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Google sheetsSo much better than all the others. Straightforward and east to use, once you’ve got the hang of it. Another huge advantage Google Sheets has is the ability to download a PDF from an internet browser so it can be edited immediately, without any hassles of having to open a PDF editor and trying to find that darn document that you downloaded..Version: 1.2019.06204

Good, with exceptions.This app suffers from the same problems afflicting other google apps on the mobile/tablet platform: not all of the original functions are available. I am a student who uses a 2020 iPad Pro, and the other day I ran into a problem on sheets when I discovered that I was unable to do very basic things such as create a function for data I’d input, or switch the values on the x and y axis of a graph. Overall, it’s a very polished and functional app, but it is brought down by the fact that in the very least there is no iPad version of the app with all the functions the PC version has. Would be 5 stars if not for this problem. Other apps, like Google Docs, have a similar problem..Version: 1.2020.36202

Easy to use and everywhereIt is easy to use on phone tablet and PC, quite comprehensive, can be used anywhere you can get a connection, syncs between devices very frequently and quickly.Version: 1.2017.50200

Great app but room for improvementMuch better than it used to be. It’s good for updating sheets from the couch and works well on the 12" iPad, the explore feature’s also rather neat. Unfortunately it lacks a number of essential features which is a real shame. Features it could really do with include advanced sorting (at least it has filters), conditional formatting, paste format, creating and editing graphs (though explore feature helps), and an option to type a font size (can only increase & decrease)..Version: 1.2017.48207

SpeediGreat App and easy to use at anywhere,anytine.Version: 1.2019.38202

Great free Excel replacement!As a dyed in the wool Excel user I was finding it difficult to use the default iPad database because the formulas and functionality were so different to Excel so I looked for another that would be easier for me to use and found Google Sheets. I’m a few days in to using it and it’s a breeze! I’d definitely recommend it..Version: 1.2021.26201

Easy to use, wherever you are!Great functional app. Works well on my laptop, iPad and phone, as well as other computers when I need access on-the-go or in a different setting..Version: 1.2017.48207

Great tool for sharing spreadsheetsIt takes a little time to get your head around some of the features but once you do it becomes the spreadsheet of choice. The ability to share spreadsheets with others is great. Merging cells is superior than excel. Visual presentation is good. Speed of response does vary, however overall I find that once the sheet loads fully the lag is minimal. You do have to realise that there is no save button how you leave the sheet is how it is saved, you can go back through history and revert to a previous version. For a free app google sheet is the winner..Version: 1.2017.44207

Years of table diary by month immediately accessible. Love it.Yesterday gets written up each morning over breakfast, and it is there available and easy..Version: 1.2020.8201

Great productGreat product however need a way to be able to password protect from opening sheets..Version: 1.2019.46202

HelpsThis app helps you keep your personal storage belongings stay safe, you can also chat to your friends and family on schedule!!!!.Version: 1.2020.12203

Excellent user friendly, no bugsI've been using this for ages. Excellent for working on iPad while travelling (and of course you can use also sheets in offline mode too) so no need to bring bulky laptop. Highly recommended. Never had any issues, touch wood..Version: 1.2017.32202

Missing a couple of featuresOver all, it’s a really good app. It’s very convenient to have access to my spreadsheets on my phone, but I really wish the app had the same functionality with setting up equations as the desktop version does. It’s really annoying to have to enter my equation into each individual field and mark that I’m done before being able to move onto the next one. I’d like to be able to enter one, then click the corner and drag it into any additional fields I need. I am also displeased they took away requiring a passcode to enter the app. I have things in there I don’t want my daughter to see and she uses my phone sometimes. If it’s passcode protected, then I don’t have to worry..Version: 1.2017.46206

Makes things easySimple to use and easy to navigate. This has make keeping data easy..Version: 1.2017.38205

Fixed incomeI am a 57 year old man and have been disabled since 2008 and am on an income which is less than half of what I was making at the plant where I worked, didn’t get check for 2 years, lost one of my vehicles, went thru savings and still had to beg for food, almost lost my house and 6 acres, worked with loan company and kept it. My wife is also disabled, I cannot spend money I don’t have , I’m an ole country boy in Tennessee and I had pride up until all money was gone and eating canned corn only for supper and had to swallow my pride and beg for food, so don’t lecture me about a budget, you’re eating lobsters, steaks and shrimp, drinking wine and I’m eating wild rabbits, squirrels and white tail deer..Version: 1.2019.40202

Good asGood as.Version: 1.2020.10202

Job Done!I had to complete a spreadsheet with some calculations, first I tried Excel on Office365 as I have access to that through work, I couldn’t get a simple column to resize, it kept jumping back so I gave up, I just wanted to concentrate on getting it done without the formatting issues. Frustrated I opened Google Sheets and it was brilliant! It did exactly what I needed, and it works on all devices, no more problems and hassle free..Version: 1.2018.04203

10/10Easy to use, multiple uses, can share with other. 10/10.Version: 1.2019.04204

Does everything you needExactly what the title says. Does everything you need it too. Easier on desktop then it is on the phone but once you get use to where the functions are, it becomes easier to use..Version: 1.2018.22200

Perfect for what I needed it forDoes exactly what I needed it for (budgeting), however on mobile device some features are a bit hard to use. Otherwise excellent..Version: 1.2019.04204

SheetsVery handy. I like how you can easily export a PDF copy..Version: 1.2017.36208

Always Room For Improvement, but...I’ve been using Google Sheets for years. I’m not an absolute expert but I’ve been able to create a comprehensive Google Sheets financial workbook to chart my family and business finances as well as a product inventory workbook. My greatest of challenges has to do with knowing how to use Google Sheets effectively on different devices. I work with them on my messed up Pixel XL phone (that keeps rebooting daily), iPhones, iPads (large and small), and my Windows desktop. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find tutorials to assist me in accomplishing functions for my product inventory workbook that I see others achieving. If you know of resources that would help certainly let me know..Version: 1.2018.48203

