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Fongo World Edition App User Positive Comments 2023

Fongo World Edition app received 27 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fongo world edition?

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Fongo World Edition for Positive User Reviews

HelpFongo is now giving me a big problem on my phone.Version: 2022.8.1

Works great when it works!I needed a Canadian phone number because my plan charges far too much to call Canada. Also, if you make friends in Canada, they most likely won't get charged calling you on your Fongo number. The interface could be prettier and easier to use. The quality of calls is far better than free calls using FB Messenger. I added the texting plan and it's fantastic. The investment isn't much for a service that works well. I don't mind the ads, but I wish it was free to eliminate them with any Fongo service..Version: 3.8.3

MMS is necessaryWhy can’t we receive picture or send picture, picture sending is not good as well it’s should be send like real cell phone... Please fix it.Version: 3.10.6

FongoIt's brilliant app I talk my loved ones everyday I'm really happy with it.Version: 3.9.8

1❤️fongo 👏👏👏👍My fiancé works in Canada 6 of 12 months every year. This wonderful app gives us the ability to talk to each other truly talk for as long as we want. Without any more expense. You must have access to wifi is the only reason I did not give it a 5 star. I only purchased the $4.99 basic app. For 6 weeks we have talked an the average of 2.5hrs per call some days 2-3 times a day. With me being in the US I can even call his work, as long as it is a Canadian number, for free. If we could use Internet and not just wifi it would be the perfect mist affordable way to make international calls. Thank you 'fongo' DG.Version: 3.7.9

Good for keeping touch with folks in CanadaIt is great for keeping in touch with folks in Canada. I wish the "plans" were a bit more flexible allowing things like international text messaging and forwarding incoming calls to my US mobile number. I would pay extra for these features. On the whole, something like line2 or sendhub is a better solution because of the flexibility to use cellular for calls as well as voip. But line2 is $10/mo. Sendhub is $25/mo..Version:

Awesome appVery reliable, very inexpensive way to have a Canadian phone number when living outside the country..Version: 3.9.16

GagikNot working nobody can call me .. massages not coming can’t transfer my number back fully garbage.Version: 3.10.17

EasyEasy and convenient to use.Version: 2022.8.2

Works very well and keeps me in touch with friends and colleagues back in CanadaCan’t fault the service it’s reasonably priced considering it provides a Canadian number and I’m outside of Canada 65% of the time it’s also quite good on Rates..Version: 3.10.6

ExcellentWorks great. usually the calls never get dropped but it happened twice while I was talking to the same person. it could be due to a slow wifi connection. overall i give it a 99.7% rating..Version: 3.7.9

Keep receiving anonymous fax (ads), how can I block it?I really love the APP. (World Edition) But it keeps receiving a lot of annoying Fax ads from Toronto area (ano) nym-ous. My phone is not a Fax machine. Could you please introduce a switch to enable/disable receiving Fax function. That will be very great feature. Thank you very much for your great effort..Version: 3.7.7

MrExcellent app.Version: 3.9.11

Receive CallsFongo App doesn’t receive calls??.Version: 2023.3

FongoWorks Great !!.Version: 3.9.4

Decent app for calling Canada numbersNote: Recent update of the app, killed call ringing on the phone. Calls no longer ring on the phone. Only get a missed called notification pop-up. When the issue was reported, Fongo fixed it very quickly. Kudos to their team..Version: 3.10.8

No free texting, it's not very reliable sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.Doesn't work all the time....Version: 3.9.18

Best virtual number app ever !I get a job in Canada because of this app, I was working abroad and I added fongo number in my CV, many recruiters called me, if I added international number no one ever would call me. Stable app, clear voice, almost free, voice message. Many thanks for Fongo team for the great app.Version: 3.9.2

Good voice quality need improvementI like the whole app and never faced any issue on the audio quality. The app doesn't work on my office wifi. Also, when in call the RED end call button so huge and is corner to corner in the bottom part of the screen that I always have to be careful not to disconnect the call. Can the red button be made smaller to avoid any chance of unwanted disconnection? Best..Version: 3.9.17

Easy to use, easy to installWorth every penny..Version: 3.9.11

Great for outgoing calls however so many flaws for incoming callsGreat for outgoing calls however so many flaws for incoming calls . I'm missing so many calls and the missed calls are not even showing up on the missed call list..Version: 3.9.5

Fongo rocksWhat a great app - thank you to the developers As a Canadian who travels a lot this app is invaluable. Free calls back to Ontario and only 4 cents to the US.Version: 3.9.2

Great App!This app is extremely useful for keeping in contact with people all over the globe. It is easy to use and loaded with features!.Version: 3.7.3

Want refundI accidentally installed this app . Plz refund my money . Thanks.Version: 2022.4.3

FongoFongo it nice and really help my o line business but must time it just log out unexpectedly.Version: 2022.11.2

Excellent AppThe quality is great. Just the text message packages prices seem to be a bit high in UK Pounds..Version: 3.7.3

Only giving Fongo World Ed. 4 stars because...Fongo go Wrongo 20% of time. Getting better slowly over time. 1) I like Fongo. Good app, but it needs improvement as it has bugs with sometimes missing settings for "Show My Caller ID". Importantly, voice mail is not 100% reliable. Just left myself a message from a landline. No message delivered? 2) When dialing my Fongo number from a land line I always get directed to voice mail. How to change so Fongo will ring? 3) No regex to recognize telephone entries in their support form for Fongo phone numbers..Version: 3.9.13

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