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Mini Metro app received 221 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mini metro?

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Mini Metro for Positive User Reviews

Great gameI can’t sing the praises of this game enough. The minimalist design is beautiful and fits the game perfectly. The controls are simple enough, yet the levels still have a difficult to them (enough to challenge you without felling annoying/cheap)..Version: 1.9.3

👍🏻 GREAT 👍🏻 And a suggestionIt is totally AMAZING and if you’re a curious and a big fan into trains I would recommend buying because it’s worth the money. The suggestion will (might) make the game even better. It is to do TGVs like Shinkansens 🚅 and Chinese high-speed trains and virgin trains in London..Version: 1.40

Good gameI think mini metro is worth the money I got a lot of enjoyment out of it it is one of the only games that I’ve payed for and it was good it is now my favourite game this game deserves more credit than it is getting this is a 10 out of 10 5 star game worth buying the look feel and functionality is great for a game like this I look forward to seeing new updates on the game it’s a true gem of a game.Version: 1.9.3

SplendidSimple and clean. Really pleasing and different. Well done. Much improved on the steam version..Version: 1.1

Fantastic funA brilliantly designed app. Known of the game for many years but never tried until I was exploring new devices in the Apple Store. Instantly hooked and have been playing since. The daily challenges also add additional play time from the levels and individual challenges. A must have game!.Version: 1.38

TrainsI love trains, this game loves trains. Match made in heaven..Version: 1.51

Soothing, but exciting, Mini Metro hits the spot.Easily the best “casual” game I’ve ever played on the go, Mini Metro hits on everything I need to keep me entertained for hours. Every time you load the game you’ll face a different challenge but the designed game progression keeps it light and fun. The soothing music keeps you calm, even though you know your passengers must be losing their minds waiting for the next train, and the challenge of keeping your system running as efficiently as possible is never ending. Choosing your tools every “level” on a map to keep the metro flowing feels impactful and the ability to pause and reflect on your mistakes keeps you humble while you desperately try to correct what you’ve done. I’m looking forward to many more hours of gameplay with this gem!.Version: 1.48

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.45

Very importantI really like this game but I feel that it can get boring quite quickly. I think to help that u should combine mini motorways and mini metro into one game. Ideally a free game not on Apple Arcade..Version: 1.50

👍👍💯.Version: 1.5

Fun game but repetitiveIt's a really good concept and a fun game. But after a few cities it gets very repetitive and a bit boring. Unless you're super stoked about optimization of your metro lines you won't get much more than 2 hours out of this game. Also the controls on an smaller iphone (4 1/4 in) are a bit fiddly and I would recommend this game for larger screens. Still for those initial cities its a lot of fun and certainly worth the low price..Version: 1.9.3

Great game!Awesome.Version: 1.3

SuggestionI saw you replied on someone’s suggestion. I believe he live in Auckland, same with me. Bus lines would be very cool. If you make a game related to that or update mini metro please make it so that we can create our own buses and route numbers. That would be very fun and hopefully you will make it. Having it similar to the UK e.g First Travel, Metroline, Go Ahead etc. Hong Kong would be fun as well because they have many double decker buses. It would be fun to see this happen and I, myself will definitely download it even if it costs money. Good luck on being 2018’s best game! Please make more improvements in this game but it’s really fun and cool! Thanks..Version: 1.12.1

Daily challenges not workingIt’s a great and fun game, but the daily challenges aren’t working. When I do the daily challenges, it never saves my score. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game and nothing..Version: 1.49

Simply Mesmerizing.Mini metro is an absolutely FANTASTIC game, and always keeps you on the edge of you seat trying to keep your stations alive. Mini metro can also help with mental skill such as... -reaction time. -awareness. -conserving. -and much more! All in all I think mini metro is a game that is simply astonishing, and is worth the money. If not a big confusing, still fun and challenging. 😊.Version: 1.10

Relaxing. Mostly.A great game with meditative audio, pleasing visual design and simple to understand, tricky to master gameplay. Undoing/backtracking lines takes a bit of getting used to, but that’s a nitpick. Heartily recommend..Version: 1.11.1

Good ValueI’m really enjoying this game. A few things bug me though: —Weeks should start on Sunday, not Monday —The purple rail needs to be brighter. It’s too hard to see on black. —I really wish the colored rail bubbles on the right had a number in them for how many trains/carriages are on that line. It’s tedious and frustrating having to stare at the screen to count tiny trains coming out of stations on each line, either to balance distribution or to make sure the line has a train at all —I really wish new lines came with a free train. It took me a while to realize that they don’t, because a new line will auto assign a train if you have one, but won’t if you don’t —How about a warning flag of some kind for lines with no trains on them? Of course it’s not intentional, and of course I want to know. Unfortunately, it’s hard to realize without the tedious counting mentioned above, or until the stations are already backed up..Version: 1.38

This is what mobile gaming should be!This game is wonderful! A small price up front for an awesome game, and no ads or in app purchases. The look of this game is amazing. The game is simple, get a shape to the station of the same shape, that’s it. But that is hugely misleading because you start to see circles squares and triangles are easy they are all over, but I can’t make that unique shape sit over there forever clogging up the station. I just can not tell you how great this is. My son and I love putting it on the iPad too and multiplaying a level. I can not forget to mention the sheer number of maps as well. Seriously recommended, support these guys and gals so they can make more games like this..Version: 1.40

Entertaining and engrossingThe challenge of just trying to squeeze that one extra commuter onto your creaking system just can’t be beat!.Version: 1.38

Captivating and addictiveMini metro has all the elements you want for a superbly captivating and addictive game. It offers immersive but simple game play but with complex strategies not dissimilar to chess. A lovely musical score composed from actual gameplay elements ties the simple concept together. I really recommend it for down time, and if you play it on the train, I hope you don't miss your stop like I did.Version: 1.1

Love it!I love this game so much. As you play longer your mini metro it gets more “crazy” and takes a lot more work to control. This is very relaxing in my case and I like to just sit down in play when I have down time. As you play some maps you can unlock others like ones from Hong Kong and Germany. Also up in the upper right hand corner there is a timer as weeks go on you can get upgrades like getting extra trains or more lines those are the lines that the trains run on! This has problems at all but I would like them to add more maps. I hope that this review helps in deciding whether to get this app or not. Thank for reading this, A fellow app reviewer.Version: 1.10

This is a great gameThis is a great game. I have only had it for like 20 minutes but I am already loving it and it is my favourite game. There is just one thing I would like to add. I am from Auckland and I can tell you now that Auckland does not have subway trains they have above ground trains. So if you could make the Auckland map above ground that would be great..Version: 1.49

Love this game!My husband and I both love this game! We’ve been playing it for years and still really enjoy it, especially the daily challenge. After a recent iOS update, we found we had an issue connecting to the leaderboards; we contacted the developers and they were incredible—they fixed the issue so quickly and issued an app update! Amazing! (If only other developers could be so helpful with my other apps that went wrong with the iOS update ☺️) Totally recommend this game. (Really wish we could buy Mini Motorways too. We don’t feel Apple Arcade is worth subscribing to for us, as it doesn’t have many games we want to play, but we loved Mini Motorways when we had our Apple Arcade free trial.).Version: 1.47.2

5 Star GameOne of the few games today actually worth your time and money. Kept me busy for months..Version: 1.50.1

Great game.Easy to drop in to to pass some time. Not uncommonly the controls, limited by limitations of a finger interface, do not do what you want them to do, or do what you do not want them to do. Don’t take it too seriously and it’s fun..Version: 1.53.3

Really good gameMinimalistic, relaxing, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. What more do you want?.Version: 1.41

