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Motivation - Daily quotes app received 193 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about motivation - daily quotes?

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Motivation - Daily quotes for Positive User Reviews

No WordsOk, so this app is literally the most brilliant thing I have ever experienced. It is well designed , well made, and the quotes are so cheerful and helpful. I have struggled with anxiety for a while now and this is the first good app that I have found to help with it. Please please please consider getting this app because it will always cheer you up. Well done to the makers of this, you did such a good job on it I am so happy I found this. Thank you thank you thank you.Version: 3.42.1

What an incredible AppThis summer I have spent more time than ever investing in my mental health. One of the ways in which I’ve done this is to read positive and motivational quotes throughout my days! This app came at the perfect time! Not only have I benefited from it but I have shared it on social media and others have sent me messages like “I needed to read that today” or “you have no idea how much that touched me to read”. Bravo in creating such a tool!!!.Version: 5.12.4

BrilliantYou probably won’t need the entire 3 month free trial, I decided I was going to purchase the app after like 3 days. Amazing alternative to social media - create a thread of motivational / positive topics through push notifications that’ll be sent throughout the day. It definitely does have a positive effect on mental health..Version: 4.3.3

My reviewI have only had this app for like 5 minutes and this Ya already given me so many good quotes that I will always remember!.Version: 4.56

Love it!Only had for a week or so but have liked the quotes that I received so far. Sometimes they are exactly what I need. Wish there were more options for the free version but then again it is free..Version: 3.28

Mental InstabilityI’ve suffered with mental instability for a while, but this app helped me realise that I needed to take a step back from everything going on in my life and realise just what I had around me. It helped me through tough times and also helped me discover a new side of my mentality that I hadn’t explored much, and really helped me to strive forward. Honestly, THE best app out there that I personally have found that helps you realise who you truest are and how much more life has to give..Version: 3.22.3

This app is great!This app is really amazing, especially if you have low self esteem. You can change how many they send you a day, and you can heart them so that the quotes suit you. It truly is amazing. I recommend this to you, as well as the app forest. You can set timers and watch your tree grow. If you leave the app to go to any social media platform your tree dies. Have a great day, and during these tough times, I wish nothing but health, and happiness to you and your family. Stay safe, and be who you are..Version: 4.41.1

AmazingMust try!!!!!.Version: 5.8.2

Nifty and inspiring!This app is nifty, absolutely love it! There are so many great quotes it provides through the day to give me that mental boost. I like how you can customize the categories to suite your needs as well the background art. I also appreciate how you can favorite and create collections of quotes. The reason I give the app 4/5 stars is due to the fact there isn’t any means to search in the past quotes section for specific quotes you’ve seen so you have a chance to favorite them or whatever. Also, after the last update or so one of my favorite backgrounds was taken away (sort of a black and white scene with trees along a wooded country backroad), would be great to have it back. Maybe a way to create a collection of favorite backgrounds and the ability cycle through them automatically?? Being that this app requires a paid subscription for an otherwise outstanding and useful app, it would be greatly appreciated if the next update or so would take into consideration at improving the previously mentioned issues. Thank you! :).Version: 4.11.3

Why I put 4 stars instead of 5Hello! I would’ve put 5 stars instead of 4 but the reason behind it is because there are some of them locked and some of us aren’t allowed to buy things or we don’t have the money for it ! How can we get this app for free and then be expected to be charged ? Some people (including myself) are going through a rough time right now and we need more encouragement! And you don’t know which type of quotes we need to help us push through to the other side ! Please take it into very careful consideration, a lot of people deal with stuff every day and it’s not fair your blocking us from words we need to hear ! 🥺🥺we just want to be happy and it’s almost like you're taking us away from us ! So much for a ,” Great App”, 🙄and the thing is now that we got new Valentine’s quotes and everything , you lock some of the other quotes which is super unfair ???? Who makes new quotes to lock up other ones I hate this app.Version: 4.0.3

Daily motivationLove this app, would recommend you to download it. I have mine as a widget on my home page and love how it changes every xx seconds. Great motivator and uplifts the thinking💕💕.Version: 4.16

Good app but needs some workThe idea is great but the execution needs some work. I’ve picked my categories but I keep getting results from categories that have no relevance to me. I’ve tried deselecting all and then selecting just a few but the app often disregards my choices, even having paid for the yearly subscription 🤦‍♀️ The backgrounds are nice though and the relevant quotes are very good..Version: 3.48.1

Selecting affirmation CategoryApp is absolutely brilliant, keeps me going through the day and love the reminders it gives you to keep your head straight, only one tiny bug issue is that the affirmation category cannot be selected after it has been changed to a different category, have to delete the app and download it again just to select the affirmation category once back in :L.Version: 4.13

Notifications are exciting againBetween the sales calls, text updates, swamping of social media, my phone had become a ball and chain. Now, through out the day, my phone is a source of inspiration. It’s a shame that a lot of content is locked out by the need to watch ad’s or the purchasing the full version, though it’s impact into the usefulness of the app is minor. I’d recommend having this for a week and see how you stand with it..Version: 3.43

Uplifting and inspirationalI love to read a couple of quotes to start my day. I find these to be uplifting and inspirational which in turn helps me to achieve my positive mindset. Highly recommend to get these on your watch too. It’s those little moments too which can make a big difference to your day and mood. 5 stars.Version: 4.11.3

Affirmation and QuotesI never thought for a second that this type of stuff would make sense never mind a difference. Some time ago life changed very suddenly. I was bereft and just alone. I would have bought snake oil if it worked. Out of desperation I tried a few of these apps. And they just worked. I look forward to getting my next dose of medicine every day. Try it that’s all I’m saying..Version: 4.18

Bringing positivity to the forefrontThe content of this app is a tool I use as one of my coping mechanism. They can and help you through the bad days or even a bad moment. I find these quotes have helped me wad through the mess life can become. Some make you happy some make you cry and some just make you smile and laugh..Version: 5.27.0

BEST THING EVERI have been very self conscious because I’m in High school and a Littel quote makes my day let alone 10 to 30 times a day and it’s amazing that I get message saying how amazing I am! I haven’t go premium but i really suggest you do because of much better it can be! I’m always felling like I’m ugly and fat but after using it for one day I’m shocked how thin i really am and how im not ugly!!!!! RECOMMENDED to everyone not just everyone with those felling. Xxxx hope u get it Thankyou ❤️🌻👍🏻🌺⭐️🙂😇😗.Version: 3.32.3

Stopped WorkingUpdate: Had a response from the Developers. Apparently have to go in the app and reload messages after every 60 received. Have increased to 4 stars as the app has started working again now Ive done this step and the quotes are great 😊 I wanted this to send me motivational and positive messages throughout the day. It worked for about 3 days and now i dont get any notifications at all. Useless..Version: 4.0.1

PositiveGood I like it very much.Version: 3.42.1

Grattitude and ThankfulnessHonestly, y’all really got it right with this all❤️you always know the right time to send me something to lift my spirits and I appreciate you so much! Thank you for making my life that much better. You have made my life better , more than you know❤️.Version: 4.2.4

So inspiring :)This app has brought me to who i am today. it’s so inspirational, it helps me through all of my hard times and always pushes me to never give up! i love it!!.Version: 3.37

BEST APP EVERThis app is truely the best motivational app ever! I used to be kind of self conscious and scared about what everyone thinks of me. But now I don’t care anymore because of the app. Every morning I wake up and check my phone and see an AMAZING quote to get me pumped up for the day. I love it! I highly recommend this app for you! You can not only just read quotes on there, but you can make quotes, you can change the app icon and you can favourite your favourite quotes! This app is absolutely amazing. Thank you to the developers of this app so much. I’m honestly surprised that this app hasn’t gotten 5 stars yet. Because it definitely deserves it. :).Version: 3.31

Best app everIt’s not even been five minutes but I’m already feeling better and more motivated..Version: 5.17.1

Excellent appFabulous app motivational Awesome quotes!!.Version: 5.30.0

Love itJust finished a year’s subscription to this app and forgotten to sign up again ! But it’s fab and will be signing up again once bills out the way after Christmas 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love the notifications that catch you off guard during the day but are fab to give you a little boost. Thanks.Version: 4.12

Why Motivation is #1There is a reason why this app is #1 under Health and Fitness. It generates the perfect quotes you need in your day that are motivational, funny, and are really up to you based on what you choose from the categories feature. The amazing thing is, you don’t need even need Motivation Premium unless you really want specific categories of quotes to appear on your feed. There are already fantastic themes and backgrounds and you can save quotes as favorites or share them to social media. I ended up purchasing Motivation Premium a few weeks ago, and it definitely has been worth it. As a college student, I deal with lots stress academically and some days I feel like a zombie in the morning. But when I pull up Motivation and read some inspiring quotes, I feel better than ever, and I hope this app will do the same for you!.Version: 3.55

Something a little bit nice !This app is so good, goods days or bad having a quote pop up on your phone as a little reminder can bring back a spark within. Maybe even help you set fire to rain. Anyway I love it it’s great ! Recommend getting this app because it’s reminds you to stay positive..Version: 2.21.5

