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SHEIN - Online Fashion App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

SHEIN - Online Fashion app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SHEIN - Online Fashion? Can you share your negative thoughts about shein - online fashion?

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SHEIN - Online Fashion for Negative User Reviews

MmmehApart from the beautiful women made to look like street walkers ,and wearing next to nothing nude clothes ,with their butts up in the air and their legs wide open😳 ,and the most ridiculous looks on their faces with repetitive poses of ,”oh I’m fainting” looks with hand on forehead 😂some ghastly clothes they have to wear ,mate come orn!! It’s like looking at a porno magazine the way they model the clothes and the lingerie and underclothes it’s pure soft porn and kinky and and all sorts of filth,and I have received clothes with the hygiene tab removed and smelling .so I actually received used items that has totally annoyed me as they don’t allow you to give feedback about that .they censor the ratings and comments so you cannot leave the truth..Version: 8.0.6

Not impressedThe orders are next to impossible to track, and they take a very long time to arrive. I ordered a black skirt and got a costume skirt made out of foam. Very unhappy, not worth the money at all, I could’ve done better at a thrift shop..Version: 7.0.8

Very disappointedThis is the 3rd time I’ve bought multiple items from SHEIN. The first time I bought 2 evening dresses and they were beautiful. The second time I bought 3 tops. They were ridiculously small and very poor quality. I got sick of arguing with customer service and threw them away. I had a third order on the way that was too late to cancel. These two tops came today. Again I purchased a larger size than I am and again they came so small they would fit a child. I am a 6ft tall woman so I buy the largest sizes. I check the measurements then buy one size up. What I received is tagged as a plus size but would again fit a short petite woman or a child. Don’t buy from this company. Avoid disappointment . I could have sent them back and had the postage deducted from my refund but this was not my error so I didn’t feel that was fair. Again they are going in the bin or the poor box. Please don’t waste your money on poor quality , undersized garments.Version: 7.6.2

NopeThe product was extremely cheap and the measurements of the clothing were not accurate. I also had to pay $30.78 HST without warning when the package arrived at my house. Not impressed..Version: 7.0.8

Don’t shop here pleaseI used to love shein. Used to look on the app 24/7 and add stuff to my wishlist. A month ago or so i got a huge $300 worth haul of clothing. (I am VERY picky. I think long and hard and read all reviews before adding something to my cart and always change my mind). When I first received the package, I was so excited. I tried on everything and it was so cute. But almost everything reacted badly to the wash. One of my favorite white tshirts pilled IMMEDIATELY. I had to do like 3 loads of laundry when I first washed them because the material is so dang cheap. Got these jeans I was soo excited for..the popular momo jeans on the site..material is awful and they’re so tight. The only thing I sort of like and recommend are the underwear. I’ve had no issues with them. Although I won’t be buying from here anymore since it’s 1. Child labor use 2. Crappy material/quality which gets worse over time 3. Nothing like you’d expect it to be on the site ...and much more. Just don’t waste your time. Save your money and buy from places that are better for the environment and that will last. After winter is done I’m getting rid of all my shein clothes because I hate them. If you read this review through all the way, please take my advice and shop elsewhere. Thank you..Version: 7.4.7

Don't do it!Terrible experience! The clothes I purchased did not look like the photographs, some were of such poor quality the material was see through. I didn't buy super cheap items either, I spent $55 on a dress which looked nothing like the picture and had wonky seams! Furthermore I opted to Return nearly everything purchased because the quality was so poor- only to be told that the only warehouse for returns was in the US and the return shipping would not be covered (I live in Au). It cost me $65 to return $120 worth of the items, which hardly seems worth it by when I queried this with the company before sending the return they said they could help with the return shipping if I gave them the details of how much it costed. I provided them with the details and receipt numbers but the refunded amount was only the value of the items and nothing towards my out of pocket amount for return shipping. I won't shop here again, and I would encourage people to avoid it- i read the reviews on the items I purchased before I bought them and they must have been fabricated, I can't see how anyone could accept some of the items I received and be happy with them!.Version: 5.4.2