AmazingIt’s a great game and perfect for when your just chilling at home especially with the minimalistic style..Version: 1.47.2

Simply complexSo easy to understand, yet you can make it as complex as you like through strategy!.Version: 1.3

Elegantly simple to grasp, can become mind-bogglingly intense!I am so happy this popped up on my feed on one of my rare forays onto the App Store. This game ticks every box: beautifully designed; soothing sounds; straightforward (at first) with a helpful tutorial (that is always readily accessible); can become a deeply engrossing and detailed game; no in-app purchases or ads. Every day of the week I will buy this sort of game over “freemium” nonsense and so should you!.Version: 1.38

ExcellentFun little game, definitely worth the small cost 🤙🤙🤙.Version: 1.37.4

Excellent, but missing the perfect game modeI love this game. It’s calming, addictive, challenging, and fulfills the childlike wonder of managing trains. Would highly recommend picking it up. That said, this game mode needs a mode between normal and endless. I like playing endless for the sake of just building infrastructure upon infrastructure, but I enjoy the challenge of keeping stations from becoming to populated. If either: 1) endless mode could still show which stations are becoming overall populated, but no end game state when the do, or 2) we could get a mode that brings consequence to the player that doesn’t incorporate a complete restart. Perhaps a happiness meter that declines as stations overcrowd, perhaps you’re next upgrade gets delayed, or maybe people start to leave your subway system, something of that sort. I’d like to keep working on my project with risk involved without absolutely restarting the game..Version: 1.10

Fantastic!! 🚝🚋🚉Absolutely addictive. One of the best games I've played for ages.Version: 1.1

Seriously entrancing little gemFrom the moment I picked it up and started playing I've been totally hooked. Can't recommend highly enough 👏👏👏.Version: 1.1

AddictiveThis is the most addictive game ever. It's relaxing to start with but gradually increases to frantic. Definite tactics involved and you learn from your mistakes. Love the gameplay, the colours, the style, the immersive sound, there's nothing to dislike. Challenging yet nothing hard. Recommend this game to everyone but be prepared to be swept up in its atmosphere and invest a lot of time with, just one more go..Version: 1.7

Really no one can do anything with littleI just want to make you feel good to you get it out and I just want to you have to do something else and you have a great time to get it together I just want to make.Version: 1.48

A really absorbing game.You can always see things that you might do differently next time, so you play again, and again and again..Version: 1.46

Best game I've played!The graphics are so simple and easy to know what is going on. I really enjoy doing the daily challenge as it is always different. It runs very smoothly too which makes it more enjoyable. It's great to just pick up when your bored. Highly recommended! And worth every penny. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.38

Neat gameSuper addictive. I’d like more locations adding to the list of cities to play. Would be good if there was a sandbox mode to make your own perfect city. And I’d like more lines available, and some local events you can be challenged to during the game. Really neat little game.Version: 1.10

Fun and relaxingReally fun and relaxing game to play and watching the connections grow and grow as the map area widens is really soothing for some reason. My one complaint would have to be the berlin level. There seems to be a sudden spike in difficulty that is rarely encountered in any of the other levels, i seem to be unable to break through 500 passengers for some reason..Version: 1.47.2

Good game but there is room for improvementThe idea is good and the game is good but it is the same thing every map. I like how u guys have made bullet trains and trams for Melbourne but do more of that. It would be cool if you add in like real bridges, such as adding Sydney and making the Sydney harbour bridge, or like the Golden Gate Bridge, and they have a different texture. You can also make trains in Melbourne having two different pt in the same map. Keep it up but instead of making more maps make improvements to the existing maps..Version: 1.41

Addictive and utterly re-playableI don’t usually download new apps but this has been my new addiction for weeks. Well worth £3.99. I do hope there is more to come in terms of maps, game-modes and features to make it feel like better value but this is an app that will stand the test of time and attention span!.Version: 1.45

Great gamePlayed this since it was released on PC. Great interface on the iPhone. I have a 7 plus which makes this easy to play. Could be a bit cramped on a smaller screen once you have a lot of stations. Great to pass the time.Version: 1.37.3

FantasticBeautiful graphics and a challenging but engaging game.Version: 1.3

Very funI like this game a lot and there are so many different possibilities that come out of each round. Keep up your great games 👍.Version: 1.48

Highly Recommended!I really love this game. It is fun and addicting. I like that you can choose different cities, bullet trains, and bridges in Melbourne. It’s definitely worth $5.99 and I see nothing wrong with this game. Again, highly recommended. By the way, I’m 9 years old..Version: 1.41

Awesome update with Te ReoGreat job on adding Te Reo Māori on it 👍🏼.Version: 1.9.1

Can't stop playingThis game is so fun and addicting and satisfying!!!.Version: 1.8

AddictiveSimple immersive graphics. Intuitive challenging gameplay. Worth the investment..Version: 1.4

Design is everythingThe pared-back graphics and design of this game are perfect - the minimal soundscape, font and font sizes, colours, the angled movement of the menu options as they appear, and the way the menu options scroll horizontally lightning fast like a bullet train. This is exactly keeping with the feel of the original, iconic, and groundbreaking London Tube map design, and it makes the game feel like playable art. The gameplay is decent but sometimes difficult as it seems that stations and resources are randomly generated, so you could end up forced to lose through trying to service hundreds of passengers with one tunnel, or randomly getting a cluster of stations of only one symbol. I’ve also found it difficult to strategise with this game as there are no instructions or guides (in keeping with the minimalism), but am enjoying just trying different things..Version: 1.47.1

Addictive!This is a great game if you have time to spare, you just end up losing yourself while playing. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be addicting..Version: 1.12.1

FunAutism be damned this girl can train.Version: 1.52

IncredibleAmazing game that is a perfect time killer.Version: 1.43

AmazingOne of the best games I’ve ever played on my phone. Only rivalled by the developers other game mini motorways..Version: 1.49

Amazing, relaxing game.Definitely recommend this game. It’s really fun and relaxing. You need to do the tutorial to understand the game though. It’s hard and confusing at the beginning but it gets easier and way more fun as the game goes through the cycle. The music and the simplicity and diversity make this game amazing, although i think it would be cool if the trains could crash or you could upgrade lines with an in-game currency. The only part of it that’s missing is the actual business bit. I also would love it if the developers could add more Canadian city’s like Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, etc. Overall, this is a amazing, fun, relaxing game!.Version: 1.53.1

Still playingNO IN GAME ADS! I’ve been playing this for 3 years and it’s the only game I keep coming back to. I keep trying to better my score in each city, except Hong Kong, because I have a really hard time with that city. The game is challenging, but relaxing. I can play it before bed and not feel like it’s keeping me awake. (I always play in dark mode.) I wish there were more games like this!.Version: 1.48

NZ Developers are the best!Congratulations on producing such a great game. I read your blog about the journey and was impressed. Thanks for sharing your PowerPoint, it was inspiring. Really enjoyed this game....a good wee puzzle to while away the hours.Version: 1.3

Amazing chill puzzlerI love this game. The whole vibe is great. The theme is right up my alley and it's a lot of fun! Beautiful game..Version: 1.9.1

Are people playing this on phones??I really really wanted to love this game. It’s right up my alley, but I found myself SO FRUSTRATED! The mechanisms for creating and extending lines are terribly hard to control on my small phone screen. I can’t help but feel like I’m playing wrong, but there seems to be no other way. It makes me feel so bummed that this game with all its acclaim is pretty much unplayable for me as soon as I get ~5min in. I wish I knew how to fix this, but right now I’m just regretting this purchase..Version: 1.37.3