Best App On My Phone ❤️Hey guys! I honestly want to say Thank You to the creators of this app, and the whole development team that makes it possible. I have just came to realize this is the best app I have ever downloaded and it secretly helped change my life and I just came to that realization. Life is hard and I never hear these things from my family, friends, television etc. They really pick you up and are so heart felt at times it makes me so thankful they created the app! I set like 20 reminders a day I don’t mind, I love the creativity of the app it’s so cool and meaningful. I love the positivity and just keep updating the app, adding new categories, etc. Guys chase your dreams no matter what it is, and apps like this just help out. Have a blessed day y’all. Keep being awesome 🤟🏼.Version: 4.24.2

AppreciationJust wanted to say a hello, and appreciate the producers of this brilliant application. Motivation app is literally the only reason I’m still going on. I love it, and I can feel the positive consequences of it in my life. Good job Motivation team. Keep up the good work. Good luck..Version: 4.36.5

As good as it seemsIt provided me with loads of motivations to do daily stuff. I love this app and strongly recommend people using it, especially for people who are very pessimistic and cynical. By reading a daily motivational quote helps me to become an inspired person and to others!.Version: 3.49

The app that changed my life!Recently my father died in March I do not remember the date but I'm am only 10 years old and I thought bc my father laid a rested in a wooden box that there was nothing left to life so I started feeling lots of depression and I felt even more depression when my grandfather died my moms dad my family just suffer so much pain and I didn't understand why so I prayed and prayed hopping god would answer my calls but I never heard back from him in dark u will always find light and my light was the motivation app! It gave me hope and dream something to Believe in! It made me feel so happy every now and then I cry but to relieve pain you have to let your emotions out and don't leave them in a box to relax and relieve u have to let out your emotions and let them work themselves out so I recommend this app because this completely change the way I look at the world now so please download it because I really recommend it because my family and friends and I myself see a big difference!.Version: 3.48.1

How this helps really wellMotivation is a fun app but most of all you have to add in your name when you want your motivation quotes to come on and when you want them to end they can and at any time and they can start at any time if you want under start at 1 AM and end at 5 PM then that works out but either way I feel like this will help people slow down anxiety. I’ve had this for a while now and it’s really helped me feel more confident about myself. Even if people are being mean to you this app tells you to block out those people you should give them only two chances but one of my favorite quotes on this app is your scars are there for a reason they tell the story of how you have overcome so many things to become the amazing person you are . And I love that they have that “so I really recommend motivation when you’re feeling down helped me through my ups and downs. I think it could help you to..Version: 5.29.0

Great app… love, love, love it!!!I honestly didn’t think I would love this app as much as I do. I’m always taking screenshots of motivational quotes and saving them in my photos. I’m talking about hundreds!!! (most of which are on this app). With this app I can actually save my favorites right on the app so I’ve been able to delete tons of things from my photo albums on my phone which is saving me so much space. I also love that you can select different themes, styles, even genders of motivation that you’d like to see. You can set how many times a day you want to see them and background theme. On some days it seems to send the exact thing that I needed to read at that time. I often share them with my family and friends. Especially my teen children and their friends! Definitely an A+ app!!!.Version: 4.16

Best app createdI was going through such a hard time before this app with my depression and parents divorce but this app hasn’t fixed my problems but it has given me self confidence and has given me something to wake up too every morning. This app has changed my life,so thank you❤️.Version: 4.23

Nice but too much premium advantages.Amazing app, amazing widgets, but some people (like me) who need this cannot afford any type of premium - I understand you need money, but maybe there could still be a premium but for cheaper or has less advantages to premium members. If there could be that if you register with a google/facebook account etc. you could get advantages too. Thanks.Version: 4.34.6

Decent but could be betterApp is decent but it could be better. First off, you have to pay for a majority of the stuff and the stuff you don’t pay for requires you to watch a boring add for 30 second. Second off, the topics are limited if you want the free ones. Some of which are free if you watch an ad. Third off, the fonts don’t change much within the topics. Fourthly, the price is high. You should get an option to have a free trial or pay as you go like 99 cents a month. Fifth, some of quotes aren’t really good or they are by people you don’t really know. I could get better quotes from google. The reason why we had the app is either for a potential background or a daily reminder to empower us. Also, it would be nice to choose how it Notified you. If you could pick out how the notifications appear, the sound it makes and if we could share it to friends or social media. So all in all, the app is basic and I’ll prolly keep a few of the quotes but I don’t think I’ll keep the app or tell anyone else about it at least until some things change..Version: 3.24.2

Pleasant little daily messages.. BUTThe daily messages are pleasing and uplifting HOWEVER.. you HAVE to pay for them after several days- which I’m against. Surely it’s spreading positive mental health. Why put a price on it. I’ll be removing the app. Following the response- I hope it informs others they need to turn off payment option in 3days.. as I certainly didn’t get that memo until now!! Perhaps should be stated on here.. but that would pre-warn people thus stop more payments wouldn’t it... changing my choice to 1* following developers response attached!.Version: 4.0

AwesomeLove this app so far... 5 times a day I get messages as if they're text with motivational quotes... They really help me get through the day and help me to action what I plan....Version: 1.5.3

Read this because it is helpful!I gave this app four stars because of a few things. First of all, you can only choose like, three different fonts and the rest of them you have to buy, second of all, adds pop up every time you swipe through only about 7 quotes. Then you have to watch an ad for at least 6 seconds. Also, the same quote, (don’t stare up the stairs to success, step up the stairs!) keeps popping up every once in a while. Another thing is that you can only pick from two of the themes, (normal and love) and you have to buy the rest of them. On the other hand it is a good quality app with good graphics and a variety of quotes. I would suggest buying this app if you need a small pick me up once in a while. I like this app because it is a good dose of happiness medicine for you. I hope you pick this app, because it is free, and it is a nice good app for motivating. I like this app a lot..Version: 2.10

ThanksIt really helps me as i’m going threw puberty and i’m sad all the time!!! Thank u for making me feel happier!❤️❤️.Version: 4.22

Love itI really Love the app i heard about it from my friend and now i find myself walk down the street or sitting on the bus just reading quotes. The only thing is the new design for the app isn't appealing although eye-catching it’s only for the way it makes me cringe and makes me look everywhere else but at the app. I would have given it 5 starts but it’s just the new design that’s let you down.Version: 3.29

Best appI really love this app I really wanted to give my honest review on it. I have been using this app for a year now and I really look forward to reading it every morning. When I wake up in the morning I read my motivational reminders and I start my day fresh and ready to take what life throws at me. I really thank the team that made this app they have done great job. Whenever I feel stressed out or feed depressed I just go on it and I feel better after reading couple of quotes. I feel like someone telling me it’s ok you got this. I share the app with my family and friends they also love it. I feel like the quotes are directed at me and speaking to me. I truly love love love this app..Version: 3.52.1

Love this app !I love this app already , I downloaded it after I seen some friends on Snapchat posting it . I downloaded it and was like OMG . This app is a app to help motivate you through the day . I love to wake up and see all these motivates and help me through the day . If I’m feeling down I look through the feed . I love this app ! It’s helped me through my day . You can even make widgets to look at everyday . Another thing I love about this app is that I can change how my feed looks ! Make it look beautiful to help me even more ! I total recommended this app if your ever feeling down ! It’s totally free with no money ! I can’t stop checking the feed every few hits . Honestly , I’ll just grow up with the app ! Because there is alot of stuff that I need to be motivated about . And this app is my number one . I love this app and I think YOU should get it . Also get the “ I Am “ app ! It motivates me you just like this app !.Version: 4.20.3

A-MAZ-INGI love this app because, one morning I woke up and I was thinking about my friends and my old house back where I used to live and worrying about how upset I might get when we take the ferry over there but right when I sat up out of bed one of the quotes came up on my iPad. “Don’t cry over the past. it’s gone Don’t stress about the future. It hasn’t arrived Live in the present and make it beautiful.”.Version: 4.11.1

I need thisOn Daily Basis.Version: 4.5.2

Everyone needs JesusI’m a 13 year old girl and I have been worried about my connection with god I wonder am I saved? Do I have a relationship with god? If I die am I going to heaven? I am always worried bc I feel like I don’t have any of that but I want to have a relationship with god but I just don’t know how! How do I start a relationship with god?? That’s what I want bc I believe in him but I have a feeling I’m not doing something right! I want to go to heaven and live with the messiah who died for me! I just feel as if I’m not saved! I feel like this app is helping! I’ve been purchasing a lot of apps containing ways to be close to Jesus but I just don’t feel any different! Like the title everyone needs Jesus, everyone! I want my prayers to be answered but if I don’t have a relationship with god and ask him to answer my prayers well it’s like asking a stranger to do a favor for me! I want a relationship with Jesus so I hope this app will guide me in the right direction..Version: 4.0

Install nowLove this app i wake up and check my phone to see my new one on my Widgetsmith and gives me motivation for the day.Version: 3.62

Support is not greatI experienced what seemed to be a glitch when I first got the app. I downloaded the app and began setting it up when I came to a page that asked me if I authorize the free trial and the charge at the end of this trial. I wasn’t ready to commit to this yet, so I killed the app. Later I realized the trial had begun because I was getting the motivational notifications. I reached out to motivational about this and was shocked by the support provided. I understand that Apple manages the financial side of this app. However, their support team wasn’t even open to having a conversation with me. I clearly stated my situation thinking maybe this was a glitch can reverse it, and they responded with refund instructions. In the following emails they were condescending and gave every impression they didn’t want to talk to me. I understand if they can’t help me, however, provide a little empathy a legit explanation at the very least..Version: 4.0.3

