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Must have!!I have been playing the game for a long time now and highly recommend it! I have multiple accounts and love to play this game. I have been reading reviews on here saying if you’re a free to play you might aswell quit and delete, but on my free to play account I can beat the hardest things in the game with good speed and get decent luck in the summons? The only issue I have with this game is never hearing back when I have a problem which has happened a few times. Overall this game is amazing with many differant strategies and many ways to play it! If you want a game that you can play for years and never get bored of, this is the one!.Version: 5.3.3

We need a better chance of getting darkI’m level 26 and I have never gotten a dark I would like to get a better chance at getting dark so please can you increase the chance of a dark and this game is awesome thank you.Version: 4.2.7

👌👌This is a game I always end up coming back to, it’s a very welcoming and well developed for a mobile game. The events are wonderful and seem to take into account newer players into account when they release them, so they aren’t left out of great rewards. It contains a wide variety of monsters to use and deep strategy to building the right team for each of the modes. Definitely something I would recommend at-least trying for a while before you make a decision on the game for it can take a second to really get started a get a sense of what you are doing. But afterwards you really start to take on the challenge of building a strong team and improving you monsters. There are many guilds and helpful players in the community though which is a very fascinating, because it can be very hard to Find a healthy community in games. There are a couple of negatives I find with the game and developers though, as the micro transactions are insanely expensive and you’ll get them flashed on your screen quite a bit while you navigate the menus, you can easily just click them away though. And rising in pvp ranks can be quite a hassle as there are many lvl 50 players who just sit in the lower ranks with max lvl monsters as their defense, which makes it very frustrating for newer and mid level players to climb. All in all I am very satisfied with this game and will always come back it. 😀.Version: 4.1.5

GoodGood game.Version: 5.2.1

Super funReally fun game. Slower progression if you’re not keen on paying to play, but it’s entirely possible to build up a really good team with effort. Been playing for years and the updates and changes are always good. Repeat battle would have to be the best addition since I’ve stated playing!.Version: 6.1.6

Great Game but improvements needed.Hello Com2uS, Summoners War is my favourite game, and all the time I have played it, I have found an area that needs improvement. First of all, increase the chance of summoning a 5 star monster because in all the years I have played, (approximately 1.5) I have never summoned a 5 star monster, and this is probably the same problem with loads of other people. And also, please add a trading system because this would make it easier to get certain monsters. E.g. If I wanted a monster my friend had and he wanted one I have. The trading system would then come in handy. Those are the only improvements I can see, so please, as soon as you can, fix this problem..Version: 4.2.1

Love this game, long haul playing.I’ve probably been playing for 3/4 years now and there is still things for me to do and Monsters to collect. Great turn based fighting that gets better as you get a few more powerful monsters. Acquiring those 4/5* monsters is trickier, luck of the draw or mission based which can be frustrating at times - Great when he finally drops though. Crystals (the in game premium currency) is given out on a regular basis and events are often enough to keep your stockpile of them going. Gameplay itself varies massively with PVE, PVP, Guild Battles & Raids all employ a variation on the format. Overall with events there is lots to do not even factoring the daily and monthly quests. Overall, worth playing if you want a long term tactical, turn based game. *****.Version: 4.1.7

SummonersNice game!!!.Version: 5.1.2

GoodThe game is very fun and addicting even when you have no energy I still go on it and the excitement of getting lighting is amazing. my only problem is sometimes say 1 a week a problem occurs where all my data is lost and I have to download everything all again witch usually takes around half an hour this is annoying and I hope it will be fixed.Version: 3.6.2

One of the best gamesI have enjoyed a lot of experience in this spectacular game but as I attempted to log in to hive, my plans were unsuccessful. Due to this issue, i was not allowed to enter any servers. Because of this, i then lost 5 five star monsters and was forced to start again. This has caused a lot of sorrow and I would be glad if I can get any five star monsters in return... 🙏.Version: 5.0.5

It’s nice and great but it has flawsSummoners wars is very nice and fun to play. But just the rates of summonings is just getting frustrating. I can’t get anything good except for 1 to 4 star monsters. I would love to spend money but even if I did, it still doesn’t change the fact that I wasted money and get nothing new or extraordinary. Please change it to free to play friendly. I’m sure with all the whales buying stuff, at least have the sense to make this more free to play friendly..Version: 5.2.6

Minor things but overall greatFirst off I want to say I love this game. It’s a satisfying game and extremely addicting. I easily have spent hours at a time playing this game. This is a perfect game to play on a long car ride or if your just bored because it provides hours of entertainment.i love the visual effects of the game and how it runs. Now here are my suggestions, please up the rates for nat 5 monsters. They are extremely rare to get which makes it frustrating if you spend money on this game because most of the time you drop a hundred bucks and can either get something great(which hardly ever happens) or just get bad four stars or three stars.(which happens most of the time) I think if someone spends money on a game you should get reward for it. I would say keep the same rates for light and dark though as they are extremely rare and should be really hard to get because of how good they are. But increase it a bit for mystic scrolls so every can enjoy a nat 5 or two. Or what I would say is make an item in the game that greatly increases the chance of receiving them from scrolls for like 10 minutes at a time. That way people still have to farm a bit to get the item but it helps increase the odds of receiving a nat 5. Thanks for a great game.Version: 5.1.0

Fun game, just need better A.I.I love and hate this game. I’ve been playing for 5 years and keep coming back. It’s like a bad addiction. It’s fun for a while but then you get frustrated on bad mechanics. I want to play everyday but some days I have to walk away so as to not throw my phone. The base RNG that the game is built on is not good. And I don’t just mean monster drop rates. Violent procs (extra turns) are broken. Accuracy/resistance checks are a joke. Auto battling (which is essential for progression) has terrible a.i. Monsters frequently “derp” and that can cost you the battle if it happens too frequently (which is fairly common). The skill selection monsters use should be 95% consistent, not whatever this is. It’s not worth the time and energy to build units and plan a team just to lose because the enemy got multiple consecutive turns or your 100% accuracy defense breaker was resisted by multiple units. Every update I hope there’s going to be improvements to this but it’s still not in sight. When it does work like it’s supposed to, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t want to discourage someone from downloading the game, just be aware that it is still missing some fixes..Version: 6.0.7

Awesome game!Awesome!.Version: 4.0.4

Great gameThis is the most balanced game I have found on iOS. It doesn’t matter if your a free to play or a pay to play person, it’s only a matter of how much time and focus you put into the game. There are plenty of opportunities for F2P players to generate the in game currency. It’s amazing to see a game that the developers take an active interest in and are continually balancing and creating new content. Keep it up Com2us.Version: 4.1.7

Amazing Game!I recently came back to this game after a few months and was immediately hooked! The new updates really add to the game and I really enjoy it. It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it to everyone who loves high quality gameplay and an immersive experience.Version: 6.1.4

Everything’s great but...The game is great. It has good graphics and has great gameplay. But I feel there are a few things that could be improved. Like the essence fusion, I know it’s supposed to be really grindy but after awhile you stock up on a lot of highs and need more low and mids. I feel you could implement a sort of de-fusion into it. Like you take a high and get 5 mids (instead of 10) back. I would also like to see a slight increase in rates. It may be against the purpose, but I feel the summoning rates for scam stones (summoning stones) are too low. I also would like to see a change in arena. I check my arena and get a low of weak players to go against, and while that’s fine for grinding glory points it kinda gets boring. And then I have these few people that I can’t beat cause they use a Gb10 speed team of max level 6*s. If you could make it slightly harder for the lower level players to find them in their lists that would be great. Also, I did my summoning stones this week and got two Lightning’s and got Wind Sky Dancer, and Water Barbaric King. I feel 100% cheated out of my Wind Panda Warrior, please include it in my next scroll or I’ll never play your game again! (This is a joke, but please include it in my next scroll).Version: 4.1.6