BewareOrdered in Nov 2020. cleared customs i was told. canada post was to deliver I was told . Jan 2021 no one seems to know why i didn’t get yet Money from visa was withdrawn , i paid for items. but never received ,and no one knows why it wasn’t ,sent to me. I won’t be ordering from Shein again. paying for nothing. beware.Version: 7.4.2

SHEINSo iv never really did online shopping but since this pandemic came along it was being advertised on social media , it just kept popping up so I clicked on it and I fell in love with the clothes , the only problems I find with it is the sizes and the waiting (2 weeks) but after awhile I guess I’ll / you will adjust and learn what is your best fit , and if you can wait and have some patience then your fine and the material is good , the sizes are all mixed but I guess there foreign sizes so I’ll have to learn on the way , there’s also sales and percentages off of clothes , also you can earn points which you can buy clothes with , there’s a wish list which keeps all your likes products in that specific area and it doesn’t just sell clothes it sells all kinds , just name it right , be specific but above all this is a great app , keep up the good work SHEIN , I would recommend it to anyone.Version: 7.2.2

DO NOT SHOP HEREThis company is one of the worst for mass production and waste. their workers aren’t paid well or treated well, everything is cheap falls apart, and it’s horrible for the environment. not only do they contribute to pushing fast fashion they individually wrap each one of their items in plastic. not to mention they steal other peoples art and design without credit or permission. DO NOT SHOP HERE.Version: 7.8.3

CheapEverything thing I bought ended up being made with cheap thin material. Even sweaters that looked plush and thick in pictures. Sizes all run VERY SMALL Needless to say. Pictures are incredibly misleading. Im a 36 yr old who wears med size clothing( I bought some things in large to be safe). I gave all 11 items of clothing I purchased to my friends 9 year old daughter(they fit her perfectly). DO NOT buy from here..Version: 7.1.8

Very, very slow.I’ve ordered from here three times and each time have had the same experience and will likely not use them again. You can find some very good clothes for brilliant prices, but the time to wait is simply not worth it. You would think this is because it is shipped from China, but I don’t think this is the case. Around a week after submitting my order, there was still an option to cancel an item, so it’s very clear that it wasn’t even packaged yet. The tracking system is very confusing and seems poorly translated and even though I had express shipping, it took the same time (about 16 days) and there was no difference from normal shipping time. However, the staff are incredibly good. They will ALWAYS reply within 24 hours - I mostly received a response before 12 hours - and they were very helpful and understanding. The only issue is the shipping times and tracking systems, so if you want to order from them, I suggest you order at least 3 weeks in advance and don’t bother with tracking until it’s with your local mail holder and then use their own tracking system..Version: 6.7.3

They hack into your phone!!!When I downloaded this app a few months ago I was extremely excited because the clothes were very cheap and super cute! I’ve also ordered many things off of this app and everything has been fairly good quality and overall I’ve been very happy about the clothes, accessories, etc. Then I saw a video on social media where this girl was talking about how someone had logged into her email, instagram, etc. she checked her email and the login had come from Shein. I checked the comments of this video and many people said they were experiencing the same thing. I was very surprised so I went to go check my email and saw that someone had tried to login to my email/other socials so I deleted this app. If you look up Shein you will see multiple articles on this subject. If you have Shein, Romwe, or Zaful, delete them!! They are all run under the same company. I deleted all 3 apps and I haven’t gotten a single hack alert in weeks. My sister also got an alert about these clothing apps then deleted them after and she also hasn’t gotten the alerts sent to her account. If you need fairly cheap stuff look on apps like Depop and AliExpress, they have cute cheap stuff that doesn’t try to scam you..Version: 7.0.8

