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Great valueI love this internet shop. The clothes and jewellery are so cheap, they fit well in general and the quality is amazing for the price. They deliver really quickly and provide a very accurate tracking system. My only criticism is that it’s difficult to work out how to return items. I couldn’t find the method to do this till it was too late to do so!.Version: 7.4.7

SHEIN is pretty solidLike many other comments have mentioned, I was skeptical at first about ordering from this site/app. But, I’m glad I gave it a chance because this is now my go-to app for clothing shopping. There are sooooooo many options in all different categories for all different occasions—honestly I probably scroll endlessly through this app for way too long! But I can’t help it, the clothes are cute, affordable, and the quality is better than what I was expecting. Of course there are times when I order something that I just don’t like—it doesn’t fit how I want it to or I don’t like the material, or whatever—but returning has been pretty quick, easy, and painless. They’re usually on top of returns. For example, I recently purchased a multitude of items but one item ended up being out of stock after I had purchased it. They notified me and issued me a refund, which I received for that item BEFORE I even received my package —which was less than a week after my initial order—with all the other items I had bought..Version: 7.3.7

It’s real goodThis app is the only app/website that I can easily trust. It has a variety of options to choose from, mainly for women. Easy to navigate through, and pretty fast delivery. There’s always a sale going on and lots of coupons to use every month. Another good thing is the more you buy or the more likes you get on your reviews on your purchases the more point you get which can get transferred into money to take away from how much you have to pay. there’s also daily check ins where you can get points, and daily chances where u can try your luck to get points or coupons. The clothes and items on SHEIN are very affordable although there are just ones that are in the $30’s which is still relatively cheap, which are not that often, it’s mainly some shoes, and pants. I absolutely love this app, it’s got me addicted and I shouldn’t even be since I’m about to be broke, I just can’t stop buying..Version: 8.0.3

Absolutely love them!!!I’m always so cautious of buying from overseas. I love they display in NZD and their delivery certainly exceeded even their ETA. I got everything individually sealed packaged and in one huge courier bag within 10 working days to NZ with still over a week to go with their ETA. Haven’t managed to try everything on yet lol but so far LOVEEEEE!.Version: 7.3.8

FantasticI really love this shop - the clothes design is just what I have been looking for. Especially as I’m growing into an older teenager with a constant change of style. The price of the clothes are relatively cheap and pretty good quality as well. Watch out for the pesky white tops though, they can be a bit see through! The only times I have ordered from this online shop was during the lockdown so I don’t know what the delivery is usually like, but during covid19 my package would take about a week and a half to arrive (maybe up to 2 weeks) which doesn’t bother me too much. For these reasons I was battling rating shein 4 stars but the clothes just scraped five starts. Overall this shop is a brilliant😁.Version: 7.1.0

Let see how it goes!I have only just downloaded “SHEIN” just about two days ago. My best friend highly recommend the app so I thought I should give it a try! I currently have an 18 item order on the way, and I’m hoping all the items will be what I ordered, in good condition, and relatively on time, I also hope for good Communication for the app! I’m found lots of nice items, although the searching System is a little Effie (the searches need to be a bit Pacific and some words come up with nothing even though it seems like it would bring results), they also have an interesting point and coupon System! Any who, we’ll see! I’ll update/write another review if there’s anything worth updating. Well I hope this review was usefully to anyone who may be reading! UPDATE: ok so I have gotten my items! They arrived at the estimated time and I was constantly updated on the whereabouts of my package. All my products where what I wanted and were good quality for how much I paid. There was one broken item sadly but over all everything was intact and what I wanted! Hopefully anyone who is reading this can say the same (except for the one broken item obviously)!.Version: 8.0.6

It’s the most easiest app for online shoppingAll the categories are very clear Easy to understand and to check I’ve never been disappointed by shein.. made my life easier and the prices are awesome for everyone’s hands and the materials are very amazing.. the tracking of the package is easy it has have cash on delivery service!! But u have to be carful for the measurements.Version: 6.2.8

GreatCheap, good quality and so much to chose from!!!!!! Would recommend.Version: 7.5.2

Love but expensive shippingAbsolutely love this app for all the different types of styles, hats, makeup, accessories, I especially love the fact that you can get set clothing pieces and set bikinis 👙 with out having to pay for the bottoms and top separately, the only problem I would say is that the shipping is like £4 and is only free shipping on orders over £35. It also takes quite a while for shippings to arrive as they are so far away in another country however it is not too bad waiting such a long time so long as you order the item you need earlier than when needed (like a month) mine came within two to three weeks which is quite good as it suggested about a month for it to arrive. But apart from this I absolutely love the different items and points/extras to the app, especially the free trials they do which you can sometimes get into, I have never had one myself but keep signing up every few days until eventually I will hopefully get a free trial..Version: 7.0.7

BRUH READ THISSThis app is great literally love it. It’s cute and it has trending items like what you would see on Pinterest. Everything on there is cute and it is 100% affordable. For sizing‘s and like worried it won’t fit down 100% real reviews and multiple people that can help you with that including making your own sizing’s so that way it would suggest the correct sizing for you and on over 80% of the items there it is fit true to size votings from real customers with real experiences. This app is great and has the cutest clothing. I got some shirts from them and they fit great it was exactly how it was described to fit and described to be like most of my shirts I got oversized and it already pre-came oversized which it’ll tell you if it’s already made to be oversize or fit perfectly based on your body type. I first was skeptical about it about how since the prices were so cheap that it would actually come or not but I did and we discovered no issues and I didn’t even take that long. The best item type I would suggest ordering from his bathing suits because if it’s gray and they’re so cute and literally perfect for summer and any other occasion. But they do more than just clothes that actually do room decor they have school supplies and cases for like electronics and more!!!!.Version: 7.9.3

Best Clothing By FarSHEIN clothing is to good. The material is great. Sizing is hard until you order an work it out. They have great ranges going from babies to toddler to teens, men, women an curvy. I shop for myself my 2 sons (size 5&7 AUS) an young daughter (size 00 baby AUS) I love the matching family outfits you can order. Mother an kids matching is by far the best. Prices are the same as Kmart an best an less only thing is you have to pay $5 shipping but when you have coupons it’s even cheaper. An can I add you can afterpay your orders. Delivery is 2-3 weeks, always feels too long if only it can arrive the next day 🤣.Version: 7.8.6

Amazingly Cohesive SizingThis is the best store if you are sketchy of under or oversizing. Each clothing listing has a sizing chart and in the reviews there is a section where people say if the item was smaller, true to size or larger than desired. Honestly the quality is amazing and SHEIN deserves everything good coming for it. SHEIN is also really strong with the diversity of styles and aesthetics and are so affordable for people who want to be trendy on a budget. Discount codes and the SHEIN point loyalty system are my most favourite features as I’m a $11.5 per hour casual worker who is also a student. These discounts and cost deductors are honestly live and money savers. Would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone..Version: 8.0.9

Happy customerI have been very happy with the clothes I received and the shipping was very quick will certainly shop again.Version: 7.3.8

100% recommend. My first stop in online shoppingI have placed about 6 orders with SHEIN now. Just recently my order was about $200. Usually I spend up to $500. That shows you the amount of trust I have in their product. They always have an amazing,updated product selection. I love that every time I visit the app, there’s always new product selection. The clothing is great. It’s not the thickest, heavy material but I’m always very happy with what I receive. I have ordered many dresses, shirts, bikinis, skirts, wall paper, shelves, wall stickers, hair brushes, barrettes, jewelry, vases, flowers etc from them. There’s not much I haven’t ordered. The shipping time is about 2-3 weeks. But I know to expect that because it comes from overseas, plus we are in the middle of a pandemic so that slows transit time down a bit. I love that the product is affordable. And there’s always a coupon and points you can use towards your purchase. The app is very easy to navigate and recommends products based off other products you search for. I will order from SHEIN forever. I tell all my friends. I love it!!.Version: 7.4.3

GreatI’ve been shopping with SHIEN for about a year now and I’ve had nothing but a good experience with them I run a small business making polymer clay earrings and have found many great things on SHIEN like blue light glasses as I am spending more time on the computer, silicon moulds for the clay, shape cutters ect……. I have gotten clothes off SHIEN they where good quality much like Kmart clothing and phone cases you can never have too many of those anyways all I’m saying is I’ve had a great experience so far and intend to keep purchasing from SHIEN they are great I highly recommend 💕😊👍🏻.Version: 7.9.0

The best app for me eveeeeeerI ordered 3 dresses for the first time from shein. They just arrived and I tried them all. They are all true to size and I’m so so so happy with the quality and price. Most importantly, they had xs size while most apps do not have it and I was so sad because I couldn’t have what I wanted, but with shein I’m able to buy everything that I want and be sure they all will fit. I will also send photos of the outfits to them as I’m sure there are other customers like me who can’t find their favorite outfits at shopping malls with a good price and have difficulty trusting the apps. Thank you so much shein.Version: 6.2.4

Great App and clothes !I was very skeptical of ordering anything from Shein and waited for almost 2 months before I finally placed the order and I’m so mad I waited. I wish I had been ordering my clothes and stuff from Shein a long time ago. The order came much faster than expected which was great because I’m in Florida . Then I opened the package and everything I ordered was beautiful and was very true to size and surprisingly good quality especially for the price and it looked just liked the picture. I had even bought a lace open back shirt that looked like you could buy it in a department store store for easily 4 times what I paid at Shein and the quality is just great . The App is very user friendly I had to make a return of one of the items because I ordered one size to small and the return process was very very easy and you can track it the whole time and then have the option to put it to a credit or your Shein Account. And Shein gives you points to buy stuff with as well . I would say as some advice read reviews first as some stuff runs a little smaller that others . But definitely don’t hesitate ordering from Shein. It’s great !!.Version: 7.4.6

SHEINI am so happy with shein, their clothes are so beautiful and pretty good for sizing. I wish some things were a bit cheaper, but pretty much everything is cheap and affordable compared to other clothing shops.Version: 7.0.4

AMAZING ESPECIALLY FOR ALL AGESOk so I chose SHEIN (sorry if u spell it wrong) Bc I am into the fashion industry,i came across it and I found out there’re was stuff for babies and kids which is perfect! Bc I’m more like a kid than a teen Bc I’m pretty small and skinny. I went across the kids stuff for girls and I came across really cute clothes that I think would fit perfect and would look nice on me, I ordered my size and everything and once I got it it fit perfectly! If you are reading this I am telling the truth THIS ONLINE FASHION STORE IS FOR MALE AND FEMALE so it’s perfect! Though what I do want to say is I don’t really like how you have it not all in ages I find ages more easier so I request for SHEIN to change the choices of size I think ages is a bit more easier to understand especially if your a kid like me or a bit younger that has a phone that’s responsible I don’t think they would understand but I do I’m not saying I don’t but I don’t think everybody understands and I feel age is a more better size choosing or like stores do like 7/8 or 9/10 would be easier, just saying! I will definitely say this app is worth it to you if you haven’t tried it. :).Version: 6.6.8

SHEIN reviewLove this app cute cheap clothes any size and any fashion definitely would recommend getting this app.Version: 7.5.7

Best online store I’ve usedIn my opinion it’s the best online shop there is, a wide range of clothes, aswell as different materials such as makeup and home furniture, all the clothes are trendy and there’s clothes for everyone’s taste, aswell as cute clothes, it’s very cheap and affordable unlike other shops like plt, the materials are good quality, I love how the reviews work, so you can see pictures of it in person and if you should size up or down. If something in your basket goes out of stock, they will show you similar clothes at different prices, most of the time it is cheaper. The swimwear is one of the best qualities of shein, SMSing designs and shapes, and such good quality, aswell as being very cheap. The only thing that I don’t like about shein is the time it takes to get here, it can take over a week and doesn’t have the option of next day delivery if you don’t live in China, but I understand it’s very far away but they should warehouses that actually store clothes and make them in the uk and other country’s, Thankyou.Version: 7.0.2

Love this app!!Absolutely love this app! So easy to use, it has everything you need, down to tracking details. The clothes are sooo cute and affordable!! The sizes are good too, I’d always recommend checking the sizes and reviews before buying but they even have a plus size range!! I’ve recently ordered two separate packages of 10 items total and they came within 2 weeks and a day apart! I even got free shipping and used two different discounts given! Compared to other places like Missguided and Boohoo you get a lot more, you do have to keep quality and price in mind but even the more “expensive” pieces are worth it! I’d definitely recommend this place, they have a lot of stuff, especially the sets. They’re so cute! And you can get the cutest accessories! They have something for every occasion and have the coolest stuff for around the house!.Version: 7.1.2

Love!!Iv come across shein a few times but was always sceptical about ordering from abroad. I live in the UK. My step daughter needed some clothes and wanted to order from here so I let her, they arrived and I had a look at the quality and I was amazed!! So I ordered for myself..a few hundred pound later and I was completely kitted out, I got absolutely loads for my money and the quality is just fab, washed really well and true to size. Packaged really well and the little bags each item comes in really come in handy haha. Iv just done another large order and cannot wait for it to arrive. It really is my go to fashion label now, worth the wait and the range of clothing to choose from is just unreal. Well done to you all 👏🏼.Version: 7.2.0

