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It’s wonderful.I’ve been using Chime for a couple of years. I just don’t go into a bank anymore. The only reason why I am going to open up a separate account with a brick and mortar is because in the next few years I want to get a decent home loan and usually being a member of the bank will help with that. Other than that this is perfect especially for people that aren’t ready to make a major purchase yet. I have had issues in the past and they have been resolved quickly and customer support is quick to ask. For those that are having issues with the chatbot, you can just type “human” and you can submit something to them and they usually get back to me within less than 12 hours probably about four. There have been times where the system has been down. This is why I’m removing a star. The system has been down several times in the past year by several I mean like maybe three but that’s still too many times. I have a credit card as back up. Working in IT myself I can’t actually be too upset. Things happen. I am prepared. I would not recommend this for somebody that is old-school but if you never really go into your bank or use checks anymore… (You CAN send a check from the app and it is mailed) this is for you..Version: 5.57.0

Love itHad chime for a few years, only had two problem with them so far, hopefully no more problems!! 1st problem I had was my phone number, my phone broke and had to use a backup phone and when it got fix it wouldn’t let me change my number back and it took months for them to let me change my phone number back, the second problem was with them and Walmart plus. When Walmart don’t have your stuff they supposed to give you back your money but if you don’t say anything they will keep it and lie and say it’s your bank and they only charge for the products they did give you. When you speak to chime they claim Walmart didn’t charge the first charge before Walmart found out they didn’t have the products. I made two disputes about it never got my money back nor touched my card until I got my money back. Other than them problems they are okay. When I use my card they always take their money right than and there and only charge $2.50 for using atm. I only came across two companies who don’t take their money right away which is gerber life & amazon(depending on what you get and the shipping estimate date)and I put them payments on my credit card which I like bc it really do helps with your credit..Version: 5.142.0

Amazing, almost.Chime is the bank of the future and it’s done an amazing job. I love banking with Chime. It’s incredibly simple through its reliable app. The platform is simple, well laid out, pleasant to view, and gives you just the right info at your finger tips. Each time I spend from my account Chime alerts me with the transaction amount and remaining balance. Not to mention NO FEES! When I think of how much procrastination has cost me in fees?? That payment that cleared when I wasn’t expecting it ... then auto withdrawals stack one on top of another?? $$$ I’m sick. Chimes new credit builder is like a gift program for you. Here! Here is a great way to build your credit without even trying! Chime will even “spot you” some cash over time to help cover your expenses. You earn your spot amount over time and it comes out of your next deposit. Easy. Wonderful! Downsides include no checks. ( I hate checks and thought I’d never need any, but have found sometimes you just do.) The “Chime Bot” in the app is not helpful. It’s infuriating not being able to get answers. It’s kind of like You last Alexa over and over and she has no answer to anything. Overall though Chime is very satisfying and I am so happy to have it..Version: 5.53.0

Life saverI don’t write reviews but I want to thank Chime for no only being an amazing app & bank account but most importantly being there at a crucial time in my life. Long story short, I lost everything & literally had to rebuild my life life at the age 40. My credit went bad, I got scammed which destroyed my bank account & had nothing left but a few boxes of clothes & antiques. When I finally got my bearings back, started a new job, opening up a back account was not possible at the time & I had a job where they only did direct deposit. I was screwed or so I thought. A friend told about Chime & after checking it out & signing up I instantly had a back account & a few days later my card. If it wasn’t for chime being around I don’t know what my story would look like now. I have deposited checks through both the camera features & at designated banks. They recently just added a credit builder credit card to help rebuild my credit. I’ve been with them for over 2 years now & love everything about them. The app is extremely user friendly & the one time I had to call customer service they were kind & helpful. So without a doubt I recommend Chime for any banking needs & Thank You Chime for being there when I thought all was lost..Version: 5.127.0

Great so far!Edit: still so great! I was nervous about there being no branches and only online but it turned out very smooth. I have both savings options activated and I love it! It takes a bit for the round up though maybe between an hour of the posted transaction to at least 1 business day. But that’s not too annoying. I DID ask for the emailed direct deposit form and it has the old routing number. It was an easy fix and my 2 most recent deposits have come through perfectly fine. I’m a huge lover of Apple Pay so I’m glad it works with that. The mobile check deposit feature works great as well. I received an email the next business day saying my check was received and it’ll be available the next business day. (Good thing I did all of this on a Monday.) You don’t really feel lost or anything using the app it’s very simple. I have only had the service for a couple weeks but so far I am a top fan. I took a star away because the routing number issue delayed my first deposit by one day. Also if you use the chat line for service a different rep replies each time. That also makes me worry a bit of a huge issue occurs that you’d usually go into a branch for. But again so far, it works gloriously!.Version: 5.61.0

