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Wayfair – Shop All Things Home App User Positive Comments 2023

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home app received 106 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wayfair – shop all things home?

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Wayfair – Shop All Things Home for Positive User Reviews

Selection is AwesomeWayfair makes it easy to find what you want within your budget. Free shipping is definitely a perk. The variety of styles is plentiful and customer service is excellent..Version: 5.60

SatisfactionLivraison rapide avec suivi. Très bon choix d'articles de déco. grand choix d'ameublement en tous genres en passant par les tapis et sans oublier les articles pour l'extérieur..Version: 4.31.6

Great experience.I have been using this site for a while now. The vast amount of product and range available is second to none. I love the price ranges that are offered, meaning most people's budgets are suited. All of the products I have ordered have arrived quickly or as stated and I have always been pleased with my order. The call staff are friendly and have resolved any issue quickly. Would highly recommended..Version: 4.37.2

Love this place to shop 🛍💕👍👋🖐👋🖐👋🖐Thanks for making my shopping experience enjoyable and affordable, only wish I could afford the high end products, but never mind, I’ve never been disappointed with any of the products purchased indoor and outdoor, and pet furniture lovely style I have slightly tweaked to blend with my soft furnishing and looks fab. Wish I could send a photo! Loving the Castleton Home wall art in the bedroom, stunning. There is such a variety of products, it’s so hard not to find what your looking for..Version: 4.74

Wayfair and Me For About 4 Years..❤️❤️❤️❤️Review-- Updated after 2017 Black Friday....I think my shopping with Wayfair is at or near 4 years now. I have many bigger ticket items (vanities, love seats, consoles, pantry, wool rugs, etc.) & other small beauties from Wayfair. People online have commented on their wonderful customer service and helpful nature and the quality/selection in all price ranges...Yep. True. No BS... After mom had passed on, I donated literally all in the house to downsize and make the house more to my oddball, more Bohemian taste. Try doing that on very little money. But Wayfair was there with the big stuff. And the funky little stuff. And the prices are... well...so fair. Plus delivery right to your door. What more could a person ask for? Even my UPS driver shops on their site...he has seen how well items are packaged so it's helpful to him also. (And this is not fake news...blessings.) Gail in Central Florida...OMG...I forgot. I found my stainless steel double walled Bodum French Press on Wayfair...no more stinkin pods!! Hello Trader Joe's Columbian In a huge mug...heaven....Version: 4.35.4

Addicted !!I absolutely love using the Wayfair app. I have ordered, cancelled orders, and created lists for future buys. I am so happy with the convenience and how easily it is to navigate through. It’s like my new Pinterest creating lists. Also, I live in an area where furniture shopping is very limited and other big stores either charge too much for shipping or won’t ship to me. I just wish there was a way to manage pricing after purchasing. I bought a bed and literally the next day it was a couple hundred less. I had to cancel the order then order the bed again. That was a bit inconvenient but easy enough..Version: 5.61

Has some issues - UpdateI use this app to bookmark items to purchase for my home. Have a lot of great products. However recent use of the app has shown all my boards are gone. I have tried signing in and out of the app with no difference. Gives you the option to create a new board and saves the item with a bold heart. However no actual new board is created. Not sure if it is a glitch or if they got rid of a great feature. If gone I probably would stop using the app regularly. Update: I have since use the app since the initial issue. Review of the account shows multiple boards were created for the same category and items I chose were added to each of those boards because of the initial error. It’s something I’ll probably have to clean up mainly on the website but overall appears to be a glitch with the software that looks like it’s in the process of being corrected..Version: 4.44

Peter’s experience on WayfairWell,I’ve known about Wayfair for quite sometime now but I haven’t needed to use the on-line store for anything.So this is the first time I’ve used it & it’s very easy to use,it gives a lot of different selections in the particular category you are looking at.Its very easy & quite smooth & fast from picking the item to submitting your order. I’ll be honest the only real difficulty with on-line is you can’t really feel or touch anything.Also I think the wait is a bit long fir one item that I ordered..Version: 4.67

Super service super qualitéMerci.Version: 5.59

5 starGreat customer service, products and website!! I ordered wrong colour chair, called to get right colour and Wayfair got it right and efficient. Got correct coloured chair the next day. Website easy to decorate a room and love one stop shop. Thank you Wayfair!!!.Version: 5.57

I loooove Wayfair.What I hate is the notification door bell sound, it tricks me all the time!!!! From being really comfy asleep and jump off the bed so quickly run down the stairs, interrupting my sleep🤬 to find no one. When I’m cooking, I have to walk all the way to the door to find no one, to telling my daughters to open up the dooor hurryyy!!! getting mad at them, and they look so confused and run to the door to find no one. Interrupting my husband In the AM when he just got off work so concentrated unwinding playing XBOX to hurry up “cause I heard the doorbell” and go all the way downstairs to find no one. The thing is, everyone in this house has a key to this home. So usually no one rings the bell. Only Wayfair in my notifications. Wayfairs like the kid that rings the door bell and runs. So I’m writing this cause you woke me up right now, it’s 1:43 am, in Az. Like really??? Reallllyyyy????🤬🙄 Rant over..Version: 4.67

One of the best designed mobile apps in recent timesThis app is perfect and does what a website can do if not more, home shopping made easy we have recently moved to a new house and bought lots of stuff from this website customer service is great. Their business model is simple I think they don’t own any items suppliers do and asking customers review purchases is a great way to encourage competition between suppliers which improves the quality. The only thing I would say is check if the suppliers are taking enough due diligence with the courier services as I revived one sofa in a very badly condition and I sent photos of this to wayfair waiting for the response Over all my experience with wayfair is pretty good far. I highly recommend this company..Version: 5.48

