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Google Sheets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Google Sheets app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Sheets? Can you share your negative thoughts about google sheets?

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Google Sheets for Negative User Reviews

Needs Some Work, A Bit LaggyI have large shared files that I constantly need to look at and work on alongside my coworkers on the same file at the same time. It seems like the iPad/iPhone version is a bit laggy and choppy? And whenever I try to load one of those large files, it crashes. I’ll keep trying or will try offline, but I hope the changes I make get saved to the same file everyone else is working on! Just leaving some feedback! Oh and would also love to have the ability to find words on the page, not just to replace but i nee to search for them to copy and reference for another sheet! So that’d be cool if we got that!.Version: 1.2020.38202

Google Sheets for IPad - Fundamentally FlawedGoogle Sheets and other programs like it are flexible, able to be used for multiple purpose across many different fields. As such Google Sheets for IPAD may work fine for you but for my job and how I use it I spend more time hitting roadblocks and having to open my computer to accomplish tasks than I should. It leads to the essential question of why even have an app if it will be missing so many core features and have many more that are broken or flawed. The most recent examples include freezing vertical columns doing the opposite of the intended function, the complete lack of in cell text formatting, the lack of advanced sorting features and the inability to open two windows of google sheets at the same time. These are just the broken or missing features that have interrupted my workflow today, I am sure that more will occur in the future. With an app this unfinished I would look to Excel or Apple’s Numbers as alternatives if my work didn’t rely on GSuite for the sharing functionality. If the only reason a user continues to use an app is being locked into the ecosystem, it is not a good app. If you are able avoid Google Sheets and all other Google apps to avoid getting trapped in their ecosystem, especially if you plan to try and use your IPAD as a main work device..Version: 1.2021.46201

Keeps freezing and not savingI type my name into a Spreadsheet section then move along columns and type it as well then it freezes or before then it freezes and my name isn't saved. I hope this gets resolved soon. I've tried repeatedly and the same issues occur..Version: 1.2018.32206

Good but unstableFort simple spreadsheets this is great; it's useful because it's cross platform and has lots of features. For larger or complex spreadsheets it's frustrating as it regularly crashes. Sheets itself is stable (I use it online through Chrome or Brave) but the App isn't. I've tested this on multiple devices (iPads and iPhones), latest iOS and App versions. It usually saves the latest work, so could be worse, but it's very frustrating when your work flow is constantly disrupted..Version: 1.2021.06204

Can’t openWhen I try to open the Google sheets link in Gmail, it doesn’t let me..Version: 1.2019.24203

Crashing since latest updateI have never had an issue before (although granted doing any heavy lifting in spreadsheets is painful on a smaller device IMO) however installing the most recent update yesterday (my iOS is up to date) seems to have rendered this app completely unusable, crashes within <2 seconds of attempting to open..Version: 1.2020.8201

Sheets ain’t sheetsWhilst sheets on the iPad is ok I do find it somewhat frustrating that some functionality is different from the Pc version or doesn’t even exist at all on the iPad version. I find there are times I need to do editing on the Pc which is a pain when I just want to work off my iPad..Version: 1.2020.6203

Randomly crashesStill useless.Version: 1.2021.06204

Keeps crashingIt won’t work it just keeps crashing.Version: 1.2020.28201

No hyperlinksUnlike the online version, doesn’t let you insert hyperlinks. Makes it useless for my purposes, meaning I just have to use the online version. Seems like a super simple thing to include….Version: 1.2021.44200

Hard to adjust column width.It’s almost impossible to touch the right spot to change column width. Row height works ok, except on iPod (or phone), where neither column width nor row height work. Otherwise is better than other apps..Version: 1.2021.06204

Inconsistent appI use Sheets as a cross platform spreadsheet programme, so I can add new info from my Samsung phone, iPad or iMac. Problem is that on my iPad, the app opens at the first available tab on the extreme left, each tab being a month on the current year. Consequently I have to slide across to the correct month tab on the far right. This is very annoying because it doesn’t happen on my Samsung version of the Sheets app. Another annoying issue in the context of my use is the limited date formats on the app and the inability to fill down dates in the format I like - day, date and month. Only on the iMac programme of Sheets can I select this date format and replicate dates for the new month. Inconsistency that I find irritating..Version: 1.2019.20204

Why?!Clunky.Version: 1.2020.4203

No support for on going issuesGuess you can’t complain about the support from Google! Because there is non! I’ve been having an issue with google sheets freezing up and their developer support link is a joke! More like a help yourself by google community! Not what you’d expect from google developer support. It’s Google App! C’mon Google! You can do better than that! Support your app by being able to type your support question and have a response by the developer instead of having the google public community help each other. That’s not customer service! That’s help yourself service..Version: 1.2018.30204

Files are always out of dateI use sheets on multiple devices including web browser. The versions accessible from my iPad are consistently out of date, this makes this app effectively useless for me..Version: 1.2021.222