AddictiveDidn’t really enjoy it at first but now can’t stop playing. Elegantly designed with audio to match..Version: 1.10

Simple premise but challenging gameI love this. It’s a simple premise but a challenging game that makes you think. Great minimalist music. Very enjoyable. Could play for hours..Version: 1.10

Truly addictive!Great game..Version: 1.3

Very addictiveLots of strategies to try. Simple but deep.Version: 1.48

Decent game!Mini Metro has quickly become my most played game 👍🏼 The visuals and intuitive controls are great! In saying that, I profusely dislike that the levels are procedurally generated. It’s usually down to pure luck/chance that the stations pop up in convenient places. Not only that, but I find that the majority of the time I just get stuck because I’m not given enough tunnels 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s a bit frustrating that the reason behind losing is out of your control... The daily levels are way better because you can learn from your mistakes. Except that only the first score counted! This makes no sense to me... 🙃 I also don’t care for the leaderboards. It’s not motivating to see scores upwards of 3,000 from random people 🙄 Maybe in a future update there could be symbols/imagery for towns/cities where the stations are. It’s hard to judge how busy a station is going to be, in my opinion. P.S. the main menu page should have the title ‘Mini Metro’ or at least the logo, it seems a little stark..Version: 1.41

Easy to learn, hard to masterSimple game with a beautiful design. Heaps of replay. It’s fun to experiment with different methods. If you’re a transport nerd you’ll love it..Version: 1.37.4

Wonderful ApplicationI’m just 10, and my mom bought me this app, and I LOVED it! Plus - There’s No Ads - Worth the Money - One Time Payment - Recreate famous networks, Like NYC, Melbourne, Boston, or Washington D.C. - You get badges for playing..Version: 1.52

Simple and Soothing, but Tricky and TrivialThe game starts very simple and has you get your bearings, but then soon has you trying to figure out how to make things run efficiently but also handle new stops (I just call them problems.) that also need to be managed along the way. You have to carefully think out your steps if you want to score high and last long. But, even when you feel rushed to make decisions this game makes you feel so calm with the music. Simple Graphics, Simple Controls, but Super-stellar Gameplay that has you savoring for more..Version: 1.37.4

Fun game.I like the fact that the levels aesthetics change to fit the style of the irl maps. Nice touch! (^^).Version: 1.41

A perfect phone gameA round of Mini Metro might last 10-15 minutes if you're going for a high score, which makes it a great coffee break game!.Version: 1.1

Relaxing GameMini Metro is a great game to just relax with..Version: 1.53.1

Great funJust love the simplicity of the game - it all sounds so easy... until the passengers build up and you’re juggling resources like mad! Lots of different city scenarios to try out, each with different features and challenges..Version: 1.9.1

Amazing but...I love this game and it’s very entertaining but you can’t save the game, so many times I want to take a break from that game to start in another country but that means loosing my progress. When you get to the maximum number of stations the game becomes a lot slower so there should be like an option were you can improve each station or name them and add options like drinks or food to attract more people. There should also be tactics so that more people can improve as I don’t really know the best most efficient way to improve my tracks. One last thing it should run when off the game as it takes a while to get to each stage. Other than that I definitely would recommend this game..Version: 1.40

Simple but not!I love this game. Especially when I’m on the subway! It looks boring but it’s all strategy and consideration and planning. It’s awesome!.Version: 1.9.1

Good game but i have TWO things I should sayMini Metro is a good game BUT it has two red flags. Whenever I make a mistake, i can’t undo it. It’s annoying and when I have to do my routes all again but I would make another mistake and mess my routes up. Another red flag is you should make branches because I want my line to go to two routes and I can’t do that and I have to do a advanced method to make two branches. That is all I have to say about these things that mess me up. And mini metro is still a good game by the way just add these..Version: 1.53.2

This game is AMAZINGIt gets harder every level, so much to do including tournaments, daily challenges, challenges for the levels and 25 levels! Not to mention 3 different game modes! AND EVEN A ENDLESS MODE AND CREATIVE MODE!! Amazing game, so much to do, fun and addictive gameplay and a cool art style earns this game 5 stars!.Version: 1.47.1

Revised Review: Daily Challenge Fixed!After updating to iOS 14.5 a week ago, and then to 14.5.1, the ability to play the Daily Challenge was no longer available as the app was falsely claiming that my iOS device wasn’t connected to the internet. Thankfully, the programmers of this very fun game have released an update that has repaired the problem! I’m very happy to be able to play the Daily Challenge again!.Version: 1.47.2

ConfusingReally fun but no tutorial. takes a long time to learn and is has really weird controls.Version: 1.9.3

Relaxing, Tense, and Fun!Mini Metro offers a variety of cities to play with. The music gives you a sense of relaxation which I like very much. At the same time, it is a challenge to maintain a subway system like New York or Mumbai as time passes which gives a sense of urgency. I like this balance and I am pretty sure that others do too. For some suggestions, try to make some of the instructions like the speed of the game a little more pronounced like mentioning it in the tutorial. Definitely add more cities too. Here is a small list that will be pretty nice ideas to incorporate at your own discretion. List: Chicago Boston Tokyo Beijing Mexico City Lisbon It would be very fun to see what you guys come up with. If the developers are reading this or anyone else, thanks for takin the time to read it. -Lucas.Version: 1.9.1

Very addictiveGreat for just a few minutes.Version: 1.5

Simply, complexThis game is great, rather infuriating at times. The controls could do with a little work but, all in all, many hours spent..Version: 1.37.1

Insane et débile !!!Complètement débile. Je n’en reviens pas de la simplicité et de la complexité en même temps. Passionnant et enivrant. On ne se lasse pas. Aux éditeurs: comment enlever un second wagon qui est inutile sur une ligne pour le redistribuer sur une ligne qui en a vraiment besoin?.Version: 1.9.1

Great GameThis is a really great, unique, and entertaining game. I definitely think you should consider buying if you like games that involve organizing things in patterns and such. I don’t regret buying. I do, however, have some suggestions and complaints: Suggestions: -I think there should be more modes: Extreme mode is very hard to get with its requirements. I think they should be labeled as such: Easy-The current game but stations can hold more people without a interchange Medium-The current game Hard- Extreme but without the requirements and a bit easier than actual Extreme Extreme-Current Extreme mode -Custom maps? Draw where rivers are, choose how many lines and what their colors are (maybe a limit of 7 lines or so to keep the game somewhat difficult) Maybe even be able to upload your maps to a online community? Complaints: Im havent read much about how it works and there may be tricks I am not using, but I just wanna get this out: Why will trains not stop at stations when they overcrowd or only take less than the train can handle????? I’ve been stuck on Cairo because eventually the trains will just stop stopping at the stations overcrowding..Version: 1.12.1

Really good!It is really fun! The only thing that I would recommend you guys doing is making the overcrowding timer a bit longer because it is a bit short. Other than that, a great game!.Version: 1.41

SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!It's a super entertaining game and a great time waster! So addictive and annoying at the same time. One of those great games you'll always leave on your homepage for those coffee break moments. Love it!!.Version: 1.1

Best Game On App StoreSimply this game is addicting. I absolutely love tinkering with this game in my spare time. And fortunately, I’ve shared this game with most of the people I know who are now addicted. We will literally sit together playing the game and talking about what “strategy” we’re using in building our little towns on each week. It’s a lot more fun together. For the developers, I can not get the use of stop light down and was wondering if you would think about a one way road? I love getting the cars going in this little game and I’d like to see the effect of a one way road with getting cars by. Thank you!.Version: 1.41