Love Wayfair App!I have been shopping from Wayfair for over 2 years. I absolutely love the the Wayfair site and the app! The app is easy to get, easy to set up, and saves everything the way you left it. It will, if you choose, give you updates on deals. It holds what is placed in your cart and doesn’t disappear if you don’t purchase after a certain amount of time like some shopping apps. It saves all your info so you can order quickly. The shipping time is fast, which I love and you can track your order from the app. If you have an item in your cart that happens to go on sale it updates the sale in your cart immediately! You don’t have to resubmit your item to get the discount, which is so annoying! I love Wayfair does the updates on its own. Their items are not cheap, even if they are inexpensive. However, if you have a problem with an item their customers service is extremely helpful and will fix it without having to beg and explain yourself multiple times over. They just get right down to business. The app also is easy to navigate for questions and has a direct number you can call. It’s not hidden or difficult to find like in some shopping apps. Most shopping apps it like trying to find a needle in a haystack to locate their email, phone number, and Q&A. In the Wayfair app it is all listed nicely and extremely easy to find. I would recommend this app to anyone!.Version: 5.23

Easy ShoppingEasy shopping experience sometimes to easy, 😁 The APP by far makes it even easier and quicker to browse and get alerts. Patricia:).Version: 5.63

User friendly appThe app gives you a Very convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience. If the clearing of basket function on phone can be improved then it’s a 5 star app- as it takes long time taking out the products added but not proceeding to buy, specially if your basket has lots of items! For example I was looking for an option like select the products to remove before proceeding for the final order placement. Thanks.Version: 5.180.2

Best customer service EVER!I’m not sure if this is the right place to share this review, but I want to share my recent experience. I have been looking for a beautiful ceiling fan for awhile. I finally found one that I like on Wayfair. As it was being installed, we found a design flaw. I was devastated. Not only would I not be able to use this fan, but the thought of boxing it all up and sending it back made me want to cry. I called Wayfair and just knew it was gonna be a headache. Instead what I got was a very professional, polite representative that quickly understood that replacing parts or even the whole fan was not a good option since there was indeed a design flaw. He was incredible. I have never experienced such a smooth and easy return. I will DEFINITELY be shopping more with Wayfair. Amazing. I’m sorry I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but if you can hunt it down, you should most definitely give him a gold star. I have told so many people about my pleasant experience. Well done Wayfair. Well done..Version: 5.13

Follow up service is commendableSpoke to a rep who understood the issue with shipping errors (table was damaged) Replacements parts sent asap ..Version: 4.31.6

Love WayfairSo many choices and excellent customer service..Version: 5.63

Wayfair never fails to scoreI’ve been a Wayfair member for nearly a year now, after arriving in the USA from the UK and having to set up home all over again with some main items. After having a brief look I was hooked, everything is displayed perfectly, all grouped, easy to locate all different items. We started off with deliveries of bed frames, dining table and chairs, chairs for our other table, candle sticks, and now just ordered a chair for my new vanity unit, also from Wayfair and a bench to go at the end of the bed. Also have the boys desks and rugs, outdoor furniture, deck storage, the list goes on, all delivered on time and if delays are possible they advise you well in advance. If we ever have a problem, as in damaged through delivery, Wayfair have been absolutely fabulous with the replacement or refunds, or discount. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! And I will keep purchasing, when our budget allows (!) March 2020 Updating my review to add that still super impressed with Wayfair, we have a new baby on the way and are kitting out with extras that we now find ourselves needing.... dresser for extra storage of clothing, updated lights whilst we have the time! Baby blankets, all ideal solutions for our new requirements. Wayfair NEVER disappoints, best in customer experience and service. You won’t be disappointed ordering anything from here..Version: 5.35

WayfairWayfair is the place for us, has great prices and even if out of stock you can ask to be notified when available!.Version: 5.60

A complete letdown and disappointment!!!I ordered a trampoline on April 3, it said estimated delivery may 15th. I waited patiently and NEVER received any email stating the status of my order. I called a couple of times (ever time waiting for a minimum of 30 minutes) just to check on it and was never told there was any problem. It was expected to ship to me on time! On may 11, I called again since the status online still said preparing to ship, I spoke with Bernard and he informed me I would receive an email because it would be on a truck for delivery that day. On Tuesday the status still said preparing to ship so I called again and this time the customer support representative actually looked into the supplier and found out there were no trampolines in stock! Why did Bernard lie???? Why didn’t the manufacturer inform Wayfair that there were no in stock trampolines (I could wait until mid July for one....ya right!!!), and most importantly why does Wayfair not send any confirmation emails letting you know what’s going on???? I’m so disappointed and had to inform my daughter who has been waiting for over a month, that our trampoline is not coming!!! This was my first and LAST time shopping with Wayfair!!!! Thank you for being nothing but a disappointment!!!!.Version: 5.44

ServiceThank you Wayfair for excellent customer service.Version: 5.62

Excellent App, Excellent CompanyI must say Wayfair have surprised me a few times with their excellent customer service and communication. You forget how much crap you put up with from other companies until someone like Wayfair comes along. I had an issue with an item almost a year after I bought it and Wayfair did everything they could and quickly to get it resolved. One very happy and loyal customer!.Version: 5.128.2

Exceptional customer serviceI ordered a garden furniture set which wasn’t as it was described when we unpacked it . Simply the cushions were cream on the photos but grey when they arrived. When I rang to query it I spoke to the most helpful customer service rep that I’ve ever dealt with. He was courteous understanding and extremely helpful. He tried his best to resolve the problem and looked into all possible options but sadly we couldn’t do anything but return the large item. He sorted out the collection the finance cancellation and a full refund without quibble and everything went smoothly. There was communication with me every step of the way and I can only say good things about this company and their policies. I have just ordered some more furniture which is very reasonably priced and have the peace of mind to know that I don’t have to worry about anything. Great company.👍.Version: 5.8