Won’t stay openCloses itself as soon as I scroll in my sheets. Worked for a bit on my iPad but never on my iPhone. Have reinstalled and updated a dozen times.... program just doesn’t work. Frustrating when I have docs held hostage in sheets and can’t even keep the app open long enough to save them elsewhere. Do NOT use! My docs are trapped!.Version: 1.2020.34204

Really useful app… if it didn’t crash all the timeI often need to update a spreadsheet on the go and being able to use Sheets is invaluable. However, the spreadsheet I use is very complex and the app simply cannot handle it. It crashes all the time (literally within seconds of loading up the sheet and starting to enter data) so I reload the spreadsheet and again it crashes within seconds. It is very frustrating that a spreadsheet which was designed in, and therefore native to, Google Sheets, cannot be updated in the official Sheets app. I only have good things to say about the app itself, which is very functional and does everything you need it to – as long as your spreadsheet isn’t too complicated! Every time I enter new data into the spreadsheet, I have to fill out a new line of ten pieces of information (some of it from drop down menus and some of it by manually typing it in). It would be absolutely amazing if the app could recognise/learn this pattern (machine learning perhaps?) and then simply provide me with a single page within the app, so I can input all the data into a single page, away from the spreadsheet (as if filling out a form), before it transfers the info on the sheet itself, rather than by me having to update the spreadsheet by constantly clicking on individual cells and continuously scrolling what is a very large spreadsheet across a very small screen. Hopefully improvements will be forthcoming for what could and should be an invaluable app!.Version: 1.2020.26204

Something’s changedI’ve been quite happy with Google Sheets on iPad for a while now. But I think something changed with the keyboard layout in the last update. I find i’m constantly typing numbers when I mean to type letters and having to do over. Maybe the ABC, 123 keys have moved? It’s a bit of a pain, but other than that, the app is great..Version: 1.2020.6203

What happened?I used to love the mobile version of this app, but after the last update I can’t find any way to enter a little or a lot of data w/out tapping the little edit symbol for every cell. If there is a work-around, it’s not v. obvious. I just can’t see why it’s required now. Sorry, Google, but since this new ‘improvement’ is making me work on my laptop anyway, I’m moving back to Open Office..Version: 1.2021.06204

New update not goodNow have to click the edit button every time you want to write something! It’s crazy !.Version: 1.2021.06204

Annoyed MonsterAnnoyed monster isn’t happy.Version: 1.2020.8201

Unable to Edit Shared SheetsI try to go as mobile as possible, because opening up a computer all the time sometimes is just too much of a hassle or takes way too much time for something that should be done so quickly, such as signing up for a meeting time. Whenever I try to edit a spreadsheet for something like signing up, there’s always an annoying pop-up that says I need to download the app in order to edit at all. And even when I already have it downloaded, I still have to press the only “accept” button on that pop-up, which says “get the app”. It takes me back to the app store, where I then have to press “open”, and opens up to the Google Sheets app, but the sheets I would be trying to edit wouldn’t automatically come up. Checking the “Shared with Me” tab doesn’t do anything, trying the process over again doesn’t do anything, and nor does completely closing the App Store or Google Sheets app then starting the process over again do anything. This practically makes the Sheets app useless for me, because this is pretty much the only reason I need it. When using Sheets, I’m usually just trying to open someone else’s Sheets page, which they linked somewhere, and edit it rather than creating one myself..Version: 1.2019.18202

Needs so much work to be usable on iPadI can use Numbers or Excel and it knows I have a mouse pointer and keyboard. It’s been nearly a year since trackpad support was added to iPadOS and several years since keyboard shortcuts were added to iOS/iPadOS. Please take some time to update your app!.Version: 1.2020.47204

Constant freezingI can't be in a document for more then 30 seconds before it freezes and I have to force the app to close and reopen it. But then it just does it again..Version: 1.2017.36208

Need Apple Pencil supportHi the Sheets app need Apple Pencil support as typing the numbers and letters is annoying on touch screen if you don’t have a keyboard. Also the search function only searches in the current sheet and there seems to be no option to search in all the sheets in a workbook. Also doesn’t copy the table when copying and pasting in email ..Version: 1.2019.24203

Half completeThere are a lot of features that the app simply cannot do when compared to the web version. Stuff like line of best fit, directly editing the legend. The real technical stuff that I needed for some of my work as a student. It’s especially annoying because I use my iPad as my daily work station and it wont allow me to access the web version on the mobile app of chrome. What it does do, it’s great at. But there isn’t much depth and what you can do is really basic. I just wish the app had the same features as the web version..Version: 1.2019.46202

Constantly doesn’t save my workI am repeatedly losing work I have done because it won’t save it properly. I have a strong Internet connection. I double, triple and quadruple check that it is saved, only to open it next time and have work missing..Version: 1.2020.46204

