means that EVERYONE can see your TikTok a when you post them and can also mean that people can message you. Also sometimes if you have a private account it is sometimes very hard to get a follow request to come through and can be annoying, this happens to me a lot the follow request only comes through to me rarely. To fix this what I recommend doing is very quickly switching your account off of private (very quickly),then as soon as you have your request enabled switch it back to private, this always works for me. Overall I really recommend you to get this app it is so much fun AND ITS FREE!!!!!!! An app such as amazing as this one is free, so that’s an upside so go buy this app now!!.Version: 9.7.0

AmazingI wanna go into EVERY detail that makes this app amazing and some things I don’t like,for example there are some toxic people on this app such and zonuts AKA Zoe’s fandom, also Zoe,Charlis haters and everything,now a lot of the people on this app are nice but some make very toxic jokes and stuff that should not be on here,I love the idea and stuff but after all quit being toxic,and the thing is is that when you get banned FOREVER that really makes a person upset,and spamming people’s videos and getting shadow banned and all that stuff should not be a feature on this app,also being able to block someone is very amazing because if someone is hating when you block them they can’t see your content and you can’t see theirs,now let’s go into the hate comments,I see these EVERYWHERE now when someone leaves a hate comment they either turn there account private and never let anyone else follow them or out their comments to followers only or freinds only or delete their comment and content period,now I love this app because you can turn your account private and public and a lot of other stuff,this app is by far the most amazing app that I spend ALOT of my time watching tiktok and stuff,and overall it’s a amazing app.Version: 18.2.1

Unfair enforcement of rules and notification suggestionI’ve had tik tok for over a year now and have racked up a good amount of accounts I follow. I hardly ever get notifications for the accounts I want to stay in touch with. I suggest making push notifications more customizable as in being able to get all new video notifications from certain accounts. This would also help content creators as well because it would allow their content to be seen more. We are all struggling in this pandemic and I feel this would be a great help for smaller creators in the creator fund. Another problem is how you enforce your rules. I’ve seen countless high follower count, young, fit women showing off more than what should be shown, as there are children on this app, while smaller creators are having their videos taken down with showing less than what the more popular creators are showing off. It is completely unfair and unjust. On one of the pages I follow, one of their videos was taken down for nudity, with showing an appropriate one-piece swimsuit, while there are other videos with much more shown off are still up. If you are going to be strict about the rules at least apply them to ALL creators and not just the smaller creators please..Version: 18.3.0

Absolutely loving TikTokI have to say since comin on TikTok my mental health has improved and during this awful shutdown ,we all suffering anxiety with it’s a fun place to come to and escape all the horror that’s happening around us . Only issue I have is that TikTok needs to recognise what is agenst community standards as it seem to have double standards in that department , n allowing pedophiles on it’s app to pray on our children action needs to be taken on that to safeguard the children on this app Only thing that had truly upset me greatly n effected my mental health was the fact u took my account of 6k followers off for firstly violations n then changed that to bulling , never in my whole life have I bullied as I am a victim of bullying dv, so I’ve had to start all over agen n yet I’ve followed guidelines n u still have some of my content taken down. N yet u have bullies on here pedos men harassing women also woman fightin eachother over gender .. n I follow guidelines n u take away my account !!!!!! Shame n unfair to the core- still no sign of getting my account bk .. accusations of me from u calling me a bully is discrimination not one of my videos shows me bulling ,,,,,,.Version: 18.9.0

TikTokTikTok is an amazing app you can have many accounts and the good thing is, is that you can hardly get hacked unlike any other app. I really like it and you post videos of many entertainment things and you can get A LOT of views or you can get hardly any views. You can have followers and you can follow other people that you find supportive and bold for your opinion. I recommend this app for 7+ because there is children on the app that are like 5 but it’s a seven plus up for sure, I mean most of the content is meant for young people anyway because they knew they were gonna be on the app anyway. The thing is, is that if you are 7-10 you need an adult to make your accounts or account because of the date and make sure that you account is private so no creepy old mean or anyone you don’t know can see your videos. All you have to do is sign up and it’s really easy!! Also as a new update could you please make it easier to delete videos I’m trying to delete so many and I have so many more left. I’m just trying to restart..Version: 19.0.0

CEO eeeI started tiktok for fun and just to watch never post! Here I am 2.7 milion followers later! I love tiktok! We love tiktok we are up to 3.7 million followers like whattt??!! Thank you for helping us showcase his little talent of cooking! And having found so many supporters who enjoy his videos!!! Update! Thanks to tiktok and all the amazing followers we are at 4.2 milion!!!!!! Update! 4.7 milion followers! Thank You TIKTOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY! Still loving Tiktok! UPDATE! We are at 4.8 milion (how crazy?) this is Qibeen a crazy journey thank you tiktok for the platform! Update! 5.4 milion! So unbelievable he has come this far with TikTok! Grateful! We love TikTok!WE LOVE TIKTOK! 5.8 milion Update ! 6 milion fans WOW! We still love using TikTok up to 6.2 million but what a crazy and blessed year we had with TikTok! It’s been a while since we updated but we are at 6.8 milion like it’s so crazy liek to think all these people watch our son! Sometimes views go up and sometimes down but that’s Tiktok! Update 6.9!we love Tiktok! Thankful for 7 million Tiktok! Update 7.1 million fans of eee! We love Tiktok! We’re at 7.2 milion and tho our fans are mixed on his account some love him and some just like to see him get hurt but as long as he makes ppl laugh (cause that’s what our goal is to make people happy) and he loves it which is the best part!.Version: 23.2.0

Great app but I have a suggestion/issueI enjoy using TikTok I’m already at 4K and it is fun to use but the issue is and Ik it may be a need sometimes but I want unfollowing to not be a thing anymore it takes away a lot of confidence for me to be able to make videos and I’m being unfollowed for no reason even if I post or if I say I’m taking a break and when I say I’m taking a break bc somethings going on I’m being serious and people unfollowing me for it makes me feel like they don’t care that something’s going on.I am really tired of it and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough anymore and if I lose enough confidence I’ll end up not being able to make videos for other people anymore. I don’t even make offensive videos or anything I hate it when I reload my page my followers went down once or twice and there isn’t even a reason why I need to be unfollowed and it does honestly make me upset I really hope it’ll stop being a thing I like entertaining people but if they keep unfollowing it’ll take away confidence and there won’t be anything new on my page. :/ but otherwise fun to use I would recommend getting if you are bored but beware time flies by really fast when using so if you have somewhere to go I would be careful lol 😅..Version: 19.8.1

Honestly helped my mental healthThis might sound silly but the FYP really is for YOU. Once I realized I was in a bad headspace and started working on myself as a person all together, I got on positive side of tiktok. So many down to earth people making content that not only helps me but others. So many comments “I needed this today” I know most people see tiktok as some dancing joking app but it genuinely has helped me feel less alone, gave me more ideas to further myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel more in touch with my true self than I ever have and I am honestly so grateful for this platform. The fact I am able to see every day people just like me talk about their vulnerable moments and that I am able to share content that I create. Yes it can be hard sometimes to get off the app because there is so much content that is wonderful to see but I believe there is an option to put a limit for yourself so you don’t spend too much of your day on here. I never thought I’d be writing a review for any app but I really do wanna put it out there this app is not just for jokes or dancing, although if you’re interested in that stuff I’m positive it’s on there for you. There’s something for everyone on Tiktok regardless of who you are..Version: 22.0.0

TikTokTikTok is an amazing app I would recommend to anyone over the age of 12! It’s creative in so many different ways! You can make your own videos, follow other creators, like other peoples content by clicking the heart on their video, use audios from your favourite songs and much more! I feature I love about this app is that you can favourite hashtags, audios, videos and effects! There’s something on there for everyone, gaming, comedy, animating and a lot more. I also love how if you follow someone and they follow you back, you can privately chat with them by pressing the message button on their account! Another thing I love about this app is that you can have public and private accounts. On a public account people can easily find your videos, on the for you page, on audios, hashtags etc. Private accounts give you the right amount of privacy you need, somebody will send you a follow request and you can accept it if you’d like them to see you’re content, you don’t come up on the fyp. Another feature I love about a TikTok is that you can put comments on a video and other people can reply to them and like them. The creator of the video can also reply to your comment with a video. And I think that just about covers what TikTok is!.Version: 17.5.1

I only have 1 HUGE problemThe thing I HATE and I think you NEED to change, is that you should be able to change your tik tok user whenever you want, not every 30 days! I have made so many mistakes when making my and setting it and seeing the mistake as soon as I exit then I hate it and I have to live with a user I hate for 30 days just to change it again. I think you shouldn’t need to wait 30 days just to change it so when you make a mistake when changing your user you can fix it straight away. If this is fixed it will literally be soooooo much better..Version: 17.7.0

Please can Australia have speak textHi TikTok so recently there’s been a lot of filters that are only available in certain countries and usually not Australia or most of it and when we’re finally givin the filter it’s no longer a thing and turns into something that’s no use to us, I think I can speak for Australia when I say we’d really appreciate it if we got the filters close to first but not last . I’d also like to talk about the likes, after just a few videos we loose the opportunity to actually like said video which can get a bit fustraighting. One last thing. I’m so sorry but I find it so incredibly annoying how people’s accounts have been taken down for “child nudity” like one of my friends accounts for example they’ve made several accounts and they’ve all been taken Down for child nudity when there’s no actual child nudity and how people’s videos get taken down for premoting body positivity and also videos of guys and girls with scars videos get taken down even if they put a TW anyways thank you for reading this - TikTok user - _azrasivakmays_.Version: 18.3.0

