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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Negative Reviews

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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share app received 81 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share? Can you share your negative thoughts about google docs: sync, edit, share?

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Buggy UpdateI have always loved using Google Docs, but since the most recent update, it has become a hassle. Every time I navigate away from the app, upon returning, the on-screen keyboard blocks the text, making it impossible to see where I'm currently typing. To resolve this, I have to save the document and then restart editing. This becomes particularly stressful when I have to navigate away from the app frequently. I'm not sure if everyone else is experiencing this, but the issue started after I applied the most recent update a few days ago..Version: 1.2024.01201

Poor iPad performanceThe app looks extremely promising however after weeks of usage google docs become extremely frustrating to use on the ipad. You cannot highlight over text, move images around, by default you are viewing not editing. Personally, I think the app was built around people using the touch screen rather than people using the magic keyboard. I would recommend uninstalling the app and using the web version to enjoy the full features of google docs..Version: 1.2021.34203

Slow and crashes oftenThis app is frustrating to use. There’s a significant delay between typing and words appearing on the document, and when typing quickly, words tend to lag then appear duplicated on the document as the system catches up. The app is slow especially in my bigger documents where navigation and editing become tiresome. Moving to another app or locking my device causes the app to reset as though opened for the first time, making me have to reopen documents and find my place in them again. In addition, the app crashes often even in response to using basic functions like the find and replace tool. Many features of desktop Google Docs like viewing version history are also absent from the app. It makes me not want to use the app at all, which is frustrating because there’s nothing better than the desktop version for what I want to do..Version: 1.2023.36201

Previously Solid, Now a HassleFor ages, this has been my go-to app for writing (especially after dark mode was introduced), but the last two updates have made it more of a pain to use than just using the built-in Notes app and reformatting later. It no longer automatically scrolls when I reach the bottom of the screen, so I constantly have to stop to swipe up or type without seeing what I'm writing. It also has a new bug where if I navigate away from the app, I can't see the text at the bottom if it's longer than the length of the screen. I have to tap the done arrow, navigate down, then double tap to resume writing. It still has the old bug where it occasionally would look like there was still another line of text that you'd already erased until you hit enter. Honestly, that one didn't knock any stars off for me. I can hit enter and backspace without losing my train of thought. These new ones actively hamper my work. Edit: I fixed the scrolling issue by uninstalling and reinstalling (not sure why that escaped me), so I revised the review to be three stars. The inaccessible text remains an issue, however. I have a question up in the Community. If a solution comes up, I'll revise this again..Version: 1.2023.49200

Frustrated with the cursor select (or lack there of)I like this app a lot, it’s well organised, works like a charm for the most part. But the reason I give this a low score is the lack of a cursor drag. In every other app I’ve used, I can hold down my finger over the cursor and move it around freely. In this it’s non-existent which blows my mind why they’d omit such an integral feature of iOS hell, any mobile interface for that matter. This sounds like a minute thing but when it comes to scrolling back through text to correct a mistake it becomes a nightmare to edit. The lack of this killed the experience for me completely, making what would be a smooth process into an absolutely stressful and infuriating one. Such a simple thing as well!.Version: 1.2019.42204

Prepare to waste time tapping and sighing, tapping and sighing..Google Docs really ought to be great. And yet, somehow, it’s massively irritating. An example, you tap on a link, presumably because you want to open it. A dialogue opens up, one of the options being open link. So, sighing a little, you tap on that. Another dialogue opens up. Would you like to download Chrome to view that link. No, no I wouldn’t. So you hit the slider to tell it to stop asking you that question, and you hit the open button next to Safari. Finally, after 4 taps, the link opens. Then you try to open the next link, and the whole tedious process repeats itself. I’d cheerfully delete the thing were it not for workplaces clinging to Google Docs like the last piece of driftwood in the middle of a lake. Every encounter I have with Google Docs just makes me sad..Version: 1.2018.04203

Easily one of the worst apps I have ever usedNowhere near the capabilities of Pages or Word on iOS and iPad OS. Clunky, badly designed, outdated, completely different from the web version in a time when feature parity is becoming standard. Mind-boggling choices including messing up keyboard shortcuts so that Google Docs must be the only productivity app released in the past 20 years in which the most standard text editing shortcuts produce totally unexpected behaviour. No, dear UX designer — you probably don’t know better than all of humanity that came before you. Google doesn’t hire amateurs, which leaves but one option: in a laughable attempt to devalue iOS, they choose to serve users a deliberately sub-par experience. Shame on you. Why do I use it, then? Google Workplace and the unrivalled superiority of Gmail, alongside “Sign in with Google” across many websites I use for work..Version: 1.2022.26200

Table cell Fill colour bug and crashOn our iPas Pro 2020 with latest iOS, if you select a cell in a table and try to use the Fill command, the text inside the cell goes invisible. IE, if you had black text in a neutral cell and then tried to set the Fill colour to light blue, the text is no longer visible, despite being black. If you then select outside the table are, the app quits and has to be re-launched. So, two bugs: 1. Cannot colour an inserted table cell. 2. After trying to colour a cell, if you then click outside the table, the app quits. Both these (related?) issues happen every time..Version: 1.2021.46200

