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Wayfair – Shop All Things Home App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wayfair – Shop All Things Home? Can you share your negative thoughts about wayfair – shop all things home?

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Not working properly anymoreSince a few days I’ve been experiencing a problem which is quiete annoying. I can search for products and everything but as soon as I try to open the product it shows ‘We're sorry! We couldn’t find any results for ‘KEY(then a random number)’ So I basically can only see them in the preview but I cannot open it nor try to order the Product. I logged out of the account and I even uninstalled and re downloaded it but still Didn’t fix the problem. Any information on how to fix the problem?.Version: 5.11

Crushed velvet curtainsHi..I bought these curtains end of September but have only hung them end of November so disappointed in my purchase the material is lovely delivery was great colour just right 2stars...but finishing off in manufacturing is awful. Bought 4curtains to fit a wide window ...one curtain bit too long..one shorter then other two acceptable..one curtain looks like it’s picture (that’s what I thought I was buying).the other three are hit and miss with crushed pattern quite plain actually...the eyelets at center opening not fitted well therefore don’t hang good..but all these things aren’t seen till they have hung awhile just so disappointing..I see you no longer have these for sale now ?..£125 pounds is a lot of money I did wonder are some items are second quality? Sincerely. Dorothy Young..Version: 5.18.2

Steals and scamsI’m certain that this app pays people for positive reviews. Every time I order something, they take the money out of my account but my items never ship. I ordered a bed frame in December 2020 and payed for express shipping to get it before the holidays. It is the end of March 2021 and it is still not shipped. Whenever I contact costumer service, they tell me different lies every time; it’s late because they needed to deep clean cause of Covid, it’s back ordered, it’s being prepared for shipping, it has to be recleaned, it’s not in stock anymore, etc. When I ask for a ship date I always get a week. Well, 5 months later it’s still not here. They keep pushing me not to cancel because “it’s getting shipped this week” but that’s obviously not true. Now they want to charge me an extra $100+ for express shipping again just for it to show up sooner? It should have been here last year?!? This sort of thing has happened to almost everyone I know who has used Wayfair. This company is obviously just scamming people for overpriced items they’ll never get..Version: 5.89

Damaged Item, No Help*UPDATE* I was finally able to speak with someone different in customer service and they are sending a replacement item (and I was able to just give away the damaged one) so my advice is to reach out multiple times until you get someone who can help you if you have an issue. Not ideal but still better than nothing!! Hoping the new item works out (and if not, hopefully it will be easy to get a refund). I received a damaged dresser that weighs almost 200 pounds and cost me $700, and they basically said I can return it but would need to pay to return it AND get it to the post office myself. I will never purchase anything from wayfair or AllModern again and will tell all of my friends the same. Unbelievable, I have never heard of a company that refuses to do more for an item that was damaged upon arrival! It isn’t like I just don’t like it and want to return it, it’s literally damaged. Insane. Save your money and go somewhere with better quality and better customer service..Version: 5.75.2

Really Bad Customer Service and a Dodgy PricesThis company is dreadful I will stop using them. Last year I brought some light fittings used them as instructed with the recommended halogen bulbs. They all broke and one exploded the casing can’t deal with the heat of the bulb and are not fit for purpose unless using led bulbs. Wayfair has not helped no refund nothing. I’ve had to replace all these fitting as they are all screwed into the wall and fitted by an electrician they are now a year later £20 more each! I needed four to replace the three that broke and the one that exploded and damaged my skirting. So annoying going to raise this with trading standard as this product is unsafe. Oh and one of the replacements arrived broken off course! I’ve had awful service from them before where they sent me the wrong table twice. Nothings changed..Version: 5.75

Yet another woeful experience with WayfairThe choice and selection at Wayfair is great and we’ve been able to use it to find a lot to fill our house. My problem is just how difficult and awkward the app and website is. They are slow, unstable, require frequent restarting. There is no point putting in the heights you need for the furniture, it entirely ignores them. It seems to have entirely forgotten my usual email, despite using three times in the last 6 months, I have ended up having to set up another account. All very infuriating and unnecessarily difficult..Version: 5.138

