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MoneyGram® Money Transfers App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MoneyGram® Money Transfers App app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MoneyGram® Money Transfers App? Can you share your negative thoughts about moneygram® money transfers app?

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MoneyGram® Money Transfers App for Negative User Reviews

Account locked for no reasonI tried to do two transfers back to back. Started getting a cryptic error message on my second transfer, “something went wrong, please retry at your end”. Retried several times but no result. Finally called customer care who told me they’re seeing insufficient funds because of which transfer was being rejected. I don’t believe this was the case but they asked me to speak to my bank. The next day, I was unable to login with a message “we could not complete your request”, another utterly unhelpful error message. Turns out that my account was locked and they can’t do anything about it. Are you serious? Making two transfers back to back warrants a permanent lock on your account? Your error messages are not helpful at all, they just ask us to keep retrying. When you retry, they lock your account. I wish the experience of using moneygram was not as frustrating..Version: 20.3.0

App works but service dontPlease be aware that if you need to send money for a fast pickup this is not the service you are looking for. I sent money 6 days ago from which 4 were business days and they keep telling me they were not, thay count 24 hours from one day to another, so Thursday to friday is 1 day and not 2 😳, ridiculous, right? Well anyways i made the mistake to send 300 dollars(thank god did not send more) and now i checked their reviews just to find out they have the worst rating ever. Do your self a favor and use some other method of sending money, in my case i have used xoom before and timming is perfect and super fast, i decidef to try this because they were offering a better exchange rate, but now i regret it deeply..Version: 22.12.0

Unwarranted account terminationI was making a money transfer for someone back home and needed to confirm their info. So, whilst waiting, the app was open in the background. After a while, when I got their info confirmed, I came back to the app and had to log in again. My logging in efforts failed, included Face ID log in. It kept telling me that my log in information is incorrect 😒 when it was not. I reached out to the live chat, and come to find out, their security system had closed my account. The agent couldn’t tell me why and he also said they could not reopen my account. He then asked me if he could provide me with a nearby location, blah blah blah. Like what, the reason I got the app, was so that I can send money to my loved ones in the comfort of my home, or if my busy schedules on some days do not permit me to do it in person. This entire experience was frustrating and disappointing..Version: 22.8.0

Account lockedI switched to money Gram after a friend told me that the $value to Philippines is higher than the one I am using. I was happy at first because they have the G cash option which is the most convenient form of pay out in the Philippines. I successfully made 3 consecutive transactions on Christmas Eve for my god children. After that, I was surprised that money gram had locked me out of my account. I saw an e mail that stated the reason. It was mentioned that my account is vulnerable to fraudulent activities. I understand that they were trying to protect my account but disappointed because they have not verified or attempted to contact me thru e mail or a phone call if I have made those transactions or not. I have filled up the form to contest this action. I also have sent an e mail to customer service hoping to get a resolution..Version: 21.11.0

Horrible service if you encounter issuesThis app has a horrible customer service if you encounter any issue. My account was deleted out of the blue because of a banking dispute, which I never did or initiated. I sent three transfers, one succeeded and two are in limbo because my account was randomly deleted. It has been a whole week and I am still trying to regain the transfer amount because the money is in MoneyGram’s hands and are not being sent out. HORRIBLE and avoid a low company like this. I’ve tried all the other ones and I believe Wise or Xoom have better services and support than this company. Any issue you have with MoneyWise would have to be resolved through a chat online, and I promise you the person will only tell you that the mistake is on your end and they cannot do anything about it..Version: 21.8.0

WORST APP AND COMPANY!!!It’s rare for me to leave reviews, but my experience with this app and Money Gram was so bad that I felt like I needed to warn others. I tried to transfer a few thousand dollars to a relative in Mexico. My identity was verified and I got a confirmation number saying my transaction was done and ready for pick up in Mexico. A couple minutes later I was signed out of the app and couldn’t log back in. Then I got an email saying that my transaction was cancelled and I couldn’t get my money back for up to 10 business days. I tried calling customer service, but of course they outsource to another country and no one could actually help me with this. They just kept transferring me to other people who gave me the same information as the one before. It’s ridiculous that they would even accept my money in the first place and then tell me that my identity couldn’t be verified and now I’m stuck waiting for that money to be returned to me. They just lost a customer and I hope others will read this and be warned. If you need to send money, do it in person. I learned my lesson and will never use money gram again!.Version: 22.7.0

