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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share app received 181 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google docs: sync, edit, share?

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My Review (must read)This app is very useful for school, work etc. This app has many great features and is very helpful in multiple ways. The auto correct to help you make it look fancy with a different fonts there is many things you can do to make your work just a little bit extra I would rate this app 5 out of 5 I use this pretty much every day and it’s so helpful for me I would definitely recommend this app!!!.Version: 1.2019.22202

Love it!!!❤️💕I love googles docs cause it automatically saves 🦋😁.Version: 1.2019.51205

Perfect for EducatorsI love google docs for so many reasons . I can work on a document from anywhere around the world and from any device . It’s so convenient and allows me that flexibility that I don’t have in Microsoft Word. And to me Google is amazing because they still understand the need for Microsoft Word so they give you an option to save your files as a Microsoft Word document. But the real reason why I love Google Docs so much is because I am an educator and I have been using Google Docs as my whiteboard the same as I have in class. I share the document with my students. They can click on links for assignments. I can share notes with them and they can reply back to me. I also can comment on their work that they create in Google Docs and help them outside of school. Google docs makes my life as he cosmetology educator much easier. Thanks So much Google your so smart! The GlamBoss The Siobhan Nicole.Version: 1.2019.14205

Essential Tool!! A Must-HaveGoogle Docs is a comprehensive cloud document service that let’s me share and create just about anything I could ever want or need. I’ve used it to polish up my resume, capture notes and ideas, record song lyrics, journal my dreams, create schedules, write stories, and more! The sharing features are fantastic; my sister and I co-authored a novel using Google Docs! We can edit and read each other’s work in real time, leave comments and suggestions, and use the chat to stay on the same page. Google Docs is THE essential writing tool for creative and practical uses — plus it has cloud storage that makes it seamless to work on your projects from any device! I’ll often be working on a story on my computer and move to my phone for edits, or pull it up to add an idea quickly while on-the-go. There’s also free templates to chose from that helped me format my resume and other official documents. I love Google Docs, and it definitely earned those 5 stars. I suggest it to anyone looking for a modern word processing application that is catered to usability and will exceed your expectations..Version: 1.2019.24203

Google Docs Rock!This has practically changed my life!! No more having to email myself before I leave the house if I need to access some documents whilst I’m out. No more carrying the laptop around and certainly no more having to remember a trillion passwords with some of the other doc apps I’ve tried. The ease of this is absolute bliss!! The only thing that I would say that’s a downer is the fact that I don’t seem to have a ‘save as’ option. So I’m having to save then edit the version I’ve been working on (if using a template of some sort) however aside from the minute thing defo thumbs up from me..Version: 1.2017.50200

AmazingDocs is an amazing up I can literally use it anywhere and it is so easy to use. I love the app and I also like how we can switch accounts so that we can have different documents for our school/ work/ personal life. The only thing is that I print my documents at my work and I have to convert every file to a PDF otherwise it changes how my Google Documents look when I have the hard copy. Other than that it is a great app with a lot of versatility..Version: 1.2020.22203

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Tools bar?This is a brilliant app and I absolutely love it, it’s great for college work as I don’t have to use space on a memory stick, the only thing that could be improved is on mobile, just above the keyboard there’s the ... I’ll call it the tool bar? where you can indent the text or bullet point it, you should be able to change the colour there, however the option is hidden, being able to slide the bar for more options would make it better (I haven’t updated yet tho and I bet you can do this now).Version: 1.2018.04204

Folders, please!I am a young writer and I use Google Docs for school and writing. I have many documents that are currently organized by last modified. This means that I have stories that I wrote, stories that my friends are writing that I get to edit, and rubrics, lists, and assignments that my teachers created for distance learning all jumbled together. As you can imagine, there is no rhyme or reason to this mess and I can never find what I need. This is annoying to me. I am trying to get myself together and be more organized, but this is hard when there is no visible means of organization. I want to keep my books separate from my gajillions of distance learning assignments, and that’s not possible. This is a suggestion, not for the app, but for Google Docs in general. My teacher told me about Drive folders, but they were difficult to use and they did not separate my work from my schoolwork, as I had intended. I’m thinking maybe when you go into Docs, instead of seeing all your stuff, you see all your folders. Then you click on a folder and it shows you all the documents inside that folder. This would make using Google Docs so much easier. Please add folders; it would make life SO MUCH EASIER!!!.Version: 1.2020.14205

Big fanI love using docs and it’s even handier on my iPad while travelling and working. My only gripe is the ‘suggesting’ functionality isn’t there on iPad and is one of my biggest uses for docs..Version: 1.2020.22203

AmazingI love google docs, I love writing stories and it is the best. Although, sometimes it does a red underline for a word which is spelt correctly and is in the right context. I would also suggest that you can make a option to turn it into a book set up (horizontal and the words reach the middle...etc.) but other than the correction thing, google docs is really good. Thank you so much for reading this. ❤️❤️❤️ -Unicornpoop 🦄🦄🦄.Version: 1.2019.02204

Great! But one problem...Hey I love the app. I really do. It’s probably one of my most used apps on my phone. But I have a slight problem. I think the most recent update. But my Docs app closes too often/ soon. I tend to use the app and then switch to reply to a message or post something. It’s a pretty quick transaction. And then when I come back to docs I'm taking out onto the main screen. It’s honestly very annoying. The time it takes to load the page I was just on is longer too. And it happens EVERY TIME I leave. Is there a way to fix this? There was a time when it would stay exactly where I was after being inactive for hours! And now it leaves in a matter of seconds. Please change this. I’d like to be able to use other features on my phone while still being able to get back to my docs in a timely manner..Version: 1.2017.50200

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Great computer version, but...Google Docs is amazing tool for school, and a great app for writing. You can connect with friends, editors, and co-authors on the same document, and the layout is beautiful. Although, the app is pretty limited and does not provide the full experience of Google Docs. I would recommend this over competing brands, such as Word, but the grammar and spelling check doesn’t work very well. Also, a great addition would be to add folders to put the Docs in. As a clean-freak, it’s a bit stressful having a hundred different documents floating around with no way to group the ones for school and the ones for stories. They have this feature in Drive, but it doesn’t translate over to Docs. But overall, Docs is hands down the greatest word processor I’ve ever used! With some little tweaks in the future, this will be the perfect word processor for professional and personal use! -leah.Version: 1.2019.20203

Very organizedSaves automatically Good for school/notes Links with a google drive and kaizena (a feedback app).Version: 1.2017.36206

Super Helpful👍👍We use Google Docs for pretty much all schoolwork, and its great that we can work on it at school, and at home on your personal devices. Its also nice that we don't need Wi-Fi to edit or create documents. I love this, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially students and teachers!.Version: 1.2017.36206

Fantastic with some suggestionsI love the way docs works because it saves your data constantly and it doesn’t glitch on you and it provides you with so many ways to type notes for school, writing, and much more. I do have some suggestions to make the work flow for taking notes easier though. When it comes to fonts, there are specific ones I like to use for notes, but it becomes a pain to have to go back and switch it to the font you like instead of the default Ariel. The same goes for the headings and other text variations. They default to Ariel instead of the font that you were using before hand. Another suggestion I have is to make a keyboard short cut for the horizontal line. That would make dividing sections of writing way easier. The last suggestion I have is to also make a key board short cut for the list option styles. For example, I don’t like using the default dot style for the list. I like using the star one because it makes the list more interesting to look at. So instead of defaulting to the dot style it could default to the style of list that you were using before hand. For example, I would be using the star style of list and then I would section that list off with a horizontal line and then begin to start a new list that would then default to the star style. In general, maybe you guys could make google docs more customizable or at least have let it have the option to be more customizable with custom keyboard commands for different things..Version: 1.2018.36202

Recommended (everyone has different views)It has good if you were to write any essays or plan things in general. Docs saves all work and written changes that have been made. great system overall but be mind full that anyone can have access over it when they know your password and details ect..Version: 1.2019.36202

Google docsIt was recommended to me by the pupils as school as they all use it for their schoolwork. I have found it easy to use and I would recommend it to others. 😊.Version: 1.2017.40205

Read belowThis app is good but google has their own phones why do you guys use apples phones for your pictures 😂.Version: 1.2019.40201

FANTASTICI absolutely LOVE google docs. I recently purchased a laptop that works alongside chrome and so , set up an email and therefore got the google drive. I would highly recommend doing this. No fees, just the two min sign up. Google docs is apart of my student life and I’m only an art student, I write many things up on the go, working from an iPad , docs means I can do this offline on the go and then the next day can work on it more. You can work on docs anywhere as long as you sign in. It’s so simple and easy to use keeping it basic but with more complex ideas to explore. For me it tops word documents any day!!! Plus it saves every second your working so no scares in losing work !!.Version: 1.2019.34

