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Candy Crush Soda Saga App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Candy Crush Soda Saga app received 156 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about candy crush soda saga?

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Still a mess - no help from supportContacted support 2 weeks ago - zero help and no fix still - game insists there’s no Internet connection, can’t add boosters, can’t update progress can’t spend money on it (you’d think that would make the developers Jump to fix it). Just before this I Was prompted to add a password to “save” my game and progress and since then I’m getting error messages that there is no connectivity- can’t use the store, can’t update races...makes the game unplayable. Contacted support who always seem to send you through hoops for a whole day sending screen shots and info and then nothing. Based on other reviews I think it’s obvious there are tons of issues with this release. Until it’s fixed don’t bother downloading it. I’m on level 3288 watch them tell me I have to delete it and reinstall - and since it clearly didn’t save my password info(says no internet) I’m out of luck and would have to start over. No thanks..Version: 1.168.2

CrashesIt freezes and crashes when playing. Has been doing this for awhile now.Version: 1.186.3

DisappointedI’m a long time player, level 2200, and was a huge fan. Recently they added a bat who replaced chests with boosters and I’m hoping this changes after Halloween. In several episodes the fish work against you. But especially in the collect bottle levels, the bottles will not drop unless you buy extra moves. The most aggravating and irritating aspect of this game is there’s no way to pause it - So say you purchase a pack of boosters and they work for 1 hour or 2 hours depending on what you purchased, and there’s absolutely NO WAY TO PAUSE THE GAME. Sound like a money making machine? That’s because it is. It’s no coincidence that you get a special booster on your last move. I believe this is the only game I’ve ever played you cannot pause even after purchasing a timed booster. FIX IT KING! You are rich enough. Let people enjoy the game. I for one am tired of the money making machine and will no longer be playing until a pause button is added especially for paid boosters. SMH.Version: 1.150.3

Always crashing.Getting tired of restarting the game. Too many ads and unreliable programming..Version: 1.140.1

Disappointing changeI have played this game for years since it began & I was very disappointed when I went on it days ago to find it had changed to Portrait, when it has always been Landscape. Why cannot it be played in both, if you had to change it. Unfortunately playing on my iPad it is too difficult to hold that way. So one lost longstanding player. Hence the stars. Disappointed as are many of my friends too. Bye bye Candy Crush Soda. P.s. its bad enough having to turn other one of the other Candy games to Portrait & press X to go back to Landscape! x.Version: 1.168.2

It’s all about moneyI love the game I find it very satisfying however at the level I’m now at in the last few days to solve has cost me about $15. I spend hours for days trying to solve it is impossible without a few extra bricks. I realise I am addicted and wasting my money. So don’t get sucked in if you do it seems all about the money. I buy a set of extra bricks to solve and paid tonight only for it not to acknowledge my purchase with a bug I couldn’t move off the page without completing another purchase. So it’s going I’m sorry to say. It would be kinder if they charged for the game and the rest was free but that would reduce their revenue from suckers like me. I bet they don’t print this but there you have it. Great game, chew up your money as you get to higher levels! Forget it..Version: 1.151.3

What happend?What happed to the game bonus ? Where u play 5 levels and get free lollipops ? And 1 hour of life ? And bonus coins ? Sucks I use to enjoy that , I want bubble hill back.Version: 1.183.6

Fun but keeps crashingA great way to pass the time of day, but started crashing today.Version: 1.183.6

Great game when it worksUsed to love this game but it’s got too many glitches and extra competitions that don’t work. Facebook connection is patchy and keeps saying can’t give you rewards because you have no internet connection (even if you do). More frustrating than fun now. Oh and app support link doesn’t work so you can’t even get help..Version: 1.172.6

Stopped workingBeen playing for few years now no problems this afternoon stopped working lost all my progress played every day NOT IMPRESSED.Version: 1.186.3

ExitingI really enjoy this game. However lately every time I try to play a level, it comes up with the loading sign and then quits outfoxed the whole app. And because of this I loose my lives? This also happens with the bubblegum challenge thing, so I loose all of my progress. Again a really good game but his bug needs to be fixed so I can enjoy it..Version: 1.55.15

The new update.I don’t like the new update. With the new faster animations. It’s very annoying. I play this game for relaxation reasons. But the animations make it busy and it gave me a headache with the speed of it. It’ll be cool if you can have the option of choosing the speed you want because I bet people do like it fast, but others like myself find it distracting and annoying. Love the game overall though..Version: 1.112.9

It was fantastic until recent changes to challengesI would have given this game 5 stars until the daily quests were replaced by a board of tiles challenge. This has ruined the game. I’ve played this game everyday for years. Some of the levels are so hard you need boosters to complete them. You can’t build up your own boosters now. You have to rely on strangers to complete the tile board. None of my teams have completed their tiles. I’ve had to wait days to get my reward which is hardly anything, only 1 booster! Please bring back the daily quests. I don’t think it’s fair that you have to rely on strangers to get your boosters..Version: 1.134.3

Cheats and glitchesDifferent pieces are moved instead of the ones I’m trying to swipe and I’m not the only person that experiences this. And some of the specialty candies will explode on its own even if you’re no where close to it and none of the candies moving are close to it. Glitches sometimes because of the ads. Was on a board since yesterday and needed 2 more moves. Video comes on then my phone goes black. Had to close the app then lost my game. Screen will freeze. The longer you play, the more the glitches. Same issues and still cheats. Playing a level where you have to collect bottles. 8. I collected 5 and it says 3. I can’t pass the board because it’s not letting me. I’m glad I’m not paying any money for this. AND JUST F’N I had 3 more to go. Clicked to watch an ad for extra moves...BLANK SCREEN! Had to close it and lost it!!! I used a striped candy to collect 2...nothing except for taking the bottles away. I’m just gonna delete this app. Still stuck at 1951. Popped 7 bottles but says I only popped 3. Delete..Version: 1.175.2

Candy crush saga not connecting to FacebookLove playing the game and would of given 5 stars but sick of losing connection to Facebook and then not been able to connect not happy it keeps happening with all the candy crush games or the games won’t load at all and sick of deleting all the games losing extra lives for the same thing to keep happening.Version: 1.124.5

Would be 5Would be 5 if every time I balnked of the game it saved my game. I complete a level and press home to reply to a message. Then I have to redo the level as it does t save my game like it used to.Version: 1.98.4

Addictive but constantly crashesIf it wasn't for the fact that I can't even attempt level 81 due to the app constantly crashing before I even get to gameplay, I would have given this game about 4 stars. I can't give it 4 stars if I can't even currently play the game as it crashes every time I try to play a level. Sometimes when it crashes, it takes away a life from me as the game sees the crash as an equivalent to quitting the game early. Those lost lives would come in handy if U could actually play the game. The only reason this review is rating the game 2 stars rather than 1 is because when I actually can play the game, it is quite amusing and addictive and is deserving of a good rating.Version: 1.110.6

Extra time expires when you leave?Extra time should only count down when you’re actually playing but they count down from the moment you get them? Few will sit on one app all day, or even for 2 hours straight. Please make this more user friendly and stop ripping us off!.Version: 1.183.6

Changes to the game in the last updateI have played this game everyday for nearly 2 years. I have always rated it as five stars. I am very disappointed with the changes for accessing the boosters-striped and plain candy and the switch option. Why have you moved them to select before playing the game? The option to use them strategically during the game has been removed. You are down graded to two stars and I'll consider giving it up altogether even though I've played over 1300 levels..Version: 1.110.6

Level 2996 and ready to deleteThis was a great game. Ruined by recent changes. The crown has gone. You have to play in portrait, I have played over 2800 levels in landscape, why force me to change? Wrapped gifts gone, replaced by stupid keys. I haven’t actually open one yet. I suspect levels made impossible to force purchases. I used to be happy to buy something now and again. Now I WILL NOT spend any money on principle. They are robbing people and I find it all a bit unethical. So many things to watch between levels. It’s just so slow now! A shame. They should have left everything as it was and maybe just added a few new types of levels to mix it up. 3000 levels the same and it’s a bit boring..Version: 1.165.7

Give us time to think!I have always loved jewel/candy swap games and would really enjoy this one if it would stop giving assistance so quickly. Before I’ve finished the previous move it’s already flashing with the next one. Then it becomes nothing more than a test of wills- going your own less experienced way or following the flashing app suggestion, which no doubt knows better than you. What would you do? Deleted..Version: 1.121.2

Performance is variableWhen it works, it's great, but too often, particularly when starting a new level, it crashes out and takes me back to the IOS home screen, repeatedly. This morning, for example, I have already used up half the daily "free" play time, and not yet been able to play a single game at any level. If it's not important to you to have reliable game play, then it's a great time waster, pretty, fun, intriguing..Version: 1.129.2