Lacks featuresIt's no Excel replacement if that is what users are expecting. However, given that it is free, is quick to open sheets, and is great for sharing, it's excellent. The user interface is unusual in areas but once you are used to it it's fine. Graphs and charts are displayed but cannot be created or edited - you need the browser version for this. This is the reason for the 4 stars rather than 5..Version: 1.2017.36208

A great, user-friendly app, for all my devicesI use Google Sheets on all my devices- tablets, Macs and one old PC. It is intuitive, helpful and keep on getting more sophisticated, each year. It’s dead easy learn and seamless across all my devices. Couldn’t live without it!.Version: 1.2017.38205

Excellent spreadsheet app for when one is on the go!Full spreadsheet functionality from one’s smartphone, with access to all spreadsheet files (“Google Sheets”) which one has saved on Google Drive. Contrary to another review, which stated that only numbers could be edited and complex formulas could not be altered, this app allows any desired change to be made to each cell, just the same as from a desktop or laptop computer’s Google Sheets web interface. Possibly the other reviewer did not notice that toggling between numbers and letters is possible when editing each cell!.Version: 1.2018.04203

Good Sheet ;)This Application is good because you can do stuff in it you know what I mean. I’d recommend this to anyone that does not have it, even if they have no use for it. Thank you..Version: 1.2020.42200

Fantastic work tool!I run a small business and Google sheets has become an integral part of how we operate on a day to day business. We use google sheets to create our work diaries which can be shared with all our members of staff. They can all be accessed and edited at the same time allowing for real time updates. I can also access these sheets from anywhere in the world which allows me to track my company at anytime. Great app I love using it!.Version: 1.2018.30204

Google Calc as universal platform spreadsheetGenerally does a good job of working on iPhone, iPad, PC and macOS, and vastly simplifies the best features of excel into a much more minimal interface and toolbox. There are serious interaction problems on the iPad though when trying to rush through a number of cells inputting data fast using the iPad physical keyboard. The response is laggy, entering and leaving cell-edit mode is unreliable, and navigation around the sheet with arrows, tab and return is not very predictable..Version: 1.2017.46206

Decent free spreadsheetIt lacks most of the refinements of Excel, but then who needs Excel in daily life? To track everyday expenditure/income it’s OK. A couple of annoying things - no British dates available. Also you have to tap once in a cell then once at the bottom of the screen to start entering data. But I’m not really complainng..Version: 1.2018.16203

Useful appUsed this app to write my documents and arrange monthly budgets. Found it fairly easy to use once I acquainted myself on the functions within the spreadsheet and hopefully will continue to use in foreseeable future. I don’t know if there are any glitches yet as I have only just downloaded this onto my iPhone. I will update review if there are any issues..Version: 1.2019.08203

So far so goodOnly one nuisance I have so far. Trying to insert images into spreadsheet would be much faster if I could access them by album. Rather, the only view/sort e app has access to is by “moments”. So unless the image/photo is the oldest or newest in Photos, I’m stuck scrolling trying to find the right one. Otherwise, the format and app seems to work like in-browser editing..Version: 1.2020.38202

Compatible with ease.Needed an excel spreadsheet app and this is by far the better option at the moment. Unlike the other excel apps that you need to fork over money and yet have compatibility issues between the printer or even while using it, this one is quick and easy between devices. I use this for my clients for setting up their weekly workout schedule and emailing it without any hassle like crashing. Recently started using it for making “range-table” cards for F-Class long distance shooting at the range. Overall, I’m very pleased with the functionality. The only downside is that I wish I gotten this App sooner and had saved the money on the other mediocre version..Version: 1.2017.46206

Basic but functional and portableIt's really convenient to have near Excel type functionality on my phone. And it's free. It is a bit tricky to navigate on a small iPhone screen but does everything without fail that I need it to do. Did I mention it is free..Version: 1.2016.12209

Google SheetsGoogle Sheets are generally very good and I enjoy using this application for work and personal matters. It is a shame that it lacks some of the functionality of excel. I often prepare documents in sheets rather than excel if the information is to be shared to avoid formatting functionality problems. I learned the hard way by assuming that excel could be exactly the same in the online version..Version: 1.2017.50200

Google sheetsBit slow but very good, now use this on the road as it saves having to put data in again at the office Absolutely brilliant as it keeps all my database in one area that I can access from all my devices ether in the office or on the road and all updated from anywhere live on all devices that can access the sheets.Version: 1.2020.30209

Difference between version on MacI 100% like both versions, but would like the iPad version to work the same way when changing a cell formula or data. The Mac deletes the entire data when you start to change the data so you don’t have to delete each digit, whereas the iPad version just adds it onto what was there. Also when you access a formula in a cell, if you don’t enter each cell you come to with another enter, it creates strange formulas instead of leaving them as they were. Mac version doesn’t do that and is preferred..Version: 1.2019.12202

Freaking Love ItI’m a bar manager and I use Google Sheets almost daily. I use it to do all of my liquor and beer orders (color coded, and some really nifty conditional formatting too). It makes all of my reps very happy with how organized it is! I also use it to do inventory on 3 bars and a huge storage area, profit margin sheets, employee phone lists etc... it’s incredibly useful to be able to pull up any information I need, immediately, on my phone. I used to do everything on Excel; printing all the pages out, writing all the counts down, going back into Excel to enter all the counts... Sheets let’s me do everything on my phone or iPad and autosums as I go. Not only does Sheets keep me nice and organized, it also makes orders and inventory go SO much faster..Version: 1.2019.40202