Great for writing, but hard to insert equationsGoogle’s Docs is fantastic! It is nice to have your document constantly backed up without hassle. I have grown to prefer using this app over Microsoft’s Word and Apple’s Pages. I use this app mostly on an iPad and keyboard. One thing that stand out for google docs over the other word processing apps is its ease to format using keyboard shortcuts. In iOS this is HUGE!!! The ability to use keyboard shortcuts drastically improves productivity when working in a touch based operating system! With that being said, I cannot do all my work on this app. I can type up most of my documents using this app, but I need to switch to a different device to do some finishing touches before publishing my documents. For example, it would be nice to change a documents margin’s while using this app. It also would be nice to insert equations using this app. As it stands, those features remain on the web based version of docs and not on the iOS version. That being said, google docs is my go to app for any word processing on an iOS device. It is clear the team at google have put a lot of work into developing this app, perhaps even more than its competitors..Version: 1.2018.46203

Very useful!Google documents is probably the most useful app on the App Store. You can work on essays and just..random docs anywhere and everywhere. No wi-fi needed! Definitely recommended. -From a thankful user :).Version: 1.2019.12202

Highly recommend, just a few small complaints.I honestly prefer google docs over Microsoft Word, and I’ve used docs for many years now and I loved it. I find it a lot easier to get through essays and other journaling much faster with docs because of easy access to different settings. Only complaint (for both desktop and mobile) is a few glitches it has. I mainly use docs on my laptop, and I’ve noticed a lot of the time when I first open a new document, it’s very slow trying to load and will sometimes completely stop working after typing a few words. Another thing, it’s a little frustrating not being able to edit the margin sizes unless you search “margins” in the Help tab. It would be much more convenient if there was a Page Setup tab. Those are small and not super important complaints, but I’m all about convenience and easy organizations!.Version: 1.2018.44204

TabsI hope in the future you can add tabs in the notes and make it customizable with colors. Just another game changer for the data lovers and note takers :).Version: 1.2018.32207

Good, but could use some work.Google docs is overall a pretty good app, except one thing. Not sure if it involves google classroom but whenever I turn in a piece of work, I go back into the original doc and it says view only when I clearly am the owner of it. I hope google fixes it and maybe allow mobile users to add fonts since it would be awesome. Besides that point, it’s very useful to write drafts without actually, you know, writing it. Also if you could do this but when I insert some kind of picture into the doc I hope I could possibly drag it all the way to the corner. Of course these are just small features that you don’t have to incorporate into this but they just make it more enjoyable for the writer/student/teacher/others. The google classroom issue is the only real complaint about here. I really love google docs as a student and this is my favorite app to use while writing. Love you Google Docs! :D.Version: 1.2020.24202

LoveHonestly gets stuff done and that is all you need you can use it on the go and it is free.Version: 1.2019.40201

A very annoying bugThere is this really annoying bug that basically makes files impossible to work on It involves word files, and if you copy them and work on them and go out of the file, the file will say and error occured’ and you can’t go back in and edit again, which is really annoying and must be fixed. There is also a bug related to this which makes the whole page shift and typing past that line will result in the words being invisible but still there. I lost a bunch of my work because of this - please fix.Version: 1.2020.14206

Accessible anywhereBefore knowing about Goggle Docs I would use word, a coworker who was also in school showed me how to access it on my phone if I’m on the go, or just sitting at my desk. It was much more enjoyable and easy to use when needing to jump back on at any time. I have told others in my class about google docs, it just took a while for me to actually access all my emails that I can link to . It saved me time logging into a computer, when I’m already looking at my phone. It’s better than word. Also when having errors it allows you to see a correction or just add a comment on the side so you can either fix or re word later. I really like that I can pull it up on my phone and allow a friend to read from my laptop for a review on some thing I’ve missed while working and writing. The application saved me a lot of time. Thank you! I think if there were step for first timers also once you open a google account explain the many options you can do with the application!!!.Version: 1.2020.18201

One of the most used apps for meI am studying a few second languages. Google Docs is the app for me to carry and share my documents while on the go, with friends all over the worlds. And we can edit the same doc together while we are going through the finer points on grammar and expressions. And the best thing is, it's free!.Version: 1.2017.44204

Very Useful for both Professionals and ConsumersAnyone using the product is able to complete possible study work/notes quickly and efficiently even without internet - writers and music lyric writers are able to easily open the app and express creatively with ease. Personally, the product is very impressive and helps me relieve stress with writing songs for personal viewing. Expressing myself is something I rarely appreciate and one of Google's Few GOOD products allowed me to achieve that..Version: 1.2017.50200

It’s literally changed my lifeBeing able to access the lyrics of all my songs from my iphone, mac and windows pc (at work) means I can be editing and improving them all the time. I’m convinced that the hassle of having to create and merge multiple documents and semi duplicates would have meant that I’d only have completed less than half as many songs. I pretty much wouldn’t exist as an artist if I hadn’t discovered google docs..Version: 1.2019.46202

IdkIt’s sad cuz I have to do work on it BUT this is a good app 🌚👍🏾.Version: 1.2020.44204

GoodAmazing for writing but the App could have more functionality amazing.Version: 1.2020.18201

Always have those documents when you need them...I think google docs is a brilliant app because I can access and update documents at any time with any connected device. So wherever I am I always have access. Even when away from home. Writing a document is all about entering text. Formatting is a secondary importance. So nothing gets in the way of writing..Version: 1.2017.50200

Amazing AppI thought I had lost my document. Getting this app retrieved everything. I got the google photos too that I thought were lost some where in cyberspace but they all came back too. I am over the moon. Thank you google Love it..Version: 1.2020.32204

One tiny issueGenerally speaking I love the whole google suite, and the apps work really well. My only issue with the app is that when you delete a word (either by highlighting the word or just backspacing until the letters are deleted), someone has decided to make the app delete the spaces around the word too. So for example if I backspace through a word because I’ve decided to write a different word, I’ll often end up with an error where it’s deleted the space without me realising. Please fix this! It’s so annoying!!.Version: 1.2020.26203

FantasticGoogle docs is awesome. The simplicity and cross platform experience is second to none. I use it on my iPad Pro, Samsung galaxy s8 and surface device and it just works! 3 operating systems and you would not even know. The cloud saving functionality works so well without a hitch. Definitely the present and the future. Google drive and the other suites of google productivity apps all work very well together..Version: 1.2017.48212

Docs=( ◠‿◠ )Google docs had changed my life completely. I used to write in the app, Notes which wasn’t so good. But google docs was better..Version: 1.2022.10202

PerfectI don't think I have any complaints. I can access my documents from anywhere and it's super easy to use..Version: 1.2018.30202

Extremely Organized and EfficientWhen it comes to documenting work, school or sometimes even just putting your thoughts down google docs should be your first choice it automatically saves. Note: google docs is better to be used on pc, Laptop, Desktop and computer then on mobile devices..Version: 1.2021.222

Over all great app to do work onThis app is the definition of the future of technology and apps keep up the great work👍🏻..Version: 1.2020.12203

Retiree road trip journaling with easeFor my needs, this app is 5 stars, although I haven't used it for documents that I want to edit or that are for others to assess. A year ago I bought an IPad mini, a keyboard case that fits my hands perfectly, and have now used gdocs on several trips. I use it for to do lists, packing lists, and for journaling along the way. I type faster and more clearly than I write and also flow more freely when I'm typing. On our current trip I experimented, opening up the journal while out of wi fi--and it worked! I wrote using my Iphone, then my Ipad, and when I was in wifi, they synched--wonderful! What I wish--that I could be confident that any documents I do want to share with folks who don't have gdocs would work as attachments that everyone could open. I'm not sure about that, so for those documents I still use Microsoft Word..Version: 1.2017.36206

Love it!I love using google docs, I haven’t found a problem with it before, it’s easily accessible on all my electronics and it doesn’t take up storage on my phone. It’s also just really easy to use and you can work on documents without internet! But do you think you could make a dark mode? That’s pretty much my only advice..Version: 1.2020.10202

Line SpacingPlease make it available to iPads, iPhones and other touchscreen devices to be able to choose if there's going to be an extra space between paragraphs when you press enter. Because when I'm doing dialogue it puts another space in because it thinks it's another paragraph. But for some reason you can choose whether or not you can have this on computers but not touch screen devices. So please make this setting available to touch screen devices. It would be appreciated..Version: 1.2018.12206

So convenientLove how I can work on things offline. Functions well. The only problem is that longer documents crash and must often be reloaded. Also difficult to resize/reformat pictures on mobile. Otherwise, perfect!.Version: 1.2019.06204

Excellent use especially for group workThis is an excellent way for groups to put their work together because it’s easier.Version: 1.2019.10201

