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MoneyGram® Money Transfers App App User Positive Comments 2023

MoneyGram® Money Transfers App app received 13 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about moneygram® money transfers app?

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MoneyGram® Money Transfers App for Positive User Reviews

Sending through debit card is free againIt’s awesome that once again I can send money via debit card for free. I also like that most of the information of the person is remembered each time so it’s simple to send. I wish they would bring back that it saves ALL of it, including the mobile number of the person to which I’m sending; I always have to relook it up again. Update: the reason I set it to 4 now is because they keep going back and forth with easy resending. There are times I have to enter the entire address of the only receipient I have here, which is a hassle. Other times it goes through quickly without having yo don this..Version: 22.10.0

What’s with the pop up screen?When I log in the app by pressing on the icon on the phone screen, it would go directly to Send window that has the name of the person I send money the last time, it says “send again” ...yes but not this person but to someone else..!! I look and look and look around how to get to the list of all the recipients I sent money before..! And I couldn’t find it! it just me? I made the transaction in my desktop computer instead of on my phone... I will update this rating to 5 stars when I get either a reply or fix it...or I find out that’s it’s my mistake. Thanks.Version: 4.9.0

DisappointedWell I create an account like a 6 years ago if no more than 6 and everything was great it was so easy to send money to parents aboard but one day I send money to my little brother and the app was messing up the next thing that I know they locked my account I call costumer service for this matter and they couldn’t help me my account got locked forever 😱crazy but true after so many attempts to get my account back I give up … now I’m looking into the competition let’s give it a chance maybe they have better services.Version: 22.3.0

Worst Mobile App!!I’ve been using MoneyGram for a while to send money to family overseas, but was going to Walmart to do so, and everything was fine... But then I found out that I could save $3 by doing it online on the MoneyGram app. Well, after 3 transactions, it won’t work, tried deleting the app several times, and it keeps saying that ‘It’s on their side, to try again’ . Never worked since... Piece of junk software!!! I lost all interest with using the online service, will try other service.....Version: 20.8.0

You’re loosing a valued customerI have been sending money via MoneyGram since 2007. A lot of transactions... I am what they call a loyal customer. I really thought MG was the best till they proved me wrong. My wife was having difficulty sending money with her account so I tried to use my account to send the money on her behalf. Then MG blocked me. I can no longer send money online EVER!!! I have to find a physical location. I’ve called numerous times to try and fix the issue but I always get the same unprofessional answer from mostly rude customer reps: “You have to go to a store. You can’t send money online anymore, and we can’t tell you why”. Well, it’s freaking annoying and I am now tired of it. There are other competitors I can research and start using. I usually don’t write reviews but I just have to write this one because I am super frustrated. Be careful people!!.Version: 20.7.0

Cheap and SecureIt’s one of the cheapest ways to send money if your using your debit card. It’s really safe and secure as well. I’ve been using it for a couple months and I haven’t had any issues other than the name of the receiver. The name of the receiver has to be exactly as the person’s ID otherwise the location it was sent to will not allow it to be withdrawn. That means even if the middle name is missing the money will need to be cancelled and need to be resent exactly by the receivers name, which shows you how secure MoneyGram is!.Version: 20.5.0

Customer service and money transfer services are crazy insane, ridiculous and stupid !I created MoneyGram account for the first time ever and I wanted to send money abroad to my sister . The minute after I’m trying to send the money moneygram decides for no reason whatsoever to lock my account . I decide to go their representative so they unlock it and they tell me they can’t do that . I ask them the reasons and they tell me they can’t give me any it’s just locked permanently. After I lose my mind and tell them there’s no way you go to a bank or any financial service and they lock your account and won’t you give a reason . That’s the least they can do . But these crazy people tell me they can’t give me a single reason why they are locking my account ???? For sending money to my family ? You guys are out of your mind ! I will NEVER recommend moneygram to anyone and as I was sitting in the office at lunch had my coworkers sign off it and they will tell this same story to other possible customers that you just now lost over nonsense !.Version: 4.9.0

Great for reloadable debit cards!I donate plasma and receive credit on a reloadable card. However, the card isn’t tied to a bank, so there’s no account or routing number, which means it can’t be transferred to a bank. I also can’t have it withdrawn at a bank as mine is purely internet-based. Moneygram saved my bacon, as I only paid $1.99 in fees to get the rest of my money in the card sent over and credited to my debit card in minutes. If you’re a blood/plasma donor like me and are tired of the point-of-sale fees eating at your money, I’d highly recommend this app to get your money off the card and into the bank of your choice quickly!.Version: 21.3.0

We’re sorry! Some parameters are not valid in your request …This is the message I keep getting after putting through the send money request several times over to pass three days, called and talk to reps twice..they says my account is in good standing and open nothing they can do, except advise me to go to the store and do transaction..which is impossible for me hence the reason I use the app to send money…this is one of the most annoying things that can happen. I have been using MG for many, many years NOW THIS!?!?!?.Version: 4.6

Priceless!!It's nearly impossible to get money when you find yourself in a pinch. Once you do get a family member or friend that can help, usually they have cash. Without bank accounts it's hard to send and or receive the funds. Being located in an area that requires a vehicle doesn't help matters. MoneyGram is my answer. It's fast and easy to send or receive the money. There is a small fee, but totally worth paying that fee as opposed to cancellation, reconnect, etc. Plus the money is available right away. Great service and the app is easy to use. I've had no issues sending or recurving funds. Thanks to moneygram I've got 99 problems but sending $ ain't 1 😊.Version: 4.9.0

Cash pick-up 😔I've use this app for awhile now and its done so well, but today as i was about to send money overseas, I didn’t get the option to select the cash pick-up. In the few months that i used it, it was working perfectly fine. Today however, it change and very difficult for my friends and family overseas to get the money i sent them since they don’t have a bank also to wire money to them. I’m at a lost with this app. If they can possibly fix the option to send money for them to cash pick-up i would be super delighted..Version: 22.9.1

UnbelievableThis money transfer I recently try to send money to my dad in Tonga. The amount was not much, after two weeks I try to send again they REJECT my transaction, I called customer service and would not believe what they told me, THEY REFUSE PROVIDING SERVICE FOR ME. Wth did I do to deserve such respond. I try to figure out what crime did I commit with a simple transaction. My ID was valid and everything but I don’t understand why money gram decide to refuse doing business with me. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. If my stepmom did not work for the bank that connects with MoneyGram I will never ever step foot in a MoneyGram ever again. Your service is horrible, customer service was rude, not recommend!.Version: 20.4.0

Way better than RemitlyI am used Remitly for last 3 years to send money to India. I thought they are the giving competitive exchange rate rate unless I found Money Gram. In actual Money Gram is giving more exchange rates to INDIA. And you will get a higher transaction limit per day with basic ID requirements. I do spoke with customer service few times regarding ID submission, they were responding really nice. And I sent money couple times by now and there is no problem till now in sending money. The only drawback is they are taking 4 to 7 days to credit the amount in destination country..Version: 22.5.0

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