Why can’t I just use the freaking site !!I hate the fact the across on google add one such as maps , slides etc that you have to get the app on the phone !! Like omg why can’t I just use it online and it somehow just stops working cause it continues to say go to the app download the app I wish that google would just let us use it on the browser instead of having to go through all this trouble of downloading logging in just something to think about !!.Version: 1.2022.44204

Very badIt just over sucks and I don’t recommend it.Version: 1.2020.14205

Needs Apple Pen supportGoogle docs is great for work makes sharing and editing documents super easy. But it is really disappointing that google apps don’t support Apple Pencil. Even if it was just handwriting to text it would make a huge difference..Version: 1.2022.16201

Not great.I like the interface and many small aspects of this app, such as being able to use it without WiFi, but for what ever reason the version for iPad was really slowing me down from doing important work for an important deadline. When I was trying to create a new doc, it showed me a message saying:’error creating document we were unable to create your new document. Please try again later’. This message popped up several times after retrying. I had also multiple occasions when the app crashed. There is also another problem that occurs while I am editing: ‘error editing text there was an issue while editing. Please retry opening this document.’ This also happened to me roughly 2 times. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.Version: 1.2018.40201

Devices Change ThingsWhen I was on the laptop I had the image perfectly placed but after I visited it on my iPad which is around the screen size but about a couple millimetres different but where the picture was changed. You could put it back but after I left the doc the picture changed again and it’s really annoying because you would need to change it again. But it’s overall a great app for writing..Version: 1.2021.18204

Browser is betterThe app is great for simple typing and editing but anything beyond that scope is difficult as the app is not very well integrated with the iPad cursor support. This wouldn’t be much of an issue, but when the app is opened in safari I am able to use all features that come in the desktop version of google docs. A lot of these features such as being able to use a cursor to select sentences and use desktop class editing makes google docs much easier just from the browser..Version: 1.2021.38203

Good app, but things need to change.This app is, very accessible and can be used anywhere. But it’s very slow, it’s laggy. And it’s not that I have a bad and lag device I’m on an IPad Air 2. And something that has really put me off is that when I highlighted my whole docs the app completely crashed. And for some reason everything that was highlighted was completely deleted? I’ll be leaving a 1 Star for now because I’ve really been put off by this..Version: 1.2019.28202

It’s annoyingIt’s so bad it’s you can highlight anything it’s trash.Version: 1.2020.14206

🙈❤️10/10🤭❤️.Version: 1.2023.06203

Not really my cup of tea, not great for use on iPadsThe controls and set up of this app would be great for a desktop application, but not for mobile devices such as iPads, which I use. It’s jumpy, inserting and moving around pictures can be a pain, and it can get some pretty bad glitches, along with sometimes crashing and not saving my work... It honestly just feels like a desktop app scaled down for mobile use, which I guess is okay for occasional use, but not if you need a good app for frequent use for schoolwork or hobby writing. I don’t recommend it if you need an app to use frequently on your mobile device. We use it for our schoolwork because it DOES have some easy sharing/group editing features, which is why I’m giving it 2/5 instead of 1/5. Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea. It doesn’t really feel very well done, in my opinion..Version: 1.2020.16203

Good functionality, doesn’t pull live contentThe app is pretty good, has a lot of functionality and does let me keep up to date on the go. However, it’s terrible at fetching new versions of documents. If my team and I are working from a doc, when I open it, it will never be the latest version, and you can’t manually get it to check for updates so you’re working from the latest version, you just have to wait for it to realise there’s an update which can sometimes take minutes. This is a glaring oversight on an otherwise good app..Version: 1.2021.06204

Horrible bug -no way to contactUPDATE: Second bug that affects productivity in a year. Highlighted text does not show word count. I guess because the app isn’t paid we have no recourse other than to send feedback (no response) and wait for a fix (two weeks and still waiting). This is a bummer that there literally is no one to contact. I am on docs all day for work and the app is my preferred method (dark mode) of saving eyesight. Incredibly disappointed in the lack of responsiveness. So the message boards are full of unhappy people who can’t work right now because of a new bug that causes text to disappear. We’ve all come to rely on this app for our work and writing, and now that it is essentially unusable (in the app, but the website is ok), we’re all scrambling. No number, email, or chat for support with google docs. My work and the work of many others has been disrupted. I use this app for the dark mode since I am on my ipad 14 hrs a day. It’s now impossible to use and so far there has been nothing done to fix it. I hope to get a developer response and a fix for this ASAP. I managed to have a chat with someone but it was for drive, not docs, so no help was given. I sent feedback and have gotten no acknowledgement either. It’s a nightmare..Version: 1.2023.37201

Great Website, HORRIBLE iPad AppI love using google docs, i use it for school and i have the new iPad with the keyboard so it sometimes feels like a laptop. Well I downloaded the google docs app, and the whole interface is nothing like the web version. I tried using it today for an essay and I ended up opening safari and using google docs there because all the controls i needed were on the web version. Why limit the app to basic things like bold,italic,highlight, and font/size? There’s not even a size issue because I can load the same google docs that’s on computers on the safari app on the iPad. And the fact that you have to manually open the settings and tap “print layout” every time you open the app to make sure its not just a continuous white roll of paper is so annoying. Then you always have to tap the screen to bring up a menu that has a button to edit the doc as if you don’t already want to work on it. What do you think I’m doing? Staring at my paper? No I got work to do, If I wanted to review my paper without editing it I’d just I don’t know... not type words into my doc..Version: 1.2019.40201