Great, except...Like most people of Generation Z, the later years of my education (8th grade-present) have greatly benefited from using Google applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google Docs’s amazing accessibility, collaboration tools, storage, and auto-save have always been what’s made it better than competing office tools. The app itself is great, and once you get the hand of using it on a hand held device, it makes working from almost anywhere possible. I’ve found myself using these Google applications for more than just essays and presentations now a days, as I begin to need work resumés and finance budgets. So really, Docs (and other Google applications) are great! Except, I’ve encountered an issue when using this Docs app. Now, this could be because of several reasons, however, I’ve found that after prolonged used, when typing, the keyboard begins to lag a bunch, making working on documents so frustrating. At first I thought that the keyboard could be lagging because my iPad might’ve over heated? But, the keyboard has lagged even when the iPad doesn’t feel warm. I’m not sure if internet connection might have something to do with it, but my Wifi is pretty strong, and I rarely encounter issues with it. That’s my only complaint, but other than that I really do love the app..Version: 1.2018.22200

Students DreamThis app allows me to access all my documents no matter what device, which is really helpful for students such as myself. If i do work on the school laptops, it is already on my Ipad! This is so great because not all brands and devices are compatible which is a huge pain. Thanks to this application, my geography homework will be in on time! I highly reccomend this app, it is compatible with gmail AND chrome!.Version: 1.2017.44204

Fantastic live working documentSimilar features to a word document but with live working updates, I find it easy to use and invaluable for creating written documents..Version: 1.2019.49203

Always have those documents you needWith this, the hassle of not having documents in the right 'place' is over. Other apps I've tried are costly, require accounts or constant internet access to work. Plus, emailing everything back and forth just gets so tiresome - especially with limited internet. So I have always ended up coming back to this app. I've found it works well with both a computer and tablet, working with word files throughout the day. The accessibility is so freeing. I can write whenever, wherever I want now. However, I would definitely like to see more formatting options eventually being put in place. Also, I've found that you can't go back to a previous form of the document which has, on occasion, caused problem but nothing too major..Version: 1.2017.50200

GoodDocs is a good app but they should add a button that has images from the internet.Version: 1.2019.24203

I prefer the computer but my dads computer is not workingAnd so I use my iPad I’m making a story here we go for season 2!!!!.Version: 1.2019.02204

Great appBy far my favourite document editor thingy. I do just wish that we could save the current text style, as well as set default text styles, like we can on the desktop version. (If this is already possible, please let me know, I’d love to know 😊) There are also just a few very minor visual things that I’d like to mention. I cant imagine they’d be overly difficult to fix, though I’m not a developer myself. - The top bar on the main menu is off centre (the gap on the left is bigger than on the right) - I like in light mode that the bar at the top of the document and the document background are both white, but it bugs me that in dark mode the document background is black yet the top bar is dark grey! Why oh why must you do this to me? 😢😢😢.Version: 1.2020.47203

Occasionally Glitchy but Otherwise GreatGenerally the Google Docs app works pretty well. I only use it for writing and making minor edits to class notes on my phone. But often I find when I’m typing that the screen will jump around. It also doesn’t play nice with Apple’s autocorrect at times. But the accessibility across devices is great. I can be editing or typing on my phone, and immediately switch to my computer and it updates in real time. This is also helpful for class projects, wherein I can be working with a group and we will all edit in real time and work on the same project, whether it’s an essay, brainstorming, or on the other google groups, the Slides app for PowerPoints. My biggest complaint over everything is just that each part of the google drive docket comes as a separate app. Docs is separate from Slides is separate from Spreadsheets is separate from plain ole Google Drive..Version: 1.2018.02203

Great tool for many usesReal time updates are amazing, not having to worry about saving work etc great app. Definitely a huge step forward in creating and sharing documents..Version: 1.2017.38205

Incredibly usefulI mainly use it for writing stories, and it’s great! It is probably one of the most essential apps for modern day life, with such a wide variety of uses..Version: 1.2018.42200

Slow StarterSeems I’m one of the last to try Docs...doesn’t matter, I love it!.Version: 1.2020.30201

50/50I’ve been using google docs for 3 years now. Personally, I prefer the laptop as it is easier to type on, and type much more freely. But, on my laptop, accessing google docs, contains needing WiFi/service to type on / loading chrome or a web browser. By that, it’s not portable, or able to use on the go. I’ve used google docs on my iPad before, and I type pretty OK on my iPad, but not nearly as fast on my laptop. But you can use it on the go-to, but without WiFi. I’m pretty sure there isn’t the great ‘add-ons’ like the ones on computer, or laptop. Google docs, is a free, accessible great essential for any student of all ages. It’s great, it’s literally like word, but you don’t have to pay an expensive budget for it. Docs is just perfect for anyone, and it’s so great. Literally, they’re add on(s) for people who also need it. Highly recommend, all though it’s worldwide to schools, throughout everywhere. Google docs will always be a great essential..Version: 1.2017.38205

AppreciationI know I can always count on you for your kind support. Thanks.Version: 1.2020.24202

GreatVery fast and durable website love google docs.Version: 1.2019.40201

WowI totally reccomend this app for teachers, students and workers needed for their assignments. there is never any glitches and it works wonderfully without an internet source, meaning you could always do your work. Google docs allows me to be creative and arrange my writing, create graphs etc. Google docs also runs smoothly with free writing assistant Grammarly. i hope my message encourages you to try it out and believe what im trying to say about this remarkable app. keep up the good work google. 👏🏻👍🤗🤩.Version: 1.2020.22203

Great layout, easy to use...but lackingI have been a huge fan of Google Docs for about 6 years, using it primarily for school and research. I recently bought an iPad Pro to help my productivity, using Google Docs as one of my main word processing apps. So far, I enjoy the app very much, as it is very smooth and simple to use (the layout is very clean). However, the main complaint I have is that the app is very limited in comparison to its desktop counterpart, mainly the lack of the ability to use add-ons. I am dependent on add-ons like Paperpile or XLMiner Analysis (for Sheets) and am pretty disappointed it is not available for the apps. I think this would be a fairly simple feature to add in the future. In addition, I feel like it is not showcasing the full capabilities of the iPad Pro as it can. Overall, great app but seriously lacking in certain areas compared to the desktop version..Version: 1.2019.34

I ❤️ Google Docs but...Well, honestly, Google Docs is AMAZING! I love all the features and it just has this very nice atmosphere and it’s just...AWESOME!!! But there is just ONE little problem. You see, before I had an iPhone, I had an LG phone. Specifically, the LG Fortune. And when I had that phone, you could put emojis in the text. But NOW I can’t even add an emoji! I bet you’re thinking this is useless, but what about when I’m writing a story or something? Like for example, I add a texting part to my story. Then, I do it like someone adds an emoji to their text. It WOULDN’T appear! It kinda get’s me a little disappointed because it ruins the whole book. I don’t care if whoever’s reading this thinks I’m dumb or stupid, but hey! I’m saying MY opinion! Isn’t that what a review is for? To share your opinion about a thing (in this case, an app)? Anyway, I just think that Google Inc. should consider this and improve it or fix it. But overall, Google Docs is an extraordinary app that I recommend to everyone. 😄.Version: 1.2019.06204

Love the app! Just one suggestion that would help many writers that use the app.I use this app for school and for personal reasons. It is an amazing app I have never had a problem with this app. The one thing I want to suggest though is that there should be a note section somewhere like the comment section but instead of comments it’s for notes. So like if you think that something should be written down on it but don’t have the time for it right away you can put that in the little note section so you don’t forget . Now obviously you can use the note section for other reasons. Like for me and probably many other writers that use the app it would be nice to have a note section so we could write down things that would be nice to put in the books next chapter or something like that. I would love if there would be a note section I would write in it multiple times and it would just be so wonderful to have. Thank you all who read this for your time! Have a great day!😁.Version: 1.2021.06204

Greatest thing about DocsThe thing I like best about Google Docs is its use over time. I know a Google Engineer and he clued me in on this one. We are part of a larger, mostly volunteer organization. It’s been around for a while, and many of the documents from 20 years ago, done with other word processing programs, are not find-able, but when we do find them they are no longer readable with current software. Google docs will not have either of those problems—as long as Google goes on the Docs will be available and readable. The problem of incompatibility of software, not just between users but also over time, goes away. In so many other ways Google Docs is vastly improved over the early versions. And I really like that both Docs and Sheets are available on all devices..Version: 1.2018.46203

Google Docs is good but has some problems.Hello, When I highlight a word the doc automatically makes me go back to the home doc. I don’t know why if this is happening it to me and I don’t even know if It even happen to you guys. It takes me a lot of time to do my work and it almost took 10 minutes. Come on Google Docs, you can do better than that :/.Version: 1.2021.34203