IdkIdk what to say, this game is really good in all aspects. I like how they make crystals easier to get in this game than others and you can use them in more situations unlike other mobile games. Really I would love to give this game 5 stars but 3 things I really don’t like makes me give it a 4. 1 the runes. They are annoying and are really not fun to grind for me. Speaking of grinding. I can almost never play this game without watching or playing another game or talking to someone. It’s pretty boring for me but I can play it sometimes. Another thing though the most crippling thing is that the RNG with the scrolls. It’s ridiculous and is dumb. Other than that the game is polished. Besides it being weird on a iPhone. The only other thing I can complain is about how some 5 stars are terrible and some three stars are really good. (I’m looking at you light and dark Iugami) other than that the game is good. Would recommend to new players that want a long investing game. Note paying for anything is way too high but I don’t mind because it doesn’t affect the game directly (man I hat PTW games) that goes to show how good this game even though it’s kinda PTW not really though.Version: 5.2.2

I’ve been playing for yearsI love the game and the new updates make it so much better.Version: 6.2.8

Its a fun game really addictingGame is fun but does make me feel really unlucky when i pay to play but still have no true nat 5.Version: 3.7.8

Jeu tres addictifJe conseille ce jeu.Version: 3.5.7

Awesome gameI’ve been playing for 8 months now, plenty of gameplay (if you don’t mind grinding) - I can see I’ll be playing for a while yet. The game is simple in terms of playability, but you can get very involved in tactics. It can be played without purchasing BUT don’t expect to be top of the arena any time soon. The main reason I haven’t given 5 * is due to the occasional issue updating (always resolved quickly), unnecessary button clicks (like claiming rewards takes 3 - Collect, yes, ok) coupled with very regular ‘would you like to buy...’.Version: 4.0.0

Good game if you know what you’re getting yourself into.Been playing for several years. For new players or those thinking of starting to play now; You don’t need to spend to have fun or progress. There are enough resources in game and on the internet via tutorials/guides to progress fairly quick nowadays by comparison to those who started years ago. Don’t go into it thinking you’ll be top tier right away though. For that matter, if you spend don’t expect to shoot to the top either. It is a time consuming grind heavy game whether you are f2p or p2p. Also, the summon rates are posted in game so complaining about how it’s rigged is a bit asinine if you know math probabilities at a basic level. That all being said if you like goal oriented, steady paced progression, gotcha games where you can spend long periods of time strategically number crunching your stats for runes to build an ideal monster and/or team then this might be for you. If you have the attention span of a squirrel on crack and expect to achieve end game level results within the first week, month, or year- maybe you should go back to angry birds or plants vs zombies..Version: 5.1.4

Too enjoyableAfter playing other like games, SW has become a favorite. Better balanced in a lot of ways. Still wishing for a good pull of a legendary but in all top game. Give us Raid like graphics and this would be number one of the lot. Thanks for all the enjoyment.Version: 5.3.9

Brilliant game but...So, this game is probably the best game I have on my iPhone ; it’s character design is a masterpiece, the story line is decent and the gameplay is fun and exciting especially with many monsters that I’ve worked hard to collect and battle with. The two problems it has is: 1 the game takes ages to install (it’s quite annoying) 2 For some reason recently it hasn’t been letting me into the game, the hive thing comes up and says service error: failed to connect. It’s annoying because today I was going to complete it. If anyone knows what it’s on about please say ( It might just be a new update I don’t know) ,Thanks.🤨.Version: 4.0.2

Really fun but technical errors are making me considering quittingI have been playing for well over two years. That’s how enjoyable and addictive the game is! Depth of gameplay with continued development is wonderful and helps me to forget the obvious frustrations mentioned in other reviews with nat 4/5 drop rates and defensive violent/proc blatant inequalities. However, the recent glitches are becoming so prevalent they cast an unavoidable cloud over an otherwise fun gaming experience. A few month ago I had the same problem another reviewer mentioned of additional content downloads daily taking 15-20 minutes each. That finally resolved by unloading and reloading game. No for the last four or five updates at least my iPad Air will be unable to update locking me out of the game. The App Store only gives you an ‘open’ instead of update button. I have tried every suggestion online and suggestion from fellow players but the only fix is completely reinstall which also resets much of your existing team builds for dungeons. I have reinstalled this game at least four times in less than two months! Most frustrating is that I have never seen anyone from Com2Us even acknowledge the problem let alone provide some hope of remedy. There are only so many reinstalls I can take!!!.Version: 3.7.3

Favorite gameSo I’ve started playing the game about a year and a half after launch, seeing youtubers and such playing I decided to download. I deleted it and just redownloaded it about a week ago. The game is very challenging in many aspects, with many things to do. Many complain the game is very p2w or want the nat 5 rates buffed, but just because you don’t have a nat 5 doesn’t mean you can’t get good monsters. Most people just don’t want to farm or want the easy way out. The game is definitely one you need to strategize more as you get to higher tiers, but most don’t have the intellect for it and just want to plow through with power/ speed. And once you start the game it’s very f2w, just as you level on and progress into late game many start investing money so players in that caliber feel as they have to do so too. But that isn’t the case, all you need to do is farm. There’s always events to do and that’s a really big plus for me, I barely pay for mobile games but I felt the need to support this company. Only pack that I see really worth the money is the growth pack, everything else is more meh. The only things I’d have adjusted is the matchmaking system in arena, to get rid of ghost accounts, and to buff the rates for 5* and 6* runes in gb8/9, I’m still really only getting four star runes from them (but I also just have bad luck). Other than that my favorite game :).Version: 5.3.1

Don’t get itIt’s like any other great game in the world, the moment you pick it up you’ll enjoy it a lot but the more you play the more you think kms. However if you get past that point it’s really an interesting game and should at least give it a go. Picked it up when it first started, places it down for 3 Years repicked it up and I’m hooked on it again... TLDR it’s a great game.Version: 3.6.2

Awesome and kawaiiBrilliant game I’ve played for 3 years now always something to do in game be it farming for better runes or monsters to battling in epic boss battles and pvp and all our guild wars, great monsters art work, it a game that you have to put your time in to get the best monsters as the summons are random but it makes it all the sweeter when you get a great monster. Can you make it so that we can downgrade the essences from high to mid and mid to low please I got so many high essences that I can not do anything with thanks..Version: 4.1.5

Cool gameThis game is awesome I ❤️ it..Version: 4.1.7

Nice chill, good gameI started playing this game 3 years ago, though I am a weird person so I stop playing any game after 2-3 months, this game I played for 5, then I left, and I keep coming back after a month when I realise I miss this joyous experience. Online talk is very helpful to find new ideas for dungeon and with the amount of YouTubers providing guides, it’s so cool to find different solutions. With the rune system you can really make any monster viable through most of your gaming experience, highly recommend it..Version: 5.0.2

Kaitua62Best game around.Version: 5.0.6

RsęnonGg.Version: 4.2.1

Just start playing againI’m happy playing it.Version: 3.8.9

Something wrongSo I just normally played the game then all of a sudden I get stuck on the tap to play Devs what do I do and it is a very good game it is like one of the best games I have ever played..Version: 4.2.1

I love it but theres a glitchI truly love the game i play it every day but i want you to fix something that i kind of found creepy. I just opened the game and instead of monsters fighting the raid dragons, it turned in a black screen with like squished energy bars, gems and something like that. A glitch. I freaked out and continued on the game. My island was normal and everything else was fine but whenever I finished a scene of dungeon, a black screen was behind the victory sign. So i want you to fix this glitch, please?.Version: 3.7.7

Love it but...I absolutely love the game, it has taken several hours from me and I don’t regret any of em. The only issue I have is that every time I start the application I have to do a download.Version: 6.2.3

Free to play grinding game, that is rewardingEveryone that says they don’t like this game, obviously just isn’t into games that require grinding or farming. This game has mannnyy in game purchases, but is probably the best free to play encouraging game I’ve ever played. There is nearly nothing unobtainable by a f2p and all that purchases do is take away the grind. This game ain’t for everyone but if it is for you you’ll love it. The grinding is always productive too.Version: 5.2.6

Suggestion+ complaintBasically the complaint is that if you don't play for like 2 months once you finally play sw again you have to update it which is understandable but you don't update once not twice but like 16million times, I've started to play a month ago and I still need to update like 3 times a day and one update takes like 20-30 mins The suggestion ,which may or may not be horrible, is that the creators should create something on the ground. In the game all it's building and structures I guess are on floating islands and below there are islands on a ocean. It might be cool to add something on the ground once you've reached a certain level but idk it would be a big update.Version: 3.7.7