Fun but a downsideCandy crush is a classic always enjoyed... but disappointed when they were tracking how many levels you beat per week for weekly prizes and it was just your Facebook friends... but now changed to random people who beat 110 levels per week who aren’t my friends lame 👎🏼 are they even real people?.Version: 1.188.5

Stop updating!!!The new version is so UGLY. I want the map and little girl and little boy back please..Version: 1.190.2

Crap Puzzles that cannot be solved without spending real moneyI've played tons of match 3 games and I've actually played King games for many years now. The problem is that they are too greedy...when you get to higher levels, you cannot go on without spending real money and lots of it. I used to justify the purchases as spending on leisure. But I am quite good at solving puzzles typically and the issue is that they have made it impossible to solve without boosters. The boosters they provide for free are rendered useless by the way in which they drop the new pieces. If you are looking for a fun match 3 game in which you can actually solve the puzzles with brain power, and in which the free boosters are actually rendered usable...I would suggest checking out a new game called Wildscapes. It's really early yet, so it's hard to tell if they will eventually get greedy like King games...but so far that hasn't been the case. I will not spend another penny on King until they do better...which is too bad because their creativity is wonderful. But their greed is egregious..Version: 1.147.5

😡😡😡😡VERY DISAPPOINTED😡😡😡Like before DISAPPOINTED! NOT only did you make it ANNOYING TO QUIT....You let us collect gold bars and Then CHARGE to USE THEM! ONE WORD GREED. YES you have to make money BUT GIVE PLAYERS THE INCENTIVE AND A FAIR CHOICE Again lost my purchase you are going to charge me and I didn't even finish the game it Crashed! Think this game owes me at the very lest £15 App token! Plus an extra £30 for all a of the times it's crashed on the last move! Bought coins to finished of my game I been stuck on for weeks as soon as I purchased the GOLD BLOCKS when back to the game it CRASHED I ONLY HAD 2 more Moved so FRUSTRATED HAD ENOUGH LOST MY MOVES AND WAISTED MY ITUNES MONEY IM NOT RICH! :(.Version: 1.111.4

Help!The game has frozen! This is the second time this week. The first time I had paid for lives... but not able to use them. This is one of the few things that helps me to reduce stress. Please fix this! Would give you 5 stars if not for the glitch..Version: 1.186.3

Updates are rubbish!I'm thinking of deleting this app completely as it seems to have a glitch in it after recent updates. Game opens on level 1416 and won't let you use the chapter ladder to go on (you can go back!) as I'm on level 1813 I have to scroll through all those levels to get to where I need to be! They've also stopped the daily gift that you can use at your leisure to one that is timed. So targeted at getting you to buy extra moves ... The little fish never actually eat the ones you need them to, they'll eat a random colour rather than a block! Sort out your updates!.Version: 1.120.2

Game freezingVery disappointed when the game froze during play. I had made a match of two power ups and it had just about blown up everything and then it froze with one red bean just sitting there shaking. I tried to match another to get it going but it was frozen. I am using a brand new IPad Air so it is not the problem. I had no choice but to exit a round that I had been trying to finish for quite some time. No point in playing a game that does this..Version: 1.172.6

Super Sonic LollyI like the super sonic lolly why did you remove it.Version: 1.192.3

Impossible levelsSo I am up to level 1780 which is absolutely ridiculous. I have looked online to get help with this and find that there used to be 33 goes to get this out, now there is only 26 or something. Also the two bars down the bottom were only 6 slots now are 8 or 9. Another big rip off with Candy Crush Soda is that with the slots to get out, if you get 2 fish hit it, interestingly enough it only hits one mark. WHY IS THIS. Cheating is what it is. Just wanting more money of course. Again, this is an impossible level. Wake up doooooosch bags. You want people to keep playing your game, don’t rip us off..Version: 1.133.2

HaybalerLove this game...except for level 425 which is profoundly nausea inducing because the candies move so jerkily & at speed & for a long time between each move. Will have to reluctantly delete game if this style persists in the following levels. Update: Not a fan of the repeated attempts to make us join a team - would be much better if you can opt into a team if you should want to, rather than be assigned a team automatically & waste time on team info every time you try to play. Otherwise, this is a good & challenging game with nice graphics..Version: 1.140.1

Gets too hard way too fastMy initial excitement at finding a proper Candy Crush spinoff was short lived. By level 18 they'd started ramping the difficulty up to the point where it starts taking days to pass a level... unless you shell out money for extras. I'm not afraid of difficulty - I'm around 350 levels into the original Candy Crush Saga, and by that stage the difficulty gets similarly tough. But KING games, your greed is showing. No-ones going to persist for that long on this spinoff, because there' so little reward before you get to the frustration, and your attempt to force us into micro payments so early on will stop lots of folks (like me) before we get to the addiction level that made the original as ash hit..Version: 1.29.26

MmmmmmI love this game it is my favourite, but I find it very frustrating as when I start a new level it shuts down and does not load this happens every time I play it..Version: 1.118.4

DisappointedWas totally in love with this game until this morning - glitch in the system and couldn’t open the app. Eventually when I did it took me straight back to level one (was on 1,105) Even tried to open one of the other candy crush games and the same thing couldn’t open it No I didn’t save my progress when it asked as I didn’t want you to have access to my Facebook or my email so I guess my fault there but I don’t think I can be bothered starting again and going through all the basic levels. Not to mention I just spent $$ on it yesterday.Version: 1.149.1

CrashI’ve used this game for years but lately it crashes and the only way to play again is to delete the app and reinstall. I then lose any boosters I’ve earned. Very disappointed this isn’t fixed yet..Version: 1.188.4

CheatingTHIS IS RIDICULOUS! At the beginning I thought maybe it was a bug or something but now I see that it is not. So I stopped playing the game for couple of months when I came back I miraculously passed 100 levels in matter of one day. Then game suddenly became super difficult, I thought so at the beginning. But then I noticed that there are some glitches. Such fr example as I match 5 candies and in stead of the colorful bomb I get stripped candy plus 1 regular candy. But this morning I have noticed that EVERY SINGLE LEVEL has had such glitch. Just now I matched 6 candies and I got a stripped one. The game simply at some point if you play a lot forces you to use extra powers so you have to buy them. As I said if it was an example repeating the same it could be a glitch but simply if I’m too close to end the level sometimes like this always happens. I hav screenshots that show that I could pass over 20 lvls at first time now I barely do one star. Time for couple of months break again I guess..Version: 1.112.9

This game is the enemy.So I play all the CC Saga games, but this one is by far is the most manipulative. It’s good because it has a lot of different ways to collect rewards, unlike the other three. HOWEVER, it is flawed in many ways. For starters, they put your power ups at the beginning of every level in the same place. For example, if you lose that level and have to start over, the colorbomb your given at the beginning goes in THE SAME PLACE it was in before. Which provides no advantage for the user. Secondly, the rainbow road power ups. They become useless after a while because the game packs all of the powerups together. So once you make ONE MOVE, all of them have gone off at once. So by the the first move, everything you had to your advantage to use is gone. They do this even if you create a colorbomb and try to save it to use it with something is. Beyond frustrating because the levels are hard as it is!!!.Version: 1.165.7

Update sent me packing.The new update removed features I liked about the game (game board with team tasks to make 4-in-a-row) and added a lot of confusing new time-sensitive mini games that I don’t get. Way too many ads and not enough consistency. I’m out..Version: 1.186.2

ChangesI am on level 2244, a normal level??? And have played 651 days in a row. In that time there have been many changes which I believe has made it doubly hard to pass levels. I do not have money to buy boosters to pass levels so I keep plugging along. Why can I pass the harder levels easier than I can the so called normal ones. I am however ready to forego playing anymore as I am so frustrated and that is why I have downgraded my rating..Version: 1.148.4

Crashes constantlyThis is a great game considering it’s free, but it’s started crashing so frequently that it’ll often use up all of my lives. It always crashes mid-game, too. Opening the app again, you have to close the unending notifications that you just closed. Those should have a “don’t remind me again” button, but I get that they want to advertise certain things since it’s a free game. For me, it’s the reason why I’m deleting the app unfortunately..Version: 1.186.3

My feelings about candy crush sodaThis game is fkg too easy bro. its smashin but i need yall to hear me out. i might just be that good, but i need a lil competition. im finishing levels as quick as i finish in real life. i cant do this anymore im gonna need u guys to take it up a notch. thanks boyz i appreciate it.Version: 1.187.5

Updated version forces player to spendI love this game, however after I updated latest version, this game will pop up some Ad. The worst thing is the window indicates you to spend to continue the game, and I try not to, it couldn’t allow me close it. I really don’t like this kind of setting..Version: 1.110.6

Soda crush crashesA real shame as up until now it has been great but you are ripping me off. I have 16 gold bars left and told I have to buy more , before I can continue . I need 5 to continue and to me I get another 3 goes before I am left with 1 and need to buy more.... IS THEIR A REASON you are wasting my time so am deleting all of the crushes as they are taking my money and not dellivering the gold bars. Hate this.Version: 1.129.2