£600 sofa RIP OFFWe bought a faux velvet 3 and 2 seater sofa for £600. I had to change the foam as it was hard to sit on, as I was taking them off leaves and bits of dirt and all sorts where stuck to it the foam it’s self was a load of off cuts GLUED together! Upon doing this I noticed very jagged pieces of wood sticking through, also the gaps on each side (where all your money falls down) had a gap of 3 inches and the other half an inch! Tolerance check?? Nope. It’s isn’t nice to see someone who worked really hard for them then to be upset and never use them. Oh and the cushions they are stuffed with ripped off pieces of cheap foam again and yes dirt and leaves I’m sure they where made by mice due to the droppings EVERYWHERE !! honestly it would of been better if it were made in China..Version: 5.44

Nothing arrives in perfect form. And Executive Resolution is a Joke!I have been ordering from Wayfair for years now. And when it’s furniture, it never arrives in perfect form. And then you’re stuck with packing material and boxes to either re-pack and send back, or they tell you to donate it and they will replace it. This is happened to me so many times now that I have an executive resolution manager who does a very poor job of service named Brittney. On this most recent purchase I ordered a set of tables for my new living room, spent 700+ dollars and received tables in an imperfect form, with non-joined slats and other imperfections. The app says they’ll pay me 20% if I choose to keep it and fix it myself, or I can return it which means re-packing and disassembling everything. When the executive resolution manager got involved, and I provided many photos of the imperfections, it was deemed that they will only pay me 10% to keep the less than perfect tables. Now I know how they make money! By screwing customers! Buyer beware. If its wood or MDF furniture, it will arrive scratched, poorly stained or dented..Version: 5.135

Replacing a damaged itemI received my order and part of it was damaged. I contacted Wayfair immediately to report the damaged item. I was assured that I would receive a replacement. But I have still not received any confirmation in writing that the replacement parts are indeed ordered. I’ve checked my account online and sometimes I see that a replacement was ordered, but most times it just says my order was delivered. When I’ve contacted again I was assured that it was being sent the next day and that I’d get tracking information. Still no confirmation or tracking information. I check my account again and no reference to replacement parts is there. I try and find a number or chat to contact again and can find nothing. I just get sent in circles. Your application is terrible. Nothing gets updated consistently. One time I find a contact number and the next time no contact number. I’ve found chat. But can’t find it again. I’m not that stupid. But your application makes me feel this way. While the people I’ve spoken to seem nice at the time I can’t seem to make any progress. Everything about this process has been frustrating. I’m very angry and I have a child who is very upset because we can’t put his bed together because it’s broken. Terrible. Terrible. Once I get resolution you can be assured that I won’t be using Wayfair again..Version: 5.23.2

TV Stand & RugI have ordered a tv stand and a rug these past couple of months and although these items are perfect for my needs, I had both of them replaced. The tv stand arrived with an open box, no screws etc, the panels were all damaged in some way. The rug arrived on time but one end was frayed and didn’t appear to be finished off properly. Wayfair were extremely good about both items and replaced them straightaway but it’s the inconvenience of them not being right in the first place. It has put me off ordering again if I’m honest..Version: 5.66.2

Inaccurate shipping informationI’ve ordered an item that shows a shipping date on the app and on line and confirms the same ship date when ordered. Several days later when I check the item it shows it’s backorder. I cancelled the item. The app still showed the item was available so I called Wayfair. They said 20 new units just arrived in stock and could be shipped at a time that worked for me so I placed the order again. A few days later I checked the status of my order and again it was back ordered for over a month. I called Wayfair and they said they will look into it and get back to me in 48 hours. They finally did 3 days later via email but did not know why and was waiting to hear from the manufacturer. The item still shows up w a May ship date on the app. I called Wayfair as they requested to review the above issues. They said they would update the item so reflect an accurate shipping date but as of now they have not..Version: 5.97