Great appThis website does have some inconsistencies in terms of clothing expectations, however the app works pretty well. I like that we get points for checking in each day and the clothing styles and variety of fashion options is always plentiful. I do agree that the material is sometimes not the best and photos sometimes make it seem like it’s not see through even though it is but I tend to listen to reviews before deciding on a purchase anyway. SheIn customer service reps are always happy to help when you need it such as when your purchases are the wrong size and need to be returned, they provide a lot of guidance on the process and endeavour to help out where they can. I’m a loyal customer for about two years or more and I think I will continue to shop on here because the variety is awesome, please keep it up SheIn! Thanks.Version: 6.6.2

BestThank you Shein for saving us thick and big girls. Tired of going to stores and the biggest size they have is an 8 which is ridiculous. I’m glad I discovered Shein on Facebook. And I have been shopping here ever since then. I love SHEIN. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 7.4.9

I’m obsessedI buy most of my clothes from shein. I usually love them but always look at the reviews before i buy something as some products are better quality then others. They provide measurements for most items which i love so i can work out the fit but this app shouldn’t be over used as they do copy designs from brands and just make a cheap version. It’s mainly for people that can’t afford to buy expensive clothes, kind of like a fashionable kmart, big w or walmart..Version: 7.7.8

Gr8 website <33 !High quality items, normally looks like the photos provided and shipping is only 2 weeks, love how you can track your order and it gives you updates about it. The only ick I have is that the chains and rings sometimes feel like plastic but overall 9.5/10 rating! Defs buying again.Version: 7.4.9

Truly AdoreeeeAs a new teenager shopping for clothes can be a struggle, but with this app, i literally love everything i see 🥰I spent over $150 dollars on this app in two days which is a good deal for like 30 items. I heard about what they were doing but i took careful precautions and nothing bad has happened. Most of the clothes are good quality and are exactly like the picture. Shein is actually a hit or miss, but 75% of the time it’s a hit! I add so many things to my cart and wish i can get most of the things on there but i spend too much 😔 I decided to rate this app that way hopefully with the money they’re receiving they can pay their workers more and make even better clothing 😍 When i tell you i was broke after shopping, i was BROKE. Even the cards were screaming. My first package took 9 days while the second one is on the way! Highly recommend buying this and using codes, and when you receive them, rate, take pics, write reviews, and fill in the sizing guide to earn points to save. That way if you have no money like me after spending so much on clothes and accessories, you can save a lil sis! Now get your shop on and get ittt 😎.Version: 7.1.8

It was greatI’ve been shopping with Shein for a while and so far everything was amazing! Aesthetic, Discounts, affordability, for quality I found that you’ll need to check what material the product is made of to see if its good or not and always check reviews!! They’re very helpful in my opinion :) Everything was smooth sailing till Shein started using Toll to ship products to Australia instead of Australia Post that was where my experience with them went downhill. I couldn’t get my products anymore and Shein couldn’t do anything about it as it is already with the shipping company and it just frustrated me that I couldn’t do anything anymore as I won’t be able to tell if my next order will be shipped by Toll or Australia post 😞.Version: 7.8.3

LOVE ITThis app really helps me shop online, especially when i can shop nearly everything stored because its my styles..Version: 6.2.5

Pretty much an online primarkThe best thing I could class this as would be an online primark. You know primark back in the day never had much style in store everything was a bit hit or miss and never had good sizing. That was like shein a few years back. But now it’s turned itself around into an affordable and stylish company that genuinely is worth every penny, just as primark has developed. They even now make sure that their vendors are correctly paying their staff and have ethnically correct work environments which places like boohoo and misguided even nowadays fail to do. And as a plus size girl you will find everything on there and it’s not more expensive than the exact same clothes in smaller sizes which is really nice to see..Version: 7.4.8

Awesome ExperienceSHEIN has certainly come of age when I first started shopping with SHEIN sizing and quality were issues but now there is lots to choose from and the sizing particularly in curves is nearly 95% accurate. I always make SHEIN my first choice when looking for something new to wear. I have also found that the shipping times have improved. One small thing I would like to see a bit more cottons material used I live in a hot climate and it would be nice to have something that is breathable. I would definitely recommend SHEIN to new customers and also to older ones that didn’t maybe have a great first experience with SHEIN..Version: 7.8.9

AmazingI will admit some of things ordered have been kind of janky fabric too thin not as advised when arrived or sizes being way too small than needed but that’s only 1/10 Overall this app to me is winning over all the others simply by meeting all needs wonderful prices on top of my favorite (the coupons) they offer when it’s time to check out which to me is one of the reasons i continuously find myself ordering more than i should lol but their clothes a good 90%of the time are flawless spot on and are eye catching they also speak to all walks men/teens/pre-teens/ect the reviews always help and you earn points as well which at the end of all the coupons and final price you can apply the points and BOOM more money saved i swear I’m highly addicted me and my girls even my fiancé finds things that appeal to him and he’s now a fan the whole family benefits from this app absolutely love oh!!! And if things go wrong and you’re not satisfied with something their customer service is impeccable and handling things weather it’s crediting you which to me is the fastest method or simply giving your money back 100% so i give them all the gratitude.Version: 8.0.6

Great Range if clothing at affordable prices.I have a eclectic like for fashionable clothing and SHEIN has a vast range in affordable items for majority of people. ‘I know there are always exceptions so I cannot say Everyone’ I am a mother and I can find fashionable outfits that agree with my figure and designs that make me feel a few years younger. Thanks for accumulating a range that has something for every figure whether or not some people choose the flattering choices is up to them. Easy to navigate app, swipe left to go back. Choosing colour, sizing and placing an order is easier than some websites..Version: 7.2.1

Great app- but a few suggestions!I love SHEIN and overall the app is super easy to navigate I just think a few improvements could be made. For one, I think on the app you should be able to select the date under the “new in” section like you are able to on the traditional website format. This would allow me to look at the app every day and filter to see what new stuff was added, without having to search through all the other “new in” items I saw the day before, and 2 days prior, etc. I also think it would be best if the “check in” to earn your points popped up as soon as you opened up the app- like many game apps do for “daily tokens” and whatnot, because even though I’m on the app at least once a day I usually don’t remember to go to the check in page to earn my points. Finally, I think the main search feature should have an option to filter just “plus size” because currently you can search for an item description and filter it to a size of your choosing, for example 1XL, but a lot of the time I will buy a size smaller or bigger than my general size based on size descriptions, so I’d like to see all the plus size options available without also seeing the clothes that come in only straight sizes. Hope these suggestions are useful!.Version: 7.4.0

Yes!Shein is super affordable, has almost everything you could ever need, clothes are true to size for the most part and they are so super cute and they came in less than a months time! I think it was two weeks the delivery time was?! Pretty good! And I’m in NZ.Version: 7.3.7

SHEINI absolutely love this brand! I tend to order a lot at once because of the cheap prices and huge range of styles. I have found that some items are poorer quality but still find a use for them and can’t really complain for the price I pay! They offer so many styles for all seasons and have a good range of sizes. The majority of my wardrobe is from SHEIN! I have never been disappointed with my purchases, I’ve got my friends into it as-well and they are equally obsessed with everything they have purchased! The only thing I wish was improved is the shipping time. My orders usually take just over 2 weeks which is sometimes quite annoying as I’m desperate to get all the products or I have an occasion I specifically needed the things for. Other than that I have no complaints for this brand! I absolutely love it and regularly order a whole batch of new things 😂❤️.Version: 7.3.2

Know your measurements and read descriptionsIf you know your measurements and read the description and reviews you can get a good idea of what you’re getting. Look at the material. There’s lots of great options other than the spandex stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re a S M L or even 3X look at the measurements to figure out your size for clothing items. I use this website to look for resin art molds and supplies. Lots of crafting to be done from this site!!! Another thing is looking up UK and other sizes compared to American or wherever you’re from. I buy my childrens unique and affordable clothes on here, BEST HOLIDAY/ event/ fancy Dresses for girls! And the little boy clothes are so stylish! Remember READ ALL DESCRIPTIONS AND KNOW YOUR SIZES and you will really love shopping this site. I get my packages in under a week, there’s always coupons AND a rewards system! Not everything is from china, even so, if you do your research then you will be satisfied! Biggest complaint is that it’s not like the picture or too big or small. Read read read sizes descriptions for material and reviews!!!.Version: 8.0.4

Lovely but delivery is not good enough.I don’t usually leave reviews but I’ve been ordering from SHIEN for about 9 months now for myself, 10yo daughter, 3yo son and my husband. I would say generally that 8/10 my orders have been fab. Items are priced decently and I can spend hours just browsing the site. The not so good parts are lack of ability to contact an actual person. I’ve found the best way is to DM on Twitter. You get a robot response initially then it seems a real person takes over. I’m in the U.K. and with the pandemic, it’s meaning it does take a fair amount of time to be delivered - not necessarily SHIENs though but it was the same before COVID. When a £300+ order didn’t arrive they did actually refund me the full amount after they had investigated which took about 4 weeks. The clothes for older girls (I have a 10yo) are lovely, fashionable and do wash well. I don’t order her clothes from any one else now. The clothes for younger boy ‘s.... unfortunately are no where near as fashionable, the quality isn’t always great either to be honest. Also, there limited choice in comparison to other departments. A little tip - always read the item reviews before buying. Over all though, I love the company, I do just wish communication and deliveries were a lot more reliable as I do worry every time I order that it just simply won’t turn up. Kayley Mayho 🙂.Version: 7.4.7

Love sheinIt’s one of my favourite apps, affordable nice clothing.. They would get a big ++++++ from me if they could add afterpay to Nz payment option to..Version: 6.9.4

Love it!!I love all the products I bought from SHEIN. The only thing it takes 2 weeks to ship even though it says it’s already packed and shipped on the same day.. so I don’t understand why it takes longer but other than that, I love SHEIN!!.Version: 7.4.3

Always amazingAbsolutely love shien! Everything I have ordered has always been exactly how it is represented on the website. Fantastic designs, colours and so affordable! ❤️❤️ Shien is my absolute favourite!.Version: 6.9.6

Love this appI’ve bought so many clothes off this app. quality isn’t amazing sometimes, but you get what you pay for i guess. the prices are really good and really fashionable. standard shipping always comes pretty fast. have had a few issues with wrong items being sent one or two times and they have always refunded me AND re-sent me the items when they restock. the clothes are really nice and customer service has always been helpful. you can earn points which can give yo ya discount on items for reviewing items and for daily check ins. rewards also available to loyal customers, which i like as i tend to buy a lot from shein. but even if you don’t buy often they always have worldwide discounts almost all the time so it’s always great. have bought many times from shein and will continue to..Version: 7.0.0

I love Shein!I was very skeptical to use this brand because there were mixed reviews but i was very pleasantly surprised! First, I looked at the clothes on the website and they were very nice! Very cheap and affordable! Very in style! After adding everything i wanted in my basket, it only came to £80 for quite a lot of items which is super great! The ordering was very simple and if you decided to not order it at that exact time, Shein remembers your order on your account. The delivery was great! I had heard stories of very late deliveries however, mine came early (even with regular delivery). This was very great. I kept all the clothes i ordered which is very positive! The quality was great (especially considering the price is very low!) Also, I LOVE the point system. Every £1, you get 1 point. Also, you get a LOT of points for reviewing the products on the app. After you get points, you can spend them on your order. Also, when you get a new account, you get offers (£3 off) and also, they give you a 15% off offer. This is GOOD! Overall, I LOVE Shein! Despite the negative reviews, i had an amazing experience. 10/10 recommend!.Version: 7.1.4

Favourite place to shop nowTruth be told when I first saw the ad pop up on Facebook for shein (a very long time ago) I was hugely sceptical. I’ve been stung in the past with ordering clothing that looked beautiful and ended up being bad quality.. however over the last maybe years and a half / 2 years I have ended up spending an absolute fortune and don’t regret a single purchase. That’s not just on clothing for me but on my 3 daughters (8,6 and 5 months) as well and all the items have been hard wearing and beautiful. The prices are fantastic.. great voucher offers given too. My one and only peeve is that sizes start at xxs and yet there is only ever a handful of items in each category combined for that sizing.. I’m a petite 4 usually so xxs tends to be a better fit for me.. though luckily I can happily fit an XS too if I wear things looser. but it would be nice to see the sizing be a little more inclusive for smaller/petites..Version: 7.1.0

Whole heartedly love SHEIN!!I have never appreciated a clothing store and brand as much as I do for SHEIN. I have so much more confidence because I have the opportunity to get a good deal on my clothes for my whole family and save my money for bills and not even worry about going over my budget. I have saved so much money and in the process receiving so much from SHEIN for less. You have no idea what joy you have brought me. I can get clothes and shoes and whatever else we need from one place and at a great price and great service and quality items at that. Since I started using SHEIN in June of 2020 it’s has been just the thing we needed to get through the whole COVID-19 thing that the whole world is still facing together making less stress when I needed something that I could go out and get like rugs, light 💡, pillows and stuff like that so I just want to say that I have no cons to say about SHEIN I only have pros and with that being said.. what are you still reading for go and download the SHEIN app and check it out. I promise you will love what you see and can afford it without breaking the bank on one shirt 👔 lol 😂.Version: 7.4.0