No Crashes! But a Glitch RemainsI literally came here to write about this one glitch that irritates me, then I saw there's an update. And after it I tried out the problem that would usually make the app freeze, then crash after five seconds. It always happens when I turn it horizontally or vertically after a while of opening the doc and more often after editing once. It did freeze this time, which made me expect the crash, but thankfully it didn't happen. Yay! Those crashes seriously made it difficult to open the app again, find the doc, then find where I left off in writing (I write very very long documents). Thank you for the half-fix, but I'm writing about the text going out of frame and then freezing as it tries to turn around, so that you know what to fix. Thank you! Edit: Nevermind, it does still crash, but not as often. Sometimes it successfully switches to horizontal or vertical, sometimes it just gives up..Version: 1.2021.34203

I use this app a lotI write original works and fan fics, and this app lets me work on them at any point. Just waking up and I have an idea, just hopping out of the shower, in the line at the store, lunch break, moments of clarity while gardening, you get the point. Since the first time I’ve used this app, to the many years later, I have stopped worrying about forgetting some idea I had before I get to my computer. Even if my phone is offline, I have been able to work on my stories. I think it really is my most used app on my phone. Also, because it auto saves, I HAVE NEVER HAD MY STORIES DISAPPEAR! Unlike other writing programs, that have lost me hours of work because of a blue screen, freezing, or other issues, I have never had the pain of opening a Google Doc and finding all my work gone. I do wish it had a better way to organize your files, as what it does have seems “meh.” But, at least, it has some form of organization. Lastly, I love that I can share the doc in various ways. This has been so helpful for me when I comes to sharing my stories. It lets those who are my beta reader comment and make suggestions, those who I wrote for have full access, and those who I want to let just read all have their own set of restrictions..Version: 1.2019.30201

Lags outYou can’t move photos on iPad without it lagging out and having to reload the page.Version: 1.2018.04203

Awesome!I love this app—it helps me flow as a writer! Google hits it off with me once again..Version: 1.2021.16203

2022 reviewHere in 2022 to remind you that google docs it great!.Version: 1.2021.50201

Author’s perspectiveAs an author without Microsoft Word, this is the next best thing. Pages Mac OS doesn’t seem to have the same settings and format styles, but Google docs seems to be the right styles, and it’s easier to use for book formatting and writing. The next best program would be Adobe InDesign, which I have, being a graphic design student, but it’s not a mobile and portable app. Google Docs can be used on computers and mobile devices online and offline..Version: 1.2018.12206

Google DocsI am an 11 year old girl and I love google docs. It’s so easy to work on and has as much pages/space to write as you want! I recommend getting docs if you are a writer, making letter, for school, teachers and if you just love to write stories like me!.Version: 1.2020.40201

Love this app!Overall, great app. I love to write so I’ve been using this app for years and it’s great. It doesn’t crash often, lets you work offline, it’s easy to use and share, and the best part is it doesn’t spam you with any adds. As a student, it is a bit annoying and glitchy when I have copies of documents with photos (it makes writing where I want a pain), but whatever. My main complaint is that there’s not more options. I have ~20 fonts, a decent but not great variety of colors, and it just doesn’t feel very customizable. I understand that it’s a writing app, but sometimes I do really wish I had more options (especially with fonts, on my iPad at least). I would recommend this app to everyone, just maybe get a font extension if it bothers you tons..Version: 1.2020.36201

Off And Online - Saving AutomaticallyI love how you can go on Google Docs online and offline because, when I don't have internet I can still work on my writing!! I also love how when you have finished your writing and need to go do something else you don't need to save anything because of it automatically saving!!.Version: 1.2019.10201

Love google docsI Love to have all my docs in one place. I love that you can share and collaborate docs. I love that it works when you’re offline..Version: 1.2018.06203

Amazing! Just one(ish) thing..As a writer, google docs is my go to whenever I want to brew up a story, create a new character, or just write down little ideas for things. It’s amazing, works wonderfully and smoothly... on my laptop anyways. The only problem I have with it in my laptop is that if a document gets long enough it will have the tendency to lag and be extremely slow, but other than that it’s completely fine. On mobile however, it’s just a mess. It takes forever to load, documents take forever to load, it crashes, and overall it’s just incredibly slow. It’s useful and helpful to have on my phone to LOOK at stuff that I have on docs, but to actually attempt to write there? Yeahhh, I’ll stick to my computer thanks... there’s also the fact that in general it tends to say that certain normal words are wrong, but I could write in something totally made up and wacky and it’ll be completely fine...? So yeah. It’s wonderful otherwise, but honestly it’s best used on a computer only. I highly recommend either way..Version: 1.2021.50201

Extremely efficientVery organized and perfect for school work. Definitely a five star rating. Love all the features and there’s no wifi needed!.Version: 1.2019.40201

The Handy and the HassleGreat way of storing information online, along with Google Drive, you can have easy access to documents and information, without the need to carry lap tops etc around. The collaboration feature of Google documents is real innovation so that multiple people can edit the same document at the same time. Do this live in Google Hangouts if you want to discuss the changes as they are happening. The downside is the lack of compatibility with Microsoft Word, so when you want to work on documents from other users who send or expect to receive information in Word, you can’t rely on it professionally. Using photos is also an issue as you don’t have the same capability as in Word..Version: 1.2017.48212

So easy and versatileLove Google Docs - never lose a document again! Always able to access on a device no matter where you are :).Version: 1.2018.06203

Awesome!!! 😀Saves good and all way can find stuff and Nevers loses your stuff..Version: 1.2020.12203

Google... thank youWhere do I start? This app is everything you need for writing. You can use it to write reports, scripts, stories anything! It has a good layout with very useful tools and it’s not complicated. I recommend this app to anyone that wants a simple, clean and easy to use writing app.Version: 1.2021.14207

The perfect writing toolOriginally, I used pages to write my things and I still do write stories on it today. Then, one of my friends introduced me to a program called google drive, which was amazingly useful for some of the things I do. But there was one problem about it, I could figure out how to write on it. I searched through the whole app, and then in the corner I spotted, google docs. It became such a useful writing tool for things that I want to share!!.Version: 1.2019.42204

Good for the most partGoogle docs is a fantastic website to use to get work done. It auto saves, allows collaboration, and has so many other features. The app, however, lags so much when typing that you can type a sentence or phrase and reasonably expect to wait another 10+ seconds before it finishes typing. And this is on a doc with only one person on it. Imagine the frustration when multiple people are on it! And if you think it’s done typing and go to fix an error earlier in the sentence, it will continue typing in the middle of the sentence (even though you finished typing several seconds prior). Another problem with it is the inability to copy and paste MLA citations in it. If I’m working on an essay and need to make a bibliography, I’ll copy the formatted citation from an online citation maker, paste it into google docs, then have to manually readjust the spacing to make it correct. While you can just paste it into Word and go, you can’t with google docs, which is frustrating, especially when you’ve got 15 sources to format manually. (This is a problem with the website on a computer, too.).Version: 1.2017.44204

Good but one suggestionThis is very useful for me when I need to get things done. I am a helper for a roblox developer and we all use this but we have a suggestion we’d like to be added. We ask if you could let us choose our own font colours instead of the preset ones because we made our plans for stuff in real life on pen and paper because we could have different coloured pens which would mean different things and we had something in a colour of blue that doesn’t exist in the app. (the colour was the colour that roblox studio calls “cyan” and don’t tell me I could’ve just used the colour that looked like “toothpaste” because that already means something else) Without letting us use our own custom colours makes our ideas look very dull because the substitute we had to use was this ugly greyish blue colour that looks more like the roblox colour “sand blue” which first of all is a nice colour but it just looks boring and dull next to all the other bright and colourful colours. Oops I think I just wrote a whole book by accident sorry....Version: 1.2019.30201

Great for On The Go LifestyleKid you not, I'm a 21 unit university student, working full time this semester. Having this app on my iPhone has saved my grades, as I don't have to carry my macbook around to finish up my papers and such. I just write a paragraph or two during my lunch hour, or during a bathroom break (don't kid yourself that you don't do it too lol), or whenever I have a few minutes to spare, and by the end of the day, I've already finished up my paper(s) while I was running around at work, doing errands, etc. I saw Thor in theaters with a friend of mine and decided to write whatever I could for an industrial health course I'm taking in that one sitting during the previews. I was able to get half of my paper done right before Thor began! When I got home, I only had to spend an extra 15 minutes on it, then I turned it in. Great use of time! I love this app!.Version: 1.2017.44204

How I feel about Google docsPersonally I use Google docs for just about everything and anything or use it for school things so if I need to write a paper I tend to use this more than Word, or if I am like doing pictures for like a slide or something like that and I want to see which ones I like more where I just want to save them on my computer I don’t tend to save them to my computer I tend to put them on a Google doc and just transfer them over to slide. I really do recommend Google docs for kids or adults who are in middle school high school and even college I know my parents they use Google docs when they were in college and they’re 40 something and they went to college and they were like 35 but they use Google Docs a lot too and yes Word has some features that Google doc doesn't however, Google doc has stencil type things for Google slides and it helps a lot..Version: 1.2017.40205