Always AwesomeWhat an absolutely awesome shopping website! Variety, quality, tasteful products, along with a very efficient customer service!!! Always patient, always listening, always helpful customer service! Products described in full detail. Website designed for ease of shoppers! User friendly layout of website as well as good aesthetics which makes it a delight to browse! Always a great experience to shop at WAYFAIR.Version: 5.209

Customer Service is GreatI’ve ordered quite a few things from Wayfair and I’ve always been pleased with my purchases. The one time I had to return a large item, the customer service was excellent - the return was organised online. They came to collect from my home and telephoned half an hour before to confirm attendance. They also do the same when delivering (call half an hour before). it’s very well organised and they’re always on time. Excellent! :).Version: 5.99

Helpful comments, not fake.I always like to read the reviews that real customers submit. With Wayfair there usually is a fairly good sample size to help form an honest opinion. Also, many items also have consumer questions with answers. Keep in mind that there is a segment of people who submit a poor rating for stupid reasons (“It was heavy and I’m small so it was hard to drag the box inside, one star” “It was 2 days late” “It had a tiny scratch so they replaced it for free; I love it, one star” “It had a screw missing, box dented/ had extra screws/ had trouble lining up screws until I figured it out” “Instructions are just pictures with no sentences” “Specifications stated size to 1/100 of an inch, but it was smaller than I thought, and I’m seven feet tall, so I’m sending it back unless they dare charge me shipping! One star” “Most gorgeous thing ever! I get raves from all visitors!!! One star!”) Wayfair has a button to indicate “Helpful Review”, but they should also let consumers press”MORON ALERT”.....Version: 5.18.2

Good ShoppingI being a male should not advertise that I read catalogs. But everyone is equal these days so I admit that I really enjoy looking around Wayfair it has things I never thought about buying before ( not really) but I do enjoy looking around. I will be moving soon into either a Bungalow or a flat one thing top of my list I will be getting a dog from a rescue center only wish they sold them here as sure as eggs is eggs they would be of the finest quality. Yours Martin..Version: 4.63

My go to place to shop and sometimes just daydream!!When I have purchased items from Wayfair, I know that I will receive a quality product for a very reasonable price. The few times when I received an item that did not meet my expectations, Wayfair was always quick to resolve the problem. The employees there are friendly, professional and quick to answer any questions I might have. They have a large variety of wonderful, quality items from which to choose. Their sales, which are many throughout the year, are AWESOME!!! They have a service where you are able to virtually view the item you are liking at, in your room. They present different DIY and decorating ideas! Neat!! They have so many services that I have not taken advantage of yet, but many shoppers might LOVE! NEAT!!! I short, Wayfair has fabulous items, priced very reasonably waiting to come to your home to delight you! It is my go to place to shop and sometimes, just to daydream!! Try it out, you definitely won’t be disappointed!!!.Version: 5.172.2

Furnishing our home away from home ( Lodge)WAYFAIR has provided us with so many furnishings for our lodge!! Area rugs, comforters, tables to name but a few! Quality items which are easy to shop for online and promptly shipped, with ease. Also, the return process makes it easy for the customer should the item not be suitable or arrives damaged. My kind of shopping!!😄👍🏼.Version: 4.77

Wayfair appraised!I have used Wayfair on several occasions sometimes with difficulty relating to suppliers not Wayfair. I have also purchased a rug from elsewhere because I wasn’t prepared to wait for Wayfair to restock the item I couldn’t get. Each time, and there have been a couple of instances where I panicked because the item was faulty and not sure how Wayfair would respond, after being exceptionally helpful to me at the start of my issue. Wayfair without question and with no reason to support my issue not only resolved it but also contacted manufacturer and so I didn’t have to wait for items to be replaced they sent new replacements that actually work. I could go on but I reckon you might think I am working fir Wayfair. I am not but I trust them totally in whatever I purchase from them and that gives me great peace of mind and confidence toward Wayfair. Thank you..Version: 5.31

TV console with fireplaceLoads of relevant information and selection. Easy purchase process..Version: 5.57

Extremely happy with my purchaseI bought two of the lights. One for my foyer and the other for my hallway. They arrived quickly, undamaged and were easy to put up. The quality is excellent. Each light holds 3 bulbs but I only put in 2 led lights as that was bringer enough in soft white. Would definitely recommend this light!.Version: 4.31.5

Toujours parfaitOn reçoit toujours ce que Klein commande ....facilité de communiquer et très bon service en Français.Version: 5.62

HistoryI look back at my order history. Every product is outstanding unique and still looking great. Awesome quality with everything I have ordered.Version: 5.37

Easy to useEasy to use system, quick and responsive - truly a joy to use..Version: 5.56

One lost starI really like this shop and this is potentially such a good app. It lost a star though because of a real bugbear. I’ll often put a search in, and baring in mind it’s not always simple to find what your looking for or put in the right description, you’ll then give me a list of items, and half down the list the App will turn off and I have to go back on it and start from the beginning again. I’ve yet to get to the bottom of a list of products. I wouldn’t be happy if I was one of your suppliers. In the end I usually give up. Which means I never see all you have to offer..Version: 4.64

The menu items not selectable. Unable to reach app supportI am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.3 and am having an issue with going through the menu options. It seems the issue happens most often after viewing a specific furniture item and the selecting home then “furniture” from there the options for “living room furniture”, “bedroom”, kitchen & dining room”, “office furniture”, etc. are all non-selectable. The only way to get them working again is to close out the app and reopen it. It also does this on some other pages but this is the one that I can replicate it the most. No issues on the website mobile page. Tried app support link from the Apple App Store page and was sent to a link not found page on Wayfair. I called customer service and there was no option for app support. By pressing zero, I did get ahold of someone who while very nice and polite, kept asking if my problem with the app was a problem finding my order and was dismissive and said it worked on hers since she has the same phone. Said I should contact my network carrier and would leave a not with the appropriate department..Version: 5.75.2

