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Smaller?!?! When does that happen? 😊Huge props to the developers for making an app smaller. In these days of bloatware nobody seems to care about that because “storage is cheap”. Well that’s not entirely true if you’re buying your storage from Apple! Also, some of us have older phones and are struggling to fit everything on. So thank you devs! Love your work..Version: 5.35.0

No backupJust upgraded my iPhone and transferred all the data across from the old phone. Deleted old phone and gave it to my kids. On launching signal on my new phone it required the old phone to restore messages. The old phone was erased and sadly I lost all my chats and groups for the last 18 months. What’s app etc worked fine and was restored. This needs improving. I would also like to not use my phone number. Slow adoption means I still rely heavily on what’s app. So I have now have iMessage, what’s app, signal and FB messenger. I would dearly love to remove Facebook owned apps off my phone but it would mean not being able to communicate with most of my groups and friends. It’s a good app but more people need to wake up to privacy and that isn’t going to change anytime soon..Version: 5.19.0

Good alternative!A really good alternative to WhatsApp, the video call audio has given us problems consistently, that’s the only reason I’ve given it 4.Version: 5.8.2

Functional, with room for improvementSo far it’s been a bumpy ride for Signal, but it’s to be expected with the sudden rise in traffic. I believe that the Company is headed in the right direction, in terms of privacy and secure communications. Having said this, there is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to secure message history backups, communication speed, and cross platform synchronisation. I believe that as the platform gains more users and better funding, it will address all these little issues. I also hope that they will stay true to their mission of privacy and security..Version: 5.2.1

To a future without Zuckerberg! 🥳🥂I have been using signal for several years now and thought it was time to show my appreciation for this fantastically simple messages app. I moved from WhatsApp after reading numerous reports of how Facebook or should I say Meta (funny how they rebrand before taking responsibility! 🙄) have misused and abused private user data. Signal has alleviated my privacy concerns and works a dream. In fact in several years of daily use it has never once gone offline or glitched out on me. Everyone who values me has joined whether they're on WhatsApp or not. No regrets other than not joining sooner..Version: 5.27

I have a problem with this good appFirst of all, thank you for developing this app continuously. However, I have a problem with it that has been going for months now, and I have been waiting for it to be addressed in one of your updates. The problem is that I cannot change my profile picture. Every time I try to change it with any photo, it doesn’t work and shows and error message “profile update failed”! Could you please fix this or tell me how to fix it?.Version: 2.35.0

Excellent for privacyAs WhatsApp now sends all of your personal data to Facebook, signal is a great alternative. It has trustworthy end-to-end encryption and doesn’t store your chat logs. I have donated to keep the platform alive and want to thank Brian Acton for making this alternative better than WhatsApp. It allows for group chats and will permanently delete your chats if you choose, whereas Facebook stores your chats forever on their servers even if you delete them. Edward Snowden as well as countless other privacy experts have recommended it and it’s the best messaging app on the App Store. It has a few teething problems/bugs like any app but the regular updates seek to fix any issues..Version: 5.9

Can you please add option to change bubble colourGreat app!!! Go privacy Can you please add 1) read reciepts for a group. Ie turn for a group chat..Version: 2.37.2

Drama queenI’m leaving this review in response to that other review RE: the recent implementation of a PIN. It could have been explained a bit better to users but it has a valid use. It’s so nobody can SIM swap you to steal your message history and potentially sensitive data which could potentially happen to at-risk people like journalists and whistleblowers. Signal has a very good track record with being zero knowledge and being unable to provide user data to authorities when requested, and they’re continuing to uphold that with new features. So it’s literally fine..Version: 3.22

Excellent but still occasional crashesFirst. I love the sense of humour of whoever put together the screenshots. Reich (how many are old enough to remember his contribution of the “orgone accumulator” to 60’s alternative culture) and Voltaire i spotted but had to look up the other two. Excellent but STILL has stability issues on busy conversations after about a week of use since your last iphone reboot. Typically causes app to crash snd close when attaching photos or to show an error screen when using the camera directly within the app. Bug is only rectified by doing a hard reboot on the iphone (xr) indicating a bug such as a memory leak / garbage collection / stack handling..Version: 3.6.1

The Best Privacy Focused Messaging App.But it’s much more than just privacy, you can use Signal for group chats and private calls too. I highly recommend this app as it has been a stellar experience for me. All the benefits of modern communications with the knowledge your conversations will remain unseen by the thousands of bad actors looking to sell your information!.Version: 5.33.1

It’s great but…It’s really good but it takes a while to send. Once I sent my sister something but then 1hr after she got it.Version: 5.18.3

Don't hate the player hate the gameNickfrikiname is very wrong! This is a great app and I've always promoted the app to my friends. He's upset because of his particular situation. What he failed to understand is, signal really does protect your privacy, from anyone and everyone. Unfortunately in this world we live in privacy seems to be very scarce and signal helps bring that back! I do wish the phone call feature was a tad bit better as far as the recipient being able to hear what I'm saying, but I totally understand that being encrypted can't be a easy task and probably very complex but at least they are trying. Recovering old messages shouldn't be an option and should stay that way no matter what. This is what the app is built around and how they promote it!.Version: 2.30.2

Excellent Messaging AppI am on a campaign to get everyone onto Signal. It is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp, independent of the Meta Universe (with all that implies) and works flawlessly. I am happy to support it by subscribing a small amount each month. Thank you!.Version: 6.19.2

Could you please provide ‘SIDE LOAD SAFETY!’ PREVENTED!! confirmation ASAP?Hello User Development Team! Could you please provide-us confirmation that we’re not open to the ‘Unacceptably High-Side-Loading Threat,” The idea this RISK can & is ‘always generically present’ I know is hard enough to ‘’Identify, Protect & Patch-Out! on a daily basis!” & the ‘Only-Way’ of preventing those whom see it as a ‘MUST’ to keep-us ‘SPIED-UPON 100%’ of our-lives....as their ‘GIVEN-RIGHT of PASSAGE....Like Breathing to them!!! The same species of humanoid whom gaining access to our system by-way of this ‘a most-recent of Signal App-update..We ‘WANT’ to SAFELY’ make Please? Remember, for us ‘mere-everyday people’ to be given ‘access-to’ & provided with, the use of a ‘Questionable (can only be for criminals & anti-establismentarialist types!....Are we Really?) SAFE, COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, which is seen to be “Too Difficult To ‘BACKDOOR KEY,” MUST NEVER BE PUT AT RISK OF BEING SURRENDERED, BY BEING BROKEN-INTO...... HELP!! PLEASE CAN YOU CONFIRM ‘YOU’VE GOT-US ‘COVERED?” “SIGNAL, is JUST ‘OUR’ Communication System!!” OUR VERY MANY THANKS TO YOU!!!!!:-) Greg.Version: 3.22

Pls make a social media app tooLove the messaging app. Would be great if you all could create something to replace IG/fb too..Version: 5.4

ArchiveSignal is very good. But why can’t you archive chats. Frustrating that you can only archive until someone sends a message within them and then they are back in your list again. Making the function worthless. If a user wants to archive the chat it means they don’t want it active in their chat list until some point in the future of their choosing when they can unarchive. So frustrating that you can end up with such a busy chat list full of chats you are temporarily not active in, but do not wish to leave..Version: 5.49

Simple to use, works wellThe world needs more Signal. This app is based on an open-source protocol and claims to be secure … and unlike WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), I am inclined to believe Signal’s encryption claims. I enjoy the no-tracker, ad-free experience. Invite your friends, change the world. Signal is the app for people who believe their conversations should be private simply because they’re nobody else’s business..Version: 6.16

Security. Is it really? Then why am i here?Whats appening y’all. I was with another private messaging app that offered the same security as Signal and there is now apparently, accusations of them who did sell out to the highest bidder, have dropped their guard to set off a security alert, or so i was warned. Thats why i am here.. 3 separate times in the last few months friends have asked me to get Signal PM app, to which i replied “no way ! i use the most secure PM app there is”lets hope i haven’t made the same error..Version: 2.33.0