This company needs to improve.Affording things nowadays in stores is very uncommon, not everyone has alot of wealth and this app is perfect for those people including me. financially i have been able to afford a place to stay and food everyday and i like to explore my sense of style on a budget. I love the concept of cheaper things and who doesn't, we live in a society of money. i do have many concerns for this app, one of them being the packaging that they use. they use horrible non eco friendly packaging, and a ridiculous amount of plastic that it is honestly shocking, plus the audacity to make a #shiencares trend protecting wildlife animals, when their packaging is not, is ridiculous. yes its cheap, but at the success this app has im pretty sure they could spend some money making their packaging more eco friendly, therefore bringing in more costumers to buy on their site. If it wasn’t for the fast fashion and non sustainable packaging, everyone would shop here, they definitely could be making more. another concern i have is the fast fashion problem. Shien isnt ethical. they continue to steal designs from small brands, and we dont know how much money their workers are paid, but im not confident it’s enough. this company wont probably see this but make a change. for the good of the world and your workers..Version: 7.8.9

Disappointed.I have used SHEIN twice, the first time I was happy with my purchase and with delivery also. Today though, I received a cardigan I had ordered and even though the shipping was good, the product is not at all as it was in the photos re:sizing. It’s described as an oversized cardigan, model wearing a size small. I am a sz10 (aus/nz) and 165cm tall and purchased a szM hoping to achieve a definite over sized look. I’ve just taken it out of the bag and it literally fits my 9yr old 😬 So disappointed!!! Sizing is WAYYYYY off..Version: 7.5.7

Horrible siteService is horrible and on top of that there a scam. The information u give this website they will use it and try to hack ur iCloud so watch out..Version: 7.1.6

Can I get a refundThe last time I bought from this app none of the things that I bought came in the right size and quality was so bad I’d like a refund because that was not what I asked for.Version: 7.0.2

They made me pay for the express shipping feeI’ve just got the mail from Fedex that force me to pay 24cad for my express shipping package- which has been mentioned that it is free delivery from Shein!!!!! I also ordered another package after that without knowing this stupid stuff cost me that much money!!!! They suggested only refund 60% fees of it but when I paid the fund they vanished, still waiting for they reply in angry!!! Please BOYCOTT THIS COMPANY!!!!.Version: 8.0.0

WarningThis is a great app for clothes that are cheap but no the less that means the quality isn’t as good as it is in the photos, and it says they do easy returns, but you actually have to pay to ship them back to them so you end up losing money anyway, so I couldn’t send back 2 items that came faulty therefore I just wasted my money, so the returns aren’t as easy as they make them seem..Version: 7.0.2

DONT GET THIS APPAs good as it seems, these low cost items are extremely cheap and poor quality. There are so many small businesses and other sites you can buy from. Also promotes child labor, animal cruelty and racism..Version: 7.3.7

AnnoyingNever got my order.Version: 7.1.0

Love this shop soooo much!I absolutely love Shein! I first came across it from when I saw someone else shopping online on their site, and I went on their page later that day. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of super nice clothes they have on there, and they even have makeup and home decor as well! I was even more shocked when I realised how cheap and reasonably priced their clothes are! I thought seeing as their clothes are so cheap, that they would be bad quality. However, I ordered my first order from there, and I found that their clothes were good quality, so very quickly, Shein became my new favourite shop ever. I’ve ordered 2 packages in total (received one and the other is on the way - exciting!) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy everything from this shop! I’m even going to buy some back to school things, and as I have wanted to redecorate my room for a long time, I think I will now because of Shein’s amazing home decor department. Love this shop so much, I am one of many thousands of happy customers - me and my best friend are obsessed with Shein! I have recommended this shop to all of my friends and family. I promise I am a legit customer, I haven’t been paid to write this😂. Thank you Shein for being my favourite shop!.Version: 7.1.0

Racist culture against blacksAfter scrolling through items, some of the accessories show case insensitive images against blacks. A phone case with a black man hand cuffed was on sale. Nobody on the team thought it insensitive to do this.Version: 7.5.8