Not as good as online docs - please allow online docs on mobile devices!When I am working on a doc in ‘Docs’ and I ‘Command + Tab’ to refer to another document or web page when I go back to ‘Docs’ I am put at the start of the document and have to scroll down of search the document to get to the right places every time, which could be numerous if I am copying information. ‘Docs’ have far more limited editing facilities than the online version - just let iPads and iPhones us the online version it is only HTML and coding which I am sure that they can cope with - let us have access to our Google Drive and files like a PC or Mac can - I.e. from Mail go to the GDrive link..Version: 1.2019.24203

Crashes and lagsOk, so I have a massive document that I’m always on, if I can actually try to type without the app crashing first the lag is so severe that I’m typing and it takes up to ten seconds to respond for each letter meaning that I will have typed an entire sentence before it actually does anything and then it might just crash anyway before it loads. Although this problem is only really for one document that has an obscene amount of pages it is really annoying since it’s my main document..Version: 1.2020.4205

Improvements for mobile appI love docs, I do, but in the mobile app I often get so frustrated with the fact that I can’t tab text to the column I’m trying to work with and when I work in Docs on the desk top and then want to continue on the mobile app when out and about all to often the tab functions I used while in the deck top are all screwed and Mia aligned in the mobile app. In order to realign the text I have to space over to where I want and then when I get back to the file on the desk top the doc is all messed up. It’s now getting so frustrating, that I’m now looking at other software I can Irma’s in the cloud the accomplish my work. Google, if you do actually read this, which I truly doubt, you should fix this. I can’t believe you haven’t caught this yourselves, but given your poor connection to and lack of customer facing people for human help and assistance. I shouldn’t be surprised..Version: 1.2023.24201

Can Be Really AnnoyingThis app can be really annoying to use, especially on iPads. On iPads, I usually cannot move or change the size of the pictures that I put in. It is a lot more limited than something like Microsoft Word, and isn’t nearly as good as editing grammar, punctuation, or suggesting edits to do with grammar. It can sometimes glitch and when you are using it for work or school this can irritate me a lot. Although to be fair, it is reasonably easy to use when you are not adding images or any other things like that. On laptops it is a lot easier to use because it is set out differently and has more actions. It is simple when sharing documents with other people and is good for when you just want to type up a simple document with nothing to complicated to add into it..Version: 1.2020.30201

Google did me wrong at the worst possible momentYou know how we all rely on google for turning in class assignments? Well... IT DID ME WRONG AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!! I take AP World History and had something due today and couldn’t get on it until this weekend but this week it was updated for a big fix that has going on for weeks now that is still going on!!! The app crashes at random times whether it’s long or short periods of time, and this week it’s gotten worse to the point I can’t even see my cursor when I type on my phone anymore and whenever I try to exit out of the page to refresh, I suddenly see two icons of my own account that was recently on the doc and and still see the cursor I recently used on my doc. I was copying and pasting my work from one box onto another but suddenly no matter how many times I double tapped on my screen, I couldn’t paste, forcing me to restart my phone and try again and once I got back on my doc, I realized I never pasted my paragraph back on the doc and now my work is lost until I can get on a computer tomorrow and search my version history and revive my lost work!! Sad to say, google can’t be relied on for everything especially when it’s been having a problem that gone unnoticed and unsolved for over 2 months now..Version: 1.2019.46202

SO MUCH worse than the competitionI'm forced to use the Google services with school, and I can see the merit in the web apps, the iPad apps are shocking. It lacks a number of key features that I’d like to use, has a confusing interface with regards to editing/not editing a document but worst of all its SLOW. Unlike literally every other app on iOS, there’s latency between tapping a key on the keyboard and it appearing on the document and for that alone, it’s near unusable. With Pages and Word, I have no preference to working on a computer vs an iPad but I can’t stand using docs on an iPad..Version: 1.2017.38205

Pros and Cons of DocsGoogle docs is very handy as it has eradicated the need for me to email things to myself which it what I used to do when I used pages. I can go into school and have the documents already there in the exact point that I left them, ready for me to carry on. I think one of the downsides is the lack of editing when it comes to pictures. I struggle to work out how to enlarge, minimise them or crop them to how I would like. Printing onto a hard document can also be time consuming as the pages run onto each other and so create a hassle why trying to print them out as pictures don’t match to the text they are meant to as they might run onto the next page. So, although there are a few improvements that need to be made, overall it is very handy and a key app to have if you are a student..Version: 1.2017.42202

Why can’t I convert to PDF?I don’t mind using google docs, on web it’s not too bad. But on the iPad app the website keeps trying to push me to, the experience is terrible. Trying to manage line margins, images etc. is a pain and why oh why can’t I convert docs into PDF, plain text or anything else worth saving? Also the toolbar at the top is so minimal, It doesn’t even tell me what font I’m writing in!. All these things are not a problem on the web version, but the iPad version it’s like google docs lite/rubbish. I’d much rather use the free web version or just pay for Microsoft Word if I need to get some real word processing done on the iPad..Version: 1.2021.42202

