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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID Positive Reviews

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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID App User Positive Comments 2022

TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID app received 13 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about trapcall: reveal no caller id?

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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID for Positive User Reviews

Absolutely worth the $35!!!I have been receiving harassing phone calls by multiple people who were blocking their numbers. I had downloaded a couple of other apps to try and record them but it was very difficult to start the recording and it wouldn’t actually patch through until 15/20 secs in. This app is amazing! It gives you the blocked number and allows you to record from the second you say hello. Works perfect with the iPhone, the app is super easy to use and it logs all the information nicely as well as send you a text with the blocked caller info. ☺️ The only feature I would like to see if the ability to email/text the recorded message so I can get it to the authorities more easily. Thanks again for developing this app!.Version: 6.2.10

Trap Call works wellHave had it for several years and relieved knowing it’s screening my calls and when available identifying who is calling. ATTN DEVELOPER: What do I do next? (1) Recently my iPhone trap call phone/settings/Trap Call call block id toggle turned itself off. When I attempt to turn it back on it says ‘Error Enabling Extension’ ‘Failed to request data for TrapCall. You may want to try enabling the extension again, and if the problem persists. How do I enable the extension or…? Contact the application developer.’ (2) When I manually add a number to thr blocked Call List I press Finish and receive ‘Error adding to the block list’ ‘Failed to reload extension’ ios v15.4 iPhone 13 Pro Thx.Version: 7.3.7

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!TrapCall was able to immediately unmask the person who had harassed me for over a year!!! I went to the sheriff’s office to file a report with the unmasked number and recorded voicemails and right there in front of me the deputy was able to call & confront my harasser! The deputy was also able pull up this person as a criminal with a record. I was finally able to file a police report against my harasser. The customer service with TrapCall is superb! They genuinely care and made sure that questions I had on my app were thoroughly answered. This app is worth every penny! I pay for the whole year up front to save some money. If you are concerned about your personal safety, cut out a couple of lattes/eating out per month and commit to investing that money into TrapCall. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent!!.Version: 6.2.10

EditedBelow you can find my prior review, where I had given 1 star. I’m changing it to 5 stars because my money was refunded quickly, without question and customer service acted respectfully. Very impressed with customer service :) —————————— I didn’t use this app for more than a few minutes after learning about the charge after the free trial. I look at my subscriptions on Apple and it didn’t appear there, so I simply deleted the app and checked the subscription again. Today, I was charged 95 dollars for something I haven’t even used - let alone something that didn’t work. I’m going to attempt to get a refund - if not, I’m certainly disputing this with my bank..Version: 6.4.3

Keeps logging out.After installing this app I finally found out who’s my mysterious Unknown Number death threat harasser. Turns out boyfriend of criminal woman who menaced me with pack of dynamites then got arrested and Stay Away Order Of Protection by Criminal Court Judge was issued. I reported him to FBI with a proof of his first and last name, phone number which I didn’t know prior installing the app and his voice recorded with automatic voice recorder built in in the app. App also blocks many annoying spam calls. I would recommend this app - It’s worth $95 I spent for yearly subscription. The only minus is it keeps logging out which actually doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the app and I have to constantly login. - I wish app developers pay attention to this nuances and fix it..Version: 6.7.5

Highly SatisfiedAfter 3 months of sudden ‘no caller Id’ calls coming in on my cell phone up to 20 times a day at all hours of the day, I was at my wits end on how to determine who was calling me and how to block this unknown caller. Within 1 hour of installing the TrapCall app I was able to reveal the phone number that had been continuously calling me, I was able to see the name the number was associated with and then I was able to block the number. Since blocking the number the calls have FINALLY stopped. I wish I had tried this app sooner. No one deserves to be harassed by unwanted calls for no reason. Revealing this phone number may have potentially kept me from harm from this caller I didn’t know. Thank you TrapCall!!.Version: 7.3.0

Trap call is the real deal!I had been getting harassing blocked phone calls. I downloaded trap call and the next time she called I received her number and called her back! She tried to deny it but well I laughed at her and cussed her like she’d been cussing me. I never heard from her again! Thank you so much! This is money worth every penny! Update: I lost my job and in the process of going through bankruptcy. This stopped all the bill collectors within a 2-3 week period and gave me my sanity back of the 50 phone calls a day. No more harassing back to back phone calls or being woke up by these psychotic people. I can breathe again. It’s helped my mental state 200%..Version: 6.8.13

Just what I neededI am getting harassed by people calling with No Caller ID. I turned call trap on and already know who is calling me. I’m looking forward to using the call record feature because I am answering my calls with “You are being recorded, who may I ask is calling?” Which seems to stop the actual harassing words but it won’t stop their call and hang ups. I’m purposely not blocking the caller because I’m building a case for harassment since this has gone on for months. Trap Call is EXACTLY what I needed to do to make sure I could document the harassing behavior..Version: 7.3.6

Thank God for this AppI have never wrote a review for an app until today. I had some one call me from a blocked number 33 times within 25 minutes. I been having issue with this person for a while but today it was just the last. I google the issue and it names this app. While it did cost me it work. I was able to get the name and number of the person. I was than able to call them back using their name and repeating their number and informed them that I am reporting them to the police. He stop calling after that message. During the day it continue to trap numbers and block them without the phone running..Version: 6.8.9

LOVE THIS APP! It’s definitely legit.I had someone call me from a blocked number over 200 times back to back it started at 12:30 in the morning and when I found this app it was 1:30 in the morning downloaded and within two minutes of having it downloaded it gave me the number of the caller and I contacted them via text and they acted like they had no idea who I was etc. lol it was prank calling, not funny when you can’t sleep for the harassment! WHEN I TEXT THEM THE CALLS STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!.Version: 6.9.1

Disappointments.If I went out, tried to listen to my voicemail with the TrapCall app, people were able to make it impossible for me login to my TrapCall account, if I was able to login to my TrapCall account, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my missed call, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my voicemail, in order words, they were able to remove my voice message so I could not see it, then they returned the voice message so that I can see it again, they made it so were able to bypass if I placed curtain callers Into my TrapCall blacklist..Version: 6.2.13

This app saved me money and gave me feel safe again.Met someone out of state that couldn’t take rejection well. He harassed me for months. He stopped so I thought it was over then I got private calls every day 2-3 times a day and night for a month. I didn’t know who it was until I came across this app and was skeptical at first because they ask for money but I gave it a shot because I was so distraught. I found out it was the guy and I got him blacklisted so he hears the specific message thinking this number no longer worked. I haven’t gotten a call back. I think he’s left it alone but I have this app just in case. Not to mention no more spam calls due to this app which is a huge bonus. Thank you..Version: 6.4.2

ATTENTION: TRAPCALL NO LONGER RUNS IN IOSThis is, unequivocally, a garbage disposal run by negligent profiteers purporting a working service which is just a frozen screen with no one to account for the lie. This app has now stolen over 200 dollars from me. ATTENTION: This app freezes upon opening every single time. it is fully updated. this has been going on for months and I haven’t been able to even use the app at all. it just freezes every time. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail. By now I’ve lost over 5 months’ worth of payment and every time I reach out to support I am ultimately never given a solution that resolves the issue I’ve lost a ton of money for no reason. Horrible..Version: 7.0.0

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