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Homebase Employee Scheduling Negative Reviews

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Homebase Employee Scheduling App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Homebase Employee Scheduling app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Homebase Employee Scheduling? Can you share your negative thoughts about homebase employee scheduling?

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Homebase Employee Scheduling for Negative User Reviews

Does not work in AustraliaRemove it from the Australian App Store or fix the SMS problem..Version: 3.84.1

Pretty good, could be more user friendlyUse the app as an employee and as a manager. It has some pretty decent options but has plenty of room for improvement It is fairly basic, allows for widespread messages to be easily sent to the entire staff and some very basic sorting into employee category to narrow message audience. However that sorting feature could use lots of improvement. •Sorting by: name, department, job title • the ability to form and save groups for later use ... things along those lines would be really beneficial. We are a very busy restaurant and as examples it would be very helpful to form (and save) groups such as: kitchen staff, dish staff, line cooks, servers, bartenders, cocktail servers-•, bartenders and servers, lunch servers, dinner servers, office staff, bus staff, host/hostess staff, etc AND all manner of combinations of the above groups. The ability to make and save different groups (or target audiences) would be very useful for a variety of announcements/messages/bulletins which frequently need to be delivered to select groups of employees. An option to form and keep groups would save lots of time and help prevent the painstaking chore of perusing the entire employee list, selecting all intended recipients and then praying no one was overlooked before sending!.Version: 3.67.1

GoodVery useful it is.Version: 3.74.1

Homebase notificationsMeme si nous avons consulté nos messages les notifications demeurent présentes.Version: 4.06.1

Pay them and it’s probably fineGot this app after reading a positive review of free time clock apps. It’s free, for about two weeks, after which, they take every measure to make their system dysfunctional under their free plan, while trying to bait you into buying a pay plan. The free plan is essentially a platform full of pop ups advertising their pay plans, while even the most basic features (like clocking in, clocking out) will be disabled unless a manager enables it, which also seems to not be an option. I get it, people don’t want to give services for free, but if that’s the case, just make it clear from the beginning that the free plan is essentially the same as not having a time clock, or better yet, just have it be a paid service from the beginning. What a hassle..Version: 3.35.1

Randomly doesnt work and no refresh with app closureApp is kinda annoying to use. You clock in, nothing updates not sure if it worked. If you want to verify any action has taken place, you have to close the app and reopen it to see if the state has changed. The cash out feature is pretty nice though and the only thing that saves this for me. If youre in a tight spot, your company can authorize up to like $150 early pay through the app that is handled by homebase incase you find yourself tight on money. They do charge your bank account for the amount paid out at the next pay day so plan ahead and dont make a habit of it. Really nice for those pay periods that hit you with some unexpected smaller expenses. Bad explanation but I appreciate the service offered..Version: 3.81

Phone app vs Desktop version.I like the phone app but the recent changes made to the desktop version is awful. I liked the original format and layout of the previous desktop version. The new one is not very user friendly. I don’t understand why the desktop version had to change. It was fine the way it was. Too bad, I may be looking for a new scheduling program. I don’t use this app to do payroll, just scheduling. I don’t need another payroll software. I export time information into QuickBooks. The only reason I chose this program was for scheduling employees and exporting timecards because I didn’t like the scheduling program T Sheets by Intuit because it wasn’t very user friendly. Now, this program is doing the same thing, becoming user unfriendly! I wish you would go back to the previous version. Thanks..Version: 3.84.1

It signs you out in new updateI can’t even sign back into the app, the new update made it a brick..Version: 3.99

Love the app just a few suggestionsThe app has a lot of great features in general, I have noticed some things malfunction. It’s show my earning as a lower dollar amount per hour than what I actually get, so I can’t rely on the earnings feature as much, I usually calculate my earnings on my own because it won’t update. Also the trade or cover feature has malfunctioned a few times, I just ask my manger if it does. Another issue is availability is a little odd, it’s hard to figure out and my manger actually doesn’t rely on what we input on it, she also has written availabilities from us. Other than that it is a great app in general I love profile and milestones and stuff it’s super cute..Version: 3.27.1

The app is usableI believe that this app has potential to become something great, but right now it is subpar. As a teen working, the UX (User Experience) is rough. It consists of a lot of unnecessary clicking to sections. They clearly wanted it to be organized, but they sectioned it so much, it feels like a mess. I use SubItUp for another job, and find that interface simpler after understanding and getting a grasp of it. I have had this app for 2 months+ and still feel like I’m struggle to operate the app the way it was intended to work. As a pretty tech savvy person, it shouldn’t be this way. It just needs to be simple and clean instead of trying to be showy and impressing. That would do the app a favor and make me like this app more over others. Simplicity is impressive nowadays. Hope you have found this helpful :).Version: 3.70.1