Great appHave quite a few friends on here now. Works great, and private (unlike Facebook and various others)..Version: 5.27

A-M-A-Z-I-N-GI love signal. I find it easy to communicate with grandparents or other people who live overseas. I use it everyday not only for my grandparents but also with my parents. It’s easy to communicate with anyone. You can delete messages and send cute stickers. There is no advertisement or other things you don’t want. Signal is the best messaging app ever. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - student.Version: 5.20.0

Great app!Great app as a secure alternative to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp..Version: 2.33.1

Reliable secure messagingI use Signal as my primary cross-platform messaging service. It’s reliable and easy to use, and the most secure way to message friends on non-Apple devices..Version: 5.18.2

Why not choose privacy?Signal is a great messenger app, does everything you need it to do and more. The killer for me though is that it’s not owned by a company which has shown time and time again to be irresponsible with people’s data, and to allow that data and connections to be used in ways that are fundamentally undemocratic, bad for people’s mental health and even complicit with human trafficking and other types of violence. Moving to Signal is an easy step to take to help create a better world..Version: 5.26.10

Signal is my first choice based on their philosophy but the UX could be betterI love Signal because of the data minimal philosophy. They don’t care who you phone, when or for how long. They’re not trying to form a picture of your social network, which demographic you fall into or which adverts could be successfully targeted at you. Plus it’s secure for sharing stuff like bank details etc. The messaging works fine, so do the calls and the video calls and everything. I’ve experienced a few bugs here and there when friends haven’t updated and I have or similar things but it seems to be getting more stable. I’ll stick with it and keep getting more people to join..Version: 2.41.1

Secure, Private, and User-Friendly MessagingSignal stands out as the premier choice in the crowded landscape of messaging apps. Its emphasis on security and privacy is commendable and unmatched by competitors, making it a reliable option for those who prioritise these elements. The cross-platform functionality enhances its appeal, offering the convenience of seamless messaging across various devices. This feature enables users to communicate without being tied to a single device or platform, providing a level of flexibility that is highly appreciated in today's fast-paced world. Furthermore, despite its strong focus on privacy and security, Signal does not compromise on user experience. The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Overall, Signal sets a high bar for what a messaging app should be - secure, private, and user-friendly. If you value your privacy and want a versatile messaging platform, Signal should undoubtedly be your go-to app..Version: 6.27

What’s app-10 , signal +infinityNot for profit so please do donate if you can afford too, and founded by an ex original what’s app founder. With Zuckerbergs take over of what’s app which brings data mining everyone he possibly can and enforcing rules on existing what’s app subscribers no wonder most sensible people are switching to signal! Great platform and very much similar if not even more user friendly than other apps.Version: 5.3

The only PvtMsngr you will ever needUse ANY phone number with Signal? Check. Tightest encryption in the world when it comes to messaging? Check. Full control, disappearing messages, lockout, and no account needed! Signal rules all..Version: 3.2.0

Quite the businessBeen using this app daily for quite a while. Excellent encryption protocol, yes indeed. Would rate 6 stars if I could. Want to suggest a minor UX improvement: Plz, plz allow the message-composing box to expand! (like it can on MacOS app) This would help rather a lot when composing longer messages..Version: 6.11

A great app that fully functional yet secureI moved to Signal from WhatsApp when Facebook was looking to harvest contacts from WhatsApp users. Signal was a bit clunky then but the team has worked hard and I now am fully happy with it. Given that security forces recommend that their members use it gives me even more confidence..Version: 5.44

Great app with room to improveI love using Signal! It has all the features of a great messaging app. I enjoyed it better before the recent updates though. The new feature that auto allows the most recent chat to pop up even whilst I am half-way replying to another chat has been pretty distracting and annoying. I think the app could be improved if there was a way to disable this function so the user can decide if they want to use it or not. Apart from that, Signal has been AMAZING! I have been getting friends/family to jump onto this platform for communications. Keep up the awesome work Signal Developers and thank you for this app! 😊.Version: 2.37.2

Thank youNice to see a developer that cares as much about my privacy as I do.Version: 5.0.3

My Favourite Chat AppFrom photo picking to chats and auto delete, this is my favourite chat app. Love the privacy angle. Just wish more of my contacts used it..Version: 6.37

Double Update..? (Yet Again)Not sure whether anyone else experiences this for each and every update, but I received a notification re an update Tuesday this week, which I dutifully downloaded and then opened briefly.. I then checked in to the AppStore this morning to see if any updates are available and see the same update once more requiring download and install. I have reported this behaviour previously and the response I received from the Devs was that this would be expected behaviour if I were on the Beta channel... but I’m not. I am however in the U.K. which is why I am especially anxious as to whether there is any less than subtle replacing of trusted binaries taking place, given one can’t exactly readily check for reproducible build and sideload having confirmed checksums... I therefore ask again, particularly in light of further overtures in certain quarters about bypassing Signals security by circumventing authentication in group chats (for eg;) can an explanation be provided for this persistent, recurrent behaviour as lack of the same is making me question the integrity of this App..Version: 2.42.3

Better before the update!I have no idea why but since the August 2018 update this app doesn’t work as well as it did before. My friend constantly says “I didn’t get your message” (through normal messaging). It’s stalls here and there - screen freezes after writing a message and hitting send.... not always It might look better and have a few better visual features but personally think it was better before.Version: 2.28.1

Better than WhatsApp!! And private!Tell everyone to switch!.Version: 5.5.0

Great Privacy Preserving AppThis is a very secure, privacy first app. Even the ubiquitous WhatsApp can track so much of your metadata without having to read the content (who, when, where, how long you chatted). Not Signal - it has real privacy. Plus it’s owned by a non-profit so they don’t have the temptation to harvest your data. This means it has a few quirks users need to be aware of, though, like ‘forward privacy’ so even if someone hacked your account they couldn’t read your old messages. This means it’s difficult to transfer data to a new phone. If you can live with that, it’s a great app that’s constantly improving. Request for the extra star: please give us Siri and CarPlay access..Version: 6.26

Signal is the best messenger program available todayI use signal all over the world as I travel nothing I have used has worked as well. It leaves the other messenger type programs in the dust. Step up go signal it’s fast easy and doesn't seem to steal your personal data for a Constant stream of irrelevant advertising you do not need . Signal is brilliant I highly recommend it.Version: 2.41.1

Video support expandGreat app how many people does signal video/audio chat support. When would you expand the amount of support people if its just one on one..Version: 3.7.1

SuggestionIt would be great if one can see if the contact is online..Version: 5.11.1

Best message app ever!😁This app is so amazing. It is just like WhatsApp but with more privacy. It’s easy to use and has many cool features also if you deleting another message app and telling everyone to move over to signal you can make a group, send the link to people so when they are in signal that can press the link and automatically join into the group. So if your reading this review and wondering is you should download this app I have your answer YES.Version: 5.4

The only messenger I trustWhile other E2E encrypted messengers exist, many still invade your privacy in other ways, such as raiding your contact list and building profiles on you. Signal is the original E2E messenger by Open Whisper Systems—inventor of the Signal Protocol (used by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, amongst others). It is open source and development is not funded by your data, but by charity. If you’re using a third party messenger, switch to Signal and encourage your friends to do so as well. All the bells and whistles on other messengers aren’t worth your privacy..Version: 2.30.2

The basics are just rightI don’t want it to be super fancy and colourful, I just want it to be functional. I don’t want to be constantly engaged by marketing. I don’t want scammers contacting me. Thankfully, Signal has not crossed those boundaries. They have delivered a functional app that does what I need it to do well. That said, there is one point list for telling anyone who has my phone number in their contacts that I’m on Signal. I don’t want to see most of my contacts again. They are only contacts so I can screen and block them. I do wish signal would let me opt out of being visible to anyone..Version: 5.56