Impossible to use app if ...If you’ve ever used the MoneyGram kiosk at a store to send money, you cannot setup a user profile in the mobile app. This is because the database already has your mobile phone number but didn’t capture your email as well. So when you want to use the app, it u don’t ERRORS because it thinks you already have a profile and directs you to login. You can’t login cuz it doesn’t have your email on file. And you can’t use ‘ forgot password’ cuz it doesn’t have your email in its database. So it’s a circular error. Forget about getting a human to resolve the issue cuz your request goes in to a black hole.... so you must continue to get to an agent to make transactions via the clunky kiosk. Yay for technology Thanks MoneyGram developers!.Version: 4.10.1

Delay processingOn Tuesday, July 21st, 2020, I sent money from an us bank account to two Thai different bank accounts. MoneyGram received my money on July 22nd. MoneyGram sent me the email that the transfers had been sent on July 24th. I checked on application that I should receive the money on July 25th. Then I called them on July 27th at 12pm, the person on the phone told me that I should receive the money by today. Then I called again the next day on July 28th, the different person told me that I should receive it in couple days. If not, I can called them back. My aunt received the money on July 29and I received my money to my thai bank account on July 30. It was very frustrating because it was a big amount of money. !!!PLEASE BE AWARE!!!.Version: 20.7.0

Another commercial app written by a third graderFrom the moment you install/ start the app , it will hang at least three times . Passport scan is hilariously dysfunctional( put it on the dark background , move closer , move away, reduce glare ... until it just hangs ) , at the end, I bet , you will be forced to do it manually . Interface is cluttered and poorly designed . That is on top of the mysterious “transaction declined “ with no other explanation. These people not only cannot program , the don’t bother to test , overall it seems like they are moving small time business online . One star is well deserved though , after straggling with this app for a while I finally made 2 transactions ( after that problems started again) , Lol mandatory upgrades when you need to send money in harry - just for this assholness I would give it minus 5 stars.Version: 20.9.0

Terrible serviceI sent fund overseas through app back on July to my friend which not much only $25 but my friend never received that money. I called MoneyGram to solve problem, 1st representative told me it’d take 90 for investigation so I asked to talk to higher authorities to speed process, 2nd representative whom claimed himself “supervisor” gave me same speech and came down to he’d take care of it within 3-5 days. 5 days later my friend still didn’t see that money in her account so, I waited patiently until today Dec. 2nd, 2021, I called again the representative said fund cleared since Aug. 2nd 2021, which really impossible cuz I talked to them about the issue after Aug. 2nd the first time I had problem. He repeated himself over and over about money had been cleared, I asked for support documentation, they don’t have it for you just the confirmation number. And after I hung up I have my friend checked with her bank right away and the bank showed her past 3 months account transactions and no show of $25 I sent through MoneyGram app. Terrible service, terrible customer service, terrible representative..Version: 21.11.0

Had a terrible experience with this app and with direct contactI was told to download the app because my store no longer had the kiosk. I downloaded the app and the app return “whoops!” Once I input my information. I called in and spoke with an agent and was then elevated to a supervisor because my app wasn’t working. The worst thing about this is that they have you repeat every single bit of your information to each agent, which takes copious amount of time, finally finished up and they got my DL number incorrect so I had to call back. I was already irritated because I had been trying to pick up my money for an hour. It was near 8pm. I called back and the new guy working my transaction gets locked out of the system because it was 8pm. After an hour and a half of calling and mess ups, I then couldn’t pick up my money until the next day. Problem is I was using that money to pay for groceries. I hope Venmo dominate this industry and it becomes a blockbuster of our time. Worst experience ever!.Version: 4.5

