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NFL Fantasy Football App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

NFL Fantasy Football app received 170 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NFL Fantasy Football? Can you share your negative thoughts about nfl fantasy football?

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NFL Fantasy Football for Negative User Reviews

Just awfulHow in this day and age you make an app so hopelessly clunky and painfully slow is beyond me. It wasn’t brilliant but the last few years the app has at least been serviceable. Now it’s taken a huge step backwards to the point of being unusable. Whoever signed this new design off should be taken in the back office, shown the door and told never to show their face around here again. It’s such a shame that keeping track of my team, particularly on game day (seriously don’t waste your time!!) has become so cumbersome that all the enjoyment has been sapped from my soul. If you’re thinking of starting a new league and will be using this app, just elsewhere. It’s just useless, absolutely useless..Version: 3.2.6

Incredibly FrustratingIf you leave the app for more than 10 seconds, it shuts down and you have to start from home. It’s the most frustrating thing when you’re trying to go back and forth for a waiver report to the app. You are reading about players to pick up and you go back to the FF app to see if they’re available and you’re sent home even tho you were looking at players 10 seconds ago. The app drains your battery incredibly fast. I’ll scroll through the Game Center and in within 5 mins I’ve lost 20% of my battery. The app is incredibly slow too. It’s like it doesn’t cache or something. Every page loads super slow like it’s the first time it’s loading the results. The only good part about the app is hat you can watch games in it. I’ll give you that NFL, but other than that, this app is terrible..Version: 3.3.0

Full of bugsApp always crashes. Every update the same.Version: 3.2.2

TrashTrash app… randomly closes, freezes or crashes when signing in, doesn’t recognize ios.Version: 3.58.1

Continually getting WORSE!This app is nearly unusable on an iPad. It doesn’t handle dynamic type sizes at all. If you’re over 40, as I am, and scale up the dynamic type setting, the app cuts off half the text. The new format wastes most of the screen. I can’t even see my active players on a single screen! I have to constantly scroll to see anything while most of the screen is blank space. At this rate, I’ll be moving my league to another platform next year. Wow! You fixed the crash! How about fixing the awful new display. If apple let me paste a pic here, I’d show you how truly awful it is. Shows only 3 characters of a player’s name while wasting most of the screen in the team display on iPad. You really should just fire your app designers and hire someone competent. Most of the iPad screen is wasted. Much of the names are cut off. It is really awful. You still don’t understand or deal with dynamic type sizes. At this rate, I’ll be moving my league to CBS next year..Version: 3.2.7

Widget brokenThe matchup widget does not work. It simply says, “The data couldn’t be read because it is missing.” This has been the case since the widget was launched..Version: 3.8.11

Very difficult app to use1 star, very difficult app to use wouldn’t recommend.Version: 3.58.1

How does this have a 4.7 rating?!Seriously, how? I’m on Sleeper in another league and it’s miles better, the history of the league is the only thing keeping us on, but man, we are close to changing this league over too..Version: 3.2.0

Surely developers dont use itNews section crashes on certain articles and most are very slow..Version: 2.10.12

It’s frustrating.Their is times we’re the app will work really well and fine; but then it starts running slow, glitching, or signing me out and not letting me back in then I have to delete the app and reinstall it and sometimes it doesn’t work when I do that I have to wait a couple days or 24th s to try again it’s very irritating and annoying. I do not like the update it messes up the graphics and quality to the app; but otherwise I like that it shows the games on the app which is a plus because not a lot of other apps have that ability too..Version: 3.11.15

Fix the appDraft doesn’t work properly, so many issues lately..Version: 3.57.39

DowngradeCan't even tell if I have a trade pending.Version: 2.10.12

Cannot scroll!! After Update!!After this update, when looking at a player I cannot see the player’s previous season’s stats from week 5 onwards. As you scroll up it “bounces” back up. You can scroll up and down on the “overview”. This is problem on both my iPhone & iPad! Fix it please!!!!.Version: 3.57.9

Can’t sign inSign in on the app won’t recognize credentials on iOS. Type in the URL to safari and no problem with signing in. Hard restart, uninstall/reinstall, change password no help. All other apps working fine and have to work this one from the web. Absolute garbage. A week ago I just turned the app on and it remembered everything for me. Then it just signed me out and wants me to sign in again. Now this crapp..Version: 3.11.4

App not letting me login - no supportApp isn’t letting me log in. Pressing sign in takes you to a sign in page. Allows log in but then does nothing. Only thing can do is press cancel to return to app and doesn’t log in. Looking for customer service to submit ticket and no contact info available. Robot chat service limited and doesn’t understand nor ability to transfer. App just keeps getting worse..Version: 3.58.3

New update is trash, bring back the old version please!Last year was my first year playing fantasy and I absolutely loved this app. The new update this year is garbage and has made the start of the year extremely frustrating. I like the newer look and everything but the app just doesn’t work. The only thing with the new look is I liked it better when you could see your whole lineup without having to scroll so much. Other than that the new design isn’t horrible, but the app just isn’t as good as it was last year as a whole. The projections don’t update constantly like last year, and after the game is over it still doesn’t update the projections, so it’s hard to see if it’s still close or not. Also the app crashes almost every time I try to click on another team or scroll through the matchups. This update either needs a LOT of work or they need to just release and update where it goes back to the old one. Please..Version: 3.2.0

Four thumbs downMassive step backwards. Cannot view other league matchups, can no longer search for players and the chat features have been rendered useless. If you haven't downloaded yet, don't, they are having a laugh..Version: 2.0.1

Doesnt give me a live updateApp still refuses to let me know any details about points for the team and individual players with my matchup until the following week!.Version: 2.10.10

Drafting is ruinedI have attempted two live drafts this year both have been ruined. When you join the draft no one van make a pick and every team quickly ends up on auto pick. Too much ads and live feeds of news going on. The app can’t handle it all. The app has gradually got worse year after year, it’s slow and clunky. You have completely ruined fantasy football this year..Version: 3.58.0

Removed key features...why???Why can't we see all match ups for our league anymore. What's the point of only seeing your own match up? And where's the chat? And player search? Removal of key features doesn't classify as an upgrade!.Version: 2.0.1

Not working in the UKKeep getting an error message saying “country codes error status” and cannot proceed past this screen. It worked wonderfully well last season, but is not working at all as it currently stands. Please either fix this issue, or confirm that the app isn’t being made available in the UK for this season.Version: 3.11.0

Loss of functionsHi team Overall the app still does what it needs, it’s harder to see players you want as you search 1 at a time unlike the old lists. The recommender player function hasn’t kicked in yet so will see. But you have removed the feature to comment on trades and player pick ups in the league feed. This has reduced a lot of the in league banter and communication within the app. This is really disappointing as the engagement with the app will be much less for the season ahead..Version: 3.1.5

The same problem every yearCan’t recommend this app, they need to stop hiring kids right out of high school to try and save money.Version: 3.58.1