Switch immediatelyThis program was recommended by a friend who thought the government was after him. Turns out, they were not, and still don’t care at all, but now I have this texting program which is extremely secure and also probably easier to use than actual texting. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it sends clearer voice messages than any program I have used , texting is easy, there’s different gifs here, and anyone w a smart phone can use it. I am converting everyone I know to it! If I had more money I would donate, and it’s on my list to do when I start making more. Plus, you can talk about how the moon landing was faked by Bigfoot when his contract with the CIA to fight lizard people at the flat earth ice wall was over and not worry about what people think! What a time to be alive. Except for JFK. Thanks a lot, Amelia Earhart..Version: 6.22

Almost thereRecent updates have made Signal even more slick and refined to use. In my opinion the UX is now on a par with WhatsApp and Messenger. However, a big feature that is STILL missing is a WhatsApp-style iCloud backup feature. I know there is now a method through which you can transfer your conversations from one iPhone to another, but unfortunately this doesn’t work if you no longer have access to your old phone. Be warned! This means even if you just delete and reinstall the Signal app, you will lose ALL of your conversations. Very annoying and nowhere does it explicitly state this on the app. The developers have had long enough to implement a proper solution for this. If the developers are hoping for a bigger uptake of this app, a fully-fledged backup feature is an absolute must..Version: 5.16.1

#1 privacy handler!!Thanks a lot for the great work ‘Team Signal’!! I can’t stress enough how great this app is. It’s really the best app of its kind in the market so far. I’d love to see the team adding a more practical and yet important feature like being able to share larger files with friends. As for me, I don’t mind paying for a premium version that would unlock a bunch of other features for a small amount of money. The team is playing a great role in developing and maintaining the privacy of this app so I think they all deserve something in return. Thanks again!.Version: 5.2

SignalI am having huge problems. I see someone from signal has sent me a support link so I an hour or two when my v busy day is finished I will see if they can help me. Have 2xiPads and MAc but bought new iPhone last Friday and disaster on that. Can’t ring from any device Can’t do sound messages from ph. No sound notifications on incoming And other stuff.Version: 5.6

Simply the best messaging app - and it’s freeEven without its industry-leading security, Signal would rank as one of the best messaging apps around, but when you add the state of the art end-to-end encryption to the fast, fluid UI, you get the best messaging app ever. There’s also the frequent security and feature updates, all provided for free by the non profit backing Signal, making sure it will remain the best for years to come..Version: 6.43

One of the beat chat apps periodI started using Signal about two years ago, after being disillusioned with Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp. I tried Telegram and then Signal. Signal had some polish missing, but it was by far the best in terms of security and also in terms of my ability to communicate. I can easily keep conversations going on my phone and multiple desktops independently, something I believe no other secure chat application has, and I don't have to worry about big tech spying or censorship. Signal today is in my opinion a much better experience than Facebook or Google delivers, or even what you get from Telegram. The UI design is better than WhatsApp at this point. In fact, I noticed recently that Facebook Messenger copied the Signal UI for giving arbitrary emoji responses to messages. Download the app. You won't regret it..Version: 5.1

An excellent messaging appI began using Signal after finding out about the data harvesting of other messaging apps. When I first began, it was good but had some accessibility issues, but because of its amazing privacy practices I have never looked back since. I have been a proud tester of Signal for the last four months, and I’ve only seen it getting better and better. I would suggest this to anyone, even those like myself with a visual impairment. Just one more improvement: The group video call screen is still inaccessible, it is all unlabelled buttons which eventually disappear entirely and make the app look as though it has crashed until you disable voiceover and touch the middle of the screen. This 4 star review will become 5 if this gets fixed. :).Version: 6.11

Great App.Hello Signal and goodbye WhatsApp. It does everything I need from messaging App + privacy I want 👍🏾..Version: 5.12.0

Excellent reliable serviceLoving signal, provides a reliable platform for communication during Covid lockdown. Thank you for this amazing service.Version: 3.6.1

Private ChatsI love not being served ads just because I vocalized or wrote down something I’m considering buying. Best private messaging app out there. I wish this could be available on the Apple Watch. Not sure if it’s a technical limitation, or just a matter of time, but that would be fantastic if that were possible!.Version: 6.10

Getting it right the first timeFounders and everyone got it right. Well done!.Version: 6.11

AwesomeHave had no issues with this app - I am able to connect with work colleagues from a distance. Recommend to download this and use for work communication..Version: 3.8.3

Troublesome with multiple forwardingI can forward up to five recipients, and then MUST CLOSE the app and then reopen in order to forward more. Why so troublesome?.Version: 5.26.9

Mark, best app ever. No one can hear me.Best app ever, never fails, along with my top notch high end encrypted VPN I’m enjoying the silence. I certainly enjoy the fact no one can listen in or even know where I am whilst making phone calls, texts or sending images which all are quickly transferred. As a veteran I know they listen so now they can’t it’s great I need my privacy.Version: 3.11

Love it - only messaging app you can trustI’ve been using signal for about three years now and it’s my go to messaging app now. Stable, functional and properly private. They’ve been on an amazing trajectory for features and reliability over the years and no need for any other app now really..Version: 5.55

I love signal but there is one problemSignal is a great app for everyone but sometimes when you don’t have internet and you send a sticker or massage it barely sends it to the person your sending it to. When you get to a place where it has internet it still doesn’t send and in the end nobody will see it. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like the app “ I do like it”.Version: 5.24

SignalI enjoy using this app I have used it for sometime. I like the fact communication is kept private. Not that your discussions have any I’ll intent but more that I feel it’s our right to have freedom to communicate freely without the worry of it ever being monitored hacked or disclosed. Many thanks to all those who work behind the scenes to make this possible..Version: 2.29.1

Great AppSignal is a great app, only glitch worth mentioning is the fact that a user has to be in the app (online) to receive calls, in my experience I haven’t had my phone ring when someone tries to call me unless I’m online, thus missing important calls or unable to reach contacts that are otherwise outside of network coverage.Version: 5.26.9

So easy!!So easy to download and get set up, so easy to use and find all the features, has everything any other messaging app I have used has had but in a better layout and better UI, not to mention security and privacy!! Thank you Signal!.Version: 5.14

Good App, But need improvementOverall, it’s a good app, but need some improvements like, - when I pick an incoming video call, I don’t see any option to choose audio mode, e.g If phone is connected with Bluetooth, I can’t change to speaker. There is no button at all for incoming calls to change audio mode. - In video call, I can’t enlarge my portrait video. - Audio quality and intensity are bit low than other competitors. However, Video quality is awesome. Above three issue I have observed which needs an attention..Version: 5.25.0

RockstarThis is a simple and secure app to connect with people. Would be nice if there was more features added with future updates!.Version: 5.2

Wow I love itEverything about this app is pretty much spot on it is the best way to chat with your friends and not feel nervous of people watching. The timer feature is extremely useful in allows both parties to set a Time limit on the message very helpful. I have been using this app for almost 2 years now and have sent all my friends over only way to communicate. Reason for writing this review is I would like to change one option if that is something you guys would consider and that is changing the calling feature so it gives you another menu so you don’t just click it and it calls right away and tells the user that you try to call them. Just make some other second screen that allows you to confirm the call but other than that this app is perfect..Version: 2.22.0

Please add story feature tooYou may call it something else😜.Version: 5.3

Amazing app geared toward true PRIVACY!Deleted whatsapp over a year ago because of its creepy trackers and message monitoring. Actually deleted all Facebook associated apps cause they abuse your data because they claim we use there service for free and they need to make money, however, not at the expense of your mental and financial health, cleverly timing ads for things you don’t really need and using the other apps like WhatsApp to track you and your behaviours. Signal sorts all those problems, easy to use, respects your privacy and definitely a lot smoother. In fact I think it’s the best out of all private messaging apps in my opinion now. Well done signal developers! 👍🏻.Version: 5.26.1