Your daily dose of motivation!This app works wonders for people who need a daily dose of motivation (like me 🙋🏻‍♀️). Also, its widget looks good as it shows your chosen theme (some of them don’t). I just hope that more categories are unlocked because the ones I personally needed are only available for premium users..Version: 3.45

Continent movingly motivational ⭐️It’s simple, 97% of them are continent movingly motivational. They literally all remind me of my thousands of decades advising others into understanding their weakness and transforming them into ultimate progressive strengths. From depressing singularity to not achieving specific goals in life, self appreciation isn’t easy. With simply a few motivational messages a day, YOU will begin to make life easy..Version: 4.2.1

SatisfiedI’m looking forward to the next weeks quotes.Version: 4.59.1

Changed my lifeThis is the only app I have notifications on for (all others I mute but check very regularly). Within 2 months of having about 10 reminders a day, of useful and motivational quotes, I have finally become a happier person. In my life, no one really says positive things to me, no one tells me “you can do it”, everyone seems so absorbed in their own space and life. It’s lovely having an app which is like a positive friend almost, encouraging you 10 times a day. It’s incredible what reading such lovely things does to your mindset. It’s made an incredible difference to my life, and I hope it does to yours too!!.Version: 3.45

I’m a pessimist - this app is genuinely changing thatMy entire life I've expected the worst and thought stuff like this was useless. Im also lonely most of the time completing a masters and just had a breakup, whilst trying to also get into the gym. I can honestly say I was so wrong about stuff like this. The messages make me feel loved even if by myself and give massively beneficial perspectives (they don’t feel generic and are well thought out for the needs you say you have) Every time I read one I instantly relate and it boosts me to achieve even if I’ve just had a momentary lapse or day of sadness. I’ve been in the gym and gotten them and straight away even if I was until then just “attending” my workout, I instantly think no this is for me and my health, and work harder Best app I’ve downloaded in my life (the rest all just breed or feed toxicity) Never thought I’d say this about this sort of thing but whilst also crediting my own will power too; this app is a driving force for positive change both mentally and physically Cheers.Version: 4.20

Great app, but would like more personalisationI’m loving using this app at the moment and would definitely recommend it as a stress-free alternative to anxious and mind-numbing scrolling through social media which does nothing but wear you down, whereas this app lifts you up! However, I would love it if it were a little more personal/if you could personalise it a bit more. For example, you can already create your own quotes and ‘favourite’ quotes, which is great, but I would love to be able to create my own categories and put quotes in the categories that were mine/ personally picked by me, to save having to scroll through the quotes that don’t personally appeal to you whenever you pick a certain category. Also, less important maybe, but I’d love to be able to save my personalised themes (and maybe even somehow change themes for each individual quote at a time rather than the whole app)? But anyway, these are just a few suggestions for what is overall a beautifully put-together and incredibly well thought-out app. You certainly have my approval!.Version: 3.19

Best app ever!!! 😭 (crying bcz it’s rlly good dw)It got me where I am right now even though I just read a few it got me happy thinking about good things that have happened not bad thing that I cry everyday.. its just me getting rid of my sad emotions and get ready for new ones.. and I will stay proud, stay loved, stay here.. thank you ❤️‍🩹🥹 If you where my real life best friend I would die to have a friend like you 🤭.Version: 4.57.1

Great App!So refreshing to see an app like this, with just a few words a couple of times a day my day is made so much better. I love when a new quote pops up on my notifications and I love that you get them all through the day. This app is one of those necessary ones to have in my opinion..Version: 3.67

Word in seasonThey are the right quotes at the right time. It has alway fit my story. Thanks..Version: 4.0.2

All the motivation YOU needI heard about this app through a friend and thought I would give it a try. I definitely don’t regret getting this app! I love how you can change the different aspects of “motivation” relevant to what you are looking to be motivated towards. The categories vary between “heart break” to “thinking positive”. I also love how you can personalise the background and ability to make it a tile on your Home Screen! Excellent app!.Version: 4.5.1

Motivating and anti depressingThis app has helped me, get through a very tough time and kept me going. I managed to become more head strong and go after what I want. Keeps me uplifted throughout the day. Who needs anti depressant pills. When all you need is a reminder from time to time that you’re worth living and amazing! To whoever created this you’re an absolute legend.Version: 3.32

Life saver 😩This app really does help in reassuring me at random times of the day when you need it the most and it just keeps you going through hard times it’s nice to constantly see nice reminders that you’re strong etc Really does help boost your mood! Highly recommend! It’s like it knows what’s going through my mind cuz the quotes are all so relatable.Version: 3.32

BoomThis app helped me get through times when I went through tough times. Really recommend.Version: 5.8.2

Perfect For PositivityThis app is very positive and within a few minutes of downloading it I already felt more appreciative and happy with my life. One problem or difficulty I found was that to access other categories, you must pay for the premium. I’m not sure people would pay to see different quotes but apart from that the app is really inspirational!.Version: 3.28

It greatI like it and it’s super good but I would like it if there were more free backgrounds and you don’t have to watch a video but other than that this is a great app and it always motivates me Thanks.Version: 4.48

Beautiful!Honestly my favourite app on my phone! What I love the most is that the quotes are rarely repeated. I can spend forever on this app and not get bored with all the different backgrounds 😍 100% recommend for a negative mind frame, you will feel that little bit better without even realising it! AND another thing that I love is that although they have LOTS OF wonderful things you can buy, this app doesn’t give you rubbish things for free like most apps like this do! 5/5.Version: 3.19

👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽It’s a beautiful app. I’ve only been on it for three minutes and it completely changes the way I see myself. I went straight to the bullying section, and it make me feel powerful. Sure, some of them you need money to unlock but not all of them..Version: 3.37.3

Best decision I have ever madeI am struggling from the sad chapters in my life, and instantly the first meaningful quote, I related to deeply. This app is one of the most genius and perfect downloads I have ever made. Even without premium it is spectacular. You will not regret it 🌟😍. This app is a hidden gem! I loved this quote so much it is now my home screen! “ You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” - Margret Thatcher. I hardly notice the famous people who wrote it anymore (which is clear on each quote) because reading at least five before bed or to wake up, instantly puts me in a better mood! X.Version: 3.45

Just a few quality of life improvementsI really enjoy this app, it works pretty well at keeping me in a certain vibe throughout the day. However, I think the Apple Watch integration could use some work. Is there a way to show the entire notification instead of just a snippet, especially for those longer quotes, I don’t wanna have to go to my phone every single time to see the full content as I’m almost always moving around. Another thing is the notifications I missed (because I can’t fully see them) I’m not able to swipe to see a list of past quotes. Maybe that’s a premium feature, I’m not sure, 🤷🏾‍♂️ but even on the phone from time to time there’s a quote displayed on the widget and when I tap it to open the app it cycles to a new one and I’m unable to swipe back to what I was shown on the Home Screen. Otherwise I love positivity of this app and it’ll hold a prominent place on my home screen..Version: 3.58

Great App!Thanks!.Version: 5.18.0

ESSENTIAL APP !!ESSENTIAL. In a time of Covid when only essentials items are needed. this app is essential, to your mental health. Words are so powerful and this app gives you notifications so if you’re allowing yourself to receive notifications from social media sites that are not good for your mind and soul then why not try this app!! I have had this app for around 6 months now and honestly it can give you that pick me up quote when you need it most on a bad day. The quotes at first I thought would be cheesy quotes that aren’t unique, however I was proven wrong this app has educated me on small bursts of wisdom throughout my day. And if anything you don’t like it delete the app but I doubt you will! I never am one to write reviews especially on apps however I simply love this app so much. This is a form of self care too !.Version: 3.42.1

Great motivation quotesI love these motivational quotes I get on my cell. They even come in while my cell is on Airplane Mode with no wifi. I really don’t understand how that works because the app works without a cell number 👏. Thank you..Version: 5.13.1

Good overallIt’s very good for motivation and has lots of customizations for the way you want the app in the free version.Version: 5.28.1

BelieveBig brother, AKA , i-technology is always watching and listening . So I get inspired by quotes that resonate with me, which is quite often at the right times. Though who doesn’t have a story or a present struggle. I love the app, I share quotes with my daughter and other teens giving them, I hope a little boost in their day. Half the time I think my daughter probably rolls her eyes and doesn’t read them. I don’t care, if one is read out of the hundreds it’s a win and a memory that might stay with her when I am gone The end.Version: 4.23

BackgroundIt’s awesome !.Version: 5.7.2

Wisdom! 👂🏼😅😇I love this app! Seems like at the right moment I’m blessed with something inspirational or encouraging to get me through the challenges of my day or make a great day even better! Thank you for lifting me up and making me smile!!! 😃☺️💖💓💖 My only issue is when I upgraded my cell my app didn’t come with me. I had a wonderful collection of motivational quotes I collected and now I’m left with starting over. My new motivational app doesn’t seem to send me quotes like it used to. Matter a fact, the first quote on my new cell told me….. “you’re going to always be alone!” What kind of motivation is that….. ⁉️that’s cruel to say to anyone…. Especially, someone who struggles with depression and anxiety!!😥 …. Well, you obviously motivated me to leave a comment! I miss my original motivation………… GOOD VIBES ONLY!.Version: 4.34.2