Better for Personal UseI’ve been a longtime user of Google Docs—around three or four years—and it’s been great for storing important documents. I’ve also used it a lot for jotting down ideas, writing creative stories, and other personal uses. I feel that these are what the app is best for. I’ve tried to use it several times for academic essays, and the current format does not support certain basic functions, especially with indentation, adding page numbers in MLA or APA, and so on. The spell check for Google Docs is also flawed, and frequently marks everyday words as misspelled, and then other words not in the regular dictionary as perfectly correct. The syncing is also kind of finicky sometimes, and you can lose work or have to restart the app multiple times in one sitting, if you’re somewhere that there is no ideal connection. So if you’re a student or a professional, you are also going to want Microsoft Word, which has more features and is easier to use. However, the syncing generally works very well, and I love being able to back up all my documents. The aesthetic appearance of the documents are also very appealing, and most of the basic writing functions are easy to access. Keyboard shortcuts still work, and those shortcuts match to whichever model of computer you are using, so you don’t have to learn anything terribly new to use the app competently. It’s super easy to add other contributors, and to restrict privacy/use settings. All in all it has served me very ell..Version: 1.2019.162

Coca Cola espumaMeme Time.Version: 1.2020.44205

Google docs is a way of lifeSince using google docs and Google Drive life has been so much easier in my studies. There is complete flexibility and ease of use. No more lost work and tears over lost memory sticks. Also the spreadsheets and presentation programs are as good too. I hardly use my iPad or main desktop now as I find the Chromebook is all I need for my use currently. Try it and you will ask yourself how or why you have been doing things the way have for so long. I love my iPad for what I need it for but when it comes to documents and presentations I am all Google..Version: 1.2017.42202

Good appHelps me with my school work.Version: 1.2017.38205

Great to have on the goHaving Google Docs available on both my phone and iPad allows me to update information on-the-go or as is the case, when my laptop is not functioning. Great app and tool! I would recommend as a, 'must-have'. :).Version: 1.2017.42202

GreatI love google docs. I write a lot so it’s perfect for me. Easy to use but sometimes I have issues because the app isn’t as detailed as the website..Version: 1.2020.20201

Changed my mindI enjoy having this app. I can edit my documents, change fonts, etc. I can do a page set up, so I know how it will print. I like that I can use on OS and IOS. It all backs up. It all syncs. What I DO NOT LIKE, is it duplicates itself. It is in Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and if you make a folder. I took notes on my Spanish lessons. I have different documents for different lessons. 1. It moves the document is you edit, open etc. Depending on what you pick. However, if you want all the docs to stay in same order after editing it, it will not. You can put by alphabet, but it still moves docs around. I would like the option of them staying in the place I put them and if I want to able to drag. 2. If you create a doc, it automatically goes to their Drive app if you have that app. So, I am deleting. I do not want on multiple places. 3. If you make a file folder on GOOGLE DOCS, it does not move doc to file folder, it just duplicates it. Again, I would like to be able to send to separate file folders and then delete from GOOGLE DOC, DRIVE, or wherever, and they stay in the file folder; the choice of keeping or deleting on any app and not loosing on the other. Or keep in one of other doc holders and delete from others. This is on the apps that file share. Nice to be able to send to another app or file, but should be able to delete from one without loosing from the other..Version: 1.2018.30202

Googl Docs reviewMy older Mac is not able to run Microsoft suite of products so have been using Google Docs to produce CVs, Cover Letters and Project Proposals. There is a good range of templates and they are easy to access from any where on multiple devices..Version: 1.2020.22203

What is there not to like??I’ve been using it pretty well since it began and it just keeps getting better...I’ve looked at the latecomers to the race but they’re still no-where near as good. Safe to say I pretty well use it for everything, work, home, activities and it just works! Sure there are some more obscure things it won’t do compared with the big (expensive!) boy’s toys but they are minimal and it....Version: 1.2017.40205

Terrible on an I-padI can’t find buttons that I can find on a chrome. It’s a monster to highlight stuff. Anna keeps on thinking that I did stuff that I didn’t. That’s not it your AutoCorrect literally just shows you The right word for one second..Version: 1.2019.20203

Work on the run!I’ve been using Google Drive and Docs for a couple of years now. As a teacher it’s incredibly convenient to have my files anywhere, being able to check or even edit my documents on a crowded Japanese train during rush hour is extremely convenient. I use the app on my iPhone 6, there are some features on the web site that are not available on the app version, but its never been a hinderance because the screen is too small to edit things as delicately as with a mouse (I’m talking about google slides in particular). If you’re like me and every now and again want to check a document during a commute then it’s a recommendation from me..Version: 1.2018.42200

Awesome app, with a problemIt's a really good app however there is one issue, I can't find where to change the language. Otherwise it's a really great application.Version: 1.2017.38205

Amazing, but one flawIf you see this review, please consider that this is an absolutely great app! It’s got all the features, including auto save, word count, print a document, fabulous fonts, and many more! The thing is, it is hard to use on iPad, as I have to press the button many times. It’s probably not my iPad, but it could be. Thanks for reading this! I would recommend to get this app!.Version: 1.2021.30201

Great Go To, Just Crash ProblemsI’m a book writer and I’ve been using a combination of both Word, Docs and Pages for my books, yet Docs is my go to almost all the time since its more easily accessible for all devices I own. But recently, after getting my new iPad Mini (6th gen), whenever I try to multitask (aka open a new app to the side) it crashes on me, and I have to reopen it and scroll all the way down (important to note some of my books are 100+ pages long so imagine scrolling through that) just to get back to where I left off. It is an issue I am only now seeing on my new iPad Mini, not on my iPad Pro. I’m not so sure why that is, or if it’s just my iPad Mini or the Docs app itself. I hope this issue can be resolved soon wherever it may be coming from. Overall, good writing and work app compared to Pages and Word. (I love Pages as well, don’t think I’m choosing; they’re all pretty good work medias in general as long as they get the job done) Just for some of you, you might get times when it crashes. I’m not sure if its just me; I hope my review brings light on the situation and maybe it can be looked in on as to why this is happening to me and maybe some other users.Version: 1.2021.48204

Good stuff docsEasy to use when word didn’t have my back.Version: 1.2018.36202

Just amazing to have cloud store documentI get use to this google document when I forced to switched from Microsoft word to G- doc. Eventually, I stared to like this and now it’s my full time tool to do my personal work as well as the studies . I am a blogger also I have back pain so I can’t sit long in a place so time to time I switch my work from laptop to mobile phone or tablet . I am a rider who love outdoor camping so I can do my work wherever I want . This is simply amazing..Version: 1.2020.14205

Great and all, a lifesaver, but might need some adjustmentsSo, my life is very packed and full, and every time I want to write something, I usually use google docs. It makes life so much easier that I don’t have to use my laptop to write when I have this great mobile app. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because there are more functions on the computer version than there are on the app. For example, on computers you can indent and such. However, I can’t indent on the app. Also, I love it, but I wish there would be an easier way to sort everything, like a folder or something. There probably already is something like this, or I just didn’t find it yet. Compared to Microsoft word, google docs is a worthy competitor. Microsoft has more functions, but google docs are free and Microsoft costs.. I don’t even know. I wish they would add a way to insert charts and text boxes onto a doc. However, compared to word, I like it better because you can collaborate/work with friends while on Microsoft word, it is much harder. I like google docs..Version: 1.2018.24202

I love it❤️but look bellow>:(I just hate school and I have to do seven paragraphs for school work>:((.Version: 1.2020.12203

Fantastic! Fantastique!This app is so easy to use! It’s really good and saves your work automatically so you don’t have to worry about saving it after you have created a new piece of work or edited it. You don’t need to pay for it, all you need to do is just download it and the possibilities are endless! Cette application est si facile à utiliser! Il est vraiment bon et enregistre votre travail automatiquement afin que vous n'ayez pas à vous soucier de le sauvegarder après avoir créé un nouveau travail ou l'avoir modifié. Vous n'avez pas à payer pour cela, il suffit de le télécharger et les possibilités sont infinies!.Version: 1.2020.22203

One of the greatsThis is seriously one of the best apps, you can’t find any app better than this, auto saves, lightning quick speed, autocorrect, and voice typing. This app is just an all rounded app. Even though I’m not that good at school, I can say that this will help. I started as a B+ student and now I’m an A+ student. Thanks for reading, god bless 🙏🏿.Version: 1.2021.06204

DOCSSSSI think docs is a fantastic app and I love it. A few changes I would like to make are the following; 1. Different fonts since there isn’t much variety 2. Different colours and being able to make colours change or gradient 3. Making folders and selecting docs to go into a folder in drive.Version: 1.2022.12202

Great appReally love google docs, very easy to use and customize documents and super easy to share access so everyone is looking at the same document..Version: 1.2017.46204