Help..?!I was super pleased with the app when I first downloaded it! There’s lots of great offers and the whole layout is clear and easy to use. However, over some time (a couple weeks or so), when I’d be in the middle of using the app the screen would start to glitch and become a lot slower, and then the screen would go completely black and then crash! At first I just thought it was because my battery was running low or something but it keeps happening over and over and it’s getting worse. Now WHENEVER I use the app, after a minute it crashes really fast and my whole phone gets EXTREMELY HOT and when I say hot I mean too hot to touch! This problem has really put me off the app so much I wanted to write a review to see if this can be fixed! Or looked into because I’m doing some relaxed shopping and then my hand starts to irritate from how hot my phone is and then BAM! The app crashes and I have to start all over again. Does anyone know how I might be able to fix this?.Version: 7.4.2

Shein reviewI love this app so much because they aren’t expensive at all depending on what you ur budget is ! When I first came to join shein I was really confused on what this app was 😂 but now I’m like best friends with Shein I buy loads of things from its every month because that’s when I’ve saved up all my codes and tokens!! Also I would love to start advertising Shein because I think people should know about this app and what the pros and cons are and since I’m wanting to become a influencer I would like to promote these type off apps. Not because I want to be a influencer, because I want people to know the best in this app and if they want to upgrade their style they can come to Shein !! I give this app (Shein) a 5🌟 because it’s AMAZING!!! And wonderful and it’s the best place to shop at. Especially in a global pandemic 😷!.Version: 7.4.7

One of the best!I’ve always loved this app, you can get more than just new, good quality cheap clothes on it. they have absolutely everything needed to give you and your house a new makeover! their home range is amazing and i’ve bought so many things from them it is unreal. and honestly, the shipping doesn’t even take that long despite the fact it’s coming from warehouses all around the world. this is an amazing app to get if you’re wanting to update your wardrobe and looking for cheap clothes or even just inspiration. the reviews are genuine on it and most have actual people wearing the clothes, there’s an area where you can put your name forward three times a week for the chance to get some clothes entirely free. it’s an all round amazing app..Version: 7.0.2

Love themSo far so good, items I have brought have been great quality for the price. Laybuy would be awesome on here so that people like me who don’t have a lot of money can easily afford a few items ☺️.Version: 6.7.8

Shein reviewSHEIN IS AMAZING AND SOO AFFORDABLE!!! I have gotten so many clothes off of this app and omg they are soo good and nice material I also recommend this to any plus size women because the clothes are affordable and they even go up to 5xl maybe higher but I wouldn’t know and they have a good crop top selection not just baggy clothes and the jeans are soooooo good overall I give this app 5/5 this app is amazing not just for clothes but for household items/accessories like bags,glasses,belts,chains,earrings and more ahhhhhh if I could give this app more stars I would the best place I have ever shopped off Ever LOVE LOVE LOVE DOWNLOAD AND BUY NOW!!!!!.Version: 8.0.6

OBSESSEDI frickennnnn love shopping from Shein. I've ordered from here about 4x and my Mom shops here too ALOT lol. I basically buy my clothes from here for events and occassions. I literally dont use the malls in town here or local. I love shein and how it has so many different options. Also SHEIN has CURVE/PLUS sizes and thats a bonus for me!!! Its so cool that they have things for kids (toys etc), pets accessories, things for your home etc. i'm literally planning to redo my whole room using all products from Shein. I cant wait for more online shopping. Even better that they have Afterpay too! 😩 might need to calm down on the afterpay because iv been crazy on that and shein hehe. Overall, iv never had a problem with Shein, prices are very affordable, sales are very good quality, all my orders have been true to sizes and no cheap materials. When shopping you should ALWAYS check out the reviews because they help ALOT. AND dont forget to remember the cheaper the prices, the cheapr the quality you get. Iv seen alot complain about the sizes or material etc, but its common sense. Its very cheap for a reason. Thank You Shein for existing and making my shopping for clothes life alot easier xo.Version: 7.4.4

Love this app but please fix a bug!Please fix the bug where you open something in your favourites list then go back and the list automatically scrolls up to the top so you have to scroll back down to where you were again... It’s annoying as I have a lot of items saved!.Version: 6.3.7

WARNING you will become a SHEINAHOLIC 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️❤️😍I’m just gonna start off by saying the website is great but the App tho. 😍😍😍😍 SHEIN is amazing period. (Secret tip the app offers more points and discounts along with live product showcases and exclusive drops not on the website) It’s literally a one stop shop for everything. Shein made it fun to shop again in the pandemic. The ease and convenience of the website and app and the daily drops and the designers are great. MOTF is one of my faves. At first I was totally skeptical about ordering from SHEIN because of clothes coming from overseas and how weird some of the sizes may run but after reading the reviews on the items I ordered I can honestly say I have not been disappointed. After my first order I can say maybe 8 out of 10 everything fits, run true to size, good quality and very affordable unique pieces to revamp your wardrobe for every season. I’ve been hooked every since my first order back in like may, thank God for Afterpay and Klarna. My advice is download the app and check the reviews and set a budget lol.Version: 7.8.8

I love it 🤩SHEIN is soooo good!! Anything could pop to my mind one minute, and then I’d instantly jump on to this app, 2 minutes later whatever you want is right there in front of your eyes. It’s probably the most overwhelming thing ever for us clothes hoarders 😂❤️.Version: 7.4.2

Best clothing marketBecause I’m not really a girly girly if I went on boohoo or pretty little thing only girly things would come up but with SHEIN there’s loads of different genres which is really important and something that makes the app better. Right now my The basket is full with 111 items and if I find something I really want and it’s really nice I can’t because I have my basket is full of lots of really nice clothes and I have to try and find something to swap it out with that is less import😂 SHEIN is such a lovely market and it’s so easy to search things up and nothing i have bought has been bad I even got an extra with a top I bought. I do really really recommend this app it’s brilliant but I think they should make it so there isn’t a basket limit because I have has to swap really nice things out because I want something else. So that’s my only problem a unlimited basket.Version: 7.2.1

Min shippingThe min price for shipping is very high... other than that everything is nice .. I hope it will reduce..Version: 6.9.7

HopeSHEIN is awesome, it’ll have you buying things you never knew you needed. It also has such a cool points system where you can get $$ off your purchases. They have a cutest clothes and the best earrings 😍.Version: 7.4.7

GSTI love shien I’ve ordered multiple times but why is there suddenly a GST included. It’s adding another $48 to my order and it wasn’t there yesterday. Why is it so suddenly there?.Version: 7.9.9

Shein reviewHonestly I love this app, although I wish you could leave reviews without ordering it. Simply because I get all my clothes through my moms account, but I have my own just to put things in my cart then go through/check them and if she approves I add them to hers so she can order them. I’d like to be able to leave reviews on my own account, as I would like to earn points and be able to help other people find their perfect fit (ladies if you are around 160, 5’4/5’5 and 34C VS size, the xl high waisted bathing suits will fit you perfect). Like if you could like take a picture of the bathing suit and then submit it as proof you purchased it and then you could leave a review, that would be really cool. Or if you could just leave your review under the item instead of having to go through your orders and leave reviews there that would be cool. Overall it’s a 5/5 from me because I love the clothes, and they’re mostly high quality. If you’re looking to start buying clothes from here, please check the reviews to make sure you know what you’re buying, some people leave pictures so you can see it on someone and it also tells you what size they got and some people tell you their body size as a guide. It’s a really helpful feature and I love that you can save money by leaving them..Version: 7.6.2

SHIEN IS THE BEST 🥥Shien offers cute, comfortable, and affordable clothing for all styles and genders! Are you a boy? Are you a girl? Are you a dog? It doesn’t matter because shien has clothes for everyone! It has clothes for babies, kids, adults, dogs, and cats! SHEIN doesn’t only offer clothes though! Beside clothes, shien also offers jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, phone cases, air pod cases, home decor, fidgets, self care, belts, etc! Are you preppy? Emo? Indie? Sporty? Basic? Dressy? Well you’re in luck, shien has clothes for all of those styles and more! If you’re like me, I’m preppy. I can find stuff just for me and what fits my style. I can find skirts, crop tops, hair accessories, sunglasses, for my everyday look. Everyone always comments on my look when I wear clothes from shien. Even if this app doesn’t seem all that interesting to you, still buy the app and try it out! Make an account and search something up. Who knows, you might actually like it! — and if you don’t, sign out and uninstall it. Shien offers pretty much everything, so what’s not to like?? I VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHIEN!! GET. SHIEN. RIGHT. NOW. YOU. WONT. REGRET. IT. IM TELLING YOU!! BUY SHIEN!.Version: 8.0.9

SHEINI LOVE shein so much i used the website for ages but the apps better. it gives you discount codes & vouchers! i think it’s such a great shop and super cheap! shipping could be quicker buy i can’t complain as it always comes quicker than it says it will. it normally takes a week or two but never as long as it says. it has so much selection and it’s my number one place to shop. it has clothes for everyone and every style whether it’s vsco, indie, goth or just basic! it’s amazing and has so so so much selection for such a good price. and not only does it have clothes it has storage iteams, rugs, wall sticker and so much more things for around your house. could not think of another shop i would recommend more!.Version: 7.4.9

Very happyMy first delivery . Great clothing . Earring broke straight away .. loved the quality of clothing and right sizing . Packaging is 100 percent.Version: 7.4.8

My shein reviewI absolutely LOVE shein. Xx The clothes, the style, the variety! I love it all xx You can literally get anything at shein. Literally anything. There is so much variety just within the clothes so there is always something for everyone. Xx They have different types of clothes that can fit different bodies and have so many styles. I can’t fit into words how much I looooove shein.. But other than that the customer service is great and I definitely think you should buy from here. Oh and another great thing is that you can get points for reviews and they always have coupons for you which give you a discount. Just love shein..Version: 7.7.8

Two thumbs upHave seen adverts on Facebook etc, finally gave in and went for a nosey, and sweet baby cheeses what I have been missing out on. First order locked and loaded and second is in the pipeline..Version: 7.3.8

If you don’t mind waiting 2 weeks it’s perfectSHEIN is one of the few international fashion brands that do plus sizes reasonably well. Having bought clothes from China previously I was expecting the sizes to run small but SHEIN seem to have the European/American sizes pretty much accurate, they allow users to post reviews with their size measurements so you can gauge if you need to size up/down. I’ve bought lots of items from underwear to jackets, homewares to kids clothes and they are all good. I bought spiral hair curlers that are on another well known site for £6 less and I got more curling pieces, they are identical. Most of our clothing and furnishings come from Chinese factories, so basically you are cutting out the middleman and saving in the process. The only downside to this is the wait for the products. My last order was here in under 8 days which is pretty impressive considering the journey it makes, my other orders have varied between 10-15 days. It normally goes from SHEIN to Airfreight in 2/3 days a few days either side for flights and the wait tends to be on the UK side as it goes through customs and is rerouted to Royal Mail for delivery. If you are not in a rush then it’s definitely worth the wait..Version: 7.3.2

LEGIT100% legit site for fashionable affordable clothing. I’ve been purchasing for the last 2 years or more now with at least 20 + items each purchase and have never been cheated or disappointed. Customer service has always been above and beyond for me, they always get back to me and never had an issue with returning items that didn’t fit (if they’re eligible for return, not everything is but they tell you before checkout what isn’t) my closet is about 85% SHEIN clothing and shoes and the rest mall bought clothing. I prefer SHEIN over anything lately. Quality is usually amazing but be sure to read reviews and picture reviews before purchasing. Once I found my size in SHEIN it’s made shopping easier with less returns. Returns for US are free (at least I’ve never paid for any) so that’s another plus. They’re usually fast with shipping but with COVID I’ve been getting them like 3-4 weeks later. Which is understandable given what’s going on. But once things are back to normal it’s usually 1-2 weeks. I’ve only ever had 2 packages lost in the mail due to COVID which they happily replaced, no problem and sent out new for me. I did eventually end up getting the first “lost” packages though. You never know until you give it a try for yourself. I’m definitely glad I did. They except PAYPAL which is much more comforting when you’re a new buyer, since they cover you. I love this app/store. 10+ stars. Seriously..Version: 7.4.2

ABSOLUTELY LOVEI came across this on an advert on Snapchat, and I have bought so much stuff! I love it all! I have never found a reason to complain and all the clothing is suited specifically to what I have bought or favourited. It’s such a good app, the clothes mostly arrive fast and are of a good size. Once I had an item of clothing which didn’t fit, so I returned it and found an easy, helpful return system which gave me a full refund, I sent back my clothes and bought the exact same ones in a smaller size and it was great! All the customer reviews are helpful and honest, they come from real people not fake people paid to say positive false information which I love. All the trends are current and I find myself filling my basket to £££ and then trying to buy them one by one 🤣 Before this app, my wardrobe was fine but a bit bland and ordinary, and since then I feel like an ABSOLUTE QUEEN getting ready in the morning. My one complaint is that I can’t choose between the millions of outfits to buy and wear! Thanks so much for keeping up with trends and making my fashion life soooo much better xx 😍❤️💫.Version: 7.4.3

Amazing storeShein is a very awesome shop and has amazing style for all ages. There are so many good clothes I can’t choose which ones to get because they are all so good. The prices are very good compared to other stores with good style. You can get these clothes shipped to many different countries. They are so many different styles for everyone and I love how anyone can get something that they like and that fits them. There are lots of different sizes so, everyone can fit in. Shein does not only sell clothes but they also sell home decorations,accessories and foot wear. I highly recommend this store.Version: 7.0.4

