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Quite Practical!!Very impressed with PayRange Laundry App; especially the $0.25 payment selection for 5 minutes drying time for dryers.Version: 6.9.1

Hi! Please readSo I’m putting all stars so that this pops up first, they stole my money! I was using the app for a few weeks and today it told me I had a negative balance?? I figured there was Maby an error so I called the costumer support and the person who awnsered was really rude and wouldn’t awnser my questions. I kept trying to tell them that I get the money from my bank and put it in there and use it right away that there’s no way it should be negative and instead of listening and trying to help they yelled at me to not interrupt them and told me if I didn’t stop “being rude” they were going to deactivate my account for me. That is not okay, I just wanted to know if there was a way to fix it and then they instead tried to push the blame onto me and wouldn’t stop just telling me my transactions that I looked at and none were pending or saying negative on at all. I’m not using this app again, this was just horrible and I ended up having to use quarters instead which I don’t mind but what the actual heck? Please train your employees better and fix this issue.Version: 6.8.1

I love this app!!!!!!I live in an Aptmnt and to do laundry is always a drag. Having to find quarters or go pull cash out then get change 😒. My Friend’s Aptmnt uses Pay Range. That’s how I found out about it. She said nothing but great thing. I suggested it to the Manager at my Aptmnt, and what do you know a few weeks after we have it. I love the fact you can upload funds, it tells you when your wash/dry is almost complete. Easy to use. When you first sign up you are given a complementary washer or dry so that was cool. I had an issue once with it taking funds when I used my free wash. I emailed them they resolved it so quick and added my fund back instantly. Overall I am sooo happy with this app. Even better you can use it for other things like vending machines. Def recommend this! If you live in an Aptmnt and still use quarters, suggest this I promise you will love it. Oh and FYI in the event you have quarters you can still use them. I’ve had only enough funds on the app just for a wash then I used quarters to dry my load..Version: 5.2

Game changer for apartment-livingI couldn’t rate this app high enough. Genius. Every complex and laundry facility should use this system! It has been a dream to not have to worry about quarters anymore! And the app provides the amount of time remaining on the cycle so you don’t have to remember to set your own timer and get bummed when you forgot to do that and have to go down and check it. You also don’t get bummed to go down and find there aren’t any machines available because the app will tell you if they are available before you even go check it out! To be honest, my husband and I were a little skeptical at first because our apartment complex didn’t tell us that there was going to be a new way to pay for laundry. We just went to wash clothes one day and there were new stickers on the machines leading us to this app. A little worried that someone just came in and put stickers on the machines to try to take advantage and get peoples money, we tried it out very cautiously. It’s not a scam afterall and turns out the complex just didn’t know about the changes either because they hire a company to take care of the laundry facilities and that company is the one that made the changes. So glad they did, though! It’s a serious game changer for apartment living!!.Version: 6.3

Wonderful ApplicationI am really glad my apartment complex converted the washers and dryers to PayRange. I was a homeowner with her own laundry equipment for many years. Then I got divorced and found myself living in an apartment again. For the first few months I either dragged my stuff out to a laundromat (hated that - why do I always find the one with the most annoying screaming children?) with a change machine or I scrounged quarters constantly. Pre-paying for laundry this way is fantastic! I have never had any trouble with the app. I also love being able to top off the dryer - it allows me to split loads since our dryer cycle is 63 minutes and most of stuff doesn’t take that long to dry! I was glad to see when my kids moved into their apartment this summer that they also have PayRange!.Version: 5.3.2

Big coke tingsThis app phat.Version: 6.5.1

More Than Awesome!!!A campground laundry facility uses this app for their washers and dryers. No more coins to lug around nor exchanging bills for change. I just downloaded the app, added money to my new acct., turned on Bluetooth, stood by the machines, matched the machine that I wanted to use, swiped across my screen to start, and then pressed start on the machine. The app will even show how much time is left on the machine(s) and send you a text when the machine(s) is done! Also, the app allows you to add a little more time to the dryer instead of paying full price before it completely finishes. The only downside is if you have leftover money in the acct and can’t find another machine that uses it. Otherwise, I can’t think of a downside!.Version: 5.3.2