Google spreadsheet applicationNow, this application is great if one wants to organise their schedule with work or a hobby. Moreover, I am using the application to organise my podcast schedule, and so far I am very pleased with the application. Lastly, I want to say thank you to the creators of this application for a wonderful tool, and application for organising ones work load..Version: 1.2020.40203

Very usefulI love it because I can share it to my workmates immediately and don’t have to email. Of cause I can use it through my computer, my iPad and even my phone. Yes it is easy to use..Version: 1.2018.14206

Incredibly handyIf like me you refer to your spreadsheets frequently, you will greatly appreciate the functionality and freedom to view and edit, both online and off, your worksheets wherever you may be. It offers the full range of tools and functions as well as cell styling. Not experienced any bugs in software since 2014 at which time I am sure it was more so my phones limits that were reached than the software..Version: 1.2017.48207

Good on the goIt’s a good gap and reviewing application. Thanks.Version: 1.2020.40203

I really want to give it 5 starsAs the title shows, I really do want to give this app 5 stars but there is one small thing I wish this app would do that it does but MS excel app does. It’s leaving the last excel spreadsheet open that you had when ever you change apps. Like if I pull open a template and then go to another app on my phone I have to go back to the home page in sheets, then click the sheets file I was just in, then wait for the file to open. In MS word I literally can input data, change apps then go back to excel and I am brought automatically back to the last cell that I had just entered data. If google sheets does that, I’ll be more than happy to give them 5 stars..Version: 1.2019.32200

BrilliantI've been using the Google Docs and Spreadsheet apps for many years. Both apps are progressively being improved and have now generally become my default programs to use despite have MS and LibreOffice suites installed on my computer. The fact that files are saved in the cloud is very useful. Both of the apps are less featured than the market leaders but they both have virtually all of the features I need..Version: 1.2017.48207

Love this App!!Love this App!! Very convenient and I can access it on any device!! I have had past experiences where I had other apps for a while and without any warning at all from the Developer, the app was no longer available or was not compatible with the newest software so this left me High and Dry!! Very frustrating when you have to re-do all the information over again and find the info from many different places!! So the only advice I can give to the Developer of the Apps is to please let the people know when your no longer going to have the App available for us to retrieve our information so we can at least store it somewhere else so it’s not completely lost and we have to start everything over..Version: 1.2017.38205

Better than excelI use excel at work and there are so many things that google sheets just does without issue and excel either has it deep in a menu or isn’t even available on the online version. Best spreadsheet option available by miles.Version: 1.2019.46202

ExcellentSometimes genuinely more user-friendly than the non-mobile version. Excellently adapted so you can always see what you’re typing, and access different sheets and accounts easily..Version: 1.2019.24203

YAYI LIKE THIS.Version: 1.2018.22200

Perfect for tables on the goIt will not replace using a desk computer for graphs and beautiful designs, but perfect for times I need to keep orderly track of things on the move. Making things shareable and available offline is very useful for me. Ideal for money-spending on trips, listing things I would like to see with others, places to go, or keeping track of what are my thoughts on the spot or the amount of time I've spent working. A must for me..Version: 1.2017.44207

Better every timeEvery time I use it I find it very flexible.Version: 1.2018.02203

Decent online spreadsheets.I don’t do loads of mega formulas or anything fancy but I do plenty of stuff with spreadsheets and this is great. The fact it’s online and I can access it everywhere is brilliant. Inserting images could be better as could using it on my mobile. Essentially though a really decent add on for anyone with a google account..Version: 1.2017.44205

Everything you would expectDefinitely like the app. Interface is intuitive. Does everything the average user would want it to do. However, I give it 4 stars because it won’t run script. I’ve created buttons that when clicked, causes a cell to increase in value by x amount or decrease by the same amount; the same buttons, when you open the file in the app, do not function in the same way. Instead it treats the buttons as just images. You can’t access script editor on this app either. Would be cool if you could allow the app to run custom scripts and create/edit script..Version: 1.2018.08203

I’m a CPA and I love this appI’m a CPA and I love this app.Version: 1.2018.10202

Great appSync well with my PC.Version: 1.2018.04203

Google sheets - useful and workableWorking with Sheets and Excel I can now use either for projects and backup one across to the other if required - sometimes needing a tweak. Apple-based, the ability to use and develop Sheets on the phone after or during main development on the laptop is excellent. My main missed features are precursor/dependent cell maps and preselecting a range for to-be-copied-down data entry..Version: 1.2020.16202

Great app for my needsPros-This app has made my life really easy being able to track several metrics on all of my devices. When I am on the go I can update from my phone or tablet and then once I’m home or at the office, I can continue to update, analyze, then print once ready. Cons- Wish that it would open to the last cell modified. One spreadsheet that I use has over 15,000 rows and I have to scroll to the bottom to get to the new data and update which takes some time. It would be nice to have it open where I left off..Version: 1.2017.40203

Love this appIt automatically synchronises on every device with google drive. The only issue is that I can’t print only a selection (so I need to use the desktop computer version to do this)..Version: 1.2017.38205

Missing functional top menuI’ve tried this rather than the usual excel. Some functions aren’t intuitive and you don’t get the full functionality of the PC version - missing full function top menu. So it takes longer to do things and you don’t have everything you need..Version: 1.2019.32200

SchoolWorks well. My class use it for work it’s pretty cool with formulas and stuff.Version: 1.2020.42200

Just so amazingThanks google.Version: 1.2020.8201

Pandemic food house needsFirst time I’ve had a successful day setting up a spreadsheet using this format program. Still find tools for working through formulas difficult. Never sure how do you see my spreadsheet once done so often send by email a copy to me before closing out..Version: 1.2020.36202