I’m OBSESSED!!!I tried Shein a few years ago and wasn’t that impressed. HOWEVER, how things have changed! Somehow they have really gotten their act together and are now a force to be reckoned with when it comes to clothes or even home decor. But it’s mainly the CLOTHES - I have probably ordered six or seven times just in the last three months, each order was big, and I have yet to be disappointed. I have almost redone my entire wardrobe with comfortable, affordable, cute clothes that fit really well. My only problem is that I find myself going to the app at least once a day because they get new stuff in constantly - I can’t keep up with it all. And the prices are so good that it’s hard not to buy stuff all the time. Shipping? My orders are normally at my door (in the Midwest) in under ten days from the order date - and in perfect condition, too. Everything is packed separately in its own little envelope, so nothing gets damaged. I used to think Shein was kind of a little under the radar sort of company, but no more. Take a look at their website and you’ll see what I mean. They’re fabulous, in my opinion! I am a SHEIN girl now!.Version: 7.9.0

So good!The pricing is good! The quality isn't the best but it's still decent. Shipping is great. The cm that they have on the sizing is accurate.Version: 7.4.3

The app SHEINI love this app so much! It’s such an reasonable price, I even made my sister, her friend, and my bestfriend to download this app because it’s super cheap! And it has a lot of items 45 stickers for 1.50 dollars! And I even got a phone case for 3 dollars!! I currently have 3 things in my bag. But the total is 6 dollars! I love target as much but I’m thinking this may be my favorite store. I really would like to see a category just for decoration instead of searching “green decor” overall this app is a 10/10 for me it took me about 30 minutes to download but it’s definitely worth it after all. I recommend it for people who need an online shopping app on your phone, iPad, and maybe a computer. I could spend all day on this app just finding adorable items. Me and my sister are going a galaxy theme bedroom and it helped us get our dream room for a reasonable price. We could’ve spend like 200$ at target but we only spent 30 dollars on our decoration. I really enjoy using this app as a 13 year old. It’s free, again this is all a reasonable price for YOUR dream room..Version: 7.9.9

Surprising qualityI had never brought from Shien before and was worried. I was surprised and pleased about the good sizing and fabric quality. It only took 2 weeks to receive my order. I recommend purchasing from Shien.Version: 7.2.8

Love it!I did an order a few weeks ago and it’s arrived very fast considering my items can from China and Belgium! I ordered 2 crop tips which I love and the quality is very nice. I also ordered a bikini which I absolutely love! The quality is amazing and the fit considering the set was so cheap! My only issue was the playsuit that I had ordered was huge. I am a naturally petite sort of built but I’m around a size 6-8 and I ordered it in a small and it was VERY large however I did give it so someone else and hey are a size 12 so the sizing is very tricky with things such as play suits. The best thing to do is look at the reviews as many people post photos and it is very helpful. If you order from this app then please post photos as they are super helpful!.Version: 6.6.8

Nice clothes with very inconsistent sizingI love the clothing on SHEIN, however, the clothing all varies in both size and quality. Sometimes, you luck out and get something really nicely made, and sometimes, you get a super thin, see-through piece 2 sizes too big. Unlike most other stores, I’ve noticed most of their items tend to run a little large instead of small, which in my opinion is not always a bad thing. Being plus size, it’s often difficult to find stylish, form-fitting, clothing that I personally like. Everything made in my size is always huge, has ugly slogans on it like “#BOSSBABE”, or has an ugly cut/shape. Everything on SHEIN is modern and fashionable. My only gripe with this site is it’s so difficult for me to find things in my correct size. I know I’m normally a 2X and I always do extensive research on each piece before purchasing, but for some reason, I still manage to get the wrong size often. I wish they would work on this and help make the sizing and quality more consistent. Either way, give it a shot! It’s worth trying out their clothing for yourself. Everything is super affordable and their outfits are so cute! Just make sure you read all the reviews as well as the size chart to figure out which size you should be purchasing. Good luck and happy shopping! ☺️🥰.Version: 7.8.0

I LOVE THIS APP, SO CHEAP AND AMAZING!This app is beyond amazing. i LOVE the pricing, and (for the most part), the shipping time as well. the one thing that irritates me is that, when i write a review of a product i bought from this app, the pictures don’t show when you go back and read it. even though i still get all my points, it would be extremely helpful to others if my pictures would show. i say this for everyone. i’ve read reviews that mention something involving a picture, and it never shows. i’d like to know what they’re trying to show. it could help someone better understand a complication. i’ve never had anything come broken or torn, so that’s fantastic! one last thing that i don’t really understand is that an alternative app to this is called ROMWE, and they both sell the same exact products. BUT, SHEIN sells them for a more expensive price, whereas ROMWE does not. same exact picture, same exact material, same exact product, just different price. other than that, this app is a 10/10 recommendation from me. if you’re looking for cheap, cute, stylish clothes, this is the app for you! (as well as the alternative app: ROMWE)..Version: 7.4.6

SHEINOmg!! I love this app I couldn’t recommend it enough to you all!!💓this is the best cheap clothes site I have ever shopped with I spent just over £200 on this site and got like 28 items that’s amazing I can’t believe everything is so inexpensive but such good quality💞totally recommend for all girls they even have a plus size category and everything is so cute from that section😊and I’m most products they show the customers pictures of when they got the item in real life and that is such a great help because you know if your buying something that is pointless🥰the best thing about this app is that when you open the app you get a free 15/20% off most of the time when you open the app that’s such a great deal😳the only bad thing about this website is that someone the pyjamas come in a different material shown in the photo but it’s fine you can’t really tell there still really comfortable🦋I honestly love this clothing brand I can’t wait to make a new purchase😉my whole wardrobe will be filled with shien clothes😂LOVE THIS 10/10🌸.Version: 7.1.4

LOVE LOVE LOVE THISI came across the app when I was searching for a cute little outfit for my 5 year old daughter. At first I didn’t want to order as I’ve never ordered from them nor has any of my friends or family, however we was in the first lockdown and and said what’s the worse that can happen so I ordered it. I got 15% of when I first opened the app the checkout process was easy, had no issues. Delivery was nice and smooth doesn’t take long at all, you can track your goods from the shein app. Some of the children cloth I wouldn’t put my daughter as I don’t feel it’s age appropriate however they do have some really nice little things. I went back to order some more bits for my daughter and I and love the range they have for women. There cloths are cheap and good quality for money got perfect. The app always has 15% off your order they also have a rewards point which you can use. The only issue I’ve had with them is that I was unable to send a hat and scarf set back because it was to small but because it was in the final sale I was unable to. I have just found my new app. Been using since March 2020 and haven’t had any really issues..Version: 7.4.0

5*So far so good, going to place my first order soon!.Version: 5.4.5

It’s a Vibe!!I have always loved shopping from SHEIN.. Originally they didn’t have NZD as a currency option but now do which makes things so much easier! I find the App user friendly & well thought out. So far every piece of clothing I’ve bought has been 100% a favourite added to my wardrobe! I recommend taking your time when shopping & always read the reviews! When you do that, you won’t be disappointed with the products you purchase 😍 Not a vibe - the Shipping!! I know it says 90% of customers will receive their order within a week of purchase, however despite paying for the express fees every time I can guarantee the timings have varied! Express shipping is basically so SHEIN pack & send your order almost straight away (if you track it you’ll see they package & send from the factory same day, if not the next working day) but I don’t believe they’ll have control over the timings of their shipping partners. I still pay express shipping so I receive it within 2weeks as oppose to receiving it in a months time...Version: 6.1.5

LoveLove buying from SHEIN. I’m rather new, only a couple of orders but so much to choose from. Very quick at shipping & even arrival is really good. Really recommend.Version: 7.5.7

Cheap and cheerful!I’ve been using Shein for years now and I’ve only ever had a few issues (my own fault) due to clothing sizes. I don’t understand why shein gets such bad publicity when all you need is literally here! People like to buy clothing with the wrong size and blame shein but You can fill out a size chart and get clothes tailored to your own size. Everything comes as pictured; so what you see is what you get! You can earn points by checking in everyday and it can be used as a discount not to mention you get given weekly discount codes which is amazing! Being from the uk your package will take at least a week to come but you can pay extra for faster shipping. Sometimes you can get some of your items in the uk warehouse but you can’t chose it usually comes from the China one. Overall it is great! Don’t knock it till you try it! A lot of the stuff on there is cheap as hell and comes exactly as pictured. Give it a go :).Version: 7.5.2

Yesss, plus size on my budgetI love SHEIN. It’s got all sorts of sizes, styles and a wide variety of price ranges too. I recently ordered 4 dresses and a work blouse and skirt for $50 all in plus sizes. Good quality good material. Highly recommend..Version: 6.9.7

If u don’t download this app, no matter your age, u are missing out!!!Is there a word other than “love” that will sum up how I feel about this app/company? Ummmm…NO! I actually LOVE it! SHEIN is a brand. (I believe it is pronounced “she-IN”, as in, “Ooohhh Girl! SHE IN style!”). I’m not really sure where to start with this review. This app is a whole experience. I look forward to getting on it every day. The sales are SOOO ridiculous you will get addicted. There are contest, videos, live shows, an ambassador program, product tester opportunities, games that donate to charitable causes while educating you, etc. and I’m all of these these things you earn points to be used toward future clothing purchases. They have the absolute best lingerie site for the price to quality ratio and the best stylish plus size dept I have ever seen. There is even a men’s, children's, pets and housewares department. My favorite aspect is the daily flash sale. The price for these items are so low I feel like I’m stealing things. They have different lanes within the brand so there is something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to download this one. You won’t regret it!.Version: 7.6.6

🤩I am honestly addicted to SHEIN. I’ve barely bought off the site but I spend hours a day looking through at their items. 10/10 best shopping site of all time❤️❤️ I was ready to buy some more things off SHEIN until I seen the price I’d have to pay $20 for shipping!! It’s ridiculous to be quite fair. Like I love everything on your site but $20 for shipping is a little out of my price range and I might have to just stop shopping here :(.Version: 7.0.6

SHEIN wow!I luv SHEIN it’s my fav app so easy to use clothes are mostly well made u may get the odd one that isn’t or it might be too big or small but they are happy for u to return no question asked put in a bag print a return label and they credit yr account postage is already paid, there is all so a point system if u check in daily that adds up too $$ u can use on purchases and also discounts that u can take off if u spend over so many $ dollars my items are always shipped same day and some have arrived in a week others two week and bit ..u have post tracking and I always pickup from somewhere close by and they let me know it’s here and where to pick up if I haven’t specified ...it’s free shipping if u spend over certain amounts and they drop it to a local drop off point so many clothes ,home items ,shoes ,bags even for yr pet .luv Shein💜.Version: 7.4.9

LOVE SHEINI live in New Zealand and I’ve shopped from shein twice, both bulk orders. I love the quality, prices, shipping times. Ive worn multiple product’s numerous times on numerous nights out from my first bulk buy last year and they are all still in good condition. They get a 10/10 from me every time! Love love love! Great work SHEIN !!.Version: 7.5.7

Very Satisfied CustomerIt’s not just the app. It’s the fact that the app actually works, is user-friendly, and it’s offers an algorithm that doesn’t cost you too much time when you’re trying to filter through literally thousands of items. This app has a great filtering system for people like me who hate to spend too much time shopping (that’s why I shop online in the first place) and might need to be able to readily see if an item is a good fit for them—in so many ways. They always list the model’s measurements & size she’s wearing along with the size chart. The reviews also list customers measurements and size they purchased, some with photos so you can gauge how that might fit on you accordingly. I think it’s genius to offer the incentive of points for reviews, which motivate customers to write them which makes it easier for new customers. Their business model is simple yet amazing. I e also never paid for shipping; it’s always free. It would be nice if all clothing apps worked this way but US companies are simply too greedy. Good job SHEIN!.Version: 7.8.1

AmazingI love it! there is such a wide variety of clothes, accessories, anything you need. i love how many vouchers they give you as they help to save money, as well as points which you can collect daily just by checking in! i love the the website is laid out and the “filter” option makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. i am definitely obsessed and visit the app everyday to do some lockdown clothes shopping😫. also, i LOVE the idea of making clothes boards so you can easily find the clothes you want, and others like it (definitely reminds me of Pinterest). as for the actual clothes, i have never had a problem. they always look like the picture and, while the material may sometimes be a bit thin, it is never a problem and i love all the clothes i have ordered from shein!.Version: 7.4.8

JohallI have been a great fan of SHEIN for years now and could not be happier. The range of products is amazing and the customer service is excellent. I don’t shop anywhere else for myself and family including grandchildren. I am a plus size customer and the range and quality of their products is excellent. If you love shoes you will be amazed at the variety and quality of their beautiful product and can always find jewellery and a hand bag to with your outfit. I could go on forever about this great company. Happy Shopping 🛍.Version: 8.0.9

Thank God I found SHEINThis place is a godsend there are so many cool clothes that I can actually fit that don’t take six weeks to arrive and the returns system is very easy to use also. Super happy customer!.Version: 7.4.9

The best clothing store ever in my opinionSHEIN is just amazing, it’s not only affordable, their clothes are also absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of my favourite apps ever and I could just browse through it all day!! It’s sooooo affordable unlike jay jay’s. At SHEIN they offer multiple discounts and coupons for amazing quality outfits. I AM IN LOVE! I just can’t describe how grateful I am that this app is here. I would like SHEIN to provide more information on how they effect the planet, people and animals. Pretty much if their clothing is ethically sourced. Other than that, I definitely recommended this clothing store..Version: 7.2.8