Took too long!This is my first time using this app. I had to wait 4 business days for them to provide a reference number. Once I was finally receive a reference number the receiver informs me that the receiver name has changed( 2 day expiration ). I sent my request Tuesday. It wasn’t until late Friday that I receive an email with the 8 digit confirmation. Why did I have to wait so long I have no clue. Usually when a payment is made I should have been provided a reference number immediately. At least that’s the case with other money services. At the end, I had to cancel transaction and request a refund because it took too long for Money Gram to provide me a reference number. They were impossible to call. All I got was automated message. This is bad business. So now I am waiting for a refund..Version: 21.7.0

Bad customer serviceI registered then send a $400 to my dad in the Philippines. A message showed will take about 30 minutes for the transaction to be approved. Almost an hour no email whatsoever. I tried to login back to check the status and won't let me access my account and want me to call their customer service number. I talked to one CS rep and asked me the information I entered. I gave all the information but she can't find the email address. No information in their system. I told her not possible because I submitted my drivers license before the moneygram website let me submit the $. And she keep asking me over and over to give her the right information. I even asked her if she want the address and authorization number because I took a screenshot of it. She insisted the same thing email add, name and birthday which I did repeatedly. It's been 9 hrs and still waiting for approval and can't access my account. I asked her at least cancel the transaction since I have the authorization number but she refused to do that also. Good thing before I even logout I deleted my card information..Version: 20.12.0

This company is a jokeAfter getting 2 transactions blocked ,account automatically closed ,uploading my driver’s license to verify my identity ,spending over an hour on chat with 2 different reps ,they told me to take my business elsewhere. This is the reply i get from the rep, “Thank you for that information. I have reviewed the details in your profile and I do apologize, but MoneyGram Security has closed your profile and it is not permitting the access. MoneyGram security system is not comfortable with your activity. To protect you and MoneyGram against any loss, our security system has closed your account and I am afraid you will not be able to use our service. However, if you still want to send money, you can try using a different service.”.Version: 21.9.0

Worse app to send money withI sent money on this app and called the customer service to verify when my transaction was going to be received and was told it will take 3-4 business days, so I told the agent I want to cancel it since it will take that long and the funny part is the transaction has not been taken from my account. But after I canceled the transaction, 24 hours later the money was taken from my account and I was think they transaction went through. I later verified from the receiver and that was not the case. Called back to the customer service who was rude and funny part was he told me since the money has been taken from my account it will take 10 business days to get my money back. He also told me he will end the call if I have no further questions..Version: 22.8.0

No limitWhy is there a limit on ordinary mistakes that people can make on purchases or whatever, through this system? If I want to use this particular service to send money ANYTIME I WANT TO THE SAME PERSON..., why is there a limit on how much and many times I can send to that particular person? Why? ARE WE SLAVES, WE CANT BE SENDING MONEY TO OTHER SLAVES NOW DAYS! Why is there a restriction on how many time anyone can use this type of services? Why? There is a fee that you are charging just to send the few BUCKS that poor slaves need regardless of the service fees! Maybe this service is the only services available because the person’s circumstances or whatever. Why the limit? Why the amount and time plus energy to go somewhere only to be told, “theres an limit SLAVE!” Why??.Version: 21.1.1

Horrible customer serviceI’ve been a long time customer and have made many transactions with Money Gram but this time I am done. I will gladly take my business elsewhere. They take the money from your account send emails to confirm the transaction was deposited and ready for receiver to pick up. Receiver goes to their bank and the record doesn’t even exist. Send an email to customer service with no response after 5 days. Call customer service and they cancel my transaction and process a refund without my permission which now I have to wait up to 10 business days to receive. I received no notification from MoneyGram there was even a problem or to contact them and my receiver made about 7 unnecessary trips to the bank to be told the transaction doesn’t even exist..Version: 20.4.0

Blacklisted me?!?!I sent money but used the wrong delivery way, so I canceled the transfer and sent it again using the right delivery method, since they were taking too long to give me my refund, I panicked and disputed the charges with my bank. Now the banned me from the app, plus the banned me from “Walmart to Walmart” money transfer as well. They’re treating me like a scammer, I don’t think it’s fair, I called them and they said you’re welcome to go to a location and send money that way. I also emailed them and they replied by telling me, “we already told you, you can’t use the app, cause of highly suspicions of fraud, go to a location, where they take cash” That does not fix my problem or my reputation, I was only trying to get the $804 I canceled in the first transfer.Version: 23.1.0

