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Forest: Focus for Productivity App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Forest: Focus for Productivity app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Forest: Focus for Productivity? Can you share your negative thoughts about forest: focus for productivity?

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Forest: Focus for Productivity for Negative User Reviews

An excellent conceptI have problems focussing and this app is definitely an excellent reminder clock. I would rather pay AUD$5.99 or the like to unlock all the trees, bushes and sounds. It seems it would take a large amount of usage and consistently paying for elixir to unlock the ones I want. While I understand this is a good way to build a habit, the developers clearly don’t understand common game mechanics. I’m a lot less likely to stick with using this app if the quickest way to setup the study environment I desire (tree and sounds I want) involves paying over and over for elixir only to have the silly price increase after each purchase! Try looking into Logarithmic Curves for reward systems instead of constantly making us pay over and over (food for thought)..Version: 4.4.1

Really nice butThis app helps me focus and planting small trees is nice, the data collection is good but I’d like to be able to set goals. It seems there no goal setting system for the app, for example I’d like to be able to set a goal of studying however many minutes or hours per day/per week for a certain tag..Version: 4.62.2

Save your moneyVery frustrating to pay £2 and have only 3 options of trees to choose from, coins take forever to earn even after lots of hours of using the app, so feel I’ve been a bit robbed. Good app in theory but poorly done, seems like a bit of a money grabber when it is supposedly for a good cause as it takes forever to earn enough coins to get anything out of the app and takes hours of your time. Considering there are now search engines that you can get for free that will plant trees for you, it is frustrating how much you would need to pay to get anything done in this game. When purchasing it looked really good, but after using for a few sessions realised it was not worth the money at all. Should be getting a lot more for what you’re paying, if it was free I’d understand payment for more options but almost feels cheeky asking for more money after your get sod all for £2.Version: 4.30.1

LolForced to write review.Version: 4.12.5

Flora is a better app and it’s freeFlora is a better app and it’s free.Version: 4.29.0

Planting Real Trees?The only reason why I don’t rate this app 5 stars is because, it takes a long, long time to get the 2,500 coins in order to plant a real tree. I’ve had the app for quite some time and have only planted one real tree from the app. And also the fact that certain ‘virtual’ trees cost 500 coins, and therefore I’d rather not buy the virtual trees because it takes so long to even get 500 coins, let alone another 2000 to plant a real tree. I would suggest that there be two different currencies/points, so coins go towards buying virtual trees, and diamonds or something go towards planting real trees, so that you’re able to both have the fun of having a decorative forest as well as the main reason of the app, for doing your bit to plant trees. And hopefully as well get double points for working an extra hour or something, make it more exciting and be able to earn coins easier. Thanks.Version: 4.33.1

WHY DID YOU RUIN A GOOD THING?????Syncing this app with our ‘Always Allowed’ in Screen time has taken away the main reason I used this app - so I couldn’t touch my phone. Bring back the old format as an option. Please!!!!!!.Version: 4.66.3

Not for meI feel like this is a concentration tracking app more than a productivity app. You plant a tree for every task you wish to concentrate on and if you break your focus (leave the app) the tree will wither. The problem here is that I need to concentrate on work, to work I need to use my phone. This app allows you to create a white list of apps that are required for your task, however this feature is not available in IOS devices. This renders the app to be nothing more than a tea timer and a graph depicting how many times you set the tea timer. You are allowed to create your own tags, but you can’t assign a task to your session until after the session is over, this means that if you read a book 7 days in a row you plant 7 trees instead of continue to water the same tree to keep it alive. I only bought this to be a visualization of my consistency with the various aspects of my life, but the app doesn’t work this way. I don’t see why this app isn’t free with ads considering that one of its most important features does not work on iPhones..Version: 4.10.6

Love the iPhone app but the watch app isn't workingWhen I open the watch app (watch series 3 and iPhone xs with all latest updates) you see the Forest grid and when I tap on that it just says "start planting today!". But there's no way to start planting on the watch app (without going to the phone to start). Which kind of makes the watch app of minimal if any use if you have to have the phone right there to start it? The whole point of the series 3 and 4 Apple watches is that they can be used independently of the phone. If I'm getting it wrong or misunderstanding how it works then I'm happy to change the review. Otherwise maybe replace "start planting today" with "open the app on your phone to start planting"? One tip if possible for the phone app is to allow a whitelist of apps. One of the tasks I do is reading and use Kindle on my phone for that. However the app kills the tree everytime I do that task. However I understand if the limitations of ios means that you can't whitelist..Version: 4.4.1