Not Worthy Of It’s FameI use google docs all the time, but within the last year it’s been having tons of issues. Not saving my work so when I go back it’s deleted. Not connecting so half the time my docs don’t even show up in the main page. Etc I would certainly never recommend this app and now I’m tempted to only use word. Cant wait to be rid of the app!.Version: 1.2023.06203

School workNo❤️.Version: 1.2020.38203

Not Quite Adequate — Especially for Real-Time CollaborationDo you want to type stuff into a Google Doc that other people can read later? This is fine. Do you want to edit documents other people have created? This will do it. Want to do that collaboratively while several of you are sitting around a table? Put away your iPad and go get a laptop. This app has significant deficiencies. Suggestions and comments are entirely divorced from their location in the document. Other features are similarly hobbled. The enormous list of “Recent” documents is useless. Creating a new document doesn’t even put it at the top of the list. That new document goes right at the root of your Drive, by the way, with no option to create it exactly where you want it. The only way to keep things organized is through a long series of taps to move your new document to the desired location. The modal Edit/View interface is enormously frustrating. I don’t really like using Google Docs on a traditional computer. Using it on an iPad is worse..Version: 1.2017.48212

For the “world’s most powerful search engine, you sure can’t build a user friendly document creator”I love that google docs lets you share your document and work simultaneously with others. It’s very convenient in that regard. However if there were another option for that purpose, I’d probably switch over. There are so many things in google docs that make it way harder and more frustrating than it needs to be. You can’t put text over an image, it’s a million steps just to find where text boxes are located, you can’t paste something in from Microsoft Word without the formatting being destroyed, it’s hard to set a tab-stop that will stay there when you move on to a new line, there are cntrl shortcuts that work for other document creators but not for google docs, and it’s almost impossible to customize a document to look different or engaging if you’re trying to make a handout. I could go on. I’m in my early 20s so it’s not like I’m just tech-incompetent—google docs is just needlessly frustrating to use. It’s all made more frustrating by the fact that google is such a huge company; they have the resources to make docs better but for some reason they don’t..Version: 1.2020.4205

NOOOO 😡👊🏼I actually really like google docs. It’s pretty fun but I HATE school so I guess I don’t like it that much 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.2020.44204

Google Docs but with double the glitches and half the functionality!Why can’t google do iOS apps??? I don’t want much but just something that works and that I can do all my normal Google Docs things on. This app over complicates a lot of basic things like adding commentary notes to docs . You can’t see the document in the shape of the page, so you can’t see what a doc will look like if printed for eg. The text format bar is tiny - missing most of what would normally be there. The File, Edit, Insert etc. bar is not there. You can’t even resize or move images. Worst bit is if I try to use the browser version iOS always insists I download this. Grr.Version: 1.2023.16200

Slowest app on the planetWhenever I use the app there’s a huge lag between when I type the words and when they actually appear on my screen, so much so that it renders the app practically useless. Please fix this. (Note: this has nothing to do with my connection as I can stream Netflix at high quality with no lags on the exact same wifi, which I tested when docs was lagging so it’s not that my wifi was bad only when I used documents either).Version: 1.2022.10202

Most stupid app everUGH. THIS STUPID THING DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY AND IS SO FRUSTRATING! 1) It glitches and recently it refused to let me open a doc which was an important assignment for school. Luckily, I was able to open it on the safari version and continue working on it. But still, regardless of the fact that I modified it and made a copy, it still wouldn’t open on the app version. I have had to delete and reinstall it multiple times. 2) Whenever I’m in a group document, nothing I do can be seen on my classmate’s screens. We all tried restarting the app and my friend eventually completely turned off her iPad, but it still didn’t work. 3) What’s with the lack of fonts and tools? This app is so lame. There are barely any features. It is nothing compared to Word. And not to mention it’s difficult to move and crop photos. Seriously, how hard is it for Google to make a decent word app? So please Google developers, actually put effort into your applications. This app is truly mediocre and I’m sad its actually required for school. Disappointing..Version: 1.2019.46202

Upgrade to 12Since the upgrade to 12 my documents have disappeared my iBooks stuff has disappeared completely. I am starting to panic to be honest. What the hell have I done ... I wish I had left well alone and stayed as I was. So many of the icons on my base page have gone so I don’t even know everything I have lost yet..Version: 1.2018.36202

Using this app on an iPad Pro (MacBook replacement)When using this app on a larger screen, I would expect to use the „real estate“ of the larger iPad screens more efficiently. For example, I would expect to have the document outline available on the left hand side of the screen, like using Docs in a browser. Also the comments, I would expect the option to have them visible on the right hand side if I want to. Likewise suggestions. It feels like the app was made for an iPhone vertical screen layout and not really optimised for an iPad horizontal screen layout. As a workaround, I recommend other iPad users: * Use Safari or your preferred web browser on the iPad * use the function „Request Desktop Site“ so that the server delivers the full website experience, not the spec‘ed down mobile version. (Unfortunately, iPad‘s are often treated like any iOS mobile device with default of iPhone optimised web-app experience.).Version: 1.2019.28202