Always lagging.Always lagging and there’s always an issue. Sometimes can’t even login..Version: 3.57.23

App is slow and painful to useThe new updated NFL fantasy app is so slow when jumping between tabs, even with fast internet connection it takes way to long to load the pages. They have done a lot to make it look good (which it does) but the user interface is so much worse then the previous version. I’m seriously considering moving my league over to another Fantasy provider, which is a same because it has been great up until now. Please Fix ASAP!!.Version: 3.2.0

Backwards StepMassive backward step from last years version. It seems as though the developers have tried to simplify the app where there was absolutely no need to do so. The expected totals don’t update through the game depending on performance or injuries, they don’t even update after a game has finished! The display is huge so you only get 5 players at a time on screen. There should be a way to view all the other games in your league rather than having to swipe though them at the top of your screen in the matchup section. Very poor version this year....Version: 3.2.0

TerribleLast year's app was fine. They couldn't have made the current version any worse if they tried. My handicapped mate Hutchy can't even load his team to show on the app. Creating this version is the worst decision since Franco reached for Winston in the 6th. Please revert.Version: 2.0.3

Good appApp is easy to use and navigate but it keeps on crashing every 2 min and that pretty much makes it unusable.....Version: 3.1.5

Regret Using This App AgainThis app is so inferior in every way to Yahoo. Yet I still advocated to keep using it. I have no badge icons when I get notifications, so unless I’m looking at my notification screen or am on my phone when a notification comes through I don’t know what’s going on. Secondly it’s so limited. Every other app has so much more in terms of tools. The projections here are a joke. And even things as little as being able to change your avatar through the app; everyone else allows you to change them through the app. It baffles me that the official NFL app doesn’t even have up to date pictures of players. The other big thing is its limited standard rosters by having the flex limited to W/R. In a side league I changed it to W/R/T like I always do. But it changed it to W/T instead and they claim they can’t fix it. I wouldn’t have had that problem if they didn’t auto draft my league’s teams a day before the draft was scheduled. I went back to emails and sure enough it showed our draft scheduled for a Tuesday yet somehow your site did it on Monday. This app is just horrid. It boggles my mind that people even use this app. I’d almost rather pay for CBS if ESPN and Yahoo weren’t options..Version: 2.11.9

Worst fantasy football appI’m playing in 3 different fantasy football applications and the NFL app is easily the worst. Navigating to free agents requires unnecessary steps and even then there is no access to researching stats or trends. The updates to player news seems to be as slow as it was in years prior (couple days). If you are a commissioner save yourself the time and just use the full nfl website because many options aren’t available to you on the app. These creators seem to be focusing on the app looking and fitting nicely on your screen instead of the necessary information or simple functionality that fantasy players want. If you are serious about fantasy football you are going to have a bad time. This is also the first app review I’ve ever taken the time to post..Version: 3.1.5

Limited functionality by today’s standardsI try to use the mobile app, but can only do basic functions. I can’t believe I have to go to a browser to create, view or respond to league polls. The app is buggy and I can’t always scroll down on the iPad version. When typing, the auto correct or suggestion bar pops up and down causing the text field to move up and down on the screen and it’s hard to follow where I’m typing. You would think after several years of developing this app it would be more functional. I’ll stick to managing my league the old fashioned way, using a browser on my laptop. It’s OK for setting my lineup each week, or checking scores, but that’s about it. Next year I may move to some other platform that is more feature rich..Version: 3.57.12

How does this have 5 stars?The app barely stays open long enough to use so I don’t understand how anyone gives this 5 stars Will easily be going elsewhere next year unless the issues are actually fixed.Version: 3.2.2

AnnoyingTried to draft last night would not let me in and auto picked, on second attempt my name was there but someone else was picking but told me I was in different spot came up I was on clock but someone else was making the selections 🤦‍♂️.Version: 3.58.0

Could Be BetterThe app is user friendly and pleasing to the eye. However theres a few things that have been lacking over the years that would make this app 5 stars if it were present. Lets start with the Dynasty League issues first. First off we still have to to use the desktop to edit our keepers which is beyond ridiculous in the year 2023. Second is that we still cant see the trophy case display which is still a desktop only feature. Lastly when checking player stats we can only see the current and previous season of each player. For example. If I were to click on Deandre Hopkins I would only be able see his 2023 stats and 2022 stats. Anything prior to that isnt visible. Last but not least in IDP formats players who can play multiple positions in real life which should be interchangeable are only listed as one position. For example TJ Watt who plays edge and linebacker in real life is only listed as linebacker on the app. Thats a bit outdated for this format in 2023. Other than that it is a decent app but if these feats were added it would hands down be the best Fantasy Football app out there no question about it. I hope the tech team takes the time to actually read this and make these changes asap..Version: 3.57.39

Was a great app, rather not use it nowIt was a great app before the update easily 5 stars picked over ESPN and other things, but the update ruined everything. Then, communication with other league players was easier. Now, it is manageable but took me a while to figure out. Then, players were easier to add. Now, the app made it even harder. Then, research tools were easier to use. Now, it is harder to use as u have to find it inside ur league. Then, it was easier just to look at the news. Now, you have to go inside your league and find it. Then, logging out and joining leagues was easier. Now, it is harder to do those things. There are also the glitches. I heard about an account that won't let the owner see the other proposed trades. For me, once, I couldn't see the rest of he matchups and the projections, however luckily the glitch wore off. There are also little things like being unable to veto trades or see other trades and see the rankings while making trades. This app used to be great, but since the new update the app has become frustrating. Please erase the glitches, improve the little things, or go back to the old version or I might have to move platforms. Updated Dec 19 Also what’s wrong with the waiver wire now it will only let me see players A-Z not by fantasy points super frustrating.Version: 2.10.17

Form follows functionA design rule the devs clearly have not heard. I didn’t think it could get worse. Looks pretty, but it is way too hard to add new players. I can’t even work out how to just look at a list of FA. That bad I have to switch to desktop site using my browser....Version: 3.2.1

No chat - no upgradeSome people in our league upgraded to this version and now can't contribute to the league message board as it doesn't come with that functionality. They've removed the fun..Version: 1.3.10

Not very accessibleI’m legally blind I went blind about 3 to 4 years ago in 2017 which is caused me to have to learn how to be fine and you services like voiceover I still happen to like watching NFL football and playing fantasy football it was such a shock to be into a league and realize that my voiceover does not talk at all when I use this app it’s almost worthless to me when I try to tap into a half and read about a player it’s impossible to play this game with voiceover if it’s not going to read out everything on the screen please improve this it’s not fair to people who can’t see and went to enjoy football to I can’t understand why it read some screens but other screens it won’t read anything when you press the button it just says button that’s not cool this makes me look like I don’t know how to play the game when I really do.Version: 3.11.8