It’s an ok appYes, Shein provides online shopping and has very stylish clothing that will meet anyone’s styling standards. Although, Shein clothing material isn’t the best in certain times. For example, I look at reviews sometimes and find out that that clothing is either too small, material is too thin, size wasn’t correct, clothing was shorter than shown, the list goes on! The clothing is sometimes isn’t all that bad tho and is very stylish. There is a reason behind this review though and let’s talk about it. Recently I participated in an event where you could earn either 20 million points or 20 thousand points. Not too sure. I had won by sending links to other people and had to verify my email. I completed all that was needed for me to receive the points. Today is Saturday which is when they are supposed to give the points. Currently 7:20 pm and I still haven’t received my points. If anyone else has won could anyone inform me if they have their points? Another thing is that I tried emailing shein with some questions because I’m pretty sure that they don’t think my email is verified. Edit: This app didn’t even give me the points it promised. It only gave 100 points to my friends and I (they won too). This app is pretty much a scam with cheap clothing. I definitely recommend to not get this app..Version: 7.3.8

It’s great but…I had the app on my previous phone and then I downloaded it again on the one I’m using now. The first problem was that, I couldn’t log into my account on the new phone because of my password. And I even had the password saved in my notes to remember. So, they sent me a reset email. I had to do that a couple of times until they stopped sending it to my spam folder. So I was finally able to actually click the reset link. It worked (thank goodness 🙄.) However, when I finally signed in on the new phone, everything from my order history, wishlist items, shopping bag, and other account information were missing. It was like it started a brand new account, even though it was the same email account. I’ve always had this problem with SHEIN, having to create new accounts. And so now I have to use my old phone for managing the orders. I really wish I could use my current for phone for all of that instead having to go back and forth. In the end, it’s a great app, I love the clothing options but, I would really appreciate it if they could somehow make logging in on various devices more efficient or maybe even add an option where you can ‘Sign in using Google’ to eliminate the hassle of having to remember and/or resetting passwords every now and then. I would also like if they worked on better customer service answers..Version: 6.9.2

No customer service supportThere is no one to talk to. It is all robots so if you have an issue with your order there is no one real to speak to. I have bought a lot from this site but in the future I may decide to stop buying because there is no one real to speak with. I bought an order and my package had not arrived now I have to go searching for it. Get real customer service people!.Version: 7.5.8

Please do not support sheinEverything they do has a horrendous impact on the environment. Although their clothes are super cheap it is tempting to buy from here but the orders can take up to months to arrive, if they even do arrive. The labour is terrible as well and I do not recommend..Version: 7.5.7

HORRIBLE SERVICE!This website is absolute TRASH. First let me begin by saying the measurements for the clothes are completely wrong, when you order something that should fit you it won’t. They will have you ship it back for free, but you won’t get your original shipping back in the refund. Secondly, the customer service is AWFUL. They do not give a crap about any inconveniences you experience due to their many screw ups. I ordered a robe and chemise set for my birthday, a 1X should have fit by the measurements. It didn’t. I sent it back and told them I wanted a refund. I ordered a size up because it was a just a tiny bit too small and the measurements said the 2XL was 2 inches bigger so the 2X should have fit perfect. Iwas wrong it was about .5 inches bigger. Measurements were definitely wrong. Barely a difference. They don’t care. Finally they receive my first return and instead of refunding my money they ship me a replacement? I chatted them and told them I requested a refund not a replacement and they said it was too late it had already been shipped I have to ship it back. So now I have to wait ANOTHER 2-3 weeks for my money because of their screw up. This website is a literal joke. Also, I left a honest review about the measurements of the robe and they hid it from the item. They only post reviews that benefit them. Total trash. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!!.Version: 6.4.1

Not as expectedThey say afterpay is available now but I can’t see that as a payment option when I checkout. None of my credit cards are working on their app. Disappointing.Version: 6.7.8

