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Mini Metro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Mini Metro app received 24 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mini Metro? Can you share your negative thoughts about mini metro?

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Mini Metro for Negative User Reviews

Overprice and overratedNowhere near a metro simulator as I had expected. For $5.99, it was an experience not worthy of its high price..Version: 1.41

Disappointed they don’t have TorontoThere is no Toronto !.Version: 1.41

Bugs in challengeI love the daily challenge. Unfortunately my score is not being recorded on the challenge board (specifically missed a day to make certain it wasn’t me playing at odd hours). If it wasn’t for this mammoth glitch, where progress isn’t being accurately recorded, I would definitely give this four or five stars. As it is, this bug is really letting the entire game down..Version: 1.37.2

Needs work but cool trains.This app is good at first but is just not fun and too hard. I’m a kid and I bought this app with my money and thought it would be good but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Also ITS Not WORTH THE MONEY. This app should be no more than $5. My feedback is lower the price make it a bit more easier. But you did a good job to make the game and the trains are cool..Version: 1.12.1

Great game, awful controlsI love this game, but the controls have made me rage quit three times during my first session playing it. Desperately trying to move your train to a full station but it keeps grabbing a line instead is this game in a nutshell..Version: 1.38

Fun but not worth the costFor the cost of this game I would have expected something with a bit more variation and detail to keep the gameplay interesting. I have to say having purchased it about 3 days ago I’m already getting bored. Aside from Osaka with the availability of the Shinkansen train, there is only a layout difference between the maps and by the end that difference really don’t pose much interest. Unless you’re someone who likes to beat your own score there isn’t really enough variation in the game play to keep playing it time and again. I will say the graphics and look of the game are love, crisp, smooth and visually pleasing. Otherwise this game would be only getting a single star from me..Version: 1.10

Polished but not funThe game’s visual and mechanical quality is peerless, but playing it makes me feel anxious, because it feels like I am constantly fighting a losing battle and there is nothing for me to do except waiting to be slowly overwhelmed. That is not an experience that I buy this kind of game for..Version: 1.41

What Happened?I have been playing this game for a few years now and have enjoyed. Than I would have given it more stars. Now, I feel like something has changed in the game and its become harder. I use to get pretty high scores and when I would try to break it, I would get close or break it. Now I can barely get to 500 half the time. I’m on normal play, yet it seems like stations are filling up way faster. It’s not as fun since I can’t even get close to breaking my own scores. Has something changed? Also, I wish they would add Chicago..Version: 1.43

Same format wins everytimeThe game layout is excellent, draws you in to thinking it’s a new concept. You start off playing and really want to excel at it in the challenging modes then realise there is only so far you can get every time and you have to use the same design concept to reach it. The game piles on extra passengers as time goes on and is therefore impossible to really achieve anything within the game. The continuous modes let you explain different layouts but then it becomes boring. I would like something challenging and achievable. Mini metro is challenging at first but then becomes boring when you realise you’re going over the same old ground to get the same old scores..Version: 1.38

How can I get a refund?This game is not what was advertised, I regret the purchase. It’s boring, poorly optimized for an iPhones screen and quickly becomes too complex without any learning curve. And guess what - Apple doesn’t give you a refund, refund link posted by developer is just a general support article! Buyers beware, think twice..Version: 1.37.4

Fun Game Needs a Lot More WorkI've spent a great deal of time playing Mini Metro. It's addictive and engrossing. I do recommend it. There are some important shortcomings that make an otherwise great game really frustrating. Two big ones come to mind. First, there's no way to save a game. If you nav away from the app and come back a few hours or a few days later, it's not certain that the map were playing will still be there when you get back. A lot of my work has gone down the drain just because I switched apps or had to go to work or sleep. The second is the app doesn't quite do a good job of accounting for iOS' gestures for activating the Notification or Control Centers. Selecting a stop at the top or bottom of the app more often than not triggers one of those two drawers. Those are my biggest gripes. The app could do better to let users save games or zoom out farther. That won't stop me from recommending Mini Metro, but there's more work to be done here..Version: 1.37.3

GlitchesThis game is really fun other than this glitch. When a station is getting really full and it's about to close all the cars just go right past it when they can just pick up the passengers right there! And sometimes they stop by them but don't even pick anyone up when they have a bunch of space! It's unbelievably annoying and because of it I keep losing. BTW sorry about my account name I can't change it. Edit: excuse me? Why is it my job to wiggle around these old glitches when it’s your job to get rid of glitches in the first place? It’s been 2 years and it’s still a problem!!.Version: 1.40