Great customer service!I built a new home during COVID and bought everything from light to vanities, bedding to furniture. 85 percent of what I bought exceeded my expectations. I had a few hiccups with a few items arriving late or damaged. Customer service went above and beyond to make things right..Version: 5.58

Love it!I’m in love with the Wayfair app! They have made it so easy to find the perfect decor for my home. Every purchase I have have made I have absolutely loved and the quality it amazing! Highly recommend!.Version: 5.60

The best way to shopWayfair’s selection is amazing, customer service is beyond my expectations, returns are easy and prices are reasonable. I have made many, many purchases through Wayfair and have been happy with everyone of them..Version: 5.59

Jonna textured table lampI recently ordered 2 of these lamps for my living room. The lamp looks amazing, I ordered the bronze colour, it looks more expensive than what I paid and would definitely recommend Wayfair. On opening the box one of the lamps was broken, I rang Wayfair and spoke to Inga who was very helpful and understanding. The lamp bases were packed well but it was just one of those things. I’ve reordered another so hopefully will have a pair in time for moving. Thanks Inga for all your help..Version: 4.59

Plush Ivory shagWayfair you got just what we need!.Version: 5.59

Great productsThe App is easy to use and lots of products to choose from..Version: 4.31.5

2nd oneIt does the job so much that we are buying another one. With 10 birds and 2 African grey, there is a lot of dander everywhere. Thanks for this great product..Version: 5.63

1 Happy Customer!!I feel obligated to tell the World how Great this company Wayfair is! The products I have purchases so far are excellent! They were delivered very quickly! Prices were very good and affordable and worth every dollar! They have such a wide selection of products for every room in your house! I will never buy elsewhere unless for some reason they do not have whatever it is i would need which is most likely impossible. The last thing I have to say and in my opinion the most important... So far I called customer service twice and both times was welcomed by the friendliest, courteous, respectful, helpful, caring and happy people on earth no exaggeration when saying this!!! It was my pleasure to have spoke with them my issues were solved immediately and better outcome then expected I hung up the phone smiling and in a wonderful mood thanks to them!! Just a BIG shout out to Wayfair for everything they do!!.Version: 5.4

Wayfair Junkie!Always happy with my orders and Customer Service! So many home decor items for our business of renovating homes! People are always asking “Where did you get that!?” Xo.Version: 5.61.2

Great Company to deal withReally well produced web site, easy to use. Have always had excellent dealings with this company with fantastic value products too. Spend hours during lockdown on their furniture which still looks like new. It is in our conservatory and we have eaten all our meals here for the last three months! Can’t wait for the new bench to arrive, it will get lots of use too when the good weather returns..Version: 5.49

View in Room feature could be betterThe main problem I found with this was when there were different colours/options of an item eg wallpaper it wouldn’t show the colour you selected so made the view in room partially useless. I would recommend to the app makers to look at the Dulux as they have a similar feature that works better as if fills in the whole wall instead of showing a swatch out of scale. I know particularly with wallpaper and similar items with a pattern using the camera that unless you input the walls dimensions your not going to get an accurate display but the swatch just seemed overly large. However if they can fix the colour at least you can get an idea of whether.Version: 4.54.1

Shopping delightLove shopping with wayfair, if it arrives damaged they will replace it , customer service are always polite and very helpful ..Version: 5.59

HonneurTrès fiable..Version: 5.57

Overall customer satisfaction is excellent!Thank you for helping make a house a home!.Version: 5.61

I appreciate the patience of WayfairThere are so many times that I see things on their website that I like very much. I like them so much that I will put them in my cart. Then as I do with all of my other online shopping I will wait for a period of time before I purchase them. This gives me the opportunity to make sure this is something that I really want. And as it happens to be in this particular case it was during a major holiday so they were going to put it on sale and they did. But Wayfair has always been very patient with me and my purchasing. There are some companies that if you don’t make the decision on what you put in your cart they will wipe your card out that night but Wayfair doesn’t do that Wayfair just simply send you friendly reminders and gives you that opportunity to make sure this is something that you really want. I appreciate them very much.Version: 5.151

Great company but annoying app!Really like Wayfair - they have great choice of everything at all price ranges and have found delivery excellent. For some reason on the app, it lists what you’ve searched for but there are loads of items that when you clink on you get a message saying ‘we’re sorry, we couldn’t find any results for ....’ Why list it as an option if it’s not available?? When you’re searching for things this takes up loads of time and is really frustrating - please sort out!!.Version: 5.11

Quality for LessI was always a critic of Wayfair seeing it as a place where super cheap things that were flimsy were sold online. That is, until I realized the truth. I have recently bought furniture from several Premium home stores in person that I thought would be great and some Wayfair items thinking they were going to be cheap quality or even disappointments. The opposite was true. I am waiting a long time for the premium home stores to even deliver some items and others broke within days of owning them and it is taking weeks to have the technicians come out repair. Meanwhile, my Wayfair items are higher quality than expected and always deliver within a reasonable period of time. Are there cheaper, lower quality items on Wayfair? Sure. But many of the items are not and it is a false sense of security to pay 3 times the price at at a premium home store just to not get your product or the product easily breaks from poor build or assembly quality..Version: 5.107.4

Great CompanyI have bought a few items from Wayfair, and have been pleased with most of my purchases, and the odd one I wasn’t happy with, it just didn’t go in my room there was nothing actually wrong with it. I have just spoken to an American lady in customer services, who was absolutely lovely and helpful and has sorted out my pick up return refund. I highly recommend this company for there good quality products and fantastic customer service..Version: 5.11