Worst service ever! False accusationsI am a law abiding citizen that’s working hard to take care of my mother in law & also my dad. During the pandemic, the worst trying time in history of my existence. This company decided to refund my money (still pending) and their representatives lied to me; telling me that it had nothing to do with my acct but rather the person receiving the money. After 3 attempts to verify transactions, I was unsuccessful, even my Bank assured me that they authorized the transactions. Moneygram deleted my account before 3-10 business days. After I was told that’s how long it will take them to reimburse me. How ironic, a hard working Nurse that can verify income gets block without any notification or reasonable excuse. If anything happens to my dad during these 10 days that you’re sitting on my $. You can rest assure that I’m suing this company for not making my funds available in my account so I can resend the money for his medication, using a different medium..Version: 20.9.0

What a horrible serviceI guess this is one of those things you learn when you use the app. Maybe it works great in the states, but don’t try to use this for overseas! They freeze the transfer, then you have to figure out who the customer service is( they don’t have it on their app or website) then you talk to a bunch Indian tech who you can barely understand, trying to confirm your identity and your receivers. And the transfer was still pending. After 4 days of back and forth with these Indian techs, I just cancelled the transfer. Bottom line: Terrible customer service, ridiculous processing time. Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more and use better apps and banks services. Lesson learned, not using this app again!!.Version: 20.7.0

Hard to navigateThe app is hard to navégate , instead of having a Home Screen with a tab for you need action or has a scroll down feature that makes it confusing, also does not have the capability of setting up a transaction a leave pending until you are good a ready to send , the apps removes everything you did and have to start all over again from scratch, the fees are higher than similars apps but it offers an array of options how to send the money and how the recipient will receive the funds , and that is excellent overall is a good app a has respectable backing as well all sort of warning caution the Sender of potential fraudulent transactions.Version: 22.1.0

Very worst app- worst customer serviceThere is no benefit in using app. It looks like this app has been designed by someone who has zero experience with remittance. You would expect to be able to whitelist receivers especially friends/family so that you can send money without being flagged. But no, it does not matter if you are sending money to a receiver you already have sent. They will go ahead and cancel the transaction. The worst part is they will notify you after 16 hours through email, but the app still shows “Ready to Pickup” in the full details. If you send money to same receiver, there is a very high chance that the transaction will get canceled next time because of fraud issue, even though the first transaction was smooth. Also, the refund takes 8-10 days. It is absurd that they do not flag the transaction or keep it on hold for security reasons, but they will directly cancel it because they think it has security issue after 16 hours of when it was actually sent and ready to pick up. There is no point in using app..Version: 22.7.0

Account Locked and they won’t tell me whyBeen using the app for 3+ years sending money to my family. Recently when I was trying to send a transaction and it got declined. Called customer service rep told me to try again in a few days. Still didn’t work, turns out they just banned my account and can’t tell me why. I would understand if I need to go through additional verification or send them some additional documents but no, they straight up ban you and won’t tell you the reason after being a customer for such a long time that’s is the treatment you will get. Good thing there are a lot of emerging companies that will take the market and have them eventually out of business. Hope that comes for them sooner than later..Version: 21.9.0

SHOCKEDI had the app for years, sending money to my mom in Morocco, and I send money almost every month with no issues until out of the blue my last transaction to my mother was canceled and I tried to log in and I couldn’t, I clicked forgot password and put my email it said this email is not associated with any account, of course there is no number to call for such a big company which is ridiculous, I waited for somebody in their chat service which seemed to me like a bit because it was responding with long sentences very quick, and it told me that my account was deleted for safety reasons and I can’t send money with them anymore, I will definitely use a different company and Shane on you for your poor customers service.Version: 22.5.0