A great time killerThis game is great to kill time as an alternative to social media. Unlike social media it has the bonus of gaining your full focus. It is also completely add free. Some things I would change about the game is to make circles a bit less common as it’s insane how common they are. I would also make interchanges make common as I have gone 10+ weeks with no interchange and it has wrecked lots of my runs. All in all, I think it is definitely worth the money. 5 stars.Version: 1.52

Simple to learn, hard to masterSimple but attractive graphics. This game is very easy to learn, but hard to master. Love the idea it is modelled on real world locations.Version: 1.37.3

Great gameHighly addictive.Version: 1.9.1

Awesome gameAt the beginning its a bit hard to figure how it works since it doesn’t have a lot of explanation.. Once you figure it out its easy but still brutal I’ll have to figure a way to improve my score and have more luck on Stockholm level I alway run out of tunnels. Really a great game.Version: 1.52

ExcellentElegant, clever, relaxing. And sometimes maddening and difficult..Version: 1.1

Best minimal iPhone game ever!This is the best minimal iPhone game I have ever played and it is so worth the price of a latte! Its super relaxing and super fun, perfect to play on the bus, at the airport or at work when you have a break. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.49

Quite addictive!Well designed. I think it can get better if you have option to see the only line that you’re editing..Version: 1.41

Really great game! Gotta figure out a new strategy every time even replaying maps 👍🏼Great game, have spent quite a few hours on break or looking to spend time replaying this on my iPhone and iPad. Every time you play even on the same map you’ve gotta come up with a new strategy. I’d love to see the Devs work on a #2, with more intricacies and variables to make it much more challenging, would definitely get that game. Until then I would be a fan of some new levels, if they have the time! Thanks for the great game Devs!.Version: 1.47.1

Awesome gameLots of skill needed and a really fun way to spend 10-30 minutes when I have a few minutes to kill. Love the interface graphics..Version: 1.1

Best purchase!I paided for this game being very skeptical, I love trains and avation, so Ive besn trying to look for some good train and avation games on mobile that arent made like crap. I saw it and immediatly thought of my home city's subway map. If you alos live in NYC you'd know are crazy but the I thought it would be trust train maps. When I started to play I realised it is train maps but its strategy ish and has small trains. I love it and I cant stop playing it. I just have a small complaint, the trains skip stops and that causes me to have overcrowes station. I have trains with three empty cabins and it skips the overcrowed station. Thats the only complaint, it shouldnt do that honestly everything else is perfect!.Version: 1.50

More pleaseI’ve spent hours playing this game, so much that I really looked forward to the Mini Motorways game, but was very disappointed that it’s not available to buy outright. Not everyone wants to lock themselves into Arcade just to play one game. Please release it for stand alone purchase. I’ll be your first customer! Especially since I already bought it and this game on Steam… As far as this game goes, I love it, I wish there were more train upgrade options but even so, great game!.Version: 1.52

Interesting Game with real world cities.Neat game where you extend infrastructure lines to connect different station shapes. Easy concept with depth. Controls need some work, it’s easy to shift one line instead of extending another. Needs an undo button..Version: 1.8

Thank YouI found out this was free thanks to the iOSgaming subreddit, and initially it didn’t look like my cup of tea, but I thought I’d try it anyways. This is one of the best iOS games I’ve played recently, giving me similar levels of enjoyment to Plague and Rebel Inc. I feel bad because I would’ve never downloaded this if it wasn’t free, but now that I have and I’ve enjoyed it so much, I wish I could give back. If there’s any chance of a small iAP for new maps, or a new game from this developer, I’ll be sure to pay full price for them. Thank you for this great game at a time like this..Version: 1.41

BalancedSimultaneously stressful and soothing, this game scratches my itch to be an urban planner and reassures me that people smarter than me should be laying the light rail tracks in my city..Version: 1.52

Totally recommendI would not say this game is worth paying £4 for, but it is one of the best chill games I have ever played. So simple yet so intriguing, and ad free. If you’re looking for a game to play in your spare time, this is the game. (Also I like the music).Version: 1.43

Great game!This game is great! But I would like to inform the developers that there is a blatant copy of the game trying to make money from it. It is a mobile game from subway idle, and without even downloading the game it is clear that it is trying to copy your great art style. I’ve heard in the reviews that it even charges a subscription fee to remove ads! I don’t know if it can get into legal trouble for this, but in the case that it can, I would like to inform the developers about it..Version: 1.41

Works well on iPhoneI’ve played this on my Mac for months. Now loaded it on my phone tonight. It’s a good game. But HELP how do you exit the app without having to power down your phone - there’s no exit option that appears on the Mac version and swipe the screen to close doesn’t work.Version: 1.41

Low-paced, really fun game. Definitely 5 star.I’ve not even played this game for a day and I already love it. You get to make your very own subway which is super cool, and you can choose if it’s slow paced and relaxing or fast paced and competitive. You also get to build in some of the most populated cities in the world (and make up stories about people on awesome metros) and unlock places like Washington, Hong Kong and more. Definitely a game worth getting if you like city designing. 6 out of 5 stars..Version: 1.38

Beautiful, elegant, addictive, funLike the best mobile games out there, Mini Metro starts with a simple concept, then grows to challenge you and pull you in. The design of this game is brilliant - the minimalist "metro map" graphics are elegance itself, and the interface is easy to learn. The local variations in each city are a nice touch. The game is very absorbing and fun to play, and best of all, no ads or in-app purchases to spoil your fun..Version: 1.53.1

Just WOW!Amazing game.Version: 1.50.1

The only game I haven’t regretted buyingEverything about this game is for me. I love maps, I love drawing maps, I love observing transit lines (I have no idea why) and I have always loved trains. This game is almost perfect. Please consider adding Portland, OR, and more coastal U.S. cities. It might also be cool to have terrain added to the challenge of building lines. I’d also really like it if there were a HUD that kept the player updated with how many locomotives/carriages have been added to each line. My biggest gripe about this game is that you can’t save sessions and come back to them; once you’ve hit about 150 riders on Endless Mode, there’s really nothing else to add. It would be cool to have organic growth and change while the game is idle. An Idle Mode, if you will. Creative Mode is fantastic, but, it needs more. More space to build out, more of challenge. I love the freedom, but it’s almost *too much* freedom..Version: 1.38

GreatIt’s a great concept well executed. Developers should be commended for at least trying to help during this pandemic..Version: 1.41

Love itGot this a while ago after finding it on steam, becoming obsessed for a week, looking for it elsewhere, and finding it on it iPhone. That’s right I bought it twice even while I was a starving student. It was my obsession for a while until I forced myself away for the sake of school work. Now I’ve dropped out and I’m stoked that I can safely jump back into this. Intuitive, simplistic game design that’s so elegant in its challenge level it’s addictive..Version: 1.38

Great with apple pen.This app is amazing to play with your apple pen as it’s easy to slide and simple but addictive. I recommend this game it’s amazing, so addictive and incredible. One of the funniest games in the App Store. For some reason my mini metro has changed to Russian or another language and I don’t know how to fix it. Please help me..Version: 1.46

This game is amazingI have been playing this game for a few years now and it is one of the best mobile games I have played..Version: 1.53.3

Great!Really fun and addictive, sees me through my zoom meetings! Would be great if in challenge it stopped you doing things that are counter productive such as selecting more tunnels on level up when you are on a challenge for only one tunnel..Version: 1.43

Best phone gameThis is the single best phone game out there. Doesnt use too much battery or storage, and has a straightforward goal with just enough variety and complexity from the different maps and upgrades to keep you going for months on end. A few more different types of upgrades would be nice but still 10/10.Version: 1.9