This should be your daily messaging app.Private, secure, open source. Unlike most messaging platforms, signal does not make money from your data. Signal does not bow to government requests to open “backdoor” access to chats or attachments. Signal’s transparency is top tier. Using signal is doing your part to change the future of the internet for the better, so invite your friends!.Version: 6.2.3

The only messaging app you needUnlike its well known competitors, Signal does not collect any data about you, or track your usage. It takes privacy seriously. It is funded by a non-profit foundation, and it can never be sold to big tech company. Cofounder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton (who quit Facebook over their lack of emphasis on user privacy), provided $50M to the creator of Signal to establish the foundation. Signal’s codebase is also fully open source meaning it can be reviewed and publicly audited so that we can be sure it is safe, secure and keeps our communication private. After years of being uneasy with WhatsApp, I finally deleted it and am pleased to see so many of my friends joining this week. Signal puts its user’s privacy first and is now the only messaging app I want on my device. It’s great to see so many others waking up to the privacy risks from using Facebook’s services..Version: 5.2

Great!Another new user from the whatsapp exodus lol! Signal is great! I can’t speak to the technical side of the security, but it has to be more ethical than Facebook skimming your data haha. All the features from whatsapp are here plus a few others like not showing your online status and ability to turn off receipts. I wanted to leave whatsapp since fb bought them but the problem was everyone I know was still there. I’m kinda glad they over stepped the mark here as most people I know are migrating now. Imo Signal seems a great alternative feature wise and a much better alternative privacy wise :).Version: 5.26.10

Missing some featuresI really love signal at the moment, but, it’s missing some useful features. But other than that, it’s a great app. I highly recommend it..Version: 5.13.0

You must have!This thing is better that Whatsapp and does not belong to facebook, super secure and easy to use....Version: 2.36.0

Goodbye WhatsApp!In light of the recent power-grab by big tech, I was extremely pleased to find a safe, secure, free application to replace WhatsApp. Feels like a breath of fresh air being able to communicate with friends and family without big-tech trying to harvest all my data. Goodbye WhatsApp once and for all!.Version: 5.0.3

Amazing! 🥰The perfect app. I love this for my long distance relationship. We don’t have to spend tons of money for international calls, we just use signal. Plus we each have tons of sticker packs and have so much fun sending the stickers and leaving each other voice messages. Love the sense of privacy as well. It’s great that signal also saves all your photos. I can easily go back and find his selfies or video attachments. Even a search feature for the chat so I can find a specific conversation if needed. Couldn’t hardly ask for a better app. The only suggestions I would have is to have an edit option (like discord has) so I can fix typos easily. And I would like to be able to have that “delete for everyone” option be always available. Especially since all the media we send stays under the media tab, it would be nice to clear out photos or videos we don’t need anymore. Thanks a bunch !.Version: 5.8.2

Pretty good but ...I’ve been using Signal on and off for a few years and it’s not bad. Also been using Telegram Messenger as well and find that some features in Telegram Messenger are better / would be better suited if integrated with Signal. Telegram Messenger: Notifies you when someone has taken a “screenshot” of your messages. I’ve not seen this in Signal. (Think most people would like to know if someone had done this) Allows you to delete messages from both sides WITHOUT a time limit. Signal has 3 hours to do this if I’m correct. I’ve deleted conversations weeks after from both sides on TM. Shows when someone is online and how long ago they were online. I’m sure some of these can be tweaked in the settings if added. **And turned on and off by the user** I’d have given a 5* but just feel it’s not quite their for me for my privacy need and peace of mind. I’m sure many many people would appreciate some of these simple features too..Version: 5.2

Awesome app!Such a great app. End-to-end secure with no ads, easy-to-use interface and totally FREE! I vastly prefer Signal to Messenger. It's so quick to switch. Download and you're ready to go! Takes a little while to find your contacts, but it gets there..Version: 5.59.1

Quality voice and video callsSummary: Well maintained, well oiled alternative to WhatsApp provided my a not-for-profit entity, but Signal is much better. Pros: Works better than WhatsApp. Has privacy, and does not sell my data, unlike WhatsApp Faster than WhatsApp :-) Incredibly responsive developers: I am amazed. Has a "Use less data" option, which saves my mobile data plan. Good chat and group functions. Excellent interface. Faster than WhatsApp. Cons: Keyboard on 4" iphone covers last message so never know what you really are replying to. Also on other parts of the app. Cannot disable auto download of images nor videos like in WhatsApp, but this is because they do not store the files, which is an acceptable trade off for privacy..Version: 5.2

Signal for the future!A seriously good messaging app, with privacy at the forefront (unlike other well-known alternatives!). As technology advances, there is always going to be concerns around privacy. Signal says they don’t collect and use data like WhatsApp does, and I believe them. As it’s not run by Facebook that is, without a shadow of a doubt, a seriously dangerous organisation. I do not accept any product provided by this very intrusive, repugnant organisation. Which I my ‘choice’, go figure! I’ve been on the Signal app for 2 months when, at that point, deleted WhatsApp. I was initially concerned that others wouldn’t follow but I was adamant that the only way to make this happen was to not give-in and keep the other platform. I now have 30+ people in Signal contacts. Stability is excellent. No issues. Video calls work well, albeit quality isn’t 100% compared to FaceTime. Belong to many ‘Group’, which work well. Some great features. No “Online” status is a dream. No worries about metadata being stored. Nothing. Make the dream work and stick to your word. Download. Delete the alternative (via the settings, not just the app...!) and feel better !.Version: 5.0.3

Good, but needs to remain extremely secureI would give this 5 stars, originally I would give it 6 stars if it were possible, but am now concerned about potential hack ability. Even with end to end encryption, a big selling point here was that everything was stored locally and there was no server access. Now I can use delete for all. That means the server has access after the messages have been sent. I am also unhappy that I have to give out my phone number. I am hearing rumors of possible 3rd party products. And commercialization. I am willing to PAY for Signal just to keep it free of these. The more access to the platform others have, the less secure everything becomes. And no one likes commercials..Version: 5.14

Best messaging serviceFully end to end encrypted, open source, and very easy to setup. Interface is very familiar and user friendly..Version: 5.49

It’s seem bit slow and there is no option for call history overall it’s fantastic . 🌟🌟🌟🌟✨H.Version: 5.2

Great messenger bu missing a few featuresFor groups Would be nice to have a poll option I. E choose an option for an event Or event rsvp options for each group member. Live location sharing for 15 or 60 minutes would also be nice..Version: 5.3

Perfect Combination with Proper VPNSignal is great. You configure the settings to your liking & it’s very private. You can enable face-ID, Thumbprint, & a pin. It allows disappearing messages, & calls, even video calls. The video calls rival FaceTime, which is surprising because I’ve tried many different video call apps, all seem to be sub-par to FaceTime. However, Signal is right there. I wish more were using it so the government can’t pry at our messages & companies like Facebook & Google can stay out of our conversations. Keeps us away from ad trackers with the combination of the VPN. None of your phone listening to you talking or typing. 4/5 stars simply because 5/5 makes no sense. People wouldn’t read the review & I want the company to make it better over time, not get complacent & do no future updates. It can improve in certain areas..Version: 2.39.1

Excellent communications toolHaving learned that WhatsApp is owned by FB and that there are documented cases of breaches of data misuse, relieved to find a way of communicating that isn’t feeding data into the systems which are nudging our current civilisation’s behaviour, ultimately in the interests of financial gain, rather than our wellbeing. It is a pleasant app to use. Feature-rich and well-designed. Jaron Lanier’s book, 10 Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now makes for informative reading and for a compelling incentive to use this app as an alternative to offerings owned by the largest social media corporations..Version: 2.28.1