Love the app except lack of mobile detailsI love everything about the app except that it lacks the ability to access some of the settings that are available in the online version. I like to set cells to change color or configure running data based on what is entered and I can't adjust those settings in existing spreadsheets or add parameters to new sheets from the mobile app. Otherwise, I can do pretty much everything in the app I can do on the computer (and many things are easier from the app, which is why I'd really like full features available since I prefer using sheets from the app!!) and I'm a Google Sheets addict and president of the Sheets fan club! I've never had any problems with the app or lost data and it even saves my data automatically when I click out of the app without clicking the checkmark to save! Love Google Sheets!! 😁.Version: 1.2018.44201

Love it.Very handy for record keeping..Version: 1.2019.46202

Great app for travellingThis is a great improvement on the previous version. It may lack a few features from the PC version when used on an iPad but it does a great job especially when travelling. It enables me to keep my spreadsheets up to date while away and so there is no need to carry the laptop on flights..Version: 1.2017.48207

Very usableFamiliar enough to find your way around without needing to seek help etc. some quirkiness with auto cell formatting features, but possibly local issue for me. Good for reading and backup or on the go creation of spreadsheets..Version: 1.2017.44205

Finally dark mode. Thanks!😎.Version: 1.2020.38202

A Good AppI love the app - It’s not perfect, however as it’s linked to my Google Drive files, it enables me to have access to some of the files I use on a fairly regularly basis, for instance some of the files that I have saved in a Spreadsheet Format. I like that just like with Google Drive Files, “Google Sheets” Files can be saved to a local drive and so accessible off-line, when either one has no internet access OR one does not want to access the internet frequently owing to mobile data constraints. As I said, the app is not perfect, but Google appears to be listening to the needs of its user base..Version: 1.2020.40203

Nice oneIts pretty good in comparison to excel. Getting used to it and enjoying the process.Version: 1.2017.38205

WorksheetI love this app easy to use.Version: 1.2020.40203

Hmmmmm not happyFind it difficult to use, permissions are weird and random and the format takes a while to get used to and doesn't convert as easily as it probably should. Am an iPad iPhone and Microsoft user on my devices so always seem to have issues using google docs..Version: 1.2018.30204

Powerful. Free. Wow.Thanks google for providing such a powerful spreadsheet tool, making it completely usable from my small iPhone, providing the space to store / edit files and providing it free. Wow..Version: 1.2020.47204

GREAT App that Synchs to All my Devices!I love this App. It allows me to make additions to any device of mine that I might be using (computer; iphone; ipad). I primarily use Sheets for language study — and what is great about it, is that there is never confusion, even when mixing 2 different alphabets (ie, Hebrew has it’s own alphabet that goes from right-to-left, which is opposite to that for English). It takes a little getting used to re learning how to alter settings on an ipad — but once you learn this, it becomes VERY easy to customize any list exactly the way you want it — so I LOVE this app! Thank you!.Version: 1.2018.06203

Great app!Definitely recommend! I use this for my math class. We’ve recently been doing graphs and stuff so I make my graphs on here and I like how I can copy it and paste it In google docs to submit it! Thanks!.Version: 1.2020.44205

Easy and simpleI have been introduced to sheets when I worked with a friend of mine who was a PT. I loved the simplicity of the app and it made me start using it myself. Nowdays everybody has a google aka gmail account, sif you don’t, create one, it’s done in 5 mins... sharing the sheets with sombody is a simple way of communicating between people as both of or more than two can make notes in the sheet. Love it! And thank you 😊🙌🏻.Version: 1.2020.2203

Really useful, but rather crashyReally useful for referring to and updating spreadsheets on the move. Obviously it lacks a lot of features of a full desktop spreadsheet but does everything you'd expect from a mobile app plus a bit more! I would like it to remember which cell you had selected and go straight there when you re-open that sheet, rather than plonking you at the top and making you find your place again, but it's a minor thing. I've docked one star because the app does crash rather a lot on my iPhone, usually when opening a spreadsheet. Can be a bit annoying when I just want to quickly check a spreadsheet and it freezes on opening and I have to kill and re-open the app. Sort that out, and it's 5 stars from me..Version: 1.2018.06203

Handy but fiddly with US settingsAre use it often on the go. I had to get used to it as it doesn’t have the same commands as Microsoft office excel. Also the date is set as per US standards and it is annoying that Australian setting can’t be applied is default. Otherwise it works well and it’s handy to access it from anyway.Version: 1.2018.16203

Useful perfectIt is a perfect app, sharing up to 3 people working same time same page full online refresh.....Version: 1.2017.38205

Just the BestWow! As soon as I sent my feedback. You literally just sent out an update. Well then! Ignore my review because now it’s working PERFECTLY again!!! Thank you so muchhhhhhh!!!! 5 STARS!!!.Version: 1.2020.40203

Powerful yet platform variabilityIt’s quite a clever and Excel-like service that is shareable and on/off line capable. However, it’s apparent that the developers aren’t cross-platform users as the functionality is clunky and frustrating. If menus and adjustments were easy across desktop and mobile services it would truly be great from my basic user requirements.Version: 1.2019.34

Cheaper and more secure than network attached storageGiven that most Network Attached Storage boxes are too easily hacked, I cannot justify the cost of replacing my 12 year old NAS at home. The Google drive with Docs and Sheets is far more secure and cost effective for the long term. I would have given Sheets 5 stars except for my continued frustration that it does not come back to where I left off. Having to scroll down hundreds of lines every time is a waste of my time. Other than having to learn the new formatting commands, I am very happy with Sheets. P.S. I was using DecCalc in the 1970s and Lotus 123 in the 1980s. I have written hundreds of spreadsheets..Version: 1.2019.12202