It doesn't let me log in!I'm sure this would be a good app but I will never know because every time I try to log in it tells me my password is wrong, but when I log in on my laptop my password is right..Version: 1.2.1

App will not openI just downloaded the most recent version of the app, and it will not open and will continually crash. Please fix this before the preseason starts thanks ❤️.Version: 1.3.6

Annoying...Crashes more than a Korean driving a Hyundai....Version: 3.2.0

NFL should be embarrassedWhen you are making BILLIONS in revenue and your fantasy site looks like this, you should be embarrassed. Yahoo is so superior that it is hard to even compare the two. If Yahoo had a fantasy playoffs I would never download or play anything on this app. Every year we have problems logging in. On top of that, the site logs me out every time, errors on the first launch daily, and requires me to select another app in the app to play playoffs. This is incredible. How can this be the real? It’s like I’m using a VCR in a streaming world. I’m going to spend 10x the energy lobbying Yahoo for fantasy playoffs as I spent writing this review. That is how much I despise this app and the NFL for making me use it as the only option for continued fantasy gameplay. I might go play Yahoo golf to make myself feel better. That is how desperate I am..Version: 2.12.0

Good app reboot but so many bugsLayout and features are a good upgrade. But constant crashes, slow page changes, slow scoring updates, slow button response, makes this app quite annoying. It could be so good if these bugs were fixed.Version: 3.2.3

FRUSTRATING!!!Idk what the developers are doing but this app has done nothing but go downhill - it’s getting to the point where I’m going to move the 3 leagues I manage to Yahoo. My main complaint now is due to the “loading time”. Every time you click on a different page, or select a player to view his stats, or even go to settings, you have to wait for it to load while you watch that annoying spinner thing. It’s not due to the speed of my iPhone, or having too many apps open - it’s simply due to the quality of this app. I am also in a Yahoo league and their app doesn’t require me to wait every time I switch pages or view a players stats. I love the look and feel of this app, but the slowness and loading time is driving me absolutely crazy. Fix it or I’m moving my 3 leagues to Yahoo next season. Also, the Push Notifications fix that they claim has been corrected is not true. I still am unable to update my push notifications. Every time I turn them on and then save, I go back to confirm the changes and they’re all off. This app needs a lot of work..Version: 2.10.12

Updated for playoffs and now app is uselessUpdate- the alpha order is also an issue on the NFL Fantasy web page, so it is not the app, adding 2 stars. Unable to search on all stats from previous version and load time still an issue. I can't believe that players are presented in alpha order, not by statistic being searched for, useless. Needing to replace Antonio Brown, first three options...Jared Abbrederis (waived), Rodney Adams (practice squad) and Quincy Adeboyejo (is this even an NFL player?). Try to scroll through the players and it has to reload every 20. Complete waste of time. Update took away many of statistics you used to be able to sort by. Your developers obviously don't play or consult with people who do..Version: 2.10.17

Worst Fantasy Football appI created a custom league at the start of the year and a few weeks ago, the app kept asking me to create a password and I would click skip and things were fine. The one day I decided to add password, the app kicked me out of the league and now I have no access to my own league and I am the comissioner (know one can update my roster). It is ridiculous.Version: 3.58.16

Truly a fantasyAfter being a part of a fantasy league for my first time I was lucky enough to make it into the finals. I eaked out a win in the semifinals by 0.5 points after Hopkins only secured one catch for my rival and I held onto my slight advantage. An exciting game to watch! The following day I started planning for the Super Bowl matchup. Then this Saturday a week after last weeks games and after the Thursday night game had already been played. The numbers changed?!? My defense titans lost two points and I was put into the 3rd place game. What kind of sporting app outcome changes a week after the game was played. Totally ridiculous. THE NUMBERS CHANGE!! Unreliable!!!.Version: 3.57.24

10 From Afar, but NOT 10 by FarAt first glance, the app seems to have everything a fantasy football team/league owner could want. But that fades quickly once you dive into it. The app crashes or freezes on a regular interval. Many of the tools necessary for league creation are absent; only available on the full website(which is not very mobile friendly). Including the option/ability to delete an unwanted team or league. This option is paramount, yet missing from the app. Changing rosters from the standard setup is also only on the full website...ugh. Additionally, changes made to a league or team on the not-so-mobile-friendly website take time(unknown length) to reflect in the app, if at all. NFL Fantasy App developers, please keep basic functions like roster control and leave/delete options in the app..Version: 3.2.0

UnplayableI’m not sure of the experiences of the people in the United States but if you want to play fantasy NFL football in the UK on this app it is almost unplayable. You sit and wait for hours for something to happen and then doesn’t it collapses or it doesn’t go through this app needs work big time.Version: 3.57.15

Projections don’t updateTwo major problems: *Team projections don’t update. Here was thinking I was on track to score well. Nope. I’m no good. *If I wanted to make my tram better, I can’t tell who is actually performing well on the waiver wire because there’s no clear list of live Week 1 scores for those players..Version: 3.2.0

OkSlow to update compared to other apps. Predictions are never even close..Version: 2.10.17

App has major issues 2023I used this app last year and it was great. This year I went to draft and it stuck on spinning gear after everyone was in for the draft. After 7 minutes I shut down the app. Later I got an email saying my draft was scored, so it had auto drafted everything after not letting me in. Then 2 days later someone proposed a trade. I went in to look at the offer and saw I had accepted it 2 hours earlier before I was ever on the app. Now I can’t bring people off my bench to change my lineup. When I try it doesn’t show anyone except who I’m trying to move. Luckily we still have 1.5 months to hope the fix the bugs album that doesn’t help the fact I have a crappy auto drafted team. Like I said last year it worked great for me. This year I may just look elsewhere for my fantasy app..Version: 3.57.34

Got some issuesApp looks good, but is a bit too busy. I really do not need a list of the top 7 available free agents shoved in my face when looking at my team roster. I appreciate my team being only my roster, if I wanted players I would click on the players tab. The most pressing of issues is that when looking up players by any category other than projected points the app fails to sort the players by that category. So when I choose to show players by adds, it gives me players sorted by name and their respective adds. This feature is essentially useless without the ability to sort by the desired value. Hopefully this is just a bug that will be fixed.Version: 2.11.6

UpdatedJust updated app. Now all I get is ‘please update to most recent version’ message. Complete garbage!!!.Version: 3.1.5

ScamIdiots charge your card constantly.Version: 3.58.3

Remove ads for paying customersThe perks for ‘Fantasy +’ is nice. Though still seeing pre-rolls in videos is a bit rough..Version: 3.11.10

Cant log inLast update booted me out. Tried to log in, password no longer worked, website won’t send a verification email to reset password..Version: 3.58.14