They aren’t really honest.Just wanted to point out something. You guys claim to have this huge 85% off Black Friday sale and you’re totally tricking the customers aren’t you ??? I visit the website often and I know the prices. All you have done is kept the original prices exactly the same (some are even higher than normal) and you’ve added a large amount next it and cut that amount with a line. So innocent people would coms here and think “wow I’m getting this $30 blouse for $15!” when infact the blouse was $15 to start with. What sort of disgusting fake sale is this? I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED as a customer about this. I was planning on buying from the website on Black Friday thinking I’ll be able to buy a lot of stuff only to find out that it’s all fake. VERY DISAPPOINTED! I will think twice before buying from Shein again..Version: 5.5.0

DO NOT ORDER FROM HEREFirst, the clothes are not that good. second, peoples accounts have been getting hacked and their personal info is being leaked. i luckily used paypal for my order but someone still tried to login into my email and google blocked them. please don’t give them any personal info..Version: 7.0.8

I don’t know what happened..Clothes are cheep , trendy , a lot of sale and benefits. Therefore I ordered something. However I saw my skirt was refunded.. I don’t know what happened.. I’m so sad because the skirt was sale item and sold out.. also Late delivery.Version: 6.9.0

UnethicalShein has stolen and copied designs from hundreds of not thousands of independent designers without their knowledge or consent. they underpay their workers and do not use renewable materials. if you can afford to shop elsewhere i encourage you to do so.Version: 7.5.8

Bad shipment and awful customer serviceI placed my very first order on dec13 and it was near to my address since dec18 and afterwards no updates. I contacted many times SHEIN customer service they keep told me to wait wait wait and nothing helped me at all. I also contacted logistics to check for my parcel they did the same thing on transit. I am not going to order anything from this again. Please do not order anything from there . If you didn’t get you parcel there service team not gonna help you at all..Version: 7.4.2

Appalling!Absolutely disgusted with the app and the customer service. I ordered a few different orders from here, two went through fine, and recently arrived. The third order however was a really big mess up. To begin with, the order came to £113 which wasn’t a problem, I was willing to pay that amount of money as the clothes appeared to be decent. However, upon checking my banking app the order had been taken from my account twice!! Upon speaking to numerous different people on the customer service I received very little help, and was told on numerous occasions that I hadn’t paid the amount even though it was removed from my account twice. One of the customer service attendants even had the nerve to say I hadn’t asked for my money back. Needless to say I deleted the app, and will no longer use it. I received my money back only through going to the bank and raising a dispute. Absolutely shocking customer service..Version: 6.3.2

Don’t buy anything from SHEINI bought so many things from SHEIN over $200 and it said it was free express shipping but after some days of order I got message that I have to pay extra $30 for clearance fees.Version: 7.1.8

DisappointedSo I saw this on Facebook like all ads that are posted there. I was a bit skeptical since I had also purchased cheap items on wish and on My Ali if that’s how it’s spelled. I think shopping on SHEIN is fairly easy you find a lot of beautiful items for a very low price. Although as k scrolled down to find the items I was looking for and purchasing them well the days passed and passed and passed until on SHEIN it marked that my package had arrived and i don’t know about you guys but when you buy something online it’s like you live a roller coaster of emotions. Because it’s the time to reveal if you actually spent you money on something you’ll like. Now you run a risk purchasing on line because you know you might not get something that’s actually nice but instead it will reflect the money you paid. It’s been a couple of days after I received the notice that my package had been delivered and well nothing so I sent a notice through their app notifying that I hadn’t received the item. Well it’s been a few more days and I still have gotten no notice on the package or to where it could be. I spent roughly 60 dls on items I was planning on using. Well I’m a bit disappointed on the customer service. I hope I can come back here and updated on what happened with my items or if i will even get my money back. Well people careful on what you buy and sometimes I guess if you run with my bad luck you won’t receive your package..Version: 7.3.2