Tik Tok ReviewHi. I have rated this app as five stars as the quality of the app is good the content is ok but may vary between rude things and funny, nice things but be aware there are some Tik Tok pranks such as get a plate, put ketchup on it say feel this then you say would you believe that salt makes it warmer then they’ll put salt on it say feel it then they’ll smash you hand down in it. Other than that I’d say the app is Amazing. However if you are under 15 I’d advise you to put parental controls on to make it safer and unless you want random strangers watching your video make your account private, if your account is private it means that people can follow you but you will have to approve their request however if you are public/ non private people can just follow you without needing your permission so if you are public I’d advise you to not do tik toks in: a short skirt, in a short t-shirt without shorts (if you have shorts on then that is fine), pajamas, under your Dovet covers without a t-shirt on. I mean if you want to have peadophiles watching them you may do then in what I suggested not to. Now not trying to be bossy but what I’ve said in this review is true and I would recommend you to put PARENTAL CONTROLS on your child’s profile for UNDER 15.Version: 18.2.1

TiktokI love tiktok but I wish the smaller creators could be on the fyp I would really like to see the second parts of videos if they have multiple parts on the for you page. I don’t like the new set out of the profile page because I can’t see all of my videos and how many have been posted. I wish I could have more freedom with the app with the videos so it would be easier if I could scroll the the bottom of my friends pages or more creators. If a way for you to see the videos that have come up in your following or for you page do you can watch it again in an easier way. A dislike button so if I dint want to see that content I can dislike it. I didn't that that people can who what comments I have liked because it says liked by creators. I would like to have an easier why to find emojis and have Bitmojis in stickers. Thanks for reading this hope this helps 🥝.Version: 15.5.6

Tik tokIt’s ok but won’t let me do features like photo templates and it can lag a lot and also drains a lot of battery. It’s a good app I just want to see more to it like not suspending people from lives when they haven’t done anything. If you are getting this app it can be pretty annoying with the updates that don’t do anything and the lagging on it. There is so much trends and fun stuff to do on there. Overall it’s a nice app (Beware of the VSCO girls).Version: 12.6.1

Tik-tokTik tok is a creative and fun app you can lip-sing make up your own videos you can also copy videos can learn things and you can have fun you can also chat/dm people on TikTok and people can like your videos comment and share and delete and react and people can follow you. you can also follow other people you can do all these types of things and it’s really fun so I recommend this fun exciting app to you all..Version: 17.7.1

So much more to this than I realisedI had wrongly thought this app was just about watching amusing and entertaining clips and I never had the need for it. But it was explained to me that although there is lots of that kind of thing on it actually there are lots of other incredible postings. I’m so pleased I signed up. It’s been a door into the world of other people. It can be funny, powerful, moving or sad. Inspirational or informative. Amazing and interesting. A great app. Thanks.Version: 19.0.0

NOT FOR KIDSS !Should seriously consider creating a child safe version this app, It is so popular everybody talks about it, so many children have it and completely ignore the age restrictions. Although it is my favourite app it covers some reality’s that innocent children shouldn’t have to process or think about, i’ve seen a 9 year old refuse to eat, starving herself to look more like the popular creators and beauty’s influencers and no ones at fault except the system and I know you guys can’t change beauty standards but a child safe lock changed by parents or something to try and take at least a small step to help at least a few children. It won’t impact your life that much but it can change some kids future, not sure how all the technicals work but i’m high as all heck and i worry for these little kids seeing some stuff i see on my for you page anyways sincerely regarded - the future you.Version: 17.8.0

My reviewHi! My name is Emma and I have been on tiktok for long enough to know how it all works. As it has just been Christmas, I got a new phone. This means all my apps got deleted. Including tiktok, on that phone I was able to have 8 accounts online at the same time. It was an update where you could have up to 8 accounts online at a time. I downloaded tiktok again to see if the update was there and still, no update. Please make it so I can have 8 accounts online at a same again. At the moment I can only have 3 online. It’s annoying that I can’t update that but overall, AMAZING app! I love this app so so so much and I can’t stay off the app. It’s absolutely fantastic. There is so much positivity! But.. where’s there’s positivity, there’s negativity. Now, there are a lot of things wrong with the comments section. There is a lot of swearing, racism, homophobic language in the comments. I think you should make it so you can’t say certain words. It would make tiktok a much more fun and positive app for kids. Another thing.. oh wait there isn’t another thing I COULD COMPLAIN ABOUT BC THIS APP IS JUST TOO AMAZING AND PERFECT! ❤️❤️keep up the good work tiktok! I am super satisfied with your app!.Version: 18.3.0

Best AppI don’t care if it’s saving all my data, this app has changed my life. I now realise that all the small stupid and weird things I do are actually normal and it helps with my self-esteem and confidence. The videos on this app are hilarious and genuinely make my day when I come home after a long hard day. Super easy to use as well and it’s a great way to connect with people online and learn new things. I swear I’ve learnt more from TikTok than I have 12 years in school. Love, love, LOVE this app..Version: 17.5.0

Enjoyable. Interactive.Hands down one of the best apps out there. This isn’t just a social media app, this is a place of laughter, hands to your mouth, tearing eyes, and so much more emotions with this app. TikTok is not like Snapchat or Facebook, it’s better. It’s so amazing to see how many people do so many great things. You can explore memes, people giving to the homeless, adult jokes, and so much more. You can comment on posts for millions to see. Like videos to show support. Follow to show love. Share to friends to help the creator grow. You can look at any topic you like including: music, art, wholesome, funny, memes, aviation, news, school subjects, and so much more. If you want to get away from people or the world for a little, this is the place to go. There are things strictly on this app only for kids 13+. But with the new TikTok policy, everyone is safe(including children). You can even chat privately with creators that follow you and you follow them. In order to do that you need to verify your account by giving your phone number. You can even make multiple accounts. TikTok is safe, fun, and engaging. All in all, TikTok is the go to app if your feeling lonely, sad, scared or more. Love you all! Thank you for reading..Version: 21.1.0

AmazingI love TikTok, I find people that I can relate to and it has helped a lot with my mental health. I feel like I belong when I am on tik tok!.Version: 16.6.2

I just don’t get itLook there is an account on tik tok that is FULL of ANIMAL CRUELTY over 100k people have seen that video of a dog ripping another dog apart like it’s a chew toy! THIS STUFF ISNT RIGHT!! And your taking small creators accounts down for doing NOTHING WRONG! I HAVENT POSTED A SINGLE VIDEO and most of my accounts have been PERMANENTLY BANNED! I have not done ANYTHING WRONG! THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED THE ACCOUNT! Almost 3 WEEKS from the worst one came up and tik tok, you STILL haven’t done anything!?!? Look the app is pretty good and educative, kinda, but also people go there as their safe place, to watch funny videos, to check up on their friends see how they’re doing, to post stuff on their page, they don’t want to go on their FYP and see a dog RIPPING ANOTHER DOG APART, I just opened he app and all I see is a dog ripping the skin off another dog that’s on a leash waiting for it’s owner to come back! I don’t intend on tik tok being taken down, it’s just Tik tok needs to look closely on the accounts that have been reported MULTIPLE TIMES and just ban them like from the first second CHILDREN on this app would be TRAUMATISED from seeing that, you need to take the account down IMMEDIATELY you’ve already lost a lot of downloads, and you will lose more.Version: 22.8.2

It’s amazing. Just needs a bit of a dimI really enjoy this social media platform. The app is amazing and a great way to socialize with people all around the world. it’s all wonderful. What I do have a problem with is how quick this app can take down a harmless video. And yet the traumatizing video of a dog being ripped to shreds in broad daylight seemed like it took forever to be taken off. I remember getting one of my videos taken down because it had one swearword in it. It got taken down a day after I posted it. But it took groups of people to make videos under the sound for the video to get taken off of tiktok. A lot of people complained about being disturbed after seeing the video. I mean how could you not? It was nothing but sick. I won’t going to detail about it. This isn’t the first issue either. It took a good week for a A video with a edited audio from the game. The person who made it made it seem like the child was having sex with a character that was supposedly known as an adult. Either way that doesn’t make it OK. They even made two videos just with a different character. There’s even an account still up today where there’re making animation videos about the child and the character dating. All I’m saying is I love this app. I’ve gained a lot of confidence from it and I’m happy with my account. I just think tiktok needs to be a little bit quicker and concerned about the gruesome videos and disgusting ones uploaded..Version: 22.8.2

TiktOkTikTok is a fun app to watch dancing, comedy, cooking, hacks and many more videos. I would 10/10 recommend getting it if you haven’t already. If you are a parent figuring out if your child should be able to get TikTok just know that some songs and some dances are a little inappropriate for the younger kids. If your child is 11+ I would say they will be fine. The app itself is organized very well, so you save videos and sounds to look at later. You are allowed to have a private or public account depending where n your comfort. A private account means that you have to send a request to follow the user. This also means that you have to follow the user in order to watch their videos. Having a public account means anybody can follow you and anybody can sit and scroll through your account. You can remove followers. When having a public account, your videos may also be on the for you page. The for you page is videos you can scroll through of content that is recommended for you based on what you like and save. This is how many videos go viral. So an overall rating on this app, 10/10 would recommended, it keeps you busy all day and there is a video out there that will make you laugh..Version: 20.6.0