Very Fun GameIt’s Technical, it’s challenging and it’s a grindy game.Version: 5.0.2

Great overall game, few small issues.Fantastic overall game, with great concept. Few small issues, which would be that a majority of the purchasable content is highly overpriced with the odd anomaly. The issue that occurs when your device memory is almost full, in which upon start-up makes you wait through tedious updates due to dumping a load of temp files every time the game shuts is frustrating, as well as misleading. As I didn’t find this information out until searching a while online for causes of this issue. However since coming to iPhone X this appears to have reduced slightly in loading times but could be a coincidence? Other than that, good content, great depth in abilities and buffs however more frequent monster updates would be great as it seems to go a while with the main game content staying the same, apart from the events that frequently change. Will continue to play as the game has a lot of grind and a lot of various ways to play, however if this game would iron out some of the issues i would vote hands down its the best mobile game I have ever played..Version: 3.8.4

AwesomeThis game is great. Need to be patient. But worth the play..Version: 3.8.8

The best game I've ever playedThis by far is my favorite game, I've played this game every day for 5years and I just can't stop, I love the grind to get stronger for pvp and the work arena rewards really pushes you to do your best and test your game knowledge which I love. I don't see my self stoping any time soon and I've spent no money on this game in all the time I've played showing you don't have to pay to win, but as the 6th anniversary is coming up I think I might spend money on this game for the first time as I think this game deserves my support..Version: 5.3.1

Best game ever!!!!I love this game to the world cant stop playing it but one small issue you guys need to sort this ASAP almost everytime i start the game it keeps updating and it takes so long and i have plenty of space in my phone its nothing to do with my phone, and i already disabled the automatic space maker in my phone. But apart from that 10 star game i love it playing since 2014 !!!.Version: 4.1.2

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL GAME???We were all so excited about this anniversary update and the awesome event that comes with it, but since the update the server errors make it impossible to log in and play. If you do get lucky and log in, server lags make labyrinth runs impossible so we're going to lose the certain SS rank we were heading for there. Forget about doing rift raids, server timeouts make it impossible to get teams together. There's something wrong with the new special quests that makes it impossible to complete the quests and progress through the levels. And on top of all this, the 150 gems I collected so I could claim them for the event didn't actually register in the prize, so I'm going to have to find more... I expect better from you guys. You're the oldest and best arena gacha game on the market, a true classic. What's going on???.Version: 5.3.1

Amzing game playI would like to make a suggestion i would like a trading building, A redo button a skip tutorial button cus I’ve played this game for awhile its a cool game its al about patience and thinking its a good 7+ game and a good thing to play cus you can always talk to other people in chat and its a good game all over.Version: 3.8.8

Good game, great graphicsGood game. Leveling is easy until around lvl 15. Gameplay tends to get boring after but good thing there are events that make it easy to save up on crystals...etc. if it wasn't for the support and research team, this would be boring altoghether. Good job and keep it up..Version: 1.6.0

Great game killed by crashesConsistently one of the most frequently played games on my iPad...until the upgrade came. Now, it crashes (stops) mid-battle meaning that energy committed to the fight is lost. Also, daily rewards just stopped happening for a time. Or, I'll get slid data detected' and it'll stop and direct itself to App Store even though it doesn't need an update. This was one of the very few games that I'd spend money on in-app purchases but right now I just don't trust the game to make that commitment. Sort it out. When it's sorted, emphatically it's a 5 star game. That was posted two years ago. Here's an update Aug 2018 The game is still a bit crashy and - today - just won't let me in. When it works it is a fine game but mean as hell and I certainly would not advocate throwing money at it for these two reasons. It is a great shame because the game is great. Just mean as hell, and crashy from time to time. Update 11 August 2018. Have been unable to load app for 3 days now. No resolution in sight. Why would anyone risk in-app purchases with this amount of instability?.Version: 4.0.2

Long time FAVOURITEBeen playing this game for about 3 and a half years and I'm still in love with this game. The artwork and character models guarantees a crisp experience, with an easy to understand levelling system. Warning though, this is a game where you will be grinding a fair bit of time into but is made a little easier with the auto function. Now to all those complaining about the rng/chances of getting something good being absurd, grow up. This game has a of making these rare pick ups feel awesome. It also provides a lot of players who aren't willing to empty the wallet to gain a fair share of in game currency without dealing too stingy. All in all I would definitely recommend this game to anybody.Version: 4.1.7

Love everything but Grindy.I have played for a solid year and a half. I love everything. I even understand that grinding is part of the game. But sometimes the rng seems off. I literally put more hours in a day then I could count into grinding for runes. I run gb10 and db10 from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep and can very rarely complete an AVERAGE quality 5/6 star rune set with specific stats needed for a monster. I don’t even believe 6th slot Attack% and Health% runes exist anymore as well as 4th slot CritDmg%. Thousands upon thousands of runs and I have broken rune sets for only a pool of 20 or less 6 star monsters. I don’t even want legendary grade runes. Just give me basic 6 star runes that have my needed stat for a monster so I can complete the set. I don’t even bother runing my 5 star maxed lvl monsters bc I simply don’t get the right drops ever. I get 700 of slot 3 energy rune but 1 of slot 6 ANY type of rune to put on a monster. It makes it hard for my monsters to have the proper stats to move forward in starting the grind for other parts of the game which I happily look forward to. LOVE LOVE LOVE the game. Just wish I could put slot 6 Health% on 5 of my 6 starred monsters that have been patiently sitting unused because they do not have the stats to be of use in any aspect of the game. Thank you for reading com2us..Version: 4.2.7

Dookie rates but good gameYe.Version: 6.2.3

Genuinely a good gameI have played this game in the past as a free to play player and was able to enjoy it then and still enjoy it now to the point I don’t mind spending a few quid here or there. You can freely take your time just enjoying what is has it doesn’t push anything in your face that much, so if you just want to train up some of your favourite creatures you can sure it isn’t clear at first to how to expand them past there first max level but once you figure it out the game is nice and easy for those who want a simple game but has complexity for those who prefer a challenge..Version: 5.4.0

Good game but transfer issuesLove the game played it for years, however i currently started a new account and once I attempted to sign back into my account it denies access I’ve even reset the password and tried again, uninstalled and reinstalled however nothing works, the account has just disappeared which is really disappointing that something like this could happen.Version: 5.2.3

Too those who get lots of updatesThose who constantly get updates, it’s because you don’t have enough space for the game to function properly. Try deleting photos or apps to free up space and you will get no further updates. (experience).Version: 3.7.5

Update issues and self-closing BUT FUNLove the game its amazing, f2p grind or p2p less grind. Very fun, very addictive but sometimes when it needs an update, it just flat out wont do it. It seems every time there is an update now, I find myself having to completely reinstall the game as there is no other way to force the update. Im not the only one who experiences this issue. Its just this app that does it. Another thing that ONLY THIS APP does is close automatically at random intervals. Usually happens about 2-3 times a day. Both of these things only happen with this app. Great fun other than those issues though.Version: 3.8.5

To anyone who wants to try this game.Summoners war is the best rpg and turn bast game I’ve ever played. I highly suggest trying this game out, it’s never to late to start. I like the game so much that I have 4 different accounts..Version: 6.0.0

It’s okRefer to title.Version: 4.2.1

The best mmorpg everThere’s not a single doubt that this is the best rpg mobile game ever made . It is so complex and complete in every single way that you will become addicted to it. You can p2w if you can’t be bothered woth farming but it’s not a must . Can easily build teams by watching the tutorials and you will love it so much that you gonna delete all other games from your phone .Trust me on this one !.Version: 6.3.1

GoodGood.Version: 6.2.5

Great game but...Great game can’t fault the actually game itself just the RNG factor of the game and the loading issue I’ve been having for a week... I collected 1000 scrolls and only got war mammoth 3 star, 1000 war mammoths in a row either isn’t games bugged to hell and back or someone is taking the micky. Secondly! For the past week I load the game up get to my island and boom! Shuts down out of no where this constantly happens, so please fix the RNG factor and the loading issue and then I’ll give it 5 stars..Version: 4.0.0