Life ChangingThis app has helped me get through so many tough times, setting the reminder is a magnificent tool to help through stressful situations. Whenever I need encouragement to continue living my life and keep a positive mind set, the app throws the perfect quote for the situation in the perfect moment. The staff is wonderful and very compassionate. There isn’t a whole lot I would change about the app. There is one feature I would like to enhance a bit, maybe being able to set specific quotes for certain times during the day, to really drill the most effective quotes that are personal to me in at specific times daily, also being able to have the same variety of quotes notifying me daily too though. Thank you so much I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to be their best version. I love this app and I want the staff to know that they are appreciated as well. Thank you for changing my mindset for the greater good!! ❤️🤟🏻🙏🏻 I typed the above message months ago somehow I didn’t post it, maybe I was fretting being so vulnerable, however it still applies in more ways now. This app is introspective guidance at its finest. Gratitude to this team and all that read this, may your life be full of peace and success of your own way of going. ✌🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻.Version: 3.46

IT’S THE BESTIf your wondering to get the app or not please read this. This app IS THE BEST, it helps me start my day with a positive mindset, also if you like to pick a theme for any app like this your also at the right place. You can choose a theme to your liking. Best of all you don’t have to pay use the whole app, the only part you really need is a positive mindset to start the day and that’s what this app is for. (There are quotes and that’s what helps you starts the day).Version: 4.3

Amazing QuotesClap for developers and whoever feed quotes.Version: 3.59

Good and wiseIt is a good and very wise friend that any one would like to have it around. Enlighten your day, your soul with it. Never walk alone....Version: 3.67

Most honest review you will getI was sitting down and got into a long argument with someone, this person was irrationally arguing with me for 2 hours, just as it was over I picked up my phone and the first notification to pop up was “it is what it is.” Like man this app has the best comedic timing, all I hear is *ba ding* and right in front of my face the motivation app is reminding me “it is what it is” hahaha couldn’t of made my day any better.Version: 4.54.1

Reinventing8 months ago I started a journey in bettering myself. Discovering the powers of mindfulness have lead me to have a strong desire for self betterment. One of the greatest tools I have adopted into my daily life is using motivational quotes to keep myself focused on the importance of remaining positive and using positive affirmations. This App has has become part of my recipe for success in recovery, the ability to have new quotes sent to me hourly or however frequently I desire keeps me from losing sight of what I need to do. The ability to customize the theme is also a nice bonus and allows me to use pictures I’ve taken in my favorite places in nature as a background which helps me maintain my positive energy and is a nice reminder why I am on this journey. Thank you for this game-changing App, I no longer have to spend hours searching Google for motivational quotes, the Motivation App delivers them to me every hour. 5*.Version: 4.0.1

Its amazing!This app is so amazing! Every time it gives me a quote it is like the app is watching me thats how much it really is based on how much i needed it. I got a quote saying “it may take time but things will get better” and my mums in hospital and I'm sad about it and i really needed that quote. It gives me quotes based on my mood and stuff if that makes sense?! Its like the app is watching me and i think that is just so amazing and cool!!.Version: 4.47

1000% Worth Subscribing To!!Potential users, you will not be disappointed! ...and I’d be shocked if you were. This app has come in SUPER clutch so many times. Whether it’s a motivation quote I go to the app and seek out or if it’s a pop up notification on my home screen. ..which I’d swear my daily notification I get each morning is always just what I need & right on time. This app has quotes and sayings for seemingly EVERYTHING... even if I want to throw up a little motivational “shade” on my social media without being totally rude.... I’ve found exactly what I’ve needed through a funny quote. LOL!! I’m pretty sure I use this app daily and absolutely love it. I refer friends to it all! the! time! SN: I just read another review - I second the statement about being able to see the same quote when I open the app as I see on my notification without having to go through the notification. I’ve had that same thought but is by no means a complaint, this app is amazing!!.Version: 3.30

BestThis app was always there exactly whenever i needed motivation.Version: 5.27.2

Thank youI want to express my gratitude to the developers of this App . Thank you for such a brilliant idea that encourages and inspires those who need to read it and hear it being said cs people these days just do say these words and you can only find a few that do what this app can do. For the souls that always encourage others and receive none back this is for you and everyone else who loves to receive words or encouragement and motivation whatever your goal. Thank you for your kindness you have made this world better with such good tools that promote a healthy mind and confidence to one’s inner faith🙏 thank you for sharing your light and 💕 love with us all.Version: 4.25

The best app everI cannot describe how much this app has helped me. Went through some thing that recently I took out some of the preferences bit I wanted motivation on, I realised how much the app helped me get over something so much that I didn’t need it sending stuff on the topic.Version: 4.21.1

BeautifulThis is the best app ever and it always helps and I really like the features but on thing that has been really bugging me is that there’s a premium feature which is not necessary for a app that give quotes in my personal opinion I think the developer should remove the premium and everything should be unlocked but on the other hand I give this app a 5-star rating..Version: 3.42.1

AmazingAmazing, life changing, motivational, thankyou to whoever made this it has changed my life for the better.Version: 4.19

Absolutely Love This App!Huge “Thanks” to the Devs for creating this app! I started out with just the free version to see how much I liked it - and even that was entirely sufficient! However, decided to go Premium when I saw all the additional perks that come along with it - and that I must say is EVEN MORE worth it!You can absolutely create this app and manage it two I help you in all sorts of facets of life the good the bad and sometimes the ugly. Plus, the ability to add teams and then change fonts and then share it with your friends and family membersEither via Facebook or other social media or through a text message, what a great thing to be able to share a positive message with someone. Or better yet what a great thing to be able to find some thing to say to someone when you just don’t have the words to say yourself, just buy clicking one topic in clicking the thousands of quotes available until you find exactly what you want to say!!Not to mention the fact that you can even add your own so if you have a favorite saying of yours that you want to pop up on your widget, then you can put it in the app and time it to come up whenever you want to becauseThey give you the ability to set reminders for clothes whether it be three times a day or minute to minute. This is an awesome app and so grateful for it each and every day. Thanks so much!!!!.Version: 4.0.7

Came to the App Store just to write my appreciationHonestly, I had to come to the App Store to write my review and my appreciation for everyone behind Motivation.App. Every certain time of the day I get a quote and just instantly encourages me and reminds me to keep going. Honestly if I could sponsor this app I would because it has helped me so much and I know it helps many others too. Blessed 🙌👑.Version: 3.63.2

Confidence 😛This app has made me so confident i love ittt 🩷💍.Version: 5.25.1

Great app for freeAm using free version and I get motivated everyday with this.Version: 3.35

Amazing appI love this app - it’s really great to lift spirits and inspire (especially in lockdown, but also for when it’s over). The customisable notifications are a great idea and it’s nice to have access to all the themes/colours even if you don’t want to purchase premium. Two things though: 1. Just as you made all the mental health categories free for mental health awareness month, it would be much appreciated if you made the racial discrimination e.t.c categories free, what with all the Black Lives Matter protests happening. It only feels right and voices need to be heard. EDIT: You actually did it! Thank you so much! Really appreciated. 2. Sometimes, when the notifications come through the quote itself is apparently too long to show the whole thing, meaning you have to open the app to view the entire thing, which kind of defeats the point. It’d be better if you could see the whole thing when you hold down on it or something. Otherwise, great app that makes you smile..Version: 3.45

Amazing please installThis app has my heart, I have had it for 6 years and still it motivates me in every way possible. You can write your own motivational quotes, or read inspiring famous quotes which I find very relatable. This app is very inspiring and motivational please install this app, it worked for me so I hope it works for everyone else out there. Thank you ;)).Version: 5.7.3

This is extremely helpfulThis app has and is helping me through some difficult times. It’s almost as if I can sense when I need some motivation or encouragement and it usually gives me exactly what I need at the right time. Thank you for creating this. I also use their “I am” app that gives affirmations right when you need it..Version: 5.12.4

Helpful motivational messagesThis apps helps me through times when I need motivation. I downloaded this app when I started feeling stress and anxiety and the app helped me overcome my struggles. I wish that I had this app a lot sooner, but if you are reading this, definitely download this app. You will have so much more self-confidence and hearing a notification normally can produce more stress, but this app relieves it. Please download this app to feel more, motivated and positive about yourself..Version: 3.42.1

Love the app but..I love this app I got it today and the quotes are amazing but the only problem I have is Why make people pay for extra motivation and extra quotes, if the idea was to help people why not make everything free? I am sure a lot more people would download this if everything was able to use it’ll benefit a lot of people and help them out a lot I understand the developments and stuff but if your goal was to help others then you should make the whole thing free Think about that please It’ll be great benefit for those in need.Version: 3.32.3

AMAZING!!I love this app so much, I’ve never paid a dime or been bothered too much by ads. The quotes have always come in its best movements. It’s helped me get through the toughest part of my life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.11

Unexpected love!I thought I’d try the 3 day trial to see how it goes, I’ll be honest I wasn’t super convinced as I was downloading it. But man now I look forward to each notification to pop up, cause each quote is just SO PERFECT. I’m going through a very bad time mentally and have been for the last year, this is a lovely addition to my journey of self re-build. I had to get the year plan, I feel like I now need it in my life 😅.Version: 3.66