No-cost, user-friendly, multi-purpose tool.Free, easy to use, and able to share with others to edit/view. I use it to organize, plan/schedule, and collect information. I cannot speak to its ability to work with quantitative data (ie. numbers, graphs, stats, etc), which I mention only b/c I know some will seek this app to do just that. I used Excel in college when working with large data sets; I didn’t know about Sheets back then. If you are looking for a FREE & easy to use tool to help you get organized and structured in your day to day activities, whether that’s managing your home, your business, your ministry, or your social media platform, etc., you’ll enjoy & appreciate this app. It’s also great to use as an archive where you can collect resources, contact info, etc..Version: 1.2020.20200

Works perfectlyLove how everything is immediate, shared spreadsheets update the moment someone makes a change and it’s seamless between multiple devices. I use it on my Mac, iPad and phone and it’s a brilliant easy to use app..Version: 1.2017.46206

Google sheets rocks!Google sheets my excel for private use. It is very reliable and works well. Especially for using from multiple devices from multiple locations. From a functionality perspective one thing puts Google Sheets above excel is its support for Unicode making it work well for non-English data. Once disappointment to date has been that it is either matching or lagging Microsoft Excel mostly. I say this without claiming to be an expert who has used its entire functionality, so take that with a pinch of salt. I would like to see Google team taking us in to a new world of functionality and capability - for example, seamless working between documents, databases, multimedia, and presentations. I would be glad to talk to Google Office team, if interested..Version: 1.2018.16203

Take anywhere spreadsheet!This is a super app, it can be accessed pretty much anytime anywhere i.e as long as you can access google then your good. I use it on my phone and laptop for household budget planning/forecasting and the two synch instantly. It’s capable of most normal/basic spreadsheet functionality but I haven’t attempted anything more complex so can’t say what the full functionality is like..Version: 1.2020.10202

All the features you needWith none of the features you’ll miss left out, this light weight, easy to use app will make all your spreadsheet dreams come true!.Version: 1.2017.48207

Not a frequent user but definitely very useful!Mostly use for reading work rosters and community-volunteering projects. Haven't had a problem in a couple years' casual use. Thanks!!.Version: 1.2017.36208

Clever little spreadsheetI was reluctant to use it at first, but with more practice it is a little beauty. Lots of features discovered accidentally which makes it fun!.Version: 1.2017.48207

Very good app but needs improvementI am glad that this app is improving all the time. When working in a general GApps environment, Sheets is essential when working on an iPad. For example, the app has a nasty habit of crashing when large sheets are loaded. Some of the functionality needs improvement to provide better UI. Looking forward to future versions..Version: 1.2018.04203

Nothing but crashesTried to open spreadsheets but to no avail. Constantly crashes.Version: 1.2018.24204

EasyIt works every time very easy and uncomplicated and yet powerful. Never loses my data and used it for years. And Free!! Can you ask for more?.Version: 1.2017.48207

HandyAble to view excel sheets on the go is very handy. I use it regularly..Version: 1.2017.40203

Good appBy far more of a google fan than apple, (even though I have an iPad) and really enjoy having my google spreadsheets and other stuff on my iPad. When you use the mobile version of google’s apps, you still get all of the main features of the desktop version. Google does good at incorporating all the desktop features into the mobile app, while it is still extremely easy to use. Sometimes I even prefer the mobile app instead, because of its easy-to-use interface, and most of the desktop features are still there..Version: 1.2018.16203

Just missing paste specialGreat app but wish it had a couple of key features like paste special and paint format..Version: 1.2019.12202

Does everything I needThis app is great! It allows me to read and edit anything that I have created in Google sheets online. It doesn't have the functionality that the online program on the phone but it still works well to allow me to do what I need to do. When computers are not available this app is a lifesaver. I have one thing to note. When printing a spreadsheet sometimes it will try to make it fit on one page and I can't alter that direction, making the data minuscule. Biggest issue is when I want to search for data. The search function does not do all I would like it to do. Hope that issue is fixed soon..Version: 1.2017.40203

Useful app that works wellIt’s powerful. It’s not buggy. You don’t get the full functionality that you would get on a desktop but you couldn’t handle all that on a phone or iPad - basically it suits the platform excellently. I rarely write reviews but this is an app I really rate..Version: 1.2018.42200

Great apI have read several reviews and agree with all the positive ones. I think it is unfair to expect the things that aren’t there from a free ap. I have tried a well-known alternative and this works much more smoothly and intuitively. The only thing I had to look up was how to freeze rows/columns. The guidance is confusing. Just double tap on the row number or column name for a menu (on iPad, no idea for anything else)..Version: 1.2018.16203

Works goodDoes what I want it to do It's pretty bare bones, but reliable and thoroughly useful to be able to access and edit google docs on my phone. I recommend this app..Version: 1.2017.44205

Crashed when inputting formulaHi Developers, Im getting crashed here every time when i wanted to input the formula of getting address a to address b distances, but it works fine on pc, im using an iphone btw. Hope u guys can fix this soon. Thanks..Version: 1.2020.26204

Uk time???It’s great to be able to access files on all my machines, iPads, mobile etc. It’s easy to use, write, save etc. I’ve just one complaint, I can’t get U.K time or date. The time is currently showing eight hours behind GMT. My files require accurate times to get them to do what I want them to do. Why can’t it take the time from my iPad system time?.Version: 1.2017.50200

VersatileI use this for so many things - handy to use between my laptop and iPhone. More than one of us can edit the worksheets at the same time. I use it to track finances, a daily plan/schedule for my move from one state to another, a log of test results and actions I take to maintain my pool that I can reference at the store, a roster and schedule for coordinating volunteer sports activities, vacation plans I can reference on the go, a noble to do list that my wife and I can share, and tracking the family budget. It is not as powerful as MS Excel, but plenty useful for what I need..Version: 1.2017.40203

Mostly pretty goodI use sheets a lot, especially in conjunction with forms. Still seems to have a few bits missing and a few bugs..Version: 1.2018.18202