I love chimeI banked with Wells Fargo before which stole money from me and gave me fees that I didn’t know about they really killed my trust in banks but then I heard about chime and even though I was scared I tried it anyways because I was starting a new job and didn’t want my checks deposited into Wells Fargo so I with faith downloaded chime about 2 years ago and I can say they I trust them the most I love that they have a credit card to build your credit but they only take the money you put in like a debit card they also have an over draft safety net and you can send an extra 5$ boost to other people and they can do the same for you and if you share chime there is a sign on bonus as well I couldn’t think of a better bank it is completely built for the people with no fees and makes it super easy to build your credit and I’m a college student who graduates soon I would like to buy a house so I need to raise my credit score so I pay my phone bill and sometimes tuition payments with my chime credit builder snd minute purchases as well like dollar tree they all count no matter how big or small If your thinking about trying chime MAKE THE JUMP. You have nothing to lose from a former person who didn’t trust banks they have restored my trust and given me many opportunities.Version: 5.144.0

Don’t think just doThis is the safest and most reliable online banking out there. It’s quick with the updates gives you your paycheck way sooner than a regular bank and on top of that they don’t charge you late fees or overdrafts they GIVE YOU MONEY-you can literally rack up money called spot me cash it’s literally money you can borrow till your next check hits the more you use it and pay it back the more you get to borrow in the future i’m up to 150 in spot me cash! Not to mention if you opt to go for the credit builder credit card you’re just helping yourself I moved my deposit over to my credit builder and when you rack up your swipes they send you a metal credit card! This is perfect for people who need to help build themselves in this broken money grab world. chime doesn’t rob you or have any fees they literally let you borrow money and build your credit...!! Why wouldn’t you want to help yourself? No i wasn’t paid or sponsored from chime( i wish cmon it’s an online bank for crying out loud) I’m just trying to be honest drop the old time banks and hope on the chime train you won’t regret it. 😌.Version: 5.78.0

I LOVE this Bank!!I have been with Chime for quite some time now and let me tell ya, when I say they are amazing... THEY ARE AMAZING!! I was with a Credit Union for a little while and they told me I was set up with an account that I couldn’t over draft in... yet every payday I was magically some odd amount in the negative. It NEVER failed! Then, I decided to give Chime a chance and see what happened. NOT ONLY do they not charge fees but they have this really cool setting that makes it SUPER easy to save called “Round Up” and basically what that does is every time you add money to your account it saves a percentage of that amount. Which is BEYOND helpful. It does the same when you spend money as well, except, it rounds up to the next dollar amount I believe. Their customer support via Phone/Email is FANTASTIC! The workers are so sweet and helpful and anytime I’ve had to call they fixed what ever I needed! I’ve only had to call them twice and neither were to complain but to figure out something or get an answer to a question I didn’t know. I’m not gonna lie, at first I thought it was a scam, or just another ad on FB... but I am honestly SO happy that I switched. If it wasn’t for them my taxes would’ve already been fully spent and most of it in fees 😂 I HIGHLY recommend dumping your physical bank and joining Chime. It’s worth it... I PROMISE!!.Version: 5.31.0

Great bank but I’d like to see some improvements in the future.*This bank has been really good so far. No fees like it says and I got my card very quickly. Just two issues I have with it so far. One is that they go through Green Dot for cash deposits. Green Dot charges 4.95 and requires a minimum of 20 to deposit. I hope that they eventually make a kiosk or something that eliminates these fees. Also it doesn’t update your account balance right away. For those of us with bad memory it makes it a little more difficult to budget. I recommend using a notepad app to keep track of your funds until the app updates your account info. It seems to update approximately 3 hours after the transaction. It would be nice to have it be immediate. If they fix these two issues I’d say it would be a five star service. Another small gripe is that you can only get the no fee overdraft with direct deposit. Though if you budget correctly it’s not an issue. Just a small quality of life thing. Otherwise I’d say this bank does everything better than most other banks. *My previous rating was three stars but I realized that one of the issues wasn’t the banks fault but rather the third party company Green Dot’s. I don’t like having to pay such large fees just to deposit cash but it’s Green Dot policy..Version: 5.40.0