Bad!Ordered lamp, it was damaged. Went on account to return it but it only showed lamp still in process of being ordered-clearly wrong. Spent ages to find email address to contact someone, eventually find it! Wrote trying to return lamp etc and got reply!!! SAYING I could have monetary refund to get lamp fixed OR go on my account to return lamp - hooray I’ll do that, I thought BUT WHEN I SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THE LAMP IS STILL IN THE PROCESS OF BEING BROUGHT ....,I can see this going to be one of those CIRCLE life things that had no end 😔HELP !!!!.Version: 4.56

My new dining chairs and AlexaFirst, business. Your site never lets me down. As an Interior Designer, my “modus” is to put everything I think might work for whatever project I’m working on,into my cart. I think for this one I ended up w/ over 20 different chairs! It’s exhausting, but exciting work. After sleeping on it , I look at the cart the next day and little by little, start deleting those items that don’t exactly “ring the bell”. Long story short, I ended up w/ 2 exquisite host and hostess chairs and 2/ completely different, fantastic side chairs!!! Already purchased a trestle table and matching bench, but as this story tells you, not into much matching, more interesting to “blend “ and accentuate. As for Alexa, I was very lucky to have spoken w/her. She has an upbeat, happy and very helpful way of dealing w/ whatever issue is thrown her way. My dilemma was timing and she researched whatever she could to try and answer my questions. I cannot give her enough accolades and hope that this “mini-review “ finds its way into her “Permanent Record”🤔😊👏🏻. I always like to lavish praise on those who deserve it, and she certainly fits the Bill. We spoke on Wednesday evening at around 7:30. Thanks for the opportunity! Best, Michelle Goodman ( a long time client of Wayfair for my clients and this time , for myself!🥰👍🏻.Version: 5.83

Nice, but buggyKudos to the design and development team on the whole. The app is robust and well thought out. The product filters are extensive, allowing me to hone in quickly on just what I want. The lists is a great feature and well executed. I like that What’s in my basket is “sticky”. I like and use it despite the bugs. I use an iPhone 11. The app unexpectedly quits on me on occasion. It freezes on occasion. I wish I could view order history, but it is always empty, despite all the purchases listed for me to review. Tapping the text msg link to track shipment takes me to the app, but then I get “oops. Something went wrong.” Yeah! I have no order history. When I cancel out of editing or creating a review, it submits something anyway. If I add a photo to a review, I have to scroll the camera roll very carefully or it will disappear and leave me in app limbo. I still use the app alot, but it’s frustrating..Version: 5.119

Addicted to WayfairLove the variety of items and affordable prices!.Version: 4.31.5

Karyn curtainsI am so happy with these curtains. I’ve been asked what tailor created them. I live in a small town and would never find something so special. They look fantastic and l can’t wait to receive the other 4 for the other window. Yay Wayfair you’ve done it for me again. Kramer.Version: 4.63

LightingExcellent service on dealing with broken parts. I would definitely order from Wayfair again..Version: 5.62

I CANT BELIEVE I DIDN’T FIND THEM SOONERAs I have worked in customer service my entire career, I have always had extremely high expectations for any company and their employees for going above and beyond with Customer Service. Until I started shopping at Wayfair, I have never seen a company who consistently has the best customer service that goes above and beyond the call of duty on every single issue they encounter. I love to shop, but it is an absolute joy to purchase from them because you know if there’s ever an issue they will do any and everything they can to correct the problem at their expense and make it as easy for you as possible. In my opinion they are the best company with the best customer service standards that are currently in business. If I have a chance to buy something at Wayfair, I would buy it at Wayfair , even if it was more expensive, which it never is, but even hypothetically if it was, I would still buy at Wayfair because I know I would be covered and guaranteed wonderful customer service every single time. Congratulations to upper management of this company you have done an amazing job with your people. Keep up the excellent work, and you have a customer for life!!!.Version: 4.69

Employees Are A Breath Of Fresh AirI just purchased 2 vanities and had a few questions before placing the order. The first women that I spoke to Roxy, was amazing and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate your vast knowledge, how much you cared about making sure that you answered all of my questions and that I was happy! I was then transferred as I had some questions about about potentially opening a business account. I cannot remember the name of this employee, but she was a breath of fresh air to speak with as well! She was very informative, thorough and wanted to help in any way that she could. I do have to say, that in my limited experience in dealing with Wayfair, they seem to have great customer service. I believe that this will suit them well over time. In an ever changing landscape of online shopping and difficult retail conditions, it was a pleasure getting this type of information, care and service. I believe that Wayfair just put themselves in a “must look at option”, every time that I have to shop online. Thanks again! Chris (Mount Laurel, NJ).Version: 5.23.2

Beware of Wayfair- Don’t use your actual banking infoUntil recently, I was a satisfied repeat Wayfair customer. A couple weeks ago, they post a fraudulent purchase ($172) using my Debit card information. I immediately alerted my Bank and got my Debit replaced. My Bank informed me I can dispute the fraudulent once Wayfair submits the completed transaction. As of today, Wayfair has not done the right thing and submit a complete transaction or remove the fraudulent transaction. They are waiting on the Bank and the Bank stated they have to wait up to 6 months before they can remove the pending transaction. I am done with Wayfair but I am warning anyone who plans to purchase products from them DONT use your actual Banking or Credit Card information. Maybe use a Gift Card. Wayfair will not take responsibility when your payment information gets compromised on their Website..Version: 5.149

ProductsExcellent customer service and products. Want shop anywhere else! Keep up the great work!.Version: 5.56

BestBest we practically used everything from this company for our house in ccanmore.Version: 5.58

An excellent siteEasy to use, a vast choice, all in one app. and best of all for a rural dweller, fast delivery, usually within a week rather than the 10 weeks from our local shops.. as for quality..as ever you get what you pay for.. it is mostly good middle of the road quality, certainly functional, delivered swiftly.. and as so many folk like to change the look of their home every few years, the fact that an item might not last 30 to 300 years, Is of no consequence. If you want to buy an heirloom piece costing thousands, you don’t shop using the Wayfair app..Version: 4.35.4