Unnecessarily feature-poor for mobile usersGood - $0 Price. Obviously. And the app is easy to use to view and share sheet information. Priority for google is collaboration. Bad - Sheets is hosted/cloud, but for some reason the feature set is diminished for mobile users. I don't mind using bandwidth, let me use my add-ins! They are very, very important to my decision to use Gapps. Or let me use the desktop browser version on my mobile version. Also don't like the screen when choosing what file to open. It's messy recent stuff. I have nicely organised folders in Drive for a reason. Result - unlock the features and MS won't stand a chance. Until then it's a share/view helper to the desktop workhorse..Version: 1.2017.30200

GimpedVery simple function is not possible without jumping through many hoops. Try to add a new line within an active cell. Wait, you can’t. They didn’t add this feature in the app. Why? Who knows. The only way to add a new line in a cell is to do this nonsense: ="Hello"&CHAR(10)&"World" Would output: Hello World Additionally you can do this within formulas. Ex: =IF(A1=5,"Number"&CHAR(10)&"Five",) Assuming A1 is 5 the output would be: Number Five Hey google, here’s some feedback for ya. A lot of folks with iPads are now using them like they are laptops. We have keyboards and trackpads. Now we have M1 chips. Why don’t you guys add some basic functionality to this app so it’s more comparable to its desktop counterpart? Love sheets, hate this gimped mobile version..Version: 1.2021.18203

Tap to edit a cell has ruined this once great appI have been using this app for a couple of years now but the latest update has ruined it. When you want to edit a call you have to click on the cell, hit the pencil edit button and then make the changes. Why would you change the way it works on most spreadsheet programs. Please change it back to what it was before as makes editing spreadsheets take twice as long!.Version: 1.2021.14208

Garbage nowDoesn’t allow you to edit cell. Which is the whole point.Version: 1.2022.06203

Two Gripes..Great app, but.. 1. I don’t like the new button you have to tap before you can start typing in a new cell. Previously, you could go to a new cell and just start typing. Not anymore.. well, you could, and I do it all the time, but, your time will be wasted because you didn’t tap the new edit button that is now a required step every time you go to a new cell. 2. The app reloads just about every time I come back to it. This may be a RAM management issue with the phone but I am using the 12 pro max and this is the only app this happens with in my experience. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal for me but it slows me down when I have to wait for it to reload, tap the sheet I was working in, and find my place within that sheet. This, all while I’m working against the clock, and trying to enter information as we go along. I would use something else but my customer uses this for their documentation..Version: 1.2021.14208

Getting There, But ….My work uses sheets for all documentation and I WISH i could finally start using the iOS app for full functionality, but i can’t because of one issue that is not possible on iOS. For some of my work I use Cells for note taking, so seeing that i input a larg quantity of characters, I make edits all the time throughout the week. With the application, editing the cells shows a very small portion of whats in the cells. If i have 2 paragraphs of info in a cell, it takes FOREVER to “scroll” to the section i need to edit. This has completely turned me off of using the iOS application for any work input, only for viewing. The newest update got me excited, but then killed my excitement haha. Now when a cell is selected, there’s a pop up of the contents to view but only to view, to edit the cell, it goes back to the original way of editing. If there was a way to edit the contents within the pop up view of the contents, that would change everything. Please think about it!.Version: 1.2021.06204

Still a "baby version" of the web appGoogle, PLEASE start taking iPad seriously. My company does everything in G Suite and your iPad apps lack so much functionality compared to their web versions that they are like having one hand tied to your back. Take a note how Apple or Microsoft does their office apps on iPad and start following. Examples: Many functions that exist in web version are just missing from app - case: you cannot edit graph set to occupy full tab in Sheets. There is no way to edit multiple documents side by side. Also, make it possible to open the documents in Safari when you have multiple user accounts. Now only way for preventing app from hijacking url is to by hand add /u/1 in the the right spot..Version: 1.2020.38202

Does not have the same features as computer ver.It’s ok but adding more features that are available only on computers on mobile would be nice.Version: 1.2021.36203

New Edit FeatureNew feature makes you click edit before each new entry for IOS.. unproductive, please remove !.Version: 1.2021.06204

Be Careful with This OneI would have given 5* as I found it to be a great spreadsheet app (having used Excel previously on PCs). BUT I find myself marking it down as unknowingly (probably because of a hacked password) I flouted the Google T & Cs and was locked out. Once you are locked out you cannot access ANY of your Google apps or your data within those apps for that particular account. So even though I believe I personally did nothing wrong I can no longer access my spreadsheets, many of which took days to develop. Consequently I no longer use Google Sheets but another spreadsheet which does not require you to login before allowing any functionality. To say the least I am disappointed..Version: 1.2022.222