The best app but...I truly admire the creatures of tiktok. It’s one of the most entertaining apps I have ever encountered, (and most likely the most entertaining app in the world) . Tiktok had an opportunity of popularity and tiktok took it, now tiktok is again one of the best apps. Now we got the populations down, and now we have to make a stand renegade really increased so now maybe safety. I want tiktok to be on the billboards and every thing. Come on tiktok let’s slay this world together and forever. Sign out 💫.Version: 15.5.6

Tick-tock is the bestTick-tock is the best app you can ever have like it just shows your real talent and you can have it on private if you don’t want people to like they can just follow you and see all your videos and that it’s just incredible I don’t know how people don’t have is that what everybody should have this app because people with diseases still go on it and some people do say rude things well I blocked those people and everybody should love the people that bully animals about how they look and help people get bullied about how they look it’s disgraceful but tick-tock shows at all it’s incredible and there are a lot of people with disabilities on here it’s just amazing how people can share their real talent some people maybe maybe get a lot of likes on TikTok but it doesn’t mean that they are famous cares if they’re famous at least you’re showing your account talent can I please go live though.Version: 17.9.1

I love this app butttt……This app is truly amazing! I’ve met a lot of cool people and i even have a account (brookiynnewebb). The thing I just hate the haters and the hackers, when someone’s doing nothing wrong they get hate- and they don’t even get banned. There always gotta be someone who’s hating on someone bc there supporting a person or doing something they like. Also I hate the hackers bc they always got to hack lots of account for no reason. I had a account and it got banned ( 2 years of hard work ) and I was absolutely devastated. I got banned for no reason and there other people out there who are extremely rude and haven’t been banned. I’ve emailed tiktok to get my account (michellecutrie) or (mxchellecutrie) back! They never reply and it’s really annoying. I spend effort on my videos they only get 3-10 likes, like why can’t we stop shadow bann? Other people put no effort and they get loads of likes! Other than else this is app cool and great, u can make ur own videos, trends and make new friends!.Version: 20.7.0

Don’t get TiktokIt is addicting, a scam, and it takes all your information. It’s a bad app that made me get mental health issues..Version: 16.6.2

Tic TokAmazing is all I can say. People on this app encourage others to enjoy them self. This app brings positivity to life and it’s also really enjoyable for others too! People hit there goal and collect followers, they take there time in there own day to upload for there fans. People put effort into videos, and people enjoy it. Popular creators, such as: Zoe Laverne, Charli Damelio, Addison Rae. And lots more! Set examples on younger children and point them to do what’s best in life. They are role models, especially to younger age groups. And even though this is a 12+ website. I agree that tic tok is totally safe to not only you, but to other audiences as well. If there is any outrageous content, such as: rude, suididal threats, hate pages. Everyone on the app try’s there best to Report them and ban them from TicTok. Which makes them not be able to post distressing videos attack other children and them them self’s, the older age creators. Tic Tok is the most amazing app anybody could ever choose to be on. The platform is so cool and fun to use. So I suggest you download Tic Tok and make an account, Today!.Version: 16.6.5

Like most social media, but has flaws.Ive used this app since musically, and honestly its grown to be a part of my life. the platform doesnt selfishly do everything they can to keep people on the app and even has an ad to get people to make sure theyre taking breaks. (“HOLD ON, youve been scrolling for way too long now!!” lol) the app has so many different communities and has helped new artists get out there and even made brand new artists songs go viral. the app has so much potential. the problem is their system and the way the fyp works. what happens is, when one of your videos are viewed multiple times by people and they like it or comment, the video is shared to peoples pages with similar interests. this means that if the first few people that see your video are uninterested and scroll, the video likely wont show up on many more for you pages. another system they have that is flawed is when you upload a video from your camera roll. when you upload a video from your camera roll, tik tok looks for similar videos due to plagarism. if they find a video similar or the same then they mark it as plagurism and share it to nobodys fyp. this is shadow banning. many peoples videos are put down with this feature. other than that, this app is a well programed and far more entertaining than other social media..Version: 23.4.0

Some things i would wish to be included moreThere is only really one main thing and it is to get all small creators videos on others for you pages, because people have amazing content ideas, but once posted, they only get a small amount of views to none, and i feel bad for them. Even, me myself, have tried making accounts and i don't really get views. I would just like for you guys to make it so everyones accounts get views, so they can feel proud of their hard work, because they deserve it. I have seen many small accounts and their videos are absolutely AMAZING, but they only get a few views and I feel extremely bad. All i’m asking is for anyones videos to get views, so people you have that sort of taste in videos, can find the perfect account to binge on well feeling down or something, because every small i account i meet, they are always extremely kind, and make amazing content. But sometimes they get hate and thats what makes me feel even more bad. They make such good content, and don’t get the love they deserve. I know it may be a big one thing to ask, but i’m doing it for my fellow small accounts. THANK YOU SO SO SOOO much for taking in my review, and i hope you can try all you can. Thank you - fellow tik tok-er.Version: 18.2.1

IM SADIt’s not letting me open the app like I go to click on it and it just takes me back to my home screen it hasn’t been letting me go on it for weeks but I can’t delete it cause there’s literally 500 drafts on that account and so many memories and there all gonna be gone cause they don’t save once u delete the app I don’t know what to do cause there’s legit so much old memories of me and my friends from like ages ago soo I’m really quite sad😔.Version: 13.8.0

The best app ever!!!!!!!!🥰This is the best app ever I love it I am so in love with this all some app and how it helped me with my self esteem and being bullied at school it helped to stand up for my self and to my bullies and help me to be creative and kind helped me with my dancing and singing not only talk to friends and follow them and see people art and creativity and art skills and you and like comment and share fun hot and cool videos and it is just a lost of fun for me and friends it TikTok is the best app ever TIKTOK IS THE BEST APP EVER😂😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜😜🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👑👑👑👑.Version: 15.5.6

Good I guessI like Tik Tok, it’s really fun and interesting. But there are some things that need improvements. Many people post inappropriate content on there, and it features animal abuse, cyber bullying, and more. And sometimes they will even post videos about which gender has it worse or which gender is better, and then in the comments there will be a war about the genders, and people often end up getting hurt and angry. If you’re a parent and your kid under 12 wants Tik Tok, I would advise you to put parental controls on there so they aren’t watching inappropriate content. Otherwise it is really good!.Version: 16.6.5

Tik tok is the best social media app period!!!Tik tok is so authentic to the point that it started to make Instagram look bad. Everyone on Instagram always tries to be perfect and fit into society so they can be accepted and not feel alone or like a misfit. Whereas TikTok shows the REAL side. People looking however they looking. Saying whatever they feeling with out out it becoming an unsafe social environment(aka bullying etc). It’s a safe place for me to have fun laugh and share the joy with my family and friends. additionally it’s even more informative than any other social media platform for example at first I was a little confused about what is going on between Ukraine and Russia and Instagram mislead me into thinking America was going into war with Russia through memes, videos etc however I was able to learn more than I ever did through 30 second accurate and precise tik tok videos and even help my friends understand better and correct any misconceptions. I feel as though social media needs more of the real side to people instead of creating a false narrative of what we as regular human beings should abide by in order to be considered apart of the norm I can only speak for myself but I feel as though a lot of people would relate Peace and love.Version: 23.5.0

I love the honesty of the people on TikTokI like TikTok. I feel that the people here are real and that’s what I need. What I don’t like is how TikTok will mute your videos. It seems they do it when you begin to grow fast all of a sudden you began to slow down and I feel they put your videos out when they want to. I’m self employed, I have a son graduating this year,I’m writing a book and looking to relocate so I can’t put videos out at a certain time or stay current on the trends but my videos should be pushed as well. I have a video that was my first 1.5 views and when it got there TikTok muted it. Why? When I can’t post new content I will repost an old video to try and keep my followers. The other videos haven’t been muted but they muted the growing ones. This has happened so much at first I almost gave up but because of the people on here, I stayed. I don’t feel I’ll ever go viral but honestly once I can give more I will however when I was giving my videos was being muted and continued to get violations. I’ve had to constantly appeal things in the beginning. Like I said I love the people on TikTok don’t know how happy I am with the people who get paid to watch our videos and get paid. They want you to pay to get boosted but I want to earn my followers and likes. I did this to help with my mental and at first it began to effect it when you’re trying so hard but kept getting muted but now I’m learning..Version: 22.8.2

Great app!Ok so I love this app soooo much, but it’s way too addictive. Like if u go on this app just to check ur notifications u know that, that’s not what’s gonna happen, u know ur gonna end up being on there for 3 hours and when u r on there time flies by, like it could be 5:00 in the afternoon and then I loose track of time and it’s already 1:00, and this app has turned very toxic, mainly towards white ppl, skinny ppl, fat, ppl and James Charles 😐 and the trends can become very toxic, like the hour glass challenge, that is such a toxic challenge and can bring ppls confidence down like 📉📉📉📉📉📉 and it seems like bc of all this “body positivity” stuff everyone is supporting bigger ppl but when it comes to skinny ppl they r not supporting and saying stuff like “anorexic” or “eat a burger” and for some ppl that r on the bigger side that do muck bangs there are ppl duetting saying “ur gonna get diabetes” but that can’t help it bc they have a ed! But over all a good app, very toxic but we can learn that not everyone is gonna be nice and bring a smile to ur face and instead might bring tears to your eyes but y’know that’s fine too ❤️❤️❤️ I ALWAYS GET BANNED FOR NO REASON.Version: 20.6.0