Continue to crashWould give a 5 if it didn’t crash so often.Version: 1.150.3

Recent glitchesI’ve loved playing this game, it really helps me unwind in the evenings. More recently I’ve found there is a glitch in the system. If you take a break from playing for even 30 seconds, the game freezes and you have to close down the app to start again. It’s extremely annoying when you are close to finishing the level and you have to deal with a more important life event. You end up loosing everything. Please can you iron out the glitch..Version: 1.187.5

Purchase no productI purchased a sweet deal for $5.49 and never received anything, for some reason the internet was acting up I have a receipt showing purchase but no gems or anything can you help thank you??.Version: 1.190.2

Game is now ruinedGood work on the restructure of the game - it is now ruined. To lose all rainbow bottles on the first level loss is a joke, especially when it is so hard to build up to five. And now requiring 100 lightening strike things to play the Bubblegum Crown...are you joking? The chancing of winning it with five plays (ie 20 lightening strikes a play) was hard enough. If you think these changes will make players part with more money, think again. You are getting greedy and it shows. I have played nearly 4000 levels and spent a phenomenal amount on the game and it is now junk. You have lost a player and customer..Version: 1.191.5

Why make it a competitionI love playing the game. I am playing for fun and because I love playing puzzle games. However recently a contest / competition was added to make the festive period more fun. I am currently taking part . The one thing I dislike is seeing other people listed on Candy Crush , I am not on Facebook so I don’t have any of my friends added. Another thing which I found hugely bizarre I play offline because keeping the games data on is costly. Every now and then I will log onto my mobile data, yesterday I did just that , updated my profile photo only the odd thing the contests must of been frozen on me as 1st for a while then when I updated a few things online with my account I was 2nd all of a sudden. I am not a competitive person. I will not be needing extra lives , I will continue playing as I am . 🍬😀🍬🍬.Version: 1.154.5

Connection issuesFrequently having “no wifi connection” issues if it’s 5G or when using data, get the same message. No improvement with latest update (today, February 23/21). Messes with use of timed bonuses and infinite lives; end up giving up on the game after several restarts..Version: 1.187.5

Feelings about this game.I’ve played this game since it’s beginning,it was a fun game to play,however,over time you have destroyed the fun in this game. It’s now all about money. If we the game players don’t pay for something to make it easier then we are penalized. An example is we work very hard to gain bottles and additional rewards to help complete the level. Now we receive additional bottles but instead of losing one bottle we now lose ALL the bottles with one lose. Why! This is no longer fun. I’m on level 223, I’m considering quitting this game. There are also so many glitches that occur. When I go to make a fish or a bomb or whatever the program makes something I wasn’t making. Also the game strategy works against us. So, please consider your customer when making changes, it’s our fun,when there’s no more FUN then No more game! Thank you..Version: 1.180.4

Just goes from bad to worse!First of all they removed the ability to earn bonuses and also the hidden squares. Next up, any fishes you released now swim off to the most useless part of the board and do nothing useful whatsoever. Latest thing I have found is that when you get through a level on the first life you still get the message to say you have won a bonus - except you don't actually get credited with anything! What on earth are they up to with this game. It really is time to hit the delete button. Simon's Cat is much more fun 😇.Version: 1.106.7

Faded LoveFor years, I would have given Soda Saga 4-5 stars. I played when it first came out but eventually, moved on to other games. Last winter I got bored, and re-discovered my love of Soda & Jelly Sagas. HOWEVER, since about two months ago, I literally cannot play Soda. If I'm able to get past the initial screen without a crash. then it crashes when I click on the level I'm playing. Rarely am I able to get the level loaded, and on those rare occasions it generally crashes during the game ... losing a life and whatever booster(s) I may have chosen. My love has faded like upholstery in a sunny window. Most days I don't even try anymore. When I do try ... crash, crash, crash, frustration and anger. (N.B. I have re-set my iPad Mini 100 times which used to help for a short while but now makes absolutely no difference). So Soda Crush goes back onto the ash heap of discarded games. "With every heartbeat I still think of you, and remember our faded love".Version: 1.100.6

Deleting gameI’ve played this game for a very long time. Approx 10 years. Since updates, I don’t like the incessant reminders that 195,000 people used boosters to win. I hate the teams they put you on (my team players are always worthless), I don’t like playing against others to win a pittance of gold... I want my relaxing single player game back! I realize the developers do these things to pressure us into buying add ons, however, they have gotten too greedy. The algorithms have made it nearly impossible to win any hard levels unless you buy boosters. I did so a few times and was charged twice for each purchase. No response from app support or apple, I finally had to file a dispute with credit card co. Im done. As of today, I have had it up to here. I am deleting the app and will find something else, or maybe do other things that make me look at this phone less! Good job developers, you lost another player..Version: 1.146.6

TroublesI love your game... But I can't play no more because it's always crashed... Help please!!.Version: 1.187.5

Very DisappointedI’ve been playing this game since I retired. I’m also helping my grandson learn how to play. I definitely do not consider myself as a gamer and do not have the monetary means to purchase additional boosters to win. I have reached over the 2000 level simply using using the free lollipop hammer, color bombs, jelly fish, etc., and other free boosters provided by the App. I’m very disappointed with the following items: *1) I received two messages labeled as the Soda Circuit, which said... “Winning isn’t easy! But, you got the experience to be faster next time!” Thank goodness that these messages were not sent while my Grandson was playing with me. I felt that I was being shamed for lacking skills *2) I had accumulated over 365 days of playing this app. I thought I played every day, but I must have missed a day. I had to pick up working with my grandson to complete his online school work when the schools were closed for the coronavirus. My daughter is an RN and was working a lot of overtime. *3) Is there an option not to be part of a race? Since I do not have many boosters, I’m usually “last” in completing the race. However, I do like playing Mr, Toffee’s Fair to win boosters. Note, I do have other Candy Crush apps, but I hope you consider my thoughts above that I’m just playing for FUN..Version: 1.170.9

Use to be good.They give you a video to watch to get additional boost but instead the video ends up on a blank screen so you have to reload the entire app to start playing again. Also the games seems to additional moves off you even though you've only played one move -very frustrating. Even if you purchase and use a boost the game changes yet again to give you no chance of breaking the level. I'm getting to the point of hating this game as I've fine with others within the group as they're no longer fun to play. They cheat and are extremely frustrating.Version: 1.104.7

Manipulative and CorruptThe candy crush games are not actually games. In real games, there is a potential for winning, by using the materials available in a strategic way. Candy crush is rather a programmed experience, in which the app controls whether you will have the materials you need to win or not. There is nothing random about your playing experience. You can be very strategic, and the app will not give you the opportunity to pass a level until you have played a certain number of games—then, suddenly, the game becomes extremely easy. Sound paranoid? Nah. They are in the business of frustrating you so that you will pay them money for extra doodads to help you win. But it’s such a dishonest set up. The app breaks the rules of its own game at times. Unfortunately, there are enough sparkly and clever aspects of this programmed experience that one is a dupe, for a while, until the grotesque dishonesty of the experience overwhelms the charm. Don’t give these people your money. They debase the very concept of a “game”..Version: 1.129.2

AnnoyingI find it kind of annoying how it has to ask me a hundred times if I want to use my gold and keep playing when I’ve lost the level because I kind of just want to move on and try again. Also am I the only one that finds all of the so-called “hard levels” easy and the “easy levels” hard?.Version: 1.115.2

Crashes after new updateIt's a good game to past the time But it keeps crashing whenever I’m trying to go on it for a second then it closes the app. After updating this yesterday so this not fun for me anymore..Version: 1.185.4

No longer fun. They just want your money.I’ve been playing this game for years and in the beginning spent quite a lot of money to help me get through the levels. It took a long time and I got to the end and as I’d got to know the game so well I was able to get through each new level with the help of boosters that I collected. There were lots of good opportunities to collect boosters each week while waiting for new levels. I still occasionally spent a bit to help me get through as some games are nearly impossible. Now all the help has been taken away so I’m deleting candy Crush. I refuse to spend anymore money which is exactly the reason they have made it so difficult for those of us who have played for a long time..Version: 1.162.1

Great update NOT!We put up with your removing all our extras and calling it bugs, but this latest update cancels all the rainbow streak in one failed level instead of one at a time. Time to move on to another game..Version: 1.190.2

Just no fun anymoreI used to love this game but not anymore. The daily bonuses stink. You don’t get anything to keep or build up to play the harder levels. It’s 2 hrs of this or that and if you don’t have that kind of time to play you’re screwed. The mini games like fishing and bubblegum hill were a nice diversion when you couldn’t get past a level and gave you a chance to win gold or boosters. They’re now gone! Don’t even get me started on that piggy bank, one of your reviewers was right and we built up all that gold under the premise we would win all the goodies and imagine my surprise when I had to PAY $5.99 to open it?!? Needless to say mine is still full and will stay that way. I used to spend a good bit of money because the game was fun and there were incentives to beat these levels. Not anymore. There are a lot of other games out there so I’m done with candy crush..Version: 1.109.6