Extremely Disappointing ServiceIf you read the comments section on Facebook - you’ll just read a string of angry comments about Wayfair not issuing refunds and not delivering the goods, or only delivering half the order and then it taking weeks for the rest to arrive. In my experience I can only say I’m really disappointed. Only half the order has been delivered. Tracking not working in app. Customer Service are polite and apologetic, but no resolution and still no goods. 1. Both items were at the depot at the same time. 2. First delivery attempt they hadn’t even put the item on the van. 3. Second attempt they only sent sent one of the two items despite both items being in the same depot. 4. Now no sign of said second item. 5. Escalated to ‘delivery team’ still no sign of what I ordered. First order with them and it is the last order with them. I get it’s unprecedented times with CV-19, but looks like its standard behaviour from Wayfair from the multiple comments I’ve read. Wish I’d read them before placing the order. Extremely disappointed with the service..Version: 5.41

All visual, no substanceOrder experiences: Ordered 2 beds and tried to complain. Their complaints procedure doesn’t match what the website says, I.e. it says “go to this tab and press such and such” - that doesn’t exist, it’s different. Having submitted the request, I heard back around 4 months later and was then given a discount, long after I replaced the missing bits myself. Order experience right now: Ordered multiple shelving units, none of which come up on my account; I keep receiving emails saying they’ve dispatched, and when I click “track parcel” in the email, it forwards to the app which just shows an indefinite loading screen. Wayfair has a great collection from individual sellers, their business can and will be overtaken from a human being with average competence. They do really well for collecting and displaying, but the back end is rubbish, to put it bluntly. Next time I’ll be using them for visuals but searching for the product elsewhere..Version: 5.48

Two seater setteeUnfortunately I had reason to return a 3 seater settee in faux leather for which I received a credit towards another settee. It was very poorly made and within a few weeks you could feel the springs when sat on that made it very uncomfortable. However a chose another settee a two seater and the same thing has happened the foam seats are fine but it’s the springs again you just sink into the base . Everything looks fabulous on the web sight but I am sorry I ever bought from Wayfarer and would not recommend the company. That’s two items in less than 18 months. It is now several weeks since my second settee was returned to Wayfarer . I have been told I can only have a credit on my account which is over £500 . Having bought and returned 2 settees to Wayfarer I feel very disappointed that I cannot have my money refunded. I am a 78 year old person who does not want a credit note but my hard earned money back. Still very disappointed..Version: 5.44

Never againWe’ve ordered 2 couches from here and the first time was ok but annoying. They dropped it off in front of the building and didn’t call like they said they would. We had a difficult time getting it to our apartment which is located in the back of the building. Had they called, we would have told them to put it at the back door to make it easier on us. The couch was cheaply made, so it broke after a year. We ordered a replacement since it was under warranty. We had moved to another place and called and updated the address. The couch was originally set to get delivered to my partner’s parents’ house since we didn’t want it to go to our old apartment. After calling and updating Wayfair with our new apartment address, they told us it was all set and it would be delayed a week bc of the address change. Delivery day comes, and it goes to his parents address and not our current one. His parents live about 30 mins to an hour away from our new place. We waited an extra week just for it to end up at the wrong address anyways. These experiences with Wayfair have been atrocious. Never ordering from here again. There’s a lack of communication among customer service and the delivery people..Version: 5.96

Delivery issuesThe app is good, most of the prices are pretty fair but I’m having an issue with a delivery. It didn’t arrive when it was supposed to, finally managed to contact customer services after trying for ages to find an email and they’ve said they’ll get back to me within 2 working days. It’s been 2 working days and still nothing. The tracking service they use also isn’t very informative. Also the “my orders” tab on the app isn’t working and neither is the “track my order” function through the app..Version: 5.18

BugsTrying to buy something for last few days. There is an error note every time I use the payment page. Even after updating the app the same problem is there. Wont be using this anymore..Version: 4.31.5

App really has issuesI shop at wayfair a lot as a business customer so I downloaded the app for quick and easy on the go access. Far from it. Using the app is a nightmare. It’s supposed to be always logged in but it’s not. Even when it shows me as logged in, my order history doesn’t show up, I have to log out and back in again for the order history to appear. Items in the order history take forever to load and sometimes don’t load at all. It’s so problematic I have had to resort to just logging into my account using my phone browser safari, where I don’t experience any of those issues which confirms that the problem is with the app and not the site or anything on my end. I’ve basically just deleted the app as ive found it to be basically useless..Version: 4.66