Great app, requires feature enrichment thoughThis is a great alternative to WhatsApp. Very stable and comparable features. However, hoping that the app will improve and have all the good features of WhatsApp. Few examples. A. Indication for a read message. B. Photo upload does not seems to have compression/image size reduction C. A image with time expiry needs a notification if the recipient is attempting screen capture. D. Save to disk/gallery.Version: 5.0.3

Great messenger appJust please fix the issue where pictures drift off-screen as you zoom in on them making it impossible to zoom in to certain parts of an image. Calls need to be more reliable to replace the Normal phone app or another service. That said, I do like the auto-reconnect after dropping out. Happy with it though, and much prefer it over iMessage or Telegram..Version: 5.25.0

The best instant Messenger!! EVER!!!!I’m just blown away by how awesome this app is! It comes with a few sticks and built in integration with Giphy!! I love Giphy! Can share GIF right from the app and not go to my web browser on a separate app to copy and paste a URL into the app! :) Plus the app is heavily secure for instant communication! Even recommended by Edward Josef Snowden! This level of heavy emphasis on security is welcomed largely. My only complaint is that the app could come with more stickers preloaded in the app or have a sticker store built right in to the app. All in all, I feel much secure using this app! Thank you all, the Developers, Donators & Everyone Who has contributed to this app! My best wishes to all of you! I’m optimistic for future, I want to see what else signal development team brings to the table. 😃😃😃.Version: 5.26.2

What I’d like to seeHi Signal, something lacking in all other messaging apps that feature voice.. the ability to disable incoming voice / video calls (messaging only mode). I hate that Skype calls, FB messenger and WhatsApp voice calls come straight to my Lock Screen, and the only way to disable them is to disable Lock Screen notifications in full.. which doesn’t stop voice calls when I’m using my phone.. If I wanted voice calls, I’d give people my phone number. Could you please add this, I think it would be welcomed..Version: 5.2.1

A Great Messaging App (That Also Keeps Them Private)My friends and I switched to Signal about a year and a half ago. The main reason: pictures and video. Text messages would heavily compress all of the images we would try to send, and any GIFs or Videos we would send to each other would suffer a similar fate. So eventually, we decided to try this messaging app. And after this long, I can firmly state that it’s one of the best messaging apps that I’ve ever used. WhatsApp was out of the running when we wanted to switch away from texting, as was Discord. Neither has the strong security with encryption that Signal demonstrated. Signal proved to be the perfect messaging app for us. And since we send so many message and images (and we don’t want to keep them all) Signal provides the great feature to keep storage space free, and keep our group chat uncluttered. Just a few quality-of-life improvements would make this a superb messaging app, such as multi-image or video sending. The current process is arduous with a “one image at a time” approach. Other than that, there really isn’t much to complain about. It works, and it works well..Version: 2.30.2

Why did you get rid of unlimited bandwidth?I have gotten so many people on this app since many years ago. Then I tried to send a big file and it has a limiter on it now. So I had to go to Telegram for large file transfers. They have to be 100% secure. I thought Telegram and you were the same company or related. But a recent article on secure apps said Telegram is not open-source. I thought I remember it being that. Anyway, when faceBook bought WhatsApp I went on there and told about 50-people on it that the data mining user abuser Zuckerberg bought this company and top people that started the app bailed over questionable “tweaks” he wanted them to do so they each resigned as got worse and now all are gone. At least the privacy-pillars of the company. This was 5-star all the way until you did away with unlimited bandwidth. Why?? Does it clog or bottleneck the system? How can Telegram get away with it and you can’t? Any plausible way of brining it back? It really the only app I fully trust besides just encrypting and decrypting with keys. Which is a pain and has its limitations too. Huge, huge fan brought 30-40 people here from FB-WhatsApp. Just bring back the bandwidth please! I will change my review, promise..Version: 5.32

AwesomeFinally we can communicate without anyone listening in. Not that I have anything to hide. It’s easy to use, reliable and I trust it..Version: 2.38.0

Feature Request...I know you guys are busy of late with user migrating over. I have had the app since it’s release. One thing I was wondering is if Send with Siri functionality will be added in any upcoming future release. Where this really comes in handy is 2 fold for me; 1. In the car with CarPlay, so I can just speak the message without needing to see the screen. 2. Anywhere else I might be in iOS, like a WEB Page & want to share that with a friend. While the Signal app, shows in the list of app, that takes multiple taps to invoke the send option, but for apps that support it, users & the respective app, will show as a “recent” item, which allows you to save multiple steps in selecting both the app & the person to deliver it to in a single touch. Even the most recent update this week, added an extra step to have to tap (tho I know it allows for sending to multiple people). So, I would love to see sending with Siri & iOS share sheet “Recent” support. RMM.Version: 5.2

Significantly SuperiorI changed to using Signal PM because privacy became an issue when UK left the EU and it’s amazing. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and was amazed to see so many of my existing friends were already on it when I joined. In my humble opinion it works even better than WhatsApp and has improved massively since I’ve been using it these last 5 months. Never had any issues with it and neither has anyone I know! It updates regularly and informs you when an update is available. And most of all it’s PRIVATE with no adverts. I urge you to join and make a small regular donation to support their great work and their ethical approach..Version: 5.17

Love it, but...Love it but it interferes with camera if app is open in the background (iPhone XS) and other apps can’t use the camera at the same time as it being open. Would be even better if video calls worked with groups and even more spectacular if a seperate camera device supported video call on my tv ( think Facebook portal ). Keep up the good work!!.Version: 3.21.1

Updated oftenI asked about a potential overflow bug regarding message history and heard nothing back. I’m sure they are working on it..Version: 2.29.3

BOOK DOOR TO SIGNAL APP EXPOSEDThe service has now become pretty much useless. I no longer receive an audible or visual notice when people send me a message. Only once I click on the Signal icon do the alerts actually come in. Now I have to keep opening the app to check for messages. This is not the case with other messaging platforms. Yes, I allow full permissions for Signal. Additionally, I came here to update, but I dare not as Signal now allows third party stickers/ads. This now opens up a backdoor for hackers. Soon, Signal will shut down all users that don’t update. I use to boast how secure Signal was. Obviously the developers of Signal had long term plans to monetize their once highly secure communication service? What do we expect for Free anyway? Obviously Signal’s original Mission Statement has changed. Third party advertising has now become a security concern. I’m only here as a means to communicate with other hi level parties who feel safe using this app. That’s now going to change as word gets out that a backdoor for advertising has been installed in Signal’s app. Though no communication service is bullet proof, adding an additional layer of script to monetize Signal, (in my opinion) opens up a serious security breach that will eventually be exploited by hackers. Signal is not the only game in town. Once I get all of my contacts to migrate to a more secure app, I’ll be uninstalling Signal, as it doesn't alert me any more anyway. Cheers!.Version: 3.17.5

Probably the best instant messaging appWorks well, constantly updated to make sure it stays that way. Good integration with iPad and Mac desktop versions. Just be careful if you get a new phone. The changeover can be tricky..Version: 5.46

Latest update of app doesn’t show attachmentsLove the app, and until this last version I would say that all it really needed was a way to assign any custom iPhone alert to an incoming message. The current version gives options, but doesn’t allow you to use any alerts on the phone. That, however, is a customization, so no big deal, but this last version broke the attachments. Now when I attach anything from the Signal side or to Signal through the phone side, it doesn’t immediately show up. Sometimes you can exit the chat itself and go back in, and sometimes if you shut down the app and reopen they will show, but most of the time I have to wait for a reply for it to show, so I never know if it was sent. I’ve also noticed that it sometimes puts my messages in the wrong order. For instance, I will see the reply above the original message. That, too, eventually fixes itself but it’s very annoying and has only started happening since the newest version was installed..Version: 2.32.2