HistoryI’d love to see more historic maps. One for a few more of the levels. They’re great! Good game - I’m struggling getting past 1400 on most levels but top stuff. A more complex Auckland with busses would also be great - much like the real thing. Top stuff..Version: 1.37.3

Immensely Fun in it’s own simple wayI’ve always had a fascination for trains, but totally underestimated how immensely engaging this game is. Both a puzzle and simulation, it’s one of those games, in which once you start, it’s hard to put down. Each time you play you feel like you’re getting better at it, recognizing the patterns and figuring out ways to strategize the best routes for your daily commuters. And in no way was it ever complicated either. A relaxing game that I like to pull out during down times, long lines, and yes, even train rides..Version: 1.10

Amazing game, plays well even on small screen iPhoneIn the 1970s, the New York subway had a series of iconic and very famous route maps built on a simple, geometric, and stripped down aesthetic scheme designed by Michael Calcagno. This game takes what is essentially Calcagno’s design scheme and expands it into a worldwide mass transit rail system and management exercise. But trust me, you can play this game in a variety of ways: relaxing via “endless” and “creative” modes or with increasing difficulty challenges presented by each new map. Like the my review title suggests, I’ve been playing this game on a small iPhone screen, which presents something of a dexterity and precision learning curve that nonetheless ultimately does not detract from this game’s satisfaction. I’ve never played mini metro on an iPad but I’m sure it’s even more amazing..Version: 1.38

Very Nice GameThis Game is very fun for me because I love maps and cities. I am not sure how many people would be into it, but the strategy is very interesting, although hard. Problems: 1. It’s too hard. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t beat any of the level. Maybe I just need to practice and strategize, but I can’t even beat the tutorial, so maybe it should be a little easier 2. Rules explained? There is a tutorial (although hard to find), but I think that the rules should be spelled out more. You are kind of just immediately sent into the game with no rules or anything. I would like for it to be explained how do everything before you start the game (or even just at all) 3. An easier way to delete lines would be much better 4. Right now, I am stuck on New York on endless mode and I don’t know how to get out..Version: 1.9.3

Addictive and challengingI put this app away for a little while but started playing it again recently when I went on a vacation. It’s a wonder that my wife got a word out of me the whole time. This has to be one of the most addictive games ever made. Not only that but the music is just right and the graphics are amazing..Version: 1.12.1

Perfect game but I have a bugThe game is perfect aside from a small bug, When I close the app any saved progress is lost, I have not been able to unlock any new maps aside from the starting three when I load the app back up, I’m not sure what the issue is.Version: 1.52

New featuresJust downloaded and been playing an hour. It’s a good concept, game and art style. Only improvement I can say is a better train management system. I wish I was able to see a number for the trains/carriages I have per line. I found that I would lose track of which line had how many trains Other than that, good job team.Version: 1.41

NiceMy ADHD brain will not let me sleep until I reach 2K transported on London, I’ve got 1.7k but rrrrr. Trying different tactics is fun and when you find a system that works a little better than the last each time learning slight improvements to efficiency. The game hits the peeks as you piece it together. And the it crumbles apart as you become more overwhelmed an need a new tactic.Version: 1.47.1

Surprisingly addictiveHonestly thought a tube management game would be really boring but it's beautiful and incredibly fun. Challenging without being impossible. Anyone who loves city management games etc would recommend this!.Version: 1.8

Great gameLooks and sounds great - quite soothing. Each level a challenge. Can get a bit fiddly when it gets busy on screen but overall absolutely love it. Well worth a small price for this one..Version: 1.9.3

Not a review of this particular game, but...Hi Dinosaur Polo Club, I've just tried to play Mini Motorways on Apple TV. There's nowhere to leave a review or comment via that medium, but the game description doesn't specify that a controller (game pad) is required to play the game. I've noticed on other games' descriptions there is a 'controller required' icon utilised - so please could you add this to the description (or amend the game to be playable with the Siri remote - whichever is more viable). Many thanks!.Version: 1.40

Mini Metro is stunning.The simple design and simple gameplay make a very relaxing task out of conducting the flow of subway traffic in the city. It really teaches you to think about how to add all the small parts together without the need to force a guide down your throat, and has you wonder how people manage to perform these tasks in the real world..Version: 1.9.3

Wonderful gamePlease add more cities and infrastructure / train types or have the option for bullet trains to be an upgrade option.Version: 1.53.3

Add Beijing pleaseSo looking forward to add Beijing!.Version: 1.4

Love this game, wish there was more to do!Game is great, loved playing it for the first 15 hours or so but the capabilities aren’t very vast, as well they don’t really update the game. there is only about 5 options that you can use to grow (locomotive, cabooses, bridges, interchange & high speed locomotive). As well the high speed locomotive is only available on 2 maps. 1 of them you only get one high speed locomotive. If there were more options to add high speed locomotives, different types of transit like trams that could carry more people but are slower, or another way to grow your network would be super cool!.Version: 1.53.3

If only mini motorways was available to buy 😡This is my favourite iPad game to date and I have played it since release. The developers are continuously supporting the game tweaks and new levels and gameplay modes so you won’t get bored. The minimalistic graphics work perfectly and there is a dark mode for people like me if you don’t want a glaring white screen. One thing I would like adding is a screen shot of the leading daily challenge players game. This would help people like me to tweak their tactics, as I always seem to be a few hundred deliveries away from the top. Plus it would highlight the cheats, as sometimes it is obvious that someone has used a hack to gain a ridiculous score. Fantastic game and worth every penny. I just wish mini motorways was available to buy as I don’t intend to subscribe to Apple and I’ve enjoyed playing it on my free arcade period. Shame it’s the only game on there worth playing..Version: 1.46

MarvellousA very enjoyable traffic engineering game. Easy to understand and play. Obviously the polished result of careful refinement..Version: 1.1

The Start of Something GreatI have been addicted to this app since I downloaded it. The aesthetics are wonderful and the feedback to touch is very well thought out. The concept is really cool and the fact that the maps are really cities makes it that much more enjoyable. However, having been playing it so much, I’ve found a couple frustrating things with the game play. The best part of the game is getting to design your own metro system and having to figure out what’s most efficient. When and where stations pop up seems too random and are arranged in no way like they would be in a city (denser in the middle, less dense around the peripheries). Likewise, it makes sense for more and more stations to pop up quickly in the beginning, but for stations to continue popping up at the same rate once the system is pretty big makes no sense and takes the fun out of it. A logic problem gets turned into a random scramble. This game desperately needs other game modes, especially with the price it’s asking, but it has tons of potential..Version: 1.10

I love this gameBut why do the big stations not have the ring that tells you how long you have till you lose.Version: 1.38

Dear creators:Hi, I would like to see my subway trains NOT skip stations, it’s messing up my schedule and making one follow another. thank you , and good game you built! Ignore the hater 1 star guys.Version: 1.38

WonderfulA wonderful game that I always enjoy playing. I look forward to more maps in the future. I’m hoping Vancouver, Portland and Victoria can be added. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.45

Fun but needs an undo featureAn enjoyable game to play to kill time. Really easy to play but hard to master. My only gripe is that sometimes a game can be ruined by “fat fingers” when the game incorrectly senses you want starts a new line or drag an existing one to a station when you didn’t mean to. An undo feature would fix this and up the score to five stars..Version: 1.10

Good Game But Can you addDear Dinosaur Polo Club I think it would be cool if you could name stations, please maybe only in creative mode. Thanks - EMINICK95 (a user since 2015).Version: 1.38

Fun but frustratingI’m enjoying the game but finding the controls rather fiddly, I often end up dragging the wrong colour line from a station and I can’t work out how to remove a station from a line (sometimes dragging near the station works but often I accidentally add even more lines!). If the controls were clearer it’d be a 5 star review..Version: 1.9.3

