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Funimate Video & Motion Editor Negative Reviews

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Funimate Video & Motion Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Funimate Video & Motion Editor app received 80 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Funimate Video & Motion Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about funimate video & motion editor?

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Funimate Video & Motion Editor for Negative User Reviews

All the keyframe effects are pro nowFunimate, I woke up to something quite upsetting when I went to go work on one of my edits and almost every effect was pro. I didn’t have pro since it’s super expensive but I still used to be able to edit with most of the effects and it worked for me. Now I can barely do anything. Some people are saying this is a glitch, and if so please fix it. I am very disappointed..Version: 14.6

Funimate has gone downhillI know that most people would probably disagree with me but this is just a personal opinion. A year ago I made a review on this app saying how good it was and how I much preferred it than musically/tiktok but now my opinions have highly changed. I remember when people used to make proper funimates now all I see is people making famous people edits. Defo not the same for me, this app used to be my favourite fgs and I used to be excited to wake up and make a new one now all that’s posted is these edits so I just don’t bother😔🙁 I know that i guess people could just say why don’t I just go to tiktok then but it’s just not the same, I used to love editing with the words, stickers and everything now I don’t really have nothing to look forward to doing. I don’t even understand how I use other people’s sounds anymore... like I really wish funimate just kept it the same way it was.Version: 9.5.1

Bring the old I Funimate backI miss the old Funimate It was better plz bring it back.Version: 10.0.9

So angryThis is a great app but I desired to deactivate my account and make a new one, turns out I hadent instead I had logged out and made a new scoping so I logged out of the new one and back into the old one to deactivate it, then I tried to get into the new one but it didn’t work and the password that I had set it to and remember doing wasn’t working. I then prospered to trying the forgot password option and that did not work! It said that the snail instructions were sent on how to change it however nothing came through and I didn’t get an email so I was just sitting there stressing and then got so annoyed that I deleted it, if someone could help that would be great..Version: 9.4

Really good for editsI use this app to make edits for my friends and pets it’s great but I’m not a massive fan of the new update or how INCREDIBLY HARD it is to become featured or even get a single like unlike TikTok where it is super easy to get likes from the for you page anyways I recommend it if your just looking to make some edits.Version: 10.6.1

Needs to improveSo I was on funimate of course but one problem was I couldn’t shoot the audio I like from a different person and I got really mad and I could make my own one but I don’t how and i not going to waste my time watching videos on how to do it and could use the funimate audio but there really boring please improve about this.Version: 9.2.1 absolutely LOVE Funimate! The creativity, Kindness, Talented Editors! I’m more of a gacha editor and well it’s not very easy for me to well Edit? I’ve tried Other apps, never worked out until I found Funimate! I used this app for almost a year! I had another account but I forgot the password 😬. But there’s something I don’t really enjoy. I tried recreating an edit I made back in June-July I believe and when I went to Funimate everything was different? When I tried animating the text in a simple pop’s like you have to make it on your own? And obviously I can’t do that! Which is why I use Funimate, for their already pre-made translations! I’m currently rlly upset :( I wanna go back where you press animating and it shows premade ones and customize your own like it used to be..this bothers me a lot and makes me upset..I’ve been trying to edit for almost 3 years now! But that’s all..:( I wish I can learn how to edit better..I can’t make my own transitions and it’s difficult for me to make edits especially when they make me satisfied and relaxed, now I react curios, angry and upset..I don’t think this update does me well..🥺.Version: 11.10.1

Can’t really use it without ProOkay so funimate is actually a good app!! But you have to have pro (which allows you to use every effect and go live) do do anything on their which is frustrating if you can’t buy it. So I’ve had funimate for two years and it was a really nice app. Over the years I made an ibf (internet best friend) who is lovely. It’s very safe but people on their can be nasty and spread lots of hate. You can become a funstar which allows you to have pro and is a big deal for many people. It’s hard to get featured sometimes and when you don’t the app becomes less interesting. Before if you didn’t have pro you could still make decent videos that would get featured but now you are seriously limited to effects and can not make decent videos in my opinion. Most of the time when they release a new effect it is pro like the editing effect which is really cool!! I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you can’t buy pro. Also funimate has all their effects before tik tok and many people say they copied tik tok. They have not since the app has been opened before tik tok and they had all their effects before them..Version: 9.0.2

Ups and downsIt is a rip off of TikTok, and some things are better then other things, but here is my honest opinion while comparing to tiktok I am a tiktok cosplayer, and the things I like about tiktok are: it gives you content you’ll like, you can communicate clearly through it, lots of audios and a good range of content. On this app you can’t easily find new content that you’ll like, the comment sections are confusing, to use any decent audios you need to have them on your phone and it’s a very small app. Most the videos I see are cringy edits and there isn’t much variety if you don’t pay for pro effect wise. What I do like about the app though is that because it’s small, if there is something you want you can find it. The lay out is decent, and the app itself is very interactive with its creators. The tutorials aren’t the best but they can be useful. On top of that if you want to make an edit, you can get a load of templates of other people and just change the pictures. I can also use audios from an video that I have on my camera roll, which means I can easily screen record and get whatever I want which is just brilliant!.Version: 10.8.7

TRASHHonestly the first few days or weeks were fine but now that I won’t pay a CRAZY amount to get premium now it won’t let me edit ANYTHING. It glitches and makes my whole screen black!!! Some times it powers off my phone and I feel this app kinda could be dangerous but I honestly don’t know :((( And it’s so sad cause at the beginning I loved the app.Version: 9.5.2