Bad experience & wastefulnessI’ve only purchased 2 items through Wayfair and both experiences were bad in different ways. First item was a headboard and I ended up having to drive to the warehouse of the shipping company to pick it up because they only delivered during business hours Monday through Friday. Sorry I have a job and can’t accommodate your 8 hour delivery window on a Tuesday. Not entirely Wayfair’s fault but as a seller you should know who you’re doing business within your distribution chain. Second purchase was for a wine cabinet that was promised in 2 days and made it to my front door in 3. The product was banged up and virtually impossible to assemble. It wobbled when assembled which is exactly what you want with a toddler in the house. It had dings all over it as well. The worst part is, I called Wayfair customer service and told them I’d like a refund and that they would need to send someone out to disassemble the monstrosity and remove it from my house. I was promptly issued a refund and told to dispose of the $400 shelf. How incredibly wasteful of you. I will not do business with Wayfair again. Careless, poor quality, wasteful and overpriced. Technically, I give you negative 5 stars..Version: 4.61

Cannot cancel an order even if cancelled within an hourThis is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to canceling orders. I ordered 4 chairs. Within one hour I know these chairs were not what I needed so I canceled the order. I put the correct order # but it only cancelled 1 chair . When I tried to cancel the rest of the chairs it won’t let me because of course the order number would be the same for the 3 chairs as it is for the one chair. I had to call customer service the following day because they’re in the East Coast and they were already closed. I called at the earliest time possible and yet they said that that the order is now in their warehouse ready to ship and although she can cancel the order it might still show up. I beg her not to do that because I’m a tiny woman and I cannot carry three chairs to return them . Still she said she couldn’t do anything but she acknowledged that I had canceled this order. Wouldn’t you know I get an email today that supposedly three chairs were delivered by FedEx to my house. I was home all day and my 4 security cameras never showed anyone delivering a box . I would never ever order from Wayfair again!!! Now I have to fight to make sure I don’t get charge by this very inefficient company.Version: 4.59

The Facebook of E-commerceWhile I love most of the items I’ve purchased from Wayfair, it startles me how targeted the ads are when I mention, out loud, what I feel like I should be buying soon for my home. The combination of Instagram/Facebook and Wayfair “intelligence” is something to be mindful of and alarmed by for every consumer. I don’t recall feeling this anxious when first started using the app. Now if I mention anything, an alert pops up on my phone highlighting something I am thinking about getting. Most recently I needed kitchen chairs and it magically appeared in a badge alert and on instagram and Facebook. I went to the app, perused a few selections, and saved a few to my board. Next day, magically the price went up on a set I liked the most (consistent with chairs I’ve looked at for my living room in the past). This combination prompted me to NOT go with Wayfair, and to choose another vendor. I appreciate the customer service I’ve received in the past but I think twice now about buying from a company that listens so intensely to what people are thinking about when they don’t realize they’re being listened to. Shutting off the mic access for them and all apps that fit this mold going forward..Version: 5.3

Worst site especially if you have a businessI just cancelled my business account with them. Me and my husband own a construction/interior design company and let me tell you that this is by far the absolute worst company I have ever worked with. A client had picked out a bedroom set and we both soon regretted it. We received an email the day we were supposed to receive the bed that the bed was now out of stock.... so we though no way this could happen again, we then ordered a different bed that was “okay” compared to the other. I called my consultant to confirm that this bed was in-fact in stock, I was told they had abundance available. While waiting we had received the two end tables. Not only are they made of extremely cheap materials. They were both dented, missing paint, the drawers on one were bowed and the whole side on the other was not attached. Not even an hour later I receive yet another email that the bed we had ordered for the SECOND TIME was no longer in stock...... I have to keep calling my customer. They of course understood but it reflects very bad on my business. I called extremely upset and received no help on this matter what so ever. Not even help on finding a bed that could possibly match that for sure was in stock. I do not recommend this website..Version: 5.50