Gets all your info then…..Downloaded this app. Had to set up an account they harvest all my information then logs me out! Try to log back in and wouldn’t you know it now it’s a fraudulent account and will not allow me to get back into it! Typical type app. How can it be fraudulent I’ve not even used it yet! Never got past the first page! Ridiculous. Just get all your personal information and then log you out. Don’t bother downloading this rubbish. Be very wary of any app that wants all your data before you can even try their app. Normally I don’t download anything if that’s the starting page but seeing as it was Google (probably the worst!) I thought should be ok. Oh no waste of time filling in all the fields with my personal data and can I delete it errrr no! Rubbish!.Version: 1.2024.04202

Typing is a nightmareAll the basics of a document’s format and settings is available, and I like how it save automatically, BUT on my iPad, iPhone and on the devices of all those I know, who also use the app, there is a significant time delay when typing, which is irritating as you have to wait for the typing to catch up. Then, if I want to delete the previous letter, for example, it will delete 2 or 3, and if I want to delete a word, it might delete a whole sentence, due to this time delay. I recommend Pages instead as this is not the case, and you can still export the document as a Word document, and it also saves automatically. Typing is so much more efficient and simple. (I have to use Google Docs for my assessor to access my work)..Version: 1.2019.08203

Links from email don’t workEvery time I get a link to a google docs file in my email, it goes to the app download on my iPhone - despite the fact that i already downloaded lodes google docs. Then when I click open it opens google docs but not the file. So I basically can’t use it on my iPhone..Version: 1.2020.47204

So annoying…Every time I switch from docs to another app and back to docs while I am editing, I can’t scroll to the bottom of the text anymore. I have to stop editing and start editing again to be able to scroll the pointer..Version: 1.2023.49200

Glitch.In the beginning, or rather when I began using this app, it was great. Since that time it has become increasingly more unstable. It glitches, shutting down mid-typing and then doesn’t even save the work (even after I’ve clicked the ‘done’ tick. It happened repeatedly in the space of ten minutes and I have rewritten the same sentences too many times. I’m hoping there will be some updates to this as soon as possible because I have been predominately using this for my work on my laptop and as it’s collaboration work it’s imperative to be used on google drive until the project is finished. If it continues, I can only recommend switching to OneDrive (I use this for my other teaching job) as it does not seem to have this issue..Version: 1.2019.28202

How does such a big company make such a below par appI expect more from a billion dollar company No tab key built into the app. u should know that mobile devices do not have tab keys and should build that into the ui of the app. Constantly draining battery. Not only is docs a power heavy app despite the fact that its a text editor with cloud save it also runs 24/7 in the background. I even turned off background app refresh and still if I got to screen time I have like 12-24 hours of docs everyday unless I remember to close it. Print layout vs dark mode. There is no print layout dark mode which means if I am trying to use dark mode then I will not know how my paper will actually look or how the lines will wrap. I can either know how my paper will actually look or use dark mode. there is no in between You cannot edit comments that are too long. If you make a comment that is more than like 1 sentence then try to edit it, it will only show as much of the text to edit as fits in the small initial text box. The box does not initialize a scroll wheel or expand to the size of the text based unless you are the one to type in it. As a developer idk how u could miss a bug like that for this long which leads into my bigger point. These bugs are not flying under the radar google just does not care enough to make an actually good app and so long as it functions then they don't care enough to put any real man power into one of the most popular apps on the appstore..Version: 1.2021.46200

Quality of life changesNo major complaints so far but a little quality of life changes could make this a bit better: (i am using an iPad to use Google Docs) Please make the option to toggle the print layout either completely on or off. What I mean is that when I open a document it always has print layout off, and when I turn it on, it will turn off automatically once I exit the Doc. I personally like the print layout toggle to be on by default as I can see when a page ends which is useful when I want to export a doc in PDF format. It is just a bit tedious having to constantly toggle the Print Layout function. Secondly, there should be a display for page number when I am in Print layout mode. There should be an option to display a word count somewhere in the screen (preferably at the bottom) because it is very tedious on an iPad to constantly check the word count (especially when we have character based assignments) when we don’t have shortcuts..Version: 1.2021.48204

Impractical for IOS use. Don’t recommend if you only have an iPad!Google docs works well on the laptop browsers, however IOS usage is another story. When my laptop I had used for google docs was destroyed, I felt nervous about continuing use of docs on my iPad that I already had. After using the app edition for several weeks I can confidently say, it needs much improvement. For starters a lot of the core laptop functions are either missing or hard to access such as the margin function and bullet point functions I.e changing the bullet symbols, sub bulleting etc. Another major annoyance is the single page format (everything is continuous as if it is one page) - it’s impossible for large documents to add numbers, see the proper format of the page etc. AND I have not been able to change my table of contents to update it. Additionally, overall this is a hard to use platform which should not be the case. The iPad screen size is only a fraction smaller yet the system is buggy, laggy and just hard to use. As a viewing platform this is an ‘ok’ app, but for the many users who don’t have laptops, you need to improve the interface and systems of this application to make it easier to USE..Version: 1.2021.42202