😡The game won’t recognize I am connected to wifi when I definitely am connected. So I can’t ask for lives joking the bingo thing etc. Other than that I like this game..Version: 1.187.5

Always crashingThis game continually stops me from clicking on the next level. To move forward I have to delete the app and re-install. This is highly annoying and frustrating because I just wanted to play but it’s hard to have fun with it when the app keeps crashing the way it does ..Version: 1.176.3

I love your game, but stop deleting my boostersI’m level 788, so it’s safe to say I’m an addict. As you can imagine, over the time I’ve played this game I’ve acquired many boosters that I like to use sparingly and save for emergency only! However, every single time (despite having an account to save my progress) my phone offloads the app (which happens automatically, I don’t have any say in this), it gets rid of all the boosters that I never got a chance to use. Every single time it seems to happen when I have close to 30 of each and I’m sick of all my efforts being wasted. Otherwise this game is good. Sincerely, a candy crush enthusiast..Version: 1.131.2

I use to love this gameI love all the candy crush games & use to enjoy trying to complete them at my own pace! But now you have set up this race other players thing it’s taken all the fun out of it for me. If there was an option on if you wanted to or not then that would be better for everyone. Please change soda back to how it was or give people the option. Not sure if anyone really reads these things but I live in hope..Version: 1.132.3

Still one of the best game groupings to a non gamerI've found all the king games that I've played to very temperamental. Randomly shutting down. It's quite annoying. Shame cause I used to spend money on it and find these quite well conceived games but I don't waste my money anymore due to the temperamental and random crashes. Update: I’ve been nearly addicted off and on for the last few years. I feel the games are well designed but I have a few issues. 1) ok, I’m an adult and addicted to games geared toward the young but the “hint” motions of the pieces are very distracting and I think unfair. They should be an option like a toggle whether you want them engaged or not. 2) the games used to be straightforward and with enough variables to keep it interesting but they have gotten cluttered for my taste. It’s like visiting a horder, you used to enjoy their company and visit frequently but the environment became claustrophobic and uncomfortable 3) I believe it is pure evil to make chocolate a source of stress Update: kudos to you guys for the unlimited lives during a crisis. I’m certain it does help many during this stressful time. We all need a good distraction sometimes and a lot of people like this game for good reason. I know it eases my stress. Thanks!.Version: 1.164.1

Terrible game DO NOT PLAYI only got up to about level 100 but I had something called a “rainbow bonus” where I got all of these special candies (e.g. stripped, spotted, iced, etc...) It helped me for a while up until level 98 or something and I could not pass it even though I had the rainbow bonus! I ended up losing it and wanted to smash my phone! I was furious! I even used all my lollipops, stripped lollipops and switches, I even used all my starting bonuses on this stupid level! What a money making game! I would never ever recommend this game. Life’s to short for this....Version: 1.103.9

Finally freeSince the Christmas update, the app stopped working on my phone. From then I have felt a range of emotions in not being able to play this game, namely denial and isolation, anger, bargaining and depression. However I felt a new emotion today, acceptance. Initially is was acceptance that I was completely addicted to this game, however, it it now acceptance that I will never play it again. I have now deleted the app and am enjoying the extra time I have in my life without it. Thanks for breaking the game king, it has broken my addiction to this below average game, I am finally free..Version: 1.154.5

Candy crash has crashedWhat’s with the latest release? Keep crashing as soon as I start playing?!.Version: 1.155.7

New updateI hate the new update, it was better before.Version: 1.188.5

Dropped to level 1 from level 883I don’t know how it happened but my CCS suddenly signed onto a different Facebook profile and I am back to level 1. The game does not allow me to change the Facebook profile to sign onto the game, so I am not able to get back to level 883 which I was playing under a different profile. I tried to delete the app and re download the app but it keeps giving me the wrong Facebook profile to sign in. So bye bye CCS. I won’t be playing any longer because I don’t want to play from level 1 again. ☹️.Version: 1.141.2

Level 885Super hard level, been on it for a long time. Should have been able to complete it due to having lollipops to use to hit the last block, but for some reason the game would not allow me to press it due to having a wrapped candy on the screen to use. The game was highlighting the candy. I could press and move anywhere on the screen apart from the lollipop. Really annoyed that this happened as I had used other items in that level to help clear it. Now I am stuck again waiting to build up items to give me a hand doing the level..Version: 1.185.4

Lost everythingHave been playing for over a year now but yesterday when I went to log in it would only log me into my partners account, he hasn't even played it so on level one! Can't remember what level I was on but I was on day 366 for the rewards. I have lost everything, all rewards gone, even from the App Store login it's giving me my partners game, if things are not restored I'm going to delete the game cos I'm not going to start all over again..Version: 1.112.9

Fun till it’s notI’m on level 286, and have been for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I open the game, promptly lose all my lives on this level, and close it. Rinse and repeat every darn day. I’ve used all my boosters, used all my gold for extra moves and still I’m on level 286. I spend money on games, I’m not opposed. But I won’t spend money if that’s the only way I can beat a level. I pay to enhance my games, sometimes I pay to even get the games, but I will not pay to win your silly little match game. I don’t even mind playing a level over and over and over until the algorithm determines I’ve played enough times to get a win. But this has been ridiculous and borderline insane. I’ve wasted almost 100 lives on a single level. ONE HUNDRED LIVES ON A SINGLE LEVEL. Don’t try to tell me that isn’t a blatant money grab. Keep your game, I’m gonna go spend my money with a different developer, and my next step after submitting this review will be to delete this game. I realize I don’t matter- plenty of people are willing to pay .99 to beat a level. But there are also lots of people who won’t, this review is for them. You’ll be able to play for awhile, but this is flat out a pay to win money grab. It’s popularity doesn’t negate that simple fact..Version: 1.176.3

No internet issue on gameThis is the only game I have this issue with! Having said this, I have a ton of games including Candy Crush Friends and none of them have shown any issues with the internet. I have a good strong set of bars on my tablet (iPad) and even Friends works beautifully, but Soda keeps telling me I’m offline and can’t give me bonuses or points to my team effort. It does this and then will go back to being online for a while then repeats! This is very irritating and has no other reason for it’s behavior than some glitch in this app. I turn my tablet off regularly (usually in the evening for 5-10 minutes) to let it “sleep” and reset. I also checked to see if there was any updates I had missed. If there’s anything else it could be on my end, please let me know so I can attempt to cure it’s issues..Version: 1.166.4

Sick of the game cheatingGames like these are fun and addictive but infuriating the way the game is orchestrated so that you lose any bonus pieces. The game does its best to force players to buy lives or gold bars, whatever. I won’t do that! If I can’t pass a level with what I have......I stay in that level usually to the point of deleting the game and find suddenly I pass to the next level. Three stars for the fun but two lost for weighting the game for the developers and purchases!.Version: 1.104.7

No Access to StoreHave been playing this game for years. Am deleting it because I can’t access the store. Can’t continue game without losing progress. Can’t login to my account to sort it out due to‘problem’ connecting. Also keep getting message that there is no connection to internet. The game won’t work without a connection! Have tried every remedy suggested by King. NOTHING WORKS AND THEY DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS OR FEEDBACK. No response from KING. Didn’t expect one anyway! No support so goodbye!.Version: 1.153.5

Good advise here I promiseYep seeing more and more people feel the same way. No more “goals reached” (where you can get items for free) and they keep getting harder and harder. Which is totally fine! Unless I get asked over, and over, and over again on the same level if I want to continue with adds or promos popping up. Literally. You will run out of moves, they will pop up with their info saying “are you sure” then you will say no unless you want to pay money and it will ask you AGAIN if you are sure. Obviously I am otherwise I would have said yes the first time you asked, not the 1,000. Also speaks the truth when all candy crush does when these reviews come in is give a generic corporate response. I’m someone who has spent money on dumb buys for games because sometimes if I like the game Ill do it at times and don’t mind usually, but this is where I say no more and write a review, so hopefully that really means how dumb it has gotten.Version: 1.138.5

Fun but rigged, w/broken fishThis game clearly uses algorithms or probability formulas or whatever you want to call it that control when you can complete a level. Its designed to egg you on to buy their packages by making you spend your special candies to pass a level. They’ll let you blaze through a handful of levels, even “ultra difficult” levels, by making big combinations common to keep you interested, but then try and jab you into spending your special candies. I’ve spent days unable to pass “normal difficulty” levels, but as soon as I spend one sprinkle ball I suddenly get chain reactions galore through the entire level and have 11 moves left over. Its too obvious. Also, I took a long break from the game and when I came back it let me blast through a couple dozen levels to get me hooked again. Now suddenly, its 5-15 attempts for some levels. Also, the objective fish don't have a proper target priority list. They'll often go after inconsequential blocks like black licorice over ice or honey..Version: 1.190.2