Balls🙏😰💔🎤💔.Version: 15.1.8

They just want ur money.I honestly hate this app. It’s left me with no decision but to write this horrible review. The first couple days I started using this app, it was quite great , until they started locking certain features and started charging more. They won’t even let you screen record a edit/video without showing the big watermark. It’s very bad , I suggest this app be taken down for all types of reasons. I’m not hating or anything I’m telling the truth and the more you get connected to the app, the more time it takes for them to decide how much to charge. It’s disgusting and I will never ever download this app again. Also it won’t show all your videos when you want to add a sound , I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve seen many similar issues . Please do not download if your trying to make an edit! very soon this stupid app will cost money..Version: 11.3.5

SucksIt flud on me.Version: 7.1.8

Pro effects!!!Ok, to start off, I'm an editor. Those short 5-10 second videos with transitions of your favorite fandoms, I like making those. When I found this app that had cool transitions, and unlike other apps, it automatically made it for you, I was thrilled. Other apps such as cute cut and video star, you have to make the transition yourself which can be very hard and time consuming. When I made my first edit, it was amazing and I loved it so much. But I used pro effects. In other apps, it's a down price to pay for certain effects or no watermark. Cute cut is 5.99 to get rid of water mark, and video star has a certain price, like 6.99, per tens of effects. I thought this would be similar, if it was I would've easily bought it. Then I saw 2.99. It's one things if that's 2.99 a month, but a WEEK. That's a scam. Compared to other similar programs, the only one similar in pricing is AE, a much more professional computer program that does way more, so you can understand its price. I'm not buying something like that, so 2.99 a week is not worth it, sorry..Version: 9.2

Terrible.This app does not know its pros and nos, like Funimate please stop trying to pro everything in your categories. It’s ridiculous like flicker is pro? EVEN OSCILLATE?? This app is terrible at doing it like please know your Funimate its all garbage..Version: 14.5

Good but..Funimate is a good app but however people take several hours out of their lives to make these edits like loads of time and this featured and lit thing? it’s not worth it i think hardly any people get noticed for the talent of editing and these people who just put loads of effects and stuff all complicated get a featured or lit and we should take them away and have a for you page where loads of edits go and not having to get a like for your edit blowing up. Also you can’t really use the app without pro because it’s loads of random effects and with pro it’s not worth it AT ALL. Funimate is a good app but i spent 3 days on a edit and it got 4 views so i don’t get what the hype is all about when u only get ur edit blowing up of the creator of the app likes it..Version: 12.15.1

BUG THAT NEEDS FIXING!!!I have been a user of funimate for many years now and although I have been impressed with a lot of edits I have made using this app, I have had my fair share of issues with it!! Not only have I had the app crash multiple times in the past few years but I have had videos, deleted before I could finish editing them etc!! When the new update came out a couple months back with the new ‘flow mix’ slo-mo feature I was very excited, the slo mos were not very smooth and not glitching!! I have no problems with this feature until now where suddenly everyone I convert a clip to slo motion it becomes significantly more blurry! I am downloading clips that are very clear and great quality and this is ruining them!!! This needs to be fixed and not to mention when I save my video to my camera roll it becomes distorted and zoomed in to the point you can’t even tell what’s happening!!!.Version: 14.2

Here a simple word ewwwThe quality is bad,the transition are bad,vidoe star is wayy better or capcut.Version: 12.10

PRO feature issueI honestly love this app and have it a 3 stars because they basically steal your money when you want to edit, it always wants us to buy pro and when we don’t we can’t get the edits done and I think everyone should have a chance to make a edit with what they want. Many people do not have the money or can’t buy it. The price is ridiculous also, this is an editing app with hard working people who made this but consider other people’s budget. I’m betting this company has a lot of money so they could at least give us a little help and at least let people edit without having to buy something. When you try to screen record, it doesn’t work and you basically edited it for NOTHING, made picture edits and screenshot pictures and it’s horrible when people put so much effort but only for there work to be lost. I hope this gets updated and considered to add more effects to the normal version instead of buying pro with a lot of effects and etc with is just horrible. Many effects come with pro and normal version can barely make a cute edit. I hope this gets updated because it’s horrible and will eventually be noticed..Version: 10.9.2

Funimate was fun.....When I first got Funimate I absolutely loved it! It was extremely fun and very easy to use and everyone was so nice. But as it got more and more updates it got harder and harder to use. At one point I wasn’t even able to create a video because it was glitching so much. Also I downloaded Funimate before all the effects and filters were pro. Which was great, but then they all suddenly became pro and I wasn’t able to make quality content on there anymore. I was going to post an old video that had effects that were apparently pro but I had used them before they were made pro, so I wasn’t able to post it at all. And that really annoyed me because all of the non trashy stuff was pro and I wasn’t going to pay lot’s of money just so I could use them. Altogether it was very illogical to do that. Another point is that even though I tried extremely hard to get features I didn’t get any. Some of the videos I made were probably better than those getting features and lits. I think the app favored Funstars and pros over regular people because they were the only ones getting features. If those problems were fixed I would definitely get Funimate again. But until then, I don’t recommend it..Version: 9.2

I liked the app beforeI used to love this app and I have had it for so long but then they changed everything and I find it extremely hard to edit my videos now and I also can’t add things like fire balls pixie dust or snow balls. I definitely think that the new update is not moving forward but backwards.Version: 10.0.6