Great game so here's some tipsI have never done a review before but this game is so good i needed to do one. This game isn't bad at all it's a masterpiece but it's important to know this. The tutorials aren't very informative. I'm level two and I still don't know how everything works! Here's some tips to help you understand the game. Tip one ☝🏽 Use auto battle. The fighting in this game is all about strategic thinking 🤔, but some people might pick the wrong move and regret it. The boss has many different powers that it uses at different times, but calculating that is suuuuuuper hard. If you're NOT like me and want to take a shortcut than this is the way. #MandolorianBabyYoda. If you ARE like me and want strategy here's 2 tips on that. Tip two do not just press buttons! When you are fighting the enemy don't just press buttons! Why? Well you need to think strategically about your moves. For example if you use a move that has a 50% chance of stunning the enemy and if it does stun the enemy you get another turn. Then if you use the move that doubles the attack power if they are stunned during the extra turn, it is a smart move. Tip 3 you must look at the bosses skills to predict his moves. If you predict his moves you can easily beat him. Tip 4 Hold down the button for the description on the move. Thank you and I hope that this was helpful and buy Summoners War today!.Version: 5.3.1

6* level 1 summoner waySeems a bit too much, especially before DB3. It went from being simple to a week grind? Is this a mistake? Shouldn’t it have been a 5* before a 6*?.Version: 5.3.9

Good game...... ButThis is a great game but there are a few issues that need addressing very quickly for one it take an incredibly long time to load and also when I open it I am always told that there is an update that needs downloading. And for my second point the app doesn’t take the updates when I had this app downloaded I downloaded the same update over 4 times. All in all I really like this game but a few issues need sorting out..Version: 5.2.1

Amazing game that’s I’ve played for 3 years nowIt is a great game that is unfortunately updated a little too frequently but with that being my only complaint it isn’t worth taking away the 5 stars been playing for about 3 years and cannot stop playing.Version: 4.0.0

Longtime player just giving the game what it deservesI’m a cheap skate when it comes to games and I haven’t spent a cent on this one either. But because I have been on summoners since the beginning I find it right on the mark for both diversity and strategy. I don’t really look at other games anymore this one keeps me occupied for hours. P.S. I think paid players should have advantage. Cheap skates like me gotta work for it. Good work!!!!!!.Version: 3.6.0

Returning summonsGot taor on returns mythical thank you com2us.Version: 5.1.4

Honestly one of the best mobile gamesI'm not one that's usually partial to mobile games, but this one keeps me coming back. There are enough gameplay elements to keep the player interested and engaged and wanting to come back, but not so many that they are immediately swamped and overwhelmed. There is lots of room for teambuilding, opportunities for customisation to suit your play style, and tonnes of characters that each have their own specialities. A really well rounded and overall great game. My only criticism would be more incentive to complete the main story line, as this can get boring after a while and you need to farm your team to complete the story events anyway..Version: 5.0.2

It’s a love hate relationship we have...I love a lot about the game. I found it while at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and I’ve played every day since. Only it needs some additional controls/settings that haven’t been added yet, like turning down the power consumption. Even on the “saver” setting, this game kills my battery. And fast. I play for and hour and it kills 25-35% of the charge. It’s a brand new phone! Sheesh! Help me out! I love the graphics, but not the drainage necessary to show it. And another thing is the intro/setup process. There is no (obvious) way to stop it. I have four alts! Not by choice either. Every time I set up the game on a new device I was FORCED to create another alt! Feh! But I still play. Because it’s fun. And beautiful. And even though it seems like the posted “drop-rates” are completely BULL-Hockey and the one in a thousand chance for a natural 5-star monster is purely fictitious, I have a few. But I play a lot! And I appreciate the events that provide opportunities to get scrolls and jewels, but the ads are relentless! Seriously, if I say no to an ad, at least stop showing it until the daily reset. Not EVERY fricking time I’m in the general vicinity. Anyways, I’m still playing. Even playing most of the alts every day. It’s a good game. Just need a power cord and a lot of patience..Version: 4.2.7

Always a good timeThis game is great for what it is, it’s a time sink with good graphics, a less than terrible community, and fun addictive gameplay. Some recent quality of life and drop rate improvements got me back into it, so I’m happy the devs have some mercy! Useful monster updates would be awesome...the cowgirl and sylph updates in particular were pretty rough. The nine tales buff (with the exception of light and water) was a perfect example. Improved usage for otherwise passable monsters that didn’t break them out of their niche. I understand being cautious with the meta, but there are a sizable number of 4* monsters relegated to the food category. With the drop rates the way they are, that’s a turn off for casual players. Rates in general are alright, but a mercy system, some form of reward for doing mass summons, and relevant customization of what types of monsters you are more likely to summon would do leagues in improving morale. Games like FE heroes that actually let you craft your account around desired units feel infinitely more rewarding and personal than the summoning stone system, which to date (3 years of playing), has netted me 3 4*s that I was tickled by, but wasn’t after. Thanks for making a fun game!.Version: 3.8.8

Adictive gameAmazing game once you start you won’t be able to stop!!.Version: 4.2.3

FunLong intro. But super fun once you finish starting up.Version: 6.2.7

#1 game I've ever playedI love this game!!!!!!!.Version: 6.1.6

Names ?....Played this game on my old iPad for years BUT having loaded onto my new iPad I can’t even get past the naming screenings I can’t even put a name in easily, type in a name and after pounding the ok button for ages and even turning the iPad off and back on again I may get a name in the box only to be told that innapropriate names are not allowed. That’s good but... every single name Comes up with that response. Anyway after nearly an hour of trying I give up. Shame is a good game IF YOU CAN GET ON IT..Version: 5.4.0

Great but..This game is so freaking awesome I can play it for hours. There are always things to do but this game crashes like every 10 minutes it's so annoying I always lose important battles because it crashes right at the end!! I hate it it's so annoying you guys really need to fix this other wise you will lose a lot of players over it..Version: 1.2.8

Addicting game!So much love❤️.Version: 3.5.7

9.5/10It's the game you been looking for tbh - compared to anything equivalent this is the game! It's not exactly pay to win its more like pay to speed the process up. I'm always looking forward to new monsters; also it has an auto mod to help farm content you are comfortable with. The improvements would be to add more pve and group challenges added to the game,bso there is less farming content and more "experiences" within the games content. (stuff that levels when the player levels maybe? As raiding and toa is great for players who have many 6*s maxed. But very happy with what we have so far - more contentttttt! And cool characters -and even more costumes!.Version: 3.8.1

Awsome gameI really like the game but there's just one thing that is kind of irritating its the wishing well when u spin it constantly goes on the exact same square a thousand time plz fix it to have more squares for more chance of better stuff.Version: 4.1.0

Great, but...Super annoying that after the most recent update I had to go through the tutorial again with a new account instead of having my regular account accessible. There should be an option to log in or at least skip the tutorial! This has happened a couple of times, too!.Version: 6.2.5

Frustrates me beyond beliefI’ve been playing this game since February of 1014 & I absolutely love this game, although it gets hard when you’re at you’re last bit of mana, you already did the daily’s, you done completed the event as far as you can, you ran outta energy, socials, & crystals so you start selling runes & grinds to power up runes.... im 50/50 f2p sometimes, I buy when I can afford to... and whenever I cannot resist those holiday packages of course, but man I wish I could buy a pack right now just to max power a 5 star legend rune. I spent 1,000,000+ mana to power up from 9+ to 13+ so I some sold runes I farmed hard for... got 400k+ more mana and used It on the same rune and only went up 1 spot, I wanted to throw my phone for a second (jk) but then I couldn’t really sell any more runes... So I started selling a few gems, which some were the better then I want to admit, never should have sold them :,( but I desperately need hp% for a great reason (I’m working so hard on my teams).... anyways another 200k+ mana and more grinds gone, I came back again And lost it all to power up to 13+ I’m a feel like a loser all for this stupid punk 5 star hp% rune are you kidding me! Yeah I could see it being extra hard on a 6 star legend im annoyed beyond words. Powering up runes is my least favorite part of the game... that’s my rant..... had to put the game up... but I’ll be back on in a little bit lol.Version: 6.2.0