A little ‘harsh?’So the app is quite cool and all, but what bothers me is the messages. While the timer is running, it will display messages like ‘Get back to work!’ , ‘Put down your phone!’ And so on. This app is so cute and kinda relaxing so I just find these a little harsh? Not a reason to not get the app though, just something that they could maybe work on :).Version: 4.19.0

Was great, but updates have ruined itI first downloaded this app in early 2022 and it worked exactly as advertised and did exactly what I needed. Strongly discouraged phone distractions and improved productivity. Now in the last couple of months I found I’ve been able to browse all my other apps on my phone without the usual consequences: no more notification telling me to stop, and no more withered dead tree. This defeats the purpose of having the app. There are several people on Reddit and other platforms complaining of the exact same problem! What’s the point of this app if it fails at a core feature? The “deep focus” mode doesn’t work, and in any case, having to mess around with Allowed Apps lists is too complicated (and according to my research, doesn’t work on iPhones anyway!) The updates are a failure. Give us the old version back. If not, I’ll probably delete soon, and look for something better..Version: 4.68.1

AggravatingThe app is a great idea, and has a really cute premise. After a few hours with it, though, I had to uninstall it. It wasn’t worth the aggravation. The problem is it isn’t sophisticated enough to differentiate between work and recreation. If I suddenly remember I need to reschedule a meeting in the calendar app, I should be able to do that without killing my tree. This might be an OS limitation, but if so they could have found some way around it, through different mechanics. There’s no way to pause cycles. If you need to have a messenger conversation about plans later that day, your tree is dying, no way around it. There might be some way using the in-game currency, but it shouldn’t need that. Why is there even a currency system for a pomodoro timer?? I get that companies like making money by selling you ephemeral nonsense, but they charge for the basic things you’d use the app for. Its messaging is also really harsh. “Go back to forest immediately!” is pushed when you change apps. While in the app, it says things like “stop looking at me!”. And yet it’s hard not to look at it, as things keep changing/moving onscreen. By killing the tree and leaving its corpse in your field, they punish you for failing. I’d rather you just lost progress and had to restart planting that tree. I wish they focused more on positive reinforcement and less on punishment. I feel like they put a lot of effort into the aesthetics, making it cute and pretty, but not enough into user research and usability. I’d give it a 1-star in terms of how well it accomplishes its goal. There are better pomodoro apps. But it is very pretty and there’s something soothing about seeing a field full of trees. It has the skeleton of a great app, but it’s not fleshed out..Version: 4.6.5

Pay to focusMy experience of this app is that the limited variety of plants available at the start is unappealing and the cost of coins for purchasing new trees is too high. Having to begin with Christmas trees, coral, bushes, and seals is very confusing to me, and I would much rather preferred aspens, white pines, maples, etc. This poor variety makes you want to buy more plants right way but to do so you need coins of course. This results in my having to constantly pick up my phone and reset the focus for every activity during my day in order to accumulate enough coins to actually purchase the trees to plant a forest with and variety or just trees. This is both tedious and distracting in and of itself which is ironic given the apps purpose. This process can be sped it up by purchasing elixirs from the store of course. maybe I’m too frugal, but I have an adverse reaction to paying for an app, and then being nickel and dimed to make the app more functional and appealing and the lack of variety to promote pay to focus is off turning. Lastly, the daily tiles don’t give one a sense of a Forest, more a wooded lot. I suggest having a visual of the daily tiles connected to one another to show an larger dicpiction of one’s Forest that has grown over time, which would be satisfying..Version: 4.65.0

Uncomfortable, forced, and unproductiveI find that this app does the opposite of its intended purpose. While the developers concentrate on new trees and beautiful plants to attract future users, they pay little to no attention to the usability itself. There is no way to pause the timer. There is no way to record work sessions you may have done without the timer. You begin to feel like you can only work if you have this app next to you, because of the “coin” system implemented. Additionally, there are in app purchases! Why are there in app purchases in a pay-to-download productivity app? Absolutely horrifying and this app offers barely any useful features for a premium price of 6.99 CAD, when some other apps offer you a more well thought out, albeit more practical app that legitimately provides a pomodoro timer without so much emphasis on reward. In order to work effectively, one should never feel the need for virtual trees and coins to incentivize them. By the way, if you’re planning on getting this app, let me warn you on a few things: - new trees are tedious to unlock (except for in app purchases) - statistics are basic - IT IS RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE TO PLANT TREES IN REAL LIFE (don’t be fooled by their environmental marketing) - overall unpractical, too focused on in app purchases, and it actually makes you more unproductive and focused on the “game” that is planting pretty trees than your work. There are better options out there..Version: 4.66.4