Ok app when it worksThis app will force fully sign you out at times and also has a problem getting locations which will then not allowed you to sign out even after the app says you have..Version: 3.98

Switching /requesting a shift switchNot very easily done in the app 👎🏽.Version: 4.05

Doesn’t work in AustraliaIf it doesn’t work in Australia why can I download it? Put that in the description so I don’t waste my time .....Version: 3.32

Does this app works in Australia?Does this app works in Australia?.Version: 3.80

New update has gotta goI use my Homebase app religiously. So this new update that signs me out everytime I close the app, is getting mighty annoying and it’s only been 2 days. Please fix this asap 🙏🏻.Version: 3.99

Problem with homepage and errorI am employee and my homebase is having problem on showing my schedule shift and its notes on homepage of app and also I am unable to clock in at my shift time. Please resolve this issue as my colleagues are also facing this issue after recent update of homebase. Thank you so much.Version: 4.04

HomebaseQuite buggy and keeps crashing and slow to bring up schedules but functionality is good.Version: 3.60.1

Why do I have to log in every timeRandomly started logging me out everything I need to clock in or out I have to log in. I promise no one is trying to clock me in on my own phone Homebase.Version: 4.00.1

UnimpressedI was hopeful when my employer moved to Homebase (from an abysmal patchwork system of Google products) this would feel like a true, modern improvement, but so far it all feels a bit buggy/unintuitive. For us (an events staffing agency) the inability to see a shift’s notes/details when it’s offered to trade/cover is a big misstep — we aren’t working in one place, and those further notes (usually client info, location, expected duties/necessary skills, exact pay rate, and such) are critical to determine if we want to accept a shift or not. Similarly, we may have shifts scheduled a month or more in advance — and it’s just outright bad UI to make anyone using this tap through the calendar one week at a time. I’m missing out on work opportunities because there’s no way to just view a list of open/available shifts — I have to tap through that awful weekly view, and hope the open shifts are still there since the notifications I do receive mostly just dump me into the Dashboard. I can only imagine it’s mostly managers waxing poetic about this app. From this employee’s experience, it feels like I’m being forced to use Beta software gathering dust since iOS 14..Version: 3.98

Don’t like being signed outLove this app usually but the latest update created a “session timed out” feature which is incredibly frustrating. I don’t want to have to sign in every time I open the app. If this feature needs to be in place please make “stay signed in” an option..Version: 3.99

AustraliaWhy let me download if I can’t use in my country?????.Version: 3.70

Annoying “cash out” pop ups all the timeThe app can be slow and glitchy at times, however the user interface on the employee end is decent. It would be nice if the buttons for requesting time off for vacation or sick time were easier to find and clearly defined. Also I would rate this app higher if it didn’t notify me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I open the app or clock out asking me if I’m interested in cashing out. I’m not interested, I never will be. I wouldn’t recommend for that one reason. It feels weirdly exploitative to have to receive that when I have no choice in what scheduling app my employer chooses. Also, it takes forever to get rid of message notifications. And I wish it would tell you who exactly read and reacted to a message. Thanks!.Version: 3.93

App keeps crashing or freezingI use Homebase for my work, so far I’ve only had one issue in which, I was unable to clock out due to an update. Eventually it was fixed and I could clock out. Unfortunately I have run into another issue, this time it’s worse. When I try to open the app, it loads and brings me to the dashboard, but nothing is on it except the date and time, and clock in button. All the buttons are there, but I cannot access them, because the entire app is frozen, after waiting a bit, the entire app crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again, but it doesn’t work. I saw that there was a new update, it seems that every time there is a new update, more base parts of the app don’t work. Please read this and please fix it. The app is great other than constant updates that constantly bring more problems to the app. Thank you..Version: 3.14.1

Good, but one very frustrating glitchOverall Homebase seems to be a really good system, I really appreciate some of the functions and features it has (like messaging coworkers, seeing your money earned per shift, clocking in and out on the app, etc.). That being said, there’s one glitch/issue that drives me NUTS. There doesn’t seem to be any way to clear message notifications on this Homebase app. When I get a message, no matter how many times I close the app, open the message, scroll through all of the messages, or even delete messages, I still always have a notification that there’s an unread message. Not only is this super annoying visually, it makes me think I’ve missed something from a boss/coworker every time I open the app. It seems like such a simple thing to have read messages NOT give unread notifications, yet this app still struggles with that. If they’d fix that issue it really would be 5 stars from me..Version: 3.76

Homebase not working for me!Homebase says my number is already active ... but it’s not letting me go in... when I go to sign in with my number, it says welcome back then says it is going to send a code to my cell phone so I can finish signing in... but I do not get that text with the code!! My manager has tried many times to try and make it work but nothing works!!!.Version: 3.52