The best appI wake up every morning seeing these motivational quotes and it inspires me so much and I send most of the quotes to my friends and family thanks for the motivational quote app I even try to convince my family and friends to get the app and they did they also got inspired from this app.Version: 4.40

💗💕Really is the most amazing, inspirational app. If you’re feeling low in life, need something to just give you that push to come out of your situation stronger and become a better, happier and positive version of yourself. This app is your motivation. It gives you the best advice, and personally I smile every time I get a notification as it really does help me, highly recommend..Version: 3.65.1

IB B BB I Iikikii bi I In.Version: 3.62

So amazing!!!I downloaded this app when I was at a point in my life where I was getting bullied lots at school and wasn’t in a very good mental state. Having this app and reading through the quotes made the days go by quicker and helped so much! I would recommend this app to anyone who needs support or feels like they can’t talk to anyone about their problems.Version: 4.2.1

Excellente applicationVoici une des meilleurs applications de citations, de pensées, de motivations que je connaisses ! Et elle est en français en plus!.Version: 5.27.2

Useful :)I must say that this is a good app for anyone who needs or just wants a little mind uplift, and wants to refresh their outlook on daily activities or happenings. Haven’t used any extra features, just the standard version and it still is great! The pictures used are inspiring and the quotes are both: motivational or/and inspiring :).Version: 4.1

Amazing motivation appI tried the app because there are definitely days where you need some encouragement to keep moving forward. I’m absolutely astounded by the quality of the quotes. It’s a must have for days when you just feel like things are out of your control, really lifts your mood. But the thing that really set me off to write this review is how crazy accurate the quotes have started becoming in my life. I have had been going through some difficult issues, and this app has consistently sent me quotes that helped me to rethink those particular problems. Absolutely amazing A must have motivation app try it out!.Version: 4.0.5

So goodIt is so good to read my motivational messages especially on bad days..Version: 5.25.1

I love this appI don’t usually write reviews but I have this app’s widget on my Home Screen and the amount of times it has helped me calm down my gosh, I cannot recommend this app enough! Thank you for helping me during some of the toughest times in my life! Big 5 stars from me.Version: 4.0

I really like this app thanksThis app is sooooo good I can’t wait to go on it every morning.Version: 5.29.0

Motivational QuotesI think that this is a really good app for people when they feel sad or down this app will send them a notification and then the person will read it and a second later they will have a huge smile on their faces ! Thank you motivation xx.Version: 3.0

Worth every penny - I do a yearly subscription.I’ve been using this app for several years, and I absolutely love it. I have a widget on my home screen, on my Do not Disturb Home Screen, a smalller one on the list of widgets when you swipe from the left side of the screen while on your Home Screen. I get as many as the app will allow me to have each day I save a bunch of them to my photos and I text them often when I run across one that fits a certain person. I absolutely love this app. Oh, and I have the other ones to the vocabulary words, I Am positive affirmations, Jokes, abdy new favorite- Moodlight - daily tracker on my mood, current situation, triggers, feelings, etc. it’s been interesting learning my trends, patterns and what tinfluences my mood and what doesn’t..Version: 4.49

The wealth of quotes and perspectives keeps growingI find this one of the best apps to provide frequent, regular prompts to help me with what sounds so easy and yet can be so hard: changing my beliefs about myself and the world. It can be a slight thing and one never quite knows which pebble starts the avalanche so when you want a high quality and diverse set of perspectives to help you on your own journey of change I personally would recommend this one. But also don’t forget to connect with living breathing people too!.Version: 3.52.1

GoodI like how the app ask how I am feeling each day and that is based on my quotes for the day.Version: 5.21.4

I never write reviewsI very rarely write reviews, for restaurants, apps, services, you name it. Even if it’s pretty good or pretty crappy, I’m just not one to take the time. Unless someone or something has gone way above and beyond to help me or that just blows me away. This app is one of those, originally searching for an app with quotes this one looks nice, simple, easy to look at yet some cool functional tools that don’t over complicate it so I downloaded it and tried the free trial with no intention of actually paying for it by the time it was app. I saw that it was $20 for the year and said no way for quotes? I could just Google them every day. Boy, just after the three days of the trial I would’ve been willing to pay $30. I’m not telling them to raise the price because I would not have paid 30 even then but at this point in time I would. I would love to discuss further opportunities for growth and development with the developers of this app if they’re interested. This app is more than worth the money, it helps me constantly throughout the day and it doesn’t bug are annoying me having notifications, I actually have a tail on my homepage of my iPad and that is perfect, no endless texts but new updates just wanted to hear them..Version: 4.19

W APPAmazing app, really pushes me to keep going.Version: 5.29.0

MotivationsThis app lives up to its name I have had it in my phone since 2019. You can vary the amount and times of the motivational quotes and with this new update and options to add and mix categories just great. Never usually pay for an app but would start with this one. In this strange time of #lockdown ow a motivational quote is usually good discussion starter. Just the best user designed update I’ve saw well done. And keeping the free option ...thank you..Version: 4.41.1

Love it!I have just downloaded this app, already knowing my life would actually get better. And it is. No-one gives me motivations like these lovely ones. I’m so grateful to have a app like this! It has inspired me to think positive, stay strong, and believe in my soul. Thanks to Motivation 💗 PS: Don’t let others get to you babe, you’re worth it no matter what.❣️-Kiki 😘.Version: 4.25

BrilliantAs a university student life can be a roller coaster of emotions the good bad and the ugly. This app is brilliant highly recommend the premium version because these quotes help me to continue to be motivated, and funny enough it had a quotation from my favourite psychologist I've studied which is Abraham Malow and his theory of the hierarchy of needs his quote was ”you will either step forward in growth or step backwards to safety.”.Version: 3.53

YESThis app is super simple and I love it so much!! The affirmations are so funky and beautiful like my ex husband… ugh don’t need to reopen that wound. Okay now that I’m venting to random people on the internet looking at this app review I might as well spill all the beans beannsssssssss basically he ditched me for a bowl of ice cream in a construction site bc he said he wanted to rebuild new relationships and I’m like this is not the time for puns.? Anyways, I gave him the twinkle I keep in my hair clip in my purse it was pretty old but he will eat it bc he’s got problems anyways and then I told him, you took out your cousin on a date two weeks after we got married how is this happening? And then this pants fell down and he had broccoli underpants on and the church across the street closed all of their windows at the same day, which I don’t even know how that’s possible. He cried and bought a chimichanga and we ate it in the middle of the road and went to home and watched elf. It was July. And that’s my relationship with my ex husband Just kidding I’m 17 and I love this app.Version: 4.35.2

HelpfullI was wondering if you could maybe add a self harm section for free? As lots of people stuggle with it, Including me? I live the app really healthful, a complaint about this app is that nearly all of the sections are locked I appreciate that you need to make money but the vast amount of quotes are locked. I would also appreciate you replying to this when you have seen it..Version: 4.1.1

Please make it so you don’t have to payyyThis app is probably the best app I’ve seen ever but the thing I would want to change about it would be I don’t know really about having to pay $20 monthly or yearly I forgot what it was but I just feel like it just should have a little bit of change so it’s like has for people that can’t or need to save money like me to like redo a room like I’m doing but I feel like it should be not that much money or no money at all that would be really nice otherwise I would give this a 10 out of 10 but disclaimer for the publisher could you please make it so that you don’t have to pay and I will get all of my friends already have a lot of my friends trying to download this so if you could please do so that would make my year thank you.Version: 4.2

Beyond awesomeI recommend this to everyone… though in my opinion they should lean back on the paying part a little bit other than that this app is amazing and I recommended to everyone it’s gotten me to think better thoughts and stuff and it’s just there if you want to scroll through and you wanna read some it’s great and you can like like it and you can go back if you want to and read it again if you’re having those thoughts and stuff of oh I need help on my self-love or something you can go back and read those ones that you favorite it and plus you can get notifications and you can read it anytime or you can just go onto the app and start scrolling and reading them it’s amazing I definitely do recommend this to everyone but that’s also my opinion but yeah it is beyond awesome..Version: 4.24.1

Great app but..This app is amazing, and it helps and inspires me a lot. I scroll through it sometimes and find amazing quotes. There’s only one problem though, which is, like most games/apps, Premium. I think it limits a bit too much. For example, if I wanted to get over a breakup, I can’t do that. This app is supposed to make us feel better, right? So shouldn’t we have the right to at least choose an option that DOES make us feel better, without paying any money, which, may I add, sometimes makes people feel even WORSE about their day than they already are, because they’re spending MONEY to be HAPPY. I don’t think this is necessary if someone has a low self-esteem, but is only getting quotes about “life’s journey” and “go with the flow”. Sure, those things could help a little bit, but if a few more options were open to us, this app would be better. Like I said, amazing app, just this one problem. I hope the Dev’s take this advice. that’s all. bye~.Version: 3.22.3

Love this app 💜⭐️☮️💟☯️♋️🛐Love Love Love this app!! 💜 especially when dealing with depression and anxiety (sometimes both together 🤷🏻‍♀️😭) a motivational boost or simple positive change of thought is sometimes all we need. (I do! 🤷🏻‍♀️) 👸🏻☮️💟☯️♋️🛐 Me being a Cancer sign makes me even more aware of the good and bad juju and auroras around me.. and the things this app says is almost right on time, every time for that. (I set it on 30x a day lol) .. It changes my negative train of thoughts immediately, and you can like/dislike the quotes to make it better tailored for you. ⭐️ We all need to do our best, that’s all we can do. Don’t forget to just live sometimes and enjoy the now. You really only do have yourself and people can be harsh these days. We just gotta be cool, till then. 😎 This app helps me. Two thumbs up for the great sayings / quotes and amount of times you can set it is from like 1-30 x a day or something. Customizable... ☮️💟☯️♋️⭐️🛐.Version: 4.0.9