My Bluetooth is on though.Often says Bluetooth is disabled even though I have my Bluetooth on. I buy from the same vending machines at work 2 times a week. Usually takes me having to open and close the app 10 times before it works. *Edit: Took it down to 1 star and deleted the app. Just gave it $5 just for the “Bluetooth Disabled” warning to not go away. Bluetooth was still on. Even went to settings and hit Reset App on Launch. Had to sign back in on launch and still got “Bluetooth Disabled”. It was freaking on. This is not the only time this has happened. Screw this app. You’ll never get another cent out of me..Version: 4.1.2

Great, but sketchy too.When ever I make a purchase from a vending machine it sends my full credit to the machine and then returns the unused money. I find this process to be a bit sketchy..Version: 6.5.1

Simple to useThis is a great App. Simple to use and so many taking it for payments. Especially during this pandemic. Wish we had this option years ago..Version: 6.3

This App is awesome!I’ve been using this app for the past year or so since they upgraded our vending machines at work which came with the ability to now use of PayRange. It was advertised on our new machines so I thought what the heck. What I like most about the App are you get to earn free purchases which makes it so worth it if you pretty much live off the machines at work like I do lol and reporting issues with transactions. Usually the machines detect vend faults and will automatically refund the money back, but if they don’t you can report the transaction and within minutes you get a response with your money refunded which is absolutely awesome. Without the App I’d need to fill out a vending refund slip and wait for the day they come to refill the machines to get it. Not only that I was just randomly gifted two purchases for 75% off any item which is why I’m here. I went to use one of them on a beverage but it glitched and charged me full price for the beverage without dispensing it. I reported the transaction and a couple minutes later I was refunded and tried it again and it worked perfectly. Decided to give them this review to show how thankful I am and to say thanks. 👍🏻.Version: 5.2.9

Works like a charm in my local arcadeThere are a dozen or so pinball machines hooked up to PayRange in my local arcade., and I play quite a bit. I’ve never experienced any of the problems some other reviewers have. It’s easy and reliable. I have occasionally found that if I lose my internet connection my balance is not updated properly, and I can even “overdraw” my account, though they’ve never charged me over it, it just gets settled up the next time I add money on my own. If there were more uses for it around my town, and they added smartwatch features so I could pay without taking my phone out, this would be a knock-out. As it stands it’s a very convenient alternative in the niche use I get from it..Version: 4.1.6

Super convenient—when it worksI find this app really convenient and useful. It’s also very forgiving because for a long time there would be random machines that wouldn’t work and you wouldn’t know h til after you’d paid and waited for the load to go—getting refunds for those failed dispensations is so much easier than going to the office to get quarters back, especially in Covid times. However, on a frustrating number of occasions, the app won’t work. At all. It won’t register any of the machines that are in range, or it won’t even log me in. And as a personal problem, I don’t often pay with cash, so I don’t have quarters lying around, which means I can’t do laundry, which with my tight schedule is incredibly /in/convenient. If it didn’t have these random times where it didn’t work or even register my account exists, then I would give 5 stars..Version: 6.6

Cheaper than Using Quarters and ResponsiveI switched to the app because my housemate said the first-time app use gave a special deal that made it cheaper. And then after I did it the first time, like most mobile payment apps, you realize how easy the process can be. Additionally, the intervals between when I had to do laundry again (2-4 weeks?) were long enough during the school semester that the app gave me discounts for washing and drying, so I enjoyed that it saved me money. The time that app alerts the washing/drying being finished is not accurate and knowing which machine corresponds to the one you select in the app would have been a bit confusing if wash/dry prices were the same, but I’ve only had two times where I needed to contact support. The first time was an accidental double charge which they refunded me and the second was after I moved out of the apartment that used Payrange and they returned the extra money in my account. Both times they responded within 2 days and they had no problems resolving these issues so I’m pretty pleased with their support team too..Version: 5.2.9

Pretty coolThis is a great idea, eliminating the need to get quarters (+) for shared laundry rooms. This is installed at my building as well as my boyfriend’s place, so that’s a bonus! (+) Easy to reload $ (+) Tells you how much time is left and when the machine stops! So you can go home and return for it in a timely manner (+) There are two drawbacks, the first is just an inconvenience but the second is maddening. You must have a good phone/WiFi signal to use this app. Laundry rooms are typically located in an odd place, and at both locations I can use this app, going into the laundry room cuts off my phone service, One location much worse than the other. Find myself at the door waving it around, looking for the sweet spot where there’s service AND the machines are within range. Inconvenient (-) Biggest negative aspect is that sometimes the washer or dryer in question shows as “in use” on the app, when I’m looking right at it and it’s clearly empty and ready to go. I assume this is also a connectivity issue. Maddening! (-) Bottom line is that I’ll keep using it and hoping it works, but will always bring some quarters along too, just in case..Version: 5.2.8