I wouldn’t botherPersonally I don’t see how SHEIN has so many five star ratings. The clothes are abysmal quality- thin see through material, bad sewing, wonky seams or seams coming undone. Uneven skirts, and more. Sizes are never true to size. I’ve even ordered two sizes up from what I usually take and they haven’t fitted. Yet other items the size I take are too big. Their size system seems to be totally random and makes no sense at all. Return service is poor, they say it’s easy but they don’t tell you that you have to pay for returns even when they’ve sent items that look nothing like their photos or are incorrectly sized. I’ll never buy from them again being a LOT of money out of pocket now with items sent at random it seems (ordered a black dress with red roses on got sent a white dress with pink flowers, double checked I hadn’t made a mistake when ordering and I hadn’t), wrongly size items and issues galore. Take the risk if you have money to burn. Out of 20 items I ordered for a recent birthday haul (was given money for clothes) two were wearable..Version: 7.4.9

HACKEDDo NOT get this app!! A lot of people, myself included, have been hacked on their personal social media’s and other accounts using the same email you provide in this app!! People have gone to the source of the hacking to show that your email was used by Shein. Do Not Use!!.Version: 7.0.8

DO NOT BUT ANYTHINGIf you are looking for sustainable brands THIS IS NOT IT. SHEIN is not providing any sources saying they use sustainable materials nor do we know if their workers (people making their clothes) have a good pay..Version: 7.2.1

HORRIBLEIt hacked into my social media and it’s overall not a good app.Version: 7.0.8

Exploits women , sends the wrong message to women/ teensDeleted the app because I think it’s wrong to send such a sexualized message of what women should wear and look like , especially to an upcoming generation of women . Is women should strive to be strong , kind , uplifting - not allowing companies and people to sexualize us . This is how so many girls and women are trafficked, exploited, etc . Ladies stand up for yourselves - you don’t need to dress in barely any clothing to have worth - you are better than that !.Version: 7.4.5

Cute but noClothes are cute or wtv but they use child labour which is not it at all😐😐.Version: 7.5.2

It’s okayMost of the clothes are good quality. Shipping, and tax is ridiculous though. They give you coupons and points to take away from your overall total, but if It takes away “too much” they add back the shipping, even though you had high enough priced items to get free shipping. Shipping times are really long, normally its a few weeks. The delivering and updates is weird, as sometimes the information for when it updates the packages, put it on the wrong date and is pretty confusing. I like that you can earn points, and that the reviews help quite a bit. Although, when you review something you never really see your review again, and can’t change or edit it , it doesn’t show up. It’s weird that they give you a shipping fee, then add on a shipping guarantee; you’d think the shipping fee would already guarantee that you’d get your package. They offer shipping express, but it’s like buying another item because it’s 13 dollars, to get it there only a few days earlier than the standard shipping. For example, in my shipping right now, standard says it’d get here 15-17, express days, 12-13. And I mean some people would think that’s a pretty good deal, for me though, compared to other apps where you pay for shipping like that, you’d get your packages in a few days. Overall, it’s not a bad app. It’s legit..Version: 7.4.8

Easy to shop, great serviceI would love to give more stars, but I often found the quality is average. A few of them are pretty though. The fit isn’t always true to size..Version: 6.9.3

HUGE DELAYS IN SHIPPING!Do not waste your time and buy from here. I paid the extra insurance so my items would arrive in time for a special event. Event in two days and items in transit for last 3 days from HongKong!! Apparently there is now a delay. Very misleading to get you to buy but they don’t deliver at their end. Buy locally and support your local businesses. I‘m done with this online shopping websites. Waste of time..Version: 7.3.7

You get what you pay forI like that there the variety of clothes offered at an affordable price. However, it is a bit of hit and miss whether the clothes look good or not. I read the reviews before I buy and make sure I don’t buy clothes that say no returns accepted. With one dress I bought, it was so thin and transparent - I only found out after someone at work told me. If I had read the reviews, I would’ve known. Trust the reviews. Also, I noticed that the cheaper clothes are usually the thin, transparent, cheap quality ones. I look at whether the cheap price is a result of being heavily discounted (then the clothes are better quality) or whether the cheap price is the regular price (then it’s most likely thin, transparent and cheap)..Version: 7.5.2