This is definitely not a fake reviewI love shein. The first time I decided to purchase some clothes, I was hesitant because of bad reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the site. I live in Australia and the clothes ALWAYS come under two weeks. Sometimes the material is a bit cheap, but considering the price, I don’t mind. The one time shein accidentally sent me one wrong item, they replied quickly to my complaint and gave me my money back. They were willing to help in any way to ensure I was happy. So if you experience any problem, send them an email and they promise to reply within 24 hours. I will continue to shop on shein, I absolutely love it!.Version: 6.3.2

Love this App!When I saw the prices of the clothes, I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought it would be poor quality like Wish or Primark. To my relief, the quality of the clothes were even better than I expected! I have gotten so many compliments from people asking where I got my bags and clothes from. In addition to how much I love the items, the app itself is simply amazing! There is no other app out there that compares to this one. It is the EASIEST app to navigate through. There are genuine reviews from real people since reviews are incentivized by rewarding with points that can be used towards your next purchase. There are plenty of pictures and size charts to help you choose the right size. It’s easy to return items. The shipping usually takes just a week to 1 1/2 weeks after ordering. They sometimes do live video streams right on the app where they’ll do Q&A’s, have models try on items, if you like the item you just tap it and brings you straight to the item to get more details and order it. I never do app reviews, but this one is my absolute favorite app..Version: 6.6.2

Great clothes, and really well designed appI love this site, so many clothes at amazing prices, and they always have extra money off offers. Love that they give points for reviews so most items have photos of real people in the clothes for a better idea of how it will look on me- shein needs to put a stop to people just using photos of all the packages they’ve bought to get points though, it’s not helpful at all. I’ve downloaded a few different clothing apps (boohoo, MISSPAP etc), but I always end up coming back to shein because it’s so much nicer to use. One suggestion though, would be good if there was a link on each page to the other items the models are wearing. Quite often the model showing a top will be wearing a skirt/jeans I really like, but I have to search for hours to try and find it..Version: 7.3.0

Brilliant app, brilliant companyI love this app - really easy to use. I also want to reassure anyone who wants to order from this company. 1. The quality of the goods is superb- clothes, bedding, cosmetics- you name it. 2. I had to send something back ( my error not theirs) and it was SO simple, completely free. I only had to drop it off at a local depot located in one of my local shops 2 mins from my house and what’s more the money was back in my account within 48 hours!! So as soon as they receive digital confirmation they reimburse you - excellent customer service and much better than some of our bigger British companies. Not knocking our British companies- just want to reassure anyone who wants to order..Version: 7.4.5

It’s pretty goodI love the clothes on the website but they are a little on the expensive side. I’ve only bought one thing from SHEIN which was a belt that didn’t actually fit me, but I don’t think that was SHEIN’s fault I just didn’t read the sizing. If I could change one thing it would be the prices - shipping, clothes prices, I know they did change the shipping from $22 to $12 but if you add the clothes prices, and the GST, it gets way bigger. Anyway that’s all, overall it’s a nice app and shop, also I think if you download the app then it makes it much easier to shop or just to browse..Version: 7.1.2

Shein is my first choice for clothes shoppingWhen I found Shein (showed to me by a friend). I was overjoyed to find it was totally affordable and had super cute clothing. I have already ordered off of Shein before. What I ordered was a cute black skirt, black paper bag pants and and white, black and mustard shirt. Also if you love clothes then your is excitement builds up after each day of waiting for them to show up. I remember first getting up and every single morning I’d go right to Shein to entertain myself. I found so many things I just loved, so on the fifth day of shopping I realized I’d already filled my cart. I just love this app. The clothes do actually come. Unlike some other online shopping places that just pretty much scam you. It also has a downloadable app that I find a little easier to access cause it’s right there. Clothes are good prices and good quality. I think it is much easier to shop at home and Shein has something for everyone you just have to check it out. Overall I absolutely, no doubt would give this app five stars and if I could way more than five. I just love Shein and hope you read my review..Version: 6.7.3

Surprised in a good wayAt first I was rather concerned about the prices being too good to be true! Buying cheap online can be risky as you either get what you pay for or are fortunate enough to get decent quality. I ordered of SHEIN and loved the products, some weren’t what I thought material wise and were a bit see through so sometimes it’s a bit hit or miss. But I’m in love with the items, there is so many options and trendy clothes available. There’s not just clothes there some quirky and cute jewellery, stationary, kitchen ware, room decor and lots more. I’ve ordered another parcel of some more outfits and I can’t wait till they arrive. I also love how there’s almost always a 15% off voucher and how you can save up points for easy task like by just checking in and it will add up and take off money on your order. Would recommend but if unsure read product reviews. 😁.Version: 7.0.8

Awesome!I honestly love SHEIN. For the price you’re paying, I think the clothes are pretty good quality. I’ve never had an issue with shipping, it’s always arrived within 2 weeks and I’ve always received tracking updates. The only problem would be that occasionally sizing can go a little smaller, depending on the item but typically I have no issues. Also a lot of items can’t be returned or refunded which can be unhelpful if you buy something that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look nice on you. Overall, I really love SHEIN, despite the minor setbacks!.Version: 7.7.8

Your decision.I’ll be honest, SHEIN is full with plenty of different varieties of trendy clothing. I’ve shopped 3 times and on average they costed $100 per order. But I have to say, the material NEVER looks exactly the same in the photo shoot. They are always see through; thin, and sometimes scratchy. There were some rumours I had heard that there were fleas in the clothes and there were some proof that shows there were bite marks from them. Another was because the clothes are so cheap, is because the workers are poorly under paid and some are children. Some of my orders were nice, but some weren’t for my satisfaction. I can’t be so sure if it is true. So you decide, would you get this app? My experience here was nice. But I really wished SHEIN would add thicker material and give a good pay to their workers..Version: 7.7.8

Just about the only place I shop…I first heard about SHEIN from my youngest daughter before she left home, she was still in high school and I thought it was just a site for young girls to shop. But then I started browsing the site myself, especially after the pandemic hit and I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with SHEIN! I mean, OMG! The prices are amazing and the quality of the product is just as good quality as going to any store in the mall. Then I realized they had men’s clothing and kids clothes too!?! Oh, I was HOOKED. I have been shopping for EVERYTHING I need through SHEIN for the last two years. I believe I purchase at least I order (at least) a month, if not more than one and especially since I noticed that they have both Afterpay and Klarna pay in 4 payments “programs”, that has made it even more wonderful. I LOVE their points system that allows you to gain points for various reasons (writing reviews or even just checking in once a day)…those points add up to money you can save on purchases you make. It is the absolute BEST! Thank you SHEIN for all that you do for your customers. We definitely appreciate your hard work and generosity!!.Version: 8.0.0

Amazing!Totally recommend😊 clothes are well made and cheap for the amount of clothes you can get, love this!💕.Version: 6.6.5

SHEIN IS FAB!!!SHEIN is sooo good!! Love the pieces I’ve received from them. Not the “best” let’s be real here but the quality is still really decent. I haven’t found a clothing app that does it better than SHEIN. I definitely recommend to everyone👌👌.Version: 7.2.0

SHEIN IS EPICCCCCCI absolutely adore SHEIN, loves the clothes love the style. My only issue is the amount of time it takes to get from China to Australia, one of my orders came in two and a half weeks when I needed the clothes before then. Overall SHEIN is a amazing cheap app with good quality clothes, that doesn’t help my dumb shopping addiction. There’s one thing that I would love for SHEIN to add, which is bird toys. For example a perch or even a big cage. I would also like them to add and xxs in women’s because the xs is just to big for me and I’m getting smaller. Thanks!.Version: 7.5.8

Give it a trySo I have mixed feelings with this website. I absolutely LOVE the variety of styles, designs, and choices for unbeatable prices. I can get a really cool and unique shirt on here for $15 at the most, where most top brands you pay $55 for a plain T shirt. Yes, the quality of clothes are good from everything I’ve bought. Most of my wardrobe is from SHEIN. The clothes are real and legit. The material always varies but I’ve gotten some really soft shirts and nothing is too obviously cheap material. The jeans are really good and cheap as well. Now for the problems with this app: I’m only 115 pounds and almost everything I order ends up being too small. I’m normally a medium but on here I have to order almost everything in large. I think it’s cause I have a big chest. I would really like to see a section for big chested girls. Next, I really don’t like supporting the environmental destruction that fast fashion causes. I see that they are starting to implement more clothes made of recycled material. If they could aim to switch to at least 50% being recycled then this would be my favorite brand in the world. Last, the recommendation system needs to be worked on because even though there’s hundreds of thousands of styles on here, it seems like the app only shows me the same 20 or so things in my recommendations. I wanna see more variety. Overall very good app if you need affordable clothing..Version: 7.8.3

MelI’m quite new to shein , didn’t know much about them until a girlfriend said how good they were . I can honestly say I don’t shop anywhere else any more and my god I shop the quality is very good never had any issues I don’t go for the young half naked kind of look lol 😂 I know what suits me for my age and shape I’m quite small so sizing isn’t an issue I read the reviews which I take on board Shein is awesome it’s the best online shopping great prices clothing you don’t see every man and there dog wearing it’s different unique and affordable I’m broke all the time now 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 7.8.9

Beautiful yet affordable. One of a kind.I don't really write much reviews about stores but holy moly! SHEIN is absolutely amazing. At first, I didn't buy from them because I thought it would be one of those sites that uses cheap material and takes ages to ship but I was wrong. The quality of their clothes blows me away every time that I shop, and the affordability. I can bulk order many items, and I have the option to pay in weekly installments. Most of the clothes are true to size, and only very few maybe a tad bit small. Their shipping to NY is very quick, sometimes within a week of ordering I'd get it, but definitely no longer than 2 weeks. Due to COVID, they also sanitize the clothing and packing inside of the main one which I think is great, of course we can sanitize ourselves upon receiving. Another great perk is that with every purchase we make, we earn points which can be used as a discount. Every 100 = $1, it sounds like a lot which means a penny a point, but the clothing cost is very cheap, so it's only fair, plus they have extra discounts on top of the amazing prices. I hope they continue with their affordable prices and great quality. SHEIN is truly one of a kind. ❤️.Version: 7.3.1

O B S E S S E D.I have to admit that I was very sceptical to begin with about using this app as it seemed way too good to be true. But honestly, now I am obsessed with buying items off SHEIN. The delivery can sometimes be a bit slow but the items are AS DESCRIBED and of GOOD QUALITY. The range of products are very good AND sometimes you can come across things you didn’t know even existed!! I am particularly OBSESSED with their home department! I’m able to find cute items to deck my new apartment out AND at CHEAP prices!! Each item online comes with several pictures so you can properly see what you are buying and the return policy is easy, meaning I have faith I’ll ALWAYS get my money back! If you (like I was) are hovering over the download button for this app then do it! I promise you won’t regret it! Xoxoxo.Version: 6.9.6

SHEINFast and easy to use. User friendly and the app always gives good suggestions based off of what I have clicked on or added to favourites. Tip: Always pay for express shipping. SHEIN is fast with picking and packing but their shipping partners are not always reliable so it depends on how long they can get it out to you..Version: 7.4.6

Great app, but unethical businessDon’t get me wrong, I love shein because it’s so affordable to people who don’t have as much money, and I have ordered multiple times, but they do steal peoples designs, use child labour etc. sometimes the fabric/quality of the item is terrible, which is a waste of the environment. But still as I said, it’s an affordable solution for people with not as much. As humans, when we don’t know how to solve something we try to turn a blind eye to things. Like the world leaders and climate change. But I beg you to think, do I really need this? Will I wear it multiple times? Thanks for reading, happy Easter :).Version: 8.0.9

The best and my favourite brand going 💖SHEIN is my favourite brand out there and I think it is the BEST brand! You can get so many clothes for such cheap prices and also receive these pieces of clothing and be super happy with it for the price and the material and fit! Everything I have ordered so far have been true to fit I’ve been super happy with my purchases and I literally wear no other clothing anymore apart from my SHEIN orders!!!!!💕 this brand I highly highly recommend it, it’s an amazing brand with amazing clothes and also sells home accessories including bedding for aga in cheap and they look amazing! SHEIN has also been every good with me when I have returned something too! You can not fault SHEIN by the slightest. I’m not just recommending and highly speaking of this brand because it’s my favourite but because it is absolutely amazing it’s such a good brand and you can not fault the prices or anything on there!💖💖💖💖.Version: 7.2.2

Great clothing mostlyI’ve been shopping through SHEIN for about 18 months now and they’re pretty awesome. They have such a variety of clothes from babies/toddlers right up to men and your curvier woman. As I’m a bit bigger now sometimes I have to buy from the ‘curves plus’ section but they’re always great clothes. Sometimes though I wish they could put the dresses that they make for the ‘standard’ lady into the curves plus section as it’s only a little bit more material, but instead the dresses mainly look too frumpy to wear. They aren’t that flattering. Also love the points you get daily which goes to help pay for your next SHEIN purchase. And the SHEIN support is exceptional as I’ve had a few problems along the way and they go above and beyond the usual service and you’d get from a company, as they want their customers happy, that I am. Thank you SHEIN for all that you do and for all the little freebies too along the way.Version: 6.7.8

YupFirst order placed. East to use. Updates on tracking. Excited to receive package. Kia ora.Version: 7.4.2