What the phuck????I been playing on this app for 4 or 5 years now with nothing bad to say, til now. I’ve won my league or been top 2 or 3 every year but this year this happened. I’m tied for 1st with 2 other players at 8-3 and one of my stud RB’s is due to come off the IR but for some reason it won’t let me move him anywhere? I’ve tried moving him to my bench, I’ve tried putting him in my starting lineup, and I’ve tried getting rid of him because until I move him off IR it won’t let me draft anybody period. My QB is on bye this week along with my defense and now I won’t have either because I can’t draft anybody until I magically am able to move him off IR. Thanks nfl fantasy I will be deleting this app immediately!!.Version: 3.58.16

CrashesLiterally cannot sign in. Screen goes grey..Version: 3.11.14

Broken appThe app wouldn’t open on my phone so I then deleted and have tried to re-download but it won’t work..Version: 3.2.7

Not bad but can’t get notificationsNotifications are set to allow, but every time I go to turn them on in the app and press save, it doesn’t work. I then go back in to check and it’s as if I never turned them on. Would be better if notifications worked. Might have to move my league to sleeperbot.Version: 2.11.9

Live activities ? Where they at?Please add love activities so we can track our games on the Lock Screen. Other wise great app. Oh and also I would pay you a buck or two a more th to not have ads. Just sayin..Version: 3.58.1

AdsFeedback for 2022 season on the NFL Fantasy App. Please remove all ads within the family of apps, especially when you have active NFL game pass account. The ads get in the way when checking league matchups, scores and league feed. Or at the very least have the apps do a check against the account: Does Account have active NFL Gamepass, Yes = No Ads Does Account have active NFL Gamepass, No = Ads.Version: 3.57.6

Definitely not the worst NFL Fantasy App VersionThe app redesign has its benefits & drawbacks but a couple things to improve the app would be 1) make adding a new player default to "available" so we can immediately see who's available not all players 2) the discussion section could be upgraded for editing and deleting discussions as many members of the league accidentally post the player their looking for in there since the app freezes alot and don't realize the window changed. 3) speed it up & clean up crashes, this app is much slower than previous versions and crashes a lot more (expected with a redesign) so that should be improved with new versions.Version: 3.1.2

Awful.This is the worst fantasy football app I have used. I have 3 different apps for my other leagues, and they all blow this one out of the water. The app limits what you can see and do to an insane degree. Especially as a commissioner. I am essentially unable to do any of my duties from the app. I find myself logging into the web version from my phones browser 99% of the time (which is still incredibly limited compared to the desktop site). I am strongly pushing my league to switch to a different platform..Version: 3.1.5

Terrible updateThe best thing to be said about the 2016 version of the app is that is features a fresh coat of paint. Outside of that, there are a litany of features that are now harder to use or completely lacking compared to previous years. I have read a number of other users poor reviews and agree; this isn't complaining because people don't like change, but because the app is tangibly worse than previous versions..Version: 2.0.3

Projected points issuesThroughout the whole season you would have projected points for players on the injured reserve or injured inactive lists. It is really hard to estimate an actual roster when players that are out for the year have projected points. We shouldn’t have to open every player to see their individual status. During the draft which we couldn’t manually pick in my league I got a quarterback that was out before the season even started because of surgery. If their projections were accurate I wouldn’t have drafted a player that didn’t play the entire season either. Then after they start playing the projected points disappear so you can’t even gauge if the projections were even remotely accurate unless you took a picture of the projections prior to the games starting..Version: 2.10.17

Fix your serversFirst Sunday if the NFL season and the app signed me out and the servers won’t let me sign in. Fix this garbage asap..Version: 3.58.1

Slow and buggySo slow and buggy. Constantly freezes. Going between teams takes forever and points don’t update until minutes after. This app is brutal….Version: 3.58.3

The new update is very slowWhy is this an upgrade? Game day takes like 30 seconds to update from the moment it's opened. There's no way to see if a player is a free agent or on waivers. Bring back the previous version..Version: 2.0.3

Worst App Ever!Hands down the worst app I have ever used. Going into a draft which either crashes, doesn’t load or auto picks for you, despite the fact you remove the auto pick option! Tried this 3 times and finally giving up with it, think I’ll stick to Draft Kings!.Version: 3.57.15

Roll it backApp was much better in previous years. The Snapchat like videos are useless and only slow the app down. Crashes more too. Interface needs reworking..Version: 3.2.0

New Update is terribleThe new update has some small features that are good however most of them are terrible. No longer can you search for an individual player. The game centre update is a step back from the previous update. While functionality has improved with some components the new update is terrible. Please correct the changes..Version: 2.0.0

Poor Advertising UXAs an advertiser, I would not display ads on this app. It works fine for supporting fantasy football, but has UX flaws in the video advertising experience that can carry over to negative connotations with advertisers on the app. Consider the following user story: -User selects to view a specific video as desired -Next video autoplays after the first one is over -Ad plays before the second video -Ad blocks all user interaction If the user did not want to view the second, autoplayed video, they have a desire to exit the video player, but this action becomes blocked. This creates frustration with the advertising experience that can be associated with the advertiser. Note that ads are acceptable to a user when they precede an asset the user desires, because no desired interaction is blocked. There should never be a case when an ad blocks interaction; a video player should always be exitable..Version: 3.57.22

No functionality...!This app just needs to be more complete. Any significant changes to teams or predraft rankings etc still need to be done on the fantasy website. For an organisation like the NFL, you expect more..Version: 1.3.4

Useless nowLogin just spins and spins and spins and does nothing. Can’t log in can’t use the app the year. Really??.Version: 3.58.8

Once again… Not accessible!Two years ago I complained about how the app was on AccessAble. You made improvements and made it accessible, then you update it again and it is now not accessible! Please fix this as I am blind, using a voiceover on an iPhone 10 and would like to be able to play again! I am sure that the graphics are great for those people that can see, but if you could also make a text version for those of us that are not able to see and still enjoy the NFL and play fantasy football. It would be much appreciated! Please and thank you..Version: 3.8.0

Terrible updateThe new update has killed the app. I don't even use it anymore. iPad version is still legit but iPhone app blows. Lacks all the info you previously had at your fingertips and is hard to navigate..Version: 2.0.4

0 likes on facebook tells it allSuch a poor app compared to the website. Have to scroll everywhere to even see your team. For trading you can only accept or reject, nothing like the website where you can counter and send notes. Pointless watching the game centre, lots of scrolling required again and a lot of wasted space- previous years it was much better. If it's got the draft function and other items that take up a lot of memory then have an update now to remove it and boost the playability of the game now so that you can easily see player statuses, matchups and trades- the things you need to do at this stage of the season. I haven't bothered with the things it says it does like highlights of the games, it's not easily found on there. The app is one of the worst compared to a website anywhere. The only plus is it's lack of ads and videos that slow it down- but dare I say it probably needs them to liven up the dull looking pages.Version: 2.0.5