Amazing game to say the least however...The game is not a game if you actually want to do certain parts of it as it involves you to put hours upon hours of your life into grinding the game. Everything about the game is brilliant except the summoning rates 🤦🏽‍♂️but I’m not the only one who disagrees with them😂and I’m still early game with 200+ days game time 🤪😂overall brilliant game ‼️.Version: 4.2.8

:)Fabulous game only bad thing about it is the rates for summoning scrolls.Version: 6.2.4

This new add on deleted my accountSo I updated my app and it delete my account so thanks for that I hope you all die lol.Version: 6.2.5

Great gameI recently started playing but have found it fun and engaging. I don’t know about the terrible drop rates people are complaining though because I summoned my first 5 star at lv12 from a mystical scroll but I guess most people aren’t that lucky. I think that the challenge system could have some improvements though as I found that just because I had a full set of 6star+15 runes, it still means I need to remove one of my runes and upgrade a new one to lv 9 to have all my runes 5star+ and lv9+. This just causes me to waste in game currency and it is annoying.Version: 5.2.0

Nat5 light or dark is close to impossible?4 years into playing this game. I have a couple of nat5 now except, light or dark, still haven’t got even one nat5 light or dark, except vermos. Is this like random accounts where some account cannot 5 star dark or light monster? Or my account is bug or something?.Version: 6.1.6

GREAT GAMEWhen I first heard of this game I was skeptical because it didn't look fun and the ads made it seemed like one of those fake pay to win games. Summoners war, in my opinion, is very well developed and it's easy to tell the devs put a lot of thought into it. There are hundreds of monsters and each individual one has their own unique skills. The monsters themselves look very detailed as well, with lots of thought put into their appearance as well as their attacks. Keeping my attention is something I look for in games and summoners war does just that. You never get bored in this game as there is literally always something to do. Don't even get me started on the community. I think SW has one of the best gaming community's I've seen out of the hundreds of games I've played. The people are very helpful when your just starting out and competitive when your a higher level. The only issue I have with this game are the luck rates. Summoning good monsters can be a pain as Natural 5 stars monsters only have a summon rate of about 0.4%. Although it takes 100 years to summon a nat 5 there are plenty of lower level monsters than can be just as good if not better than some natural 5 stars. Overall, VERY GREAT GAME 👍🏼.Version: 6.1.4

Real reviewI have to say, I really love this game and enjoy it to the fullest, the graphics, scenario, and introduction to the game made me hooked right away. It took me several months to get my first nat 5, even I know the rates are bad but the fact of this game is that it takes dedication and you need to stick with it to win, people who complain about wasting money are the ones who brought it open themselves, as you are the one who completes the transaction, if you spend money don’t expect to get an instant nat 5 which is a game changer instantly, just because your dissatisfied doesn’t mean you can get your money back and trial and error until you are satisfied. I stick to this game because to me in my opinion, com2us has made a very well rounded design to the game that makes it fair to the other players, this makes it enjoyable knowing also the depth of gameplay, the fact that you can multitask by grinding while doing your homework makes it all the better ^_^. I came to write a real review on the game, not a review based on people being frustrated on the rates because they spent money. This game is f2p and it is so very much possible, I have gotten all my nat 5’s without money (I have 3) I spent money on a legendary scroll pack and got Ludo and even though I don’t use him much or find value, I won’t complain..Version: 3.8.2

The only game I play!Been playing summoners war for nearly 4 years now and still play everyday. Free to play is totally viable, ive never spent a penny on it and still love it, in fact I prefer it. A little bit more work and you appreciate the rewards more. Unfortunately I’m starting again for the 3rd time as every time I get a new phone it won’t let me load my old account. Even using my HIVE account that linked :( oh well back to the grind!.Version: 5.1.2

GoodGood.Version: 3.8.8

Great Game!Since 2014, this game has been astounding and entertaining. Even with all the grinding, the auto function is extremely useful and not having to do anything. Most people complain of how they can’t get nat 5’s or rare monsters without spending. The point of the game is to build your characters and make them strong. Not all nat 5s are useful but some 4 stars and 3 stars are. Take for example, light fairy queen (or Fran) who is a 3 star but is extremely useful. This game is amazing and even if you do stop playing each day, it’ll always be waiting..Version: 6.1.6

Please read thisOk, so I have it 5 stars, I’ll explain why: first, it’s fun. You collect base monsters (there are tons of free monsters) and use them to level up your special/favorite monsters. It’s not very difficult and requires no money (for real) to play and have fun. second, it can be as hard or easy as you want. You can do tower challenges, big monsters or PVP, it’s up to you. So, let’s discuss the last thing now, money. Yes, this game has “packs” that can be bought with real money. Yes, there are people who spend thousands on their account. Yes, there is a community of high value accounts who can beat everyone. Still with me? Ok, good. Those big money players can’t touch you. No shields required, nobody can take what you’ve earned. And LAST! You can play with your friends in a guild!!! You can let them use your monsters and you can use theirs! Listen, just download it and play for a bit. It takes time to get “big” monsters and to be a power player, but didn’t you play Final Fantasy 7 and have to play like 200 hours just to get Knight of the Round?! If you invest your time and some small bills, it’s awesome..Version: 6.0.0

Great gameSo I’ve been playing this for a very long time on and off, sometimes I get bored and then stop for a bit but I always end up coming back to playing it. When I first started playing it back multiple years ago, I definitely bought of it as a pay to win game and it was not fun for me, a free to play player. But as time went on and I kept going back to the game, I noticed that the company was doing a really good job making sure new players could catch up to older players and that it was actually affordable to play. For me, who had played before many events were going on every day, it was eye opening for me to realize that the company actually cares for the game and beginner players, and isn’t ONLY using the game for some money, like many other games. One day, I decided to start a new save and was very happy with all of the help that the events and rewards give you. I remember playing before Reina missions even existed, and when I first saw them I was surprised at all the free stuff you can get. The game has really changed and you don’t need nat 5*s to progress as long as you keep playing and grinding stuff. Props to Com2Us for caring about their players and listening to the community. :).Version: 5.0.7

Good gameI love it.Version: 3.7.2

You don’t need to spend money to have funIf you don’t want to put money into it, you’ll still have a good time. There are heaps of events and stuff to help new players, and the community is pretty cool too!.Version: 6.1.1

Great, but.....I honestly love this game, it’s so easy to get hooked. Overall great gameplay and content. But after recent update, the app wants me to download some data, but it doesn’t pass the 50% completion rate no matter how long I wait or how often I restart it. It’s been going on for days. So frustrating!!.Version: 5.1.3

ComplainingSo I read the reviews and allot of people have said about when it updates it doesn’t say update but only open. Here is something I do. 1- Wait a few minutes without touching anything on your device 2-press that button with the 3 white dots next to the open thing.Version: 4.1.8

Totally hooked!Great mobile game! Have been playing for about 2-3 months now, haven’t missed a day yet because I’m so hooked! Plenty of hours of gameplay, even after you you’ve reached level 50 and lots of different angles to the game. Regular rewards which really help your growth and maintain interest. Some pricey options to buy extras but, you don’t have to spend a penny and you can still get a huge amount out of it and you’ve always got plenty of activity to work towards. I have played thousands of mobile games but never encountered one that has kept me interested like this one, I’ve probably put in over 200 hours and I’m still absolutely loving it!!! Best game I’ve found on mobile by a long shot - great work guys!!!.Version: 4.0.8

Great Strategy gameLots to do in the game! Exciting missions and quests. I love to summon monsters and get a 4 or 5 star! Fun to play..Version: 6.2.7

ProblemsAbsolutely love the game, never had a problem for the past 3 years. But now every time i open the game, i have to download all the files again and again and its really annoying and repetitive.Version: 6.2.6

ExcellentGame is very in depth. Constant updates and events that allows for players to get new items and monsters that would normally not be available until later in the game. A game where spending money is not needed to enjoy the full experience of the game. Awesome job, keep it up!!!.Version: 6.2.6