It’s Gud.Gud app. Like it. Need more?.Version: 1.2020.38202

Great for wedding guest lists, other collaborationsThis is so much safer, easier and better than sending a spreadsheet around to many people and trying to keep up with the current, correct version. It alerts you when others make changes and you can see every single change (and who made it)back to the beginning of the document. You literally cannot f this thing up. Do I wish sometimes it had full excel functionality? Of course - but that's like saying I wish horses could fly - it would be optimal but it's not part of the design :).Version: 1.2017.42206

Good app for note takingGood app for note taking. It would be awesome if I can draw on the app too..Version: 1.2020.38202

It works okFor a mobile app it works ok. A lot more functional on my computer and iPad than my iPhone X. As powerful as my cell phone is, I expect a bit more. Make all the functions available. I use this primarily for my monthly budget and it is difficult to change the functions of a box when all you can do it add numbers and not enter more complex calculations for each box. That is my only complaint besides the usual crashing and instability issues. It could flow a little easier and have the calculations as a ready part of setting up the spreadsheet instead of reinventing the wheel so to speak. Make it intuitive so people with out an mba can manage their budget by setting this up for themselves. I have done this for many people and my hope is that they follow through with it, but if I’m having a difficult time, I imagine others that just use my template, probably just give up if they can’t make easy changes with the mobile version because it never dawns on them to go back to the computer to make them..Version: 1.2017.48207

Good for schoolI have been using google sheets for my college career. I installed good sheets and docs on my iPad, iPhone and log in online at home through my computer. The eat part is that everything uploads and refreshed in seconds and does it in all devices I am using. I love that I can work on things through my phone when ever I need it and when I get home I continue my work online through my iPad. When I need to make final touches and print I use my laptop. Google sheets and docs are amazing for a college student when working and going to school. I can’t complain. LOVE IT!.Version: 1.2019.28203

Works so well across platformsThe ability to keep track of things when using phone, tablet, laptop and desktop is the attraction of the sheets app. When I’m out of town and without wifi connection I can still update and know these will be on all devices after the next connection..Version: 1.2018.02202

AmazingThanks for the app.Version: 1.2020.38202

Good to have something that works greatI was brought up with Windows but as that gets more complicated to instal/use etc Google is keeping it simple. I like the fact I can set up a doc/ spread sheet on my Lap top and then open it on my iPhone or share with my partner. Google is a life saver with my photos as well. They have produced some great enhancements to some of my special photos. Translate is brilliant. Many thanks. I Recommend Google to everyone..Version: 1.2019.44204

The future is here.This and sheets on the computer browser will frustrate some people a bit if they are used to Excel. But I find sheets and drive to be light years ahead of whatever Microsoft is cooking up to compete. I can’t live without mobile access to my spreadsheets anymore. And holy crap, collaboration will never be the same. Microsoft has nothing on google. I cringe when people share an xls spreadsheet back and forth. Lol. Especially when it’s shared through google drive. Seriously saw that. Wow. Nice try, but you missed the fact that there is a better way. And so, so much easier. And you can actually work together instead of checking to see if the other person has it opened and not saved..Version: 1.2018.18202

Shut up hatersFirst of all this is really good and helps me a lot so u should just shut your mouth understood let apps be how they wanna be no pressure on them.Version: 1.2020.47204

Useful app but!This is a useful app for an iPad but resizing rows is very hit and miss, there does not seem to be a definitive way of widening rows, it seems to jump about all over the place. Determination eventually wins through but it is very frustrating. I realise this is an app, but conditional formatting might be an improvement for Google to consider..Version: 1.2017.38205

Good for when you’re in a pinchOf all the concepts to survive the desktop to mobile shift in our computing lives, none of them make less sense to me than trying to create spreadsheets on a touch screen. It’s just a task that benefits from the percussion of a mouse and the wide screens of desktop machines so much. Yet, google sheets tries to get this right and mostly succeeds. You’re still going to make lots of errors and be frustrated by the nested menus of settings but the tight integration with google drive, impressive feature set and collaborative capabilities makes this a great solution for minor spreadsheet edits and reference..Version: 1.2017.46206

Best... App... Ever...It’s a really good app but I think that it needs to make us be able to copy the chart and past it on google docs..Version: 1.2019.49204

David Sheridan Senior CitizenThese sheets are excellent, easy to use and save a great deal of time. I am not that computer literate and if I can use them anyone can! Thank you, once again Google, for making things better and more secure by way of good reference filing and communication..Version: 1.2020.26203

Just needs to improve the interface dynamics.The features are great for my usage (stock portfolio track), it feels easier and more intuitive than excel. But the usage experience for me is still not there yet. The touch interface/dynamics still feels like a low quality app. It would only pan either horizontally or vertically and not both at the same time. When one cell is selected I’m not able to change to other sheet pages (excel and numbers managed to do it without any problem). It feels underdeveloped when compared to apple numbers usability. When I’m checking my sheets on the iPhone the actual area is so small compared to the other two apps also. It has a a great potential, in my opinion it just needs some fine tuning for touch versions. Desktop browser version works perfectly..Version: 1.2019.24203

Awesome app but need Touch IDI love having my sheets accessible from anywhere but the app should have the Touch ID option for security!!.Version: 1.2020.38202

Google SheetsEnjoying the speed with which I can find information and keep up to date with finances..Version: 1.2017.44207

The rising giant in the history of document makingLove the way it integrates the work with others. Also very simple to use and share with other people. Only thing it lacks is that when it prints with iPad it does not print accurately as it appears on the screen. WYSIWYG rendering is still in development in my opinion for printing. However, it is still an excellent alternative to Microsoft products and the gap is coming very close to the giant in the history of document making. Thank you so much for making this available and affordable for everyone~~!.Version: 1.2019.10203