Creating documents just got a lot betterI’ve just downloaded Google Docs so I’m not familiar with all the features. Having said that the fact that I can update my documents and see the contents on any of my devices including my iPhone anywhere in the world means I can work anywhere any time ... I also love the fact that I can work offline if there’s no internet connection is also great .... another brilliant free application from Google..Version: 1.2017.40205

Super helpfulThis app helped me get work done during this pandemic and it was very easy and organized. This really helped me get organized and helped me get things finished!.Version: 1.2020.14206

Overall pretty pleasedI’ve been using docs to create invoices and it works well for that it would be really helpful if once you move from recent to a folder the document disappeared from recent instead of pushing to the top of the recent folder which is kinda annoying if you need things in date order or the option to sort into date created.Version: 1.2020.2203

I love it, but just one suggestion.I honestly love docs, it’s amazing and it gives me a space to spill my creative thoughts in my own time and place. However, it’s not very organised. I know that you can sort documents into folders within google drive, but i feel as though it would be more efficient if there was an option to create and sort documents into folders within google docs itself as a platform. It’d really be a help to those who like their organisation game to be strong 👀.Version: 1.2018.12206

Great but slow w/o regular ipad restartReally grateful for the app, it allows us to proofedit from home as a team. I think it may have a bug, though. Full description follows: Using on iOS, editing as Suggestions, it gets slow, worsening until each keystroke takes 15 seconds to update; unworkable. Ipad restart seems to be the obvious bandaid. Note that commenting the text seems to be unaffected - it’s the edits themselves that slow down..Version: 1.2020.16203

Double screen viewI want to be able to view two documents at once.Version: 1.2020.10202

What's the fuss about?Google docs is equivalent to MSWord. Google sheets is equivalent to MS Excel. They can be stored and collaboratively edited on google drive. The google doc app for a smartphone let's you view and edit docs on that device, not the best place to do that but better than not being able to do it. In my experience, docs, sheets, and drive work quite smoothly across devices. So what are people complaining about? No superscripts? No chemical formulas? Really? That's an issue for most people?.Version: 1.2017.36206

Quality of life changesNo major complaints so far but a little quality of life changes could make this a bit better: (i am using an iPad to use Google Docs) Please make the option to toggle the print layout either completely on or off. What I mean is that when I open a document it always has print layout off, and when I turn it on, it will turn off automatically once I exit the Doc. I personally like the print layout toggle to be on by default as I can see when a page ends which is useful when I want to export a doc in PDF format. It is just a bit tedious having to constantly toggle the Print Layout function. Secondly, there should be a display for page number when I am in Print layout mode. There should be an option to display a word count somewhere in the screen (preferably at the bottom) because it is very tedious on an iPad to constantly check the word count (especially when we have character based assignments) when we don’t have shortcuts..Version: 1.2020.22203

A great app but ....Before I used this app, I was using Microsoft that came as factory standard on laptops. But Google really kicks it out of the park as this app is versatile and great for sharing and editing documents with friends/family. Here comes the but, I write stories for fun and there’s at least two I’m writing with the intent to be published. I use images to set the scene or as a point of reference for me. I would like to be able to shrink to fit the text on the app instead of having to do so online on the computer or laptop..Version: 1.2020.38203

I like Google DocsI use Google Docs for all my essays in class [on computer] and for other projects but the iOS version does not live up to it. I use an iPad Pro and it’s very hard to navigate through a document. Also the find and replace option either does not work, or is basically impossible on finding out how to work. I’ve tried countless times to use it over the past few months and have given up by either manually replacing the word or using my computer instead. Edit: all of these have been fixed and the app is awesome now! It’s very easy to use when I have no access to a computer. One thing that needs to be added to the app and computer version though is a dark mode! Sometimes I like writing in the middle of the night and a dark mode would make it much easier to do that..Version: 1.2019.49203

Great for CollegeI use google docs all the time in conjunction with google drive so I can access all my essays from home and at college. It’s extremely handy, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Unfortunately sometimes the service goes down, and google isn’t particularly helpful in fixing it, blaming my wifi or my computer, only for the service to come back the next day, so it’s not always the most reliable thing, but it’s still the most useful service I use for work..Version: 1.2020.18201

Great, but a weird bugI use docs for almost everything. It’s fantastic- but on my ipad (im a student so i have to use an ipad) I cannot move pictures around or change the size of them. I really need to be able to do this so I am having to go into pages which isn’t as good, just so i can move the picture around. Other than that its great..Version: 1.2020.34204

Docs Needs DevelopmentThe concept of Docs is excellent. The ease of access, the sharing etc is great. BUT we have waited for an improved quality of word processing for too long. Simply, it is too simple. The sophistication of Word is needed. Tables are pathetic. In addition, Word docs layout is often chewed up - corrupted - when put into Docs. Great concept but overdue for development, especially on word processing..Version: 1.2019.24203

NiceTasty and sweet with a crunchy inside.Version: 1.2020.38203

Great for writing!I love this app so much!! It’s great for writing, making lists, and more!!! But if your reading this this is a sign that Jesus loves you! So much. This life on earth is short and we are called to do everything for the glory of god!! And when we die we get to be in heaven! The place of paradise! Were nothing can hurt us and everything is perfect! God loves you so much and would break down a mountain to save you. All you have to do it believe. Trust. Have faith. Obey. Spread his GOOD WORD!!! Don’t be afraid to tell your friends about how great God is because your afraid they will think you are weird, because on judgment day, they’re going to be sent to eternal torture and they will look at you one last time and say, “why didn’t you warn me?” Please fear not because god has a good good plan for you... sometimes it’s hard, but everything’s going to be okay....pain is temporary, but god love is forever..Version: 1.2020.28201

RecommendedThis app is fantastic, it is really easy to use and you can make changes to essays and documents while driving to sport. Along with this the sharing feature is very useful as you can share documents with peers or teachers for feed back with two clicks. Coming from a school which doesn’t provide office in which you can share docs like this. It’s much easier to share on google docs as oppose to email a word document, get it reviewed and then open it and save it and make changes. This app is almost flawless however I have one problem with it, I hate the way the formatting and text section is laid out. I would rather it be a button which drops down the specific tools needed. Example, I would prefer if it the letter icon would drop down all the text options (colour font ect) and another icon drop down the formatting icons. I know it isn’t possible to put those in one bar due to screen size but I do that that the icon idea would be easier to use..Version: 1.2017.36207

Sorting Certain DocsI love this app, but I have one request that might help me and possibly others out more- maybe if there was like a way to add folders into the app- like- for sorting certain docs- it would help some people find some stuff they did that they never got to finish. For example: Say you write a story, but you have a ton of other stories, but they aren’t complete and you don’t want that specific story to get mixed in with the incomplete stories. Just make a folder, name it, and put the unfinished stories there. Plus it would sort things a little better. I tried doing some stuff with google drive and it didn’t help me much, so adding folders here in google docs to sort certain documents and keep them from getting mixed in with the others would be very helpful. If this does happen, I’ll appreciate this app even more..Version: 1.2020.28201

Embrace it - don’t get stuck on the fact it’s not ‘word’Google Docs is great. As a word processor, it does everything I need it to do. Sure, it lacks some of the fancier features of word and pages, but the accessibility, in my opinion, more than makes up for it! Being able to edit live documents on the move is brilliant. Shared live docs mean that you can work on things simultaneously. I have found this so useful so many times. And all this from a free app!? As a bonus, (unless something has changed recently) I understand these docs don’t count towards your google drive capacity. I really haven’t missed the added features of other word processors, it does everything I need, and the simplicity is almost refreshing. You can still print your docs, and make quite lengthy docs with a table of contents, headers, page numbers, and even images where necessary. What more do you need? Try it, embrace it, and your reward will be the free flexible editing on the move that it offers..Version: 1.2018.04203

👍🏻Pros-It’s good for school Cons-nobody likes school.Version: 1.2020.47204

Not greatI am struggling to use this app on iPhone 6S. The app crashes when trying to open a document and when it does open, the pages are black and unreadable. When typing the pages seem to jump all over the place and the font changes for no reason. This constant movement of the pages induces nausea. There is a lag between pressing a letter on the phone keyboard and the letters/words appearing on the page. Renaming a file is a struggle with having to make a copy of the file and then rename it, editing just seems to be all over the place and I was thinking of moving to docs instead of word but would need to be able to rely on using docs before making the switch. Hope the developers read this and sort the problems..Version: 1.2018.32207

AwesomeI use this app all the time! The only problem is that it glitches sometimes, but rarely. Going through the reviews, I can see people complaining about how it has flaws and it glitches—SO WHAT? Nothing is perfect! If docs is that bad, what would you use? Don’t expect the best app in the universe to be perfect! Anyway, what:s better than docs? If docs is “a horrible horrible app” then what would you use instead?.Version: 1.2021.06204