Things to fix for a better liking for funimateI personally like the app mostly, There are a few things that should be worked on and/or fixed about this. I was having some problems with importing a video. Every time i would try to put the video into the edit it would refresh the whole app and i couldn’t put that video in. It was really making me frustrated and i almost deleted the app. I kept checking if i needed to update the app because of this problem but it said it was updated. If you could fix that type of problem it would really help! Also one more thing. I feel like there should be less pro effects because some people do not have the money to buy pro and they may want to use the effects that are pro. I know you get the money from pro, but maybe lessening the amount of pro effects or lowering the actual price of pro would make a really nice impact on the people’s prospective of this app! Lastly, I’ve seen a lot of animations on vs and i think you all should add animations to funimate. Yes i have tried to animate and it’s pretty hard to do it. The masking doesnt zoom in all the way so it’s hard to get the small parts of the photo i want. Plus it kinda looks... messy. Overall funimate is a very good app and nothing really bothers me other than those 3 things. Thank you!!.Version: 12.16.3

ExpensiveU shouldn’t have to pay.Version: 9.5.2

This is good but not appropriate for kids..This app is a good editing app but releasing theres loads of creeps on this apps, the challenges can be EXTREMELY inappropriate for kids for example the clothes challenge a while ago where you showed yourself with clothes on AND THEN without clothes on.. anyone could go on this app INCLUDING full grown men and women! Its extremely easy to make a fake email and get on without verification. You also can message people online, which is letting creeps messaging kids. Other then that this is a good editing app but please make sure if you download u are aware of these stupid inappropriate challenges and these creeps using this websites to talk to children , to stop people messaging you, you can go onto settings and turn that’s EXTREMELY important that you stay safe online. The only reason ive rated it 1 star is because of the challenges and the owner of the app completely ignoring all of this inappropriate content and messages! Stay safe!.Version: 12.25

WEEKLY PAYMENTS for it?!!!Nice app but... Really? WEEKLY payments of $4 for using it without the watermark, are you crazy?!!! What about a flat fee?.Version: 7.2.3

DONT BAN US 💔Dear Funimate, On behalf of all the under 13’s on this platform if you ban us you will not gain that more money as you used to when you had us, we are here to have fun as your name says “Fun” imate. See your platform is meant to be fun so we suggest you don’t ban us and we hope this is a rumour because like other users and myself who have been on the platform for about 2 years and enjoyed ourself here but now we are all scared and worried our accounts because we work is hard on them. Even tho not all of us get lits and features we still had fun. Some of us purchase pro and if you ban us all of those items will be gone forever and not able to go back to. Please don’t ban us. Thank you.Version: 7.4.6

Funstar pageWas the best app and I would recommend it to everyone... then they removed the funstar page. The funstar page is a CRUCIAL part of this app where it allows anyone to join and create on this app besides editors. This includes those who started with this app. By removing the funstar page YOU are losing money, the app is changing completely and you are making people upset and you can’t change an app completely and push everyone out. There is zero reason to become a funstar now. The only cool thing is the star on your page. The funstar page was a special thing that was related to Funimate where new and old funstars can grow their accounts and find new audiences. I have continuously dmed Funimate on Instagram but have gotten a dry or rude response in return. I have also asked other funstars what they thing in this topic and they all agree the funstar page NEEDS to be restored before this app loses its funstar. Which are the main part of this app for younger audiences. If you want an app like tiktok where you can grow your account and follow your dreams, this app is NOT for you. It is a recreation of videostar but with an expensive subscription..Version: 11.2.1

I don’t like that the sound button is gone lotsSo many people I know are quitting because it’s gone Funimate bring the sound button back!.Version: 10.7

Steals from video star and the app is very toxicSo, I have had this app for a year I edit with video star, and when I compare the transitions they are all stolen from video star and the app is the most toxic app I have ever seen in my life, it’s bad, Like- so bad. The recent update with the keyframes part with the 3 new transitions are all clearly stolen from video star and the app is slowly turning into vinkle, and nobody who edits with video star likes it at all, And the app is so toxic because there was a tag that was going around saying “ stop featuring video star edits” but all in one tag and everybody was defending video star because they edit with video star. So overall do not download this app it’s toxic unless you make good inline friends and not meet any toxic users. Also, Funimate needs to stop letting people steal edits like there needs to be a update where if someone steals edits their account get booted off the app. If Funimate could also make their own transitions that would be amazing as well. So to me the app needs to be a better app and get rid of the whole templates thing it most likely upsets a lot of keyframe editors..Version: 11.2.1

It’s coolYah.Version: 12.16.3

Why this update?So for the past 2 days Funimate was been glitching and lagging and no videos show up on feeds etc. So today I log on to check just daily stuff and the whole setup and layout of the feed page was different, as Funimate was 5 different kinds of feeds like, Following, Featured, Lit, Tutorials and Funstarz. And the Tutorials and Funstarz feeds where taken off as a active and daily user on Funimate, I was instantly unimpressed as tutorials page can be annoying but the Funstarz page was a really good thing as those user could have there own page as they have been verified and starred. Most user on Funimate at this stage have left as the layout is just not the same. I have it 3 stars for the lack of no warning the app would crash, glitch and lag for over 24 hours. If Funimate could of message all user just to you know tell them the app might be going through some changes.Version: 10.6

Why did you put it to pro😐Why did you put the things that make the edit so good pro?!?! Now you have to buy it to use it again😐.Version: 14.5

It USED to be good up until they made half the things pro, I can’t pay for it I’m broke 🤭.Version: 14.5

What Happened!?What happened!? I can’t find the music anymore I can’t click on the music! And almost all the effects are pro!.Version: 9.2.1

It’s good but could be betterI would like it to be more cooler like video star but I don’t know how to do video star so I use Funimate but it’s not as cool like the other ones please see this and fix it and please add more cooler stuff like video star in there❤️.Version: 10.9.1

