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Goat Simulator App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Goat Simulator app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about goat simulator?

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Not working on...Supported device. This app will not load past the loading screen on an iPhone 5c. I have deleted and reinstalled, closed down all other apps and done a hard reset. Works fine on 6 plus tho and is a good time waster. However, it's not good enough that a supported device cannot load the game..Version: 1.6.1

Fun gameFun game but it glitches me out of the game sometimes please fix.Version: 1.9.7

Please please do thisOk so listen, i have all goats in the whole game (exept for the ones that are for other goat sim games you made) and im so bored please add more goats and more maps for free because this game is boring ive started over 5 times bc i was so bored 😓😒 so if you add more things i will love this game i barely play it now bc its so boring....Version: 1.9.7

Deviland swear wordsSo.. I have been playing for 2-3 years and then I played it almost every day and every day I played it we had a bad spirit in our house something was off when I played it with my volume in front of my mom and we noticed that there was bad words and my mom looked it up and it turned out that it did and in one review the same thing happens to me my screen went blank then I saw a red goat it looked like the devil and my mom searched up on it more and I turned out that a goat stands for the devil and my mom banned me from it and so it’s not the best game in the world but I’ve seen better so all the kids out there DONT DOWNLOAD And creaters sorry if I sound rude but it’s just my opinion sorry bye please respond if wanted bye 🤞🏻.Version: 1.9.7

It’s a trapWhen I tried to go back many times it kept pushing me back then I clicked respawn then kicks me out of game.Version: 1.9.7

Fun while it lastsThis is a great game in my opinion. I was addicted to it for about a month. After that it started to get a little boring. I think that it could be made more interesting by adding more maps. It crashes a lot when you start it up but if you close the app and reopen it, it's usually better. Not many crashes in game though. I like the way things are set out as they make the game fun and interesting. Also, you should actually be able to sit and secure yourself on the boat and roller coaster. Another thing that would be an asset, is if you could actually damage moving vehicles; not just the parked/stationary cars. Also maybe you should be able to socialise with other goats and they can give you tips etc. maybe a few more different wild animals walking, running and flying around would make it more interesting too. But overall I think it's a good developing game..Version: 1.4

Keeps CrashingKeeps crashing on iPad mini iOS 8. Just bought the app. Please fix it.Version: 1.2

ProblemNow I spawned myself in goat city bay I went to get the wind alter or whatever you call it but it wasn’t there I jumped over the rock to check if it went flying somewhere but then I realised the wind alter was stuck underneath the rock I tried to kick and headbutt it out of the rock but that didn’t work please fix this problem.Version: 1.9.7

Just updated it and now it keeps crashing!Please fix it keeps crashing.Version: 1.9.5

This is too creepy...I’m only writing this because on my Xbox on goat simulator something creepy happend. Me and my brother were just playing for a while until both of our screans started getting blurry. Then we came across it. It was a red unside down star. We saw the red goat inside the star. We thought it was the devil because it was red and was an upside down star. This was found in a dark cave. Every thing else was fine but this. I am not happy about this devil stuff. Pls try to fix this. Take it out of the game and try to talk to the other creators if they might of added this..Version: 1.9.7

Bad appIt crashed my whole ipad when playing.Version: 1.9.7

All 3 9+ games you madeIn the mmo version I think that everyone should be able to be a sheep because only the first players can be sheep I am only saying this to the original form because I got the mmo one on iTunes and you need to own it from the App Store to rate it Only one star because of that! Plus for the normal one add a buck goat that you can get by releasing buck you can design it anyway you want for the space one which I also got on iTunes you are theifs! Because when I paid two dollars for a pack of goats it didn’t come instead I got an error sign that said error get this pack when you download goat simulator payday what a ripoff!.Version: 1.9.7

It works... when it wants to.I haven’t been able to play this game for the past few days due to a bug that freezes the game as soon as I enter a map. Other than that, it’s a decent port of a PC game but please Devs. Fix this game and the dlc apps..Version: 1.9.7

Crashes on iPhone 4sMost of the time, I open the app and it goes great until it has the goat loading screen. It then 'loads' for a bit, then crashes (probably because I use an iPhone 4s) .When it does open, however; it's amazingly good..Version: 1.2

Add PCADD PC version.Version: 1.9.7

Can't make a commentI would love to give this a five star review, but I can't even give it one star. I don't know what star it is worth because on my 4th gen iPod touch I cannot get it to run. I get to the loading screen (and btw I like how the goats tongue moves around there) and it loads for a bit and then crashes. Please fix this as I was really looking forward to playing this game and it seemed like a lot of fun. If you are reading this Coffee Stain Studios then thank you for your time and I hope we get this fixed in the next update..Version: 1.0.3

NULNUL NUL !!! Very bad 👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 1.9.7

ConfusedIs there something you can do about the rag dolling, because once I fall from too high a height, I can't get back up..Version: 1.7

Love it but one problemI love this game but I have a big problem it crashes a lot when I log in. I have got nothing against u at all can u plz fix the bug as soon as possible.Version: 1.4