Total nightmare Failed delivery then almost impossible to get a refundSTAY AWAY AS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN THEY ARE THE WORST CUSTOMER AFTER-SALES SERVICE EVER!!! I ordered a next day delivery of a mattress. It failed to arrive and I was told that it would take 2 weeks to deliver. So I ordered from a different supplier which arrived the next day. Now I want to cancel the order and it is proving impossible as they want me to wait for the item to be delivered and then arrange for a return which is crazy. I don’t want the item. I have spent literally hours trying to cancel it and it seems impossible. You can’t get through to a manager and it just is insane that you can’t cancel an order. They also refuse to refund me my money. Frankly criminal behaviour..Version: 5.116.1

Take your money and runPlaced my first order for a chair with weyfair. Nearly 3 weeks later, still no chair. Started by taking the wrong amount off me, then given 3 delivery dates, no chair. Raised a complaint, 5 different people told me it’s been escalated, only just got escalated 2.5 wks later. Now getting told they can’t get a response from the courier they XDP and will be another 2 weeks. Going around in circles. Will never use them again, the stuff looks nice and is expensive but the service I’d absolutely shocking. I still don’t know what’s going on!! They take the money at breakneck speed but getting your product or a refund, they drag their heels like you wouldn’t believe.Version: 5.49

TraductionTrès drôle les traductions en français des articles.Version: 4.59

Very poor app performanceWhile I love the decoration concept of this company and the lovely items they have to offer, I absolutely hate the app’s performance. Very often, when you want to add or delete an item of a wish list, it goes into error mode; and if it is successful it takes you back to the top of the initial list of items, so you have to start from the beginning!!! That’s incredibly annoying!!! Also, the performance maintenance is non existent on weekends or bank holidays (which is when most of us have time to shop). I’ve been trying to add my address for the last 4 days in order to purchase some items and the app went into error every time I tried to add my phone number... that is definitely a put off for clients that actually want to make business. Very disappointed..Version: 5.61.2

Spammy Company, Avoid!In order to receive order progress updates the Wayfair app forces you to agree to accepting all sales related notifications, the sign up box ‘conveniently’ lumps them in together (GDPR anyone?) Since checking that box I’ve been bombarded with rubbish ideas of things they think I’d like. Texts on my phone, notifications on my watch, emails in my inbox. This continues even after opting out!!! And to top it off, the order I received looks very cheap and different in places compared to the retouched image they are using on their app. This has been and expensive and frustrating waste of time..Version: 5.75.2

Prices not as keen as othersWayfair is a good starting point and you can find some great items, though quite often the same items can be found elsewhere at a more competitive price. Initially I thought that you were paying for a superior quality item and that’s why the price was somewhat elevated, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you can’t find that specific item elsewhere then yes, providing the quality is good then all is well, otherwise be a little cautious..Version: 5.41.2

Slow and freezes, needs better $$ filtersI was searching for dressers and chests of drawers. Apparently, this type of furniture can be fairly expensive on Wayfair and many of the search results were priced at several thousand dollars. I wanted to limit the results to around $1500 to $2000 (which is still awfully expensive) so there would be fewer results to scroll through. However, the price filters don’t allow you to set an upper limit of your own choosing instead you have to choose from preset categories which topped out at $1000. More annoying than the price filters, the app is too slow it freezes and lags too often. At one point I pressed “Back,” nothing happened, so I pressed it again and it went back to the home screen. I had to begin a search all over again and find my place somewhere in the middle of all those results. This amounts to a lot of waste of time and it’s very frustrating..Version: 5.137

Wrong product and they want you pay the return shipping feeProducts are hit or miss. Recently, I ordered a product but the picture on their website is very different from the product they sent. Requested for an exchange but the agent I talked to advised me to do a return first then just buy again. I followed the advise. Then it turned out that route will have me pay for the return shipping fee. I called them back and told them just to cancel the second order and just do a refund. They said they cannot cancel the order because it’s being prepared already. Then now I received the second order and it’s exactly the same erroneous product I initially complained about. This is a bad customer service because right now, I am even having anxiety to call them and talk to them because they will not provide the simple solution to this problem. I don’t really get why I can’t just cancel the order and be issued a refund. It’s not that I want it returned for no reason but it’s a different product in the first place!.Version: 5.123.2