Hey everyone!Guess who just joined signal! Any one of anyone on your phone contact list who just joined signal, or, better yet maybe even you! I really love the security feature of blasting to everyone in your contact list that has signal that you just joined signal! It's perfect for maintaining secrecy and discretion, letting everyone in my whole contacts with signal know I just joined signal helps me signal to them that security is one of my primary concerns. This way, anyone else trying to be discreet and secure is fully aware that I'm also available for secret, private p2p direct IM. It's kinda like, okay, if you're on signal and part of the elite secrecy, end-to-end encryption specialists, the very first thing I'd like to so is broadcast to everyone I know with the app that I'm finally part of the club! Really pretty genius feature!!.Version: 5.32

Thanks with a pleaI love signal, and I try to get everyone I know to use it. There’s a lot of friction for that, unfortunately, but such is life. Thanks to the developers for making a secure mode of communication. I’m giving this four stars for two reasons: 1) signal calls are much less reliable than regular Wi-Fi calls from other apps. I’m not really sure why this is, but it seems like when I call others sometimes the phone just doesn’t ring. I’ve called my wife’s phone while it was in the same room to test this, but I’ve seen it happen with others numbers too (I.e. it’s not just her phone from what I can tell). Dead reliable calling would really help me recruit more friends to this app. 2) please please please make it so the app can go into wide mode when the phone is turned on its side. For those of us with large hands and normal size iPhones typing on the portrait width keyboard is somewhere between annoying and painful. One must crook one’s thumb at pretty sharp angles to hit all the keys especially those on the palm adjacent side of the keyboard. I have no idea why this app doesn’t have this feature when most apps seem to. Honestly if the App Store didn’t allow typing in this fashion I may not have written this review! Thanks again devs for a safe channel of communication..Version: 2.32.2

Time to change ones mindsetFor way way too long we’ve allowed ourselves into thinking that the Big G and FB were the be all but since I’ve changed to SIGNAL and DuckDuckGo I feel I’m playing my part in saying enough is enough. Cyber security is everything and I’m personally fed up up with Big Tech making money off us all to only then use it to suppress us No More.Version: 5.2

Password Changed To iPhone Screen PasswordI was really happy to begin to use Signal because I was reading reviews that said that the telegram app is owned now by Google which is a spy/database of everything you ever use the Internet for. I read that there is a button you need to push in Telegram settings to make your communications private. Probably most people never find out about that. I felt it was a betrayal of trust. I thought that signal was more trustworthy. However, I did see there was also a similar setting in signal that may be exactly like telegram. I guess true privacy is impossible? One other puzzling thing is that after entering my new signal password I discovered that when I tried to use it for the first time (and ever since then), the locked screen password entry page for my iPhone pops up instead. Does it give Apple text-message-censorship capabilities in Signal’s app? My entire intent is to have greater privacy, not to have my personal (I thought) text messages leaked to ... anyone..Version: 5.21.4

Need StatusOverall app is good as long as it's not leaking/selling details. Just missing Status update. Can you provide in next release please. Thanks.Version: 5.1

Password RecoveryI like the privacy and protection Signals offers, end to end. What I do find annoying is the inability to retrieve your password or key to change in the very likely instance when you forget your password and/or lock yourself out, misplace 36 numbers and you’re done, finished. You lose all your contacts. I get the security aspect but it’s rather unsettling knowing I mistake and you loose everything. Additionally I recently had to replace my phone and the restore process would not work not matter what I tried. The app is great but I question the security when key features fail. And as of recent the app has been not working properly, can’t call out, calls not connecting messages not being received, what’s up as of late?.Version: 5.15

Disappearing messagesApp is great so far and easy to use, tho i would recommend a feature update on the disappearing messages. Let’s say I wanted to go back and read old messages within a chat, if you are in conversation with, being it one or one or even within a group chat, then if you or anybody on that chat has set the timer on for messages to disappear, then it disappears across the whole chat/group and not on individual basis. I sometimes go into the app have a brief look and then may go back to that chat to catch up properly, but if you or anyone in that chat have decided to set the disappearing messages on, then you have lost the entire thread. This definitely needs to be updated so that this setting is based on the individual user, rather than set across the group etc..Version: 5.1

Best Centralized Messaging AppFrom user friendliness and privacy standpoints, this is by far the best non-federated messaging app. It is lacking some features, but given how difficult it is to a) implement them in an end-to-end encrypted manner and b) balance the requested (or not requested) features along the wide ranging user base (from “average” users switching from WhatsApp that often demand things as stories, to more advanced users who hate even the slightest idea of stories), the Signal team is doing great work. It seems they are implementing the quick-win features that almost everyone agrees on and are being very careful about the more controversial ones! Thumbs up 👍!.Version: 5.2

Great communications app. Easy to use and secure.With everything going on in the world today, it's nice to know there are alternatives to having your private conversations listened to, or your texts read by anyone else except for the people you sent them to. While I think most people are not involved in anything that would warrant any government agency from looking into the private conversations between people, I can understand the need for any government to have the right to acquire the permissions necessary for the purposes of national security. In the United States, that bar and burden of proof to seek these exceptions is extremely high, as it should be. And, (at least at this point), they are extremely rare. I am happy to have found a way to feel confident that my messages are not being scrutinized by any other eyes than those I intended to see the message. The app is easy to navigate and use, and the response is lightning fast. I have had very good experiences with texting and with voice calls as well, with the tools to know that the message was both sent and received. Sending a voice text is also easy and incredibly fast compared to other texting platforms. The sending and receiving of large files is also very easy and fast. I would highly recommend this app if you're looking for a secure channel of communication with both text and voice..Version: 5.26.10

The best chatting application so farGiven that Signal is considerably new in the market and it is a not-for-profit, it is an amazing platform and I feel a lot more comfortable using Signal than WhatsApp. There are improvements made regularly and we kind of grow with those. There is one tweak and that is when making a group call, we must make the group first and then make the call. While I think it would have been better if we could add people to the call instead. I also wonder whether Signal could help with further discreetness. I,e When a group is made, the members could not see each other’s numbers of course apart from the admin. A lot of time, I would hesitate joining groups where I would not wish to share my number. 💙.Version: 5.40

My first choiceI’m enjoying Signal. It’s a good messaging app. Well written (no surprises, since it was written by the man who wrote WhatsApp) reliable, blisteringly fast, and very few glitches from my point of view so far. But that’s not the reason it’s my first choice. There are lots of messaging apps which are competing for the same customers. But I like signal because it doesn’t harvest my data. Never has, never will. It can’t be bought out by the data-hungry giants (like the sad story of WhatsApp) because it has been built from day one to be un-buyable. (Check the website, I can’t remember the term, I’m not American)..Version: 5.40

Crashes on iPhone 12 Pro Max trying to set upUrgent update needed. This is the only way to get your attention. I cannot set up signal on my new iPhone because the app crashes when I select Transfer from Old iOS device. Update: I received a response. Apparently it was fixed with an update. That said, my previous installation was made with an old phone number, so I still may have run into problems with 2FA setup on the new phone. I got my friends to re-add me to a chat group in any case..Version: 3.21.3

Strained systemsThere was a mass exodus from WhatsApp early 2021 and it put a strain on signal. It’s actually labeled the largest migration in tech history. That being said that app is much improved disincentive then. However it still has issues. Poor connectivity and strange app bugs. I notice that sometimes when I hit the close button on my iPhone it’ll disconnect the call for some reason. That is obviously annoying. I’ve filed a bug report and only got an automated response. I will continue to use signal. Knowing it will only improve. Update: lately the app has been doing a weird thing where the messages don’t come in until I open the app and send a message to that person. Then a bunch of their messages come in at the same time..Version: 5.21.0

Some issues but great privacyHey signal I love this app I appreciate an app that can respect my privacy but recently I have been having issues receiving messages. Often I get messages but no notifications and sometimes they all come in at once in a large batch if someone was sending message during a period of time. This use to happen sometimes but now it seems to be happening more and that’s not good because sometimes the messages are time sensitive and very important so please would you address this issue. And I would gladly give you 5 stars if it is addressed. ***update*** Previous issues were fixed but after most recent update the keyboard will now cover over top of the current conversation which I find very annoying please fix this thanks..Version: 3.21.1