Summoners warCareful playing this game as by the time you’ve understood how to play the game you’re bank account will be in the negatives I sold one of my kidneys for scrolls was worth..Version: 5.2.4

The grind is real!If you're a fan of the grind, this game is 100% for you. I've been playing for nearly a year, there is so much content and progression never stops. All in all it's a fantastic game and it has a bunch of content creators with real personality..Version: 3.5.1

AmazingThis game is by far the best that I’ve ever played on mobile. The graphics are top notch and this has the best system that allows for relatively fair play between pay-to-win players and players who are in it for a good grind. I’ve played quite a few games that have a mostly pay-to-win fan base, however this one is different in a lot of good ways. I’ve never spent even a single dollar on this game and I have a few nat 5* monsters, and I’m up to almost 10 6* monsters. Also, speaking of monsters, there is such a wide variety of monsters that you can summon. Every single monster, from the nat 1* to the nat 5*, have their own unique skills. Finding a great combination of active, passive and leader skills can be very easy if you summon the right monsters. Furthermore, with all the different game modes, there are so many reasons for changing up your teams. From ToA to PvP to raids, it’s hard to find one team that can be useful in every situation, which is really what makes this a fun and long-term game for grinding players like myself. The only issue I seem to have with this game is my inability to connect when I’m not within range of my WiFi, then again that may just be an issue with my device so it still gets a 5/5 from me..Version: 5.0.8

It’s a fun game with some issuesI’ve been playing the game since 2014 so I am definitely knowledgeable of the game. I do enjoy the game but I aswell as many other would agree the game has many flaws. Some being more in the competitive scene of the game such as unfair matching and not accounts. If they could balance the ranked scene a little more I think the game would be a lot more enjoyable. I will say they are taking strides to better the QoL in the game with the addition of auto battle and things like that but they are also over looking other things that need to be changed or added. Things including certain nerfs and buffs on meta units. They also should add things that would benefit every user such as a guaranteed Nat 5 after so many scrolls like most other games have because people can go through hundreds of mystical scrolls or LD scrolls only to turn away from the game after having nothing to show for saving up all those scrolls. They tend to cater to the whales of the game and overlook the newer players which is such a waste. I believe they have the potential to be one of the best mobile apps if they catered to a wider group rather than those select few gamers..Version: 6.2.4

Thank you com2usI've played this game sparsely, on and off for about 6 years now. Every time I come back to the game there are game changing new features, really helpful events, new content to strategize for, etc. I really appreciate the quality of this game as I've searched all over for better mobile games and the only ones that compare are supercell games like clash royale etc. This is the only mobile game you will ever need! I really enjoy the new auto-battle improvement where you can do arena and guild wars while you farm gb12. It makes it so I don't have to wait until a gb12 run is finished, exit it, go do arena and then restart- the gameplay is fluid now! I would recommend working on chat features though. Sometimes I spawn in a channel that is not English, or is very inactive. There are still common bot spams, and you can't permanently block a recurring bot or troll. Also, guild recruitment messages are annoying, I feel you should be able to disable them, or disable chat alltogether for when you're farming for hours without looking at chat anyway. Keep making this great game better :).Version: 6.2.0

Addicting game! Improve drop rates would be appreciated!I’m not big on gaming so SW is the only game I play everyday for almost two years now. So far, I have spent around $1K for special packs and transmogrification packs, which I’m sure is nothing much compares to other players. I find it’s ridiculous that some f2p players asking for the some rewards to be more fair. I mean... c’mon! You pay nothing, you have fun and now you are asking for some stuffs? You guys know game devs need money to survive too right? I only ask that c2u would improve the rune drop rates in dungeons and come out with new monsters or content a bit more often. I’ll continue to support you guys. Update: I recently lost my account. The customer service was absolutely of no help to my situation. I just realized that they reply to the comments here faster than the submitted email to customer support which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m quite disappointed. If you’d read other comments, I am actually not the only one who has this problem with C2u customer service so I sincerely hope they’d make some changes in this department, for other players. I don’t think I would be playing this game anymore (since I can’t get my account back anyway)..Version: 4.1.1

Rates upI have been playing summoner wars for a good year now, I have always been on and off with the game always making new accounts when I’m jumping back on but last year I decided to tale the game seriously and ever since then I have been hooked on the game has changed over the years and is more beginner friendly which I love! I have recommended this game to many of my friends and some enjoy it. The only down side to the game is that the summoning rates could be alittle better for an example “ every 1000 mystic scroll summon guaranteed 1 nat5” other than that the game is perfect.Version: 6.0.6

Omg n’est game everU have to install this game now.Version: 6.2.7

Remove this pleaseI love this game. This game is really fun and now I’m addicted to this game. However, there is one thing about this game that I wish that it should be removed. The shield where it makes the opponent take 0 damage should be removed. This is because the opponent will keep on putting on shield and take no damage and will start to heal every damage that I’ve done to the monster. So please remove the shield ability or nerf it. Thanks.Version: 5.2.1

Hell yaThis has got to be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The only complaint is that after clearing every level in garens forest, I can’t access arena.Version: 5.3.1

Summoners WarWhat do you have against my account? Why do I keep getting the same mons? I spent REAL MONEY and got the same mons I’ve been getting since I started playing! 350 in summoning stones and I get the rest and high elemental 3x’s and freaking grim reaper 2x! I don’t understand how or why It seems that you have to stop playing or open more accounts like others do to maybe get anything other then a low level mon when your spending stones! Why do you allow people to post ignorant comments THE MONSTER-INFORMATION AREA?? This makes the game look bad that you can’t even control ignorance when people are looking for help and others who are scamming people on here for likes! Your making all these changes WHY NOT REMOVE THE IGNORANCE FROM THE GAME, ESPECIALLY CONTROL COMMENTS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME!! Remove the crap and allow people to learn from the suggestions instead of being ripped off by claiming someone would receive crystals! My grandson Ethan loved this game, we played together and we lost him to a bad car accident on the 4th of November. There should be a way of remembering him in this game! Remove all the crap and let someone be able to remember their loved one that loved, played and shared info with their Gammie!.Version: 6.1.0

Great game.. but..For some reason, every single time I start it up, there’s a really, REALLY long loading time. It says it’s searching for/downloading updates and the top bar loads quickly but the bottom bar takes forever. I purposely deleted apps and stuff that I don’t really need or use anymore to make room for the game so why do I have to go through this every single time? I’ve sat with the game open for 15+ minutes before I even get the the intro screen. Even if I play for a while, then close the game and open it again 20 minutes later, I have to wait 10+ minutes minimum for it to ‘download updates’. How many updates are there? Why don’t they all download at once and be done with it? Makes no sense and it’s probably gonna make me just delete the game because tbh that’s a joke. It’s incredibly frustrating. Aside from that, the game itself and the animations look cool, there’s a lot of content and things to learn, it’s very fun and challenging at times and honestly it’s probably one of the better games on the App Store but I’m sorry, those loading times are an absolute game breaker for me. I’d recommend giving it a go even if you do eventually get fed up with the loading at the start like I have, the game is pretty good once you get in so it’s worth checking out..Version: 3.8.4

Amazing game!!So fun. Had to make multiple accounts!.Version: 4.1.3

Love the game, but I agree with this person. >>>>>I think, yes there are so many updates. And for people who have not a lot of storage this game is not perfect. I love the animations and everything about the game! (Hence my rating) But I have one part the I disagree on with this person... >>>> When there is an update on the App Store and you can’t get into the game unless the update is downloaded and it says ‘open’ instead of ‘update’ that’s where the device is the problem. You need to restart the device and if that does not work I’m pretty sure there is another way but, I cannot remember it. With all this aside, 4 star rating just because I love the game but there was just the one problem about WAY too many updates. I understand that it’s to make the game better shorten it a little please. Thank you.Version: 3.8.6

Very interesting with many things to do!Very fun game to play if you are into those kinda games that you have to summon monsters and building them up. I’ve just start playing so haven’t seen any flaws yet but will keep up to date soon!.Version: 4.2.6