Good motivationIt’s a good app for focusing, however it would be better if it had a pause button for an emergency situation during the study period. If we could have it on a pc which allows us to sync between the phone and pc app, it would be great..Version: 4.66.3

Brilliant app but full of botsI love using this app to help me with my reading, I use to always get distracted by my phone when reading but since using this app it helps me stick to reading more than playing on my phone. This app would be 5 stars but the biggest issue is the obvious bots that are on the leaderboard. According to the leaderboard there are people using this app constantly every second of every day, there are achievements to be in the top 100,50 and 10 of the global leaderboard, could be achieved with dedication if it wasn’t for bots that are using the app 168 hours a week what would be impossible for anyone a human to do. This is saying that around 10 people are not sleeping, eating or doing anything else except using This app, over 100 people possibly into the thousands are using this app all day every day. Very unfair and the developers need to sort this to make it more fair or add something to help people achieve the achievements, I wouldn’t normally bother with the achievements but with the fact that using this app enough will help grow real trees what I support then they should definitely fix this as soon as possible.Version: 4.49.0

⚠️ They Track YouThey track you across apps and the web. Do you really trust a company that does that? See the App Privacy section of their App Store page for details..Version: 4.31.2

Given up on it because...Its use on iPad is limited to vertical mode andits watch version does not make any sense as you’re supposed to use your phone to do anything meaningful..Version: 4.66.2

Amazing except for 2 thingsThis is a really good app for those of us with bad habits of picking up our phones and mindlessly and needlessly distracting ourselves. It feels great to see all the trees you've planted through your focused time. Two things that would really make the app even better: 1) it's too difficult to get coins. When new plants/trees can cost over 1000 coins (even 2000 coons) and you get less than half a coin per minute of focus time, it can feel way too difficult to unlock new plants for your forest. 1) emergency button of some sort - it would be great to have an option to have some kind of emergency "need to exit the app for this one tiny thing without killing my trees" button, even better if it's a kind of timed feature, like you have 1 minute to do whatever you need to do before your plant dies. I started planting some trees for a 2 hour session before realising that I needed to look at my notes app because I couldn't remember a password. I had no choice but to leave the app because I needed the password otherwise I couldn't connect to wifi and get on with my work. Unfortunately it cost me 4 dead trees. It was disappointing because I did actually focus for the time period, but just needed to pop out of the app quickly to get this password..Version: 4.47.1

Only so-so.The method is sound, we all know that our phones are distracting and by locking us away from using them it can encourage good focus and help us to complete tasks while being visually rewarded with a forest. My issue is that there is unlockable content but focusing for 2 hours only earns 40 coins, the content starts off at 500 coins (20 hours of focus) but each time you use your coins the price of the next unlock increases by 100 coins. They say to utilise ‘achievements’ to get more coins but a large number of them involve connecting with friends, which is plain stupid since it’s just penalising anyone who is focusing alone, I don’t expect all my friends to pay £2 so I can connect with them! You can pay money to triple the rewards of focusing for a few days but this just makes the developers seem greedy since it’s a paid app and once the content is developed it should only require a one off purchase. Really discouraging..Version: 4.8.7

Don’t care about the appI don’t care.Version: 4.10.6

Not able to Block some appsI don’t know why forest didn’t block my TikTok app I tried what it was suggested but it’s still not blocking an app yet it still hasn’t worked… it used to block the app before but I don’t know why it’s no longer blocking it anymore I didn’t even change any settings.Version: 4.70.0

Changed the app on an update- now totally uselessI’ve sadly had to change my rating. This app WAS amazing, so helpful at keeping me focused for uni study and not looking at social media. However, NOW it’s basically useless. They have updated the app so that now, when you exit the app, nothing happens. Your tree doesn’t die, you can use whatever other apps you want. They say it wasn’t working on iOS, yet I never had an issue before. Now, you need to turn on “deep focus” mode in order for it to work as it did before. This requires a passcode (no idea why you’d need that) so if you don’t want one or can’t use one (which I can not), too bad. Totally changed the app, no longer what was signed up for..Version: 4.10.3

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