Glitchy and broken appThis app was awesome for fantasy last year, which was my family’s first introduction to fantasy football. We were so excited for our league’s second season this year but the app is so glitchy and full of bugs I’m not sure it will be enjoyable or worthwhile at all. I couldn’t add players to my watchlist ahead of the draft, and now that our draft is over, half of the players on my roster are in red with 0 projected points for the week. Others in my league are having this problem as well, and I see that others online are having this issue too. Please fix the bug issues with the app (which didn’t happen last year! So I don’t know why this is happening now) so we can all enjoy what used to be a very fun and great fantasy app..Version: 3.57.12

TerribleEvery single draft i go in it automatically picks me a player before i’ve decided who to go for, I have about 5 active leagues i have no intention of playing in because i’ve quit the draft in disgust! Fix this now!!!.Version: 3.57.39

Average at bestThis years performance of the app has been poor. Always fails to update and so many glitches or errors when attempting to edit team/ waiver pick ups. Seriously need to look at changing it next year.Version: 2.11.13

Stick to the websiteThis quality of the information and features of this app is so far below that of the website that the convenience of it is just not worth it. Where are the league-specific stories and polls? Totally miss out on the feel of being in a league with friends. Not intuitive or user friendly. Come on NFL, you have the resources to do waaaaay better than this. It's an embarrassment..Version: 2.10.10

Notifications?Apparently there aren't system push notifications for this app on iDevices. I've checked both the notification settings and the app settings. Can't find it anywhere. There's an option in-app to turn on notifications, but it doesn't do anything... I've honestly never seen that before. My team just switched to NFL Fantasy this year from CBS. We were told it was so much better, but for me, this is a huge drawback. I like to be notified when I score points, when players get injured, when the final scores are posted, etc. Not getting any of that right now, and I don't always get time to stop and check. Hoping this is just an error and will be resolved soon..Version: 3.57.15

Searching playersEver since the app was changed at the beginning of the football season, finding players has become a lot harder. You can still search, sure, but when you’re looking at available players to pick up and you don’t have a specific name to search by, it’s hard finding the one’s that are performing at a decent level. The NFL has made it so after you’ve go through a few available players it starts to go through a loop of the same exact players you’ve already gone through. It would be nice if that was fixed so we can see all players rather than the same 10 to 15..Version: 2.10.17

Decent platformNot the worst platform I’ve played on but still has a long way to go. Platforms such as sleeper have risen up and blown this app out of the water. The biggest thing for me is having to use the website to update loads of things (when commissioner of a league). Why is this not integrated into the app yet? There’s so many places to improve, quite disappointing with the amount of hype for the new app on NFL produced podcasts. So much potential missed. You’ve now got to play catch up..Version: 3.1.2

Do not use this appUse ESPN fantasy football app instead it is significantly better. This app doesn’t work half the time and server will be down for days..Version: 3.58.1

Removing targets and rush attempts is incredibly dumbThis app is the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. But they make the dumbest changes every year. Why would you remove rush attempts and targets. Those statistics are just as important as actual receptions and yards. Hoping it’s just bugged because will be swapping all leagues over to other apps.Version: 3.57.16

It's just not very goodIt's really hard to find information. Probably needed more UX testing. Back to using desktop site, if you made that responsive you probably wouldn't need an app.Version: 2.0.3

Keeps crashingI just updated the app and when I try to open it, it just keeps crashing and wont open at all.Version: 1.3.6

Don’t buy fantasy plusThe fantasy plus subscription doesn’t allow you to stream games as it advertised. And the “trade reviews” doesn’t cover trades that are proposed, only ones the app decides to suggest..Version: 3.58.1

Slow, Glitchy...UnimpressedThe biggest complaint I have is the slowness of this app that others have also pointed out on these reviews. Come Sunday around 12:45pm when you’re scrambling to lock in your 1:00pm games based on injuries and breaking inactive news, it’s very testing to wait 15 seconds after you tap on a button for the player’s information to load. The interface for adding players and seeing/comparing important statistics quickly has always been problematic and irritating with this app (been using it since 2014-ish). Sorting by available players versus seeing all the top point scorers for a specific position often causes the app the default to showing players that either aren’t correct positionally or aren’t available to add. It doesn’t always fetch the correct data or refresh the lists as quick as you’d expect it to. Another subtlety that becomes annoying is how deep you have to dive in order to see who owns a specific player. I shouldn’t have to tap three different places on a player to figure out who in my league owns them. Overall, a weak, slow, underperforming app that uses a minimal, “modern” design aesthetic to try distract users from it’s numerous flaws and failures..Version: 3.2.4

Latest update has broken the app.After today’s update, the app no longer allows me to view any of my teams. It’s bizarre. I have to “sign up” for a new team, join a new league and THEN my teams appear. However, after I close the app, it takes my teams away again, and I have to repeat this ridiculous process again. Not sure what happened with this latest update, but it couldn’t have happened at a worse time with today being the first day of the season… I’ll be more than happy to update my review when this issue is fixed, but until then you’re only legitimate option is to use the desktop option until this is fixed. It’s a major bug that needs immediate attention..Version: 3.11.5

Worse than new CokeThis is hands down the worst fantasy app available. The new updates this season were worse than New Coke. I would rather use an abacus to figure out fantasy projections than subject myself to using this app ever again. Fortunately I only play in one league on NFL so I just set my lineups 3 weeks in advance since that is how long the load times are. This app is the Josh Gordon of fantasy apps. You’re never too sure when it’s going to end up back in rehab. You would think that the fantasy app OF THE LEAGUE YOU ARE PLAYING would be the best available. Unfortunately it seems that they allowed Roger Goodell to hire the developers for the updates. As he has done the rest of his tenure, he royally screwed this up. At this point I am praying that my entire team gets injured so that I can stop coming back to this trash app. Well done NFL, you have made it so that players can be frustrated with the performance of their team because they can never check the scores!.Version: 3.2.8

Can’t turn off notifications in appThe notifications button is greyed out and won’t toggle on/off. Getting spam notifications everyday making the app very frustrating to use. Please fix..Version: 3.58.14

Needs bug fixesI’m using an iPhone 12 and for whatever reason, this season I can’t get the scores from the weeks before. It’s just coming up as zeros. I didn’t have any issues last season so I know this is something new and I hope it gets corrected. I’ve used this app for at least 4 years but, I will switch if I continue to not be able to see previous scores. I’ve advocated for this app with all of my buddies, three of them stopped using it this years because of the lag in loading scores/stats. Please fix, I do really like this app. I will update my review when issue has been resolved. Thx..Version: 3.57.21

Needs a lot of workI wish I could say this was a great app. It is really slow to refresh the information. I had been on the app several times between 8:30am and 1:00pm on a Sunday. Each time it told me that my opponent sat Etienne this week 9:30am London game. I was on the app for over 30 min from 12:30-1:00, by then the game was over, the app still said he was on the bench. I left the matchup tab multiple times and came back to it, and refreshed. Still on the bench. At 1:12, magically he is listed as a starter and his points which had only appeared in the bench and not in the total, are added to the total and he is now in the starting lineup. My opponent doesn't have commissioner privileges. I feel like the site and the app have regressed over the past few years..Version: 3.58.8