Needs more spreadsheet features -currently disguised as a word-processing app with boxesI don't need to open many spreadsheet documents on devices. But one of the few that I did was disappointing. I needed to filter some data in order to analyse it. No options for data manipulation (which I thought was the main point of spreadsheets) nor fill-down of formulae... nor anything remotely useful like a formula function suggestion box... all of these functions are available on the desktop version. However I could format the cells for date and time, choose what font, size, background colour I wanted. I even had the option for several styles like bold, underline, italics and strike through... really? Strike through? Who even uses that anymore? Not saying these are bad functions to have... And I'm not saying that all the functions available on a PC should be made available on an app... but this IS a spreadsheet app... if you had to prioritise which functions to have on an app would the ability to add strike through to text while on the run really be more important than the ability to fill-down and apply formulae en masse and sort data into a useful order? If I wanted to make text look pretty don't I have Google docs for that? Three stars... Good effort guys but needs a lot more thought put into this app to earn more..Version: 1.0.1

Basic functions are missingIf a column is formatted as a number or text or date or time the keyboard should switch accordingly on which ever cell of a column I’m , but it’s not the case each time I’ve to switch keyboard to enter my data, frustrating , Functions I see on desktop I can’t see them on the tablet app nor on the phone app..Version: 1.2021.40204

Unusable with medium or large filesOnly works with simple speadsheets with little formulas. As soon as you have multiple sheets, formulas or dependencies, Sheets crashes systematically. iPad Pro 12.9.Version: 1.2021.38202

Why make the edit value a buttonIt’s a text field, and now you have to tap a button instead of simply the text field at the bottom to edit. This app is already a usability nightmare. Why make it worse?.Version: 1.2021.18203

UpdateSince I updated the app this morning I can no longer open it !!!.Version: 1.2022.02200

It doesn’t work when it shouldI have been sent a google Sheet to edit with peers. The site constantly has the pop-up stating (get google sheets to make edits) or such. I have the app. And it it’s both impossible to open directly from the sheet, or opening it an internet browser doesn’t allow me to open it in sheets. Essentially I can access it without first downloading into my phone, then re-opening. It also does not show up in my recent history. I would say this is exactly what the app needs to do for a mobile app, is cross opening or at least for the option to open in Sheets is available. It isn’t. At the very least it should be able to know I have the app instead of advertising to me to download, and open up the app itself, instead of the App Store. So poor in the final product’s function..Version: 1.2019.46202

Doesn’t work with iPad and keyboardFound a fix: use Sheet in Safari instead of the app :) Honestly just going to delete the app at this point. I can’t switch cells at all (tab, enter, even clicking on it) and be able to type at all in the new cell. It just ignores any keyboard inputs after moving to a new cell (arrow keys to move and any sort of typing). Would definitely not recommend using this app if you need to have something open while editing a spreadsheet. I have to have my catalogs open on a separate machine just to edit the spreadsheets without clicking multiple times every time I need to move to a new cell. None of the fixes I’ve seen online have worked, and most just talk about how an update was scheduled to fix it, but that was more than half a year ago and it still doesn’t work with fully updated apps and iOS..Version: 1.2022.02200

Full menuWhy can I not have the full menu that I can access from the website of google sheets? It makes it more difficult to work.Version: 1.2020.8201

Static side columns too wide / not neededThe side column for Row Group Toggle buttons (+) are too wide. I don’t even require them! Along with the wide side column for Row Numbers I am left with only 2/3 of my screen for viewing my spreadsheet! It makes for an unpleasant experience. I would like to see a hide option at least for the Group Toggles..Version: 1.2018.28202

It keeps closing!!Can open files but as soon as I try to scroll through the app closes. So frustrating!.Version: 1.2021.06204

Bad touch interface, not intuitive UIAs usual, Google has no concept of designing for touchscreens. Selecting a cell is difficult, unselecting a cell is difficult, editing a cell is difficult, undoing accidental edits is impossible, switching between files is a hidden button. This app version is virtually useless compared to the browser version..Version: 1.2019.12202

CrashingIt keeps crashing on me. On my new ipad5. I am upset because I like this program better than excel.Version: 1.2020.47204

This is truly patheticIs it really just me that sees a dog slow app? I copied this review’s title from my departing comment within my effort to create a stock tracking spreadsheet. In what turned out to be my second effort at exploring using Sheets I found enormous difficulty overcoming the very long hang times and delays, so left that comment to myself to remind me in case I ever try it again. Add to that the fact that the stock query is missing a dividend/yield function on stocks, and we have arrived at the bizarre. That’s quite a miss. And add to that the inability to query a closing price on a date without forcing an 5 cell array construct and we have a mess. Apple does this in one cell with one date reference, folks. Well, I hate the long hanging “Calculating” times in the Numbers app, but Sheets is little better there for letting me edit while it thinks, and quite a bit more limited in overall dogginess and limitations. Disappointed..Version: 1.2019.16201