S H E I N.Easy to use, and track orders+make them, clothes are cheap, and you don't always get what you think you will such at material of your clothing or the size of your accessories but it is definitely worth your pay check- and theres offers such as coupon codes, gift cards, and points which equate to cents (71 points equals 71 cents). you can earn points by making orders, going in designing an outfit challenge or checking in daily-which can be accessed via the me tab located at the bottom of your screen. they also offer after pay. 💌.Version: 7.8.0

AmazingI’ve always loved shopping on shein and it’s super fast and easy and I love earning point and everything. The app is very organised and everything is easy to find, it’s fast and neat and the prices and amazing. I definitely recommend shopping on shein!.Version: 7.5.6

Amazing but ........This is an amazing place to get cheap clothes but one thing to remember is please look at the reviews at the bottom people posts photos to show what it looks like and things about sizes but other than that amazing.Version: 7.3.1

Good but could use improvementI really love this app I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that doesn’t know about it by now. I will say just have a look at the reviews because some of it can be hit and miss but most of everything iv orders has been perfect and I love it. Also I think the app needs to look at the reviews people are leaving because the app gives you money off of you write one and a lot of the time people just write song lyrics which is obviously not helping anyone who actually wants to but the item. But that is an app problem for example they could decide to approve or Deny comments which would make it easier when buying new things..Version: 7.4.7

Suprisingly good app.Found this app by accident when look for some work clothes, I was cautious as I have never heard of the company before and thought the clothes would be poor quality small sizing like a lot of Asian produced clothing sites with ridiculously cheap items that are such poor quality and sizing is not true that most things are unwearable and so cheap you do not bother to send back as it would cost you as much as the items cost so you end up with uskess clothes you can not wear! But I was wrong, the quality is not great but not terrible and for the price very good value, I ordered my normal size and everything fit in fact I have never returned anything from the three orders I have made. There is excellent variety I actually found almost too much to choose from that picking what to order was hard! and they also do plus size as well as the regular sizing also mens, children, footwear, beauty and home&pets. The delivery time was aprox two weeks so not quick but you can track the order. I love this app great for work clothes as not too expensive so you can order quite a few items without breaking the bank, not the highest quality but perfectly wearable and great if you like to change your wardrobe a lot definitely worth having it..Version: 7.4.3

Best ShoppingAt first I was not convinced based on the prices. I liked Zara a lot but at times felt that the only clothes I were was Zara. When I found SHEIN i gave a try ordering only few things to work out their sizes, which there are different from Europe, they design small. Since then (1 year ago) i only received complements from friends asking me what brand am i wearing. Go slow with your first shopping to try sizes then go for your life. I live in Europe and usually take 15 days for them to deliver to my door, and I don’t pay tax or delivery..Version: 8.0.8

Almost my entire wardrobeAlmost everything I own is now from shein. I’ve gotten so many compliments on outfits. And I have referred so many ppl. Its understandably scary to shop on for the first time. But now they have my full trust I’ve ordered and returned countless items. And I can’t recommend them. Enough. Just know your returns policy shop smart in bulk use your discount codes and points. And shop on the free shipping days then you only pay for delivery costs once and can still return items you don’t love. Try your haul on and pack and return your unwanted items straight away to get your money back..Version: 8.0.6

Dopest site ! Love it !!I absolutely love my clothes and they are all true to the size !! The shipping was fast considering I ordered just before Black Friday and it’s Christmas season . I live in New Zealand so I was worried about the clothes turning up late or that they would be small . It’s my new favourite shopping sight, I can’t wait to get dolled up and take photos in my new outfits.Version: 7.3.8

Surprisingly Good QualityI was sceptical about buying clothing at first but I’ve found that the quality of the products & the materials used actually surpass Kmart, Best & Less and Target in Australia Every T-shirt we have bought is still in perfect condition 2 years later and if I had bought a T-shirt from one of the shops I mentioned above, there would be little holes around the hip region where we rub up against the kitchen & bathroom benches and also the buttons on our jeans and other pants and the holes could be there within weeks of purchasing the shirt and the companies won’t always refund us but if there’s anything wrong with a SHEIN product then they are open to helping but it’s not always guaranteed but they are more open to it So all that said, make a purchase as you’ll be happy with your purchase.Version: 8.0.8

SHEINThis app & website is perfect for aesthetic and trendy clothes for mainly women. My experiences are that most clothes are cheap- Average prices, but you will find that odd one that’s a bit expensive. They always have a sale going on, or some type Of discount which is nice, but it’s not always practical. The reasons I gave this app 4 starts was because all the items are made in China, and takes at an average 1 1/2 -2 weeks to get to Australia. The biggest concern for shopping on this website is the materials used, with most clothes the materials are transperrent and don’t look like the image, as I have figured out, they make a better/thicker material clothes for the example models, as many in app reviews show. Other wise, SHEIN is my fav place for online shopping, and is generally ok. I have heard why they have such cheap prices is because their workers are serverly underpayed and other rumours that their workers are children. I have no idea if this is true or completely false, I didn’t follow up on it when I heard it. This app has no glitches or any lags, and you can track your orders which is good. I recommend this app..Version: 7.3.0

Newly Infatuated and Obsessed With SheinI recently discovered this store/site as I was searching for an affordable curvy plus size dress to wear for an upcoming wedding and not only have I found an abundance of dress options, there is so much more! Unfortunately for us curvy girls, the options are usually limited and the prices ridiculously high. I usually feel we are being taken advantage of for being curvy. NOT THE CASE WITH SHEIN! There are a variety of styles and colors in all shapes and sizes, special coupons and points earned for purchases, an easy to use website and app and the prices are unbeatable! I found what I needed and then some. Jewelry, clothing, pajamas, lingerie and accessories in abundance; home decor, storage and organizing, kitchen gadgets and accessories, the list goes on. It’s all at great prices and up to date with today’s fashions and styles to boot. There are so many items to choose from, it’s almost overwhelming. I have already placed two orders within a week, gotten tons of good deals and I’m getting ready to place a third order as we speak. I wish they would open brick and mortar stores here in the states because I know they would do so well. I am in love with Shein and I’d be amazed if you are not as well!.Version: 7.5.8

Chefs kissI literally love shien, although it takes awhile for things to be shipped to me (canada), its way faster than wish and aliexpress. great clothing choices, accessories, and theyre all in style. amazing quality with everything they sell, i havent been disappointed once in my many purchases. plus the fun and unique ways to gain points or potentially free items! shien really does care! <3.Version: 8.0.0

My #1 Go-To For EverythingI absolutely loooove this site. They have literally everything from kitchen tools, wigs, clothes for everyone in the family including babies, toys, home decor, nails and even DIY crafts. Not only do they have so many categories of goods but the prices are unbeatable. You always get coupons, they always have events and you can rack up points that turn into money off your next order. It’s taken about a week or so for all my products to arrive and I love everything I’ve gotten so far and trust me, it’s been a lot of big boxes filled to the brim. They have real reviews and people post pictures so you don’t have to rely solely on the advertised pics which we all know can sometimes be unreliable. But everything so far has been exactly as pictured. They have size charts which is very helpful. Just know things come from China so it takes time to sanitize as it’s traveling and some things are definitely made for slender bodies but luckily, they have a plus size section🤗I mean it, they have everything. You’ll quickly be filling your wishlist..Version: 7.3.8

Love love LOVE it!I first came across SHEIN when an ad for it popped up on a social media and I instantly thought it was going to be another cheap store where everything you ordered was nothing like the photo or made you look like you were dressed in a bin liner. I decided to have a nosey anyway and came across some things I like. I took a risk and ordered them. I was completely surprised at the quality of them when they arrived to be to be honest. However the sizing wasnt quite right and I needed to send them back. I thought I was going to have a nightmare returning them but it was so easy and the refund was quite quick. I decided to use the site again a couple of months later and I haven’t looked back since! I now turn to SHEIN as my first point of call when shopping online! They have some lovely clothes and I LOVE the pyjamas that they do. I’ve even recommended the site to friends and family who also had the same initial thought as me. Give this site a try! You won’t regret it. Super lovely clothes at a super cheap price!.Version: 7.1.2

10/10 would recommendIf you’ve been looking for a trustworthy clothing-app that offers trendy, great quality & EXTREMELY budget-friendly clothing YOU KNOW you can rely on no matter the season —I PROMISEEEE Shein will become your new BESTFRIEND! if i dont forget, i try to recommend new users to just take their at first. bc the options are endless. if you dont know exactly what you’re looking for, it could get a lil overwhelming. All of their items are up to date with the trends. Clothing comes in ALL sizes(plus/curvy/petite,maternity) and is available for ALL genders,teen,children, even clothes for your ANIMALS😩🐶 but wait theres more. now hunty… their prices are UNBEATABLE! they even offer extra coupons to apply while you’re at checkout. im not a “write reviews” typa person..this is literally the FIRST time EVER im writing an App Store review, lowkey shocking myslef. lol but seriously, so far Shein has given Myself and soooo many other customers aWHOLLE NEW wardrobe 💕💕not to mention it doesnt put a huge dent in your wallet. they deserve the recognition! nothing can compare! If u read all of this, ur a real one ☝🏽💯😘.Version: 7.6.1

Amazing.Hi! When I first discovered shein I was so happy. There are so many clothes and variety’s of styles for such good prices. I’ve been shopping there for a while now and never once have I had to send something back. Honestly I especially like shein because it has really good dupes and it always has the things I’ve been wanting. For example the bunny hat with the ears that move, I blight it and dammn it’s so cute.I recommend you always check reviews to see how it looks in real life, but I would also like to comment on how good sheins jeans are. They are really thick, amazing quality and for all my tall girls out there, they are perfect. I am tall and they reach to floor or a bit longer, exactly how i love them. I really do recommend shein, but if you need an item for an event e.t.c I recommend ordering 3 weeks in advance, my orders usually take 1 week and a half or 2 weeks to the uk :).Version: 7.5.2

Good QualityI placed my first order for products from SHEIN last week, I live in Canada and it still came really quick. The items I checked reviews on before ordering are perfect . A few things were too big but I also didn’t measure and wasn’t sure my proper size as I gained a bit of weight . All the leggings were perfect which was what I was most worried about . I also got some lingerie that is comfortable, it’s also a little bit big but I’m sure once I wash it, it will shrink a bit in size . The bathing suit I got is perfect ! I am definitely going to be ordering off their site again. I even had to pay a small custom fee and SHEIN offered to refund half the fee which is above and beyond ..Version: 7.0.4

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!WARNING: The SEXIEST CLOTHES an app could ever have to offer!! The addicting part about SHEIN app is that all of these sexy/lovely clothes for Women, Men, Kids, AND pets has to be the ridiculously affordable prices for the high quality material that these clothes are. I’m not going to lie, the first time I ordered something from SHEIN, I was seriously expecting to be disappointed. Mostly because the only other app I knew at the time which sells stuff for prices THIS low, was apps like Wish, etc. which have the low prices yet no quality to the fabric of the clothes they sell.. 🤕 BUT… 🤷🏼‍♀️ BOY WAS I HAPPY TO BE WRONG & COMPARING SHEIN TO ANY OTHER APP(S) AVAILABLE ! This app is honestly the best online clothes store that I’ve ever bought from and I’ll never go back to paying 60-70 dollars for a pair of Jean shorts or jeans, etc. for the name brand stuff. SHEIN has a GIGANTIC selection of ENDLESS cute shirts, shorts, tops, jackets, socks, shoes, panties, bras, lingerie, etc. and their inventory seriously resembles the name brands we spend WAY too much on and it resembles those name brands clothes almost EXACTLY!! I’ve already bought a few things from here. I love this app and it’s also a website, in case you’d rather sign up via website vs. downloading the app. 🤷🏼‍♀️😁 JUST GIVE IT A LIL TRY!! I PROMISE, you’ll be buying your clothes from SHEIN from now on , too! 💯🤗😉.Version: 7.6.2

Love love love SHEINThis is the best website that I use to buy things off. The clothes are sooooo cheap and are a great quality for the price. Just make sure you check the size of garment. I am a size 14 in Australia and I buy a large in most things off SHEIN. I love that they have lots of sales and you can build up points for leaving a review. You can use points towards your purchases and they always have coupons you can use and get % of your purchases. They have heaps of categories to look at. Not just clothes. Just download app and have a look. You won’t be sorry..Version: 8.0.6

Great variety and pricesI have been shopping online at Shein for over 4 years now and they are great for a lot of things. You do have to be a little careful though as not everything is the same quality and whilst many items are really good quality and great value there are many items that are very cheap looking in reality and poorly made. I have purchased everything from their clothes to bags, shoes, beauty appliances, jewellery etc. In my experience you cannot go wrong with their bags, shoes and belts (all look amazing and last). Jewellery has been hit and miss, make sure your look at the size - particularly for earrings, they are often huge and much bigger then you expect. For clothes always read the reviews, I tend to find they are spot on and when I have loved an item with bad reviews and bought it anyway I have regretted it. But there are some amazing buys at prices you don’t find very often..Version: 7.2.8