Bugged appTried 3 different leagues and every time the draft screwed up. What ever pick i was my actually pick would be at a different spot and couldnt draft anybody. I am done wasting my time with this bugged app will try another one going forward if you guys can even make your draft work properly no bloody point wasting my time doing a fantasy league on this joke of an app by the nfl..Version: 3.57.36

Confusing and IncompleteThis app is very difficult to use and the buttons leads you to places that make no sense. It’s difficult to compare players, look at future matchups, compare your league’s opponents with your own schedule, and the visuals of this app looks like either a first year coder put it together or the whoever gave them ideas on design works in the accounting department. Visual this app is confusing. On a personal note, for some reason (although you can change it) the default settings for match ups and play offs are as close to REAL life NFL rules and makes 0 sense. Considering that there are 32 teams in he NFL and on average 10 teams in fantasy football, STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE MAKES ABSOLUTELY 0 SENSE! I was in the playoffs then got taken out because the player who took my spot beat one team who was 6-7 and I beat a team that was 5-6. But I have about 200 pts more than he does on the year. Download another app, you will be happier..Version: 2.10.15

New Update is Horrible!!I absolutely hate this new update, everything looks like a cartoon and way different than the past 3 years that everyone knows and loves. What I hate is that you have to scroll so far to see your players and can’t see your whole starting lineup on just one screen (have to scroll to see the other half), next is that when you’re looking at your roster your team name along with unnecessary options that take up so much space, why can’t we just have it with our team name at the top and the all players available to see without scrolling like how it has always been. I can’t even screenshot my team to show someone without taking 3 pics cuz of how big each players icon is and how much I scroll. Next is how difficult and different it is just to look at players on waivers and look at other teams in the league, it’s just so completely different with all these new options that are just plain unnecessary. We want the old version!!! I don’t care if you update the graphics or give it a new “look” but gosh please make it look like how it did before, this is just horrible and so bad. Or give us the option to have the old update..Version: 3.1.2

This years update completely destroys the appSo they managed to literally destroy everything you want from a fantasy app, to the point I need to have my laptop with me every Sunday night. Where to even start: 10 second minimum loading time when you click anything! (And I mean anything); the fact you can’t see more than 2 players of your team on screen at once? Constant scrolling up and down is required to view all your players. Barely any useful player stats on players. No customisation for what I want to see. Major crashes every time I search for any player stats? Every icon is huge and takes up most the screen for some reason. Viewing players is included in the team page and is not it’s own section for some reason??? Did i mention just looking through my leagues matchups is the slowest thing on the app? This list could be never ending. And I’ve not even included the amount of times it crashes. JUST LET ME VIEW MY TEAM ON ONE PAGE AND SHOW ME STATS. (Each player does not need to have a box the size of Tom Brady’s ego) It was fine last year how can you take so many steps back. If I could leave 0 stars I would..Version: 3.2.3

Impossible to loginI logged in using the Apple Log in and now i cant use anything to login, if you want to enjoy fantasy Football DO NOT USE THIS APP.Version: 3.58.1

Works ok, push notifications issuesThe app works fine for managing my team and seeing results. The issue is toggling off NFL Fantasy Updates in push notifications doesn’t stop general notifications and notifications that are basically ads. I want notifications about my team and my league, not general announcements and the notifications are clearly set up to allow that setting but it doesn’t have any effect and I’m certain it’s intentional. Why does a rich multi-billion dollar league need to squeeze every last penny out of fans with relentless advertising?.Version: 3.58.1

Get sleeperBare minimum app that can’t even do the basics right. had leagues on this app for over 5 years every year slowly been advocating for us to move app, but when our entire draft disappears after we had spent hours doing it. it was time for the switch.Version: 3.58.1

Has potential to be greatThis app should be wonderful, it has great info, and is frequently updated. Fantasy is fun! However, the app is painfully slow and it often takes 30 seconds to load a player profile. It often glitches out when asked to do things like make trades on iPhone. All my friends agree and avoid using it, choosing instead to alter their team on their laptops. Please sort this out, there is no reason for it to be sooo slow!.Version: 3.3.0

Added features are anything but helpfulI have been Using NFL’s fantasy football app for the last 4 years. Until this year it’s been great! However, since they added the new update, I have run into a lot of issues. First, my opponent shows up as a different team in the “team” section and in the “matchup” section. Second, if I hit optzimumize, it places the wrong players on the bench and in the team so that I am actually projected less. Strange right? Third, they began putting videos on players, so I can never trade for the players I want to trade for, because as soon as I put in a trade offer, some video gets published about why the other person shouldn’t trade them, or why my player is going to be a bust later in the season (even if he’s doing well now). It’s tiresome to get my trades rejected because of NFL’s opinion. Users should be able to do their own research. Fourth, the statistics of the player is much harder to navigate, as it feels almost like it was built for a computer screen and not a mobile app. TLDR; it’s safe to say I’ll be sticking to the website this year and hoping for a better mobile experience in the days to come..Version: 3.2.1

OkIt was good up until your mom pooped and killd moi @yomomstink.Version: 3.58.1

App is broken and doesn’t let me access my team or league, despite being logged inSo I’ve had this app for a few weeks now and beyond the fact that I think it has the worst interface and player ratings of the 3 major apps, it is now completely broken on me. For the first few weeks, my team loaded up fine on the app while I was logged in. Now, even though my account information is logged in and I’m in the app it does not allow me to look at my team or the league I’m in. I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 5 years now and this is the first and only time this has happened, next to no support is available on the issue as well besides the website giving you the run around to login on desktop, which defeats the purpose of the app. Do yourself a favor, and use literally any other fantasy football besides this one..Version: 3.11.5

Used to be perfect but then update ruined itThe app used to work perfectly and seamlessly and had a great look. Then they completely redesigned it and, though on the surface it may look like a slick new look, it is clunky, hard to navigate (not intuitive anymore) and now is so slow because it is really buggy - pages just freeze, or take ages to load, or refresh for no reason. On your team line-up page it used to only display each player’s name in their player slot so you could almost see your entire team on the screen, now they have (unnecessarily) added a player photo next to the name which makes the slots a lot wider and take up more room on your screen, so you have to scroll down a lot to see your entire team, which in turn is slow and freezes! This problem is especially apparently on smaller phone screens. On the surface it may look very slick and well-designed, but I believe it has been lazily done without thinking about how the users would interact with it and what is best for them. They should find a new UX/UI designer..Version: 3.2.4