CrashesCrashes every time I open it, every time, on iPad or on iPhone. I think it just can’t handle the array formulas or charts, or other complex tasks that I usually perform in Google Sheets. Which, honestly, is just about every spreadsheet I make. More to the point, you can no longer access google sheets online from iPad either, meaning spreadsheet work on this machine is totally out of the question unless I wish to go through the ridiculous tedium of using teamviewer or some such to control my PC. No, thank you. I’m really hoping in the future, especially with the whole “your next computer might be an iPad” campaign that apple has been doing, we’ll see a fully functional .xls program for iPad..Version: 1.2020.47204

Very badDont download this, it deletes your own work and you cant copy and paste without messing up your formula..Version: 1.2020.42201

Work deleting its selfI was using it and it was being great until over the last week all my work has been deleting its self and copy and pasting it’s self without me doing anything. Very unimpressed and upset with the amount of work I have put into it. PLEASE FIX THIS!.Version: 1.2022.04201

Terrible layoutI can't add a row in between so I have to delete everything and move the text down a row this is so annoying please update so I can add a blank row..Version: 1.2021.44200

N’est pas complet sur mobilesLa seul manière d’avoir toutes les manipulations possibles est de l’ouvrier sur ordinateur donc la version mobile est presque inutilisable si on veut de la précision..Version: 1.2020.38202

Never loadsI try to open i and most times it never loads, I’ve deleted it, updated it, restarted my phone, etc. Literally the worst app I’ve ever had and I can’t delete it because I need it for work....Version: 1.2020.47204

AnnoyingI’m trying to type ‘01’ or a 0 Infront if a number because I need to use it to type out ‘00’ to ‘99’ and it just keeps trying to correct which messes everything up, it would be much better if the correction of removing the first 0 and other things were optional, if I’m missing something please let me know because I really need to get this done!.Version: 1.2022.10201

Doesn’t do the basicsThe app is meant to let me manage and edit my spreadsheets, but it crashes every time try to edit a cell. Don’t waste your time until they put out a more reliable version out..Version: 1.2021.48201

Kicking me outEvery time I go into a sheet it freezes and kicks me out of the app..Version: 1.2022.02200

Useless for what i want to doI love google sheets web interface, the app has a limited feature set and doesn’t allow me to do many of the things i wanted to do i=on my iPad. The worst part is I don’t seem to be able to use the web interface on my iPad. So frustrating trying to do anything. The App has a completely different interface to the web app which makes it hard to find things. It would be great to have a more consistent experience between the apps and the web interface..Version: 1.2020.40203

Ok unless you’re using a lot of scriptThe app is good when using quite simple spreadsheets, but instantly crashes for anything using script. Also, it’s as if google actively try to make their apps incompatible with apple products, so it’s quite annoying to lose access to features when moving from laptop (at work) to iPad (at home). I do, however, like that sheets and forms can be linked easily so collecting data from surveys etc is fairly easy..Version: 1.2021.06204

Are other reviewers using the same app as me?UPDATE: I think it’s actually gotten worse. But what makes it ridiculously frustrating is that logging into the URL for sheets in a browser forces me to the app. Why would you want to force people to use such a horrible experience? I know the experience in the safari on ipad isn’t ideal but it’s exponentially better than the iOS Sheets app. Original review: I can’t imagine why anyone would review this positively unless maybe they’ve never used any spreadsheet program. Ever. Maybe not even a calculator. Excel at least feels like they know iPad exists. Sheets acts like all we want to do is view an occasional sheet from others. Menu bar disappears every time I edit a cell then reappears when I hit enter. Formatting options are hard to find. Entering formulas is dramatically different from the web app on PC or Mac. Ugh, I grow tired just thinking of typing out all the horrible this thing contains. Maybe people think it’s got a retro vibe..... 1985 retro....Version: 1.2021.48201

IPad issuesGlitches copying and pasting from a filtered selection.Version: 1.2018.16203

Good for viewing. Not great for editing.• Doesn’t always show the formula field when selecting/editing cells. • Doesn’t have a date-selector for date cells..Version: 1.2020.28201

Need more fonctionalityWe need the app like the real google sheets on the website. Missing functionality, full keyboard support for iPad, mouse control. I use the website on my iPad for my work just because the app is not what the product should be. Common Google !.Version: 1.2020.47204

ReviewIt’s annoying to have to do this when I just want to use the programme.Version: 1.2019.24203

Today Function Doesn't WorkWhen I enter in "Today()" it doesn't refresh with the day's date. Ever..Version: 1.2021.32202

Google sheet LOVES JUNE!Update months later from below: same problems- always always always wants to load on June 12 everytime no matter what. Fancy to see it progress as the year moves on- same results! Ultimate frustration level as I am required to use this on a daily highly regular basis. Every single day this app doesn’t load and when it does it loads to a month ago and blank. I have to close the app and reopen it a minimum of 4-5 times every single day just to get a very easy part of my job done and here this app is the most difficult part. Its just as bad on my iPad now as my phone at loading- complete and utter junk. If I didn’t have to use this app I wouldn’t. Do better please! This is a newer iPhone and a brand new iPad Pro that I’m using this app on. Oi its frustrating!.Version: 1.2021.36203