So good! Makes. Difference!Some behest quotes here. Love waking up to a few of these and getting my the notifications through the day..Version: 4.10

BrilliantI’ve been using the app for about three weeks now. I love it. I feel like I have a guardian angel cheering me on throughout the day. Whenever I hear the notification, I rush to my phone to see what wisdom the universe has to offer, and it’s often remarkably appropriate for the moment. Only thing I would like is a few more background choices..Version: 3.64.1

Motivation Guaranteed!!Okay let’s start off by saying: this is by far the most motivating app I have ever got! I mean look at what it offers!! You get DAILY INSPIRATION! You get to set the number of times it gives you different quotes and the time range. You get to like others motivational and very inspirational quotes! You get to create your own!! Like how amazing is that!!?? All for free, there is however a premium free trial, but even without that the app is so cool!! I would 100% recommend!! It has given me so much perspective on life and has helped me see things in a completely other way! It had given me a lot of motivation to keep trying. If you need some change or inspiration in your life than download Motivational Quotes for free!! Tysm if you have read all of this, IK that this is very long, but that just goes to show how much I appreciate this app, and how amazing it is!!.Version: 4.15

Didn’t mean to purchase but definitely was worth itI originally installed this app to see what it was about but never planning on spending any money on it. I signed up to the free trial hoping to cancel it before it ended, I was to slow and the transaction went through I was so mad at this for so long because I never intended of buying the premium version of this app. Little did I know it would be one of the best things I unintentionally spent my money on, some of the quotes it has provided me really helped me at times and some how this app knows when to produce the right quote at the right time, I not once now do I regret the accidental purchase of this app and will look forward to keep renewing my subscription..Version: 4.1

Inspiration & Self-loveI first discovered this simply designed & user-friendly, exquisite and well-developed app quite some time ago. My first thought before even opening the app, was zero faith, and I was preparing myself to be disappointed only because of other “motivational” apps that were unfortunately only created and never truly developed nor built to their full potential. Despite the many hidden, spammy and in-depth file search-remove project. I was VERY impressed with the creator, developer along with the teams work and effort put into creating, building and managing the Motivational Quotes app. One of the top apps I’ve seen to believe, that actually have very inspiring, deep and ‘home-hitting’ quotes that “coincidentally” pop up in your notifications at just the right time, when you needed to hear it the most. Thank you guys for helping me stay strong in my times of weakness. Make sure you clap for all your hard work done, and stop to smell the roses some times! Or things will eventually seem dull, tedious and boring if you don’t. Happy New year, be safe out there!!.Version: 4.38.1

Love the appI love the app and how you can set it up .. but after I post on Facebook the screen goes black and I can’t get out of it. I thought this update would clear it up, but it has not. If you could fix this the app would be perfect! I love the daily quieted and how you can pick the ones that apply to you personally. So please fix that glitch! Thank you!!! … UPDATE: The developer got back to me about this issue, and was correct about being a Facebook issue. With their app updated, the issue has been resolved! I LOVE this app, you get a variety of quotes you can post and like. Five stars all the way! Also, Thank you to the developer for actually reading my review and taking the time to investigate the issue. It’s nice to be heard and know your opinion actually matters!! A FANTASTIC APP ALL AROUND!.Version: 4.29.2

This helps so muchThe more you hear things, the more you believe them xx.Version: 4.0.2

My RefugeA go to place for me. Every time i feel down and unmotivated, i just look for the icon, open and read. It uplift my spirit. Change my mood. Somehow it acts like my mother, telling me to keep going😃. Love this app! Thank you❤️.Version: 5.19.2

SensationalI am in awe of this app!! My friend had it and I got it just for fun but the amount of things u can do are amazing. Change themes?? YES And I’ve just figured out u can save the quotes as a picture!! With whatever theme u like! Perfect for wallpaper - u guys should make a wallpaper app that changes every so often with a new quote!! I also love that the ads are only when u want a new theme, andddd they’re super short! Incredible..Version: 3.31

ALLOW US SEND OUR FOLDERS TO OUR FRIENDSHIGHLY RECOMMEND. I truly cannot stress enough how much this app has helped me become more positive and grateful in life. The daily notification reminders help far more than you could ever expect them to. What you read truly is what you become. However, I want to address that I am very unhappy with the fact that I have paid for a yearly subscription and I can not send the folders I have created to my friends. I really don’t like the view of the collections either. I ask that you Please make it where there is an option to view your quotes that you’ve saved to view them in full screen again, just like how they were the first time i found them. I would love to be able to click on a collection I’ve made and be able to just scroll through the large word slides slide by slide. It would be a game changing features, especially for those with a subscription. Thank you!!.Version: 3.45

SO MOTIVATIONALI wake up every single morning check my phone and i see a motivational quote that helps me get up and start my day.. the app also has amazing features i wish EVERY app had.. such as the ability to change the APP ICON you can also make your own Siri commands so that when you say your commands Siri wont just go to the internet Siri will choose a quote off the app. You can also set how many notifications you want a day and during what time period so that it doesn’t wake you up!!!! I definitely hive a high recommendation to this app.Version: 3.23

❤️ these motivational quotes.I am extremely satisfied with this app because I swear to all of you I will just be sitting in my car in a specific mood and then a quote pops up from this app and it is EXACTLY about what is happening in my life or has to do with EXACTLY how I am feeling and would need someone to say to me at the time. It’s freaky really, because once ehh whatever, 2 times oh ok coincidence but 3 times or more come on now? Are they in my head or can they see me through my phone? But anyways I have enjoyed this app and all the many motivational quotes it has given me, it has helped a bit knowing that someone wrote this quote so hey maybe somebody else actually knows how I feel. Also, I love that I can save them to my favorites and go back to look at the ones I want to look at whenever I want. Great job guys, keep up the good work! 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏❤️❤️.Version: 4.50

The best for mental health issues.It’s honestly crazy how much this app can really help you. When I first got this app, I was just honestly filled with mental health problems. I was super stressed, super upset with myself, super tired of just being around because when I tell you these negative thoughts took over me, they did. When I got this app, I was reading through them when I first got it and I honestly felt like someone understood me! In school I would literally get upset and go to the bathroom and break down and whenever I did have my phone on me, I read through them and just breathed to calm myself down. And I swear like when they put out quotes for notifications, it’s right on time which is freaky but helpful. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER MADE THIS APP. - from someone’s who deeply needed it..Version: 4.25

App I can’t live without!This app is apart of my day...literally. I have it set mornings, afternoon & late evening to give me that little pep talk throughout the day. I am a female business owner, and there are days that can be a little more tough than others. I may doubt myself, or feel like I may never reach my top goals, but every time I see a quote, it lifts my spirits and reminds me that I am doing well. Whatever self-doubt I can feel sometimes goes away with just a couple of motivation pick-me-ups. Even when I’m having a wonderful day, it gives me that feeling like “Great! I’m amazing!”...I especially like that I can add them to stories on Facebook and Instagram or my Instagram feed to share with others. I have seen people in just the past week REPOST the quote I shared, because it spoke to them & helped brighten their day. That’s the best feeling!!! Yes, it’s awesome to be able to boost my mood, but if it helps others...that makes it totally worth it! I have had this app for at least 5 or 6 months, and it’s one of the few paid apps I won’t ever cancel. So, ty!!! This app not only helps those who subscribe, but others as well...maybe they will end up subscribing too!.Version: 4.1.2

RefreshingI’ve been using this for a day and I already absolutely love it. It’s very inspiring and makes me smile each time I see the little reminders , thank you! I love how it gives you a daily reminder as a quote with custom start and end times . And includes the mini widget. If people are worried about in app purchases it works very smoothly and well without needing to spend money. You have a range of general quotes and can chose to get specific categories with payments . The incorporation of ads is well placed too and doesn’t interfere . Changing between a new background image for the app is as simple as watching one ad for 30sec of your time..Version: 3.59

Amazing! Definitely recommend.At first I just downloaded this app thinking it was just a casual motivation app which never really worked for me.. but to my surprise this one actually is good! :0 There is so many awesome quotes and I absolutely recommend getting this app :D You can choose custom themes and even edit the app icon - Also not to mention the feature to create your own quotes 👀. That’s all I really wanted to say, But I love this! They did very well creating it. <3.Version: 4.2.1

Quotes stop sending after a few daysThe app is good. But when I arrange to have quotes sent to me say x5 times per day, it will do this for about 3 days and then stop. Is this intentional? I don’t think there’s an option to select the timeframe, so I don’t know what causes this. Also, when testing background themes and I want to try a different one, there’s no back button, so I have scroll through to where I’m up to from the beginning. The content is great but navigation can get tedious..Version: 3.63.2

Get it no matter whatInstalling this app is the best decision I’ve ever made. There’s practically no ads I haven’t spent a penny and it’s made a positive impact in my life.Version: 5.21.4