Yes?I had a problem the machine was stuck emailed them they reacted quick and was very nice and I got my money back.Version: 6.5.1

Customer service came through for me!I am writing a review because I was happy with the care I received from customer service this morning. Last night, one of the machines I was using failed to start and I had to pay twice. It was a heavy duty front loader, so one of the more expensive machines. I emailed them last night and they got back to me this morning. Once I provided the details, they returned the money to my balance. If you ever have trouble like this, I recommend taking a screen shot of the offending machine. It helps them sort it for you. I do A LOT of laundry every week! I go through tons of sheets and blankets at work, and with COVID protocols I am washing a car load every weekend! Laundry costs have become a huge expense so I am grateful for the help I received today..Version: 6.5.2

Maybe do an update for this?I really love that you can easily add money to the app and pay through the app instead of the hassle of having to get quarters but there’s one thing that is causing this to be four stars instead of five. There are times when money is extremely tight and living pay check to pay check sometimes I can’t add money from my card but I do have quarters. So when I went to go do laundry I was extremely relieved that I had enough quarters but I only had enough quarters because there was a $1.25 in my PayRange account. The dryers are $1.75 and washing machines is $2.25 and I thought I could use the $1.25 and pay the rest in quarters but turns out you can’t because it’s not enough to pay the whole $2.25 but that’s frustrating because now I have a $1.25 stuck on the app that I can’t use unless I put more money in and it’s frustrating to know that I could’ve had that $1.25 in quarters instead of it being stuck on the app. Again I love how convenient the app is but I wish you could use the small change left over that isn’t enough to pay for a load on the app so you get all your money back for laundry and pay the rest out in quarters when times are tough and tight with money. Or even when you wanna use the rest to have $0 balance on the account instead of it being stuck till you add more money..Version: 6.4.3

Minor Issues, but Overall Pretty GreatFirst off, I absolutely LOVE the fact that I don’t have to find quarters every time I need to do laundry anymore. Seriously, it’s almost a little sad how excited I was when I used this app for the first time. A couple of issues, though— it’s usually really hard me to get my phone to connect to the machines. I don’t think that’s the apps fault; I think my laundry room just has really bad reception. I usually have to walk out in the hall or over to the mailboxes to get my phone to connect to a machine. Another issue I have, which is really just a slight inconvenience, is that the load times on the app are incorrect. The wash time on the app is about 7 minutes longer than it is in real life & and the dry time is around 15 minutes shorter, so I can’t really depend on the app to know when my clothes are actually done. Apart from those two things, I still am really grateful that I have the option to pay for my laundry with my phone. Doing laundry is much more convenient, and for that, I thank you..Version: 5.2.6

It's sweetWhat else can I say?.Version: 4.1.2

SmartI ran across this app while staying at a Best Western and needing to do some laundry . It was Simple, easy to use, and super convenient. No more pocket full of quarters or jammed up machines (which was in my case). The app even has a timer to let you know how much longer your loads are going to be even if you’re not within the WiFi range of the machines. I all so like the fact that I’m not obligated to throw down a bunch of cash when I’m only running a load or two. *** As far as experience with this goes I’m real limited and I’m not knowing if there’s enough machines available to utilize it or not but I’m hopeful that there is because it really just made sense *** Cheers ! Hope this helped someone.Version: 5.2.8

Amazing customer serviceThe customer service is amazing, they respond within 1-3 hours. Not only that just state your reason (I.E refund) and they will have it fixed fast. I recommend this to anyone that doesn't regularly carry a credit/debit card..Version: 6.6.6

Technology at its finest!I was a little hesitant at first signing up for this app, but it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! I work night shift so going to the bank is a little more difficult for someone like me. I would sometimes have to drive all over town trying to collect enough quarters to do my laundry. Those days are over! In a matter of seconds... I can add money to my account and do my laundry. No more carrying quarters around and dropping them in the grass on my way to the laundry room. Pay Range and the company with blue tooth compatible washers and dryers have saved me a lot of time and headaches! Thank you for smart people in the world who come up with this stuff. I am very grateful! I’m a busy mom who works a lot and is always on the go. My time is valuable. Thank you for making life just a little bit easier..Version: 5.3.2

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