Worst Google appNearly impossible to use. I use fairly large sheets to keep track of my projects. I was trying to update one today on my iPad and I had to re-enter the values on nearly every changed cell TWICE because either it would glitch or not type as I was typing. I also use a sheet that updates based on a sheet of a friend of mine's and in the sheet app it just DOESN'T work at all. I have to look at it in the browser. But you can't edit sheets in the browser on chrome for some reason??????? Drive site crashed like 5 times trying to just open a sheet on chrome so I can edit it. Sheet would not update with new values from my friends sheet in the app. I am fully engrained in the Google ecosystem for all my easy documentation storage but sheets on iPad is by far the WORST Google app I have ever used to the point I'm here complaining. It just doesn't work..Version: 1.2018.48203

What NEVER ?“Never worry about loosing your work - “ Where is it then? Why did it revert back to the way the document looked when it was loaded two months ago. Where have the daily changes and information gone?.Version: 1.2020.14203

Cant merge cellsSeems like they removed this very basic feature….Version: 1.2021.42203

Wish I could edit from links people send meI commonly will be sent a link to google sheets from someone and when I select it, it’s goes to a read-only view in a browser saying that I should open it in the app to edit. When I follow the given links to download/open the app, it doesn’t take me to the sheet that I originally linked from. In addition, there is no easy way to find a link to an editable sheet. Seems to defeat the purpose of having google sheet links and my ability to collaborate with others. When you finally can get into the app and edit a sheet, it’s a good product. Just awful for any sort of mobile use without being able to share easily..Version: 1.2020.10202

Very slow and uselessVery disappointed.Version: 1.2020.8201

It good but there is a drawbackThe app is very useful, however the app doesn’t provide full functionality as to the web-browser version. For example you do not get full file menus and if you need to go to a previous revision or verison of the sheet you can’t do that from the app. You will need to log into the web-browser version. Saving time and effort use the web-browser unless you need offline versions..Version: 1.2020.42200

No as good as it web versionThis app misses plenty of the key fonctionnalities available on the web version. It honestly doesn’t make it worthwhile. If you tried to use an iPad as a substitute for a laptop, don’t expect a lot from this app..Version: 1.2020.47204

Almost useless, and web versionnot accessible with an ipadI use google sheets for experiments as i am a freshman, i bring my iPad to school almost always, its my computer substitute, when its lab day and we to graph the information, i dread as the app is useless, i cannot edit a graph to add a trend line, and googles “helpful”advice is to use the web version, funny enough you cannot access the web version without a work around in ios that takes 3 minutes, thats safari, not chrome, it is impossible on chrome, after opening the web version, it tries to make you use the app, and constantly giving you a pop off that its not supported, and not able to format. it becomes slow and laggy as well. My advice to google is to not advertise an app that doesn't have some of the simplest features such as adding an equation or a trend line to a graph. And don't have a help center filled with incorrect information.Version: 1.2019.44204

Great app except for one thingThis app works really well for my usage and is easy to read on a phone screen. The only gripe I have is that it resets to the first spreadsheet of a book whenever my phone locks. This is infuriating when I have to keep locking my phone and reopening and then finding which spreadsheet I was on and where..Version: 1.2019.38202

Used to be a great it's an exercise in frustration!Every time I select a cell, the screen itself jumps back to the last cell I entered data inti. I have a very large spreadsheet, and am spending far too much time scrolling around, trying to see the cell I'm wanting to work with..Version: 1.2020.47204

CumbersomeSlow. Takes forever to load shared, live documents. Freezes and crashes often. Only reason I have it is because my company has several documents that require it and frozen panes don’t behave on the web version..Version: 1.2022.12202

ImagesVery frustrating that all the images you insert on the desktop don’t appear on the mobile version. They even differ on my iPad and iPhone. Even more frustrating is other people seem to have the same problem and their is no help to be found. Please fix this..Version: 1.2022.14200

Google SheetsIt could be amazing but it’s not, and I love google products and fully on board with the google phone and google accounts across the whole board. When I upload a new sheet or update an existing it takes ages to refresh and when I open it I often and viewing the old versions for minutes until the new versions on the same sheet decides to kick in and refresh. Some of the functions are painful to use. The user experience needs to be improved. I know it’s not excel, I know it will never be like that but the basic stuff like auto sum, formatting a sheet need improving..Version: 1.2018.12205

Update SucksThis update makes using this app impossible. Sometimes I can fill in squares, half the time the app won’t let me type. Commands don’t work. Fix this.Version: 1.2021.06204

Can’t do anythingI can’t type it just messes with my screen I can’t edit it just like oh yea? Imma mess with your screen instead and it’s just annoying I’ll give it a 3 star because there’s not THAT many bugs but these are major bugs for me.Version: 1.2022.06203