Very cool game but...Cool game and I’m getting very into it, but there appears to be a bug where stations that are filling up get serviced by a train that has a ton of empty space, but the train just drives right through the station and doesn’t pick anyone up, and then the station gets overcrowded and it’s game over. So it’s frustrating to have a good game going, only to have it derailed (pun intended) by a glitch. Anyone else experience this?? When the game works well, it’s awesome. But it’s hard to get really invested and committed to a game when you can be doing everything right and then a bug in the game results in game over..Version: 1.37.4

Use the Features to your advantage!The pinch to zoom in and out features and the pause function – and this stress of this puzzle turns into motivation! This game is just engaging enough and very stimulating!!.Version: 1.47.2

I'm addictedI love this game and can't stop playing it. Hong Kong (which is the city I play the most right now) occasionally crashes. Any idea why? I also downloaded the Steam version. Is there a way to link my iOS account? Feature requests: a way to delete entire lines easily and/or a way to remove a station from a line without destroying and recreating the line up to that point. Maybe a press and hold trick? Thank you!.Version: 1.8

BestGamerEver (maybe😂)Absolutely love this game, love how soothing and calming the music is, definitely think every human on the planet should have this game, love how there are no in app purchases, I definitely give it a 5 star rating(6 if I could) well done for making this game 😁👌😆.Version: 1.9.3

Add friends list on game centreReally good! But one thing missing: ability to compare scores with friends on game centre. If it’s possible, it’s not easy to find out (I’m still trying to see if I can add friends via game centre on this app).Version: 1.39

Simple, no simply funI found this game while looking for something that didn’t require hour of micromanaging, nor guilt for not playing, nor ads to have to tap through at randomly inopportune times. The basic colors and no frills graphics are great and allow you to focus on game play. There are several modes of play and several basic maps of real places. The game starts off kind of slow, but can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t pay attention. I have only been playing for a day, but I love it. So far my average game lasts about 15-20 mins, which is perfect for the great quick little pocket game. The developers have a mention of wanting people to help create a community to develop simple yet fun games. It makes me wish I knew how to program. But my hats off too them, and if they create other games in the simple yet fun genre I’m “all aboard”. There was a PS3 game called Eden by Pixel Junk that has a similar feel. It would be incredible to see if this developer could make a game like it. Thanks so much for this awesome Mini Metro game, I’m loving it!.Version: 1.41

Tremendous potentialI just wish there was more of a guide about things like how to remove a station from a line and things like that. Some of it is intuitive, but some things I’ve only done by accident when I didn’t want to. I haven’t been playing that long, but so far I’ve always ended up starting a line I hadn’t meant to and being unable to undo it, or accidentally connecting a station I hadn’t meant to. Is there a guide somewhere? I haven’t found one. Still, stylish and fun..Version: 1.10

New branch featureHi i love the game and I'm overly obsessed with it i think it would be cool if u guys added in a branch feature where a new weekly reward option by the name of branch This feature allows to add a branch to a chosen line meaning it can have two different ends It would also be good if u guys added a statistics feature where u could view how many trains, carriages and average wait time in each line Thx for this great game i hope it gets better as we go kn.Version: 1.40

#best game ever🎮Probably one of the best games I love how many things there are the money is so worth it mane rather than game over the station could go away or just to many closed stations could end the game but still best thing PLAY THIS GAME!!!.Version: 1.38

Calm to chaotic, mimics lifeYou have to create a functional system in which all the parts work well together. I like that it trains my mind to analyse in this way! A nice minimalist format, quite a pure strategy puzzle with hypnotic droning ambient soundtrack. Refreshing to play a game that has a sense of urgency which is constructive, nonviolent, yet not as simple as „beat the clock.“ For mature audiences only (as with chess, for example, only instead of conquering, you facilitate collaboration)..Version: 1.41

Wonderful, but could be even betterI absolutely adore this game. It’s simple, clean, and always interesting because of the randomization. The app icon is clean enough that I don’t even have to stuff it away in a games folder (as I do with most other games)! The reason I’m writing this review is because I’d like more features. Namely, unlocking smarter trains (for example, intelligent timing); and perhaps random events (like repairs, emergencies, etc). I think the game is wonderful how it is, I just think a few simple additions could make it even better..Version: 1.10

Simple, Satisfying, AddictiveAll the right qualities for a hit game. Thanks Dino guys!.Version: 1.3

This game rocksLove the look the feel and the replay ability. Well done. Worth the price.Version: 1.39

Simple but complexA simple game with layers of complexity. Highly recommended..Version: 1.41

Do a Kyiv metro plsKyiv has a metro system that would be great to add to the library!.Version: 1.50.1

WowThis was the first app that I purchased in at least a year, and I have not been disappointed. Everything about this app makes it a thing of beauty, the simple layout, the easy controls and the amount of freedom in creativity it gives you, and for such a small price, this is definitely one of the best and most worth it apps on my bus store..Version: 1.10

AMAZING, But...I am incredibly impressed with this game. It has great, simple and bold art, a great concept, levels, extra features and Game modes. If I could, I would rate this 4.5 stars, but one thing is stopping me from rating this great game 5 stars, and that is whet is getting picked up be the trains. Lots of the time, I would lose to this. The trains would pick up people from some stations, but sometimes, they would skip some. I have even seen empty trains skip stations that are overcrowding. Because of this, I am raging a lot at this game. I understand that this is not a glitch and that it’s supposed to be like this, (at least I think so...) but I really think that you should change this to have every stain go to every station. This is still an awesome game though and I really recommend it..Version: 1.38

Good game but found bug.In playing I find that if you try to move a train from one part of a track to another when trying to save an overcrowding station the train will not stop at the first station it passes after it is moved..Version: 1.52

Mini metroGreat game.Version: 1.50.1

Wonderful,Very easy to slip into and get lost. Glad I got this iPad version than the PC one, because it is absolutely a game to travel with!.Version: 1.10

Very soothing and satisfying!A great game to play during a pandemic. Very relaxing and helps pass the time quickly while zoning out a bit from real life..Version: 1.41

Melbourne won’t unlock extremeGreat game but I’m experiencing a small glitch. I’ve successfully scored 1,000 in Melbourne with one station connecting all lines - but extreme hasn’t been unlocked. Can you fix this?.Version: 1.41

This game is good!I rate it 4 stars it’s good but not perfect. I would like more levels though.Version: 1.49

Great diversion.Never remotely the same, even doing a single scenario over and over; always a different ambush down the road..Version: 1.8

Simply beautiful and addictiveReally enjoy this for it’s simplistic style combined with a clever game play. I like that they have resisted the temptation to over complicate it as there is heaps of playability just as it is. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.10

Replacement bus service not needed!The rules are simple and the look is smart. Gameplay gets quite intense but you can get a good network going before things start getting chaotic. The updates are very good because they include entertaining new maps. I like the way the gameplay develops from simple constructions of loops and lines into more complex alterations, pausing and zooming in to improve the commute!.Version: 1.50.1

RepetitiveI think game is amazing and has a really good idea just needs to be worked on a bit more like more features and stuff. For diff maps because after about 10 maps it gets very very repetitive..Version: 1.38

No dedicated save functionThere is no save option that I could find. You have to force quit and it will save for you. You can only keep that one save though. The game itself is really fun, a very simple concept and beautifully simple design.Version: 1.41