Great companyNormally everything comes in perfect. Once in awhile something is damaged, NEVER have I had any issue from Wayfair returning anything. Easy helpful and ready to please their customers, I can’t say enough good things about this company. Unique items, stylish and great prices. We have been in full house’s renovations for 5 years now, that’s a long time... Wayfair has given me inspiration and has successfully helped to fill in decor gaps, furniture gaps etc... Just now I ordered a stone tile so unique for our men’s bathroom. I had ordered a sample a couple of months ago, the other day two neighbors came by to see our new kitchen, I had the sample tile sitting on a table in the room they both were more into the tile than the kitchen. So when they left I went online to order the tile for our bathroom...but wait, what? The tile was out of stock, no no say it ain’t so... thankfully I noticed the tell me when it’s back in stock alert notification. I filled in the info and less than a week later, BAM! I just placed my tile order. This is one Happy Lady sitting here, we could be... rather, Our house could be in a Wayfair commercial, literally. Bathroom, kitchen, bar, bedrooms, dining, living, family, music room, outdoor lanai, offices... I’m telling you there is something in every room in our 6000 sq foot house from Wayfair. I am not a “ in store shopper”, I hate Malls, this is the best way to shop ... the Way to shop is Wayfair. Have fun, get crazy it’s the only WAY!.Version: 4.66

Like the app, but some updates..not so muchI'm a fan of the app. Love the boards and being able to easily search. However, I noticed today that the customer photos were not in with the main preview photos and instead I had to go find them in the reviews section. Maybe I'm missing something where it's available elsewhere else, but this was one of the better options that made me like the app so much. I could see right away, the customer loaded photos, and get a better idea of how that particular product could be used/displayed. I don't like having to read through all of the reviews. *Update* Nice to see the customer photos but please add to main photo lineup for the product. That way you don't have to go to the customer feedback and all photos can be viewed together. Also, the app is constantly shutting down on me. Same thing happens if I just go to the webpage and avoid the app, except I get an error message saying it has to be reloaded. Any ideas or fixes for that?! Thanks..Version: 4.37.2

Great app easy to useQuick easy way to shop for items. I like that you can save items you like in a list..Version: 5.63

Best resource for EVERYTHING!Wayfair has everything. In the last year, I’ve bought two desks, four area rugs, dining room chairs, a new upholstered platform bed, curtains, and a 12” pillow-top memory foam mattress (at a fraction of the cost charged by the new trendy online mattress companies). Then after making sure my husband & I were comfortable, I bought some cat “shelves”(stylish ramps to attach to your walls so that your cats can look down on you literally and figuratively). And once I decide which will be the best for our spoiled felines, I’m also ordering a cat tree in grey to match the tufted velvet grey sofa I got from Wayfair. Only Wayfair makes sure that everything you order is not only safe, fun, and ultra comfy, but also stylish. I love that I can buy furniture, bedding, curtains, cat condos & carriers (have you ever checked out their pet items?), decorative items, and so much more all in one place. Because I live in a very small town, shopping options are minimal. Wayfair is like having all the glories of L.A. (where we used to live) without the freeways and two-hour drives to a store 7 miles away. So, the selections are phenomenal, the prices are great (I do wait for sales — they send me nifty email), and our new home is coming together wonderfully. Wayfair is my one stop shop for everything for our home and its two- and four-legged occupants..Version: 5.166

Great app.Having recently moved house and updating quite a bit of our furniture I was glad that I came across Wayfair. I have bought half a dozen pieces from a dressing table to display units to a TV unit and other smaller pieces. I have not been disappointed. Everything I have bought has been quality while being great value. Also any questions or queries I have had have been answered promptly and professionally. It's great having such a variety of products at your finger tips. I would highly recommend this app..Version: 4.59

ShopI love to Shop Wayfair. I have been really happy with My purchases. Thank you..Version: 5.61.2

Huge SelectionI enjoy the ability to preview thousands of varied options. From bathroom towels to entertainment centers. Traditional to glamorous styles. Small pieces to grand pieces. Things to work on for the app- I created multiple lists. The biggest list I compiled after going through 1000s (a list of 9630) of room looks, the created list and another list I created disappeared! That was hours of work undone. Ideas that I’m not going to spend time looking for again. (Updated, 2 days later my missing lists came back. But now I have multiple similar lists and can’t seem to easily bulk move items to the correct favorites list.) Also, I created another favorite list. When creating it from the categories, I can click, view features, and add to cart, if I wish. When viewing the same items in my organized favorites list, I can see all the added items but several I could not click on for details. I went back to the original category, and the item is available and can be clicked on, and details can be seen. But not in my personal curated list. Lastly, using 3D mode didn’t work well for me. When attempting to place end table, I was unable to make the table smaller and it filled the entire room. This will make for reviewing potential items very difficult. I truly hope these are one-off bugs and will rectify themselves soon. Thanks..Version: 4.71

App not workingVery rarely would I write reviews ...but this one I had to do write... app not working properly .. I am using the iPhone 11 and I have installed and uninstalled the app loads of times to see if it will work and no luck! Trying to browse through the main shop on app is impossible ... won’t let me tap on categories to narrow my search.. constantly have to use manual search for everything ... it’s in need of serious repair or a major update... I know loads of people who have trouble with the app and end up just deleting app and using it through mobile site!.Version: 5.99

Produits de qualitJ’ai confiance de commander chez Wayfair car je trouve qu’ils offrent des produits de qualité à bon prix..Version: 5.56