Best app everThis app is AMAZING. Every day I go to my phone to see what the time is and I am motivated to change the world every single day. This app sparks joy to anyone who has it. The only bad thing is that around every fifty quotes you look at it pops up with this advertisement that you can get out of instantly. I would recommend this app to any one who needs a little thing to get them out of bed in the morning or to anyone who wants to change the world. This app is definitely the best app you can get and it’s free!.Version: 3.9

The best appIts the bestapp ever i wake up in the morning and read all of that messages and it makes my day happy.Version: 5.29.0

Great!I love this app. Got it tonight and I can’t stop scrolling through their quotes. Super motivational and relatable !.Version: 4.1.1

GreatThis app gives you that little push you need every hour, with out annoying you.Version: 4.3

Changed my life! 🙏🏿🙏🏿😇😇❤️❤️I was so depressed with my life. I had no friends as they left me to go to Bali without me and I was struggling with money so I couldn’t go.. my family hates me and I never saw my dad. With money struggles I went and got a job with the council as a roadkill collector which made my life miserable. So I turned to use this app which my roommate told me about. She tries to help but I find her annoying. This app gave me hope in life such as the quotes: “FLY, first love yourself and life is short smile while you still have teeth.” I decided to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a Pilot. I sold my house and kicked my roommate out who I didn’t like and she found a nice place to live. Long story short I didn’t have the qualifications and now I’m back where I started but at least I have this app to motivate me and keep me happy ❤️❤️💗💗.Version: 4.20.1

Extremely helpful!My friend often has mental breakdowns, panic attacks and stuff of that sort because she has had a troubling past and she is currently in a toxic friendship with two people (don’t worry, I’m working on it!). She comes to me whenever she has a problem and I try my absolute best to help her and I decided to get this app and send her some words of wisdom to help her. She is actually doing a whole lot better and this app has actually helped both of us! We both suffer from anxiety and this app actually helps me and her to calm myself down and actually think. Thank you for making this app, you’re helping a lot :).Version: 3.33.1

Motivation quotesThis app is really good because when I was going through a hard time and getting bullied I just looked at this app and it helped me a lot and helped me feel more confident about myself in a whole lot of ways and now I am not feeling down anymore because this app has made me feel stronger so I would recommend this app to everyone because it is great I just wish that you didn’t have to wait for a certain theme to unlock I just want the all to be unlocked but apart from that this app is great 👍🏻 ❤️❤️💙.Version: 3.18

Lovely little app to haveOne of my friends recommended this app, I was a bit doubtful as I thought I’d just get annoyed with all the notifications. But I really underestimated the power that a few words of encouragement can have on you. I’ll be having the worst day and something will pop up that will remind me to keep going and get my mind right. A simple concept but really worth having this app on your phone..Version: 3.35

Has Helped Change My Life and OthersI downloaded this app approximately almost 2 years ago and didn't purchase it for quite a while. When the new iOS came out with Widgets is when I bought it. It's like someone is speaking life into me 4x a day I have it set for. After buying you can also pick which categories you want it to pull from and once setup right for you, it will motivate you every day for whatever reason you need it. I don't write reviews but I am for this Developer to say THANK YOU‼️ I have sent this to so many people via text and Instagram/Facebook stories that people asked me where they come from. So far 2 others in my life have gotten it. I am a Professor at a University and have a lot of people who need inspiration besides myself!.Version: 4.1.2

AmazingVery inspiring and motivating.Version: 4.2

AwesomeThese are the best inspirational, heart-warming, honest, and trust-worthiness, motivational quotes. I can just pick up my phone off the bed, and see it pop up on my iphone11(red..which I just love) it makes my day. To start my day with incredible, beautiful words from incredible people; who went through pain, and suffering, lost of a family member, a new job, love, or even the birth of a sweet beautiful bundle of joy(a baby) is what I call.. KEEPING MY HEAD ON MY SHOULDER AND FAITH IN THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. OR BELIEVING IN SOMETHING SO BIG AND SO MUCH, IT WILL SCARE YOU TO PIECES (IN A GOOD WAY). I LOVE THIS APP AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE. I even have friends askjng me for advice. I give them my LISTENING EAR, I’m an AWESOME LISTENER even better FRIEND for listening to the stories and situations I have heard. Even if they feel like it’s not what they feel they need to hear I give them a second option: Motivation App. I’m head over heals “Gung ho for the talent show”. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK PEOLLE!!!.Version: 3.43

WidgetLove the app but the last few days the widget says “onboarding_quote_noname”. Is there a fix for this? Tried uninstalling and same thing happens. Edit- App needed update! Works perfectly again!.Version: 5.9.2

Best app ever!This app is one of the best apps ever, even if you did not get premium it is still great.I am a schoolgirl and what helps is that you can set times for when you get your motovational speaches, and so i set mine for when i wake up to when i get home from school, so if i have a bad dream or a bad day, i will be able to cheer up quicker than i usualy do, i highly recomend this app to you weather you need motovation or not, 5 STARS from me, and deep thank yous for making this app ❤😍😘😊😻! <3.Version: 3.43

Best pick me up!I absolutely adore this app and it is so worth the $$$. There are so many inspiring quotes and you can choose how many you want per days. I get them delivered straight to my Apple watch to keep me motivated and positive. It often feels like they arrive at the exactly right time too! They also upload new themes often and you can use your own, so that it’s always aesthetically pleasing. Would definitely recommend 🧡.Version: 3.38.1

FantasticThis app was all I need.Version: 3.30

I Love This AppMotivation Got Me Though A Really Hard Time For Me Everyday Around 2 Times I Would Scroll Though All The Quotes And Every Single One Of Them I Would Heart Them Because All Of Them Were Really Helpful And All Linked To My Hard Time And Half The Reason I Got Though It Was Because Of This App Now That It Is Over I Still Scroll Though Everyday But This Time It Just Gives Me The Motivation I Need And I Love It ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank You So Much 😊.Version: 4.7

This is my daily dose of positivity!I have recently been dealing with some hard times in my life. I’ve always been a pretty strong and positive person but there are some things that can just drain a person. Having this app has helped keep me reminded that I am okay. It keeps me centered in reality as my mind can take everything to its absolute worst. It has kept me focused on the things that I can do. I use a couple different apps by this creator and I have to say they are by far the best apps I’ve used in a long while. If you’re in therapy, going through life changing experiences or just having a hard time keeping your mindset on the positive things, then this app is the perfect help! Science has evidence based results showing that keeping your mind on thoughts of positive things can bring you through a difficult phase with a little more ease. I’ve even told my therapist and friends about it! Positive thoughts and energy that are created by using this app 3 times a day becomes a powerful tool in staying connected to yourself and grounded in solutions. I’ve even started using the create your own part of the app to share the positive energy I’ve gained from using it!.Version: 4.50

I love it because…It is super helpful when it comes to motivating you and giving you the right confidence! It has helped me in so many ways and is perfect to start the day right! I definitely recommend!!!!!.Version: 4.9

RefundLooking to speak to somebody about a refund. Looked for contact information, but nothing is provided in the app or on your website..Version: 5.19.2

Amazing appNot going to lie, it’s hard to keep a smile in front of the world when you’re breaking inside. This app notified me every morning to wake up and paint a smile on my face and keep moving forward. I can’t thank you enough for making this app..Version: 4.27

Love this appI love the ability to have different backgrounds and to choose the topics I want quotes on. It’s like having a tiny personal coach on your shoulder..Version: 4.36.6

Absolutely amazing!!This app has honestly set me to a better mindset in less than a day! im actually amazed. everything about the app i love except one thing. i like how you can customise and how you can change the notifications. the One thing I didn’t like is how if you want to unlock something you have to watch an ad and if you want to unlock something again you have to watch another one. and if you pay for premium, you have to Pay yearly. The yearly thing isn’t a big deal, it’s the fact that you can’t pay once and have it for as long as you like. Some people (like me) can’t pay for that and it bugs me because i instantly loved the app :(( if youDon’t have a problem with the ads all the premium thing, I 100%Recommend this app!!! :).Version: 3.46

OutstandingVery excellent, on sync moment to moment , answers to where you are in life when reflected to your daily life when applied , by focusing in the motivational uplifting wisdom and all it takes is one to have the knowledge to realize everything is on time , on notifications it pops up with the amazing timing . A divine essence of syconicity . I suppose you may have to try this app. I only speak from experience in useing notifications set on what I know I need , there’s a variety of topic areas available , when starting the app and available to switch add or subtract areas you like to here from the motivational app. Very well constructed app. Even gives you a moment to write and create deeper statements of wisdom and knowledge in creating on your own from personal experience based on one’s journey. Opens minds , mentality’s as well sparks the passion within to know your never alone , and worth every word written and more . 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 👍🏽.Version: 4.9

Daily DevotionMy name is Jaray and I am an alcoholic. I was recently coming off a binge when I found this app. After about 4 days of non stop liquor consumption and no food I was at an all time low. I had picked up my phone trying to call everyone I knew while I was drunk saying wild stuff-(a lot of which I regret). Once my body couldn’t take anymore I was dormant in my bed searching for people to send me some kind of motivation. I was apologizing to certain people, living with so much regret and memory loss. I then decided to turn to my phone for some pep for each day just to keep me going. As I regained my strength I realized the encouragement I needed to provide me myself. This lead me to this app. I am grateful that there is still some good on my phone and in me. To whoever read this keep everybody in prayer including me. Thank you!!! Jay D.Version: 3.25