Incredible!I started using Chime when I started at my new job. I was a bit nervous to utilize a new banking system after being with Wells Fargo since the 90s. Not only did Chime make it extremely easy to set up, but the app assured me that I did not have to leave Wells Fargo right away. Eventually, because Chime has been THAT amazing, I plan on completely migrating over to Chime. But I want to spotlight on the app’s direct deposit function, because that’s where this app truly has shined, in my opinion. I split my check that I received, and not only has Chime allowed me to still deposit 10% of my split to Savings but I’m still allowed all the features it has presented, such as Round Up. I am amazed how many lack of limitations that this company has when you’re a member of their banking system. I’m not charged for a savings account, nor do I need to have a certain amount to allow interest. Oh! By the way, when they say interest, they absolutely mean it! The interest you receive on your savings is mind boggling. I wouldn’t say it has the best high yield account I’ve used, but it is great for just a “standard” savings account without the stress of making sure you meet a minimum. Great job, Chime!.Version: 5.117.0

What’s the catch?There isn’t one. When I first heard of chime I thought it was too good to be true, no overdraft fees, building your credit without having to remember there’s a bill at the end of the month (you have to turn safe credit building on). I’ve lived on my own since I was 16 and when I tried renting apartments at 18, I discovered my lack of credit history was a big issue. Within a few months I got my first credit score, the card they issue essentially works like a debit card. It’s a credit builder card therefore, I have a perfect payment history, a score of first 678, then 680, and 704 as of right now. They also have other resources for a select few insurance companies, investment apps, cash back savings apps etc. There is no overdraft fee, though it is possible to overdraft but not over the spot me limit you’re allowed. If you’re not one that likes over drafting anyway, I’d turn “spot me” off. That way whatever purchase that’s over your available spending balance will be declined. And the best part about online banking is that you can disable your cards anytime you want to avoid unauthorized transactions. Also there is a $100 bonus for you and each person you refer that signs up and gets $200+ direct deposited within the first 45 days of creating the account I believe..Version: 5.102.0

CHIME > other banksHave you ever been charged an overdraft fee ? Just because you went over a dollar and you didn’t realize and now your bank is like, “ohh you don’t have a dollar now we’re gonna charge you 35$(or more).” Like who ever thought of that bright idea lol. Here’s where our buddy’s at chime come in hand, chime let’s you set up a “spot me” option for any of us that tend to go over with out looking or if we’re out here struggling needing some extra dollars before our next pay day. The spot me feature starts with 20$ and it can go up to 100$ based on the your personal account I’ve had mine before at 100$ slowly but surely got back on track financially and is now down to 20$ chime was there for me and has done for me what no other bank has done before. They also just started their credit card account which means you can fix your credit with them, also you can open up a savings account directly through the app. I can continue spoiling chime for you, but that wouldn’t be fun for you so I’ll let you download it and explore it for yourself. Click that download button and get started today ohh did I mention they pay you 2 days early ? Come join the chime family you won’t regret it..Version: 5.55.0

A good and simple banking serviceChime is just what you would expect out of a bank. You can open a checking and savings account just as you would with any other banking service. One of the main things that stand out to me over other banks is their app UI, it’s very simple and clean, making it easy to find what your looking for. I absolutely hate that most bank apps have so much stuff on their UI that you can forget where things are. Chime keeps everything neat by keeping what’s important easy to see and the rest of it under the settings. The SpotMe feature kind of feels like a gimmick. I thought it was cool at first but the main problem with it is that they are turning overwithdrawals into a “I got your back” feature; almost as if they are encouraging it. The only difference with the SpotMe feature is that you will not be charged a fee for doing so. I personally think it’s a bad idea because this feature can encourage bad financial decisions, especially because they offer boosts that increases the amount you can overwithdraw. It’s a nice feature to have when your struggling but it shouldn’t be encouraged. Also, one of the downsides to it is that you can only use the SpotMe for online purchases but not for paying bills which begs the question, “is this really to help you or is it to encourage spending over your balance for things you want?”. Aside from this feature it’s a pretty good making service..Version: 5.144.0

Love my chime account!I absolutely love my chime account! I’ve been with chime for years, at least 5-7 years. I’ve always loved it but now I extra love it. They have a “credit builder” card , you transfer your own money from your checking on to that account and then when you use the credit builder card it reports to the credit bureaus! They also started the “spot me” feature a few years ago where you can basically go in the negative without any type of fee. It gets paid back with your next deposit. You can also round up your transactions and the extra change can be sent to your savings account so you end up accumulating some money with basicaly no effort and you barely notice it . They also recently came out with the boost program. You can send up yo 4 other chime members a $5 spot me boost, so their spot me account allows them to go negative an extra $5! But the very best part is getting paid early! I get paid on Friday at midnight through my work, well everyone else does. I get my check on Wednesday! I had my most recent check around 5pm on Wednesday. Also when the stimulus checks got sent out I got mine super early. I didn’t even know they had passed the checks until after it hit my account!.Version: 5.85.0