LITERALLY THE BEST EVER!I was skeptical at first because the prices were so affordable and the styles so unique that I didn’t think this could possibly true. I love the app! I love the store! I love the customer service! And I love the merchandise! There are so many coupons and deals that I never feel like I missed out on anything if I didn’t purchase something that month. I really love how there are honest customer reviews with pictures of everyday people (not just influencers or people with cosmetically enhanced bodies that I could prob never achieve). There is literally something for everyone! Shipping was faster than expected. And customer service was great with my questions. I loved everything that I’ve purchased so far so I don’t know how easy are hard returning and/or exchanging may be, but the process listed on my bill of sale seemed easy. Easy to read and understand, and I know from experience customer service is friendly if I have any questions. I feel as though they really got it right all around, and I’m so thankful for the amazing shopping experience that’s gonna make me a forever customer!.Version: 7.5.7

My reviewI came across this app from an old friend, I asked her where her outfit was from and she was like, ‘shein of course!’ Wondering why I’d never heard or come across this app, I asked my mum if she’d ever heard of it and she told me she’s actually done quite a few orders from here, all good quality and comfortable fit. I decided to download it, even though I don’t normally order offline however when COVID-19 hit, I decided to have a little go at online shopping. After about 3 hours of scrolling through and adding items to my basket on shein, I realised I had over 200 items!! It became my go-to shopping app as it’s not only clothes they have but accessories such as handbags, earrings, necklaces, phone cases, hats, rings, pop it’s and more. I’ve done about 7 orders off Shein and all of my items have been extraordinary, comfortable fits, cute outfits, good prices, amazing quality and always true to size! I mean, what more could you want? If I’m going to be honest, it’s become a bit of an addictive app which I don’t see as a bad thing. The only thing I will say is that it takes at least maybe a week and a half to arrive and if you have a big order it may be split into different packages so they will come at different times but in my case that’s only ever happened once and it was a Tuesday then a Thursday so it wasn’t that far apart. I’d recommend shein for anyone. It’s so amazing and I’m absolutely in love with this app! 🤪😝.Version: 7.5.2

Fav website to shopThe prices are low and quality good so far!! Ships about a week to NZ.Version: 6.9.6

My honest review on SHEINI really enjoy the clothing brand all things i have ordered have came in amazing condition and the materials are amazing. my best experience with SHEIN is probably how fast they deliver i ordered many things from SHEIN and all of them have came early every time. this may be because of the area i live in but their delivery service is GREATTTT! honestly there is no point not getting clothes from here, they are cheap, good quality, and arrive quickly. another thing i live about the app is u can see how the clothes looks on real ppl who ordered it. in the reviews of the clothing on the app there are photos of what they look like on others who ordered them. this is a great way to see is something you are thinking about buying is really worth it. 99% of the reviews will tell you exactly what they like about the clothing and what they dislike about the clothing (or whatever else you may have ordered). i grew 4 inches in the past year so i had to get rid of all my clothes bc they don’t fit (last year i was XS now im size S), i bought 20 new items recently to restock my closet and i curly have another separate order on the way. SHEIN is a great way to quickly restock ur closet (or just add more to ur closet) for a cheap price. YEAH SO BASICALLY I RECOMMEND YOU GET SHEINNNNN -whitley 😌.Version: 7.6.2

Best PurchaseSuch an amazing website, found out about it through a close family member who recommended it due to its affordable clothing. Wasn’t expecting the items to be delivered as quick and packed as professionally as they were....far exceeded my expectations. The clothes are really well made with expensive looking/ feeling fabrics that give them a luxurious feel. Sheglam produces some of the best makeup I’ve used from its foundation to its brow pencils, it truly works wonders and doesn’t irritate my skin(which is sensitive). I’ve even bought some shoes from there and they’re such amazing quality. I would really recommend this website to everyone out there from super skinny to plus size girls Shein accommodates for everyone’s needs❤️.Version: 7.2.0

Great quality all aroundI was very skeptical about shopping on here because I thought the prices were too good to be true, but this site really has great quality for an affordable price! They always have sales and coupons. You can also gain points and use it towards another purchase, which I think is great and different from other sites, such as fashion nova for example. Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with them I would make sure to always go by their recommended sizing, as I’ve found it to be very accurate (unlike others I’ve tried following in the past) and always check the reviews to make sure you order the right size. App does not seem to have many problems that I’ve noticed and have not had to deal with customer service yet so I cannot speak on actual service but the quality is great, only thing that is unfortunate is how backed up they are from the pandemic and is causing shipping to be take very long which is understandable hopefully things will go back to normal soon for everyone!.Version: 7.1.0

SheinHas good quality, shipping is fast and neverr had a problem with them! 🥰.Version: 7.4.5

GreatIt’s pretty good for if you are just looking for little cute things, stationary, accessories, clothes and more!! It’s pretty legit and I would recommend using it!! Taking into account it’s prices, it’s quality is pretty good! You are getting what you pay for, and a lot of the time even better from my experience! Sometimes the products are a bit fragile but that the worst thing I can think of, apart from when my packages from them come it’s not unlikely that they will be a bit damaged but I suppose it makes sense because I live far away from where they make their things!!.Version: 7.9.9

Love itI am hooked and seem to put in a order every couple of weeks now..Version: 7.3.8

Amazing website!It is now my new fave place to shop. For the prices u pay, the quality on some items is better than that of the main stores such as pretty little thing or boohoo. The delivery is very good in my opinion, even in the middle of a pandemic they got to me in reasonable time. I love the fact they always have money off and special deals and points to be earned as it makes the items bargains! Also it has the unique feature where there’s pictures of people wearing the products they’ve bought off the website which gives a real life view on how different items look and fit. Obsessed with this website even though I was sceptical due to the prices. But I recommend!.Version: 7.0.7

Overall a very good app, i do have some questionsI love shopping on this app! They have such cute clothes and a very wide variety of different styles. I like that they give you points when you write a review or do a few other things that can take off some money from orders that you make. However, sometimes when I order a package it doesn’t give me my updates. I usually copy the tracking number and put it into Safari and go onto US PS so that I can get updates on where my packages. So it will text me when there’s new updates. And I get way more texts about where my packages and What’s the next steps are for my package but I’m Shein all it says is that it’s shipped. So I don’t know if it just takes a while to update but I like to be able to know where my packages because my very impatient person. I also like how it comes pretty fast. It usually takes about 1 1/2 weeks which is not super fast but it’s faster than it used to be. In 2020 July I ordered some clothes and they took about 1 1/2 months maybe a little more to come so I’d like that now it’s a lot faster. I think they have a very good and very inclusive and I like that and you should definitely get it.Version: 7.6.1

Very impressedIm 16 and have been working for quite a while and just saved up some money and bought about 10 clothing items and I really don’t like to shop online but the shipping was really good considering where it came from the way it is packaged in high quality waterproof zip lock bags I wasn’t sure to read the material but it is flexible and very comfortable and it’s just amazing for the amount of shirts and pants I got for such an amazing price thank you so much I will definitely be shopping on here again.Version: 7.8.4

Great varietyI love this store however I suggest a few modifications 1 - when viewing a clothing product there should always be an option to see the other clothing items/accessories the model is wearing, so outfits are easier to make. This happens for some products but not all. 2- There should also be an option where the website recommends products that will go well the desired clothing item, to help buyers match outfits. 3 - Further the style of the clothing product should be more clear such as (Grunge, kid core etc) so it helps buyers to try new styles and match outfits. 4 - lastly the search bar should be less specific. For example when I went to search up desk storage it would come up with something barely relevant. The only way I could find the product was to look at other products through the recommended bar. When I found it, it was stated as filling up which is very specific. Other then these I still recommend this app more than any other due to the variety of styles in clothing and products..Version: 7.4.0

SHEIN Is My Go-To Shopping App ✨SHEIN is my absolute first choice out of all the other shopping apps. They have a broad variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc. The items that are sold on SHEIN are in excellent condition. The quality is fabulous. The prices are unbelievable. They are always running sales, and you can snag amazing outfits and accessories at an absolute STEAL! There are many ways to save on SHEIN. You can accumulate points by participating in outfit contests, joining in on their live-streams, participating in mini games, and creating your own “fashion show”. There is also a Free Trial Center where you are able to submit applications for specific products for a chance to be selected to try out those products FOR FREE and leave reviews for them, and as you leave reviews for products, you rack up points. I highly recommend this app. If you are a bargain shopper, like I am, and you like to find amazing, high-quality products at a reasonable price, then SHEIN is for you! Not only is it a way to shop online, but it’s just a really fun experience as you participate in the different events they always have going on..Version: 6.8.3

Romwe is cheaperI’ve ordered so many things off of romwe, and you can get some of the same stuff they sell on shien for a couple pounds cheaper. Although shien offers more coupons and discounts. It’s kind of a personal preference, but both websites sell cheap and sometimes high quality clothing! The accessories are fab too! I ordered off of shien and it only took around a week to arrive (I live in Wales). So overall, I would recommend BUT before you buy anything off of both websites, look at the reviews! Both websites also have so many styles to pick from and they’re oversized T-shirt’s (which I normally get aha) are really high quality! So I have rated 4 stars as some of they’re clothes don’t fit right on me, for example a cami top. But I can find some awesome high quality steals too which only takes a week to arrive!.Version: 7.1.2

The bestI was always skeptical buying from SHEIN but after my first order, I haven’t stopped and order at least once a month! Their size range caters to small and bigger women, kids too and their stuff is so cute and cheap! Their app is so handy and easy to navigate. I’m in New Zealand and definitely recommend.Version: 7.5.0

TeenagersI found a place that I can afford. Having two teenage daughters. Thank you SHEIN.Version: 7.9.4

Shameless :(This is undoubtably gast fashion! But my expirience has been good ish…. I think with any online clothes shopping your going to gets hits and misses! The models are tall! The cuts are? Just pay attention. The customer service is why I gave the stars! The best costumer service Ive ever experienced. Honestly! Quality- I think its really fair for the price. Truly! That said the prices are concerningly low, like my clothes budget. And ive washed a pair of jeans like 30 times and the amount of blue comming off of them still!!! Its crazy! All the clothes need to be color sorted and don't forget! My shame in buying them is like a desperatley hungry vegan eating meat! I need no contact clothes (for my whole family) I can afford during covid while were on one income , I honestly don't think its any worse than target or Walmart! Not that Thise are good standards, The prices are right. The style is relevant. They have an enormous (seemingly endless) selection. Size inclusive! Practices are the problem! like with any mass clothes retailer! I send everything on to thrift and thread up. Even my toddlers clothes that are also so cute and soooo affordable. Desperate times! Its gross that ethical clothes are a signifier of privilege during a crisis. Shein is a great means to an end. We do the best we can. For now this is it!.Version: 7.7.0

Best shopping app ever💜💜💜This app is absolutely the best. The prices are hella cheap and very affordable, and they give out coupons like there’s no tomorrow! It’s so fun to shop on there, especially since they have such amazing clothes for all ages, even pets! It’s so cute how they have accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets and fake nails(packs of them. Like 10) and they cost like 2-6$! So generous and super cute! I absolutely love shopping on there, and they constantly update the clothes, and shoes as well! And not only are the clothes cheap, but the shoes are as well. Like you could buy a pair of cute boots, or a pair of heels, for under 10-15$😱😱😱 and the possibility’s are endless on this app. They have so many different clothing genres, and many models as well. You can also earn points which goes into coupons which makes your order so cheap! For me, I order so much and my order comes out to about 140$. With my coupons the order goes down to 98$. Absolutely incredible. I also really love how when you go into an item you want to but, you scroll down and you can see other people who bought the item’s pictures. Like after the got the item they model it for you, to show how it looks.(You can also earn points for that, if many people like your picture)I HIGHLY recommend this app, and trust me you won’t be disapponted. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 7.5.0

L O V EI’m quite a big shopper but It was quite cautious when I saw the first AD for SHEIN. I’ve seen a lot of people comparing SHEIN to websites such as Wish or ROMWE and to be honest, them APPs are HUGE rip offs. I thought that SHEIN would be another one of those but anyways, I decided to risk it and but some things. For my first purchase I bought a jacket, the quality wasn’t great and the sizing was off (I freaked when I saw that I was shipped from China because I know that clothes from there NEVER usually fit me as a 2xl European). Even after the first purchase that WASNT great quality, I went on to buy a few more bits and... OMG.., they’re the best things I’ve bought online. They’re good quality and comfortable. I must admit and give a heads up though. The sizing is all complicated and in cm etc etc, I’m too lazy to do all of that so I just chose the biggest size 😂 the sizing is very on and off but I think that you honestly get more then you pay for. Been a month and ive already made 5 purchases WOOOOOO. The only was I can describe SHEIN is as a online PRIMARK.Version: 6.5.2

Trendy clothingThis app is great and very cheap if you are broke and looking for something trendy and in fashion. shein also gives out many codes for discounts and you can collect shein points to reduce the amount of money you are spending. personally, i have ordered quite a lot of clothing from shein and it has always been high quality BUT sometimes the clothes would be very low quality and a completely different material you were expecting. my advice is to look at the reviews first before purchasing any items so that you don’t make any mistakes. overall, shein is a good online shopping place..Version: 7.8.0

Really good just one thing...The clothes are SO GOOD literally all the things are in trend and if you don’t have the right clothes just go on there and u can see what’s cool this season and all. One thing although it isn’t really their fault is that delivery takes two weeks when I just want to have the clothes straight away aha😂 if they could speed up delivery somehow then I would buy so much more stuff. For example one week it’s sunny and you want a bikini so u order and by the time it comes the weathers bad 😂! I understand if nothing about this can be done but if there’s some miracle way then PLEASE do it I would be so grateful. Apart from that I would totally recommend there’s like infinite clothes everything u could ever want it’s brilliant. Thanks so much SHEIN for all the amazing clothes and everything I can’t wait for mine to arrive!.Version: 7.1.0