Annoying music, and very difficult.I often fall short when a station becomes overcrowded because the game doesn’t give me enough trains or carriages, but then I remind myself that paid professionals do this on a daily basis with Transport for London. On a more serious note, it should provide prompts and tips on how to improve your network rather than just create a ‘fail’ scenario with the abrupt ending. It is also incredibly annoying that the music doesn’t really change or ‘reset’ when starting a new game, the ‘drone’ of the supposed music carries on from the previous game and makes the experience seem rather monotonous. Other than that, the UI is quite intuitive and clever, finally I must say I do prefer the outright purchase of games rather than the in-app purchases that is more commonplace these days..Version: 1.46.1

Seriously flawed follow-up to the great Mini MetroI’ve been steeped in city building games since the original SimCity, and I loved Mini Metro. It managed to distill the essence of city building games down into a brilliant abstract form. Naturally I was excited for Mini Motorways but it’s just… weird. Why are the buildings where they are? How can a house just move its driveway? What kind of logic is there to the layout of this city? With Mini Metro, the abstraction worked because you could imagine a city around what you were creating, but this game *is* the city and it makes no sense. Once I got my first “motorway” and figured out how to build it, my reaction was the tipping point. This game might have the visual style of a Mini Metro sequel, but it is sub-mediocre as an actual game experience. Deleted. With regret and profound disappointment..Version: 1.41

Fun game but crashesIt’s a fun game, but each time I start getting far the game crashes and it loses all my progress..Version: 1.41

Truly awful controlsIncredibly bad controls make this a misery to play. Constantly have to backtrack with missed drags, and trains that are empty sometimes simply fail to move tracks when you drag them (even while paused).Version: 1.40

It’s ok....Mindless but monotonous.....Version: 1.12.1

-Sorry but if you’re going to sell this game, it should be 99 cents in my opinion. The game gets boring after a while..Version: 1.41

Good but a few minor things could make it betterA solid app. A lot of fun and a good challenge. My biggest complaint that would make it much better is there needs to be some sort of color coding at exchanges. When they start to get full you have no idea who’s waiting for what train line, so it’s impossible to know what line to add additional locomotives. It ends up making more sense to make inefficient lines instead of exchanges. Also, sometimes it makes no sense when adding locomotives that they disappear from other lines..Version: 1.38

Great base gameplay, no long term funEnjoyed the first 5-10 hours I put into this game. Very “comfy” to play and just zone out for a while. Unfortunately, while Mini Metro has an end game that could be fun, it’s not fun to get to. You have to complete challenges to unlock more difficult game modes. I’ve spent hours trying to beat these difficult challenges and when I finally complete them, they don’t actually unlock the more difficult mode. So a huge waste of time. I don’t want to invest any more time if I’m never going to be sure my investment pays off. The PC version gives you warnings to make sure you don’t break any rules and are able to unlock the more difficult modes with less hassle. But for me, I’m done with the game. The end game looks like it could be fun but unfortunately I’m not willing to spend hours trying to unlock it if I’m never sure the game will actually unlock it..Version: 1.41

Fun but let us skip the introInfuriating intro that you have to sit through when you reinstall the game. I wanted to delete it before I got back to it again. Fun game though..Version: 1.41

No longer funI’m taking this game off my iPad. It used to be fun, but now it’s almost impossible to make a decent score, let alone beat your previous one. The concept is clever, the rules are simple, but somehow the gameplay has changed-the passenger numbers increase way too quickly, new stations appear way too quickly and locos and carriages appear way too slowly to be able to meet the passenger and station demands. Don’t know what you guys have changed, but it’s not fun any more and there’s no challenge because you’ve made it too difficult. I might reinstall stall it again later if the gameplay becomes more user friendly but right now it seems that you’ve gone out of your way to make it difficult..Version: 1.37.4

Fun but needs fixingFun game... but needs some fixing. The rewards don’t appear when you receive them each week, or you will only get one of the items. Makes it impossible to get high scores as the passenger numbers seem to increase exponentially. Has potential..Version: 1.38

Not finishedMini Metroways is plain broken. Cars will stop moving without cause or recourse. The lack of bug testing is a very frustrating thing. The game isn’t finished. It’s more a technology preview than a game. That I said, I’ve played a lot and been frustrated a lot more. I wish it were better, but there are a lot of frustrations in this game and I’m sorry that even if it’s updated, I just don’t see myself picking this back up to play again. If you’re reading this review a year from now, the game might be ready, but avoid it now or you’ll ruin a good game for your future self..Version: 1.40

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