All promise, no rewardsI’ve frequently complained Mr Toffees game board winning prizes only for them not to be available..Version: 1.147.5

Problems!Still problems with it, for a couple of months have been unable to open the game, it keeps saying loading & then freezes. Can you please fix it..Version: 1.146.6

I was trying to enter a ticket for support but the link not workingI have missed out on 2 different challenges in the last 2 weeks where there was an opportunity to get to a certain level and get a certain number of points by midnight Sunday. I was not given my actual progress and reward for completing both tasks because each time you come back in the app it ask if you want to join the challenge when I’ve already joined. I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t get the rewards the past 2 weeks. I know for a fact I was on level 1074 and the task was to complete 40 levels by midnight Sunday which I compiled 1124 before the challenge ended. I took a screenshot when I accepted the challenge sine I didn’t get the credit for the challenge the previous week after I completed that task. Its disappointing to know that you completed something and not get the reward. Fix the issue please.Version: 1.149.1

Lives not receivedI am over buying lives (which I know I shouldn’t) however I don’t receive half of them and then I may use only one to pass a level and loose the other 4 they do not continue into the next level I bought them they should be mine When I go for a refund you may get one returned but that is all.Version: 1.128.2

MeOn the point of deleting, what have you done to this once enjoyable game. The tile board is rubbish, setting tasks you can't complete. Bring back daily quests. But the main irritant now is the 30 second advert (always the same one-boring) between each play. That is using up my time allowance on the game!!!! Been playing this game for some time , using it as a distraction from pain that I suffer from a serious illness. Now I feel stressed when I play. Fix it King, you have ruined it. It's now impossible to get striped lollipops unless you buy them , I don't know what the point of the golden tickets are . Sorry King, I'm leaving, after first posting this review nothing has changed and a once enjoyable and relaxing game has been ruined and become totally frustrating..Version: 1.140.1

Unfair business practiceI have lost progress to this game twice, the first time I hadn’t reached but to level 300 or so! I got a new phone the phone did not recover my contacts ect. I had to enter manually contacts as they called. Thought I had to restart everything so I started with fb. (That’s where I save my games) I was able to recover most of my games with the exception of my contacts and candy crush soda saga. When I attached soda saga to fb it picked up my new profile and started me back at level 1. I almost lost my father 6 months ago and I am his caretaker so I am in a lot of waiting rooms. I chose to start over thought it was funny at the time me playing against myself for highest score. My second go around I have made purchases to reach level 1900 or so. The most recent 4 days ago. Soda saga completed an update in the same time frame asked for my acceptance and password. The keyboard that appeared did not give access to the characters needed to complete my password. So I went through fb, using my second profile it picked up my first profile. So now I am back at level 330 and playing myself again for highest score. All moneys spent for the past 6 months is gone. I’ve been waiting for a response from soda saga to resolve this issue. Nothing yet!! Fixing to let everyone know how disappointed I am!.Version: 1.155.7

Remind me why I keep this game?So, since the latest update (March 2021), the game crashes any time I try to open a level; even a full delete and reinstall has not solved the issue. Would not mind so much if there was some degree of useful support or feedback available..Version: 1.188.4

Goodbye KingWell, goodbye King. At long last you’ve created a version that just doesn’t work for me. The method of getting power ups has changed, costs have changed, levels are getting ridiculously hard and the challenge is just a scheme to get more money from the user (who wants to lose, eh). It is also frustrating when fish or power ups go to the most useless spot in the game. In some cases the user is placed in a position where power ups/moves need to be purchased to complete a level before old age catches up with user. I could go on, but you get the picture. For years I played this game for fun (over level 2,000), but it is now aggravating. By the way, is it supposed to make me feel better when the app informs me that100,000 people have purchased extras to complete a level? This just tells me that greedy King wants more of my wallet and made the level too difficult. NO MORE!!!.Version: 1.136.4

It needs some fixesSo this game is fun but it does little tiny things that I know developers put there just to mess with your game. Like when you need to spread the jelly, sometimes not all the spaces that should get jelly get them. Example: I match a fish in jelly so it’s suppose to go to an empty space (unless there’s ice or blocks) so it goes to an empty space and what do you know, the jelly doesn’t spread there. Then I find myself saying multiple times while I play “that’s not the move I made”. Maybe it’s human error, that’s what I thought until just now before I wrote this review. I had a special move, bomb with a color bomb, I wanted to make sure there were no mistakes I carefully place my finger on the bomb and swiped my finger towards the color bomb to the right, and what do you know? The bomb matched with the green piece under it and not the color bomb!! Please, fix this. I can’t be the only one who experiences this and I can’t be the only one who is complaining!!!!!.Version: 1.99.9

Freezes and costly $$I’m addicted to this game, it’s heaps fun! But there are serious issues with is freezing all the time and not allowing me to progress. Having to re-install the app or constantly log out and in again is very inconvenient. Also and I do love this game a lot.. but it is always getting to point where it’s impossible to progress unless you pay for something or get bonuses the game offers..Version: 1.168.2

Everything is about money nowIt used to be my favourite candy crush game, I play it basically every day but the most recent update made me furious. Now you lose your whole streak if you fail to pass the level on the first try, the levels are already hard to pass without any boosters and the app developers know this, how can you pass them then you ask me? DONATE. They want your money and it looks like what they’re already getting is not enough for some reason so you’re either going to lose your streak or pay up. Greedy. Uninstalled..Version: 1.171.5

Too many long animationsI love the game, but it takes forever to load or go to the next level because there are too many long animations that are not skippable. I find myself putting the game down after a few levels because it’s too frustrating.Version: 1.181.4

No internet error.. account not recognised!! I have both!!I’ve been using these apps quite happily for years, until last week! For the last week I am unable to login to my King account via web on my mobile or laptop “account not recognised”. On my mobile, my game does connect to the internet “race can’t be updated reconnect to the internet to see how you are doing”. When trying to login via app on iOS error is “there was a connection error try again in a bit”. Starting a new game I get the error “No internet, you’ve ticked that tile. Your task will be saved when you connect to the internet. I didn’t get a chance to tick a tule!! I am connected to the internet. I’ve tried just 4G and wifi. I’ve tried on a laptop windows 10. Same issue!! I have updated iOS after receiving these errors. Restarted. Same issues. I have updated to your recent update of the app. Restarted same errors. This also goes for all King games. Reset my password many times. I can’t even raise a case as you advise from the website because the captcha doesn’t load. I can’t login to the community to post my issue because guess what... my account isn’t recognised. This is very frustrating..Version: 1.170.9

No internetThe last 2 versions have been unable to connect to the internet so no point in playing.Version: 1.157.3

Upgrade makes game inferior 👎Don't understand why you change things and make them worse - making it harder to collect lollipops etc by changing the daily prize. The fish seem to go to pointless squares way more often now, making the levels harder and more frustrating. Similar with the chocolate bombs going off on their own making them pointless. Maybe it's just me experiencing this but it's less fun than it was, making me less likely to play..Version: 1.104.7

Always crashing!!!!After months of this game crashing I'm ready to delete it!!!! It doesn't matter if I'm online or not, it crashes. If I'm lucky, I can go 5 or 6 levels before it crashes but then once it starts, it just keeps happening. Like tonight it crashed twice, right as I was about to complete a not only did I lose two lives, I also lost two levels on the rainbow road. It might not be all that important on a global level but seriously, fix your game!!!!.Version: 1.97.2

Crash when i nearly clear the levelI was using an item to clear a super hard level and when I finally finished off and while it was counting scores etc the app goes frozen. This is so annoying because I pay for the items and you are ripping me off by making me use paid items to pass super hard level and crash app literally 1 sec before finish it. I want this to be fixed as well as either give my item back or make the level pass..Version: 1.177.5

InconsistentHalf of the time it says I don't have internet, which I definitely do. No other app I have says that unless my internet is actually down, which is maybe twice a year. When it does connect, it's a roulette wheel of which side games will show up. I know they're timed events, but during the event, often the icon won't show up so I can play or claim rewards. This goes for all of the side games. My mom plays on her phone too and has never even seen the Noble Path stuff and we are both running current versions of the game. Also using the buttons to ask for and send lives just spin endlessly about 85% of the time. Did they abandon this game? There is also just so much going on, they're really over saturating the requests for micro transactions. Also, I'd love to have game sounds without the dude constantly telling me how tasty and juicy everything is. Would be great to have an option for sound effects but no voice..Version: 1.172.6

Please fix.Game keeps crashing and I keep losing my lives. Crashed four times in the last five minutes. It either kicks me out of the game entirely or the screen goes black in the middle of the game. It is soooooo frustrating. Please fix so I can continue enjoying the game.Version: 1.191.5