Google docsThis app is good for work, but what annoys me is that when your writing in a specific font, pressing return will cause it to turn back into Arial, the original font. Also, changing it to, say, Animatic SC, and then changing the size, it will then go right back to Arial. Please stop this from happening! It is plain horrible and super frustrating!!! Also, maybe make a little bit more fonts, because not a lot of them are very interesting and presentable! Sorry for this, but it is all true..Version: 1.2020.16203

🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢.Version: 1.2020.22203

So difficult on a IPadIt is so difficult on an iPad because it is so glitchy and when you type one letter after about 2-5 seconds later it appears on the screen, so slow. Plus I have to use it at school and all of my assignments have to by on docs. To be honest I prefer Pages more..Version: 1.2020.34204

Absolutely horrible on mobileThis app is horrible compared to the web version. Don’t even bother with this and just use the web version. This is nearly unusable. Not compatible with floating or slide to type keyboards..Version: 1.2023.06203

Deletes dataI use google docs to type up reports, nearly everyday. I type my notes on a variety of apple devices, and usually it works well enough. But occasionally it will pull up an old version of the document, sometimes a few weeks old, and it’ll delete all the previous weeks worth of notes I’ve written. Today I typed up my daily note on my ipad, all my notes were on there (I had used a MacBook Air earlier that week with no problem either). Afterwards I went onto an iPad mini to add to my note and it pulled up a version from over 2 weeks prior, showing none of my notes that I had recently written. I quickly pulled out my phone and checked the doc and it was the exact same on there, both completely sync’d up. I tried to check the history of the notes to see if I could see my deleted notes, but it didn’t have anything recent to show. The only was I was able to save my doc was by turning on airplane mode on my iPad and then opening the doc so that it wouldn’t update, and then turning the WiFi back on so it could make the others sync to it. This is extremely worrisome to use a service that is supposed to sync your notes across devices, but may actually delete all your data..Version: 1.2019.46202

El-bozoSuks.Version: 1.2023.08201

Come on man!!!You deleted my project bro!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2021.42202

Don’t even bother!!!I had been happily working on it’s predecessor for months when Google bought it out, and it was Rubbish ever after. Just typing is tedious beyond belief. The screen can lag up to thirty seconds behind the key strokes, and back spacing is worse. I can no longer user it, and am trying desperately to find a simple word processor that works!!! I may still have to go back to pen and paper at this rate. If this was only on my old iPad 2, or iPhone 4 (Using an iPhone 6 now), I could say it’s just the fact I need to upgrade. They destroyed a great word processor, one I wrote 400,000 words with only praise for it’s creators. NOT HAPPY :(.Version: 1.2017.48212

Spellcheck...Really?Don’t bother using Doc’s spellcheck, as it is almost as good as having a third grader edit your paper. Sometimes it catches a few mistakes, but it doesn’t catch but a small fraction of what Microsoft Word finds (and will fix automatically, or at least notify you immediately that something is jacked up). Also, sometimes it seems not to work at all. I’m not sure if it’s a “lagging” issue, a glitch, like one person mentioned in a previous post, or otherwise. I also dislike the ability to format, as all features (in general) seem harder to use and are more problematic than Word. Am I biased because I used Word for a decade or so before Docs arrived on the scene? Probably, but I still think there are many fixes needed before this is a reliable and user friendly platform. I’ve spoken to people who believe several of my gripes are due to a connectivity problem, as we use Docs in my school to write essays etc., but I don’t seems pretty frequent and we have issues often enough for me to complain to random strangers on this platform. Sooo, General Google, get on this please..Version: 1.2019.49203

‘Add Fonts’ capability is neededI love this app. The collaboration is cool, the ease of use and access is good, the layout is good. But there is just one thing missing... The capability to add fonts. On the desktop website for Google Docs, I am able to press the ‘Add Fonts’ button, and it will direct me to the Add Fonts page. There I can choose from the humongous list of fonts to choose from, and that is a really good feature. I would really love to see it on the mobile app for Docs as well. One more thing, Google has ruined my reputation! I used to be able to link to other Google Documents inside the actual app, but now it just redirects me to the Safari browser and the web version! Also, when I try to turn off the ‘Ask me which app to use every time’ toggle on the link redirection page, it does the complete opposite of what it is supposed to do! Please fix these issues Google!.Version: 1.2020.38203

Still no way to insert line breaks.There is still no way to do what every other text-editing capable app on iPadOS and MacOS have been able to do forever, which is insert a line break by hitting shift+ENTER (or any other way). You can do this on a web-based version of Google Docs on any platform (except iOS and iPadOS) and you can do this in Pages, Notes, etc. Line breaks are as fundamental as a hard return. It boggles my mind that Google still hasn’t gotten around to adding them..Version: 1.2021.40201

Input lagAlong with some other reviews here, I think that this app needs to be fixed. It is the best idea- a cloud, collaborative app that can be used in conjunction with google docs for computers. However the execution is terrible. When I am typing the app will be a full paragraph behind and I watch it slowly catch up to where I am at, which skips characters. When you click select all it takes 20 seconds to load and by then if you click anything it closes the doc or deletes all. The input lag is terrible. The features available are nothing compared to google docs online. You can’t resize images and the app is broke. Please fix.Version: 1.2018.32207