Funimate glitchingI love this app, it provides so many cool effects that you can add to the sound, the lighting and even words. It also has a wide range of free effects. One problem I was faced with many times Is when you were to type a text, add features and colours then try to change the size and/or change the positioning my device froze then glitched out of the app, I’ve tried restarting my device, restarting the app, and re-downloading the app and it is still constantly glitching, all the effect that I placed in the video were deleted meaning I had to start the app again..Version: 7.2.11

Good app but..Funimate is a really good editing app, I use it everyday! But the problem is that I heard they made like every effect pro and now have ads. Since I have had pro since June, I didn’t know about this. I have to say, it’s really stupid that this has happened once again. I hope that they can make everything free again and remove the ads and also know that most of their users don’t have the money to pay for pro/ don’t feel like buying it / or is just good with the effects that are free. Funimate was a beginner friendly app for people that didn’t have a lot of money to pay for other editing apps like videostar, but when they made the effects that were free before pro, everything changed. Like I mentioned, this isn’t the first time this has happened, this same incident actually happened a few months before, and everyone threatened to boycott and/ or quit. Overall, I feel like you should only get Funimate if you are willing to pay money. Funimate, seriously, fix your app..Version: 14.10.3

Wouldn’t let me inI had an account on here but I deleted it. I wanted to dig up old memories for fun but I had to reset my pass. I did so and it kept telling me about trying again later even though my conditions were good..Version: 13.3

HorribleThis new update is great and all but this app is way to complicated now. I miss when you could record a video, then it would take you to a page where you can select if you wanted to add a duet, 3D duet or just go straight to editing it. Now like I said it’s way to complicated and the edits that we can make now always turn out horrible cause of this. Please fix this app. I used to love it cause it was so simple and you could make really good edits with it in less then 10 really probably gonna end up deleting this app, it was really my go to app but now I just don’t like it at all..Version: 10.0.3

JejakaYes.Version: 15.1.8

It was good at first but gradually got worse.I've had the Funimate app downloaded for over a year now, and I can truly say it has gotten worse. Firstly, they've become so focused on making sure that nobody can screen record and patching all the harmless glitches that they make basic errors such as spelling mistakes. An example of this is 'Al effects'. Supposed to say 'all effects' by any chance? Not to mention I spend 6-12 hours creating my own sounds and head to Funimate for finishing touches like their usually amazing transitions for them all to cost money apart from a few free ones. This past week I have headed to Funimate only for it to turn my 30 second edits into 7 minutes long, break the sound, repeat the sound, glitch THEIR OWN transitions. Personally, I felt like them past hours I spent trying to make edits for my platform had gone down the drain. But any time I do use Funimate I have to make the photos/videos so much smaller because of the gigantic watermark across the bottom, unlike other editing softwares' discreet, small watermark. I am now looking for other editing apps to use, so thank you for wasting my time..Version: 12.3

👎🏼😐I HATE the new update. I’m a video editor not a photo editor so really the new update is completely against what I want to do. The only thing I like it transitions- but they’re glitchy as anything anyway! I used to love the way you could trim the clips right down to .4secs (with the slider and also being able to watch it with the music before you click done) as it would make for very on beat videos. With the new update I think the shortest you can go is .7secs which then causes the video to be glitchy and frozen, and the transitions upside-down and backwards. I’m only keeping Funimate to see if you go back to what it used to be like because it would be great if you did. Also having to buy funimate pro is just total 💩. Please, go back to the old funimate but keep transitions- but please please fix the glitches!!.Version: 9.0.3

Funimate ChangedHonestly, I used to spend HOURS on funimate and had so much fun! I made friends and really was having a blast. But then, funimate made some changes. First, they added transitions. It was cool at first, until everything you saw were edits. People who spent hours on videos never got acknowledged. Funimate was always an editing app, but now it was different. It was no tons of people using it to make edits for Instagram because funimate is free. There was no longer a nice community of people. Funimate became more of a tool then an entertaining app. Then, funimate got rid of the shoot button, which didn’t effect people who made edits, but it affected everyone else who now needed to get sounds that they downloaded before to use. Basically everyone left and now funimate is just boring. If I was writing this a year ago, I would be so saying everything I loved about funimate, but now, I don’t have many good things to say. A lot of people left. It’s original purpose it gone. Of course, people who do use it to make edits have a completely different opinion but those who used it before this all can no longer enjoy it. Once again, this is just an opinion, but thanks so much for giving me a good time up until now..Version: 9.5.2

Update - PLEASE READI loved this app. It was so fun, and one of the most powerful editing apps I've ever used. But, everything changed when the Update happened. I went on to make an edit- classic reverse, hsl, and shake- until I realized my beloved HSL was now PRO. I dont have the extra money to pay for pro. it's awful that you would take away everything that makes a good edit and make it cost money? please. You all are heartless monsters who are so hungry for money that you'd ruin the app for it. And while the pro people get to have their stupid little fun, us who don't have the money to afford pro or just can't get it are left with nothing. I'm going to say this once. TURN IT BACK. We will all leave if your pea brains dont give us back what you took from us. We can't even do a simple shake now due to you all. I hope you're happy, because you won't be rolling in money if all your customers quit because of this. And how are we supposed to win the contests? Without shakes, hsl, colors, and other things, our edits are bland. If you are reading this, I'd suggest moving over to a different editing app such as CapCut or VideoStar. This company is so hungry for money that they are willing to crumble their fandom into pieces. Soon enough, this app will be as deserted as an abandoned house with a few flies lingering here and there..Version: 14.5