Like it, but missing some features here and thereWhile I like the efficiency and simplicity of Google Docs on mobile as well as on the desktop, I feel that is missing some features from the desktop version on Mac and Windows. While picking out new fonts on the desktop version was easy to use, the mobile version doesn’t offer it. Whereas on a computer, where a menu appeared on the top of the screen every time you wanted something, here on mobile everything is streamlined to make use of the real estate on a tablet or smartphone. And I like that. Furthermore, while on a laptop or desktop, you could right-click on an underlined word to correct spelling errors, on a tablet or smartphone, it lacks the need for it. So, my advice for you users is this: if you crave simplicity or efficiency, download the app. But if you want more professional style, stick with the app on a computer..Version: 1.2020.22203

Good appGreasy app.Version: 1.2019.40201

Love DocsI'm not a massive fan of apps in general but since Microsoft Office has started charging a yearly fee which I can't afford I've found Google Docs really helpful and even easier to use. The app is quick and convenient. I used it to write my book and I use it for all my invoices - love it. If you're a busy person who has to write up a lot of documents then this is the app for you..Version: 1.2019.02204

Google docs. Great app , love itLove this app. Love how I can use it on my iPad, phone, laptop and desktop. It makes it easy to share your work with people and access your work on all of your devices. And it’s so easy to use. I also love the features where say if you and somebody are working together on peace you can both work at the same time on the peace whilst being able to see what the other person is doing. I only have two issues with this app, one i can’t seem to print anything of of my ipad (but not sure if that’s just the iPad or the app) my second issue is that it is hard the change the font/size of the text on my my phone and iPad. So overall I really like google docs. So I have given it 4 stars..Version: 1.2020.34204

AmazingGet this app, it is so amazing for all your work / school work and keeping organised and up tom date with work in general. I am a secondary school student and I use lots of google based apps, e.g Google Classroom, Google Chrome , Google ( funnily enough) , google meets, google slides and NOW GOOGLE DOCS! Would definitely recommend! 5 stars from me! Although, when I am set school work I sadly cannot delete files that school teachers have set so eventually it has too much docs open on the home page of it... But still really love it and definitely recommend! This is the best writing app like word, pages e.t.c so if you need to be organised and writing lots of words a day than this is write ( see what I’m doing there) for you!.Version: 1.2020.47204

It’s better than a word processorI enjoy Docs it easy to access and l can write reams if l want to the only thing that lets it down is that it always starts at the beginning of my story, thankfully there are two little tabs on the side which quickly takes me to where l was last. The old processor used to have page down or page up which again was slow so it would be nice to open the document and press a button for the last paragraph I wrote. Just a thought.Version: 1.2018.38201

Gear and efficientTurn on offline sinc and use effortlessly offline, anytime, anywhere. Although easier with a portable keyboard as it is a bit hard to write for long periods of time on a small screen. But overall, great app. 5 stars..Version: 1.2017.46204

Love this appThis app is really great for lots of things like work, school projects, making a business. I love this app!.Version: 1.2020.24202

Awesome for googleThank you google making google docs now I can write what ever And why are there hater in this world we’ll just what to say amazing job on google Docs google your the best.Version: 1.2017.44204

Some technical issuesThis would have been 5 star, if it weren’t for some technical difficulties that I have with the app. For example, I am on iPad and I can’t select more than one word. This is especially annoying if a want to canopy a part of my work but I can’t because it does not let me select more than one word. The other thing is that I can’t add an indent. The only way to add one is to count a certain amount of space bars and even then it does not look quite right. Please could you help fix as I have my GCSEs coming up and as it is lockdown I am having to work online..Version: 1.2020.24202

DocsDocs is amazing me and my cousin just write and talk about how good docs is 5 stars definitely I would do more if possible but the app is just amazing me and my cousin write about haunted houses songs other apps and life and more! Thanks..Version: 1.2019.22201

Best thingI absolutely love this app. There is nothing bad about it other than how addicting it is. Every time I think of something I write it down here. From fonts to letter size there is everything you need . My favourite thing about google docs is that unlike word you do not need to save things . It saves automatically. So if you like to write or a student ,worker or just think you need this app- get it, It’s free!!!.Version: 1.2020.32204

UsefulIt’s very useful and I having been using it for a long time efficiently. I recommend it.Version: 1.2020.16203

MS Word in my pocketI love the concept of being able to edit word documents on the go and with MS Word being the most popular word processing software, Google Docs is a big time-saver. For use on a mobile phone, the software is relatively easy to use, with it hosting many of the features found on the desktop version. I would highly recommend this app for those employees looking to boost their efficiency by editing business documents when they’re out and about..Version: 1.2019.08203

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Amazing app love it for schoolwork. Absolutely better than Microsoft word.Version: 1.2017.38205

Amazing app!I actually use it at school and at home, and it’s absolutely amazing! I don’t know what I would do without it! Plus, you can use it offline, unlike many other apps like this one. Once, I was doing online learning school, when I couldn’t do any work because there was no internet. Docs saved me because... well you know. 🤩🤪 I highly recommend getting this app,!! The only thing/ problem is that, well, there is no problem. An that is a problem because there’s no point in writing this thing cuz everyone would say this apps great. 👍 100%!!!💯.Version: 1.2020.18201

UsefulHighly useful for creating slideshows, documents, and other office and school type work..Version: 1.2019.40201

Almost Perfect 4.9/5This app is amazing on computer - a bit harder to use on mobile devices but basically flawless otherwise. I have one suggestion for improvement: even though many bullet point options are available, it’d be great if we could customise a bullet point / sub bullet point system and save it for future use, instead of having to recreate the custom bullet points all over again. Otherwise highly recommend Google Docs..Version: 1.2020.47204

Highly recommended, but definitely room for improvementGoogle Docs is very, very useful as a whole, providing services that allow seamless collaboration and that solve many past horrors of word-processors (like the classic “I didn’t save my doc and now it’s gone foreverrrrr!!”). As great as it is on desktop, I personally found the transfer to mobile devices a little, well, less great. It’s obviously difficult to find an intuitive way to lay out all the functions of Docs on desktop onto a smaller screen, but it’s honestly such a huge hassle navigating comments and suggestions, even when I’m on my iPad. It’s also kind of annoying that I can’t zoom out more on a doc—basically, once the width of the page fills the screen, I can no longer zoom out. This doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it makes for a lot of tedious scrolling when an already long document has relatively large text. Additionally, there are these small annoying glitches that occasionally occur. For example, when I was editing a doc, I kept trying to delete a space, but it would always delete the space and the letter behind it. I tried over and over again to no avail... sigh.... It also seems to me that Docs can get kind of slow? I’m on a new device, so the hardware should be working fine, but there’s a huge lag when I’m trying to type in the app. Other than these few problems, everything else has been working fine and going smoothly..Version: 1.2018.30202

Does all it promisesI like the speed of Docs, opening quickly for text writing..Version: 1.2020.12203

Recommended for StudentsThis app is free, which means budget friendly and is google based. All the files you create could be uploaded to i cloud, which makes it so much easier. It is easy for starters, and practically capable for more frequent users. The only problem is that it gets laggy when to much people on it but other then that it is great!.Version: 1.2020.28201

Good app to upgrade resume’sI find this app very helpful as I really needed something that’ll will fit my needs in updating my resume, before applying for a new job this app made it swift and easy to complete straight away. Overall this a good app to recommend for anyone to use if you no other devices to use or can make it to a close by library..Version: 1.2019.20203

JUST AMAZING😁😆This app is so helpful and it really can do everything that you need it to do for you I use this for a lot of my school work and it’s pretty amazing if you don’t know if you should get it I’m so happy it’s free and you should get it it’s really just .... well great I don’t know what else to say it’s great..Version: 1.2020.24202

Love Google docsI absolutely love google docs, especially since I’m in college and it saves your work automatically when your up at 2:00am trying to finish an essay that is due that same day and you fall asleep. There probably is away to do this, but if not I wish there would be away to categorize documents into different folders for different projects or classes and or poor year. I think this would be very helpful for me since one day I would love to show my kids that hard work does pay off. The slide shows are excellent and great for presenting history projects to make them at least semi fun and very easy to use once you learn to switch over from PowerPoint... but the basic outline I personally feel is similar yet differently. The docs were it is like Microsoft Word is very identical just a few extra perks of not having to save, having all of your work in one place, and very easy usage. The only reason for a 4 star was the fact is that if it doesn’t have the filing system “ I would be surprised if it didn’t” again probably haven’t figured it out, but have been using this program since 2015 at-least so I think I would have found it, but things fly over everybody's head sometimes “am I right or am I right?”.Version: 1.2018.06203