Best App everThis is the best app ever because when I am felling a little sad or worried I would just open the app, have a little look at the quotes and just be happy for the rest of the day 100% recommend to every one this app will make you day even better than it already is.Version: 4.0.6

A MUST HAVE!I’m 38 and as someone with severe depression and extreme anxiety , I want to thank my 15 year old son Richard for installing this app when I asked him to help me with setting up my new iPhone 13pro (I’m a first time Apple user). Somehow he knew it would help momma. He’s made me so proud, it’s the little things like this that brings tears to my eyes it’s tells me our children really are paying attention to us. Apparently he knew also exactly what categories to choose that would make an impact. This motivation app has helped me in my darker moments. Just reading the random uplifting reminders tailored specifically for me as I go about my days and the never more on point messages right when I need them, i must say this is an app that’s actually making a difference! Thank you to the creator. Truly motivationally EMPOWERING! I love you son thank you❤️.Version: 4.45

So good!I just got this app and i already love it!! It makes me happy to see quotes whenever i need. And somehow they always relate to the problems I am facing! I would just make one adjustment... Don’t have premium!! Having premium to pay to get things always puts me off the app! But apart from that i love the app!! :).Version: 3.39

THIS HELPSThis really helped me through a though time in my life during lock down and all that just having little reminders that’s everything’s okay really does help you get through the hard times! Highly recommend to anyone who is going through break ups, addiction, debts or anything as such it changes your mentality. Love..Version: 3.57

Love this app so much!This app is so cool, it helped me so much! When ever you’re going through a rough time just go on this app and it makes you feel all better! Honestly, motivation is such a great app for positive quotes! Cool also how when you first get the app you can tell it to filter the quotes to fit with what you’re struggling with! It’s also so cool that you can write your own quotes, change the themes and... I personally loved this one- you can change the app icon for it to match your vibe!! I would 100% definitely recommend this app!.Version: 3.42.1

Best motivation appThis app is probably the best thing I ever download to my phone. Highly recommended A+++.Version: 4.3.3

DsIt’s almost like the app knows what you are thinking. When you are going through tough times it’s great to have constant reminders its going to be ok..Version: 4.1.1

Love it! Just one thing..Love it so much, don’t usually like quotes as I think most of them are just cheesy, but it’s actually pretty nice to see some motivation, however some of the notifications I get on the lock screen, the text is too big to show me the full quote so I have to open the app just to read the whole thing. I hate that..Version: 3.34

AmazingI absolutely love this app, it does exactly what it says, there’s so many different options. You can choose what themes of quotes that come up, you can change how often they change on your screen, I love the different backgrounds you can have too. After this rubbish year (2020) having this app has definitely lifted my mood, also my anxiety isn’t as bad because reading something so uplifting and real makes me realise you can’t have a good day everyday, but the good days you have you should cherish!.Version: 3.63.2

Hey bestie😽This app is ok :) I like it because I’ve just got it and feel better about myself, the one bad thing about it is you need a subscription to access Most things but one good thing about that is you don’t need it for the whole thing and you don’t need it for the actual quotes:) thanks besties❤️.Version: 4.2

Great quotes and insightsLove this app! A daily reminder to take some time and reflect..Version: 5.26.1

II love this to much and it makes me boost my mood and it can tell what I’m feeling at the moment 🙂 like I was sad cause and it tell what I was right now.Version: 4.45

Daily Inspirational Reminders, PricelessI love this app, because it definitely helps to keep my mind in a positive place and space. Every day since adding this app, I’ve looked forward to the messages provided that give me much to reflect upon and appreciate. Some apps are much more than a service or amusing form of entertainment, and this one keeps me focused on gratitude and appreciating my day no matter what comes my way! A big shout out to the developers, as I will continue to share thIs app with others who also need some sunshine or a much needed “pick me up” in their lives. Here’s an original quote from me to you today, “Continue pushing in the face of adversity, own the challenge without fear or explanation in claiming your destiny.” One thought, if you have not considered it already, is to have users send quotes your way for consideration. It can only personalize this app, making it more unique and interactive for all users:) Peace & Love to all, we need it right now more than ever..Version: 3.8

My opinionI installed this app because i saw a tiktok on it and thought that it might be nice than i forgot about it for awhile than a lot happens in my life and this even though i haven’t spent any money on it i know that it helps a lot and if you want to download it please do so it is so good.Version: 4.10

Great appI don’t have the premium but all I wanted was be able to read quotes after quotes about what I preferre and I got that without premium you can still get new themes (by watching a ad) but you also get notifications that pop up whenever you like and however many you like :) I love it.Version: 4.40

Amazing app giving a much needed boost for throughout the dayI haven't been using this app long but it is a great help during the day giving you random notifications of quotes which somehow always manage to be just at the right time and give me that push I need to do what I'm contemplating or give me the confidence to say screw it and try something new or potentially risky. Love this app!.Version: 3.32

Only two problems.You need to pay money to use some of the features and there a some adds. This app is used by some children and if they buy something their parents most likely won’t know. Apart from the minor issues this app is amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone coping with depression, anxiety or any other things like that. 😘😊.Version: 3.46

Great!I love to here that little bell every now and again to see a new quote! Every morning I love to send a quote to my friends and I even encouraged my best friend to get the app! I love the different icons and that you can have multiple reminders a day! But, the reminder quotes are sometimes a bit repetitive, and because I can’t afford to unlock everything (even though I really want to), I technically get the same quotes every day! And I was just wondering, when you get an update for a new category that you can use, do you only have it for a limited amount of time? If yes, how long would that be for? Thank you for this wonderful app that has really brought my mood up every day!! ;).Version: 3.24

Really Good AppThis is an amazing app if you always need a little help to boost your mood. There is no point buying the categories because the regular ones are amazing. I also really like how they give you notifications of the quotes if you don’t have time to always go onto the app. Overall, this is an amazing app and would definitely recommend downloading it..Version: 3.13.2

Life changing 😍I never believed in personal development tools but I downloaded this app about a year ago because I was going through a very hard time. And it helped me a lot. Sometimes just makes me smile when I don’t expect it. The very first quote that helped me was « stop worrying about things you can’t control ». I have ADHD, I am overthinking and I am super sensitive. And this exact quote was the moment I decided to stop worrying about my problem at work and stop doing self pity about all my problems and focus on the positive side of stuff. You made me switch my way of seeing things and the way I react to the micro-agressions we have every day. I recommended your app to my friends in australia and my family in france! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.16

Quotes no longer changing :(Love this app especially as it is connected to my Apple Watch so extra great! Keeps me positive all day! However I am disappointed that the quotes don’t change anymore on my watch every time the watch screen lights up as they used to. It seems to just have the same quote all the time! Can someone help ??.Version: 4.2

Really great quotesDownload it, it’s really motivating.Version: 5.28.1

Great app with one flaw so farThe free version is very good. They have free categories that change daily so you get a chance to see what the premium features offer. I have not tried the premium membership because I don’t have the financial ability to do so thus far. One problem I just encountered after using the app for about half a year, if you switch or get a new phone the the data (Your collections, your settings, your profile, and your liked quotes) are all GONE. I looked in the FAQ for this app and it warns you about that. This is very disappointing as I’ve been building my collections of favorite quotes, quotes I’d like to share, and quotes I have already shared to people that I’d like to keep for memories are all gone. Why have the collections without being able to keep them with every phone and account? I hope there’s a remedy to this that I just haven’t found yet or that they are able to bring that option to this app in the future. Anyway, it’s a great app just be careful if you’d want to keep the quotes you save..Version: 4.34.3

Keeping me inspiredIt helps me get through the day and look for a brighter tomorrow. Positive impact 😎 indeed..Version: 4.11.2

PowerfulIf you’re like me and full of anxiety, I suggest this app for when you have too much time to think. Instead of letting your head fill with bad thoughts to overthink into a panic attack, I fill my head with these quotes and try to think about what they mean and how they apply to me...and my anxiety in my everyday life has become a little easier to cope with 💓.Version: 2.12.1

I love this app but I love the Valentine's deal even better!I love this app but I love the Valentine's deal even better! The quotes were unique, I'm a sucker for great inspirational quotes and I have lots of apps for that purpose... But with this Motivation app, I'm surprised to see so many quotes that I wasn't aware of and I love them! The only thing stopping me from buying a subscription is the price, it's incredibly steep in comparison to my other apps. I don't mind paying for it but not like highway robbery. If there was more functions, I'd understand but the only great thing about it for me...ok, for me personally... is the great curation of quotes not found in other apps or even places online, one that is convenient and mobile-friendly. If it was the same market price as with the others, it would have been justifiable. So I just did my copy and paste method in my Evernote to collect the quotes I love manually for a couple of months now. I'm liking the quotes so much that I decided to try and buy 1 month today (2/9/19), but to my surprise, I saw that they have a Valentine's special for $12 for 1 year ($0.99/a month)! Now that's what I'm talking about!!! So I bought it and now I can rate this app high up on the scale and do a review. If you still see the same sale, grab it!!! You won't regret it. I promise..Version: 3.6

AmazingI love the concept of motivation, it always motivates you when you wake up in the morning and read your iPad it just makes you stronger to face the day!.Version: 3.47

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