Very childish and annoyingWhat is with the stupid character wearing oversized glasses and waving a stick? Adults play this game too you know - you need to stop pandering to kids! Also, what’s with the made up numbers of idiots you claim have bought moves to win the level? Now about the game - PLEASE STOP CHANGING IT! The fish no longer go anywhere useful, some of the levels are so hard, yet others are very easy - it is ridiculous! All in all, you are slowly ruining this game with constant changes and “updates” and you are gradually taking away any enjoyment from it I no longer enjoy this game and have been playing g it for about 5 years but am now getting fed up with it!.Version: 1.192.3

AnnoyingEvery time I go back to play I have to scroll thought at least 700 stages to get to my stage... it’s annoying to do it every time... please fix this bug ASAP..Version: 1.131.2

Glitches Ruined My 93 Days Login StreakI played this game for a very long time (as you can tell from the streak). I really enjoy it. However, after I managed to play it yesterday morning, I came back to find I was unconnected from Facebook. No problem, I was used to this and tried to reconnect. It got stuck for the rest of that day and this morning in an endless cycle of checking WiFi and “Failed to connect” messages. I couldn’t even get into the game because it kept repeating those messages and trying to connect even after I restarted my phone and closed the app completely. I thought it would fix overnight, but it didn’t. With the app in such an awful state, I did the only thing I could think to do and deleted it off my phone before redownloading it. Not only did this not fix the problem, it also completely erased my 93 day streak and has made me feel very opposed to even trying to get back into the game when it decides to glitch out and be the reason I lose what I’ve worked hard to get. It also got rid of my boosters. I would have rated this app well if you’d talked to me two days ago, but now I’m furious..Version: 1.112.9

Update Continuously CrashesThis upgrade always crashes and when I purchased on this app the last two times crashed and lost what I bought!! Tried to report this but it kept crashing! Need to fix ASAP and refund purchase!!.Version: 1.187.5

Play on button should be taken away or moved!!I’ve been playing this game for a long time and continue to get frustrated that the stupid “play on” button is right where normal people hold their phones. There should be an “are you sure” box that pops up like when you press the quit button. I’ve lost too much gold by holding my phone in my hand when the game ends. I think it should be removed from the end screen and have it’s own box. I went to the website to complain about it, like many people already had done, and the only answer they got was “it’s your fault you need to move your finger if you know the box is there”. Well if it’s problem lots of people are having them they should fix it and not blame it on the gamer. Doesn’t make me want to continue playing because I worked so hard to earn those gold bars only to have most taken by a stupid click of a button when I was just trying to click on the screen..Version: 1.118.4

Gameplay hindered on purposeSo I really enjoy playing the game, however, I’m rating it low because I’ve noticed that during the game when there are chocolates and gum that reappear if you don’t continuously pop them until they are completely gone, they prevent you from moving your pieces while the letters show up that say “sodalicious” or “divine” after you make a major move to “praise” you for the move. Which is ironic because if you have any chocolate or gum and you have one move to completely remove it, they prevent you from making said move while those words show up until they’re gone, so another piece will come up. Then, you’ll have to make one more extra move than you did before because they wouldn’t let you move while you had the chance during their digital word show. So that’s super aggravating and it is not fair. It’ll make you lose a game in some instances since you don’t have an unlimited amount of moves. Honest game play goes a long way especially for your ratings guys and I’m the type that will uninstall if it becomes a constant issue..Version: 1.187.5

New updateI have been playing this for 2 years or so, and have got to some really hard high levels, with that said I have enjoyed playing as you were able to win boosters etc. About two weeks ago my quests just disappeared, I contacted the makers, and was just told that they were rolling out a new quest system. With what I have seen on a friends game I think the new quests are ridiculous, you can win them, but not easily, and the “prizes” for winning are unrealistic, ie. winning an hours worth of boosters when you haven’t got any lives left. In my opinion King are just trying to push you to spend real cash to progress. This game is now unplayable if you want to keep your own cash..Version: 1.135.8

GlitchesI have deleted and reinstalled the app have checked all my facebook settings there is a glitch when I try to join facebook it asks to confirm etc then it takes me to a site where it had nothing to do with candy crush it is a totally diff app & when I click close when it says do I want to download this app the whole candy crush shuts down when i reload it says unable to join facebook plz fix as it’s almost been a year now since this keeps happening I have renewed the lease with facebook for the app & I have automatic updates it is so frustrating!.Version: 1.128.2

Useless upgradesI have been playing this game everyday since it come out. I am still the first of the leader board even after months of not able to pay this game. Ever since the upgrade approx. four months ago, it just keep crashing. By the time I could open the level that I am at I will be losing at least 3 of the 5 lives. Whoever is writing the latest upgrade to be fired from from the job..Version: 1.105.8

Games great except the daily bonus flawThis is a great game to waste lots of time. My only complaint is that the daily bonus will occasionally reset to zero even though you have played the game every day. It has happened to to me three times so far but as it happened to me on day 400 something plus and twice around the 30 ish day mark you can see that I do like the game as I have played it every day for almost a year and a half..Version: 1.128.2

Games gone?!?!??!What the hell going on when the game won’t download?? I was at level 2000!!!!!! and for some odd reason it got sent to the unknown abyss and now I can’t get it back! What’s happened to it?!?.Version: 1.188.5

Keeps crashing after latest updateKeeps crashing after last update! Annoying!.Version: 1.190.2

BuggyThe game is fun, but the inclusion of ads creates problems. Obviously, you don’t have to watch them, but for example, when it takes you back to the game after the extra moves ad it stops any app playing music in the background (in my case Global Player) and turns back on the in-game sound even when you’ve turned it off previously. Happens every time. Really really annoying..Version: 1.145.3

CrashesUsed to love this game and would play it all the time. It crashes way too often to even play it anymore. Please fix this issue!.Version: 1.188.5

Win at a costUp to level 948. Enjoy the game, not the best at it, BUT the game has been updated so the levels are so hard one can only win with extra moves. Fish used to go where they would benefit. Now they go idiotic spaces of no benefit. Had one candy that needed to explode to get 4th bear above string to win level. Spent $6.99 to buy 50 extra bricks and boosters. Went through those again needed one candy to break. Fish never went to that one candy. Spent $5.99 to break my bank for extra moves fish would not break that one candy. Got 3 extra moves for 7 bricks. Fish wouldn’t go to that candy. Used 16 bricks for 5 extra moves and booster. Used 39 bricks for 5 extra moves and booster finally after jelly candy merged with fish to make about 30 fish that one candy exploded. Didn’t have to spend but wanted to see how rigged the game has become. Yep! Riggged to make money over and above skill and enjoyment. Got the last $ that I will spend!.Version: 1.104.7

Loosing boostersI really like this game but am not happy that when my old phone died and I switched to a new one I lost all of the boosters I have earned and saved. The crappy thing is the response that the game keeps it on your device HOWEVER that makes NO SENSE because my candy crush transferred everything over but not on soda! So why does one do it and not the other. I will probably stop playing because when your that high up in levels the boosters you worked for come in handy and now I have none so I’m not going to pay or play one level forever because they choose not to give you your boosters back. That is bad service and a bad design flaw that they can and know how to fix but choose not too. Make your customer happy let us keep our boosters don’t punish us for getting new phones..Version: 1.123.2

What’s with the enforced portrait mode???Grew to love this game. Was ready to change my 4 star rating into a 5 star when you went enforced portrait on us. Most tablets (my preferred playing device) are easier to use in Landscape mode. I would bet I’m not the only one. This had become one of my favourite games with so much variety and great challenges. Please, please, change it so everyone can choose portrait or landscape..Version: 1.156.3

Apps fail you lose what you earned and what you boughtDon’t expect any response from contacting support. There was a “connectivity” issue with all King games. Supposedly it was fixed almost immediately. It was not. Several hours later they announced all games were back up. The 3 Candy Crush games were still unable to connect- the solution “Delete the app and reinstall it but be advised you’ll lose all boosters”. That’s not a solution! Many of those boosters were earned over the past 2 years but many were bought and paid for. I’m reporting all my purchases from the last 90 days as unfulfilled via Apple and Google bc I’ve yet to receive any reply from King when I requested an ingame credit for 2 purchases made within hours on one and minutes on the other of the apps crashing. Lesson learned! This is the third (and last) time there’s been issues like this. I won’t give King another penny!.Version: 1.124.5

Was a good appWas a good app - till this weeks update and now crashes & hangs :(.Version: 1.177.5

Lost all progress no road backHave been playing for years and spend real money. Today forced me to login in via facebook again. Took me back to level one. I am told they can not restore my actual game. I can pick a level where I was and have 2 stars for each level and loose everything I had in inventory. So no point in logging in via facebook as it actually does nothing but give King your personal information. Frustrated and disappointed. So don’t login via facebook and hope you can keep your game..Version: 1.187.5