Why Apple Arcade?I absolutely LOVE this game, it so Simple yet so addictive, and I’ve spent hours perfecting my maps so I get the best score or nicest looking railways. I always wanted to play mini motorways, but when I hear that it’s been put on Apple Arcade, I was a little disappointed. Anyway, I thought they would at least not put mini metro on there, but NOOOO, they had to upload it to Apple Arcade. I just think more people are missing out that Joining if it’s on Apple Arcade. Apart from me yabbering on about that, great game, definitely recommend (btw, the four stars is bc it’s on Apple Arcade if u didn’t figure that out).Version: 1.47.2

Mini (T&W) MetroI’ve actually been playing this for years on the Mac but I’ve just recently got an iPad and I love playing it on the big screen. Essentially you end up finger-painting Subway maps. It’s so much fun. The challenges are tough but not off-putting, and the Endless mode is quite fun too..Version: 1.53.3

FantasticFirst review I’ve ever written for an app—it’s that good. From the adaptive music to the design aesthetic, I absolutely love the feel of this game. Also, it somehow balances the mix between beauty and strategic complexity. The traveling-salesman-esque problem presented by the game is complex, the kind of problem people study all the time in industry. Yet, it’s been disguised and gamefied into something fun and entertaining. The effect is that it feels chill if you just want to just listen to the cool music and zone out connecting shapes, but it has strategic depths that are worth exploring and really thinking about..Version: 1.10

Make a free Mini MotorwaysI played the free Mini Metro and it was so good and it would be great if you made a Mini Motorways that is free and isn’t in the Apple Arcade like Mini Metro. Thanks.Version: 1.53.1

Mass transit!!!A suggestion for a future update, we should be able to create bus lines between stations and perhaps bus interchanges. Much like the Auckland public transport system in New Zealand. Where the Bus Network and isthmus ferry services are heavily integrated with the commuter rail network. Obviously a bus network would be to large to implement, in a game designed for simplistic gaming, however limiting it, to only connecting major population centres. Perhaps the roll out of a mass transit update would create for more exciting/challenging gaming. In the coastal cities such as San Francisco & Singapore it would be great if we could creat ferry lines. Also more coastal could be added..Version: 1.10

Great game but I have a few suggestionsWhen a station becomes a metro it’s difficult to tell when it’s close filling up, the ticking circle around the stations that turn into metros should be larger. Also levels should tell you upfront on the main menu about the stats on the level, things like how many lines are available and how many trains allowed on a line, or if metros are available or not. Also I think extra lives should be an option..Version: 1.39

Not worth £3.99Until the last couple of days it was 99p and at that price was well worth the money. Now at four times the price I can’t see a justification. What have they added to an already simple game. It’s good but there are others available that do a similar thing. I had been recommending this to a number for friends but since the price increase I have stopped. Not mad just disappointed..Version: 1.40

Great gameTotally addictive, simple elegant concept. Most importantly, it grows in sophistication as you master it. One wish…to add the option of simple, unfussy background maps which reflect the culture and topography of each location..Version: 1.48

Minimal strategy puzzler that is very addictiveReally engrossing and challenging at times. It’s a challenge to move the passengers (different shapes) to a destination of the same type. Simple at first but gets much more complex the number of shapes and total number of passengers increases..Version: 1.9.1

BrilliantLove this game. Scratches an itch indeed! And NZ boys as well! Good stuff, let me know if you'd ever need music for games!!.Version: 1.5

User interface blocked by notchAwesome game but one year after the notch, doesn’t work still..Version: 1.37.3

Amazing game, HOWEVERI want to say that the money is totally worth it to play this game. It’s a good exercise for the brain but is really fun at the same time if you like this kind of stuff. I get a better understanding of how urban train systems work. However, I have a problem in which when I enter the app, only the title “MINI METRO” appears, and just stays in that loading screen. I tried offloading the app and re-uploading the data, but it still did the same thing. Hopefully one of the devs see this, because I really would like to play the game again.Version: 1.41

Someone directly copied your gameIt’s called Subway Idle and it’s a blatant ripoff of this game.Version: 1.45

Simple and funWas hesitant to purchase this, thought it might be too simple and would get board quickly. But it’s been put together very well and has plenty to keep to going. Well worth the money..Version: 1.38

Beautiful in it’s simplicitySuch a simple design makes it truly beautiful to watch as well as super simple to pick up and play. It gets nicely challenging without being horribly frustrating too.Version: 1.39

Brilliant Simple PuzzlerI absolutely love this game. It is easy at first once you get it. It isn’t a mindless puzzler like the match 3 games - you have to be vigilant. The sounds are perfect for a chill game and it becomes complex and challenging after the first few minutes. You have to try to learn the way the AI works while building your lines - which is tough and can be annoying when an empty train passes a full station by - but that’s part of the fun. Love it. Also - try it out! The developer has posted in several critical reviews how to get a refund. I appreciate a dev who wants people to pay only if they like it..Version: 1.40

So meditative!I live playing this game so much. The design is so beautiful and it feels really zen to watch the trains chugging along. Also like I’m helping people. My fave game by far.Version: 1.53.3

Excellent gameGreat game!.Version: 1.6.1

A joy to playSimple design yet so satisfying. Well engineered intuitive controls. If you are looking for an absorbing game that will have you coming back for more this is your game..Version: 1.40

Bug with achievementI just completed Chicago second achievement of 1400 passengers with eight stations per line and was not awarded the achievement. I got 1800 passengers delivered and screenshots to prove I didn’t violate the achievement. The tracker in the top left also verified I didn’t breaks the rule..Version: 1.53.2

IdeaHi developer your game is wonderful I find really addicting and worth the price I was hoping to use this as an online game but I have came to use it online too it is my favourite game. My idea is that you should add a career mode in this mode it is in a random city each passenger has to pay and you can buy tunnels, high speed, trains trams and bridges etc. I would like to see this and I hope you decide to soon add it in an update..Version: 1.37.4

Beautiful 🧠Perfect for making your brain work with the stress of running a mini metro and the style of the game it’s also beautiful.Version: 1.40

Cool gameThe gameplay is pretty tranquil but it gets more engrossing as the complexity is ramped up the music is complementary and easy to take (most music in games irritates me) always love the option of being able to play in zen mode with unlimited resources i wouldn’t say it was “fun” exactly but i really like it on the negatives: is it just me or is there a problem with Berlin? San Francisco also has largely empty trains that just won’t pick up passengers at certain stops — in either direction overall a good game - i recommend.Version: 1.53.1

Awesome game!I’m strangely obsessed with train games and this game fits the obsession. It’s heaps of fun, and perfect for a quick game or to play all day! Awesome to see such a great app by NZ developers too!.Version: 1.10

Innovative, interesting and funLoving this game. It looks beautiful and plays perfectly on an iPad screen. The fact it’s soothing, has a great style and I’m interested in the maps of the world is all an added bonus. 10/10 for me, a perfect game that works best on iPad..Version: 1.41

Hectic relaxationThere is a nice repetitiveness to this game that promotes relaxation even when the game gets hectic. As for gameplay... well it’s fun to use your fingers to move lines and trains around, it’s visually appealing to watch the trains shuttling riders around. The background music is smooth to the ears and it’s actually good. In this game when it gets crazy and everything is about to fall apart, the visuals, audio and gameplay seem to keep you from feeling overly hyper, and instead of being mad, you actually get a sense of relief when everything goes off the rails... then you play again 😁👍.Version: 1.12.1

Challenging, interestingI didn't think this would be so engaging, but it is. real cities, too, which adds to the interest.Version: 1.10

Seriously relaxingHonestly, one of the best ways to unwind after a hard day of contract writing. Systematic zen bliss!.Version: 1.6.1