Good but there is a problemI love funimate but when all the pros get featured they never try their best and I have been trying my best and I never get a feature and they always ask ‘can this be my 18th feature?’and then they get a feature BOOM! And when non pros say ‘can I plz get a feature?’and they never get a feature so can you make it a bit fairer on non pros and I think you could make these zones were there like ‘feature zones’ or ‘lit zones’ and can non pros get a feature or a lit because I have been trying to get a feature or a lit all this time I’ve been on funimate and I ain’t got one! And loads of fun stars and pros get like LOADS of likes a& comments and I only get like ONE OR TWO and Funimate can get rlly boring when u don’t have the pro effects and u only have like four so yeah..Version: 9.2.1

Stupid subscriptionStupid subscription.Version: 11.3.1

Can you change it back pleaseOk so I have Been using Funimate for half a year and is great really fun but one day I updated it went back to the app and everything change, I paid pro for a year and now it doesn’t day pro I just spend my money then I got really mad 😡 because now I need to use the free effects 😒please change it back to normal because now I just wasted all my money and lost all my videos thanks to FUNIMATE!!!!! please change it back, it will meen a lot for me. Another thing is that now I can’t see people profile only mine I don’t know is my phone? So now is not a social media and now when people are updating this app they are looking at the images and they say “wow 🤩 this is use like tiktok I am going to download it” so you need to change the images and the sound when you record without sound the sound doesn’t work. Thank you so much for reading this and please change it 🥺🥺🥺🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 -Loha.Version: 11.5.1

I don’t like itKinda sucks.Version: 9.5.1

PLEASE BRING BACK 1080p EXPORTPlease please please bring back 1080p exporting for non pro people. Considering to leave the app as the quality of 720p is too low. Make ‘good’ transitions pro but don’t take the quality away from people who can’t afford to buy pro. It’s unfair..Version: 14.5

Issue with the new updateI got this app over a year ago and I loved it. It was an easy way to make edits and it was fun. I would spend hours of my days doing it. But now that we can’t screen record the Funimate app it’s really hard to do anything I hate it. I will go on the screen record the edit I made to I can copy and paste it so it repeats, or I will screen record so I can edit more layers onto it. But it’s impossible now and I don’t want pro because I find pro is to expensive and it isn’t offering much. And for someone like me that is just a child that isn’t 18 or older I can’t just buy it. I made an edit before I found out about the can’t screen record thing and I love the edit I made because I spent hours of my time doing it. But I can’t screen record it to scoot and past layers, and copy and paste it so it repeats. So I can’t finish it and I’m just there looking at my edit refusing to delete it but what else can I do I’ve tried everything. So I’m asking for funimate to please fix this I know that people were screen recording for the wrong reasons but, I really love this app and don’t want to let it go. So please bring back the ability to screen record..Version: 10.11.1

So laggy/glitchy!!I have been using funimate for years, and at first i was enjoying the new updates and cool features. But lately, i don’t even enjoy editing anymore because of this app. Every single edit i make ends up glitching. For example, the last three edits i’ve made I haven’t even been able to post because they are so bad! the first one looked fine on the app, but when i down loaded it the image was all squished and deformed! and then I made an edit that i spent HOURS on, and when i downloaded it, i found out that tons of my progress had been undone! if i wanted to fix it, i would have to go back and re-clip every single clip, and that would be very tedious. So i had to give up on the edit, even though i loved it, was proud of it, and wanted to post it, simply because funimate took away so much of my progress for some reason! And finally, yesterday i made a very simple edit, and when i downloaded it, the second of two clips, which i had made to be slow motion when editing, was now it’s regular speed again, and it replayed twice, even though i only put the clip in once. I pay money to have Funimate Premium, but i might end up cancelling my subscription as i just don’t enjoy editing on funimate anymore. It has taken the comfort and joy out of editing..Version: 14.5

Glitches :(The app is very fun to use and the effects are amazing. My problem is the glitching, I am experiencing a glitch on the app right now. I have been working very hard on a fan edit on the app, as the tag is still trending a bit, and I need to add one more touch. Every time I get on the app, it lets me resume to my video but 10 seconds later, or if I push a button, it takes me back to my home screen. I’ve tried getting back on the app at least 12 time, probably more, but it keeps taking me to my home screen. I’m afraid if an update comes I may not even be able to resume to my video. I worked hard on it and will be sad if it goes to waste. Otherwise the app is very nice. It has now been months since I wrote this review. You just updated the app and I have been working very hard on an edit for #funimatetransitions and when I was getting very close to finishing the app glitches. I have tried four times now but I keep getting taken back to my home screen. I would really appreciate if this could be fixed. Otherwise, the app is very nice..Version: 9.0.2

I’ve been played dirtySo, I installed funimate yesterday and it was going great. I made an editing account which suddenly went viral, and I found out that this editing ap was great. This app was amazing until now. I’ve made an edit, which in my personal opinion was quite good, and I now can not save it unless I buy the pro access. I think this is very unfair since I am still a child / teenager who doesn't have a bank account for personal reasons. Also, if you try to screen record it will either make the screen black or put a big funimate logo over your video making it unable to see. If you want to get funimate to have some fun editing, then go ahead, but if you want to save videos for free do not buy this app. I recommend CapCut and video star ( e.g ) for people who do not want to pay for this rip off..Version: 12.27

Suspended?My accounts were all suspended for no reason, i don’t know when i will get my account back or if my account is still up. it’s giving me anxiety and im really scared. At least tell us how long the ban is for..Version: 15.1.8