Chime is amazing, just one real issue in my opinionI never usually leave reviews but i feel like chime deserves one. Amazing bank, phenomenal the amount of control they give you to handle your finances unlike most conventional banks where it feels youre at their whim. Chime credit builder absolutely works, helped me build my credit over 100 points in a little less than a year. SpotMe is amazing, never had an issue with it. That being said I have one complaint: the pending transaction system. To be fair to chime it isn’t a problem for just them, but I feel its at it’s worst with them. When it comes to certain refunds/deposits believe me it will take DAYS possibly a week or two before you see that money back in your account. And when you go to support, they just completely forget about you! I put in a ticket to help get the issue solved, and while my agent was great, i did not get the issue resolved, and my support ticket was NEVER followed up on. I wasn’t asking anything egregious, just wondering after days of waiting when my deposit will be put back on my card because I know it is chime themselves withholding. Nevertheless, i would still recommend chime, fantastic bank, so much better than conventional banking and I will continue being a chime user as long as they are around..Version: 5.135.0

Literally the BEST bank I’ve EVER HAD.Before I got Chime, I was with BMO Harris Bank for about 2-3 years. It seemed like I was having a new issue every single week; the final straw for me was finding out my account was empty AND overdrawn, just over $50, for a “non-BMO ATM FEE”, literally with the ADDRESS of the BMO branch that was 2 blocks from the salon I worked at in downtown Chicago. Not to mention that they waited like TWO MONTHS LATER to try & charge me that I had to comb through all of my bank statements, and even after showing them the mistake was THEIRS, and THREE trips to the branch, it took another MONTH for them to fix it. Chime has literally changed MY LIFE. NO fees, thousands upon thousands of fee-free atm machines, excellent customer service...I can go on & on about how much I love this bank. Best of all is when I got their Credit Builder card, back in January....I’ve been working on my credit for about 2 years now, and as soon as I got the Chime Credit Builder Card, my score jumped up to 106 points on TransUnion and another 48 points on Equifax!!! It gave my credit score an overall boost of over 150 POINTS!!! If you are tired of being scammed by these banks AND want to build your credit up, *CHIME* is THE ONE for you!!! Good Luck! ♥️.Version: 5.67.0

Love itI was done with my local credit union. Fee after fee after fee after fee. I blink and I had a fee from that bank. So I decided to try out Chime. I AM HAPPY WITH THAT DECISION. I have NEVER been charged a fee with Chime. They offer spot me. And as you stay with them longer, the spot me increases. So say you thought you had $50 in the bank, but turns out you only had $40. No worries! They will spot you, and you get charged nothing. I don’t use it often, but when it happens its nice to know I won’t have to pay an extra $34 or however much these days. And most of the time they send you a notification of your balance every day, except for some reason I haven’t been getting that lately. I have no issues finding an ATM that won’t charge me $2-4. My money is deposited 1-2 days early. I actually never had to contact support yet. I been with Chime for a year!!! The only thing is I haven’t tried depositing money, as thats the only thing that would seem to be a hassle, but I never had to so it may not even be that much of a hassle. If you are tired of endless fees, banks who don’t understand, corporate bank / credit union companies getting any and every little penny out of you, THIS IS THE BANKING APP..Version: 5.91.0

Excellent bank, excellent appI use Chime credit builder constantly and since adopting it have substantially raised my credit score, unlocking opportunities I otherwise never would have had. I also enjoy the luxury of getting paid 2 days earlier than normal pay day. Spot me has also saved my skin on SO many occasions. The seamless integration to Apple Pay was also extremely refreshing from the hoops you normally have to jump through to get other traditional cards on such. Cons are few and far between, the main downside being getting charged at most ATMs to withdraw money but luckily I rarely do so that’s not a deal breaker for me. The other con is not being able to deposit cash without a fee for a vanilla reload at stores, which again isn’t the worst thing ever for me nor a huge hindrance. If you like having checks, depositing or withdrawing cash, Chime isn’t the best choice for you but for everyone else, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. I feel the fact that they don’t charge overdraft fees far outweighs any of the negatives and give it a solid 9.5/10. Really great bank and excellent app design, easy to navigate. Would recommend to anyone. Last mention is the perk of getting $100 for referring people to Chime!.Version: 5.142.0