Keeps crashing!Love this game, works fine on my phone but you guys seriously need to FIX THE ISSUE WITH IPAD MINI. It crashes every single time you try to open the level that you are up to! Previous levels open sometimes but it just seems to be the level you’re up to - the one you want to play most! Everyone keeps telling you in the reviews of every update in the last 4-5 months but you still don’t fix it??? Also the amount of special candies and fish that I have accumulated on my iPad don’t correlate with the amount I have when playing the game on my phone or on Facebook. Even more frustrating as I can’t use them!.Version: 1.104.7

Candy Crush Soda SagaWhy did you stop offering boosters at the beginning of the game? You offer a free spin wheel on your other Candy Crush game but on Soda Saga, you offer 30 minutes or 2 hours of free play which I have never received! Please remove your newest ad that asks if we are sure we want to exit the game! If I press exit, restart, try again, or stop then I mean just that and do not need to be questioned about my choice! When we accumulate coins in our Piggy Bank why are we then charged a price to use the coins that we EARNED? Also, the Piggy Bank cannot be accessed until 50 coins are accumulated and you charge an unreasonable price of $1.99 for the coins yet they are only worth 5 moves! What is the BIG DEAL about earning coins and paying $1.99 when you charge the same amount for 5 moves already? Can someone explain this to me because it does not make sense to me!!! Like I said, Earned Coins in the Piggy Bank should equal FREE MOVES!.Version: 1.109.6

Adult challenges, very childish presentation. Bugs constantly when watching reward adverts.I’ve played King games for a long time. I am an ADULT and I’m so tired of the clownish characters, the dragons with their inane remarks etc. You are wasting my time. This game is challenging and I don’t know how many CHILDREN get a kick out of the foolish antics. I do not. I have never spent a dime on this game and never will. I’m being ripped off on the free moves with the bubble gum machine now. I watch the video (advert) and at least 50% of the time the screen goes reward. There’s no way to contact customer support directly from the game to report this “newest” bug. I’m tired of this game too. I’ve deleted all the other “Candy” games. This is the last to go. The puzzles are at times very difficult. If you want adults with money to spend on your games, instead of children, rethink your whole presentation. The dumb crown, the little girl, the candy factories. They are cloying and time wasting. I’m outta here..Version: 1.140.1

Total Con of a gameI’ve come to the conclusion over the years that this game is a total fix/con, you will never advance levels until the developers allows you too unless of course you buy lives or candy, it’s funny lots of the time you are left with only one square to win and it offers you to buy five lives which will allow you to win the level, I have recently recorded games whilst playing candy crush soda on my IPhone and played them back in slow motion and it shows how much the developers are cheating their customers, there’s sequences that would win the level but they change the sequence so you don’t, I know they have to make money but they have advertising now so why are they still cheating the customer??.Version: 1.167.2

Fun, BUT..I have to admit, that I do really like the game. However, it has a few bugs, some of which are highly frustrating. I’ve had it completely crash on me right after beating a particularly challenging level, and on re-starting, it hadn’t registered my win at all. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that the game does NOT keep accurate time in the count-down between lives regenerating… Although lives theoretically regenerate in 30 minutes, I’ve noticed that they almost always are on 29:59 when opening the game… having been obsessive enough to compare the game-timer with an actual timer, the actual timer wins every time. Another very sneaky way of the game makers trying to get you to part with hard-earned cash…. make 30 minutes more like 45… literally. Altogether, the game leaves me with a definite UN-sweet taste in my mouth - feeling ripped off..Version: 1.28.17

This game crashes ALOT. Frustrating /:When I am able to play this game it is fun and challenging. It is really annoying when I am near completion of a level and/or have just used my special extra tools, or have purchased extra moves/tools on a level and then the game kicks me out and I have to start all over. It feels like the “glitches” very frequently happen in these instances. Initially I did spend some $ to make purchases in game but I quickly came to realize that due to the glitches that shut me out frequently, it is not worth spending any extra money to buy things in game. Now I play until I get to the point where the getting kicked out gets annoying and then it dissuades me from having fun and I don’t play the game for a long time. I hope that someone works out the glitchy-ness so the crashing/kicking me out of issue is resolved. In concept, and when it is working, I really enjoy this game. The crashing is very, very sucky though. I am not going to provide my email address or Facebook information to be able to save progress..Version: 1.188.5

Addicting but some things must change for fairnessI love this game . been playing it forever. theres that one time I took a all I title hiatus for about two years from candy crush(original) because the level was just too hard to beat and I wasnt spending a penny on extra moves . anyways, the number one thing that grids my gears is when u exit in the middle of playing a level it asks u so many times if " your sure u want to give up" however when u get those gold bars and the game is over and u accidentally press the buy lives with gold bars it automatically takes the bars instead of confirming if thats what we really want . that needs to change immediately especially because ive been playing so long with thoughts of maybe it will change but it hasn't. please fix that. also if we get two hours of things it should let us decide when we want to use our two hours because if I'm playing at and fall asleep for work I missed those two hours , get me ? LOL but overall, addicting and I love it ..Version: 1.138.5

Crashes reliablyOne thing you can count on is this game crashing continuously, taking your 5 lives and any time sensitive bonuses with it! Frustrating when you earn 'infinite lives' for a period of time, but the game continually kicks you out during that time. Seems almost to be a 'by design' feature. If the game was more stable, it would be a 5 star..Version: 1.97.2

UPDATE RUINED MY GAMESeeing as the app has no way of reporting bugs it can go on here instead. My app auto updated this morning and in the process I lost all of my boosters and items, and I had hundreds that I used whenever o got really stuck. You don’t even give these for free anymore each day so it’s hard to get them as it is, without now having just 5 of each. Checking your message boards you say that you won’t ever try and do anything for players this happens to if they haven’t payed for the items and that is the wrong attitude to have towards players, especially when it seems to happen to so many... sort it out.Version: 1.121.2

Way too many prompts to click through!For someone who just wants to play from one level to the next (wait, don’t we all!), it is so frustrating with the ridiculous amount of prompts to select between each stage. So frustrating and such an annoying feature. Just let us play! I don’t want to join a board, collect tickets, race other people etc. Frustrating feature and it never used to be this bad!.Version: 1.145.3

Too many f**ing pop-upsSeriously! I just want to play the levels. I really don’t care how I rank against other in the world. Also enough with the pop-up when trying to play a level... Just let me play!!.Version: 1.184.3

WHAT’S HAPPENED???Have been playing this game for years with no issue. However, since the last update it’s totally glitchy and slow, or just crashes altogether. Ask friends for extra lives and haven’t gotten any in weeks. Get awarded infinite lives for a period of time but it doesn’t register and only gives me the standard five. And don’t get me started on the stupid fish, who seem to just pop any random position - absolutely pointless now - whereas before they popped the square you needed. Please sort these issues out. I’m getting very close to deleting the game..Version: 1.103.9

I implore you, do not download this gameThis was once a great game, until Activi$ion bought King games. Each level takes days, unless you BUY boosters. Every level tells you, after yet another failure, how many people have bought extra moves to pass that particular level, sometimes up to 90,000 people. Imagine that, they actually brag about the number of gullible people they have ripped off. This game is nothing but a monetised scam, developed in such a way, it frustrates players into buying boosters to complete, increasingly difficult levels. Activi$ion actually target children, knowing they are naive and gullible, with child like inducements to spend money. SHAME ON YOU ACTIVI$ION..Version: 1.176.3

Why?Why so much crashing and getting kicked out this morning ....just want to play my crush.Version: 1.188.5

Now it’s all about the money - About to DeleteThis used to be a really fun game but the recent update has made it a sad little cash grabber. I reached level 1846 and I never buy any boosters so yes, I have played quite a bit however the most recent change has been very disappointing for me - it removed a number of the free challenges/rewards and has added a huge number of pay boosters and “discount” rewards. I get that the developers need money but it’s not for me. Sorry King, I will wait for the next version and if it continues down this track it will be time for me to move on..Version: 1.137.7

Need new gamersThe more they fix the more needs fixing. This game should be called frustrating crush.Version: 1.186.3

After update it FreezesAfter the latest update, after running out of moves and finishing the game, when I press the x button nothing happens it just freezes. I have never had any issues ever with this game but this is so annoying every time I lose to have to shut down the whole game. I don’t particularly want to play it under these circumstances..Version: 1.108.3

Bring back unlimited lives!!!I've been a dedicated fan of this game (currently on level 1483) and have spent money on gold (more than I should!) to get passed the more difficult levels but since the most recent update they've removed the chance to get unlimited lives and I'm not happy. I feel there's no longer an incentive to play every day as even the bubblegum levels only get you 22 minutes of unlimited lives instead of the usual 1 hour. I know this may seem like an insignificant change to you, it's a big deal to your dedicated fans and I'm so disappointed at this recent 'improvement'. Please rectify this or this dedicated customer will be looking elsewhere to get her match 3 fix 😡.Version: 1.98.4