Had only been open for 30 secs and crashedCrashed already after 30 secs on an iphone.Version: 1.2019.06204

Excellent app on iPadCan input data on iPad quite well. Excellent programme all round especially on desktop/windows10/chrome. I recommend it!.Version: 1.2020.6203

Just as any google productsIt works really well across my all devices and also for muti-user editing. Beware Microsoft excel you got a good competition..Version: 1.2017.46206

Where’s the AutoSum?One thing I loved about Excel is that the Auto Sum function worked. The reason why that was nice is for what I do, there may or may not be a value in a certain cell and it would add up each existing value in a column. Even if the line item was deleted, it wouldn’t return an #error message. The reason I prefer google sheets, however, is that it’s free; whereas, in Excel, I had to pay for a subscription to edit the document. That and the app told me I didn’t have a subscription, but when I tried resubscribing, it told me I already had one. 🤪 So... my business is on hold until I can figure out which spreadsheet to use..Version: 1.2019.49204

Great applicationMy job as a business analyst involves very deep knowledge of excel and writing complex macros. When using iPad or iPhone, I’ve found Google sheets to be a great replacement. While not as extensive as the MS product, it is certainly a good, bug free option, that is FREE!!!! Thanks Google..Version: 1.2019.01302

Sheer Brilliance!This app is by far one of the most useful apps I have. All feature are available with no strings attached. It's pretty much identical to the other spreadsheet app by one other well known company, but with one difference. You can sync to your sheets (as well as other google doc types) to you google drive for free without having to pay for a monthly subscription. So now I can edit my spreadsheets on my iPad (for better viewing) but upon closing the app, it's instantly available to view and edit on my iPhone. It's now my go to for all spreadsheets! It's a bonus that it supports all formulas with we all know and love..Version: 1.2018.04203

Will be perfect with some fixesGoogle drive is already my go-to for documents and spreadsheets (I don’t really use slideshows, but if I ever need to, it’s the default for me there too). I don’t edit my sheets too often on mobile, as it’s simply much easier to use the desktop site, but it’s great for viewing. The desktop site has it’s issues. Merged cells are impossible to move accurately in any direction but upward, zooming makes lines appear between and within cells that only disappear once reloaded, or zoomed back to 100%, but reappear upon scrolling. But, those aren’t present on the app. The only complaint I have for the app is the ease of use, but a mouse and keyboard will always be easier to use than just a touch-screen..Version: 1.2018.18202

Google SheetsFantastic option versus Excel. I convert all my old Excel sheets and only use Google Sheets now. I love the fact that the data resides on the web and I can use multiple devices to access the sheets and share them with colleagues, family or friends. Highly recommended. Take the plunge and convert. You’ll love it.Version: 1.2020.8201

Great!This is a great app for excel sheets - however, here are some things it can improve on: - Adding the option to reorder sheets without it sliding so quickly all over the place, there isn’t very much control. - Add colour change for sheets (even if it is default colours)..Version: 1.2021.18203

Excellent general work toolOutstanding and well thought for shared, high performing custom sheets. Overall, I am highly impressed with the function, versatility, presentation, digital printing, editing and viewing options. Highly recommended for getting a variety of digital jobs done. Thanks, James.Version: 1.2019.34

Love itGoogle sheets is the best. We use it extensively at work and the app lets me see reports and live data on the fly..Version: 1.2017.36208

有bug所以没给5星每次点击一个格子想要输入的时候屏幕就跳到不知道什么地方,不得不滑动屏幕重新定位到那个格子,真的很不方便。.Version: 1.2020.47204

Works Very Well! (Especially for business)This works great for my business! It helps to organize what has and what hasn’t happened. It also helps to keep track of money sums, payments, bills, and more! Very helpful and recommended for businesses. Since on iOS, it has made life so much easier than just on PC’s. Though, it would be better if it didn’t run on any sort of internet connection. When away on business, and you have no connection, it can make it hard for me to organize it. In the end, it can make a great organizer, and a great tool. Thanks!, GDG.Version: 1.2017.50200

UsuallyI LiKeD ThIs ApP So MuCh.Version: 1.2020.46204

Easy access on the moveI love that I can keep track of my kids pocket money and various other on the move tasks... immediately updating things in real time (before I forget!) and having access to it right here on my phone. I set it all up initially on a laptop of course but I love that via the app I can see and make small amendments in the shop/in the car/on the school run should I need to - without launching the computer or needing a host of other apps to manage all these things. One spreadsheet app covers them all - sheets Thanks! :-).Version: 1.2017.44207

ExcellentReally useful spreadsheet app that I use all the time. has all the features most casual users would ever need. I just wish Google would fix the finance functions which have suddenly stopped working. It’s a well known long standing issue which is not being addressed..Version: 1.2020.6203

Met all my expectationsI used this program when travelling. Wonderful for tracking all those things you want to track as a traveller. App course could be used across devices..Version: 1.2020.2203

Great for business or personal use.Google sheets is so easy to use and as part of the google suit of cloud base software is easily shared with others for collaboration on projects. Access is easy from all devices, so if you’re out and about and you need to double check your figures, simply pull up the GS app on your phone or iPad and Bob’s your uncle. Shane.Version: 1.2019.49204

Cell definitionsSince the last update the definitions do not stay in place. When I click on a cell the definition looks to be what is required but as soon as data is entered the definition disappears. For example a cell (or field) is set to centre the data as soon as data is entered the data is right justified. This is very frustrating, I hope you can do a fix to get back to where we were before. Thank you..Version: 1.2020.16202