Horribly GlitchyI’m glad my place of work has moved into the 21st century and has tried to use something like this as a means of scheduling, but wow do I wish they used something besides Homebase. For such a widely used and extensive app, this is the glitchiest, most infuriating app I’ve used in a LONG time. Why am I on the App Store page right now in the first place? I’m reinstalling Homebase, because it bugged out and I was forced to reinstall the entire app just to fix it. A few days ago I was trying to clock out of work, and Homebase crashed as soon as I hit the button - forcing a restart of my entire phone, and a clock out time that was 5 mins after I actually left the building. The idea behind this app is great, but I honestly don’t believe it’s worth using when one has to deal with the laggy, glitchy nature of every feature in it..Version: 3.16.1

It’s ok when it worksHomebase has good features like reminders to your shift and being able to clock in and out from your phone. But somethings just don’t work properly. I have zero messages waiting for me, but it says I have 9 unread ones. On top of that, the message notifications I do get are stuffed behind other useless notifications from the app. Also the set up for “cash out” is slow and made me get stuck on a “loading” screen for several minutes twice. I had to close out of the app for it to response again. I then got a notification that cash was ready to go but when I check the app it says “bank ineligible”. Why would I be told its ready to use when it’s clearly not? There are times randomly when the app refuses to work as well. Like when I open the app and all it says “error 4400” or something along those lines. Then after 30-40 mins of it not working it makes me sign in again only for it to not work still. I really don’t understand how this app can be so glitchy and laggy when it’s used by many businesses. Last thing: if the cash out feature is for people who need money right away, why would you put restrictions on who could use it? It really blows my mind that you have a system in place to help, but you won’t help because of “low income deposits” It’s my money, it’s insulting that the app thinks I can’t handle it or that I don’t deserve it..Version: 4.06

Free version isn’t badThe free version meets the bare minimum of what I need. Small features that would be helpful requires upgrading to the next level, that would be very costly..Version: 4.00.1

Poor appDoes not work correctly. Better off using anything but this app. Last night I worked from midnight to 7am and it recorded me as a “no show”!!!!.Version: 3.98

Notifications too generalNot bad, lots of good stuff, but only getting a general notification of “schedule change” when only one specific shift in the schedule has changed is pretty shot. My calendar app is better than this. This app needs specific shift change notifications when that happens..Version: 3.56

Does not update/reload automaticallyI am a retail employee who uses Homebase to clock hours and message managers. What I don’t like about Homebase is that it doesn’t update automatically. Like most other apps, such as social media and texting, you are notified as soon as you receive a message or you have changed your status. However, homebase takes a few minutes, usually several (like 20-30) to register that something has been changed or received. For example, if I tap the clock in button, the page layout will not change, making it seem as though I have not clocked in. If I tap a different page, such as scheduling, and then return to my homepage, then it will reload. Additionally, I messaged my manager to notify that I’d be late–my manager got the message After I’d arrived to work. Notification badges don’t dissappear for a while after notifications/messages have been read, as well. As an employee, using Homebase would be much more user-friendly if it updated in real time..Version: 3.74.2

Hate the new updateThe new update makes it very difficult to see how many hours I’ve earned. It’s pushing the cash out option really aggressively and I don’t particularly have a need for that feature. I mostly need to keep track of my hours and avoid going into overtime. The new update doesn’t show the total number of hours worked, just the amount of money I’ve earned so far. I also find it annoying that the old version showed my shift in hours and minutes but the total number of hours in hours and decimals. Just pick one! I don’t care how it tracks time, but don’t make me jump through conversation hoops to calculate my hours! It’s a problem because the second week of the pay period has the first week of the pay period added on to it, so I have to remember how many hours I did the previous week in order to make sure I didn’t go over 40 the second week..Version: 3.78

Dashboard versionWish the messaging was more robust and that the emoticons and editing was the same on both the mobile app and web dashboard. I cannot edit any announcements or messages, which is just crazy. Emoticons and bold type and proper paragraphs. All of the text is in one giant paragraph. This is such a limited messaging system and need a lot of work to improve it to bring it up to basic standard with comparable apps and services. Here’s crossing fingers Homebase is listening and their developers are working on this. We’d love ‘sunshine’ on that they are planning in development so we can know what to expect and when. Right now any updates could just show up tomorrow, or conversely, never..Version: 3.80

Australia?Heard this was a good app to arrange business & teams. I tried three times to register my business only to be told that, as I am not in the USA or UK, I can’t be added. Homebase is missing the market in Australia..Version: 3.16

Would be nice if it worked properlyApp keeps booting everyone off. Hasn’t always been this way, probably just a sloppy update..Version: 4.00.1

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