TikTok app!!!You should get TikTok because it is family friendly And really cool! My account has been logged out of and I can’t get back on but besides that it’s a great app. You can make videos or follow someone and like their videos and use their sounds! You can block people if they are mean. Also you can have a private or public account! My cousins started a little while ago and were instantly hooked to their accounts! They got some hate about ‘not knowing the lyrics’ but that didn’t stop them! They love the app! I recently hit 300 followers but then TikTok logged me out of my own account!😭 I would give TikTok a 4.5 stars since my account troubles! I can’t log back in and that makes me said but TikTok is still cool! I made a new account but have lost over 300 followers! I recommend only having one account and NO backups! I had a backup because I was bored and made one. It came in handy now but I wouldn’t recommend making one because if you sign in to that account your main account may get logged out of! But besides that I recommend TikTok! Thank you for reading, Tara T!.Version: 13.6.2

Amazing app but........Right the app tiktok is amazing it has gotten people to become friends but the down sider is that it says 12+ bit clearly anytime i scroll down my fyp or foryoupage I see probably a 8year old child and that is not okay overall this app is amazing and one more thing is that this app is becoming more like funinate although tiktok was made before funimate the apps are very similar and too much alike it’s not okay one of them needs to change and have a update or something I don’t like how it’s the same I don’t and not many people like tiktok because they think it’s a copy of funimate some people don’t like funimate because they think it’s a copy of tiktok you can edit the sound and emojis and there are far too many people with inappropriate names ,comments and content this app is not child friendly and it’s supposed to be 12+ pease if you could change this please do I’m having a hard time with all this inappropriate information young kids are getting on tiktok.Version: 16.0.0

The only things I wish to change in future updatesI love tiktok I just wish that small creators could be on the foryoupage because I know some small accounts that deserve to be on the foryoupage. Also videos could have dislike buttons or dislike for comments, even though it would be bad like say if someone made a video and then got a lot of hate then the creator can be hurt. Change the like colour. There should be a setting were you can change the colour of the like button to have it more suitable for you. Anyone should be able to message anyone on dms and you shouldn’t have to use a phone number for it to work. I think you should be able to use the same email over and over yet make a new account because a few times I haven’t been able to get on my account or wanted a new one and I had to make a new email. In the saved videos you can make different folders so say if you saved something sad, you could put it in a folder labeled “sad” or “happy”. There should be unlimited likes, I always like my friends videos and videos I just like, but I always get a notification saying I can’t like anymore which makes me pretty sad. Edit- I also think creators over 2 million or at least 1.5 million followers should be verified. I should be verified(don’t take that seriously that is a joke about me being verified I don’t even have 300 followers :/ Thank you for reading this. - a tiktok user.Version: 15.7.0

HIGH RATING SO IT CAN BE NOTICEDMy daughter Stephanie loves this app, and recommend it to me- so I said to her “Ok Steph let’s tik to the tok!”. She taught me some dances, I thought it was fun at first but then I found issues. Stephanie became obsessed with a tik-toker called “Toby Lopaz” she showed me a photo of him and I honestly got my graft on, which felt good as me and my husband David recently got divorced.😭 Anyways, I decided I would follow Mr Lopeez first video I click on is him SHIRTLESS doing a dance I was disgusted! I couldn’t believe this inappropriateness.I instantly got Stephanie to delete it she was in hysterics crying over Mr Lopas and how she would never see him again. I however kept the app and well, hate to admit it I also became addicted so I scrolled (that’s what you do) and discovered more SHIRTLESS BOYS! One called Woah Eck, Jake Richard, Rice 🍚 All and a group of around 18 year old men dancing and getting millions of likes for it. I was DISGUSTED please do not download this app unless you want your eyes to burn because of Rice- All and more. Please delete this app- remove it from your children’s phones. Thanks, Debbie😘xx.Version: 18.6.6

Verification me if you are coolIf you verify me you are a cool person I can have it for a while but you know I wanna was the day you got your back I was gonna was a little sad and sad that you got your back you know you wanna is it like you have to go get back on the way you got to go to get it done it and then I get you to know when next time I will do you wanna was a little bit sad I was gonna was the day Thanks From Guccibob21 the one and only beast that needs to be verified cause im a vortex master😶🥶🥵😱.Version: 19.1.0

I’m having many problemsI’ve had tik tok for about a year now, and it’s one of my favorite apps. It’s got some major issues though. First of all, I don’t have a post button. Where it says drafts, there is just one button, and that’s to add the video to your drafts. I have looked up videos on where it is, because I guess I just don’t have one. I have put a lot of work into making tik toks, but I can’t even post them. Please at least tell me why this is happening, or if I’m just being dumb, tell me. Second of all, whenever I try to search ANYTHING, literally anything, it says “sorry this feature is currently unavailable” and I can’t search up anything AT ALL! It’s just super anoying, again just tell me if I’m being dumb, but I don’t think I am. Also it’s the same thing for writing comments :/ Third of all, I DONT HAVE A “FOR YOU” PAGE!!! I enjoy watching tik toks that are related to the ones that I already enjoy. But I still, have looked through the entire app, but I don’t have a for you page. Please try and fix these issues, because I think that they ruin almost the entire experience for me. (Also I have an iPhone 6s so if that’s something that effects the way that the app works, sorry about that, but I mean idk).Version: 16.0.0

Please add group dms and close friends listOk so i am absolutely in love with tik tok and i am so addicted it’s such an amazing app to express you creativity or find others creativity but please PLEASE add group dms the amount of times i wanted to talk to my friends through the dms but i wanted all of them to just realise that i can’t is so devastating. people reading this might say “oh use instagram they have group dms” yes but some of us don’t have instagram. “oh what about text messages” also yes but i don’t want to give random people (that could be 40 year old men(we never know)) my phone number or email address just so i can have a group chat to send tik toks to or talk to i think tik tok will just be that little bit better if group messaging was added. jeez that was long let’s hope this one isn’t as long. i think tik tok should have kinda like a private story thing where you can chose who can see a tik tok i know you can chose friends only in the privacy settings of the tik tok but that includes everyone you follow that also follows you and for most people that’s not the close close friends that you want seeing your random posts. both of these are only suggestions that i obviously feel very strong about. in no way possible am i trying to give hate as i said before i love this app and use it everyday i just think that these small changes can be benefited by everyone. lol idk 💕 sorry if you read all of that..Version: 14.2.0

A+Not sure how the world will survive without this amazing app. All of us is on stressful time of our lives but this app made easier for everyone to just get on with everyday lives♥️♥️♥️best app ever! I was suffering from anxiety and depression before, I’ve got no energy to do things at all, TikTok made my life better & better I met a lot of amazing friends and I am so so much happier now as I can show everyone who I really am through dancing. Although things are getting back to normal where I am and I’m getting busier now, I will still find time to participate in this.❤️❤️❤️ who ever created this app, u’ve changed my life for the better!! Thank you! Getting busier at work, haven’t got much time to make videos but I’m not ready to say goodbye yet as this changed my life big time, I became happier in life, so I’ll post something when I can, loved this app! LOVED THIS AMAZING APP!!!!!! Enjoying too much despite of another lockdown!!! TIKTOK!!!! U’r everyone’s LIFE SAVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️HAPPY 2022 TIKTOK!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️just want to Thank this app for giving me confidence & encouragement to show people who I really am. LOVE U TIKTOK!!!.Version: 23.9.0

GET TIKTOKI recommend TikTok, here’s why. TikTok is a great place for socializing. Better than other apps, TikTok asks what you like then shows it on your fyp, you can also customize what creators and specific content is on your fyp by liking videos and following creators. There are fun trends to follow, with cool filters as well! You can have 8 accounts in total and they won’t be connected to the others, (so if you want a secret account, no one will find you). You can favorite sounds and videos, comments, etc. That was Tiktoks good features! Now for the not so great ones. These are the reason TikTok got a 4/5 from me. So, TikTok has something called community guidelines, to keep every young child on the app safe and just cyber bullying under control in general, but the thing is, these guidelines are commonly false. For example, I got banned on a account with over 1000 followers for bullying even though I was duetting myself saying I was improving. And dumb things get removed on TikTok, such as videos, accounts, and comments. But then there are some cases where someone is doing something so wrong and it doesn’t even get removed until it gets over 1000 reports. That’s messed up. Other than that, tiktok is a great place! I recommend it! Just watch out for those guidelines! 😬👍.Version: 21.7.0

Do betterTiktok is pretty good. I have found a good community and it's a good way to interact with people and to get content out to others. There are a few issues though. Creators, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators are getting banned for no reason and you're also taking down videos for reasons that have nothing to do with the content of the video. Not only that, but creators that are actually problematic and who have caused harm are still allowed a platform while people who speak out on issues get shadowbanned. On a less severe note, I think that limiting comment sections and making duets or stitches unavailable to minors is annoying. Maybe make it so that there has to be a parent contact who can set up rules for that sor of thing if you want it to be safer. A lot of creators on the app are minors but lie about their age instead just to be able to access these functions. My final point is about captioning. I think it's good that you added captions because it makes tiktok more available to those who are deaf or HOH. But if you want to make the app more accessible, give everyone access to that feature. Let everyone be able to see it on the for you page and let everyone have access to it when making videos. If you do, then the app will be able to have a greater audience reach..Version: 19.2.0

I love tiktokHi my name on tiktok is mosthated_vee34 and I am so in love with this app only thing I have a big problem with is the fact we get banned for things we really didn’t do and blocked and I really feel it’s not fair the community guidelines are kinda destroying people pages because it’s people like me who work hard to build they page and keep being blocked and banned for no reason the kids and the adults who act like kids and the fake pages are taking over and it’s hurting and affecting a lot of great creators like myself I feel like banning people pages should not be a option especially when we over 10k followers we work hard to build our pages and we don’t intentionally try to hurt or harm anyone but then people really say a lot of mean things to us when we are live I had people wish death on my kids and me call me trans sexual and I’m a girl and we not suppose to defend our peace or ourselves but they can come on our live and say rude and mean things to us I have been blocked for someone calling me the N word and it really hurts cause I wanna turn this into a career and I’m being held back by fake pages and crazy rude people please help us creators who are there for what it is have some type of peace other than that I love it thumbs up.Version: 23.9.0