Waste of timeThe incompatibility of ios and google makes this app horrible, the keyboard delay makes deleting small things require a counted press of the backspace button and many other things, the inability to zoom out to see the document in full is infuriating, giving a claustrophobic feeling, and assigning multiple actions to key buttons/ motions makes editing documents a struggle, that coupled with apple software battling with google software on text editing make any minor changes impossible without being excruciatingly slow. I did a test, I made two identical documents and planned identical changes to both, it was faster to boot up my laptop and make the changes than the app 3 fold, bad adaptation to a useful application..Version: 1.2022.30202

Good but needs work.I love google docs. It works brilliantly on my computer. However on my iPad it crashes frequently and often deletes what I’ve written or cuts off half of what I’ve written when so other people cannot view it. Some major bug fixes would not go a miss with this app. It’s great for solo and multi people writing however he bugs are really starting to annoy me. There’s been a few times where I’ve almost lost hours of work because it’s been unable to save the document and I’ve had to copy and paste it into an email so I don’t loose my work. Please fix these problems soon..Version: 1.2023.08201

Change Language and Add 'wrong' wordsI love Google Docs. One thing I do NOT love is the fact you can't switch the 'language' on the app. You can do it on the website version but not on the app. My app is stuck on American English. I do not live in America. I live in Australia, thus I use Australian (UK) English. It is frustrating as all being forced to change 'realise' to 'realize' or 'colour' to 'color'. There is also no way of adding a new word to Google Docs. Its a function that word has, it'll allow you to add a new word to your dictionary so it stops coming up wrong. I can't do that. Which is beyond irritating. You could at one point but can't anymore. It's particularly frustrating if you use foregin words or, like me, write fanfiction where unusal names are going to come up and they will always be wrong no matter how many times you attempt to add it it to the dictionary..Version: 1.2022.50201

Disappearing textWhenever I scroll down a large block of text it disappears. I thought it would be fixed when I downloaded the update, but it was still there.Version: 1.2021.46200

BrutalToo much hassle. “Permission”?? I just want to print a document emailed to me..Version: 1.2019.02204

Please make deleting easierPlease make deleting docs easier! Can you make it so that you can select multiple at once to delete?! I am on IPAd and trying to free up storage and it’s such a pain having to delete EVERY SINGLE document by hand. Please fix.Version: 1.2024.11201

Auto Indent!?!I don’t normally give feedback, and I would love to give this app 5 stars because I use it allot. It generally does everything you expect it to. However, what is bugging the hell out of me is the auto indent function. Now I’m not computer illiterate by any sense but for the life of me I cant work out how to turn it off! I mean what a stupid feature!! If I wanted google to do everything for me then it should be something I have to turn on, for the love of all that is sacred it shouldn’t be set as default! As you can tell I’m a little stressed by this, all the help tutorials I can find deal with GoogleDocs on a desktop and NOT on an iPad. Sure, you can turn it off on desktop where you can see the ruler, but I am yet to find where this ruler is available on the IPAD version. Heck, if I can turn this dumb feature off then the app gets 5 stars all the way... but until then I’m heading to Microsoft (and trust me that pains me to say that!) Please, someone tell me if auto indent cannot be turned off so I can die knowing I’m not mad and this is just someone’s stupid idea of trying to be helpful..Version: 1.2019.14205

Unstructured messI’ve been having to use Docs for about 10 years. Still find it a great challenge to find anything - stuff I created myself is mixed up with shared files. Seems to be no useful way to search through shared folders. Don’t have this problem with Dropbox / Microsoft / etc etc. Google always seem to choose odd ways of looking at things which I struggle to get my head around..Version: 1.2024.02204

Can’t see the menu anymore :(After the recent update I have stopped being able to use the menu to see my word count and change the view. Hopefully this is fixed with the next update because aside from this issue, it is my favourite document writing app!.Version: 1.2022.48202

I don’t like giving 1 star but I’m forced toAll I wanted to do was access a long document and read it without the web browser refreshing and losing my place. So I got the app to see if I could put a bookmark. Practically been impossible to do that, but then I thought I’ll just screenshot the place and use the ‘find’ function. Well it crashes. And not only that, I now can’t even load Discord after the last crash. It seriously bugs out my device to the point it’s now affected other perfectly working applications. I have raised this with Google and unfortunately the issue has gotten worse. I actually like all the Google products I use but this is ridiculous. I can’t even read the ONE DOCUMENT I downloaded the app for!! The two functions I downloaded the app for have either crashed my device or not been possible to use..Version: 1.2024.08202