Nice game but can use some fixesLike make some more goats and the whale one I don't like cause u can like not move at all not even in ocean and make more maps and not make it to hard to find the goat metals and I only have one more goat metal until I collect all of them and fix the bugs this is my new iPad and ya this gets glitched up so u better fix it or else I'm deleting this game and putting a thumbs down and going to tell people to not buy this game and if u all ready have it get rid of it and I'm telling my freinds and other people to delete this game so u better fix ok you got dat and also some people all ready hate dis game so fix it and make the other games u made that are like $4 99 so do some thing about it.Version: 1.9.4

Good game but..This game is pretty amusing if im being honest, problem is; The other goat simulator games ( including this one ) has whooped up the price to £7. Before it was just £1, so why? I dont think these type of games are worth this much. Could you make the price back to £1? Thank you..Version: 1.9.7

CrashI haven't been on this app before because it crashes everytime on the loading page So I want to know how to fix this.Version: 1.0.1

BrokenGame dead all the other versions don't load and this one crashes the server when I play any map all the other ones like payday money goatz waste of space none of em load so plz fix this because it's annoying good game but bad glitches and I'm on iPad Pro so it ain't my ipad.Version: 1.9.4

CRASHINGHey I downloaded all 3 of the goat simulator games and they all crash when I try to launch them, please fix as soon as possible.Version: 1.4

Does anybody else get headaches?Nice simple game. But can be very laggy at times and freezes up or shuts down. Slight annoyance. What is more bothering is that i get headaches playing the game. Googled it and saw others with similar issue? They said it has smth to do with the quality being so low?.Version: 1.9.7

A good game but it crashes all the timeI love this game and all the other goat simulator games because the broken physics engine makes it hilarious to play and I love ragdoll physics. But I have 2 complaints Firstly the graphics are way crazier than the pc version but that doesn’t really bother me. What really bothers me is that the game crashes and freezes constantly!!!!! Recently I haven’t been able to play any goat simulator games because all of them crash on the loading screen. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!.Version: 1.9.7

ShortThe game is fun but it seems to be really short and quick to collect all goats and trophies, that is without spending money, to keep the game “fun” they added different modes and bundles which cost real money, it would be more fun if there was more maps, goats and if the game had more attention. Also the game STILL lags and glitches, it kicks me off the app and lags when its been out for 4 years, just shows how much the developers don't care, and I'm on an iPad mini 4. Overall: 3/5 not enough attention from developers and too short.Version: 1.9.7

Little by little problemsGoat sim. It’s a GREAT app I can’t lie but please don’t make us players pay 9.00$ cash if we want to buy the game ya know come onnnn. Also it’s almost impossible to get the space goat I found it but can’t unlock it. Also great job!!!👏🏼 designing the goats there absolutely ADORABLE 😍 like for example the tall goat it’s not even a goat it’s a giraffe 🦒😂🤣😆😁 cute ideas! I’m not complaining to to much on this review but just some little things that need to be changed.Version: 1.9.7

Crashing?!?!?Every time I go on to it now it crashes at the loading screen or the start screen. Please can u fix this. Otherwise it's a good game..Version: 1.0.2

Good just one problemCan you please fix that on the newer phones the game doesn’t fill to the full screen like on an iPhone 11 it only fills the middle of the screen and leaves black edges on the sides. Thanks.Version: 1.9.7

Please make moreCoffe Stain please make more goat simulator games cuz i love it alot besides you havent made a goat simulator for 3 years:(.Version: 1.9.7

Just one thingHi if the developers see this I’d just like to say that I love the game but I recommend upgrading the graphics and the physics because they are quite glitchy and annoying. But overall the game is great! 😀.Version: 1.9.7

Missing something....OK, now here’s a pretty big nitpick. The console and PC versions are missing a handful of goats such as the Pitcher goat, Swindler goat, Anti gravity goat, and Spider goat. And I those last two goats are my favourite goats in the entire game! Here’s another thing missing, the location variants. This problem kind of adds to the last one because those location variants also contained other goats! There also goats missing on the mobile versions but I won’t complain about that! I play the console version religiously and I seriously want an update fixing these problems..Version: 1.9.7

Complete RipoffAs a user of the PC version, I have to say this is an absolute waste of money. To start off, the graphics are garbage, certain locations in different maps were completely removed or changed, the new interface and menus are horrible, and if that wasn't enough, they have micro transactions to unlock all the goats. Not to mention Goat MMO Simulator is an additional 8 bucks, whereas the PC version includes it entirely for free. You want to experience this game? Get on PC or console..Version: 1.9.4

RefundThis not on wouldn't it be easier to make a game that works on earlier devices and therefore newer ones two I want a refund I give 2 star cause I know it would have been a great game.Version: 1.2


GarbageIt freezes as soon as I get in the game on all of them on mobile. I wish I could get back all of my money. I wish I could leave a zero star review..Version: 1.9.7

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Is Goat Simulator not working?

Goat Simulator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Goat Simulator.

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