Love this game; more cities?I absolutely love this game. i blew through the existing cities and modes pretty quickly though and would love to see more cities. particularly los angeles. LA has a growing network of light rail (and two subway lines), covering a vast basin and two valleys with short (2-3 cars) but frequent (every 12 min) trains, and there are hills and a river to cross. i think it would be super fun and could be made pretty challenging. i was disappointed to see such a huge and unique metro area absent from the game. other than that it’s a killer and i highly recommend..Version: 1.12.1

AddictiveI highly recommend this game but be warned you’ll be spending many hours playing.Version: 1.41

Excellent and relaxing!The game is so relaxing and soothing, especially the endless mode. I find myself spending hours just chilling and watching my little trains roll around. Would love to see a Sydney map if possible! It would be so much fun trying to manage crossing the iconic harbour ❤️.Version: 1.53

Best of the App Store 2016.Prediction in..Version: 1.1

Pretty Good Game 👍Although I have a question on one of the mechanics. Why do trains sometimes skip stations? In my last match I had an engine and carriage filled almost entirely with square passengers heading for a square station that was about to overcrowd and I thought “good, this should work itself out”. But then the train went right passed it and to the next station. Why do they sometimes do that? Otherwise fun game and I am enjoying playing. :).Version: 1.49

AwesomeSimple concept, but it's been absolutely perfected..Version: 1.5

Great on phone, not good on laptopFantastically addictive game on phone. But I found the screen too small and paid £10 for the desktop version but the gameplay is not as good. Developers - have you changed the algorithm for the desktop version? The stations seem more random, so it loses the fun strategy about lines and interchanges, and it becomes a more boring waiting game to increase capacity. Please give the desktop version the same station algorithm. Then it would be great and 5 stars..Version: 1.37.4

Like a mini underground SimCityCool little game which is a lot of fun if you enjoy managing limited resources against the clock. Highly recommended..Version: 1.3

Incredible Game.Thanks for the amazing game, it always manages to keep me occupied. Please continue to update it and add more levels and features (:.Version: 1.41

SuggestionsHello! I love mini metro but I feel like it could use some updating like making more maps. You should make some maps only be accessible by beating maps on expert mode. You could add maybe more design such as a bigger colour palette like adding shades of green, blue, yellow, and some simple deco, maybe some hills and trees. I could suggest weather effects and broken tracks that could alter the way the trains move (Maybe in expert mode). If you are gonna add that in, you should give the player a maintenance check (or 2) every week so that they can remove the effects. Also I have an idea for the stations. I would suggest making more shapes like parallelograms, hearts, crescent/moon, half circles, hexagon, and trapezoids. Making them different shapes unlike circles and triangles will make it feel like the little shapes are going somewhere specific, unlike if it wants to go to a circle station, they just go to the nearest one. I feel like the weekly challenge needs to have some sort of unique property to it (like less lines or no stopping the game to think) These are just ideas, and it’s ok if you don’t want to add them in if you don’t like it. Thanks!.Version: 1.52

Great game, but add land/water details!I haven’t looked back since spending $4.00 on this masterpiece of a game. I hesitate to call it a game, but rather, a study into random growth and optimized connectivity. The only thing I would like, and perhaps make this an option, but I think river/lake labels and land marks would help make the game more informative! Learning the ins and outs of metro growth is great, but I think people would benefit from polishing their geography knowledge as well..Version: 1.41

So relaxingThis game is very relaxing when you’re not trying to hard. It gets a bit more difficult the more time goes on and I’m usually pretty proud of myself when something overcrowds. On the other hand if you want you can play super intense grabbing interchanges and cairrages instead you f new lines for safety, pausing every time a shape ur grades and rebuilding everything. This game is super addictive and most of my friends now also play because of me..Version: 1.50.1

Deeply pleasing 🚊This game is my life now.Version: 1.1

OutstandingThis little game I have always enjoyed. It never gets boring. Brilliant!.Version: 1.51

IncredibleYep I’m addicted.Version: 1.50.1

Addictingly dangerously gameWarning: this game will make you sympathise with train companies when you’re delayed on the way home. This game, despite its charming minimal look, is an addictive and deceptively difficult management game. Keeping your lines free of crowding and having lines run straight instead of snaking around is challenging, and I won’t stop until I get 2000 passengers in Osaka!.Version: 1.10

One of the best games aroundHave been playing this reliably for years now. It’s innovative, engaging, easy to get started, and extremely fun!.Version: 1.38

Love it, but unlocking new maps?This game is amazing but the latest update description says that u can unlock other Paris, London and New York maps after passing 1000 passengers in each level.... Iv done this but no new maps. Am I missing somthing?.Version: 1.12.1

AwesomeLove this game, it's so addictive and satisfying!! The concept is simple but effective, and it's fun figuring out which maps would work the best. I love the sound design too!! Four Stars only because the game requires you to fail a level in order to get a high score rather than keeping a running high score. I got a hang of the game pretty quickly so after my first few attempts I managed to get a network that seemed to run endlessly. I reached into the 3000s in points before deciding to restart to play again, only for my score to not be recorded. It now says my London high score is in the 600s from my early attempts which doesn't reflect the time I put into the game which is irritating. That being said, the game is still really fun, and I no doubt will manage to get up to that score again!.Version: 1.40

The best of its kindIf you’re trying to decide between that stupid subway idle game and this. Choose this!!! This is my bedtime game, try to play for a little while, always ends up being over an hour lol but it makes me tired and when I close my eyes I can just picture the little carts following their lines and I’m OUT!.Version: 1.45

Great game!I haven’t been with the game for too long (I haven’t even unlocked all the places) but this game is so much fun. It’s a great game to play when you have nothing else to do, and it helps your brain work with how you place your tracks or whether to take lines or carriages. Even though this game costs a bit of money, it is definitely worth it if you’re tired of the other games on the App Store, and don’t want annoying ads or in game purchases..Version: 1.43

So addictive and satisfying!I love this game, I brought it on PC, iPhone and tablet.. I still play it all the time whenever I have any downtime, even after over a year. My suggestion would be if we could designate a station drop off or pickup only on certain lines please.Version: 1.40

LoveI so love this game.Version: 1.53.1

Simply AwesomeI didn't think Mini Metro could get any better but I was so wrong. The new iPad version is AWESOME and it's so pleasing to play it on this platform. Well done to the developer for making such a great game and to the artist for the simple yet stylish and effective art work. I'm happily addicted..Version: 1.1

2 Features to Add (Maybe)I feel that this game should be able to extend a line of the same colour in an unusual way. What I mean is, if you make a line that goes from point A to point C, stretch that same line out from point B & create a whole new train line that doesn't end @ point C. Also, give passengers the ability to transfer from 1 station to another nearby, if possible. Otherwise, this app deserves 5 more stars..Version: 1.41

Awesome and uniqueIt’s a unique game to play and I have been looking for a game like this for a while. 10/10 would recommend!!!👍👍👍😁😁😁😃😃😀😀.Version: 1.38

Big Brain TimeReally fun and imaginative. Found this game on a puzzle review and it is pretty much exactly as fun as I expected. I really like how there are many areas to choose from, and the fact that you actually choose your own upgrades. It’s all too easy to lose, but the fun part is learning how to prevent that in the future. If you don’t have anything to do, pick up the game. Honestly £4 isn’t all that much..Version: 1.39

Great fun gameChallenging strategic game that’s fun to play. Starts off easy but becomes a chaotic in no time!.Version: 1.38

ObsessiveStunning surprise purchase. Highly recommended..Version: 1.5

Bet game I’ve ever playedMini metro is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s worth the money all through. The only thing that annoys me is that on the London metro there are more lines but except that every thing is amazing.I could play it forever.Version: 1.52

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