Absolutely garbage of an appThis app is a joke to even be called a fantasy app. This morning I was able to access my fantasy team easy and when I tried to look at it again it told me to sign in. That wasn’t a problem because I remembered the email I used but couldn’t remember my password. I clicked the “reset password” button but it wouldn’t let me saying my email doesn’t exist, which it does. I’ve tried so many other possibilities but doesn’t let me access it. My team was really good and I liked it a lot but this stupid horrible app decided to just delete it. Absolutely do not download and use this app since it might delete your fantasy team and league for no reason..Version: 3.11.6

So frustratingCloses itself all the time everytime you leave the app. Very frustrating if you are in more than one league as it always opens the same league, even more frustrating if this isn't your main league. Functionality is ok yet this can be improved as it never used to have this problem..Version: 2.10.12

Can’t loginEvery time I click login on the app it takes me to the browser where I login, then I can’t toggle back to the app with my info logged in.Version: 3.58.6

Won't let me registerEvery time I try to register is says "unknown registration error" can u help with this please will change star rating when problem sorted.Version: 2.10.0

Fantasy PlusGot me to the semi final but didn’t fix my personality.Version: 3.9.1

Functions missing and incompatible on other devicesThe are simple functions missing from the iPad app - like “optimise lineup” that are there on the same iPhone app. Plus this latest version is not available for my Samsung tablet - come on developers. Pull your finger out..Version: 2.11.9

AnnoyedI haven’t been able to try it because it said ineligible to sign up and I deleted and tried again but it didn’t work 🙄.Version: 3.57.37

Times upThey have been playing with this year after year only to make it totally dysfunctional. They’ve finally directed me to ESPN fantasy. Bye.Version: 3.1.5

App CompatabilityUsed this app last year for our league, now people are having trouble opening it with the new updates..Version: 3.57.26

Doesn’t workApp lets me sign in then returns to to sign up page. I have no access to anything. This is terrible.Version: 3.58.1

No support for older iPadI have a Ver 3 iPad and there is no compatible version. Poor support by NFL.Version: 2.11.11

Useless updateUpdate to fix homescreen widget. Still shows data missing and not working. Do you even test the update?.Version: 3.8.11

HopelessCan’t log in as log in pop-up doesn’t automatically close and no option to close manually without cancelling the login. Can’t get support as you just get sent in circles without speaking to someone..Version: 3.58.1

Use Sleeper insteadThis app is pretty bad, seems like it constantly has issues. I suggest using sleeper or another app instead..Version: 3.57.21

Volume stats removed???For some reason targets and carries were removed in the stat sections of player profiles. Super important stats for fantasy. If this isnt fixed this will be my leagues last year on the platform.Version: 3.57.17

Why is the app now so bad...The app has been great over the last few years, but the changes this year are terrible. It is really hard to check out players for adding and the info available for them is not good for research etc. Overall the app makes this super disappointing to use on a phone etc so now if I want to use NFL Fantasy football I have to use my computer as this is the only usable version. Issues. -slow to load -constant crashing -players hard to search for -no info available on %owned -no info available for adds and drops Disappointed. Please fix or go back to last years version ASAP!!.Version: 3.1.3

Terrible on iPhone 6S Plus.Graphics, words and numbers don’t fit on screen properly. They overlap so you can’t read much effectively. Formatting and design is definitely stuffed..Version: 3.2.0

Not badUpdate seems pretty good, definitely faster, but where is the search function in the player tab? Hard to find exactly the player you want!.Version: 2.0.0

Decent but needs some improvements.Overall the app runs about as you would expect. It gets the job job done, but that’s about it. One of my biggest annoyance is is that when searching for players I cannot opt to have my current players show up in the results. This is important if i’m deciding whether or not to pick someone up. If I could immediately compare my currently rostered players at that position, with the available players, I can much more easily make my decision. I was here now stands I have to continually click back-and-forth between the “My Team“ and “Players” tabs to figure out which available players are an upgrade. Fox Fantasy Football has this intuitive feature..Version: 2.11.11

Money can’t buy successYou’d think with the money the NFL has it could employ and make an app that is flawless, obviously not. The app keeps stuttering, always logging me out, forever marking players as OUT. It’s been better t it this year it seems someone has decided to make it utterly usless..Version: 3.57.18

Too many problemsA couple of years ago this APP was simple and easy to use It appears it’s been over complicated and it’s no longer user-friendly and it seems to struggle when opening to the point that I need to restart my phone It’s a shame I’ve had to uninstall it and don’t think I’ll get back into it next season For what it’s worth there are similar problems with the NFL APP which leads me to think there are issues with the developer.Version: 3.3.4

Good idea but always crashingThe app would be perfect if it could last longer than 3 minutes without crashing. Really unstable and becoming a bit of a nuisance. Last seasons version worked really well and can’t understand why this updated look doesn’t have the same quality. Please please please get it fixed before kickoff next weekend!.Version: 3.1.5

Cannot open appHave not been able to open the app due to a “the request timed out” prompt on iPhone 8. Have updated, deleted and re downloaded the app with no success..Version: 2.11.10

Very poor serversThis app can’t load properly more than it is acceptable. The nfl needs to invest in this app because this is ridiculous. Fantasy football is so popular and good for the game, I can’t believe the app is in this state..Version: 3.58.1

Draft in the app BugMock drafts seem to be working fine but joined a public league and none of the league managers were able to select players. It said it was my pick on a different team. All teams were auto picked but not based off adp. It was a lottery of which player went where..Version: 3.57.36

Backwards stepSlow, unresponsive and difficult to navigate. They should of left it be rather than try "jazz" it up.Version: 2.0.3

Good but too many bugsAt first glance it looks polished; but given I can’t make a trade (a 1:1 offer brings up a mandatory requirement for me to drop a player as I’m over my squad limit, which doesn’t make sense) poses a few concerns as to its functionality.... For now I’ll just use the web..Version: 3.2.0

Draft error draft overCants join the draft at alll.Version: 3.58.1

Stopped working.Stopped working, logs me in but won’t go past the general account info page. I don’t even know how I’ll play this year now. I’ve uninstalled it like 10 times already and still nothing..Version: 3.58.1

InaccesibleSince I have upgraded my phone to the iPhone X the app no longer opens, personally the app has never been that great, needs more functionality that is currently accessible via the website!!.Version: 2.12.0

Can’t trust it anymoreI used the App for my League’s draft yesterday evening. And every time I tried to enter I was left with a white screen! I deleted the WiFi, rebooted my iPhone, deleted and replaced the app, and tried going on through my browser, but nothing. When I went in to the desktop site and clicked ‘enter draft’, it opened up a page telling me to download the App that wasn’t working properly! I eventually used my partner’s laptop, but managed to miss the first 6 rounds, which were auto picked for me. Some still got an A rating for my draft though... This was deeply disappointing as someone in my 5th year of playing. You need to sort out the draft engine before others get the same experience. Just hope it works through the season now 🤞.Version: 3.7.14