Making their problem mine!!Whilst awaiting delivery of a purchase I checked the app as it seemed to be delayed. To my surprise rather than being on route as expected it was now delayed by 6 weeks. No update, no communication to let me know! The delivery date would be after the item is needed so I tried to cancel only to be told it’s on its way so I can’t have a refund till I receive it and return it. To add insult to injury I can have a free return?! Like that does me any favours! So delivery apparently takes 7 weeks as opposed to 7 days?!?! Meanwhile I have no item and they keep my money. Unacceptable and making your supplier problem mine..Version: 5.135

Wayfair is very expensive place to shop.This place usually jack the price up and put the item on sale to match their price with Amazon. I’m not shopping here anymore. For example: I’m trying to buy a play kitchen set for my daughter. Retro Kitchen set, that shows the original price of 251.99 and with sale it is listed for117.99. If you compare the same item on Amazon.ca, the original price always has been 117.99. If you check other similar products, Wayfair always show the higher original price and then reduced to match with Amazon. It’s a pathetic trick. Do not shop here..Version: 5.18.2

Absolute rubbishI recently installed the app to buy some office furniture, however when I installed the app I noticed it was telling me how long it would take to have items delivered to an address in London (some 150 miles from my actual home address) when I tried updating the postcode it told me my postcode was not valid. I then logged into the app and tried adding my address to my account in the hope this would solve the issue. However I was again stopped in my track when I tried adding my mobile number to the phone number field it repeatedly told me my number was not valid despite me checking and double checking that I had entered it correctly, and so I was unable to even add my address. If a user cannot enter their details how do you expect people to use your app?.Version: 5.68

Scammed me 3 times nowWarning: they are scammers, let me explain. First, I did their 0 percent interest for so many months and bought a bed - when the bill came in they took away the 0 percent interest and starting hitting me for something like 26 percent. I called them and they would not fix it, so I got upset and paid it off in full even though I was not planning on this and it was not cheap! I wasn’t about to give them a dollar more for this scam or mess up my credit. Okay- fast forward, I am a tried and true reviewer for them, have been for years. This never caused me any issues - that is until now. I went to get my two free products to review for the month. When the little pop up for my credit card showed on my iPhone for payment, it gave me a credit for the product and credit for shipping - so it said I was paying wayfair $0 on both transactions. Only problem is, after I clicked ok to those terms they CHANGED the amount and sent me a receipt stating I paid for the shipping which I NEVER AGREED TO. I thought surely this had to be a mistake so I checked my credit card and sure enough The charges were pending. I will dispute the charges because I took screenshots of EVERYTHING (thank goodness) and they will NOT get away with this scam. It doesn’t matter it was not very much, it is their scamming. So,you have been warned! I am finished being a reviewer for them as I will not be scammed again and will never purchase another item from them either..Version: 5.102.2

👎👎👎I ordered one month and two weeks ago living room set because I rent a new apartment and I wanted everything be ready for my new apartment but the I’m open my sofa I seen they sent me wrong color I bought my throw pillows my rug match with my sofa color and then I called wayfair customers service and I told them about my issue they told me ok they replace for you with that color you ordered and after that I waited 10 days again for they replace and I told my manager please change my schedule for today and when delivery’s guy arrived they put my wrong sofa out of my apartment they so noisy and dirty and messed my carpet, and after I before they put new items in my apartment I checked them they sent me again wrong color the same exactly that color I wanted replace that I can’t believe after one month and half They sent me again wrong color and they told me sorry we can replace again for you, I can’t believe, I just returned them because I can’t deal with this company anymore and I can’t trust them , I should clean my carpet after delivery guy mess that and seat on the floor 🤬🤬🤬🤬👎👎👎👎.Version: 4.60.2

Technical issues with app, againUpdating because this is still such a terrible app. It is unbelievably frustrating. I’d forgotten I wrote a terrible review ages ago and it’s still awful. The website isn’t much better. It’s sad because there is great selection at Wayfair but the search functions and filters are completely garbage. Technical information is inaccurate, searches result in 20,000 items and the filters are impossible, searches autocorrect and change the search completely. If I search for a “glass cabinet,” every single item with glass in it comes up, tens of thousands of items, and then the filters don’t work so I can’t narrow down between “glass curio” and “glass bath” cabinets. In fact, if I search for “glass curio” every curio AND every glass item results. If you have very low expectations of a shopping site, don’t care about accurate dimensions, and don’t mind buying something based only on a picture, or you don’t care about filtering while you shop, go for it. I can’t believe this is still in the App Store. I can’t believe it has good reviews, it’s completely mind blowing. Are the reviews based on the site functioning or liking the products they sell?.Version: 5.119