SHEIN reviewI have been shopping in shein for a little while now and I personally do think that it is a great online store to buy from. However I will say that when ordering shirts with prints on them, the prints will come off most of them time when put in the wash or in a few other circumstances. Most of the quality with their clothes is not bad but some shirts are see through and a much thinner material. Besides all of those slight negatives, I’ve really enjoyed shopping with shein. They have a wide variety range of aesthetic clothing for both genders and even toddlers. Would definitely recommend trying it out but I would also recommend buying small quantities at a time just incase what you buy isn’t the quality you wished for and you regret buying it..Version: 7.7.8

Only shop at SHEIN for clothesI live in Australia. With a 3yo child who is hard to take shopping (tantrums) and less shopping with Covid, I have been online shopping at SHEIN. They are always reliable. Some material is not that great quality, but it’s workable. Due to material quality it’s best to buy products on sale, but keep in mind some items sell out fast. The little Chanel style handbags I have bought are good quality. The shoes are ok. I have bought many nice tops/blouses and dresses. Make sure you have a garment steamer though-very important- as a lot of the clothes crinkle in the wash. Ensure it’s the one that has the tank, pole/stand - hand held ones are not that great. I bought a steamer for $49 from a chain store and it works very well on SHEIN clothes..Version: 7.2.5

This is a great store & appSo if you want good clothes and not too bothered about the shipping time I highly recommend. I have bought many things from this app and will continue to in the future as well. The only thing is (well for me anyway because I live in Australia) it doesn’t have the fastest shipping time, but it’s usually no more than 3 weeks at its most. Usually comes in about just over 2weeks for me but the products are worth the wait 👌🏼 haven’t had a bad experience. Just note that you look at the sizing charts and what materials they use (because sometimes they use random materials, not at all bad or bad quality at all just unexpected).Version: 7.1.0

The bestI have been so happy with my Shein purchases from Children's clothes to Adults, i love their variety for my Curvy body and especially the choice that is offered. I have recently discovered their Sheglam Makeup products and this brand has to be my favourite so far. The affordability is amazing and the products are so good and again the variety is wonderful. I cannot thank Shein enough for their great Service. I only have one complaint, that is not getting replies to emails! I have been trying to get them to include GHANA 🇬🇭 on their list of Countries to Ship to, but no response, so i guess i will have to continue to use Sites like BOOHOO and ASOS and other sites that do, and i may say within a very fast turnaround❤️.Version: 7.9.4

J’adore ce site 😊Sa coûte vraiment pas chère, nous pouvons se faire rembourser lorsque nous somme pas satisfait de nos achats (se qui est très rare) les articles sont de bonne qualité, breff j’adore cette application 😊😊.Version: 6.4.5

LOVE LOVE LOVE (but restock lol)I LOVE SHEIN 🥰🥰 I’ve been buying from them For 3 years and all the clothes are still top notch quality and I wear it all the time! I love the fit and all the unique items on there, and how they sell things on there that would be the exact same but SOOO much more expensive somewhere else like a designer store. But one thing is that they NEED to work on restocking. It’s a little frustrating. Like I’ve been waiting for the maroon surplice wrap knot side appliqué sleeve dress (I guess that’s what it’s called 🤪) cause we have a photo shoot coming up and I couldn’t get it for personal reasons at that time so when I finally could I found out they’ve been restocking 12s only, not 4-8 😭😭 I’m hoping they do soon!! But yeah it’s a very very very amazing app and all the clothing I get from them is jeu stunning and fits beautifully! My closet is fully SHEIN! (The quality is AMAZING too especially since they’re so inexpensive! But they still focus on making sure quality is as top notch as possible for the benefit and happiness of their customers! I SOOO appreciate that!).Version: 7.3.1

ReviewI’ve been shopping on sheik for a while and have made multiple purchases with all great products. The games and new challenge gets that are added to the website here and there are very exciting to think about as there is always a prize at the end. Shein is always handing out discount codes and giving points to you for promoting their products. Points can go towards purchases taking off some of the large amount of your final cost. I think shein could improve on packaging and make it more sustainable..Version: 7.9.0

Love it! (Almost)The app works perfectly except for when you enter it from an email link, so I just avoid doing that. The vast majority of the stuff I’ve bought so far has been great, and the prices are fantastic especially when there’s offers running and coupons to use. My biggest complaint is about the sizing for shoes. They go up to maximum EUR 40, and my ideal size is EUR 42, and I know lots of other women with the same shoe size, because it’s very common in western countries, so that’s a whole lot of potential sales being missed out on. So pretty please SHEIN, make bigger shoes!.Version: 7.4.6

Amazing!!First off, there is generally so many deals and offers which is always nice. Most of the items are priced reasonably and fairly maybe even generously on items such as denim. Along with being able to access such a wide variety of clothes from many different genre’s, it’s as if you can find your own wardrobe. When saying this I mean that there are people who create outfits that you can recreate using clothes from the store. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to find you genre and your look wether that be Elegant, vintage, modern and so on. All in all I love the store and not only getting the clothes but process of it, I highly recommended getting the app as it comes with so many little features and perks that you wouldn’t get without the app. ✨✨.Version: 7.2.1

Love this app but a suggestionI would just like to say this is Ana amazing shop I have had no problems with it but as a teenage girl myself I thought you know what I’m going to have a look in the young kids section as there is a teen girl one and what I find is what I think is horrendous there is probably what look around 10 year old girls and have unrealistic body types for older teenage girls such as myself this a disgrace I would just like to bring this to your attention anyway other than that this app is amazing and I love the clothes that I bought but the fact that I have to shop in the adult section is stupid.Version: 7.0.0

Slight small addiction possiblyOk! I lovvvvve this app. Daughter had been bugging me for ages on clothes she loved on SHEIN. I thought it was like some other places that come nothing like pictures ect So was so pleased when it came. Everything is amazing for the price as well. Delivery takes about 8-10 business days with updates too. Coupons at checkout every time . Had £50 ish knocked off at times. I’ve done a few large and small orders. Lockdown and SHEIN bargains are to blame 🙈 Love all the gadget items too. Dino sandwich shape cutter to my girls tooth brush holder/paste dispenser you name it! Always find more and more items in different areas do just need to look and see recommendations it gives and find things along the way. Well impressed!.Version: 7.2.2

I can finally dress like ME 💜I’ve found it hard to buy clothes that I really feel comfortable in and that also express my personality, especially being plus size. Every single item of clothing I have bought from Shein has been of excellent quality and has fitted well, as well as making me feel happy when I wear them. They all wash and wear well. Just read the descriptions carefully. The best thing about how the shopping experience works is the user reviews; they are excellent at giving a ‘true’ likeness and fit on other normal people (as opposed to models) Worst thing is the long shipping time at present, mostly being in Oz and rubbish Auspost. Do it. And it’s not ‘fast fashion’ if you wear them til they fall apart, which I fully intend to do!.Version: 7.8.8

Very Happy!!I am very happy with my first experience shopping with SHEIN. Communication was simple, shipping was fast and I appreciated being able to track the parcels via the app. I was very happy with my purchases too!! I think I ordered 22 items for less than $300 and will wear each and every one of them!! I ordered most things in a size bigger than normal because I had read that a lot of the sizes were quite small - I found the skirts and dresses to be perfect, some of the tops perfect and some maybe a little roomy but still fit well enough to wear..Version: 6.3.2

Better than I thoughtSo I was very skeptic about this site. Always looked at the app but never bought anything. And then one day on Instagram I saw an advert about this lovely dress. Like a sweater or tunic type dress. 100% my type dress. So decided to take a risk and try to buy it. Actually when I start looking I saw another one similar but different in a same time. So I bought them both. The best thing I ever done. When dresses came they looked oversized but soon I tried it on, they were perfect fit. So clothes true to size. Cheap, but good quality, very thin but can’t see through, and they came a week earlier than was saying on a site. Very satisfied with the app, saw so many more good stuff on SHEIN, and I’m going to keep buying more and more from this site 👌.Version: 7.4.8

Love itHas NZD and so many awesome clothes available for purchase. The app is set out great as well very easy to use and is helpful in offering similar suggestions.Version: 7.5.2

Love it BUT..I love Shein! Im addicted to it. Im a Shein Shopaholic🤣 BUT...I made many mistakes buying stuff that look great on the picture and then when it arrives it is see through...most of their clothing is see through, because its cheap material (you get what you pay for) so I make sure I always check the reviews and no more mistakes! Just buy stuff that has reviews because unfortunately you cant trust the photos of the models since the material is photoshopped to look good. Anyway its easy to return it and they will refund you the money almost inmediately. Its a great company I rate them my favorite online shop, however the app needs work. The filter option for search clothes works awfully, its a mess. Also you cannot post review videos and you cannot translate comments and most of them are in other languages than english..Version: 7.0.8

I was sceptical but wowI downloaded SHEIN a couple years ago to kind of just browse but I’d always go back to miss guided or ASOS to order my clothes as they look way more legit and trusting! But one day I just thought why not I’m never going to know if I don’t try, I put a huge basket of clothes together on SHEIN, I mean loads (I am now very poor) - worth it! I got so so much for how much I paid... I could have gone shopping and got no where near half of that and paid the same amount, shopping takes about a month but that’s really no problem, everything comes so nicely packaged and I was so happy everything was exactly as described, everything fit perfectly (took me a while to find what my actual size was by looking at reviews in the website/app).Version: 7.2.4

Looooooove Shein!Shein makes really affordable, trendy pieces of clothing, accessories, and even home decor! I love how the app recommends similar styles to what I’m looking for. The app is intuitive and easy to use. Processing and shipping is fast—I usually receive my items in approximately one week from China (I live in Florida)! I love that they reward clients for writing reviews because pictures on real bodies help me to figure out sizing. I took off one star because when you purchase items on sale and use a coupon for the non-sale items, it discounts off of the original price and sometimes you pay *more* than the item’s sale price. I also wish there was an easy way to contact customer service or a FAQ section because I’m always guessing my size (is an XL the same as OXL?). Shein makes it super easy to return the items that don’t fit which is why I don’t mind buying in bulk. Because the reviews are so helpful, I end up keeping 80% of my purchase! I’ve received SO many compliments on the pieces I’ve ordered. I don’t have a big discretionary income monthly and it’s nice to be able to treat yourself every now and then for a few bucks..Version: 7.9.4

Enjoyable online shopping experienceShein’s app is really easy to use. Just wish it had image search capability! Products are quality made. Shipping was pretty fast & quicker than expected by a week for me - Very lucky! Just make sure to take your own measurements and check the items measurements that you want to purchase. Happy shopping!!.Version: 7.0.8

SHEINI just love SHEIN so much they always have good prices and good clothes always got the clothes on time, will stay shopping in SHEIN.Version: 7.5.2

Worth gettingThis app is really really good. So easy to navigate, so many relevant suggestions. With the clothing, I’d recommend always reading through a few reviews. It’s really handy that there are so many reviews and photos that customers share. I love that Shein is really transparent in that regard, lots of other online stores don’t have this option, and its a turn-off for me. Generally speaking, the clothes are really fantastic value for money. Sometimes they can be a miss, but that’s the case with online shopping overall. Customer service is great, I accidentally ordered two of the same items once and it was so easy to quickly cancel the item and I was refunded quickly. SHEIN has been such a great site to use and I highly recommend it. Just be careful, there’s so much variety and suggestions that it’s very easy to get stuck in a black hole of scrolling or buying 😂.Version: 7.9.0

I love it!I’m always very sceptical about online shopping (especially when prices are as affordable as they are on SHEIN) but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the clothes and bags I’ve ordered so far! My package arrived in just over a week, and I was so impressed with their company that I ordered again a couple days ago! Definitely one of my new favourite finds 🤩.Version: 7.4.8

Legit & goodShein is probably one of the best shopping apps out there, i stopped shopping online because i could never find a right size, harder to return and it’s hard to see or know if u like something if you can’t try it ok but then i found shein. i've only ordered 2 things so far (because it can get pretty expensive) but my first order was 25+ items and i only had to return 1 item which was free AND i got my money back. if u see something u like i would read the reviews first (mainly because if u want a certain size it can be longer or bigger but if u go for a baggy style then it doesn’t really matter) the material is usually super soft u can even sleep in, and shein is about to become half of my closet. the clothes they have are super cute, shipping does take awhile to get here idk if it’s due to COVID or if it just takes awhile but my second order i did faster shipping and it only took a week😅 i mainly shop for shirts because it’s harder looking for pants in my opinion but i definitely recommend shopping off this app just always read the reviews before you buy something <3. (Also leave a review when u get it so it can help other people out too)..Version: 7.9.0

The best online shop!Shein is the best online shop that I have ever used, the clothes are are quality me reasonably priced, it shows you when it’s supposed to ship and you can even track your order. They are also great with refunds, I accidentally ordered doubles of 4 items when I placed an order and the refund took about 2-3 to show up in my account. It’s got clothes for everyone and ever size out there. Overall it’s a great store, my absolute favourite. If you’re doubting, just purchase a few things to try it out!.Version: 7.7.8

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