Thank youI thank you for opening a platform for everyone. Being on TikTok helped me get through some really hard times. Just to be able to use your app to also inspire, make people laugh, and motivate others was/is a Blessing. Keep doing what you are doing! Believe it or not it’s God send. I’m also thankful that it allows people to share the word of Gods without being blocked from doing it! I Pray that the platform will continue to allow me to grow and spread the word of God. So many of them block you from it and I’ve started to not use them anymore. Continue to do great things 🙌🏽🙌🏽Thank you sincerely 🙏🏽from realmamakesha… I Loveeeeeeeeeeeee Tiktok! You can be you & not be ashamed. I only wish there was a way to list the do’s and don’ts to those are new so it can prevent others from being shadow banned. I am thankful that you are able to be YOU though. It continues to help you grow and come into contact with others and build opportunities for you. I’ve even seen people that were on here and now doing commercials. Blessing on Blessing on Blessings! I really wish they would respond though when you reach out for support. If that gets better and I’m not getting shadow banned because of someone else it would get a million stars..Version: 24.0.0

People are amazingI discovered TikTok during quarantine…. At first I watched “funny videos” about puppies. But it very quickly became a tool to learn. Political events, BLM, covid etc. I feel like it was the first time I could understand and see what people were actually going through. It helped me navigate my emotions and figure out how I could contribute to the world… our country…. My neighbors. It’s taught me what truth looks like and how untruthful the powers that be are. My grout lines are immaculate, I fixed my dryer, learned a ton of new recipes,learned that I’m not the only one fascinated with zit popping. I watched soooo many people become their creative selves, become stronger, teach and most importantly grow. I believe that TikTok has created a true sense of community….at least the start of one. I’m still bothered that the mediators take down content from creators simply because haters report it. There has got to be a better way for you guys to see what true bullying is. Please don’t silence the people that are trying to make the world better, educate us and respectfully show us our truth….science based truth…. Historical truth…. Social truth. They are the ones that will make this world a better place for all of us…. And the earth. I am so thankful for the platform.❤️🌞🌎.Version: 20.1.0

Definitely A Great App But.....Okay, here’s my review. This APP IS WONDERFUL. But there are some down sides to it. So, I deleted this app once but I wanted it back so I can use it on my spare time. So I just got it back and apparently I can’t get back into my old account. I saved all the data but the password doesn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of times. It’s probably a bug. Anyways, my second “but” is that even if you don’t want an account and your trust trying out the app, don’t pull up the pop-up that says “SIGN UP” or “LOGIN IN”. I honestly don’t want an account for many reasons. Bullying, mean comments, inappropriate things, ext. At this time-period, you don’t have anywhere to be, or anything to do besides hang with your roommates (roommate), family members, or yourself. Trust me, it’s tough. But at this point social-media is our life now to figure out things and to learn more. (This probably has nothing to do but I’m trying to give ideas and my opinions). Sometimes I try to not open this app up because I don’t want to see the pop-up where it says to “SIGN IN” or to “LOGIN IN”. Please don’t get me wrong but this app is incredible because I use it on other devices. But this device I use daily needs this app! Thanks for letting me share my review. Hope it’s well enough for ideas. Stay safe! Happy Holidays!!! -Your fellow TikTok Fan..Version: 18.2.1

Tik Tok is an incredible app, but maybe some new suggestions or ideas 😊✨ Tik Tok, is an amazing app, when I have a bad mood and feeling a little upset, tik Tok always makes me feel so much better, it gives me a lot of joy and relief some stress. I made a lot of great friends in tik tok which is quite nice 👍 and tik Tok can also help everyone for ideas for something like tricks/hacks for people to learn which is helpful, but maybe some ideas to make it a bit better, 😀perhaps you can maybe decrease limits on comments so people can type more because sometimes it can be a little frustrating but it’s still alright overall! 😊 Also can you maybe try do something about this, sometimes when people block someone from being around their accounts the other person go making fake accounts to look at accounts still which is quite a unpleasantness. Still Tik Tok is a wonderful app and I would recommend you to download it, Ciao!!! 😊😉😌 ✨.Version: 17.6.1

Amazing but few bugsTo tik tok I can not stress to u over and review how upset i am about Tik Tok permanently banning my account my account was called ...𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶𝒽 and u have really upset me that u got rid of my account. I was crying all morning i have only just recovered from my severe metal break down i see no reason for my account to get banned i have never posted an inappropriate video or sent a horrible message i don't understand why you have done this to an innocent 13 year old girl that account had 5 years of work and YOU have just got rid of it in 1 second i would like you to unbann my account or give me a good explanation why you have done this i cant imagine how many other young teens you have done this we love tik tok and by getting rid of peoples accounts isn't going to attract people to your social media i would like you to think before you get rid of another account I would also like to say this app is amazing and I do really want ti still use the app but my old account had 2k on it and it just got deleted it is what all kids love and I would deffo at lit recommend.Version: 15.1.0

Best app ever!!!Super app this app is sooo addictive and sooo amazing I love it sooooooo much I will NEVER delete it! you can watch other people’s videos and have your favourite songs to add to them! if you don’t want people to see your videos just your friends you can make you self private and then if people want to follow you you can say yes or no. Also when you are private NO ONE can see your videos except for your friends and family that you have approved to watch your videos on your account. People make the funniest videos and you hardly get any bad things on your fyp! By the people you follow and like your fyp will become what your type is like if I was addicted to a show in particular my fyp would show me some videos of it! You can add videos to your favourites it you love it or want to watch later! by the way “fyp” stands for “for you page” which is basically the videos that pop up. :)).Version: 21.7.0

Euanpoppoop123This app is amazing. I’m glad you can be free express your self to the world . This app I an app where your creativity goes wild . Tick tock has a one two themed video. If you love to video this is the app . I’m on 115 followers and if you try someone will follow you . Don’t give up I gave up the first week because I didn’t have any followers but you have to keep trying that how I got 115 followers. It hard to see other tick tock with 1000 followers but If you keep believing you become the next star . Tick tock is a safe place yes with some people who be against you but people will have your back trust me . People with laugh and write really mean comments but you be safe . All you need to do is lick the film button select a sound and your on a roll . Don’t be a hater . Just be a nice person to everyone and there be nice to you . I’ve been on tick tock for 3 or so years now and If I had struggle I always had the report or block someone. The tick tock team are behind you no matter what.Version: 12.8.0

It WAS goodI downloaded TikTok and I really enjoyed it my brother got me an account I posted lots of videos followed people and my friends followed me back but I had a private account because my Mam said i was to young for random people to be seeing my face so after about 7 months I decided to delete TikTok of my iPad and start a new unprivate account witch didn’t show my face but when I entered my birthday it said I was to young even though it worked last time I decided to enter my Mam’s birthday thinking it would work because she was born in 1972 but it didn’t work so I deleted the the app then redownloaded it straight away I entered my mams birthday and it still didn’t work so now I have decided to wait a couple of hours and try again but still besides that it has a lot of inappropriate language for kids so maybe when the person enters there birthday instantly make it private and block all inappropriate language for there age I hope 🤞 you read this review and make some changes I will write another review if it works in a couple of hours⏰🕰⏱😁.Version: 12.3.0

Best app ever!I’m a teenager who got tiktok and honestly, I don’t regret it. Originally I didn’t want tiktok because it was so overrated, but with so many people using it I decided to give it a try, I have got to say, i made the right choice. I have a LOT of social media, and they don’t even compare. There is so much you can do on tiktok, and it’s actually very easy to get famous compared to other social media’s, because everyone has equal opportunities. Aside from that, when tiktok says trends start here, I used to just roll my eyes, but now I literally see that around 80% of the trends I see are based on tiktok. Anything can go viral there in less than an hour. About age limits, I wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone under 12, because it does have cursing, and content that is not appropriate for younger audiences, however, if it is a parent managed account, parents are able to control what their child watches, what their child posts, they can make the account private, so that only friends can see their posts, and they can even block curse words. If you are thinking about getting tiktok, whether you are a kid, teen, or parent, just do it, and if you don’t like what you see, you can always take it off..Version: 18.0.0

Great appNeed to get more small numbers people on the for you page,sometimes I see the same videos over and over,I love this app it helps me with my depression,anxiety and makes me show my artistic talent for photography and editing,please stay around I don’t know what I would do without tic toc,thank you for making it great and improving my life THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY ARTISTIC TALENT SHOW THROUGH TIC TOC APP 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯,I love the new features and I see a big difference in my views when reminded I love this app and would like to know more about creater fund please send me something if possible thank u,thank you I joined the creator fund and I love it and I love the new features in tic tok but I don’t like the new draft page you can’t tell what you already put hashtags on and u loose track in your drafts and your videos u want to use get lost in the mix,maybe put a way to put a check mark ✔️ on the videos you want to post so creators can keep track and per edit and pre hashtag the videos we want to post,thank you for letting me be part of the tic tok creator fund and part of the family,,ILOVE it love it love it love it thank you for tic tok saving my life dealing with depression it really helps me thank you tictok 💯🤟I love being part of the tic tok family thank you for having me,and I love the changes to the app with 500 characters for hashtags and so on thank You tictok.Version: 23.9.1