Takes foreverI was originally receiving updates on where my package was, but it is now May 22 and I have NOT received an update on where it is since May 9! I want to know where it is and why it’s taking this long! I ordered 8 days after my friend and she got hers in 3 weeks, I have been waiting over a month and we live in the same area..Version: 7.0.8

RemboursementJe n’arrive pas à recevoir mon remboursement de colis non reçu.Version: 7.8.9

AntisemticThey sell swastika necklaces with no problem. Wow!.Version: 7.1.6

Child Abuse and ExploitationYa’ll need to STOP ordering from here. they literally have child slaves and abuse them, not to mention exploitation of labour, not only towards kids, but all their workers.Version: 7.5.8

Stop being racistAll in the title babe..Version: 7.5.8

UnhappyI loved it had everything I wanted amazing makeup and amazing clothes, I had a bunch of stuff in my cart and I went to check out.. when I went to put in my address for the shipping I couldn’t. SHEIN doesn’t ship to my country and it’s not a remote country either I live in New Zealand so it’s not completely unknown. The funny thing is however, they ship to Australia and everywhere else literally almost everywhere but not here and it really really annoyed me because I was really looking forward to using SHEIN a lot more often but now I can’t..Version: 7.0.0

Clothes are ok but asks for extra shipping costI ordered my clothes quite a few times with SHEIN and it’s fine most of the times but I ordered a month with free and express shipping and they asked for an additional $40 even after it was free. I didn’t even get a refund nor my package. Wouldn’t order from here again..Version: 7.8.1

DisappointedThey started charging gst. Sucks bc they use to be to good with prices and my favourite clothing store but tax now?.Version: 7.9.9

Pls lower shipping PriceSHEIN is an amazing app with great stuff the shipping WAS awesome untill they started started to higher the price I used to ask this lady that ships my orders to Jordan for $2 I SWEAR bc the shipping was free but now she stopped PLS SHEIN MAKE SHIPPING FREE I WAS GOIN TO PLACE MY ORDER UNTIL THE SHIPPING WAS MORE THAN I WANTED TO BUy 😭 Pls just make the shipping free my b day is comin and I wanted to order but now I can’t 😞 😭😞😑.Version: 7.9.9

TOXIC, DANGEROUS ORGANIZATIONSTOP THE PRODUCTION OF FAST FASHION. i know we all struggle from time to time and need cheap cute clothes but listen this GARBAGE company abuses their workers and their chemicals lead to irreversible damage to the earth. THRIFT. SHOP LOCAL..Version: 7.8.3

SHEIN reviewI have been shopping with SHEIN for a long time now and honestly I love most of the things I purchase from them. My advice is the make sure you look at the reviews and any added pictures before you buy a product, since some things run small and large. The reason for the 3 stars and not 5 is because of their customer service. They got rid of their custom service chat with an actual person on their app and now it is just an automated chat which has been proven to be very unhelpful. I have had to Facebook message them to get ahold of someone and even then, it takes over a day just to get a response. I also advise y’all to pay for the expedited shipping because your package will take multiple weeks and the shipping information will not be updated as fast if you use their free shipping method. I placed an order on April 3, 2020 and I placed another one a few weeks later and paid for expedited shipping. I received the expedited shipping order within a week and a half, but I have yet to receive my original order that was placed on April 30. Just pay for expedited shipping and look at the clothing reviews and y’all will receive some awesome clothes for really cheap!.Version: 7.1.0

Deleting the items from cart issueI am not able to delete the items from the cart which i dont want but when I delete them they do not get deleted so annoying.Version: 6.8.2