Funimate is great but there is a few major faultsFunimate is a great website to use and I honestly don’t regret installing it. It helped me a learn more about editing and made me a better editor. However, this is where the first flaw comes in, you will always be presented with the option of downloading/buying the pro version. Download your edit: pro advert. Want to use actually good transitions etc: you need pro. Every so often they will offer you a pro transition (or something) for free but it’s always the worst ones. It feels you NEED to pay for pro to use the website. Secondly, they will offer you to use pro things when making but, oh, when you try to download it YOU NEED PROOOOO. I get it, but why would you give us the option if we can’t use it? If you want to screen record, on full screen, it goes black and when not in full screen the logo pops up!!! Thirdly, I have heard some stuff going around that funimate is a bad app because of some accusations. I am not saying they are true because IDK but if they are true that is making people not want to use your website/app. If you are facing allegations and doing nothing, people are not going to use your app. The app is also kind of bad at advertising themselves. So basically, my third reason is that people are put off by your app/website so I think they could improve on that… The app is honestly really good but there are few things that stray it away from being one of the all-time best editing apps..Version: 14.3.1

Good app but…This is an amazing editing app, its easy to use and is helpful for beginners but.. my problem is A lot of things are premium, even the things that don’t need to he premium, the first edit i made had little to no problems, but the next edit i made was when i had a problem. When i went to export it, it would not let me save it or anything without buying premium, what editing app makes you pay just to export a video??? Its so annoying and frustrating cause I spent so long on my edit and now i cant even export it, if anything just make people have to watch an add to save a video, then you can get money off of the adds and stuff, you can also add and ad blocker that people would have to buy, it would he a way better solution other then making people buy premium just to export a video. It seems like a scam almost, and on top of that 60-70% of the effects are premium, its like you just want money and your doing it in the most obnoxious and annoying way possible. There are way more efficient ways to make money without having people pay to do over 60% of the stuff, ESPECIALLY exporting a video! Its such an absurd and ridiculous tactic to gain money. Maybe try making the app more accessible to use for people who don’t have a lot of money instead of scamming people out of their money just to export a video, maybe then you can be a 5-star editing app..Version: 12.25

My thoughtsFunimate is a great app I have made many friends on it but ... if u don’t have pro u don’t get all effects and can’t go live I think the pro pricing it a little too much $4.95 a WEEK is just too much for some I think they give out stars too often 3 a week it a lot it’s not really “special” to have a star . I think stars should be given out 2 a fortnight. I feel like features and lits are just for over edited videos now , about a year ago or so it was about being creative and having fun , also ( not trying to be rude) 1/3 of them aren’t very good.Version: 8.0.8

Get LIKE instead of funimate! This is why!They took away nearly all the non pro effects that I used to use in every video, now they’re pro and more than 3/4 of the effects are now pro, THAT IS SO UNFAIR! All I have to say is get the app LIKE if you are feeling the same way as me, instead of having pro effects, you have to reach a certain level to be able to use some of the effects, it also has the option to go live, but you also have to be a certain level for that, and a certain age! Honestly the last video I did on funimate was saying that I was gutting and going to the app LIKE from now on! Honestly it’s changed my life, it is soooo much better than funimate trust me!.Version: 9.0.2

Great app but a few things..I had to delete Funimate a few months ago because my parents told me to, but I was planning on it anyway because the app has grown to be super toxic. I got Funimate a while, probably 2018 or 2019 and it was just fine then. It’s really easy to get used to the editing and keyframes, but now people are getting featured and getting lits from the new update with default filters. I have a kind of traumatic story from Funimate as well: There was this person trying to act like one of my fans but wanted me to date them, which didn’t really weird me out at first but then they dmed me and it just got really scary where I had to post something about it so people would report them. Funimate didn’t remove the accounts fast enough so they would just keep messing with me. A lot of people post terrible things and the app doesn’t remove the accounts fast enough so there’s either inappropriate, sensitive, or abusive content for young kids to see which is terrible. TikTok is really toxic too, and I feel that Funimate has gotten to be more toxic than TikTok is. I recommend the app for editing and if you can handle tons of hate, but other than that, the app is very very toxic and would not recommend for those who can’t handle tons of hate because I’ve seen tons of people on the app that have taken their own lives because of hate on there. I hope my review helps everyone! Thanks for reading it! Enjoy!!.Version: 12.15.1

Good but...Okay so ٫ this app is a little to pricey with its things especially when you do a second edit it makes you well٫ kind of forces you to buy premium for some reason and ٫most of the time theres alot of ads i know advertisments do it to make you want to buy the product or something ٫ but this apps advertisment makes it look so good when you cant actually edit it like how it looks in the ad so im not so mad about this app and im only giving 1 star for this reason: Yesterday i was using this app to make a gacha edit for tiktok and stuff like that but i noticed (the extras or decor) i added to my edit it kept deleting so i tried restarting my device to see if that works but apperantly it didnt i was confused then the next day all of my edits were gone so i just decided to remake it on the other app i hadnt used it since yesterday so i decided "hey maybe i should check it again to see if any event or something happened " thankfully it was still there so i just decided to buy premium to export it and it worked although i am kinda sad for getting 2 likes on my vidoe after it took over 2 day 36 hours and 59 seconds I'm still happy about this so thanks if you see this please fix your app i would really appreciate it and the 1 star means (fix it) theres also little bugs in the game aswell just to usure you to fix that as well thank you ♡♡♡..Version: 15.0.7

ᴛʀᴀsʜɪ ᴜsᴇᴅ ɪᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ! ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs ʏᴏᴜʀ ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ᴍᴇ ғᴇᴇʟ ʟᴇss ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴘᴘ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs!? ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ɪᴛ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ᴘ.s ᴀʙsᴏʟᴜᴛᴇʟʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜ.Version: 14.2.1

Cool but Eh!So.... on my account I can’t use filters because they will kick me out of the app... can you fix this glitch pls.Version: 9.0.2