LiveTiktok I love how it was made but i want to say a few things i wish there wasn't an amount of people you can follow for that moment because i followed everyone back on my account after and it kept saying you are following too fast, going live with going live i wish that you could go live even if you had 1 follower i would like that because i want it to be fair, fyp on your fyp i would like tiktok to add a fyp symbol e.g if your video got on the fyp it would have a symbol somewhere saying fyp, and also i want to say that every place/country should get the updates at the same time because for me personally we get the new updates like 3 min videos and the add to text speach last and it just doesnt seem fair because i see 3 min videos all over my fyp and i just want to do a 3 min video, you should also get a notification if your video got on the fyp so like you get a notification saying your ‘video got on the fyp goodjob do you want to see how much people viewed it?’ from tiktok like that. Thank you so much for reading my suggestions hope you can create some more cool updates tiktok..Version: 19.7.0

An Alarming Amount of Young Children! This must stop!With all the chatter and sudden interest with this new app, I decided to download it, just to give it a go. I’m a teen. I’ve had Tiktok for over a month now. I can tell you, it’s quite addictive. Amazing, different and inspiring content by influential creators. Though there is one thing that deeply concerns me. It’s the kids. By being on tiktok for a few minutes, it’s plain obvious that this social media app isn’t for youngsters. Severe amounts of sexual references- deeply descriptive as well. I’m not complaining about this however, as most teens (and over) who are the main intended audience are used to this in daily language. I’m complaining about the alarming amount of 6 year olds who are on here watching half naked people flirt and do dirty actions with a sexually explicit song in the blasting in the background. This must stop. I strongly suggest that anyone under the 13-14 age bracket shouldn’t be exposed to what is on here. And this is me saying it, as a 14 year old. On top of my previous point, These kids know nothing about protecting their privacy. Their sick parents may think otherwise, but you don’t need to go far down the comment section without children openly telling strangers what road their primary school is on. For their own god darn safety, these babies are going to have to wait another 8 years until they get the app. I really think you should be more strict about it. Thankyou..Version: 16.3.0

Tiktok reviewThis app is incredible it really lets us all be ourselves and let loose. The only problems with it is the age group. It specifically says 12+ and makes you do your birthday but seriously how easy is it to just click on the year 2000 and not 2011???? Another thing is that just because someone doesn’t like a person doesn’t mean as soon as they report them a couple of times They get banned A lot of my friends have got banned and let me tell you. There not mean. 😬💀💀 Also the content. 70% of the content on this app is amazing, creative and just fun but others are inappropriate. Your taking down pregnant women’s unique bump trying to share memories of there pregnancy journey. But your not taking down those fully grown women in bikinis shaking there bum on camera and calling children Hoes. How is that to 12 year olds HUH!! But like I said this app is amazing and has built my confidence so much. Thank you so much 😊 just make it a bit more safer and it’s so cool Recommend it to everyone.Version: 17.9.1

ANGER IS RIGHT HERE⬇️I used to love musically and then one update changed my whole perspective of it. You basically couldn’t use hashtags and it unfollowed some people you were following. I tried to get in to my account today for the first time in about a month and I couldn’t my videos were deleted on both of my accounts, my profile pic/vids were gone EVERYTHING GONE. I had some really amazing memories on there and being honest the only reason I went on there was to save them to my camera roll before deleting this horrible app but now they are all gone every single one of them floating in cyber space. For example there WAS some of my dog that passed away not that long ago (that was the only videos I had of her), I had great times with my friends that I know I recorded but can’t remember them and I was looking forward to seeing them but no I can’t. For musically/tik tok I hope you can find a way to make the app more enjoyable before you lose everyone on there..Version: 8.6.0

Why This app is the bestTik Tok is the best app in the entire world. It allows people to connect with with from all over the world. It also lets people to get a great message out like “black lives matter”. It can also make people feel good about themselves and help them find out their real self. It helps people build back their self confidence by inspiring videos. It also have very funny content that allows you to get something off your mind if you are not feeling 100%. Tik Tok is definitely one of the best social platforms out there. It also allows people from all corners of the world to make amazing content. It can also let people connect from the ages 13+, How amazing is that. I would be glad to say that Tik Tok is my absolute favourite app. So I would most definitely recommend this app to any person from 13+. Therefore, you should definitely get Tik Tok because it is so interesting and inspiring!.Version: 16.4.0

Good until it bans you for no reasonIt is a pretty good app and I loved it. It kept me intertwined until my friend and I took a video together and she was wearing a pretty big sports bra. It cover everything except her stomach. My video got banned even though charli and Addison and other famous girl tik tokers were short shorts and bikinis. I thought okay well I guess that’s okay to get banned. So I kept posting and everything was fine. At that point only one of my videos got banned. I hadn’t posted in a couple days so I decided to post a video of the song “Thank you next”, by Ariana grande, org pictured of horses at the barn I ride at. Just the horses themselves and at the end I put a picture of me and another horse. It was a selfie and you could see a lot of the horses face but a little bit of mine. It got banned and said I was permanently banned from my account. For no reason it should be banned. I was wearing normal clothes and you could only see my face. I have no clue why it got banned and I’m really upset because that was a really good account and every school friend I had and or friend followed me and I got a decent amount of likes on each video. I’m am really mad at TikTok right now. Like did the horse not wear enough clothes. Seriously....Version: 16.6.0

This app is getting worseNowadays this app is getting worse due to 1. Less views 2. U r allowed to like only few videos daily 3. U r not allow to follow more than 25 profiles daily. If ur videos not getting enough views which means u won’t get many likes and this is one of the worst thing about this app. I don’t know how they set their algorithm for views, if u r not getting enough views for ur videos eventually people switch on to other apps. That’s y people start using similar apps like “like”, vigo, sharechat, vmat etc. so please try to rectify these things to make this app wonderful. Thanks.Version: 11.2.0

ReviewTiktok is an amazing app but I have a few things I want to address. Firstly most people post multiple videos with none making any views or likes. They can put all their hard work into making it then no one even sees it. So if you could make it that more people get on the fyp that would be great. Secondly, you can’t go live unless you have 1000 followers. This is crazy since some people don’t even get views and that means they get no followers, it is way too high and I think it should be lowered. Thirdly, you can’t use the same phone number more than once. This is absolutely ridiculous since some people might have more friends an another acc and can’t message them or lost there old acc with their phone number and now can’t message on their new account. You should be able to do it with verification because it is not fair on most people. Fourthly, there are way too many hate comments and posts and yet none of them get taken down even with reports. And there’s just too much hate in general. If you get a report please just ban it because it can lead to people doing bad things, delete the video or even deleting the app. If all of these things could get fixed tiktok would be a much better app even tho it is still great..Version: 17.5.1

TIKTOKTikTok is good but they is lot of haters and unnecessary things like: DRAMA every week or day!! TikTok has lots annoying updates I don’t like this new update soo can tiktok please Change back! Anyways if you really want to get TikTok but not feeling just downloading the app and scroll though the Fyp (Fyp=For you page) but if want a acc (acc=account) on the app you have to lots of details but you have your parents permission this app is like 13+!! Anyway about the app😂 TikTok you can do anything on this app I mean ANYTHING when I mean anything you can literally do: Dance, singing, do a tiktok with pets or do any content! You can choose what do want your Fyp like: straight tiktok! Straight tiktok is like where get lots famous like: Charli D’Amelio, Noah beck and so on! You can choose alt TikTok! Alt TikTok is like where you can anime ppl and stuff! You can be on Fandom TikTok (Which I am on)! Fandom TikTok is like when your Fyp is full of fan pages full of their idols. Well my personal favourite fandom is the nj boy (New Jersey boys) one of the most hated fandom! But we are fun and funny but we do get some hate! Yh (yh=yeah) that’s basically it.Version: 18.6.0

Good but two problemsI have had this app for about a year now and I love it ❤️❤️♥️.But, it keeps login me out and as far as I know my other school friends on it are not having this issue but luckily I had to create a new account and write all my passwords and things down as it started to happen more often. It has being that bad this morning I had to delete and try to get again but unluckily it won’t 😡😡! I love this app it is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about getting it. And if u are thinking about it I would stop and think to see if u want to go through the same problems as me on this app ! Also I think we need some more joke audios as there are a lot more music than the jokes x but please make sure this gets a big update so I can change and come back to being my favourite app once again xx I really do recommend this but it may log out on u so beware x Thank u for ur time and for reading this it is a amazing app a lot of my school have it but like I say beware of the bad things xxxx Thanks for reading Xxxx ❤️❤️♥️♥️.Version: 7.2.1

I need a little bit of helpSo I have an iPhone X which I thought would work for this update I have been seeing but what it is that I really want is the new filters and stuff cause I am stuck with the old ones and some other people are two but some lucky people are getting it and some are like “ dreamy” or “marshmallow” theme and I have “s6” or “g5” and Idk how to get them so if you know how please tell me cause TikTok won’t update either.Version: 18.6.5

Ok Social Media App for sharing videoThe app could definitely use better customer support. If you own the right to audio material and it is flagged as copy written by mistake the audio will be removed and appealing the decision usually does not result in the mistake being corrected. Terms of service are often violated due to inexplicable mistakes on behalf of whatever algorithm TikTok uses to filter content. The app has a problem with illegal content that is harmful to minors surfacing and being widely shared before it is reported and taken down. There is a problem with the algorithm favoring White content creators over Black content creators. When you report racist material that targets African Americans it is usually not removed or addressed but if you make a video addressing aforementioned racist content as an African American content creator your response is often taken down due to violating the exact terms of service you are trying to bring attention to. Overall the app has potential but the racism on the platform and content that is dangerous to minors means that users need to be monitored by parents or guardians if they are not adults. Hopefully there will be a similar app with a much better algorithm that will surface in the near future and replace this one making TikTok obsolete..Version: 21.7.0