Ignores disability accessibilityYet another google product that has poor and unreliable interfacing with the most powerful voice activated software - Nuance Dragon. If you have hand/typing issues then web-based products, and pretty much anything in the google ecosystem, are a frustrating nightmare. Google products deliberately exclude disability. Come on google- get your act together. Stop discriminating and make your products fully - not partially- compatible with Dragon. Anyone who relies on Dragon is forced to use the locally installed Office products (not Office 365). You could unlock a whole market here for web-based working for disabled users..Version: 1.2020.8201

Excel sheet with password not workingBecause of password compatibility we are not able to upload any document to maintain confidentiality nor use existing with password only on computer not on google drive.Version: 1.2017.50200

No Page Set UpGood app until I need to print. Desperately need a page set up function so the orientation of the paper can be changed. Spreadsheets obviously have lots of data so printing in Landscape needs to be an option. Not much use in the app if I have to print from my computer... Also would appreciate paste special feature..Version: 1.2019.40202

Castrated version of what sheets normally isNeeds the date entry function that’s available on all other platforms and other data validation. Oh and you can’t export to PDF too..Version: 1.2019.06204

Make like the web versionFor experienced spreadsheet users, the app version of Sheets is really terrible. It would not allow you to use any keyboard shortcuts even if you own Apple’s Magic Keyboard. I also do not understand why it would not show the top drop down menu like the web version. This is a very trimmed version of the original and it is really painful to be productive while using it. I do not understand why it produces a lot of errors when using formulas such as GoogleFinance. In the App it would endlessly display “...getting data” while if I open the same file in Safari using web version of sheets it retrieves the data instantly. I deleted it and open Sheets inside Safari. You will be very thankful that it operates normal that way..Version: 1.2020.47204

Doesn't open.Trash App doesn't reponse to safari calling. Rubish..Version: 1.2022.14200

CrashAlarmy has been unstable lately. A couple of weeks ago, the alarm did not go off at all. Today, the alarm went off but tapping on the notification to get into the app to perform the mission to turn the alarm off, the app crashed. When I then tapped the app's icon to launch it, it crashed again. About the 3rd attempt to launch it, it did launch, but by now, time has elapsed so that it didn't force me to perform the mission. Consequently today's alarm is treated as though it never happened, evidenced by the missing entry in the History. The most basic function of the app must not fail, otherwise this app is useless. I have been using this app for over a year now. But lately it has been unstable and performing unreliably..Version: 1.2020.26203

Was great until !This app would have been 5 star no questions asked. However today I was using it to do inventory in a rushed environment it was perfect until then my work disappeared a full 370 items needed recounting 🥵 if the app closes it should automatically create a draft to prevent this ! I will now delete the app and use numbers by apple. Great the app is free and if you don’t make the mistake I did ot would be five star but I am disappointed this happened.Version: 1.2021.34200

March 21-2021IPad Mini 5 Please correct the latest bug and stop putting the overall rating 4.7 for old ratings ! March 21-2021 It still sucks. I loved your app but now it’s getting worse - I have to press the row or Edit button multiple times to be able to change a number or date !!!!! March 13-2021 Since your last version of Google Sheets, there is an ‘Edit Button’ inside & at the end the row, which we have to open every time we need to change anything ! This causes us extra time in updating the sheet..Version: 1.2021.06204

The concept is greatHowever the ease in using them could be better. I use sheets often during my workouts. So after each set I enter the weight and reps completed. During the next set, my screen will black out and when I click it back on, the unpredictability of whether sheets will open up exactly where I was or if I need to click on the title page and then the page at the bottom of the screen again takes over. Time is spent scrolling and clicking on between the “numbers only” board and the letter board. It’s clunky. I don’t know what the answer is to make it better, I just know that it can be. Thank you!.Version: 1.2020.18201

Keep crashingThe app keep crashing in less than a minute. Its very frustrating. Please do something. Thanks..Version: 1.2019.01302

I hate this appNo it is good not bad.Version: 1.2020.47204

Lacking features on iPad versionInstalled this to make a few spreadsheets that I could use real time tracking but can’t do so as the iPad version doesn’t have that “add on” feature.Version: 1.2020.14203

School workI think that this is a great app to help a student like myself to not always be on my laptop and do it anywhere. However, I have to do some IT work and all the options that the laptop allows you to have isn’t there in my phone which isn’t really helpful when I’m trying to make something like a macro on my sheet. I still think this is a really good app as you can do so much..Version: 1.2018.48203

Useless for any serious workThe iPad version of this app is essentially useless for any serious professional work. It’s missing lots of features of the desktop app and the ones that are there are hard to access and use. Just stick to the desktop version..Version: 1.2021.38202