Accessible anywhereThe accessibility of this app online so that I can use it on all my devices - especially my phone and my laptop - makes it a lifesaver for me. Being able to share, collaborate, set editing rights, export to Excel, have multiple tabs, use formulas, cell colours, borders, font colours make it as useful as normal Excel..Version: 1.2018.30204

Google did well!Google sheets and google documents are 2 of my most used apps. I struggle with technology but found these 2 work really well..Version: 1.2018.04204

Very goodIt does what it says.Version: 1.2017.48207

Google sheetsClearly not as good as Excel, but for free it’s superb!.Version: 1.2020.12203

Amazing FREE program!If college taught me anything, it’s that Google’s FREE alternatives to Microsoft Office programs are AMAZING. It’s not that there’s more features, it’s simply the simplicity. I don’t need to be an advanced programmer in order to figure out how to do things within Sheets. Even if I don’t know, a quick google search results in a very simple step by step guide by google that cuts right to the chase. It’s easy to collaborate, too. Simply add the person/people’s email address(es) and they’ll be sent a link that will let them access the sheet, and you can give them specific permissions, or you can just create a shareable link..Version: 1.2017.38205

Not surprised. Works perfectly!Yet again, google has come up trumps with this app. No issues to report since first download and subsequent updates. 2nd too none app!!.Version: 1.2017.38205

Great up but could use upgradesI think you should be able to group your google sheets in file folders. I have so many sheets it’s just a big list on my iphone, so unorganized. Would be so much better if I could organize it in different folders for each of my companies..Version: 1.2020.44205

Not as good as the desktop versionI got rid of the pc solely to have an ipad. Was great at first but when i deleted something i had to use the puffin browser to go back the a previous file to reinstall. Would be awesome id apple could reciprocate.Version: 1.2018.02202

Keeps getting betterWe were always told we would use the cloud and sheets is a great example and does everything I need. Then a new feature pops up to use on phone or laptop. Great..Version: 1.2017.46206

Great app.Great app, easy to use and integrates with all the other Google programs and apps. The ability to have multiple users editing the document is a great feature. Well done ..Version: 1.2017.50200

I use this app everyday!I cannot really fault this app, it serves me very well both with work spreadsheets and personal indexing. If I had to query - is there anyway that the software could automatically shrink the spreadsheet to the used cell space, and therefore help with load time when it’s heavy with content? As it is cloud based Also, is there anyway to add cell navigation into the hot keys that appear above keyboard, or even a swipe function (for phones and tablets) as this would speed up value input rather than selecting cells each time - or maybe I am just missing something that already exists. Hope to hear from you! Thanks.Version: 1.2019.24203

How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?⑥ daily installs can reach 3000+♧.[ Ping me at Skype_/Whatsapp/☣Telegram:" +]8615982002312 !👽.Facebook>:Estelle668 .♨ Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now(!Ⅴ,☪service.Version: 1.2021.14208

Good appWorks well. Great for business applications..Version: 1.2017.36208

AmazingThis has helped me grow my business, helping my employees access what they need anywhere in the world, better then the Microsoft Version where you have to send them the file then send back any changes via email or have to use the same computer love you google.Version: 1.2018.32206

Google sheetsGreat system and very user friendly..Version: 1.2020.2203

Versatile and keeps improvingI use sheets only for the creation of flashcards, which, having converted to .csv, I import on the brainscape website, to display on my ipad’s brainscape app as decks of flashcards, which works great. much more straightforward for anyone allergic to MS EXCEL. the ipad version is intuitive, fast, and files can be edited offline. I cannot comment on sheets’ spreadsheet abilities as this is completely alien to me. one thing bugs me though: the search feature does not go beyond spreadsheet level: if the item you’re looking for is in a spreadsheet with multiples sheets, the search will not specify which sheet the item is in....Version: 1.2018.04203

Excellent Shopping listThank you.Version: 1.2020.10202

Amazing!This app is amazing, but I wish it was easier to copy and paste into google docs but other than that I love this..Version: 1.2020.47204

Insert images is not available :(The app is really good, BUT It should have the option to add images. Today we use images/photos for everything!! Please include this option for the next update..Version: 1.2018.30204

Very good - but Google could make it superThis app has amazing capabilities, and a few silly defects. + You can share full-featured spreadsheets in real time. On my iPhone I can correct data right next to the cell my niece is editing on a Windows desktop hundreds of miles away. + Really powerful: even on the mobile version you can create SQL-like queries of spreadsheet or external data, and useful charts. + Super easy data input from Google forms for repetitive stuff. - Crashes pretty often. - Some major browser-version features — edit-triggered routines, for example, and modifying protection — aren’t available on the mobile version. - Doesn't tell you when it's still busy downloading or calculating. A big spreadsheet can take several minutes to load and calculate, and you may meanwhile jump to some wrong decisions. - Doesn't keep track of where you were when you reopen a workbook. If you were looking at row 3323 on Sheet Four, navigating back is a non-trivial pain in the tail..Version: 1.2019.49204

Great appI used this app for my work and it is great as I can work anywhere when I have time and save in my google drive. Brilliant.Version: 1.2019.14204

Google SheetsGoogle Sheets gives me access to be online and offline and now with the benefit of office editing it is as good as having full office on your laptop! 👍👌.Version: 1.2018.14206

Love this appKeeping all personal calculations in Google Sheets - from holiday and work expenses to tax and mortgage calculations - works like a charm. Available online or offline, sharing with family - a great app in all respects. Some editor features I miss on portable devices are there in the desktop version, which is good enough. Thank you for this app :-).Version: 1.2018.42200

ConnectivityMakes integrity a strong point and plus you manage and edit data without your laptops. I love this app..Version: 1.2020.34204

Fantastic for businessGoogle sheets, makes my life so easy with the ability to share over all my employees and the fact that it saves as I work means I'm not walking away from it I have peace of mind knowing it's fine..Version: 1.2016.08207

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