I love this app, but...Listen, I am a HUGE shein fan. Been shopping with them for about 4 years and I love their stuff. I was super excited when their home collection launched as I was redoing my bedroom and wanted some decor from them. I placed 3 separate orders, all within a couple days of each other back in May. The first two got to me in about 2 weeks, maybe even a little shorter than that. However I have yet to receive the third order, and I placed it on MAY 13TH. I get it, covid, cutbacks, all that jazz, but good lord, it has been almost 40 days since I placed that order and I’m convinced it’s never coming at this point. I don’t know how I can go from placing the first two orders and getting both of them within 7-14 days, mind you, I placed my first order on MAY 9TH. This is ridiculous. My order did not move for 3 weeks. Nobody touched it, it wasn’t moved or handled for THREE WEEKS. It is JUST NOW in transit. I’m annoyed and I’m frustrated. I get that covid is causing delays, but come on. I have placed plenty of other orders with other companies wayyyyy after this one and received ALL OF THEM already. I completely understand the initial set back, but this is getting really old..Version: 7.1.2

Hacks!!!Do not download people are getting hacked.Version: 7.0.8

NegativeNow they are charging GST . That’s no good for that’s cheap material.Version: 7.9.9

I needed the app I was done going on safari so I’m excited 😊I think it is gonna be great I have seen people saying there are criminals but idk :).Version: 8.0.3

Shop is good, app is notI love Shien for the wide variety of clothes and accessories for my size! Not many places have nice plus size clothing, most places sell plain and boring clothes that make me look like an old lady! But Shien actually caters for younger audiences and I love it! HOWEVER, since the app has been updated, I can’t change my profile picture! The photo part is now just a white circle! On top of this, Shien VIP is ridiculous, I’ve followed the rules and it took months for it to actually show! And contacting someone to actually talk to is stupid, I can’t find ANY way to speak to someone, just a stupid robot that doesn’t answer my questions. Shien needs a better contacting route, there’s no number, email or online chat to contact in case something is wrong or you need to ask a question that isn’t answered in Q&A’s! I spent hours the other day trying to find a way to contact anyone after my VIP status hadn’t changed in months and the robot repeatedly answered with wrong answers and wouldn’t put me through to anyone despite it saying live chat was available!! Just ridiculous. I am happy however with the payment options. There’s a good range of options with good payment schemes. It’s just such a shame contacting someone is so hard to do! It’s the only thing that puts me off alongside the VIP statuses taking forever to change. Needs sorting ASAP..Version: 7.2.2

TariffsBe aware of taxes and custom duties. Even though you get one package without any of these to be paid, you never know if you will be charged the next time for the same. This is regardless if you paid for the delivery or if it was free express shipping..Version: 6.4.9

Great products, poor customer serviceI always loved shein but recently had really poor experience with the customer services. I got locked out of my account, the password rest wouldn’t work, regularly tried checking both my inbox and my junk mail, I tried a variety of web browsers and the app for this reset and nothing. I tried daily to talk to someone on the customer support and even though it was within their ‘opening times’ was offline. Every day. For a week! I tried messaging multiple of the Instagram accounts and got told to email them, who then after waiting, replied telling me to talk to the customer services that oh yeah once again offline. There was no where I could report anything and was chasing my tail all over the place. Had stuff I wanted to order, an existing order to track and then also want to place some items for a return and couldn’t do any of it. Such a unnecessarily stressful situation that I had to keep chasing and there was no one there to help. Was like a robot was replying on Instagram as the response was barely relevant to what I had sent. Just all in all an awful experience. Eventually I got to talk to someone and they reset my password. But even that took an extra 24 hours to get sorted. Just felt really let down as always loved shopping with shein..Version: 7.3.2

DONT DOWNLOADThis thing is a scam They will hack you.Version: 7.0.8

Not nice at allThe only reason why these clothes are cheap is because of the children that they force to work in sweatshops. This online store heavily uses fast fashion and even if you don’t think it’s a problem, it will be when our environment starts becoming unsafe for even us to live. There are so many more alternatives..Version: 7.5.2

“Free shipping over this price”Yeah it’s a joke. I ordered over $150 of clothing and revived “free shipping” just for them to send each item individually and have me pay $30 for each item crossing over the boarder. That literally more than my whole order. Ridiculous..Version: 7.4.3

Do not use the app!!They are cheating u!!! The payment gateway is insecure and will deduct the amount later without your concern!!! It will actually empty your bank account!!.Version: 5.5.0

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