Please read thisI only rated this app 5 stars because I needed something to be addressed. This app allows CHILDREN UNDER AGE to be sexual u harass and place explicit content on the app. And you've done absolutely nothing about it. It's disturbs me that you have horrible policing and policies over the app and it's no okay. You're allowing children to be groomed, harassed, and keep on the sexual tendency to need to have done that. There are enough problems in this world and you cannot add on more to that. I am utterly disgusted. PLEASE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AND MONITOR some of the content these children are doing. This is dangerous and horrible for children safety. Children must grow and be protected. I am extremely disappointed. Especially considering that GROWN MEN are the ones liking these videos?! Seriously??! I beg of you, please PLEASE JUST FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS. These are CHILDREN. Here are some suggestions; please make a proper email confirmation. Please hire better policing against the app. Or just gernally only dedicate it completely to the editing part!! I am extremely disappointed that nothing has been done about this either, I am ashamed of these developers..Version: 12.18

Big problemI’ve had this app a long time now and I mainly use it for my fan instagram account where I make edits of my favourite actors. I use to love the app and I’d pay for the pro effect every now and again, which brings me to the first problem; I think that it is way to pricey for what you actually get to use and most people don’t have that amount of money to spare. Then something I’ve only realised today is that when you screen record something it comes up with a big funimate logo which ruins everything, I don’t screen record often only when I’m in a collab where I can’t use water marks and this new update has ruined everything for me to the point where I am currently looking for a new app to use. Fix up on theses 2 things and the app will be so so much better 😊xoxo.Version: 11.0

Good, except for some problemsIt’s really good and simple for making edits videos and has plenty of good suitable effects, even without the premium version. However the one main thing i find really annoying is that once you have downloaded or published the final video, the audio is ever so slightly out of sink with the video for some reason. This may not be as bug issue for everyone however it really messes up my videos that i have been spending ages on and makes quite a big difference to the final video. However i would recommend getting this app because it is very easy to use and your videos can look very good without that much effort to be honest.Version: 10.5.1

EhhSo I am trying to login back to my acc and it won’t let me in due to a wrong email even tho I used that email for everything. Please tell me how to fix this..Version: 15.1.8

It’s nice, but has some peeve flaws.It’s a generally good program, and affordable despite it being membership paid exclusive rather than a down payment. Which in the long run I can understand is more profitable, both preferable for some. However, I dislike the fact it’s unspoken how Funimate occasionally changes free functions into pro. Please, if you’re going to do this. Let us have a function to help us *LOCATE* what *PRO* functions we have used, so we can still edit and save our previous projects, despite having previously free functions taken. Which isn’t too common, I’d assume? However, it has happened to me quite often. I know, it’s more profitable to just let it be as is, and make us pay because we cannot find whatever pro function we used which was previously free. I discover for my particular project, the function was the blur animation ( which as I’ve mentioned, was previously free. ) but, I cannot locate the other pro functions I used previously. It’s extremely tedious and inconsiderate..Version: 12.27

Absolutely horribleYou can’t even save a video without buying pro?! what is this crap🤨 poo poo pops fishy fishy fishy makin it stinky 👎👎👎.Version: 12.15

Some people cant afford pro.I love this app, don’t get me wrong but i cant afford pro, so i sometimes screen record my projects and crop them bc i rlly like them but since most the affects are pro so i have to buy pro in order to post my edits. I went to screen record there was this huge funimate logo in the middle of my edit which completely ruins it :( i am very sad because some people can’t afford pro so they have to screen record it but since u guys put the logo in the middle it ruins it, i worked pretty hard on this one edit and since most of the transitions are pro i had to screen record it, and i was pretty upset when i saw the huge logo, there are a lot of other people that are unable / not allowed to get pro, so they screen record it :/ i don’t understand why you guys had to put it right in the middle, you could’ve at least made it smaller. it’s pretty unfair to the people who cant afford pro :( the app is great don’t get me wrong i love editing on there it’s just you're so limited when you edit because basically all the transitions are pro..Version: 11.1

Video star is betterFunimate is not that good anymore I used to think it was good when I wanted to edit and stuff but now you have to pay for pro and the affects are really rubbish and it always freezes and so when I had the app I would zoom my edit out and screen record it and crop it out in photos. I downloaded it again and when I tried to screen record my edit there was a massive funimate edit😂💀 and then I started to learn video star and it’s soooo much better and funimate has added click packs and copied it from video star so ppl will join funimate again which they won’t and my edit on Funimate would always freeze and the transitions where so rubbish it’s like vinkle I will advise you all to learn video star or after affects and leave funimate thank you..Version: 11.6.1

It’s nice but...I’m giving it three stars because every-time I try to hit the “subscription” button it always hits loads and never takes me somewhere so I can get pro. Please fix this cause it’s annoying how I want all the effects and can’t get them cause of a minor error. But besides that I really like app. I just can’t edit the way I want too cause it won’t let me get pro. It just keeps loading and loading and loading no matter how many times I close the app or restart my phone. And I can’t save anything cause I don’t have pro yet I’ve used the pro effects. So I’d have to start all over and I don’t wanna loose my progress. Edit: I’m giving it two stars due to the lack of management it has. It keeps closing and crashing and it’s getting on my nerves. I don’t know if there’s a glitch in the system but it’s seriously frustrating how I can’t get one thing done and it crashes the next. It’s super laggy and this has never even happened before to the point where it would crash at a certain part of me editing. Please fix this and upgrade this app!!!!!! It’s crashed over 20 times today!!!.Version: 10.9