Shopping with WayfairI love everything i have ordered always good service fantastic quality and looks the same as in the pictures. This is my number 1 choice for quality items! Plus i get rewards and just enjoyed £20 off my latest order! Happy customer. If ever i have had a problem they have a very reactive and efficient customer service team outstanding which is very rare!.Version: 5.52.2

Excellent ServiceWayfair has provided exceptional service from my very first purchase. They offer prompt helpful support and have always been able to provide a solution for any unsatisfactory product..Version: 5.6

Love WayfairIts a great app with great products and wonderful customer service. I order products here all the time because I'm a designer and not once have a had an issue!!.Version: 4.31.5

Didn’t receive my last orderI didn’t receive my last order which I placed for my mother using my credit card. Unfortunately I reviewed the item before I received it as I had ordered similar item prior to this, so was unable to do anything about this. Will make sure I receive items and even though I received a 2 or 3 star service previously from Wayfair I always gave them a 5 star because of my kind nature. Obviously I will just be honest from here on. Thanks.Version: 4.66

Really impressed!I used to default to Next or Dunelm for my home furnishings but now I default to Wayfair. I sometimes compare items that are available on Wayfair to similar items that are available from Next and Dunelm and I always go with Wayfair. All the deliveries that I have had so far have all arrived at least 2 days before the anticipated delivery date - well done Wayfair and thanks for having such lovely items available for me to buy and feed my shopping habit :).Version: 4.53.2

Shopping made easyLove Wayfair. Lots of variety and website easy to use..Version: 5.59

Nothing arrives in perfect form. And Executive Resolution is a Joke!I have been ordering from Wayfair for years now. And when it’s furniture, it never arrives in perfect form. And then you’re stuck with packing material and boxes to either re-pack and send back, or they tell you to donate it and they will replace it. This is happened to me so many times now that I have an executive resolution manager who does a very poor job of service named Brittney. On this most recent purchase I ordered a set of tables for my new living room, spent 700+ dollars and received tables in an imperfect form, with non-joined slats and other imperfections. The app says they’ll pay me 20% if I choose to keep it and fix it myself, or I can return it which means re-packing and disassembling everything. When the executive resolution manager got involved, and I provided many photos of the imperfections, it was deemed that they will only pay me 10% to keep the less than perfect tables. Now I know how they make money! By screwing customers! Buyer beware. If its wood or MDF furniture, it will arrive scratched, poorly stained or dented..Version: 5.135

Telephone numberWhilst trying to change my address, I was asked to input a telephone number. Took me several attempts to input as I was confused with the + at the start of the input box. Worked it out in what format you needed in the end, but could do with an ‘i’ (information), to be able to access information about how the telephone number should be entered. Other than that, purchase was easy..Version: 5.71.4

Amazing Customer ServiceToday I received a package from Wayfair. UPS rang my doorbell to let me know it was on my porch. Two minutes later I went out to retrieve it and it was gone! Since I have a video doorbell, I was able to see how quick it happened. After speaking to the police, UPS and my neighbors, I called Wayfair and asked what I could do. The wonderful woman on the other end (I think her name was Joanna) immediately apologized for for what happened and without even asking if I had proof, ordered me a replacement and had it send right away. Normally I just scroll through Wayfair and add items to my boards so this is the first time I have placed an order. They went above and beyond any customer service I have ever dealt with. You have made a loyal Wayfair shopper out of me and I will be encouraging all of my fellow military spouses to shop here as well. Thank you Wayfair!!!!.Version: 4.37.1

Care Free Lockdown ShoppingI am unable to go out at all during the Covid-19 Pandemic, due to self isolation and shielding. I have a lot of free time on my hands and discovered Wayfair. I have been looking for a new duvet set and it did not take me long to find one that I fell in love with straight away. I chose the Peony Trail duvet set and extra pillow slips. The colours are stunning and the reviews extremely positive. I thought I would treat myself to an early Birthday present. I have just ordered it today and can’t wait for it to arrive. By the way, what makes it even more attractive, it is currently in the sale. Thank you Wayfair!.Version: 5.44

Ok but could make simple improvementsLoads of choice, easy to select and save favourites however once products are ordered it goes down hill. So far waiting for an order that’s now delayed by a month, a second item that told me I could have it 3 days later but it’s now been a week and a half with no sign so far. The email button doesn’t work to contact so need to call but the centre but rings for ages and closes at 7....Version: 5.10

VariétéBeaucoup de variétés! Prix abordable!.Version: 5.63

Love this companyI!!!I have been ordering from Wayfair for almost two years. The items have been great. My first purchase was bar stools purple with stainless steel bases. They are an eye catcher setting off my room perfectly. The second was a patio se. it was a shock to have to put it together but I managed it by myself within two days, never having out anything together before in my life. The next items were smaller bedspreads one that I returned easily with prompt and very satisfactory customer service interaction. Two months ago three metal beds, all easy to put together and superior in quality, the bedrooms look fantastic. Lastly draperies and sheers fast delivery. The items are of excellent quality so much so that I am ordering another set for my bedroom as well. My experience thus far has been one of ease professionalism and integrity. I love the confidence, the quality and the products my home, apartment looks beautiful. I receive many compliments. I am not sure why others are experiencing difficulty for me this company is simply a adventure into decorating heaven!!!.Version: 4.66

A pleasureWe sold our previous house fully furnished so we are replacing everything..a piece at a time. We are more than pleased with the choices we’ve made and the kind, courteous and professional help we have received along the way. Grateful for an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience with Wayfair. Thank you 🙏.Version: 5.119

Great customer service.Happy with all my Purchases. We had one concerns don’t was sept with in one day. Fantastic! And great selection..Version: 5.63