Sometimes it crashes and won’t load fileGreat accessibility and function. However sometimes files wouldn’t load or open, have to close and reopen the app to do that. Kinda inconvenient when you’re doing stuff on multiple apps.Version: 1.2019.44204

Poor functionalityI can use command-a to select all of the text in a cell, but I cannot use command-i to make text italic. I cannot select and edit text within a cell, only in the bar on the bottom, thus making it incredibly inefficient. For someone doing qualitative research without access to Nvivo, spreadsheets are an important tool. While sheets on laptops and desktops is a viable rival for excel, and google’s ability for teams to simultaneously edit sheets is unchallenged, the mobile app makes it nearly impossible for me to get my work accomplished using my tablet with keyboard attachment. Why lug around my laptop when I can bring my brand new tablet that handles everything else so well? Google - get the functionality of this app on par with the sheets browser experience. Do not recommend using this app for mobile. Stick to the browser, or use a different program entirely..Version: 1.2020.6203

What have you done ?Why did you change something that was working fine. Since the latest update, when wanting to enter information into a sheet, I have to tap on a pencil icon just to write something. Up until now, all I had to do was tap on the cell and then could write immediately. Very frustrating change and not one I’m a fan of..Version: 1.2021.06204

It’s trash the worstIt’s trash the worst.Version: 1.2021.44200

AWFULWords cannot describe how much I hate this app for iPad. Have lost huge amounts of work from it not saving changes properly. When you go out of the app it closes down your document you have to go back into it when you want to work on it again, and even if your work hasn’t been lost your place in the document hasn’t been saved. There is no spellcheck function or for example the option to capitalise the first word in each sentence. When I selected help it told me to open google sheets on a computer. If I had a computer I would do that. Had to go through it and do each capitalisation manually which took ages. Also, it sometimes rejects the iPad’s own spellcheck suggestions so you choose an option only to see it automatically revert back to the original. One star is too many for this dreadful app. If I didn’t have to work in excel I would never use it again.Version: 1.2020.36202

Not so good now for older IOS devicesGreat app across my 3 devices except now whenever a software update is made to latest IOS13 version of the App my previous version will not load on non IOS 13 devices. Having to delete and reload a previous version of the app from Apple site is a chore too many. Took 3 days to accomplish last time. Months later...still the same problem! Every time there is an update to fix a bug I gain a bug. New versions not now working below ios14 means we have to reload an earlier version that was working well previously. Reloading earlier version is not easy to do. Why do we have to go through all this time and time again? Perfectly good devices rendered difficult or unusable!!!.Version: 1.2022.26200

Love that I can access my spreadsheets on any device, but editing is buggy on iPhoneIt’s awesome to be able to access my spreadsheets anywhere, anytime. I’ve completely converted all of my personal spreadsheets to Google Sheets. My only complaint is, editing spreadsheets on the phone is cumbersome, especially when editing a cell that contains a function. After placing my cursor at the point where I want to type, the contents of the edit field are moved so that the cursor is at the far left edge of the field. As I type, the cursor stays in this location, meaning that I can’t see what I’m typing as I type it. This seems to be a bug in the form field control. Wish this could be fixed..Version: 1.2018.48203

Editing chartsYou cannot edit charts to the extent of editing on the laptop, i was hoping i could just use my tablet for everything but it seems i still need my laptop to make charts and edit them more precisely.Version: 1.2019.16201

Needs to keep upI’m using all the Google apps on my iPad Pro, but these apps are still built as if they’re a temporary solution to someone being away from a computer. Update your iPadOS apps-it’s a separate platform now. Multitasking is a pain, because it sends you back to all your files when you close the app with a sheet open and relaunch. Every time I close the app I have to find the file again. Also there are so many features missing from the app that the website has. Up your game Google and support iPadOS more..Version: 1.2020.12203

Months of data RUINEDEverything was working fine until I opened another app. When I switched back to sheets, the app restarted. I opened the spreadsheet file and half of my cells are mixed up and scrambled all together!!! I’ve never seen this before in my entire life! All my cells contains random info from other cells and my formulas are all ruined! I cannot undo or find a way to restore my spreadsheet! It’s been hours and I cannot find a solution! I don’t know what happened but I lost months of data!!! How am I supposed to trust an app that can ruin an extremely important file?! Absolutely scary!!! I am extremely upset and frustrated that my spreadsheet file became ruined for absolutely no reason!!! All I did was open another app, and switched back to sheets and my entire file is all mixed up and ruined!.Version: 1.2020.47204

Formatting features missing from app versionI find the Sheets app really useful but some formatting features are missing from the app version I use on my iPad Pro. For example, you can't change the page orientation from portrait to landscape. Online help suggests you can by clicking on the three dots icon in the top right-hand side and selecting the Page Setup menu. There is no Page Setup menu! It is very frustrating not being able to do something so simple. If, in fact, there is a way to change it in the app, it certainly is not obvious how. In general, the app version of Sheets is not very user friendly.Version: 1.2021.06204

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