Skip this appHad a terrible experience with MoneyGram. I sent an urgent transfer to my father and MoneyGram put it on hold because my father and I have the same name (shocker right?). I sent him transfers twice before and no issues, they didn’t even look at the history. I was willing to provide any required information, but I wasn’t able to find where I can do it on the app, so the customer service representative yelled at me that my phone is old! Then she gave me a website, and after completing all of the steps it gave me a pop up window saying, “id is not required for this transfer.” They asked me to wait a day and then cancelled the transfer. Do yourself a favor and don’t use them..Version: 21.4.0

Poorcustomer serviceI been sending money for years but when I bought my new phone, I downloaded this app on it. When I decided to send money on my new phone, money gram customer service stated I can no longer send money through money gram again. When I asked why, she said because I deactivated my account, which I never did. I only downloaded the app on the new phone with my information and send money in it with my same info. I am so disappointed in money gram. I asked if I could talk to a manager , she said no. My thing here is even if I deleted my account I don’t have the right to? So that means I have to be punished. That’s ridiculous. Is like you being punish for canceling a credit card. No one do that, but only money gram. That sad..Version: 21.3.0

Good Exchange rateIf you are not in hurry to get money credited i.e day or two, then this is best for exchange rate and take min 4-5 days for money credit. I have done couple of transactions no issues so far except the 1st one which they cancel without any reason hold my money for more than a week, customer support doesn’t know exact reason and they say fraud prevention and canceled my transaction. When I asked what trigger for fraud transactions they have no answer and requesting me to do transfer again which took another 5-6 additional days. Additional I need to authorize same bank multiple times, it doesn’t have details like initiated date and completed date. Facial recognization doesn’t automatically recognize I need to manually do when ever I open the app which is annoying 😤.Version: 20.1.2

ScammerSo I have have been using this app for a while and once I cancelled a transaction. I was told I would get my back my money in 10 business days and 10 business days pass by and I still did not get back my money. I called and every time I was given a different information so I know something was wrong. So I called my bank and report the issue and made a dispute and I was able to get back my money. Now I tried to use the app and it seems as though they blocked me because I reported them. The app keep saying their is no account registered with my email. So I tried to create a new account and it says unable to create account. How petty can they be????!!!!!! So they made themselves look guilty because they obviously knew what their motive was in the beginning. You people are full of crap. So quick to take people money and want to take years to return..Version: 22.2.0

Responding to ToahalaDon’t feel alone. I had the exact same thing happened to me on PayPal. They are supposed to be so highly rated and they advertise sending and receiving money. I am 60 years old on a limited income and had a couple money transfers to my account to help me with a bill for $60 and when I tried to send some money back to the same friend that help me they refused me because my transaction looks suspicious. That is so ridiculous and why advertise something if you’re not going to come through. They also have held $70 I had in my account and $20 in bitcoin that I was just experimenting with so I could see what the big deal was worth it. They are keeping it for six months and then giving it back. If I could sue them I would. That damages my reputation and how do you just take someone’s money and hold it for six months and on top of it I am kicked off of PayPal, which I wouldn’t do business with them if you gave me $1 million dollars!I know how you feel..Version: 21.2.0

What the heck?I signed up to send my son money. With this Covid-19 stuff he’s unemployed like many of us! I sent him three transactions over a few days. I went to send a fourth,because the third one I sent wasn’t enough to cover his expenses for medicine and groceries. Well they locked my account an I still have been trying to get an answer for the days now! Since then my profile and account has been locked and deleted. After I sent the first transaction it asked me why I was sending and reason! To me that is not anything that I should have to disclose. I understand for fraud purposes but I had sent and verified myself before I sent the first one! This is. Very aggravating to me and there is no reason why the should have locked my profile!.Version: 20.3.3

Cancelled xfer and blocked my account- no reason!I opened an account and sent a Christmas gift to my step-son. Now I do admit I mis-typed a letter in his last name. The xfer was sent to him and my bank debited. However my step-son did received an email noting the xfer cancelled and showed him the mis-spelling. Me, I got an email which said, account closed -AND- no reason given. When I tried to log into my account, it said no account. So I a chat with customer support and they said I could only do a cash transfers at a store, as well as the account is close. I again asked for specific reason. Their answer- sorry “none” and can never be opened. They did give me a link for a complaint. However - No review available. I’m not a criminal. My step son is not a criminal. Yet I’m treated as a criminal. Ho, Ho Ho. Merry Christmas 😯😳 MoneyGram -> BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Horrible.Version: 22.12.0