Spot meI have done everything that I have read about the spot me. I have qualified for the $200 spot me 90 days ago and I still have not received my $200 spot me y’all have received over 15 direct deposits of 2000 to 3400 a month . I have used my checking account and I’ve read the small print on spot me. I have been qualified for the $200 spot mean again over 90 days ago. That is my only reason why I bank with y’all but I spoke with the lady today she was really nice and I explain to her that if y’all want to keep my business please raise my spot me before October 25 or you will lose my business. I have done everything y’all told me to do and I have earned it. And I enjoy having that security blanket my wife I got her hooked up with Chime. Because of me She had her spot with $200. 6 months later. I know I’m not gonna hurt your business, but that’s the only reason why I chose y’all because there was it any fees on your spot me besides the tip and I always tip but that’s the only reason why I am leaving but thank you so much I’ve enjoyed charm. Y’all have a really great app. I can send money to my kids my honey. I love all the savings with the change. It’s awesome. I will miss banking with y’all..Version: 5.143.0

Best decision I was forced to make!!Unfortunately due to a career loss, having to start over and struggling financially for 3 years I had no other choice but to file bankruptcy. I was told by my legal counsel that the bank account I had would potentially freeze my limited funds because one of my credit cards was linked to my checking. They encouraged me to seek a new checking account so I could maintain what money I had. Because my credit was now poor, I was denied by two other banks a checking account. Most big banks now run your credit along with Check Systems to deem you a desirable customer. I researched my options and found Chime on a tech blog. I’m so very glad I found it! It is no frills checking and savings with a super simple app. It’s a traditional debit card in every sense. It’s Visa so you can use it virtually anywhere! Get cash back with groceries. Tons of ATM’s through money pass with NO fees! I know it may not be for everyone, but if you are sick of big banks and all their fees and tactics, I encourage you to give Chime a try. I’m very grateful to have an option like Chime. It saved me a lot of grief at a time when I’m already feeling insurmountable pressure..Version: 5.0.3

Amazing if you live paycheck to paycheckI switched to chime because simple bank became bbva. getting my paycheck a couple days early and not being able to overdraft were what drew me. the credit builder account was a surprise to me and i love it. i have poor credit and this is such an easy way to build credit. the BEST part of the app for me though is that when i get paid it direct deposits to my credit builder account and i have all my bills taken out of that. so when i get paid i look at what will need to be paid that paycheck and i put fun money in my spending account. it’s a lifesaver if you’re prone to dip into bill money. if you overdraft on your spending account, spot me will cover it up to $20 off the bat (tried and true, my friends), and it WILL NOT pull from credit builder or savings. because i live paycheck to paycheck i don’t really have a savings account, but i do use their round-up feature. you’ll be surprised how quickly you save with it. it’s really helping me get my financial situation together. it can be really hard to find a bank or budgeting app that works well for people who live paycheck to paycheck (makes me feel so dumb that i can’t budget for a whole month), but CHIME IS IT FOR ME. Seriously, give them a chance. Customer service is great, too..Version: 5.71.0

It’s okNot a bad app to bank with sometimes they have their issues but nothing major on my behalf that wasn’t handled immediately so far my lady had an issue that took to long to get resolved because it was a communication issue the people who she dealt with couldn’t comprehend what she was explaining but for the most part it’s pretty good take a little long to receive your new cards when you order them but ultimately the system they use has a lot of perks and when it’s running good it’s running good . When the app has issues it doesn’t affect your card use and they handle it quickly and it back up and running in minutes if not sooner so I give them 4 stars . Much better than most banks trying to sneak in fees to manipulate you out of money these guys keep it simple and the credit card you get with them is definitely a plus, helps you get back on track if your credit is not so good and keeps you informed and easy to use and understand . Gotta say the chime guys are good at what they do and the only reason they didn’t get the 5th star was the minor issues . Most of the people I know have it after dealing with shyest banks and I’ll admit I’ve promoted it to my friends and convinced many to get chime.Version: 5.121.0

Happy customer!Very happy customer! Even though there is no stand-alone bank, I have had an excellent experience with Chime. 1) I like getting paid early 2) No overdraft fees, love the Spotme feature 3) Ease of use 4) I love that I view my card in the app, it sounds lazy, but I’m tired of pulling out my card every time I want to buy something online (lol). 5) I love that my mom and I both got $50 when she referred me to sign up for an account. What an awesome referral program for everyone. 6) You can turn your debit card transactions on/off with the click of an app. (I forget to turn it back on sometimes! I’ve embarrassed myself at a store a time or two.) Also, there are many ATM locations near me that are free of charge. I like that I can “round-up” to save if I’d like, or set 10% of my direct deposit aside. Chime has been compatible with PayPal and Apple Pay to send money to people. With that being said, I use cash at most restaurants / gas stations / stores, I don’t like my card number being out there. I had debit card fraud with my old bank account. I have not had that incident happen with chime and I hope that it never does. Not revenant to the app or bank- but cashiers at the store always say the card is a cute color lol..Version: 5.22

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