Self Published Author Eathen CarruthersI have been a Self Published Author of History for just over 3 years and I discovered Google Docs only 2016 it is a amazing app in the sense you need to save your documents it saves them automatically So you can go back to them whenever and also you have we’re ever you go for printing purposes you don’t have access to a computer Google Docs is on your phone it’s just handy and simple Just love it Eathen Carruthers, Author.Version: 1.2019.34

Fantastic!Google docs is great, it allows you to do everything you can do from a desktop, right on your mobile. Whether you are in education, business or just for general life, this app will help keep you organised. Plus it incredibly handy typing up a document and then sharing the link with others anywhere! Sidenote - if you use Google Drive as well, you will never look back as that is a lethal app combo for any smartphone owner.Version: 1.2017.48212

Brilliant, though slower recentlyI find Google Docs extremely useful, and have used it for almost all my writing /drafting/journalling over the past two years. I love the fact that evrything is automatically saved in the cloud and available on pretty much any internet linked device. I haven’t awarded 5 stars, because recently I’ve found pages/Docs rather slow to load - sometimes I have to wait several minutes before I can start writing..Version: 1.2019.12202

Use it all the timeLove this app. I use it on my phone with a Bluetooth keyboard all the time and it helps me maximise what little time I have in between looking after 2 small children. Document sharing is really easy with people with gmail and other accounts and I like that you can toggle between sections/ headings by dragging the toggle on the right down... saves a lot of time in a big document. It’d be nice if page numbers showed up on the smaller screen version, but really, that’s a very minor point. Brilliant app..Version: 1.2018.12206

Great app, much needed improvementsI’m a writer and google docs has been my go-to platform ever since middle school, when I first learned to use the program. User-friendly interface, most things can be learned with nothing more than a quick tutorial online, and it does not come at the cost of a lack of quality or options. However, when you’re someone like me who is a frequent user, you end up having a lot of documents. In this case, organization becomes an issue. Scrolling through dozens of documents before I can find the specific story I wish to continue writing is an inconvenience and occasionally a tad annoying. I wish there was some sort of foldering ability in the platform to better organize different types of documents. Google Drive already has folders available, I don’t think it would be too hard to add it onto google docs as well. The folders in google docs could be separated from drive and exist solely on the docs platform. Or they could be connected to drive..Version: 1.2022.06202

AmazingSuch a great app, good to have on the go and when completing homework at home and don’t have access to a computor.Version: 1.2019.40201

GreatAwesome Nothing needs to be changed Love this app Helpful.Version: 1.2021.06204

Awesome for school and home 😝😝😝😝😝At school we use this and it’s GREAT!! I also use it at home for fun and I am surprised by how much imagination I’m using for this app! It is great use of fun and learning!.Version: 1.2019.42204

Great App For ProductivityIt’s rather straight forward and easy to use works like a charm even when documents are edited across different devices. Feels constrained and not fully featured like the on a computer I had trouble trying to add rows and columns to a table in a document taping and selecting to hold for options takes a bit of getting used to. Besides that typing up essays or word documents is easily doable..Version: 1.2017.44204

Please make google docs Apple Pencil compatible!I use this app everyday for schoolwork. I would love to be able to use my Apple Pencil to write on the documents! Google docs is the most convenient to me, but seems to lack many features that other apps have had for a while. It is disappointing. I think a lot of the users would appreciate if more effort was put into improving this app..Version: 1.2020.42202

DocsIt’s super helpful for a youtuber like me.Version: 1.2021.20202

HATERS BACK OFFEveryone that writes bad reviews about Google Docs doesn’t know what they are talking about so if u are one of those people that write bad reviews to make people regret their decisions shut up nobody wants to hear about your bad attitude opinions u are just trying to ruin people’s lives and you just want people to delete this app I am writing a fictional story on Google Docs about a 7 year old girl that is going through rough obstacles on the Oregon Trail with her Mom Dad and her horse Bucky her brother died along the trail because of a disease on the Oregon Trail called Cholera and she soon runs away because her parents force her to give a robber/horse theif named Robert her horse she soon finds a nice field of grass with some other wild horses and they soon run away after a wild black Clydesdale joins them as they graze I am trying not to make this long so bye.Version: 1.2021.42202

Love how generous google is in giving us a place to store documentsI really appreciate the generosity of Google in giving so freely a place for me to store my documents online. I really appreciate that. I would love to see their products be more child friendly though. Unfortunately there are no parental controls on their new pixel phone. This is where Apple has been responsible. It would be nice to see google make the internet a whole lot safer for kids as well by making it so much more difficult for kids to access porn, Maybe insist on all porn companies to have a completely plain entrance with no porn pictures. And to look to making this public space that we all enjoy more safer by blocking all nude images. I don’t see nudes when I go out shopping in public in real life and I would appreciate it if the internet had a little bit of an overhaul using some common sense and put up a more public friendly internet. Google, please be more responsible instead of bowing down to the big payload you get from porn companies so they can prey on children. All children should be freely given their right to enjoy their innocence..Version: 1.2017.38205

Only one downside but it gets very annoyingTrying to open a google doc from Facebook messenger on iPad is a pain. Even with google docs installed on my iPad Pro, iOS is too dumb to open the document with the app. Instead, it opens up the App Store to download.... Please fix this. It’s very annoying. I think iOS is a solid operating system but this is just pure stupidity and it really breaks my workflow..Version: 1.2019.04204

My thoughtsHi I quite like you using Google Docs because it’s really easy to operate and there’s everything in the line but the only thing which I don’t particularly like about it is that you can’t draw text boxes so you’re just stuck in a line you can’t really move a passage around you can’t put stuff next to pictures it’s just a bit annoying but I still write it for five stars because I think it deserves it my school is going crazy about it and I don’t blame them it is a life saver.Version: 1.2018.12206

Some great things can be doneI love having a document open on my PC AND my phone and then using the voice recognition on my phone and watching it automatically update in near real time as I dictate the document. Copying and pasting photos from the phone can take a while but that's just because my internet connection is slower than a glacier..Version: 1.2017.36207

GreatGoogle docs is great. It is good that it automatically saves and that you can access your documents from anywhere. I am a teacher and I save all my planning and information on Google Docs and Google sheets..Version: 1.2017.46204

Didn't realiseYeh, so it's basically really useful. I had the standard notes app on my phone but could never access them if my phone was out of charge, or simply downstairs. Also you can share and collaborate ideas, files, lists, designs, plans and links. All we need is a music version of this whole data sharing business. When musicians decide it's all a part of their profession to share their gifts....Version: 1.2017.38205

This app is a good educational app!This app is easy to use because you can edit and create story’s and brainstorm ideas I recommend you should try this if you read this or your getting this app but one thing I have to announce that you have to put your google account in before you use the app and if you have bad internet connection you can possibly have to do the verification again :( but I still think you should try it:)🤞🙂.Version: 1.2020.32204

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.At school our teacher makes us use it for everything and it is the most easiest thing in the world to use. I I also use it a lot at home for reports and other things and keeping record of other stuff like that. I recommend that you use this all the time..Version: 1.2018.20201

Love itSuper easy to use as a student I use this all the time never had an issue.Version: 1.2020.40201

The best for anything!Google Docs has been the most useful app for me to be able to create multiple pages of Stories, Characters, Poems, and more! This is often the go to app for schools. It’s very simple to be able to share it to others like teachers or other students for projects, and that’s not the only limit since I use it when sharing with friends. I use this both in the computer and with my iPad. With google doc just logging in to your account is very quick and it holds all your data for you so you don’t need to worry which is a great relieve! I hope that this app stays on forever because I won’t be able to find another app like this, being free as well. If there were any recommendations I also like Google Slides although it’s a bit harder to use on the go. Sincerely, Google Doc User..Version: 1.2018.16203

Love ItGreat app! Easy to use and very helpful..Version: 1.2019.40201

Really, Really Bad AppThis app is horrible. Unlike the version on the computer you can not chat with people when they are on the same doc, making collaboration impossible. This app has absolutely NO compatibility with hyperlinks. You can’t change the browser your link sends you to and also can not delete hyperlinks. You try to and it will either take you straight to the website OR it will stop and freeze instantly. When that happens, you can not use it until you swipe it up and go back in. Even then, once you do that it still won’t work. Horrible, Horrible app. Very Disappointed..Version: 1.2018.28206

It’s OkayWhen you are collaborating with others it can get a bit delayed. When you add people you have to search them like crazy!! Something is missing though, I would like to get notifications when someone is editing my work. I am known as a very organised person. To me? Well it’s okay. They have folders for that but I would like to have tags. Otherwise as I have’s okay.Version: 1.2019.12202

Ok, but ...Works ok, and has never lost any of my work. These comments are about the iPad version. Doesn't implement the paste button on the keyboard of recent ios versions. Doesn't restore app to previous state after being forced out of memory by using other apps - you need to reopen the document you had open. Doesn't behave well with the two finger cursor moving gesture, especially when selecting text..Version: 1.2018.14206

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