Update has made the app non functionalUpdate did not work, app still crashes. This app is a FAIL!!! Can’t even go the website. If you are trying to use this app or website with a mobile device you are screwed, or will be screwed. Avoid this app, put your leagues somewhere else. Giant NFL F up, just like the 6:30am PST game times for international games. F ing dumb..Version: 3.57.21

Won’t let me log in. Website fine.Won’t let me log in..Version: 3.1.3

Unable to log inImpossible to log in the link does not work.Version: 3.58.1

Battery destroyer extraordinaire!This app will decimate battery life like no other before it! Had it open for less than 10 minutes and it consumed more than 20% battery life 😳😳 The app itself is fine, it does what it’s meant to, but it uses so much processing that my phone gets hot to touch and you can watch the battery indicator ticking down, down, down, EMPTY!!!.Version: 2.11.9

Awful app. Bring back the old version!Do not download! This NFL Fantasy App is un-usable. News feed is hidden away in back menus, cannot select players from feed to view their info. I could go on...but it would just waist your time further. The old version of this app was 100% better in every way. Bring that one back! Cannot even give this zero stars like it deserves..Version: 2.0.4

They’ve ruined the fantasy experienceThe app is so bad and hard to use that it seems like they’re trying their best to drive you away. Can’t see how many points each player got in week one. New graphics make it harder to see a players progress. Keeps crashing. Will be the last year our group use this for fantasy.Version: 3.2.0

Scoring UpdateI’ve been using this app for the better part of 8 years. But have noticed in the past two years on numerous occasions that it takes the app a few days to update scoring. Now as this may not seem like a big deal, when you think you have won a matchup and two or three days later the app updates scoring and you end up losing or vise versa it’s extremely frustrating. Currently as I write this post you still haven’t corrected the scoring in one of the matchups in my league. It’s looks as though your Fantasy+ and app has seen better days…this may be the last year we use this app. Thanks for the good run..Version: 3.57.22

This App is GarbageI was trying to give this app the benefit of the doubt, being the official app of the NFL, but It is just awful. The iPhone version is different from the iPad version. With that being said, they are both terrible in their own ways. My biggest complaint is the layout and filtering system for the available players tab. It’s painful having to adjust the filter EVERY TIME I am trying to compare available players. In other fantasy apps you can just click the stat on the table and it auto sorts it. This app you have to go into the filter menu and adjust the filter by sorting through way too many options. I don’t need to see stats with a span from eight years ago. Even when you go through all the steps to set the filter, the results still don’t sort correctly. More specifically when you sort for fantasy points the results show the point leader half way down the list when he should obviously be at the top. Our league of 10 has used this app for the last three years and it is a consensus, we all hate this app. This will be our last. We will be switching to one of the better options like Yahoo! or ESPN next season..Version: 2.10.11

Score predictions don’t update.Third year using the app and it has everything you need to check in order to stay updated with your fantasy league! However, after watching the first NFL game kickoff through the app, I noticed that the app doesn’t update the score prediction anymore. In previous years you could see your score prediction (from individual players and overall score) fluctuate based on how well your roster was doing. This was previously implemented and now the only way to check is if you check the website through desktop view then you can see the score prediction updated. Otherwise 5/5 stars, I hope they reimplement this soon with the next update!.Version: 3.2.0

This app is brokenI’ve only tried to use this app a couple of times but it seems when I try to use it the connection is “timed out”. NFL fix your app!.Version: 2.11.10

MehCan’t even login for week 1, trash app..Version: 3.58.1

CrashesNew update is rubbish crashes constantly.Version: 3.2.0

Both App and Website downOn the opening Sunday of the season both the app and website won’t allow you to log in. Enough said. I wish I could give this app 0 stars..Version: 3.58.1

Locks players out of their leaguesWe have been using this app for our fantasy league for several years now. This year it has locked (2) teams out from accessing the league. They can log in, but shows that their teams were not a part of this years season. Even though they drafted and were able to play several games this year until they were locked out. It’s very disappointing. Periodically the app wants you to re-login. All the players have trouble retrieving their teams when they log back in. I’m not sure we will make it through the whole season this year. Again, very disappointing..Version: 3.57.19

Gets the job done, but not the best platform out thereI started using this app after a couple years of ESPN just to try it out and will be going back to ESPN. It’s just not as smooth and seemless as ESPN. They give you a lot of info that you don’t care about. Their projections are also whack sometimes and the “optimize lineup” button won’t get out of your face. The only advantage is that they have the rights to the game footage so you can watch highlights and plays that your guys did well in. That said, they don’t have any advice or analyst videos that ESPN just has way too many of. Not a bad app at all and maybe it’s just preferences, but I strongly prefer ESPN.Version: 2.11.12

Can’t sign inGet kicked to browser, sign in, then can’t get back to app.Version: 3.58.1

Useless.Try searching for a single player. Takes forever. Bring back last seasons version. This one mutton dressed as lamb. No functionality..Version: 2.0.2

Edit settingsGood app but they need to make it so you can edit how many position slots there are. If we want 3 wr or 2 qb we should be able to edit that. Make it more customizable like yahoo does.Version: 3.57.24

Widget broken“The data couldn’t be read because it is missing” is the message showing on the widget currently..Version: 3.8.10

Poorly developed appSlow, laggy, terrible writers… honestly use yahoo.Version: 3.57.21

Terrible AppThe app keeps crashing, so slow and laggy. You have to click through so many windows to get stats and information on players, projections and live scores are not automatically updating. They’ve gone backwards from the old app.Version: 3.2.4

2019 app is terrible!App was great last few years and now its been updated and its unusable. Terrible app, so slow, says your playing 2 different opponents depending on what screen your on, projected points doesn't change as the game goes on. All in all, terrible downgrade from the last version.Version: 3.2.0

CrashesI have iPhone 6 just downloaded the app and everything I do it crashes. Reopen asks to send report but can’t do anything. Waste of time.Version: 2.11.11

PoorApp has crashed a thousand times while I'm mid way through the app. Does not let proper sign ups occur.Version: 2.0.2

Lineups not able to be changedIn the latest update, players cannot be substituted at all. The lineups currently can’t be changed.Version: 3.57.34

Can’t sign inHaven’t been able to sign in using the Facebook third party authentication . It’s been over 8 days since I was last able to successfully sign in. Seems to be a reoccurring problem..Version: 3.58.6

UnusuableIt’s poo.Version: 3.2.0

ErrorWhen I attempt to do the mock draft it is showing as invalid. Also it doesn’t seem to let me join a league? What’s happening? It’s always worked perfectly before now.Version: 3.10.4

Crashes on new update when I try to openNew update as of today crashed app when opening..Version: 3.11.20

New app in 2019 is trashIt looks like garbage. The icons look like they came from sega Dreamcast in 1998. It crashes and freezes constantly and wouldn’t let me into my draft. Poor choice on the changes..Version: 3.2.0

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Is NFL Fantasy Football not working?

NFL Fantasy Football works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact NFL Fantasy Football.

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