Loving tik tokAmazing amazing amazing wonderful beautiful like miracle really really super super cool 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️💜💜✌️✌️✌️🌹🌹🌹I really enjoy tiktok since I know tiktok but I am disappointed for banned live quiet often without grand reasons my accounts also has freeze otherwise app is amazing tiktok need consider sometimes listening wrong people if carries on like this people will get less interest please keep maintain standard tiktok like last year in the beginning 🙏🙏🙏this is my opinion could be right or wrong but so far tiktok app is really fabulous tiktok is super amazing lovely beautiful I really love it so far best app number one for many reasons 💙💙💋💚💙🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️I am really enjoying tiktok since I am on the tiktok with blessings of almighty lord Krishna has happened connections worldwide and it’s happening more and more best app so far on this planet but please can you my first main account kalakalacolourss can you restore account please and live stream can you unbanned please I am really get very positive results with tiktok my purposes tiktok is was will b for positivity positive happiness reason please my main account restore it and live unbanned please I really appreciate thankful to the tiktok family team divine keep up good work I wish all the best of best wishes to the whole tiktok divine team 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏lots of love peace respect 🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 19.1.0

TemplatesI love TikTok so much... it’s my favourite way to converse with people. There are absolutely the funniest videos, and I really like the Facts You Didn't Know series. The only thing bothering me is the fact that you can’t trim a song you chose after you selected a video, but I don’t really use it much, so it doesn’t really bother me. Overall, I’m sending this for the people who does get bothered with the trimming, but I’m 💯 with you! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖.Version: 15.3.0

The things that should changeI like TikTok a lot but it was way better before all the new updates. For example: adding stories and ten minute videos completely ruined what TikTok is all about. It’s supposed to be an app where you can watch short videos and follow creators that you like and support small businesses. Almost every social media app has stories now and I just don’t see why TikTok added that feature because it just makes it more like the other apps and not many people even use them. TikTok was an app strictly for watching videos that are a few minutes long, so why change that and add ten minute videos? No one wants to sit through that. I also don’t like how you ban, remove peoples’ videos and shadow ban creators when there wasn’t anything wrong with them or their videos. You also leave videos up that actually have a problem with them, but just ignore it and let the person continue doing Terrible things. It’s just so much worse now..Version: 23.9.1

Request.Hey tiktok! just a request to add a dislike button to be used on videos underneath the like button, this request is due to much racism and homophobia on tiktok for selfish people. and yes i’m aware you can just skip the video or click ‘this is not for me’ but I just thought to request it anyway, because i know others have also possibly requested this specific thing but that’s all! and i know you’re busy and all but another request is that could you possibly make younger and small creators on the foryoupage more, just a request because I know they also deserve to be on the fyp. and I also know that they try and spend their own time on creating them and get half of the likes they were wishing for. well, that’s all and I hope you have a good life!!, and thank you for taking your time on reading this, and what you do is amazing!!, :D and just after remembering I was also wondering if you could add group chats and allow to add pictures on tiktok messages, thank you!,.Version: 21.1.0

About iamscotty7I hope you got my last message about iamscotty7 he is not bothering anyone we all want to see him verified he deserves it he doesn’t bother anybody he sits in his chair and lip sings and that’s all he does no sexual content nothing we all have a good time and is very disturbing that you believe other people so please consider letting his numbers go up we really wanna see him do this you only hearing from the haters there’s plenty of haters out there and they’re hating on everybody so I think you in advance and appreciate you……… Please TicTok do the right thing for iamscotty7 we will be so greatful to you…..Thank you Love Scottys Angels ♥️. I just want to say thank you for hearing me you won’t regret it he’s a good soul love Scotty’s Angels ♥️🙏 I want to thank TicTok again for hearing me out ♥️. I like to ask why can’t Scotty be Verified. TicTok I really wish you would stop believing trolls and hater’s Like Hilda,Tiffany and stand back they are trouble and blaming everyone else nobody bothers them they keep going under different names the only thing is that now u stopped he’s numbers from going up why like I said before he does not bother anyone he’s a genuine guy there’s a lot of people on his TikTok that is snakes that need to be taken off but please let he’s numbers go.Version: 23.9.1

Here’s a review !🥰I enjoy this app a lot and all the thing that you have added is wonderful! The only problem is when you report someone, it doesn’t do much. I think that you should be able to report someone and they would not be able to go on with doing the same thing they did, though thankfully- more than one person has to report the user, but indeed I have an idea you could add! The person should be active on their account at least 3 days so the same person does not report them with different accounts they are making. I suggest this app for many people that should be at least 10, basically double digits due to multiple swears that are allowed on this app. Maybe more edit options like, example; Camera swinging from on direction to the original video. This app is definitely absolutely perfect for people who enjoy making videos for others to see and enjoy! Though maybe make accounts get to the for you page more since its uncommon people search up a hashtag and find your video. Though I absolutely can’t stand this app, it’s amazing! And for another suggestion you should definitely add, make notifications for people messaging you and not allow spam if that is already added to the app, I suggest this app for you if you are looking forward to getting it! Enjoy 😊.Version: 12.0.0

It’s addictiveI love tik tok a little to much. I’m so addicted. Tik tok is a great platform and I love it it’s perfect for the new generation. But right now I’m meant to be doing algebra homework for my exam tomorrow instead I’m writing this because I was scolding through tik tok and the review popped up. I’m not say tik tok has to change or u shouldn’t get it because I learn so much from all round the world through this app but if u could make it any less addictive it would be amazing for people like me..Version: 17.8.1

Old accSo I’ve had a tiktok acc since musically basically and I’ve always enjoyed the app however I wish u could hav a feature where u could select videos easily to make them private or delete or change the privacy settings in general and just go through the videos rlly quickly by clicking them to make them private bcuz as I said I’ve had my acc for a long time and I feel it’s really cluttered and I wanna just make lots of the videos private so only I can see them but that’s more than 3000 videos and I don’t hav that time. I think a select all function would be really good please. I could just make a new acc but I want to hav my phone number on it but I’ve already put my phone number to one acc and it won’t let me delete it also I want to keep all of my favourite sounds, videos and creators. Thanks..Version: 18.7.0

The new worldI am loving the TikTok platform I think it is great, there are many people from all age groups and it’s very raw and real, there’s no hiding behind a photoshop image! This could be a place that changes the world! There is some negative comments and bullying but also there is a special place for sharing and caring and support for people struggling in life. Some of the strongest engagement is when people have the courage to open up and share the problems with the world through posting on this app, seeing the love and support that comes to people when they have the courage to share is incredible. Thanks tictok, I wish you the best for the decade ahead..Version: 14.7.0

The dark sideI love this app honestly I am always on it supporting people! But when it comes to the dark side not so much. People disrespect opinions on the app and trends can sometimes be extremely offensive. Once I posted a video of me and my friend at Dance Class and it was take down due to minor safety, not only did I give feedback because this video had not broken the community guidelines I was just dancing with my friend. TikTok always have the same response- It’s your responsibility, thank you for being part of our community and help keep others safe or this video broke our guidelines. I was astonished and appalled. Also the banning of people supporting our idols , we are the nicest people on the app in my opinion and we go through the most. The hate we get and how mean some people are, we spend hours editing out videos to get 4 likes- others just do a dance and get like 3m likes. And you can only get 8 accounts and also they report sounds if they don’t like it not if others don’t we need to sort this out. Don’t forget I live the app! <3.Version: 18.2.1

ConcernedHello I don’t have much talent when it comes to you know making videos and what have you what I do have a talent for is listening and understanding and then trying to come up with a solution rather than throw fuel on the fire. I’ve noticed that a lot of the creators on TickTock that are of African dissent get in trouble for bullying and other things you feel are a violation. If we respond as an African-American woman if we respond to someone bullying us who are you two criticize and chastise us four verbally handling someone who is being disrespectful willfully disrespectful to us. This just shows me that you who are in control of TickTock are showing your true colors and maybe have blinders on if you can’t see or here what some Caucasian creators are saying about black people I’ll have you know I don’t look like a monkey nor do I sit out on the porch but yet and still this is what we are called porch monkeys you have to know that the God you serve had a son that has skin of amber and hair of sheep‘s wool his feet were like burnt bronze this man is of color stop being disrespectful to black creators and let them speak their minds without being put in what they called and I quote tick-tock jail thank you so much for listening.Version: 20.7.1

Feature recommendationFirst of all I have to say that I love the app. It is a great way to get away from the world and enjoy videos made by creative people. However, I have found one thing slightly frustrating about the app, the fact it can be difficult to find second parts to videos when looking at a creators page. All creators are limited by the 1 minute video length when posting on the app which can make it hard if you want to post something that would require longer. To get around this many creators will make multiple parts and post them separately. However due to whatever reason sometime this second part may be posted hours or even days apart with others posted between. This can make finding a serious of parts somewhat difficult. Therefore I suggest having a way to link videos on the creators end as parts of a series. On top of this there could be some sort of button in the corner of the video saying “like this part here is the second one” which when pressed would take you to said part. This would make navigation of a creators work much easier in my opinion. Thank for such a great app, hope this helps. ❤️❤️.Version: 16.6.1