Used to love it...I was getting frustrated by this game so I took a break for about 6 months. Thought I would see if any updates improved my opinion. NOPE! 1. The rewards are great, but I miss the challenge of beating the levels using my own skill. I've beaten levels with 2 moves because of all the boost rewards when I'm sure I could've beaten them on my own. It would be helpful to have the option to pause or bank reward boosts and choose when to use them. 2. I do not like the timed boost rewards. I'd rather have the option to bank them instead of being forced to play them or lose them. Sometimes I just want to play for a few minutes, but then I lose my reward. That's not a reward, that's holding players hostage. 3. Some "easy" levels are beyond difficult. For example level 1027 is labeled easy, however, beating this level is nearly impossible. I had the rainbow boosts plus an extra candy bomb AND and extra color changing boost and didn't beat it. I lost every boost I had and am still on that level. 4. GIVE THE CHOICE OF WHERE THE FISH GO! I have lost games because the fish don't go where I needed them to go. They often detonate other boosts that I am setting up for a power move. 5. 10 gold bars for an additional 5 moves? These are difficult and costly to obtain. Give me the option of using an additional life for more moves instead. 6. Lose the puzzle piece aspect of the game. It's pointless and annoying..Version: 1.118.4

Daily bonus no good anymoreI have been playing for a while am up to level 1538. The new daily bonuses appear to be nothing more than a way for bigger profits. Two hours of bonus isn’t the same as giving us bonus to use where we feel we need them. I’m out and won’t be spending anymore money until this changes back..Version: 1.99.9

Connection errors never get fixedI’ve stopped playing because I cannot connect to the internet with this game. Every other app connects just fine. I’ve searched this problem online and it seems to be common but King refuses to acknowledge it or fix it. Deleting and re uploading the game will cause me to lose boosters and earned bonuses so not worth it. I cannot even save my progress. Terrible- feels like lazy developers that no longer care about the game..Version: 1.187.5

FrustratingEvery time I connect to fb I get a new one from the beginning but looks like a kids game. I'm on 43 something had heaps of boosts and have lost all those as well. I play this all the time especially during all my smoko breaks. I enjoyed the game but not anymore. Frustrated azzz to put it mildly. How can I get my level bak with all my boosts??????????????jenny rangi.Version: 1.98.4

When we feel like itAs I have played this game for several years I’ve come to the conclusion that you pass boards in this game randomly. There is no strategy or order to passing boards. As you get further into game this becomes painfully obvious. For an example. There are boards where you need break a number of bottles to clear the board. However there are many times in theses boards that you never see the number of bottles to break them. What’s worst there is no strategy you can use to make them appear. As you go further this become more pronounced. I’m on Board 1798 this board requires the breaking of 8 bottles. In 5 weeks. I have never seen more the 5 bottles appear and have determined no consistent play that will make them appear. This is not game play. This is designed to keep you playing without any strategy what so ever. After running into this issue for several years I have finally said. This is not game play as I know it and refuse to play any more..Version: 1.172.6

Most soul destroying game everThis is the most soul destroying game I’ve ever played and am on the point of quitting altogether. You cannot use skill or logic to solve the game as it seems to to be set that you’ll either win (rarely) a level or invariably lose. It will occasionally give you a run of winning levels but then straight after will just take away each prize you’ve gained one after the other. Never used to be as bad as this. Addictive but totally soul destroying..Version: 1.168.2

Broken gameCandy crush sofa no longer works sense I got update please fix.Version: 1.186.3

Candy Crush SosaNot a fan of the latest version as it isn’t challenging in any way, shape or form. The older version often frustrated me but that was part of the challenge. I attempted the “new” version a couple of nights ago and got up to level thirty on my first attempts all the way. Very disappointing..Version: 1.131.2

FrustratingDefinitely a love/STRONG INTENSE HATE relationship. I can’t tell you how many times I have made a move that would almost ensure my “beating” a level and the game “freezes”, causing me to exit out of the app entirely; resulting in me losing my “candy streak” and having to forfeit other things I have achieved because of this “malfunction”. I also despise that you are REQUIRED to “race” against other players! There should at least be an opt out mode where this is not always necessary. With the other candy crush saga games there are also options where you don’t have to watch the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME complete itself AFTER you have already beaten the game! There have also been countless COUNTLESS “prizes” that I have been awarded that I have never received through this app. The other games also give you the OPTION to watch an ad to get whatever reward. This game while it doesn’t provide this option, forces you to waste 20 seconds of your life every 5 or 6 levels to watch an in app “ad” that you can not get out of. It’s so incredibly frustrating. And they have also strategically moved the “exit” button on these in-app-ads to encourage a button push to actually purchase whatever it is they are marketing. It’s sneaky and backhanded especially if I were to let my child play! Many positive things about it but soooooo many more negative things. Please fix these issues..Version: 1.154.5

Deleted all my progressAm starting over from the beginning after the game erased 200 levels of my progress and the company ignored my help requests about it. Good game if you don't mind having months of time and in app purchases erased out of nowhere with no way to get it back.Version: 1.97.2

Too many hard levelsAm currently on level 285, with no hope of ever getting past it because virtually impossible with the low number of goes given! Also the way you have to swipe across three pages to get to your level to start is very annoying. Have stopped playing and unless they make it less hard, I won’t be playing again. Used to enjoy at the beginning. I play these games for fun but there is no fun when it’s impossible to move on. Sort it out ASAP..Version: 1.129.2

Over all it’s a good gameI enjoyed the game until around level 97 when it becomes impossible to clear the level without paying for boosters. I played the level so many times I lost interest as I refuse to spend money on mobile games..Version: 1.193.2

Stop working on iPadImpossible to open on iPad ... I transfert on iPhone but lost my daily progress:(.Version: 1.186.3

This game cheats against you!Lately I have witnessed the game not giving the featured candy when the pattern for the special candy is achieved. I am unsure if this just happens with the higher levels, but the game conspires against the player to win. Instead of awarding the special candy, the game creates some alignments of candies and causes your planned special candy to activate and causes a bunch of candies to disappear.which ruins any strategy... I will uninstall if the cheating continues..Version: 1.188.5

Was fun until the “glitches” kicked in.This game was fun like the other Candy Crush for a while. The issue I have is that these glitches (or possibly cheating) kick in to get you to spend money. I would buy more gold bars if the game was more fair to get past a tough level (and I have). What happens more often than not now is you will get or make a candy cluster. The game always tries to get you to use it right away by suggesting a move with it. I will painstakingly get a striped, marble-looking, or wrapper exploding type candy to be next to the cluster. I will do so and the cluster will explode on its own without me getting a chance to combine it with the other candy. To make it worse it blows up regular candy of the least present color. I know that some moves cause a chain reaction, this is not the case here. It does this 9 out of 10 times especially if I am trying to position 2 clusters together or a marble and a cluster (both of which typically clear the board in 1 move). The first couple/ few times I thought oh I imagined that, or there had to be a match or chain reaction I didn’t see. That wasn’t it. Now it keeps getting more and more frequent. It really does it towards the end of your moves to again get that money spent. Shame bc it is a good game otherwise that is worth spending a bit of cash on. When you cheat, why would I give you money?.Version: 1.182.10

MmmThe new format is quite frustrating! My fingers are bigger than the tiny tiny tiny x and I get cross when it takes me half a dozen times to press one “button” to replay a level I haven’t passed. Sometimes I have to click on the buy button to get any response at all. Since my phone is new I can only assume it’s the new changes to the game. Also a bit frustrated that you have to wait 30 min to get a life unless you buy one. I’m not allowed to spend any money on games. That’s why I chose this one. All my friends raved about it but I’m wondering if it’s worth playing anymore..Version: 1.107.6

Good but...Love this game. Helps pass time and all around just fun. Recently it kept freezing for no reason though. I still have a lot of space in my storage and my internet is working perfectly fine. This is the only game on my phone which keeps freezing. I can’t play one single match without it freezing. Please fix this because I don’t want to delete it! However this game is really fun and I totally recommend this to everyone!.Version: 1.186.3

Do not botherI downloaded this game, for about 25 levels in and decided I needed to make a King account to save my progress (I don’t have Facebook). Everything was fine except every time I tried to log in via the app to save, it said I wasn’t connected to the internet. As I was very clearly connected to the internet I had no choice but to delete and redownload the app. Here’s the best part; I then tried to log on in the app, onto to be told my password and email combo were incorrect! LOL! I saved my password to my phone and it auto fills in the correct areas when required, I was sure it was right. So I changed it. Same thing. And again. And again. Now I’ve deleted the app and I won’t ever touch another king game because that’s honestly the worst experience I’ve had, I’ve just wasted 2 hours of my night trying to save a game. It’s a real shame because I’m a $$ spender in game..Version: 1.170.2

Why should I report an issue with Candy Crush Soda Saga?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Candy Crush Soda Saga to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Candy Crush Soda Saga customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Is Candy Crush Soda Saga not working?

Candy Crush Soda Saga works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Candy Crush Soda Saga.

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