Why so clunky?!Every time I use the app, I’m left feeling frustrated. I’m a self-employed marketing consultant and content editor, and would love to be able to use Google docs with my clients. The IDEA of sharing and collaborating on documents together is amazing. However, the reality of what Google docs actually offers is entirely different. I use an iPad Pro, the 12” one. And you would THINK, that with the bigger screen and being an iPad PRO and all, docs would be really clever on this device. Sadly not. Let me give you an example.... So, I find working in ‘print layout’ much easier than the alternative. So upon opening a document, I select ‘print layout’ and start typing (if I’m lucky. Sometimes I even struggle to be able to just type....). I then need to check a source or Google something, as you do, so exit the app. When I go back into docs, it seems to have forgotten what print layout is. It SAYS you’re still in this layout, however you are not. So you have to switch back to ‘document’, then to ‘print’ again. Most irritating when you have to physically tap the teeny tiny toggle switch for the hundredth time! I could go on. But I won’t..Version: 1.2018.50204

Docs sucksGoogle docs sucks and it hacked my daughters phone.Version: 1.2020.47204

Needs to be work better with iPadI use the iPad Air with Magic Keyboard and I’ve been using Docs for years now. The sad thing is that the app is no way as good as the desktop version. Every time I have to manually go to print layout and sometimes the app does not scale to the screen correctly. I hate that the app is not as great as the web version on the desktop and with the iPad having a desktop browser now it maybe better for me to use that. There’s so much I like about the Google Suite but the iOS apps just don’t work as well as they should. It does feel like Google is doing this purposely to make people to go to a Chromebook. I want the apps to do as much as the desktop web apps can do but as of right now if you use an iPad go with Docs via your web browser as that is better than this right now..Version: 1.2021.40201

Not user friendly on IPadThere appears to be no way to edit the page so the header stays there for easy access to fonts, highlight, bold etc. The page expands as you type in one continuous page. I am unable to highlight anything using my mouse, i have to double click a word and drag the dots to cover the words i want to highlight/select.Version: 1.2024.04202

Easy to useThis allows you to create, view and edit documents from Google Drive or from your device. It's easy to use on the go from a mobile phone. There's no spell check or referencing but there's full desktop formatting functionality and you can create tables and insert objects and create links etc. It also has the outline view which helps to quickly view and navigate through the organisation of a big doc and the print layout view as well as printing function. In terms of tweaking documents on the go or creating and updating simple ones this app is perfect! The only downside is it doesn't (as of 2019) allow you to save as PDF..Version: 1.2019.162

Please patchI keep on opening a doc but it just kicks me out to all my other docs I can’t even write a word or even change colour. Please patch this up..Version: 1.2020.47204

Great but crashes often and offline use is poorI really wish I could give this five stars because it has been so helpful for my writing, but the offline use function is basically useless. I’ll select “available offline” for a document , and when I’m in an area where I can’t get Internet access, it will tell me that I can’t load that same document because I don’t have Internet access. I also dislike the way that if I’m working on something and go to another app for literally a few seconds, when I go back it will sometimes have taken me out of the document so I have to reopen the document and find where I left off. This wouldn’t be so bad except for when I don’t have internet access, it will tell me that I can’t access the document I was just using because I don’t have internet (again, even though I selected the “available offline” option). If they could just fix these two things, it would be perfect. I’m still giving it four stars because despite the bugs it has been invaluable..Version: 1.2019.49203

I want to diePlease.Version: 1.2019.34

It’s alright??Been using it on the iPad Pro with the Smart folio Keyboard however when I switch windows from safari and back to docs, nothing would come up whenever I would try to type? Went back to safari to see if the keyboard is the problem however it seems to be working just fine? It seems alright when using split screen but acts up whenever I switch windows or between applications....Version: 1.2020.10202

Very badIt ate my chihuahua because it was hungry..Version: 1.2022.10202

Meh.The only reason I use Google Docs over programs like Pages and Word is that my school system uses it and I have unlimited storage for Google Docs in my drive (which by the way is great). But the app is just sooooo s l o w. I don’t know if this is an issue with my iPad (which has plenty of performance issues itself) or with the app, but it’s nearly unusable for me. When I use my bluetooth keyboard with it the text is very laggy (or with the onscreen keyboard for that matter) and text editing is an iOS 12-style nightmare. You can’t drag your finger over text to select it like in iOS 13, you have to tap on the cursor, select “Select,” and then drag over all the text you want to select (which is very slow and laggy). I would really appreciate a couple of features, like viewing the same app in multiple spaces in iPadOS (because I find myself needing to look at multiple docs at once more and more these days) or at least some kind of similar system and a better Explore feature like on desktop. And as several other people have mentioned the text correction is nowhere near perfect. It always marks weird things as grammatically incorrect that are perfectly fine. Google please please please please listen and thanks for reading.Version: 1.2019.38202

Wonderful, but crashesI love everything about google docs, I’ve used it for everything for years now and I can’t imagine using something else at this point. The fact I can open my document and work on it on any device is a godsend, not to mention the sharing/comments/chat features. HOWEVER, on my iPad it crashes constantly. Like, constantly. Sometimes to the point where I genuinely can’t use it. I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is that the document I’m working on is currently 80k words long, so it’s pretty beefy, but I don’t see why that should be a problem at all. It crashes at any point, any time. Mid word, no warning, just closes. Multiple times within five minutes. And with an 80k document, that’s a problem. No amount of document outlines can save me from finding the exact sentence I was working on quickly enough to remember my thought. Incredibly frustrating. I would recommend google docs to anyone but be warned, you’ll get irritated..Version: 1.2019.30201

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