Stop banning people for no absolute reasonDon’t get me wrong i absolutely love tiktok, but there is one thing that annoys me a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I have made several accounts on tiktok just for them to get banned, meaning all my followers, my favourited sounds and my favourited videos, all gone. All my hard work gets put into the bin and I have to start all over again. Once I reported a girl for being rude to my sister and guess what, I got banned instead and I had over 900+ followers. I like my old tiktoks since I go though them sometimes to catch up on some memories but once tiktok bans me, they’re all gone. Just a couple weeks ago I made another account in replace of the account that got banned at 900+, I gained about 300+ followers in the first couple weeks but then I got banned. I did not violate any rules, I wasn’t even posting for the past few days before I got banned. Tiktok please stop banning people for no reason, imagine your whole business being sued and all your hard work being gone, that’s exactly how it feels to get an account banned. If you guys keep banning my accounts I don’t even know what to say anymore..Version: 21.1.0

Alisha malik reviewIt is an amazing app that keeps you entertained all day and all night . It is an app where you be yourself and express your feelings . You can tell people what goes in your life some people will help you . On the app you can be anyone you want to be. You can be a dancer , a storyteller, a makeup artist you can be many more thing on Tiktok . Just be the best you can be and be yourself that is the most important part of the app . You may get hate but ignore those haters because they are just jealous about you . They’re jealous they can’t be like you . You can make an account and make videos. It helps you throughout this pandemic if you are bored in quarantine just download this app. You could find some secrets of games you have on this app . It really helps me be me so I think it will help you too . You could be so famous from this app and earn a lot of money like the hype house or the damelio family . It such a cool app to be on I mean who wouldn’t want to be on this app it is amazing and if you don’t download it you are missing out on everything..Version: 17.4.0

When nothing goes right go left 😂This app is GREAT I had a musically account a few years back but I found it well very unorganised , non attractive app so I just sort of forgot about my account after a while and moved on with my life and I just went on to add other apps like roblox , art games , instagram, snapchat and crosswords and there was always times ide see musically just sitting there at the back of my phone and ide always scroll past like it was nothing then I ended up deleting it because it took up my storage space .Then a few months ago I searched it up again and it came up with TIk Tok so I gave it a go and it had improved by miles with a more variety of choices like comedy , better sound choice ,funnier footage and all about peoples lives etc . My message is this now is the best app on my phone so thank you tik tok you did an amazing job and you deserve a break after doing so much work for US ALL to make musically into tik tok with out taking the fun out of it , Niamh Boyd.Version: 11.0.0

Love the app, but....Hi, first I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE TikTok and use the app on a daily basis, but I have noticed a few things that bother me. The first thing is when you are uploading a video, you can’t save videos,sounds,etc. This bugs me because there a several times I’m on the For You Page and I want to save a video or sound, but I can’t because I’m uploading a video, and then I will accidentally lose the video or sound and not be able to get it back. The next thing is I only ever see people with 1.5k or more likes on my For You Page, and I would appreciate it very much if it were easier for smaller accounts to get views, because most of the time the smaller accounts work just as hard as the larger ones. The last thing is about the comments. I wish people couldn’t limit the comment section to only ONE person. I understand if it is limited where only friends can comment or if nobody could comment, but I feel like limiting the comment section to only one person could make people feel not welcome and it is a big waste of a comment section. Thank you for making it this far in my review. Once again, I LOVE TikTok but these are just some small things I don’t love..Version: 15.9.1

A few improvementsSo I just want to address a few things so like today when I deleted my acc then got a new and I put down April the 13th 2008 but it said sorry your not eligible for TikTok but I am bc I’m like 13 years old and it’s saying I’m younger and the other thing is that some people have different filters and I was just hoping that you could change that like some people have brew and sunset and things like I would like that too. Also 2 more things can you actually look at the videos because sometimes on my other accs I get banned community guidelines And stuff but i know I obayed ALL of those rules so can you actually look at the videos because I know I didn’t disobey any of those rules. And one last thing can you please get rid of shadow ban it’s just really annoying and I like videos going viral and stuff and I wish I could have 1000 followers or something because it’s my dream and well … I can’t get 1000 followers because of shadow ban so can you please fix that and yes I know you don’t want some accs doing all that because it’s a lot of pressure but can you please make that happen, because it’s kind of making me mad and annoyed… Thank you.Version: 21.1.0

Tbh I go on it 24/7... it’s ✨AMAZING✨This app gives me a chance to get updated on things like the latest that has happened, I can post whenever I want or need, but people seem to be able to use automatic captions on their videos and I keep updating the app and it won’t come up which is unfortunate but it’s not something I really need so to be honest I can live without the auto captions. I like everything about it, I don’t think I have anything negative to say about it because at first I was really cautious that it wouldn’t be safe posting or on the app in general but I don’t need to worry about that sort of stuff anymore because everything on it is totally safe and secure! I mainly go on it for entertainment, when I need cheering up, when I’m bored, when I want to see the latest news, to connect with people all around the world, to make new friends, to post, anything really! And it never disappoints me in any way! HIGHLY recommend and to be honest... it’s a good addiction!.Version: 19.2.0

Good but..The new update isn’t very good all the filter and that is good but with drafts you can’t just scroll through them and you can’t watch them while uploading on I understood when your uploading you can’t do a video but you can’t even look at another one I think it should go back to being able to scroll through them instead of pressing on one then actually going on the video then pressing to save it again all the filter are good but just that used to love it so much but that is annoying makes me not want to use the app as much also there is always a glitch whenever you do a transition fast to slo mo and it ruins it . Such a good app but apparently the new update is tomorrow and your restarting everything and that will mean we all loose everything we have worked hard for the past years as I started in this app when it first came out but if it does restart then I will not longer be using it and I have seen that many other quite famous people have said that too. THERE IS LITERALLY 5 FILTERS NOT EVEN A BLACK AND WHITE ONE AND THE NORMAL FILTER ISNT NORMAL IT LOOKS REALLY PIXELATED AND DIFFERENT COLOUR I love this app but it’s turning out to be not very good..Version: 8.1.0

YESIt’s perfect ✨ there are some people who DJ cosplay, people who do history, people who do science things! There’s lots of fun stuff, my mom is on the burlesque side of tiktok, she doesn’t go on it a lot but I think some things make her happy which makes me happy! So, there is one disappointing thing, that is live’s. You can’t go live unless your sixteen and have 1000 followers. And sometimes if you see someone’s profile which is live and you click on it, it has already ended. Also there are adds but you can scroll away from them so I don’t think they’re a big deal. There are people from all over the world and make lots of different types of content, it’s so easy to watch a lot of tiktok but you can’t sit at on your phone forever lol. It used to be a struggle to get off of tiktok because I was addicted but I’ve gotten over that struggle. Oh, there’s another thing I find annoying, every once in a while there will be a video made by tiktok and it’s things like “hold up, you’ve been scrolling for way to long” etc. and they can get annoying. That’s pretty much it. There’s emo tiktok there’s slime tiktok there’s gacha tiktok there’s plant tiktok there’s animal tiktok etc. HAVE FUN WATCHING IF YOU DECIDE TO GET TIKTOK!!! Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning!! BYEEE.Version: 21.7.0

TikTok ❤️I got this app because it replaced musically, and I used to have musically and I really missed it. I thought the app would be the same but just a different logo and name, however I was mistaken. I know this is an app designed for people over the age of 13, however that was the same with Musically, but that wasn’t problematic and toxic, TikTok however is the opposite. Little kids are on this app are watching content that they shouldn’t be seeing. Now I love TikTok with all my heart, but I know some changes need to be made. ❤️ Like: When signing up for TikTok you can choose the kid friendly side of TikTok for younger people to view certain content. And creators can do this to choose who their content is aimed at, like younger audiences. There could also be an option to watch and create content for the more adult side of TikTok. Creators and watchers could easily switch what type of side of TikTok they are on, like the more adult side or the kid friendly side. This is only an idea on how to make TikTok a better place for children and adults. However if this is too hard, maybe you could make it back kid friendly app. I would 100% appreciate it if you would reply and make some changes, even if it’s not my suggestion/s it would still make TikTok better, however I still love TikTok and you have still done an amazing job! ❤️❤️.Version: 16.6.0

Why TikTok is a great app but what you should be aware ofTikTok is a fun way to entertain your day no matter what mood you are in. Happy sad confused you say it. If your wondering TikTok let’s you duet follow people and post videos of your own. You could even become famous if you do good enough. I am not that good at TikTok so I only have around 300 followers but the most famous tiktoker has 113m followers. Don’t be like I’m going to download it now without reading the rest. Because these are the things you could be aware of and could even save your life! If you go to a school don’t put your school logo in the videos because people could figure out where you live by looking at the logo. I have had to delete a lot of my TikToks because I had my school logo in it, you better be more safe then sorry. You should also be aware of that people could talk to you in it and say things like what’s your name where do you live and stuff like that. If that does happen block them immediately before they find out more about you. I hope this review told you that TikTok is fun but could also be a bit dangerous if you are not aware about what your posting. Have a great day but stay safe.Version: 19.0.0

Login failedOver a week now and still unable to log in 😖😖 tried setting up new account, logging in with Chinese cell number, FB, IG & Gmail and still get “Login Failed. Please try again” even after the recent update still “Login failed. Please try again”.. what’s stupid is I am always getting notification alerts but I can’t view them because I can’t log in 🤬🤬🤬 I’ll give a better rating when I can get access 🙌🏼🙌🏼 UPDATE: Now living in New Zealand Tik Tok works perfectly so have given 5 ✨.Version: 15.5.6

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