Privacy is ParamountTo have protective means to share feelings or the importance of concealing confidentiality of business(though, legal) is crucial to my ability to safely discuss aspects that under the Patriot Act. When encryption and guaranteed protection has never been more critical. Laws that can be used effectively to exposé transactions or bidding on project can effectively destroy a business. Exposure without strict privacy protocols may be subjected to a summons/subpoena and quite a few of admissible court documents allow a competitor to utilize your tactics or choice of personal approach is susceptible to malicious intent. Without protecting your business model an adversary may find through open channels a necessary means to infiltrate your intimate and professionally protected approach with information regarding a particular or specific piece of information that may in turn hurt your bottom line and overall success..Version: 6.20

Signal by default.Less noise and more Signal please! That's been my mantra since going on a Social Media diet years ago, focusing more on what privacy means to me, and what it means for where we're going as a society. Signal Messenger aligns well with my values. I know it's not for everyone, but it really should be. Has all the features I need to communicate safely with my inner circle and not worry about big corps cashing in on my communications in any way, because it's not a profit driven entity. I do still have to use other messengers because of folks who just haven't made the switch, but at least they're also encrypted. One thing I do wish is that more Open Source desktop projects packaged Signal as a messaging client with their distros same as they do with the Firefox web browser. I think that would help Signal get even more traction. Otherwise it's my default on every platform I use and one of the first apps I install..Version: 6.6

Dark themes save trees.Myself and many people I know have asked to put in a dark theme feature for iOS. Looking forward to changing my rating to 5 stars..Version: 2.23.3

Great app with security. Keep your privacy without the ads.This is a great little app I use to communicate with my family. It’s fairly similar to Viber, WhatsApp, etc - but without all the ads. Does secure, encrypted chat and phone/video calls. Great iOS sharing from other apps too. Available on all your usual platforms, plus there’s a desktop app too. Would recommend this app. What’s not to like..Version: 2.23.4

The best messaging app out there!I switched away from WhatsApp because of growing privacy concerns. So I started using Signal because of how private and secure it is. After using it for about a month, I can confidently say that it’s a fantastic app and is in my opinion, the best alternative messaging app for WhatsApp. Facebook is the biggest criminal when it comes to stealing user data, and since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, our information and messages have only become more vulnerable. It is imperative that all of us start taking greater care of our online privacy. This will only become more clear as time goes on. I would totally recommend Signal to everyone because of its simple user interface, its smooth animations, its ease of use, and also because of its underrated commitment to user privacy and security. I haven’t looked back on WhatsApp and I don’t regret my switch. I’m certain that you will feel the same!.Version: 5.19.1

Secure and convenientI have been using Signal since 2016 and experienced it mature and become better with each release. This is a secure messaging app the does things right..Version: 2.38.0

My go-to messenger appBeen part of the Signal family for 4+ years. I love their vision and open source business model. I use both the mobile and desktop apps to connect with fam and friends. The one unusual - and slightly irksome - thing I’ve noticed is how often updates come through … seems to be at least one per week. Is this normal for an app that’s out of Beta test mode? Other than this, I ❤️, ❤️, ❤️ Signal and plan to use it - and recommend it to my trusted contacts - for as long as it helps me connect and communicate easily, and respects and protects my data from unlawful sharing and mining..Version: 5.44

Close to perfectHey Team, love the Signal app. Have been using it since the whole Whatsapp controversy. Infact made my family and friends switch to Signal as well. We are loving the app specially the HD video calls and the reassurance that everything we share here is private. I have just knocked off a star as I’m missing a couple of features after I made the switch. Would it be possible to have an auto-save feature for the received photos and videos? Also sharing of location would be really handy too. Thank you for being so awesome..Version: 5.7

Carpe diem99% feature parity with WhatsApp, better security features, and most importantly: nonprofit owned, so unlike WhatsApp it doesn’t make your ID and behavioural data biddable to advertisers. Finally a messaging app with no mixed motives and one we can trust. Most of my contacts have moved over and it’ll be “goodbye WhatsApp” at end of Jan. I’m aware WhatsApp has mounted a PR rearguard to stem the outflow of users but the bottom line is, it’s are owned by a huge ad tech company whose nature is to monetise everything it knows about its users. Fortunately there is now a good and trustworthy alternative, and crucially there is momentum behind the shift. Carpe diem – come on over and join us. ** Update 1 year later ** My contacts pretty much all moved over, group chats too, and there has been constant improvement of the Signal app in that period too..Version: 5.26.5

Love love love love it!!!!By far the best calling and texting all ever. Whenever I can’t hear someone on my regular phone due to static or bad connection we go to signal and the connection is flawless. Can hear them clearly and loud. I also love the fact that I’m in control of who gets what messages for how long. You have the last day so on who gets to keep your conversations. Making it really private private. I also I’m thrilled with the fact that they are not interested in saving anything on the cloud so whatever u delete is really lost for ever. No way for someone to blackmail u with nothing. The ease of access and user friendliness is also above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend this app to everyone wanting to keep things private and secure..Version: 2.40.3

Solid, secure, and now a far more polished instant messengerSignal has always been a reliable messenger, and is regularly updated with big fixes, performance improvements and tweaks. It’s most recent update has given it a massive yet subtle facelift that now has the look and feel of a modern app, a great improvement over the previously dated (although functional and consistent) interface. 3D Touch shortcuts scattered about, a wide range of attachment options, and rock solid security make for a complete feeling messenger. Always been able to recommend this app to those that want secure messaging, and with its new look it fits more in on any iPhone than ever!.Version: 2.28.0

Love Signal…But please allow editing of sent messages. Absurd that this feature isn’t available and ends up destroying the flow of the chat by having to insert corrections for mistakenly autocorrected words which may appear after the other person has already responded.Version: 6.28

Reliable, easy to use, and privateRegular updates and improvements are impressive..Version: 3.13.2

Privacy is no longer a geek’s gameA simple, open-source, cross-platform, feature-replete messaging app with good security practices... I used to think this was an impossibility. I’m glad it’s not. I’ve convinced a few friends and family members to try it and they like it as well since it’s stable and works well without requiring complex setup and maintenance like handling (and learning how to properly use and secure) PGP keys. Furthermore, the audio/video call quality is fantastic! I couldn’t believe how crisp and clear the audio was when communicating with loved ones overseas using poor to standard Internet connections. Truly phenomenal. My 2 complaints (hence 4 instead of 5 stars) at the moment are: 1) No native iPad support. It’s the one mainstream device I and others own that I’m aware of without native support for Signal. 2) No native sticker support. Yes, this is a superfluous feature for a privacy/security-oriented messaging application, but I think it should be a priority for implementation. More fun features—like rich links and GIFs which are already supported in Signal—would help entice adopters. iMessage is fun to use because of support for extras like stickers, effects, and other rich media that add extra dimensions to conversations..Version: 2.38.1

Love itThis app is brilliant. Recent happenings in the social media world have pushed me away from using their platforms, and other occurrences in the part of the world that I live mean that the alternatives to Signal no longer work due to VOIP blocking. This gets around it and I'm grateful that I can continue to live a semi-normal life and communicate with my family beyond the political bordera. I absolutely recommend this app over all others. Thank you to the signal team, I hope you understand just how important private, free, and accessible communication is in this world, and to me..Version: 2.23.0

DEVELOPERS PLEASE PLEASE READ THISSmall things makes big difference !! I must admit, despite there are few bits still needs to be done I JUST LOVE SIGNAL. Simple, add free and just works. Been using Signal alongside with Threema for quite some time and would like to make some points which I believe small things makes big difference. 1. (Most important) voice over data. I don’t know what codecs Threema uses but it’s way way better than Signal. Please improve voice capability as it’s not best, especially in low signal reception. ( Once again I compare to Threema in this case) 2. Ability to delete/ hide unwanted contacts Such a small and simple thing but it’s missing 3. Screenshot prevention or notification of screenshot taken by participants. Other than that I truly believe that Signal is the best messenger out there, keep up good work and stay add free. And big thanks to all devs for hard work and time they putting in to keep our family and friends conversations private..Version: 5.1