Text delivery updates are wrong, also let’s protect the environment.I recently purchased an order of 6 items and they’ve all been shipped to me separately, each with a different estimated delivery date. I appreciate that the company sends texts when an item is to be delivered and then again to confirm the delivery; however, many of my items, unfortunately, did not arrive on the projected dates, yet I still received texts that they had. It’s pretty frustrating to be notified that a package is being delivered that day, and then discover it’s still on the other side of the country. Another aspect I don’t like about this order is that it’s all shipped separately. Is it really necessary to ship two of the exact same sheet sets individually? Unless they’re coming from different locations, this isn’t a very environmentally friendly practice. My sheets and throw blankets should have shared boxes. I hope Wayfair can fix this problem..Version: 5.23

Good selectionHave what you need for good prices.Version: 5.58

Reliable and excellentI have bought many things from Wayfair and always been fully satisfied with the service and products. I have also found some good bargains on Wayfair too. I look at other shops etc but so often end up finding what I want on Wayfair and at a good price. On the rare occasion I have had to return something, I have found customer service excellent, the best and easiest anywhere. So, I keep coming back!.Version: 5.41.2

Black Friday No DealOne of the items I have bought today is listed as a Black Friday deal but the price hasn’t changed for well over a month. We’ve been saving up to purchase some items from Wayfair as we do like the quality of the items we have purchased so far. We thought we would wait until Black Friday as I’m sure many people do to see if we can get a better deal on any items that we have been looking at. In particular we have been looking to purchase a light, when I went onto the App this morning it said ‘Black Friday Deal’ on the light but in actual fact the price hasn’t changed. It’s very misleading and quite disappointing..Version: 5.18.2

Five starOne of the best site for anyone home furniture from .. some stuff here is cheaper than Amazon and ikea.Version: 5.63

It’s the best!Love Wayfair! Excellent service and product. Any problem I had was dealt with immediately..Version: 5.57

Long Lake galGreat products. Great service. Was a bit hesitant as I am a Home Sense gal but the reviews are so helpful and the staff is great if I have any questions. I have honestly had absolutely no regrets and I have purchased several area rugs, a headboard, a bed frame and several glass door knobs all within the last six months. Highly recommend..Version: 5.1.2

MY WAY OR WAYFAIRIt’s hard to say if I love things the Wayfair way or if it’s just that Wayfair have things the way I like things. I never give 5 Stars as no one gets things totally My Way but Wayfair are very close to getting it right! They offer a very good range with a wide variety, a great sense of humour and a sense of style or wrapped up under one roof. My only issue is I can’t touch it before I buy it, like all online shopping I don’t get that feel for the product. There is no way to know what the product feels like. Now we all know that doesn’t matter when it comes to metal and wood but for me the feel of my bed sheets, my cushions, my rugs, my blankets is so important!! My Wayfair way to bring Wayfair up to a 5 star experience would be to offer a texture experience to your customers. I would buy more if I had the option of a texture experience wouldn’t you??? WAYFAIR YOU ARE SO NEARLY MY WAY SO NEARLY MY WAYFAIR!!!.Version: 5.121

Wayfair experienceSo far wayfair has been great and a pleasure to deal with! Always friendly and courteous when I call them. The products are all too notch for the most part- I’ve only had a couple of issues and I called about it and wayfair is always happy to make sure I’m satisfied. I just have to call again because I was supposed to get a refund for a table set I ordered and I only received a partial refund and am confused about where the amount came from. The table set I purchased was around 597 and they gave me a refund for 394 so I have to call again and I don’t have the time to stay on the phone for a while and it normally takes 20-40 min for a result so that’s my only issue is getting the refund or issue completed correctly and the time it takes to do it as I’m injured from an accident and disabled and have young kids to take care of and I get overwhelmed and easily confused and wish the help provided didn’t tAke S long on the phone..Version: 5.15

TraductionTrès drôle les traductions en français des articles.Version: 4.59

I’m a Human!!I love Wayfair. They have a great selection of products at reasonable prices. The app is really great too. Everything I could want is there: the search engine, the favorites list that I can separate by project, the in stock notifications. The most frustrating pain point in using the app though, is the constant interruption asking me if I’m a human. I mean, it’s constant. I’m redoing a kitchen...so I’m on here practically every day trying to nail down the final selections. But as I’m tapping through the colors available in an undermount sink——please verify you’re a human. Then I have to tap all pictures with a fire hydrant. That, in itself, is an annoyance. But what is down right irritating is that after I pass my human test, the entire app is frozen. FROZEN. Is in, will not move and nothing works. I have to close it down. Why don’t I close it down before the hassle of the human test, you ask?? Well, because if I do that, the test is there, waiting for me, when I reopen the app, and then freezes anyway! Infuriating, right? It seems to happen more on the iPad than the iPhone but it does happen on both devices. I’m sure if I just closed the app and waited 10-15 minutes the captcha would clear out, but let’s face it....when you are on a faucet hunt, you are more likely to just close the app and fine your item elsewhere..Version: 5.92

My first order with WayfairLooking forward to receive it hope I am not disappointed.Version: 5.59

Excellent and Fast ServiceThe service is second to none!.Version: 5.58

Prince Albert teacupsMany of the items I desire are “not available or not in stock”. SO, WHY, may I ask, do you guys at Wayfair EVEN HAVE THEM, listed currently, online with - like, NO COMMENTS as to any dates or, anything, as to WHEN, they might be- back in stock? If you DON’T know, don’t you guys think, you should just take them OUT of, your website? THAT way, we’re just not looking at all of these “ out of stock” photos of items we want!, but cannot buy! 🤔 When they DO become available again, you can re add them onto your site again. Giving updates as they DO, become available BEFORE, they’re being restocked. That way, it gives us a heads up too! Think about THAT! Maybe we could, pre-order to insure that we get what we want. SOMETHING! Nothing, is no good though for a customer when “out of stock” is only seen on particular items. Thank you. 👍👍😍.Version: 5.92

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