I Eat My WordsMoments after posting an unflattering review about the connection I was made aware of server maintenance. Now that my only issue is resolved I have no qualms with the game. Top class artwork and animation, 3D battles that run frame perfect even on outdated software, free to play without the necessity for micro transactions. A truly enjoyable game that will have you returning without fail..Version: 4.0.2

Great gameOk it is very good.Version: 6.2.4

Excellent gameLove the mechanics and it has just the right amount of stuff to have to do. Too many of these gacha type games just have too much stuff going on. Presentation is cute..Version: 4.2.7

Amazing gameThis game is so good.Version: 6.2.7

Hell yaOnly problem is that i finished almost the game but it won let me go on the arena but i still like the game a lot best game ever.Version: 6.2.5

Great gameWith all the updates over the past couple of years like rune management and the rift raids for grindstones aswell as the various events especially the 6th year anniversary event. I’m hooked once again. Great game.Version: 5.3.3

Amazing😍This game is really fun and I don’t know what to write.Version: 5.3.1

I now have no time for any other game!I’m so hooked on this game, I have no time for any other. The game itself is brilliant, 5/5 but where it falls down is the constant updating. There is an update at least every 2 months. At the moment I can’t get back into the game cause when the game routes me to the App Store to update it, all it says is open and no update. quite a few people experience the same problem. It’s been going on for a long time, and really needs to be fixed..Version: 3.7.8

Favorite phone gameI have been playing summoners war for... I wanna say 4 or 5 years? I have my main level 50 account and a lower level alt account. I play solely on my original with the hopes of progression. I have found though, that my drop rates are very low when it comes to acquiring Nat 5 mons. I collect scrolls, and often will do 20+ at a time and it seems I’m lucky to get one or two 4 star mons. I understand the odds in general are low and it wouldn’t be much fun if we were all guaranteed a Nat 5 regularly, but to put it into perspective, I have ONLY 3 nat five mons, and a ton of 4 stars. Despite the fact that I utilize and build what I have, I just feel with all the time and effort I’ve put into this game, I would have more. That isn’t even one per year. For this reason, I have gotten frustrated throughout the years and stopped playing for certain periods of time. I’ve also noticed that the drop rates on my alt account seem to have better odds? I love this game and in my busy schedule I do my best to set aside time to play. Com2us, could these odds be because the rates were lower when I started my account? I love the diversity of the game, the visuals, and the fact that it’s always changing to keep it exciting. I’m just hoping there is some kind of solution to my issue, and it’s not just purely bad luck..Version: 5.1.0

Love the game butWhenever you click on the game you have to wait ages!! Just for the loading screen to load, you can’t even get into the actual game after waiting for over ten minutes. But I do love the game it has a variety of different warriors. Now this may be a silly suggestion if it’s not in the game already but I think it would be fun to have unicorns and Pegasi in the game (I’m not sure if they are in the game already though).Version: 3.8.7

Great strategy game/farming/addictive pvpGreat game. Easy to play your way into endgame. Ive been through my share of problems in the years ive played. Had my account hacked and stolen but returned to me in time by the good people at com2us. Had a time of poor summoning luck but the thing with luck is it changes and so did my personal summoning rates in due time. The game got buggy for me but through updates which are frequent the problem was resolved by com2us I really do recomend this game to anyone. My kids play my wife plays. Its family fun and addictive..Version: 5.0.8

Its okIts ok.Version: 4.0.4

Best mobile game so farI’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now and it is my favorite game on the App Store, and before you say that this game has bad drop rates and it’s pay to win these things aren’t true whatsoever. If you actually put in the amount of time that it takes to become a good player you wouldn’t be complaining about bad drop rates and that the game is pay to win. Yes most packs cost $30+ but if they didn’t cost a lot of money and the prices weren’t outrageous people would be buying packs left and right and the game would go from skill based to how much your wallet is gonna feel that later. And if all the drop rates were good like 5% on a nat 5 the game would be easy and it would just be another mobile game you delete in a few days. All of the things you guys think are wrong with the game I think were calculated perfectly so people who enjoy the challenge this game presents will be better players and people that would just prefer to play $3 and have everything would learn to have fun with games that present a challenge instead of just handing endgame to you on a solver platter. This is the most well thought out game I have ever played and I won’t quit playing anytime soon, so devs if you ever think about giving up on this game, don’t..Version: 5.3.4

WhiningAll these reviews with “I can’t get a nat 5” “ you can’t get scrolls” All absolute tosh, I’m free to play and have put 18 months into the game and I’m currently sat at 10 nat 5’s. Yes there’s RNG involved but if your dedicated enough to the game you will get nat 5’s trust me lol. It’s a brilliant game, like any game it has issues but this is by far the best game I’ve played on iOS.Version: 3.7.7

IPhone keeps redownloadingDon’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this game. I have an amazing guild and great moms as a f2p player but every couple of days my iPhone6 will completely re download the app, all 1.something GB of the game. I don’t know if it’s a glitch with the game or not since the last couple of updates but PLEASE FIX THIS!!! It’s annoying and it’s causing some resent toward the game :(.Version: 4.2.6

😇The most phenomenal game someone good ever experience!!.Version: 6.2.7

My Favorite GameI love this game so much! It’s so much fun to play because you never know what your gonna get! The cartoony art style is just adorable and I love the plot happening during the scenarios. It’s just a great game with amazing graphics and I suggest you play it too. My sister didn’t want to play it but when she tried out, she plays it 24/7. I think there is a lot too do after the scenarios are done and shows how much effort the developers put in to make a great game. Any monster, including nat3’s can be great depending on how you build them. I had so much fun playing this. But the one thing that is a bit annoying is that the packs are really expensive. I would love to get one but $99 for one legendary scroll and some mana stones, crystals, and energy is really expensive, maybe making a bit less would be great but I totally understand why it is like that. Plus, the events added makes it so much easier and makes up for the packs. Also just as a bonus, making it easier to drop shapeshifting stones in Cairos dungeons might make it easier for people to transmogrify the monsters. Other than that, it is a great game and continue doing your best to make it even better! That’s all I have to say..Version: 5.2.4

Absolutely Amazing But Just An Idea.....It’s really good highly addictive and highly recommend playing but I like starting again too see what happens but I see everyone with 6 star maxed out monsters and I play for 2 years and can’t even awaken a 2 star or get more than 3 4 stars on my team. So I thought that I was doing something wrong and started again but struggled to find mystic scrolls and have to keep my elven ranger to flamon volcano and when I do get mystic scrolls I only seem to have around a 10% chance of getting a 4 star and never get summoning stones and a 2% chance of getting anything above a 4 star.Version: 4.0.4

Help!!SW is a really great game and I’ve enjoyed it for years but I deleted and redownloaded it recently and it won’t let me play? I logged onto hive and it keeps coming up with a pop-up saying “officially registered give account found. Please log in with your hive account” but I can’t take any other action than tapping “ok” which takes me back to the “tap to start” screen from which if I tap again, the pop-up will appear again. It’s a vicious cycle, help!!.Version: 4.1.5

Bugs after latest updateI’ve been playing summoners war for around 6 years and I absolutely love this game! But I’m unable to open the app since the latest update please fix this!!! Also please could you make it possible to do runs offline and without having to keep the page open? It’s just very time consuming and I haven’t been able to play as much since I’ve started University. Definitely would recommend this game if you’re willing to put time and effort in..Version: 5.3.1

Stuck!!!Can’t enter the game... always check for update... please fix it....Version: 4.2.4

The game take up a bit less than 2 GBTo be precise, it’s around 1.6 GB, a lot more than what it said in the App Store. Of course, I love this game, which is why I hope this will get fixed. I used to be able to play this game fine, after giving up 2 other games for more space for this one, but that’s just temporary fix. Deleting messages and pictures and videos are temporary fixes as well, since it’s ridiculous for the game to clean itself just cause I want to text my friends or take a few photos. Besides, my photos and messages only add up to 300 mbs. I still have about 3 GB free with summoners war, but for whatever reason, it deletes itself every time, making it unplayable. It was expected since games take more space over time with more updates, but I am not giving up another 2 games just to keep summoners war. Of course, if your phone can handle it, this is a very good game. It is different from other grinding games as it doesn’t shower you with free stuff and fast early progression, but you do feel more rewarded than many others. PvE is fine with a lot of monsters, but PvP is way too luck based since certain units are extremely strong but extremely hard to get..Version: 3.8.8