Wayfair is The Best. The App is not working properly.I love Wayfair. And they deserve 5 stars, but the app deserves a 0 star. The app is not working properly on my iphone which comes from Apple’s app store. The prices are overpriced but overall i buy because they have a variety of things for all taste and also of good quality and the products have been all good. So their store deserves a 5 star and beyond. But I will not revise until they fix their app. I can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed. This is actually about your app on the apple store. It has been going on for a few months. The problem is that when you go to categories like for example under furniture, and then go ta sub category like living room furniture, that’s as much as you are allowed to click on. Anything more specific or if you try to click on the options for living room furniture as a sub category, like accent chairs, the app is not working, in that it’s not allowing you to click on sub categories for any set of categories whether it’s living room, bedroom. Even in your favorite lists you see the first 5 and if you have more and click on “more” nothing happens and the lists doesn’t respond to seeing more. I have to log in on the website on a computer..Version: 5.81

I had high expectationsI bought two things. One a dresser that when it arrived it had a whole bunch of scratches on it. I tried to contact the app costumer service and had no answer until trying after ten days via email. I wanted to speak to someone to explain that my first item was damaged and had missing pieces to install. It took three emails to finally get the missing parts. My second item I bought one day after the dresser on May 31,2020. All this time I was expected to receive the hammock stand by the end of next week and two days ago I received an email saying I was going to get my money reimbursed because the something happened and the product wasn’t available. I’m completely disappointed at this app and how they address the costumers just via email and don’t speak directly to resolve the problems. Plus I try to return the dresser that was damage but also not good quality and I never heard anything from them to guide me to resolve the issue I had. I definitely DO NOT I REPEAT I DO NOT recommend this site for anything. 100 dissatisfied with it..Version: 5.52.2

Doesn’t workI downloaded this app when advertised on Facebook. But I immediately have issues. Firstly the products listed on Facebook do not open through the app, I suppose you have to manually search for them? I’m pressing on an add from Facebook just causes the app to crash and become virtually unresponsive, it causes app switching to not work properly and keeps reopening the Wayfair app again when your trying to force close it or just switch to another app. So as the app appears useless, it’s just going to be uninstalled. It also seems that the app blocks the skip options for notifications or became unresponsive when I tried to skip. This was from opening the app directly. Seems very buggy, don’t understand all the good reviews?.Version: 4.61

John Robert ChampionPlease Please don’t screw is order up, it’s very important. The four last orders have been upsetting. First order a was a king set bedding for my niece, it sat for two week in her back door because it was winter and she no need to go outside because of the rain and snow. The second order, I order queen sheets with high thread count, and they had small hole on them, I just threw them away. Then I order a high end queen set it took almost six weeks for me to get it to me. I finally had to call Wayfair to remind them about my order and on one didn’t know anything about the IT. Nevertheless it was very disappointing. The fourth order was just recent I order a of set two buffet lamps, and I got just one lamp, and l still really don’t what want happen? So just one more chance, I know I’m just one consumer, but you look at all my orders I have place with Wayfair in the pass well it be a very long time. Almost five years, but I have no qualms disconnect with Wayfair. I’m tried of feeling like I did something wrong when my orders are not fill properly. Sincerely John Robert Champion..Version: 5.40

Technical problemsI buy a lot from Wayfair and the app is making the shopping experience very difficult. I can’t log into my account and every time i browse on your website I need to change my password. Not sure if other customers are having similar issues but when I called your customer support team they weren’t much of a help. Unlike any other of my queries whiche have been always andwered and reaolved. I would like to continue shopping with you but it’s a massive problem. Also browser isn’t great, the app gets stuck and can’t find certain phrase, asking to contact your customer service. Please, please make improvements to keep your loyal customers happy..Version: 4.54.2

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Is Wayfair – Shop All Things Home not working?

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Wayfair – Shop All Things Home.

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