HORRIBLE COMPANYI honestly feel I was discriminated against for having a interracial marriage. So I created a money gram account under my name to send money online to my in-laws. My wife had a issue sending money and called customer support for assistance. Money gram(the call center in the Philippines) told her she violated MG’s policy by trying to send money under my account; EVEN THOUGH WE SHARE THE SAME CARD THAT WAS PAYMENT TO MONEY GRAM!!! Long story short money gram made us out to be criminals or a fraud then permanently blocked my name for future online use. The Filipino woman she spoke to over the phone instigated this whole issue even though it was completely innocent. There is money wired for drugs, prostitution, weapons trafficking, and just plan money laundering but my wife can’t send money to her 70sum year old mothers birthday. Ridiculous!! Now after all said in done my name is red lined due to pure hate. Western union may cost alittle more but they have my business from here on out..Version: 4.5

DO NOT USE MONEY GRAMUSE western union. Money gram does not care about actually helping you. They collect their fees and make it impossible to change names, address, or any details in the transaction. The only option they give you is a refund. A REFUND TAKE 2 days to process + 10 DAYS TO BE CREDITED. They dont care about urgency or needs of the recipient. They have NO CLUE of any other nations RESTRICTIONS for pick up. And they have no clue how to resolve this. My family couldn’t pick up their money for food and living expenses because of this. They would not allow them to pick up due to their nationality— there was absolutely no mention on pick up restrictions, on top of that the MoneyGram store representative suggested I call and change the name — i called and they DONT CANT CHANGE THE NAME. Seriously? Ive done this before with WU and no problems at all. MONEYGRAM SUCKSSSSSSS BIG TIME.Version: 22.8.0

Schedule Send is a joke!I send money to a disabled person on the first of every month, money they need for their daily needs. I saw the option for Schedule Send and thought that will make my life easier so I’ll never forget to send the money on the first of the month. After trying this for several months, MoneyGram is incapable of delivering the money. Each time I get an email saying the money will be sent the following day. Then nothing happens. There’s no record of the trans action anywhere. So then, I contact the company and they say they have some kind of a internal error with their systems, sorry all we can do is cancel. This happened twice in a row, same exact issue. What a joke; I am now back to the manual send process because I’ve been late in making my payment for two months in a row..Version: 22.9.0

Poor Customer Service and False InfoDo not risk using MoneyGram and if you had to use it, DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES, or they will hold your money for weeks no matter what. So, others might have different experiences with MoneyGram, I don’t know. I just take time and right down my experience to at least help someone. I usually use Wester Union and never had issues even if I happened to make typing mistakes. WU App was down and I had to use MoneyGram to send money to my family as they needed it immediately. I was in hurry and mistyped one word of the receiver. Since MoneyGram says they amend the name if there was mistakes, it’s a false statement. It took me two hours to talk and explain the situation to MoneyGram agents, but they barely speak English and finally asked me to cancel the transaction as they really don’t have the amendment option despite they claim they have. I had to cancel the transaction and it’s been 11 days that I still haven’t received my money plus they didn’t refund all charges and fees. They send money to any part of the world in minutes but they hold your own money for weeks, isn’t it weird and vague?.Version: 22.2.0

Didn’t process transaction and lied about having refunded my moneyI set up a transaction from the US to someone in the US. They took my money instantly and showed a status of “ready for pickup”. The receiver, an old woman, went to one location over the weekend and their machine wasn’t working. She went to another on Monday and they said that they refunded my money. When I called they said that they are subject to international regulations and could not do the transaction. They refused to tell me what the problem is. They only now cancelled the transaction and set up the refund even though they told her that they had already done it the day before. Now I have to wait up to ten business days to get my money back. Never again will I use this “service”..Version: 4.6

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