Sucked me inThis game works really well with my daily life, don't have to pay too much attention to it and is very addicting. I love the grindy aspect of it because I know I can always get better. The community for the most part is very welcoming. I've personally been playing for 1 1/2 years now and only threw 200 dollars into it. For the people who feel as if this game is pay to win or you need to spend money to get anywhere, i got all my nat 5s randomly without the money I spent, and they might not fit in with your team comps anyways. After a while of playing you'll be able to do toan and toah which gives a good amount of crystals and other awesome rewards which is helpful for not having to spend any $$. In my opinion this game is not for the people who don't want to spend a lot of hard work to progress because that's what this game is about honestly. No amount of money that you throw at it when you start will catch you up with the best because the game's not completely monster based since you need runes to make the monsters useful and efficient. I hope you enjoy Summoners War..Version: 3.5.9

The awesome game I have ever playedSummoners is a first game of my life and I have had a lot of fun with this game.Version: 6.2.7

9.8/10Absolutely addicted to this game and it’s definitely the game to download when your bored only one slight issue but other than that awesome! The one issue is that when I load the game it comes up with a bar and takes at least 15 minutes to finish and is quite tedious, especially if you leave it to load but then your device turns off then you have to start all over again.I realise someone else has commented on this issue and that the developer has stated what might have caused it but none of those causes apply to me and I don’t know if it’s just supposed to happen and it happens because the game takes up a lot of storage or whether it’s something I’m doing wrong? Anyway other than that it’s a great game and I’m looking forward to any further development..Version: 4.0.7

I have loved the gameI have been playing for awhile and have loved the game, the mechanics and the storyline is pretty awesome. I’ve just come across an issue and not sure what the cause is. I have in the past deleted the game and my game data was still there when I downloaded the app again. Yet for some reason I’ve lost everything for the accounts I’ve made and it is pretty annoying..Version: 6.0.4

BUFF VANESSA!!I love this game, I have been playing on two accounts, still fairly early to mid game and I am having an awesome time. It’s a great way to waste time (in a good way) and I have almost no complaints... almost. Number one, there are way too many Nat 5s that are weaker than nat4s, one being Jaara, the dark Phoenix. I have been playing with this guy for a while and to be honest, it’s underwhelming for a Nat 5 dark monster. Number 2, Vanessa. She was a god till the “buff” and now she is nothing. I have been brain storming on how to use her and well nothing. Com2us I love your game but please buff the necessary monsters and leave the good ones alone like Vanessa. Other than that, good game..Version: 3.8.2

WowActually amazing, definitely a game I would recommend, have played for 3 years with max 2 months break total. It will get you hooked.Version: 3.5.9

People with bad complaintsDon’t rate this game a one star because you spent money on the game and didn’t get something you wanted don’t rate it a one star if your game crashes a lot don’t rate it a one star because the game inconveniences you at times don’t rate it a one star because you feel as though you’ve wasted your time playing the game ... I’ve been playing the game for about four years now and I can honestly say every review that is a one star is either a cry baby or is now invalid and are no longer relevant to the game that being said the game is amazing I’m a free to play person on this game and I can honestly say I have gotten somewhere on this game this is a strategy based game at its core and no amount of money or time can change that it’s about smarts and delicate planning to be able to get end game in SW if you are struggling on the game DONT resort to paying money watch videos of the people who’ve been playing for longer then you and get vital info on how you can improve your experience and be able to overcome the thing you find that’s making the game more difficult for you ... that is my Profesional opinion of this game and I hope that this helps people for the future of summoners war thank you.Version: 5.4.0

Years later, still great.I’ve been playing for a few years now. If you like collecting battle games this must be one of the best. Content is kept fresh and they have nailed the balance between single and multi player. Also, as a free to play user I don’t feel like a second class citizen compared to those that do spend cash. My only complaint is, as a collector, space for your runes becomes an issue in the late game. It’s a shame if that’s the reason I decide to quit..Version: 5.2.6

AddictiveI don’t know what it is, but I played about 5 minutes and I knew straight away I’d be hooked. I saw that it had energy, but unlike most games it didn’t turn me away. I’ve. Even playing it for the last hour and a half I’m still going, although I need to be awake in 4 hours for work I can’t put it down hahaha.Version: 4.0.4

Drop RateCom2us if you guys are doing something shady with drop rates behind our backs stop it. It might be the rate changes every time you summon a 4 - 5 star but lately I’ve been frustrated with the game. I need a game changing monster and out of 5 premium packs I got 1, 4 star. Most of this is just speculation so if your way of making money is doing something to the summoning rates every time you summon please stop. Although I love playing your game can you make the game easier for free to play players. You see all the top guys in the community but they could only make it there by spending hundreds of dollars. This game is good with the biggest flaw that stops players from playing your games. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE GOOD AND FREE TO PLAY AND MOST OF THE FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS CANT DEVOTE THERE TIME SO IN THE END THEY DELETE YOUR GAME. Upon downloading your game I can already see that it’s full of rotting and dead accounts who have no time or money for your game it’s just boring now trying to complete they game with weak monsters it ******* impossible So either stop pulling strings make ur game easier or just lose your players. It’s only time before you’ll have to delete your game.Version: 4.2.3

Help with the resource download!Everyone that is giving 1* and complaining they have to re-download resource files 24/7 are ridiculous! The reason it does that is because they don’t have enough storage on their phone so their phone takes away the data from this in order to clear space! Not the developers fault at all and doesn’t condone a 1* rating! Amazing game.Version: 3.7.4

Great gamesSuper fun to play.Version: 6.2.4

Nice gameBest game.Version: 5.3.1

F2P great!Once you understand it you’ll love it. Advise getting the starter pack but there is really no need if you complete events!.Version: 4.2.9

Drop ratesI love your game been playing it since it came out the only problem I have with it is the drop rates I get more 3 start then what I do 4-5 star monsters I want to be good at the game but I honestly believe the only way to get any better is to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars so can you please make it easier to get higher tier monster without going through dept just do that please put this in consideration other then that I have no problems.Version: 4.2.8

Addictive, great, though...Monster designs are great, refreshing, of both look and play. Fun game, my advice would be, if you want to spend, not to more than you would for a fully-fledged game + perhaps extra content. There’s money-pulling, and like no good value for anything (for weaker currencies anyway). Spend that money on better things, enjoy the long road to whatever. If there was ever (and never will there be) an option to turn off the money-pulls - this game would give to anyone such a vivid, enjoyable experience, and showcase one of the best game designs on phone, despite its albeit charming navieties..Version: 3.7.4

Great game, few missing elements.Now, this truly is a game that is not only unique to most others on the game store but one I have found myself coming back to over and over. A lot of work has been done for the players starting/returning but what this game really needs is independent servers where players worldwide can all start fresh and battle out rather then trying to fight against 5 year+ players. If money is the worry to them it shouldn’t, they could keep and maintain the old servers with the real big players and start anew battleground platform for all to choose from so the newer players there will also get to fight it out with all then. I know many players willing to spend even in a new game just to try and reach the top. Spread the word on this so SW can be worldwide and available to anyone wanting to start new and get a real challenge. Thankyou.Version: 5.2.0

Summoners war new playerReally enjoying the design of the characters, dungeons and story. Games or smooth and love the auto play feature for grinding. Has a great level and upgrading system and enjoyable content. It would be helpful if element icons were displayed in the power up tab. Also a rating system of each monster would be great, as a new player it is difficult to know what to keep or food. I have been researching on beginner guides and tier lists for each mode but information is limited. When levelling, every time I start a new campaign match I again need to hit the ‘play’ button for auto play. It would be nice if it would remember from previous match to auto play. Thanks, Dark.......Version: 4.0.9

Always disconnectThis 20 star rta has bug, always disconnect.Version: 6.1.4

Such a great gameIts so good it never gets blring with all these new updates even though some people think that level 50 is end game no you have just finished the tutorial.Version: 5.0.8

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