Kind bad but goodThis is a horrible app for an iphone 7, its slow and when i have my clip ready and put it in 6x slower the clip looks squished in word… wth this isn’t supposed to happen it does that when i use volocity to, it never did that ever since it updated back to the same logo, soo fix this or i’m gonna start using video star bc funimate was the best editing app for me but until this started happening, on the bright side my edits turn out good, kinda looks ae like from how creative i am.Version: 15.1.8

This app is trash :/The app was good until Funimate had to change. It was easy to edit and use key frame, and now I need to use CapCut because of how bad funimate is. I hav been using funimate for a really long time now, and it used to be my favorite app, it’s just sad that it’s now my least. Also, the fact that we have to spend money on a crap app to get notice it’s annoying. And it long gives out futures or a lit to people with more followers, there’s been so many times when I tagged Funimate for a future or a lit BUT I did not get neither of those. And I speak for a lot of people for this part, I have seen so many people quite because they will work really hard on something and hoping to get noticed by Funimate. But nooo, you don’t notice them no matter how many times they tag you. And the apps annoying in general. The app does this thing when I watch someone video and go to a next one the video is still playing and it’s hard to hear the video I’m watching, and I’m not sure if that’s just me or it’s happening to other people as well. But Funimate, you had great potential and you just threw it away by the update you made..Version: 14.5

Very angryI’m sorry but I’m so upset HOW CAN I MAKE TUTORIALS IF THE SCREEN GOES BLACK!! Come on! This WAS my favourite app ever ever but the update destroyed the app and now I deleted it and told my friends to as well 😭🤬😡😭😭😭😭😭😭 why? Pls change this! And don’t tell me I need PRO 🙄I almost left a 5 star review on how much I loved the app but now I hate it SO MUCH pls give me pro if that’s what I need pls I beg u and I no I am not the only one who hates the app now before we loved it but now we hate it. CHANGE IT NOW PLEASE and if u do then make pro cost less it’s not worth that much I don’t want to waste my money on a terrible app I’m moving on to video star Also if u do change this then pls add a feature where u can add a 3D object such as a cube pls if u fix this I will do a five star review but the update ruined it. UGH 😫 thank u for reading if u do I’m sorry for the bad review 😠😔.Version: 10.11.1

Don't use Free Today EffectsI love Funimate, it's an amazing fun app to pass the time! I have fun using all the different effects and getting stars! When you're not pro there is a feature that makes it so you can use a pro effect for a day! I tend to use the "free today" effect because I find that the pro effects are interesting and cool but, recently when I used the "free today" effect it ran out of time, meaning I was no longer able to use the effect but I already used the effect in that Funimate. It began saying you have to be pro to use this effect. I used the free today text magic and video effects. I put a lot of work into this video but I couldn't post it because it had pro effects (that were free when I used them). I also used these effects at the start of my Funimate which meant I had to delete all my other effects. Considering it took me about 50 minutes to edit the Funimate I wasn't about to just do it all over again so I gave up on what would have been one of my best Funimates yet..Version: 7.3.1

Old funimateI’ve been on this app for about 4 years- i was there during all the new changes, and i saw funimate grow into what it is today. however, what it is today is nothing compared to what it used to be. taking away the shoot button, removing collabs which were a KEY element in this app, revolving the app around edits when it used to be about having fun and making freestyles. I get that popular demand might change the course this app is going on, but it was way better back then. remember when all the funstars went on a leaving spree? why do you guys think that is? because the app got toxic and again, is nothing compared to what it was before. for AGES i’ve looked on how to remove all the updates because watching my old videos brings back so much nostalgia and happy memories, but nothing. why don’t you guys just make it what it once was before? i get that making that big update took awhile to create, but that was just a waste of your time. and now DMS don’t work unless the two people both follow each other? it just keeps on getting worse. please take into account of what people really want and not just what you think they want..Version: 10.10

TransitionsI feel like u should make pro free cause I don’t really like the watermark and the pro edits are cool. If u could please add in the box spin that would be absolutely amazing and I would use funimate more often! But if u could please add in the spin box thing please but add it for free and not in the pro section❤️💙 but tbh ur app is slickkk🙈🤙🏽 3 stars because no box turns thing and the pro isn’t free😁👌.Version: 9.5

BAD UPDATEᴡʜʏ ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴀʟᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ sᴛᴜғғ ᴀᴡᴀʏ ɴɪᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ᴇᴅɪᴛ ɪ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴀs ᴇᴀsʏ ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏᴇ ɪᴛs 2000x ʜᴀʀᴅᴇʀ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ɪᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ.Version: 10.0.5

FunimateTbh I used to make funimates all the time, about 2-5 a day I had a private accountant nt and only got about 7-10 likes per video from my friends. One day at school I was talking to my friend about how I should go public, I decided to go public with my parent approval, When I went public I didn't find it as much fun as going private because when u were public EVERYONE was aming for a lit of feature and the pressure was on, It took me about 3 hourse to edit a video but when I was privated it took like 5. I only posted about 4 videos a week and my schueld go really busy and had no time to post a funimate, I got more and more inactive with only posting one video per week or even no videos per week. Then I quitted funimate because of all the pressure from what turned into a fun activity to a depressing app I just couldn't take it. I reccomed gping private if u cant handled pressure but if ur not busy at all and want to go public go for it. If u get to the point where u get busy and inactive go private or have a break before u quit just like me..Version: 8.0.10

This is stupidI love the app, it’s amazing. But I’m gonna delete it soon because I can’t even save or post ANY of my edits! If I try to screen record it literally has a watermark. If I want to save the video I have to pay. Come on Funimate, I’m gonna delete this soon if it doesn't get fixed.Version: 15.1.6

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