To Date the Best Communication App for the PublicC’mon people… Are you comfortable with any random person reading the messages you write to your friends or family? How easily can your OWN words be taken out of context and used against you? Think about it… How would you like a random person interpreting YOUR words with THEIR limited knowledge of who YOU are or who YOU are communicating with…Think about it.. Anyone who has the POWER to access your communications, and has the time and resources to do it OBVIOUSLY wants to compromise YOUR position.. Why make it easier for them??? PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES BY OFFERING THEM PRIVACY from people who would only harm NOT PROTECT you. use SIGNAL if you care about your thoughts, ideas, feelings, plans, locations, anything that could give an adversary an advantage over you… Play life smart. Survive.. Here is a simple tool built by people who value one of the few tenets that make our existence free… PRIVACY.Version: 5.26.9

Best Messaging App and constantly improvingI switched from What’s App about 9 months ago and never looked back! The updates continuously improve the App and started financially supporting the dev team once I was hooked. The emoji message tagging is definite improvement over What’s App. If I could recommend one feature to improve it would be the requirement for the desktop version to download the thousands of messages each time it loads. That seems unnecessary and time waiting but I don’t pretend to understand the architecture that may require that download. WA doesn’t need to do this. All in All, I prefer Signal over WA for many reasons and I believe the dev team deserves your support to keep the product secure and pure!!.Version: 5.26

Best Privacy App YetThis is simply the best privacy app with everything neatly bundled into it. It has a nice authentication feature, sms & mms messaging & disappearing messages with people [to keep them clean if you’d like], calls, and keeps it all private, app switch privacy [keeping the screen blank for privacy while switching apps so wandering eyes cannot see the screen], and many more features packed into this powerhouse. To anyone experiencing any issues with calls, make sure your notifications are on and properly set with the app, and look into the settings in the app itself and it easily shows how to have your calls show up with the name [if you would like to] or just a call without a name. The settings are a breeze and make it very easy to understand. Very rarely you’ll have to re-register for push notifications, but that’s also very easily accomplished. If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would. 10 stars out of 5 stars is more like it....Version: 2.18.2

Edit group members.Could you please assign admin to people who start groups that can pass the lead and or edit members in the event they leave or change number. Frustrating to start a new one every time!!!.Version: 2.42.4

PrivacyPlease keep our privacy forefront of your business - not everything has to be about $$.Version: 5.1

Question: If I use the “reply to” feature, what does recipient see on their screen?Question: If I use the “reply to” feature, on the recipient’s screen, do they see “replying to you” or would they see “replying to their name?” I had changed a contact’s name in my phone and didn’t realize until after I’d hit send that I don’t want them to see what I’ve re-named them in my contacts list. So on my screen, it says “replying to contact’s name.” (I don’t usually use the reply-to feature, which quotes the message.) But I have a message from a different contact who used the reply-to feature to me to quote something and what I see on my screen is “replying to you.” (Not “replying to my name.”) Can anyone at Signal confirm whether the recipient can see what I see on my sent screen or if they see a different screen saying “replying to you?” Thank you..Version: 3.12.0

Getting annoyedI have been using this app for about 2-3 years now. I closed my whatsapp account when FB bought it. I closed my FB account as well. I have promoted this app among my family and friends, however, I’m getting a little annoyed with the fact the every time I open it I must verify that I’m not a robot in order to be able to continue messaging. Many times the screen with that message freezes and doesn’t do anything. I need to close the app completely and open it again to find that I must click on the squares that have traffic lights to be able to read messages and/or send them. Why is it that I must verify every time? I make a small monthly donation but it still asks me to donate (granted, this donation request has stopped but only just recently). I hope you will be able to check (or to explain why) this issue. Other than that, I enjoy using the app for my written messages or phone calls (clear connection) with my family that lives overseas. Thank you so much.Version: 6.0

Needs UI developmentThis app is great from a concept perspective but needs a lot of work on the user interface. There are many features missing which we have come to expect from a messaging app. Some basic things such as cropping a picture before sending, swiping to go back out of a chat, markup in text (italics, bold, etc.) I recommend this app for those who value their privacy but I do hope the developers look to improve the UI and UX quickly..Version: 2.37.2

Gui improvementNo doubt in case of privacy signal is excellent but there are certain glitches like contacts available on signal cannot be seen. By clicking user profile it’s getting to contact page which is not a good sign. Even accessing photo from gallery is getting some error. I can’t view someone’s profile pic nor even last seen is available. I hope you fix this issues and come up with better gui ..Version: 5.1

Easy and privateThis app is so good that Facebook will try and buy it soon! Privacy on messages and conversations to the point I don’t get targets ads on my device. Calls are very clear.Version: 5.8

Great but notifications don’t seem to workMultiple friends have problems under iPhone 6-7 receiving notifications that we have a Signal message (despite having them turned on in Settings). Would be even better app if this could be addressed so we’re shown on locked screen when there’s an unread message as other message apps do. Also takes a little longer to load messages than other message apps, which is a pity for users who are in the habit of double clicking to see latest viewed message in the preview generated from double clicking..Version: 3.2.1

1 suggestion for improvementHey Signal Great app But please consider amending that our voice recordings are deleted the moment there is an incoming call.. it is soooo frustrating! Especially if you are 15 minutes in. Another app ,that shall remain nameless, upgraded to that function by putting the message in a holding bay that you can then press forward on. It’s seriously a very good feature. Otherwise, well done..Version: 3.8.2

Why Signal is SuperiorNot exploiting their users for profit while having all the features of WhatsApp..Version: 6.26

Excellent texting appVery good app for texting. Improved lately. Try it, you won't be disapointed..Version: 2.22.0

Love it but... a new bugI have been using Signal for years and years with my family spread across the world. We love it, it’s safe, easy to use and now has Gifs! :) Unfortunately with the latest update the app is no longer stable and closes as soon as I access a group chat or singular chat. I have an older phone and I’m hoping that it’s still supported as it works perfectly and why upgrade and contribute to landfill... My family is riddled with devs and tech analysts and as such this is our messaging service of choice. Hoping this bug can be resolved soon so I can continue talking rubbish with my family. Cheers, Kate.Version: 5.15

Better than the WhatsApp spywareI switched to this Signal app recently when I read what Elon Musk and Edward Snowden were saying about WhatsApp users being required to accept a new agreement allowing Facebook access to there data. There’s no way I can accept that, it’s just wrong. Anyway I have been really pleased with Signal and loads of my contacts are using it. It seems to be better quality video and audio than I was getting with WhatsApp but maybe that is to do with my service provider? I don’t know. To summarise I would suggest people try it for themselves..Version: 5.0.3

Empowering Privacy and Secure CommunicationThe Signal app has revolutionized the way we communicate, putting privacy and security at the forefront without compromising on functionality. As someone who values my privacy and seeks secure communication channels, Signal has quickly become my go-to messaging app. One of the standout features of Signal is its commitment to end-to-end encryption. Every message, voice call, and video call is secured with robust encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the content. This level of privacy and security gives me peace of mind, knowing that my conversations are shielded from prying eyes. The app’s user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Setting up the app and managing contacts is a breeze, and the overall user experience is smooth and efficient. Signal offers all the essential features one would expect from a messaging app, including group chats, file sharing, and voice and video calls, making it a versatile communication tool. Signal’s dedication to privacy⬤.Version: 6.25

Reliably private & secureIt’s comforting, in this age of mass corporate and gov’t surveillance, to have an app that is open source and well reviewed as a secure, encrypted messaging service. I’ve got nothing to hide, but I still don’t want Big Tech harvesting my data..Version: 5.16

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